World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Rage/Brymstone vs. Jeckyll & Hyde (Dark Match)

Winner: Rage/Brymstone (Pinfall)

Spider vs. Steve Morley

The Spider dominates Morley completely. Spider whips Morley into the ropes and then hit a power slam. Morley gets to his feet and the Spider gets him in the Hero's Victory for the win.

Winner: The Spider (Pinfall)

[The referee raises The Spider's hand in victory and he smiles a toothy grin, happy at the fact that he has won his first match. At ringside Lindsey dressed in a white halter top jumps up and down clapping her hands giving everyone quite a show, she climbs the steel steps and then comes into the ring putting her small arm around Dalton's waist. Dalton jestures for a microphone and one is handed to him.]

The Spider: Morley, why do you think I beat you tonight... No it is not because I am better then you it is becuase you believe that you are useless. You believe that you are nothing but a jobber who is supposed to lose so that those more fortunate then yourself can get over with the crowd. Well that is where you are worng. For you see Morley that is all
in your head, tell me is it not true that you won the tag team championships along with Mikey P? You are a good man with a lot of talent, don't waste it here. You can do much better. Come to my locker room later, and we will discuss this matter further if you wish.

[Dalton the drops the microphone, as his music plays and holds up the ropes for Lindsey to step through. She does and he follows her and they head back to the backstage area with their arms entwined.]

Krazy Whyte Boy vs. Metalhead (TV Title match)

Since the challenger didn't choose any stipulations, this is a normal match for the title. Metalhead starts the match off still wearing the belt. KWB hip tosses the champ down, then tries to follow up with an elbow drop, but Metalhead rolls away. Metalhead takes off his belt and throws it down in the middle of the ring. He whips KWB into the ropes and drop toe holds him onto the belt. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Krazy Whyte Boy (DQ)

Brymstone vs. Troy Martin

Troy Martin gets Brymstone off his feet quickly with a double leg takedown. Martin works the leg with a grapevine. Brymstone stretches and grabs the ropes. Martin again tries for the double leg takedown, but Brymstone blocks him and powerbombs him instead. Brymstone climbs up top and waits for Martin to get to his feet. Brymstone comes off the top with a double axe handle, but Martin catches him with a superkick first. Martin Tony Danza runs to the ring and starts yelling at Troy Martin. Martin goes over to yell back. Brymstone is up, spins Martin around and hits the Pits of Hell for the win.

Winner: Brymstone (Pinfall)

Nightstryker vs. Big Poppa Panzy

BBP attacks Nightstyker before the bell. They brawl to start. Nightstryker powers BPP into the corner, climbs the turnbuckles and punches him as the crowd counts along. Low blow by BPP turns the tide. BPP tries for a tombstone piledriver, but Nightstryker flips over and nails it himself. Seeing that the Panzy is in trouble, Tony Danza throws a pair of brass knuckles into the ring. Nightstryker catches them and uses them to knockout BPP. He

Winner: Nightstryker (Pinfall)

Too Panz vs. The Prisoner

They lock up and Too Panz tries to whip Prisoner into the ropes, but it gets reversed. Sidewalk slam brings TP crashing down hard.Too Panz to his feet, attempts to punch the Prisoner who ducks it. Prisoner behind TP and he applies a full nelson. Face first leg sweep by the Prisoner. He rolls Too Panz over and hooks the leg. One...two...kickout. Low blow by Too Panz allows him to get to his feet and send Prisoner into the ropes. Too Panz ducks his head down for a back body drop, Prisoner leaps over him for a sunset flip. One...two...kickout. Prisoner pulls Too Panz to his feet and hits the Blitzkrieg for the win.

Winner: The Prisoner (Pinfall)

Raizzor vs. Project X

Both men start out brawling in the ring, trading punches. Finally, Raizzor is the first to fall. He grabs Raizzor by the throat and picks him up. X casually tosses Raizzor into the corner. Project X charges the corner, but Raizzor jumps out of the way. X staggers backwards and Raizzor brings him down with an inverted DDT. He covers, but only gets 1. X whips Raizzor into the ropes. X tries a clothesline, but Raizzor catches his arm and turns it into a single arm DDT. Raizzor climbs up top and hits the flying leg drop. Raizzor covers, one...two...three.

Winner: Raizzor (Pinfall)

[The scene opens up inside The Spiders locker room where he is sitting with Lindsey, there is a knock at the door and he yells at them to come in. The door swings open and Steve Morley enters with his head hung low.]

Dalton: Ah, Mr. Morley please come in, have a seat. Would you like a drink I have got some red or white wine here, some scotch or some beer.

Morley: Uh, I will have a beer I guess.

[Dalton goes over to a small fridge and takes out a budweiser and tosses it to Steve. He grabs it and mumbles his thanks to The Spider.]

Dalton: I have been expecting you, I am glad to see that you know that you are above what you are producing right now. Your presence here has already shown me that. Now I bet you are asking yourself, what can I do to help you! Well let me tell you, all you need Morley is a little bit of respect, and before you know it you will be going for the titles. Am I right.

Morley: Uh, I guess so.

Dalton: You do want to win a title right, just liek the good old days with Mikey P?

Morley: Why yes, I do...

Dalton: I can help you win another title, you just need to respect yourself a little more, say Morley how would you like to work for me, while you are here in the PWA. I can't pay you very much, but you will still be getting your regular salary... Here take this.

[Dalton pulls a money clip out of his pants and hands it to Morley]

Dalton: So, what do you say?

Morley: I'll do it sir! I am going to make you proud.

Dalton: You do realize that I am going to make you work for your money right? I am going to need to get you to perform certain favours for me if I need it. Of course I am a big fan of paying people a little extra for a job well done. And you look like the kind of man who can do a job well.

Morley: I sure am sir! You just tell me what you need me to do and I will do it!

Dalton: First of all, we need to get you changed. I can't very well have my employees going around dressed like rednecks now can I? THose ripped jeans and t-shirt will have to go. Here put this on.

[Dalton gets up and goes over to a closet where he pulls out a pair of black dress pants and a black shirt with a spider on the back.]

Morley: Wow, I can't wait to put it on! All the women will find me dashing!

Dalton: They certainly will Steve, they certainly will.

Rage vs. Panzadise

Both men enter the ring and lock up. Rage powers out and they try it again. Rage gets the upper hand lifts Panzadise up in a hanging vertical suplex. Mako runs down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring. Rage drops Dise down, and Mako jumps on him, biting and drawing blood. Rage tries to pull him off and Mako attacks him, too. The ref calls for the bell as security comes out the break up the fight. Mako is handcuffed and a muzzle is fitted over his head as he is led away.

Winner: No Contest

Scott Cairns vs. Sirus

Internet Title Match

Both men shake hands, then lock up. Cairns comes out on top, and he puts a hammerlock on Sirus. Sirus twists around and reverses it to a hammerlock on Cairns. The Internet champ makes his way to the ropes, runs up them and flips over, breaking the hold. Cairns is able to hit an inverted suplex on a surprised Sirus. Cairns goes up top and comes down with a frog splash, but Sirus pulls his knees up. Sirus is to his feet first...he waits for Cairns to get up...he nails the Nameless Knockout! Sirus!

Winner: Sirus (New Internet Champion)

After the match, the referee hands Sirus both the Internet and the World Title belts. Sirus looks from one to the other and then back again. Finally Sirus puts on the Internet title, then throws down the World title in the middle the ring. Sirus walks up the ramp, grinning from ear to ear. The camera closes out on the discarded World Title, laying in the middle of the ring.