World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Thunderwolf vs. Matt Attict

The bell rings both men run in and lock up. Thunderwolf whips Attict into the ropes. Attict comes back with a shoulder block and Thunderwolf hits the mat.
Attict hits the ropes again and Thunderwolf rolls over. Attict jumps over him. Thunder wolf stands up as Attict hits the opposite ropes. Attict comes
back and goes for a clothesline, which Thunderwolf ducks and turns into a full nelson. After a few seconds he back kicks Thunderwolf who quickly lets
go and holds his groin, then falls to his knees. Attict picks him up and DDTs him. Attict springs off the second rope of moonsault, but Thunderwolf rolls.
Attict misses totally, stunning himself long enough for Thunderwolf to recover. He lifts Attict up and sets him up for the Cry of the Wolf (an inverted DDT). As he's about to drop Attict elbows him in the stomach. He turns over and hits a Northern Lights Suplex Thunderwolf. 1..2..3!

Winner: Matt Attict

After the match, Corey Lazarus comes out and sets up a table and a ladder. Lazarus and Thunderwolf brawl outside the ring, with Lazarus getting the upper hand. Lazarus sets Thunderwolf on the ladder and powerbombs him through the table. Emergency medics have to come and cart him away on a stretcher.

Cliff Young vs. Animal

The match opens slow. The bell rings and the two cirlce for a second. Without warning Animal is off, he spears Young, taking him down. He grabs Young's arm
and pulls him into an armbar. After a second Young leans over and punches Animal dead in the face. He releases the armbar and retreats to a turnbuckle
holding his eye. Young is up and Animal goes in for another spear. Young catches him this time and drops him into a DDT. Young picks Animal up and
Animal hits him with a quick left jab, then he hits thr ropes and comes back with a hurrican rana. He geos for the pin. 1..2Kick out. Animal grabs Young
by the hair and lifts him up. He whips him into the corner. He stands on the second rope and starts pummeling Young's head. He climbs down and lets Young
fall onto the mat. Animal hits a legdrop one the back of his head then rolls him over and goes for the pin. 1...2... kick out! Animal, obviously mad,
picks him up and whips him into the corner again and follows him in. Young hits the corner and turns around with a stiff boot to Animal's jaw. He nails
Animal with a couple right hands, then whips him into the opposite corner, but Animal reverses it. He follows young in and jumps onto his shoulders,
going for a hurricanrana out of the corner. Young counters with a high-angle powerbomb, and goes for the pin. 1...2...3!

Winner: Cliff Young

Monkey McDee vs. Nightstryker

Ring Announcer: This next match up is scheduled for one pin-fall with a thirty-minute time limit...

(The lights begin to flicker as the low rumbling of thunder is heard throughout the arena...)

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first from Chicago, Illinois...

(The lights finally give out, and the arena is plunged into darkness as AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" begins to filter into the arena through the PA-system.)

Ring Announcer: Standing at six-feet four-inches, and weighing in at 254-pounds...

(The boo's from the crowd soon begin to resonate in the darkness...Across the ADCtron the image of rolling clouds...flickers of lightning, and then suddenly the top of the ramp way is struck with a lightning bolt...and simultaneously the house lights come back up as white pyros ignite around the top of the ramp way...)

Ring Announcer: He is a member of the M.o.A...He is the former PWA World Champion...He is NIGHHHHHHTSTRY-KEEEEEEEER!!

(And then Bryce slowly emerges from behind the dark curtain...His long dirty blonde hair tied back...a dark trenchcoat covering his frame...he moves to ringside without a pause in his stride...He ignores the paper thrown at him...)

Brian Rentfro: Look at him...always so focused...

Jon McDaniel: You say focused...I say moody. You know this is funny because Stryker's been going on for weeks about how he and McDee will never meet in the ring unless it's a retirement match.

Brian Rentfro: So? Can't a man change his mind?

Jon McDaniel: Oie vay...

(Stryker reaches ringside, and slowly rolls into the ring under the bottom rope...and continuing the motion rolls to his feet to the center of the ring...a mic in his hand suddenly)

Brian Rentfro: Now that's smooth.

Jon McDaniel: Oh Rod...So I'm surprised the M.o.A hasn't contacted you about announcing NoA 3.

Brian Rentfro: Uh...they uh...couldn't afford me.

(Stryker's music slowly fades away, and for a moment it is only the loud jeers of the crowd, and then...)


("Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys erupts through the arena as the jeers turn quickly into deafening cheers...)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent from out of Hartford, Connecticut...

(Red fountain pyros ignite, horizontally, across the darkened entrance way in unison with the music...the noise volume increases...)

Ring Announcer: Standing at six-feet two-inches, and weighing in at 230-pounds...

(Red spotlights shoot down from the rafters, and begin to sweep through the crowd...not on its feet...)

Ring Announcer: Also a former PWA World Champion...He is the master of the Spunky Monkey...He is MON-KEEEEEEY MC-DEEEEEEEEEE!!

(McDee bursts through the black curtains, and shower of red pyros...Clad in a red tank top, and black wrestling tights inscribed with "Monkey" written down his left leg in red lettering and outlined in white...he looks around to the crowd, and smiles...Then thrusts his hand up into the air with the "M" symbol...)

(The crowd responds with a burst of new cheers, and soon they too are returning the "M" symbol...McDee turns from the crowd to the arena, and his smile disolves into a frown...He begins a slow walk to ringside...watching Stryker's back...)

Jon McDaniel: And these PWA fans love the Monkey!!

Brian Rentfro: -yawn- he's over rated.

(As McDee approaches ringside...the lights and his music are suddenly cut...)

Jon McDaniel: What the!?!

Brian Rentfro: YIPE! Hold me Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Oh get away from me...Uh, fans we're not sure what's going on...I mean this wasn't schedualed at all, but well I'd bet anything this has to do with the M.o.A...Brian...back up now before I hurt you.

(The lights suddenly pop back on...Brian clutching to Jon's arm...he jumps back...)

Brian Rentfro: HEY! Getting a little close there aren't you...

Jon McDaniel: Oh my...look...

(McDaniel points to the center of the ring...the camera and Brian follow it's aim...)

Brian Rentfro: Hey now...

(In the center of the ring the Masters of Armageddon stand in a loose half circle...Spider...Nightstryker...Gabrielle...and The Brutal...centered between them a beaten, bound in chains, gagged, and nearly unconcious Monkey McDee...Stryker slowly bends down to McDee's face...the mic in hand...)

Nightstryker: You wanted to know where we were Mac? You wanted to know where all the legends had gone?

(He smacks McDee hard in the face...McDee is suddenly awake...rage burning in his eyes. The Brutal moves in behind McDee and places a heavy hand on his shoulder as Gabrielle looks out into the crowd...)

Nightstryker: We're standing all around you Mac...but let's see if we can't prove this hmm?

(Stryker nods to the Brutal, and he shoves a black hood over McDee's head...McDee begins to shake his head frantically when a large rope noose is then slipped around his neck and tightened...)

Jon McDaniel: They can't be serious? This can't be happening!! Get someone out here!

Brian Rentfro: I say his neck snaps before he suffocates...

(And then the rope stretching all the way into the rafters begins to inch it's way towards the rafters...pulling McDee to his feet as the M.o.A exit the ring...)

Jon McDaniel: I can't watch this I have to help him!!

(McDaniel jumps from his seat, and slides into the ring, and soon is hard at work trying to slip the noose off of McDee's head, but the slack has already been used up, and McDee hangs just inches from the canvas...McDaniel, grabs McDee by the legs and lifts him higher...)

Brian Rentfro: Oh come on can't possible hold him up all night...Really just let the poor guy die...Ah, comes security. Yep, bolt cutter in hand...

(Three-security officers slide into the ring, and soon are cutting McDee down...)

Brian Rentfro: Damn...just when something good starts to happen the Yellow Shirted Idiot Patrol comes out and ruins it all...nuts. Ah well here comes Jon...

(With a huff Jon takes his seat and slipes his headset back the security officers start to free McDee of his bonds..."Brass Monkey" hits the PA-system again, and the fans begin to clap wildly...)

Jon McDaniel:'re a jerk.

Brian Rentfro: And you're out of shape...Ok, and Mcdee is too his feet now, and raising his hand and the "M" symbol to the heroic...Yeah so that was fun until you decided to be a hero. Hmm...guess we're gonna call that one "no contest"...Looked like Stryker won to me.

Sirus vs. 'Al' vs. Ty Copas

Grizzly Beer Title Match

The match starts out with Copas and Sirus in the ring. 'Al' is sitting on top of a turnbuckle. They lock up. Sirus takes Copas into a hammerlock. Sirus
kicks Copas in the stomach and wrenches his arm more. Copas makes his way to the ropes and grabs them. As Sirus lets go, Copas comes around and nails him
in the stomash with a hard right hand. He leans into the ropes and rushes Sirus, taking him down with a clothesline. Copas picks him up and body slams him. He hits the ropes and goes for a senton backsplash, but Sirus rolls. Sirus is up and he runs intot he ropes. Copas gets up to his knees and Sirus buries both feet in his face. As the two brawl the camera turns around the ramp where Robinson is coming down the ramp. The camera follows him down to a ringside seat. The camera turns back to ring where Copas is sitting on Sirus' chest punching him in the face. Sirus rolls over and starts beating on Copas, then picks him up whips him into the ropes. As he comes back Sirus hits a Manhattan Drop on him, and Sirus stumbles back holding his groin. The camera turns back to Robinson, who is now eating popcorn from a little red and white striped box. The camera turns back to the ring where Sirus has Copas in the Nameless Knock Out. He gets off 4 headbutts before letting Copas drop to the mat. He goes for the pin but before he can a red and white box of popcorn flies into the ring, hitting his head. He stands up pissed. The camera turns to Robsinson, who is now beside the ring yelling something at Sirus. Sirus runs at him, slips on the box of popcorn and falls nearly over the top rope, but Robinson hits him in the head with the ring bell. Sirus stands in the ring, dazed. Robinson picks up 'Al' and throws him at Sirus. 'Al' hits Sirus backwards and is just enough push to knock Sirus down. 'Al' lands on top of the unconscious Sirus. The ref counts. 1...2...3!

Winner: 'Al'

Robinson starts laughing as he walks away from the ring. As he reaches the entrance at the top of the ramp he stops, then turns around, realizing that 'Al' is now sitting there in the ring with the Grizzly Bear title. He runs back and begins arguing with the ref to reverse the decision. Unfortunatley, the ref won't give, so Robinson grabs his popcorn and stomps out. In the ring, Sirus looks at 'Al', then takes off Al's Brothers Grimm t-shirt. Underneath, 'Al' is wearing a New Age Panzy shirt! Sirus looks shocked. The NAP Theme plays as the referee raises Al's arm and Sirus carries him out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe that 'Al' turned on Sirus! His very own best friend and he sold out for gold!

Jon McDaniel: Brian...Robinson threw 'Al' at Sirus, he didn't turn...

Brian Rentfro: Then explain why 'Al' was wearing that Panzy shirt, Jon. Explain that!

Metalhead vs. Gabrielle

IC Title Match

Gabrielle and Metalhead lock up and Gab is powered into the corner. Metalhead breaks the lock up, but slaps Gabrielle before he backs away. Gabrielle charges and spears him out of the corner. Gabrielle applies an ankle lock submission on Metalhead. Metalhead makes it to the ropes. He whips Gabrielle into the ropes and powerslams her coming off. Metalhead pulls her up and whips her into the ropes and tries for a second powerslam, but Gabrielle counters with a head scissors. Gabrielle covers...1...2.kickout. Metalhead hits Gabrielle with a DDT and pulls her back up. He sets her up for a powerbomb, and lifts her up, then holds her in a cruicifx position for the Iron Cross. Gabrielle kicks free and when Metalhead turns around, Gabrielle kicks him in the stomach, then leans into the ropes and comes back with the Waking Nightmare. Gabrielle covers...1...2...3

Winner: Gabrielle

Showtime vs. The Spider

World Title Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger. From Hollywood, California he is one half of Sudden Impact....Showtime!

(The lights go out, then maroon fireoworks shoot up from the entrance way breaking the silence in the audience. Then "Secretz of War" by Tupac hits, and Showtime comes out. He wears a black boxer rope with black, maroon and white trunks and as he walks down the ramp fireworks go off by the side of him.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, the PWA World Heavyweight Champion...The Spider, Dalton Campbell!

(The Final Countdown by "Europe" begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a giant spider. The picture of the spider fades out and white pyros flare of the ring. The Spider the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.)

Brian Rentfro: Jon, I'll be twenty bucks right now the MoA end up costing Showtime the match!

Jon McDaniel: I thought 'Al' was the only gambler in the PWA?

(Showtime attacks Spider as he's unhooking the harness. Spider finally frees himself and he and Showtime begin trading punches. Showtime blocks a punch, but then the Spider blocks one of his own. Spider grabs Showtime in a front face lock and executes a DDT. With Showtime laying on the mat, Spider applies a Boston crab. Showtime pulls himself to the ropes after a minute and the Spider releases the hold, but kicks Showtime in the back as he does. Showtime gets to his feet and Spider grabs him and whips him into the ropes then catches him in a spinebuster.)

Jon McDaniel: The Spider is really working over Showtime's back.

Brian Rentfro: Jon, the Spider is a pro. He knows exactly what he's got to do to finish off an opponent.

(The Spider applies an inverted surfboard on Showtime. Spider holds him there for quite a while until it becomes clear Showtime won't submit. Spider releases Showtime and drops an elbow on his back. Spider pulls Showtime to his feet and whips him into the ropes, then catches him in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Spider covers...1...2.kickout. Showtime gets to his feet. Spider tries for a lock up, but Showtime whips him into the ropes. Showtime hits a powerslam on the champ, but grabs his back and can't take advantage. The Spider pulls Showtime up and scoops him up then locks him in a backbreaker submission.)

Brian Rentfro: This match is over for Showtime. He's in the middle of the ring and his back can't take much more!

(Showtime tries in vain to reach the ropes. Showtime turns toward Spider and hits him with a palm thrust to the face. Showtime rolls towards the ropes, but Campbell comes after him. Spider starts to pull him up, but Showtime counters with a double leg takedown. Showtime steps through and locks on a Sharpshooter. The Spider manages to twist around and grab the ropes. Showtime pulls Spider up and whips him into the ropes. Showtime catches Spider in a DDT and then floats over to apply the Spider's Grasp!)

Jon McDaniel: Showtime is using the Spider's own finisher on him!

(The Spider crawls towards the ropes, dragging Showtime with him. He reaches them, but Showtime pulls him back, then wraps his legs around Spider and rolls over on his side, choking out the Spider and not allowing him any movement towards the ropes. The Spider tries, but can't get to the ropes. He smashes his head back into Showtime's face and the stunned Showtime lets up just enough for the Spider to get free. The Spider is visibly shaken, but gets to his feet. Showtime throws a punch at the champ, but the Spider catches his arm, twists around and takes Showtime down to the mat with a short clothesline. Campbell climbs up top and signals for the Hero's Victory. He comes down, but Showtime brings his knees up just in time.)

Brian Rentfro: I had no idea Showtime had anything left.

Jon McDaniel: He was playing smart by conserving his energy with the choke holds and submissions. Plus, it had the effect of slowing down the Spider.

(The Spider clutches his stomach and Showtime gets to his feet. The Spider charges Showtime. Showtime side steps and turns to face the champion from behind. Showtime scoops up Spider almost like he's going to Tombstone him, then grabs him at the waist and drops Campbell's feet to the mat. Now in position for a power bomb, Showtime lifts Spider up by the waist and hits the End Product. Both men lay on the mat. The referee begins to count. 1...2...3...4...5...Spider rolls over...6...7...8..Showtime starts to get up..9..Showtime gets to his feet. They lock up and Spider starts to whip Showtime into the ropes, but Showtime reverses it. Showtime nails Spider with a super kick as he's coming back. Then Showtime climbs to the top turnbuckle and starts to walk the top rope facing the crowd. Showtime hits a moonsault onto the Spider and hooks a leg. 1...2...3!)

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it! Showtime captures his first PWA World Title with the Walk of Fame!

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe the PWA has sunk so low! I don't want to work for a company with this clown as the champ!

(Showtime is awarded the belt as his theme music plays.)

Jon McDaniel: More importantly than that, Brian, but he's going on to Genesis III to face Sirus!

Brian Rentfro: *groans* Jon, Sirus couldn't even beat a stuffed bear tonight! Stupid Sirus never even saw the fact that 'Al' was going to turn on him! Showtime's got a cake walk and that means he's gonna be champ past the 25th!

Jon McDaniel: Sirus Moran is not a cake walk, Brian. But regardless, we're out of time. We'll see you all on Wednesday at Chaos!