World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Chamelion vs. Too Panz

Jon McDaniel: Lets get this match started!

(Chamelion and Panz charge towards each other and at the last second Chamelion ducks as Panz swings a clothesline. Chamelion then backs Panz up with a few rights and then drop kicks him into the corner. Chamelion then climbs up on top of Panz and starts punching him in the head as the crowd counts along, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Chamelion then gets down and whips Panz across the ring. Chamelion then does a cart wheel into an elbow.)

Brian Rentfro: A nice moves display by Chamelion here!

(Chamelion then sits Panz on the top rope and climbs up with him. Chamelion then goes for a hurracurrana but Panz blocks and nails Chamelion with a powerbomb from the top rope and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: How did the Chamelion kick out of that!?!?!?

(Panz then picks Chamelion back up and goes to whip him into the corner and charges after him but Chamelion jumps up onto the top rope and does a 360 flip over Panz and when Panz turns around Chamelion nails him with a super kick and covers.)

Brian Rentfro: Did you see that flip from Chamelion!?!?!?

(Chamelion then picks up Panz and clotheslines him over the top rope. Chamelion then takes on run up and does a plancha over the top rope and nails Panz.)

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion is pulling out all the stops!

(Chamelion then gets back into the ring as the ref begins a 10 count. Panz then manages to get to his feet on the outside but Chamelion then baseball slides him self under the ropes and locks his legs around Panzs neck and spins him around to nail him with a hurracurrana on the concrete. Chamelion then rolls Panz back into the ring and covers him.)

Brian Rentfro: I do not know how Too Panz is kicking out!

(Chamelion then goes to pick up Panz only to recieve a low blow followed by a ddt. Too Panz then covers Chamelion.)

Jon McDaniel: Too Panz surprised Chamelion!

(Too Panz then continues his assault on Chamelion with punches and kicks. Panz then picks Chamelion up and whips him to the ropes. Panz then does a frog leap over Chamelion as he goes to the ropes again. Panz then attempts a hip toss on Chamelion as he comes off of the ropes but Chamelion blocks and takes Panz down with a russian leg sweep. Chamelion then picks Panz up and gives him a double arm ddt in front of the corner. Chamelion then climbs up to the top rope and moonsaults himself down on top of Panz for the cover.)

Announcer: The winner of this match, Chamelion!!!!

Berserker vs. KWB

Jon McDaniel: This should be good so lets get you to ringside!

(Beserker takes control with rights and lefts and whips KWB to the ropes. Beserker then does a frog leap over KWB and he goes to the ropes again. Beserker then goes to clothesline KWB but he goes to the ropes again and nails Beserker with a cross body. KWB then jumps up to the top rope and moonsaults himself down on top of Beserker and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: Nice try but he will not keep Beserker down that easily!

(KWB then softens up Beserker with chops and whips him to the ropes. KWB then goes to drop kick Beserker but Beserker catches him in mid air and gives him a devastating spine buster down to the mat and into a cover.)

Brian Rentfro: I am surprised KWB kicked out of that!

(Beserker then picks KWB up and whips hium to the ropes but KWB hooks onto the ropes and Beserker chareges after him. Kwb spots Beserker charging towards him and boots him underneath the lungs. KWB then goes out to the apron and climps to the top rope. KWB then launches himself at Beserker and wraps his legs around his neck. KWB then give Beserker a spinning rana down to the mat and covers.)

Announcer: The winner of this match, Krazy White Boy!!!

Monkey McDee vs. Hessian

Jon McDaniel: This should be a good match so lets get you down to ringside.

(McDee shows some nice tavhnical wrestling early on by locking on various submission holds like the boston crab. Hessian manages to get to the ropes and the ref forces McDee to break the hold. McDee then stomps away at Hessian and picks him up. McDee then sits Hessian up on the top rope and gives him a hurracurrana down to the mat and covers.)

Brian Rentfro: The Monkey is looking for the early pin!

(Monkey then continues his assault on Hessian with sharp kicks to the ribs. McDee then whips Hessian to the ropes and nails him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.)

Brian Rentfro: That will give you some back pains!

(McDee then covers Hessian.)

Jon McDaniel: Hessian is not willing to let Monkey McDee get the better of him!

(McDee then picks up Hessian and gives him some knife edge chops as the crowd screams "Whooooo!". McDee then whips Hessian the the ropes but Hessian does a sunset flip over the Monkey and rolls him up with a surprise cover.)
2 3/4
shoulder up

Jon McDaniel: He nearly got him!

(McDee is now furious and takes it out on Hessian with kicks and punches. McDee then creeps up and locks Hessian in the Spunky Monkey and Hessian taps out.)

Announcer: The winner of this match, Monkey McDee!!!!

Metalhead vs. Fletcher

Jon McDaniel: The next match is between Metalhead and Fletcher, both men are in the ring so lets get you down to ringside.

(The bell rings and both men lock up. Fletcher gets behind Metalhead and shoves him into the ropes. Metalhead bounces off of the ropes and Fletcher back drops him down to the mat. Fletcher then starts stomping away at Metalhead and picks him back up. Fletcher whips Metalhead to the ropes again and this time catches him with a vicious clothesline.)

Brian Rentfro: Fletcher is cleaning house on Metalhead!

(Fletcher whips Metalhead into the corner and charges towards him but Metalhead lifts up his boot and Fletcher runs straight into it. Metalhead then runs out of the corner and knocks Fletcher down to the mat with a clothesline. Metalhead then picks Fletcher up and snap mares him down in front of the corner. Metalhead then climbs up to the top rope and moonsaults himself down on top of Fletcher and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: Metalhead has taken control of this match!

(Metalhead then goes to pick Fletcher up only to receive a European uppercut followed by a dropkick down to the mat. They both get up and Metalhead charges towards Fletcher only to be hip tossed down to the mat. He gets back up and charges towards Fletcher again only to be hip tossed back down to the mat again. Fletcher then measures up Metalhead and nails him with a devastating kick to the head that can be heard through out the arena.)

Jon McDaniel: That should give Fletcher the advantage!

(Fletcher then picks Metalhead up and shoves him into the corner. Fletcher then gives Metalhead numerous knife edge chops as the crowd screams "Whoooooo!")

Brian Rentfro: Fletcher is taking it to Metalhead with some CANADIAN VIOLENCE!!!!!!

(Fletcher then chops at Metalheads chest until it is red raw. Metalhead then falss to the mat holding his chest as Fletcher continues his assault. Fletcher then stands above Metalhead like a predator stalking his prey and then pounces locking a crippler crossface on Metalhead as he screams with pain. After about a minute in the hold Fletcher lets it go as it does not look like Metalhead would submit. Metalheads shoulder is now bruised.)

Jon McDaniel: Take a look at that bruised shoulder!

(Fletcher then goes to sling shot Metalhead into the corner but the ref gets in the way and collides with Metalhead knocking the ref out. Fletcher then picks Metalhead up and gives him a pile driver. Fletcher then drags Metalhead to the corner and climbs to the top and nails Metalhead with a senton bomb.)

Jon McDaniel: Nice senton bomb from Fletcher!

(Fletcher then covers Metalhead but there is no ref to count. Fletcher then walks over to the ref and pulls his shirt off and puts it on himself.)

Jon McDaniel: I don't believe it! Fletcher has just made himself the ref for this match!

(Fletcher then covers Metalhead again and counts with his own hand.)
2 3/4
shoulder up

(Fletcher then goes to pick up Metalhead but he gets drop toe holded into the middle rope. Fletcher then holds his throat as he falls through the middle rope. Metalhead then follows Fletcher to the outside and nails him with lefts and rights. Metalhead then grabs a steel chair and nails Fletcher with it. Fletcher then quickly stumbles to his feet and calls for the bell.)

Brian Rentfro: Whats going on?!?!

Anouncer: The winner of this match by disqualification, Fletcher!!!

Jon McDaniel: Fletcher DQed Metalhead for using the chair!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Good call!

Brian Andersen vs. Nightstryker

Jon McDaniel: They are already in the ring so lets get you down to ringside.

(They meet in the middle of the ring with a flurry of lefts and rights. Anderson gets the better of the exchange and takes control. Anderson whips Nightstryker to the ropes but Nightstryker ducks a clothesline from Anderson. Nightstryker then rebounds off of the ropes and catches Anderson with a clothesline of his own. Nightstryker then starts stomping away at Anderson and then picks him back up.)

Jon McDaniel: Nigthstryker is taking control early!

(Nightstryker then whips Anderson into the corner and follows it up with an avalanche. Nightstryker then takes Anderson out of the corner and attempts a hip toss but Anderson blocks it and turns it around to nail Nightstryker with a double arm ddt. Anderson then covers Nightstryker.)

Brian Rentfro: Brian Anderson has to weaken Nightstryker a bit more.

(Anderson then picks up Nightstryker and slams him down to the mat. Anderson then climbs up to the top rope and nails a flying oleg drop on Nightstryker. Anderson then picks Nightstryker back up and snap mares him into a sitting position and then drop kicks him in the back of the head.)

Brian Rentfro: I think I just heard Nightstrykers neck snap!

(Anderson then picks Nightstryker back up and attempts a suplex but Nightstryker manages to wriggle out of it and nail Anderson with a German suplex. Nightstryker then continues his assault with some vicious stomps before picking Anderson back up. Nightstryker then whips Anderson to the ropes and nails him with a spinning heel kick. Nightstryker then places Anderson in the middle of the ring and jumps onto the second rope and nails Anderson with an asai moonsault and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: How did Anderson kick out of that?!

(Nightstryker then goes to pick Anderson up but Anderson drop toe holds Nightstryker down to the mat. Nightstryker then gets back up into a bent over position as Anderson goes to the ropes and nails Nightstryker with a bicycle kick.)

Brian Rentfro: Nice move by Anderson!

(Anderson then picks Nightstryker up and whips him into the corner but Nightstryker jumps up to the top rope and spins around as Anderson charges towards him. Nightstryker then does a sunset filp over Anderson and pulls him down for a pin.)

Announcer: The winner of this match, Nightstryker!!!!

Porter vs. Jay

Hardcore Title Match

Due to Jay being in Japan, this was merely a case of bad booking on my part. This match will take place once Jay returns.

Sandra vs. Lindsey

Women's Title Match

Lindsey and Sandra dish it all out to each other nailing each other with everything they have. Lindsey dominates for the first ten minutes and takes Sandra to town. But Sandra makes a comeback and takes control for the next five minutes. The last 15 minutes of the match is even and both women knock each other out as the bell rings because the time limit has expired resulting in a draw. In the event of a drw the champion still keeps the title so still the PWA Womens champion Lindsey Campbell.

Winner: Lindsey Campbell

Big Daddy vs. Brymstone

Ring announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring at this time...BRYMSTONE!

"Sad But True" plays over the p.a. system as the arena goes dark. A dark threatening voice is heard saying: "Who dares stand before the might of Hell falls beneath its sword...Beware the coming of the destroyer." Across the ADC-Tron flashes some of Brymstone's earlier matches, along with visions of his dogs Cerberus and Lucifer. A dark blue light shines on the stage and Nina Daemon clad in a dark black robe without a silver ankh on the hood walks out. Flames burst out as Brymstone rises to the stage. Brymstone starts down the ramp, and an eerie howling is heard and pyros go off forming a Celtic dragon. Brymstone wears a black bodysuit with forest green flames running up it to the middle of his chest. A face mask, likewise decorated, covers his face. He holds the rope for Nina and then climbs over the top rope. A green flash of light explodes over the ring and Brymstone raises his arms above his head slamming them downward. The ringposts erupt with flames.((A tribute to his father.)) Nina goes and sits close to the announcers.

Brymstone walks over to the ring announcer and snatches the mic.

Brymstone: Prepare.......prepare to face...your......Doom, Big Daddy.....for after I get through with you....Britanny's NEXT!

After that he raises his arms up and forward. The bottom of the ramp begins to light up with flames, and lights all the way to just about 6ft before the
entryway. He lowers his arms and throws the mic back at the ring announcer who fumbles and finally brings it back up to his mouth.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent. BIIIIIIIIG DADDY!

The crowd erupts as "Take a Look Around(MI2 Theme)" by Limp Bizkit blares over the p.a. system. Up on the ADC-Tron appear the words "Big
Daddy" in big silver letters. The video screen shows some of his matches, and his winning of the IC belt. The lights start flashing like Kronic's enterence, with the addition of blue and silver lights flashing around the arena on the fans. He comes, escorted by Britanny and stands on the ramp. He looks around, grins, holding a fire extinquisher. He puts out the fire and laughs. He takes a mic from Britanny and brings it up to his mouth. He grins at the crowd again and they erupt at his coming speech.

Big Daddy: Brymstone, you got alotta gaul sayin that you're gonna attack Britanny here. So how bout I come down there and we start this thing and
all of Big Daddy's fans will watch me kick your ASS!

Jon McDaniel: I think this match is going to get VERY intense. I wouldn't be surprised is weapons get involved.

Brian Rentfro: Me either Jon. These two are ready to tear eachother apart, and I can't wait to see it.

BD throws down the mic and speeds off towards the ring, sliding in and rolling up to meet Brymstone eye to eye. As they two stare eachother down
Britanny slips off opposite of Nina, to watch the match as well. The bell rings to sound the match and the two stand there toe to toe, eye to eye.
Brym backs up a step quickly and nails BD with a knife edge chop. BD flitches alittle and nails Brym with a chop of his own. The two have
another stare down for a moment. Brym makes the first move again and throws a massive right. BD takes the right and throws one of his own. Brym throws a left, BD absorbs it and throws his own left. They trade lefts and rights for barley a minute, neither getting the upper hand.

BD blocks a right hand and nails Brym with an Irish Whip. Brym reverse it throwing BD into the ropes. BD comes back and nails a massive spear,
keeping the big man down for an rare 8 seconds.

Brian Rentfo: Oh my god! Brym's never been taken down that hard for that long!

Jon McDaniel: Yes you're right Brian. What's gonna happen next?

Big Daddy begins pummeling Brymstone with a fantastic flurry of rights and lefts to Brym's face, and nails a few kidney shots as well.

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone throws Big Daddy off of him with authority! The big man's up.

Brymstone is on his feet now and stands over Big Daddy. BD rolls over and gets to one knee. Brymstone nails a vicious kick to BD's ribs, which makes him gasp and grab his ribs in pain. BD avoids another kick and takes Brym's feet out from under him.

Jon McDaniel: There's some of Big Daddy's martial arts background showing through.

Brym falls foward and trys to elbow BD, who rolls out of the ring to avoid it. Brym grabs his elbow pain and BD drags him out of the ring. Once out of the ring Brym hits BD with a front Snap Kick to the jaw. BD stumbles back a few steps and shakes it off. Brymstone runs at Big Daddy and does so right into a powerslam.

Brian Rentfro: Powerslam on the outside. You know that's gotta sting.

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone's pulling himself back up. What endurance this man has. Brymstone goes for a spear against the guardrail. OW! That's gonna
leave a mark. Big Daddy's head just smashed into the rail.

Brymstone backs up as Big Daddy slumps to the floor, dazed. Brymstone climbs to the ring as he sees Big Daddy start to stagger up. Big Daddy
slides into the ring still dazed. Brymstone picks him and grabs him by the throat.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Brymstone's going to put Big Daddy away with the Pits of Hell.

Brian Rentfro: We'll see. Brymstone's got Big Daddy by the throat, let's see what happens.

Brymstone goes for a chokeslam but Big Daddy runs up Brym's chest and kicks him in the head, freeing himself. The both fall to the mat.


Jon McDaniel: My god what a counter that was. Seemingly he was playing oppossum. I think that made Brymstone alittle angry.

Brymstone springs up quickly just as Big Daddy starts to get up and clubs him in the back with a double ax handle smash. Big Daddy hits the mat hard and trys to get up again. He gets turned over and Brymstone goes for the Soul Crusher. Big Daddy is fighting the hold and finally kicks Brymstone off of him. Brymstone flys back and falls out of the ring. BD springs up quickly and stands ready. Brymstone rises and Big Daddy runs and flys out of the ring and nails Brymstone with a flying body press. The two men go crashing to the floor infront of some fans. As the two men gather themselves the crowd starts to chant "Big Daddy Big Daddy!"

Jon McDaniel: Did you see how Big Daddy flew out of the ring, just like a cruiserweight? Very few men his size can do that.

Brian Rentfro: Very few indeed. He's the only one I've seen do it. Mike Awesome's got nothin' on Big Daddy.

Brymstone reaches his feet moments before Big Daddy and scoops him up and throws him into the crowd... going back towards thee ring. Big Daddy lands in 3 fans laps a the first row. He sits up and starts talking to one of them. Who is a Big Daddy fan because he has on a Big Daddy shirt. After a few moments he hops out of the crowd and slides into the ring. Brymstone has the ref in the corner arguing about a count out. BD creeps up on Brym and rolls him up for a two count. Brym stands visibly angered. Big Daddy reaches his feet just in time to duck a clothesline and nails Brymstone with a hard flurry of punches.

Jon McDaniel: What a manuever by Big Daddy, but the punches don't seem to faze Brymstone much.

Brym's head and body jerk with each punch....then Brymstone gives BD a shot to the throat, BD staggers back from the mosteous right hand to the throat and then gets a big boot his gut, causing him to double over. Brymstone then hits him with a Double arm DDT. BD then rolls Brymstone up for a cover


Brian Rentfro: Brym got a two count.

Brymstone growls at the ref and starts to stand, pulling Big Daddy up with him. He goes for an Irish whip on BD but gets reversed, he comes back and gets nailed with Tilt-a-whirl sideslam. And a collapses after he slams Brym. The ref begins counting both men till no the mat... but by the count
of 7 Brym and BD both start to get to their feet. Brymstone gets to his feet first and gives BD a big boot to the face sending Big Daddy crashing
backwards. Big Daddy shakes his head and starts to get up, but is again sent down with a massive clothesline.

Brymstone drags BD off into a corner and begins hitting BD with boots to the midsection. The Ref pulls him away and starts yrelling at him for putting
BD in the corner. Brymstone rears back like he's going to hit the ref, but out of nowhere he gets put in a cobra clutch and then gets bulldogged.

Jon McDaniel: There it was! That is one of Big Daddy's patented moves, the cobra clutch bulldog.

Brian Rentfro: OUCH! I bet that tickled.

Jon McDaniel: What?! Tickled? Oh never mind.

Brymstone's head bounces off the mat like a basketball and lays there apparently KO'ed. Big Daddy goes for the pin. 1...2...8/10...kickout.
Brym bairly escapes.

Brian Rentfro: And Brymstone is quick to his feet after the kick out... it seems that he's gotten his second wind.

Jon McDaniel: Yes, but Big Daddy's up also. Oh my, the two are in each other's faces again.

Big Daddy and Brymstone are standing face to face again. This time Brymstone shoves Big Daddy. Big Daddy takes a few steps back and then shoves Brymstone back as well, sending the big man sprawling backwards. Big Daddy decides to take advantage and drops a hard elbow into Bryms sternum. Brym grabs his chest in pain.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my, this battle is taking it's toll on the particpants.

Brian Rentfro: How much more can these two individuals take?

Big Daddy drags Brym to the center of the ring and goes for the top rope. BD stands getting his balance and calls out to the crowd. The arena cheers back to him and he jumps out high, and nails a somersault leg drop.

Jon McDaniel: OH MY! Big Daddy showing his agility there.

Brian Rentfro: I told ya Mike Awesome's got nothin on him!

Brymstone climbs to his feet as BD tries to Irish whip him into the ropes. Brymstone reverses it and catches Big Daddy by the throat as he rebounds
back. Brym leds Big Dddy over to the corner and begins climbing the ropes carrying the big man with him. After regaining his balance, Brymstoen
lanuches both him and Big Daddy off of the top rope and puts him through the Pits of Hell through the announcers table

Jon McDaniel: MY GOD!!.... Look at how sadistic Brymstone is. Throwing Big Daddy head first through the announcer's table.... My God that HAS to be over now...

Brym grabs Big Daddy and drags him into the ring, and pins him. 1...2...9/10 kicks out barely. Brymstone sits up very angry now.

Brian Rentfro: Oh my! I can't believe Big Daddy kicked outta that! What heart the big man has.

Brymstone pulls Big Daddy up by the back of the head and hits him with a flurry of rights and lefts. After a few seconds of this attack Brym throws
a massive right....and somehow Big Daddy manages to block it, throwing 4 big right hands of his own. Brymstone staggers back with the forth one and then gets hit with a massive dropkick. Brymstone stggers to his feet and grabs the coming BD by the throat again and lifts him up for a thunderous chokeslam, this time nailing it. Big Daddy's legs twitch, signalling he's out cold. Brymstone covers and the ref goes down to count for soon as the ref's hand goes up after 2, Brym gets pulled outside the ring by The Spider. Spider beings pummelling Brymstone with rights and lefts. Meanwhile in the ring Big Daddy regains himself. He looks out of the ring just in time to see Spider grab a chair and smack Brymstone in the head, knocking him down. Big Daddy stands watching the scene, he looks at Spider and yells at him. Spider turns around and Big Daddy slingshots himself onto Spider, sending him crashing down. Brymstone stands up woozily and picks up Spider, he rears back and nails Spider with a massive right. Spider spins around to Big Daddy, who nails Spider with a right of his own. Spider spins back around to Brym who again nails a massive right sending him back to BD, who takes the Spider and smashes his head against the guardrail. Brym and BD slide into the ring and Brymstone taking the earliy advantge sets BD up for a Russian Leg Sweep. Big Daddy counters and knocks Brymstone down, and goes
for a Figure 4 leg lock, but Brym kicks Big Daddy away.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my what a scene that was. Spider coming out, Brymstone and Big Daddy double teaming him and now the double reversals.

Brymstone gets slowly to his feet. BD rushes Brymstone with an attmepted spear, but Brymsotne showing off his martial arts skills dodges, bringing
his knee up jamming it into BD's bred basket. Big Daddy crashes down to the mat, gasping for air. Brymstone pulls Big Daddy up to his feet.

Big Daddy throws Brym's arms back, stunning him a bit, knees Brym in the gut and positions him for a powerbomb.

Jon McDaniel: I think this match is over!

Big Daddy grabs Brym around the waist and pulls him up, going farther between Brym's legs than a regular powerbomb. He goes forward a turns the
powerbomb into a Rock Bottom.

Jon McDaniel: Big Daddy has just nailed Brymstone with Rock Solid!!

Brian Rentfro: What an upset! Big Daddy won!

Big Daddy goes for the pin. 1...2...3. The bell rings, and the ref raises Big Daddy's hand in victory

Panzadise vs. Sirus vs. Nightmare

(Heavy by Collective Soul plays as President Robinson comes out of the entrance way.)

Robinson: This match should be a pretty exciting one for all you PWA fans. I know you all like Sirus and lord knows you love Dise. I know you'd love to see that reject get another World title shot at Project X. But in this business, there's a little thing called overexposure. Dise is a money maker for the PWA, no doubt about it. And to keep him that way, I don't want to put him in too many high profile matches to make sure you fans don't get sick of him. (Crowd boos) Wait, wait... But in the interest of fairness, not to mention getting some good ratings, here's what I've decided. Since all of the men in this next match are of World Championship caliber whomever gets the pin or submission in this match will face the World champion next Rampage!

(Robinson leaves the entrance area)

Jon McDaniel: This match should be great, can Sirus and Panzadise stand up to Nightmare, lets find out!

(All three men are already in the ring. Sirus and Panzadise then without talking agree to double team Nightmare and rush towards him but Nightmare takes Panzadise down with a big boot and Sirus down with a right hand. Nightmare then picks up Sirus who is holding his jaw and lifts him up above his about 15 foot up. Nightmare then walks over to the ropes and hurls Sirus 15 feet out of the ring and into the front row of the crowd.)

Jon McDaniel: My God did you see how far Nightmare tossed Sirus?!?!?!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah right into the front row, with power like that, Nightmare is sure to win this match!

(Panzadise then gets up while Nightmare is looking down at Sirus in the front row and lunges forward and gives Nightmare a clip to the knee and Nightmare falls like a sack of potatoes holding his knee as Panzadise stomps away at it.)

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise has gotten the big man down!

Brian Rentfro: He is using some good tactics by going after his knee, every one is the same size down on the mat!

(Panzadise works away at Nightmares knee as Sirus pulls himself back to ringside looking very dazed like the fans that Nighmare hurled him into. Sirus then shakes it off and gets back into the ring and helps Panzadise in double teaming Nightmare. Sirus then drags Nightmare into the centre of the ring with a lot of strain to his back and applys the figure four on Nightmares hurt knee as Nightmare so an expression of pure pain on his face but Nightmare being 8 foot tall easily reaches for the rope but when he grabs the rope Panzadise kicks his hand away from it and starts to taunt Nightmare.)

Jon McDaniel: What is Panzadise doing? If he does not break up the hold Nightmare will tap!

Brian Rentfro: Panzadise is obviously liking seeing Nightmare in pain and wants it to last a bit longer!

(Sirus keeps Nightmare in the figure four for another minute and every time he reaches out for a rope Panzadise stops him. Nightmare then trys to reverse the figure four by rolling over but every time he trys Panzadise is their to kick him back into position. Nightmare then gets to the point where he can not take much more pain and goes to tap out but before his hand hits the mat Panzadise stops it and keeps it rasied so that Nightmare can not tap out. Sirus then breaks the hold and gets in Panzadise face about not letting Nightmare tap out who is still on the mat with his knee in tremendous pain. Sirus then shoves Panzadise and Panzadise shoves him back. Sirus then nails Panzadise with a right and before they know it they are brawling in the middle of the ring.)

Brian Rentfro: I guess that ends the double team!

(Sirus then whips Panzadise to the ropes and back drops him down to the mat as Nightmare slowly gets to his feet. Sirus then picks Panzadise up and gives him a sitting powerbomb into a pin down to the mat as the ref counts.)
2 3/4
Broken up by Nightmare

("Ooooohs" come from the crowd as Sirus was so close. Nightmare then picks Sirus up and nails him with three chokeslams in a row.)

Jon McDaniel: That is Nightmares finisher, the Hell Slam! and Sirus just took three of them, this match has to be over!

(Nightmare then puts his foot on the chest of Sirus in a very lazy cover.)
2 3/4
shoulder up

Brian Rentfro: Can this ref count to three?!?!?!?

Jon McDaniel: How did Sirus kick out after three Hell Slams!?!?!?

(Nightmare can not belive it and he goes to chase the ref but his bad knee stops him as he goes back to work on Sirus. Panzadise then gets up and jumps on the back of Nightmare and hangs out of his neck. Nightmare reaches back and gives Panzadise a standing 8 foot snap mare down to the mat. Nightmare then scoops Panzadise up and gives him a tombstone shoulder breaker.)

Jon McDaniel: He must of learnt that from Raizzor!

(The ref then counts)
2 3/4
shoulder up

Brian Rentfro: He kicked out of a tombstone shoulder breaker! Nothing is going right for Nightmare!

(Nightmare then gets up and hobbles after the ref which the crowd finds amusing as Nightmare looks funny hobbling around the ring chasing after a panic stricken ref. Panzadise then recovers and gives Nightmare a clothesline from behind but Nightmare does not budge. Nightmare then turns around and grabs Panzadise by the throat and lifts him up for a Hell slam but his knee buckles as he lifts Panzadise and he falls to the mat with Panzadise on top of him.)

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise gets a surprise pin on Nightmare!

Announcer: The winner of this match, Panzadise!!!

The Spider vs. BPP

Jon McDaniel: Now it is finally time for the main event between The Spider and BPP! Both men are already in the ring so lets get you down to ringside!

(Both men size each other up and BPP makes the first move and attempts a clothesline on The Spider but Spider ducks and spins BPP around to nail him with a ddt. The Spider then picks BPP up and whips him to the ropes. BPP then bounces off the ropes and gets slammed into the mat by The Spider and covered.)

Brian Rentfro: It is too early for pin attempts!

(The Spider then picks up BPP and whips him to the ropes again but this time BPP hooks on to the ropes. The Spider then charges towards BPP but BPP ducks and backdrops The Spider all the way over the top rope and out to the concrete floor. BPP then slides out of the ring after The Spider.)

Brian Rentfro: This could get nasty!

(BPP then grabs a steel chair and goes to hit The Spider with it but the ref gets in the way and warns BPP not to do it. BPP then changes his mind and hits the ref with the chair knocking him out cold. But this gives The Spider enough time to recover and he charges towards BPP to catch him with a running clothesline. The Spider then starts stomping away at BPP on the concrete floor as another ref rushes to the ring. The Spider then rolls BPP into the ring and goes in after him. The Spider then picks BPP up and nails him with a devastating brain buster and it looks as if he is out cold. The Spider covers as the new ref goes down to count.)
foot on the rope

Jon McDaniel: He got his foot on the rope!

(The Spider looks furious with the ref. The Spider then boots the ref in the mid section and piledrives him into the mat, knocking him out.)

Brian Rentfro: Another ref is out!

(The Spider then goes outside and grabs a steel chair The Spider then rolls back into the ring and starts pounding BPP with the chair until yet again another ref comes out and The Spider throws the chair out of the ring. The Spider then picks up BPP only to be roled up for a pin. The ref then goes down to cover.)

(BPP then gets up and spine busters The Spider down to the mat and goes over to complain to the ref about a slow count. BPP then ddts the ref down to the mat, yet again knocking out another ref. BPP then turns around to see that The Spider has gotten his hands on a trash can. The Spider then wallops BPP with the trash can.)

Brian Rentfro: I would not like to be a ref in this match!

(The Spider then continues to beat down on BPP with the trash can when yet another ref runs down to the ring as The Spider throws the trash can away. The Spider then picks up BPP only to be low blowed and ddteed. BPP then covers The Spider.)

(BPP then goes over to punch the ref but the ref blocks and nails BPP with a right of his own sending BPP down to the mat knocked out as the ref counts.)

Brian Rentfro: You are not allowed touch the wrestlers ref!

Jon McDaniel: It does not matter as The Spider has just made his first succesful title defense!

Announcer: The winner and still PWA Intercontinental champion, The Spider!!!

(The Spider then raises the Intercontinental title in the air as Rampage comes to a close.)