World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The Spider vs. Too Panz

Jon McDaniel: This match should be good. Spider and Too Panz are already in the ring for a first round Whos The Man tournament match lets take you to ringside.

(The Spider and Panz lock up in the middle of the ring. Spider then whips Panz to the ropes but Panz grabs hold of the ropes and slides to the outside and Spider follows. Spider pounds away on Panz with lefts and rights and rams his head into the steel steps as the ref screams in his ear to bring the match back into the ring. Spider shoves the ref away and continues to beat Panz' head into the steel steps.)

Brian Rentfro: Mrs. Panzys baby boy is getting pummeled!

(Spider then bashes Panz' head off the apron and rolls hhim back into the ring where he stomps him into the mat. Spider then turns and taunts to the crowd and turns back around only to be rolled up by Panz for a 2 count. Panz then gets up and clotheslines Spider down to the mat twice and then snap mares him. Panz then sends Spider reeling back into the corner with right hands as he places Spider on the top rope. Panz then climbs up with Spider and superplexes him of the top rope and covers
2 3/4

Jon McDaniel: Ohhh, Too Panz almost advanced right there.

(Too Panz then picks The Spider back up and whips him across the ring towards the corner but the ref gets in the way and gets knocked out. Too Panz then charges towards Spider but Spider moves out of the way and takes Panz down with a drop toe hold against the bottom turnbuckle.)

Brian Rentfro: Ouch! Too Panz' face just collided with that bottom turnbuckle!

(Spider then rolls outside the ring and grabs a steel chair and rolls back in. Spider then picks Panz up and nails him with a chair shot to the head and Panz gets busted wide open. Spider then shakes the ref to get him up and covers Panz)
2 3/4
shoulder up

Jon McDaniel: That was extremely close!

(Spider then shouts at the ref for counting too slow and nails him with a ddt. Spider then rolls outside once again and throws a table into the ring. Spider then sets up the table and places Panz on top of it. Spider then climbs to the top rope and nails Panz with the Heroes victory through the table.)

Jon McDaniel: That was one of the most fantastic things I have ever seen!

(Another ref runs down to the ring as Spider hooks the leg.)

Winner: Spider

The Prisoner vs. Nightstryker

Nightstryker beats the living daylights out of The Prisoner to start hitting him with everything he had. Nightstryker made a lot of pin attempts but The Prisoner kept kicking out. Nightstryker was starting to wonder what he had to do to put The Prisoner away. The Prisoner then made a mini comeback when they went outside the ring, hitting Nightstryker with all sorts of objects. But it was all to late as Nightstryker put The Prisoner away after a ddt from the top rope to advance in the tournament.

Winner: Nightstryker

Jay vs. Monkey McDee

Some wild brawling to start. The Monkey showed an impressive arsenal of moves that got him the advantage early on but Jay fought bak with punches, kicks and slams but was soon put away with a pump handle slam from the Monkey. The Monkey advances in the tournament

Winner: Monkey McDee

Steve Morley Vs Metalhead

A nice aerial exhibition to start. but both men soon got exhausted and it was just a matter of who had better stamina. They fought on kicking out of each others pin attempts as the timer for the match went on. When they got to a minute left on the time limit, both men got a burst of enrgy giving it their all. and with 3 seconds to go the ref made a 3 count giving Metalhead the win after a superplex from the top rope on top of a steel chair for the win. Metalhead advances in the tournament

Winner: Metalhead

Brymstone Vs Porter

with Fletcher as referee

These two men really took it to each other with all their hatred. When they went outside the ring both men got busted open. They continued to fight on hitting each other with every move in their repetoire. Porter and Brymstone brawl outside the ring. Porter piledrives Brymstone on the concrete, then rolls him back in the ring. The Prisoner walks down to the ring and climbs on the ring apron. Fletch goes to talk to him and Porter grabs the ring bell and rolls into the ring. The Prisoner takes a dollar bill out of his pocket and hands it to Fletcher. Porter nails the Death Wish on the ring bell, then throws the bell out of the ring. Fletcher hands the Prisoner four quarters, then turns around to officiate the match. He sees Porter making the pin and counts the win.

Winner: Ron Porter

Raizzor vs. Panzadise

World Title Match

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor has a lot riding on this match. It gives him the chance to retire as PWA champion!

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger...Raizzor!

(The lights go out, as the Final War by Insignia (An original piece written for Raizzor) blares over the loudspeaker. Raizzor walks out and down to the ring admidst spotlights shining over him, the lights slowly come back up as he enters the ring.)

Ring Announcer: And now the champion...from the New Age Panzies...Panzadise!

(The arena is black, then red and silver explosives begin shooting From all over the arena. Once that is complete Dise enters and stands under the big screen. He looks over the arena and smiles as the crowd goes insane. He then walks down the aisle, teasing the ladies and mocking the ass holes. And on occasion he slaps hands when he is in a good mood, but it is usually in a sarcastic way. During his entrance numerous colored lights are panning over the crowd and ramp. He then enters the ring, stands in the middle, and puts the NAP sign in the air. Explosives erupt From the turnbuckles, and the lights come on.)

Jon McDaniel: Both men stand in the ring, staring at each other, waiting for the other to move first...Dise cracks and tries a whip to the ropes, but Raizzor reverses it and nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker coming off. Dise is up, but Raizzor chops him back down. Raizzor whips Panzadise into the ropes and catches him in an abdominal stretch.

Brian Rentfro: I think Dise underestimated Raizzor here! One person that didn't underestimate him is his old friend, Gareth Evans, sitting at ringside.

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise is reaching for the ropes, but before he can get there, Raizzor hooks his arm around and lands an inverted DDT! Raizzor covers,! Raizzor is a machine!

Brian Rentfro: Dise kept calling him a quitter, and he's motivated to prove the champ wrong. And the title on the line certainly helps matters.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor is setting Dise on the top turnbuckle...he DDTs Panzadise from the top rope! Raizzor pulls Dise to his feet and nails him with a brain buster. The Sharp One is merciless! Raizzor pulls him up again and it looks like he's going to powerbomb! A hangman's piledriver! Raizzor rolls out of the ring and slides a table back in.

Brian Rentfro: Normally giving Dise that much time to recover would be a costly mistake, but after the beating he's been taking, you could fly to New York and back and still be in good shape.

Jon McDaniel: Dise is on his feet, Raizzor tries a suplex, but Dise reverses it! The ref got bumped on the way down! Dise is reaching into his trunks and pulls out the brass knuckles from Wednesday! Gareth Evans jumps the guard rail and rolls into the ring, bringing a chair with him! Raizzor is up, and he and Gareth face off against the Panzy! They shake hands, and Raizzor moves in to grab Dise. Gareth swings hard and hits Raizzor in the back! What is this?

Brian Rentfro: I guess he got tired of living in Raizzor's shadow...

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor turns around to face Gareth, but Evans kicks him in the stomach and nails him with a double arm DDT! Dise is climbing up top and using the brass knuckles, he smashes Raizzor with a fist drop from the top rope. Evans is slapping the ref, waking him up and Dise covers Raizzor. One...two...three! After the count is made, Evans throws the referee out of the ring and the rest of the NAP run down. Too Panz holds on to Raizzor, allowing BPP to hit the Panzionic Kick! Gareth and Victor Hymenchaser set up the table while Panzadise climbs to the top rope...Too Panz and BPP lift up Raizzor and hand him to Dise...he Panzadise Bombs Raizzor from the top rope through the table! This is just too much!

Brian Rentfro: You're senile, Jon! This is how a champion is supposed to act!

Jon McDaniel: Now they're having Carlos Baerga pin Raizzor while Too Panz makes the count and Victor Hymenchaser takes pictures. This is disgusting. BPP is digging something out from under the ring...I can't...Raizzor doesn't deserve this...They've got a Jasmine Lee blow up doll...

Brian Rentfro: Is that the one El Tiger got caught shoplifting?

Jon McDaniel: They hand it to Scott Baio and he kisses it. This is not the way a legend should be treated...Baio takes off his NAP shirt and reveals another t-shirt. This one says..."Jasmine Lee..."

Brian Rentfro: HA! On the back it says, "Does it for free!"

Jon McDaniel: Security needs to come take care of this right now. This is really too much. I've got to apologize on behalf of the PWA...

Brian Rentfro: Quit yer crying, McDaniel! These guys are the future of the PWA, live with it!

Jon McDaniel: If they are the future, then this company is in trouble. Finally, the Panzies are clearing out of the ring. Once again, I am sorry we had to show you all this. We're out of time for Rampage. Good night...