World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Show Opening

Jon McDaniel: Welcome to Battle Dome 2000! Tonight we will crown a new PWA World Champion and much more!

Brian Rentfro: The title scene in the PWA has been Chaos, no pun intended, since Sirus Moran won the Internet title. According to PWA regulations, no wrestler is allowed to hold more than one singles title at a time. So Sirus made his choice, threw down the World title and kept the Internet title, which was the only championship he hadn't held at that time. Throwing down the World title on national television didn't sit well with President Robinson, who stipped Sirus of the Internet title and has yet to name a replacement. But the fun doesn't stop there. The Spider sent his lackies into President Robinson's office to steal the title belt. Claiming ownership of the belt, the Spider set up an eight man tournament of gimmick matches to determine the new World Champion.

Jon McDaniel: And that's where we are today. Four men are left to fight tonight for the World Title. We've already seen Tecmo Football matches, Deep Fryer matches, Buried Alive matches, and a Window Match which ended the career of Rage. Tonight we'll see an "Al on a Rope" match, a Battle Dome match, and coming up next, a San Francisco Street Fight! The first person to dump his opponent in a dumpster will win the match.

Panzadise vs. Brymstone

San Francisco Street Fight

Jon McDaniel: The two men have exited out different doors of the Cow Palace, and are behind it somewhere in a loading zone. They see each other at the same time and rush together. Panzadise tries to take Brymstone down with a shoulder block, but the big man didn't move. Brymstone whips Panzadise hard into the dumpster. Brymstone kicks Dise hard in the kidneys.

Brian Rentfro: The key for Brymstone is to wrap this up quickly, because he's got the IC title match later, not to mention possibly moving on to the finals.

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise just dodges a dropkick that would have crushed his head into the dumpster. Dise is on his feet, he blocks a punch from the IC champion and sends the big man down with a single arm DDT. Panzadise kicks over a trash can and assorted plunder spills out. The Panzy grabs a Nintendo controller and uses the cord to choke Brymstone! Brymstone is trying to fight back up to his feet. He picks up a Nintendo and smashes Panzadise in the stomach with it. Dise is doubled over, and Brymstone smashes the video game machine over his head! Brymstone picks him up and tries to deposit him in the dumpster, but Dise is fighting and won't go in. Panzadise saves himself with an eye gouge!

Brian Rentfro: That's the kind of move that will win matches!

Jon McDaniel: Dise is grabbing something from behind the dumpster. He's got an electric guitar, the one he used when he made fun of Metalhad! He smashes Brymstone's head with it, Pete Townsend style! The IC champ is face down on the concrete in a growing pool of blood. Panzadise picks up Brymstone and tries to put him in the dumpster. Brymstone is trying to fight back. Dise lets him go and grabs the guitar again! He hits Brymstone in the face with the guitar!

Brian Rentfro: That's not one of those particle board acoustic things, either! This is a solid body Les Paul! Brymstone must be in a world of pain.

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone gets another hit from the guitar and he falls into the dumpster! Panzadise will advance to the finals!

The Spider vs. Raizzor

Jon McDaniel: The Spider has made quite a splash in the PWA since his arrival. Just Wednesday, his wife became the first PWA Women's champion, he's pulled Steve Morely and Scottie Snow out of obscurity and now they're trying to become the top contenders to the tag team titles, and he orchestrated the World Title tournament. Then there is Raizzor. Talking about his accomplishments in the PWA would take the rest of our sattelite time.

Brian Rentfro: No matter how you look at it, this is a big match for both men. Raizzor has been in a slump ever since Genesis and a win here could help get him back on track. Of course, even though Raizzor hasn't been at the top of his game lately, there is no denying he is a major player in the PWA and a win over him could spell some big things for the Spider.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, Dalton Campbell, the Spider!

(The Final Countdown by Europe plays and Dalton and Lindsey Campbell come out onto the entrance ramp. Silver pyros explode, then they make their way to the ring.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...hailing from Parts Unknown...Raizzor!

(The lights go out, as the Final War by Insignia blares over the loudspeaker. Raizzor walks out and down to the ring admidst spotlights shining over him, the lights slowly come back up as he enters the ring.)

Jon McDaniel: The two men circle the ring, feeling each other out. Raizzor tries for a lock up, but Campbell ducks under it. Raizzor tries again with the same effect. The Spider knows he has to be careful out there. Campbell calls for a test of strength and Raizzor is happy to comply. They lock knuckles, but Campbell takes the easy road with a kick to the stomach. He whips Raizzor into the ropes and nearly takes his head off with a clothesline. No stalling for the Spider, as he quickly puts Raizzor in a grapevine.

Brian Rentfro: That's a smart move by Campbell. If you can take the legs out from under Raizzor, you take away a lot of his power.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor is inching his way toward the ropes...trying to get there...he just makes it. The Spider lets go of the hold and backs off. Raizzor gets to his feet, but is careful about putting pressure on his leg. Spider whips Raizzor into the ropes again, but Raizzor ducks a clothesline, then comes back on the rebound with a flying forearm. Spider is up quickly only to meet the business end of a superkick.

Brian Rentfro: Look at Raizzor's face. I think he hurt his leg more with that kick.

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor pulls Campbell up, then attempts a brainbuster. Raizzor's leg buckles out from under him, and Dalton Campbell falls on top of Raizzor for a pin. One...two...kickout. Campbell is up fast and drops an elbow on the former champion. He goes for another, but Raizzor moves out of the way. Raizzor whips Campbell into the ropes again, then ducks down for a body drop. Campbell dives over Raizzor and goes for a sunset flip! One...two...kickout. Short clothesline by the Spider which is followed up with a DDT! He applies a cobra clutch! It is the Spider's Grasp! Raizzor is in the middle of the ring and has no where to go. Raizzor is fighting to get to the ropes. Spider kicks his leg, causing it to buckle, and now they're down on the mat. Raizzor is in dire straights right now, but he isn't submitting. Referee Lance Weston checks his arm. One...two...back up!

Brian Rentfro: Can anyone at home honestly say they didn't expect that?

Jon McDaniel: The Spider still has the hold locked on, and Raizzor can't get standing. The ref checks the arm fall....two fall....three! Dalton Campbell has beaten Raizzor! The crowd is going nuts!

Brian Rentfro: They're probably like me and can't believe that the Spider was able to pull it off! This win really showed the PWA what this man is capable of!

Sirus Moran vs. Metalhead

Ladder Match for 'Al'

Jon McDaniel: The second of the Spider's special stipulation matches. In this match, Al will be suspended above the ring. The wrestlers must climb a ladder, get Al, and the first person to use Al as a weapon wins the match.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, he is one half of the tag team champions, Sirus Moran!

('More Human Than Human' plays. He runs and jumps up and down the aisle. He brings 'Al' along with him to the ring, waving him in the air. The referee takes Al and places him in the cage that will hang over the ring. The ref gives the signal and the cage raises.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent in the last semi-final match for the PWA World Title...Metalhead!

("Gods of Rapture" by Meshuggah plays.The song opens with 4 seconds of solid riffing the metal guitar. Then there's a sudden stop. Smoke starts to flow out of the entrance way as the bass plays through another 6 seconds of intro. The lights die as the music stops again. After about half a second the music picks up again with bass and metal guitars playing, and the red pyros flair, with Metalhead in front of them, holding up his arms up in the air. The pyros die and Metalhead walks to
the ring as the lights come back on. He slides into the ring and goes to 2 opposite turnbuckles and riles the crowd, then he takes his corner and lets the match continue.)

Jon McDaniel: Metalhead came to fight! He rushes Sirus and whips him into the ropes. Sirus holds the ropes and Metalhead misses his dropkick. Metalhead is starting to get up, but Sirus knocks him back down with a facebuster. Sirus rolls out of the ring to get the ladder. He starts sliding the ladder in the ring under the bottom rope, but Metalhead hits a baseball slide on the ladder, knocking Sirus backwards. Metalhead tries for a suicide dive onto Sirus, but Sirus gets out of the way, and Metalhead hits the ramp hard.

Brian Rentfro: Metalhead needs to learn that you have to pace yourself. Winning this match doesn't do any good if you're too tired to win the second match.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is in the ring, setting up the ladder. He starts to climb it. He opens the cage door and gets Al! Metalhad knocks the ladder over and Sirus hits the ropes! The ladder falls on top of the former champion. Metalhead takes Al and starts to hit Sirus with it, but Sirus pushes the ladder up, hitting Metalhead! Al gets dropped. Sirus shoves the ladder over the top rope, then whips Metalhead into the ropes. Sirus hits the Nameless Knockout on Metalhead. Sirus picks up Al, the hits Metalhead in the head with him! Sirus wins the match!

Brymstone vs. Grifter

PWA IC Title Match (Special Referee: Nightstryker)

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the special guest referee for this match, Nightstryker!

(The sound of thunder echoes throughout the arena. A flash of lightning strikes on the ADCtron as blue smoke seeps out from backstage. Nightstryker appears from the smoke and walks casually to the ring with a smile on his face.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger. He is one half of the tag team champion...Grifter!

(Comes to the ring to 'Another Brick in the Wall' by Class of '99. He walks calmly to the ring.)

Ring Announcer: And now, the champion...Brymstone!

(Sinister music plays on the PA system and the entire arena goes dark. A dark threatening voice is heard saying "Who dares stand before the might of Hell falls beneth it's sword...beware the coming of the Destroyer." Across the ADC-Tron flashes some of Brymstone's earlier matches along with visions of his dogs Cerberus and Lucifer. A dark blue light shines on the stage and Nina Daemon clad n a dark black robe with a silver ankh on the hood walks out and throws her silver ankh onto the stage. Flames burst out as Brymstone rises to the stage. Brymstone stoops to pick up the ankh and hands it back to Nina. Once he starts down teh raamp a eerie howling is heard and pyros go off forming the celtic dragon. Brymstone wears a black bodysuit with forest green flames running up it to the middle of his chest. A face msk likewise decorated covers his face. He holds the rope for Nina and then climbs over the top rope. Nina throws her ankh into teh air and it explodes into a green flahs of light and Nina climbs out.)

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone rushes Grifter, but Grifter sidesteps. Brymstone goes for a double axehandle, but Grifter ducks under.

Brian Rentfro: Brymstone is still mad about his loss to Panzadise and it is having him make some sloppy mistakes in there.

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone runs at Grifter again and Grifter powerslams him. Grifter pulls him up for a snap suplex. Grifter quickly climbs up top looking for the Buzz Bomb... Brymstone is to his feet...Grifter jumps, but Brymstone catches him in a choke...chokeslam! He covers, one...two...kickout! Grifter reverses and Irish whip and hits Brymstone with his own Nameless Knockout! Nightstryker has his back turned and is tying his shoe! What is going on?

Brian Rentfro: That might be bad news for Grifter, but here is even worse news for Brymstone. The Spider is running down the ramp with a lead pipe!

Jon McDaniel: Grifter doesn't see it, because he's trying to get Nightstryker to turn around. Campbell brings the pipe up over his head...and he turns and lays out Grifter! The Spider pulls Brymstone on top of Grifter and slides out of the ring. Now Nightstryker is up and turning around. He! That was a fast count! What is going on here? The Spider is getting back in the ring, so maybe this will get cleared up.

Dalton: Congratulations Brymstone. Pay Per Views are usually a time when titles change hands, but Battle Dome holds something different for everybody. Now I can see that puzzled look on your face. You are thinking "What kind of crack is the Spider smoking?" Ever since I came to the PWA we have been at each other's throats. You were the first person
to stand up to The Spider. I tried to foil you at every turn in your quest for the World Title, but yet you still managed to make it to Battle Dome. My wife beat your wife. You trashed my vehicles. We fought in the first ever Mixed tag match in the PWA. Now I am here, helping you to retain your IC title. The one question is why? Well let me tell you why?

You were the only person in the PWA that had the jimmies to stand up against the unstoppable. You never gave up in the face of adversity. I admire that very much in a competitor. With your stipulations in the mixed tag match, that we were not to hurt each other's wives it showed me that you are a man of integrity. During the match, a man of honor. Two qualities that I admire very greatly.

Now I am not asking you to become a member of my club, although if you are ever short of cash the retainer fee is always a handy little bonus. What I am offering you however is to become a piece of The Spiders web. What I am proposing is a partnership between the two of us. No one will be able to stand in our way of our quest for the PWA tag team titles. So what you say Brym?

[The Spider tosses the Microphone to Brymstone who catches it and speaks.]

Brymstone:[*his dark voice echoing through the arena*]Very well Spider....under once join me and Nightstryker....thereby making what was once hard to unstoppable....a juggernaut to be feared and to be worshiped in the PWA....the Spider's Web may be strong...but against the powers of Hell, and the Night the Spider's Web is nothing. I invite you to make the Spider's web strong once again......take

[Brymstone tosses the mic back to The Spider, who catches it and climbs into the ring staring at Brymstone]

Jon McDaniel: This is a very fragile situation here, I don't know what these men are going to do.

[The Spider continues to stare at Brymstone and then raises his hand as if to strike him, but instead shakes his hand and laughs.]

The Spider: Ah Brymstone, Impetuous to the very last I see. As you wish I will join with you and Nightstryker, he is another man of great talents. I guess some people would call a spider a creature of the Night.

[The two men smile at each other, as The Spiders music begins to play again as both men exit the arena, this time the music has been edited so that halfway through it switches over to the dark Sinister music of The Hell sent destroyer Brymstone.]

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it!

Brian Rentfro: Talk about an unholy alliance, on of the most influential wrestlers just join forces with the hell sent destroyer and Nightstyker. What hells will befall the PWA now?

Jon McDaniel: I don't know Brian but our next match is about to get under way!

Scottie Snow & Steve Morley vs. Too Panz & BPP

Tag-Team Title Contendership Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the team of Scottie Snow and Steve Morely!

(Loser by Beck plays as Snow & Morely walk to the ring.)

Ring Announcer: And their opponents...the NAP, Too Panz and Big Poppa Panzy!

(The NAP theme comes on and the Panzies walk to the ring.)

Jon McDaniel: Morely's arm is still in bandages from his match against Brymstone, so Snow will be starting off for his team against BPP. Snow tries to start off with a shoulderblock, but the Panzy doesn't move. Snow charges again, and BPP easily gorilla presses him and throws him out of the ring. Snow rolls back in and tries to tag in Morley, but the Birdman won't do it. BPP comes up behind Snow and nails him with a reverse suplex. Too Panz gets tagged in. BPP pulls Snow up to a standing position and Too Panz nails him with a super kick.

Brian Rentfro: Snow and Morley have some things to learn about working as a team. I think the Spider won't be very pleased with them later tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Too Panz The Panzies are the number one contenders to the tag team titles!

Porter vs. Nightstryker

Bat Match

Ring Announcer: The following is a bat match. A baseball bat will be hanging above the ring and whomever gets it can make use of it. Making his way to the ring first, Porter!

(Voodoo Chile blasts out across the arena as Porter enters the ring.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, Nightstryker!

(The lights dim slightly as "Supernova goes Pop" by Powerman 5000 starts playing. On the ADCtron we see a picture of a crescent moon. Blue smoke eminates from behind the curtain as Nightstryker makes his way out from the back. He is wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and has a leather trench coat on. He also is
wearing sunglasses and a black, leather bandana with a white crescent moon on it. He walks toward the ring with determination and enters.)

Jon McDaniel: Viewers with half a brain will remember that Grendle was originally supposed to be part of this match, but outside commitments prevent this. Porter decides not to waste any time and rushes Nightstryker. Porter opens with a belly to belly suplex. He pulls Nightstryker to his feet, whips him into the ropes and powerslams him. Someone is walking down the that the Amazing...

Brian Rentfro: I hear she's called Dawn now.

Jon McDaniel: What is she doing here? Nightstryker blocks and reverses a suplex, but Porter is able to shrug it off and gets to his feet. Porter ducks a clothesline and hits the Death Wish! Aman...Dawn is on the ring apron now. It looks like she's talking to Porter. Brymstone is coming out of the crowd and getting in the ring! He pulls Nightstryker to his feet! Is he getting ready for the Pits of Hell? No! He's lifting Nightstryker up to get the bat!

Brian Rentfro: Porter is still talking to Amanda! He was a moron when he was Fear and he's a moron now!

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker cracks the bat across the skull of Porter! Porter staggers and Dawn slaps him hard across the face. Porter turns around to face Nightstryker, but gets another swing to the midsection, doubling him over, but not yet sending him down. Another swing to the back, and now Porter is out on the mat. Nightstryker rolls Porter over, places one foot one his chest and the ref counts. One...two...kickout!

Brian Rentfro: Crap! I'm getting sick of looking at him.

Jon McDaniel: Porter gives Nightstryker an atomic drop and now sets him up for another Death Wish! Brymstone slides in the ring with a bat and connects with a home run swing! Porter collapses and Nightstryker covers. One...two...three! Nightstryker wins! The paramedics are rushing down to take Porter to the back for a checkup after all those bat hits.

Nightstryker - I bet you all are wondering what's going on. Well, let me just tell you that what you are seeing will be the driving force in the PWA now. I introduce you to the new and improved Creatures of the Night.

[The crowd reaction is mixed, not sure whether to cheer or boo the wrestlers.]

Nightstryker - Brymstone and I came to an agreement that the two best male PWA superstars and female superstars should team up and take on all comers.
With Brymstone holding the IC title and on his way to the world title belt, and with two prominent female wrestlers in our stable, we should have no trouble keeping the belts in this group. Also, I know that you are probably wondering who this lovely lady is beside me, so I'll hand the mic over to her.

Dawn - Some of you are probably looking at me and saying to yourselves, hey, that's The Amazing Amanda, isn't it? Well, just to clarify things, that was then and this is now. From now on I will be referred to as simply Dawn. So, from this point on, with Nina by my side, one of us will be holding that PWA women's title soon. Right Nina?

Nina - No doubt about it. All you b*tches in the PWA know may have gotten me ganging up on me...but beware...I will come back, kick all of your asses and take my belt back.

Brymstone - What's left to say is this. My world title belt will be around my waist soon enough. The time draws near. The PWA should watch thier backs
from now on or they WILL know what hit em without seeing it. Oh, and Metalhead, your ass is mine!

Nightstryker - Tonight marks the Dawn of a New Era. The Creatures of the Night are back in business.

The Prisoner vs. Mako

Shark Tank Match

Prisoner vs. Mako (Shark Tank Match)

Jon McDaniel: Both men are already at Sea World with referee Dwayne Cross. We're cutting to them live right now. They're already fighting! Mako just suplexed the Prisoner into an ice cream cart! Mako jumps on him and tries biting his face, but Prisoner punches him away. Prisoner rips the umbrella off the broken cart and bashes Mako with it. The brawl up and over the stands, away from the concourse area and closer to the fish tanks. The Prisoner gets thrown down the stairs and lays stunned at the bottom. Mako jumps and splashes him from the stairs. Now, Mako is biting him, making him bleed through the mask!

Brian Rentfro: Now the match just got more dangerous. Remember, the object is to throw your opponent in a tank of sharks, and when that blood hits the water, those things are going to frenzy!

Jon McDaniel: The Prisoner throws Mako up and over him, sending him crashing into the safety railing. They are close to the shark tank now...The Prisoner piledrives Mako on the concrete! He picks up Mako and rolls him onto the walkway around the tank. The Prisoner climbs up and gets met with a boot to the face! The trade punches some more until the Prisoner kicks Mako in the stomach. Prisoner hits the Blitzkrieg on the concrete walkway! The Prisoner starts to roll Mako into the tank Mako bites the Prisoner's arm! Mako won't let go of the arm and starts punching the Prisoner. They're both standing, and now Mako kicks the Prisoner in the stomach. Mako gets him ready for a piledriver, but can't quite get him up. The Prisoner lifts straight up and back drops Mako in to the tank! The Prisoner retains the Television Title!

Sirus Moran vs. Panzadise

Battledome Match

Brian Rentfro: This is a match unlike any other in wrestling today. It is without a doubt the most dangerous match ever. The Battle Dome is hanging 20 feet in the air. Inside are 2 lead pipes, 2 bats, 2 chains, and 2 pairs of brass knuckles. The object of the match is simple. You have to open the door and throw your opponent out. The two wrestlers are in harnesses above the dome right now, being slowly lowered in to the cage. Once they are 5 feet above the mat, the harnesses will release and the match will start.

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise hits the mat first! He scoops up a bat and swings at Sirus, but the Moran is able to duck. Sirus jumps up and hits a facebuster on Panzadise. Sirus picks up one of the chains and wraps it around his fist. He nails Dise with it, busting the Panzy open. Sirus is hooking Dise's legs and looks to be setting him up for an inverted surfboard move...Sirus hooks the chain around Dise's throat and pulls back with it!

Brian Rentfro: Hardcore submission! Sirus has always been a straight arrow, but in this sort of match, you do anything you can to survive. And you gotta feel for Panzadise. That move must hurt worse than anything he's been through, but he can't tap out in the Battle Dome.

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise is able to unhook his leg, and he collapses on top of Sirus. Dise's face is bright red and he's holding his neck. Dise grabs the chain and uses it to throw Sirus into the side of the cage. Dise puts on the two pairs of brass knuckles and starts working Sirus over. Sirus is down on his knees, and he's holding Dise's feet.

Brian Rentfro: I don't think so, Jon. Look at this.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus just crotched Panzadise with the chain! He wasn't holding his feet, he was getting the chain ready! Sirus finally drops the chain and DDTs Dise. Sirus walks over and throws the door open. Sirus pulls his opponent to his feet and whips him to the door! Panzadise is just able to grab the side of the door and pull himself back in! Panzadise closes the door behind him.

Brian Rentfro: Both men must be exhausted. They've each taken and dealt a lot of punishment already.

Jon McDaniel: Panzadise takes Sirus down with a superkick. Dise lines the pipes and bats all together, neatly. He pulls Sirus up and tries to Panzadise Bombs him onto the pipes and bats! Sirus is able to back drop him to block the move! Sirus pulls Panzadise up and hits the Nameless Knockout!

Brian Rentfro: But Sirus collapsed, too!

Jon McDaniel: Dise makes it to his feet first. Now he Panzadise Bombs Sirus on the pipes and bats! Dise rolls Sirus toward the door...Sirus is hanging out of the cage...Sirus falls! Panzadise is the new PWA World Champion! What an incredible night! We've recieved word from the paramedics that Sirus is fine, just a bit bruised and sore. Folks, we're all out of time, but we'll see you again on Wednesday at Chaos!