World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Brymstone & Nina vs. The Spider & Lindsey

Brymstone and Spider start out. Spider whips Brymstone into the ropes, but can't hiptoss him. Brymstone nails the Spider with a Russian legsweep. Brymstone quickly pulls Spider up and executes the Pits of Hell. Instead of covering, Brymstone tags in Nina. Spider rolls out of the ring, and Lindsey enters. Lindsey and Nina lock up, and Lindsey goes to the ropes. Nina hits her own version of the Pits of Hell and covers for the pin.

Winner: Brymstone & Nina

[The lights dim in the arena, and thunder echoes through out, causing the rafters to shake, and the fans of the PWA to look about them, in awe in wonder. Flashes of light give us seconds to see around us before the darkness claims us again. A single spotlight directs everyone’s attention to the ACDtron and The Final War plays loudly as Raizzor enters the stage. The Fans erupt into cheers as Raizzor makes his way down the ramp and into the PWA Ring. The music fades slowly as Raizzor takes a mike and circles around the ring one time, before leaning over the top rope facing the ADCtron and stage.]

Raizzor: A little over one year ago, a small time wrestling company put it’s name on the map with a huge event called Genesis. People took notice, money was invested, stocks were sold and big time wrestling corporations knew there was a new player in town.

[Raizzor steps back from the ropes and turns towards the crowd]

Raizzor: Some new names entered into history along side the likes of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker.

Names like; Rage, Fear, Prima Donna, Dr. Remo, The Corpse… Sirus Moran.

All these men fought, scraped and earned their way into history… a history that is as precious as any piece of gold or gem.

I have stood with, and against everyone of these men during my time in the PWA, and I am honored to have played the game with them.

[The crowd murmurs a little, as Raizzor begins to walk around the ring, his fingers trailing along the top of the three ropes.]

Raizzor: When I came to the PWA, I immediately started setting records. I hold the record for the quickest pinfall. I made history winning the PWA Tag Team Titles on my own. I am the first ever Three Time PWA World Heavyweight Champion.. I won the inaugural Internet Title Battle Royal. But most importantly, to me.. In the first year of the PWA.. I was officially called it’s Franchise!

I have, indeed, done everything that could possibly be done here…. I have faced up to the best this company has ever had to offer.. from legends like Rage, to new young superstars like Brymstone.

And I beat them all.

Every game they tried to play against me.. Skippy the Plumber.. my career on the line.. Hell In The Cell Inferno matches.. and even Nightmare.

Non of them was ever successful in taking me away from the one thing I always truly loved.

The fans.

[The fans explode into cheers and applause and Raizzor waits a few moments for them to die down]

Raizzor: It is with that sentiment, that I announce my retirement.

[Just as quickly, the cheering stops.. and the crowd is stuck is shock.]

Raizzor: I have faced every challenge that has been sent my way, and I never backed down. But it is time to move on, to step aside for the new generation to see it’s way into history. My records may be broken, even surpassed in greatness.. But I will always have been "The First" and that is something that will always be mine.

Now, there are a couple of major things I must address. One, Sirus Moran.. you have always been considered the cornerstone of this great federation.. you are not only a consummate professional and excellent athlete, you are also a friend. At Who’s The Man, in one months time. I want my final match to be against you. No more gimmicks, no more angles for me. No more games from the higher ups.. just you, me and the squared circle.. the way you and I always wanted it to be.

Then, there is The Spider. You mentioned about how I believe I am so great.. that I have an ego.. and that I feel I am the best there is. No, Spider.. it’s non of those… it’s confidence.. skill, determination.. and a loyalty to this company no other man possesses.. EVER.. You and I will face each other tomorrow, at Battle Dome… My final month is at hand.. and I will be damned if I start it off going down at the hands of a young upstart such as yourself.

I see the game you play with Robinson.. one of you is playing the other for a fool.. I am not sure which one, if not both.. but both of you will eventually fall from your own short sightedness. I remember a certain individual who also worked hard to tempt the boss into favors.. gaining himself the spotlight in many ways. The man learned his lesson the hard way.. and struggles still to re-earn the respect he once had.

Don’t let yourself fall for the same fate.. it is a disastrous feeling, one very hard to over come.

But don’t let sympathy fool you, Spider.. You’re goals may be great, to one day be PWA World Champion.. but all greatness has a black spot.. * I * am going to be YOU’R black spot, Spider…Battle Dome.. that’s my time..

Not yours.

[Raizzor drops the mike and steps over the top rope as The Final War plays and the crowd erupts into cheers and chants of RAI-ZZOR! As the big man walks up the ramp and disappears back stage]

Samantha Moran vs. Ramora

Samantha controls the match, first whipping Ramora into the ropes and hitting a hurricarana. Samantha lifts Ramora up and delivers an atomic drop. Then, she comes up behind Ramora and delivers the Instant Karma. Sam covers for the win.

Winner: Samantha Moran