World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Grand Re-Opening

Fade in to blackness. A lone voice speaks.

“In the month of March, of the year 1999, before the advent of the new millennium;

history was made! A Pioneer set out to establish a place where opposing forces of good and evil would come and clash, each determined to over throw the other for supremacy of the squared circle. Darkness, light, sanity, insanity, all were welcome, cherished, nurtured in this sport of Wrestling.… it was an Association of souls with a single purpose; to claim ultimate glory; to be champion….

A Pioneer, who believed Wrestling was the key and who’s members formed that Association, would bring it all together, and give the world a place to witness their glory. This is the Pioneer Wrestling Association. This is the PWA.

And we thank you, Rob Robinson.”

Pyros explode, filling the screen as we pan backwards to the roar of the thousands of fans who fill the PWA Dome in St. Louis, Mo! The cameras move quickly over the arena, catching glimpses of signs like “I’m High on XTC!” , “Draven is Due!” and “All Hail President Robinson!”

As we move down, we come to the ring, an awesome setting on black ropes, a pure white canvas and draped with a red apron with the Logo of the PWA on all four sides. On the opposite side of the entrance ramp, which leads up to an amazing stage is the announcers table.

In the ring, our illustrious Ring Announcer; Jack Mulligan stands at attention, a proud smile on his face as he opens the festivities.

Jack Mulligan: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Pioneer Wrestling Association!!!

Deafening cheers erupt, and he allows them a moment before he continues.

Jack Mulligan: It is my great pleasure to introduce to you, the voices of the PWA; your announcers; Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel!!

On stage, the two men appear and head their way down the ramp, high fiving the fans as they make their way to the table. Once there, they adorn their headsets and Brian takes the lead.

Brian Rentfro: Holy!! I can’t believe we’re back!!!

Jon McDaniel: It’s like a dream, Brian! I can’t believe this, but I am actually happy to be sitting next to you again!

Brian Rentfro: Never thought you’d see the day you’d admit to that, I bet!

Jon McDaniel: No! But this is just too good to be true! The PWA is back!

Brian Rentfro: And back with a vengeance! On tonight’s show, we have no less then five former PWA World Champions in action! We have some old favorites returning and even a couple pints of new blood in men like Alex Wilkie and Protean!

Jon McDaniel: It’s been four years, let’s not keep the fans waiting any longer!!

Ethan Von Eisen vs. XTC

The lights go out in the arena "Everything has been said before There's nothing left to say anymore When it's all the same You can ask for it by name" are heard throughout the arena, kicks into the rest of "This Is The New Shit" by Marilyn Manson. Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Silver strobe lights start to go on and off throughout the arena, on the PWAtron the letters "XTC" are shown than it cuts to XTC hitting The Overdose on several different people, than the letters "XTC" are seen flashing on the screen with an Orange glow.

Jack Mulligan- Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring weighing in at 225lbs. XTC!

On top of the ramp XTC is standing, with his arms in the air, crossing at the forearms in an XTC, panning the crowd, chanting his name, as he nods his heard in agreement, he is wearing silver baggy parachute pants, a blue duster with the letters "XTC" on the back. A huge cocky grin spread across his face, a pair of chrome and navy Oakley glasses covering his piercing blue eyes, long brown hair tied tight into a ponytail, he starts to walk to the ring, high fiving the fans, pointing at funny signs. He gets to the ring, still standing on the aisle removes his duster, and sunglasses, puts them in the corner and in one leap gets on the apron, than in one fluid motion hops to the top turnbuckle, and does a moonsault off landing on his feet, the crowd erupts at the beauty of the move. XTC throws his hands up and the fans clap, than he sits down on the top turnbuckle awaiting his opponent.

Jack Mulligan- And his opponent, Ethan von Eisen!

Appearing on the ramp, Ethan makes his way down to the ring and steps inside. He and XTC look at each other, eager to begin!


Brian Rentfro: Here we go, the first match of the returning PWA!

Jon McDaniel: This is going to be great!!

XTC and Eve both lock in the ring for a few short moments. And then XTC grabs Ethans arm and locks in a quick hammer lock pushing him into the ropes and then pulling him back into a hard clothesline.

Brian Rentfro: and a nice quick move by XTC there.

Ethan gets up quick but XTC takes him down again with a quick shoulder block. And again with another.

Jon McDaniel: XTC is really on his game tonight.

Brian Rentfro: A Good start to returning star.

XTC picks up Ethan up and then grabs his head in face lock and holds it there for a second and then posing for a bit he hits a hard DDT directly face first on the mat. XTC goes for a quick cover but Ethan kicks out immediately. XTC stood up and breathed in heavily and then gave a hard stomp to Ethans rib cage and went to the nearest turnbuckle.

Brian Rentfro: Hes going up!

XTC, posed a little bit more and then leaped off the turnbuckle, hitting Ethan with a knobby hard top rope elbow drop.

Jon McDaniel: Ouch that’s gotta hurt!

XTC went for another quick pin.


Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Ethan kicked out!

Jon McDaniel: No way!

XTC stood up again, and then cracked his fingers slowly and picked Ethan up. and set him up for a Fishermans buster and then pulled off his “Overdose” holding the pin!

Jon McDaniel: Its Over!

Brian Rentfro: No way Ethan is kicking out of that!




Jack Mulligan- Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner, XTC!

XTC jumped up and threw his hands in the air, going to a turnbuckle and then posing a bit before hoping down and rolling out of the ring, looking back at ethan and laughing.

Brian Rentfro: An awesome start to the PWA, and XTC shows no sign of ring rust!

Jon McDaniel: Of course not, before returning here, XTC was a part of the BW..

Brian Rentfro: SHHH! We don’t speak of such places here!!

Jon McDaniel: Oh, right!

At that moment, very familiar music hits the arena and the fans explode to their feet as ‘Come with Me’ fills the dome. They all turn to the staging area as green and black strobe lights flicker on the stage and then a single hot spotlight illuminates the new owner of the PWA: Mark Sommers! He move down to the ring, taking the time to shake hands with some of the fans.

Jack Mulligan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the owner of the PWA; the Devious one; Mark ‘The Chamelion’ Sommers!

Climing the stairs, Mark steps through the ropes and heads to Jack. They shake hands and Jack hands the mic over to Mark. Mark stands still, while the arena continues it’s thunderous applause and as soon as it begins to settle, Mark speaks.

Mark Sommers: IT’S THE PWA!!!!!!!!

With a resounding roar, the arena fills again with cheers, and Mark smirks. Patiently waiting for the noise to lower enough, he continues.

Mark Sommers: I had a vision, as corny as that sounds! A vision to bring something special back to the world of wrestling. Very few places hold the emotion that the PWA did, and even fewer spark the imagination of it’s competitors. I worked hard to consider my options and the validity of bringing the PWA back. I’d even gone so far as consider the W4F’s return, or it’s offspring, the ECWA. Hell, there was even thought of sparking a fire under the HiC! All four of these companies are family to each other, offspring, but none of them ever had the magic of the PWA.

He pauses for a moment.

Mark Sommers: So I sent out some feelers, listened to the voices on the wind, so to speak… and it was all I needed to make the decision. Pooling my considerable resources, reaching out to some of the best in the business that were still actually IN the business, I set out to accomplish a dream. And that dream is right here, before you!

Another roar from the crowd.

Mark Sommers: I thank each and every one of you who has come here tonight to support the PWA and it’s new vision. We are truly ‘Breaking New Ground’ here tonight! Now, with that out of the way; I have a few quick issues to discuss.

His smile fades, and he begins pacing the ring.

Mark Sommers: First, to the man called Protean; do not think your words went unheard, but understand this; I will not go out of my way to get involved in the affairs of it’s wrestlers, or to promote myself over you and your skills, or those of your peers. However, don’t expect me to not ‘respond’ should you feel the need to open your mouth on every issue that comes about. You’re an opinionated man, Protean, but sometimes maybe you should let events unfold with out your two cents.

However! While I do plan to stay in the back, and let things unfold here, there is one man who is now employed by the PWA with whom I can not separate my association from entirely. Erik Draven! Two years ago you accosted my brother’s wife, nearly killed my brother and for nearly a decade it seems, you have been a true thorn in the side of the Sommers family. Trust me when I say this; you did not lay the demon to rest… and at Genesis Seven, you WILL pay the price of your atrocious crimes! Believe me, kiddo, you have not known the true fires of hell, until they come back from the grave to eat you alive!

Taking a deep breath, Mark steadies himself.

Mark Sommers: But that is business for another to deal with in his time. For now, I’m sure everyone is anxious to get back to the action of the PWA!!! Let’s not disappoint, shall we??

Handing the mic back to Jack, Mark waves to the cheering fans and makes his exit. As he heads up the ramp, Jack Mulligan resumes his duties.

Protean vs. King Agony

As soon as they get into the ring they lock up. Protean knees King Agony in the stomach, lifts him up and headbutts him. The ref immediately gets in his face and starts yelling at him, but Protean pushes him back. King Agony, meanwhile, staggers back bleeding above his eyebrow. Protean tries to grab him but King Agony rams a right hand into his stomach. King Agony starts tenderizing his stomach with punches. King Agony grabs him and whips him into the ropes. Protean comes back and tries to shoulder block him, but King Agony drops and drop-toe holds him. King Agony sits on Protean's back and grabs him a camel clutch. Protean is waving his arms trying to the ropes. He seems to pass out after almost a minute. The ref checks his arm. One. King Agony looses the hold a bit. He checks again. Two. King Agony raises his hands in assumed victory but Protean jumps up and falls backs, crushing King Agony. Protean stays on him and goes for the pin. 1... 2... King Agony a gets shoulder up. Protean lifts him up and blasts him with a right hand to the jaw, staggering him back. Protean hits him with another one, dropping him to the mat. Protean goes to pick King Agony up but King Agony hooks the back of his knee, dropping him to the mat. King Agony runs into the ropes and baseball slides into his groin. King Agony stands up and starts stomping on Protean, who is writhing in pain. King Agony climbs up top and hits an elbow drop on Protean. King Agony picks him up and sets him up for a powerbomb. He can only pull Protean half-way up, then tosses him forward. King Agony makes the cover and hooks the leg. 1...2... kick. King Agony picks Protean up but Protean jumps up and throws his arms back. Protean starts throwing right hands into his face. After 2 or 3 punches King Agony blocks one and throws a punch back at him. Protean punches him back and King Agony counters with the same again. After a few more rounds, King Agony goes for a punch and Protean blocks, and punches him low in his abs. King Agony buckles and Protean takes the opportunity to mount the ropes and deliver The Elysium. He covers, hooking the leg..1…2…3!

Winner: Protean

Jon McDaniel: Protean pulls out a strong victory in his PWA Debut!

Brian Rentfro: I’ve heard many stories about him and SiD. Looks like they’re very much true!

Jon McDaniel: Agreed, we could be looking at a future champion here.

Sandra prepares

Jon McDaniel: Protean pulls out a strong victory in his PWA Debut!

Brian Rentfro: I’ve heard many stories about him and SiD. Looks like they’re very much true!

Jon McDaniel: Agreed, we could be looking at a future champion here.

Backstage we find Psycho Sandra as she prepares for her match with Sirus Moran. She wrings her hands together, as she does a few knee bends near the entrance way as Mark Sommers walks up.

Mark: You ready?

Nodding, Sandra stands and cracks her knuckles.

Sandra: Damn right I’m ready!

Mark: Good. Because I’ve made a promise to not get involved, no matter the situation. This is your world now, your job. Win or lose, I know you’ll do great!

Sandra: Thanks, sweetie. You’re right, I don’t want you involved, I have to do this all on my own. Trust me, I know how to take care of myself.

Mark: Yeah, that I’ve always known! Have fun fighting Sirus out there!

Mark turns and walks away, and Sandra waits anxiously for her moment!

Back at ringside.

Brian Rentfro: I’m skeptical!

Jon McDaniel: That’s nothing new.

Brian Rentfro: No, I mean. Chamelion, not helping or coming to the aide of his wife? I won’t believe it until I see it.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t think he quite meant it that way. I’m sure if something nefarious were to happen, he’d be out here in a heart beat.

Brian Rentfro: Still; to leave her on her own with Sirus Moran?

Jon McDaniel: Oh, come on, you know very well Sirus is an honorable and just man!

Brian Rentfro: Who talks to a stuffed bear!!

Jon McDaniel: We’ve known this for years. You should be used to it. ‘Al’ is just a bear, and nothing to be so worried about.

Brian Rentfro: This coming from the man who got stuck co-announcing with ‘Al!”

Jon McDaniel: …..

Psycho Sandra vs. Sirus Moran

The match opens with the grapple. Psycho Sandra gets a hammerlock, which Sirus counters, and Psycho Sandra recounters, and Sirus recounters. Sirus then whips her into the ropes, then runs himself. Psycho Sandra jumps over him and she continues running. On the way back, with her back still to Sirus, Psycho Sandra tries to jump over him again, but Sirus comes up underneath her, landing Psycho Sandra on his shoulders. Sirus stands and quickly tilts back, hitting a backdrop on her. Sirus climbs up top and goes for an elbowdrop. Psycho Sandra rolls and Sirus lands hard. Psycho Sandra picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Sirus holds the ropes and stops and Psycho Sandra misses the Yakuza kick she was going for. Sirus, with Psycho Sandra spun by the kick and her back facing Sirus, grabs her and goes another backdrop type move. Psycho Sandra flips back off his shoulder, grabs the ropes and lands on the apron. Sirus isn't sure what happened and looks around, confused, but with his back toward Psycho Sandra on the apron. Psycho Sandra springs off the top rope just as Sirus turns and catches him a massive flipping neckbreaker. She makes the cover... 1... 2... kick. Psycho Sandra picks him up and whips him into the ropes and catches him in a spinebuster slam and goes for the pin again...1...2...thr-KICKOUT! Psycho Sandra picks Sirus up and whips him into the corner, and follows up with a bodysplash. She chops Sirus once. The audience "WOOO!"s.Another chop-- another "WOOO!". Sirus suddenly grabs her and throws her into the corner. Sirus shoulder blocks her in the corner a few times, then backs up and lets her stumble out from the corner. Sirus then grabs Sandra’s arm and goes to whip her into the other corner, but she reverses it, sending Sirus into the corner, chest first. He hits hard and she rushes in for another splash. However, Sirus sidesteps Sandra and wraps his arms around her and rolls her into a surprise small package for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Sirus Moran

After the match, Sirus offers his hand to Sandra who nods and they shake to the roar of the crowd. They leave together, with Sirus collecting ‘Al’ and Chamelion coming to console Sandra.

Jon McDaniel: Now that was a great show of sportsmanship!

Brian Rentfro: Bah, not as fun as a good smackdown!

Jon McDaniel: Wrong show.

Brian Rentfro: Right, I forgot! Anyway, our next match is going….

Before he can finish, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ begins playing and out comes Scotty Snow! He walks out confidently and makes his way down to the ring.

Brymstone vs. Scotty Snow

Jack Mulligan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring at this time; Scotty ‘The Panther’ Snow!!

Scotty steps into the ring and motions for the microphone. Jack hands it to him and he turns to address the fans.

Scotty: Tonight, I promise all of you a new Scotty Snow! Not some lame piece of meat to be tossed to the wolves, I mean to show everyone backstage that I am a true wrestler, a true Superstar! I’ve tasted victory, but for too long I was the puppet of the PWA; and that ends here and now! Tonight, I make my mark against one of the deadliest warriors to ever grace a PWA ring, and I will show each and every one of you… that the Panther is no longer the prey, but the hunter!

He tosses the mic back to Jack.

Brymstone vs. Scotty Snow

Jack Mulligan: And his opponent! Weighing in at 335lbs, and hailing from Richmond, VA, he is BRYMSTONE!!!

"Mein Blut" by Eisbrecher plays across the stadium's PA system and the
arena is bathed in a cold blue light. Fog rolls in to cover the ramp just as
the chorus vocalizes. When the lyrics begin to sound out "Kaltes Herz/ Eis
Kaltes Licht" there would be Brymstone rising from below the main stage and once
fully revealed he would slowly stalk down towards the ring with his head bowed.
When he gets to the Apron he climbs up onto the ring and then steps in over the
top rope.

As Brymstone steps over the ropes, Scotty Snow starts stomping on him immediately. Brymstone gets up and gets whipped into the ropes. Scotty Snow drops and Brymstone jumps over him. He stands up and hits and back elbow on Brymstone, who staggers back. Scotty Snow runs at him, backs him into the corner and chops him. He steps up the to the second rope and starts punching Brymstone. After 10, he steps down and whips him into the other corner. Scotty Snow rushes him and Brymstone moves, causing Scotty Snow to hit the corner and stagger back. Brymstone leans into the ropes and runs at him, hitting him with a dropkick. Scotty Snow falls back. Brymstone picks him up by his hair, and hits a spinebuster slam on him. He hooks the leg. 1... 2... kick! Brymstone stands up and stomps him. Brymstone picks him up and body slams him. He goes up top and hits an elbow drop. Again the cover. 1... 2... Scotty Snow barely gets his shoulder up. Brymstone is pissed now. He picks Scotty Snow up, but comes up fast and kicks him in the stomach. He sets Brymstone up for a powerbomb, but Brymstone back body drops him. Brymstone lifts him up and whips him into the corner. Brymstone runs up and kicks him in the stomach until he falls. Scotty Snow grabs the top ropes and Brymstone grabs his legs ands hits a swinging powerbomb on Scotty Snow. 1... 2... thr... shoulder up! Brymstone stands up, lifts up Scotty Snow, and hits The Pits of Hell! However, Brymstone does not cover him. Angered to be caught off guard, Brymstone picks Scotty Snow up again and delivers another Pits of Hell! This time he covers with one foot on Scotty’s chest. 1-2-3!

Winner: Brymstone

Brian Rentfro: Damn, Scotty wasn’t kidding about how things were going to change!

Jon McDaniel: What do you mean? He lost as usual!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but he lost more viciously then usual! That’s change!

Jon McDaniel: Uh, sure, whatever. Scotty’s out of the ring, being helped up by the refs, but Brymstone has yet to leave the ring.

Alex Wilkie vs. Eric Draven

Jack Mulligan (who is careful to keep away from Brymstone): The following match is scheduled for one fall…….

Jack Mulligan: Introducing first, weighing in at 302lbs and hailing from Parts Unknown, he is ERIK DRAVEN!!

Without fanfare, Draven walks out to the startled crowd, who till now didn’t believe this man would dare show his face again. Boos and hisses fill the entire arena, but it only causes Draven to smile. As he reaches the ring, Brymstone jumps out and blocks him. The two men stare at each other with menacing glares.

Brian Rentfro: OH, that’s right! Draven once crossed paths with Brymstone’s wife, Nina, and not in a good way!

Jon McDaniel: Draven may not even make it to Genesis, if Brymstone wants revenge now!

Brymstone steps aside, his eyes burning rage into Draven, and he warns him with a look to watch his back! Draven glares back, giving the same message as he climbs into the ring. Brymstone slowly walks up the ramp, backwards, never letting his gaze leave Draven.

Jack Mulligan: And his opponent, weighing in at 275lbs and hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, he is ALEX WILKIE!!

The Drums play heavily for a few moments and then the lead singers yells loud. Alex walks out to the stage slapping his chest and pointing out to the crowd for a moment. he then turns around.

I'm the man,I'm the king,I'm the one
That's pure inside
Everyday,everyway I smell of suicide

Alex flexes his muscles from behind, as pyro fires up from the stage. in first a red and then a white and then a red color.

Bitter sins how they grow within
So you tell me it ain't right
And you're my reason for life

He turns around and continues down the ramp. he walks up to the fans and gives some high fives and then flexes for the ladies.

I will stone you,stone you
Wrap my arms around you
I will stone you,stone you
My little HALO

Alex looks back and smiles widely before reaching the end of the ramp spins around and faces the ring, sparkler like pyro rains down from the ceiling

I'm the man,I'm the king,I'm the one
That's broken from giving
Everday,everyway I swear just one last try
Killing me with the death to be
Something that's so right
My hands are scarred with time

sparkler like pyro rains down from the ceiling as Alex holds his hands out and feels the pyro rolling down his arms and chest.

Feel through my eyes

The pyro stops and Alex continues rolling under the bottom rope. he goes up to the nearest Ring post and hopes up to the second turnbuckel and Alex kisses his middle and index finger and points it out to his fans.

I'm the man with the rock in his hand, got
the rock in my hand gonna stone you stone you

Make a change,gotta rearrange
Idle minds,crushing time
And you're the reason for life

He hops down as the last few riffs play and fade out.

Brian Rentfro: I’m going out on a limb here, and giving Alex the best entrance of the night!

Jon McDaniel: I wonder why! This should be a phenomenal match!

The matches starts off and they lock up. Erik Draven starts it off with a side hammerlock. He turns it into a regular hammerlock then into a headlock. He holds the headlock for a few seconds before Alex Wilkie backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring. Erik Draven comes back and tries to slide between Alex Wilkie's legs, but Alex Wilkie drops to his knees above Erik Draven's chest and starts hammering his face. The ref warns him and when he looks Erik Draven kicks him in the back and he falls off.

Brian Rentfro: Never take your eyes off your opponent!

Jon McDaniel: Alex Wilkie has to be more careful with a monster like Draven!

Erik Draven picks Alex Wilkie up, whips him into ropes, bends over and hits a back body drop, sending Alex Wilkie hard to the canvas. Erik Draven turns around and tries for a quick legdrop, but Alex Wilkie rolls and he lands hard. Alex Wilkie runs into the ropes, comes back and sit-out dropkicks Erik Draven in the face and he falls back. Alex Wilkie hooks the leg. 1.. 2..kick.

Brian Rentfro: Alex Wilkie's not wasting a moment, he knows at any time things could turn around.

Jon McDaniel: And Erik Draven won't be put away with a simple move like that, no matter how painful!

While he's still down Alex Wilkie runs into the and climbs up to the second rope. He sets up for a back elbow drop but Erik Draven jumps up and charges Alex Wilkie. He hits him in the back and Alex Wilkie falls on the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Alex Wilkie earns himself a high voice!

Jon McDaniel: That's a hit you never can train for!

Erik Draven gets Alex Wilkie up on his shoulders and falls back for a belly-to-back type suplex. Erik Draven goes for a pin. 1... shoulder-up. Erik Draven picks him up and sets him up for a powerbomb. He tries for the powerbomb but only gets him half way up. Alex Wilkie kicks and comes back down, then back-body drops Erik Draven who, in turn, holds on and goes for a sunset flip. Alex Wilkie counters by dropping to his knees again for an axe-handle to Erik Draven's face but Erik Draven hits him in the groin as he drops.

Brian Rentfro: LOW BLOW!! And the ref didn't see that??

Jon McDaniel: He was out of position, and it paid off for Erik Draven, who definitely now has the upper hand!

Alex Wilkie's knees buckle and Erik Draven pulls him into the sunset flip anyway. 1...2...shoulder! Erik Draven stands and lifts Alex Wilkie up and whips him into the ropes. Erik Draven bends over for the back-body drop but the Alex Wilkie comes back and kicks him in the face. Alex Wilkie whips him into the ropes. As Erik Draven comes back Alex Wilkie tries to gorilla press him but Erik Draven kicks and comes down behind him but before his feet hit the mat Alex Wilkie grabs his head and brings him down in a front neckbreaker. He tries for the pin. 1...2...thr-KICK! Erik Draven barely gets the kick

Brian Rentfro: These guys are making me dizzy!

Jon McDaniel: Alex Wilkie is still gritting his teeth, but is managing some great moves!

Erik Draven starts to get up but Alex Wilkie pulls him up and DDTs him. Alex Wilkie goes out onto the apron. He springs off the second, over the top, and legdrops Erik Draven. He picks Erik Draven up and whips him but Erik Draven reverses it. Alex Wilkie comes back and Erik Draven tries to press him up. Alex Wilkie kicks, comes down behind him and kicks him in the groin from behind. Erik Draven drops to his knees in pain.

Jon McDaniel: Alex Wilkie with a spot of revenge!!!

Brian Rentfro: Someone want to explain this ref's lack of eyesight to me?

Alex Wilkie follows up with a snapmare, whipping Erik Draven's head forward and then back to the canvas. Alex Wilkie then signals for the end, and as Erik Draven stumbles up to his feet, Alex Wilkie runs to the ropes for momentum to hit the Red and White, when he finds himself toppling over the top rope, which was pulled down by Brymstone!

Jon McDaniel: What the hell?

Brian Rentfro: Brymstone makes the save??

The referee calls for the bell, disqualifying Erik Draven. Brymstone grabs Alex Wilkie and throws him back into the ring, where Draven scoops him up and connects with the Ahnkharu Death Driver !! Draven stares as Brymstone enters the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe Brymstone didn’t want to wait any longer, and we’re gonna see all hell break lose here and now!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, I like when hell breaks loose!

In the ring, the two giant men stare at each other, eyes locked… when Brymstone shocks the world by extending his hand, and Draven takes it and they shake.

Jon McDaniel: WHAT THE??

Brian Rentfro: Now there’s a destructive team!!!

The two men raises their hands high in the air, before jumping from the ring and as they make their way up the ramp, Draven turns his face to the nearest camera, and growls;

“Welcome to hell, RAIZZOR!”

Jon McDaniel: Holy s…

Brian Rentfro: That’s what I was going to say!

Jon McDaniel: That’s it for Rampage tonight everyone… we’ve seen the joining of Eric Draven and Brymstone, and quite possibly the final end of the Sommers family! Hopefully next week, a response from the owner; Chamelion! This is Jon McDaniel, for Brian Rentfro; saying goodnight!

© PWA - 2006