World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



We open with Into The Unknown playing and a sweep over the capacity crowd as Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel welcome us all to another Saturday Night Rampage!

The two get right to it, discussing tonight's matches; focusing on the two Champions vs Challengers matches, headlining the main events, and how they will set up the title matches at Retribution. They go over how the cases set up the challengers and how 'odd' some of the matches have turned out to be.

Brian thinks that Shadow Starr is undeserving of getting a title shot at Jethro Hayes, but thinks the IC/GB title match will steal the show.

Jon goes over how its interesting that Figgins and Maverick were battling a month ago and will now team up to try to take the World Tag-Team titles from The Renegade Souljahs.

Both agree the TV title match should be good, and then they comment on the Eye for an Eye match, which has a stipulation never seen before in the PWA, and that they admire both Homicide and Sunshine Warrior for stepping up their game as rookies here in the PWA. With that said, they turn towards the first match, featuring one of those very two competitors, Sunshine Warrior.

Sunshine Warrior vs Brandon Jones

Singles Match

Match begins with Sunshine Warrior and Jones pounding on each other until the referee breaks them apart. Finally after some time, Jones ties up Sunshine Warrior on the rope and kicks his left leg. Jones proceeds to connect with a shin breaker before applying a leg lock. Sunshine Warrior struggles to break the hold as Jones then applies an inverted Figure Four Leg Lock. Afterwards, Jones tries to yank Sunshine Warrior’s leg out of the socket, but Sunshine Warrior flips up and strikes Jones with an ezigiri kick. As the two athletes make it back to their feet, Jones charges at Sunshine Warrior, but Sunshine Warrior manages to quickly flapjack Jones onto the top rope and then proceeds to get a knee strike onto Jones’s face. After a 2 count, Sunshine Warrior tries for the springboard kick, but Jones ducks and grabs Sunshine Warrior with a half Boston Crab. Not long after however, Sunshine Warrior reverses this hold into a small package. After yet another 2 count, quickly gets back up and attempts a sidewalk slam, but Sunshine Warrior turns around and strikes Jones down with a spinning DDT. With Jones down, Sunshine Warrior connects with the Rise and Shine for the 3 count.

Winner: Sunshine Warrior in 7:12

The Phoenix vs Roxanne Fux

Singles Match

A quick match with Phoenix more or less having fun at Roxanne's expense. Still, the young lady surprised Phoenix with a series of moves that startled and shook the GWA Champion, until he took things seriously, hitting a massive clothesline and then set her up for the Flame.

Winner: The Phoenix in 2:21

Post match had the Phoenix hold his GWA title up, and acting as if he'd just battled the fight of his life, giving Roxanne a mock applause for her efforts, before leaving the ring.

Project X vs Homicide vs Hunter Sullivan

Triple Threat Match

When the bell rings, both Hunter and Homicide agree to try to take the monster, PX down first. They size him up and move to opposite sides of him, each inching forward a little at a time as PX returns their gaze with mild interest. Homicide dashes in first, and PX turns to meet him which allows Hunter to rush in from behind, but the veteran PX knows this strategy and side steps, causing Hunter and Homicide to run into each other.

While the impact isn’t bad, it distracts them long enough for PX to hit a double clothesline, taking both men down and he begins to mash away at Homicide. Tossing the rookie into the corner, he back elbows him and then turns and follows with a splash to Hunter Sullivan. Wanting to end this quick, PX immediately signals for the Probe, aiming at Homicide, when suddenly Viktor Stone races down to the ring and slides in and dives into PX from behind. As it is a triple threat, the ref can not call for the bell, and watches as PX and Stone roll out of the ring and begin to duke it out into the fans, which scream and yell and cheer them on.

Back in the ring, Homicide and Hunter regain their senses and realize it’s come down to a one on one match. The two smirk at each other and nod, and the contest is on. After a series of reversals from both men, Hunter catches Homicide with a reverse back elbow. Hunter then corners Homicide and strikes at him in the corner with multiple kicks. Homicide tries to fight back, but Hunter throws Homicide out of the ring, but Homicide somehow manages to land on his feet! As Homicide turns around, Hunter connects with a nice baseball slide!

We cut to commercial.

Back, we see Homicide in charge as he attempts the 10 punches in the corner. Homicide then jumps off and tries for an Irish Whip, but he eventually gets thrown into the steel post, shoulder first! Great fast-paced action back inside the ring with both trading near falls. Finally after taking a beating, Homicide comes out of nowhere and takes Hunter down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors.

We cut to commercial.

Back, Hunter is in firm control as he applies a full nelson hold. After kicking Hunter out of the manuever, Homicide delivers a nice facebuster! Homicide scored additional near falls that were convincing enough that the live crowd counted along with the referee. He went for a springboard move off the ropes, but Hunter caught him and locked in a Sharpshooter. Homicide broke the hold by grabbing the bottom rope. Later Homicide went for the Homicidal, but Hunter rolled away. Hunter then went for the Viper snap, but Homicide ducked under and came back with a schoolboy for another strong near fall. In the end, Homicide hit the Homi-driver and then tried to follow up the Homicidal, but as he got to the top, Sunshine Warrior came to the ring, shouting barbs at Homicide, distracting him.

Sunshine Warrior then tried to get on the apron, but Homicide kicked him in the head, and he fell. Homicide then turned and went for the Homicidal, but Hunter dodged it again and this time caught Homicide with the Viper Snap! 1...2...3!

Winner: Hunter Sullivan in 19:33

After the match, Sunshine Warrior just backed up the ramp, giving Homicide a nice golf clap while Homicide stared daggers his way. Meanwhile, Hunter Sullivan celebrated in the ring and motioned for a microphone, and Jon and Brian wonder what Hunter has in mind, and say we'll find out when we come back from commercial!

Hunter's Challenge

Hunter's music dies as we return from commercial, Hunter is pacing around inside the ring he seems to be thinking about a few things. The fans are interested in hearing what this is about, but still boo the hated Pantheon member.

“So, this last month, since High Stakes, I’ve done a lot of thinking and pondering a future setting. So I talked about in my interview a while ago. That’s all nice and dandy, nothing new to you guys right. Well with this thinking I have spawned other thoughts and questions. Like, how can I maintain myself here in PWA, if I no longer feel the need to compete in PWA world championship bouts, especially since it’s been dampened and destroyed with the sad realization that Shadow starr has become a number one contender. But besides that, and I thought about it, and I thought more about the idea that one does not get made by belts, but rather the man makes the belt. So if this is true, then what type of man makes a true champion?”

Hunter lets the rhetorical question settle in as he moves to the turnbuckle and leans on it, looking out to the fans and seem continues

“The answer to that? Well it is a man who can entertain and really relish in the matches they perform, that, and that they can have great matches every week with everyone. See, that’s the type of person I want to be, the type of wrestler. When I’m looked back on in the future, I don’t need to have 5 title reigns equaling to the highest number of days champion. I don’t need some sort of controversial feud or action, while, I do enjoy some nice controversy. *coughi’mbetterthanjesuscough* I don’t want to be remembered as a spot monkey who took hellish bumps, or a man who’s only talent is holding a chair and swinging it. No, I want to be the guy that fans and critics look back on and say “hey, that guy wrestled classics.” I want to be the guy who is the main attraction on the card, for no other reason that I out preformed everyone else.”

Hunter walks around and smirks at the fans still booing him.

“Well you see, what I’m trying to say, is I need to keep up my portfolio of work, build a resume better and better each PPV. So I gotta ask myself, how can I pull off such a task this month, WHO is there to face that I can reallllly pull the best out of. What man can I face, or woman, that will help me destroy the main event, the opener, the gimmick matches and the tag matches all in one swoop. I’ve done it before with men like Jacob figgins, Chamelion, Riona Langly, Jethro, so who should I give the honor of tarring down the show with me, to? Well I thought long and hard and I found the perfect person. A man technically sound, a man who is just as interested as I am in proving that he is the main event of this company, see, I’m laying down a challenge here tonight to a man out back, for retribution. “

“Rob, I’m challenging you to a match!”

The fans burst into cheer from the idea of the match. The announcers respond positively, especially Brian who seems to have wet himself.

Dddlii-dooodoo, didi dooo doo!
” It’s the Finaaal count down!”
Fans cheer and boo as Rob heads out and stand on the stage, his GWA championship belt around his waist. He seems cocky and kinda impressed as he raises his microphone up to respond.

“You know, I gotta hand it to you, kid. You've got a pair if you're challenging me to a match. But that's why you're in the Pantheon, because you've got what it takes to be the biggest star around. Once I retire, of course. You and I, we're in the same position here, Hunter. I was looking around and trying to decide what to do for the upcoming pay per view and I haven't seen anyone worth wasting my time on. So yeah, let's do it, let's put on an exhibition for the fans and show the whole world exactly why the Pantheon is the best in the business!”

Rob turns to leave as everyone cheers and is in shock at the match just signed for retribution! But things seem off as Hunter doesn’t look as ecstatic as he should be considering he got his response.

Hunter: “yeah, well, that’s great, fine and dandy. But I just can’t see the fans buying into this match seriously. You know what I mean, these are the same people that questioned the result of my Who’s the man tournament match. So, I dunno, lets add something to show these fans we’re serious about this. Why don’t we… add that there GWA title on the line.”

Rob who was on his way to the exit turns around on the stage with a look of disgust, hardly liking the idea of defending the GWA championship belt at all.

Rob: “Sorry, can't do that, Hunter. It wouldn't be right to pit two members of the Pantheon against each other like that.“

Hunter: “I dare you.”

Rob: “What?“

Hunter: “I double dog dare you.”

Rob: “Are you serious? Look, this isn't a PWA belt. I've got to talk to the GWA Championship Committee and...“


Rob: “Wh- I… err. You're on!’

Hunter smirks as Rampage fades to…. Commercial.

Viktor Stone vs Adam Blue

Singles Match

Match begins with Viktor trying to shove Blue off several times, Blue somehow manages to get by striking the thigh area of Viktor a few times. Moments later, Viktor charges at Blue, but Blue dodges him and Viktor hits the steel post pretty hard. This allows Blue to go up to the top rope and connect with a flying cross body for a 2 count.


Back, Blue has a headlock scissors applied. As Viktor tries to break the hold, Blue kicks Viktor out of the ring. Blue then attempts to splash onto Viktor, but Viktor thrusts Blue in the throat area. Afterwards, Viktor hurls Blue into the barricade before throwing him back inside of the ring. After a 2 count, Viktor applies a claw hold to the torso of Blue. Finally, after some time, Blue gets out of the hold, but Viktor quickly takes Blue down with a massive clothesline. Then, Viktor applies a modified bow-and-arrow like maneuver. Viktor releases the hold and applies a bear hug. Blue elbows Viktor in the face and gets out of the hold, but Viktor quickly sidekicks Blue right back down. Viktor then teases to sit on top of Blue, but Blue kicks Viktor right in the face. With Viktor dazed, Blue connects with his springboard clothesline, but gets only a 2 count. As Viktor gets up, Blue slaps Viktor in the face and proceeds to take Viktor down with a dropkick for another 2 count. Blue lifts Viktor and charges at him, but Viktor catches Blue and drills him with a swinging side slam. 1…2…NO! Blue kicks out! Viktor then drags Blue to the corner and backs off. Viktor attempts a corner splash, but Blue moves out of the way at the last minute causing Viktor to crash into the turnbuckle. With Viktor dazed in the corner, Blue strikes Viktor with the knee lift, but Viktor shoves Blue down. Viktor then stalks Blue from behind, going for the BBB when Project X appears suddenly and attacks Viktor viciously while Jones slides in on the otherside and kicks Blue across the temple, knocking him out. Both Jones and PX then double team Viktor as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Double DQ.

Post match has the three men brawling up the ramp, with Viktor getting some good licks in return.

Mark Zout, Ryan Ross & Marxx vs Figgins, Maverick & Duff

Champs vs Challengers #1

Ross starts off with Duff and they lock up. Ross with a break but Duff pushes Ross. They lock up again and Ross works on the arm. Duff reverses and he puts Ross in a hammer lock. Ross with a side head lock and a knee to the midsection. Duff with a back elbow and then Duff with the drop kick for a near fall. Zout tags in and Duff gets a waist lock and Duff with shoulders in the corner. Zout with an Irish whip but Duff moves out of the way when Zout charges into the corner. Duff tries for a sunset flip but he cannot get Zout over. Zout puts Duff in the corner and it is time for elbows. Zout puts Duff on the turnbuckles but Duff punches Zout and then he puts Zout in a sleeper. Ross tags in and he connects with a knee and a knee lift. Zout tags back in and Duff with a kick to Zout’s leg and then he punches Ross. Duff goes to the apron and he sends Ross to the floor. Duff with a springboard forearm to Zout and Zout crashes into the floor.

We go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Zout is back in the ring and ducks Duff’s clothesline. Zout with a kick and side head lock. Zout with a shoulder tackle but Duff with an arm drag. Zout with a leg sweep but Duff with a matrix to get out of a cover. Duff with a kick to Zout’s head. Zout ties Duff up and then he tags in Marxx and Marxx poses. Duff with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Maverick tags in and he drops Marxx on the mat and then he hits a leg drop. Maverick presses Marxx over his head and drops him for a near fall. Duff sends Marxx into the turnbuckles and then Duff with a drop kick. Marxx sends Duff into the turnbuckles and then a double kick. Maverick is knocked off the apron and then Duff is tossed around by Zout and Marxx.

Zout puts Duff in the Tree of Woe and then he stands on Duff’s groin. Zout with a baseball slide and Marxx with a hesitation drop kick. Marxx with a version of an abdominal stretch. Zout tags back in and Duff with kicks to Zout and Marxx. Duff with a kick to Zout and then he hits an inverted DDT and both men are down. Figgins is tagged in and he hits a double edge on Zout and a clothesline in the corner. Figgins with a drop kick to Marxx. Figgins with a fireman’s carry slam of Zout onto Marxx. Ross pushes Figgins from behind and the two argue. Marxx takes advantage with a kick to Figgins, and then Zout with a powerbomb for a two count. Marxx with a drop kick that knocks Figgins down on the apron. Marxx and Zout wait for Figgins to get up and it is time for a series of kicks. Figgins with a desperation kick to Zout followed by a hurricarana to Marxx.

Figgins crawls over and makes the hot tag to Maverick just as Zout tags in Ross. Ross with a clothesline to Maverick but it’s missed as Maverick ducks. Maverick twists and catches Ross and hits the Running shotei to the face. Before Maverick can cover, however, Zout slips in and hits the Mark Out on Maverick! He grins but gets sidelined by Duff who takes Zout down with The Echoes! Duff is then twisted around by Marxx and is taken out by the Leaving Marxx! Jumping up and laughing, Marxx doesn’t see Figgins who connects with the Crisis Averted! Figgins up, looking pleased, only for Zout to grab his tights from behind and roll him into a schoolboy for a long two. A kickout and both are up, now arguing with each other. Maverick comes up behind Zout and throws him over the top rope. Ross with a knee lift to Figgins back, and he collides head to head with Maverick. Figgins out of the ring and Ross hits the Dipped in Sauce Driver on Maverick for the 1-2-3!

Winners: Zout, Ross & Marxx in 16.32

Jethro Hayes, Riona Langly & Emperor Ian vs Shadow Starr, Matt Stone & Chamelion

Champs vs Challengers +1 #2

After some deliberation, Jethro Hayes begins the match for his side. On the opposite side, the fans in attendance are kind of surprised to see Chamelion start for his team. Chamelion with a waist lock but Jethro with a standing switch. Chamelion with a kick to the leg followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Chamelion with a head butt and Irish whip and clotheslines in the corner. Chamelion with an STO for a near fall. Jethro punches Chamelion and tries for a clothesline but Chamelion with a first clothesline and a near fall. Jethro punches Chamelion and hits a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Jethro with jabs to Chamelion and a roundhouse after a split. Jethro with a drop kick to the knees followed by an elbow drop to the back for a near fall. Jethro punches Chamelion in the corner but Chamelion with a side Russian leg sweep and both men are down. Jethro with punches to Chamelion but Chamelion with a drop kick that sends Jethro into the corner. Chamelion sends Jethro into the turnbuckles and gets a near fall. Chamelion with a fireman’s carry slam for a near fall. Jethro with a series of kicks to Chamelion but he can only get a near fall. Chamelion with an Irish whip and then he follows for a splash but Jethro ducks and hits the tag to Emperor Ian.

Chamelion, bouncing off the turnbuckle is too dazed when Ian comes in and from behind, Ian lifts Chamelion up into a back suplex and then rolls on top for a near fall. Both men up and they trade punches. The splash in the corner has Chamelion more dazed then expected and Ian takes control. Chamelion with a desperate tag to Shadow Starr. Starr and Ian lock up. Starr with a headlock, followed by a go behind and he lifts Ian up and around and puts him on the mat. Ian shifts his legs and gets an arm over Starr’s head, locking him in. Starr stands, bringing Ian with him and hits a side slam. Starr up, followed by Ian. Punches traded, and an irish whip sends Ian into the ropes. Stone with a knee to Ian’s back as he hits the ropes, sending Ian into the ring staggering and Starr with a leg drop over the head for a two count. Starr tags in Stone, who goes for Ian, but Ian rolls over and tags in Riona.

Riona and Stone with a lock up. They break, circle, and lock up again. Riona with a knee to the gut. Riona with a Russian leg sweep for two. Stone pokes the eyes, and a warning from the ref. Stone goes for an underhook slam, Riona locks her legs around Stone’s neck and flips back, sending him over to the canvas. Riona with a leg drop, rush off the ropes and an elbow drop for two. Stone answers with a enziguri and with Riona on the ropes, runs across the ring and comes back to jump on her back, bouncing her on the second rope. Stone goes for it again, but Jethro intercepts him with a running clothesline.

Both sides urge their partners over. Riona with the hot tag to Jethro, and Stone to Shadow Starr. Crowd is on their feet as World Champion and Challenger go toe to toe. Starr with the early advantage, hitting a knee lift, followed by a DDT and then a figure four leg lock. Jethro gets to the ropes, and the break. Both men up, Jethro limping. Starr utilizes the advantage, thrusting kicks to Jethro’s injured leg followed by a drop kick off the ropes, buckling Jethro. Ian tries to come in, but Chamelion around to their corner, ripping Ian off the apron and throwing him into the steel steps. Riona sees this and jumps down, but Stone intercedes and the two begin to brawl on the outside. Chamelion grins his Cheshire grin and sneaks into the ring behind Jethro. Chamelion aims to strike with the Sweet Sound of Success but Jethro turns just in time, ducks and Chamelion connects to Shadow Starr’s chin! Shocked, Chamelion gets ripped out of the ring by Ian and that allows Jethro to hit the plow on Shadow Starr for the 1-2-3!

Winners: Jethro Hayes, Riona Langly and Emperor Ian in 19:10

Post match, Riona and Stone still battle up the ramp and Ian goes to join in the battle. Jethro pulls Starr to his feet and offers to shake his hand. Starr sighs and nods, and the two do shake. The crowd roars it’s approval, but then Chamelion has a mic at ringside, and coughs. Jethro and Starr turn, but Chamelion isn’t looking at them, he’s eying the three on stage who have been broken up by security.

Chamelion: Hey, Riona, Matt, Ian… pay attention for a moment will you? See, Retribution is in a week, and I don’t have a match. I’m kind of bummed by this, you see, and I would love to toss my name into the hat and face you three in a fatal fourway for the IC and GB titles.

Massive boos.

Chamelion: BUT! I’m not. Frankly cause the B.O.D. would probably get pissed with me, dammit. But, I want to have some fun so guess what? I’m your special guess referee! GOT IT!?

Dropping the mic and offering his best Cheshire Grin, Chamelion watches the three on stage stare back as they are being held apart. In the ring, Shadow Starr is at the ropes, glaring down at Chamelion for costing them the match and not seeming to care, but the Devious one just shrugs and we fade to black.

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