World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Opening Segment

As Rampage comes on the air, we immediately find ourselves backstage with Chamelion leaning against the wall looking at someone with a rather bemused expression.

Chamelion: “So, let me get this straight? You walk out of the PWA weeks ago, angry and saying some rather derogatory things about the PWA and so on, and you expect to just come back and get right back on the roster?”

The camera pans wide to find a belligerent Iris Starchild.

Iris: “Hey, I had a bad day that day. I’m good for your company, and you know it.”

Chamelion: “I know of no such thing. You didn’t stick around long enough to get an idea of who, or what you are.”

Iris: “Then give me a chance to prove it!”

Chamelion: “Fine. Tonight you get your chance. I’ll book you into a match, and if you win, you get to be back on the roster. If you lose, you pack your bags and get out.”

Iris: “Fine! I’ll show you that I’m the best man you have on this roster! So good, in fact, I’m Pantheon worthy!”

Iris turns away to head towards the locker rooms and Chamelion calls after him.

Chamelion: "You're going the wrong way. The ring's this way. Your match is first!"

Iris stops cold in his tracks, and Chamelion walks away, a slow devious smile covering his face.

Iris Starchild vs. Zach Hazzard

Iris Must Win to Earn a PWA Contract

The bell sounds as Iris backs himself into a corner to try and plea off the big man Zach Hazard who goes right after him with a clothesline attempt. Iris ducked this so that now Zach was in the corner facing the turnbuckle, however, he managed to stop himself from hitting it. Starchild went for a clubbing forearm to Hazards back but it had little to no effect as the larger man in the match-up threw a devastating back elbow which landed his opponent directly in the face, flooring him. Zach then proceeded to pick up Starchild and push him into the ropes, when he came back Hazard threw him high into the air and caught him for a crushing powerslam. He wasn’t done however as he sat Iris up and gripped him in a rear waistlock and delivered a release german suplex from that position. Hazard looked down at his opponent, waiting, and when Starchild just began to get up Zach ran at the parallel ropes and delivered a ECHOING Punt to the head. Iris floped face down and wasn’t moving as the ref began the ten count.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

Match length: 45 Seconds

The Winner of the match, Zach Hazard!

The referee went to raise Zach’s hand but Zach pulled it away and chased the official out of the ring before walking over and spitting on Iris Starchild and leaving the ring as EMT’s arrived to stretcher out Hazard’s first victim.

Arriving late...

[In the parking lot, a black motorcycle comes roaring through the area. It squeals to a stop and the rider kicks down the stand. He steps off of the bike and undoes his helmet. He stops at the first person he sees, Riona Langly, who is lacing up her Reeboks after a stretching session.]

Biker: Riona?

Riona: Hrm? She's not in right now, would you like to leave a message?

[To her credit, Riona doesn't look surprised or angry with this development. Just focused. Alot of things are going through her head, and it's causing her to be distant from the world.]

Biker: I just wanted to apologize.

[He takes off his helmet to reveal Duff Côte d'Ivoire. His hair is tied back in a ponytail, and he's wearing a black leather jacket with matching jeans, as well as a slightly confused look at the response he just received.]

Duff: I'm sorry that I wasn't as visible as I could have been last week in our tag team match. I feel pretty bad.

[Riona looks up at Duff, nods her head, and goes back to tying her Reeboks up.]

Riona: We won, it's all that matters right now I guess.

[There's a sort of deadpan tone in Riona's voice... she's not bored... but distant. Duff nods.]

Duff: Yes, I suppose that's true. It's a funny story, actually. Dorian got caught with a hooker and a few hundred pounds of coke in his trunk. The funny part really came in watching him squirm in front of that judge, though. You should have seen the beads of sweat that ran down his face when he found out his date was actually an undercover cop.

[Riona nods back...]

Riona: Sucks to be him...

[Duff cocks his eyebrow at Riona, who certainly isn't acting the way he's used to witnessing.]

Duff: Is something wrong?

[Riona looks up, moving a red bang out of her face...]

Riona: Nothing's wrong.

Duff: This place has turned into a real madhouse though...

[Riona walks up to Duff and reaches up, patting his shoulder.]

Riona: Inmates run the asylum and the jailor has lost his happy pills. What do you expect? Anyway, insanity does wonders for your reputation and imtimidation factors. You should try it sometimes, it feels pretty nice... Like stepping out of your skin and watching yourself from afar.

[A small wink. That's all Duff gets as far as a clue. Was it all a put-on?]

Riona: Well Duffy, I've got a ass-kicking to prepare for and you've got... I don't know, something to do. We'll have to continue this story later. Maybe over dinner, or breakfast? I never get to eat breakfast all that often.

[Riona walks off, giving Duff a wave.]

Riona: Ja ne Duff, it's good to have you back. You're always nice to talk to... or fight with... either way, it works for me.

[Duff watches Riona walk off, and scratches his head, pondering just what in the world is going on here.]

Jacob Figgins vs Emperor Ian

Singles Match

Ian started with a headlock that Figgins whipped him out of. Ian shoulder tackled Figgins across the ring. Figgins hit an arm drag. He followed with a headlock and Ian slapped on a head scissors. Figgins kipped out and hit two arm drags. Ian went to the floor and collected his thoughts. Back in the ring, he grabbed Figgins and kicked him in the gut to take control. He worked strikes and stomps on Figgins. Figgins hit a quick tackle and two drop kicks. He went for a third, but Ian grabbed the ropes and Figgins missed. He rolled to the floor and recovered into the break.


Back at 6:15 and the Ian had a chin lock on Figgins. Figgins tried to fight out, but Ian just beat him to the ground and stomped away. Ian hit his jumping knee drop for two. He hit another flying knee drop for two and went back to the deadly chin lock. Figgins fought out and hit a surprise side Russian leg sweep. He hit two flying lariats and then a missile drop kick for two. Figgins missed a springboard cross body and Ian quickly locked in the Imperial Conquest. Figgins was close enough to the ropes and grabbed hold and Ian immediately let go. Both men back up, a show of mutual respect and they collided in the middle. Figgins superplexed Ian and went for a cover but Ian kicked out. Ian swung but Figgins ducked and then scooped Ian up into a back Suplex. Figgins went to the top but missed with a splash and Ian took the chance and re-locked on the Imperial Conquest.

‘Rev Theory’ began and Ian released the hold and turned to confront Chamelion, but the Devious One did not come out. Realizing too late his error, Ian turned and found himself on the wrong end of a Fig Effect! Figgins covered and scored the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jacob Figgins.

Post match, Chamelion finally did come out, clapping for Jacob who in turn saluted Chamelion with the middle finger. Chamelion’s smile vanished, and the Pantheon member turned and walked backstage.

Returning the Favor and a New Main Event!

Somewhere backstage, we find Viktor Stone walking down the hall way when a mysterious figure in a hooded sweater bursts out of a nearby locker room and assaults Stone with a sledgehammer! Stone drops to the concrete and the figure hits him a second time before security comes running along. The figure escapes and the medics are quickly called in, followed by the appearance of Chamelion coming from the staging area, still pissed with Figgins.

Chamelion: "What happened!?"

Security Guard: "Viktor stone was just attacked by someone with a sledge hammer. We have to get him to the hospital to check for a concussion."

Chamelion nods, knowing now his main event match was in jeapordy. As the medics work on Stone, Chamelion turns away and walks down the hallway until he bumps into the PWA World Champion, Marxx.

Chamelion: "And just where the hell have you been this week!?"

Marxx: "Well, I..."

Chamelion: "Well I doesn't cover it! You're the PWA World Champion and you're making the title look like crap! Ya know what? Stone just got punked out by someone and has to be taken out of the match... and since you don't seem to find doing your share for the PWA to be worth while, I don't see why you should get a pay day tonight. So, Marxx; you take the night off and Engel and Strader can instead have an Unsanctioned Re-match from January to highlight my show. Now get out of my sight before I decide to just strip you off that title here and now!"

Chamelion brushes past a shocked Marxx who is left standing with his jaw hanging open as we return to ringside.

Johnny Maverick vs Riona Langly

Singles Match

The announcements are made and both competitors get ready for their match.

The bell rings and Riona starts the match off with a knife-edge chop. Maverick reels back from the attack, returns fire with a stiff knee to the gut. Grabbing her in a waistlock, he rams Riona into the turnbuckle. Riona blocks an attempt at knee strikes, catching Mav's leg and spinning him around and whacking him with a stiff elbow to the back of the head. Riona plants him into the mat with a stiff knee of her own to the back of the head. Riona goes to pick him up, and Mav rakes the eyes to regain control. Maverick rolls to his feet and pulls Riona into a headscissors, but Riona drops out of it and tackles Mav to the mat, unleashing rights and lefts before he grabs the ropes to force a break.

Back to their feet, the go for a collar and elbow tie up, but Mav wins quickly and locks in a side-headlock. Riona powers out of it with some nice elbows, and then runs the ropes right into a double armed chop. Mav follows up with a Butterfly Backbreaker and another side headlock. Riona pushes the two of them to their feet, and pushes Mav off, but he holds on and drags her back to the mat. This continues on two more times until Riona manages to squirm out of the hold. Maverick turns around and falls to the mat from a knife-edge chop. He stands up and it's on as the two of them start to wail on each other with stiff chops and kicks that are heard throughout the arena.

Maverick hits another boot, but Riona turns from the attack and floors him with a leaping heel kick. Riona takes over with MORE strikes, but Maverick runs the ropes from one attack and flies over Riona for a sunset flip... and Riona just slaps Maverick hard. Mav gets to his feet and Riona KICKS MAVERICKS'S HEAD OFF! Riona drops to the mat and applies a chinlock of her own, but Maverick goes to the corner and pushes them up. Riona hits a few kicks, but Johnny slaps the teeth right out of her mouth. Riona claps a bit, and turns around, hitting a spinning kick to the face. Johnny ducks a Yakuza kick and tosses Riona like a pizza though, and then lights her up with chops, just irritating her. Riona returns the slap, and Johnny responds by stomping on her head in brutal fashion.

Maverick hits a backbreaker and follows it up with a fall away slam for 2. Riona escapes a waistlock but turns around to eat a dropkick. She runs into a pair of hard boots but finally hits a desperation powerslam to get back into it. Riona starts to get her Fighting Spirit as she hits a pair of clotheslines, a vertical suplex and a flying lariat for 2. Riona goes for the Painkiller Overdose early, but Maverick gets to the ropes early and uses Riona's JNCOs to send Riona to the apron. Maverick elbows her in the gut and hits a slingshot Falcon Arrow for 2. Maverick hets back to his feet, throws Riona into the corner, hits a corner clothesline, discus clothesline, and a backdrop backbreaker, but still only gets a 2. Riona avoids the press gutbuster and hits a flurry of chops, stinging Maverick's chest red. She goes to the apron and smacks him with a springboard missile dropkick, corner yakuza kick and to top it all off, a dropkick in the corner.

Riona puts Johnny on the top rope after the dropkick and hits a sit-out powerbomb, but still only gets a two out of it. Riona fires off a flurry of chops leading into the Whiplash Tornado DDT and a running knee strike, and still Johnny kicks out. Roderick avoids the Devolution by dropping out of the move and hits a corner enzugiri, putting Riona on the top for a top rope Shock and Awe, but Riona elbows out of it and kicks him off. She flies off the top, but gets caught with a gutbuster. Still only a two count. Maverick tries the Banned in DC, but Riona quickly gets the ropes. Johnny charges Riona, and she flapjacks him into the top-rope. Johnny stumbles backwards, holding his throat, and Riona slaps on the full-nelson! DETONATOR~! 1... 2... 3!!!

Winner: Riona Langly

Post match, Riona just nods at Maverick and exits the ring, keeping her eyes peeled for any Pantheon activity, which does not happen.

Renegade Souljahs vs Shadow Starr

Handicap Tag-Team Match

Despite being touted as a triple threat match and announced as such, when Mark Zout is first introduced, the Renegade Souljah’s come out together, Ryan Ross by Mark Zout’s side. The two men come down to the ring and enter it, and demand that Emerson re-announce them properly, which he does.

Next, Shadow Starr is introduced and he slowly makes his way down to the ring, knowing that he is in fact, dealing with a handicap match, and is well pre-pared for it. Stepping into the ring, he watches both men carefully and awaits the ringing of the bell.

Before the bell rings however, Chamelion appears on stage with a mic in hand. He proceeds to inform Ross and Zout that if they really do want to be announced as a tag team in this match, then they will have to act as a tag team, and the match is being changed to reflect that. Which means that only one of the two men can be in the ring at any given time. Shadow more then anyone, is shocked by this odd gesture of ‘fairness’ from Chamelion. Zout and Ross don’t like it, but Ross moves to the corner and Zout begins the match with Shadow Starr.

Zout starts with a side head lock on Shadow Starr but Shadow punches Zout. Shadow with a side head lock take down and shoulder tackle. Shadow with a suplex and knee drop. Zout with a kick and Ross tags in but he is greeted by a clothesline. Shadow with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot. Ross with a forearm to the back and punches. Shadow tries for a DDT but Zout tries to interfere and he gets back body dropped. Shadow sends Zout to the floor and then he throws Ross onto Zout as we go to commercial.

We are back and Zout with a cravate on Shadow as the momentum has shifted. We see Ross with a neck breaker during the break. Shadow gets the high/low treatment after a blind tag. Ross with kicks in the corner and Zout is tagged in. Zout with punches to Shadow and Ross is back in. Zout is back in after another quick tag. Ross chokes and punches Shadow while Zout distracts the referee. Zout gets a near fall. Ross tags in and they hit a double suplex for a near fall. Ross with an arm bar and chin lock. Ross with a power slam for a near fall. Zout tags in and he connects with an elbow to the forehead. Zout with a chin lock while he isolates Shadow’s arm. Zout goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault but Shadow moves and gets even further away from Zout. Both men are down.

Zout tries to get to his partner but Shadow knocks Ross off the apron and then Shadow goes to the floor. Shadow Irish whips Ross into the ringside barrier. Shadow with the VINTAGE high knee followed by punches and a Vintage Face buster. Shadow sends Zout into Ross who was on the apron. Ross hits the announce table while Shadow hits a spinebuster. Ross gets Shadow before he can hit the End-Game and Ross hits a full-nelson slam but Zout can only get a two count.

The referee orders Ross out of the ring and follows him to his corner. Zout, meanwhile, picks up Shadow Starr and goes for the Mark-Out but Shadow blocks it, kicks Zout in the gut and hits the Dead-End! Shadow Starr covers and the referee starts to count to three when Ross pulls the referee out of the ring! The move costs the Renegade Souljah’s as the ref immediately disqualifies the two, awarding the match to Shadow Starr. Shadow, seeing the incensed two, immediately slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp, leaving the Souljah’s to argue with the referee’s decision.

Winner: Shadow Starr by DQ

A Ray Of Light!?

Brian Rentfro:: “Next we are going to have none other than Chamelion, our TV champion, face off against Jethro Hayes, and what a ‘bout it promises to be!”

Jon McDaniel: “I couldn’t agree more, so let’s get this match star.. wait what?!”

“I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine!”

The lyrics to non-other than Natasha Bedingfeild’s “Pocket full of sunshine” blares its hipster happy tune over the sound system. Fans who remember react in an uproar of cheers at the memory of this rather.. un-impactful wrestler as it seems to be that he is making his return to the PWA ring! And to meet the happy faces of the PWA fans Sunshine finally peaks his head out from behind the curtain smiling abroad from what is revealed of the mask.

Jon McDaniel: “ Oh my, it’s none other than Adrian Adidas!”

Brian Rentfro: “ umm, should I know who that is? Because....”

Jon McDaniel: “ He is the Sunshine Warrior, he had a small run earlier this year, maybe not so impactful, but interesting he is.”

Shine makes his way down the ramp reaching out with his free hand to tag the awaiting hands of people who remember him, along with the fans who just feel like tagging a wrester. Adrian doesn’t waste too much time as he bops and really enjoys himself in the roar of the crowd. Not wanting to take up the time he was granted to speak tonight Shine rolls into the ring and spurts to his feet taunting at the crowd as he grabs a microphone from a stage hand. The music cuts but the fans don’t seem too eager.

Sunshine: “C’mon now, it’s not like I really made that big of an impact last time, settle down... ahh who am I kidding, you dummies can cheer me all you want.”

The fans take the light heartedness of the comment and cheer a little more before getting the message and calming down, interested in listening to why this man could be here.

Brian Rentfro: “I wonder why Shine is here then.”

Jon McDaniel: “That’s what the narrator said.”

Brian Rentfro: “What?”

Sunshine: “ I guess you are all wondering why I’m out here tonight, why I’m back, why I was gone for one. Let’s start simple, see, I left because I didn’t like where this company was headed, with these powerful figures at the top and with a resistance that can’t seem to come together as a whole. I thought, “get out before you get hurt.” Know what I mean? I’m sure that sounds awfully coward like, but I really didn’t have any commitment made to PWA, so why should I put my neck on the line fearing to deal with, the main event mafia, err, I mean Pantheon. So I ran away instead of dealing with what could have possibly been a big issue.”

Jon McDaniel: “I think I lost a little respect for Adrian just then.”

Sunshine: “And that’s not very respectable at all is it? I can just see it in your faces, you were waiting on a noble reason right? Heart attack in the family, I got sick, got hurt, naa, I ran away. But that’s why I’m back see. I couldn’t live with such a decision, just an act so I’ve come back to set it right. I’ve come back and I’m here to prove that I can stick around for the long haul, I’m no 8 bit Nintendo game, I’m the Full X-Box package. Buuuut, I do have something else I want to say, to bring up. See, I got a little footage for you I’d like to run. So without any further ado, please, James, role the tape.”

The PWA-Tron opens up to Sunshine in a speed-o, flexing in front of the camera while sipping down the trademark lemonade. Ladies are moving in with body oil groping the wrestling star in giggles and ... bounciness. Shine looks at the camera and holds out the lemonade and winks.

Sunshine: “lemonade, good for the mind, better for the body.”

Adrian in the ring is nodding with a cool stance as he looks at it, before shaking his head in a concerned manner. Seemingly distracted by his own awesome ad, he doesn’t take heed that it’s the wrong video.

Sunshine: “Crap, wrong video James the other one, c’mon now!”

With that the tron screeches as it switches up to a more familiar scene. A PWA ring, and inside is both a newcomer Sunshine warrior and Brett cross. A graphic comes across the screen proclaiming ‘Sunshine Warrior vs Bret Cross TV Title Contendership Match’

~1...2...thr-KICKOUT! Brett Cross picks him up and whips him into the corner, and follows up with a body splash. He chops Sunshine Warrior once. The audience "WOOO!"s. Another chop-- another "WOOO!". Sunshine Warrior suddenly grabs him and throws him into the corner. Sunshine Warrior shoulder blocks him in the corner a few times, then backs up with Brett Cross and delivers the Rise and Shine for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Sunshine Warrior in 7:33~~

Brian Rentfro: “Wait I remember that match.... wait, doesn’t that mean....

The screen cuts and the fans look back to a very cocky looking Adrian Adidas, and rightfully so.

Sunshine: “See, while I may not have been involved with the Bronx, and while I never tossed over the TV champion, and while I may have been away, and while Summer sizzler is ALLL booked up.... I’m still number one contender, I still have a title match to be a part of, A match I want, and I want A.S.A.P.”

The fans roar in realization of what’s happening here the momentous occasion that this is.

Jon McDaniel: “By golly he’s right. He’s never gotten that title match, and I’m sure as I’m sitting here, Chamelion, our current TV champion, will have something to say of this.”

As if cued, ‘Voices by Rev Theory’ begins and the arena explodes into a mixture of cheers and boos as the new PWA TV Champion, Chamelion, saunters out onto the stage. He stands there, smirking, as he holds his title up for all to see before making his way down to the ring. Stepping inside, he takes the mic from Emerson who stands in the corner and eyes Sunshine Warrior as he paces on his side of the ring, the smile still very much intact.

Chamelion: Let me see if I got this straight. You fought and won a number one contender’s match for the PWA TV title… and then you subsequently up and leave… no real warning, no two week’s notice, nothing… and now you come back waltzing into MY ring before MY match, demanding you get your shot? That’s the gist, right?”

Sunshine raises his mic to comment but Chamelion cuts him off.

Chamelion: No, you don’t need to respond. It was a Rhetorical question anyway, because obviously that’s what you think you deserve.

Sunshine glares at Chamelion for cutting him off, but the Devious One continues.

Chamelion: Well ya know what kiddo? Personally, I think you gave up your spot when you left the PWA the way you did. Personally I think you should go sit and spin in the back for the rest of your life, and personally I think I ought to kick your sorry teeth down your throat for even thinking you can come into my ring and make such demands.”

He smirks and keeps going so Sunshine can’t speak.

Chamelion: But! Seeing as I’m a business man and I know how to separate business from personal desire, I suppose the professional thing to do would be to grant you the shot you earned all those months ago…. So, ya know what? You got it. In fact, since Pantheon is all about motivating the roster to be better then it was… and that I love a challenge.. you can join the contest between Pohatu and myself at Summer Sizzler.

A smile appears on Sunshine’s face at this news, as he also loves a challenge and he raises the mic to respond, but again, Chamelion cuts him off.

Chamelion: Whoah! I didn’t say you could talk… you’re in my ring, Sunshine, and I have a match to contend with now.. so get your ass out of here, or I’ll fire ya and you wont even GET a chance at Summer Sizzler. GOT IT?

Angry, Sunshine tosses the mic down and slides out of the ring, but Chamelion just grins as he hands the mic back to Emerson and orders him to do his job. As Sunshine walks up the ramp, Emerson goes into the announcement of the next match, starting of course with Chamelion, introducing him as the PWA Television Champion.

Jethro Hayes vs Chamelion

Singles Match

Emerson then announcers Jethro Hayes, who comes out to a roaring ovation. He makes his way to the ring, eying Chamelion, and steps inside, ready for the fight of his life.


Chamelion and Jethro wander around the ring with each other, circling and preparing to face off in another bout showcasing their skills. Chamelion and Jethro both have made a agreement that no outside interference will happen this night leading to what will be a glorious match for the fans. Chamelion moves in first for a lock up as Jethro towers a defense pushing him back. The powerhouse shows his stuff as he simply won’t let Chamelion get near, shoving him to the ground, backwards or into the ropes. He more or less bullies the Pantheon member with his strength until Chamelion gets fed up.

Chamelion moves in but as Jethro pushes him back he uses an old school wrestling trip taking him over head and flat on his back. Jethro is a little startled and moves himself back to his feet, but it doesn’t help out all that much as Chamelion delivers a straight up boot to the Southern Hero’s face. Jethro falls back but is soon on his feet in the corner by Chamelion’s hands. Those same hands lead to a nice few chops, well, enough chops to sting Jethro’s chest before the giant pulls the standard counter and simply shoves Chamelion to the ground. Mark gets to his feet and recharges after Jethro who simply brings up a karma boot knocking the TV champion back a few pegs before following up with a brute force shoulder block.

Chamelion starts moves back to his feet in a stagger, only to get pulled up in the air by Jethro, who grabs Chamelion by the pant helm and shirt tossing him like he was a bunch of hay. Mark tumbles out onto the apron and rolls outside the ring for a breather. Jethro was being very smash mouth as he follows after the champion not letting him get a break at all. Chamelion defends himself on the outside attacking Jethro as he exits the ring with right hands. Jethro flinches as he tries to get his footing. Mark backs up and charges hitting a shoulder block. The giant stumbles and trips over the steel steps to the matting on the other side. Chamelion slaps his hands together and wipes his brow, crisis adverted.

Jethro gets to his feet fairly quickly and goes back into the ring where Chamelion is waiting for him. The two lock up and Jethro gains the advantage in a side headlock. Mark tries to elbow his way out but a side headlock takedown ends that in a second. Arching back Jethro puts more pressure on the head but clumsily lets himself get taken by a head scissors. Mark looks happy.... for a moment. Only until he realizes he has JETHRO HAYES, in a head scissors. Jethro plants him feet down and simply lifts, brining Chamelion up into a power bomb position. Chamelion quickly retorts pushing up and over into a victory roll! One two, Kick out. Jethro moves to his feet and give Chamelion a golf clap on the cunning counter, but isn’t phased. Well, that is until the fans pick up in boos and jeers, for coming down the ramp is none other than Hunter Sullivan with a steel chair in hand.

Hunter smirks a casual smirk as he slowly walks down the ramp giving off a mock wave to Chamelion and Jethro both. Jethro points to Chamelion and calls him nothing more than a bull face liar. Mark having promised no interference has grown greatly irritated as he moves to the ropes and tells Hunter to turn around and leave. Hunter only laughs in a chuckle getting to the base of the ramp he merely sets the Chair up and sits in it, giving a gesture to both men to continue the match. Jethro takes advantage of this seemingly disobedience in the Pantheon ranks and swiftly drops Chamelion in a school boy roll up! ONE TWO THRE-KICK OUT! Chamelion pushes himself out of the surprise pin and scowls at Hunter for a moment before returning to deal with the man at hand.


We return to Chamelion dropkicking Jethro on the apron down to Hunter’s feet. There is a slight reply of Jethro hitting a vicious right hand, as well as Chamelion making a comeback with a quick DDT. Jethro looks dazed as he places his hand on Hunters lap and pushes himself up, finding himself eye to eye with the Viper. Jethro grows an angry face as he glares Hunter eye to eye. Sullivan simply rubs his belt and points behind the man. Jethro turns around just in time to see Chamelion come crashing through the air with a cross body. Hunter makes a very quick move pushing Jethro for a moment with his back turned and getting out of the way himself as the southern hero is plowed with the speedy move. The ref doesn’t see the push as Hunter watches on from the side, both men tumbling over the chair.

Chamelion gets to his feet first and looks down at a hurting Jethro. He glares at Hunter and takes the time to question why he was out here after he had claimed that no one would get involved. Hunter smiles and merely tells him he’s “Returning the favor.” Chamelion is taken back a bit, realizing that this is about last week, but he doesn’t have time for this now and turns around to deal with Jethro, pulling him to his feet Chamelion returns him to the ring. Jethro gets to his feet in the ring and makes and stagger forward. Chamelion moves to the corner and starts rubbing his foot in the ground growing his trademark grin. Jethro grabs the ropes in front of him and shakes his head around.

Suddenly Hunter gets onto the apron and tries to pawn off the steel chair to Chamelion! Mark looks at him asking what he’s doing and push’s the Viper off the apron. Hunter only smirks back as Chamelion turns around into a PLOW!!!!!! ONE TWO THREE!!!!

Winner: Jethro Hayes

Hunter tosses the chair to the side and walks up the ramp looking back at Jethro, rubbing his belt and mouthing back to him “See you at Sizzler.” Chamelion is left holding his stomach in pain as he eyes Hunter walking up the ramp, a look as angry as sin sweeps over his face and it’s that image we go to commercial break.

Matt Stone vs Hunter Sullivan

Singles Match

As we return from commercial, we first find Chamelion backstage heading towards the ring to 'watch' the Hunter Sullivan match, when Phoenix catches up with him and says something quietly in his ear. Chamelion growls but nods and follows Phoenix back to their locker room.

Back ringside, Emerson makes the announcements for the next match, and both Hunter Sullivan and Matt Stone, who has Zach Hazzard back with him, make their ways to the ring.

Upon the ringing of the bell, Hunter is the first to offense by grounding Stone with those technical moves that Hunter brags about so much. But Stone quickly rises to his feet and shows Hunter that he is not the only technical wrestler in PWA by taking him to the mat with a text book hip toss. Before Stone could capitalize, Hunter shot his legs around Matt and pulled him down into a simple guillotine choke choke hold. Stone was able to quickly maneuver his body to the ropes in order to force a break from Hunter. Hunter was looking pissed so far, he didn't expect Stone to play the same game as he, let alone be so successful at it. They both rise to their feet, and soon began to get into a chop battle. A “Whoo” heard from the crowd. Hunter finally tires of the striking battle and knees Stone in the gut. Hunter back up to get a bit of ground before going for the VIPAH SNA~NO! Matt skillfully ducked under the leg, Hunter turned around ~C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER~!!Matt goes for the pin.


Matt pounds his fists against the mat out of frustration. So he begins to pull Hunter back to his feet to nail his opponent with his finisher once more. But Hunter grabs the top rose, causing Stone to fall right off. Matt regains his composure from the counter and rises to his feet.~ VIPER SNAP~!! The smack from the impact echoed through the arena. Hunter gets the pin 1...2...3!

Hunter slips out of the ring and picks up his IC title, he points to it just to make sure the fans remember who the champ is. Hunter walks up the ramp, but gives his fellow Canadian a golf clap for his troubles.

Winner: Hunter Sullivan

Hunter's Mission

Hunter slowly walks into the Pantheon dressing room, his IC title hanging on his shoulder, a look of accomplishment on his face, regardless of the fact Chamelion just lost his match, more or less on his actions. That fact isn’t lost on the Pantheon members in the room as Matthew shares a look of disgust, but that is nothing compared to the look on a battered Chamelions face. Neither say anything, no one says anything until Robinson looks up and from under his mask breaks the tension.

Robinson: “What... what was that Hunter, are you TRYING to make us look bad?”

Hunter looks around and surveys the other men in the room.

Hunter: “I was merely trying to hel-“

Chamelion: “You call that help?”

Chamelion interjects, glaring angrily.

Hunter: "Hey, I didn't exactly ask for YOUR help last week, did I? But before you question me, I didn't go out there to get even with you! I really did try to help!"

Chamelion raises an eyebrow, ready to reply with his own quip, but Robinson puts a hand on Chamelion's shoulder and he backs off, letting Rob take care of the matter at hand. Rob waits a moment before speaking up on the issue once again.

Rob: “We are all elite here, all strong and worthy of being here, everyone out there, outside that door is against us, they despise us, because we are better. So when they get a upper hand, when they get a victory, it really makes up look bad, makes us look.. weak. Hunter, you made us look weak, you made it look like Pantheon has an issue within its ranks. So tell me Hunter, do we have an issue?”

Hunter lays his title down and looks at Rob in the eyes relaying a simple response.

Hunter: “No.”

Rob stands up out of his chair walking the room pacing in a circle.

Robinson: “We have questioned how true that is, this isn’t the first time you’ve been questionable in your actions. Night of champions when I faced Viktor Stone, you did the same. And let's not even get into you tossing me from the rumble. We don’t think you’re very loyal.”

Hunter scoffs and chuckles a little staying where he’s standing.

Hunter: “ I am loyal, that's not an issue. I have a cause here amongst you men, I wouldn’t betray that.”

Rob smirks hoping he’d say that. He stops where he was and looks at him with that same smirk.

Robinson: “Last week, I put my reputation on the line by declaring you as my tag team partner. I'm the biggest star the PWA has even produced, so to tell the world that you're worthy of standing side by side with me, that's no small endorsement. So considering everything I've done for you weighed against your actions the last several weeks, your word just isn't enough. No, I need to see action from you to back them up. What I'm saying is, we want you to prove that to us.”

Hunter grows curious and doubtful of what’s about to come.

Hunter: “How?”

Robinson: “The resistance is growing a little to strong, I want you to cripple them.”

Hunter doesn’t like where this is going at all.

Hunter: “I’ll say it again, how?”

Rob laughs and pats Hunter on the shoulder in buddy-buddy like manner as he answers the question.

Robinson: “I want you to cripple a member, I want you to take one out. Destroy him, remove him from the game all together. I think you’re the only one who can do it too. See, you know him a lot better then the rest of us, you know him almost like a I, we, want you to prove yourself ... Remove Figgins from the roster, one way, or another!”

Hunter: “Why not just fire him?”

Chamelion: “Because, this way, we know exactly where you stand. Or maybe, we should rethink your loyalty to this group?”

Robinson: “But if you do this, you'll prove you not only deserve to be my partner but also a member of the Pantheon.”

Hunter shrugs off Robinson and heads for the door, and with a cringe he looks back at the other three angry faces.

Hunter: "Consider it done."

When Hunter's out of the room, Robinson turns to Chamelion.

Robinson: "Follow me to ringside and keep him out of my business!"

A Cheshire smile spreads over Chamelion's bruised features.

Chamelion: "GOT IT!"

The scene then returns to ringside, where Emerson announces the next match; The Kumquat Kid taking on the GWA Global Champion; The Phoenix!

The Phoenix vs The Kumquat Kid

Singles Match

Both competitors make their entrance, Rob is accompanied to the ring by Chamelion who may very well be there to keep others from getting involved. The match starts off with Kumquat Kid pulling out a bottle of Yoohoo from mysterious place and tossing it out of the Ring. Rob, not enjoying the waste of his favorite beverage charges KK and plants him down to the mat with a double legged take down. Rob quickly mounts KK and rocks his head with a couple right hands. KK rolls through and Rob into a pin. With his Phoenix like awesomeness, he kicks out before the ref could even position himself for a count. Both men get to their feet and Rob whips KK into the eastern ropes. KK springboards before the rebound and take Rob to the mat with a flying reverse elbow. Rob quickly scrambles to his feet to find his opponent strutting about the ring, listing the evils of cranberry juice. Rob seizes the opportunity and nails KK in the back with a drop kick. Upon landing, Rob quickly rolls KK into a school boy.


Both men jump to their feet and this time KK goes on the offensive with an arm drag. With Rob on the ground KK makes no hesitation to land a standing moonsault on Rob. KK did not go for a pin how ever, he bagan to play to the crowd and gather all of his tangy sweet powers into one final move. Rob, however rolled to his feet and smacked KK with a standing insugiri. Rob caught KK while he was staggering and dropped KK on his head with THE FLAME~!!!Rob goes for the pin, it's all academic. 1...2...3

Rob celebrates and waves around his GWA Global title. Chamelion and Rob both exit through the ramp, their looks of confidence only more obvious over another Pantheon win.

Winner: Rob Robinson

Scott Nash Strader vs Matthew Engel

Winner Enters Last!

Eric Emerson announced that the main event was now a one on one match between the two number one contenders for the PWA World Championship! He then announced a brand new stipulation that Chamelion just added, and that was whomever won this match, would only have to enter the main event ONCE one of the other two men; Marxx or Scott Nash Strader, were pinned and eliminated, thus making the PWA World Title match at Summer Sizzler; a Gauntlet Style match! The crowd was stunned, and the rewards for winning this match, just got that much sweeter.

Emerson then first introduced Scott Nash Strader. Strader came out, determined. Next, Matthew Engel was announced and he walked out with a smile and assuredness on his features that caused Strader to pause. Both men glared at each other, their previous encounters fresh in their minds.


Collar and elbow tie up led to Engel getting Strader in a hammer lock. Strader whipped out but lost the shoulder tackle challenge. Engel got a one count and cinched in a chin lock. Strader fought out and hit a Pele kick. He whipped Engel hard to the corner and locked in a rest hold. Engel slipped out and rolled up for two. Strader hit a clothesline for two and went back to the rest hold.

Engel fought out and hit a front atomic drop. He dropped Strader and went for a double leg drop to the midsection, but Strader blocked it. He drug Engel over and hit a slingshot to send Engel over the top and to the floor. Strader went for a plancha but landed on the apron when Engel moved. Engel turned into a kick from Strader who followed up with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Both men recovered into the break.


Back at 7:12, Strader had a chin lock on Engel in the ring. Engel fought out and tried for a DDT, but Strader reversed into a rollup for two. Strader hit a hot shot on Engel and then went for a Spear. Engel moved, but Strader stopped short and tuned. He ran in and Engel hit an elbow and then a swinging neck breaker for two. Engel locked in a rest hold.

Strader fought out, but Engel hit a body slam, followed by a leg drop from the second rope for two. He went back to a chin lock. Strader made his feet and then hip tossed out. He hit an inverted backbreaker and a side Russian leg sweep. He then hit a standing backflip moonsault/splash for two. Strader put Engel in the corner and climbed up. He hit five punches and then a neckbreaker for two. Strader whipped Engel to the turnbuckle and charged in. Engel tossed Strader, but he landed on the apron. He hit Engel and Engel went to the apron on the other side of the post. The two men climbed to the second turnbuckle and traded punches. They knocked each other to the floor.


Back at the 16:10 mark, the men traded punches in the ring. Strader hit a kick and went for another move, but Engel reversed with a clothesline. He tackled Strader and hit a sitting dropkick for two. Strader stood on the apron and Engel went for a sunset flip to the floor. Strader sat on Engel’s head to break the attempt. Strader tried to whip Engel, but he reversed and sent Strader into the rail. Engel drug the steps out and used them. He rolled Strader back in the ring for two.

Both men stood, Strader pushed Engel away towards the corner. Engel ran up but missed another swinging neck breaker. Strader followed up with his sitting knee strike for two. He whipped Engel to the corner and hit a flying heel kick for two. He dropped Engel crotch first and then a crescent kick for two. He tried for the Memory Remains, but Engel dropped behind Strader and reversed into a back suplex. Engel hit the Euthanasia, but Strader kicked out to the shock of everyone; the crowd and Matthew Engel!

Strader slid to the corner and Engel tried for a running drop kick, but Strader twisted out of the ring! Strader grabbed Engel’s legs and went to crotch him but Engel kicked free. Engel crawled back into the ring and Strader angrily followed. Strader ran over and dropped on Engel with the Life of the Bottle submission move! Engel struggled and struggled and the ref raised his arm two and a half times, before Engel fought enough to reach the ropes. Strader used the four count before breaking the hold. Strader then dragged Engel to the center of the ring and connected with the Finishing Touch!

Strader covered and the ref counter to three! No! Two and 7/8ths! The ref holds up a two and Strader argues, citing it had to be a three. Strader then shoved the ref aside and climbed the corner and went for an elbow of the top ropes, but Engel brought his legs up. Engel then hit another swinging neck breaker and another Euthanasia! Engel covered and the ref counted one-two-three!

Winner: Matthew Engel

Post match, Chamelion and Phoenix came out to celebrate with Engel, as well as deter Strader from any ideas. Engel asked where Hunter was, and Phoenix pointed to the ADC-Tron, so everyone would understand the message Pantheon was about to send!

A message sent

The camera suddenly shoots backstage, it revealed the inside of Jacob Figgins' locker room. His back was to the camera while he sat on a bench and looked to be packing his things into a duffel bag. Entering stage right appears a figure. All one could see is arms behind a lead pipe, a lead pipe that all of a sudden become intimate with Jacob's left shoulder. Jacob shot to his feet and wheeled around. That was when Hunter came into frame.

Hunter: “Hate to do this, Fig. But traitors to the Pantheon do not go unpunished”

Jacob gritted his teeth, his jaw tightened, his right hand clenched into a tight fist. Jacob goes to swing at Hunter with a knock out blow. But before his arm could reach half way, the lead pipe struck him in the gut, making him collapse to a knee. Figgy still tried to fight off Hunter by nailing him with a double leg take down. But Hunter planted his feet and struck Figgins in the back. This finally made him collapse to the floor.

Hunter: “ Such a spirited fighter you are. You could have been a perfect warrior for the Pantheon. But no, you were always too stupid to realize when you had a good thing going for you. Well, you'll have plenty of time to think about it.”

Hunter rested the pipe on the back of Jacob's shoulder and locked in a grounded armbar. He pushed his legs down on the pipe to gain extra leverage. After what seemed like an hour to Figgins , Hunter released Figgins and smirked.

Hunter: “I'll make sure the hospital gets Summer Sizzler for you”

Hunter said with a smirk before he exited stage right. Jacob pulled himself to his feet and leaned against the row of lockers, holding his left arm. By the looks of things, he couldn't move it, and it looked like he wouldn't be able to move it in a while. Jacob ramained silent, but breathed hard through gritted teeth a look of rage burning on his face. That is the last thing seen before we glance into the blackness...

(C) PWA 2009