World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Opening Segment

Rob Robinson: Pioneer Wrestling Association wishes to extent our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of Owen Hart. In memory of Owen Hart, we will offer a 10 bell salute. (The bell rings 10 times.)

(The screen goes black, and and the PWA logo appears in white. "Heavy" by Collective Soul starts.)

(clip of Cinergy beating Raizzor for the Internet Title)
Narrator: All the abuse and punishment leads here.
(clip of King Agony beating Rage for the World Title)
Narrator: Like the gladiators of Rome, they have come to fight.
(clip of Dr. Steven Remo DDTing James Ramon)
Narrator: Tonight, all the titles are on the line.
(clip of President Robinson getting trashed by Chamelion)
Narrator: Old wars will end, and new ones begin.
(clip of The ICONS winning the tag titles)
Narrator: In the culmination of it all,
(clip of B. Dubbs and Tundra in the first World title match)
Narrator: because it is all about Battle Dome!

(The camera pans across the arena, and numerous signs can be seen. President Robinson is in the ring.)

President Robinson: Before we get started, there is something that needs to be discussed. As I'm sure you all know, the main event tonight is a Triple Threat match between Rage, Fear, and Tundra. As I'm sure you also know, Tundra is serving time in prison, and will be unable to attend tonight. I have already made my choice as to which wrestler will get the shot tonight, but in the interest of surprise, I can't say who that will be. Rest assured, there will be a third wrestler in the ring tonight. My next topic is Mikey P.

("Damaged" by Black Flag starts and Mikey P. enters the ring)

President Robinson: Mikey, I know that you and I have had our differences in the past, and I'll admit that I'm the reason you lost your title. But what I've got here for you is a guaranteed title shot, any time, any place. Of course, it isn't good for the Triple Threat match tonight.

(Mikey P. just looks at President Robinson)

President Robinson: The Board of Trustees thought that it would be appropriate to offer you this. Just let me know when you want to use it, and I'll set up the match.

(Mikey P. leaves the ring, and President Robinson soon follows.)

Jon McDaniel: What an exciting night this is going to be!

Brian Rentfro: Agreed. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Shocking Shawn vs. the Corpse

BR- This first match is scheduled for one making his way to the ring...he is one of the newer members of the PWA...SHOCKING SHAAAAAWWN.....

[Shawn makes his way to the ring.....]

And his opponent....maybe the newest addition to the PWA....he is the master of the CLOSED CASKET....The Corpsssse...

[the lights go down....a strange silent music plays as the dark man makes his way to the ring.....]

JM - This should be a great match... Shocking Shawn has been just that...SHOCKING and Corpse...well he's pun intended

BR - Yes it is and there is the bell (ding ding ding)......they lockup Corpse with the irish whip off the ropes.....DROPKICK right on the chin!!

JM - that was perfect!! He picks up Shocking slam....OH he drops the quick elbow...that's gotta take the wind out of him...

BR - Shawn getting up...Corpse goes for the suplex...blocked by Shocking....he reverses.......nicely done...

JM - Shawn on the attack...vicious punches to the face......

BR - ITS NOT EVEN startling Corpse...he's laughing.......he grabs Shawn by the neck.....and is now backing him into the corner....Ooo...nasty backhand chops.....

JM - Corpse acts like he doesn't feel the pain?

BR - Corpse takes him and scoop slams him....he goes to the middle rope...DOWN hard with the knee on Shawn...
He picks him up...he's got him locked into something.....CLOSED CASKET....this one is over.....the count 1....2.....3.....

JM - He owned Shocking Shawn!! What a great win for Corpse.....The Devil of Darkness.....

BR - Very impressive...but he is still too new....but his day will come... lets get to out next match...First making his way to the ring....he is the biggest HOMO that wrestling has EVER seen...Brute the Fruit!!! And his opponent.....the self proclaimed hardcore icon....Hardcore" Jack Manley.......

JM - This should be an interesting match...I.....

[the lights go out............]

BR - What the...this WAS NOT scheduled!!!

[A loud scream is heard.........then anohter.........then....the lights come back up......]

JM - OH MY GOD!!! Someone has beaten both men down....they are laying in the ring.....almost....lifeless....

BR - WHO is responsible for this.....these two came out to wrestle a good clean match....and the ring is a mess...

[Medics rush out to aid the two....just then the lights go out can hear a deep breathing sound from the PA......all of the sudden on the
PWAtron.....LIGHTNING is seen in the back the foreground stands a man.....]

Members of the PWA....let this be my gift to those that wish to enter the rhelm of which I am about to take part in......Do you see the PAIN....did you HEAR the pain?? Well I heard it...but do not see it.....I FEEL NO PAIN...... These men are lucky....they still have souls......I wish I did.... Some of you may understand this....may know a little about of what I speak...I am becoming more impatient as the days go by.....I do not know where the path I have now chosen will take me....but I will follow it with intentions of defeating those that try to block it.....still I feel that I MUST is still not time....but I would like to say this...CAJAN....beware........Menace is coming........

[just then a LIGHTNING BOLT strikes the man.....all you see is a flash....up on the tron there is one word....MENACE]

BR - umm....who...wa wa was that?

JM - Not sure.....he well he looks like a craz'd LOONEY!!

BR - Watch what you say...I don't wanna be around if he comes after you!!

JM - Yeah OK...this guy isn't even a part of the PWA.....I'm not worried.....

BR - Imagine that...your so go back to the ring for the Internet Title match!

Ironheart vs. Cinergy

PWA Internet Championship Match

BR - This match is for one fall, and the winner will walk away the PWA INTERNET CHAMPION!!! First.....making his way to the ring...the master of the
BOLT....Cinnnnnnerrgyyyyyy..........and his opponent....he is the holier than thou....IRONHEART.........

JM - this should be a great match!! both men have got a lot on the line....

BR - Yeah but Cinergy shouldn't even be here....HE RETIRED

JM - It was just a plot to try to get Tundra back.....

BR - What good that did....he's in Cell Block 6 watching......

(ding ding ding)

BR - They lockup....Cinergy send IronHeart to the ropes.....IronHeart the ropes.....clotheline from Cinergy..he picks up IronHeart...scoop
slam....he goes for the cover...1.. kick out....

JM - To early...he needs to wear him down more!!

BR - Cinergy has IronHeart in a reverse chinlock...IronHeart is fighting for the ropes.....Cinergy is really grinding into him...he breaks the hold now and sends him
outside of the ring.....

JM - He is just giving IronHeart a chance to re-group!! Cinergy is just working the crowd.........

BR - Cinergy is now going to the ropes....he grabs IronHeart by the hair and pulls him onto the apron.....IronHeart caught him with a left hook....he is laying some
punches into the skull of Cinergy.....OH MY what a right....Springboard Clothesline from IronHeart....he locks up the arm.....

JM - About time we see some offense from IronHeart...I was getting worried.....

BR - IronHeart still with that arm locked in...he takes him off the ropes......great knee to the gut....he sets him up...drops down the atomic drop.....he goes for the
pin..1...2... KICK OUT!!! Cinergy rakes the eyes...

JM - Great retaliation...he needs to get back on the attack..

BR - Cinergy sends IronHeart into the corner...follows him in with the knee.....too the other side....OH IronHeart got the boot up!! Cinergy is down...IronHeart to
the top rope......Frog Splash...the cover...1...2....thr.....NO KICK OUT!! CINERGY KICKED OU!!

JM - What great determination...

BR - IronHeart picks him up...nice german suplex.....he picks him up....sends him to the ropes....sunset flip...NO Cinergy retaliated with a boot to the face...he's on
top of IronHeart pounding away!! He picks him up and DDT's him hard to the canvas...the cover..1....2.... KICK OUT!!! KICK OUT!!

JM - What a great match!!!

BR - Cinergy is setting him up for the BOLT....he's got him.......NO IRONHEART the ropes REVALATION REVELATION...the


JM - What reziliance by IronHeart...just when we thought it was over...Cinergy was going for the BOLT then all of the sudden IronHeart out of NO WHERE gets
the REVALATION!! What a great match...

BR - Now is time for what should be a GREAT match. The IC belt is on the line, and these two men have no love for each other.

The Canadian Crippler vs. Dr. Steven Remo

PWA IC Title Match

M - This may be the sleeper of the night. I'm looking for some good mat wrestling here.

BR - Cinergy has supposed to be the special referee here, but he's still recovering from his match. I just got word that the Masked Man will be the ref.

JM - That is a new development! Everyone is thinking that the Masked Man is former PWA star and current TWSN star, the Dragon. They both have the same build, and with those masks, it is hard to tell. If that is true, this match will get real interesting real fast.

BR - Introducing first, the Canadian Crippler. His opponent is the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Dr. Steven Remo!

JM - They lock up, and Remo whips the Crippler into the ropes, and follows it up with a back body drop. Crippler is up, and ducks a clothesline, hitting one of his own. Crippler whips Remo into the ropes, and executes a great power slam. One, kickout. Remo gets the Crippler in a full nelson, and turns it into an atomic drop!

BR - That's got to hurt.

JM - The Masked Man whips Remo into the ropes! He hit a Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! That's one of the Dragon's signature moves! The Canadian Crippler goes for his move, the Puck Stops Here! One, two, three!

BR - I can't believe it is over that quickly! Wait, Remo is jumping back up!

JM- Remo is pounding on the new champion! He sets him up for the Analysis and hits it! He pulls him up and does it again! The Crippler is holding his neck! He could be injured. EMTs are in the ring pulling Remo off the Crippler, but he is fighting them, too. He is like a man possessed.

BR - Ten security men have finally subdued Remo and are dragging him kicking and screaming into the back. He has gone insane! The Crippler may be seriously injured, and Remo may very well have lost his mind! Now that Remo is safely in the back, President Robinson has come out to shake hands with the Masked Man. Wait! He is removing his mask! It is Mikey P! Robinson's jaw hits the floor. I think he was expecting the Dragon! Mikey P has gotten his revenge on Steven Remo!

JM - Before we get to the Tag Team match, I've been told that Panzadise is coming out to talk.

::Panzadise charges down to the ring with a determined look on his face. The crowdis going nuts as Dise gets thrown a mic, and begins to speak::

Panzadise: Listen up! I have been here in the PWA long enough, and things are not changing. The suits spent all the money in the world to sign me, and now they are having trouble placing me in the action. Well you know what, that is just fine. Because now I stop being a nice Panzy. Now I am going to do something that will effect each and every wrestler in this promotion. I am going to go out and get myself some. You don't want to book Panzadise on Battle Dome? You want to overlook the franchise of this organaztion? Go
right ahead, because things are going to be different starting right here. Panzies....are you with me?

::Dise hold the microphone out the audience as everyone cheers::

Panzadise: That is what I thought. You don't know when I am going to attack. It could be tonight, it could be in a month. But the point is I am going to do some damage. And I will be holding the PWA World Title in due time. I'm outta here, welcome to Panzadise!

::Dise exits the ring and grabs a metal fold up chair from ringside. He then heads back stage with the chair....and thousands of screaming fans on his side::

Animal & BBB vs. The Brothers Grimm vs. The ICONS vs. The Usual Suspects

Four Corner Tag-Team Title Match

JM - In this match, you've got the Hellraizers, the Brothers Grimm, the ICONS, and the Usual Suspects, any one of which could walk out of here with the Tag Team Titles.

BR - Introducing first, the Hellraizers! Their opponents, the Brothers Grimm. Next up, Mr. T and B. Dubbs, The Usual Suspects! And finally, the champions, the ICONS!

JM - Hey, Southpaw just decked Slice! They aren't even getting in the ring! They're battling up the ramp, into the backstage area!

BR - Well, if that is how they want to defend their titles...

JM - Grifter and B. Dubbs start off. Dubbs whips Grifter into the ropes and clotheslines him down. A quick legdrop will knock the air out of him. A big vertical suplex by Dubbs will send Grifter to the mat again. Grifter quickly tags out to Animal. He comes in fast, catching Dubbs with a running lariat, and giving Mr. T a big right hand, knocking him to the floor. Dubbs gets up, only to eat a super kick from Animal. One, two, kickout.

BR - Too early to go for the cover, I think.

JM - Animal tags out to BBB. BBB grabs Dubbs and whips him into the ropes, but Sirus makes a tag. He climbs to the top and dropkicks the unsuspecting BBB. As BBB goes down, Mr. T makes a tag, and he climbs in and starts pounding on Sirus. Sirus is taking it all and asking for more! He is fighting back with lefts and rights of his own. He drops to his knees and delivers a low blow! Mr. T is staggered. Sirus is off the ropes and hits a bulldog. Sirus is setting Mr. T up for a suplex, but T punches him in the stomach. He hits the Heart Attack! One, two, kickout! Sirus isn't done yet!

BR - Look at the top of the ramp! Its Reese!

JM - He walking to the ring, and I don't think this will be good for those involved! Reese steps into the ring, and is staring down Mr. T. Sirus is going to take the opportunity to get in a shot, but Reese catches him in a double choke! He's lifted him right into the air! BBB and B. Dubbs are brawling out side the ring! A double choke slam by Reese!

BR - You could count to 100. He's out for the rest of the night!

JM - Reese leaves the ring. Wait, Panzadise is coming out of the crowd! He's in the ring, and he totaled Mr. T! Animal is taking advantage of the mayhem by climbing to the top! He hit a diving headbutt on T!

BR - Did he land where I thought he landed? T got a head butt to the jimmy! He's gonna be talking funny for a couple of days!

JM - Animal covers, one, two, three! The Hellraizers are the new tag team champions!

BR - Talk about the underdogs winning the day! But without Reese and Panzadise, this match wouldn't be close to over!

JM - That match was back and forth all the way. Next up is a match that may or may not happen. Raizzor is supposed to defend his Hardcore title tonight. But Prima Donna is in a mental hospital, and isn't expected to be here.

BR - I've got a note from backstage saying that the match will happen. If PD doesn't show, then the ref will count him out. Remember, this is the last match between these two. Also, the note says that on Tuesday Night Chaos, the Usual Suspects will face the Hellraizers for the titles.

Prima Donna vs. Raizzor

PWA Hardcore Championship Match in a Hell in the Cell

BR - Introducing first, the PWA Hardcore Champion, from Parts Unknown, Raizzor. He gets into the ring, and the cell is being lowered. Wait, someone is one top of the cell! It is Prima Donna! Raizzor gets out of the ring before the cage is down, and starts the climb up. PD is waiting for him.

JM - No wrestling moves here, just rights and lefts. PD has a bat with him, and he's swinging that at Raizzor. He connects him a shot to the midsection. Raizzor falls very close to the edge of the cage. PD is choking Raizzor with the bat. Raizzor grabs PD's head and flips him off the cage into the Latverian Announcer's table! PD is slowly getting to his feet. Raizzor dropkicks him off the top of the cage!

BR - I think both men got really hurt from that move.

JM - PD is up first. He takes a piece of the table and tries to stab Raizzor with it. Raizzor blocks just in time. Both men are really bleeding and it is starting to pool up on the floor. Raizzor DDTs PD on the concrete. I could hear the thud! PD is on his knees, he grabs Raizzors' ankles and pulls him down! Raizzor hit his head on the steel ring steps. PD is going for the Hot Stuff! He slips in the blood and goes down hard!

BR - Jasmine Lee is coming down.

JM - PD is back up and this time he hits the Hot Stuff. Jasmine is telling him something. I think it is about Lotus, Jasmine's sister. PD looks concerned. PD is going backstage with Jasmine. Raizzor is up now, and slowly headed up the ramp and backstage. Raizzor grabs a bag of something at the top of the ramp. One of them fell out. It is a sack of doorknobs! PD is coming back out, and he doesn't look happy. I think Jasmine took him on a wild goose chase to let Raizzor recover. Raizzor hits PD with the doorknobs! PD is down. Raizzor picks him up and hits the Tombstone Knee Driver on the steel grating. Raizzor drops the bag of door knobs, and pulls PD back up. Raizzor hits the Hot Stuff on the bag of door knobs! PD has to be hurting. PD doesn't seem to be feeling the pain! He is punching and kicking at Raizzor, backing him up to the edge of the platform. He backs up and attempts to spear Raizzor, but Raizzors jumps to his right, out of the way! Prima Donna has fallen the 10 or 15 feet to the hard concrete! I can't believe it! Raizzor hits a perfect moonsault on PD from up there. The ref scrambles to get down there to count. One, two, three!

BR - There is no shame in that loss. Prima Donna got fooled into not covering Raizzor when he had the chance, and that last fall coupled with the fall off the top of the cage will finish off anybody. In fact, not many would have gotten up from that first one. So give the win to Raizzor with the assist going to Jasmine Lee.

JM - Now is the match everyone has been waiting for. The main event. Rage and Fear will finally meet to determine the World Champion. And throw into that, a mysterious third wrestler, that hasn't yet been named. Normally, I would say that no match could follow that Hardcore carnage we just saw, but if ever there were a match that could do it, this is it.

Rage vs. Fear vs. President Robinson

PWA World Title Match

BR - Introducing first, he is a former World Champion, Rage! And defending the belt tonight, from Transylvania, the current PWA World Heavyweight Champion, Fear!

JM - The mystery man hasn't shown himself, and the match gets started. Rage and Fear circle each other, feeling each other out. They lock up, a Rage gets Fear in a headlock. Fear counters it with an Atomic Drop. Fear backs into the ropes and tries a clothesline, but Rage ducks and nail Fear with a dropkick. Fear is up quickly, and Rage goes for a DDT, but Fear turns it into a Vertical suplex.

BR - These two just don't slow down.

JM - Fear is up first, and he lands the DDT. Rage is barely able to get to his feet. Fear goes for a right, but Rage blocks and hits a right. Fear tries again, with the same results. A scoopslam by Fear, and now he is going up top. He misses a splash.

BR - President Robinson is coming down the ramp!

JM - But he's not in his usual suit and tie, he's in wrestling attire! Is he the third man?

BR - He does have a wrestling license. And so far, he is undefeated in the PWA!

JM - But those matches were flukes. Does he really think he can win the World Title? Fear and Rage ignore him and keep attacking each other. Robinson looks at Rage, and gives the thumbs up. Then Robinson hits Fear with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head, and Fear goes down!

BR - I think Robinson's boots are loaded! Fear isn't moving. He is out cold!

JM - Rage goes in to apply the Fires of Rage! Wait! Robinson gives him a roundhouse to the back of the head, too! Rage is out! Robinson stands with a foot on the chest of each man, and the ref counts. One, two, three!

BR - I can't believe it! President Robinson is the new PWA World Champion!

JM - Robinson is calling for the microphone as medics take Fear and Rage away.

President Robinson - This is sweet. I used to respect Fear. But now he has gotten soft. So, I taught him a lesson, that whoever fights dirtier gets the win. And as for my enforcer, Rage. Well, if he couldn't finish off a nancy boy like Fear without my help, he doesn't need this belt.

("Damaged" by Black Flag starts)

PR - What is this? I'm talking here!

(Mikey P. enters the ring)

Mikey P. - Prez, I'm here for my title match. (the crowd goes nuts)

PR - I think you're a little confused. You get an IC title match.

Mikey P. - No, you said I get a title match, any time, any place. You never said which title. You and me, right now, right here.

(Robinson starts to protest, but the ref rings the bell)

President Robinson vs. Mikey P.

PWA World Title Match

JM - Robinson puts his hand out to try and stop Mikey's advance. Mikey grabs his arm and applies an arm wringer. The Prez is squirming in pain. Mikey P hits the Holidays in the Sun! One, two, three! Mikey P is the new PWA World Champ!

BR - I can't believe it! Poor Robinson only held the belt for about a minute and a half!

JM - Folks, we're out of time here. We've got new champs, but the biggest news in the Mikey P. won the World Title in his comeback match. We'll see you on Tuesday night at Chaos.