World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Screw Your Independence!

The Dotted Line

The PWAtron lights up and the fans start going crazy as the video pans up a long set of legs to the blue eyes of Meghan Nash Strader. She stops and sighs as Bud Adams comes running down the hall, out of breath. He stops and admires Meghan before giving his head a shake.

Bud Adams: Meghan! Its great to see you back in the PWA!

The fans cheer loudly.

MNS: Its great to be back. Now what do you want Buddy?

Bud Adams: Its Bud, but you can call me anything you want to.

Meghan lifts her eyebrows and nods mockingly. You can hear her foot tapping waiting for Bud to stop ogling her.

Bud Adams: I think the question on everyone’s mind is… where’s Scott Nash Strader?!

You can hear the fans starting up a SNS chant. Meghan smiles and looks at Bud.

MNS: You know, I heard Matthew Engel is somewhere in the building… maybe you should try sniffing him out?

Bud Adams: He’s not in his locker room. Has your father signed a contract yet?

MNS: He’s signing the dotted line right now with President Chamelion.

The fans chant of “S-N-S” gets louder.

Bud Adams: Will he be present on TV tonight?

MNS: Does a bear use a raccoon to wipe his ass in the forest?

Bud Adam blinks as Meghan struts of down the hall.

Iris Starchild vs Roxanne Fuxx vs Homicide

Triple Threat Match

Prior to the match starting, Eric Emerson announced that Roxanne Fuxx was not at the arena, instead that she missed her flight to the arena, so that the match would now be a one on one between Starchild and Homicide.

Homicide tries for a kick and Starchild moves out of the way. They lock up and Homicide with a knee and elbow followed by a cravate. Starchild rolls through to escape the hold and then Starchild with a side head lock take down. Homicide with a head scissors and Starchild escapes and reapplies the side head lock. Homicide gets his foot on the rope and Starchild is forced to release the hold. Starchild blocks a kick and then he punches Homicide. Homicide with a knee and then he tries to throw Starchild over the top rope. Starchild skins the cat, but Homicide drops Starchild’s groin across the top rope. Homicide starts to work on the knee and he kicks Starchild. Starchild goes to the mat as Homicide continues to work on the knee. Starchild tries to get Homicide off his leg but Homicide with a drop kick to the knee. Homicide pushes Starchild down and slaps him as he insults Starchild. Starchild powers up as he starts to walk with meaning. Starchild tells Homicide that he made him mad and it is time for punches and then Starchild with a split and hip toss. Starchild power walks into a boot from Homicide and Starchild grabs the rope to stop the count. Starchild tries for a rollup but Homicide with a near fall. Starchild counters a swinging neck breaker and hits one of his own and gets the three count.

Winner: Iris Starchild

Duff vs Alex Wilkie

PWA TV Title Match

Both men locked up, and Duff tried for a forearm but Wilkie hit some punches. Duff applied a headlock, but Wilkie broke out of it, only to be shoulderblocked down. Wilkie leapfrogged a charging Duff, then hit a boot in a corner, and a rana that sent Duff to the floor. Wilkie went for a baseball slide, but Duff sidestepped it and threw Wilkie into the security wall. Duff rammed Wilkie into the ring apron. Wilkie crawled back into the ring and Duff catapulted him into the bottom rope. Duff stomped Wilkie, then delivered a vertical suplex for a two count. Duff applied a crossface chickenwing, but Wilkie elbowed out of it. Duff put Wilkie on the top rope for a back superplex. Wilkie elbowed Duff to the mat, then hit a top rope senton. Wilkie ran the ropes, but Duff grabbed him in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Duff kicked Wilkie in the head, then put him in the corner and choked him with his boot. Duff rammed Wilkie face first into a turnbuckle, then dropkicked him to the floor. Wilkie got on the apron and Duff went to suplex him back in, but Wilkie floated over and hit some punches. He went for a backdrop and Duff drove a knee into his head, then dropkicked him on the mat. Duff applied a double chickenwing, but Wilkie kicked out of it, then dropkicked the knee of a charging Duff, sending him through the ropes and to the floor. Wilkie dove threw the ropes and hit Duff with a clothesline on the floor.

Wilkie rolled Duff back in the ring and covered for a two count. Wilkie leapfrogged Duff, then used a headscissors to send him into a turnbuckle. Wilkie charged in, but Duff caught Wilkie and powerslammed him for a two count. Duff missed a charge in the corner, and Wilkie hit a top rope moonsault on a standing Duff for a two count. Wilkie went for a rana, but Duff dropped him to the mat and hooked his legs, applying a boston crab in the center of the ring. Wilkie struggled and made the ropes for a break.

Duff charged Wilkie, who sidestepped him and sent him over the top rope. Duff landed on the apron, and Wilkie kicked him so he would fall over the middle rope. Wilkie went to jump on Duff’s back, as he hung from the ropes, but Duff dropped to the floor to dodge it, then clotheslined Wilkie from the apron. Duff went to the top rope, but Wilkie crotched him. Wilkie went for a top rope rana, but Duff blocked it and superbombed him to the mat, but only got a two count. Duff blocked pile driver attempt and went for the Torture Rack, but Wilkie spun out of it and hit a tornado DDT for a two count.

Wilkie began kicking Duff's legs. Wilkie went for a springboard, but Duff caught him with a dropkick as he came off the ropes. Duff crawled onto Wilkie, but Wilkie kicked out at two. Duff argued the count, then kicked Wilkie in the back. Duff threw Wilkie in a corner, then put him on the top rope. Duff headbutted Wilkie twice, then stood on the top rope, but Wilkie pulled away and Duff fell to the mat. Wilkie then locked in the Canadian Back Breaker, and Duff struggled to reach the ropes. Finally, Duff grabbed the bottom rope and Wilkie was forced to break off. Wilkie dragged Duff back into the ring, tried to relock the move, but Duff spun his body and sent Wilkie careening into the corner. As Wilkie came back out, Duff hooks Wilkie up for Echoes, but Wilkie drops to one knee and thrusts his arm up, crotching Duff just below the belt. Duff backs away, green in the gills and Wilkie connects with the Wolf Fang Fist! Wilkie covers, only getting two, and shakes his head in disgust.

Wilkie picks Duff up, only to get grounded in the Coil! Wilkie struggles, struggles hard, and he himself manages to grab the bottom rope as well! Duff releases the hold, and as Wilkie stands, Duff clotheslines Wilkie over the top rope to the floor. Duff follows and throws Wilkie into the steps, and then shoves the wounded challenger back into the ring. Duff then mounts the turnbuckle, aiming to finish the job, but Wilkie stands and rushes into the ropes, crotching Duff on the top. Wilkie then climbs and grabs Duff and hits a modified “Grade A” Stunner, and covers, hooking the leg for the three count and victory.

Winner, and new PWA TV Champion: Alex Wilkie

Matt Stone vs Emperor Ian

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match

Eric Emerson introduces Emperor Ian first, who comes down with B.J. Haze, and they wave the USA flag for everyone, and lead the arena in a loud chant of U-S-A! Ian and Haze speak a moment before he steps outside, taking their USA Flag with him.

Next, Emerson announcers the Grizzly Beer Champion, Matt Stone, accompanied to the ring by his friend Zach Hazard. Stone and Zach speak quietly for a moment, before Zach goes to the opposite corner of where Ian’s wife stands. Stone then turns towards Ian, smiling, and the two circle each other as the bell rings.

They locked up, with Stone backing Ian in a corner, but Stone broke clean. They locked up again, with Ian grabbing a side headlock, which Stone reversed. Stone hit a shoulder block, but Ian quickly got back to his feet. Stone and Ian exchanged wristlocks, with Stone grabbing a hammerlock, which Ian escaped and grabbed a side mare. Stone tried to push off the headlock, but Ian maintained the hold, and then started a U-S-A chant. Stone broke out and grabbed his own headlock. Ian shoved off the move, and Stone hit another shoulder block. Ian leap frogged Stone and went for a hip toss, but Stone blocked it and went for a backstabber, but Ian turned it into a crucifix for a two count. Ian went for a DDT, Stone blocked it, and Ian back dropped Stone to the floor, and then hit a pescado.

Ian moved the ring steps, then launched off them for a leg lariat. Stone moved and Ian crashed into the security wall. Ian rolled in, and Stone covered him for a two count. Stone hit a series of kicks to the back, then applied a figure four headlock with his legs, grabbing the ropes for support, which is legal in this match. Stone drove some elbows into Ian's head while maintaining the hold, then got a two count. Stone hit a side backbreaker for another two. Stone applied the figure four headlock again and Ian made the ropes, but the ref didn’t order the break. Ian pulled himself closer to the ropes and pulled himself up and kicked Stone hard. Stone broke the hold and pulled Ian up and then slammed Ian and went to the middle rope, but missed a leg drop attempt. Stone missed a splash in the corner, and Ian grabbed him in a roll up for a two count.

Ian hit a series of clotheslines, then a reverse atomic drop and a double leg drop between Stone's legs. Ian dropkicked Stone in the face and got a two count, then hit a gourd buster. Ian went to the top rope, but Stone rolled to the floor. Ian jumped off the apron and hit Stone with a clothesline on the floor. Back in the ring, Ian dropkicked Stone into a corner and then went for an elevated kick, but Stone sprung up and grabbed Ian for a crucifix bomb. Ian grabbed the ropes to block it. Stone let go of the fireman's carry, kicked Ian in the face, and then delivered a jumping knee and a bulldog for a two count.

Stone hit a series of kicks and open hand shots. Stone missed a back fist, and Ian hit a swinging neck breaker. Ian went to the top rope, but missed on a Swanton as Stone sat up. Ian grabbed a small package as Stone picked him up off the mat for a two count. Stone hit a kick to the head. Stone went for the Combo breaker, but Ian reversed it Locked on the Imperial Conquest. Stone struggled and inched his way to the ropes, before realizing that wouldn’t matter. Ian reared back on the hold, securing it tightly. Stone raises his hand, seemingly ready to tap.

At that very moment, Chamelion’s music struck up and Ian turned his attention towards the ramp. Voices continued to play, and Ian glared, waiting for an ambush from the Devious One. While his attention was distracted, Stone managed to twist his body and break out of the Imperial Conquest! Pushing Ian away, Stone backed into the corner. Voices faded and Ian realized his error. He turned, and charged at Stone, but Stone avoided Ian and hit The Combo Breaker on Ian, hooking the leg. One-Two-Three!


Winner: Matt Stone

After the match, as Stone had his hand raised with Zach Hazard by his side, Ian stalked up the ramp with B.J. Haze, his face a mask of fury, more at his own mistake then anything else.

Renegade Souljahs vs The O'Connor Boys

Tag-Team Match

There is some pushing before the match begins. They also have a few words for each other. Sean and Ross start things off. They lock up and Sean with a forearm to the back and he sends Ross into the turnbuckles. Sean kicks Ross and chops him. Ross with an Irish whip and splash into the corner and then he punches Sean. Sean with a t-bone suplex followed by a punch. Ross blocks a punch and then he slams Sean. Ross misses an elbow. Sean with a clothesline and then Sean misses the flex elbow. Ross with a side slam for a near fall. Zout tags in and he punches Sean. Sean with a kick to Zout’s head. Seamus tags in and he punches and chops Zout followed by knees and a thrust kick. Seamus with a kick to the midsection and Sean tags in. Sean with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Seamus tags back in and he kicks Zout in the abdomen. Seamus with a back heel kick. Zout with a clothesline and both men are down. Ross tags in and he connects with clotheslines to Seamus followed by a hip toss. Ross with a powerbomb to Seamus. He picks Seamus up, who blocks a punch. Seamus with a cresent kick to Ross for a two count. Zout runs in, but Sean trips him up and sends him over the ropes. Sean and Seamus then pick Ross up and hit the Irish Car Bomb, with Seamus scoring the 1-2-3!

Winners: The O’Connor Boys

A Word With The Krymson Dragons

We move backstage to find The Krymson Dragons standing along side Bud Adams in front of the new PWA Logo, which can be seen on PWA.COM. Adams tentatively addresses the tag champions, well aware of how Chamelion is when he’s in this state.

Bud Adams: “Chamelion, Raizzor; Last week you two entered yourselves in the tag team title match and won the PWA Tag Titles away from Chaos Theory. Now, tonight you’re set to defend those belts in a re-match. Now that Chaos Theory is prepared for you, will you change your strategies to retain the titles?”

Noticing Bud’s uncomfortability, Chamelion pats him on the shoulder.

Chamelion: “Bud, Bud, don’t be nervous. Do you really think I’ve already forgotten what you went through with Project X? How you dealt a near killing blow to him, more or less ensuring he no longer harasses my wife? You’re on solid terms with the Pantheon, and have nothing to fear.”

Adams nods, but he speaks his honest feelings.

Bud Adams: “That may be so, but I am not exactly a fan of what the Pantheon does, or how they conduct their business.”

Smirking, Chamelion clasps Adam’s shoulder a touch tighter.

Chamelion: “I respect your honesty, kiddo. As for your oh-so obvious and cliché question, I’ll give you a cliché answer in response. Yeah, our strategy will obviously be a bit different. C-T’s had time to recoup, they’re at their peek. We cant just waltz in and defend our titles; Hook, Line & Sinker, without a little more effort. Raizzor and I know this, and we’re quite fine with it.”

Adams nods, aware full well of Chamelion’s grip on his shoulder.

Bud Adams: “People are curious about Raizzor. Up till last week, it was thought that your brother did not support your running with Robinson and the rest of Pantheon. Why the change of heart?”

Raizzor looks down on Adams, and his voice, grave, answers him.

Raizzor: “This is business, Adams, while the direction my brother has taken Pantheon seems to most to be underhanded, his intentions to motivate the PWA is noble, in it’s own way. When offered the chance to re-claim the PWA Tag-Team titles along with Chamelion, I found I could not refuse. Figgins and Maverick seem to think I have ‘drunk the kool-aid’, as they put it, but they are very wrong. Just because we are rough, it does not make our intentions evil. Sometimes, the best way to straighten out a wayward soul is with tough love, and the Dragons showed tough love to Chaos Theory last week. My brother is right; they indeed disrespected the titles they had earned from the souljahs, and we mean to show these titles; and the PWA, the respect it deserves.”

Adams begins to add another question, but Chamelion grabs the mic.

Chamelion: “Enough about those two, I want to address Mr. Ian, who’s own ego has ran away with the spoon. Listen kiddo, I think you misunderstand something, so let me clarify for you. You think you made me tap? You think you forced me to submit? In case you forgot, I tapped almost the very second you applied your Imperial Conquest. Do you know why? Is it not plain enough for you to see? Look what’s on my shoulder? I have gold, and the reason for that is I refused to let myself get injured by your hand, when I knew already that later on my brother and I would be walking out as tag team champions. So, I made a small sacrifice, when you secured the move, I had a split second to decide to fight out of it, which Im sure I would have; or tap and take the other prize that would soon be with in my reach. In case you’re not getting it; you didn’t beat me, Ian, I GAVE you the match. But it’s the last thing you’ll ever get from me… you keep annoying me, keep taunting me, and I promise you that this.. feud.. of ours, will last until you can’t handle it anymore. GOT IT?”

With that, the Brothers stalk off, to get ready for their match against Chaos Theory, and Adams stands there, sighing deeply for escaping Chamelion’s wrath.

Marxx vs Matthew Engel

Non-Title Match

Eric Emerson announced that the next match would pit the new PWA World Champion, Marxx against the recently returned, and new Pantheon Member, Matthew Engel in a non-title match. First, Emerson introduced Jethro Hayes and Bubba J, who would be guest commentators for the match. Jethro came out with Bubba to a massive ovation and the Southern Hero made his way down to the ring with BJ in tow. The two sat down with Rentfro and McDaniel to enjoy the contest.

Next, Emerson introduced Matthew Engel, who came out looking very pleased with himself, over recent events. He made his way to the ring, and as he walked around in it, he came to the ropes near the announcers table and had words with Jethro, who was not fiscal with his response.

Emerson then announced the new PWA World Champion, Marxx and the crowd gave him a positive response as well. He came out, holding his world title up, still looking as excited as he did when he won the belt. He came down, got into the ring and paraded around, showing the belt off to the responding crowd. Jethro commented that he was glad to see a respectable man hold the belt, and applauded Marxx on his skills.

The bell rang finally, and Marxx and Engel locked up. Engel, with his experience, took control early and dominated quickly, sending a lesson to the younger champion as well as demonstrating to Jethro what’s due him in the near future. Engel also had every intention of making sure to earn a contendership shot by dominating and beating the lesser experienced Marxx.

Engel tossed Marxx into the corner, went for a splash and eat turnbuckle, as Marxx ducked out of the way. With the momentum switched, Marxx began to show Engel and the arena fans why he was more then an inexperienced punk. Marxx took it to Engel with some dazzling moves, with Jethro cheering the champion on in true fashion. At about the seven minute mark, Engel retook control and got vicious. A rake of the eyes blinded Marxx, followed by a low kick that staggered the champion and then a DDT planted Marxx to the canvas. Engel covered for two, then proceeded to choke Marxx, so much that Jethro left his place at the table, and Engel jumped up to order the ref to back him away.

While the ref was distracted by Jethro, Engel stomped on Marxx’s groin and then turned him over into a sharp shooter move. Marxx struggled, green faced, trying to crawl to the ropes. Jethro growled and returned to his position at the table, so the ref could turn around and check on Marxx. Marxx crawled, crawled and finally grabbed the ropes. The ref ordered the break, but Engel held on till a count of 4 and 3/4ths, then broke the hold, kicked Marxx’s hand off the ropes and dragged him to the center of the ring and went to apply the move again. However, Marxx countered with a roll up for a near three and Engel kicked out with a look of surprise on his face. Both men up, punches get traded and Engel starts to take control when he sees Jethro stand again. Dropping Marxx, Engel saunters up to the ropes, mocking Jethro, and Marxx runs up from behind for a roll up for another two. Engel gets up and hits a short clothesline on Marxx, followed by another two count. Engel drags Marxx up and calls for the end, but Marxx, aware of his predicament, reverses the attempt and much to the surprise of the crowd, hits the Leaving Marxx in the center of the ring! Marxx covers, hooking the leg and scores the one-two-three!

Marxx jumps up to celebrate, but the ref pulls his arm down! Engel got his shoulder up, and Marxx is beside himself. Even Jethro doesn’t believe it, and he leaves the booth with BJ and they go to argue with the ref. The ref ignores them, insisting it was a two count, when Engel rolls to his knees and low blows Marxx from behind! The ref turns and calls for the bell, disqualifying Engel as Marxx falls to his knees, and then to the canvas.

Winner, by DQ: Marxx

Jethro cries foul and slides into the ring with BJ and Jethro and Engel get face to face. Engel just laughs off what he did, citing that Pantheon dominates, no matter which way. BJ has had enough and spins Engel and hits the Butt Crack on him! Engel falls an Jethro pulls BJ back, not intending for this to happen.

This sparks the Pantheon’s arrival, as Phoenix, Hunter, Chamelion and Raizzor rush out from the back and down to the ring. Seeing themselves outnumbered, Jethro and BJ grab Marxx and hoist him out of the ring and escape via the crowd, as Pantheon gather around a very angry, and embarrassed Matthew Engel. Phoenix calms him down, assuring that the night still belongs to Pantheon, despite the events so far. Engel nods and tells the rest to leave. They do, and Engel grabs a mic. He then proceeds to berate Jethro Hayes and BJ, assuring that he will see them soon. Suddenly, the arena lights fade and everyone in attendance is confused.

Brian Rentfro: Who’s responsible for this?

Jon McDaniel: I can take a guess…

‘All Hell’s Breaking Loose’ by KISS and the arena is quiet, not knowing who’s music it is. Strobe lights flicker with the main riff. The initials of SNS appear on the PWAtron when Paul Stanley sings I’m cool, I’m the breeze. Scott Nash Strader walks out to a thundering applause. Strader looks out towards the crowd with his arms outstretched.

Brian Rentfro: Well I’ll be damned.

Jon McDaniel: That happened a long time ago, friend. But this is great, SNS is back!

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Engel isn’t too pleased about this. And I don’t blame him, this is his air time!

The music begins to fade away as Scott Nash Strader raises the microphone to his lips.

SNS: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages………… I’M BACK!

“S-N-S” chants start in the crowd. Scott begins walking the entrance way back and forth, but he hasn’t looked up at Engel. Engel has looked directly at him either yet.

SNS: And it is great to be back. As most of you know I spent damn near seven months in a super max prison, for merely defending myself against a crazed maniac I was in the yard with. And you can you believe I was sentenced to sixteen years in hell?

The fans boo.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah you should’ve stayed there!

Jon McDaniel: He was wrongly sentenced, haven’t you watched CNN?

SNS: Yes I know, it’s terrible. I never thought I would see the light of day again. Then my lawyer came to me and told me someone was paying off the judge for making that sentence. But you know how it all started? Let me show you how it started.

Scott Nash Strader stops and looks down at the ring, Engel leaning in the corner ignoring Strader while Strader points at him.

SNS: Hey, f*** face!

Engel slowly looks over at Strader with a pissed off look.

SNS: Yeah you standing there all proud in the ring. You thought you could get rid of me? Think I was gone for at least another 15 years? Thought you wouldn’t have to pay the damn consequences of your actions? Well I served mine against you, and I’m damn sure you’re the reason I got the sixteen year sentence.

Brian Rentfro: How genius would that be if it were true!

Jon McDaniel: I wouldn’t put it past Virus, he does hate the Straders quite a bit.

SNS: You think you couldjust come back to wrestling, put the world champion in your sights and you be back to the same old grind? I don’t f**king think so. You see, the Rumble is coming up in just three weeks, and it looks like that’s the only time I’m going to get you in the ring.

The fans jeer that they have to wait. Strader looks out at the crowd, and shakes his head.

SNS: I said it only looked like that.

With that Strader drops his mic and begins his descent down to the ring. Engel follows suit and begins his way up the ramp. Just as the two men are about to start swinging at each other, Pantheon appears on stage behind Strader. Strader turns, expecting this and flips them off. He then turns and bows mockingly to Engel, before jumping out through the crowd.. his promise left behind.

Krymson Dragons vs Chaos Theory

PWA Tag-Team Title Match

The sound of the bell signaled the beginning of the next match, and Eric Emerson announced this was to be for the PWA Tag-Team Championships! The crowd rose to their collective feet, as Emerson first announced the former champions, Jacob Figgins and Johnny Maverick; the Chaos Theory. Both men came to the ring with dark, serious looks on their face, the anger of last week’s travesty still not shun from their minds.

Next, Emerson announced the PWA Tag Champions; Raizzor and Chamelion; The Krymson Dragons! Jeers and heated boos met the two superstars as they came onto the stage; Chamelion with his title around his waist and Raizzor holding his on his shoulder. Chamelion grinned at the response, yet Raizzor seemed oddly uncomfortable, and the two made their way down to the ring.

The referee took the titles and instructed both teams of the rules, but before he could call for the bell, the music of the O’Connor Boys roused everyone’s attention to the stage as Sean and Seamus came out, cheers greeting the two boys and they walked down the ramp. Figgins and Maverick looked confused, and Chamelion glared at the two. The O’Connors walked around towards the announcer’s table and grabbed two steel chairs and promptly sat their butts down, to watch the action up close.


Maverick and Figgins quickly worked out who would start, with Maverick taking the lead. They nod and Maverick turns, only to find that it is Raizzor starting things out for the Dragons. Maverick circles Raizzor, who merely turns with him, his cold dark eyes staring deep through Maverick. Johnny then steps in for a lock up, which Raizzor obliges and the two connect. Raizzor immediately throws Maverick back towards the corner, and Maverick has to stumble to maintain his balance. Stepping in, Maverick goes for another lock up, but Raizzor this time, twists the smaller man’s arm into an arm bar. Maverick slaps his shoulder then ducks under to reverse it. As he steps behind Raizzor, locking the arm, Raizzor falls backwards, squashing Johnny into the corner, breaking the hold.

Raizzor then spins and throws three hard forearms and pulls Maverick to his corner and tags in Chamelion. Chamelion steps in and takes control with his own arm bar and drives his forearm into the back of Maverick’s head a couple of times. Johnny then is able to duck down, reverses the move and grabs Chamelion in a head lock. Once there, he wrenches on Chamelion’s head, and the Devious one tries to push Maverick off, but he holds tight. Both men fall back to the ropes, and with them to hold him in place, Chamelion shoves Maverick across the way. Maverick hits the other side, bounces off and jumps over Chamelion, coming off the other side and Chamelion tries for a hip toss, but Maverick reverses it and Chamelion tastes canvas. The champion jumps right up, and gets taking back down with an arm drag into a headlock rest hold.

Maverick cinches the hold in, until Chamelion turns his body and gets to his feet. He rushes backwards to slam Maverick into the corner, but Johnny sidesteps and Chamelion hits the steel corner. Maverick then slaps in Figgins. Figgins comes in, and grabs Chamelion and throws him across the ring to the kitty corner, and comes in with a splash that Chamelion eats. Figgins hits three chops and the crowd WOOOOs in response, then whips Chamelion back to the previous corner, however Chamelion reverses the whip and Figgins visits the corner in his stead. Figgins turns, only to get a payback with a splash from Chamelion, followed by a running bulldog. Chamelion then tags in Raizzor.

As Figgins gets back to his feet, Raizzor jumps up and nails the challenger with a leg drop to the back of his head, and Figgins gets a taste of the canvas himself. Rolling Figgins over, Raizzor covers, only getting two. Pulling Figgins up, Raizzor secures a sleeper, but Figgins quickly drops to a knee, taking off a lot of the pressure and rolls around, loosening the hold and as Raizzor tries to reestablish the connect, Figgins twists and kicks Raizzor squarely in the jaw. The Soul-Taker is dazed, stepping back and Figgins tags in Maverick. Together, the two men hook hands and deliver a strong clothesline that sends Raizzor over the top rope to the floor below. As the referee orders Maverick back to his corner, Figgins slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair to blast Raizzor over the head. Before Chamelion can get over there, the crowd is shocked when Sean O’Connor grabs the chair out of Figgins hands and admonishes him for trying to cheat. Figgins yells at Sean, allowing Raizzor time to get back to his feet and he shoves Figgins into the steel barrier.

Sean goes to sit down, and Chamelion blinks at what just occurred, then turns his attention back to his brother. Raizzor throws Figgins back onto the ring apron, climbs the steps and goes for a leg drop off the apron across Figgins neck. However, Maverick rushes in and pulls Figgins into the ring and Raizzor hits nothing, falling to the floor. Chamelion shouts for his brother to stand, while Figgins follows Maverick to their corner and tags his partner in. Maverick jumps down off the apron and runs around the ring and goes for a kick to Raizzor’s head, but the Soul-Taker stands abruptly and catches Maverick by the throat and goes for a choke slam. As he lifts Maverick up, Johnny grabs the ropes and breaks free. Maverick then goes for another kick, but Raizzor sidesteps him and punches him square across the jaw. Maverick drops like a sack of potatoes and Raizzor rolls him into the ring and tries for another cover.

Two count is all he gets, and Raizzor tags Chamelion back in. Chamelion rushes to the ropes and goes the Final Touch, but Maverick rolls away and Chamelion lands on his feet. Maverick stands and Chamelion lashes with the Sweet Sound of Success, but Maverick falls back to his corner and Figgins tags in. Figgins rushes Chamelion and the two trade punches and kicks, with Figgins getting the upper hand and throwing Chamelion into the corner. Chamelion is then raised to the top rope and Figgins climbs up after him. They trade more punches, and Chamelion hits a round house that causes Figgins to fall onto his back in the middle of the ring. Maverick runs over and slips in and climbs to finish the job, punching Chamelion hard and then setting him up for a super plex! Raizzor then stomps in, comes over and bends to get Maverick on his shoulders and lifts up and falls back, sending Maverick who has Chamelion in the super plex up and back, and the three men crash backwards, with Chamelion landing back first over Figgins horizontal form!

Holy Shit is chanted throughout the arena as the four men lay there, exhausted. The referee tries his best to get Raizzor and Maverick out of the ring, as Figgins and Chamelion recover, slowly and stand. Chamelion with a punch, Figgins with a block, and then vice versa. Chamelion with a kick to the gut, bending Figgins over and then goes for a swinging neck breaker, but Figgins throws him off into the corner. Figgins runs in, Chamelion sidesteps and hits a kick to the back of Figgins head. As Figgins stumbles backwards, Chamelion comes off the rope with a shoulder tackle, and then as Figgins lays on the canvas, Chamelion hits the ropes and connects with The Final Touch.

Two and a half count, with Figgins getting his shoulder up! Chamelion growls and picks up Figgins and drags him to his corner where he tags in Raizzor. The two then proceed to double team Figgins for a couple of minutes, exhausting the challenger to the point of collapse. The ref finally gets Chamelion out of the ring, and Raizzor whips Figgins to the ropes, who comes back, manages to duck and bounces off the far end and slides through Raizzor’s legs and makes the hot tag to Johnny Maverick.

Raizzor turns as Maverick comes in with a drop kick that backs Raizzor up, but doesn’t fall the giant. Maverick off the ropes with a second drop kick that gets swiped aside by the near seven foot tall giant. Maverick, tenacious as he is, comes off the ropes again, but this time drives his drop kick into Raizzor’s knee. Raizzor drops to one knee, and Maverick with a final drop kick that sends the big man onto his back. Maverick tries for a cover, but is shoved off at one. Raizzor rolls and tags Chamelion back in.

Chamelion enters and goes after Maverick, and the two trade punches again. Chamelion then ducks a swing by Maverick and hits The Rupture! The crowd roars to its feet as Chamelion hooks the leg and gets three! No, Maverick with his shoulder barely up and Chamelion argues with the referee! With his back turned, Maverick tags in Figgins and as Chamelion spins, he gets speared down from Figgins and he covers. A two and a half count is all he gets, as Raizzor pulls Figgins off and Maverick returns and the four men begin to brawl it out!

The ref has lost control as the four men brawl outside the ring, while the O’Connor Boys sit back and watch. Raizzor throws Maverick into the steel steps, and then runs to drive his knee to the side of Maverick’s head, but Maverick moves and Raizzor eats steel. Maverick falls backwards laughing, but doesn’t see one of the O’Connor Boys stretching, as if bored and Maverick trips over his leg, splattering to the floor. Maverick jumps up and yells at Seamus, who says it was an accident. Meanwhile, Chamelion throws Figgins into the ring, jumps in and hits the Sweet Sound of Success cleanly! Figgins falls back and Chamelion drops and hooks the leg. One-Two-Thre-Foot on the ropes!

Chamelion is beside himself! He jumps up, looking around and sees Maverick still arguing with Seamus and Chamelion runs and jumps, hitting a plancha over the top ropes, splashing into Maverick, Seamus and Sean! Another Holy Shit rings out as the four men are sprawled at ringside. Raizzor in the meantime, hobbles back in and sees Figgins down. Picking him up, Raizzor goes for the Chokeslam, but his leg gives out and Figgins lands square on his feet and without even thinking about it, hits the Fig Affect! One! Two! Three/Shoulder up!

Figgins is shocked, and scoops Raizzor up, who blocks a second Fig Affect and swoops Figgins up and over and goes for the Tombstone shoulder breaker, but Figgins slides down behind Raizzor and connects with another Fig Affect! Figgins covers, as Maverick manages to hold onto Chamelion’s leg to keep him from getting in. One! Two! Three!


Winners, and new PWA Tag-Team Champions: Chaos Theory

Chamelion, angry, turns and kicks Maverick in the face who falls back on the O’Connor Boys who don’t seem too pleased by that. Chamelion slides in and as Figgins stands and gets his hand wearily raised, Chamelion hits him in the back of the head with the Sweet sound of success, knocking Figgins outside the ring. Chamelion helps his brother up, and the now-former champions glare at the new champions who, despite being beaten up and exhausted, grin back as they hold their new titles high in the air. The crowd pops loudly for the new champs.

Jethro Hayes vs Shadow Starr

Retribution Re-Match

They lock up and Jethro backs Starr into the corner but Starr with a clean break. The two lock up a second time, and Jethro with kicks to Starr’s leg and then he follows that with forearms and a knee to the midsection for a near fall. Jethro with a body scissors on Starr. Jethro gets a near fall followed by knees. Starr with a rollup and Jethro with a kick after he escapes. Jethro with a punch to the ribs and he follows with a kick for a near fall. Starr with forearms to Jethro and then Jethro sends Starr to the apron and then he kicks Starr and Jethro follows with a baseball slide that sends Starr to the floor. Jethro goes to the floor as well and he returns Starr to the ring. Jethro charges at Starr but Starr with a boot to the head and Jethro goes down and he holds his head. The referee tells Starr to back off while Jethro recovers.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Starr with a knee to the back of Jethro’s head. Jethro with kicks to Starr’s legs followed by forearms. Starr with a flapjack to Jethro for a near fall. Starr with a kick to the back followed by a knee and then he continues to work on the back. Jethro gets to his feet and he kicks Starr followed by a leg lariat. Jethro charges into the corner and he blocks a kick from Starr. Jethro with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Jethro with an elbow to the back of the head and Jethro with a double underhook but Starr with an Impaler DDT for a two count. Starr sets for a spear and Jethro sees it coming and hits a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Jethro goes to the ropes for a running leg drop but Starr moves and Starr charges but Jethro with a power slam for a near fall. Jethro charges into the corner and hits a knee and then tries for a bulldog but Starr escapes. Jethro sets Starr up for the Plow and hits it! Jethro makes the cover, but the ref stops as Starr has his foot on the bottom rope!
Jethro drags Starr to the middle of the ring and goes for the cover, only getting 2 and 3 quarters, as Starr manages to get his shoulder up. Jethro is surprised, and pulls Starr up, but Starr kicks Jethro and grabs him and hits the End Game, and both men fall to the canvas, exhausted. It takes a few, but Starr finally is able to roll his arm over Jethro, and the ref counts to 2 and 3 quarters, before Jethro gets his shoulder up.

The crowd is fully behind both men, as they both stumble back to their feet. Starr with a whip to the rope, but Jethro reverses it. Starr hits the ropes, comes off them with a flying forearm, which Jethro ducks, and Starr hits the referee by accident! Almost immediately, as this happens, Matthew Engel races down to the ring and while Starr is still on the apron, recovering. Engel spins Jethro around and hits the Sons of Plunder! Sliding out of the ring and out of sight, Starr never sees what happens, only that Jethro is down. Starr picks Jethro up and hits the End Game a second time, and covers as the ref recovers and hits a very slow 1…..2…..3!

Winner: Shadow Starr

After the match, Engel walks up the ramp, content with himself. Suddenly, from behind, SNS blindsides Engel and the two brawl until security breaks them up. SNS wants to go at it more, but Pantheon arrives to favor Engel, and SNS retreats for the time being.

The Phoenix & Hunter Sullivan vs Riona Langly & Viktor Stone

Tag-Team Match

Before the match begins, Chamelion issues orders that no one will be allowed to interfere during the match, not even Pantheon. He promises that only four men can decide the fate of this encounter. He also announces that SNS has been banned from the arena for the rest of the evening.

Viktor and Phoenix start things off and they lock up. Viktor with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Viktor and Phoenix block hip tosses. Phoenix escapes a BBB attempt. Phoenix rolls through a sunset flip and tries for an ankle lock but Viktor escapes. Phoenix with a kick and elbow followed by a European uppercut. Viktor with a hip toss and then he comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline when Phoenix gets out of the ropes. Riona tags in and Phoenix with a rake of the eyes. Hunter tags in and Riona punches Hunter. Hunter with a leg sweep to Riona and then he punches Riona in the head. Riona with a drop kick and then Viktor punches Hunter and so does Riona. Riona turns and clotheslines Phoenix off the apron to the floor and then Riona and Viktor with a double clothesline to Hunter as we go to commercial.

We are back and Phoenix returns to the ring and he kicks Riona in the leg. Phoenix stomps on Riona’s leg while Viktor wants to tag in. We see footage of Riona being in control until she gets thrown around the ring like a rag doll by Hunter and Phoenix. Back to live action and Phoenix punches Riona in the head. Riona blocks a punch and connects with a punch and enzuigiri. Hunter knocks Viktor off the apron to keep Riona from making the tag. Hunter comes in and he chops Riona. Riona with a springboard moonsault to Hunter and she sets for the inverted DDT but Phoenix tries to interfere. Riona with a DDT to Phoenix and an inverted one to Hunter. Hunter puts Riona in the choke but Riona rolls through and hits the a back kick and both wrestlers are down.

Viktor and Phoenix tag in hot and Viktor with clotheslines to Phoenix followed by a pile driver for a near fall that is broken up by Hunter. Viktor charges into an elbow. Phoenix tries for a power slam but Viktor counters with a DDT. Viktor punches Hunter who tried to break up the cover. Viktor puts Phoenix on the turnbuckles and he tries for a Superplex but Hunter with a chop and he has Viktor up for a back suplex. Both crash to the canvas, and Stone rolls over and tags in Riona, who rushes in and slams into Phoenix. She begins to punch ferociously on Phoenix, while Hunter gets tossed into the opposite turnbuckle and Viktor begins to do the same. The referee tries to admonish them both, beginning a five count. The ref gets to five, and tries to break Riona away. Riona shoves the referee, and it let’s Phoenix grab her and spin her around, and he returns the favor on the surprised Riona. Across the ring, Hunter has reversed Viktor and together, Pantheon whips Riona and Stone into each other.

Stone and Riona, however, link arms and do a sort of hillbilly spin and come at Hunter and Phoenix, but the Pantheon is ready, and Phoenix ducks Viktor who hits the corner. Riona stops short of Hunter, flipping him the finger, but Phoenix from behind shoves Riona forward and Hunter hits the Viper Snap on Riona Langly! Riona falls on her back and Phoenix drops and hooks the leg, as Hunter sails past them and dives at Stone, sending them both outside the ring. The ref makes the count 1-2-3!

Winners: The Phoenix & Hunter Sullivan

After the tag match is over, Matthew Engle, Chamelion, and Raizzor storm the ring and the entire Pantheon starts a beatdown on Riona Langly and Viktor Stone. At Phoenix's urging, Chamelion and Raizzor pull Stone to his feet and hold his arms. Phoenix advances on Stone, GWA Global title belt in hand and holds it up to Stone's face, screaming at him. Phoenix pulls back, then slams the title full force into Stone's face, then Chamelion and Raizzor toss him out of the ring. At the same time, Engle and Sullivan dispose of Langly. Phoenix calls for a microphone and is tossed one by the time keeper.

Phoenix: THIS is what domination looks like! This is what the ELITE looks like. With Matthew Engle and Raizzor in our ranks, I can safely say that the Pantheon now has the absolute top wrestlers ever to set foot into a PWA ring. Fools like Vik and Riona may try to stand against us, but we just showed them what happens when they try. So before Vik gets any stupid ideas about revenge, he'd better think long and hard about whether or not he's ready to take down my personal army. That's something the whole PWA had better think about, from Marxx all the way down to Roxxie Fux. The Pantheon is in charge, learn to love it. And more importantly than that, the Phoenix is in control and at the top, just like he's always been!

Robinson drops the microphone on the mat as the Pantheon members come up behind him and pat him on the back. Then, as a group, they leave the ring to a loud chorus of boos from the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: This is just not right! Will anyone stand up to those egomaniacs?

Brian Rentfro: Didn't you just hear? The whole pf PWA has been warned. Pantheon's goal seems to have shifted; no longer is it about motivating the company to improve; they simply are power hungry and want to dominate, each and every week! It's awesome.

Jon McDaniel: Awesome!!?? Look at Langly, Stone!? They don't think it's awesome at all.

From the back, Figgins, Maverick, and Jethro Hayes all come down to console Stone and Langly, as the fans chant Langly and Stone's name; inspiring them to pick up the fight. The five in the ring know the battle ahead; will be a fierce one.

(C) PWA 2009