World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Show Opening

(We open to explosions and fireworks which illuminate the PWA Dome, as we return a mere seven days after Phoenix Rising, the latest and greatest PPV event in the PWA’s illustrious history. The crowd is explosive and screaming and we see signs like, "The Sword; a mere butter knife" & "DEATH to the Twilight Forces" also are signs for "Get Caught in The Spiders Web" and "I’m A Panzy, wouldn’t you like to be a Panzy too?" The cameras pan down to the ring and our two staple announcers)

Brian Rentfro: Welcome everyone to GOOD VS. EVIL! This special supercard has been in the making now for almost three months, but only this last Monday did the President of the PWA, Rob Robinson and the commissioner finally reveal just what was going to go down!

Jon McDaniel: You’re so right, Brian!! Tonight’s the final night in this heated war between DEATH and the Twilight Forces.

Brian Rentfro: We saw Nightmare cost Chamelion his match against the Ironheart on Sunday, putting the huge monster on the same team with DEATH.

Jon McDaniel: In turn though, the Brothers Grimm have shown up to put in their assistance with the Twilight Forces.

Brian Rentfro: Tonight’s Supercard also has some very unique stipulations going with it as well.. One, we’re unsanctioned tonight, as Aegean Dreams Corporation is unwilling to be held responsible for the carnage that is sure to insue.

Jon McDaniel: The second, and most important item is that each match is considered a point.. and which ever side gains the most points tonight.. officially wins the war.

Brian Rentfro: And finally, no titles are on the line at all. This is just a brutal night.. All the matches are NO DQ!!! It is a WAR afterall! fates will be decided, and surprises will be extreme!! Let’s get to the ring announcer for our first of these five exciting bouts!

The Spider vs. Grendle

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, our opening match of the night is scheduled for one fall, and is a No DQ Match! Introducing first, fighting for the side of GOOD.. the leader of the Creatures of the Night, The SPIDER!!!!

(The Spider enters the stage to the cheers of the crowd, and he walks to the ring)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, a member of DEATH.. GRENDLE!!

[Grendle walks down the ramp, staring a hole into Grifter.]

Brian Rentfro: Here we go!


[Grendle and The Spider circle the ring, neither one anxious to make the first move. Finally. The two lock up in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up. Being the stronger of the two, Grendle pushes The Spider hard to the mat. Spider rolls quickly out of the ring before Grendle can strike. Grendle stalks over to the ropes and Spider reaches through, grabbing Grendle’s legs and jerking him off his feet. Heaving hard, Spider pulls Grendle outside the ring.]

Jon McDaniel: That didn’t take long!

[Grendle and Spider exchange hard punches with each other. Grendle gets the upper hand again and gives the Spider a wicked right hook. Spider reels backwards and Grendle charges. Quick witted, The Spider falls back and executes a drop toe hold, sending Grendle face first into the corner steel post.]

Brian Rentfro: Grendle takes a real hard hit to the head!!

Jon McDaniel: Does it matter??

[Grendle is quick to recover but Spider is quicker still, he hooks up Grendle and delivers a german suplex to the hard floor. The Spider climbs to his feet and back into the ring and Grendle, still quick to recover.. .follows him back in.]

Brian Rentfro: Grendle is a very tough athlete!!

[Spider pulls back and swings hard with his foot but as he connects with Grendle, the larger man pulls, and Spider crashes hard onto his back. Grendle jumps onto Spider and begins delivering a ton of vicious body blows that threaten to knock Spider out. In a desperate attempt, the Spider lifts his knee hard, connecting in a very vulnerable spot!]

Jon McDaniel: THAT’s gonna hurt for a while!

[Grendle rolls off in pain, and Spider struggles back to his feet. At this point, the lights fade to darkness.]

Brian Rentfro: A time honored cliché!!! NOW WHAT??

[The crowd is abuzz and we hear scuffling in the ring, then the crash of a body onto the mat. Moments later, the lights return, and the Spider is laid out in the center of the ring, with Grendle lying unconcious ontop. The ref is startled, but seeing the cover, makes the count.]




Jon McDaniel: Someone came down and assaulted the Spider AND Grendle!!! But what ever the reason, he caused Spider his match!! And EVIL goes up 1-0!!!

Brian Rentfro: This is a bad omen for the side of GOOD. The first fall is almost always the most important one!!! EVIL has a strong advantage!

Jon McDaniel: We still have a long way to go tho, Brian.. our one Tag Team match of the evening is next!!!

The Brothers Grimm vs. The Unknown Demons

Ring Announcer: Introducing First, from the stable DEATH.. Fighting for the side of EVIL, the tag team of the Unknown Demons!!!!

[Both Death Angyl and Nikon come to the ring, ignoring the fans jeers and sliding into the ring. They turn, ready to face their adversaries.]

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, representing GOOD.. they are the PWA Tag Team Champions, The Brothers Grimm!!!

The lights dim down, Judgement night by Onyx and Biohazard start to play over the speakers.

Rentfro "Who is this?"

Mcdaniel "Well, if you'd just wait a second, you'd find out."

Sirus, Grifter and 'Al' come out to the stage.

Rentfro "Why are they dressed like that?"

Grifter is wearing a full length black trench coat, sunglasses and a big black rimmed hat. Sirus is wearing black combat jeans and a leather jacket. A bandana is on his head covering his brow. 'Al' is wearing an old Fear shirt.

Sirus takes off his jacket to reveal a DEATH shirt. The fans are stunned.

McDaniel "What side are they on?"

Over the speakers we hear …

'For a moment, he stirred and remembered.

He caught a glimpse of a great fortress in the frozen wastelands of the north. Of a lost paradise on a distant world.

He saw a time when he had no blood on his hands, and never would. When the violence of hatred and mistrust, the temptation of moral compromise, could no more overcome him than a droplet could conquer the sun.

But then the memory slipped away like the dream it was'

Rentfro "Hunh?"

Sirus sticks his right hand out, makes a few small circles in the air and places his hand to his ear, leans forward and smirks.

'I am a real Canadian, fight for the right for every bear and man …"

Sirus grabs his shirt by the collar and rips it away revealing under neath a t-shirt with red arms, a white body and a red superman symbol in the middle (think of the Canadian flag with the superman symbol in the middle.) Grifter shrugs off the trenc hcoat and hat. Sirus takes off 'Al's shirt to reveal a Grape Fear shirt underneath. The three wave to the crowd and make their way to the ring. Sirus sets Al down in front of announces and with Grifter, the climb into the ring, where Death Angyl and Nikon await them!


[Grifter and Nikon start the match with Nikon charging forward, causing Grifter to duck and letting Nikon sail by. Nikon however, is quick to turn and gives Grifter a hard kick to the back of his knee. Grifter stumbles and Nikon runs, grabs his head and hits a bulldog on Grifter face first!]

Jon McDaniel: Nikon is showing some incredible skill here against the tag team champions!

[Nikon then grabs Grifter’s legs, and sets down on his back, locking in a Boston Crab. Grifter struggles, pushing his arms up.. and with intense strenght, knocks Nikon off of him. Nikon rights himself, turning to attack, but Grifter has reached his corner and tags in Sirus Moran. Nikon and Sirus lock up, And Nikon sends Sirus into the ropes. Sirus bounces back, ducking a clothesline attempt, comes back from the other side and hits a strong shoulder block, knocking Nikon off his feet but also sends him into his corner, where he is hasty to tag in Death Angyl!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Nikon was able to keep his wits about him, and know where he is!!

[Death Angyl and Sirus circle each other then Sirus moves in. Death Angyl goes to lock up but at the last second, rakes Sirus’s eyes! Sirus backs up, blinded and in pain, and Death Angyl delivers a devestating drop kick! Back on his feet, Death Angyl tries for an elbow drop, but Sirus rolls. DA tries another, but sirus rolls again! On the third attempt, Sirus rolls into his corner and as Death Angyl stands, Grifter reaches over and punches Death Angyl hard. Sirus then gets up and tags in Grifter.]

Jon McDaniel: Grifter tagged Death Angyl in his own special way!

[Grifter steps through the ropes but gets caught with a knee to his gut. Death Angyl then pulls Grifter the rest of the way in and connects with a leg drop to the back of the head. Grifter falls hard and Death Angyl tags in Nikon. As Nikon goes to attack Grifter, the Grimm rolls to his knees and flips Nikon over his back, Grifter falls backwards to make a cover.]




Brian Rentfro: To early for that!

[Nikon and Grifter get back to their feet and exchange some punches. Nikon with closed fists, and Grifter keeps his hands open.]

Jon McDaniel: This is a war… sportsmanship has no place here.

Brian Rentfro: Tell that to the Brothers Grimm!

[Because of the harder stings of the closed punches, Nikon starts to get the advantage. But then, Grifter ducks one attack, and puts his shoulder into Nikon’s stomach, lifts up and flips Nikon over him in a sort of back body drop. Grifter then falls to his knees, stunned from the hard punches. Sirus tries to come in to check on Grifter, but the ref is there, ordering Sirus out. During this, Nikon motions in Death Angyl and they both start working on Grifter, each one jabbing at him, and kicking ferociously.]

Jon McDaniel: The Demons are double teaming Grifter!

[Sirus sees this and tries to get around the ref, but the ref holds his ground and Sirus, angrily, gets back out of the ring. By this time, the damage has been done as Grifter lays nearly unconcious on the mat. Nikon tags in Death Angyl, who rolls up Grifter for the count.]



2 ½


Brian Rentfro: Grifter barely had any strenght in him for that!

[Death Angyl pulls Grifter to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. Death Angyl lines up for a clothesline, but Grifter manages to duck, stop dead in his tracks.. he grabs Death Angyl by the back of the head and hits a neck breaker on Death Angyl.]

Jon McDaniel: Don’t count Grifter out just yet!!

[Grifter then groggily stumbles over and tags in Sirus. Sirus comes running in and hits a strong elbow drop on Death Angyl. Sirus makes the cover.]



[Death Angyl kicks out, and Sirus pulls him back up. Sirus tries to whip Death Angyl into the ropes, but Angyl reverses and as Sirus bounces off, Death Angyl tries for another clothesline. Sirus ducks, bounces yet again off the other side, and uses the momentum to hit the Nameless Knockout!]

Brian Rentfro: Out of NO where!! Sirus connects!!

[As Sirus makes the cover, Jay and Showtime come out of the crowd, jumping over the fence and then slides into the ring. Jay kicks Sirus on the back of the head, interupting the count as Showtime clotheslines Grifter to the floor.]

Jon McDaniel: What is Sudden Impact doing here??

[Jay motions in Nikon and the two men double team Sirus, while outside, Grifter and Showtime duke it out. Nikon and Jay throw Sirus into the ropes, hook arms and goes for a double clothesline. Sirus however, flies off the ropes and is able to take both Jay and Nikon down. Sirus then picks up Jay and tosses him over the top rope. Nikon then hits a hard cresent kick to the back of Sirus’ head, sending the tag team champion to the mat hard. Outside, Showtime tries to hit Grifter with a piledriver, but Grifter manages to back drop Showtime to the concrete floor.]

Brian Rentfro: It’s chaos in there!!

[Inside the ring, Nikon picks up Sirus and hits a hard powerbomb, then goes to cover Sirus. Grifter tho, has seen this, climbs to the top rope and jumps, hitting Nikon in the back of the head with a leg drop! Grifter then pushes Sirus ontop of Nikon and rolls out of the ring. The ref makes the count.]




Jon McDaniel: The Grimms survived!!!

Brian Rentfro: Sudden Impact wanted to make a statement going into their tag team match later on!! But amazingly, The Grimms were able to score the pinfall!

Jon McDaniel: Thanks to the Grimms, we’re now tied 1-1 in this war!!

Ashram vs. Rage

Brian Rentfro: Up next, Ashram has a chance to take some revenge out on Rage.. who had been masquerading as the Sword while Ironheart pretended to befriend Ashram.

Jon McDaniel: This match will be extremly violent, and is one of the main reasons that this card is unsanctioned!! Anything can happen, and you know it will!

Announcer: The following contest is for one fall, introducing first, Rage!!!!!

(Rage makes his entrance.)

Announcer: And his opponent, accompanied by Genesis, Ashram!!!!!

The house lights go out as the sound of old church-bells sound, their rich tones resonating throughout the arena. Suddenly, drums kick in as "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica begins, as the bells continue to toll. Slowly Ashram, clad in black slacks and a white medieval style shirt walks from the backstage area, with Genesis standing just behind Ashram’s side rests a large Claymore known as Tsuyoi . He climbs up to the apron and flips into the ring drawing the sword, making a figure 8 with it and then driving it into the mat as bolts of lightning spark from where the sword makes it's impact.

Jon McDaniel: You may as well throw away the rule book for this one!

(The bell rings and both men lock up. Ashram then over powers Rage and goes behind him to lock him in a hammer lock. Rage then bends over and grabs Ashrams leg and trips him up.)

Brian Rentfro: We are actually seeing wrestling at the start of this match!

(Rage then picks Ashram up and gives him a release German suplex. Rage then picks Ashram up again and tosses him over the top rope and to the outside.)

Brian Rentfro: Here we go!

(Rage then goes to the ropes and runs and dives over the top rope in a suicide plancha attempt but Ashram catches Rage in mid air and powerbombs him on the concrete.)

Brian Rentfro: I felt that!

(The ref trys to convince Ashram to take it back into the ring but Ashram responds by booting the ref in the mid section and powerbombing him on the concrete. Ashram then turns around to find out that Rage has recovered and Ashram nearly gets his head taken off from a clothesline by Rage. Rage then stomps Ashram a couple of times before picking him back up and slaming him on the announce table.)

Jon McDaniel: This looks bad for our announce table!

(Rage then slides back into the ring and climbs up to the top rope.)

Jon McDaniel: No! he is going to leap from the ring to the table!

(Rage is just then about to jump when suddenly Ashrams new manager Genesis comes from behind and shoves Rage off of the top rope and onto the concrete floor.)

Brian Rentfro: Did you hear that sickening thud of Rage hitting the concrete!?

(Ashram then stands up on the announce table and jumps off of it to nail Rage with a flying elbow. Ashram then picks Rage back up and rolls him into the ring. Ashram then looks under the ring and pulls out a small bag.)

Jon McDaniel: I wonder what is in that.

(Ashram then climbs into the ring and emptys the contents of the bag to reveal thousands and thousands of thumbtacks.)

Brian Rentfro: Thumbtacks!!!!

(A dozen of the PWAs officials then run down to stop Ashram from what he is about to do but Ashram nails each one of them with a right hand and sends them packing. Ashram then turns around to receive a boot into the midsection from Rage followed by a ddt onto the thumbtacks.)

Jon McDaniel: That has to be it, Ashram is out!

(Rage then covers the thumbtack covered Ashram but there is no ref to count. Rage then gets up and goes to the outside of the ring and tosses in one of the officials the Ashram nailed and tells him to count. The official then very slowly starts to count.)



2 3/4

Genesis puts Ashrams foot on the ropes

Jon McDaniel: Genesis just helped Ashram stay in this match!

(Rage then reaches through the middle rope in an attempt to grab Genesis but Genesis ducks. Genesis then draws back his head and spews a stream of yellow mist into the eyes of Rage and Rage goes down blinded.)

Brian Rentfro: Genesis must have been watching some of RJWs Japanese product to come up with that mist spewing!

(Rage then still blinded by the mist gets up and trys to fight. He keeps swinging to hit Ashram but keep missing. Ashram then gets behind Rage and rolls him up for a cover.)




Announcer: The winner of this match, Ashram!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Ashram wins with some help from Genesis and some yellow mist!

Brian Rentfro: Ashram has put the Twilight Forces into the lead in this war. If Nyghtmare can pull off a win over DEATH’s Nightmare.. then the war will go to the Twilight Forces, no matter what happens between Chamelion and Ironheart!

Nyghtmare vs. Nightmare

Jon McDaniel: This is a crucial Match.. both in stakes of the point system.. and for the fact that as much as we were surprised to see the return of the eight foot monster, Nightmare.. it became even more of a shock when he turned on his partner and allies.. and sided with the one man who originally wanted him brought down.

Brian Rentfro: And now, the good Nyghtmare will have to go against his former tag team partner, Nightmare.. to decide who the true monster is.

Jon McDaniel: And in what was just added mere moments ago.. this match can ONLY be decided by the first monster to score a Hell-Slam!

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a special Hell Slam Match! The first man to score the infamous Hell slam on the other..wins the match. Introducing first, from the Twilight Forces.. NYGHTMARE!!!!

[Nyghtmare comes out.. along with his friend Chamelion.. and they walk down the ring. Chamelion and Nyghtmare exchange words, then Chamelion walks back up the ramp and disappears.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, a member of the stable DEATH.. the man responsible for the most career ending injuries in one sport.. he is NIGHTMARE!!!

[The lights dim.. and a single spotlight made of red shines onto the stage. In that glow, stands the 8-foot tall Nightmare, with Ironheart proudly at his side. Nightmare stalks down to the ring, while Ironheart merely turns around and walks off stage. Nightmare steps over the top rope and without waiting, rushes at Nyghtmare! DING! DING! DING!]

Jon McDaniel: This is going to be a brutal match!

[Nyghtmare and Nightmare lock up in the center of the ring. Both men seem to be of equal strength, even though Nightmare has a good 6 inch height advantage. Nightmare uses that extra advantage and pushes Nyghtmare down to the mat. Nyghtmare rolls to his feet and charges the larger monster. Nightmare sidesteps and Nyghtmare flies through the ropes to the floor. Nightmare steps over the top rope and jumps to the floor. As Nyghtmare struggles to his feet, Nightmare scoops him up and slams him down to the floor. Nyghtmare kicks out, striking at the larger man’s knee. Nightmare backs up, more in annoyance then in pain. Nyghtmare climbs to his feet and grabs Nightmare by the throat.]

Brian Rentfro: Nyghtmare’s going for the Hell Slam!

[Nightmare knees Nyghtmare in the gut, and pushes him down. Nightmare climbs back into the ring and clumsily, Nyghtmare follows. Once in the ring, the larger monster delivers a vicious kick to the smaller man’s ribs. Nyghtmare doubles over in pain, and Nightmare uses the ropes to fly off and shoulder blocks Nyghtmare as he tries to get to his feet.]

Jon McDaniel: We’re seeing the same power from Nightmare we saw last year when he won the PWA World Championship inside Remo’s Dome of Destruction!

[Nyghtmare rights himself and as Nightmare comes at him, the smaller man hooks Nightmare into a suplex and slams him backwards to the mat. Nyghtmare gets up and before he can turn around, Nightmare jumps up, spins Nyghtmare around and locks his hand around Nyghtmare’s throat. Nightmare roars and lifts the smaller man up, Hell Slamming him to the mat!]


Brian Rentfro: Nightmare won!

Jon McDaniel: That was a quick match.. Nightmare dominated as usual. Nyghtmare is rolling out of the ring slowly and painfully. Nightmare turns and glares at the crowd and they boo and hiss. Nightmare steps over the top rope and walks back up the ramp and into the back.

Ironheart vs. Raizzor

Chamelion vs. Ironheart

Brian Rentfro: You know what this means, Jon?? We’re tied!! 2 points each going into the final match of the night!! This is how it should be folks!! Chamelion and Ironheart are going to go at it one more time..

Jon McDaniel: Though we’ve not really talked about it. The turn of Ironheart was a shocker to all of us. This man was supposed to be an honorable, trustworthy athlete in the world of professional wrestling, but he’s turned out to be no better then the scum of the earth.

Brian Rentfro: It Is true tho, that his reasons seem to make sense. He did indeed train Chamelion in the ways of wrestling, only to be attacked and almost have his career ended by the 8 foot monster Nightmare.

Jon McDaniel: Jon!! We’ve got something going on backstage!!! Our camera crew is back there, check the ADCtron!!

[In back, Ironheart, Nightmare and Rage are all attacking Chamelion, who was on his way to the ramp. Nightmare hell-slams Chamelion to the concrete floor, and the other two wail away on him with kicks to the kidneys and ribs. Finally, the three men walk away laughing.. and Raizzor, Ashram and Nyghtmare all rush to Chamelion’s aid.]

Brian Rentfro: Those monsters!! They took out Chamelion before the match!!!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for the main event of the evening!! The winner of this match decides the war.. for we are at 2 points for each side. Introducing First, he is the leader of the stable DEATH.. he is IRONHEART!!

[Ironheart comes onto the staging area, laughing still and heading to the ring.. He crawls inside and raises his hand in mock victory. And then leans against the ropes.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, a member of the Twilight Forces.. and the Undisputed Interfederation Champion of the World.. the last man who can decide fate in this war of wars.. He is CHAMELION!!

[You Think You Know Me begins to play on the loudspeakers.. but Chamelion does not show.. the crowd begins booing and tossing trash at the Sword, who just smiles and waits. Finally, the ref and the ring announcer hold a discussion.]

Ring Announcer: I have just been informed that if Chamelion does not make it to the ring on the count of ten, then he forfeits this match.. and the war will go to DEATH.

[Suddenly, on the stage, the commissioner appears]

Commish: Whoah Whoah Whoah!! Stop that count! I have tried to stay neutral through out this whole ordeal. I’ve not been unjust to either side. But your actions backstage Ironheart.. has been undeniably cruel. Chamelion can not wrestle.. he is being carted to the nearby hospital and will not be able to compete.

[Ironheart smiles and nods.. raising his hand in victory]

Commish: However! There will be a 5th match tonight.. and you will compete Ironheart.

[Ironheart drops his arm, and stares up at the Commish]

Commish: Unfortunately, all the active members of the Twilight Forces have already competed, and so has the rest of the locker room in their various matches. So, I was at a loss to decide who you would fight. That was, until, I was REMINDED that since tonight’s card is Unsanctioned.. then certain rules and contracts abided by in the PWA.. do not hold water here, so to speak. It is because of that one reason only, that I was able to come up with a suitable replacement for this match. So, without further ado.. introducing, your opponent.. a member of the Twilight Forces.. a former three time PWA Champion.. the Sharp one.. RAIZZOR!!!!!

[Ironheart’s jaw drops and he backs up, hands raised in defense as Raizzor steps onto the stage. He glares down at Ironheart and draws his thumb across his throat. Raizzor then shakes hands with the Commish and walks down the ramp and into the ring]

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor returns!!! Ironheart may just have made his biggest mistake!!

Jon McDaniel; Though Raizzor retired.. the attack on his brother, combined with this being an unsanctioned event.. has given the sharp one every reason to step back inside the ring!!



[Ironheart walks up to Raizzor and gets in his face. The two exchange heated words, then Ironheart wheels back and strikes, but Raizzor blocks it. Ironheart strikes again, and Raizzor blocks a second time. Raizzor ducks the third swing and hooks his arms under Ironheart, turning him over.]

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor’s going for the TOMBSTONE!!!

[Ironheart tho, kicks with his legs and slides down the back of Raizzor, grabs the Sharp one by the head and hits a reverse neck breaker. Ironheart then grabs Raizzor by the hair, pulls him up and snap mares him back to the mat.]

Jon McDaniel: Ironheart powered his way out, and now has the advantage!

[Ironheart kneels behind Raizzor and applies a sleeper hold. Raizzor struggles, and is able to lift himself to his feet. He strikes Ironheart in the gut with an elbow, breaks the hold and dashes into the ropes. Ironheart drops as Raizzor comes back over him, then Ironheart jumps to his feet. Raizzor rushes back and ducks a clothesline attempt. Ironheart then runs into the ropes and uses it as momentum. The two then race to each other and Ironheart lifts his knee, connecting with Raizzor’s stomach, flipping him to the mat. Ironheart goes to pick him up, but Raizzor uses his feet to kick Ironheart back.. and then the Sharp One nips up, turns and swings, but Ironheart ducks and as Raizzor gets turned around, Ironheart hooks him up in a full nelson then slams him butt first to the mat.]

Brian Rentfro: Ironheart won that little exchange!

[Raizzor rolls painfully to his feet and ducks another clothesline attempt, Raizzor turns as Ironheart comes back and hits a perfect superkick to Ironheart’s jaw. Raizzor then delivers a couple of elbow drops on the fallen man, before going for the cover.]




Jon McDaniel: A close call, but a little bit early!

[Raizzor climbs to his feet followed closely by Ironheart. The two men exchance punches and kicks against each other in the middle of the ring. Ironheart hits a particularly strong kick to Raizzor’s knee and then follows with a well placed drop kick. Raizzor crumbles to the mat and Ironheart grabs his arm and wrenches it in an arm bar submission.]

Brian Rentfro: Ironheart wants to embarrase Raizzor into submitting!

[Raizzor turns into Ironheart, getting his knees under himself, and with all the strenght he can muster, lifts up, carrying Ironheart up and then slamming him back first to the mat. Ironheart painfully lets go and Raizzor backs up into the ropes. Ironheart climsb up and backs up into the opposite ropes. The two men attack, with Raizzor attempting to spear Ironheart, who sidesteps him and Raizzor falls through the ropes to the outside. Ironheart is quick to follow and grabs Raizzor, lifting him up over his head and slamming him neck first onto the surrounding fencing.]

Jon McDaniel: A vicious assault by Ironheart!

[Ironheart then whips Raizzor into the steel posts along ringside and the Sharp One connects hard, falling to his knees. Ironheart then grabs a chair out from one of the technicians at ringside and folds it up. He takes aim and swings, but Raizzor ducks and the chair connects solidly with the steel post. The hit gives a hard buzz to Ironheart’s hands who backs up wincing. Raizzor uses the advantage and grabs some cables lying around ringside. He slaps the wires around Ironheart’s neck and begins to strangle the man.]

Brian Rentfro: We havn’t seen this kind of violence out of Raizzor in years!!!

[Raizzor drops the ropes as Ironheart looks nearly out, and tosses the limp man back into the ring. Raizzor slides in, picks Ironheart up and slams him down with a powerbomb. Raizzor makes another cover attempt.]




Jon McDaniel: Ironheart still has a lot of power left in him!

[Standing, Raizzor starts to pull Ironheart up, who instrinctively lifts his arm up and connects hard between Raizzor’s legs.. Raizzor gasps and stumbles back and Ironheart uses the moment to grab Raizzor and hit a hard DDT. Quickly, he picks Raizzor back up, moves behind him and hits a back suplex. He then goes for a cover of his own]



2 ½


Brian Rentfro: That was the closest count of the night!

[Ironheart picks Raizzor up and throws him into the ropes, Raizzor comes back and is able to duck the attack by Ironheart, and as he comes off the other side, both men hit a clothesline on each other!]

Jon McDaniel: A Double Clothesline, both men are down!

[The ref begins the 10 count, as both men lay helplessly on the mat……Suddenly, the lights go out.]

Brian Rentfro: Now What??

[The Ramp suddenly comes alive as pyros go off on either side of it’s steel structure.

"The Prince of Darkness" begins to play as a robed figure stalks down to the ringside area. In the ring, both Raizzor and Ironheart are still laid out from the double clothesline. The robed figure slowly, methodically climbs up the steel stairs and steps into the ring]

Jon McDaniel: Who is this??

[The figure slowly circles both fallen warriors, gazing over them as if memorizing their every feature. Ironheart suddenly stirs, and crawls painfully to his feet. As he stands, he finally notices the hooded figure.]

Brian Rentfro: Ironheart looks surprised!

[Ironheart is cautious, but moves towards the robed figure, that just stands there, unmoving, staring seemingly back at Ironheart through the darkness of the hood. Meanwhile, Raizzor is shaking off the effects of that last move, sees the robed figure and carefully kneels.. keeping an eye on both the figure and Ironheart.]

Jon McDaniel: Something big is going down here!!

[The figure makes no more, agrresive or otherwise and Ironheart steps forward, and ever so carefully lifts the hood back to reveal the face of the mysterious person]

Brian Rentfro: OH MY GOD!!!

[Ironheart gasps in shock, as does the crowd, as Nina Daemon Macabre stands there quietly. Her face neutral and unmoving as Ironheart stares at her in disbelief. Ironheart reaches out a hand to Nina, who suddenly turns and walks away. Ironheart, angry, moves forward and grabs Nina, spinning her around. Turned, Nina stares at Ironheart, her face angry. Ironheart takes a step backwards, which proves fatal as Raizzor has regained his footing, hooks Ironheart from behind and executes an olympic slam!]

Jon McDaniel: Nina’s distraction just gave Raizzor the advantage.

[Raizzor climbs back to his feet and approaches Nina. The two just stare at each other.]

Brian Rentfro: For three months, these two waged a war of words for their sides. Nina created DEATH.. and Raizzor created the Twilight Forces to confront her threat. Last Sunday, when Nina was injured.. it was the Twilight Forces that came to her aide.. but now.. this is the pivitol moment!!!

[Suddenly Nina moves forward, and embraces Raizzor in a fierce hug. The crowd explodes into thunderous cheers and applause. Raizzor gives her a squeeze then backs off… and Nina gives him a formal japanese bow. Raizzor gives a slight nod, and Nina exits the ring.]

Jon McDaniel: I think we can safely say Nina Daemon Macabre is back!!!

[Raizzor turns and watches Ironheart climb to his feet, rage clear on the latter mans face. Ironheart charges Raizzor and the two lock horns in the center of the ring. Ironheart knees Raizzor in the gut, wraps his arms around the Sharp One’s stomach and hits a gut wrench powerbomb! Ironheart covers.]



2 ½


Brian Rentfro: That was close!!

[Ironheart grabs Raizzor by the hair and pulls him to his feet, as he struggles up, Raizzor hooks onto Ironheart’s leg and wraps him up into a small package pin]




[Raizzor rolls off and jumps back up, and hits a strong clothesline on Ironheart. At that moment, Ashram runs down the ramp.]

Jon McDaniel: It’s Ashram! He must have saw Nina on the monitors in back!

[Ashram runs up to Nina, and she smiles at him, taking him into her arms and embracing him tightly. Ashram looks relieved and happy to see Nina back. In the ring, Ironheart takes the advantage and whips Raizzor into the ropes. Ironheart catches Raizzor with a 360 spin… The Revelation!!!]

Brian Rentfro: Ironheart hit the Revelation!!! It’s OVER!!!

[Ironheart makes the cover]



2 ½


Jon McDaniel: Raizzor kicked out!!!!!

[Ironheart is in shock, and he rolls back to his feet quickly, stomping hard on Raizzor’s kidneys. Raizzor rolls away in pain. Ironheart backs up to use the ropes for momentum when Ashram trips him up from outside the ring. Ironheart falls face first, giving time for Raizzor to regain his footing. Raizzor bounces off the ropes as Ironheart wobbles up into the center of the ring and Raizzor hits a flying clothesline!]

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor’s on the move!!

[Raizzor then grabs Ironheart, scoops him up and hits the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker! Raizzor makes the cover.]



2 ½


Jon McDaniel: Ironheart escaped a sure end!!!

[Though able to kickout, Ironheart is still groggy and slow to move. Raizzor backs up slowly, till he is kneeling right next to the ropes. At that moment, Ashram and Nina both extend a hand into the ring. Raizzor looks back, and which each of his.. grasps theirs. Three three grip each other in a moment that seems like pure energy. They let go as Ironheart puts his feet under him, and Raizzor races forward, Spearing Ironheart!]

Brian Rentfro: What a hit!!!

[Raizzor then climbs to the top rope, pirches himself straight up and jumps, sailing into the air, Raizzor comes down and connects with the Guillotine Leg Drop! Raizzor rolls over, covering Ironheart and hooking the leg!]




Jon McDaniel: That’s it!! The match is over!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor survived!! The War between Good and Evil ends..

[Raizzor rolls quickly out of the ring, joining Nina and Ashram on the ramp. Ironheart pulls himself up into a sitting position, not quite sure as to what happened.]

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match, giving GOOD the final point to win this war.. RAIZZOR!!!!

[Ironheart is enraged!! He climbs to his feet and jumps out of the ring and races up to where Ashram, Nina and Raizzor are walking away. Ironheart gets close, but Ashram turns and hits a roundhouse, knocking Ironheart hard to the ramp. Ashram goes for another attack, but Nina grabs his arm and shakes her head, signaling this night is over. Ashram nods reluctantly, and the three walk backstage, leaving Ironheart to tend to his wounds.]

Jon McDaniel: Ironheart may not have won tonight, but you know this is only going to drive him to be more vicious in the future! Raizzor returned and came out on top.. but what of his future?? What of Ashram and Nina? Will we find out who attacked the Spider, and will Sudden Impact’s vicous attack on Grifter take the Grimms out early for their upcomming Tag Match?

Brian Rentfro: Tonight only answered the war.. but has left us with more questions. We’ll see you Wednesday for Chaos!! Good Night Everyone!!

Post Show

[Backstage, off camera. Raizzor and Nyghtmare stand outside by Raizzor’s van. Nina and Ashram have a shocked look on their face.]

Nina: But Raizzor, you’re not serious are you??

Raizzor: Yes, I am. The war is over, we did our part. The PWA is entering a new era, and it’s up to the new generation to pave it’s way..and.. call me Michael okay?

Ashram: You have been my manager for almost three months. You held the Twilight Forces together during the most violent of times. We may have won the war tonight, but you know its not over!

Michael Sommers: It will never be over. But I’ve done all I can. I had the chance to fight for my brother when he couldn’t, but he will be okay. I know he will have yet a lot to accomplish here, and I hope you will accept him as your ally and friend.

Ashram: Well…

Michael: Look. I have a wife too.. and a life I want to live. I’m stopping at the hospital, and checking on Mark. Then Nyghtmare and I are gonna head home, to our families. I trust in you two to push the PWA to new extremes. People can judge me all they want, and roll their eyes all they want.. But if I should pass the torch of a legend to anyone, it is going to be you two.

[Nina and Ashram look at each other, eyes wide. Ashram turns and extends his hand, and Michael grasps it]

Ashram: Will you ever come back.

Raizzor (smiles softly, and shakes his head): I hope I don’t have too.

[Ashram nods in understanding, and Nina steps forward and hugs Michael.]

Nina: I don’t know what to say.

[Michael steps back and smiles slightly]

Michael: Don’t say anything…

[Michael Sommers and Nyghtmare get into the van. Michael looks out the window as he starts the engine.]

Michael: Do me one favor you two?

Ashram: What’s that?

Michael (grins): Enjoy this place!! It is the stuff of legends.

[Michael puts the van in gear and pulls out of the parking lot, leaving Nina and Ashram alone, in each others arms.. as Michael Sommers and Nyghtmare drive out of sight.]