World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Nightstyker vs. Troy Martin

Recap: Troy Martin came to the ring first, followed by Nightstyker; The IC Champion. This title tho, was not for the belt, but just a grand match between two former friends. Both men hooked up in the center and proceeded to blend strong, aggressive moves with quick, fast speed. However, the ring rust exibited by Nightstyker was a hindrence to his ability to keep the pace, and Troy Martin was able to take control late in the match and finish the IC Champion off with the Trojan Horse!

Winner: Troy Martin

The Unknown Jabroni vs. Stephen 'Monkey' MacDonald

Recap: The Unknown Jabroni got introd first, and made his way quickly to the ring. Next, Stephen "The Monkey" MacDonald came into the arena, and moved to the ring. The two men began the battle locking up in the center of the ring. The Unknown Jabroni was able to get the upper hand and wrestled the Monkey to the mat, performing some elementary, yet successful maneuvers to keep the Monkey off his feet. The Monkey, caught off guard, was able to reverse a particularly painful submission hold and broke it to get to his feet. After this, the Monkey let it all go, and slammed into the Unknown Jabroni with ferocious kicks, punches and then with a vertical suplex into a jackhammer. Winded, the Unknown Jabroni staggered to his feet only to be knocked back down with a vicious clothesline from hell. The Monkey then wrapped The Unknown Jabroni up in his submission finisher, and forced TUJ to tap out quickly!

Winner: Stephen "The Monkey" MacDonald.

Sirus and the urn vs. Jeckyll and Hyde

Recap: Jeckyll and Hyde came down first, into the ring and pranced around, waiting. Then, the PWA World Champion, Sirus… with "Al" Urn in hand, came down to the ring. Sirus sat the Urn in his corner and kneeled down to "converse" with the object while the other two looked on with confusion. Sirus gave a short nod, took the Urn and placed it in the center of the ring. Stepping back through the ropes, he motions for the ref to start the match. The ref, always concerned with Sirus’s sanity, shakes his head and rings the bell. J&H look at each other in awe.. then look at the ref, Sirus, then the urn. Both men go and reach down to "Pin" the urn. As the ref kneeled to make the count, Sirus climbed to the top rope, and delivered a flying double bulldog to both opponents. Sirus then quickly pushed the urn to the corner, slapped it for the tag, and rushed back to cover both Jeckyll & Hyde for the 3!

Winners: Sirus and Urn

Skippy vs. Spectre

(Gauntlet Match #1)

Brian Rentfro: Oh boy, the match I’ve waited for all night! Old Skippy is finally going to get his due!

Jon McDaniel: You think so, Brian. Granted, this is going to be a hell of a night for Skippy, but he’s proven himself in the past.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, well, he’s facing two new up and comers who are definitely no push overs!

Jon McDaniel: They have proven themselves time and again. Let’s get to the first of our three gauntlet matches!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is our GAUNTLET MATCH! Introducing first, the man who is to run the gauntlet, as ordered by Mrs. X. Accompanied to the ring by Jasmine Lee Sommers.. he is SKIPPY "The Plunger Boy"!

[Name change or not, the crowd explodes as Skippy walks out with Jasmine. Save the outfit, the man they see is no different then their former world champion, and he smiles as the cheers and applause surround him and his wife. Jasmine and Skippy walk side by side to the ring, share brief words before Jasmine walks back up the ramp and disappears. Skippy climbs into the ring, turns, his face suddenly clouding over, eyes turning cold, as he waits.]

Ring Announcer: Introducing, his first opponent, SPECTRE!

[Spectre steps out to massive boos and trash throwing. Spectre all but ignores the crowd as he moves ominously to the ring. Spectre steps into the ring slowly, eyeing Skippy, and gives him an evil grin.]

Brian Rentfro: based on the actions of Spectre with Beth Anderson’s gravesite.. I am contemplating hiding my eyes for this one.

Jon McDaniel: I might join you.

[Spectre laughs at Skippy and walks to the center of the ring. Skippy, seemingly calm and cool, walks forward as well. Just before Spectre can say anything though, Skippy hits him with an thrust to the throat that is hard, fast and violent. Spectre backs up in shock, pain registering on his face and Skippy begins wailing away at Spectre with enormous, vicious blows. Spectre is backed into the ropes and Skippy whips him to the other side. Spectre however, is able to reverse the move and as Skippy bounces off the ropes, Spectre catches him with a knee lift. Skippy goes down but rolls back to his feet quickly, pouncing on the startled Spectre. Skippy drives his fists into Spectre’s jaw and face, the only intention he has, to eradicate Spectre from existence. Spectre falls back into the ropes and Skippy tries another whip. This time, successful, Skippy catches Spectre with a back body drop, then hits the ropes and connects with a leg drop. Skippy returns to his feet but gets struck with a low blow from Spectre, causing Skippy to drop to his knees in pain. Spectre then backs up and delivers a sharp drop kick to Skippy’s face, causing him to fall onto his back. Spectre then pulls Skippy up and suplexes him back down. Spectre goes for a quick cover… the ref counts.. 1…kickout by Skippy. Spectre pulls Skippy up, but Skippy hooks onto Spectre and hits a suplex of his own. Skippy then drives a knee into Spectre’s chest, as he lays on the mat. Spectre tries to pull himself up, but Skippy catches him with a boot to the ribs, and Spectre falls back down in agony. Skippy, his eyes focused and determined, begins to wail away again on Spectre, repeatedly kicking him in the ribs and kidneys… each savage kick sending a message home. Then, Skippy pulls Spectre up, spins him over and hits the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker. Skippy goes for the cover.. 1…..2…Skippy pulls Spectre up by the hair. The ref starts admonishing Skippy, but Skippy shrugs him off. Skippy whips Spectre into the turnbuckle, and grabs him by the hair, slamming his face into the corner repeatedly. Spectre stumbles back, bent over and coughing from the pain in his ribs. Skippy scrambles to the top rope and delivers the Guillotine Leg Drop to the back of Spectre’s head while he’s bent over, sending him face first into the mat. Skippy rolls over Spectre and scores the easy 1-2-3!

Winner: Skippy

Brian Rentfro: Is it over??

Jon McDaniel (looking back to the ring): I think so..

Skippy vs Brymstone

(Gauntlet Match #2)

Ring Announcer: Introducing next, the man called BRYMSTONE!!!!

[Engle by Rammstein Wers begins to play over the loudspeakers as Brymstone steps onto the rampway with Night Mare at his side. The medics are just finishing wheeling Spectre to the back for a medical check up and Brymstone avoids his eyes. Night Mare speaks softly to Brymstone and he nods, and she leaves. Brymstone then walks slowly, methodically to the ring side area.]

Brian Rentfro: I don’t think Brymstone wanted to see the end results of Skippy’s anger over Spectre. Think he’s spooked?

Jon McDaniel: if there is one word I would never use to describe Brymstone, it’s spooked.. But I think he’s just a tad more cautious then before.

Brian Rentfro: Let’s get to it then!

[Brymstone steps through the ring ropes and before he’s all the way in, he’s met with a vicious kick from Skippy, sending him back outside the ring. Skippy quickly slides through the bottom rope and attacks Brymstone, whipping him into the steel steps. But Brymstone seems unaffected as he stands back up, grabs Skippy in a chokehold, and slams him to the floor. Brymstone then picks up Skippy and bodyslams him into the steel steps. Skippy grabs his back in pain as Brymstone lifts him up, throwing him back into the ring. Brymstone slides inside, but is startled to see Skippy back on his feet, charging.

Brymstone tries to deflect a wild punch, but it connects solidly, backing him into the ropes. Skippy then knees him in the stomach, grabs his hair, and delivers a DDT, sending Brymstone face first into the mat. Skippy rolls him over and goes for a pin, but Brymstone kicks out before the one count. Skippy backs up as Brymstone rises and rushes forward, but is caught with a elbow to the face, backing him up and letting Brymstone get enough room to clothesline Skippy into the turnbuckle. Brymstone then moves into the corner wish a hard splash, and then headlocks Skippy and lifts him up onto the turnbuckle. Brymstone, having Skippy in place, climbs up and hooks up Skippy for a superplex. Skippy, however, hooks his legs around the ropes, and as Brymstone goes for the move, Skippy jerks back, and Brymstone goes falling to the mat. Skippy then sets himself upright, soars through the air and hits the Guillotine Leg Drop! The ref, in position, makes the count…1…….2……Thre-KICKOUT!!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Did you see that? Brymstone just kicked out of Skippy’s devestating finisher!!

Jon McDaniel: He is a true monster! But Skippy seems unfazed!

[Back in the ring, Skippy recovers quickly and rolls to his feet. Brymstone, however, is a little slower, using a lot of his energy to kickout. Skippy knee lifts Brymstone in the jaw and then hooks him in a reverse neck breaker. But the moment Brymstone hits the mat, he is rolling back to his feet. Skippy circles the man and they stare each other in the eyes.. The two men then lock up, dead center of the ring, and struggle for the advantage. Brymstone pushes Skippy back into the corner, and the ref tries to break the two men apart. Brymstone begins to back off, the goes for a cheap shot, which Skippy blocks and delivers his own punch. Brymstone backs off.. the two men, wary of each other, lock up again, this time Skippy pushes Brymstone to the corner, and to everyone’s surprise, breaks it off cleanly. Skippy turns to walk to the center of the ring, but Brymstone charges for the behind the back attack, but Skippy steps aside and drop toe holds Brymstone to the mat. Skippy then clobbers Brymstone in the back of the neck with an elbow drop, but Brymstone again, rises to his feet. Turning sharply, Brymstone’s hand shoots out, and catches Skippy off guard. Brymstone smiles contently as Skippy struggles to break free, and then suddenly, lifts Skippy up and connects with the Pits Of Hell!

Brian Rentfro: That’s it! It’s over for Skippy!

[The ref drops to make the count….1…….2…..Wait, Skippy’s foot is on the ropes! The ref points this out to Brymstone, who angrily rises and backs the ref into the corner. Meanwhile, Skippy sits up, shaking his head. He whips his head around, burning holes into Brymstone’s back with his eyes, and he stands up. Brymstone glares a moment later at the ref, turns, and is caught into a chokehold by Skippy, who sends Brymstone to the mat with his own Chokeslam! Skippy goes for another cover…1…..2 kickout by Brymstone. Skippy rights himself and notices the Brymstone is having a little more difficulty then usual. Skippy tries for another kick, but Brymstone catches him, and flips him onto the mat. Brymstone then delivers a few elbows of his own, and then picks up Skippy and powerbombs him. Brymstone goes for the cover…1….2 kickout! Skippy crawls back to his feet and the two begin exchanging punches… Brimstone goes for a right hook, which Skippy ducks, wraps his arms around the waist of Brymstone, pivots him into the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker and makes the pin..1……2……Kickout again!!!!]

Jon McDaniel: I don’t believe it!! Both finishers!! Skippy can’t put this man down!!!!

[Skippy steps back up, and as Brymstone staggers back to his feet, Skippy turns him over, and hits a second Tombstone Shoulder Breaker! Without making a cover, Skippy then drags him back to his feet, and for a third time, Tombstones him to the mat. Skippy, disgusted, then climbs to the top rope, and sails through the air, connecting with the Guillotine Leg Drop! He then makes the cover…..1………..2…………..3!!!!!!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Incredible!! It took FIVE.. FIVE of Skippy’s finishers to put the huge Brymstone down!!!

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone is quite impressive… it took everything in Skippy’s arsenal to end the match! But he did do it!! That’s two down!

Brian Rentfro: Oh man, your right! With all the excitement.. We totally forgot that the third man is a mystery to us!!! This is going to be great!

Jon McDaniel: You bet! Let’s not wait any longer!!!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s now time for the third opponent. This man needs no introductions, he is…………….RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Rage??? OH NO!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: And you were looking forward to this??

Brian Rentfro: Oh shut up!

[Rage steps out onto the ramp. He looks into the ring, where Skippy stares back. Rage expects to see Skippy in shock, but Skippy is merely pacing back and forth, anger etched on his face. Rage walks casually to the ring, taking his time, and sliding inside. He walks to the center of the ring where Skippy is waiting, and the two exchange some heated words.]

Jon McDaniel: What I don’t get, is how is Rage associated with Spectre?? That man devastated Rage’s wife’s gravesite!! If anything, Rage should be opposing Spectre!

Brian Rentfro: Nothing Rage ever did, made any sense!

Skippy vs Rage

(Gauntlet Match #3)

[The bell rings and the two men stand there, eyes locked. Skippy is seething with anger, and the two argue back and forth. Finally, unable to hold back, Skippy strikes with a closed fist, which Rage blocks, sending Skippy railing back with his own. Rage then goes on the offensive, taking advantage of Skippy’s weakened condition to strike blow after blow to Skippy’s forehead and face. Skippy manages to block a punch and kicks Rage in the stomach. Rage doubles over and Skippy hits a Hot Stuff type move to Rage, driving him face first to the mat. Skippy then knees Rage in the back two times and then pulls him up. Rage, shaken, punches Skippy in the gut, pulls him over and hits a Pedigree on Skippy! Rage tries for quick cover but only scores a one count. Rage pulls Skippy back up and whips him quickly into the ropes, following it up with a knee lift then an elbow drop. Rage then lifts the exhausted Skippy up and suplexes him hard to the mat, trying another cover.. only to get a two count. Skippy then takes quick advantage, flipping Rage over by the hair and then slamming his knee into Rage’s shoulder. Skippy backs up and goes for a huge knee drop, but Rage rolls out of the way and Skippy crashes to the mat. Rage assumes the advantage and begins to apply the Fires OF Rage, which Skippy counters into a small package pinfall. The ref makes the count…..1……2 kickout by the former champion! Rage, infused with anger, starts smashing away on Skippy, but Skippy takes the blows.. returning his own, and the two men begin to beat each other down.. soon, both are on their knees… struggling to knock the other out.. but both, equal.. unable to over come the other. Exhausted, the two men sit back, breathing hard and staring at each other through slited eyes, neither wanting, but having too admit the strengths of the other. Crawling back to their feet, both men attack with a renewed energy… and Rage takes the advantage, delivering a powerbomb, suplex and bodyslam all in a row… Skippy then gets control, with a sumoan drop, a "rock bottom" and two clotheslines. But Rage isn’t through yet, he blocks a punch and sends Skippy reeling into the ropes.. Rage then comes forward, intent on finishing things, when he gets caught by Skippy and turned over into the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!! The ref begins the count…..1…….2.. At that moment, Brymstone crashes into the ring, driving an elbow into Skippy’s back, breaking the count!! The ref calls for the bell, signaling in a DQ! Brymstone begins pounding into Skippy as Rage shakes the cobwebs out of his head. Rage then joins Brymstone in beating down the injured exhausted Skippy. ]

Brian Rentfro: WhAT!! Skippy almost had that won!! Brymstone’s interference ends this match!! Now the two men are devestating Skippy!

Jon McDaniel: They’re taking every ounce of anger they have out on the man! Skippy is trying to fend them off, but is having little success!!

[Rage directs Brymstone who picks up Skippy and hits the Pits of Hell!!! Rage laughs and then pulls Skippy into the Fires Of Rage… he holds him there while the ref pleads for Rage to let go. Brymstone turns and gives the ref the Pits Of Hell as well. Rage finally breaks the hold, and they both stare down at the unconscious Skippy! Rage gives one last swift kick to Skippy, laughs and motions Brymstone to follow and the two leave the ring.]

Brian Rentfro: What carnage!! Rage is back in the PWA, and his first victim is Skippy!! Thanks to the help of Brymstone!

Jon McDaniel: This does not bold well for Skippy’s future in the PWA!! Rage has always been and will always the most dangerous man Skippy has ever faced!! The medics are coming back to the ring, Jasmine is running down as well. As soon as we have word on Skippy’s well being, we’ll be sure to get it for you.

Goodnight everyone!