Pioneer Wrestling Association

Live From the PWA Dome St. Louis, Missouri 'Murica
September 27th 2020

[ The PWA logo flashes across our screens as the new Chaos theme song ĎLust for Lifeí by Iggy Pop begins to play and we can hear the fans in attendance cheering as the cameras pan around the make shift venue thatís ultimately the same as it was for High Stakes but even safer due to the private nature of the Strader family estate.

Here comes Johnny Yen again
A Shot of smiling Lisa Seldon standing over a laid out Riona Langly and that just makes everyone happy

With the liquor and drugs
A shot of Jacob Figgins holding the PWA Grizzly Beer title high up in the air after a match.

And a flesh machine
A shot of Vega drinking what must be his own urine

He's gonna do another strip tease
A shot of Scott Nash Strader holding up the PWA World Title being attacked from behind Matthew ĎThe Virusí Engel

[ Pyroís shoot off out of the ring posts and all up the ramp to a massive silver, blue and red firework shoot off up into the sky lighting it up bright as the sun is mostly set. ]

Hey man, where'd you get that lotion?
A shot of Adrian and Simon Kalis signing their official contracts back in 2009 with the Chaos brand

I've been hurting since I bought the gimmick
A shot of Showtime being awarded the AOWF World Heavyweight Championship

About something called love Yeah, something called love
A shot of The Viper and Jacob Figgins from their tag team days together

Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens
A final shot of the Cowgirls From Hell sneering on our screens, as the cameras the pan around the excited fans in attendance and the speakers all around the PWA Dome in St Louis, Missouri where it all began and the cheers out of them from the fans at home as the cameras settle on the new commentary team of Gerry Essex and Cara Townsend. ]

Cara Townsend: Welcome to a special edition Sunday Night Chaos!

Gerry Essex: Yes turned out to be a blessing in disguise the programming issues between the networks.

Cara Townsend: Thatís right! We are back home in the fabulous PWA Dome where it all began!

Gerry Essex: That we are! We have quite a card booked tonight with a new PWA Intercontinental Champion in a Main Event worthy of the Chaos name!

Cara Townsend: Donít forget we have mentor versus protťgť as PWA Co-owner Meghan Kelser with her PWA legend husband, Thunderwolf, in her corner with her father in the corner of Mad Max!

Gerry Essex: I have been a part of this company for a long time Cara, and the one thing with Scott Nash Strader he always does the shitty thing. Consistency in that manner has always been key to his draw. You love to hate him.

Cara Townsend: Yes in my misguided youth I was once a SNS fan but then you grow up.

Gerry Essex: Oh itís so nice to say this! BACKSTAGE we have our own Addison waiting outside the dressing room Meghan Kelser!

[ The fans in attendance cheer as the ADCTron lights up in the backstage area in the locker rooms the newly minted PWA Backstage interviewer is waiting outside the dressing room door of Megehan Kelser, Addison Young. ]

Addison Young: Thatís right Gerry, I am here backstage outside the locker room of one half of the PWA Owners in Meghan Kelser. Ahh here she is now!

[ The fans (who are socially distancing) give a pop for one half of the former Cowgirls From Hell, as the raven haired Strader steps out from her locker room. She smiles for Addison and the camera. ]

Addison Young: Meghan, first things first, how are you and Tamika handling the sideswerve that former owner and current PWA World Champion The Phoenix pulled?

Meghan Kelser: Well we canít prove there was foul play, which is fortunate for Robinson on a lot of major legality issues, our formerly employed by Robinsonís lawyers have been relieved of their duties and we will rectify the situation. So Robinson, I know you are watching from your autumn residence so pay attention closely... you will be on the next show, your stupid little viewing box will be ready for you, and you will fulfill the obligations of being the PWA World Champion!

Addison Young: Now tonight our working boss is in action against her former protťgť... any words for the one called Mad Max?

Meghan Kelser: Just a few... Max... dear dear dear Max... tonight youíll learn why I am the deadliest Strader in the family.

Addison Young: Well you heard here first! Good luck out there tonight!

[Backstage - we open up to a room lit by a single, shaded light. In a makeshift throne we find an early twenty-something female, legs draped over the side, black stiletto heeled feet hanging just a bit over the ground - a sleek dress cut just up to the thigh adorning her body. Her lips are painted a crimson red with a pale shade of pink shadowing her eyes. Upon closer inspection, we find it to be none other than Izzie McDee. Mic in hand - bleach blonde hair flowing down over her right eye.]

Izzie McDee: So itís like, you knowÖ

[She bats her exposed long lash and smiles.]

Izzie McDee: The landscape of what I thought this sport was, has morphed into something that I donít quite recognize. I grew up with certain expectations. A back and forth battle of words fueling the anticipation of an upcoming match. A witty line here, a contingency plan there, someone getting strung up to a scoreboard - but Iíve been met with nothing but boredom in the way of competition and on the airwaves. We just go out there week after week and fight these empty, hollow matches with no meaning or respect to the community that came before it. And to that, I simply sayÖ enough is enough.

[Izzie leans up in her chair just a bit.]

Izzie McDee: Iím going to be the first one to stir the pot. Iím going to remind each and every one of you why weíre here and why we do what we do. Iím not going to wait for a line to form in order to to do it. I want a match with Showtime. AOWF Title on the line. Make it a cage match. I want to kill two birds with one stone and lead this place to prosperity. Iím tired of sitting back and watching the paint dry. Iím tired of us pretending Marcus Ambrose should be celebrated as a champion. Iím tired of that belt not residing in the hands of a Charm.

[With a quick push, Izzie comes to a full sitting position, legs now down in front of the throne.]

Izzie McDee: So with that being said, tonight, Jacob Figgins becomes my first building block. One of many. Iím not going to pretend that I remember you being a somebody, Iím not going to praise your skills or put you on a tier that youíre undeserving of. Youíre just a somebody in a sea of faces to me. A means to an end. A litmus test to my claim. Youíre just you. Jacob Figgins. One of those folks from yesteryear that becomes a footnote in my ascension. I wish you the best of luck in all of lifeís affairs after this evening, honestly, I do, Iím sure youíre just a superb guy. But tonight? Tonight youíre little more than cannon fodder for yours truly. Goodnight and goodbye.

[And just like that - she flips the chain to the light down and out.]

Mad Max with SNS versus Meghan Kelser with Thunderwolf
Standard Match
Time Limit: 15 Minutes

[ The classic tune Rob Zombie turned into a music video for the movie Beavis and Butt-Head Do America while he was with his band White Zombie starts to play and as the song picks with the entering guitars the stage explodes with fire as Mad Max makes her way out from behind the curtain to the jeers and a few cheers from the fans. She gives her wicked smile raising her fists in the air, middle fingers fully extended as Scott Nash Strader steps out from behind the curtain as well. ]

~I black the temper
Never seen the face of truth
Sweet Mr. Jesus
Infected on my skin
Deep mist around you
I'm crawling on the side~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Marieville, Quebec Canada... weighing in at one hundred and sixty-five pounds... accompanied by Scott Nash Strader she is....

~ Sheep for another
Another taste of life
It's alive, yeah everybody
It's alive, who will stop me?~

Eric Emerson: MAD MAXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ Max with a sinister sneer casually moves her head to the beat of the song as she swaggers down to the ring with a thick layer of unearned arrogance about her. ]

~ Dead barks around you
Crawl in a river black
I ?
He's falling on the way
Out with another
A falling wall of sound
Say that you love it
Don't make me turn it down ~

[ Max pulls herself up, turns around to face the fans and gives a even more arrogant smile before she flips backwards over the top rope onto her feet inside the ring. She jumps and lays across the top rope and turnbuckle casually awaiting her opponent as SNS takes his spot on the floor in her corner. ]

Eric Emerson: And her opponent!

"UnchaniedĒ begins to play as the houselights slowly dim. At the twelve second mark lights begin to flicker as the beat and rhythm of the song begin to become louder.

You say, I cannot get there from here, baby
Then I don't care where I'm goin'~

Eric Emerson: Introducing to you nextÖ

[ The ADCtron lights up with the chrome ĎSí emblem and explodes into shots of Meghan, smacking the taste out Shadow Starrís mouth with a kick to the jaw, stepping on Ai Meiís skull, pinning Corey Lazarus one two three and the last shot of her being her holding one half of the PWA Tag Team Titles. Her name flashes on the screen, and a small amounts of pyroís shoot off as Meghan steps out from behind the curtain followed by her husband the infamous Thunderwolf. ]

~Thought you'd never miss me till I got a fat city address
Non-stop talker, what a rocker
Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from London, Ontario Canada at a height of five foot ten and weighing in at one hundred and forty-five poundsÖ accompanied by her husband, Dustin ďThunderwolfĒ Kelser...

~Change, nothin' stays the same
Unchained, and ya hit the ground runnin'
Change, ain't nothin' stays the same
Unchained, yeah ya hit the ground runnin'~

[ Meghan stops and waves at the crowd as she shifts her hips to the right side. She makes her way down to ringside followed by her husband. ]

Eric Emerson: Meghan KELSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

~I know, I don't ask for permission
This is my chance to fly
Maybe enough ain't enough for you
But it's my turn at a try~

[ Meghan finger pistols to the fan on the other side of the plexi-glass barriers.]

~ Thought you'd never miss me till I got a fat city address
Non-stop talker, what a rocker
Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress ~

[ Meghan stops halfway down, looks side to side, raises up her arms and the entire stage explodes in gold and silver pyrotechnics as a wide grin comes across Meghanís face.]

~Change, nothin' stays the same
Unchained, and ya hit the ground runnin'
Change, ain't nothin' stays the same
Unchained, yeah ya hit the ground runnin'~

[ At that Meghan turns it into a stride and slides under the bottom rope into the ring and jumps up to the top turnbuckle as she raises her fist in the air. She steps down, and awaits her opponent as Thunderwolf stands in her corner on the floor mats. ]

[ Once both women are settled in the ring, the camera roams back up the stage to reveal Coyote Danyel standing at the top of the ramp, apparently going to spectate. Referee Scott Swindell proceeds to checking the knee pads and boots of each woman before he finally points to the time keeper to get the match under way. ]


[ Mad Max doesn't waste any time and it the first to offense with a lariat on Meghan. Meghan is taken to the mat, but manages to get back to her feet. Megan retaliates and quickly drives and elbow into the face of Mad Max. She staggers back, but recovers and delivers a kick to the head of Meghan. She is obviously stunned from the sudden kick and stands a bit groggily in the center of the ring. Mad Max just doesn't seem to let up at this point when she wraps Meghan's head into a cravat and launches a knee to the face. Meghan falls to the ground holding her face, and Mad Max continues to assault the head of Meghan by landing a few stomps. When Mad Max finally lets up on the assault Meghan pulls herself to her feet. Meghan wastes no time by landing a dropkick to the knee. Instantly, Mad Max falls to a knee. ]

Cara Townsend: Mad Max starts the match up rather aggressively, but it looks like Meghan found her opening

Gerry Essex: Why is Mad Max trying to smash Meghan's face?

[ While Mad Max is trying to get back to a vertical base, Meghan rebounded off the ropes and landed another drop kick, right to the chest. Megan quickly jumps onto the second rope and flies off landing a springboard elbow drop. Mad Max rolls back to her feet after the impact to the chest. Mad Max grabs Meghan and side steps trying to take Meghan to the mat with a hiptoss but Meghan manages to wrap her leg with Mad Max's making her unable to lift Meghan. Meghan breaks away from the grasp and goes for a kick to the stomach but Mad Max catches her leg, but Meghan reverses it with an enzuigiri to Mad Max's head. She slumps back against the ropes after the hit, her head slightly swimming. Meghan moves toward Mad Max, but suddenly gets caught in the gut with a back heel kick. Mad Max takes advantage of Meghan getting the wind knocked out of her, by slipping on a choke hold . Mad Max powers Meghan to the mat and lands one or two stomps. Meghan rolls out of the way of Mad Max's feet and stand back up, nailing Mad Max hard in the face with two elbow smashes. ]

Gerry Essex: If you guys expected hair pulling and slapping, you are watching the wrong match. So far both women have been pretty smash mouth.

[ Meghan slips behind the stunned Mad Max and nails a back suplex. Meghan suddenly sends Mad Max to ringside with a baseball slide. Scott Swindell starts the count (.1) Mad Max is back on her feet and Meghan slides out of the ring. (..2) Mad Max puts a halt to any offense Meghan planned by hitting a dragon screw..(...3) Mad Max walks up the fallen Meghan and tries to pull her pack up .(....4) But Mad Max was halted by an elbow to the face. (.....5) Meghan throws Mad Max back into the ring. But when Meghan enters the ring, she gets nailed yet again in the guy with a back heel kick. Mad Max slips behind Meghan and wraps up. Meghan tries to drop her center of gravity but before she could, Mad Max launches her with an AZTEC SUUUPLEXXXX!!~ Mad Max bridges for a pin. ]

Cara Townsend: Mad Max with a picture perfect suplex!




[ Mad Max stomps on Meghan out of frustration, and then stomps again. Mad Max drags Meghan back to her feet, but Meghan lands a few right hands to the stomach and then lands a drop kick. Once Mad Max was on the mat, Meghan locks in a knee bar. Joe drops right down to monitor the hold and asks if Mad Max wanted to give up. She answered by nailing a kick square in Meghan's jaw. Mad Max keeps landing the kicks until Meghan finally lets go. Both women gather themselves enough to get back to their feet. Mad Max sudden'y wraps her arm around Meghan's neck and attempts a DDT but Meghan avoids it. Mad Max grumbles, but quickly slips behind Meghan and locks in a hammerlock . Meghan doesn't struggle much against the hold once Mad Max Gloria shifts the hold into a waistlock and launches a suplex. ]

Cara Townsend: Meghan for a second time planted with a suplex. So far this far trumps a women's match you'd see anywhere else.

[ Mad Max grabs Meghan by the hair, pulling her to her feet , gut only to take Meghan to the mat with a huge knee to the chest. Mad Max follows up and kicks Meghan in the head while she is on the ground and then proceeds to stomp on her opponent. Mad Max once again pulls Meghan to her feet, and connects with a rather deliberate swinging neck breaker on Meghan. Mad Max goes for the cover. ]

Gerry Essex: Meghan really felt that swinging neckbreaker!




[ Mad Max sits up, shaking her head, wondering what it was going to take to keep the young Strader down. Both women go to their feet and Mad Max grabs Meghan by the arm and breaks it over her shoulder. Mad Max Gloria attempts a DDT but Meghan grabs the top rope, causing Mad Max to slip and fall to the mat..Meghan rushes to the turnbuckle and land lands an asai moonsault.]

Gerry Essex: Mad Max Gloria really felt that moonsault!




[ Both got to their feet Mad Max rushes to the ropes and springboards onto Meghan with a high crossbody. Meghan is up to her feet rather quickly and both women begin to brawl. Meghan begins to dominate the exchange and backs Mad Max into the turnbuckle and delivers a huge powerbomb on to the mat. Meghan climbes to the top turnbuckle and executes the FATALITY!!!~ Meghan stands up. Meghan pulls Mad Max back to her feet, hooking both arms and planting Mad Max with the BLACKENED!!!]




Cara Townsend: We've got ourselves a winner!

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match, Meghan Kelser!!!

[ Meghan is about to get into her fathers face before Thunderwolf pulls her back and calms her down. ]

Cara Townsend: What a match! Up Next, a special announcement concerning tonights Main Event for the PWA Intercontinental Title!

Gerry Essex: Rumours admist backstage as to what this announcement could be!

A Special Announcement

[ The ADCTron lights up and on it Tamika Kalis appears from her permanent office within the PWA Dome, she places her hands folded on her desk looking out to all of us . She lets the cheers from the crowd and the fans at home via their apps before addressing the short comings of the show. ]

Tamika Kalis: First I would like to welcome everyone back to the PWA Dome! Now I know Adrian Kalis and Benjamin Dyce were scheduled to compete but both men failed our rigorous Covid-19 testing protocols and have been ordered into self isolation. Thatís right, step mommy just ground the step son.

[ This gets a good laugh from the |St. Louis faithful. ]

Tamika Kalis: So tonightís main event is going a under a slight change! I promise youíll love it. High above the ring the PWA IC title will reside as tonightís triple threat has become a 3-way ladder match!

[ This gets the pop she was looking for in order to help brace the impact of not having the opening match as advertised. Tamika is not in the habit in the ĎCard Subject to Changeí loophole. She gives us the family sneer of hers as the scene moves back down to ringside to our commentators. ]

Cara Townsend: Well at least we have a reason for not having our opening match up!

Gerry Essex: Yes and the main event is a ladder match? Now itís a party, Cara!

Is that a Fig Tree in the Distance?

[We cut to the scene of Sir Figgles applying tape to his shoulder. Slipping on the glowing vest he enters in. Before an edit takes us to the past. A Young Jacob Figgins driving knee into Showtime. Figgins debut match for PWA. A time limit draw against a former five time champion]

Jacob Figgins: I was just a fury at first. The untestested warrior. Looking to gain glory by any means. Like all of us when the spotlight falls on us.

[Cut back to Figgles slipping the kickpads over his boots. The veteren having a world weary look in his eyes. The image juxtaposed by the sudden edit to the results of the Blind mans bluff match against Duff. Figgins holding the Grizzly beer title aloft as he ripped off the blind fold.]

Jacob Figgins: Friends, family, colleagues.All of them meant little once I sunk my teeth into immortality. The sell-sword, the glory seeker. All that mattered was that next battle.

[Shots of Figgin's ex wife, and eldest daughter as they appeared in his promos ran as a short montage.A sudden cut to a bloodied Figgins in a landmine deathmatch for the grizzly beer title]

Jacob Figgins: Risk meant nothing, even when the reward was unknown. Just one more bite of glory and I'll get by. I was a good little vassal for this company.

[A rapid montage floods the screen with images. His ups. His downs. The world title match against Simon kalis. Figgins suplexing his rival to oblivion. Figgins getting beaten down by the order of chaos. ]

Jacob Figgins: I've certainly left a mark on this company. And for how long it has been around, that is all any of us can ask for. But to be something of legend?

[A cut to the present. Figgles in his full gear, ready for the coming battle]

Jacob Figgins: legends are stories that are finished.

[A quick turn on his heel as Figgins headed to the entrance stage. Glance into the blackness.]

Jacob Figgins versus Izzie McDee
Legend Tour Standard Match
Time Limit: 15 Minutes

Izzie McDee came out with more to prove after the showing on the previous Chaos teaming with her step mother. Izzie started off the match against Figgles with the traditional collar and elbow tie up moving to a side headlock chaining into a hammerlock. Figgles was able to break the hammerlock by getting into the ropes and turning back to face the Izzie. Again these two locked up before Figgles sent her into the ropes following with a hiptoss takedown. JakeyPooh began to work on the ankle heavily, so that the Izzie would not be able to stand up and fight back in this match. JakeyPooh whipped McDee back into the ropes after McDee got the ankle lock broken to catch the rebounding McDee in a sleeper hold that McDee broke easily by dropping Figgles's chin atop her own head. Figgles broke the hold quickly to hold at his chin, but McDee didn't let Figgles rest as she was on him quickly with a swinging neckbreaker to the mat. McDee made a quick cover but only got a two count. McDee was quick on the march as she whipped Figgles into the corner and she followed up with a quick high knee that drove the wind right out of Figgles. McDee climbed to the top rope and dropped JakeyPooh down to the mat with a flying leg drop and went for another cover, but quickly decided against the pin just yet. She pulled Figgles up to a vertical base, by the hair on his head, and began to punch him repeatedly in the forehead with closed right hands. JakeyPooh's forehead was turning a blood red and it was easily seen that the blood was just under the surface. McDee drug Figgles's forehead and face across the ropes giving him a rope burn before he slammed him back first into the corner. McDee pounded Figgles in the corner with repeated shoulder blocks and the crowd was hating the royal Izzie for his actions. McDee backed up and ran at Figgles for a body splash, but Figgles just managed to get his feet up in time to throw McDee backwards by nailing him in the face with the bottom of his boots. The crowd popped big time at this turn of momentum. JakeyPooh went to hit a leg sweeping DDT but McDee lands Lipstick on the Collar and pulls a big win over a PWA legend in Jacob Figgins.

Winner: Izzie McDee

A Word from Miss Seldon

[ We hop backstage to Lisa Seldon, looking positivelyÖ here. Sitting backstage on a bench, casually taping her hands and offering us the lightest of passes. ]

Lisa Seldon: Hello good people of PWA and welcome back to me. And before we get into anything tonight, let me just say I can only apologise for not being here more.

[ Itís true, apologising is the absolute extent of what sheís going to do. ]

Lisa Seldon: The truth is, Iíve been busy. While the rest of you were sitting on your hands, drunk off your absolute holes or living productive lives that were in some way a benefit to the world, I was here doing this.

[ Sheís been back for like three years. Donít let her play these games with you. ]

Lisa Seldon: Half an hour ago I was in Japan. Twenty minutes before that I was in Denver. Itís all taped, it makes sense, donít think about it too hard.

[ She waves it off. ]

Lisa Seldon: Anyway, I didnít come here to reminisce. I donít want to stagnate with the rest of you or sit on the porch telling stories about the good times, when you could still see your feet and wake up without crying. I came back to the PWA because I want to see it grow.

[ Lisa steps up off the bench, 100% over this. ]

Lisa Seldon: Iím leaving tonight a champion. And itís not so I can keep trading on the memories. Itís so I can drag you all kicking and screaming into the light.

[ She holds out her hands. ]

Lisa Seldon: Welcome to the world of tomorrow. Youíre gonna love it.

Main Event
PWA Intercontinental Championship
Three-Way Ladder Match

Hunter Sullivan versus Johnny Maverick versus Lisa Seldon

[ďFear of DyingĒ blasts out over the speakers; a thunderous flurry that soon draws Lisa out to the stage. Lisa steps out, drops to her knees and throws both arms out at her sides, pulling some applause from the crowd.]

Eric Emerson: Introducing next a AOWF legend and anywhere she goes.... weighing in at 130 pounds hailing from Glasgow, Scotland......


[Lisa pops back up and saunters down to the ring, beaming a smile as she takes her time with it. Never breaking her stride she hops up onto the apron, leans back to shoot a wink into the nearest camera and then hops up over the ropes.]

Eric Emerson: She is LISA SELDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[She lands with her arms out stretched and does a little spin for good measure. She then takes her corner and hops up for a seat on the top turnbuckle.]

Eric Emerson: And her opponent...

[ The opening of 'Subtle Hustle' heralds the arrival of three men in hoodies. The one in the center sticks his arms out.]

'Back again with a quickness, pick it up, pick it up.
Master arithmeticness, light it up, light it up.
I got the heat in both feets, snake handler's hands.
Come back with slickness and do it all again.'

Eric Emerson: Introducing a former Grand Slammer of the PWA accompanied by The Hoodie Ninjas....

[ The Hoodie Ninjas on either side of the one in the center assist him in removing the hoodie to reveal it is in fact Johnny Maverick. Free of the Hoodie, the Hoodie Ninjas place Johnny's fight gloves on each of his hands. Once the gloves are on and strapped, one of the ninjas puts Johnny's mouthguard in his mouth. Johnny dismisses the Ninjas and begins to strut to the ring. ]

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at two HUNDRED and TWENTY FIVE pounds.... hailing from Washington, DC....

'My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.
My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.'

[ Johnny struts and sways his way to the ring, offering a few fans fist bumps (through the social distancing plastic of course ]

Eric Emerson: the one, the only, JOHNNY MAVRICKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Now I'm the media's darling, pick it up, pick it up.
An international phenomenon, light it up, light it up.
I cause eclipses with a wave of the hand.
Let them hang in ellipses and do it all again.'

[ Johnny reaches the ring and climbs up the steps, but stops on the apron and turns to face the audience. He stops to lean back against the ropes and basks in the cheers of the crowd with his eyes closed for a few moments before turning and climbing into the ring through the middle rope] .

'My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.
My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.'

[ Johnny heads to his corner and hops up to the middle turnbuckle, doing his 'magic fingers' psychic gesture to the audience before gesturing to his third eye. He hops down from the turnbuckle and casually leans back against his corner.]

'I got your number. I steal your thunder.
I got your mother's maiden name tattooed on my arm.
I got your number. I steal your thunder.
I got your mother's maiden name tattooed on my arm'

Eric Emerson: And their opponent...

"Oh these are the most beautiful-est things I have never seen..."

A bass, distorted and twisted, is strummed with depravity.

"I will Sh*t on them!"

[ With such gaudy cacophony the entrance way illuminates with white rapidly flashing strobe-lights and smoke, The latter of which is propelled with such vehement ferocity you can hear it squeal through Owen McMahon's gnarling bass. ]

Eric Emerson: Introducing from beautiful St. Johns, Newfoundland Canada.... weighing in at two HUNDRED and five pounds...

[ A timed drum fill precedes a guttural dissonant guitar and violent snare hits that embrace a sloppy but passionate performance. The energy is high as Sullivan vibrantly runs out from behind the pummeling smoke. A genuine excitement exudes from Hunters gesturing, pacing back and forth on the stage, engaging with the crowd. ]


Eric Emerson: He is Hunter SULLIVAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ A kin to Sullivan's multitude of performances on bar stages and decks in front of passionate music fanatics, he returns the crowds energy here in PWA. Knuckling fists with the star struck crowd, they mash flesh together, compressed against a fickle black barricade. Exuding the aura of rockstar, Hunter embraces the warm welcome with a broad and sincere smile. The former Viper descends the ramp in smooth motions, thanking fans and pointing at any sign along the way with his namesake. From ramp-way to matting, Sullivan jerks himself up onto the ring apron in a swift motion, stepping through the middle rope and embracing the ring. ]

Cara Townsend: From Tamikaís announcement earlier this ladder match is sure to be fun for the fans in attendance and the fans at home!

Gerry Essex: And they arenít waiting!


[ Hunter Sullivan immediately slips out of the ring and grabs a ladder. He begins to fold it up, but Maverick doesn't take too kindly to that as he runs and dives through the top and middle ropes, smashing his body into the ladder which bounces off of Hunter's face! ]

Cara Townsend: What a daring move from Johnny Maverick!

Gerry Essex: That idiot could have seriously put himself out of the match.

[ Mav gets to a knee, a little dazed from that move. Sullivan is using the barricade to get up. Meanwhile, Lisa Seldon is in the ring laughing at Johnny. Johnny looks up with fury and gets into the ring. Seldon swings and misses on Mav, and Mav charges forward and slams his knee into Seldon's gut. Mav hip tosses Seldon to the mat and then comes down on her with a high-impact elbow drop. Mav to his feet begins to stomp Seldon a few times. Sullivan is finally to his feet on the outside and finishes folding up the ladder. He sees Mav go into the ropes by him and slams the ladder right into Mav's back! ]

Cara Townsend: Good Lord! Mav's spine just got crushed by that ladder!

Gerry Essex: That'll teach him. This ain't no place for college dropouts.

Cara Townsend: Did you ever finish college?

Gerry Essex: That don't apply to me because I never went to college!

[ Sullivan slides the ladder into the ring as Seldon gets to her feet. Seldon kicks Sullivan in the gut and hits a running bulldog on Sullivan, whose face hits the end of the ladder he just brought in. Mav gets to his feet and wraps up Seldon from behind and tries to go for a sidewalk slam but Seldon reverses with a flying headscissors takedown! Sullivan gets up to his feet and nailsSeldon in the back with a hard right punch. Sullivan plants Seldon into the canvas with a reverse DDT. Sullivan tries to set up the ladder, but Maverick hits a dropkick on him and Sullivan goes flying into the turnbuckle. Maverick picks Sullivan up from behind and puts him on the top rope. Sullivan is facing the crowd and Maverick puts Sullivan in a crucifix.]

Cara Townsend: Johnny looking to rob Hunter's bank quickly...

Gerry Essex: Crucifix Powerbomb by Johnny Maverick!

Cara Townsend: And Sullivan barely misses the ladder, I think Johnny was aiming for it!

Gerry Essex: And missed terribly!

[ Seldon gets to her feet and takes out Johnny from behind. Seldon lays down some vicious stomps and punches to Maverick's head and chest. Seldon slaps Johnny around for a second, but Johnny counters with a low-blow! Seldon falls to the mat. ]

Cara Townsend: Perfectly legal in a ladder match.

Gerry Essex: Does that even hurt lady parts?!

[ Sullivan is up to his feet finally after that powerbomb. He holds his back and Maverick continues after Seldon. Sullivan springboards off the middle rope, flying toward Maverick and catching him with a DDT into... ]

Cara Townsend: DDT into the ladder! Maverick looks knocked out!

Gerry Essex: And Seldon is still hurting from that cheap shot. Sullivan is setting up the ladder!

[ Sullivan pulls Johnny off the ladder, whose now bleeding at the forehead, and begins to set the ladder up. Seldon gets to a knee. Sullivan has the ladder set up and directly underneath the Grizzly Beer championship, and Sullivan begins to climb. Seldon finally gets to her feet, but she's still a bit dazed. She sees Maverick on the mat, and Sullivan about mid-way up the ladder. Seldon races to the other side and climbs up as well. Sullivan reaches the top and reaches up, but Seldon starts to shake the ladder to make her presence known. Sullivan looks down as Seldon climbs a few more rungs, and now they are face to face. Sullivan nails Seldon with a right, but Seldon fires back with a left. They both go back and forth, and Seldon gets the advantage. Seldon grabs Sullivan by the back of his head and slams him face-first into the top of the ladder! Sullivan flies off the ladder and crashes to the mat below. Seldon smiles and climbs up one more rung to reach for the title, until... ]

Cara Townsend: TIMBER!!!

Gerry Essex: Johnny Maverick tipped over the ladder and Seldon goes flying over the top ropes and lands on the outside!

Cara Townsend: That will ruin his weekend!

[ The ladder ends up laying tilted across the top rope. Seldon crashes to the mat and lands near the rampway. Johnny, noticing the room and Sullivan still down, folds up the ladder and lays it face-down over the top rope. Johnny sprints, running on top of the ladder, and leaps off with a senton bomb, crashing down on a rising Seldon! ]

Gerry Essex: Whoa.

Cara Townsend: Wow! Mav is taking this very seriously !

Gerry Essex: He can't win, Cara! He has a raccoon as a agent!

[ Sullivan begins to stir inside the ring, and Maverick gets to his feet. He slams his foot into Seldon's head. Mav gets Seldon up to her feet and whips her into the barricade. Seldon hits back-first and Mav rushes in to finish the job, but Seldon rolls out of the way. Mav hits nothing but barricade and falls to the ground. Seldon begins crawling fast over to the ring. Sullivan climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps off, going for Seldon with a double-foot stomp across her back, but Seldon barely dodges it! Sullivan does a land and roll, turning toward Seldon. Seldon charges at him, but Sullivan ducks a clothesline attempt and nails Seldon with a roundhouse! Sullivan gets up close and personal and gives her a big chop across the chest. ]

Crowd: WHOO!

Sullivan hits another one!

Crowd: WHOO!

[ Sullivan takes Seldon and slams hwe face-first into the ringpost! Seldon falls to the mat. Sullivan picks Seldon up to his feet and tries for a spinebuster on the outside, but Seldon in mid-air slips out of it and crushes Sullivan' face across his knee! ]

Cara Townsend: What a counter by the future IC Champ!

Gerry Essex:Oh, care to make a wager?

[ Seldon grabs Sullivan by the head and directs him over closer to the announcer's table. Seldon slams Sullivan head-first into the announcer's table. Sullivan bounces off and falls to the mat. Seldon looks at the ladder next to hwe, the only one that hasn't been used. She gets a pop from the crowd and then lays Sullivan across the announcer's table.]

Cara Townsend: Oh come on, guys! Can't you do this somewhere else?

Gerry Essex: COME ON Seldon! MESS HIM UP!

Cara Townsend: You're crazy, Gerry!

[ Seldon climbs up to the top of the ladder, and all the cameras go off as Seldon leaps off and drives her arm elbow-first into Sullivan and the announcer's table. There is nothing but wreckage as both men are down. The camera pans to Maverick crawling inside the ring. The ladder he used to jump off and take Seldon down still lays across the top rope, tilted. Johnny begins to set it up in the middle of the ring as we see no movement out of Seldon or Sullivan. Seldon might have knocked herself out. ]

Gerry Essex: Good God... both these talents are down. Sullivan looks worse than Seldon, but.. who knows?!

Cara Townsend: Meanwhile, Johnny is in the middle of the ring trying to win!

Gerry Essex: Oh wonít someone think of the children?!

[ Seldon begins to stir, but it's nothing to write home about. Meanwhile, Maverick begins his climb up the ladder. Slowly, but surely, Maverick is making his way up and Seldon is finally moving her arms and legs. Mav reaches near the top as the crowd is cheering him on. ]

Cara Townsend: Wait a second, there's a ruckus in the crowd...

Gerry Essex: Someone hopped the barricade!

Cara Townsend: It's Virus!

[ Virus slides into the ring and pulls out Mav's legs from underneath him. Mav hits face and chest first against the ladder and then lands back-first on the mat. Mav's cut begins to bleed even more, and the Raccoon Advocate is staring up into the lights with a crimson mask. Virus jumps down out of the ring showing off a pair of handcuffs he picks up the motionless Sullivan slapping the cuffs on him and the bottom rope. Security comes rushing out as Virus hops back up over the barrier and escapes through the crowd. ]

Cara Towsend: Damn it! Maverick almost had until Virus came down to lay him out and handcuff Sullivan to the bottom rope and Seldon is out cold!

Gerry Essex: I spy with my little eye a Seldon on the rise.

[ Lisa Seldon is up to one knee and crawls into the ring as Sullivan starts to stir. Lisa kicks a motionless Maverick out of the the ring as Seldon climbs up to unclasp the brand new PWA title from the rung and slap the belt over her shoulder.]

Eric Emerson: Your winner and new PWA Intercontinental Champion.... LISA SELDON!!!!!

[ The PWAís cameras focus on the confident smile of the new Intercontinental Champion as the scene fades the company logo. ]