World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


MVP Vs. Chamelion

Recap: MVP came out first, then Chamelion. The match started out fast and furious as both combatants fought for control. Chamelion played dirty early, raking the eyes and choking MVP with the ropes, showing no mercy and being very vicious. MVP struggled to get some offensive moves in, but Chamelion’s devastating attack left him little purchase. Near the end, MVP was able to gain control, and tried for the Most Valuable Move, but was countered by Chamelion who hit the Rupture for the 1-2-3. After the match, Chamelion returned to pounding on the hapless MVP until Michael Sommers, Chamelion’s brother, ran out from the back, slid into the ring and clotheslined Chamelion over the top rope. The two stared at each other with intense anger as the officials ran down to keep them apart.

Winner: Chamelion by Pinfall

The Unknown Jabroni Vs. Ashe Vs. Brymstone Vs. Vito


Recap: Finally, the TV title was going to be awarded to a deserving competitor here in the PWA. This match was scheduled as an elimination style battle. It would go until there was one left. All four men battled it out in the center of the ring, and many pinfalls were attempted early. At about 8 minutes, Vito was able to force theThe Unknown Jabroni to submit to a Boston Crab, eliminating the man from the match. Shortly after that, Ashe and Brymstone were trading punches and Ashe was able to DDT Brymstone. At that moment, one of Brittany’s kidnappers appeared at the entranceway with Brittany, taunting Ashe. Ashe stepped onto the ropes, to yell at the kidnapper, when he got shoved over by Vito. Ashe quickly scrambled to his feet and ran after the two, who disappeared quickly. This left Brymstone and Vito in the ring. The two gave a classic battle, each gaining and losing the advantage many times before Brymstone was able to counter a powerbomb attempt, into a back body drop, sending Vito to the floor, eliminating him.

Winner: Brymstone, new PWA TV Champion.

Jon McDaniel: I’m being told that we have something very special to bring you right now. This is not in the card, and personally I have no idea what this is.

Brian Rentfro: I know what it is!! They’re finally going to give you your walking papers, McDaniel, you no talent waste of space!

Jon McDaniel: I highly doubt that. We both know who's the one who carries this program week after week.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah….ME!!!

The arena lights go down and blue strobes start going off, ‘When World Collide’ by Powerman 5000 explodes over the PA system, and in an instant, Rage breaks through the curtain and walks down the aisle toward the ring. He isn’t dressed to wrestler, he wares faded jeans and a ‘Feel The Rage’ t-shirt.

Brian Rentfro: NO!! No, I can’t believe it. He isn’t supposed to be here tonight. Security, get him out of here!

Jon McDaniel: It’s RAGE! The Rage has returned to the PWA!!!! Watch out Brian, he’s looking your way.

Brian Rentfro: What? Hide me!! Hide me, McDaniel!

Rage walks over to the announcer table and shakes McDaniel’s hand. Rentfro stands and extends his, but Rage just glares back at him.

Brian Rentfro: Hey, Rage, good to see ya. I always knew you’d make it back. You’re my favorite.

Rage turns and walks the stairs into the ring. He stands there for a moment, taking in the fans’ cheers before pulling a mic out of his back pocket.

Jon McDaniel: For the past month, Rage has been taking part in the NOA 2, an inter-fed organization where he was set to wrestle Faith in a retirement match. We have yet to hear the results of that match.

Brian Rentfro: He lost, I knew it! He couldn’t hold a candle against Faith, and now he has to show his face and admit his humiliation in front of the world!

The crowd chants get louder: RAGE……RAGE……RAGE……RAGE

Rage stands in the ring, silent as he looks around the arena. Then, a smile crosses his face.

Rage: In the beginning there was Rage, and Rage was very, very BAD!!! Through the Paw’s inaugural year, I have been the single driving force that rocketed this fed to the status that it’s at now. But, as with all good things, there must come an end. I have won my titles, I have punished my enemies, and I have made my friends. I have done everything a wrestler can possibly do, two world titles, two IC straps, and co-holder of the tag belts on two separate occasions. What was there left to do? The much-anticipated retirement match at Night of Armageddon 2. Faith, one on one, for all the marbles and me. That man gave me what was by far the greatest match of my life. We beat each other from pillar to post and back again. To be honest, the match could have gone either way. But in the end, I hooked the ‘Fires of Rage’ and it was over! I proved my point as the single most powerful force in wrestling, and I did it for each of you…my fans!

So, to all those who love me, and those that hate me…I give you one final thing. My retirement.

The crowd is in shock. There is a mixture of cheers, boos, and ‘Rage’ chants.

Brian Rentfro: Yes!!! What’d I tell you, McDaniel? Oh, this is the happiest day of my life. Hold me, Jon…share this moment with me.

Jon McDaniel: You make me sick! This man has given his life to this sport, and this is how you say goodbye?

Brian Rentfro: Hey, nobody was there for me when I retired.

Jon McDaniel: When you retired, it was a blessing to all.

Rage stands in the middle of the ring; he tries to say something else, but appears choked up. He steps out of the ring and begins heading up the aisle. As he reaches the halfway point an all too familiar voice comes over the P.A. system, the voice of Mrs. X.

Mrs. X: Oh, you just wait right there…Rage!

Rage stops in his tracks as the arena goes silent.

Mrs. X: If you think you’re just going to waltz right out of MY federation, you’ve got another thing coming. You see, I have a contract that you signed stating that you would wrestle until the end of April 2000, and that is precisely what you’re going to do. Unless, you want me to take you to court for breach of contract.

Rage just stands there, silent. Then, slowly continues his walk back up the ramp.

Jon McDaniel: Well, there you have it. Rage says he’s finished with wrestling, and Mrs. X says ‘no way’.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe this. That BIT……

Jon McDaniel: Watch it, Brian. I don’t think you want Mrs. X on your bad side.

Brian Rentfro: I wasn’t going to say anything bad, I swear. Oh, what a miserable day. Rage isn’t retiring, DAMN IT!

Project X Vs. Stephen 'The Monkey' MacDonald

Special Guest Referee; The Dragon

Recap: This was an early foreshadowing of the main event at Genesis 2. Two members of the main event faced off with the Dragon, part of Might & Magic as the referee. However, this match was biased from the beginning as all attempted covers by Project X were met with ignorance from Dragon. Project X, very angry with Dragon’s refereeing, got in his face, allowing the Monkey to regain his balance and hit the "Spunky Monkey" . The Dragon then made a very fast 123, with Project X’s shoulder coming up before the 3, which the Dragon visibly ignored, to give the Monkey the victory. After the match, Nightstryker dashed into the ring and attacked the Dragon for his injustice. As the Dragon rolled out of the ring, The Monkey and Nightstryker stared each other down before Nightstryker collected his ally Project X and they left.

Winner: Stephen "The Monkey" MacDonald by Pinfall

Ironheart© Vs. Smiley Mack Moran, I.M. Fletcher Moran , Grifter & Sirus


Brian Rentfro: It’s now time for the main event. Ironheart must defend his PWA gold against all of the Moran clan.

Jon McDaniel: This is a gauntlet match, each time Ironheart wins, if he does, he immediately must face the next member.

Brian Rentfro: Indeed, four matches possible for the champion in a row. Let’s get onto it.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the gauntlet match for the PWA World Championship. Making his way to the ring, he is the PWA World Champion…IRONHEART!

[Ironheart comes out, sans music and pyros, his faced etched with determination, as he prepares for the fight(s) of his life]

Jon McDaniel: We have not seen or heard from Ironheart since shortly after his incredible win over Raizzor at March Madness.

Brian Rentfro: You know he’s been preparing for this for a while, and it’s kept him from the usual limelight being a new champion would bring.

[Suddenly "We're not going to take it" by Twisted Sister begins to play over the loudspeaker and the Avengers of Justice logo appears on the ADCTron. The Monkey stands at the top of the ramp wearing a black AJ t-shirt. Beside him are two masked men also dressed in black wearing AJ t-shirts. The Monkey has a microphone in his hand and he walks down to

the ring flanked by the two masked men.]

The Monkey: Don't mistake our purpose Moran's. We are not here to cost you what you very rightfully deserve, the world title. Nor are we here to help you win it... At least, not directly so. You see we have learned a lot from you guys, I guess that you could almost call yourselves, our

"mentors." You have always stood up for what is fair and just, and now we the Avengers of Justice wish to follow in your footsteps. Tonight, you may rest assured that no Legend's of the Ring member will make it to that ring, because the Avengers are on guard. My two deciples

here, are not ready to show the world their faces yet. Correction, the world is not ready to see their faces yet. For now, we must hide the truth from the world. But you can be sure, that their focus is true and their will is strong. Perhaps, after one of you win the title, you would join us. It would be a trip back to your glory day's. A trip that we would ALL benefit from. Good luck tonight Morans.

[The Monkey and the two masked men, stand on the ramp with their backs to the ring looking to stop anyone who tries to make their way down.]

Brian Rentfro: We have bouncers now!!!

Jon McDaniel: The Monkey is sick of all the screwjobs that are going on in the PWA.

Brian Rentfro: He didn’t seem to concerned earlier with The Dragon’s help…

Jon McDaniel: ….

Ring Announcer: Introducing his first opponent, Smiley Mack Moran!

[Smiley Mack comes to the ring, and enters. This battle was quick, as Ironheart showed all offense, hitting the Revelation and easily pinned Smiley mack with in 2 minutes.]

Brian Rentfro: Quick work by Ironheart! He’s hardly broken a sweat!

Jon McDaniel: There’s only three more to go!

Ring Announcer: And now, the next man to face Ironheart, I.M. Fletcher Moran!

[Fletcher hit the ring and immediately went to work on Ironheart. Fletcher showed more aggressiveness then usual, in an attempt to capture the title. Ironheart had to counter many powerful moves before whipping Fletcher into the ropes and hitting the Revelation for the 1-2-3!]

Brian Rentfro: There was some concern in that one! Ironheart was caught off guard by Fletcher and nearly lost the title there.

Jon McDaniel: Well, now comes his biggest challenge of the night!

Ring Announcer: Next, Grifter!

[Grifter walks to the ring silently, patting Fletcher on the back as he passes. Grifter steps into the ring, and eyes a wobbly Ironheart. The two men stare at each other, Ironheart smirks and Grifter nods solemnly. The two men lock up and Grifter takes early advantage. Ironheart then gets the upper hand and works on Grifter’s leg, trying to take his base out. Ironheart then attempts to whip Grifter into the ropes, but Grifter’s leg gives out, and Grifter falls through the ropes. Ironheart jumps down and in a show of sportsmanship, makes sure Grifter is okay. Grifter gives the thumbs up, climbs into the ring, and ducks a clothesline by Ironheart, and scoops him up into a big bodyslam. Grifter then climbs to the top rope, and goes for the Buzz Bomb. However, Grifter loses his balance because of his leg, and comes crashing down. Ironheart quickly rolls him up for the 1-2-3!]

Brian Rentfro: Man, what a match that was!! Grifter would have been the new champion, but Ironheart’s skillful attack on the big man’s leg became the deciding factor!

Jon McDaniel: It was a great match.. but Ironheart needs only one more win to remain champion! Let’s get to it!

Ring Announcer: Ladies & Gentlemen, the last member of the Moran clan, SIRUS!

[Sirus moves down to the ring, and checks on Grifter. Grifter gives a slight smile and points into the ring. Sirus nods and slips into it. Sirus walks up to a winded Ironheart and speaks to him, the two men exchange words and then shake hands. The two men circle each other and lock up! Sirus twists Ironheart into an arm bar and then gives the arm a couple of wrenches. Ironheart reaches the rope and Sirus immediately lets go. The two lock up again, and this time Ironheart gets Sirus into a headlock. Sirus presses his palm into Ironheart’s back, and shoves him into the ropes. Ironheart bounces off of them and avoids a clothesline attempt, comes back and drop kicks Sirus. This back and forth action went on for almost 15 minutes! Both men showed no signs of slowing, as the World Title was at stake and was great motivation. As Sirus gained the advantage late in the match, the lights suddenly went dark, and on the stage behind Monkey and his henchmen, appeared "Al" on a pedestal. The Monkey backed up in surprise and in the ring, Sirus’ eyes went wide and he stared in awe at the bear. Just then, "Al" the bear explodes into pieces of stuffing and stitches! The Monkey looks wide eyes back into the ring as Sirus backs up in shock, shaking his head no and biting his lip. Ironheart struggled back to his feet, the earlier attack from Sirus having knocked him nearly out. Ironheart went to grab Sirus, but the devastated man turned and hit Ironheart with a totally unexpected Nameless Knockout. Sirus then turned back with the intention of leaving the ring when Grifter rushed down and pushed Sirus back in, pointing at Ironheart. The two men argued, one talking, the other motioning.. and finally Sirus sighed in exasperation and turned back, covering Ironheart. At the count of two, Ironheart kicked out, and surprised the whole crowd. Sirus, knowing he wasn’t going to get anywhere till this match was over, pulled Ironheart up, and delivered another Nameless Knockout, this time making the cover for the 1-2-3! Before waiting for the title, Sirus ran out of the ring and up the stage past a startled Monkey to collect the stuffing from the destroyed bear.]

Brian Rentfro: SIRUS Beat Ironheart!! Sirus is the new PWA World Heavyweight Champion!!

Jon McDaniel: But it doesn’t look like he cares!! Al has been destroyed AGAIN! How many times is Sirus going to have to go through the pain of losing Al??

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know how much longer this torture of that man is going to happen!! But as I said, he’s the new world champion!

Jon McDaniel: Ironheart’s finally stirring, and looks up the stage.. he hears the announcer declare Sirus the new champion and saddened, Ironheart stirs to his feet. The crowd cheers the former champion as he slides out of the ring, and walks part way up the ramp. The crowd screams and cheers and Ironheart stops, turns..

Brian Rentfro: He’s heading back to the ring! He’s getting back in. Ironheart walks to the middle, turns all the way around to acknowledge the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: Ironheart then raises his fist, and the crowd explodes into the loudest cheers I think I’ve ever heard! A fitting end to the reign of Ironheart!! He may not have been champion for long, but this man has always been a hero to the PWA, he has always been a……

Legend of the Ring!

(From all the PWA: Good Luck, Stephen Henson!!!)

Fade Out