World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



A Rebel Pro Event

***DVD Exclusive***

In good ol’ state of South Carolina, new day arise as the sun rises, beautifully in the skies. Similar to as last night, the champ gets his hands raise
once more, as he successfully defended his gold. But all the goods may sound sweet, until one is still lurking head on with possibly the greatest REBEL
Champ, ever! Jer$ey and Mack once good friends, which grew up from the same streets, went to the same schools, play on the same sports team and even same
faction in the NAPW/REBEL Wrestling. Until, jealousy and the lack of big movements accords.

Jer$ey and Mack are now enemies. Perhaps the biggest rivalry in either two careers. With being big enemies against once another, and with FTC standing
practically over the entire REBEL Locker room waiting to strike. What will happen next? Only time will tell.

---Scene Opens---

At Mack’s crib, back in Lamar, SC. He wakes up from a long nap, to smell Grandma homemade fried chicken, white rice, green peas, macaroni -n- cheese and
butter rolls.

Mack:: MMM…mmm…mmm! Smells good in here Granny.

Grandma:: I know it does baby, granny can throw down, like the champ!

Mack:: In fact you can throw down, better than the champ!

Grandma:: Dear, now your wrestling skills are way better than my cooking skills.

Mack:: I wish. But it’ll never be as close. To be honest you can’t even compare the two. It’s nothing in common.

Grandma:: You got that right.

Mack:: So what are you doing today?

Grandma:: I don’t know baby. Maybe go out pick a few tomatoes, peppers and some okras from the garden. Then maybe sew a few quilts.

Mack:: Oh ok, you better wait until it get a little cooler outside, that sun will knock you out.

Grandma:: I got this. I been doing this before you were born. So calm down. Why were you asking what I’m doing today?

Mack:: No big reason. Just asking.

Grandma:: Where is your buddy? I’m surprise you is not, out and about with him.

Mack:: Who?

Grandma:: Oh you know. He’s one of my favorites.

Mack:: Jer$ey!?

Grandma:: Oh yeah! How he’s doing? I haven’t seen him in a while.

Mack:: I guess he’s ok.

Grandma:: What you mean, you guess? You are suppose to know. Ya’ll be friends since like… forever!

Mack:: Yeah you’re right, but a few things went down and I mean we really not cool anymore.

Grandma:: Are you serious! What happen? You know you have to tell me. The two of ya’ll are larger than that ol’ Hulk Hogan and Macho Man. Didn’t think
I know them huh? I use to date Macho Man, a long time ago. In fact, I gave him that name.

Mack:: Seriously!?

Grandma:: No! You know Granny had to sneak one in. But go on ahead and tell me what happen between ya’ll two.

Mack:: Well before everything turned chaotic, me and Jer$ey basically led a dynasty stable in the wrestling business. Until one day, one of the boys stabbed
us in the back.

Grandma:: WHO STABBED MY BABY!!!???

Mack:: No no, not that kind of stab, Granny. I meant like betrayed us.

Grandma:: Oh, they don’t want me to pull out my switch.

Mack:: And the guy betrayed us and join forces with one our rivals. So me and Jer$ey was like, “Ok”! We have to bounce back and try to get things going
again. Because don’t get me wrong the guy who left us, was one tough individual. And with his departure, really took a toll on us. So I guess, all that
really stress Jer$ey out. Because the simple fact he hired such a good talent to only turn the good into bad. And it was hard for him to find a replacement.
So I told him, not to worry about it. Things can only get better. So I guess in his opinion, trying to screw me over was the way of him getting things
done in a good way.

Mack:: But I didn’t allow it, I cost him his lost at the last show.

Grandma:: And what he tried to do?

Mack:: Try to make me lose my precious title, but it didn’t go down the way he planned. And that’s what his ass gets.

Grandma:: Watch your mouth. But I think ya’ll need to work things out.

Mack:: Oh no! That will not happen. May never happen til the day, that I die.

Grandma:: Mack you shouldn’t say harsh things like that. Jer$ey was a good man. You are too. The two of ya’ll is a good combo.

Mack:: Granny, read my lips. Jer$ey and I are like the days on the calendar. It can’t not be repeated. Which means, the two of us will never become friends

Grandma:: Mack, just go think about it. Seriously.

Mack:: (Shakes his head) You just don’t understand. I’m out of here.

---Mack rushes out the door

Grandma:: Mack, wait! Come back here, baby.

---Mack sits outside near the picnic table, as he reminisce about things that happened in the past. As he speaks to himself.

Mack:: Things will never be the same. Jer$ey and I were indeed homeboys. But all that sh*t crashed. Never again will I accompany him. Never again shall
I hold his back up after every downfall. I am the champ, if anybody needs to be holding backs around here. He shall be holding my back up. I’ve been the
champ since May 5th. Which basically means, I outlasted the supposedly top dog of the Young Money club. To bad, Young Money is around anymore. Which basically
means, peace into the Wrestling World. I’m not going to front, Young Money is an alright group of talents. But with Jer$ey yapping his mouth about this
and that, championships was just falling of his waist side. Quite frankly, he talked to damn much instead of showing his true side.

Mack:: Rumor has it, that Jer$ey has found a new buddy. Possible partner in crime. I wonder how long he too, will decide that Jer$ey isn’t no good!

Mack:: But it’s all good. Because Mack, is living life to the maximum fullest. Being a real good champ, feels too good. Something Jer$ey can never say.
I thanks the lord every night and day, for the wonderful joy he brings me. Once again, I’m still the REBEL World Champ. The top man in the business. And
every title defense will only make become just a much greater champ, than any other star who raised the title before me.

---Mack hops off of the picnic table and headed, towards his Chevy Tahoe, as the scene fades.

#1 Contender Match 1
Spyke Gein vs Derrick Daze

"Teeth Like Gods Shoeshine" by Modest Mouse hits the speakers as from the back walks a paranoid Spyke Gein in his first singles match here in Rebel Pro.

JENNY JERSEY: From Overlandpark Kansas, he stands at five feet eight inches and weighs in at one hundred and ninety pounds... SPYKE GEIN!

Spyke walks down to the ring, making sure to stay away from the crowd and slides into the ring.

"Esscence of Wounds" by Lamented Souls replaces the music in the speakers as Derrick Daze walks from the back to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

JENNY JERSEY: From Jefferson City Missouri, he stands at five feet ten inches and weighs in at one hundred and eighty-five pounds... DERRICK DAZE!

Daze walks up the steps and ducks under the top rope into the ring.


Spyke and Derrick lock up in the center of the ring, neither man backing down and both men with something to prove here and hopefully move on to the next match and win the Contender's Cup. Daze goes behind Gein with a hammerlock, shoving Gein forward into the ropes, he drops the hammerlock to whip Spyke into the ropes, Clothesline takes Spyke down to the canvas, a boot stomp to his chest pushes him back down. Daze with a leaping leg drop across Spyke's throat, he is up quickly pulling Spyke up to his feet. Derrick with a right hand to Spyke's face and a chop for good measure. Daze hooks the head, over the head suplex, but Spyke cunters in mid-air with an inverted DDT, he hooks the leg.

One... Two... T--Derrick gets a shoulder up in time, having been caught by surprise. Spyke licks Daze on the forehead before throwing him into the corner, following in with a running forearm. Daze is bent over backwards from the impact.

ROB MARTINEZ: Gein with a flurry of offense now.

COREY TAYLOR: Of course, Johnny has taught him every thing he knows.

Spyke tries to headbutt Daze in the nose, but Daze manages a fist into his kidneys to stop his attack, Daze climbs yup the turnbuckle backwards, flipping over Spyke with a sunset flip and a cover.

One... Two... Thr--An almost three on the surprised Spyke Gein.

ROB MARTINEZ: Close call for Spyke there.

COREY TAYLOR: But enough to kick out.

Spike up, Daze up, they meet with fists near the center of the ring, both men trading big blows, but neither going down easily. In fact, neither man going down at all. The sound of their closed fists smacking into flesh is loud in the building, Spyke goes to throw a punch, but it is a fake, he boots Daze in the midsection and sets him up for a DDT. Dazeback drops Spyke over into a bridging pin and holds the leg.

One... Two... Thrhee.


JENNY JERSEY: Winner of the match and advancing to next week to compete for the #1 Contender's Cup... Derrick Daze!

ROB MARTINEZ: Daze surprised Spyke there.

COREY TAYLOR: Dirty sneaking thief that he is.

ROB MARTINEZ: Now to our next match for Daze's opponent for next week.

#1 Contender Match 2
Prime Tyme vs El Rey de Corazones vs Shut Down

"The Oddities" by ICP hit the speakers as the biggest man in Rebel Pro walks through the curtain to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He is carrying a bag of something in his hands.

JENNY JERSEY: From anywhere and everywhere, he stands at seven feet two inches and weighs in at three hundred and fifty pounds... SHUT DOWN!

He begins to hand out naked Barbie dolls that appear to be wearing La Reina de los Mariposas masks and are glued seductively to a part of the naked Shut Down doll's anatomy. The crowd gasps, but the guys laugh and hold their hand out for a set of these, they must be collectors or something.

ROB MARTINEZ: This is not right, hilarious, but not right.

COREY TAYLOR: Wave your hand Rob, I want one of those dolls.

Shut Down hands one to Corey Taylor and to Jenny, who blushes spectaculurly, before he climbs into the ring.

"Ghost" by Tupac hits the speakers and from the back to... crickets? Anyways here comes Prime Tyme, in the ring Shut Down is laughing at his lack of reaction, Corey Taylor is seen making the dolls do things and laughing as well.

JENNY JERSEY: From Four Oaks North Carolina, he stands at five feet eight inches and weighs in at one hundred and thirty-four pounds... PRIME TYME!

He tries to slap the hands of the fans, but only the most devoted stick their hands out, he slides in under the bottom rope to look up at the monstorous Shut Down.

"Baila Cassanova" by Paulina Rubio hits the speakers as from the back comes El Rey de Corazones with his beautiful sister, La Reina de los Mariposas to a big pop.

JENNY JERSEY: From Villahermosa, Tobasco, Mexico he stands at six feet four inches and weighs in at two hundred and forty-five pounds; tonight he is accompanied by his sister LA REINA DE LOS MARIPOSAS... EL REY DE CORAZONES!

El Rey slaps the hands of the fans as Mariposas notices the dolls for the first time, her body language changes immediately as she looks at Shut Down who is pointing and gesturing seductively towards her.


El Rey and Prime Tyme stare up at perhaps the biggest man in Rebel Pro, Shut Down, who looks down at his two opponents. Prime Tyme and El Rey dive at Shut Down, who swats them away like a fly and they fall back. El Rey up quicker than Prime Tyme though and charges at Shut Down with a toe kick to his knee, he is unable to keep standing. El Rey hooks his head and Prime Tyme
is there, they go for a double vertical suplex, but Shut Down lifts them both easily into the air, he turns and slams them down to the canvas where they bounce high on the mat. He merely laughs at their attempts to beat him. Shut Down picks up one of the discarded nude Mariposas dolls to wave it in her face before giving a very good imitation of the Assman wiggle towards her. Mariposas jumps up on the apron and Shut Down goes to give her a kiss when she lashes out with a vicious right hand causing Shut Down to fall back in surprise. El Rey with a roll up.

One... Shut Down kicks out easily and is now visibly ticked off. He shoves El Rey out of the way to get to Mariposas, Prime Tyme with a dropkick to his knee stops him from reaching the beautiful young lady and she hops down to the floor, her job having been accomplished. Shut Down looks down at his knee then to Prime Tyme
who springs with a right hand to Shut Down's face. Prime Tyme
with a springboard dropkick as El Rey with a springboard dropkick of his own sends Shut Down to a kneeling position.

and El Rey working well together.


Prime Tyme hits the ropes to rebound and he flies through the air, in a seated position going through the ropes which drives Shut Down's neck across the top rope. As Shut Down bounces up from the blow, El Rey is there with a dropkick to the side of his face and Shut Down is on the mat where El Rey makes a cover.

One... Two... Th--Prime Tyme pulls El Rey off of the pin and makes the cover himself, but El Rey will not allow it and these two men begin to trade punches as Shut Down rolls out of the ring.

COREY TAYLOR: Told you Rob.

ROB MARTINEZ: Maybe you were right, there is no teamwork in a triple threat nor in a rumble type match.

El Rey with a big right hand, Prime Tyme catches the wrist, El Rey springs up and over Prime Tyme flipping him over to land on the canvas. El Rey wraps the arm around his leg and falls back extending the elbow in a painful position, but Prime Tyme will not submit as Dale McDonald gets in his face to inquire. El Rey pulls the new comer up to his feet backing him into the corner, El Rey climbs up, hurricanrana sends Prime Tyme to the middle of the ring.

ROB MARTINEZ: Impressive move there from El Rey.

El Rey runs, jumping over Prime Tyme, scales the other corner and lands a beautiful back flip onto Prime Tyme and hooks the leg.

One... Two... Prime Tyme kicks out

El Rey pulls Prime Tyme back up to his feet and lifts him to a seated position on the top rope facing inside the ring. El Rey hooks him for a top rope superplex and they are in the air, flipping? Somehow Prime Tyme manages to block the move and both men land on their necks in the middle of the ring. El Rey managed to land in a pinning predicament and here is the count.

One... Two... Shut Down breaks the pin, he picks Prime Tyme up and nails the Shake Machine on him. He looks over to El Rey and lifts him up as well, Shake Machine to El Rey, he makes the cover on both men by placing a boot on both of their throats.


Shut Down flexes his muscles at Mariposas.


He puts his hands in a certain gesture to her as the referee counts.



JENNY JERSEY: Winner of the match and facing Derrick Daze for the #1 Contender cup... Shut Down!

COREY TAYLOR: The other two never stood a chance.

ROB MARTINEZ: He is big, he is strong, is he unstoppable?

COREY TAYLOR: Yep, he sure is unstoppable.

ROB MARTINEZ: Now we go on to watch a member of FTC go up against Derek Stephen Taylor, can Cuzin' Zeke get the job done... let's find out.

Cuzin' Zeke vs Derek Stephen Taylor

"Shadow of the Season" plays, and the fans boo as the next match is about to begin.

JENNY JERSEY: This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied by Fantastic Andy Strickland; from London, England, weighing two hundred
and thirty five pounds: Derek Stephen Taylor!

The REBEL fans don't take well to the blue blood, with his fancy robe and such. DST has an arrogant smirk on his face as the fans boo him. He knows he
can buy and sell them, and if it came down to it, he could beat the Holy Hell out of any of them too. "The Beverly Hillbillies" theme takes over the speakers,
and there are more boos, but the reception isn't 100% negative for DST's opponent.

JENNY JERSEY: And his opponent! From Turkey Cross, Kentucky, weighing two hundred and sixty three pounds: Cuzin Zeke!

Zeke steps through the ropes and sizes up his opponent. DST stands center ring as referee Jimmy Johnson calls for the bell. Taylor gives Zeke a hard slap
across the face, just to set the tone early on. Zeke responds with a hard right hand, which gets a cheer, but the fans are still not sure how they feel
about him. Taylor tries to go for an arm bar, but Zeke knees the Brit in the gut, then hip tosses him to the mat. He drops an elbow across Taylor's chest,
then goes for a quick cover. Taylor kicks out before even a one count. Zeke is to his feet first, and he stomps the blue blood several times, then lays
in with forearm smashes to the back of the head and neck. Taylor escapes out of the ring to the floor, but Zeke is quick to follow. He grabs Taylor and
whips him into the guard rail... Taylor reverses! Zeke is momentarily stunned, and Taylor follows up with a European Uppercut. He rolls Zeke back into
the ring, then slides in, and locks on a rear chinlock. The REBEL fans want more violence than this, but Taylor just smirks as he wrestles his own match,
and plays by his own rules. Zeke starts to power out of the hold, then makes it to his feet, while Taylor tries to keep a grip on the chinlock... Zeke
with a mule kick, and Taylor releases the hold! He follows up with a clothesline, and DST goes down! And now He grabs his slop bucket from the corner,
and waits for Taylor to get to his feet. DST has his back to Zeke, and doesn't know as he turns around...

ROB MARTINEZ: I'm surprised to hear some cheers for Zeke here.

COREY TAYLOR: They are probably just his family, most of the people in these parts are related.

CRACK! Zeke brings the bucket down hard over the head of Taylor, and the fans certainly appreciate that. Zeke goes for a cover! One... two... Taylor gets
a foot on the bottom rope.

ROB MARTINEZ: Close call there.

COREY TAYLOR: Hard to know who is going to pull out a victory here.

He rolls onto his side, and we can see he's been busted open. Zeke drags Taylor up, and whips him to the ropes. Taylor rebounds
into a massive spinebuster from Zeke! Taylor planted into the mat, and Zeke hooks the leg for a cover! One... two... Fantastic Andy is on the ring apron,
and Johnson goes to shoo him away. Zeke is up, and he grabs Andy by the lapels and rears back to deck him...

ROB MARTINEZ: Andy shouldn't have been there.

COREY TAYLOR: Zeke shouldn't manhandle someone of Andy's position either!

ROB MARTINEZ: Don't play with matches unless you want to get burned.

COREY TAYLOR: Who has matches? I see no stinking matches.

Taylor with a low blow, and Zeke releases Andy! Andy hands Taylor a chair, and DST brings it down across the back of his opponent! Taylor, a bloody and
battered mess having to change the rules in order to survive. He brings the chair up, ready to slam it over Zeke's head... Zeke blocks it, boots Taylor
in the gut, then DESTROYS the chair over DST's head! Taylor stumbles forward, and Zeke sets him up for a piledriver! Drives him into the mat! And now Zeke
goes to the top rope... MUDPUDDLE!! He covers! One... two...

Zeke pulls Taylor up off the mat! The fans boo, Johnson yells at him for not finishing things, but Zeke has something on his mind, as he climbs to the
top rope again, and delivers ANOTHER Mudpuddle! He covers, and Johnson counts


JENNY JERSEY: Here is your winner: CUZIN ZEKE!!

The reaction is still mixed for Zeke, but after this match, the boos are stronger. Zeke, however, is happy to get the win.

COREY TAYLOR: Zeke finally showing what it takes to be a big star here in Rebel Pro.

ROB MARTINEZ: He had the win but pulled Taylor up for another mudpuddle.

COREY TAYLOR: Exactly, wanted to make sure he had put him away.

ROB MARTINEZ: Now we move on to the tag te... who is that?

"Unstoppable" by E.S. Posthumus hit the speakers and a man emerged from the back which the Rebel Pro fans had never seen before. His head is shaved bald
and his eyes seem hollow and empty. They also seem volatile. Wearing a brown leather jacket over the top of a black t-shirt featuring a white skulll,
with a jagged tooth jaw, the man pops his collar as he looks out over the fans. He has a microphone in his hand and makes a cutthroat gesture, advising
the technicians to cut his music.

MAN: People often say to me, "Sam, whaddaya think the problem with professional wrestling is today? Where do you think it all went wrong?" I've been
wrestlin' in Japan for six years. Japan was the place where I learnt my craft. Honed my craft. Understood what it means to be a professional wrestler.

The man, who called himself "Sam", runs his hand down the length of his face before continuing his speech.

SAM: Some people think that question is tough to answer. What IS.... the problem with professional wrestling in today's day and age? What IS the problem
with professional wrestling in the United States of America? Well... the answer ain't so difficult at all. Because it's really quite simple. Matter
of fact... it's elementary. Because the problem with professional wrestling America today is this...

He smirks a sadistic smirk across his face and slowly but surely extends his hand out, pointing at the fans and moving 180 degrees, just so they all feel
like they've been singled out.

SAM: The problem... is... YOU! The fans! The problem with pro-wrestling is the bookers stopped listening to their brains and started listening to the
"masses" who foot the bill for their over priced buffoonery and wicked high spots. Sure... you sheep might bleet to the tune of a thousand fluorescent
light bulbs being smashed over the heads of people depicting the term "professional wrestler"... but there's nothin' "professional" about spillin' your
blood so inept, mindless zombies like you can cheer to your stupid throats get hoarse.

The fans began to boo this stranger standing on the stage, but it did not deter him. It seemed to burn the anger within brighter and he continues with
his rant.

SAM: The man you're looking at on this stage, here at Rebel Pro, is the man who is going to change the face of professional wrestling. Single-handedly...
I'm going to show these one-trick ponies... these high-spot hacks... these grinder monkeys... what it means to be a professional wrestler. I'm going to
bring some credibility back to this wrestling-god forsaken country. My name is Sam Skull. There's no need for me to tell you to remember my name... because
my actions speak louder than my words. I'm not just a man. I'm a God... damned... wrestling... LEGACY!

Sam Skull rose both of his fists high above his head as E.S. Posthumus hit the speakers again. Those fists lowered as a sick smile formed on his face.
Skull turns his back on the fans heading to the back, satisfied that his message had been delivered to the Rebel Pro roster and management alike.

Tag Team Attraction
Sons of Destruction vs Jonas Brothers

"Cyberwats" hits the speakers as from the back to crickets chirping is, Devastation and Kayoken, Sons of Destruction.

JENNY JERSEY: At a total combined weight of five hundred and seventy pounds... DEVASTATION and KAYOKEN SHIRO... THE SONS OF DESTRUCTION!

These two men do not seemed to be letting the silence bother them as they walk into the ring to wait on the Jonas Brothers.

"Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead" hits the speakers as from the back comes Jim and Tommy Jonas accompanied by Edna Glickman to a mixed reaction.

JENNY JERSEY: At a total combined weight of four hundred and sixty-six pounds, being accompanied by Edna Glickman, JIM and TOMMY, THE JONAS BROTHERS!

They climb into the ring and face Sons of Destruction.


Kayoken and Tommy start off the match with the traditional collar and elbow tie up, but Tommy with a a brass knuckled punch to the skull of Kayoken sends him falling backwards, Tommy with another quick punch sends Kayoken down to the mat. He pulls the still new Rebel Pro wrestler up to his feet whipping him towards his brother Jim and they make a tag. Jim comes in, taking the wristlock from Tommy, to boot Kayoken in the midsection and he delivers an elbow drop onto Kayoken's shoulder for good measure. Jim takes the brass knuckles from his brother, vicious right hand into Kayoken's temple busting him open with the force of the blow. He sits him up on the top turnbuckle, tagging in his brother, Tommy climbs to the top, leaping to bring Kayoken down with a hurricanrana. He quickly drags Kayoken back to their corner to tag in Jim Jonas. Jim comes in, abdominal stretch on Kayoken, who is in a world of hurt, he tags in Tommy who leaps with a dropkick into the stretched ribs of Kayoken.

ROB MARTINEZ: Kayoken is in a world of hurt here.

COREY TAYLOR: Total domination by the Jonas Brothers.

Devastation has had enough as he roars in with a forearm smash breaking Jim's grip on Kayoken. Devastation with a big right hand to Tommy sends him going over the top rope backwards. Devastation grabs Jim around the throat, chokeslam to the canvas. He lifts Kayoken up to lay him down in their corner before turning back to Jim and Tommy Jonas. Jim is getting back up, right hand to Devastation's ribs, Tommy flies from the top turnbuckle with a chair, cracking Devastation over the head with the steel chair. Devastation laughs at Tommy, who gulps and looks to his brother. Double head cracker as Devastation slams the Jonas Brothers' heads together, they fall down to the mat. Double chokeslam sends them down to the canvas and he steps on Jim's chest.

One... Two... Jim manages to kick out barely in time.

ROB MARTINEZ: Total domination by Devastation here in the match.

COREY TAYLOR: Look at the size of him, and he has to pick on Jim and Tommy like that.

Jim rolls out of the ring to collect his bearings as Tommy is left in the ring, and Tommy is picked up by the big Devastation. He lifts Tommy up for a big powerbomb in the center of the ring, but Edna Glickman is waving... her bra? Edna has taken off her bra and is waving it in the face of the big Devastation to grab his attention; her chest is just flopping around in her loose fitting shirt and Rob Martinez looks like he is going to be sick on the announce table. Devastation begins to cough and gag as he lowers Tommy to the canvas, he turns for the ropes, Jim with a swinging fire extinguisher takes him off his feet with a loud resounding thunk. Devastation falls into a swinging neckbreaker from Tommy Jonas, but he can't quite finish off the move. Kayoken rushes in, having regained his senses, Edna shoves a pair of her panties in his mouth? Kayoken throws up on Tommy, who nails a right hand. Kayoken is throwing up again, swinging neckbreaker as puke flies in an arch to splatter on the canvas. The panties are still in his mouth as Tommy steps on his chest to make a cover.

One... Two... Three.


JENNY JERSEY: Winners of the match... Jim... and... Tommy... Jonas...

Rob and Corey are both gagging at the announce table so there is no commentary about the ending of the match. Tommy bends down to put the panties into his tights and walks away nonchalantly.

We take a brief intermission as the ring crew comes to change the canvas to a clean and fresher looking one; at least there is no puke on it.

ROB MARTINEZ: Folks we are back and next up... whew, we have the match between Mike "Assman" Trey and Mikey Massacre.

COREY TAYLOR: Should be very interesting to see how long Mikey allows Mike to remain in the match.

Mike Trey vs Mikey Massacre

JENNY JERSEY: The following match will be held under Assman rules. This means there will be the possibility of being disqualified, there will be a ten count both inside the ring and outside the ring. Introducing first...

"Heavy Metal Machine" hits the speakers and the crowd's reaction is not a welcoming one as they raise the roof with boos and jeers. Mikey Massacre walks from the back, shooting the crowd a double bird.

JENNY JERSEY: From Albuquerque New Mexico, he stands at six feet and weighs in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds, he is one half of the Rebel Pro Tag Team Champions and FTC member... MIKEY MASSACRE!

Mikey climbs into the ring as the music dies away.

"Why Don't We Do It In The Road" comes to life and the boos immediately change to cheers as from the back runs Mike "Assman" Trey, slapping the hands of the fans. He is wearing his trademark black t-shirt, but this time with the words "I'm The Assman". He removes the shirt throwing it to a lucky lady at ringside.

JENNY JERSEY: From Manchester England, he stands at six feet one inch and weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds... MIKE "ASSMAN" TREY!

Mike slides into the ring, he faces Mikey, he is ready to go and the crowd knows it.


Referee Jimmy Johnson explains the rules to each man in this match before backing out of their way. Mikey and Mike circle each other in the middle of the ring, both looking for a weakness on the other, both looking to strike first; Jimmy Johnson stands back to wait. Lock up, Mikey pushes back on Mike, but Trey drops the lock up for an arm drag, Mikey down to the canvas; Mike backs up away from Massacre. Mikey gets up, livid at being humiliated and charges at Trey, Japanese arm drag sends Mikey up and over with a Japanese arm drag; Trey laughs as he stands back up.

ROB MARTINEZ: Mikey being taunted here by Assman.

COREY TAYLOR: He is laughing now, but will he be at the end of the match?

They go for another collar and elbow tie up, but Mikey dives at the last second for a shoulder block into Trey's midsection, swinging neckbreaker sends Trey down to the canvas. Mikey up quickly with a leg drop across Trey's throat, but Trey out of the way quickly enough to avoid the leg. Assman is up, but Mikey with a sideheadlock on the Assman of Rebel Pro. Mikey with a few stiff punches into Trey's face, but Jimmy warns him about the closed fists; Mikey shoots Jimmy a bird for his information. Mike lifts Mikey up and drops him with an atomic drop, followed by a running bulldog to the canvas.

ROB MARTINEZ: Assman using one of Mikey's favorite moves there.

COREY TAYLOR: The thief.

Mike lifts Mikey up in a fireman's carry position and flips him over his head for a Samoan driver, but Mikey pushes himself to flip faster countering with a three quarter facelock into a stunner. Assman falls back holding at his throat as Massacre holds the ankle of Trey, driving a knee into Trey's knee. Mikey is taunting Trey as he grinds in an ankle lock on his ankle and his knee into Trey's knee. Trey sits up, but Mikey falls back still with the anklelock, but with an added hyperextension of Trey's left knee; Trey falls back to the canvas groaning in pain. Massacre sits back up to fall backwards when Trey catches his chest with a slap, then catching his ankle with a front anklelock. Mikey drops his anklelock, Trey drops his, Massacre is up to his feet, but Trey is wobbling slightly on his now injured leg. Massacre comes running with a clothesline, Trey with a drop toe hold sends Mikey's face into the middle turnbuckle padding. Trey gets back up, pulling Massacre back up to his feet, shoving him backwards into the corner, chop, chop, forearm, and another chop; the crowd is going wild. Trey climbs up, monkey flip sends Mikey across the ring to slide on his back. Massacre sits up, turning to get up to meet Trey head on, Mike there with a right forearm sending Mikey backwards into the corner, another right forearm has him firmly in the corner. Massacre with a thumb to the eyes draws the boos of the crowd and Jimmy's attention as he warns Mikey that things like that aren't legal in this match.

ROB MARTINEZ: There Mikey goes again with his cheating.

COREY TAYLOR: What are you talking about, I didn't see anything.

Massacre with an European uppercut and he tosses Trey into the corner. Mikey climbs up and kisses his right hand before throwing the first punch. Trey shoves Massacre backwards preventing the first of what surely was ten punches. Trey wipes at his eyes before walking over to the now standing Mikey Massacre, Mikey with a go behind into a rear waistlock, German suplex. Trey's head snaps on the canvas, Mikey rolls up for another, Trey's head slams into the canvas a second time, Mikey rolls up for a third one; Trey drops down to a seated position bringing Massacre's chin down on top of his head. Mikey drops the rear waistlock in favor of holding his chin trying to rub away the pain. Trey shakes his head to clear the cobwebs as he walks towards Mikey Massacre. He boots Mikey in the midsection, hooks the leg and head, fisherman's suplex into a pin.

One... Two... Mikey kicks out just as Vincent Black and Cuzin' Zeke come rushing out from the back. Trey gets up to meet them head on.

ROB MARTINEZ: What are they doing out here.

COREY TAYLOR: Protecting their interest.

Mikey rolls Trey up for a pin.

One... Two.. He manages to kick out as Jimmy's hand nearly slaps the three. Mikey gets up to wave Black and Zeke away when there is another surprise roll up for a pin.

One... Two... Th--Mikey kicks out wildly preventing the Assman win. Black and Zeke come closer, Jimmy is forced to eye them, Mikey digs his thumbs into Trey's eyes to blind him. Massacre hooks him in a front facelock, hooks the leg, swinging fisherman's suplex. Mikey rolls over, releasing the finish of the move to drop a knee across Trey's elbow. Black and Zeke walk back up the aisle and into the back to let Mikey do his thing.

ROB MARTINEZ: Glad to see they left.

COREY TAYLOR: You are just intimidated by their talent.

Mikey pulls Trey back up to his feet, shoving him backwards into the corner where he lifts him to the top turnbuckle. Mikey follows him up, hooking him in a front facelock and draping his arm over his neck. Mikey lifts, but Trey hooks his feet under the ring bolt, Massacre lifts again, but again Trey blocks the superplex attempt. Mikey with a forearm shot, but Trey blocks it, Trey with a right hand, Mikey blocks it. Mikey with a right, Trey with a right, these two are brawling on the top turnbuckle. Mikey slips after Trey's right hand connects with his temple, Trey shoves him backwards. Massacre stumbles as he lands, Trey dives flipping over Massacre and catching him with a neckbreaker as he flips over him. The crowd explodes, but both men are down on the canvas. Jimmy Johnson begins his count in this "Assman Rules" match.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

The crowd is getting behind Assman, trying to give him enough cheering to get him up.


He is moving, but can he get up?


Mike is on the bottom rope, but Mikey is on the bottom rope as well.


Trey on the middle rope reaching for the top, but Massacre is doing the exact same thing.


Both men are up, they charge at each other.

ROB MARTINEZ: Almost a no contest there.

COREY TAYLOR: Massacre would have beaten the count easily.

Double clothesline sends both men back down to the canvas, the crowd is chanting.

"We love Assman" (clap, clap, clap clap clap) "We love Assman" (clap, clap, clap clap clap)

ROB MARTINEZ: The crowd behind Assman here as he is back up to his feet.

COREY TAYLOR: But Mikey is also back up.

Mikey with a high knee lift, but Mike catches the leg, spins around and plants Mikey to the mat with a desperation spinebuster, but Mikey is too near the ropes for a pin. Mike pulls Massacre out from the ropes,and wraps the leg, Assman is going for the figure four leglock. Massacre tries to stop it, but Trey falls back, Massacre sits up, grunting fromthe pain. He is trying to reach Trey to punch, claw, or do whatever to break the hold, but Trey is laying back, putting pressure on that knee. Massacre rolls to the left, almost got it... rolls quickly to the right, again almost has it flipped over... quick roll to the left and the momentum sends him rolling over to flip the figure fourr's pain to Trey's injured leg. Trey releases the submission quickly and shoves up to his feet. Trey hits the ropes as Mikey gets back up to his feet. Mikey with a clothesline, Trey ducks under rebounding from the opposite ropes crossbody but Mikey catches him and parades to the center of the ring. Mike with a knee into Massacre's side, he spins, swinging DDT sends Mikey's head into the canvas; Trey hooks the leg and covers.

One... Two... Thr--Massacre rolls a shoulder up to stop Trey from winning. Trey looks a bit frustrated, but shoves Mikey into the ropes, Massacre reverses, Trey is sent running again. Leap frog over Mikey, spin, boot to the gut and another DDT here in the match, Mikey is driven forehead first into the canvas. Mike lifts Mikey up throwing him into the corner where he climbs throwing right hand after right hand, Mikey shoves him backwards. Trey lands on his feet, his knee buckles a bit, but he regains enough to dropkick Mikey in the corner. Mike is up again quickly, going for another monkey flip.

ROB MARTINEZ: Both men giving it their all, no denying that.

COREY TAYLOR: Mikey isn't even trying hard.

In mid flip, Massacre counters the monkey flip into a body press flattening Mike Trey into the mat. Massacre gets to his feet wobbly, but determined, he points to Assman and tells Jimmy to count and see if he is knocked out. Jimmy begins to count. The crowd boos at Mikey's actions, or is it the fact that Zeke has come back down the aisle? Either way they are booing, Jimmy turns to find Zeke there, his attention away from Mike Trey and Mikey Massacre. Massacre quickly goes through the ropes as Jimmy and Zeke are exchanging words back and forth, Zeke saying he just wants to watch the match up close. Mikey has gotten a chair, he gets Mike up to his feet, checks on Jimmy again and nails himself with the chair? Blood is pouring from Mikey's forehead as he tosses the chair to Mike Trey who catches it. Jimmy Johnson turns around just in time to see Mikey falling down to the canvas in a crumpled heap. Jimmy Johnson looks at Mike, shaking his head, and calls for the bell.

JENNY JERSEY: Winner as a result of a disqualification... Mikey Massacre!

ROB MARTINEZ: But Mikey hit himself!

COREY TAYLOR: Who is holding the chair?

ROB MARTINEZ: Mike Trey is.


The crowd boos again as from the back runs Vincent Black, him and Zeke hit the ring at the same time. Mike swings the chair, Vincent ducks, Zeke ducks, Mikey spears Trey's back. Assman drops the chair at Vincent's feet, all three men begin to pummel Assman in the middle of the ring. Mikey instructs Zeke and Black to hold him up, they do so. Mikey hands them the chair, which they hold in front of Assman's face, Mikey with a running dropkick into the chair which smashes into Assman's face; he falls down to the mat. The crowd cheers as "Notorious" Mack runs down to the ring, FTC are waiting on him. The crowd still cheers as Shut Down rushes down to the ring as well, just behind Mack. Both big men hit the ring to take on FTC, but the cowards they are, they flee the ring to fight another day. Mack points out at Mikey and motions for him to come and get some.

ROB MARTINEZ: Why are they leaving now? The damn cowards!

COREY TAYLOR: They aren't leaving because they are scared, but because the fans want them to fight and they hate giving the fans what they want.

Shut Down points to Cuzin' Zeke and motions for him to come and get some too, but FTC is having no part of this as they push their way through the crowd.

Aerial Assault 2009 Semi Finals
Danny Chaos vs The Freak

"The Oddities" by ICP spreads its way through the speakers as from the back carrying a box of Get Smart dolls is The Freak. The crowd gives him a mixed reaction surprised that he is got normal dolls for once, until he pulls out dolls dressed in drag, except for an Agent 99 doll that is dressed in dom gear. Some of the fans laugh as The Freak sits the box near the announce table and flips into the ring, Shut Down backs off to watch the action beside the announce table.

JENNY JERSEY: From anywhere and everywhere, he stands at five feet seven inches, and weighs in at one hundred and eighty pounds accompanied by his tag team partner Shut Down... THE FREAK!

Inside the ring, The Freak gives a bow and salute to the crowd before handing an Agent 99 doll to Jenny.

"Facing The Thousand" by Light This City airs up and from the back to a mixed reaction, but more cheers than boos, is Danny Chaos.

JENNY JERSEY: "From Glens Falls New York, he stands at five feet nine inches and weighs in at two hundred pounds even... he is... DANNY CHAOS!"

Danny sprints down the aisle, sliding under the bottom rope to face The Freak across the ring.


COREY TAYLOR: The Freak going to do some damage here.

ROB MARTINEZ: Chaos made no fans associating himself with Vincent Black.

They go for a collar and elbow tieup, but Chaos with a double leg takedown, Freak with a punch to the top of Danny's head. Danny grabs an ankle and pushes himself over flipping Freak onto his front, Danny with an ankle lock. Freak kicks back catching Danny in the shoulder and the hold is released. Freak rolls over quickly as Danny goes for an elbow drop, Danny catches canvas, Freak up on his feet quickly taking Danny down with a shoulder block. Danny hits his back but kips up quickly behind Freak's back. The Freak turns to face Danny, collar and elbow tie up. Freak backs Danny into the corner, but Danny drops the lockup quickly, going for a drop toe hold sending Freak's face right into the padding. Freak's head bounces back, Danny with a neckbreaker and Freak is holding at his neck.

ROB MARTINEZ: No aerial moves yet, but the technical aspect is wonderful.

COREY TAYLOR: You spoke too soon there Mr. Magoo.

Danny springs to the top turnbuckle flipping forward with a body splash, but Freak manages to lift his knees right into Chaos' midsection winding his opponent. Freak in the ropes, rebounding with a baseball slide dropkick sending Choas to the outside. Freak pulls himself up, climbing to the top turnbuckle, diving off with a corkscrew flip in mid-air, Danny chatches him, spinebuster onto the mat. The crowd groans from the impact Freak's back made with the outside mat. Shut Down backs away from the action letting these two men fight amongst themselves. Danny rolls Freak off of himself before pulling him up and Irish whipping him into the apron, Freak leaps to the apron, flipping backwards with a moonsault, piledriver onto the mat and Freak is hurting now. Danny, with a smile on his face and a weary look at Shut Down, rolls Freak into the ring where he locks in an Anaconda Vice triangle choke hold, in the middle of the ring. Freak seems to be fading fast, but Chaos is still trying to lock in the hold properly, Freak is fighting it with everything he is worth. Freak with one leg under him shoves sideways, getting some room for his arm, he manages to elbow his way out of the hold somehow. Chaos throws a right hand, Freak ducks under, belly to back suplex. Chaos is down.

ROB MARTINEZ: Freak able to prevent Chaos from synching in that devastating choke hold.

COREY TAYLOR: That could be the turning point of the match.

Freak falls down on top of Chaos, but only receives a one count before Danny gets a shoulder up. Freak pulls him up to his feet, Irish whip into the ropes, Chaos with a springboard back fist, Freak quickly catches the arm, hooks the other arm in a full nelson, he slams Chaos face first onto the canvas. Freak climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives with aleg drop that catches canvas as Danny rolls out of the way. Freak rolls to hold at his backside and is up, Danny charges with a spear slamming Freak back first into the corner, knife edge chop from Chaos, a second. Freak's chest is turning red as he winces with each blow, Chaos is determined to not hold anything back. Side headlock from Chaos, he runs forward leaping into the air, Freak shoves him forward; Chaos slides on his ass to crotch himself on the opposite ringpost. Freak is up, dropkick into the back of Danny's head sends him face first onto the middle turnbuckle padding.

COREY TAYLOR: That is going to ruin Danny's night.

ROB MARTINEZ: Freak showing why he deserves the win though.

COREY TAYLOR: As is Danny Chaos.

ROB MARTINEZ: I think this is the first time we've agreed on anything.

Freak, with a look of determination, pulls Danny back up, forearm to the face followed up by a knife edge chop to the chest backing Danny into the corner. whip into the other corner and Freak follows. Danny scales the corner, flipping over Freak, dropkick sends Freak into the top turnbuckle. As Freak rebounds, Danny with a reverse bulldog, leg hook and the cover.

One... Two... Thr--Freak manages to get a shoulder up just in the nick of time. Danny grabs Freak's wrists and places a knee in between Freak's shoulder blades, he wrenches back causing Freak to grunt in pain. Freak sways to the left, then right, then left again, but Danny rolls with each and every swaying attempt Freak makes, continuing to keep the hold locked in; wearing Freak down. The Freak gets one foot underneath himself and shoves backwards, and Danny lands on his back, the hold still locked in. Freak's legs dangle down, but Danny is in a pinning predicament.

One... Two... Thr--Danny rolls to the left slightly to stop the pin, but is still managing to keep it locked in. Freakfalls back down, gets his feet under his weight and flips over backwards, teh hold is broken and Freak holds at his shoulders as he sits on the canvas. Danny rolls over, determination etched in every part of his face. He charges at Freak.

ROB MARTINEZ: Danny showing his determination here.

COREY TAYLOR: Freak showing his athleticism in getting out of that hold.

Freak catches Danny in a headlock, down to the canvas with a single arm DDT, Danny isn't moving, but neither is Freak. Since there is no count-outs in Rebel Pro, the match must continue, but shortly Freak begins to move as Danny is starting to show signs of life as well here. Freak uses the ropes to pull himself up, Danny using his own strength and endurance to do the same. Freak with a boot to Danny's midsection, he hooks the leg and head, suplex into a bridging pin.

One... Two... Thr--No, Danny rolls up a shoulder just before the three.

ROB MARTINEZ: Close call there for Chaos.

COREY TAYLOR: Freak almost had it, but the resiliant Choas showing why he has made it this far.

Danny rolls to his feet, Freak there as well, double clothesline sends both men down, Chaos kips up to his feet, Freak doing the same. Another double clothesline, but Danny ducks under the extended arm, grabbing the waist of Freak, German suplex into a bridging pin.

One... Two... Thr--Freak kicks backwards out of the pin and on his feet immediately. Freak into the ropes as Danny is getting back to his feet, boot to Danny's face--NO! Danny catches the boot, and twists. Freak with an enzeguri, but Danny ducks under, bulldog to the canvas and Freak's face is planted harshly into the mat. Chaos springs from the middle rope with a lionsault landing squarely on Freak's back, he rolls him over.

One... Two... Freak kicks out with some authority. Chaos pulls Freak up peppering Freak with rights and lefts, Freak falls pulling Danny through the ropes to the outside. Freak, still in the ring, hits the ropes as Danny gets back up to his feet. Freak dives through the ropes onto Danny, catching his head in mid-air flipping over into a neckbreaker on the outside. Both men are down as the crowd begins to chant "Holy Shit!" over and over. Freak back up, a smile plastered on his face and rolls Chaos back into the ring. He climbs onto the apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over with a leg drop onto Danny's throat, he hooks the leg with a cover.

One... Two... T--Danny rolls a shoulder up.

ROB MARTINEZ: Back and forth, back and forth, neither man with a definite advantage.

COREY TAYLOR: Freak with an advantage for now though.

Freak pulls Danny back up, shoving him backwards into the corner, he climbs up, monkey flip... NO! Danny lands on his feet, spear from Danny, no wait, he hits Freak with his shoulder, flips up catching Freak around the neck and head with his legs and flips him over into the center of the ring. The crowd is now going wild for this match. Danny wastes no time in climbing to the top turnbuckle and waits. Freak gets up to his feet, back to Chaos, and Danny dives with a missile dropkick sending Freak into the corner. Freak bounces out of the corner, Danny hooks him up for a pin.

One... Two... Th--Freakgets a shoulder up and another near fall in this match; it is close to call now. Danny is up, Freak takes him down with a clothesline, Chaos on his back. Freak with an elbow drop to Danny's throat. Freak waits for Danny to get up, taking a breather, and Chaos obliges. Freak with a roundhouse kick and Danny is down on his back again. Freak climbs to the top turnbuckle and a swanton bomb to Chaos, but Danny moves, Freak lands on his hands and knees able to absorb much of the punishment that way. Danny with a boot to the face, Freak trips him up. Danny able to kick Freak in the shoulder as he falls to the mat. Freak rolls to his back as both men are now on the canvas.

COREY TAYLOR: What else can happen?

ROB MARTINEZ: A lot of things.

Freak and Chaos are back up, Freak dives, Chaos with a small package pin.

One... Two... Freak rolls over and now Danny is pinned.

One... Two... Three.


COREY TAYLOR: Holy *bleep*!

ROB MARTINEZ: A surprise pin is enough!

JENNY JERSEY: Winner of the match and going to the finals of the 2009 Aerial Assault tournament.... The Freak!

The crowd get on their feet, cheering both men on because they felt that both men deserved to make it to the finals.

COREY TAYLOR: And everyone thought Ravager versus Chad Kurtis should have been the finals.

Aerial Assault 2009 Semi-Final
"The Show" Chad Kurtis vs Ravager

Jenny Jersey stands in the middle of the ring as she brings the microphone to her mouth.

Jenny Jersey: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is an Aerial Assault semi-finals match and is scheduled for one fall.

"Path" by Apocalyptica hits the PA system. Ravager emerges from the back to a scattered cheers and a large chorus of boos.

Jenny Jersey: Introducing first, representing New Alberta Pro Wrestling, from Brooklyn New York, weighing in tonight at two hundred ten pounds. RAVAGER!

“Cocky” by Kid Rock cues up on the PA but it can hardly be heard as the REBEL fans go nuts for “The Show” Chad Kurtis.

Jenny Jersey: And his opponent, representing REBEL Pro Wrestling, fighting out of Durham North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds, "THE

Both men are now in the ring standing toe to toe. Referee Dale McDonald is about to call for the bell when Chad stops him.

COREY TAYLOR: Looks like “The Show” is afraid to get this match started.

ROB MARTINEZ: I doubt that very much. Chad looks more focused than I’ve ever seen him.

Chad extends a hand to Ravager... And Ravager takes it.

COREY TAYLOR: Come on, sucker punch the cocky little bas...

ROB MARTINEZ: Hey now, there’s nothing wrong with these two showing their mutual respect for one another. Now let’s get this match started.

Dale McDonald calls for the bell and this match starts with an elbow-and-collar-tie-up. Chad with an arm drag to Ravager who rolls through it and is quickly
back on his feet. They go back in to another elbow-and-collar-tie-up, this time it’s Ravager with an arm drag. Chad quickly kips up back into a fighting
stance. They square off for another elbow-and-collar-tie-up, Chad goes for a knee but Ravager catches his leg. A dragon whip delivered to the injured leg
of “The Show”. Ravager quick to capitalize and goes for a spinning toe hold. Chad powers out of the hold with his free leg and sends Ravager face first
into the second turnbuckle. It’s Chad’s turn to capitalize as he delivers a back suplex to the stunned Ravager. “The Show” Follows it up with an elbow
drop across the chest of his fallen opponent. Chad picks up Ravager and sends him to the ropes with an Irish Whip... into a Samoan Drop.

ROB MARTINEZ: And “The Show” is taking an early advantage in this match. It seems that his ACL isn’t bothering him at all anymore

COREY TAYLOR: It’s too early to tell but I’m going on a limb to say that “The Show” has started taking steroids.

ROB MARTINEZ: Oh would you shut up. Chad Kurtis would be the last person to need to take that kind of short cut.

Chad hits the ropes and lands a lionsault to the prone Ravager. He stays for the cover and Dale McDonald gets in position to make the count.


Two... and Ravager kicks out with surprising authority.

Chad brings Ravager to his feet and sends him to the rope with another Irish Whip, no a reversal, and Chad springboards off the rope and hits the Showtime!

ROB MARTINEZ: Oh my, this one might be over early folks.

COREY TAYLOR: I’m telling you, Kurtis had to have had some chemical help to pull off a win against Ravager this quickly.

ROB MARTINEZ: And I’ll be sure to let him know your opinion on the matter.

COREY TAYLOR: You wouldn’t

Chad back on his feet but doesn’t go in for the cover. He’s heading to the turnbuckle and starts to climb to the top. Chad leaps into a Prime Time splash
and hits hard on the mat as Ravager moved out of the way just in time. Ravager back to his feet and positions himself for the Garrotte. He Locks It In.
Chad reaching for the ropes to try to break the hold but comes up short. Dale McDonald in the perfect spot to see if Chad Kurtis submits to the hold. Chad
is manages to pull himself closer to the ropes but is still just short of reaching them. Ravager applies more pressure to the hold trying to get “The Show”
to quit however Chad is still reaching, reaching, he makes it to the bottom rope and Ravager breaks the hold out of respect. Chad slowly pulls himself up by the ropes
as Ravager kicks the back of Chad’s knee sending flipping hard back down to the canvas. Ravager grabs the hurting leg of Chad and moves in to apply a Figure-Four.
Chad too close to the ropes however and Ravager breaks the hold. Ravager grabs Chad and brings him to his feet. An Irish Whip into the turnbuckle followed
by a running knee to the mid section. Ravager lifts Chad to the top turnbuckle... Superplex, and Chad is in a bad spot here. Ravager back to the top and...
Moonsault! Dale McDonald runs to position for the cover.




ROB MARTINEZ: And Ravager is moving on to the finals.

COREY TAYLOR: No the Ref is saying it was a two count. The “Icon that ‘roids made” is still in this one.

Ravager wastes no time arguing with McDonald on his count and pulls Chad to his feet once again. Small Package by “The Show” but Ravager is out before
the one count. Ravager back on the offensive with an elbow drop to the back of Chad’s head. Ravager off the rope... a baseball slide kick to the ribs of
“The Show”. Ravager again to the top ropes... Frog Splash... Misses as Chad rolls to safety. Both men are down as Dale McDonald checks them both out to
see if they’re able to continue. Ravager is getting back up but so is Chad Kurtis, both men back on their feet. Ravager and Chad lock up. Ravager with
a side head lock into a takedown. Chad with a head scissors and Ravager kips out and up. Both men on their feet and Chad with a standing dropkick that
sends Ravager to the ground. Ravager gets up and Chad comes in hard with a spinning heel kick. Chad presses on and executes a picture perfect snap suplex.

ROB MARTINEZ: Chad has gotten his second wind in this match that has been all Ravager.

COREY TAYLOR: And we all know how he’s accomplished this.

ROB MARTINEZ: One more word and I’m telling Black what you said about his mother.

COREY TAYLOR: No, ok I’ll behave. Just don’t tell Vincent anything.

Chad bounces back up and lands a standing shooting-star press, stays for the cover. Dale McDonald in for the count.



Kick-out as the hand was coming down for the three count. Chad back on the attack with a Swinging Neck Breaker. Chad pulls Ravager up and throws him into
the turnbuckle, reversal, Bluegrass Breeze hit’s Ravager square on. The Show with a cover and McDonald starts the count.



Three... No. Ravager gets the shoulder up just in time.

Chad looking frustrated now as he picks Ravager and delivers an exploder suplex. Up to the top and down with a guillotine leg drop. No cover as Chad picks
Ravager back up and hits a reverse STO. Chad keeps pressing his advantage with a running low dropkick to the side of Ravager’s head. “The Show” raises
Ravager up to his feet and places his head between his knees... CK FINALE!

COREY TAYLOR: I knew all along “The Show” was going to take this one.

ROB MARTINEZ: We are going to crown a new Aerial Assault champion this year. What an awesome match we have witnessed here tonight.

Dale McDonald moves in to make the count as Chad hooks the leg for the cover.



Three... No, no, no, Ravager gets his shoulder up just as McDonalds hand hits the mat.

COREY TAYLOR: I knew Chad couldn’t get the job done. Go Ravager!

ROB MARTINEZ: You sir are an idiot.

Chad Kurtis cannot believe it. He picks Ravager up again and Irish Whip’s him into the ropes... Ravager ducks under... and hooks Chad up in a back slide
pin. McDonald moves in to make the count.




Ding, ding, ding.

JENNY JERSEY: And the winner of the match, and finalist in the Aerial Assault tournament... Ravager!

ROB MARTINEZ: What an incredible match. Both of these men can walk out of here with their heads held high.

COREY TAYLOR: Well Kurtis can’t, he lost it.

The crowd explodes in a chorus of boos as Vincent Black comes running out of the back holding a baseball bat. Into the ring he cracks Ravager from behind
and keeps going after Chad. Chad ducks under a swing but gets nailed with a back elbow. Black grabs Chad and tosses him over the top rope. Black to the
outside and grabs Chad. New Hope to the stairs! Vincent walks around to the announce table to grab the Carolinas title, he then walks back to the now bloody form of Chad Kurtis. Vincent looks down at the belt, to Chad before droping it on Chad's face.

VINCENT: I claim my rematch next week Chad, keep the belt warm for me.

Black laughs as he walks back to the lockers. Chad is out cold as medics swarm in to help him.

ROB MARTINEZ: Why Black? Why did he have to ruin this moment for both of these men.

COREY TAYLOR: That is just what you get for getting in FTC’s way.

ROB MARTINEZ: Well a great match ruined at the ending with Black's cowardly actions, but for Jenny Jersey, Corey Taylor, Rebel Pro; I am Rob Martinez, see you at Aerial Assault 2009.

A logo of the Aerial Assault 2009 flyer fills the screen as it slowly fades away.



Jon McDaniel: This year's Rumble In The Bronx promises to be a big event.

Brian Rentfro: I wonder who will be first in the Rumble this year, last year it was Chamelion.

Jon McDaniel: Will he have the unfortunate luck to have it happen two years in a row?

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Rumble In The Bronx to begin.

Big pop, no huge pop, way loud as these fans are going crazy. It is only one match here, but they watched a big Rebel Pro show, and this match in itself is huge with implications.


"Thank God I'm A Country Boy" blares and to the cheers comes the first man in the Rumble in the Bronx, Jethro Hayes. He walks down to the ring, making sure to slap the hands of the fans as he comes down to the ringside area. He tosses his hat to the crowd and waits.

Eric Emerson: Entrant number one into the Rumble in the Bronx... Jethro Hayes!

Brian Rentfro: Wow! That hick is number one in the Rumble, he must go through twenty-nine other superstars, not to mention the five God-like Pantheon members in order to win.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro is one of the biggest, except for maybe Raizzor, but will he be able to last and endure the long period of activity? And I got to wonder if Chamelion had any say in Jethro ‘earning’ the number one position!

Brian Rentfro: You’re paranoid, but it’s true; He will never make it to even the final ten.

Jon McDaniel: Wonder who number two will be?

"The Final Countdown" by Europe blares next and here comes the GWA Global Champion Phoenix to a big chorus of boos. He merely looks distastefully at the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. Looking up he spots a man that has had it in for him and the rest of Pantheon since the beginning. Phoenix climbs the steps, wipes his feet, and is inside the ring. He removes the GWA Global title from his shoulder, performs a few warm-up stretches and motions for Jethro to come on.

Jon McDaniel: This should be interesting, Pantheon leader Phoenix is number two.

Brian Rentfro: Way to state the obvious there.

Eric Emerson: Entrant number two... The GWA Global Champion... Phoenix!

As the bell rings to start the 2009 Rumble in the Bronx event, Phoenix asks for a test of strength, Jethro looks to the crowd who are telling him to go on. Jethro points at Phoenix, they cheer louder, Jethro raises his left hand to match Phoenix's right one, he drops his right hand in favor of his left, Jethro changes as well. Phoenix back to the right hand, Jethro changes... Phoenix with a diving right handed slap to Jethro's face. Jethro looks down at Phoenix, delivering a massive right fist into the masked countenance of the GWA Global Champion. Phoenix falls back, he hits the ropes with a clothesline that doesn't budge Jethro at all. The crowd is loving this right now, Phoenix throwing his weight at Jethro and the big man not moving a muscle. Phoenix goes for another right hand, but Jethro blocks it, Phoenix with a stomp to Jethro's knee early in the match. Jethro holds down at his left knee, Phoenix with another stomp, but Jethro is fighting to stand upright. Phoenix plants a foot, spins around and a toe kick to the back of Jethro's left knee sends him down on the worked over knee. Phoenix with a side headlock that he quickly turns into a bulldog to the mat. Phoenix keeps the side headlock on Jethro, but the big man is pushing towards the ropes in hopes of using them for leverage. Jethro reaches the bottom rope and begins to pull himself up. Phoenix drops the side headlock as Jethro is up on the top rope, in favor of trying to flip Jethro over and eliminate one of the biggest threats early on. Jethro with a back elbow into the face of Phoenix, a second, and a third, Phoenix stops trying to eliminate him. Jethro spins around, right fist into Phoenix's face, a second and Phoenix is reeling from the two hard elbows. Jethro charges with a shoulder block taking Phoenix down, but Phoenix manages to lift a knee just in time and Jethro's forehead meets with Rob's knee solidly. Jethro rolls off holding at his forehead, Rob points at his head, then Jethro and shakes his head. Rob with a big lifted knee into Jethro's face, a second, and Rob with a leg drop sends Jethro back down to the canvas. He picks up the former World Champ, Irish whip into the corner. Rob jogs over clothesline in the corner and Jethro goes to fall out of the corner. Rob goes for another leg drop, but Jethro spins at the last second, catches Rob, and sends him down to the canvas with a big time spine buster. Jethro sits there, then falls back a bit exhausted.

Jon McDaniel: Fierce action from both of these men early on.

Brian Rentfro: Are you kidding? Rob has whooped Jethro.

Jon McDaniel: I do believe Jethro just put Rob on his back with a spine buster.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro is already winded and we are only about three minutes into this long match.

Jethro pushes Rob's legs out of the way as he gets up to his feet, realizing he must pace himself if he is to remain fresh in this match having come in first. He pulls Rob up to his feet, Irish whips into the corner and a big time flying splash squashes Phoenix into the turnbuckles there. He hoists Phoenix up onto the turnbuckle, climbing up after him, hooking his head, he sends Rob down to the canvas with a top rope superplex, the ring shakes with the force of the move. Hayes hits the ropes, leg drop across Robinson's throat. He pulls Rob back up, right hand, forearm, elbow, knife edge chop sends Rob into another corner. Irish whip, but Phoenix reverses and Jethro is sent into the corner, he hits the turnbuckles chest first. Phoenix comes with a dropkick, but Jethro falls down to avoid the dropkick, Phoenix hits air instead of Jethro's back. Phoenix falls to the mat on Jethro's back, but not much damage was done. Jethro points to his head this time and Phoenix looks livid as he climbs back to his feet. Collar and elbow tie up Jethro powers Rob back against the ropes easily. Rob drops the lockup and as Jethro is leaning forward, he pulls the top rope down and tries to lift Jethro over the top rope.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro is nearly eliminated here and we are close to the next entrant.

Brian Rentfro: Told you it wouldn't take long.

FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE...


"The World" by Nightmare blares and from the back rushes Kira Kobushi. He slides under the bottom rope.

Eric Emerson: Entrant number three.... Kira Kobushi!

Jon McDaniel: Kira Kobushi!

Brian Rentfro: You listen well my good fellow.

Kira rushes over and quickly tries to help Phoenix eliminate Jethro Hayes. The two seem to be doing it and Jethro falls, Rob sticks out his hand for a shake and Kira extends his as well, Rob with a right handed punch sends Kira stumbling backwards from the blow. Kira looks a bit shocked but quickly regains his composure. He throws a right hand, Phoenix absorbs the blow, but falls backwards into the corner. Kira with a running forearm catches Phoenix in the throat. The two begin trading blows in the corner, with Kira gaining the advantage owing to his freshness. Kira with a boot to the midsection and a DDT to the canvas. Phoenix seems to be a bit woozy as Kira goes to eliminate him over the rope, but Phoenix fights back with a thumb to the eyes. Kira drops Robinson in order to clear his eyes so that he can see.

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix with an underhanded tactic.

Brian Rentfro: Jon, remind me of the rules in this match.

Jon McDaniel: There aren't any.

Brian Rentfro: Exactly.

Kira receives a two finger poke to his still streaming eyes and both hands go to cover his face. Phoenix seems to be enjoying this because he and Kira eliminated Jethro, but they didn't. Jethro just hit the apron and has rolled back into the ring, his feet never touched the floor, but Phoenix and Kira do not realize this important fact. Rob with a forearm shot to Kira has him up against the ropes, Jethro rushes over. Rob lifts a leg and proceeds to try and dump Kira over the top. Jethro is there and Kira is dumped over with both feet touching the floor as he lands in a heap. Phoenix turns to receive a right hand into his surprised face.

Eric Emerson: Kira Kobushi has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: And Jethro hasn't!

Brian Rentfro: Don't remind me.



"Born to Win" queues up and sauntering from the back is Homicide.

Eric Emerson: Entrant number four.... Homicide!

Inside the ring Phoenix and Jethro are going at it again with rights and lefts. Phoenix with a jab to Jethro's throat halts his progress in the match. Phoenix with a springboard up to Jethro's head, he falls back with a DDT. Homicide hits the ring and immediately goes after Phoenix with fists of fury. Irish whip sends Phoenix running, Homicide with a back body drop, but Phoenix lands on the top rope dropkick sends Homicide falling forward onto the mat. Phoenix with an elbow drop onto Homicide's head, he gets up, knee drop onto his head as well. Phoenix is soaking in the boos of the crowd as he pulls Homicide up to his feet. Slap to the face and a boot to the gut, he is setting up for a piled river, Jethro with a clothesline to the back of Rob's head sends him flipping over the bent over Homicide. Jethro goes after Rob with vengeance on his mind. Jethro goes to pick Rob up, but Homicide with a dropkick to Jethro's left leg, evidently he was watching in the back.

Brian Rentfro: It is smart for these stars to watch the goings on in the match before they come out here.

Jon McDaniel: For that very reason.

Homicide with a back handed slap across Jethro's chest, a knife edge chop, and a boot to the midsection. Swinging neck breaker and Jethro is down on the mat, Phoenix is getting back up to his feet, Homicide charges over with a diving clothesline, Phoenix grabs the arm bringing Homicide down to the mat in a submission hold. Homicide grunts from the pain, but is not able to tap nor able to hold the ropes for a break. Phoenix is really wrenching the hold in as Homicide grabs the bottom rope. Phoenix wraps his legs around Homicide's midsection in a body scissors as Homicide grabs the middle rope, he is pulling himself and Phoenix up to a vertical base. Homicide leans over from the amount of weight. Jethro rushes over.


Jethro lifts and both men go over the top rope.


Jethro falls down onto his knees holding at his head, wiping the sweat from his brow.


Homicide landed just past the apron on the floor, but Phoenix managed to release the body scissors and hold onto the top rope to prevent his elimination.



"All Hell's Breaking Loose " slams into the speakers and all hell is breaking loose as Scott Nash Strader rushes from the back and slides into the ring.

Eric Emerson: Entrant number five... Scott Nash Strader!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro has no idea Phoenix wasn't eliminated.

Brian Rentfro: Turn about is fair play.

Phoenix flips back into the ring, Strader with a boot to Jethro's temple sends him rolling onto his back. SNS turns around head butting Phoenix down to the canvas. SNS is standing tall here in the match as he pulls Rob up to his feet with stiff forearm shots. He hooks the head, vertical Suplex shakes the ring from the force of the impact. SNS rolls through to head over to Jethro, he looks down, shrugs, and picks up the big man. He shoves Jethro backwards into the corner, climbs the turnbuckles and begins the ten count pounding in the corner. The fans count along with each blow, they are powerless to stop themselves from counting. Strader is up to nine when Phoenix low blows Strader in between the legs, right in his man hood. Strader falls back, Phoenix catches him in a full nelson, he turns, and slamming him into the canvas face first. Strader is down, but Phoenix gets back up to face Jethro. He climbs the big man and begins the mandatory ten punches to the cornered opponent. He gets three when Jethro shoves him backwards, Strader is up and catches him in a Tazmission hold, before slamming him down to the canvas. Jethro leans out of the corner, him and SNS look at each other. They both nod then lock up near the corner. Strader with a go behind into a rear waistlock, Jethro holds at the wrist, he reverses into a rear waistlock of his own. SNS falls down to one knee in hopes of flipping Jethro over, but Jethro falls on top of SNS instead driving the wind out of his lungs.

Jon McDaniel: What a counter by Jethro there.

Brian Rentfro: It was only a counter because his fat butt couldn't be flipped.

Jethro picks up SNS delivering a big forearm to his throat before scoop slamming him down near the corner. Jethro turns his attention back to Rob who is getting back up. These two go back at each other with the energy they had at the beginning. Jethro with a right, Rob with a right, Jethro with a right, Rob with a right, Strader with a double clothesline takes them both down. Jethro's chin smashes into the canvas with force as Rob's temple connects with the canvas. Strader is once again standing on top, the only one still standing in the match. The crowd begins to chant with the numbers.

FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE...

Jon McDaniel: Here we go...

Brian Rentfro: Come on Hunter...

"God Bless the USA " marches through the speakers and walking from the back slowly, but purposefully, is Emperor Ian to a mixed reaction.

Eric Emerson: Entrant number six... Emperor Ian!

He climbs up the steps and into the ring, SNS is there to meet the Emperor with a welcoming right hand. Ian stumbles back up against the ropes and SNS quickly tries to eliminate him from competition. Ian fights back with a boot to Strader's knee, and a toe kick to the side of his leg. SNS falls to the side, Ian hooks an arm in between Strader's legs, reverse body slam onto the canvas. Ian leaps into the air, leg drop across Strader's neck. He picks him up, forearm shot to his mouth, shoving him into the ropes, Ian with a monkey flip sending SNS to the middle of the ring. Jethro and Phoenix are going at it again and here comes Ian to help Jethro eliminate Phoenix from the Rumble. Rob throws that two finger poke at Ian, but he ducks it easily and him and Jethro lift Phoenix up and prepare to eliminate him. SNS comes over and nails Jethro with a right hand causing him to drop his portion of Robinson and the GWA Global Champion falls back into the ring. bulldog from Rob sends Ian down to the canvas. Jethro receives a left fist from Strader catching him off guard, SNS with a stomp onto Jethro's wounded left leg, Strader catches Jethro in a side headlock, but holds it on to choke off Jethro's air supply. Phoenix lifts Ian up and backs him into the corner. Ian flips him around throwing a series of rights into Rob's face with precision, Rob's head bounces back with each deliberate blow. Ian lifts Rob up to the top turnbuckle and wraps his arms around Robinson, top rope belly to belly superplex, both sprawl in the ring. Jethro wraps his arms around Strader's side and lifts him up... atomic drop to Strader. Scott is holding at his lower back, running clothesline sends him down to the canvas. Ian is up, he spears Jethro which pushes him back into the corner. Ian with a repeated shoulder blocks in the corner trying to win the fan favorite here. SNS is pulled up to his feet by Robinson.

Jon McDaniel: The action is everywhere already, imagine later on if there is a while where no one gets eliminated.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah... imagine that.

Phoenix with a throat thrust to SNS momentarily stops him from breathing. Phoenix with a boot to the midsection and a big European uppercut to Strader stands him back up, sweat pouring from his face. Ian climbs up the turnbuckles going to get the ten count as well, but Jethro charges out of the corner and plants Ian in the center of the ring with a massive spine buster! Rob looks over at the disturbance, giving Strader enough time to grab Rob in a wristlock, into a hammerlock. Rob falls forward, but SNS uses his momentum to drive him shoulder first into the ring post. Phoenix grabs at his shoulder in pain as SNS pulls him back from in between the middle and top turnbuckle. Shoulder breaker from SNS and Phoenix is laying on the mat. The crowd begins to count again.



Jon McDaniel: Who is it now?

"Rise Above" creeps through the speakers as from the back comes the next participant... Johnny Maverick.

Eric Emerson: Introducing the seventh participant, one half of the PWA Tag Team Champions... Johnny Maverick!

Brian Rentfro: It is one half of Chaos Theory.

Johnny dives under the bottom rope and heads straight for Strader who is just turning around to meet the newest entrant head on. Johnny with a diving right hand to SNS takes him off-guard. Jethro is getting back up, but Ian shoulder blocks the back of his knee taking him back down. SNS spins Johnny around, but Johnny brings SNS down with a faces masher onto the canvas. He gets up quickly helping Jethro up to his feet and delivering a stomp onto Ian's down turned face. Jethro points at Phoenix who is trying to roll out of the ring under the bottom rope. Johnny nods and heads over to Rob while Jethro heads over to SNS. He pulls SNS up as Maverick pulls Robinson back inside the ring. Maverick has Robinson in the corner, Hayes has Strader in the corner, Ian is just now getting back up. Jethro is throwing right hands at Strader's sweaty face, Maverick is pounding away at Robinson's ribs, Ian is up on his feet now. He runs leaping into the air, Johnny hits the canvas, Ian with a leg clothesline to Robinson causes him to fall forward out of the corner. Johnny gets up quickly after Robinson stumble steps over Maverick, he yells at Jethro. Hayes turns and Irish whips SNS right into the path of the now running Phoenix. The two collide center ring with neither one going down.

Brian Rentfro: Johnny and Jethro working together well even though Johnny hates rednecks.

Jon McDaniel: They are on the same side, no matter their feelings towards one another.

Jethro grabs SNS in a side headlock, Johnny does the same to Phoenix, they ram their two heads together and they fall to the canvas. Jethro and Johnny slap hands in the air, but Ian slams their two heads together and they fall back from one another. Ian sweeps Johnny's legs out from under him and his head catches Phoenix's shoe. Ian dives at Jethro with a clothesline taking him down as well. He mounts Jethro with a Lou Thesz press and pounds away at the flesh on Jethro's head as the crowd begins to count once more.

Brian Rentfro: I predict Hunter Sullivan... Phoenix needs him.

FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE...


"Shiney Happy People" floats through the arena and from the back, floating down to the ring is Iris Starchild.

Brian Rentfro: Not this damn loser.

Eric Emerson: Entrant number eight... Iris Starchild!

Jon McDaniel: Iris is a great competitor.

Iris is up the steps and into the ring after walking around surveying the wrestlers inside. He rolls to the left planting a boot into the upturned face of Ian, as SNS gets up, he sways to the left and connects with a toe kick to SNS's temple. Johnny is getting back up to face this newcomer when Iris helps him to his feet, just to slam him back down with a nonchalant DDT. Iris seems to be on the side of The Pantheon as he helps Phoenix up, dusts him off, hands him a handkerchief before forcing him into the corner, monkey flipping him to the center of the ring into the waiting arms of Jethro Hayes who flips him on over onto his back. Jethro stands up to offer a hand to Iris, but the wrestling hippy levels him with a big boot to his face and he stands there in front of Ian who is getting back up to his feet. Iris is looking around, but turns too late to miss the vicious slap that Ian nails him with in the center of the ring. Iris is up against the ropes and in danger of elimination extremely early in his Rumble part of the match. Iris hooks his arms around Ian's head to prevent him from going over, Ian uses this to slam Iris back first onto the canvas. Emperor Ian slams a boot down into the face of Iris as SNS gets back up heading after Johnny Maverick. Jethro is up wiping at his face and breathing hard here he goes over to Phoenix pulling him up from the canvas. Jethro with a forearm to the Pantheon leader and he tries to roll him over the top rope, but Phoenix is holding on for dear life. SNS scoops Johnny Maverick up as well, but Johnny falls back behind SNS, inverted DDT down to the canvas. Johnny heads over to where Jethro is trying to eliminate Phoenix who is the only Pantheon member in the match.

Brian Rentfro: Double teaming and they speak of being fair.

Jon McDaniel: Can you explain the rules to me again Brian?

Brian Rentfro: Shut up Jon, just keep your filthy mouth shut.

Ian nearly has Iris over the top rope when SNS bumps him from behind, Iris Starchild is over, but holding onto the top rope. SNS and Ian are going at tooth and nail, right there where Iris is struggling to stay alive here in the Rumble.SNS goes for a big boot, but Ian ducks under the boot, SNS crotches himself on the top rope, Iris falls to the floor both feet touch.

Eric Emerson: Iris Starchild has been eliminated.

Ian bounces the rope up and down causing SNS the most amount of pain that he can. SNS is white from the torture to his genitals, but manages to throw a decently strong right hand to nail Ian in the temple. The blow gives him enough time to fall back inside the ring, he spears Ian weakly down to the canvas as Jethro and Johnny are still struggling to eliminate the GWA Global Champion. The crowd begins to count once more.

Brian Rentfro: I predict...

Jon McDaniel: Hunter Sullivan, we know, we know.

FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE...


There is no music, no fuss, just business as Matt Shanahan bursts from the back and into the ring.

Eric Emerson: The ninth participant... Matt Shanahan!

Brian Rentfro: Not nearly as good, but will do.

Jon McDaniel: Matt is going after Jethro here leaving Johnny to try and eliminate Phoenix.

Phoenix drops to the apron, letting one foot touch the floor. Johnny looks down triumphant, but Phoenix quickly trips him down to the canvas. Rob rolls back into the ring. Matt head butts Jethro, another head butt, he wraps his hands around Jethro's neck and begins to choke the life out of him. Jethro's eyes begin to grow large as Matt forces him into the corner and climbs to the middle turnbuckle for added leverage. SNS and Ian turn to look at this, but Ian throws a right hand into Strader's ribs gaining his attention back. Ian with a right hand to Strader's mouth backing him up, Irish whip. Reversal and Ian is running, he holds onto the ropes, kicking the bent over SNS in the face to counter the what would have been a back body drop. Ian is smiling through the sweat as he walks over to SNS, swinging neckbre... no SNS counters with a neck breaker of his own. Jethro shoves Matt backwards off of him and he slams into the canvas, Jethro falls to a seated position holding at his throat with his eyes closed. Phoenix with a fist into Johnny's midsection, and a modified three quarter face lock drop onto his shoulder. Johnny falls back, but the move cost Rob as he used his injured shoulder. But seeing Jethro in such a position, he pulls himself up with the ropes and stumbles over to Jethro's position. A boot into Jethro's face sends the big man's head slamming into the middle turnbuckle. Rob places a foot on the throat of Jethro Hayes and stands stall on his throat as Jethro begins to kick wildly from the blatant, but legal, choking. SNS gets back up and looks down at Ian's prone form. SNS picks up the dazed Matt Shanahan and whips him into the corner where Rob is choking Jethro. Rob turns around, sticks his boot out and catches Shanahan in the mouth sending him backwards into the waiting arms of SNS. Rob goes back to standing on Jethro's throat, Hayes had gasped for the briefest moment to get as much air as he could suck in. Johnny gets up and sees the travesty that is going on to his partner against The Pantheon. He runs over to tackle Phoenix, but Ian dives out of nowhere spearing Johnny in the ribs knocking him off course. Strader spins around and dumps Shanahan over the top rope unceremoniously.

Eric Emerson: Matt Shanahan has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: This thing is wild already; do you think it surpasses last year's Rumble?

Brian Rentfro: I don't know, depends on who wins.

Ian is pounding away at Johnny's surprised face as the crowd begins to count down once more. Rob looks at the entrance way as he pulls Jethro up and tries to roll him over the top rope. SNS watches the entrance way, Ian looks up, but continues to pound away at Johnny's face.


Jon McDaniel: I'd ask, but I already know who you are going to say.

"Pet" comes to life in the speakers and from the back, walking slowly and looking into the ring with concentration is Hunter Sullivan.

Brian Rentfro: HA! Told you McDaniel... told ya!

Eric Emerson: Introducing the tenth participant into the Rumble, he is the PWA Intercontinental Champion... Hunter Sullivan!

Hunter hands his PWA Intercontinental belt to a ringside technician as he climbs into the ring, looking calm, cool, and collected. He climbs through the ropes, looks around and immediately heads to where Phoenix is trying to eliminate Jethro. He walks past SNS, having nothing but desire to eliminate Jethro Hayes, SNS turns him around, right hand. Hunter is shocked, SNS points at himself before throwing another great big right hand. Phoenix is outraged and stops trying to eliminate Jethro, who falls back inside the ring. Phoenix slams a fist into SNS, who absorbs the blow dealing one right back to Phoenix. SNS turns to throw another at Hunter, SNS is taking on both Phoenix and Hunter Sullivan. Johnny rolls Ian onto his back and is now punching away at his face, a slight trickle of blood running from the corner of his mouth; it stops as soon as it started. Johnny picks up Ian, boot to the gut, vertical Suplex turning it into a brain buster. He wraps his hand around Ian's throat and begins to choke him out in the side of the ring nearest the entrance way. Jethro is gasping heavily in the corner, still unable to really regain his breath from the choke earlier by Rob and Matt Shanahan. SNS is holding his own against Hunter and Phoenix. Rob falls to the canvas and SNS is left battling with Hunter. Phoenix rolls behind SNS and quickly slaps him in a full nelson, Hunter smiles throwing right hands into Strader's face, he is unable to defend himself. Rob is barking orders from behind SNS and Hunter continues to throw vicious right hands into Strader's face. Strader breaks the full nelson, ducking out of the way of a right hand of Hunter's Rob just manages to duck as well. Strader grabs Phoenix in a headlock and pounds away at his face with will placed right hands.. Hunter turns around and pulls Jethro up to his feet, Hayes is still gasping for breath. Hunter throws a right hand, steps back to look at Jethro's sweaty face before throwing another well placed punch. Hunter decides to humiliate Jethro by slapping his face repeatedly until his hand print is visible on Jethro's cheek.

Brian Rentfro: Get him Hunter!

Jon McDaniel: Hunter is trying to humiliate Jethro here.

Hunter with a knee lift into Jethro's midsection, and a knee lift into Jethro's face as he bends over from the knee to the midsection. Hunter with an elbow drop onto the back of Jethro's skull and a vicious hair pull to pull Jethro's face back in view of the fans. Hunter yells something to Jethro before punching him right in the mouth. Hunter boots Hayes in the midsection before pile driving him onto the canvas, he then slaps Jethro into a camel clutch sleeper hold, trying to cause him pain as well as making him go unconscious. Ian has turned the tide on Johnny and now has him dangling over the top rope prepared for elimination. SNS has Phoenix placed precariously over the top turnbuckle as the fans begin to count down.


Jon McDaniel: Seeing as Hunter is in the match.. care to make a guess?

Brian Rentfro: The winner?

FOUR... THREE.... TWO... ONE...


"Voices" shocks the crowd as Pantheon had two members enter back to back in the Rumble.

Eric Emerson: Entrant number eleven... Chamelion!

Brian Rentfro: “Haha, Pantheon gains another backer here tonight!”

Jon McDaniel: “This is not going good, but its only obvious that Pantheon would gain an upper hand here.”
Chamelion Spurts to the ring in hopes to make a big impact, and that he does as he rolls in under the bottom rope quickly finding himself confronted by Ian who has eagerly dropped his attention with Johnny and goes to meet Chamelion with left and rights. Sadly for Ian, Mark Sommers is fresh and rearing to go while he has been bashed around in the ring! A few good shots and Ian staggers away in time to get planted with an S.O.S! Ian is down and so is Rob almost. SNS works diligently to put Rob over but is foiled as Hunter comes to the rescue grabbing SNS in a Half nelson, slamming him up and down into a back breaker! Rob rolls back into the ring and returns the favor to his pantheon buddy as he stops an oncoming Johnny maverick in his tracks with a vicious Lariat! One half the tag team champions tumbles and falls on his back and all the three pantheon members in the ring stand tall over four cringing bodies. They all look to each other with a smile as Jethro gags and holds his throat not aware of the ring around him as he starts to stand up. Each member starts to stalk over the soon to be corpse of Jethro Hayes.

John Jon McDaniel: “Oh come on Jethro, stay down!”

Brian Rentfro: “ha ha, he’s royally screwed here, Pantheon is going to dump his fat ass over the top rope!”

Brian seems to be on the mark as Hunter quickly stomps the giant on the head before pulling him up faster to his feet. With a little team work from Rob both men start chopping the bigger mans chest, soon moving into elbows and kicks pushing him back until he is backed against the ropes. While all this is going on Chamelion have moved into position rubbing his foot on the ground waiting for the right moment! S.O.S!!!! NOO~~!! Ian grabs Cham by his foot and stops him in his tracks while SNS takes a cheap but smart roundhouse kick and takes the CEO out of action. Hunter and Rob take notice as they leave Jethro dazed against the ropes and tend to assisting Chamelion who falls against the ropes in a dazed manner. Hunter and SNS go back to brawling things out in the ring, fist for fist, and chop for chop. Phoenix takes a different method and merely takes Ian by the hair and hits a harsh knee lift. Chamelion gets back to his senses and assists Rob, grabbing Ian by the arm and whipping him across the ring at Johnny maverick who had hoisted himself up in the corner. Ian barrels across the ring and finds himself stopping in the nick of time before hitting one half of Chaos theory. Johnny smirks for a second before poking Ian right in the eyes and tossing him over the top rope, trying to eliminate him, proof that there truly is no team work in this environment. Rob quickly moves in on the situation and grabs Maverick from behind spinning him around long enough to whip him soaring over the top rope passing a blinding Ian who was resting on the apron. MAVERICK IS ELIMI-NOO~! Rob couldn’t be more pleased, but doesn’t realize that Maverick had snagged the second rope, using all his upper arm strength to keep his feet from touching the floor and putting his butt firmly on the ring apron, as Hunter is getting the lower half of the conflict with SNS finding himself in the corner, nearly over the top from SNS’s determined efforts to gain an IC title shot. It doesn’t work out as Chamelion quickly grabs him and delivers a harsh German Suplex. The impact of the German was enough to encourage Maverick back into the ring, though he stayed low and hidden in the corner furthest from the action, running a hand through his hair.


Chamelion doesn’t like the news of an oncoming Roster member and grabs the attention of the other two needing to get rid of Jethro, now!


All three bring the giant from his knees and toss him into the ropes, lifting him with all their might







The fans explode in cheer as Jethro might just be able to stick in the ring, and it looks like shadow is well aware of it as he dashes full speed down the ramp way sliding into the ring! Hunter is there to meet him face to face and both men smash into each other as past rivalries flare! The fact of help from Hunter makes Eliminating Jethro even harder as he squirms and breaks free, swatting away the smaller Robinson. Chamelion crumbles unable to hold up the weight on his own and gives up looking to turn to an assault strategy. Chamelion is unable to keep up with the brawling as the bigger man gains an advantage quickly grabbing Chamelion and trying to toss him over the ropes. It works but Cham catches himself on the apron. Its Rob’s turn now as he takes Jethro from behind with a high angle drop kick staggering the large man. Scott has pried himself off the Ground and is actually assisting Hunter against the just entering Shadow who is actually fending them off. Shadow punches Hunter staggering him off, then Scott, then Hunter. It keeps them at bay for a moment before both men attack at once pounding Shadow into the ropes. Ian has gotten himself off the ropes and into the ring parallel to where Shadow is trying to fend off his attackers. Ian smirks and runs in making a battle cry letting Hunter and Scott move out of the way before smashing Shadow with a harsh running European uppercut! Scott smirks at Shadow falling into the corner holding his head, but plays the smart guy card grabs Ian and tosses him over the top. Ian catches himself on the apron but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to last there very long as Scott stomps him! ONLY FOR HUNTER TO COME UP FROM BEHIND AND TOSS HIM OVER~!! NO~!!


Jon McDaniel: “Almost, he catches onto the apron, nearly two eliminations right there!”

Scott catches himself right next to Ian as Hunter neaaarrly eliminates Scott. Jethro is fending off Rob and tosses him into the turnbuckle getting a fair share of Elbows in before Chamelion splashes the larger man from behind. Jethro needs help and he gets it as Shadow regains himself enough to help him fend off Mark Sommers. It turns into a tag team like affair as Shadow suplexes the owner to the mat, having Rob tossed atop of him by Jethro. Chamelion and Rob gather themselves and stand across from Jethro and Shadow who have both expressed anti-pantheon beliefs. They stare each other down for a moment before rushing into a climatic affair of strikes. Meanwhile Hunter is trying to eliminate both Ian and Scott, trying to push them off the apron and to the matt below. Ian and Scott in fear of being eliminated team up sending strikes through the ropes at Sullivan, getting an advantage. Ian grabs Hunter’s wrist and pulls him closer, hooking him for a Suplex. Scott tags himself into the move and hooks Hunter’s other side looking to double Suplex him out of the ring!!!! They both lift but hunter is struggling, it’s futile! HUNTER IS ALMOST OVER!! NO!! Chamelion and Rob grab him by the pant legs and haul him back into the ring! Hunter is solid on the mat and staggers away from the two men who bring themselves back into the ring, and back to safety. Jethro and Shadow who had their opponent’s escape their clutches for a moment moves back in to reclaim their vengeance.

Brian Rentfro: “And we got another man, or woman entering the fray! Who will it be, C’mon Raizzor, Engel!”

John Jon McDaniel: “It’ll be interesting to see how Pantheon deals with facing each other if it comes to that.”

“look at me, I’m a winner!” by Aquabats hits the sound system and the fans couldn’t be happier to see none other then the Kumquat Kid make his way out to the ring! And with the chaos going on in there he doesn’t look overly concerned with getting their fast. Things actually don’t look all that good for Pantheon as the three men back up into the corner with each and every other man in the ring excluding KK is staring them down. Ian is the first to move in tossing himself at Chamelion with all the fight in him. The rest follow after, Jethro and Scott Nash Strader Take aim at Phoenix dragging him out of the corner and into another with a tag team Irish whip. Shadow and Hunter make another stare down and lock up, seeming to go wanting to go into technical wrestling format here in the middle of the rumble. Hunter gains an advantage grounding the original legend of shadows with a leg sweep, grabbing the arm and rolling into an arm wrench. Moving back to his feet he kicks the back of the arm gaining an advantage until KK comes from behind and grabs Hunter by his trunks! Over the top rope! Hunter skins the cat, KK goes to eliminate the IC champion but is stopped dead in his tracks by Shadow who grabs him by the arm and declares that Hunter is HIS to eliminate. KK argues back that it’s every man for himself, and thus leads to a very harsh punch from Shadow. KK returns with a toe kick and they start going at it in the middle of the ring!

Brian Rentfro: “and we start to see what this added Eliminate the champion, contendership angle takes us.”

Jon McDaniel: “And oddly, it’s actually helped Hunter out here.”

Phoenix is in need of help and it doesn’t look like he’s about to get any as he is picked up over Jethro’s head and dropped stomach first into Scott’s knee! Rob holds his gut in pain as Jethro looks pleased with the tag teaming. Ian and Chamelion are neck in neck as Chamelion whips the former GB champion across the ring and takes him over head in a back bod- No, Ian stops, slides, and hits a vicious throat thrust to his rival. Chamelion holds his neck and staggers into the ropes. Ian takes advantage charging and hitting a clothesline, bringing Chamelion to a desperate state on the apron. Ian taunts Chamelion before he rushes the ropes and returns BUT CHAMELION PULLS DOWN THE ROPES FROM THE OUT SIDE! AND IAN GOES OVER THE TOP! NO~! Ian skins the cat and hangs right in front of Chamelion dangling. Cham looks rushed as he rolls into the ring standing and looking at Ian with his trademark grin. Rushing the ropes Chamelion returns to finish the task like Ian had just tried, base ball sliding to nail NOTHING! Ian pulls himself over the top rope in amazing athleticism! Cham crashes to the outside, looking back in to where Ian returns a very… very familiar style grin.

This grin is cut off, however, as Maverick popped up into a standing position, his own grin having that same style to it as Chamelion pointed behind Ian. Ian turned time for an enziguri to slap him upside the head, courtesy of the Maverick. Stumbling a bit, Ian fell over, doing a face plant as Johnny moved to the side, shaking his head before he grabbed the back of Ian’s head. Looking like he was going to do a Suplex variation on the Emperor...Johnny suddenly turned around, decking Chamelion with a European Uppercut! The owner is reeling as Maverick hits him in the gut with a vicious kick, then grabbing each of the Chamelion’s arms in a double underhook. Winking out at the crowd, one half of Chaos Theory lifted one half of the Krymson Dragons up..planting him into the corner with Oops, I Broke Him!

Brian Rentfro: “and Chamelion finds himself being embarrassed by Ian a few times now. Ian is dead set of ruining this rumble for the CEO.”


Jon McDaniel: “And here we go, another entrance bringing us up to nine members in this rumble! Let’s see how he or she will affect how this goes.”


Asher Roth - I Love Wrestling blares of the sound system as the fans cheer to a fan favorite in RYAN ROSS makes his way out on stage. The cover in sauce former tag team champion rubs himself down in oil as he walks down the ramp flexing (buffington) to the ladies as he goes. Coming onto the ring Ross comes around the side and starts to do battle with Chamelion, who had only merely gone under the bottom rope. Shadow and KK who were doing battle finally realize that Hunter has been watching them calmly and collectively in the corner with a smirk ear to ear. Growing some-what angry Shadow pushes KK into the corner and charges at The IC champion! Hunter loses his smirk as He quickly rolls out of the corner, letting Shadow chase him mildly around the ring before KK fresh out of the corner Clotheslines the man known as shadow to the mat in a form of revenge. KK turns his attention to Hunter who lets out a sly chuckle. Before saying “hey, you’re not angry about that time I knocked you out before our match are y-WHOA?” Hunter shuts up as KK throws himself at the champion with left and rights hitting every target, AT THE SAME TIME THAT ALL THIS WAS HAPPENING. Rob had managed to fend off his opponents by scooting off Jethro’s back during a power bomb attempt. Running the ropes Rob is able to Knee clip Hayes and stagger him to his knee. This doesn’t last all that long as Scott chops Jethro across the chest and knocks him sound to the floor, the sound wave firing off in every which way. Pantheon doesn’t seem to be fairing very well when both Jethro and Scott lift up the leader whipping across the ring towards KK and Hunter. KK and Hunter who were battling do the same thing as KK whips Hunter across the ring towards Robinson. COLLISIO-no? Hunter ducks down and Rob leap frogs right over continuing their sprint. Rob nails KK with a hard back elbow while Hunter downs both Jethro and Scott with a double clothesline!

Jon McDaniel : “I was going to say that Pantheon wasn’t looking so bright but that little tag action right there it makes you wonder if they can pull it off, Pantheon I mean.”

Brian Rentfro: “It isn’t completely impossible, but the roster seems to be team up against them, excluding a squabble over who gets to eliminate who, so much action going on!”

Ian looks about the ring and ignoring Chamelion who is working with Ross, Ian decides that a little revenge affair with Shadow would do his soul well. Shadow who was cleaning himself off from the hard clothesline was awaiting something to do as well, having eyed Hunter for a moment he notices Ian moving his way. Letting out a disappointed sigh, Starr slowly backs up, moving in a slightly circular motion as he and Ian stared each other down, the smaller of the two darting forward and trying to grab Shadow’s knee for a takedown. The original legend of shadows took a few quick steps backward, though, making it so that Ian slid across the canvas without anything to show for it, the younger of the two punching the mat in frustration. Getting back up to his feet, Ian charged Starr, this time going for a running forearm smash. Starr again ducked under it, spinning as he regained his height to try and catch Ian with a spinning leg lar-NO! Ian grabbed the ropes to keep himself from charging back towards Shadow, who’s leg floated harmlessly through the leg lariat attempt. As he stood back up to his full height again, Starr smirked at Ian, raising his hand up and passing it over his face once, in an obvious taunting gesture. Ian snarls and charges out of the corner, looking for another clothesline, but Shadow drop toe holds him...right into a knee lift from Scott! Ian flops lifelessly to the mat as Shadow stood up, eyeing SNS for a moment before shrugging and attempting to nail him with a right hand.

SNS blocked the right hand with ease, then popping Starr with a European Uppercut. As the former CTC champion stumbled backward, Scott winked out at the crowd before wrapping his arms firmly around Shadow’s waist, attempting to throw him over with a German Sup-NO! Shadow grabbed Scott’s head on the way up, stopping the backward momentum from the Suplex. Kicking his legs, the original legend of shadows made Scott drop him forward...where he was promptly planted with a bulldog courtesy of Shadow! Popping up to his feet, Starr shook his head, obviously surprised that he was able to fight out of it...until Ian came up behind him, grabbing him in the same waistlock and doing a HEAD DROP GERMAN SUPELX!



“God Bless the USA” blasted across the speakers as none other than B.J. Haze strolled out onto the stage, looking down at the ring with what can only be described as surprise.

Eric Emerson: Your next entrant to the Rumble...B.J. HAZE!

Sprinting down the ramp as fast as his old legs could carry him, Haze popped into the ring and immediately went after Hunter, who had been working on stomping on Jethro. B.J. drove Hunter away from Jethro with a solid shoulder tackle, the IC champion stumbled back a few paces before looking at the old man, snorting in obvious contempt. Hunter dove forward, attempting to clothesline the old man, who simply ducked under the arm and popped Sullivan in the ribs. As Hunter backed up, holding his ribs, Haze helped Jethro up to his feet, nodding as a sign of respect. Nodding in return, Jethro patted B.J.’s shoulder...before Haze promptly grabbed the hand, whipping Jethro towards Sullivan! The former world champion was surprised, but didn’t let that bother him as he planted a Yakuza Kick into Hunter’s face, causing the IC champ to be launched a few feet backwards before landing flat on his back. Turning back around, Jethro’s eyes went in search of B.J....until he felt a weight on his back, that being Ryan Lewis.

Flailing about as KK locked on a sleeper hold, Jethro finally turned and saw where Ian and SNS had started brawling after Ian had dropped Shadow on his head. Knowing how much trouble he was in, Hayes charged across the ring, turning himself around as he did so. Planting KK against SNS and Ian with a reverse body splash, Jethro fell to his knees, holding his throat in pain. Shadow, having moved up to his feet as he felt the ring shaking underneath Jethro’s charge, surveyed the damage of the reverse body splash, his eyes flicking across SNS, Ian and KK, who were all propped against various parts of the ropes after the move. Charging past Jethro, Shadow left the former World champion alone, his arm instead slamming into both Ian and KK, who were propped against the ropes. Ian caught himself on the bottom rope as he was flung over, rolling right back onto the canvas. KK wasn’t so lucky as he was flung to the floor, where he landed belly first.

Eric Emerson: Ryan Lewis has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: The Kumquat Kid, unfortunately, has been eliminated.

Brian Rentfro: Now he can go and make some damn smoothies.

Shadow, panting a bit from his exhaustion, backed up as he saw Ian getting to his feet, SNS right behind the Emperor, though. Charging forward, Starr attempted to put Ian back onto the mat with a clothesline, similar to how he had knocked KK out of the Rumble. Ian had this fully scouted, though, as he dropped down to his knees to avoid the blow. Not stopping his momentum, however, Shadow attempted to carry the clothesline over to Scott...who ducked under the arm, picking Starr up and planting him down with an STO across Ian’s back! Panting a bit, the big man took a few slow steps backwards, resting against the corner turnbuckles as he glanced around the ring to where Chamelion and the Phoenix were working on Ryan Ross, the two bouncing the oiled up wrestler back and forth with rights and boots. Cham backs up a few steps after booting Ryan Ross again, Ross rebounding and dropping Phoenix with a stunner! Looking like he was setting up for the Stunner Cutter, Ryan bolted across the ring, looking like he was going to hit the second part of the ring...but the Sweet Sound of Success stopped him in place, Sommers catching Ross before he could fully fall backward. Locking Ross up in his arms with a bear hug-esqe move, the owner flexed his legs and fell backward, launching Ross up and over the top rope!

Eric Emerson: Ryan Ross has been eliminated!

Brian Rentfro: Covered in sauce is now covered in loss.

Jethro shook his head slowly as he saw the elimination from his corner, peering over at SNS, who had watched the double team efforts quietly from his own corner. Sullivan slowly stood up from his own, the group of rested wrestlers moving wearily out of their corners, though Jethro was obviously the slowest of the batch. B.J. darted past Jethro and tried to reach his fallen partner, Ian, but was stopped dead in his track by a raised foot from SNS, which planted the old man to the ground. Turning his gaze away from Jethro and Hunter, who had locked up in the center of the ring, Scott kicked Haze in the ribs, then turned and kicked Ian in the head, the Emperor having managed to haul himself up to his hands and knees.


“Whatever You Became” blasted across the speakers as McNasty sprinted down the ramp, coming up right behind Sullivan and, taking a page straight out of his book, hooked him in a half-nelson and launched him over head with a half-nelson Suplex. Getting up to his feet, Mark taunted the crowd a bit before turning around...coming face to face with Jethro, who was looking rather displeased about McNasty interfering with his feet. The former IC champion shrugged, backing up and trying to boot the former world champion in the stomach...but had his kick blocked, Jethro quickly following it up by clothes lining McNasty, who fell straight to his back as he was tripped by Sullivan, who had managed to get up on his hands and knees after being knocked down. The combination of McNasty falling and Jethro’s force behind the clothesline shoved Sullivan right back down to the canvas again. Nodding in content, Jethro turned around to survey the ring...only to be knocked down by the Sweet Sound of Success! Sommers flexed as the big man fell, but the Phoenix wasted no time in capitalizing. Running to the ropes, the GWA champion bounced off the top one and turned in mid-air, managing to land on Chamelion’s shoulder. Pausing for only a moment, the Phoenix then dropped off of the owner’s shoulder, dropping a vicious Ashes across the chest of Jethro!

Scott, who had managed to get Haze back up to his feet during all this, paused as he felt the impact of the shoulder. Eyeing the pile up of bodies on the other side of the ring, SNS shrugged before driving a knee into B.J.’s stomach to ensure he stayed dazed. Nodding as he felt Haze fall back to being dead weight again, Scott lifted Haze back up to his feet again...then setup him into the standing head scissors! The signal given for what he was planning to do, SNS lifted Haze up...then turned AWAY from the ring, throwing Haze to the floor with the Finishing Touch!

Eric Emerson: B.J. Haze has been eliminated!


Jon McDaniel: Who will be next?


Brian Rentfro: Do these idiots really have to count down every single time?




“Planet Hell” caused Hunter to snap his head up, his eyes going wide as he stared at the entrance, obviously knowing exactly what was coming. However, as Riona didn’t come charging down the ramp, Sullivan narrowed his eyes in confusion...until he was suddenly dragged out under the bottom rope by none other than Langly herself, the woman having jumped the guardrail!

Jon McDaniel: Riona came through the crowd!

As Sullivan did his best to get up to his feet, Riona started laying into him with stiff knees and elbows, until Hunter forcefully shoved her aside, Langly making contact with the guardrail. As Hunter stood up, however, he was forced to take a few steps backward as Riona pulled the railroad spike out of her wrestling outfit, the spike easily recognizable from the promo she had cut before the Rumble. Raising his hands up in front of him in an obvious attempt to calm Riona down, Hunter started to slowly back up towards the ring...but the desired effect didn’t happen. Instead, Riona charged Sullivan, the spike raised above her head like most would raise daggers. Hunter dove in underneath the bottom rope, just barely managing to dodge Langly’s first attempt at stabbing him, the spike instead digging into the canvas. Snarling in clear annoyance, Riona yanked the spike out of the canvas and finally moved into the ring, her eyes not deviating from Hunter...until Sullivan suddenly got planted to the mat courtesy of Shadow Starr, the Shadow Slam temporarily stunning Sullivan. Popping up to his feet, Shadow locked eyes with Riona, the woman curling her lip in clear contempt.

‘I don’t need your help!’ was read on Riona’s lips as she slipped the railroad spike into her wrestling outfit, Shadow shaking his head as he turned around, looking like he was planning on ignoring Riona...until she suddenly came up behind him, locking him into a full nelson. Too tired to be able to truly fight it, Shadow nonetheless tried to move forward to get out of the hold. Riona didn’t let him get too far before she hopped up, placing her knees on Shadow’s back as she fell backward, pulling him down with a DETONATOR! Riona doesn’t get much time to celebrate, however, as Chamelion came up behind her after the impact, making it clear that he and the Phoenix had spotted her despite her stealthy entrance. Sommers attempted to lock in a reverse waistlock, but Riona fell forward and rolled, her legs wrapping around one of Chamelion’s on the way down. Wrapping her hands around his ankle, she started to torque on it as Sommers tried to fight the submission maneuver. However, he didn’t have to fight for long as, just like before, Phoenix bounced off the middle rope, turning in mid-air to stick his arm out. Knowing the precarious position she was in, Riona releasing the ankle and rolled away, just barely avoiding the elbow drop.

Seeing the trouble that his team mate was in, Jethro slowly got up to his feet, wheezing as he did so, the toll of the damage obvious on the previous world champion. Nonetheless, he charged across the ring as Chamelion started to get up, knocking him right back down to the mat with a Yakuza Kick! The owner fell limply to the mat as Jethro turned to Riona, smiling in relief as she brushed herself off. However, his relief was short lived as the color dropped out of his face, his hands going to his groin as Hunter smacked the family jewels of Jethro with a stiff kick. Coughing once, Hayes fell to the side, Riona watching this happen with a clearly disgusted look on her face. Sullivan slowly crawled up to his feet, favoring his neck as he did so, his eyes flicking between Riona and SNS, Scott having come up beside Riona after Jethro had fallen. Backing up slowly, Hunter looked like he was about to bolt from the confrontation when Ian suddenly came up behind Scott and gave him a flying forearm to the back of the head. The big man stumbled forward, holding his head as Riona turned, confused as to what was going on. This was all the more chance that Hunter needed as he charged forward, knocking Riona to the ground with a SPEAR~!

Ian followed up the flying forearm with a kick to the back of Scott’s knee, the big man hopping once to temporarily take the pressure off of the knee. Ian followed it with another kick, another hop showing that the damage was starting to be done. Winding up, Ian looked like he was to do a flying block to the back of Scott’s knee, but a swift kick to the gut stopped the emperor’s forward momentum. Lifting Ian up to a standing position, Hunter slipped his arm under the other man’s arm and rested his hand on the back of the emperor’s head, pointing at Scott once before flexing backward, dropping Ian on his head with a Half-Nelson Suplex! Wearily getting up to his feet, Hunter stumbled backwards...only to be met by a REALITY CHECK~! Riona fell to her butt beside Jethro after stunning Hunter, her gaze turning to Jethro, who was still white as snow after the low blow, starting to check on her partner in obvious concern. Sullivan didn’t get a chance to fall over, though, as Scott grabbed Hunter by the waist of his pants and yanked him upward...wrapping his arms around in him in a bear hug and tossing him overhead with a belly to belly Suplex! The Suplex landed Sullivan right across the chest of Phoenix, who had been recuperating after the failed Ashes attempt.

Maverick charged out of his corner and booted Scott, putting space between Sullivan and SNS. Scott looked at Maverick in obvious confusion before simply shoving. Johnny didn’t tolerate this as he kicked at the already weakened knee of Scott, who snarled and retaliated with a vicious right hand. Seeing his previous student fall, Hunter slowly hauled himself to his feet, charging up to Scott who had turned to look down at Riona and Jethro. Taking advantage of the position, Hunter dropped SNS to a knee by dropkicking the weakened one, popping right back up to his feet after doing so. Knowing that Scott had to stay grounded for this rumble to go anywhere, though, Sullivan leaped up, using the back of Scott’s shoulder as a stepping stool, knocking him down with a SHINING WIZARD!


“Code of Energy” blasted the speakers as Aeolus Wrath charged down the ramp, hopping up onto the apron soon as he reached the ring. Not waiting a single moment, the light wrestler jumped onto the top rope and spring boarded off, flying across the ring to plant his leg across Scott’s throat. Bouncing up to his feet due to the impact of the springboard move, Wrath pointed out at the crowd with a sly grin as they started booing, whipping his jacket off and tossing it away from himself as he turned around. Staring down at the big man, Wrath kicked SNS in the side of the head, looking like he was going to take full advantage of the big man...until Riona got up to her feet, shoving Aeolus back and putting herself between Aeolus and Scott. Snorting a bit, Wrath looked like he was about to deck Riona until Shadow came flying in, knocking Wrath back towards Phoenix and Chamelion with a shoulder block! The young man stumbled as he fell to his bum between the three Pantheon members, who had moved to their feet and watched the exchange quietly. Shadow stood beside Riona, the two of them standing in front of SNS and Jethro, Hayes having managed to get up to his feet.

Maverick and Ian wearily stood off to the side, McNasty positioned on his hands and knees in front of them, the former IC champ having just started to shake off the cobwebs. Getting up to his slowly, McNasty peered around the ring, frowning a bit as he saw the three way stand off between the groups. Completing the slow circle, Mark took a couple steps backwards as he saw Maverick and Ian standing him, a look of disgust on his face as he quickly booted Ian in the gut. This was all that was needed to re-ignite the whole dispute in the ring, as Riona turned and decked Shadow. Aeolus popped up to his feet and fell backwards, dropping an elbow into the face of both Phoenix and Chamelion, the momentum carrying him backward enough to fall into Sullivan. Hunter didn’t fall over, though, instead hooking an arm under Wrath’s and launching him overhead with a half-nelson Suplex, Aeolus doing a full rotation in the air and smacking his belly against the canvas. Turning his attention to his teammates, Hunter wasn’t able to see as Jethro tried to get between Shadow and Riona, only to end up getting decked by a mis-placed left hand shot from Shadow.

Riona backed up as Jethro fell, a collection of different expressions flying across her face before she dove across the ring, taking Shadow down with a Lou Thesz Press. Starting to lay into him with lefts and rights after Starr hit the mat, the railroad spike fell out of her uniform unnoticed by Riona...but not by Scott, who promptly kicked it away. The hunk of metal ended up beside Jethro, who blinked a few times as he saw it before firmly grasping it one hand, pushing himself slowly up to his knees with the other one. Glancing behind him, he saw the trail of rust from where the spike had come from, a confused expression as he saw that it lead straight to Riona, who was being slowly pulled off of the dazed Shadow by Scott. Pushing himself up to his feet, Jethro walked over and turned Riona around, holding up the railroad spike so that it was clearly within her sight. Riona’s eyes darted back and forth between the spike and Jethro’s face, multiple expressions again dancing across her face again. Finally shaking his head in disappointment, Jethro chucked the spike out of the ring, where it fell against the guard rail, the final expression on Riona’s face being that of outrage. She backed up, looking like she was thinking of striking Jethro...until Phoenix popped up behind her, bringing her back down with a neck breaker across Shadow’s chest!

His fire clearly rekindled, Jethro slapped Scott’s shoulder to get his attention, then charged across the ring to shoulder block the Phoenix, who had popped back to his feet after the neck breaker, a cocky expression just barely recognizable under his mask. The expression didn’t last long as Rob was sent flying back towards Sullivan, who had resumed hiding in a corner. Catching his teammate, Hunter sent Phoenix back towards the center of the ring as Scott started brawling with the Chamelion, the two exchanging rights until Chamelion caught the bigger man with a knee lift. Bending over, SNS let out a puff of air from the strike, not able to fight back as Sommers grasped the back of Scott’s head, forcing him down to the mat with another knee lift straight to the face.


“The End of the Line” interrupted all of the action as Marxx charged down the ramp, World title in hand. Throwing it at one of the ring technicians, the Canadian slid into the ring and practically decapitated Sommers with a clothesline, following it up with a sweeping kick to the back of Chamelion’s knees to put the owner on the mat, back first. Spinning with the kick, Marxx threw his other leg out from underneath himself, planting a leg across Chamelion’s neck with authority, popping up to his feet and flexing at the crowd. As the fans cheered at their world champion, Phoenix quietly slipped up behind Marxx, a sly grin on his lips as he suddenly leaped up, planting a picture perfect standing dropkick right between the champion’s shoulders. Marxx did a face plant as he tripped over Sommers due to the dropkick delivered by Rob, rolling to his back immediately after doing so. Phoenix took advantage of this, going to the ropes for what looked like another Ashes attempt...but the Phoenix flew over as Hunter fell on the top rope, the IC champ having popped up from his corner and moving quickly once he saw what Rob was going for.

Eric Emerson: The Phoenix has been eliminated!

Rob shook his head as he slowly climbed up to his feet, looking around in confusion before staring up at the ring, sighing he saw Hunter standing there. Sullivan shrugged, mouthing ‘Every man for himself’ to his fellow Pantheon member, who nodded in agreement, clapping his hands slowly. Stopping the clap after a few moments, pointing at his head and then at Hunter, the indication obvious. Grinning as he saw that he had the Phoenix’s approval, Sullivan started to stand up...until Rob offered his hand to Hunter, obviously intending to congratulate him. Shrugging a bit, obviously not seeing any harm in it due to his trust with his fellow Pantheon member. The two shook hands, Hunter then trying to turn away to get back into the action...only to have Rob hold onto the hand! Sullivan looked over his shoulder at the Phoenix with obvious shock on his face, but this didn’t stop Rob from putting his boots on the ring apron, starting to tug on Hunter’s arm. Using his free hand, the Viper did his best to hold onto the middle rope, but wasn’t able to do so for long as Jethro suddenly charged up, having spotted the dispute between Pantheon members.

The big man flexed his arms and legs as he did his best to hoist Sullivan up and over, the Viper finally crashing across the Phoenix what can only be described as a sloppy cross body block. As Jethro fell back against the mat again, he wiped a hand across his brow, a relieved look on his face as he saw the two Pantheon members on the outside, the slightest of grins floating onto his face.

Eric Emerson: Hunter Sullivan has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro has just earned himself an Intercontinental title shot!

Brian Rentfro: Just what we need, him bragging about being the youngest PWA Triple Crown winner, should he beat Hunter of course.

His title shot solidified, Jethro started to stand up, peering back at the rest of the people in the ring...only to be met with a clothesline from Marxx, the world champ knowing where his competition was at. As Jethro went down from the strike, however, Shadow flew up from behind Marxx and shoulder blocked him, causing him to fall over. Turning around, the world champ looked at Shadow in confusion, only to have his questions answered as Starr pointed across the ring to where Chamelion was just getting up, the leg drop he’d received from Marxx not quite enough to keep him down. Nodding in agreement, the two of them helped Jethro to his feet, the previous world champ shooting the current one a respectful look before shaking off both their hands, his shoulders still heaving as a sign of where his breath was headed. Shrugging, the original legend of the shadows charged across the ring, looking like he was going to take care of Chamelion himself...but Maverick popped up in the path, a stiff leg lariat quickly ending Starr’s momentum. Crashing to the mat and sliding for a moment, Shadow held his jaw in pain as Maverick spun around, posing in a mock-flex as he looked at Jethro and Marxx. The two wearily looked at each other before beginning to advance on Maverick...only to have SNS slowly stand up behind the Maverick, looking like he was more than annoyed. Jethro and Marxx stopped in their tracks as SNS stood behind Johnny, Scott standing directly between Chamelion and the Maverick. As the smaller wrestler turned around, he jumped as he saw Scott there, taking a few quick steps backward. Deciding not to chase after the little guy, Scott instead turned to the owner, shoving him back into the corner since he was on his feet. Chamelion didn’t fight the assault at first, likely too dazed from the quick beat down that Marxx had started in on him, but as Scott started to hit him with repeated knee lifts, stopping as Sommers ended up being practically packed away between the top and middle turnbuckle. Backing up, SNS looked like he was about to charge in with a boot when the crowd started sounding off.


“Open Your Eyes” played across the speakers as Figgins sprinted down the ramp, cane in hand.

Eric Emerson: And the next entrant to the Rumble...Jacob Figgins!

Throwing it as hard as he could in front of him, the prop flying between the ropes and bouncing off of the head of McNasty, who’d finally decided to crawl out of his corner and get back involved in the action. As the cane bounced off of his skull, Mark stumbled back until he met the ropes. Figgins flew at McNasty as quick as he could, having slid in under the bottom rope after chucking his cane, but Mark met Figgins with just enough of a boot to the stomach to stop the momentum that one half of the tag team champions had. Stumbling backward, Figgins was holding his stomach as Mark shook his head, snarling a bit before he scooped up the cane from the mat, charging Jacob with it. Figgins ducked under the attempted cane shot, turning around as McNasty did, the former CTC wrestler leaped up and planted both feet firmly into Mark’s chest, knocking back the former IC champ with a dropkick. Falling to his back, Figgins nonetheless bounced right back up to his feet again as McNasty fell against the ropes, the length of the match and what he’d been through obviously starting to take effect on him. Seeing a chance for one less person to be in the ring, meaning more focus for The Resistance to put effort into taking out Sommers, Riona charged across the ring, giving out a warning in the form of a shout for Figgins. Hearing the warning loud and clear, Jacob dropped down to his knees, Riona stepping up off of him to kick McNasty in the face with a stiff yakuza kick!

The kick wasn’t quite enough to knock Mark over, however, as Riona fell to a seated position in the corner nearest McNasty, panting a bit, her time in the Rumble starting to catch up with her as she rested her head against the second turnbuckle. Mark stumbled slowly, the former IC champ dazed from the sudden onslaught he’d taken, but it wasn’t done quite yet. Jacob grabbed McNasty by his ankles as he lifted him overhead, the former IC champ resting down over Figgins’ back in the position of the Alabama Slam. Jacob looked over at Riona, who nodded in encouragement, the tag team champion snapping Mark’s legs down, sending him down to the floor with the ALABAMA SLAM!! McNasty bounced off the safety mats, looking like he was out cold as Figgins fell back from the ropes, grinning from ear to ear as he went over and helped Riona up to her feet.

Eric Emerson: Mark McNasty has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: This match is turning out wilder than anticipated.

Brian Rentfro: What did you expect?

Riona pointed over her shoulder at Chamelion, who was getting into yet another exchange with Jethro, the two former champions beating each other with weak looking lefts and rights. Figgins shook his head, pointing instead over to where Maverick was getting worked over by Ian. The two finally shook their heads, each settling into a corner of their own. Ian didn’t take notice to this as he drove a knee up into the Maverick’s sternum, Johnny stumbling backward from the stiff strike. SNS came up behind Ian, attempting to pop him over the top rope with a German Sup-NO! Ian blocked the Suplex attempt by hooking his leg instead of Scott’s, then driving his heel into Scott’s groin to make the big man release his hold and bend over a bit. Taking advantage of their height difference, Ian leaped up and hooked Scott’s hold, yanking him down and in front of him with the Snap mare, the feet of SNS slamming into the top of Johnny’s head, who was bent over from the stiff strike that the emperor had delivered to him.

Falling to the mat, the Maverick held the back of his head in pain as Ian came up behind him, grabbing him by the back of his long hair and tugging him back up to his feet. Once Johnny was up to his feet, albeit with a shaky base, Ian slammed his forearm into the back of the Maverick’s head one last time to ensure he was stunned. Nodding in satisfaction, the emperor turned his back to Johnny, lifting him with a crucifix positioning...then throwing him to the floor with a CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB! Bouncing from the impact, Maverick then laid still, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as a clear sign of being knocked out, Ian falling to his knees and resting against the second rope as he grinned down at the Maverick.

Eric Emerson: Johnny Maverick has been eliminated!

When Ian had gone to throw Johnny up and over, Riona had finally moved up to her feet, moving across the ring to where Shadow Starr was watching the match from, Shadow seeming to be lacking any sort of energy until Langly grabbed his hair and started to pull him up to his feet. Not about to be her playtoy, the original legend of shadows batted her hands away, then grabbing the back of her head and smacking her with a forearm. Riona shook her head after the hit, obviously trying to shake it off, but Shadow hit her with another forearm, actually forcing the woman back a step. Snarling in contempt, Riona moved forward and placed a solid kick right to the side of Shadow’s head, the crack heard with it revealing just how staff it’d been. Falling to his knees, Starr held the side of his head as Langly grabbed him under the shoulder, hefting him up to his feet. Looking like she was about to throw him over, she instead placed another kick on his ribs, her arms then going into the double underhook. Smirking slyly out at the audience, Riona then lifted him up, looking like she was going for the END GAAA-NO! Shadow kicked his feet as he felt himself being lifted up, off-balancing Riona until she finally fell backward, Starr’s weight crashing down on her in the process. Despite the reversal attempt, though, she didn’t release the hold on his arms, actually rolling through...and then flipping over with a bridge, balancing herself on her toes as she started to torque back on his arms!


“Number One” blared across the speakers as Pohatu sprinted out from behind the curtain, going top speed down the ramp as he practically ripped his hooded vest off, throwing it at a member of the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: Here comes Pohatu... sorry if I fall asleep.

Jon McDaniel: Pohatu is a very talented wrestler.

Reaching the ring apron, the Iowan hopped and immediately went to the top rope, balancing for only a second before leaping off, backflipping as he did to crash across Riona’s midsection with a Springboard Shooting Star Press! Langly’s arms went slack, releasing Shadow from the hold, who immediately rolled away, rubbing his shoulders in pain. Ignoring his old friend for the time being, the electric enigma ran across the ring after having popped back up to his feet, looking more than pissed off as he slapped the back of Ian’s head, the emperor still resting against the second rope after having eliminated the Maverick. Pulling him up to his feet, Pohatu promptly smacked Ian across the face, the Emperor’s face lighting up in clear anger as he shoved Pohatu back, asking what he was doing. Snorting, the Iowan turned around, pointing across the ring at Chamelion. Following the other wrestler’s gaze, then turned it back to Pohatu as the fellow light weight turned back around, fixing his blue eyed glare back on Ian, who shrugged, as if it was no big deal. Rolling his eyes in clear disgust, Pohatu popped Ian with a European Uppercut, then a forearm for good measure before grabbing the Emperor’s wrist and slinging him across the ring with an Irish Whip.

Ian collided face first with Chamelion, who had started to move over towards Riona and Shadow, who were both still prone after Pohatu had interrupted the submission maneuver. Falling to his side, Chamelion shook his head as he looked over at Ian, who had spun twice after the collision before collapsing near SNS, who was just starting to get up to his feet, as well. Marxx stood up from his edge of the ring, the world champion having backed off as the action started to get intense, clearly not wanting to be caught in any crossfire at the time. However, as Chamelion again slowly pulled himself to his feet, Marxx charged forward, looking like he was going to plant the owner with a Bicycle Kick. Sommers ducked down, yanking down the top rope in the process, the low bridge having the desired effect of crotching the champion. Before Chamelion could capitalize on it, though, SNS charged forward and planted a boot in his face, knocking Sommers back into an opposing corner. Turning around, Scott started to help Marxx down...until he carelessly shoved him over, the world champion falling to the floor. Looking up in obvious confusion at SNS, Marxx carefully pulled himself to his feet, SNS simply shrugging and mouthing the same thing that Hunter had mouthed to the Phoenix.

Eric Emerson: Marxx has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: Scott Nash Strader has just earned himself a PWA World Title shot!

Brian Rentfro: And that idiot Hayes thought they would all work together.

A loud roar of contempt was all the more warning that Scott had, turning around in time to receive a forearm shot straight to his jaw, courtesy of a fresh Pohatu. Stumbling back so he was leaning against the ropes, SNS eyed Pohatu, who promptly pointed at Chamelion, the owner leaning against a corner, his eyes partially closed as a tribute to just how exhausted he was. SNS briefly looked Chamelion up and down before shrugging at Pohatu, who rolled his eyes before reminding him of the original mission to DESTROY the Pantheon, the Iowan’s finger again pointing at Sommers, who was still inside the ring. Scott shrugged, pointing out the fact that Chamelion was the only Pantheon member inside the ring...which only served to enrage Pohatu more as he slammed another forearm into Scott’s head, following it up with a quick shoulder thrust to the bigger man’s mid-section.

Falling to a knee due to how long he’d been in the match, SNS felt the wind leave his lungs as Pohatu stood back up, shaking his head in disappointment as he started to wind up again, looking like he was going to try and punt Scott’s head...only to have Riona catch the leg! Pohatu spun around, his other leg spinning around to try and catch her with an enzeguri. The female had it fully scouted, though, as she leaped up and grapevined both of her legs around the Iowan’s leg that she had claimed, forcing him down to the mat with an ankle lock! This didn’t last long, however, as Shadow came sliding in, his boot slamming into the side of Riona’s head with a baseball slide, causing her arms to slacken enough for Pohatu to yank his leg free. Rolling over to his back, the electric enigma kipped up to his feet, looking over at Shadow as he more slowly clambered to his feet. Shooting a thumbs up at his friend, Starr glanced around the ring, surveying the damage done...until Wrath shoulder blocked him, causing him to fall against SNS, who had just started to get up as well!


“King of the World” echoed as Mark Zout rushes down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Next to enter the Rumble... Mark Zout!

Jon McDaniel: A former member of the Resistance.

Brian Rentfro: But he smartened up quickly to Jethro's tactics of brain washing.

Zout hits the ring, heading straight for Jethro. Zout with a right hand staggers the hick from Georgia, another right hand has him up against the ropes, and another nearly sends the big man over before Jethro powers back with a right hand of his own backing Zout back up. Wrath and Starr begin to trade fists in the corner and SNS looks around for someone to fight and he spots Chamelion in a corner watching the action. SNS with a hip toss sends Chamelion down to the canvas, SNS with a leg drop across Chamelion's throat. SNS picks him up, whip into the corner following up with a big clothesline before slamming a forearm into Chamelion's face. Starr with a side headlock on Wrath, but he throws Starr into the ropes, Shadow tries to hold on, but is sent running right into a leg lariat from Riona taking him down to the canvas. Wrath looks at Riona, who dives at him with a shoulder block. Wrath goes down in a heap as Riona delivers a stiff toe kick to Aeolus' temple temporarily knocking him unconscious. Riona picks him up, but here comes Jacob Figgins to help her out. Both with a forearm smash into Wrath's chest, double chop, and a double vertical Suplex, Wrath is sent back down to the canvas. Pohatu comes to Jethro's aid with a leaping kick sending Mark towards the ropes, Jethro and Pohatu fold Zout over the ropes, but the lightweight holds onto the top rope for dear life. Chamelion with a boot to Strader's midsection and a high knee lift stops Scott's assault and he heads over to Zout as well. Right hand to Jethro's temple sends the big man staggering into the corner. Chamelion climbs up, right hand after right hand. Jethro shoves backwards, Chamelion lands on his feet pointing to his head. Riona with a leg sweep sending Chamelion's face right into Jethro's lifted knee takes Chamelion out momentarily. Jethro looks to Riona, shakes his head, but nods at her assistance. Riona nods as well before turning to find Jacob standing there, Wrath is back up with a standing dropkick into Jacob which sends him into Riona and her into Jethro in the corner. Jethro shoves out heading for Aeolus Wrath, another standing dropkick sends him backwards into Riona who is smashed in the corner. Riona moves past the exhausted Jethro to dive at Shadow Starr, who plants her with a DDT. Starr is up, throwing forearms into Wrath's back Jethro with a big boot sends Wrath back into Starr who plants him with a half-nelson Suplex onto the canvas. Jethro looks at Starr and nods before turning his attention back to Pohatu and Mark Zout. Zout with a low blow to Pohatu sends him to bend over in pain. Zout laughs before trying to roll Pohatu over the top rope, but Jethro taps his shoulder. Zout turns around into a big right hand from Jethro, another, and a third has Zout in confusion. Jacob has Aeolus Wrath up and nearly over the top rope when Pohatu whips her into Jacob who, caught by surprise, goes over the top rope to land on the floor. Riona has no idea as she goes back towards Pohatu with fury in her eyes. Aeolus lands on the apron and quickly rolls back in.

Jon McDaniel: Riona just accidently eliminated one of her Apostles.

Brian Rentfro: All along I've told you all you can't trust her.

Eric Emerson: Jacob Figgins has been eliminated!

Jethro with a front face lock on Zout, Pohatu with a back body drop to Riona. SNS picks up Shadow Starr throwing rights and lefts into his exhausted face. Chamelion and Ian are exchanging blows in the corner, both men are not showing signs of exhaustion in this exchange. Chamelion with an eye gouge gets him the advantage. Chamelion with an elbow drop onto Ian's back, following it up perfectly with a European uppercut. The Emperor is against the ropes, Chamelion tries to flip him up and over. Here comes Pohatu to the rescue. He nails Chamelion with a cross body that sends Ian over the top, but he lands with one foot on the apron and one foot on the floor. Chamelion turns to face off with Pohatu who just shrugs and smiles. Chamelion with a slap to Potato’s face, Pohatu with a slap right back. Here comes Aeolus Wrath with a front kick to Zout's ribs as Jethro still has him in the front face lock. Jethro nods before receiving a roundhouse kick to his temple. Wrath and Jethro begin to fight here. SNS lifts Shadow up, dropping him back down with a body slam. Ian manages to pull himself back onto the apron and roll under the bottom rope, still in this Rumble. Riona up diving at Zout with fists flying. She lands a series of punches and elbow strikes halting Zout before he can get to Jethro.

"Alcohol" hits the speakers as a mixed reaction from the crowd filled the arena, here came Bubba J from the back.

Eric Emerson: Now entering the Rumble... The Ragin' Redneck... Bubba J!

Bubba hits the ring and here is SNS with a welcoming gesture. Bubba J with a right, SNS with a right, brawling back and forth. He throws a right, SNS catches it, hammerlock on Bubba J and Shadow Starr with a front kick sends the redneck down to the canvas. SNS nods before him and Shadow renew their brawl from earlier. Shadow ducks under a left catching SNS in a rear waistlock, German Suplex down to the canvas, SNS landing on Bubba J. Starr is up finding Jethro being pummeled by Zout in the corner. Zout has Jethro's throat on the bottom rope and is choking the life right out of the former World Champion. Starr spins Zout around, chop to the chest, Zout with a throat thrust to Shadow Starr. Starr falls back into a dropkick from Aeolus Wrath. Zout catches Starr, flips him over, but in mid air, Starr spins to land behind Zout. Starr spins Zout around, boot to the midsection and he nails an End Game on Zout who just lays there. Starr gets back up and here comes Bubba J charging at him with fists flying, he owes allegiance to no one. Starr drops down with a drop toe hold, Bubba J's throat connects with the bottom rope gagging him there. Jethro up to fall back down, his face still red. Riona and Pohatu are in a corner where Riona has him in a body scissors and a sleeper hold applied to him, Pohatu fading fast in the corner. Aeolus Wrath comes over to yank Riona's hair causing her to release the scissor hold, sleeper combination, she turns right into a knee from Wrath. Riona looks a bit stunned from the blow, Aeolus hooks her tights, stump pulling piled river sends her skull into the mat. SNS comes over to face off against Pohatu, who is still recovering from the move Riona had him in. SNS throws an elbow into Potato’s gasping face, standing him up in the corner. Strader with a shoulder block, following up with a short running knee doubling Pohatu over. Zout is up again as him and Chamelion perform a double choke on Emperor Ian in another corner. Chamelion backs up, Sweet Sound of Success to Zout? Mark falls down to the canvas, Chamelion shrugs, he nails another Sweet Sound of Success on Ian causing him to crumple down to the mat as well. Chamelion turns to find Bubba J getting back up, that determined redneck just will not stay down. Chamelion leaps over the downed form of Riona, sitting on Bubba J's shoulders and falling backwards with a face smasher onto the canvas. Chamelion appears to be knocking everyone down, but not out of the rumble. He spots Jethro just sitting in a corner, still clutching at his throat, still red faced, and he smiles. He runs over, bronco buster on the former World Champion and Pantheon despiser. Chamelion with a double foot stomp onto Jethro's face for good measure as he turns to find Pohatu coming at him with a flying forearm. Chamelion is slammed backwards into the corner. Pohatu with a kick to his ribs and he pulls him out of the corner, swinging neck breaker down to the canvas. Pohatu bends down to check on Jethro, who nods weakly. Jethro points and here comes Aeolus Wrath with a roaring elbow sending Pohatu backwards into the corner where his face smashes on the turnbuckle. Pohatu comes back from the corner, swinging neck breaker, but Pohatu reverses with one of his own, but Aeolus Wrath counters again. Riona with a hand full of both men's skulls and slams them together. Both back up rubbing at their skull, kick to Wrath's midsection, kick to Potato’s, double DDT sends them both down to the canvas. Jethro looks up, to shake his head at Riona who just shrugs. Riona turns to SNS who is pounding away at Bubba J's thick skull and she levels a karate kick to his skull and SNS is down on the canvas, she picks up Bubba J and has him up against the ropes. Forearm to his throat.



"I Don't Care" hits the speakers as Matt Stone saunters down to the ring, handing his belt off to a ring side technician.

Eric Emerson: Matt Stone is now entered into the Rumble.

Brian Rentfro: Here comes another champion.

Riona turns to find Matt coming down the ring slowly. She forgets about Bubba J and waits for Matt to enter the ring. As he gets in, she dives at him, but Bubba J shoves her to the side and throws a right into Stone's face. Another right, and another. Stone is reeling from the onslaught of punches, it is obvious that Bubba J wants the Grizzly Beer championship for the free beer it provides. Bubba J has Matt Stone up against the ropes and nearly eliminated early when the Grizzly Beer champion spits in Bubba J's face. He steps back, wiping the spit from his face and looking enraged. Stone with a right hand to Bubba's mouth, a second to his temple, and he tries to rip the ear right off of Bubba J, the former two time Rebel Pro World Champion. Stone slams Bubba J's face into his lifted knee, again, and a third time. Bubba J is woozy as Stone sweeps the legs out from under Bubba J and falls with a pointed elbow right into his hick throat. Here comes Zout to face off against Stone, he wouldn't mind a championship either. Back body drop sends Zout over the top, Zout catches himself and slides back into the ring quickly and easily. Stone has no idea, Zout taps him on the shoulder. Stone turns around, right hand from Zout. Elbow to his midsection, Zout up in the air, coming down with a leg drop sending Stone's face smashing into the canvas. Jethro is up and him and Pohatu have Chamelion nearly up and over the ropes. Here comes SNS to help out, but Shadow Starr flies from the side spearing SNS in the ribs. SNS is down and Shadow Starr with a Lou Thesz press on the returning SNS. Starr slams a fist down into Scott's skull repeatedly. Here comes Riona with a kick to Shadow's face rolls him off of SNS. Riona and Shadow Starr now begin to finally settle their dispute, and do it with fervor. Riona with a chop, as Chamelion pokes Pohatu in the eyes, and thumbs Jethro in the eyes, for good measure. Wrath back in the fray with a side headlock on Emperor Ian, Ian lifts up, but Wrath counters by falling back down in a seated position on the canvas. Ian with jabs to Wrath's ribs, but they aren't doing any good as he is still locked in the side headlock. Bubba J back up and there is Zout, his back to him, Bubba J reaches in his tights, gets a hand full, and taps Zout on the shoulder. Mark turns around, right into a nut sack whack! Zout begins to gag as Bubba nails the Trailer Park Trash sending Zout down to the canvas. Bubba J turns to find someone else to use the sweaty hand on. Aeolus Wrath, nut sack whack, Chamelion gets, no he counters with his own nut sack whack, a toe kick to Bubba's balls. Bubba gulps and looks at Chamelion who smirks, and plants him with a DDT.

Brian Rentfro: Chamelion just gave Bubba J a taste of his own medicine.

Jon McDaniel: Utter chaos!

Riona with a hammerlock on Stone who falls forward; Riona rolls over Stone into a bulldog to Stone who crushes his face on the canvas. Riona gets up, heading straight for Pohatu who is still wiping his eyes trying to see clearly. Running knee from Riona sends Pohatu through the ropes, not over the top rope, but over the middle rope. Riona turns to find someone else, she spies Jethro and seems to think about something before turning to find Chamelion standing there smirking down at Bubba J. Shoulder block to the back of his knees sends him falling forward. Riona locks on a ankle lock, doing her best to weaken the ankle of Chamelion, stopping his super kick finisher. The crowd begins to count down.



"Spider Baby" hits the speakers as from the back comes the Crimson Ghost.

Eric Emerson: Welcome to the Rumble... The Crimson Ghost!

He gets into the ring and charges at Bubba J, who is getting back up to his knees. Ghost charges at him and Bubba J falls onto the top rope, Crimson Ghost, unable to stop his charge, flies with a cross body, misses Bubba J, crotches himself on the top rope before falling down to the floor outside the ring.

Eric Emerson: The Crimson Ghost has been eliminated!

The crowd is laughing at The Crimson Ghost and everyone looks around, not even realizing he had ever made it into the ring. Riona looks at Bubba J and they both nod before beginning to trade fists, the lighter Riona definitely holding her own in the exchange. Emperor Ian and Wrath are now against the turnbuckle in a collar and elbow tie up, neither able to get the advantage. Wrath with a head butt to Ian, but Ian with one right back. Ian with a knee into Wrath's manhood and the collar and elbow tie up is dropped immediately. Ian shrugs and then turns his attention to pounding the flesh surrounding Wrath's skull. SNS has a triangle choke on Shadow Starr, who is turning a dark shade of red in the hold. Pohatu and Matt Stone are exchanging holds in the center of the ring as once again, Jethro and Mark Zout are definitely showing that they aren't friends anymore. Zout with a titty twister on Jethro and a right handed slap sends him stumbling into Strader, breaking the choke hold. Jethro falls over the pair of them as Zout lunges with a leg lariat sending Jethro down to the canvas. He pulls Jethro's hair until he is in a seated position before going behind the big man with a sit down sleeper hold; Jethro too exhausted to fight it properly. Zout laughs and is mouthing something in Jethro's ear, but we can't tell what it is. Scott gets back up as Ian is now taking on Shadow Starr. SNS joins the fight going on between Bubba J and Riona, SNS lifts him up by the ankles as Riona slams a forearm into his mouth. Bubba J goes over the top rope and to the floor.

Eric Emerson: Bubba J has been eliminated!

Brian Rentfro: Knew it was just a matter of time; Rebel Pro has nothing on PWA.

Jon McDaniel: Totally different environment.

Matt Stone is looking down at Bubba J shaking his head in the redneck's face, Bubba J getting furious. Aeolus Wrath grabs his ankles and unceremoniouslyy dumps him at Bubba J's feet. Bubba J points down into Matt Stone's face and laughs as well before stomping on his upturned face and walking to the back.

Eric Emerson: Matt Stone has been eliminated!

Brian Rentfro: Aeolus Wrath has just earned himself a Grizzly Beer Title shot.

Matt Stone is furious as he grabs his belt and storms to the back as well. Aeolus turns to find the momentary partners, Riona and SNS, now trading blows exactly where they had just eliminated Bubba J. Zout still has Jethro in the sleeper, Chamelion and Ian are now going at it. Pohatu seems to be resting as across the ring Shadow Starr is appearing to do the same. All three men converge upon one another, Pohatu with a right to Wrath, Shadow Starr with a right to Aeolus and they aren't fighting each other, Shadow Starr and Pohatu are double teaming Aeolus Wrath. Aeolus is up against the ropes, in danger of elimination.



Pohatu looks to the entrance way, Shadow Starr continues to release elbows into Wrath's midsection.



"Away" blasts to life in the speakers as from the back comes a charging Viktor Stone to the rumble.

Eric Emerson: Introducing to the rumble... Viktor "The Beast" Stone!

He slides into the ring, Pohatu meets him head on. Viktor takes Pohatu down with a clothesline, fury on his face since Phoenix has already been eliminated. He picks Pohatu up, drops him with a brain buster. Picking Pohatu back up, he cinches in a arm bar taking him back down to the mat. Viktor locks on a cross face to try and put Pohatu out of commission. Aeolus drops Shadow Starr with a face buster and turns to the newest entrant, Viktor Stone. Boot to Viktor's head breaks the cross face, another boot sends him rolling away from Pohatu. Viktor up quickly taking down Wrath with an MMA takedown and pummeling his rib cage with a barrage of punches and knees.

Brian Rentfro: Viktor showing his mixed martial arts background here.

Jon McDaniel: Showing why he was a former Intercontinental champion here in PWA.

The Beast pulls Aeolus back up, slamming him back first into a corner with a massive forearm shot to his chest. Viktor with a high knee lift doubles Wrath over in pain as he gasps for breath. In the opposite corner Riona drives a knee strike into Strader's ribs as well. She turns as Viktor turns, and there is a double whip, Aeolus and Strader collide in the center of the ring. Strader bounces to the side and is met with a spear from Viktor. Riona with a leg sweep takes down Aeolus Wrath. Both Riona and Viktor lock on a leg submission hold to their individual prey. Pohatu gets up, with the assistance of the ropes and stares at Shadow Starr, both look at Zout who still has Jethro in the sleeper hold, even though he is obviously out cold. Both run over to Zout, they smash Zout's head in between their boots, he falls backwards. They pick Zout up, double brain buster. Pohatu drops a knee into Zout's midsection as Shadow Starr drops a knee onto Zout's forehead. Shadow Starr pulls Zout up, Pohatu there, double DDT sends the Renegade Souljahs member down to the canvas. Over against the ropes, Chamelion is being beaten with punches by Emperor Ian. Ian ties Chamelion's leg through the rope and is pulling on his ankle to cause an extreme amount of pain. Pohatu and Shadow Starr check on Jethro to make sure he is alright, he is gasping for breath and assures them that he will be alright. Ian with a chop to Chamelion's chest, reddening the already sweaty chest more than it is already reddened. Chamelion takes his right hand and shoves it into Ian's throat backing him up away from him. Chamelion untangles his leg from the ropes, throwing a right fist into Ian's temple. Here comes Pohatu and Shadow Starr. Ian turns to throw a shot at Shadow Starr as Pohatu and Chamelion begin to trade punches. Chamelion with a gut shot, following it up with a neck breaker. Pohatu goes down and Chamelion places his head onto the bottom turnbuckle and begins to stomp away with vigor. Stomp to his face, stomp to his chest, stomp to his throat and Chamelion is going to town. Ian backs Shadow up into the ropes, but here comes Chamelion intending to eliminate both men if he can. Ian drops to one knee and lifts up as Chamelion reaches him, Chamelion up and over the ropes, but he is holding on to the top rope with everything he's got. Here comes Shadow Starr to tackle Ian down in the center of the ring.



A gong sounds as the lights go out. As they come back up, fog fills the ring as a lone figure stands among everybody being on the canvas. Raizzor stands having knocked everyone, who was standing, to the canvas.

Eric Emerson: Next entrant into the rumble... Raizzor!

Raizzor walks over to his brother, who is still holding on for dear life, and pulls him back into the ring. Chamelion looks thankfully up to his brother before Viktor Stone charges at Raizzor. Boot to his head sends Viktor down to the canvas. Riona is up, Shadow Starr up and charging at Raizzor, choke slam sends Starr down to the canvas. Riona circles as Raizzor watches her, she charges. Sweet Sound of Success sends her down, Raizzor makes the cut throat gesture; Chamelion nods his agreement. Here comes SNS, Chamelion with a drop toe hold sending SNS' throat right into the grasp of Raizzor... Choke slam! SNS is down; here comes Pohatu. Raizzor scoops him, Tombstone shoulder breaker and Pohatu is down. Raizzor walks over to Aeolus Wrath, power bomb sends him back down to the canvas, Ian is sent down with a chook slam. Now only Mark Zout and Jethro have yet to feel the Sommers' wrath. Raizzor lifts Zout up, and sends him crashing on top of Pohatu; he turns to Jethro who has gotten up on the ropes. Raizzor actually smiles as he heads towards Jethro. Hayes charges at Raizzor, boot to his face sends Jethro backwards, but the hard headed fan favorite gets back up to charge again. Raizzor catches him around the throat... choke slam down to the canvas; Pantheon is standing tall in the center of the PWA Rumble in the Bronx ring.

Jon McDaniel: Can anyone stop the Soul-taker?

Brian Rentfro: I highly doubt it; he is unstoppable..

Raizzor picks Jethro up, wrapping his hand around his massive throat and chokes him over the top turnbuckle as Chamelion goes to face off with Riona Langly. Riona with a weakened right elbow strike that Chamelion easily avoids. He delivers a enzeguri that topples her near the ropes to drape across the top rope. Chamelion with a forearm to her back driving her throat into the top rope. Aeolus and Ian get back up and begin to shake their heads before throwing wild haymakers that all hit their target. Viktor comes over, but SNS meets him head on with a tackle to the mat and these two men begin to trade punches. Pohatu pulls Zout up to his feet and delivers a lifted knee into his face, following it up with a DDT sending Zout down to the canvas. Shadow Starr charges over to where Raizzor is aiming punches into Jethro's temple, he catches Raizzor's right hand. Raizzor turns to face Shadow Starr, who does not back down. Shadow with a right into Raizzor's midsection, Raizzor just looks down at his stomach before looking back into Shadow Starr's face. Shadow is unphased by the Soul Taker's stare though as he throws another right, left, right; Raizzor pulls Shadow's face up by the hair on his head. Head butt sends Shadow Starr stumbling backwards, a right hand spins Shadow Starr into the corner, but here comes Jethro with a head full of steam. Raizzor turns... The Plow! and the crowd explodes with cheers. Raizzor is down and Jethro helps Shadow up from his seated position; Raizzor sits up. Jethro is unaware until Raizzor taps him on the shoulder. Jethro turns, Raizzor does his cut throat move, Jethro nods. Raizzor with a right, Jethro with a right.

Jon McDaniel: The two biggest men in the rumble are going at it!

Brian Rentfro: But Raizzor will easily gain the advantage.

The sounds of their fists smacking into the other's flesh resounds across the crowd. Neither man is giving an inch, neither backs up, in fact all competitors turn to watch the progress of this fight that fans have been wanting to see for a long time. Scott Nash Strader takes the opportunity to toss Viktor Stone over the top rope and down to the floor.

Eric Emerson: Viktor Stone has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: He took his eyes off of SNS and paid the price.

Raizzor with a big boot into Jethro's stomach and a forearm into Jethro's back. Jethro stands back up, wincing from the pain and exhaustion, but not backing down. Raizzor looks impressed as Jethro throws a right hand into Raizzor's face, the dead man stumbles back a bit, but meets Jethro's right with one of his own. Everyone is getting out of their way as they circle in the ring punching at each other, the sound still filling the crowd with excitement. Chamelion with a chop block to Jethro's knees allows Raizzor to take him down with a clothesline. He looks to his brother and nods before turning to Scott Nash Strader. SNS with a right, Raizzor catches it, SNS with a boot catches Raizzor off guard, SNS with a DDT sends Raizzor down to the canvas; SNS stomps on the back of Raizzor's skull. Chamelion jumps to his brother’s aid, but Riona spears him out of the air to the canvas where she beings to once again throw elbow strikes into his face and ribs. Pohatu hooks Zout in a front face lock, hooks his leg, and slams him to the canvas with a bridging Suplex, but pins obviously do not count in a match like this. Pohatu up, dropping a knee across Zout's face. Wrath and Ian are exchanging chops against the ropes, both would be easily eliminated because they are not paying attention to anything else in the match. Here comes Shadow Starr to pull SNS up to his feet by the hair on his head. Wristlock into a hammerlock dropping SNS down across his knee.


"Debonaire" blasts to life as from the back rushes Duff Côte d`Ivoire.

Eric Emerson: Here comes Duff Côte d`Ivoire!

Jon McDaniel: Perhaps some help for SNS here?

Sure enough as Duff slides into the ring, fresher than anyone, he grabs Shadow Starr in a rear waistlock, atomic drop. Shadow falls towards the ropes and Duff slides his face across the top rope before slamming his head into the turnbuckle padding. Shadow looks back up, Duff lifts him to the top turnbuckle, top rope belly to belly superplex and he slams Starr onto Riona and Chamelion. Both quit their brawling at the sudden weight crashing down on them, but Duff is on a roll. Right to Pohatu, right to Zout, he slams their heads together. Riona is up, weakly, but she slams a forearm into Duff's cheek, he stumbles sideways. Here comes SNS though and him and Duff slam Riona into the corner. Chop from Duff, chop from SNS, chop from Duff, chop from SNS; they lift her up, double spine buster sends her down to the canvas. Duff with an inverted DDT on Emperor Ian SNS with a single arm DDT on Aeolus Wrath. SNS pulls Wrath back up to his feet, boot to the gut and a piled river right onto Ian's skull, the thunk loud in the chaos of the match. Raizzor grabs Shadow Starr slamming a fist into his face, Starr falls back, but delivers a right of his own into Raizzor's face. The Soul Taker blinks in surprise as blood trickles from his mouth, Shadow Star smiles. Raizzor charges, but Starr flips him over to the canvas. Riona back up, dropkick into Chamelion's chest sends him into Strader's waiting arms. Full nelson on the PWA Owner, Duff with a flying head butt, SNS with a sit-out full nelson bomb. Chamelion is in a world of hurt, Raizzor is down on the canvas and Pantheon is not tall in this match right now. Duff turns to Jethro and meets the farmer turned wrestler with a flying forearm, Jethro grabs it, arm drag to the canvas. Jethro hooks the right arm, the left arm, and sits back with a camel clutch submission hold. Jethro manages to turn him and Duff so that he can watch the entrance way and the rest of the match; he knows there is one man who isn't in the rumble yet and he has got to be one of the final two to be in the match.



"The God That Failed" hits up the speakers and from the back, a smirk plastered on his face, if Matthew Engel. He slowly walks down to the ring, his eyes on Jethro Hayes and Scott Nash Strader, but they in turn have their eyes on him; he takes his time in entering the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing... Matthew Engel!

Brian Rentfro: Jethro's chances are about to be over, as well as Scott Nash Strader's.

Jon McDaniel: Don't be so sure, it doesn't appear that Matthew is getting in the ring any time soon.

SNS points down to Matthew and motions for him to come on in, but Engel just shakes his head; Jethro is staring a hole through Engel as he releases Duff from the camel clutch. As Duff is getting back up to his feet, Riona kicks him in the face and pulls him up to his feet. Forearm into Duff's face, a spinning elbow into his temple, Duff spins to face the ropes. Riona goes to eliminate him, but Duff elbows her in the jaw and she falls back. He turns leveling her with a clothesline taking her down to her back. He goes for a knee drop, but Riona moves out of the way, he drops a knee on the canvas. Roundhouse kick sends Duff to the mat where Riona stomps on his ankle to incapacitate him for the moment. Pohatu is throwing rights into Zout's face, but Zout jabs Pohatu in the kidneys to halt any further face beating. Zout with ago behind into an inverted DDT, he sits Pohatu up and locks in a sleeper hold. Zout changes his mind after locking the hold in securely in favor of slamming forearms and elbows into the back of Potato’s head. Zout grabs Potato’s wrists and places both knees in between Potato’s shoulders and falling back. Pohatu grunts from the quick and sudden pain, but is helpless to do anything about it. Wrath with a side headlock on Ian and a few fists to his down turned face for extra measure. Ian is panting and turning a shade of unhealthy red from the tightness of the side headlock. Ian lifts him up with a grunt of effort and slams him onto nothing, Wrath moves to the side taking Ian down to the mat with the side headlock still locked in. Ian tries to fight out of it, but is just too exhausted. Chamelion sneaks up behind Jethro and SNS, trying to eliminate them both, But Shadow Starr with a knee clip stops him from his sneaking tactics. Chamelion falls to the canvas, pain etched on his face as he holds at his knee. Shadow with a figure four leg lock and he holds onto the top rope for added pressure on Chamelion's injured leg. Shadow Starr is actually using the ropes to bounce himself and Chamelion to cause the pain to intensify and die back down before spiking up again. SNS is near the ropes beside Jethro, both men want a shot at Engel, but the Pantheon member is having none of it. Raizzor spins Jethro around, throat thrust to Jethro sends him to the corner. Riona folds Duff over the top rope, but he is holding on for dear life, trying to remain in the rumble and hopefully win the whole thing. Zout whips Pohatu into Riona which causes Duff to be sent on over to the apron. Zout rushes over, but Riona kicks at Duff sending him to the floor. Pohatu with a back fist to Zout's face as Riona takes them both down with a double clothesline.

Eric Emerson: Duff has been eliminated!

Duff can't believe his luck as he looks into the ring, SNS still daring Engel to come and get some. Raizzor with a second throat thrust to Jethro, he turns, throat thrust to Strader sends him into another corner. Matthew Engel slides under the bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: Matthew Engel has finally entered the rumble.

Brian Rentfro: He was just scouting the competition.

Jon McDaniel: He was scared of the anger in Strader's eyes and the retribution Jethro owes him.



"Down at the Whiskey" queues up as the PWA Television Champion heads from the back.

Eric Emerson: The final entrant into the 2009 Rumble in the Bronx... Alex Wilkie!

Wilkie slides into the ring as Engel throws a well aimed punch into Jethro's face. Jethro just falls back into the corner, having been the first person in the rumble, he is utterly exhausted. Riona turns to find Engel pounding away at Jethro's face and spins him around Engel is shocked as he is face to face with a deranged Riona. Kick to Engel's knee, a kick to the other knee, a elbow strike to his face has Engel pressed up against Jethro. She climbs up, monkey flipping Engel off of Jethro. She turns, honing in on Engel's location. Alex clotheslines her down to the mat and stomps away on her skull, him and Matthew being the same freshness. Alex lifts Riona up, trying to eliminate her from his path to the 2009 Rumble in the Bronx win. Riona elbows her way out of the possible elimination. Zout is back up, but Shadow Starr is there trying to toss him overboard and to the sea of defeat. Here comes Pohatu diving at Alex Wilkie and it looks like Pohatu is wanting to guarantee himself a PWA Television title shot. Chamelion is up on his wobbly feet again, swaying slightly. Shadow Starr with a spear takes the PWA Owner back down to the canvas where Shadow Starr mounts a Lou Thesz press and pounds away at the skull of Chamelion. Zout gets back up and is standing in front of Riona, not knowing she is up to her feet. Forearm to the back of his head alerts him that someone is there, though, he stumbles forward into the Emperor and Wrath mini battle. Wrath with a back fist into Zout's face as he throws a left fist into Ian's jaw. Zout falls back into a full nelson by Riona, who turns and slams him down to the canvas. Engel goes over to where SNS and Raizzor are battling it out in a corner with elbows and fists. Matthew drops down to one knee, low blow on SNS as he whistles before turning to Jethro. Raizzor plants a fist into Strader's eye sending him swaying to one side. Engel changes his mind and plants a knee into the side of Strader's face sending him to the canvas. Engel points over to Jethro and Raizzor nods, both men walk over, destruction evident on their faces. Alex with a knee lift to Pohatu, but he grabs Wilkie's leg, spins, and dumps him over the top rope to earn himself a guaranteed PWA Television title shot.

Eric Emerson: Alex Wilkie has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: Now the only thing to determine is who will win the Rumble.

Brian Rentfro: Let’s see, the person who isn't eliminated has a great shot.

Ian nails a low blow to Aeolus Wrath and is resting against the ropes, his eyes closed. Sweet Sound of Success sends him up and over the top rope, his face smashes into the ring apron, and his feet touch the floor.

Eric Emerson: Emperor Ian has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: What a Sweet Sound of Success!

Brian Rentfro: You can bet Ian never saw that one coming.

Chamelion looks down at the crumpled body of Ian and does his trademark grin before turning around into a whip from Shadow Starr. Chamelion slams into the turnbuckle and Shadow Starr points skyward slamming into Chamelion with a clothesline. Shadow grabs Chamelion's collar and sets up for a power bomb from the top turnbuckle. Zout whips Pohatu into the ropes just as Riona whips Aeolus Wrath into the ropes. Zout and Wrath hit the ropes, Shadow stumbles, loses his balance and him and Chamelion go crashing backwards to the floor. The crowd gasps, because how they landed, looked sick.

Eric Emerson: Chamelion and Shadow Starr have been eliminated!

Zout comes back with a boot into Potato’s face as Wrath ducks under the clothesline from Riona. Engel pulls down the top rope and Wrath is sent over backwards to land on the floor.

Eric Emerson: Aeolus Wrath has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: For so long we couldn't get any eliminations, and we've just had a bunch in a row.

Brian Rentfro: What do you expect? Engel is in the match after all.

Raizzor goes back to delivering alternating jabs to Jethro's ribs with Engel. Engel with a left jab, Raizzor with a right jab and Jethro is in a world of hurt here. Pohatu rolls up and is obviously worn down from this match. Zout taps Engel on the shoulder and Matthew turns to throw a right fist. Zout holds up his hands and points at Jethro, Engel nods his approval as he smiles. Now all three men are taking turns pounding away on Jethro, Zout utilizing kicks to Jethro's knees. Riona turns to find this going on and charges with a war cry as Pohatu does the same. Riona rips Raizzor away with a lifted forearm to his crotch; even the Soul Taker feels pain when the jewels are nailed. Raizzor stumbles away as he tries to keep his feet. Pohatu pulls Zout away and nails him with rights and lefts he has Zout on the ropes. SNS smiles as he plants a boot into Engel's midsection, following it up with a European uppercut, and slamming Engel's face into his knee to top the combo off. Jethro holds onto the ropes to get towards Pohatu and Zout, Pohatu turns, not realizing it is Jethro and nearly throwing a right hand. Jethro holds up his hands as Zout nails Pohatu with a stiff kick. Pohatu grabs at his ribs, but dives at Zout with a shoulder block, Jethro lifts Zout up with a body slam, and drops him over the top rope to the apron. Jethro nods at Pohatu who nails a baseball slide sending Zout on out to the floor. Jethro and Pohatu high five before turning to the fray.

Eric Emerson: Mark Zout has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: Only six men remain in this match.

Brian Rentfro: And two of them are Pantheon.

Jethro surveys the ring, but quickly falls to the mat as Mark Zout connects with a steel chair to his skull. Pohatu turns around, steel chair shot for him as well, Pohatu goes down. Raizzor choke slams Riona down to the canvas and turns. He sees Engel and SNS trading blows, but sees his opportunity to eliminate two members of the faction calling themselves the Resistance. Raizzor lifts Pohatu up into the air by his throat, but here comes a charging Riona, she and Jethro knee clip Raizzor in the back of his legs. Raizzor drops Pohatu back to the canvas, Riona flipping him up and over the top rope to the outside. Raizzor lands on his feet and stares up into the determined face of Riona; he points directly into her face and if looks could kill.

Eric Emerson: Raizzor has been eliminated!

Matthew stumbles from the news as he turns around and has no more Pantheon members to help him out. Jethro and SNS circle Matthew as Riona and Pohatu begin to go at it each wanting to win the rumble, but knowing that only one of them can. They are on the ropes fighting with the hopes of winning giving them the energy when Engel rushes past Jethro and SNS to try and eliminate them both. SNS rushes over to pull Engel back, but the damage has been done, Riona and Pohatu are heading over.

Jon McDaniel: That coward, Engel is a damnable coward!

Brian Rentfro: How do you figure? He is doing what anyone should try and do, eliminate as many as you can.

Jethro tries to save Riona and Pohatu, but before he can get there and catch them, their feet hit the floor.

Eric Emerson: Riona Langly and Pohatu have been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: Jethro just not quick enough to save Riona and Pohatu.

Brian Rentfro: Only that dumb hick would try to save an opponent.

The final three look at each other, two men that have no love for Matthew Engel. For his part, Engel can't stand these two men, but it doesn't look good for The Pantheon member. Here comes Hunter Sullivan through the crowd behind Jethro's back.

Jon McDaniel: What is he doing here?

Brian Rentfro: How should I know how a genius thinks?

Hunter pulls down the top rope as Engel whips SNS towards Jethro. SNS slams into Jethro sending him over the lowered top rope. Jethro lands on his neck and shoulder, looking up into the face of Hunter Sullivan, who is dressed in his street clothes. Hunter looks down and mouths, "Guess you couldn't get the job done, could you?" Jethro is breathing hard as he lays on the outside.

Eric Emerson: Jethro Hayes has been eliminated!

Jon McDaniel: That just isn't right!

Brian Rentfro: All is fair in love and war; seeing as Hunter doesn't love Jethro... well you should know.

SNS turns after slamming into Jethro to slam a shoulder into the charging Matthew Engel. Hunter lifts the exhausted Jethro up to his feet, and slams his head down into the announce table. Hunter snatches the headset off Jon McDaniel.

Hunter: He thinks he can eliminate me without consequences, when he wakes up ask him how it felt.

Hunter slams the headset back down before showing the Intercontinental title to Jethro and pointing at his own chest. Hunter walks away back through the crowd, who are filling his ears with boos. Inside the ring Matthew slams fists into Scott's tired and worn out body; but Scott is doing his best to fight back with energy. Engel knees Strader in the midsection and lifts him into the air on his shoulders. Engel smirks out to the crowd before planting Strader with the Sons of Plunder. Scott is out cold and Engel knows it. He picks Strader up again and tosses him over the top rope to the floor. Engel looks down before looking up, and throwing his hands to the side as "The God That Failed" fills the speakers.

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe it.

Brian Rentfro: Seeing is believing and I'm seeing no one else in the ring but Matthew Engel and there is no one else set to come out here.

Eric Emerson: Scott Nash Strader has been eliminated and the WINNER of the 2009 Rumble in the Bronx... Matthew Engel!

Boos from the crowd, nothing but boos. Jethro has gotten up and he helps Scott up to his feet. Both men look up into the face of Matthew Engel as they walk backwards up the entrance ramp. Matthew's day is coming, who will get him first? Who will be able to stop him? Can anyone stop The Pantheon?

Jon McDaniel: For Brian Rentfro, I am Jon McDaniel... so long from The 2009 Rumble in the Bronx!

© PWA 2009

(Credit to Bean and Craig for writing the full rumble. They are our Gods of this week. Before any complaints for anything not perfect is made; remember these two put a hell of a lot of time and effort into writing a 44 page match *by MSword standards* and appreciation of their hard work and dedication should be made before anyone contemplates any complaints. They came through when I simply couldn’t and I greatly appreciate their time and effort.)