World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Big Daddy vs. Brymstone and Nightstryker

(Non-title handicap match)

Big Daddy and Nightstryker start out the match. The former champ pounds on the current one and hits a wicked running powerslam, but only gets two. Nightstryker goes for a powerbomb, but BD reverses into a backbody drop. A double underhook piledriver brings Nightstryker down and the champ covers for two. BD starts to pull Nightstyker to his feet, but gets a low blow for his trouble. Nightstyker tags in Brymstone, who climbs up to the top. Night lifts the champ up in a hanging suplex, then Brymstone comes off with a flying cross body to bring Big Daddy crashing to the mat. A cover is made, one...two...foot on the ropes. Brymstone starts to pull BD to his feet and gets caught in a small package for a one count. BD sets Brym on the top turnbuckle and attempts a superplex, but it is blocked. Big Daddy turns it into a DDT off the top instead. Nightstryker is in and the ref gets in his face instead of counting. Suddenly, Rage comes running to the ring and catches the champ in the Breakdown. Rage rolls Brymstone on top of Big Daddy, rolls out of the ring, and then Nightstyker leaves too. The ref turns around and counts, one...two...three.

Winner: Brymstone and Nightstryker

Rage vs. the NAP

(Gauntlet Match)

Rage enters the ring and Too Panz is his first opponent. The lock up and Rage shoves him away. A second lockup, and Too Panz is sent into the ropes. A dropkick flattens the Panzie. Too Panz is up quickly and this time he sends Rage into the ropes. He ducks his head too soon, and Rage DDTs him. Rage with a floatover and he applies the Fires of Rage. Too Panz taps out.

Winner: Rage (Submission)

Next down the ramp is Big Poppa Panz. BBP takes Rage down with a shoulderblock, but Rage rolls out of the way of an elbow drop. Rage rolls out of the ring, and BBP follows. BBP slams Rage's head into the guard rail. Rage is busted open and rolls back in the ring. Troy Martin runs down the ramp and comes up behind BBP. Rage backs the ref into the corner and is showing him his cut. Martin hits BBP with lefts and rights. Martin pulls up the mat outside the ring and DDTs BBP on the concrete, paying him back from Genesis. Rage out of the corner now as Troy Martin heads back up the ramp. Rage rolls BBP into the ring and covers him. One...two...three.

Winner: Rage (Pinfall)

Next comes the Panzident, Victor Hymenchaser. He looks at the ring, then at Rage and starts to turn around. Rage is out after him! Rage grabs him by the hair and gives him an inverted suplex on the steel ramp. He scoops him up in a reverse fireman's carry and climbs inside the ring. Rage hits an inverted Spicolli driver and covers him. One...two...three.

Winner: Rage (Pinfall)

Finally, Panzadise starts down the ramp. Behind him, Brymstone runs out and starts hitting him from behind. Rage rolls out of the ring and helps Brymstone. The roll him inside the ring. The ref calls for the bell. Brmstone holds Dise and Rage measures him for a superkick. Dise ducks at the last second and Brym goes down. Dise kicks Rage in the stomach and nails him with a Panzadise Bomb! Security rushes the ring as Panzadise rolls out and starts back up the ramp.

Winner: Panzadise (DQ)

Sirus Moran vs. The Corpse

(World Title Match)

From the back of the arena we hear old style ambulance sirens wailing. The revving of an engine mixes with the sirens know. And over the speaker we hear ..

"If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?


The fans go wild but aren't quite sure why yet.

Headlights flood through the curtain as a white car comes driving slowly through. It's a white ambulance.

Brian Rentfro: "My god, it's ECTO-1!"

It is indeed the car from Ghostbusters. Grifter, Sirus and 'Al' are in costume. Grifter is driving the car down as Sirus, with backpack and gun, sits on top of the car with his trusted friend 'Al'. 'Al' has the goggles over his eyes and is directing Sirus where to shoot. Sirus takes aim and pulls the trigger. A bluish light sparks out of the gun and a Moran Clan t-shirt shoots out of the air gun. Sirus gets a few more t-shirts off into the crowd before ECTO-1 reaches the ring. Sirus stands up and strips off the Ghostbusters uniform. He grabs 'Al' and leaps into the ring from roof to mat.

The Grimms have arrived.

Both men shake hands out of respect before locking up. Corpse sends Sirus into the ropes, Sirus ducks a clothesline then nails Corpse on the rebound with a spinning heel kick. Now Sirus sends the green man into the ropes and catches him in a tiltawhirl backbreaker. Sirus goes up top and tries for a splash, but Corpse moves away. Corpse looks to end the match early by getting Sirus in the Closed Casket, but Sirus wiggles free, off the dead man's back! The Corpse turns around and Sirus nails him with the Nameless Knockout! Sirus!

Winner: Sirus Moran (New World Champion)