World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The Unknown Jabroni vs. Flecther

Recap: This match began in the back with TUJ attacking Fletcher from behind. All over the arena, the two men smashed into each other with trash can lids, chairs and anything else they could find. Late into the match, Fletcher jammed TUJ’s head into a toilet and flushed. Fletcher then pulled him away, and made the cover for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Fletcher

Ashe vs. Troy Martin

Recap: Troy Martin was introduced first, and then Ashe. The two men engaged in a heated war, each one taking the advantage over each other back and forth. Troy Martin hit the Trojan Horse early, but Ashe was close enough to the ropes to use them. Frustrated, Troy went back on the attack, but was unable to gain the advantage like before. Ashe tripped up Troy Martin, spun him around and hit a Super Plex for the win.

Winner: Ashe

Brothers Grimm vs. Skorch & Iceman

Recap: Skorch, from the PWL, hooked up with Iceman to take on the Brothers Grimm in a non title tag team match. Sirus, the PWA World Champion, began the match with Skorch and the two hooked up dead center. Skorch took the early advantage, wailing away on Sirus. Sirus though, was quick to tag out and let Grifter take over, who dominated the rest of the match against both Skorch and Iceman. Sirus stayed on the outside, cheering on Grifter as the big man bodyslammed both Iceman and Skorch ontop of each other, then climbed the ropes and delivered the Buzzbomb for the double pin!

Winner: Brothers Grimm

Skippy vs. Spectre

Recap: Spectre came out first, then Skippy, covered from head to toe in a white sheet with two holes cut in for eyes. Spectre gave a chilly grin and attacked Skippy immediately, sending the man into the corner, then started to beat up on him. But Skippy flipped Spectre around, pulling his sheet away from his hands, he hit three knife chops to the chest of Spectre. Then, Skippy hooked Spectre by the head and noogied him to the shock of the announcers and crowd. Skippy then Suplexed Spectre and dropped to his knees, tickling Spectre.. who despite his eerie presence, couldn’t help but laugh! By now, everyone was confused by Skippy’s attitude in the ring, but Spectre was able to climb back to his feet and drop kicked Skippy to the mat. At this point, a second ghost came out and circled the ring… then a third Ghost followed suit. The two outside Ghosts ran around the ring, arms out front and booing to the crowd.. Spectre, enraged, dashed at Skippy, who suddenly hit what looked like the Nameless Knockout. Skippy covered the unconscious Spectre and scored the 1-2-3. After the match, Rage and Brymstone came rushing out, and jumped into the ring, grabbing Skippy and ripping away the sheet.. only to find Sirus was under neath. Sirus waved shyly at the two shocked men, who turned and got double drop kicked out of the ring by the other two ghosts, who removed their sheets to reveal Skippy and Grifter. Outside, Rage, Spectre and Brymstone screamed and cussed at the Grimms and Skippy in the ring. Skippy took a mike and warned them that Wednesday, they’d get their chance in the ring.

Winner: Skippy/Sirus

Project-X vs. Brymstone


Brian Rentfro: Well, that was an interesting match,

Jon McDaniel: I guess Skippy wanted to play some mind games in return, since the six men are going to be meeting this coming Wednesday.

Brian Rentfro: Well, they sure did good that time. Now, Brymstone is going to defend his title in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is for the Pwa Television Championship. This match is a falls count anywhere battle. Introducing first, the challenger, from Area 51.. Project X!!!!

[Project X walks to the ring, his eyes ablaze in fury. He steps through the ropes and glares around him.]

Ring Announcer: And the champion, led to the ring by Night Mare, he is the PWA TV Champion, Brymstone!!

[Night Mare steps onto the ramp, followed by Brymstone. The two walk casually to the ring, and Night Mare steps to one corner as Brymstone enters the ring. Project X starts off with a fast assault, smashing his fists into Brymstone. Brymstone ducks and hits Project X Almost below the belt. Project X backs up and Brymstone charges PX with a clothesline. PX drops and Brymstone misses, turns and gets hit with a side kick over the top rope. PX jumps down and the two men begin hitting each other with everything they have. PX whips Brymstone into the steel steps, but Brymstone recovers quickly and hits PX with a DDT onto the floor. Brymstone goes for a cover… 1…..2….kickout by PX who rolls to his feet, hooks Brymstone up, and hits a fisherman suplex, and the ref makes the count 1…2 kickout by the champion.. The two return to their feet and start fighting up the ramp, throwing each other about like rag dolls]

Brian Rentfro: Those two are going at it like this is a world title match!!

Jon McDaniel: PX is a #1 contender for the world title, he knows how to fight the big battles, and Brymstone has faced some of the best in the PWA himself.

[On the ramp, Brymstone hits a swinging neck breaker and goes for another cover, but PX kicks out with ease. Brymstone becomes enraged and kicks PX low, hooks him up into a pedigree and delivers him head first into the steel ramp. Brymstone makes the cover, 1….2….kickout again by PX. Brymstone shakes his head, drags PX up, who suddenly out of no where, grabs Brymstone by the throat and hits him with "The Probe!" PX laughs and goes for the cover… Just then Chamelion comes out and falls next to PX, looking him in the eye, and sticks his tongue out at him, laughing mockingly. PX, angered, stands and approaches Chamelion, who backs up with fake fear, hands out and going.. Ooohh, I;m scared!!! Px, cries out with fury and towers over Chamelion, who just looks back at him with a big grin. PX, realizing his mistake, turns and runs into Brymstone, who turns him over and hits "The Pits of Hell". Brymstone makes the cover for the 1----2-------3!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Brymstone wins!!

Jon McDaniel: With a little help from Chamelion, that is!!

[Chamelion laughs more, and bends down to the hurt Project X, and takes out a magic marker and starts doodling on his face, humming away. Brymstone watches this for a moment, shakes his head in wonderment, and grabs his TV title from the ref and walks back stage with Night Mare.]

Brian Rentfro: Well, what a night! That’s another Rampage all wrapped up!

Jon McDaniel: What the heck is Chamelion doing though???

[Chamelion stand back up, caps the marker and studies his work. He then giggles insanely and skips into the back. Project X sits up, shaking his dazed head, and climbs to his feet. The camera moves in close and reads the words that Chamelion left behind.. "Reject" "Go Home, Alien" "You’re mother was a Xtro" and the like.]

Brian Rentfro (laughing): I don’t know.. but I think Chamelion has really done it this time.

Jon McDaniel: Another unusual night. We’ll see you Wednesday for another addition to Chaos.! Good Night!