World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Spider vs. Metalhead vs. Big Daddy vs.Monkey McDee

Jon McDaniel: This next match should be a classic! It will pit The Spider who seems to be the leader of the Pieces of Eight against Metalhead who has a big potty mouth, Big Daddy and Monkey McDee in an Intercontinental rankings elimination match. Well all four men are already in the ring so lets get you down to ringside!

(Spider and Metalhead start the match. They lock up in the centre of the ring but Spider overpowers Metalhead and shoves him into the corner. Spider not wanting to let Metalhead get any rest advances into the corner and nails Metalhead with a flurry of lefts and rights.)

Brian Rentfro: It appears Metalhead is still suffering from the affects of that Boot Camp Match at Whos the Man?

Jon McDaniel: It did take its toll on Metalhead but the doctors have cleared him to wrestle tonight as his back was not as severely burnt as we first thought.

(Metalhead then escapes the Spiders grasp but the Spider does not let up and delivers knife edge chops into the burnt back of Metalhead. Metalhead then falls to his knees in pain but quickly crawls over to Big Daddys corner and tags him in.)

Jon McDaniel: Big Daddy has been tagged in!

(Big Daddy then rushes in and he and Spider exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Big Daddy gets the better of the exchange and The Spider stumbles into the corner where he tags in Monkey McDee.)

Jon McDaniel: All men have been in the ring now.

(Big Daddy then charges towards Monkey McDee but McDee takes him down to the mat with a hip toss followed by an armbar. McDee then expands his armbar into an abdominal stretch.)

Jon McDaniel: The Monkey is showing us his technical expertise here!

Brian Rentfro: I remember back in the day where it would be nothing but old school technical moves like the Monkey is doing here.

(Big Daddy then showing his body strength manages to wriggle ot the ropes and grab hold of them as the ref forces McDee to break the hold. Big Daddy then gets up and once again is taken down to the mat by the Monkey as the Monkey takes him down by taking his two legs from underneath him. The monkey then slingshots Big Daddy into the corner as Big Daddy falls to the mat. McDee then applys the Spunky Monkey on Big Daddy and Big Daddy then taps out after saying he is a Monkeys uncle.)

Jon McDaniel: Big Daddy is eliminated!

(The Monkey is then celebrating the elimination in the ring when all of a sudden Metalhead comes in from behind and clocks the Monkey with a clothesline. Metalhead then picks the Monkey up and powerbombs him down into the mat. Metalhead then stomps the Monkey in his face and picks him back up. Metalhead then drives the Monkeys face into the turn buckle. Metalhead then clicks his fingers as if he has gotten an idea.)

Jon McDaniel: What is Metalhead up to?

( Metalhead then starts to remove the top turnbuckle from the corner exposing the piece of hard metal behind it. The ref warns Metalhead not to do it but Metalhead picks the Monkey up and rams him face first into the hard metal as the ref DQs him.)

Brian Rentfro: Metalhead must remember that this is not a boot camp match!

(Metalhead seems angry with the decision and nearly takes the refs head off with a clothesline.)

Jon McDaniel: The ref is out!

(The Spidewr then see's that the ref is out and grabs a steel chair and enters the ring. He then waits for the Monkey to get back up and levels him with the chair as blood spews out.)

Brian Rentfro: Monkey McDee is busted and if Jojo was with us now he would say "Eek! (BLEEP)"

(The Spider then drags the bloody McDee to the outside of the ring and shouts "Revenge and points to the announce table as the crowd goes ape shit.)

Jon McDaniel: The Spider is looking for revenge for the spear through a table he recieved from the Monkey a week ago

(The Spider then sticks the Monkey in between his legs and lifts him high up in the air. The Spider then powerbombs the Monkey through the announcers table as the crowd goes wild.)

Jon McDaniel: The Spider has gotten even with Monkey McDee!!!

(The Spider then picks up the dazed Monkey and rolls him back into the ring as the ref recovers. The Spider then covers the Monkey and hooks the leg as the ref very slowly counts.)

Jon McDaniel: The Spider has won!!!

Announcer: The winner of this match, The Spider!!!!

Jon McDaniel: What a great match! lets see if the next one can top it!

Nightstryker vs. Prisoner

TV Title Match

Jon McDaniel: This next match is for the TV title, both men are already in the ring so lets get you down to ringside.

(Nightstryker and The Prisoner start off by exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. Nightstryker gets the better of the exchange and sends The Prisoner to the ropes. The Prisoner bounces off of the ropes and Nightstryker nails him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Nightstryker then goes for an early cover.)

Brian Rentfro: Nightstryker is looking to finish this early!

(Nightstryker then goes to pick The Prisoner up but the Prisoner rolls him up for a cover.)
2 3/4

Jon McDaniel: The Prisoner almost became the new TV champion there!

(The Prisoner then takes over and pounds away on Nightstryker. The Prisoner then whips Nightstryker to the ropes and charges towards him and clotheslines him over the top rope and to the outside. The Prisoner then follows Nightstryker to the outside and whips him into the steel railing. The Prisoner then charges towards Nightstryker as the ref begins a ten count and Nightstryker backdrops The Prisoner over the railing and into the crowd. Nightstryker then climbs over the railing an follows the Prisoner.)

Jon McDaniel: Both men are amongst the fans!

Brian Rentfro: They better be listening out for the ten count!

(Nightstryker and Prisoner then brawl through the crowd and end up coming back out of the crowd and into the aisle as the ref reaches 6 on his count. Nightstryker then boots The Prisoner in the mid section and piledrives him into the concrete as the ref reaches an 8 count. The Prisoner is knocked out cold and Nightstryker runs back into the ring at the count of 9 and the ref counts The Prisoner out at ten)

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker has won!

Announcer: The winner of this match by count out and still PWA TV champion, Nightstryker!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: We rarely get count outs here in the PWA!

Jon McDaniel: Onto our next match

Sgt. Slade vs. Krazy Whyte Boy

Jon McDaniel: This next match involves Sgt Slade and Krazy White Boy, so lets get you down to ringside

(Slade takes KWB down with a clothesline straight away and follows up with boots into the mid section. Slade then picks KWB up and ddts him into the mat. Slade then picks KWB up again and piledrives him into the mat. Slade then picks KWB up again and powerbombs him down to the mat and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: Slade is dominating early with a power based offense

(Slade then continues his assault on KWB with forearms to the face. Slade then whips KWB to the ropes and nilas him with a powerslam and covers.)
2 3/4
shoulder up

Jon McDaniel: Another kick out by Krazy White Boy

(Slade then continues pounding down on KWB and whips him into the corner. Slade then sits KWB up on the top rope and climbs up with him. Slade then nails KWB with a superplex but instead of covering he decides to hand out a bit more punishment. Slade then goes to pick up KWB only to recieve a European uppercut followed by a snap kick from KWB)

Brian Rentfro: Krazy White Boy is starting to fight his way back into this match.

(KWB then dropkicks Slade into the corner and charges towards him but Slade pops out of the corner at the last second and catches KWB in mid air and nails him with a devastating spine buster. Slade then picks KWB up and goes to nail him with a running powerbomb but half way through it KWB counters with a roll down to the mat into a sunset flip and into a cover.)

Jon McDaniel: This has been an interesting match thus far!

(KWB then picks Slade up and locks him in a standing headlock. Slade then wrestles out of the headlock and shoves KWB towards the corner but KWB jumps up to the top rope as Slade charges towards him. KWB then does a lucha 360 flip over Slade back down to the mat and when Slade turns around he recieves a super kick into the jaw from KWB as he goes down to cover.)

Brian Rentfro: How doid Sgt. Slade kick out?!?!

Jon McDaniel: Did you se the athletisism on Krazy White Boy?!?!

(KWB then picks up Slade only to recieve a rake in the eye followed by a vicious clothesline. Slade then says thats it and picks KWB up for a powerbomb but as KWB is being dropped for the powerbomb, he counters it witha hurracurrana on Slade and hooks Slades legs for the cover.)

Jon McDaniel: Krazy White Boy just surprised Sgt. Slade with a hurracurrana out of nowhere!

Announcer:The winner of this match, Krazy White Boy!!!

(KWB raises his hands and heads back to the dressing room.)

McDaniel; That was an interesting match, onto the next one

Trace Gray vs. Jay

Internet Title Match

Jon McDaniel: This match should be good. It is between Jay and Trace Gray for the vacant Internet title.

Brian Rentfro: Thats right Jon, both men won their battle royals at Who's the Man? to get here.

Jon McDaniel: Both men are already in the ring so lets get you down to ringside

(The bell rings as Gray and Jay lock up in the middle of the ring.. Gray then forces Jay down into a headlock but Jay powers out and shoves Gray to the ropes. Gray then bounces off the ropes as Jay lowers his head to deliver a back drop but Gray stops and and nails Jay with a ddt down to the mat. Gray then covers Jay.)

Brian Rentfro: It is a bit too early for pin attempts!

(Gray then picks up Jay and scoop slams him down to the mat in front of the corner. Gray then jumps up onto the top rope and moonsaults himself on top of Jay and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: Jay is refusing to give in on this title chance

(Gray is now starting to get frustrated becaus he can not keep Jay down. Gray then picks Jay up and whips him into the ropes. Gray then goes for a clothesline but Jay ducks it and runs into the ropes and rebounds to nail Gray with a cross body into a cover.)
2 3/4
shoulder up

Brian Rentfro: That took Trace Gray by surprise!

Jon McDaniel: There has been a lot of covers in the start of this match.

(Jay then starts stomping Gray on the mat but Gray then grabs Jays leg and trips him up. Gray then gets up and low blows Jay with a boot as the ref warns him about it.)

Brian Rentfro: It looks like Gray is really frustrated with this match.

(Gray then goes over to pick Jay up but suddenly Jay rolls up Gray as the ref counts.)
2 3/4

Jon McDaniel: Once again Jay pulled a surprise pin out of nowhere and nearly won the match!

Brian Rentfro: That just goes to show that Trace Gray could dominate this whole match but one surprise move by Jay can end it if Gray is not careful

(Gray then gets mad and really takes it out on Jay with kicks, stomps and punches. Gray then picks Jay up and superkicks him through the ropes to the outside of the ring.)

Jon McDaniel: This could get dangerous!

(Gray then rams Jays head into the steel steps but the ref does not dare DQ Gray because the fans would cause a riot if Jay won the title on a DQ. Gray then whips Jay into the steel railing but the force of the whip causes Jay to bounce back out and catch Gray with a vicious clothesline and nearly takes Grays head off. Jay then picks up gray and rolls him into the ring and covers.)

(Jay then goes to the apron and climbs up onto the top rope as Gray gets back up. Jay then goes for a flying cross body on Gray but Gray catches him in mid air and brings him down with a painful back breaker. Gray then picks Jay up and sits him up on the top rope and nails him with a superplex. Gray then covers Jay.)
2 3/4
shoulder up

Jon McDaniel: Gray almost had it won with that superplex

(Gray then complains to the ref about a slow count and goes to cover Jay again.)

(Gray then complains about another slow count but as he does so Jay recovers and spins Gray around to nail him with a stunner and Jay then covers Gray.)

Jon McDaniel: This match is full of pin attempts

(Jay then goes to pick up Gray only to recieve a low blow followed by a roll up from Gray as the ref goes down to count.)
2 3/4

Brian Rentfro: The longer this match goes on, the better chance Jay has of winning it.

(Gray then pounds his fists against the mat in frustration as he picks Jay up and sits him up on the top rope. Gray then climbs up with him and nails him with a hurracurrana and goes down to cover but this time he puts his feet on the ropes for leverage and the ref does not see it as he goes down to count.)

Jon McDaniel: His foot was on the ropes!

Brian Rentfro: Trace Gray did what he had to do to win and that is what I like about him

Announcer: The winner and new PWA Internet champion, Trace Gray!!!!!

(Trace Gray is presented with the PWA Internet title as he celbrates all the way back to the dressing rom.)

Jon McDaniel: What a match that was!

Brian Rentfro: We now have an interview with the New Man of the PWA, Brymstone!

(The lights dim as ‘Echoes of Hell" blares over the PWA sound system. A dark sinister voice comes over the PA system saying "those who stand before the might of Hell, fall beneath it’s sword…Beware the coming of the Destroyer!" Nina walks out in her usual black robe and immediately tosses the aknh to the stage. The flames erupt from the stage and so does the crowd. Brymstone rises slowly to the stage seeming more an ominous figure than ever. He walks over to Nina, placing an arm around her as they both walk down the ramp as the eerie howl of the Hounds resound throughout the arena as Brymstone holds the ropes of Nina. She slides into the ring and Brymstone pulls himself over the top rope and makes his way to the center of the ring. He takes off his IC belt and holds it in the air causing red pyros to flare up at the corners of the ring and the house lights to come on. Nina grabs a mic from the tech crew and hands it to him)

Brymstone: As we all know, I –am- THE MAN! Now that that’s over and done with, let’s get down to business. ‘Dise, I told you I was coming, I warned you that your life as well as your title reign would soon be at an end. With the winning of the WTM tournament, your Armageddon is coming. There is nothing you can do about it. At Summer Sizzler, I will get the PWA world Title, and it really doesn’t matter who I have to crush to get it. Now as we all know, I have no problems beating Panzies (shifts the IC belt onto his shoulder) but to further ensure my victory, I’ve retained the services of a certain…former enemy. You in the crowd should know him. He just recently retired...he is…RAIZZOR!

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor?? Raizzor is with Brymstone now?

(The Final War by Insignia blares over the speakers, and the crowd explodes as Raizzor appears on the entrance ramp. He stands there, still, as the roar of the crowd rushes over him. He then slowly makes his way down the ramp and climbs the steel stairs. Hoping over the top rope, Raizzor moves to each corner, climbing to the second turnbuckle and raising a fist to the crowd, further eliciting their chants and cheers. Finally Raizzor walks right up to Brymstone and they stare each other down for a few moments. Raizzor then backs up, and Nina hands him a second microphone.)

Raizzor: Sunday. Who’s The Man? What a GLORIOUS night!!! Sirus, we put on one hell of a show.. it was spectacular.. it was explosive.. Congratulations, old friend, you put my shoulders to the mat for the 1-2-3.

(The crowd is cheering extremely loud, and Raizzor paces for a moment before continuing)

Brian Rentfro: I’ve got to admit, that was a great match up!

Raizzor: Panzadise… the "Paper" champion (Raizzor makes cutting motions with his fingers) Last Saturday night, I laid waste to you as promised.. and Sunday, you walked into the steel cage match against Rag.. Or, should I say, Dragon.. and you lost the PWA World Title.

Or .. Did you?

Im sorry, I’m a little unclear of this whole situation.. the challenge was for the PWA title.. and you lost.. So the question remains how do you still have the title?

But as I see it, it really does not matter.. Robinson made his choice, and that’s the end of it. You go on and think you’re a great champion.. as far as I see it, you’re last three matches have all been disasters.. and trust me, Dise.. those losses are gonna keep on coming!

(Raizzor walks the perimeter of the ring, as he talks, the crowd is a little more mixed with cheers and boos now, many feeling Dise is a great champion.)

Raizzor: You see, very few men in the PWA deserve to be called "The Man"…. One of them, is The Man himself, a former W4F Champion. Another.. Yours Truly.. as last year, I won Who’s The Man and became it’s franchise.. But that torch has now been passed.. to the NEW MAN of the PWA (motions to Brymstone) and frankly Dise.. I can’t think of a better choice.

As of now, I have a new role in the PWA.. that of manager to this mighty monster…. And with my guidance, my experience.. and his ultimate power and skill.. quite simply Dise.. your days are numbered.

BUT! (Raizzor stops, looks at Brymstone, then to the crowd) If there is ONE thing the Sharp One has always been.. and that’s smart. He knows that the Panzies lie in wait to stop us at each and every turn. So, to even the odds a little more.. if not push them into our favor.. I, myself, have enlisted some extra power.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me GREAT pleasure to introduce to you…. My brother; CHAMELION!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion?? But he was forced out of the PWA two months ago?? How is it that he can be back??

Brian Rentfro: And the last we saw, Raizzor and Chamelion were tearing each other apart!

("You Think You Know Me" begins playing over the speakers as Chamelion skips onto thr stage, a huge smile on his face and eyes wide as he hurries on down to the ring, giggling like mad. Chamelion rolls into the ring and climbs to his feet, playing to the crowd, who are booing massively…Chamelion strolls up to Raizzor and takes the offered mic.)

Chamelion: HEY HEY HEY!! Hiya PWA!! Looky Who’s Back!!!!!!!

(The crowd is really booing now, and Raizzor is making quiet motions with his hands)

Chamelion: I know, I know, you all missed me!! Well, I love you too! It’s SOO GOOD to be back!! My brother and I are a team again.. well, okay.. so he’s retired.. but big deal.. with ol’ Brymie here.. we’re gonna do some major damage!! Panzies.. oh, you are in for a WORLD of hurt!!

But don’t think I am here just for old Brymstone.. Oh, no.. I’m here for my own gold!! Oh yeah, Baby!! That IC title is gonna be mine!

(At that Brymstone moves a step forward, and Raizzor turns and whispers in Chamelion’s ear. Chamelion looks shocked and looks over at the IC title on Brym’s shoulder.)

Chamelion: Umm, strike that!! What I meant was the .. the TV title!! Yeah, that’s it!! I’m here to go after the prestigious Television Championship!! WHAT was I thinking???

(Chamelion walks up and pats Brymstone’s shoulder, who looks at Chamelion then at Raizzor with a slightly menacing questioning look. Raizzor just smirks and shrugs his shoulders)

Chamelion: So, whomever the champion is.. you better watch out baby!! That golds coming home!

(Chamelion tosses the mic back to Raizzor, who waits for the crowd to settle down.)

Raizzor: So, Dise.. Panzies.. what do you think? Think you can step up to the combined might of Brymstone and my brother Chamelion?? Well, the funs not over yet!!! I have one more HUGE surprise for the PWA.. and ANYONE, especially Panzadise.. who thinks he will stand in our way to glory…

Panzadise.. let me introduce you to… your………


Brian Rentfro: NO!

Jon McDaniel: It.. can’t be!

(The lights dim, and the sound of tearing metal is heard.. and a eerie lullaby begins playing… and the pyros explode all over the arena.. the crowd is in shock as the 8 foot tall Monster Nightmare comes to the ring. Even Brymstone is shocked, and he steps back in awe as this huge creature steps over the top rope and walks to the center of the ring. Raizzor looks non pulsed and even Chamelion is giggling. Nightmare steps right up to Raizzor and looks down upon him.)

Raizzor: Yes, PWA. Nightmare. And this time he IS here to compete! Oh, the pain, the terror.. the indestructible menace.. and there is NOTHING anyone will be able to do about him. As of now, The Dark Forces are complete!!(Turns to Brymstone) This creature, my friend, will be your protector.. he will insure that you make it to Summer Sizzler .. and the Panzadise…

Will fall into the "Pits Of Hell"

Brian Rentfro: Nightmare AND Chamelion are now with Raizzor and Brymstone… what the hell is this?

(Raizzor laughs, along with Chamelion as Nightmare stands there, eyeing Brymstone like he is nothing more then a fly to be squashed. Nina looks at Brymstone and hurries over to Raizzor, questioning the sanity of this. Raizzor just smiles and assures her all is fine. Raizzor then walks up to Brymstone and lifts his hand to the crowd, but the boos are so strong, and the crowd starts tossing debris into the ring. )

Raizzor (as the four men and woman start to leave the ring): Oh, and Panzadise.. One more thing… there Will Be No Rest For You…….When The Darkness Claims Your Soul.

(Raizzor cracks up and jumps down to the floor, patting Nightmare and Chamelion on the back as they follow Brymstone and Nina up the ramp, the crowd is very displeased but Raizzor is smiling and waving, Chamelion is doing little dances all around Brymstone and Nightmare.. who walk silently and menacingly up the ramp. Nina looks uncomfortable surrounded by this particular foursome and moves closer to Brymstone, as they disappear behind the curtain.)

Jon McDaniel: We’ve just witnessed the creation of what appears to be The Dark Forces.. ..the Panzies are in deep trouble now!

Brian Rentfro: Even I.. can’t argue that one!! But we have to carry on with our next match up!

Brymstone vs. Big Poppa Pump

IC Title Match

Big Poppa Pansy came to the ring first, playing to the crowd and then we were introduced to the "The Man, Brymstone", accompanied to the ring by Nina and Raizzor. As Brymstone came into the ring, BPP wasted no time and hit a suicide dive, sending both men careening to the outside. Brymstone is quicker to his feet and hits BPP with a knife edge chop! BPP then grabbed Brym’s head and threw him face first into the steel stairs. BPP turned and flipped off Raizzor who just waved him off like no big deal. Brymstone stood, turned, and caught BPP from behind and hit a reverse DDT to the floor. Meanwhile, the ref had reached a count of 7, when Raizzor directed Nina to the ring apron. She yelled for the ref, breaking the count. As the ref was distracted, Brymstone picked up BPP and whipped him at Raizzor who hit a perfect superkick on the injured Pansy. Nina dropped down from the ring apron as Brymstone rolled BPP finally back into the ring. Brymstone goes to scoop up BPP who hits a low blow, causing Brymstone to kneel in pain. BPP then used the ropes for momentum and hit a hard drop kick to Brymstone’s face, crashing him the rest of the way to the mat. BPP then quickly went for a pin attempt, and got a two count. BPP grabbed Brymtone by the hair, pulling him up and scooping him up into a bodyslam. BPP tried again for a cover, again only achieving a two count…...

…..Around the other side, Nina again climbs up to the apron, complaining to the ref about BPP’s hair pulling. Meanwhile, BPP picks brymstone up and whips him to the ropes, but Brym reverses the move, BPP hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline and goes to use the other side.. but as he hits the ropes, Raizzor slams a steel chair into BPP’s back, and as BPP stumbles in pain to the center of the ring, Brymstone grabs him into a chokehold, lifts him up and delivers the Pits of Hell! Nina jumps from the apron and the ref turns, sees the cover and makes the count.. one….two….three!! The ref raises Brym’s hand, but Brym shoves him away, as Nina and Raizzor come in to celebrate with Brymstone. At that moment, Panzadise and Too Panz hit the ring, attacking the Brymstone and Raizzor, knocking them out of the ring. The Panzies check on their fallen comrade as Raizzor and Brymstone walk up the mat.. Raizzor laughing and Brym holding his Intercontinental Title high in the air.]