World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Brymstone vs. Mako

This match is slow paced with lots of rest holds. Both men were careful with their choices of moves as they both wanted to advance in the Who's the Man tournament. Brymstone then suddenly got frustrated with the rest holds and took Mako to the outside and cleaned house on him. Brymstone then rolled Mako back into the ring and hit him with a superplex from the top rope for the pin and Brymstone advances in the tournament.

Winner: Brymstone

Porter vs. Metalhead

In the second Who's the Man qualifier of the night, Porter took on Metalhead in what was a more spirited brawl than the last. Porter used evry trick in the book to get the advantage on Metalhead. Eventually Metalhead turned the tides using Porters own dirty tricks against him. Metalhead was then about to wrap the match up when all of a sudden Danny Sparks runs down the aisle and Porter distracts the ref. Sparks runs in and nails Metalhead across the head with a steel chair, knocking him out cold. Sparks then returns to the locker room as Porter covers Metalhead with one hand for a very easy 3 count.

Winner: Porter

Jay vs. KWB

This match went back and forth with both men giving it their all. There was some outside ring brawling and a nice technical display in the ring but eventually KWB hit a top rope powerbomb for the win

Winner: KWB

The Prisoner vs. Too Panz

TV Title Match

This match went back and forth with both men wanting the title but in the end The Prisoner proved to be too much for Too Panz when he hit the Blitzkriege on Too Panz to retain the title

Winner: The Prisoner

Panzadise vs. El Tiger

The NAP music came over the PA, but instead of Panzadise, Tony Danza came to the ring...Danzadise. El Tiger promptly beat him from pillar to post and back again. El Tiger hit the Tiger Bomb for the win. After the match, Panzadise came out and slapped Danzadise around.

Winner: El Tiger

The Spider, Brymstone, & Nightstryker vs. Monkey McDee, Project X, & Porter

Elimination Match

Jon McDaniel: Our next match should be a treat! The winners are the first team to make one man submit, have one man pinned and put one man through a table. This one should be good so lets get you to ringside.

Announcer: Introducing first, the the team of Monkey McDee, Project-X and Ron "The Fear" Porter!!

(All three men walk to the ring very widely spaced from each other.)

Brian Rentfro: It is obvious that this team hates each others guts. I never thought I would say this about The Monkey but I think he is the only sane one of the lot!

Announcer: And their opponents, The Creatures of the Night!

(The Creatures of the night all walk to the ring together)

Brian Rentfro: This is gonna be good.

(A wild 6 man brawl in the middle of the ring starts this match with Project-X fighting Spider, Nightstryker fighting Monkey and Brymstone fighting Porter. Spider and P-X brawl to the outside of the ring as do Monkey and Nightstryker which leaves Porter and Brymstone in the ring. Brymstone and Porter exchange lefts and rights in the middle of the ring as the fans cheer the spirited brawl. Porter whips Brymstone to the ropes and dropkicks him down to the mat. Meanwhile outside the ring Monkey McDee is desperately looking for something to hit the dazed Nightstryker. He checks the front row to see if any fans have got any weapons and a fan hands McDee a stuffed Al teddy bear that he bought at the souveneir stand. McDee hits Nightstryker with the stuffed bear but Nightsryker does not budge and The Monkey looks surprised about it.)

Brian Rentfro: I think the animal cruelty folks will be onto McDee.

(Nightstryker then nails McDee with a right hand and sends him flying towards the announcers table and at the same time Spider sends P-X over to the announcers table. Spider and Nightsryker then go to powerbomb Project-X and McDee through the table but P-X and McDee fight their way out of it.)

Jon McDaniel: Phew! That was a close one!

(Meanwhile in the ring Porter nails Brymstone with a hurracurrana off the top rope as both teams head back to their corners and start playing by the rules. Porter then goes for a cover but only gets two. Porter then heads over to his corner and goes to tag Project-X but Project-X refuses to tag Porter. Porter then shoves P-X and P-X shoves him back.)

Brian Rentfro:Uh Oh, there is trouble brewing here!

(While Project-X and Porter are exchanging insults Brymstobne crawls over to his corner and tags in both Nightstryker and Spider with a double tag. Spider and Nightstryker then both enter the ring and double team Porter. They both then slam Porter to the mat and both climb a corner each. Nightstryker then hits a flying leg drop on Porter at the same time Spider hits a senton bomb on Porter. Both men go down for the cover but get in each others way. Nightstryker then shoves Spider and Spider shoves him back.)

Brian Rentfro: Now we have got arguements in the Creatures of the Night camp. Maybe it is because Nightstryker and Spider want to prove that they are better than each other.

(Before anything can get heated, Brymstone runs in and stops them. But while they are sorting out their differences, Porter sneaks up behind Nightstryker and rolls him up for a surpise 3 count.)

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker has been eliminated!

(Nightstryker throws a fit and blames that on Spider as he heads back to the locker room. Spider and Brymstone then double team then double team Porter and Porter looks in a bad state. Dwayne Cross then forces Brymstone back to his corner as Spider continues the assault on Porter. Spider then goes to pick up Porter only to recieve a low blow followed by a ddt. Porter then covers Spider but forgets that he has already pinned someone. Porter then goes to pick Spider up but Spider takes Porter down to the mat with a pull against his ankle. Spider then applys and ankle lock to Porter. Porter with his last ounce of strength crawls over to his corner and trys to tag Project-X but he refuses and Porter has no choice but to tap out.)

Brian Rentfro: Porter tapped cause Project-X would not help him!

(As soon as Spider releases the hold, Porter runs up and dropkicks Project-X off the apron on to the announcers table and heads back to the locker room. Monkey then enters the ring and locks up with Spider. The Monkey over powers Spider and forces him back into the Spiders corner. Spider thejn tags Brymstone in. Brymstone runs towards Spider but is taken down with a hip toss followed by a drop kick. McDee then applys the Spunky Monkey to Brymstone.)

Jon McDaniel: It is the Spunky Monkey, nobody has ever withstood this hold!!

(Spider runs in to breakup the hold but suddenly Project-Xs hand shoots in from under the bottom rope and trips up Spider. Project-X then drags The Spider outside the ring as Brymstone says he is a monkeys uncle and taps out.)

Brian Rentfro: I can not belive Brymstone tapped out!

(Brymstone heads to the back as Project-X sets up a table and attempts to Probe The Spider through it but The Spider blocks and gives Project-X a belly to belly suplex through the table.)

Jon McDaniel: Project-X has been eliminated!

Brian Rentfro: We are now down to Monkey McDee and The Spider.

(The Spider then turns around to recieve a moonsault off of the top rope from The Monkey to the outside.)

Jon McDaniel: My God! what a high risk move from The Monkey!

(The Monkey then grabs a steel chair and hits The Spider over the head with it. The Monkey then drags The Spider on top of the announcers table.)

Brian Rentfro: No! not here!

Jon McDaniel: If McDee can put The Spider through a table then he wins but The Spider must pin the Monkey which is easier than it sounds.

(The Monkey then goes to piledrive Spider through the table but The Spider blocks and backdrops McDee on the table. Spider then grabs one of the announcers monitors and smashes it over the head off the Monkey as sparks fly.)

Jon McDaniel: Did you see the sparks fly on that monitor!?

(The Spider then rolls The Monkey back into the ring and covers him.)
2 3/4
Shoulder up

Jon McDaniel: Oh, The Monkey just kicked out!

(The Spider then climbs out onto the apron to go to the top rope but before he can get near the turnbuckle, McDee recovers and runs up and dives through the second rope and spears The Spider off of the apron the the outside and through the announcers table as the crowd chants "Holy Shit!")

Brian Rentfro: Holy shit!!!! I have never seen anything like that! The Monkey is suicidal and he just destroyed our table!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Well, that gives the team of McDee, Project-X and Porter the win surprisingly. We are out of time folks but tune in to Chaos next week to see where the discention between The Creatures of the Night goes. This is Jon Mcdaniel for Brian Rentfro saying good night!

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