World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Jon McDaniel: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a very special Saturday Night Rampage. One of the cornerstones here in the PWA, The Sharp One, Raizzor will see his final match tomorrow against Sirus Moran. Tonight, we dedicate Rampage to the greatest moments in Raizzor’s career, and then at the end of the show, Raizzor will square off one last time with the PWA’s Current World Champion, Panzadise!

Brian Rentfro: Won’t be a great memorial for Raizzor, when Dise cleans the mat with him again!

Jon McDaniel: We’ll see about that. Let’s go back to Battle Dome, 1999 when Raizzor put his Hardcore title on the line against his arch nemesis Prima Donna, in what was the only time a Title was ever successfully defended in a PPV.

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a very special Saturday Night Rampage. One of the cornerstones here in the PWA, The Sharp One, Raizzor will see his final match tomorrow against Sirus Moran. Tonight, we dedicate Rampage to the greatest moments in Raizzor’s career, and then at the end of the show, Raizzor will square off one last time with the PWA’s Current World Champion, Panzadise!

Brian Rentfro: Won’t be a great memorial for Raizzor, when Dise cleans the mat with him again!

Jon McDaniel: We’ll see about that. Let’s go back to Battle Dome, 1999 when Raizzor put his Hardcore title on the line against his arch nemesis Prima Donna, in what was the only time a Title was ever successfully defended in a PPV.



Brian Rentfro - Introducing first, the PWA Hardcore Champion, from Parts Unknown, Raizzor. He gets into the ring, and the cell is being lowered. Wait, someone is one top of the cell! It is Prima Donna! Raizzor gets out of the ring before the cage is down, and starts the climb up. PD is waiting for him.

Jon McDaniel - No wrestling moves here, just rights and lefts. PD has a bat with him, and he's swinging that at Raizzor. He connects him a shot to the midsection. Raizzor falls very close to the edge of the cage. PD is choking Raizzor with the bat. Raizzor grabs PD's head and flips him off the cage into the Latverian Announcer's table! PD is slowly getting to his feet. Raizzor dropkicks him off the top of the cage!

Brian Rentfro - I think both men got really hurt from that move.

Jon McDaniel - PD is up first. He takes a piece of the table and tries to stab Raizzor with it. Raizzor blocks just in time. Both men are really bleeding and it is starting to pool up on the floor. Raizzor DDT’s PD on the concrete. I could hear the thud! PD is on his knees, he grabs Raizzors' ankles and pulls him down! Raizzor hit his head on the steel ring steps. PD is going for the Hot Stuff! He slips in the blood and goes down hard!

Brian Rentfro - Jasmine Lee is coming down.

Jon McDaniel - PD is back up and this time he hits the Hot Stuff. Jasmine is telling him something. I think it is about Lotus, Jasmine's sister. PD looks concerned. PD is going backstage with Jasmine. Raizzor is up now, and slowly headed up the ramp and backstage. Raizzor grabs a bag of something at the top of the ramp. One of them fell out. It is a sack of doorknobs! PD is coming back out, and he doesn't look happy. I think Jasmine took him on a wild goose chase to let Raizzor recover. Raizzor hits PD with the doorknobs! PD is down. Raizzor picks him up and hits the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker on the steel grating. Raizzor drops the bag of door knobs, and pulls PD back up. Raizzor hits the Hot Stuff on the bag of door knobs! PD has to be hurting. PD doesn't seem to be feeling the pain! He is punching and kicking at Raizzor, backing him up to the edge of the platform. He backs up and attempts to spear Raizzor, but Raizzors jumps to his right, out of the way! Prima Donna has fallen the 10 or 15 feet to the hard concrete! I can't believe it! Raizzor hits a perfect moonsault on PD from up there. The ref scrambles to get down there to count. One, two, three!

Brian Rentfro - There is no shame in that loss. Prima Donna got fooled into not covering Raizzor when he had the chance, and that last fall coupled with the fall off the top of the cage will finish off anybody. In fact, not many would have gotten up from that first one. So give the win to Raizzor with the assist going to Jasmine Lee.

Jon McDaniel: That was an incredible match up, not long after though, Raizzor would drop the Hardcore title and go on to win the PWA World Title at last years Who’s The Man.. an event where he also became known as The Franchise.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, but his ego got way to big for him, and he challenged Dr. Remo to a loser leaves town match, and it proved to be his worst mistake ever.



Brian Rentfro: Here we go, folks. This match has so much on the line it's not even funny! The world Champion Raizzor defends his title against Dr. Steven Remo, inside the hell in the cell, with the ring apron on fire!

Jon McDaniel: Both men's careers are on the line. This is a most dangerous match. Hey, it's Vice President Mark Sommers!

[Up on the ramp, VP Sommers has a mike and speaks]

VP Sommers: Because of the importance of this match, if ANY PWA Superstar interferes, they will be FIRED on the spot by me! Ring Announcer, take it away!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is out Main Event of the evening, and it is for the PWA Heavyweight Championship of the World! Now, here are the special rules of this match. The ring will be surrounded on the outside by a Hell In the Cell Cage. The cage will be set down on the floor around the ring, allowing the combatants to go to the floor , IF THEY CAN. Because, the ring apron is going to be ablaze with FIRE! Now, let's introduce the two wrestlers.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 228 and hailing from Kalamazoo Michigan. He is the master of the Analysis, and the resident physiologist of the PWA.. tonight he puts his career on the line, with a chance of becoming the new world champion, he is .. Dr Steven Remo!!!

[Dr Remo enters the arena., a soft glow surrounding him. He walks down the ramp, a purposeful, thoughtful look on his face. He climbs into the ring, and pulls on the ropes, takes a deep breath, and turns to look up the ramp]

Ring Announcer: And now, introducing his opponent. He is the Franchise and 50% owner of the PWA, he steps into the ring tonight, with his career, his title, and his ownership rights on the line. He is the master of the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker, and ladies and gentlemen, LED TO THE RING, BY JASMINE LEE…HE IS RAIZZOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[The Final War by Insignia begins, the curtains part.. and Jasmine Lee steps out to the shouting and screaming fans. She is dressed in her sexy, black tights, with the red slash marks across her chest. She walks half way down the ramp, turns, and waits.. The ramp explodes with Pyros, and the curtain parts way, and out Walks Raizzor. He stands there, searching the crowd with his eyes, and he holds the World Title up high in display. The entire stadium erupts in huge cheers. Raizzor smiles, his fame regained for this all important match. Next to him walks out the Brothers Grimm, the Corpse, and Reese. Raizzor turns, and shakes their hands. Then, taking Jasmine by the hand, walks down to the ring. Jasmine kisses Raizzor on the cheek, and he hands her the world title to give to the time keeper. Raizzor steps into the ring.]

Raizzor and Remo are now both in the center of the ring. The cage begins to lower slowly.

Once the cage slams to the floor around the ring, the apron ignites into a blaze of golden flame.

Raizzor and Remo circle the ring, staring at each other. Both avoiding the edge of the ring.

(ring, ring, ring)

The Doctor goes for an elbow drop.

Raizzor rolls out of the way, nearly getting into the flames.

Raizzor bolts to his feet, ducking a clothesline.

Remo stops perilously close to the flames.

Raizzor grabs Remo's neck, and delivers a neck Breaker.

Raizzor jumps up on the turnbuckle, avoiding the flames, and climbs to the top rope.

Remo struggles to his feet, pulling something from his tights.

Raizzor soars into the air.

Remo clobbers Raizzor with the Brass Knuckles!

Raizzor falls to the mat, blood gushing from his forehead.

Remo tosses the Brass Knuckles out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: The Brass Knuckles make another appearance.

Remo goes for the cover. The ref is outside, and shouts.


Raizzor pushes Remo off.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor kicked out, after being smashed with the Brass Knuckles!!!!

Remo runs and jumps up the turnbuckle, then jumps to the floor, on the other side of the flames.

Remo ducks down, grabbing something from under the ring.

Raizzor wipes the blood from his face, and moves towards the corner.

Remo lifts of a fire extinguisher, and starts spraying Raizzor and the flames.

Brian Rentfro: Remo has a Fire extinguisher!!!!! He's killing the flames!!!!

Remo moves around the ring, while Raizzor frantically wipes the foam from his eyes.

Moments later, Remo has put the entire fire out.

Remo laughs, and crawls back into the ring.

Remo continues to spray Raizzor, covering him in the foam.

The mist covers both Raizzor and Remo.

Jon McDaniel: I can't see in the ring… wait, the mist is clearing.. Oh wow!!!!!!

Raizzor is standing straight up, blood dripping down his cheeks, and his hand is firmly wrapped around A very surprised Remo's neck!

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor's got Remo in his grip!!! Here he goes……….

Raizzor lifts up Remo, and slams him to the mat!

Jon McDaniel: That was one hell of a Chokeslam!!!!!

Raizzor pulls Remo back to his feet, whips him into the ropes, and kicks him

Down with a big boot to the face.

Raizzor climbs to the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: Is this it?? Is this the end of Dr. Steven Remo????

Raizzor flies, and connects with the Guillotine Leg Drop!!!!

Raizzor rolls Remo up.

The ref screams the count.


Brian Rentfro: OH NO! The Lights are out!!!!


Brian Rentfro: Someone get the lights back up!!! NOW!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Here they are!! OH MY …

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor's in the center of the ring. Remo is still out in the center. But there's no one else in the ring. But the cage, it's ripped.. Blood is dripping from the sharp protrusions just like last time!!!!

Raizzor is making quick sharp turns, looking for the source.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor pulls Remo up, scoops him up into the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker, and crashes him down into the mat!!! This time, Raizzor surely has the win!

Raizzor covers Dr. Remo, hooking the leg.

The ref screams out another count.


Brian Rentfro: WHAT IN THE BLAZES?????// A hand just shot up through the mat!!! A HUGE hand.. covered in black!! It's got Raizzor's leg.. he's pulling.. the mat's splitting open, Something's got Raizzor.. Something's pulling Raizzor down beyond our site. Remo's stirring…Remo’s sitting up.

Jon McDaniel: OH MAN!! The lights are out AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: I can't see a thing!!! But Something is going on!!!! Wait, the lights are back.. and…

Jon McDaniel:………..

Brian Rentfro:……….

[In the center of the ring stands a huge monster of a man. He is over 8 feet tall and extremely muscular. In his grip, lifting him one hand above the ground, is a dangling Raizzor. He is wearing a black bodysuit, with purple highlights. As the black moves up his chest, it blends into a dark, fluorescent purple, which fades to another shade of black at the neck. His face is covered by a black mask, purple lines highlight his features. The eyes seem to be pure black, his hair is long, straight and flowing over his shoulders. He stands there, tilting his head to the side, staring at the body in his hands, with an almost curious look. Remo is backing away in fear, carefully scrambling to the corner of the ring . The crowd is silent, their breath caught in their throats. The man then screams in rage, and with a force unheard of in the entire history of professional wrestling, slams Raizzor straight down in the most horrific Chokeslam ever seen. The ring actually collapses from the force, throwing Remo forward into the man. The man looks down at Remo, move away from him and then steps through the mess, and outside the ring. The man then silently walks through the ripped opening of the cage and up the ramp, disappearing behind the curtain.]

Brian Rentfro: I uhh, I don't know what to say.. Remo is looking on in Awe.. and looks down at Raizzor. Raizzor is out, gone.. no movement. Remo kneels, placing a hand on Raizzor's chest. The REF is calling the count.. One…Two… Three.. My god, Dr. Remo is the winner. Remo is our new world champion..

Jon McDaniel: We lost Raizzor that night, and for the next 2 months, the PWA was terrorized by the Monster Nightmare, and The Voice In The Dark, which we would later learn was Raizzor’s younger brother Chamelion all along.

Brian Rentfro: One of the most shocking events to ever happen, I’m sure. Raizzor would be gone for a very long time.. So long, people actually forgot about him. Big Mistake.

Jon McDaniel: Indeed, Cinergy and Prima Donna were set to wage war against each other for the World Title, but special ref, Dr. Remo.. Had other ideas.



Brian Rentfro: I think Bad Blood is taking on a whole new meaning now! The violent history between the ICONS and Raizzor is about to be renewed!!

Jon McDaniel: The wars that Prima Donna and Raizzor had are legendary in the PWA! For all the new talent here, this is a match that let’s us relive the glory days of this great federation!!

Crippler: And again, Raizzor chooses to go it alone, sending his brother and manager backstage!

[Prima Donna and Cinergy move to corner Raizzor, who eyes them warily, patient for them to make the first move. Cinergy suddenly rushes forward, ducking a swinging clothesline attempt from Raizzor, but when turning, gets hit in the face with a round house kick. Cinergy tumbles into the corner as Raizzor regains his footing and confronts the World Champion. Prima Donna sidesteps Raizzor and elbows him in the jaw, putting Raizzor off balance and allowing Prima Donna to drop toe hold him to the mat.]

Brian Rentfro: Prima Donna is holding his own against the Sharp One!

Crippler: For now, Prima Donna has always been a hot head! He’ll screw it up!

[Prima Donna delivers an elbow the back of Raizzor’s forehead. Meanwhile, Cinergy has regained his balance and comes over to stomp on Raizzor’s hands. Raizzor rolls quickly out of the way and climbs back to his feet. Prima Donna swings out a foot to kick Raizzor, who catches the foot in his hands. Prima Donna spins his body to deliver an inzaguiri but Raizzor ducks it, causing Prima Donna to crash to the floor. Raizzor steps forward and clotheslines Cinergy before he can react.]

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor has both men down! He has the advantage.

Crippler: I remember the two times we met in the ring in the PWA, Raizzor trashed me both times…

Brian Rentfro: That’s because you decided to goad him, pretending to be the Voice In The Dark!

Crippler: …….

Jon McDaniel: But it’s only fair to point out the Crippler is 2 and 0 against Raizzor in the TWSN!

[Crippler smiles fondly, then frowns as he remembers who put him in his wheelchair!]

[Raizzor scoops up Cinergy and powerslams him, before turning to confront Prima Donna. Prima Donna and Raizzor lock up and struggle to dominate. Raizzor twists around and gets Prima Donna into an armbar. Raizzor then turns his body and drives his body into Prima Donna’s arm, slamming him face first to the mat. Raizzor pulls hard on Prima Donna’s arm, wrenching it in it’s socket. Remo kneels to check on Prima Donna]

Remo: Does it hurt? Huh? Does it?

Brian Rentfro: Remo’s taunting Prima Donna!

Crippler: Good! That’s what I like to see!

[Cinergy bounces off the ropes and crashes his elbow down into Raizzor’s spine, forcing him to release Prima Donna. Cinergy then gets into Remo’s face about his attitude, but Remo just whistles and walks away. Cinergy curses, turns and gets smashed in the chest with a drop kick from Raizzor.]

Crippler (laughing): That shows him for not paying attention, the goof!

[Prima Donna grabs Raizzor by the hair and wrenches him to the ground. Raizzor grabs his head and rolls around in pain.]

Brian Rentfro: Oh MAN! That one had to hurt!

[Cinergy and Prima Donna pull Raizzor to his feet, hook his arms over their shoulders and double suplex Raizzor to the mat! Raizzor crashes with a resounding thud, and the ICONS snicker as Raizzor struggles back to his feet! Raizzor turns slowly and is met with a double clothesline that sends him reeling over the top rope and crashing to the ground.]

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor doesn’t look to good! Maybe he’s more rusty then we thought!

[Prima Donna and Cinergy high five each other and then Prima Donna scurries up to the top rope! Prima Donna soars through the air, but is met with a punch to the stomach as he lands hard against Raizzor. Raizzor quickly sidesteps and Prima Donna crashes to the floor. Cinergy leans over the top rope, spewing foul language, and Raizzor grabs him by the legs and pulls him out of the arena. Raizzor and Cinergy exchange punches. Raizzor grabs Cinergy’s arm, and attempts to whip him into the steel post. At the last second, Cinergy reverses the move, and Raizzor slams hard into the steel.]

Brian Rentfro: Great move by Cinergy! Raizzor’s down!

Crippler: Yeah, whatever! He’ll get his!

[Cinergy pulls Prima Donna up on his feet. The two move cautiously towards Raizzor. Raizzor struggles back to his feet, and crawls back into the ring. Cinergy and Prima Donna slide into the ring behind him. Prima Donna pulls Raizzor up, and body slams him to the mat. Cinergy climbs the ropes, and hits a moonsault on Raizzor. Cinergy looks up at Remo expectantly. Remo shrugs his shoulders and Cinergy gets up angrily!]

Jon McDaniel: Cinergy forgot this is a first blood match!! He tried to score a pinfall!

Crippler: Prima Donna remembers. He’s explaining it to Cinergy!

[Cinergy shakes his head in disgust and picks up Raizzor. Cinergy holds Raizzor and motions Prima Donna to hit the ropes. The PWA Champion bounces off the ropes to deliver a deadly clothesline. Raizzor ducks and Prima Donna sends Cinergy crashing to the mat!]

Brian Rentfro: A costly mistake!!

[Prima Donna swears, and turns around. Raizzor delivers a swift kick to the midsection, bending the champ over. Raizzor wraps his arms around Prima Donna’s waist and wrenches him into the air. Powerbomb to the mat! Raizzor grabs Prima Donna’s legs and wraps them into the Sharp Shooter! Raizzor wrenches on the legs, as Prima Donna groans in pain! Cinergy recuperates and slams a forearm into Raizzor, spilling him to the mat away from Prima Donna.]

Jon McDaniel: Cinergy makes the save on his ICON team mate!

Crippler: Damn!

[Prima Donna picks up the legs of Raizzor and turns him over into a Boston crab! Cinergy climbs the ropes and flies through the air, hitting an elbow to the small of Raizzor’s back! Prima Donna lets go and the two ICONS begin to savagely beat on the fallen Raizzor.]

Brian Rentfro: They’re tearing him apart! He won’t be able to survive long.

Crippler: Raizzor’s better then that!

Jon McDaniel: I agree, but these are the ICONS.. They leave nothing left in the ring!

[Cinergy picks Raizzor up, and wraps an arm around his upper body, and delivers a rock bottom, crushing Raizzor into the mat. Prima Donna laughs at the inferred move, and sets up a mock people’s elbow. Prima Donna bounces off one rope, then the other, and stops short, then starts to drop the elbow. Raizzor sits up, and Prima Donna hits nothing but mat. Cinergy is on the ready though, and drop kicks Raizzor back down. Prima Donna gets up, disgusted, and yells for Cinergy to hold Raizzor down. Cinergy complies, and Prima Donna attempts the same move, but this time, hits it perfectly. Prima Donna and Cinergy step up around Raizzor, who groggily tries to right himself.]

Brian Rentfro: The ICONS truly have this match under control.

Crippler: These men are fighting a surprisingly technical match for it being first blood! I think the ICONS want to prove they can beat Raizzor at his own game! Remo’s had almost nothing to do, and is virtually sitting on the side, watching in interest!

[Remo moves to the side at Prima Donna sends Raizzor into the corner. Prima Donna climbs up to the second rope and starts pounding on Raizzor’s head. Remo finally has something to do, and demands Prima Donna move off the corner. Prima Donna ignores him, until Remo has had enough and roughly pulls Prima Donna away from Raizzor, causing him to land on his backside on the mat. Prima Donna scurries to his feet and gets into Remo’s face!]

Brian Rentfro: Hey! This is first blood.. No DQ. Remo has no right to put his hands on the champ!

Crippler: Remo’s the special referee, he can do what he wants.

Jon McDaniel: Well, while Remo’s distracted, Cinergy’s grabbing a steel chair from the ringside area!

Crippler: Oh No!

[Cinergy climbs in, and aims to his Raizzor on the forehead with the chair. Cinergy winds up, but Raizzor hits a swift kick, causing Cinergy to drop the chair backwards and fall to his knees. Raizzor moves to attack, but Cinergy hits a low blow on Raizzor. Remo turns to see what’s going on and Prima Donna grabs the steel chair. Cinergy picks up Raizzor and holds him steady for Prima Donna. Prima Donna cocks his arms backwards, and swings with all his might! Raizzor drops to one knee, and the sound of Steel on Skull is heard through out the arena!]

Brian Rentfro: OH MAN! Prima Donna missed!!! Look at the blood on his forehead from the massive chair shot from Prima Donna! Cinergy’s eliminated!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Prima Donna meant to hit Raizzor, but the big man was able to duck. Prima Donna is beside himself in rage seeing his friend and fellow ICON bleeding. Remo demands Cinergy get out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Cinergy doesn’t seem to want too.. but is grudgingly obeying. It’s down to Raizzor and Prima Donna now!

Jon McDaniel: Prima Donna is distracted,. Raizzor backs into the ropes for momentum and delivers a superb dropkick to the back of the Champion’s head! OUCH! … Prima Donna’s down and out!! But no blood!

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor’s pulling Prima Donna to his feet.. he’s turning him over.. Tombstone Shoulder Breaker in the center of the ring! But Raizzor can’t score a pinfall.

Jon McDaniel: He’s not trying! Look! He’s climbing the turnbuckle. The crowd is going insane!! Raizzor launches himself!! Guillotine Leg Drop onto the unconscious Prima Donna!!

Brian Rentfro: Hey! Remo’s got some brass knuckles!!! He’s holding them up for the crowd to see. Raizzor climbs to his feet, and looks as if to take the knuckles from Remo. I don’t believe it, Raizzor and Remo working together to over throw the ICONS! The crowd LOVES it!! Remo must be part of the LOR!!! These are true Legends Of The Ring!!!!!

[Remo goes to hand the knuckles to Raizzor but Instead turns and beats him over and over and over and over again with them in the head. However Miraculously Raizzor still does not bleed! Prima Donna is in shock! Remo grabs a microphone]

Remo: Did you really think that I would join with you? You are nothing but insignificant simple minded trash.... It is with great pleasure that I present to you the newest entrant in this elimination match... THE CORPSE!!!!!

Crippler: NOOOOOOO! Prima Donna! Get him you sonofabitch!

[Prima just looks at the Crippler and tells him to kiss his ass]

Crippler: Raizzor! Get him!! Use the brass knuckles!!

[Raizzor just stares at the Crippler coldly.]

The Corpse reaches over and grabs Prima Donna by the ankle and pulls out a small exacto knife... Prima Donna screams and Remo covers his eyes for a minute... The Corpse neatly carves a letter "C" in Prima Donna's ankle. Remo then opens his eyes sees the blood and calls for the bell.

Jon McDaniel: Prima Donna is out! It is just The Corpse and Raizzor now!

[The Corpse is now fully out of the hole in the canvas and he charges at Raizzor who ducks out the way causing the Corpse to go crashing into the turnbuckle. Thinking he's safe Raizzor tries to catch his breath but Remo nails him with the analysis sending him down to the mat!]

(Heavy by Collective Soul plays on the PA. The Dragon walks out with a tire iron.)

Dragon: Not so fast, my friend. So this is the mighty Raizzor, the man that held the PWA in the palm of his hand for so very long. Am I supposed to be impressed? I know there are stories about you, but there are also stories about Scottie Snow and I know he doesn't deserve to be in the main event. You see, you've got a name, and that's all you've got. I was brought in by the man upstairs to clean this place up and bring some pride and honor back to the old dump. It is widely
acknowledged that I'm the best wrestler around. *crowd boos* But what do I get? A stinking Internet Title shot. What should I really be fighting for? The world title, of course. Do I get it? No. Instead our brain dead so-called President puts you in there. JUST BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT A NAME! Well Raizzor, here's a name for you! Allow me to introduce my manager, the one that is going to get me that world title, your best friend *laughs*...the real President of the PWA, President Robinson!

(Hail to the Chief plays as President Robinson walks out, assisted by a cane.)

Robinson: Sommers, I never liked you, and these people know that. You were a thorn in my side since day one. I've been working hard to get the Dragon moved up that ladder on his own merits, but you spit in the face of all that. I set up an inferno match for him and a cage match for him, and none of that matters. I hired this fine young man to bring back the glory to the PWA, and you sure as hell go against that! And now to really insult me and what I stand for, hated enemy are in the main event fighting for the title that the Dragon deserves. There is no way I'm allowing you to walk out of the building with that belt tonight. Dragon...go take care of business.

[The Dragon runs to the ring with the Tire Iron and is about to hit Raizzor with it but instead he turns and nails The Corpse with it. Sending blood running down the side of his face! Remo is in shock, Raizzor is grinning as the ring announcer hands him the PWA world title. Chamelion and Jasmine Lee come down to the ring to celebrate with Raizzor]

Jon McDaniel: So many twists and turns happened that night, but in the end, Raizzor had returned to the PWA and captured the PWA World Title for an unprecedented third time. The only other man to do that has been Sirus Moran.

Brian Rentfro: And tomorrow, those two 3time champs will face off one on one in what is sure to be a classic war.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor’s troubles were far from over. Events unfolded that caused a severe rift between Raizzor and his Brother Chamelion, before which time he would learn of Chamelion’s long history of betrayal. These two fought a huge battle, and is one of the most intriguing wrestling matches to date.



Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is our special Hell In The Cell Match! The rules are simple.. there is no DQ, no countouts.. the only way to win is by pinfall, or submission. Also, recently added, the loser will have to leave the PWA. Now, introducing the combatants. Making his way to the ring, he is the X-Vice President of the PWA, he is a former part of All The President’s Men and a former IC Champion. He weights in at 245lbs, and hails from the Great Lakes State… he is CHAMELION!!

[The lights go down, and spotlights scan the arena, and the music "You Think You Know Me?" (Edge’s in WWF) begins playing. Chamelion walks onto the stage, grinning wickedly and scanning the arena with his eyes. Then, Chamelion turns around, and as he does.. the music fades to be replaced by chants… ominous chants. And then, 6 druids walk out onto thee stage, pushing a HUGE, Black Casket!!!! Chamelion has a giddy look in his eyes as he caresses the black surface and then leads the druids and the coffin to the ringside area.]

Brian Rentfro: This must be the surprise that Chamelion talked about!

Jon McDaniel: His confidence is overwhelming, let’s see if he can back it up!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent… he is a former Three Time PWA World Champion, he has fought desperately to earn back his name, and tonight.. thanks to his wife, Jasmine Lee… he has been successful. Now, he steps into the ring with his brother to settle a feud that has torn a part a once happy family. He weights in at 285lbs, hailing from parts unknown.. ….RAIZZOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[The lights dim, and The Final War by Insignia begins blasting on the speakers. Jasmine Lee comes out first, dressed in a tight leather leotard, with red slash marks across her chest. She turns, and out steps Raizzor… dressed in his black outfit, red slash marks across his chest as well. But now.. silver lightning bolts shoot down from the waist to his boots, which are black with blood markings dripping down. There is a menacing look in Raizzor’s eyes.. Michael Sommers is gone.. replaced by the darkness that knows no bounds, and all that energy.. is directed.. at Chamelion. Raizzor motions Jasmine into the back, and she steps behind the curtain. Raizzor then makes his way down to the ring, he stops.. looks intently at the casket sitting off to the side, and shakes his head. Raizzor then looks up at his brother, slides into the ring , and stands.. staring intently at Chamelion, who is rubbing his hands, giggling gleefully. The cage lowers.. and when it slams to the ground, the bell sounds… and the match is underway.]

Brian Rentfro: The two men are circling each other, testing the steel mesh and looking for openings.

Jon McDaniel: I am surprised Raizzor can concentrate on this match after learning that news!! Here they go!!

[Raizzor attacks, but Chamelion ducks and runs to the other side of the ring. Raizzor twists and seeks out Chamelion again, who ducks and rolls, coming up away from his brother.]

Brian Rentfro: What is Chamelion doing??

Jon McDaniel: I’d say he’s scared, but he’s laughing!

[Raizzor glares at Chamelion and tries a third attack, this time though, Chamelion steps to the side and trips Raizzor up with a drop toe hold! Chamelion then rolls over and bits Raizzor on the leg!]

Brian Rentfro: A simple move, and Raizzor fell for it!

Jon McDaniel: He’s not into this match the way he should be!

[Raizzor shouts in frustration and tries to kick Chamelion off, but Chamelion has already jumped to his feet, and is dancing around the ring like a boxer, clicking his tongue and giggling!]

Brian Rentfro: The man is truly crazy!! This is his career on the line!!

Jon McDaniel: Crazy or not, he’s getting under Raizzor’s skin!

[Raizzor again tries to swipe at Chamelion, but this time, the younger of the two brothers slides outside of the ring to the floor. Raizzor slides out after him and begins to chase Chamelion around the ring. Chamelion reaches the other side and quickly rolls into the ring, as Raizzor follows, Chamelion viciously attacks with a swift kick to Raizzor’s face, sending the former champion back to the floor in pain!]

Brian Rentfro: Smart move by Chamelion!!

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion is controlling this match.. and Raizzor!!

[Raizzor gains control of his senses, and climbs the steel stairs and onto the ring apron. Chamelion charges, attempting to knock Raizzor off, but the big man pulls the top rope down and Chamelion goes flying down to the floor, hitting the steel cage with his head!]

Brian Rentfro: Oh man! That’s gonna turn the advantage big time!

[Raizzor jumps down onto the floor, and grabs Chamelion by the hair. Pulling him to his wobbly feet, Raizzor whips Chamelion into the steel mesh, and with a resounding clang, Chamelion bounces painfully off and onto the floor. Raizzor then turns, and rips apart the steel steps.. taking the top half to smash onto Chamelion. However, Chamelion regains his balance and drop kicks the steel steps into Raizzor’s face.]

Jon McDaniel: Ow! That's twice now that Chamelion’s damaged Raizzor’s face. It’s amazing he’s not bleeding!!

Brian Rentfro: Still early in the match!

[Chamelion climbs over the steel steps and drives a knee into Raizzor’s groin! Raizzor rolls over in pain and Chamelion turns, grabs the steps, and throws them into Raizzor’s side!! Chamelion then jumps onto the mat, turns and comes flying down with an elbow to the same area! Raizzor gasps in terrible pain!]

Jon McDaniel: Oh man! Chamelion’s really laying into Raizzor!!

[Chamelion grins widely, and reaches under the ring, and pulls out a table! Chamelion pushes it into the ring, and climbs in after. Chamelion then pulls the table up, flips open the legs and sets it in the middle of the ring. Wiping his hands, and chuckling, the young brother then slides out, pulls the injured Raizzor to his feet and throws him into the ring. Getting in himself, Chamelion drags Raizzor up, and whips him into the ropes, Raizzor however, manages to reverse the move.. and as Chamelion comes careening back, Raizzor back body drops Chamelion onto the table, which amazingly, does not break.. the legs just bend slightly out.]

Brian Rentfro: Chamelion had plans for that table, and they just backfired!

[Raizzor then turns, and limps to the corner, climbs the ropes to the top.. turns.. and sails through the air, coming down with the Guillotine Leg Drop! Chamelion’s eyes snap open, and he rolls amazingly quick out of the way, letting Raizzor crash through the table and missing his target!]

Jon McDaniel: That high risk maneuver failed!! I don’t think Raizzor’s got much of a chance now!

[Chamelion is laughing as Raizzor groans painfully from admits the debris. Chamelion tilts his head, as if just getting a new idea, jumps out of the ring, and drags out a ladder!!! Chamelion tosses it into the ring, and moves back inside. Chamelion then lifts the ladder up, holds it high, bounces off the ropes and drives the huge metal ladder right into Raizzor! Chamelion then begins punching at Raizzor through the steps, when suddenly, Raizzor’s hand shoots up through the grating and catches Chamelion by the throat! Chamelion gasps in shock and sudden lack of air, and Raizzor struggles to his feet, not letting go of his hold. Now standing, with the ladder stuck between the two men, Raizzor uses all his strength to Chokeslam Chamelion to the mat, with the ladder crashing down on top of him!!]

Brian Rentfro (Almost jumping out of his chair): HOLY!!! Did you SEE THAT!!!??

Jon McDaniel: What a move!! What a comeback!! Raizzor’s up!!!

[Raizzor throws the ladder to the side, and picks up the dazed Chamelion and sets him up.. and delivers a huge powerbomb, right into the table debris. Turning, Raizzor goes and sets the ladder into the corner, tilted, and then picks up his brother by the hair. Raizzor glares down at Chamelion, and whips him into the steel ladder.. Chamelion bounces back, holding his forehead and Raizzor catches him into a back suplex.]

Brian Rentfro: For a moment, I didn’t think we’d see Raizzor with any advantage.

Jon McDaniel: Now that he does though, he’s gonna make Chamelion pay dearly!

[Raizzor turns, lifts up Chameleon's legs and drives a knee into his groin. Chamelion cries out and tries to roll away, but Raizzor holds the legs up, steps on foot between to the side, wraps the legs around his, and turns him over into the Sharp Shooter.]

Brian Rentfro: A submission move, and a famous one at that?? Not something I expected from Raizzor.

Jon McDaniel: This is a weardown move.. and a painful one at that! Chamelion’s struggling to reach the ropes, but Raizzor has the move cinched in!

[Chamelion squints his eyes, his rage building and with all his might, pushes with his legs… Raizzor stumbles, but doesn’t break the hold, but it’s enough for Chamelion to reach the ropes.. he grabs them, but knowing this is Hell In the Cell.. Chamelion grabs the second set, then pulls himself up to the third set, uses the balance and forces Raizzor away. Raizzor stumbles out of the move and turns, a small look of surprise on his face. Chamelion tries to lift himself up with the ropes, but Raizzor gives a swift kick, taking out Chamelion’s stand. The younger brother falls flat on his back, and Raizzor kicks him to the floor. Chamelion pushes himself to his feet, twists towards the ring and watches Raizzor come sailing out through the ropes!!!! Chamelion throws himself to the side and Raizzor hits face first into the steel cage!!]

Brian Rentfro: Man, Chamelion’s quick!! Raizzor just hit his face for the third time!!

Jon McDaniel: And it’s the charm, Raizzor’s bleeding!!

[Through blood stained eyes, Raizzor sees Chamelion crawl slowly, painfully back into the ring. Raizzor tries standing, but is groggy from the sudden loss of blood. The ref, which we’ve ignored up to this point, but does exist climbs out to check on Raizzor’ status. Chamelion meanwhile, sets up the Ladder next to the turnbuckle, and stands the legs apart. Chamelion turns and moves to intercept Raizzor, who is pulling himself into the ring with much difficulty. Chamelion hits a perfect drop kick onto Raizzor, who almost made it up, before being sent back down to the mat. Chamelion then jumps behind Raizzor, and grabs his legs.. pulling him around, and applying a Boston Crab!]

Brian Rentfro: Both men now, are trying submissions!!

[Raizzor, through the fog of the pain, snaps suddenly clear of his surroundings. Raizzor turns and sees the steel ladder in front of Chamelion. Raizzor grimaces, bites his lip, and strains.. and with the effort, sends his little brother careening into the steel ladder! Chamelion strikes hard, and falls backwards, with the ladder tittering on the edge of falling. Raizzor climbs to his feet, a new surge of energy and a need to finish this, he tips the ladder over onto Chamelion!]

Jon McDaniel: OUCH!! Chamelion’s nearly out!!

[Raizzor then pulls the ladder back up… sets it back into position.. and bends down confidently to collect Chamelion. Raizzor pulls him up to his feet, and attempts to turn him over. However, Chamelion too, has urgency to guide him.. and without thought, he jams an elbow into Raizzor’s stomach. Raizzor backs off, trying to regain his breath, and Chamelion steps to his side, wraps an arm around his neck, the other arm lifts up Raizzor’s leg.. and Chamelion screams in rage, and delivers The Rupture on Raizzor!!!]

Brian Rentfro: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! Chamelion’s got the match won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[The ref scrambles over, as Chamelion has Raizzor wrapped in the small package pinfall. The ref strikes the mat…..One………..Two……..Thre-Kickout!!!!!! The ref’s hand, inches from the mat, stops short as Raizzor miraculously rips free of Chamelion’s lock!]

Jon McDaniel: No one’s ever kicked out of the Rupture!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: The man’s career is on the line here!!!!!

[Chamelion is in shock!!! He sits back.. staring at his brother, who, still gasping for pain, tries to sit up! Chamelion can’t believe it, and has trouble regaining his focus. Raizzor then sits up, snapping Chamelion out of his disbelief, and both men climb to their feet. Raizzor turns and stares a burning hole of defiance into Chamelion, who in turn, sneers back. The two lock up, and fight for control. Chamelion wraps Raizzor up into a headlock., but the former champ pushes Chamelion into the ropes and shoulder tackles him on the return. Raizzor then bounces off the ropes, Chamelion drops, Raizzor jumps over to the other side, Chamelion jumps to his feet, throws a clothesline that Raizzor ducks. Chamelion then bounces off the other side, and as the two meet in the middle.. both hit with clotheslines!!]

Jon McDaniel: Both men are down!! Raizzor’s face is almost covered in red!! Chamelion now has a slight cut on his face as well!! They’re both gasping for breath, but not moving otherwise!

[Chamelion struggles back up, and Raizzor follows suit. Raizzor attacks, but Chamelion knees him in the stomach, and as Raizzor bends over, Chamelion hooks him, and flips him over into a fisherman’s suplex. The ref makes the count………two.- kickout by Raizzor. Chamelion, getting frustrated, pulls Raizzor up and swings hard. Raizzor though, ducks, wraps his arms around Chamelion’s waist and pivots him over. Raizzor connects with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!]

Brian Rentfro: NOW it’s over!!!

[The ref slams the mat… One…….two…..Thr-KICKOUT!!!!!!]

Jon McDaniel: I don’t…believe.. it!!

[Raizzor stand back.. watching his little brother try to get back up, and he shakes his head.. in surprise, respect and a little bit of concern for his little brother. But Raizzor knows he must finish this. Chamelion turns, gasping for breath, and looks Raizzor in the eye.]

Chamelion: You are not getting out of this, "Dear" brother!!

Raizzor: This game ends now!

[Chamelion screams in anger, rushes foreword, but Raizzor ducks and both men hit the ropes opposite each other. Chamelion comes charging back, and Raizzor uses the ropes as momentum, and comes sailing back with the Flying Clothesline! Chamelion slams hard to the mat, nearly out! Raizzor then walks over to the turnbuckle with the ladder.. climbs the ropes.. then places his palms on the top of the ladder. Then, with all his strength he has left, Raizzor pushes himself up and over, and from nearly 10 feet in the air, Raizzor comes crashing down onto Chamelion with the Guillotine Leg Drop! Raizzor painfully rolls over and hooks Chamelion’s leg. The ref counts……One…….Two……Three!!!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor did it!!! Raizzor won!!! Chamelion’s OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: What a match!!! What a bloody battle those two had.

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor won that night, but also had to deal with another assault by Nightmare. We’re not sure now of the history of the two, but some things will have to stay that way.

Jon McDaniel: We’ve just witnessed some of the greatest achievements of the Sharp One, as well as his biggest defeat. Now, we cut live to the arena, . and it’s just going to be Raizzor and Panzadise one on one. Let’s get to the ring announcer.



Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the PWA World Champion, PANZADISE!

[The arena is black, then red and silver explosives begin shooting From all over the arena. Once that is complete Dise enters and stands under the big screen. He looks over the arena and smiles as the crowd goes insane. He then walks down the aisle, teasing the ladies and mocking the ass holes. And on occasion he slaps hands when he is in a good mood, but it is usually in a sarcastic way. During his entrance numerous colored lights are panning over the crowd and ramp. He then enters the ring, stands in the middle, and puts the NAP sign in the air. Explosives erupt From the turnbuckles, and the lights come on]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, RAIZZOR!

[The lights dim and Raizzor steps out onto the ramp, The Final War playing an eerie echo across the arena. Raizzor makes his way down and steps up the metal stairs, climbing into the ring]

Brian Rentfro: In the words of the Great J.R., this is going to be a slobber knocker!!!

[The two men start off tentatively circling each other, each looking for an opening to take advantage off. Raizzor moves in first, and attempts to grab Dise, who ducks and rolls. Dise slides back to his feet only to get a cresent kick from Raizzor and goes crashing back down. Raizzor moves up to grab Dise, but he rolls to the floor. Dise gives Raizzor the finger and starts walking back up the ramp.]

Jon McDaniel: Where is Dise going?? Is he quiting?

Brian Rentfro: No! What a smart man! He has to defend his title tomorrow in a Cage Match, so he’s going to take the count out and go home!

[Raizzor slides out to the floor and chases Dise up the ramp. The ref is starting the count as Raizzor catches Dise and clotheslines him. Raizzor picks up Dise and Bodyslams the champion to the mat. Dise rolls around in pain as the ref reaches 5. Raizzor moves back into the ring, and stops the ref’s count before jumping back down.]

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor’s keeping track, and not letting their be a count out.

Brian Rentfro: Big deal, it’s going to be his downfall!

[Raizzor moves back to Dise, but Dise hits a low blow and Raizzor goes down.]

Brian Rentfro: See?

[Dise, angry now, grabs Raizzor by the hair and throws him back into the ring and slides in behind him. Dise delivers a couple of kicks to Raizzor’s kidneys, and Raizzor doubles up in pain. Dise then sits on the second rope and jumps, smashing into Raizzor’s side with a huge knee drop.]

Jon McDaniel: Smart wrestling from Panzadise.

[Dise picks Raizzor up and whips him to the ropes. Dise goes for a clothesline, but Raizzor ducks and comes back from the opposite side and spears Panzadise!]

Brian Rentfro: Ouch!! Dise is down!!

[Raizzor gets up and grabs Dise by the hair.. lifting him to his feet, he hooks Panzadise’s head under his arm, grabs his tights and lifts him up into the air. Raizzor seems to be going for a suplex, but then brings Dise crashing down to the mat in "The Jackhammer"! Raizzor makes the cover.. One……Tw…Kickout!]

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor just used the move made famous by Goldberg!!!

Brian Rentfro: That’s the first and last cover Raizzor’s ever gonna make in this match!

[Raizzor hits a couple of knee drops to the champion, who finally manages to reach the ropes. The ref warns Raizzor off, who reluctanty agrees.]

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor doesn’t want a DQ in this match up!

[Dise is back to his feet, rubbing the small of his back and dodges as Raizzor comes careening in. Dise turns and slams Raizzor’s face to the top turnbuckle. Raizzor stumbles back and Dise hits a inziguiri to the back of Raizzor’s head, sending the Sharp One crashing to the mat. Panzadise grins wickedly and stomps a couple of times to the back of Raizzor’s head, driving the man’s face into the mat. Dise then moves around Raizzor and climbs the turn buckle. He reaches the top and turns around, eyes wide as he sees Raizzor stumbling back to his feet. Dise launches himself and is met with a punch to the stomach, causing him to hit the mat in pain. Raizzor turns and pulls Dise back up, but Dise hooks Raizzor into a roll up pin. The ref, scrambles into position; One….Two.. Kickout!]

Brian Rentfro: These two men are now going at it big time!

Jon McDaniel: It’s a big deal to each of them. Raizzor wants to prove he should have been world champion, and Dise needs to prove he can beat Raizzor anytime.

[Dise and Raizzor move quickly back to a vertical stance, with Dise swinging at Raizzor, who ducks, wraps his arms around Dise and twists him into the air.]

Brian Rentfro: OH NO!! He;s got him set up in the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!

[Dise tho, struggles with all his might and breaks out of it. Raizzor twists and Dise goes for a clothesline, but Raizzor ducks it.. spins around and connects with a bulldog. Raizzor then hooks up Dise’s legs into a boston Crab!]

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor is quick!! He’s giving Dise no time to recover.

[Raizzor pulls back on Dise’s legs.. trying to wrench his back out of place. Dise struggles painfully but finally reaches the ropes. The ref demands the break. Raizzor nods, stands, turns.. and wrenches Dise’s hands from the ropes, dragging him back into the center of the ring. Raizzor tries again to hook on the Boston Crab, but Dise twists and trips Raizzor up. Raizzor drops to one knee and Dise pulls himself up.]

Brian Rentfro: Panzadise is too smart to be caught in that move twice!!

[Dise tries to kick at Raizzor’s head, but Raizzor sweeps Dise’s feet up and now both men are down. Raizzor and Panzadise struggle with a little more effort back to their feet. Panzadise grits his teeth and kicks Raizzor in the stomach, and as the Sharp One is bent over… Dise grabs him and hooks the Pedigree, sending Raizzor face first into the mat.]

Jon McDaniel: That’s the second famous finisher we’ve seen!! Dise is going for the cover!

[The ref strikes the mat.. One……two……T..Kickout! Raizzor pushes Dise off and sits up, rubbing his nose as Dise climbs back to his feet. Panzadise bounces off the ropes and hits a low drop kick back into Raizzor’s face. Dise stands and plays to the crowd. Raizzor crawls back to his feet and chop blocks Dise to the mat.]

Brian Rentfro: Dise should have been paying attention! Raizzor never stays down for long!

[Raizzor moves in front of Panzadise who pushes himself back up, and Raizzor sets him up into a Jacknife Powerbomb!!! Raizzor then grabs Panzadise’s legs, and wraps them into a sharp shooter!! Raizzor turns Dise over and again starts wrenching on the back!]

Jon McDaniel: Okay, what is it with these two?? How many different finishers are we going to see today?

[Raizzor puts as much pressure onto Panzadise’s back as he can, and Dise squeezes his eyes tight, trying to ignore the pain as he struggles to break the hold. Raizzor cinches the move in, assuring that Panzadise can not break it. But Dise struggles and again, after a couple of minutes, manages to finally hit the ropes. Raizzor breaks the hold, but the damage seems to already be done.. as Dise crawls to the corner and uses the ringposts to guide him back to his feet. Raizzor drags Dise out of the corner and twists him into the Crusifix, crashing Dise face first to the mat. Raizzor goes for the cover… One……Two…..Kickout by Panzadise!]

Brian Rentfro: Is it just me, or are both men trying to finish the other off with famous finishers other then their own?

Jon McDaniel: This match is definetly unique!

[Raizzor bounces off the ropes, and Dise is quick to duck. Raizzor comes back and gets met with an elbow to the jaw, dropping him like dead weight. Dise then hits the ropes, Raizzor rolls on his stomach as Dise flies over, Raizzor gets up and hip tosses Dise on the way back. Raizzor goes for an elbow but Dise rolls out of the way. Dise comes up, tries a cresent kick which Raizzor Ducks and he again uses the ropes. Raizzor comes back and ducks a clothesline by Panzadise, hits the other side.. and then gets hip tossed himself. Dise tries his own elbow but Raizzor is back up, and hits a Superkick to Panzadise out of no where. Raizzor covers Panzadise and the ref counts… One…..two…Th.. Kickout!]

Brian Rentfro: (rubbing eyes) Were you able to keep up with that??

Jon McDaniel: (Laughs) Barely!

[Panzadise rises back up, punching Raizzor in the jaw, backing the Sharp One up. Panzadise then hits a kick to the stomach, and as Raizzor bends over, hits a swinging neck breaker. Dise tries for his own cover.. One…. Two….Kickout! As Dise stands up, Raizzor hooks his head into a small package pin.. One……two…Kickout! Both men stumble back up, and Raizzor kicks Panzadise over, and flips over him into a sunset flip into a pinning combination. The ref counts One.. kickout as Dise rolls over, grabs Raizzor’s feet and flips over to a brigde pin.. One.. kickout!! Raizzor tries to get up, but Dise flips over his back, hooking and arm and leg into a pin.. One…two.. Kickout. Raizzor then twists around, and rolls dise up into another small package.. One.. two.. Kickout!!!]

Brian Rentfro: (gasping) We’re WATCHING this.. and I’m out of breath!!

[Panzadise, angry now.. flies back to his feet, kicks Raizzor in the jaw.. then drags him to his feet. Panzadise yells to the crowd.. and connects with the Panzadise Bomb!!!]

Jon McDaniel: It’s over now!!!

Brian Rentfro: AHA ! I told you!!

[Panzadise dusts his hands off, smirking menacingly, and then drops to his knees, placing a hand on Raizzor’s chest and demanding the count. The ref strikes the mat.. One……two….Kickout!!]

Brian Rentfro: No way!!

Jon McDaniel: What a lousy cover by Panzadise!! If he’d hooked the leg, it would have been over!! Instead, he had to get cocky!

[Dise looks angry as he pulls Raizzor up for another Panzadise bomb. Raizzor, however, bends his knees and flips Panzadise over his back. Dise hits the mat in pain, and Raizzor rushes the ropes. Panzadise struggles back up, turns.. and gets slammed to the mat with a flying clothesline!! Raizzor spins back to his feet, and draws his thumb across his throat!!]

Brian Rentfro: Oh no.

[Panzadise pushes himself up, and Raizzor scoops him up into the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker. But Panzadise struggles again, and amazingly.. reverses the move. Panzadise then connects with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker! Panzadise makes the cover, hooking the leg! One… Two…Thre..KICKOUT!]

Jon McDaniel: ALMOST!! A beautiful reversal and he almost scored the pinfall with Raizzor’s own move!

[Panzadise stands, bringing Raizzor with him. Dise swings and hits Raizzor in the side of the jaw, but Raizzor strikes back with a punch of his own. Dise strikes, then Raizzor strikes.. back and forth, the two punch at each other. Dise swings again, and Raizzor blocks, punching Dise.. Dise swings again, another block and another punch to Dise’s face. Dise reels back, and Raizzor hits a short clothesline. Raizzor pulls Dise back up, the advantage clearly his, and grabs Dise by the throat!]

Brian Rentfro: Oh man, here we go!

[But Dise isn’t out yet, he kicks Raizzor in the groin, getting a severe warning from the ref, which breaks Raizzor’s hold. Raizzor kneels down in pain, and Dise swivels behind him. Dise places his legs over Raizzor’s shoulders from behind, and flips forward, rolling Raizzor into some weird looking pin. The ref counts.. one…..two…Kickout!]

Jon McDaniel: I’ve never seen a pin attempt like that before!

[Dise is back to his feet, pulling a dazed Raizzor up. Panzadise salutes the crowd mockingly, signalling for the Panzadise Bomb again! He reaches out to lock it in, when Raizzor’s hand shoots out, snatches Panzadise by the throat.. and Chokeslams him to the mat with a thunderous Crash!! The crowd explodes and Raizzor signals the end!]

Brian Rentfro: DISE!! Get up!! Get up!!!

[Raizzor climbs to the top rope. Arms raised high in the air!! And he flies!! Raizzor comes sailing down to the mat with the Guillotine Leg Drop!!! But Dise rolls away, and Raizzor slams into the mat!!!]

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise won’t stay down!!

[Panzadise climbs to his feet again, picks Raizzor up. Panzadise turns Raizzor over and hits a Tombstone Piledriver on the Sharp One, and goes for another pinfall. One… Two.. Thre.. Kickout!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Neither man wants to lose this match!!!

[Panzadise curses and sets Raizzor up for another huge move, but Raizzor drops to his knees and strikes a low blow on Panzadise!! ]

Brian Rentfro: That’s illegal!! Disqualify him!

Jon McDaniel: And what about Dise’s moves earlier??

Brian Rentfro: What moves?

[Dise struggles back, in pain.. and Raizzor connects with a double arm DDT. Raizzor tries for the pinfall, one… two.. Kickout again!!! Raizzor rolls back to his feet, and drives a knee into the small of Panzadise’s back! Raizzor guides Panzadise back up and bends him over. Raizzor hooks his arms around Dise’s stomach and flips him over his head… Raizzor hooks on a … Razor’s Edge.. and slams Dise to the mat on the small of his back!!]

Jon McDaniel: I was beginning to wonder if Raizzor would ever do THAT move!!

[Raizzor tries another cover… One… Two… The ref stops the count, Panzadise has a leg on the bottom rope!!]

Brian Rentfro: They must be getting exhausted.. Dise used a safe tactic to preserve energy!

[Dise climbs back to his feet, and Raizzor grabs him for an attempted whip to the ropes. Dise tho, reverses the move, sending Raizzor instead to bounce of the ropes. Dise catches Raizzor with a knee to the gut and flips Raizzor down onto his back. Dise hits an elbow drop and then another. Dise then hits the ropes and comes back, imitating The Road Dogs little dance, before hitting Raizzor with another hard knee drop! Raizzor rolls over in pain, and Dise delivers a hard kick to Raizzor’s midsection! Dise goes for a cover, One.. two..kickout. Panzadise then pulls Raizzor up, and hits a classic powerbomb!! Dise goes for another cover.. One.. two.. Another kickout!! Dise leans down but Raizzor jabs him in the throat!! Panzadise back up to the ropes, grasping his throat in pain!]

Jon McDaniel: This match is a classic!! Both men are giving it their all!!

[Raizzor climbs painfully back to his feet.. and Dise bounces off the ropes again.. Raizzor ducks the clothesline, and as Dise comes back.. Raizzor connects with a huge boot the face!! Dise goes crashing down to the mat, and Raizzor picks him back up quickly. Raizzor then scoops him up.. and finally connects with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!!]

Brian Rentfro: He did it! Raizzor hit the TBS!!

[Raizzor tho, skips the cover.. and pulls Panzadise to his feet.. Dise sways, dazed and in pain.. and Raizzor bends down into Dise’s face.. Dise’s eyes clear, and Raizzor gives him the double fingers!! Raizzor then kicks Dise in the midsection and… STONE COLD STUNNER!! Raizzor makes the cover.. One……Two…….Three!!]

Jon McDaniel (On his feet): Raizzor got him!! Out of no where with a stunner!!!

Brian Rentfro: No way!!! No way!!! Raizzor did it???!!!??

[Raizzor slides out of the ring and backs away as Dise sits up, shaking his head. The two men stare into each other and Raizzor backs up the ramp and disappears behind the curtain. The crowd is cheering and screaming Raizzor’s name.. but as Panzadise climbs to his feet, The crowd also begins to cheer on Dise.. showing their appreciation for a well fought battle!]

Jon McDaniel: That was a stupendous match!! I’ve not seen so many attempted pins and famous finishers in one match in my life!! Panzadise proved tonight he is a consumate fighter.. he actually met Raizzor toe to toe and kept the NaP out of it.. He impressed me tonight!

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor just got lucky, that’s all!! So he gets the one fall on Dise he wanted.. Dise is still the World Champion!!

Jon McDaniel: Yes he is, and he has the chance to prove how great he is tomorrow by defending the title against Rage in the Cage match!! And we’ll see Raizzor in his very last match here in the PWA as he goes head to head with Sirus Moran! Well, our time is up ladies and gentlemen, we’ll see you in 24 hours for "Who’s The Man!" Good Night!