World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Executioner vs. The Prisoner

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, currently in the ring, weighing in at 240, along with The Judge, he is The Executioner!

[Executioner raises his arms to the crowd.... and turns, waiting.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, weighing in at 234, and accompanined to the ring by Fletcher Moran.. he is The Prisoner!!

[Prisoner and Flether come out together to the cheering crowd, and head down to the ring.]

Brian Rentfro: It's nice to have a match that isn't built on feuds and anger.. just two men wrestling.

Jon McDaniel: Indeed, it seems that the PWA has become one huge war ground lately.

[The Bell rings and the two combatants lock up in the center of the ring. Prisoner gets the advantage with an arm bar, and then switches to a bulldog. Executioner is back up quickly, shaking himself off. Again, the two men lock up, this time with Executioner taking control, capturing Prisoner into a headlock. Executioner squeezes, and Prisoner pushes him off and into the ropes. Executioner bounces off and takes down the Prisoner with a shoulder block. Executioner then races to the ropes, and comes back with a quick leg drop. The Prisoner is hurting and Executioner keeps up the assault.]

Brian Rentfro: The Executioner is showing some great moves in there! A true professional!

Jon McDaniel: Dont' count the Prisoner down yet, he has some great tactics of his own.

[The Executioner drags Prisoner back to his feet, and goes for a bodyslam, but Prisoner slides out the side, whips Executioner around and hits a hard clothelines taking the Executioner down. The Prisoner then grabs his legs and lifts him up, then falls back with a sunset flip. The Executioner falls face first to the mat. The Prisoner goes and grabs him again, but the Execution turns over and kicks Prisoner in the stomach.]

Brian Rentfro: The Prisoner was on a hell of a roll..

Jon McDaniel: The Executioner needs to fight back hard, if he has a chance.

[The Prisoner holds his chin, where he got kicked as the Executioner stands. Executioner charges, but Prisoner catches him with a drop toe hold, drives an elbow to his back, and pulls him up into a german suplex. Before the Executioner can react, The Prisoner brings him back to his wobbly feet and hits the Blitzkreig and makes the cover.. One.. two… three!]

Brian Rentfro: Prisoner with a decisive victory!

Jon McDaniel: Executioner tried, but this wasn’t his day. Let’s move on to our next match.


Jon McDaniel: What a way to start off Rampage, now let's get onto our next.. Wait, we have something up on the ADCtron.

[Backstage, the camera follows Ridel as he turns down the hallway to his locker room. He opens the door, and stops in surprise. In the center of the room, all of his belongings, his wrestling gear and his personal items lay strewn in a pile on the floor.. they appear to be drenched and soaked, and Ridel smells what seems to be gasoline. On top of the pile stands a single candle, lit, burning low.. the wax dripping onto the clothing.. and a note ..wetted down with the gasoline lays next to it. Ridel moves in and snatches the candle carefully, extinguishing the flame, and picks up the note and reads;

"Existence Drips Away"

Ridel angrily crumples the note and leaves his locker room.]

Brian Rentfro: What was that all about?

Jon McDaniel: I have the feeling that Raizzor's promises are beginning to come true.

Dark Messiah vs. Thunderwolf

Jon McDaniel: The two men lock up, and this ought to be a good match. Dark Messiah grabs a headlock, but T-Wolf powers him to the ropes. Messiah ducks a clothesline and comes back but Thunderwolf leap frogs over him! There's a move I haven't seen for a while. Messiah spins around and dropkicks Thunderwolf. T-Wolf staggers into the ropes and Messiah catches him coming off with an inverted DDT. He covers. 1..2..kickout.

Brian Rentfro: That's a smart move, trying to capitalize on a big surprise like that inverted DDT. It shows experience that he went for the cover right away rather than showboat. That's exactly what I would have done!

Jon McDaniel: Sure you would. I know you're just famous for your lethal Inverted DDT, right Brian?

Brian Rentfro: Well, I'm no 'Al', but I wasn't too shabby.

Jon McDaniel:T-Wolf kicked out decisively and starts laying into Dark Messiah with rights and lefts. T-Wolf means business tonight and he's not going to let up on Messiah. Messiah is reeling and gets whipped into the ropes. A text-book spinebuster by T-Wolf. Thunderwolf pulls Messiah up in a front face lock, spins him around and hits a standing inverted backbreaker. T-Wolf holds the move then drops Messiah to the mat. T-Wolf climbs to the top and waits on Dark Messiah to get to his feet...I think he's going for the Trust!

Brian Rentfro: Like you said, Thunderwolf means business tonight, Jon. He wants to get that mark in the Win column as quickly as possible.

Jon McDaniel: Messiah is on his feet and Thunderwolf launches. Messiah sees him coming and takes him down with a superkick as Thunderwolf is flying through the air! Messiah pulls Wolf up and starts to whip him to the corner, but T-Wolf reverses it and whips Dark Messiah right into the referee! The ref is down! Thunderwolf whips Messiah into the corner and rams his head into the turnbuckles as the crowd counts along!

Brian Rentfro: Look at this, Jon! There's some cloaked person running to the ring with a chair. Is he going to help out Messiah?

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure. Thunderwolf doesn't see him, though! The man slides into the ring as T-Wolf is setting Messiah on the top turnbuckle. The man waffles T-Wolf with the chair! Messiah is standing on the mat now and the stranger tosses him the chair, then rolls out of the ring. The ref is starting to get up, sees Dark Messiah holding the chair over the fallen Thunderwolf and calls for the bell! Thunderwolf wins by DQ and Messiah can't believe it!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell was that all about? That stranger helped out Dark Messiah by taking Thunderwolf down, but then caused him to get the DQ?

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure, Brian. But I bet we haven't heard the last of this.

Ridel & Marcus Collins vs. The Cereal Killas

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from the MoA...Ridel and Collins!

[Ridel and Marcus Collins come out with Gabrielle and the rest of the MoA behind them.. Ridel still looks angry as he has had to borrow gear from Nightstryker for this match, and Collins walks silently behind him... as they begin down the ramp, the lights of the arena begin to flicker. and Ridel's music suddenly cuts off. He stops, forcing Collins to abruptly stop his walk. The lights flicker for a few more seconds, before returning to normal, and Ridels music continues.]

Brian Rentfro: Technical difficulties??

Jon McDaniel: Or something more?

Brian Rentfro: I've got no idea, but the MoA aren't happy about it! They've surrounded Ridel, even shoving Collins out of the way to better protect him. Now they're climbing over the guard rail and exiting through the crowd, leaving Marcus Collins to fight the Cereal Killas by himself!

Jon McDaniel: I guess the Masters aren't taking any chances tonight!

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, the Cereal Killas!

["Bulls on Parade" blares out of the PA as the Cereal Killas enter the ring.]

Jon McDaniel: Chase Wilson and Ty Copas look across the ring at their lone opponent, then look at each other. They nod and rush Collins! A double clotheline takes him down! Collins gets back up, but Copas kicks him in the stomach and the Killas nail him with a double DDT!

Brian Rentfro: The Masters really left Collins hanging out to dry tonight. No back up and all alone in the ring against one of the best tag teams in the PWA!

Jon McDaniel: Chase Wilson climbs up to the top rope while Copas pulls Collins up and sets him up in a hanging vertical suplex. Wilson flies at him with a cross body block, sending Collins crashing to the mat. Wilson is covering. 1...2...3! The Cereal Killas pick up a win in what was basically a handicap match against MoA "lackey" Marcus Collins.

In-Ring Interview

("Wish" by Nine Inch Nails starts over the PA.)

Jon McDaniel: What's going to happen next?

Brian Rentfro: Time to go get a beer, I think!

(President Robinson walks to the ring. The crowd is fairly indifferent, neither booing or cheering.)

President Robinson: That's a first. I guess what they say is true. If you're out of the ring for a little while, people forget all about you. I suppose that applies to the Masters of Armaggedon, too. They think just because other issues are taking my time that they can run around doing whatever they damn well please? Not again. Of course, lately we haven't had anyone standing up to them. They've got all the belts except for the tag team and Grizzly Beer, it looks like. And hell, later tonight Rage and Nightstryker have a chance to take care of the Brothers Grimm. And to be frank, Sirus doesn't have a real great record against the MoA of late. I mean, didn't Silverback beat him for the World Title just a couple months ago? So I'm not sure I can count on him to get the job done.

President Robinson: What this is leading to, if any of you are paying attention, is Summer Sizzler. That's right, the last of what some consider the "big" annual PPVs is here. And I'm here to promise that is Dalton Campbell doesn't take the World Title away from Silverback on Wednesday that on August 26th, someone else will. A PWA member, not someone that owes his real allegience to anyone but the PWA. Do I know who will be challenging the champ at Sizzler? You're damn right I do. I look at Chaos and Rampage, and it is like watching the PWA in '99. I see the Grimms, Raizzor, and Rage all fighting their little battles along with everyone else, and it made me realize that maybe it is time for the '99 Robinson to return. Maybe take a bit more of an active role around here. That's why I've hand picked this month's challenger to the World Title. Someone that I know can bring respect to the World title. A real wrestler, a serious athelete, not some comedy figure like Sirus Moran. And while I respect the Spider, I haven't forgotten that for many months he was the leader of the PWA MoA. So even if he does win the title before the PPV, I won't be happy with the belt around his waist. No, I've choosen a man that I know for a fact will represent the PWA as I feel it should be represented.

President Robinson: Now, before you all get too excited, I'm not giving anything away just yet. That would give the MoA too much time to cheat and try and injure my man before the big event. All the MoA needs to know is that its time is limited. Before long those letters will be ancient history in the PWA and that's a promise you can take to the bank.

Raizzor vs. Chihiro

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe what Raizzor did earlier.. if that was indeed his doing.

Jon McDaniel: We may not get the answers for a while. Let's get to ringside.

Ring Announcer; The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, Chihiro!

[Chihiro enters and comes to the ring.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, a member of the Renegades and one half of the Krymson Dragons, RAIZZOR!

[The lights flicker, the same as during Ridel's entrance....then suddenly there is an explosion of pyros on stage, and music begins.. an electric guitar, followed by a fast paced drum beat.. and on the ADCtron, images of Raizzor in various matches begins flashing quickly..

Iron birds of fortune

Adrift above the skies

Cloudy revelations

Unseen by naked eyes

[On the screen, we switch to seeing weapons of destruction.. tanks, bombs, planes, mixed with knives, guns, chainsaws...]

Flying tools of torment

Will penetrate the sphere

erupt the rock of ages

ringing final fear

[An explosion on screen with silhouetted images of Raizzor again, Chokeslamming victims over the years.]

"Instruments of Destruction!!!

Tools of powerplays

it's a violent eruption...

existence drips away!

[New scenes, Raizzor in various matches, teaming with the Grimms, fighting Nightmare.. easy victories over Scotty snow.. and more.]

"What's it really matter,

When nothing really counts?

Breath eternal darkness when your..

drained of, every ounce."

"And when the nightmares over,

The final from the storm...

Dust of all creation…

from ashes, we transform!!"

[As those last words are sung, we see what was Raizzor shimmer and fade as the new violent Raizzor appears on Stage below the ADCtron! No different is his attire, but the air and visage of the Soul-Taker is much darker then we've even seen before. He walks to the ring as "Instruments Of Destruction" continues it's chorus.]

Brian Rentfro: Holy... this new Raizzor is ... I don't know what to say...

Jon McDaniel: Evil...

[Raizzor steps into the ring, the hard hitting bridge of the song begins, and before anyone can react, he attacks Chihiro, beating him with closed fists.. sending the man into the corner.. Raizzor grabs him, whips him across and follows up with a clothesline to the back of the head.. .. as Chihiro falters backwards, Raizzor delivers a superkick to the back of the head. He then picks up Chihiro and connects with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker. Raizzor climbs the turnbuckle and flies, hitting the Guillotine Leg Drop... he covers and the ref counts.. One.. Two.. Three. So quick is the match, Raizzor's music still plays, hitting the huge ending as he raises his arms high in the air, then slams them down to his side, as more pyros go off! The crowd is loud, screaming and cheering... with mixtures of boos scattered about.. as Raizzor spins and drops out of the ring.. jumping over the guardrail and exiting through the crowd... his music finally fading out. The crowd continues to go wild.]

Brian Rentfro: Did.. did we have a match?

Jon McDaniel: Chihiro is by no means an easy target... Raizzor struck quick and without mercy, and then knew to leave before the MoA could assemble an attack.. is this what we're to expect over the next few weeks??

Brian Rentfro: I'm afraid to see what else he will do.. and now it's time for our main event.. which includes the MoA against the Renegades.. more specifically, the Brothers Grimm.. for the PWA Tag-Team Championship!

Nightstryker & Rage vs. The Brothers Grimm

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challengers. From the MoA, Rage and Nightstryker!

(No music comes on the PA. Nightstryker is out ahead of Rage, who is several feet behind him. Neither man looks terribly happy.)

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, the PWA Tag Team Champions, the Brothers Grimm

(More Human than Human plays on the PA as the Grimms make their way to the ring.)

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker starts off against Grifter. They circle each other before locking up. Grifter gets backed into a corner and the ref makes the men break the lock up. NS breaks the hold, but pounds Grifter in the face before backing away. Grifter rushes out of the corner and spears Nightstryker. Grifter starts to pull NS up, but NS stops him short with a low blow. NS takes Grifter down with a double leg takedown and steps into a Sharpshooter. Grifter struggles and reaches the ropes. The two men are on their feet trading blows. Grifter scoops NS up for a tombstone piledriver, but NS wiggles back and reverses it. NS hits the Mindbender! 1...2..Sirus is in to break the cover.

Brian Rentfro: The MoA nearly had the titles right there!

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker argues with the ref about a slow count, giving Grifter the chance to tag in Sirus! NS sees him coming and ducks down to give Sirus a back body drop! Sirus rolls through it and is back up on his feet. Stryker swings at him, but Sirus blocks it and catches the arm, then grabs Stryker's other arm. Here are the trapped headbutts and the crowd goes crazy, because they know what's coming next! NS gets whipped into the ropes, but he manages to hold on to them and stop running. He heads to his corner to tag in Rage.

Brian Rentfro: Look at this! Rage is refusing to tag in! Stryker swings at him, trying to force the tag, but Rage jumps back off the apron and heads backstage!

Jon McDaniel: Stryker doesn't know what's going on! Sirus grabs his shoulder and spins him around, whipping him into the ropes! Now Sirus hits the Nameless Knockout! 1...2...3! The Grimms celebrate their win and take their titles backstage with them.

Brian Rentfro: What a match!! Nightstyrker is back up.. feeling woozy.. I think he's just realizing what happened..

Jon McDaniel: I don't know what to make of what happened here, but we're out of time.. and..What the??

[Again, the lights flicker.. and suddenly Nightstryker is drenched in a dark, thick red liquid being poured from the rafters... He screams, wiping his eyes and spitting the viscous fluid from his mouth.. ]

Brian Rentfro: That.. that looks like blood!!

Jon McDaniel: We can't see into the rafters, it's way too dark... !!

[Nightstryker is shaking, as he violently tries to clear his vision when the lights come back up and we hear Raizzor's laughter echoing over the arena.....]

Brian Rentfro: The war between Raizzor and the MoA is just getting started... tune in Wednesday for what is sure to be.. True Chaos!!