World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Ashe vs MVP

Television Title

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring at this time. The challenger for the TV Title. ASHE

"Firestarter" by Prodigy starts to play. Ashe walks out with Triple H style lights. He slams his right rist into his hand and throws his arms out to the side five seconds after he walks out. He looks around, and then walks to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And the Champ. MVP

"Bawitaba" by Kid Rock plays and MVP walks to the ring.

Bell rings.

Ashe and MVP lock up in the middle of the ring. Ashe kicks MVP in the gut and scoop slams him. He follows with an elbow. MVP stands and ducks a clothesline from Ashe and hits a suplex. Ashe staggers up near the ropes and MVP runs towards him. Ashe ducks and pulls the top rope down and MVP goes sailing over to the outside. Ref starts to count. 1)...Ashe stands ready, and 2) MVP stands Ashe vaults over the rope and lands on him, 3)...both men hitting the ground. 4)...Ashe rolls in the ring. 5)...MVP follows in and gets stomped on. The ref pulls Ashe off of MVP and he starts taunting the crowd. MVP staggers up and waits for Ashe. Ashe turns around and is met with a DDT. Ashe gets pummled with punches and finally MVP gets off and starts to give himself praise and trys to get the fans to chant his name. Ashe staggers up and crouches ready. MVP turns around and Ashe runs at him and spears him.


BR: My god Ashe killed MVP. That'll leave a mark.

Ashe goes for the cover 1..2..kick out just barely. Ashe pulls MVP up and hits a brainbuster. Ashe rolls outside of the ring and starts mocking a fan, just as Black Sheep Will Bradley runs down the ramp and gets the ref's attention. Ashe rolls in the ring with a chair and nails MVP square in the head, and tosses the chair back outside. He picks up MVP and readys him for a powerbomb. Will drops down and starts to walk off watching the match as he's walking. The ref goes back to the two in the ring just as Ashe picks up MVP and delivers the Inferno. He pins MVP. 1..2..3..bell rings.

Ring Announcer: AND THE NEW TV CHAMP...ASHE!

JM: Oh my what an upset. Did you see Black Sheep Will Bradley come down? What's going on with these two.

BR: I don't know, but I do know that I wouldn't wanna mess with Ashe. He'll
kill ya.

JM: Well That isn't much coming from you Brian!

BR: Well, MVP is probably pretty pissed right now, at least he will be in a good position to capture the number one contender spot and get a rematch at Bad Blood!

Brothers Grimm vs Jekyll and Hyde

**Let me introduce to you, the new tag team sensation of the PWA, weighing in at 493 pounds, Jekyll and Hyde! **

Macdaniel "It looks like they compliment each other very well."

(Two Princes starts to play over the loud speaker. Two men walk down the aisle and hop into the ring. Hyde tests out the ropes and Jekyll stretches and warms up a little)

(OCC for Jekyll, picture Stevie Richards with a hair cut and Steve Williams minus facial hair for Hyde)

On the big screen a video starts up and we see the Aristocrats in a house. 'It's a scene from the Disney movie and they start singing 'Everybody wants to be a Cat'. Sirus and Grifter burst onto the scene and dance around to the music. But something's missing. Just then the lovely angels walk, no strut out wearing a skimpy version of a cat costume. They are coddling 'Al' right now and he seems to be enjoying it a lot! Sirus has a microphone in hand and adds his own style to the song.

"Everybody wants to be a cat (BEAR), because a cat (BEAR) is the only cat who knows how to swing."

They make their way down to the ring in their wrestling attire, Sirus' 'L7' still fresh on his forehead.

Rentfro "Looks like they have come ready to play"

Macdaniel "To bad it's a wrestling match."

The bell rings and Grifter and Jekyll start in the ring. Jekyll seems to be waiting for Grifter to make a move but he just stands there. Jekyll tries for a jab but Grifter swats it away. Grifter does a spin kick but is caught and dragged down. Jekyll with an ankle lock.

Rentfro "We're seeing his style here now, but it's a little early to try that."

Grifter pushes him off with his other leg. They square off. Grifter executes a hip toss, runs to the ropes and connects with an elbow. The two men back on their feet. Jekyll attempts a DDT but is blocked and is lifted up and falls into an atomic drop. Grifter watches him hop around the ring. Jekyll stops and looks at Grifter. He turns around and tags Hyde in, giving him some advice. Grifter sizes him up and tries to take his feet out from under him. Hyde's feet were planted solidly so he doesn’t go anywhere. Hyde picks him up with one hand and delivers a short choke slam. Hyde turns to his partner and gives him the thumbs up sign.

MacDaniel "Should have followed up there."

Rentfro "Does he know how to follow up? That's Jekyll's area."

Hyde turns back to face Grifter but he's gone. Grifter has moved around behind him. He jumps on his back and applies a sleeper. Hyde starts to wobble a little but he backs up into a corner and sandwiches Grifter between the turnbuckles and himself breaking the hold. Hyde swings a forearm at Grifter who just manages to duck out of the way. Grifter springs through between Hyde's legs, plants his hand and kicks Hyde into the turnbuckle. Hyde hits chest first and topples back over falling onto Grifter.

MacDaniel "It looks like he hurt himself on that one. Bad break for Grifter."

Rentfro "Don't say break."

Grifter pulls himself out from under and crawls over to Sirus. Jekyll is telling Hyde to get up before he gets there, but it's to late. The tag is made and Sirus jumps over the ropes into the ring. He meets Hyde with a knee to the midsection and does a DDT while he's bent over. He picks Hyde back up and throws him into a corner. Sirus smiles, runs and jumps leading with his shoulder. Hyde staggers out and is met with a drag toehold falling face first. Hyde is still in this match though. He gets up and takes a lumbering swing at Sirus, who ducks. Sirus catches his arm, grabs hold of the other one and delivers five headbutts.

MacDaniel "This is it, the nameless knockout, this should be it here."

Sirus finishes off and us to bounce off the ropes when Jekyll pulls down the top rope and Sirus tumbles out of the ring head first.

MacDaniel "Right on his head. I don't know if he'll be able to get back up after that."

Rentfro "Are you kidding? If anybody has a thick enough head, it's Sirus."

MacDaniel they were your partners once you know."

Rentfro "And?"

Grifter rushes over to his fallen friend and checks him out. Sirus looks like he's shaken it off and mumbles something about getting back up before the 10 count. Sirus climbs back into the ring. He brings his fists up and looks a little surprise when he sees his hands. He calls over to Grifter wondering where his gloves are, but Grifter just shrugs. Sirus moves about the ring waiting for an opening.

Rentfro "What's he doing?"

MacDaniel "I think he's boxing."

Sirus jukes in close and hits Hyde with a few jabs, the ref warns him about punching. Sirus looks confused. Sirus with a few more body shots. Hyde stands no more of this, scoops hi up and slams him down to the mat. Sirus jumps up and starts yelling at the ref. The ref turns to talk to Grifter, or tries to. Jekyll comes into the ring and tells Hyde to take Sirus out of the ring.

MacDaniel "No tag made there."

Grifter points to the double-teaming, surprisingly the ref looks. Grifter climbs the turnbuckles. Jekyll and Hyde are working Sirus over. Hyde tosses Sirus over the ropes and starts to climb through them to the floor. Jekyll is watching what's going on. He then turns his attention to Grifter who is flying through the air towards him.

Rentfro "Buzzbomb!"

Grifter takes Hyde crashing into the mat and rolls him over for the pin. The ref leaves Hyde and Sirus and comes over for the count. 1-2-3.

MacDaniel "A little unorthodox, but the Brothers Grimm pull out another win."

Sirus and Hyde are still going at it strong on the outside until Hyde notices that the match is over. He stops abruptly and walks over to his partner. Sirus looks at what happened and throw his hands in the air and dances around a little. The Brothers Grimm. 'Al' and the lovely angels head to the back.

Grendle vs The Prisoner

Ring Announcer - This match is a Standard Match. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 350 from Unknown, Grendle!!!

[Grendle comes to the ring. ]

Ring Announer - and his opponent, weighing in at 275, The Prisoner!!!

Grendle grabs The Prisoner's arm and strkes his elbow. The Prisoner strikes Grendle in the elbow.
(ring, ring, ring) Grendle kicks The Prisoner in the stomach. Now The Prisoner standing. The Prisoner drives a forearm into Grendle. Grendle kicks The Prisoner in the head. The Prisoner gets back to his feet. Grendle delivers a low blow to The Prisoner. The Prisoner is back on his feet.
The Prisoner kicks Grendle in the stomach. Grendle moves back to his feet. Grendle delivers a short-arm clothesline to The Prisoner. The Prisoner gets up. The Prisoner gut-wrenchs Grendle.
The Prisoner applies a boston crab to Grendle. The referee is checking the situation. ... (AHHHH!) ... (AHHHH!) The Prisoner breaks the hold. The Prisoner sends Grendle to ringside.
Dwayne Cross starts the count (.1) (..2) The Prisoner knees Grendle and rolls back to his feet.
(...3) The Prisoner stomps Grendle. ]

Jon McDaniel - Grendle takes a Stomp.

[(....4) The Prisoner applies an arm wrench to Grendle. Now Grendle standing. (.....5) They head back into the ring. Grendle forearm smashes The Prisoner. The Prisoner shoulder tackles Grendle.
The Prisoner stands up. The Prisoner delivers a kick to the head of Grendle. The Prisoner fist drops Grendle on the mat. The Prisoner gets back to his feet. Grendle stands up. The Prisoner body slams Grendle. Grendle stands up. The Prisoner drags Grendle to the floor. ]

Jon McDaniel - If Grendle or The Prisoner could get a weapon it would change the course of this match.

[Dwayne Cross starts the count (.1) Swinging Neck-Breaker from The Prisoner takes Grendle down. (..2) The Prisoner picks up a blade and cuts Grendle. Grendle is bleeding. (...3) The Prisoner low blows Grendle. Grendle is back on his feet. (....4) The Prisoner takes Grendle off his feet with a short-arm clothesline Grendle is back on his feet. (.....5) They fight into the aisle.
Grendle and The Prisoner move back to ringside. Grendle and The Prisoner move back into the ring. The Prisoner takes a slap to the face from Grendle. The Prisoner takes Grendle down with a knee. ]

Jon McDaniel - The Prisoner with a knee.

[The Prisoner stomps Grendle. Grendle is back on his feet. Grendle reverse DDT's The Prisoner's head into the mat. Grendle applies a boston crab to The Prisoner. Dwayne Cross is checking for a tap out. ... ... Grendle breaks the hold. Grendle sends The Prisoner to ringside. Dwayne Cross starts the count (.1) ]

Jon McDaniel - What an outstanding match!

Brian Rentfro - Blood is all over ringside.

[The Prisoner is back on his feet. (..2) The Prisoner runs and tackles Grendle. The Prisoner punches him in the head. Grendle climbs to his feet. (...3) The Prisoner punches Grendle in the head. (....4) Grendle punches The Prisoner in the head. (.....5) They fight into the aisle. Grendle and The Prisoner move back to ringside. They fight into the aisle. Grendle and The Prisoner move back to ringside. They head back into the ring. Grendle connects with a flying knee. The Prisoner goes down. ]

Jon McDaniel - The Prisoner takes a knee.

[The Prisoner moves back to his feet. The Prisoner slaps the face of Grendle. The Prisoner gets back to his feet. Grendle runs and tackles The Prisoner. Grendle punches him in the head. Grendle measures The Prisoner up and drops a closed fist. Grendle gets up. Grendle knees The Prisoner and rolls back to his feet. The Prisoner is back on his feet. The Prisoner piledrives Grendle into the mat.

Jon McDaniel - That Standing Piledriver was very good.

[Grendle moves back to his feet. The Prisoner puts Grendle in a reverse chin lock. Referee Dwayne Cross is checking for a tap out. ... Grendle is fighting the hold. ... Grendle is fighting the hold. Grendle escapes. ]

Jon McDaniel - The PWAis the number on wrestling program on telvision.

[The Prisoner slams Grendle to the mat with the Rockbottom! The Prisoner chants start. Now The Prisoner standing. Grendle gets up. The Prisoner puts Grendle in a reverse chin lock. Referee Dwayne Cross is checking for a tap out. ... Grendle is fighting the hold. ... The Prisoner tightens the
hold. The Prisoner breaks the hold. The Prisoner grabs his hand and flips him to the mat.
The Prisoner chants start. The Prisoner measures Grendle up and drops a closed fist.
Now The Prisoner standing. Grendle stands up. Grendle lifts The Prisoner into the air and delivers a spine buster. Grendle shoulder tackles The Prisoner. Grendle gets up. Grendle executes a neck breaker. Grendle covers The Prisoner. The ref starts the count. ...1 ...2 ...3 ]

Brian Rentfro - We've got ourselves a winner!

Ring Annoucner - The winner of this match, Grendle!!!

Jon McDaniel - Grendle will be going to Bad Blood to compete for the Hardcore title, but who will his opponent be? Fletcher of Black SHeep Will Bradley?

The Hippie Phil Garcia vs Black Sheep Will Bradley

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring at this time. The Hippie Phil Garcia.

"A Touch of Grey" by Greatful Dead comes over the pa system and the Hippie walks down the ramp shaking hands with the fans. He gets in the ring.

Ring Announcer: And now his opponent Black Sheep Will Bradley.

"Freak on a Leash" by KoRn hits and the fans start chanting BS. Will walks down the ramp with strobe lights flashing and rolls in the ring to receive a pummeling from the Hippie.

bell rings as Will rolls to the outside. Ref begins to count as Will starts a slam fest with a fan. The ref gets to 5 and Will rolls back in. Hippie kicks Wil in the stomach and laughs. The Hippie turns around and starts trying to get people to chant for him and praising himself. Hippie tursn around and is met with a clothesline from Will that sends him to the mat. Black Sheep goes down and starts pummeling the Hippie with a closed fist. The ref breaks them up and Will picks the Hippie up and DDTs him back down to the mat. He then puts the Figure 4 on the Hippie. The ref checks for a tap tap...finally gets to the ropes. Will slides back and stands calling for the Hippie.

JM: Those two are gonna tear eachother up.

BR: Yeah I wouldn't be surprised to see some blood.

Hippie gets up slowly as Black Sheep is standing waiting for him. Will kicks Hippie in the stomach and hits a Russian Leg Sweep and gets the ref's attention facing away from entrence towards the crowd. Ashe runs down the ramp with a chair in hand. He slides in the ring and nails the Hippie square in the head and sets the chair down. He runs around to the other side of the ring and gets the ref's attention. Black Sheep goes over and grabs the chair. Hippie staggers up and Will tosses the chair at him. Hippie catches it and is hit with the Total Blackout. Ashe points to Will pinning the Hippie after Will discards the chair. 1...2...3 bell rings.

JM: My god he kicked Hippie's head off.

BR: You ain't kiddin' Jon.

Ring Announcer: And your winner BLACK SHEEP WILL BRADLEY

Ashe and Will hug in the center of the ring and flip some of the fans off. Ashe calls for a mic and begins to speak.



The two leave laughing with eachother and mocking the fans.

Rage vs Tundra

Ring Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, before our main event tonight it is our honor to present a very special guest. Former two-time PWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Psychologist Doctor Steven Remo!!!"

(The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos and profanity as Remo comes through the curtain and makes his way towards the ring. He is showered in cups and debris as he reaches ringside. He takes the microphone from the announcer and climbs into the ring)

Remo: "Thank you for your warm welcome tonight! It's easy to see that all of you PWA fans are STILL the best anywhere!! (a loud "You suck!" is clearly heard from the crowd)

I've been receiving calls for weeks now, asking me about my status within the PWA. Well, today I had my contract meeting with PWA officials and, as of 4:00 o'clock this afternoon, I am BACK in the Pioneer Wrestling Association! (boos and profanity) But wait, that's not all! It appears that my first order of business will involve the upcoming Pay-Per-View event Bad Blood. The main event is scheduled to be for the PWA World Heavyweight Championship, and I am proud to say that I will be the very special GUEST REFEREE!!!! More details will be made available in the coming days and weeks, but for now all I can say is that things are going to be verrrrrry interesting"

(Remo exits the ring and walks towards the announcing booth. He raises his hand in a threatening gesture, sending the announcers scurrying for cover. He smiles as he sits down and puts on a headset)

[The Crippler is seen on the ADCTron. Who authorized this! You were not the guest referee for the match! It was supposed to be Stephen "The Monkey" McDonald!]

[Remo is seen grinning smugly from the announcers table and shakes his head in a "Tsk, Tsk" manner..]

Remo: Simple minded fool, all will be revealed at the PPV.

Remo: "Wrestling fans, tonight's match-up is sure to be a classic. The two men who are doing battle have real history, and tonight may very well be a culmination of literally YEARS of ill feelings. Folks, expect a war"

(Tundra's theme comes over the speakers and he comes through the curtains, playing to the crowd. He receives a huge ovation^)

Remo: "On his way to the ring, wearing a pink tutu and fuzzy bunny slippers He weighs in tonight at about.. oh, I'd say around 250.. He is Tundra!!!"

(As Tundra reaches ringside he notices Remo sitting at the announce booth. He squints and looks again, as if to make sure he is seeing clearly. Remo gives him a big thumbs up, which Tundra disregards with a wave of his hand

Suddenly Rage comes through the curtain, running towards the ring. He gets to the end of the ramp and sees Remo. Without hesitating he switches gears and dives over the announce booth, trying to kill Remo. Tundra quickly jumps out of the ring and joins the battle, pulling Rage away from the announce booth and landing several punches to Rage's face. Remo gets up off the floor and sits
back down behind the booth, straightening his tie

Remo: "Fans, I apologize for the technical difficulties. I was just rudely attacked by a man who needs NO introduction, a man from the filthy streets of Chicago. Rage!!"

Tundra continues the attack on Rage, attempting an Irish whip towards the guard rail. Rage reverses, sending Tundra crashing into a stack of folding chairs before collapsing into a heap near the stairs. Rage picks up one of the chairs and swings at Tundra, landing a sickening shot to the shoulder

Remo: "Folks, I don't think I could have done a better job with that chair
myself. But I'd LOVE the chance, let me tell you."

Rage picks Tundra and tosses him into the ring. Rage follows him in, landing a few stomps to Tundra's midsection. Rage picks him up and throws him into the ropes. Tundra reverses and lands a HUGE clothesline! Rage was turned inside out with that one! Tundra continues the attack, straddling Rage and landing rights and lefts to his face!

Remo: (laughing loudly) "Jesus! I haven't seen Rage get slapped around like this since his divorce hearings with Banshee!!"

Tundra picks Rage up and delivers a modified belly-to-belly suplex, sending both men crashing to the canvas. Tundra rolls over him for the cover

1 2. Kickout!

As Tundra tries to pick Rage up he is hit with an upper-cut to the mouth, sending him reeling back to a corner. Rage stands up and charges in, landing a brutal knee to Tundra's midsection. Rage lands a few hard chops before whipping Tundra across to the opposite corner. He follows him in with a Rage picks Tundra and tosses him into the ring. Rage follows him in,

splash, but Tundra got his foot up!

Remo: "You know, I've heard Rage put his OWN foot in his mouth plenty of times, but now he's put Tundra's in there as well!"

Tundra is wobbly but he is up, standing over Rage. He looks down at Rage and spits on him, obviously disgusted with him. He leans down and slaps Rage hard across the face. Rage doesn't take kindly to that, grabbing Tundra by the trunks and pulling him into the ropes. Tundra goes crashing to the floor

Rage follows him out. He picks Tundra up and slams him hard onto the concrete. He picks him up yet again and sends him flying into the steel stairs! The referee is leaning out through the ropes screaming at Rage, threatening to disqualify him if he doesn't stop. Rage turns to say something
to the referee, but Tundra lunges forward, knocking Rage's head into the referee's. The ref is out!

Remo: "Well folks, what did I tell you? This is a war! And it looks like it's about time to call in the reinforcements"

Remo takes off his headset and jumps over the announce booth. He runs towards Rage, who is kneeling and holding his head. Remo stands him up, hooks him in a gut-wrench position, and flips him over into the neckbreaker. The Analysis on the floor! Remo stands up and looks around, trying to find Tundra. Tundra is running towards him with a chair! Tundra just crushed Remo's skull
with that chair shot!

The referee is standing up in the ring, shaking his head. Tundra pushes Remo out of the ring and makes the cover on Rage...1....2...3!!!

Ring Announcer: Your winner.... TUNDRA!!!

Jon McDaniel - Wow, what a match!

Rage is beside himself! Rage is back on his feet and looking around, but where is Remo? Remo has somehow disappeared, saving himself from a certain beating at the hands of Rage and Tundra