World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Sirus vs. the Dragon vs. Ashe

Ashe: "I'd like to say something before my match everyone. I'd like to tell Britanny, if she can hear me, that I'm working hard to find her. Babe don't fret I'm workin' on it. And to the kidnappers...I warned you guys, and you warned me, so I say let's just play nice. Got it? Sirus, Dragon, get out here and let's get this match over with."

A short match that Ashe totally dominating the Dragon, only to be stopped when Sirus and Dragon team up. Realizing what they are doing, Sirus and the Dragon turn on each other, fighting savagely. They spill out of the ring and brawl through the crowd and into the concourse area, where security and PWA officials are able to break them up. Ashe wins by count out.

Winner: Ashe (count out)

Grifter vs. Mokeangelo vs. Black Sheep

An even match with all three men controlling at various points. A bit of team work by Black Sheep and Mokeangelo, when Black Sheep powerslams Grifter, setting up the Turtle Bomb. However, they argue over who gets the pinfall, allowing Grifter to recover. Grifter spears Black Sheep, and then gets Moke to the mat with a double leg takedown. Thanks to the turtle costume, Moke can’t get up, and Grifter wins via pinfall.

Winner: Grifter (Pinfall)

Cinergy vs. Nightstryker

Since Cinergy is no longer employed by ADC, this match is ruled a no contest.

Carter Brothers vs. Death Angyl and Nikon

Both teams missed the flight to Wisconsin, and the match is a no contest.

Vito vs. Brymstone

Lots of great back and forth action, with neither man dominating. Vito starts out strong with a running clothesline and a rear chin lock. Brymstone is turns the table when he reverses a suplex attempt. A body slam attempt by Brymstone is reversed into a small package, and this leads to a series of reversals with both men getting a few two counts. During this, the Canadian Crippler walks to the ring with a chair and hit Vito with it, resulting in a DQ.

Winner: Vito (DQ)

Project X vs. Ironheart

PWA World Title

Jon McDaniel: The air is charged tonight. This is Ironheart’s first World Title defense, and the competition couldn’t be any more fierce. He’s facing the monster from Area 54, Project X!

Brian Rentfro: Jon, for one time, I couldn’t agree with you more. It was been a nice week, but it is time for Ironheart to kiss that belt goodbye.

Jon McDaniel: They lock up, and X easily overpowers the champ. He throws him across the ring. Ironheart stays back, sizing up the big man. Ironheart goes for a double leg take down. No! He faked it to get X off guard and downs the big man with a DDT!

Brian Rentfro: Let’s see him do that again. Its called luck.

Jon McDaniel: X is right back up! Ironheart kicks him in the stomach, but X is unphased! He grabs Ironheart in a choke and throws him over the top rope! Ironheart is not moving out there on the floor. X climbs out of the ring and walks over to the champ. He goes to pull Ironheart to his feet, but he was just playing possum! He used X’s arm to fling the big man into the steel stairs!

Brian Rentfro: What was that? Some kind of Judo crap?

Jon McDaniel: Ironheart rolls X into the ring and hits him with an elbow drop. Project X gets to his feet, and ducks a clothesline. He sends Ironheart in the ropes, but the champ reverses it! Revelation! He covers…one…two…three! Ironheart retains!

Brian Rentfro: What on earth? I can’t believe this. I just lost 50 bucks!

Jon McDaniel: Well, next week it won’t be any easier. Ironheart is scheduled to take on the entire Moran clan. That’s a VCR alert if I ever heard one. But you just know that Crippler is fuming. That World Title would have got some leverage for his Men, and possibly for his return to the PWA.

Brian Rentfro: I’m sure that Crippler has more tricks up his sleeve. Just ask Vito.

(OOC – Sorry this was so short. I’ve been pretty busy this week working with all the stuff getting the roster steady and some other things. Let me know what you think of the new card format, too. – Rob)