World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Brymstone vs. Metalhead

IC No Way Out Cage/Submission Match

A brawl to start, both men punch and kick. Brymstone slams Metalhead's face into the side of the cage and rakes his face across it like a cheese grater, busting him open. Metalhead lands some chops on Brymstone. The champ picks Metalhead up with both hands in a choke and slams him down to the mat. Brymstone pulls Metalhead up and executes a backbreaker submission. Metalhead won't give up...Brymstone increases the pressure on Metalhead's back....Brymstone releases the hold. Metalhead gets pulled to his feet again and whipped to the ropes. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker sends him back to the mat. Brymstone grabs his legs and applies the Soul Crusher! Metalhead taps out.

Winner: Brymstone

Nina vs. Lindsey

Beach Blanket Bunny match

Samantha Moran, Remora, Carlos Baerga, and some women from the Tokyo Hooters surround the ring, armed with beach towels. Lindsey and Nina lock up, and Nina goes into the ropes. Nina ducks the clothesline and hits a cross body block on the rebound. The ref counts, one...two...kickout. Nina throws Lindsey out of the ring and the bunnies start snapping her with towels until she rolls back in. Lindsey gets sent into the ropes again, Nina ducks down and Lindsey stops just short to deliver a DDT. She covers for 2. Nina goes into the ropes and gets clotheslined down. Lindsey climbs up top for a splash, but Samantha Moran jumps on the apron and shoves her off. This gives Nina time to recover. She picks Lindsey up and hits the Pits of Hell. She covers, one...two...three!

Winner: Nina (New PWA Women's Champion)

After the match, Brian Rentfro, Jon McDaniel, and Bud Adams enter the ring to give their decision on the new number one contender.

Brian Rentfro: After much debating and drooling, we've decided to give the title shot at Who's the Man to...Samanatha Moran!

Fletcher vs. Porter

Special Ref: Fletcher

Before the match, it is announced that even though Fletcher is the ref, Porter cannot be DQed for striking him.

Fletcher suplexes Porter to start. Porter is quickly up and nails Fletcher with a belly to belly suplex. Porter covers and Fletcher counts to 2 before kicking out. Fletcher whips Porter into the ropes, but Porter manages a floatover DDT! He pulls Fletcher to his feet and nails him with the Death Wish! Porter covers, but Fletcher can't count. Porter grabs Fletcher's hand and make the three count.

Winner: Porte

Grifter vs. Big Poppa Panzy

Too Panz follows BPP to the ring. Grifter and BPP lock up, and Grifter switches to a hammer lock. BPP reverses the hammerlock and then whips Grifter into the ropes. BPP drops down, Grifter runs over him, and Too Panz trips him. BPP takes advantage of the interference by hitting Grifter with a leg drop on the back of the neck. Grifter nails BPP with a hangman piledriver, then climbs up top for the Buzz Bomb! BPP is starting to his feet, but before Grifter can jump off the top, Too Panz grabs his feet. Grifter finally gets free and tries for the Buzz Bomb, but gets caught in a Panzionic Kick! BPP covers for the win.

Winner: Big Poppa Panzy

After the match, Too Panz rolls into the ring, and he and BPP start beating on Grifter. Sirus runs into the ring and nails Too Panz with a dropkick. Big Poppa Panzy rolls out of the ring.

Sirus vs. Too Panz

Sirus pulls Too Panz up, hits him with three headbutts and whips him into the ropes. Sirus hits the Nameless Knockout and covers. One...two...three!

Winner: Sirus

The Spider vs. The Prisoner

They lock up, and the Prisoner powers the Spider into the ropes. He whips Spider into the ropes and catches him coming off in a spinning sit-down piledriver. Prisoner covers for 2. Spider nails him with some European uppercuts, but goes into the ropes again. This time the Spider gets taken down with a powerslam. Prisoner climbs up top for a flying headbutt, but Spider moves out of the way at the last second. The Spider doesn't waste anytime, climbs up top and nails the Hero's Victory. One...two...three!

Winner: The Spider

Panzadise vs. Rage

World Title Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, he is the PWA World Heavyweight Champion...Panzadise!

(The NAP Theme music comes on. The arena is black, then red and silver explosives begin shooting From all over the arena. Once that is complete Dise enters and stands under the big screen. He looks over the arena and smiles as the crowd goes insane. He then walks down the aisle, teasing the ladies and mocking the ass holes. Panzadise climbs into the ring, and pyros shoot out of the turnbuckles.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...from the Dakota Badlands...Rage!

(The arena goes dark, blue strobe lights begin going off throughout the arena like lightning, and "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000 begins playing. During the intro of the song a woman's voice can be heard, "Can you feel it?.............The Adrenaline?..............The Future?..............The Legend...........THE RAGE!?! Red, blue, and green pyros explode on the stage and down the aisle as Rage comes out wearing an unbuttoned black trench coat and a red and black mask. He casually walks down the aisle, taking the time to slap the occasional fans hand before entering the ring. Rage stands in the middle, arms held high in the air as he stares toward the heavens. The strobes stop and the house lights come back on as Rage takes off the jacket to reveal his in ring attire (black pants with red "flame" designs on the sides).)

Brian Rentfro: Why is Rage wearing a mask? And is it just me, or does he look a little shorter and maybe not as big?

Jon McDaniel: Are you a moron? That's not the real Rage! This guy is 4 inches shorter and about 60 pounds lighter. What kind of trick is Robinson trying to pull here?

Brian Rentfro: I've got no idea. Maybe he's trying to ruin Rage's reputation? But the guy is a legend, you can't just throw so schmuck out there and expect the fans to buy into it.

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise doesn't much like it, either. I think he was expecting to face the legend of the PWA, not some toady of President Robinson! Dise gets into Rage's face and they start trash talking back and forth. Rage shoves Panzadise away, and Dise strikes back with some punches! They're brawling now, and Rage gets backed into a corner. The ref orders Dise to back off, which he does, but not before landing a hard right hand to Rage's jaw. Rage leaps out of the corner with a spear, but catches the referee, too! Weston is out cold! Rage pulls Dise to his feet and hits him with the Breakdown! Rage starts to cover, but notices the ref still laying knocked out cold!

Brian Rentfro: Trick or no trick, this guy means business. But he's going to see that Panzadise isn't beaten easily.

Jon McDaniel: Dise is on his feet, and behind Rage. He hits Rage with an inverted suplex! Rage slowly gets up, but Dise catches him and signals to the crowd...

Brian Rentfo: Its time for the Panzadise Bomb!

Jon McDaniel: Dise lifts Rage up and sends him crashing down hard with the Panzadise Bomb! But the ref is still out! Panzadise is trying to revive the ref, and Rage rolls out of the ring and lands right in front of us.

Brian Rentfro: Rage is pulling some brass knuckles out of his trunks! He rolls back in and cold cocks the champ!

Jon McDaniel: He applies the Fires of Rage in the middle of the ring, but the ref still isn't up!

Brian Rentfro: Brymstone is coming from out of the crowd! He rolls into the ring and nails Rage with a double axehandle!

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone whips Rage into the ropes and hits the Pits of Hell! Dise is on his feet now with his back to Brymstone, and Brymstone takes him down with an inverted DDT! The IC champ pulls Panzadise on top of Rage and heads back through the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: The ref is starting to move! He notices the pin!

Jon McDaniel: One...Two... the ref is pulled out of the ring! What is this?

Brian Rentfro: Its Raizzor! What on earth is he doing?

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor gets in the ring, scoops up Panzadise and nails him with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker! Now Raizzor pulls Rage on top of Dise and slides out of the ring!

Brian Rentfro: Why would he do that? He's getting a match against Panzadise next week. You'd think he would want a title shot.

Jon McDaniel: Who can say with him? He's rolling referee Lance Weston into the ring. Lance is dazed, but sees the pin and! Raizzor just cost Panzadise the World Title!

Brian Rentfro: Rage is the champion? So does this count as his first title reign? I don't understand...

Jon McDaniel: I've just received word from the Commishioner in the back, that due to the massive interference, Panzadise will get a rematch on Wednesday Night at Chaos! Tune in then, folks because we're out of time tonight.