World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Ert'ceps vs. The Masked Lard

Ert'ceps no showed the match.

Winner: NA

Fear & Grendle vs. Too Panz & Mako

Grendle and Too Panz start off the match. Grendle sends TP down with a drop kick and then scoops him up for a powerslam. Grendle tries for a suplex, but Too Panz blocks and reverses it. Both men get up, but Grendle goes down again after a super kick. TP tags in Mako. Mako rushes Grendle and starts biting his forehead, drawing a warning from the referee. Mako hits Grendle with a double axe handle, sending him to the mat. Mako grabs Grendle's legs and nails a reverse slingshot into the turnbuckles. Mako tags out to Too Panz. Grendle is crawling to his corner. Too Panz starts to pull Grendle up, but Grendle nails him with a low blow. Grendle makes his corner, but Fear lays him out with a big right hand. Too Panz powerbombs Grendle and covers for the win.

Winner: Too Panz & Mako

The Prisoner vs. Metalhead

TV Title Match

Prisoner whips Metalhead into the ropes and back body drops him into the side of the cage. Prisoner pulls him up quickly and hits a backbreaker. Metalhead ducks a left hand and shoves Prisoner face first into the cage. He grabs Prisoners head and pounds it repeatedly into the steel. The barbed wire around the cage has busted the Prisoner open. Prisoner gets away from Metalhead with a back elbowsmash. Metalhead hiptosses the Prisoner through a table in the corner. He starts to handcuff the Prisoner, but Prisoner is fighting back. The Prisoner picks up Metalhead in a gorilla press and throws him into the cage, cutting open Metalhead's back. The Prisoner is setting up a table, he picks up Metalhead and sets him on the table. Blitzkrieg on the table! The Prisoner picks up Metalhead, carries him to the corner and shackles him for the win and the title.

Winner: Prisoner

After the match, Raizzor runs down and starts beating on Metalhead while he is chained up until security comes and takes him away.

Brymstone vs. Steve Morley

Deep Fryer Match

Overcome with newfound confidence after making the tournament, Morley rushes Brymstone and tries to take him down with a cross body block. Brymstone catches Morley and flings him backwards in a Samoan Drop, right into a display of the new Happy Meal toys. Morley gets up and spears Brymstone into the counter. Morley picks up one of the registers and throws it at Brymstone, but the IC champ moves out of the way. Morley dropkicks Brymstone over the counter, then scrambles over after him. He holds the champ's head under the shake machine and turns it on, getting vanilla shake all over his head. Brymstone punches Morley away. Brymstone climbs on to the counter and pulls Morley up by the throat. He hits the Pits of Hell on the stainless steel counter-top. Brymstone grabs Morley's arm and drags him to the deep fryer. Morley fights him, but gets his hand dipped into the fryer.

Winner: Brymstone

Panzadise vs. Nightstryker

Tecmo Football Match

They start out in the end zone of the field. They trade punches and work their way to the 10 yard line. A DDT by Dise lands them to the 15. Stryker is up fast and nails Dise with some kicks, sending them back more. More punches and Dise suplexes Stryker. Stryker is up, but he's dizzy and wobbly. Panzadise runs from behind and takes him down with a bulldog. Panzadise drags Nightstryker toward the other end zone. He makes it to the other 40 yard line and Stryker stops him with a low blow. Stryker is up, and they are trading blows. Dise goes down first. Stryker pulls him up and hits the Last Nightfall on Panzadise! Nightsrtyker picks up Panzadise in a fireman's carry and starts toward the end zone. He makes it to the 5 yard line, and Dise squirms off his back. They trade punches again, edging closer to the end zone. Panzdise kicks Nightstryker in the stomach, doubling him over. He Panzadise Bombs Nightstryker into the end zone, winning the match.

Winner: Panzadise