World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Backstage with Phoenix

Saturday Rampage opened a video package of High Stakes, the various matches and ended with Jethro Hayes holding the PWA World Title.

Backstage in the arena's loading zone, Lean Bean Miller is pacing nervously back and forth. A black limo pulls slowly into the bay and Rob Robinson, dressed in a dark blue suit, gets out. Robinson is followed by another, shorter man, also dressed in a suit. The shorter man is carrying a briefcase. Lean Bean rushes over to Robinson, microphone in hand.

Lean Bean: Rob, are the rumors true?

Rob Robinson: Lean Bean, in my experience, rumors are almost always true. But which particular ones are you talking about?

Lean Bean: What? About you leaving the PWA! My sources have told me that you got your release and have signed with a new company!

Rob Robinson: Your sources, huh? Let me tell you, Lean Bean, you and the rest of the world, you'll find out what's up with the Phoenix when I'm ready to tell you.

Robinson and the other man start to walk away, but Lean Bean walks with Robinson.

Lean Bean: Can you at least tell me who this man is?

Rob Robinson: All in good time, Lean Bean. Now, if you'll excuse us...

Robinson and the man walk away as Lean Bean stands there, looking confused.

Next, the camera went to ringside where Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel opened the show with a look back at High Stakes. Brian was over with Emperor Ian getting the Grizzly Beer Title, and Jon commented that later on in the evening we would see that match in it’s entirety. Jon then announced that tonight's Rampage was a special 2 and a 1/2 hour show, given that the High Stakes match alone lasted almost 20 minutes.

Chamelion Speaks

‘Voices’ By Rev Theory played and Chamelion walked down to the ring, looking rather ‘okay’ as it were, after losing the title Sunday. In the ring, Chamelion discussed Sunday, losing the title and actually not too upset about it. He says that Pantheon got the troops motivated, and now that they’d done their job, the next step was to show everyone why the Pantheon is the best, and take back each of those championships. He went on to say that tonight he’d win against Duff and get one of those six cases and begin the journey back to being a champion, and hoped to get the case with the GB contendership in it. Chamelion then discussed that while Ian and Kumquat Kid would face off again for the Grizzly Beer title in a couple of weeks, he’d be watching the match and challenging the winner at Retribution, where Pantheon would begin their retribution for all that has happened recently.

Chamelion was interrupted at that point by The Kumquat Kid, who joked about Pantheon sounding like a group wearing panties, and that they sure better be fruit of the loom. He then said that he’d be happy to fight Chamelion again, without that silly Emperor in the way. Of course, Ian came out, waving the American flag, with Yoshi Tang by his side, and stated that he didn’t care who he faced, that the Grizzly Beer title would stay with him, and he’d get to choose the match stips again. Chamelion shrugged and said, let’s just see how good you are; and have your match against Bubba, next.

We go to commercial.

Emperor Ian vs Bubba

Singles Match

Back from commercial, Bubba has come down to the ring, with Ian handing his US flag off to Yoshi. The bell rings and Bubba takes control early, using his power to throw the smaller Ian around the ring, and peppered him with punches and kicks. Ian comes back, utilizing some more technical moves, frustrating Bubba and each get a couple near falls about five minutes into the match.

Ian with a drop kick, sending Bubba to the outside and then a suicide plancha over the top rope causes both men to sprawl to the floor. The ref makes it to eight before both men slide back in, with Bubba hitting a stunner and getting 2 and a half before Ian throws his foot on the ropes. Back up, Bubba throws Ian into the corner, rushes in but Ian moves, and Bubba bounces his forehead off the steel turnpost and Ian follows up with the Imperial Conquest for the three count.

Winner: Emperor Ian in 9:45

After the match, as Ian was celebrating, a masked man rushed the ring and attacked Ian, leaving the Grizzly Beer Champion laid out in the ring before disappearing through the crowd.

We go to commercial.

A replay of what happened to Ian, and we cut backstage to find Chamelion watching the monitors of the replay and Toshi asks him if he had anything to do with that. Chamelion just grins and draws out a long “maaayyyybe.”

At ringside, Jon and Brian hyped the Case Matches, and how each case would have a number inside it, associated with a title shot, that was yet to be determined. They went over the six matches tonight that would each result in a winner handling a case, with the first of those matches up now.

Roxanne Fux_ vs Shadow Starr vs Brandon Jones

Case Match

Brian was quick to comment positively on the beauty of the newcomer, Roxanne, and Jon focused on reminding everyone of Brandon Jones return to the ring. The men began the match fighting and more or less ignoring Roxanne, who took exception and made her presence known. A low blow from behind put Shadow out of the match for a while, and Brandon and Roxanne wrestled a match with Jones gaining the upper hand early, but Roxanne came back showing off some strong cruiserweight offense. Keeping Jones off kilter, Roxanne scored a couple near falls before Starr returned and summarily tossed Roxanne out of the ring.

Brian cussed at Starr’s apparent enjoyment of abuse of women, but Jon reminded him she signed up for this. Jones took control against Starr and hit a high flying cross body for two. Starr came back, and jackknifed Jones for two, but it was broken up by Roxanne. Roxanne flipped off Starr, floated behind and tried for another low blow but he grabbed her leg from between his, wrenched her and she fell on her back. Starr then did a standing backflip and splashed on Roxanne, knocking her breath away and scored the three count.

Winner: Shadow Starr in 11:20

After the match, Starr quickly exited the ring when Mark Zout came down to check on his girl, and Brandon Jones just laughed about the incident. Jones and Zout then had words, and it would have come to fisticuffs, but Roxanne lead Zout away.

We go to commercial.

Backstage, LBM is with Shadow Starr and there are six unmarked cases hanging up on a board. LBM says that Shadow gets to pick the first case, but they are all locked with a single master key, and that they can not be opened till after all the matches next week on Rampage are over. Starr takes the top middle case and walks off, confident he will get a world title shot out of it.

At ringside, Brian is worked up over the treatment of Roxanna Fux, but Jon steers him towards the next match, as a rather irritated Johnny Maverick is set to face off against the Sommers nephew, Jacob Collins.

Johnny Maverick vs Jacob Collins

Case Match

The match is a quick one, with Maverick focusing his energies and a chance to redeem his bad PWA Start by basically dominating the match against Collins, scoring a quick three count against the ever unlucky rookie.

Winner: Johnny Maverick in 2:19

Brian laughs about Collins still being unable to secure the big win, and Jon agrees that maybe it’s time that Collins hang up his boots.
Backstage, Maverick walks right up to the board and rips down the bottom middle case, grinning wildly, and shaking it at LBM, as if to say it’s finally his time.

We go to commercial.

Adam Blue vs Project X

TV Contendership Match

As we come back from commercial, Brian and Jon discuss the new comer Adam Blue and they both question what it means to Mess with Hawaii? Brian finds Adam blue to be one of the most animated wrestlers he’s seen in some time, but Jon wonders how ‘animated’ he’ll be against the veteran monster; Project X.

The answer is forthcoming. As Blue enters the ring, he is assaulted by Project X who came from under the ring. Project X throws Adam Blue around like a rag doll as the ref scurries to call for the bell. Blue, however, stuns Project X and the crowd, by flying off the ropes with a spin kick, knocking PX for a loop and getting a near three. PX throws Blue off him and gets to his feet nad chases Blue around the ring, angry and wanting to get his hands on Blue.

Blue ducks PX and comes back with a series of strong kicks, working over PX’s left knee, and he even manages to get the big man down to one knee. Blue bounces off the ropes, but PX catches him by the throat and umceremoniously hits the Probe in the center of the ring, gaining the three.

Winner: Project X in 4:40

After the contest, PX looks at the prone form of Adam Blue and just shakes his head. He knows he has a shot at the TV Champion next week, and plans to make good use of it.

As PX leaves the ring and medics look over Adam Blue, Jon McDaniel brings up Hunter Sullivan and his match against Jethro Hayes last week, and says he did a sit down interview with Hunter over the week, and that that’s up now.

A Sit Down With Hunter Sullivan

Jon McDaniel: “Moving on from that bout I now present to you an interview with one, Hunter Sullivan. It was quite the interesting round of questions indeed. He didn’t hold back from the tough questions either.”

The ADC-Tron flickers and opens up to Hunter Sullivan and Jon McDaniel in a pre-taped interview. The surroundings are simple and to the point, both men sit in black steel chairs and are facing each other with a tilt towards the camera.
Jon McDaniel: “First of all, Thank you Hunter for being with us here tonight.”

Hunter is dressed in street gear, a black cowboy hat, black vest, blue jeans, and a Green undershirt. Hunter nods and replies to the well known commentator.

Hunter: “Not a problem.”

Jon looks a little worried as he picks up his sheets of paper and straightens them out, placing them flat on his lap. He looks down and looks at the first question.

Jon mcDaneil: “As many of the fans out there know by now, you were unsuccessful in your Championship bout last week at HighStakes in your own specialty match type called the Full Metal Mayhem. First lets start off with your thoughts of your seemingly ongoing PPV curse.”

Hunter grunts before replying

Hunter: “Frankly I don’t care about such things anymore, I lost, so what. Everyone loses it seems, and I’ve had my fare share, against this man no less. See, it’s been brought to my attention as of late, that I’m a very, very popular wrestler here in PWA wouldn’t you agree? (Jon Nods) Thank you, and obviously, that’s not because I win all the time now is it. I get over, I sell merch, and I live a happy life, why? Because win or lose I always give the fans the match they paid to see. So to return to your question, what do I think about my PPV loss curse, well I don’t bother me anymore, not at all, because I realize I have another blessing that far outweighs that, and it’s the fact that I have the ability to wrestle a classic with a broom.”

Jon nods and looks down at the next question.

Jon McDaneil: “That is very true, you have always had a gift for putting on some PWA grand events. No more proof is needed then to point out your PPV match with Jethro, that was indeed a great match. before that you have matches with Figgy and Chamelion to list on your resume. However, as much as that is all fine and dandy, I must inquire, how do you feel when it comes to the fact Rob had to help you in your match, yet you still lost?”

Hunter: “First of all, I never asked Robinson to help me, and the fact he did so was under his own free will. I had no intention on using him to win, nor have him assist, I’m slightly flattered and insulted that he got involved and tried to help out a fellow Pantheon member, but I’ll tell him now, I don’t need his help to Win a match, nor so I need him to sell a match to the fans. The fact that I still lost? Well that’s an embarrassment surely, it’s wounded my pride and I’m still recovering. The only thing I can say is that I’ve gained a respect for Jethro’s talents that I never had before. “

Jon McDaniel: “How do you feel about failing at obtaining the world heavyweight championship?”

Hunter: “ I was extremely depressed, extremely angry, I didn’t know what to do and I was lost.”

Jon McDaniel: “Was?”

Hunter: ”When your handed a huge loss like I was, when you are down in the dumps and when you have a week off, you tend to have time to think. This week, I was given time to think of something a man once told me when I entered into the Wrestling community. The Belt doesn’t make the man, the man makes the belt. I looked at that several ways, until it finally hit me. Just like I always mentioned, I take so much pride in the ring work that I do, I take so much pride in the awards I gain, and I finally had a moment of clarity. It became clear to me Jon that I don’t need world heavyweight championships, I don’t need IC, Grizzly beer, TV, tag team, Grand Prix, IGTT, Openweight, or any type of championship. After all its just a piece of jewelry. See, I’ve come to think, that, as I said to you, I’m known, I’m over, all because of the matches I put on, so I’ve found a new goal. My new goal, My new goal is to show everyone in this company, everyone in the wrestling world, I don’t need to win, I don’t need to be a champion, to be the best. See, Jethro, he beat me, he won, but I don’t think he’s the best, Chamelion, same deal. You can beat me, you can defeat me, but I don’t think you can truly be better then me until you are able to put on shows, matches, classics like I do. Anyone can win a belt, look at Scottie snow, but not everyone can steal the show. That’s who I am, a show stealer.”

Jon McDaniel: ”So what are your plans now?”

Hunter: “My plans? My plans are to show up next rampage, take who ever I’m facing and show them what its like to be the best DAMN WRESTLER in PWA, through win, loss, draw, no one can say their superiority to my talent. My goal? My goal is to take these no talents coasting along, these men Like Project X, these men like Mark McNasty, these men who will never be able to be more then I am and beat a little sense of talent into them. I don’t need to be champion, but hell, if the chance comes knocking, and I’m given a shot, It won’t be ignored. I’m starting a new path tonight, and that’s to show everyone, I am not their champion, no, I’m their Wrestling, God. Good day Jon.”

We go to commercial.

Jon recollects over the interview we just saw, and Brian thinks that Hunter’s on the right track. Brian then asks why Jon didn’t talk to Hunter about the apparent Split of G.O.D., but Jon insisted the interview was solely about Hunter’s title shot and future plans. Brian disagrees, and say that Figgins is going to be the man, even if he’s now separated from The Pantheon. The talk of Figgins brings us to the next match.

Brett Cross vs Jacob Figgins

Case Match

Figgins has some words for Brett when he enters the ring and they get face to face as the bell rings. They shake hands in a sign of respect. Figgins backs Brett into the corner and Figgins with a clean break. Brett returns the favor with a clean break of his own. Figgins with a clean break but Brett with a punch. Figgins with punches and he misses a corner Splash. Brett misses a splash and Figgins catches him. Brett with the Flair flip and Figgins presses Brett to the mat and clotheslines Brett over the top rope to the floor.

Brett returns to the ring and Figgins gets a near fall. Figgins sends Brett over the top rope to the floor again. Brett returns to the ring and hits a reverse atomic drop and a flying forearm for a near fall. Brett with a snap mare and elbow drops. Figgins puts Brett in the Conspiracy Theory when Brett misses a missile drop kick. Figgins adds some pressure and Brett’s attempts to reach the ropes are over as he taps.

Winner: Jacob Figgins in 9:10

Jon notes that Figgins always preferred to fight the clean fight and this is a side of Figgins that looks good. Backstage, Figgins is asked by LBM which case he wants and what he hopes for. Figgins takes the top left case and comments that he’d love a shot at the world title, but will take anything he can get.

The scene cuts to Chamelion in his locker room, when his wife Sandra comes in. The two talk about his main event match against the returning Duff, with Chamelion noting that Duff should have stayed on the inactive list, and he was going to do whatever it takes to get that last case. The two kiss deeply.

We go to commercial.

Back and Jon and Brian hype the next match, as it is a battle between the two Stones of the PWA. Brian quips they’re both stoners, really and are just foot notes in the PWA books. Jon says Viktor has been on a downfall since losing the Intercontinental Championship, and Matt Stone, while new, could take advantage of that.

Viktor Stone vs Matt Stone

Case Match

As the match starts, Viktor clips Matt in the leg and takes him off his stance. Viktor goes after the leg again but Matt avoids him. Viktor goes after the leg a third time, but Matt punches him and works on the arm and then has Viktor down with a double leg take down into a front face lock. Viktor with a hammer lock and a single leg take down but Matt kicks him off. Matt with an arm drag into an arm bar and key lock. Viktor with a knee to Matt’s leg but Matt responds with an arm drag and returns to the key lock. Viktor backs Matt into the corner but Matt with an uppercut. Viktor pulls Matt off the turnbuckles and Matt goes to the floor. Matt punches Viktor but Viktor returns to the leg and then he Irish whips Matt into the ring steps.

They return to the ring and Viktor with a near fall. Viktor with a single leg crab. Viktor with an atomic drop to the knee and then he hits a Saito suplex for a near fall. Matt with kicks but Viktor holds on to the ropes when Matt tries for a drop kick. Viktor returns to the knee and he gets a near fall. Viktor with a leg lace but Matt tries to escape and he gets to the ropes. Viktor with a European uppercut and then he kicks the leg in the ropes. Viktor misses a charge into the corner and Matt hits a tornado DDT and both men are down until Matt gets a near fall. Matt punches Viktor followed by a back body drop. Matt with an inverted DDT for a near fall. Viktor with a hard Irish whip and then he kicks Viktor followed by a sunset flip from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Viktor tries to return to the knee but Matt counters and tries for a german suplex but Viktor blocks it and hits a suplex of his own for a near fall. Viktor runs Matt into the corner and then he misses a charge and Matt hits the pendulum kick and then he hits the flying European uppercut from the turnbuckles followed by the Corkscrew Neckbreaker for the three count.

Winner: Matt Stone in 8:30

Post match, Viktor trashes the ringside area in a rage, and Brian and Jon remain stone, pun intended, quiet so Viktor doesn’t go after them. In the back, Matt Stone selects the top right case, with a big smile on his face as he limps away. LMB notes that there are only two cases, and one of them will be selected after the next match.

We go to commercial.

The Big Announcement!

Fade back from commercial and the Final Countdown starts to play. The crowd starts to boo as the Phoenix walks out onto the entrance ramp, a man with the briefcase right behind him. Robinson walks to the ring, apparently relishing the jeers of the crowd, then climbs up the ring steps to enter the ring.

Rob Robinson: Well, well, well, the Phoenix has finally come back. You know, I've been gone for a month and I've gotta say, I haven't missed this place at all!

The crowd boos louder.

Rob Robinson: See? That's why, right there. That kind of treatment is exactly why I've been forced into this situation. Now, this week there have been a lot of rumors going around about yours truly, and it's amused me to no end hearing them all. But I want to clear the air and get everything out into the open. First off, is it true that I've asked for my release from the PWA? Absolutely.

The crowd cheers loudly at the news.

Rob Robinson: See, you're only reinforcing that I made the right call. Why did I ask for my release? Let me spell it out for you. I've done all there is to do here, really. No man can say he's held the belt more times than me, only one man can make a claim at holding it longer. I've been in more main events than anyone else, had the biggest feuds, the best matches, headlined the most pay per views, entered the Hall of Fame twice now. There isn't anything to do that I haven't done. And honestly, that made me kind of sad. I looked around at the new talent on the roster and hung my head in shame. These are the guys that I'd have to wrestle over the coming months? These pathetic losers were supposed to be the future of the company? Why the hell should I put my body and reputation on the line night in and night out when my competition isn't fit to own one of my DVDs, let alone wrestle me.

Rob Robinson: But that's only part of the reason I decided to leave. The biggest reason is something you people wouldn't know anything about: pride. Like a great man once said, I'm greedy for respect and I sure as hell wasn't getting it around here. And why not? I just went over my accomplishments, but those weren't enough. Did you know that I've spent my entire career in the PWA? Yeah, that's a fact. Unlike everyone else, I stayed true to the PWA and never wandered. But did I get any respect for that unheard of loyalty? No, not at all. So if the PWA fans weren't going to show me any respect, why should I show any to them?

Rob Robinson: Then about six weeks ago, shortly before Phoenix Rising, I got a phone call. The man on the other end of the phone, he wanted to know why I was wasting the best years of my career in a company that didn't give a damn about me. He, on the other hand, respected me and my talent. He wanted me to come to his company and show the world what a real champion looks like. This man, he represented the Global Wrestling Alliance, the GWA, and they were about to have a 64 man tournament for a shot at their Global title and he wanted to know if I was interested. Was I interested? This is a company that's bigger than the PWA ever was! They run promotions in Japan, Europe, Canada, the US, and Mexico! Every year when they gather the best of the best together for their supershow event, it's like the Olympics of the wrestling industry. So, was I interested? Hell yes, where do I sign? Any true wrestler knows what an honor it is to be courted by another company, but to be courted by a company like the GWA? That's the kind of respect I've been looking for.

Rob Robinson: Of course, there was the little problem of me being the PWA World champion. But that was easily resolved when I let Jethro pin me at Phoenix Rising, and now I'm able to get out of my contract. Think about that, I'd rather go for just the chance at the GWA Global title that be the PWA World champion! The GWA flew me on a private jet to Rio and put me up in the finest hotel in a suite that's larger than most of your houses! I had the finest food, the finest wine, and since this was Brazil, the finest women at my disposal, all just a phone call away. This is how a real wrestling company treats it's top talent. And hell, I wasn't even the Global champion! So I entered that 64 man tournament, and I won't go into details, you can buy the DVD, but I walked out, surprise surprise, with the title shot. A title shot, by the way, that I cashed in the next week. Alec, if you don't mind...

The man with the briefcase opens it to show the GWA Global title belt folded inside. Robinson takes the belt out and secures it around his waist.

Rob Robinson: Now this is what a real title belt looks like. Gold, diamonds, rubies, 100% pure class. This man is Alec Wilcox, an official with the GWA. He came back to St. Louis with me to negotiate my release. Now, Chamelion's no fool, he didn't want to lose the Phoenix, so we came to an arrangement. Chamelion, he knows all about being greedy for respect and he also knows how the fans would rather support a nobody like Jethro Hayes over top notch talent like the Pantheon. But at the same time, Chamelion can't let the PWA's top attraction just walk out, no matter how much I wanted to. So the agreement we reached is that I've been released from my exclusive PWA contract and signed a new one, one that allows me the freedom to represent the GWA but still appear on PWA shows.

Rob Robinson: Now, the GWA, they treat their champion the way a champion should be treated, like a special attraction. That means he doesn't wrestle every week because that makes his matches less special. So the GWA agreed to let Chamelion book me in the PWA as a sort of training camp, to keep my skills sharp. However, seeing as how I'm the GWA Global champion, that means my matches, even in the PWA, fall under the jurisdiction of the GWA. After all, they can't let their meal ticket get injured at training camp! So to make sure everything is on the up and up, Alec here will be my own, personal referee for all of my matches. The GWA and the PWA, they get to share the single greatest wrestler on the planet and I get two pay checks! Talk about win/win!

Rob Robinson: So, what does this mean for the Pantheon? It's simple. You've got the Phoenix dominating the most powerful wrestling company on the globe. And once Hunter wins that World title, the Pantheon will truly be the most powerful force in the wrestling world. We're still the best of the best, we just need to expand our boundaries. With my conquest of the GWA and my victory in Rebel Pro, that just shows that there's no place that's safe from us. So PWA, GWA, Rebel Pro, whoever, get ready, because the best in the world just got better!

Robinson and Wilcox leave the ring as the crowd continues to jeer.

Jon McDaniel: So the Phoenix is a World champion for another company?

Brian Rentfro: He's the Global champion, Jon. Try to pay attention.

Jon McDaniel: Isn't that the same thing?

Brian Rentfro: Man, sometimes I think you really are as dumb as you look. All you need to know is that the Pantheon just got more powerful and that the Phoenix is the best in the world and he's got the belt to prove it!
We go to commercial.

Chamelion vs. Emperor Ian vs. The Kumquat Kid

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match from High Stakes

Back and Jon hypes the complete airing of the PWA Grizzly Beer title match, and while everyone knows the outcome, not everyone got to see how it happened.

Before the match, it’s announced that Emperor Ian won the voting and his choice is a Flag Burning Match! The Kumquat Kid comes out first, carrying a Kumquat Flag, Bring green with an orange Kumquat in the center. It’s placed on one of the four poles attached to the ring posts. The forth pole currently holds a can of gas and a lighter.

Next, Emperor Ian is introduced, and with Yoshi Tang, he walks out with an American Flag, which is hoisted onto pole number two.
And then ‘Voices’ By Rev Theory hits, and Chamelion comes to the ring, his flag wrapped up in a black canvas bag. He steps into the ring, smirking at Ian and KK. The other two look at Chamelion, wondering what the joke is, when Chamelion unveils his flag; an American Flag!

Ian protests, but Chamelion reminds him that he’s an American too, not a Kumquat and like it or not, he believes in the USA! So, two American flags, one Kumquat Flag, and Ian is super irate. Ryan, on the other hand, realizes the predictimate he’s in, and seems at a loss about how he’s going to win, as he isn’t fond of burning US Flags either.

The bell rings while Chamelion skips to the outside for a moment.

Ian starts the match off by confronting Ryan, as he walks over to his new rival and starts to jaw-jack with him a bit. Chamelion decides he's feeling just a bit ignored, rushing up to Ian and making an attempt at a quick Sweet Sound of Sucess, but Ian instinctively ducks and sends Chamelion flying out of the ring. Ian turns around at Ryan, only to get a face full of elbow for his his trouble. Spinning from the strike, Ian roars back with an elbow of his own that sends The Kumquat Kid back into his corner. Ian lets loose onto the fruity one with a few more stiff elbows to the face, but the Kumquat Kid is quick to cover his face. Seeing The Kumquat Kid looking a little groggy, Ian stands back to get a little running room, but is reminded of a third person in this match as Chamelion returns to the match, spinning him around and hammering on him with a series of wild punches. Ian takes the blows well, but doesn't take the knee clip that Lewis hits him with well at all. Buckling down to one knee, the back of Ian's head is left completely open for the wicked roundhouse kick that Chamelion delivers, sending him right to the mat. Chamelion comes charging in at Ryan, but the former W4F Champion is having none of that as he drops down into a quick toe-hold that sends Chamelion face first into the mat, only to add to that by rolling over and locking him into a quick chinlock.

Unfortunately for Ryan, the hold doesn't last very long as Ian gets to his feet and boots him right in the side of the head to break it. Both Chamelion and the Kumquat Kid rise to their feet and look over at Ian, who settles into the center of the ring, hands telling the two to come and get it. Ryan is more than happy to oblige as he bum-ruhes Ian, but that only gets him a powerslam for his troubles. Hanging back, Chamelion waits until the utmost moment and then leaps into action, going for anothim chop-block on Ian's right knee as he turns around. However, Ian swiftly scoops up Chamelion for anothim powerslam and slams him right into Ryan. Ian looks up at the pole with the gas and lighter, and thinks for a moment, before sliding out of the ring and looking under the ring apron for a weapon. Pulling a chair out from underneath, he tosses it into the ring and on top of Chamelion, who rolled off of Ryan pretty quickly. Ian takes another look underneath the apron, pulling out a lead pipe, but drops it as Chamelion slides to the outside and grabs his challenger's hair before slamming Ian's face right into the ring apron. Ian catches Chamelion in the gut with an elbow before he can slam him again, and then quickly turns the table, smashing Chamelion's face into the floor with a well-placed DDT.

Picking up the 6 time Grizzly Beer Champion, Ian grabs Chamelion's arm and slings him right into the ring steps, with Chamelion's left shoulder hitting first. Ian picks up his disgarded pipe and looks to do a bit more damage to the champion when his focus is diverted by the Kumquat Kid, who flies over the ropes with a beautiful springboard crossbody. Rolling off of the other challenger, Ryan takes the opprotunity reach back in the ring and grab the steel chair that Ian had thrown in. Ian turns around to face The Kumquat Kid and gets a face full of steel as he just hammers him with the chair. Ian crumples to the mats on the outside and The Kumquat Kid turns around, only to get leveled himself with THE SWEET SOUND OF SUCESS FROM CHAMELION! Picking up the fun loving challenger by his hair, Chamelion hammers him in the gut with his shoulder and then rams him right into the ringpost on the outside. Ryan grunts from the impact, but has little time to try and reverse his fortunes as Chamelion whacks him in the face with an elbow, knocking him out on the outside. Seeing both of his challengers out for the count at the moment, Chamelion slides into the ring and starts to go for the gas and lighter!

Chamelion doesn't have any time to start climbing the pole as he's smacked in the back of the head by Ian and his pipe. Chamelion falls right out to the outside of the ring and Ian grins, using his pipe to point towards Ryan's flag. The Kumquat Kid staggers to his feet and bursts into the ring as Ian gets halfway over, hitting a side spear that also causes the pipe to fly right out of Ian's hand and out of the ring. Ryan, defending his Kumquat flag with all the power of Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty, hammers down with hammerfists onto the Emporer, before Ian manages to get a foot between him and his attacker, shoving him away. Ryan manages to roll backwards to his feet with the momentum, bouncing off the ropes and hitting Ian with a nice spinning neckbreaker. Continuing to lay into the punishment, Ryan bounces off the ropes once more and hits a quick legdrop. Catching a glipse of Chamelion attempting to get back into the ring out of the corner of his eye, Ryan rushes to the ropes and whacks Chamelion right in the face with a nasty baseball slide. Mark slams into the barrier back first and Ryan turns around to deal more with Ian, only to be hit with a running knee-lift that drops the Kumquatian to the mat. Ian looks up once more at the gas can hanging in the corner, and then turns to Lewis on the mat before dropping a knee into his back. Bringing Ryan to his feet with a handful of golden locks, Ian whips the Kumquat Kid hard into the ropes. Ryan bounces back towards Ian and quickly gets picked up for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Lewis slips out of the move mid-spin and drops Ian down with a reverse DDT!

Ryan gets Ian up to his feet, but Ian cuts him off by raking the eyes of Ryan. Ian is back up to his feet and now begins to chop away at Ryan. KK takes the blow, but Ian is relentless is his attack, hitting Ryan’s chest with more stiff chops, looking like he's taken after Riona Langly just a bit. After five straight chops, Ryan is backed to the ropes, where Ian uses them to propel Ryan across the ring and off the ropes. Ryan comes back and leapfrogs over a stunned Ian before bringing Ian down to the mat with a flying forearm. Ryan bounces off the ropes again as Ian gets to his feet and quickly adjusts as Ian drops to the mat to avoid the speedster. Ryan bounces off the ropes once more as he spins around this time going for a running back-elbow, but Ian ducks in and jumps in the air, hitting a jumping knee right to Lewis' back. Ryan falls to the canvas but doesn't stay there for too long as the Emporer pulls Ryan to his feet and whips him into the corner, which he hits hard back first. Ian rushes forward, actually using the Kumquat Kid as a bit of a ladder as he hops up, trying to get KK's flag off of it's pole, but the fruit loving Ryan Lewis will have none of that as he pulls Ian out of the corner and drops him down with an inverted atomic drop. Ian seems to bounce 5 feet into the air, but doesn't even get tofall to the mat as Ryan starts to hammer on him with forearm shots, pushing Ian into his own corner, with his American flag hanging over him ominously. Ryan continues the assault as he switches things up a bit, letting loose with a couple of chops to Ian's chest. He follows that up with a knee to the gut to double him over and spikes him onto the mat with a nasty DDT! Looking at the top rope, Ryan jumps up to hit the Five Alive Frog Splash, but that is completely interrupted as he's whacked over the head with a steel-chair weilded by none other than the GB Champ himself, Chamelion.

Chamelion steps into the ring and takes a moment to look down at Ryan as he lies face-first into the mat, and this moment is all that's needed as Emporer Ian stalks up behind him and catches him in a half nelson suplex! Chamelion crumples from the move, and Ian goes on the attack, rushing over to get to the Kumquatian flag. He manages to climb to the top and get a hand on the flag before Chamelion stops him with a forearm to the back. Climbing up the turnbuckle as well, the GB Champion grabs Ian in a reverse waistlock, looking to take the King of All Royalty out of this match with a huge German Suplex off the turnbuckle. Ian quickly wraps his arms around the pole, keeping Chamelion from pulling him off. This is all for naught, however, as The Kumquat Kid races into action to defend his flag, going under Mark's legs and pulling him into a powerbomb... BUT CHAMELION MANAGES TO PULL IAN AWAY WITH THE GERMAN SUPLEX AT THE SAME TIME! The ring looks like a car-crash as both champion and challenger alike are out of it on the mat, Ian especially getting it bad having landed with his shoulders right onto the steel chair Chamelion used on Ryan. The Kumquat Kid seems to see this as he quickly moves on the assualt, pummeling his weakened shoulders with a series of stiff knees. Chamelion, however, gets to a vertical base and pushes the challenger away from Ian before sending him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. The Kumquat Kid staggers out of the corner and right into Chamelion's arms as he locks in a reverse waistlock, looking to hit Lewis with a German suplex of his own. To the delight of the crowd, Ryan manages to flip right out of the suplex before rushing forward, planting his knees into Chamelion's back and sending him face-first into the second turnbuckle. Ian rushes forward to get at Ryan, but the Kumquat Kid is just a little bit faster than Ian as he hits him with a drop-toe hold, sending him right into Chamelion's back, giving the two of them a rather interesting position to end up in...

Laughing a bit at the childish situation he's put his opponents in, Ryan quickly focuses back in on the match as he pulls Ian off of Chamelion and whips him into the ropes... However for Ryan, Ian manages to do a bit of a rope flip, shades of Nigel McGuinness, and turns the Kid inside out with a nasty lariat! Ian doesn't have much time to celebrate his offense as Chamelion spins him around, locking in a front facelock and dropping him into the mat with an Implant DDT. Rolling to his feet, Chamelion grabs the disgarded steel chair and waits a bit, knowing that either Ian or Ryan would get to their feet before he could get to the gas or either of his opposing flags. Ryan is the first to his feet, and his reflexes are the only thing that saves his head as he just narrowly rolls out of the way of Chamelion's chair strike aimed right for his skull. Chamelion tosses the chair at Ryan, who catches it, but doesn't get a chance to boot the weapon into Ryan's face as Ian crawls from behind Chamelion and smashes him with a classic forearm to the nuts. Ian makes it to a vertical base and snickers a bit at Mark, but it's all he's able to do as Ryan plants the chair right into his face with a flying chairshot! Dropping the chair onto Ian's back, Ryan bounces off the ropes and goes for a ROLLING TH-NO! CHAMELION TAKES RYAN'S HEAD RIGHT OFF WITH ANOTHER S.O.S!!! Grabbing the chair, Chamelion walks a bit gingerly into the corner before setting it up. Pulling Ian to his feet, Chamelion mashes his face in with a few stiff elbows and then grins, grabbing his challenger and HIPTOSSES HIM BACKFIRST INTO THE UNFOLDED CHAIR!!! The chair crumbles at the impact as the Grizzly Beer Champion stands alone in the ring, before turning and going for Ryan’s Kumquat Flag.

Climbing, he rips the flag down, and it falls into the ring. Moving to the other pole with the gas and lighter, he grabs them and brings them down and walks over to the Kumquat Flag. Smirking to the sound of the boos from the crowd, Chamelion unscrews the cap of the gas can and pours a copius amount over Ryan’s flag. He then takes the lighter and goes to flick it, when Ryan charges in and spears Chamelion and the two men flounder through the ropes t the outside. They fight back and forth at ringside and in the ring, Ian crawls over, his back in pain, and fetches the lighter. Looking back at the action outside the ring, Ian gulps a deep breath and flicks his bic! The Kumquat Flag ignites and Ian falls back, stunned at the WHOOSH of flame. Outside the ring, Chamelion and KK turn, as one, and realize what has just happened, and Chamelion looks pissed off. KK turns to Chamelion, eyes wide about how Ian surprised them both, and gets a third S.O.S. for his trouble. In the ring, attendants use fire extinguishers to douse the flames, and Ian Is awarded the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship. He doesn’t get to celebrate long, because CHamelion comes back in and gives Ian his own S.O.S. to take home! Angry, Chamelion skulks from the ring, and walks dejectedly up the ramp.

Winner, and NEW PWA Grizzly Beer Champion: Emperor Ian in 18:16

Back at ringside now, Brian and Jon go over the match, citing that Chamelion's plan to use the US Flag as well, was a good one, and understandable since he is a US Citizen, but it backfired with KK's flag taking the 'fall' as it were. Both men agreed that Chamelion did not lose his title by pinfall, and could rightfully argue for a re-match. As they talk, The Kumquat Kid's music plays, and he comes out for this match against the new PWA Intercontinental Champion, Riona Langly.

Riona Langly vs The Kumquat Kid

Case Match

Already underway when we come back from commercial, Riona and Ryan Lewis are contesting in the ring for the fifth of six cases to decide a title shot at Retribution. Riona backs Kumquat Kid into the corner but Kumquat Kid with a head butt and side head lock. Kumquat Kid with punches to the throat followed by European uppercuts and a short arm clothesline and an elbow to the top of the head for a near fall. Kumquat Kid with another European uppercut and then he connects with a knee drop to the head. Kumquat Kid pulls Riona to the mat and gets a near fall. Kumquat Kid kicks Riona to the floor and then he rolls her back in. Riona with an elbow to Kumquat Kid and then she kicks Kumquat Kid. Riona with a European uppercut followed by kicks. Kumquat Kid with a short arm clothesline for a near fall and a key lock. Riona gets her foot on the rope so Kumquat Kid pulls Riona into the center of the ring. Riona gets back to the ropes and Kumquat Kid pulls her back into the center of the ring. Kumquat Kid returns to the key lock. Riona gets back to her feet and knees Kumquat Kid but Kumquat Kid with a forearm and an inverted face lock and neck breaker for a near fall. They fight on the floor and Riona hits a running power slam on the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Riona has Kumquat Kid in a rear chin lock. Riona with a leg drop and a near fall. Riona with knees to the back as she wears down Kumquat Kid and then she puts Kumquat Kid in a rear chin lock with his knee in the back. Kumquat Kid with a jawbreaker but Riona with a clothesline for a near fall. Riona with a punch to Kumquat Kid followed by kicks to the head. Kumquat Kid goes to the floor and Riona pulls Kumquat Kid back to the apron but Kumquat Kid with a forearm and kicks as he returns to the ring. Riona with a head butt to the midsection. Riona with more boots to the head and a knee to the back. Riona with a waist lock. Kumquat Kid works on the back by jumping onto it. Riona with a camel clutch and Riona adds a crossface. Riona with an abdominal stretch and Kumquat Kid escapes and he runs Riona into the turnbuckles and he punches Riona. Kumquat Kid walks into a boot but Riona misses an elbow drop. Kumquat Kid with a punch and forearms but Kumquat Kid is sent into the turnbuckles. Riona returns to the camel clutch and she turns it into a reverse chin lock. Riona pulls Kumquat Kid to the mat and she applies extra pressure to the neck. Riona with a forearm that staggers Kumquat Kid followed by an Irish whip. Kumquat Kid sends Riona into the ring post and then he gets a rollup for a near fall. Kumquat Kid with clotheslines followed by the seated splash for a two count. Kumquat Kid with a shoulder into the corner but he cannot get Riona up for a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Kumquat Kid with a back body drop and then he clotheslines Riona over the top rope to the floor. As the ref is counting out Riona, Chamelion slips into the ring from behind Kumquat Kid and as he turns, Chamelion nails the Sweet Sound of Success. Rolling out of the ring, and with Riona not seeing what happened, she slides in, and seeing Kumquat Kid out, applies the Painkiller Overdose, and secures the victory.

Winner: Riona Langly in 14:50

A replay of what happened shows on the ADC-Tron and Riona looks furious for Chamelion’s interference. She wants the match restarted but right then Mark McNasty appears on the ramp, a mic in hand and walks to the ring, talking about how he’s been out of action way too long and it was time to get back into things. He tells Riona she’s had her time in the ring and to high tail it out, cause it was time to get “Nasty”! Mark then said he wanted a match, and would not leave the ring until he got one! He called out the entire locker room, saying no matter who came out, he would make an example out of them.

The crowd came alive as Scottie “The Panther” Snow answered the challenge, citing that McNasty was not booked for tonight and didn’t really deserve a match, but The Panther would oblige him and remind him that you don’t just float on your name around here, you earn your right to be in the ring! McNasty scoffed and gave the ‘come and get it’ sign, and Scottie was only too happy to oblige.

Mark McNasty vs Scottie 'The Panther' Snow

Singles Match

McNasty with a slap before they lock up and McNasty with forearms across the face. McNasty with a side head lock and shoulder tackle and elbow drop. McNasty with kicks and a swinging neck breaker. McNasty with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot and forearm. McNasty kicks Snow in the ribs and then a series of knife edge chops. McNasty works on the neck and then he chokes Snow in the ropes. Snow with an elbow but McNasty with a leaping leg lariat. McNasty with a swinging neck breaker. McNasty then taunts Snow, and takes time to pose for the fans. Snow with a grab of the tights, rolls McNasty into a small package for a surprise three.

Winner: Scottie ‘The Panther’ Snow in 3:27

After the match, McNasty argues with the referee while Jon and Brian comment on the match. A trip backstage finds Hunter Sullivan in the arena, knocking on Jacob Figgins locker room door, before entering it.

We go to commercial.

Homicide vs Marxx

PWA TV Title Match

At ringside, Jon and Brian now discuss the TV title match coming up. The talk about his Marxx can secure his third defense and earn a future world title shot, but they also hype up how Homicide debuted at High Stakes in an unscheduled match, showing his desire to work up the ranks quickly. They both agreed this could be the sleeper match of the night.

They lock up and Marxx uses his size/weight advantage to back Homicide into the ropes and he hits a knee followed by a slam and a forearm. Marxx sends Homicide into the turnbuckles followed by a snap mare and kick to the back. Homicide with a drop toe hold and elbow drop for a near fall. Homicide with kicks to Marxx but Marxx blocks a kick and hits an overhead suplex. Marxx with a brainbuster for a near fall. Homicide with a reverse chin lock and Marxx tries to escape. He does and Marxx with a knee and European uppercut but Homicide with kicks. Marxx works on the ribs. Homicide with a kick to the back of the head but he runs into the turnbuckles. Homicide with an uppercut to Marxx and Marxx blocks a hurricarana and Homicide lands hard on the knee.
We go to commercial.

We are back and Marxx with an atomic drop on the knee followed by a Saito suplex. Marxx uses the ring post to add to the injury to Homicide’s leg. Marxx with a leg lace and Homicide tries to get to the ropes but Marxx is able to keep Homicide in the center of the ring. Homicide with a kick to get out of the hold. Marxx tries for another suplex but Homicide with punches and a head scissors. Homicide with a punch and a knee to Marxx that sends Marxx to the floor. Homicide with a jumping spin kick to Marxx. Homicide with a kick and a leaping clothesline for a near fall. Homicide goes up top but Marxx stops him and Marxx tries for a superplex but Homicide with a chop, punches, and forearms. Marxx falls but as he does, his arm catches the rope, shaking it and crotching Homicide on the top turnbuckle. Homicide falls to the canvas and Marxx pulls him up and connects with the Leaving Marxx for three.

Winner and still PWA Television Champion: Marxx in 7:32

A clip backstage shows Mark Zout and Ryan Ross warming up for their match against The O’Connor Boys, next.

We go to commercial.

Renegade Souljahs vs. The O'Connor Boys

If OCB wins, they get a title shot

Sean and Zout start off. Both men stand toe toe. Zout puts up his hand for a test of strenght. Sean looks at Zout and the two big lock hands. Then they both had two hands locked up and a struggling to gain control. Sean starts to get a little advantage but then out of nowhere Zout gets control and is making Sean scream in pain. Sean headbutts Zout causing him to let go. Zout grabs his hand in pain as Sean spears Zout from behind. Sean mounts Zout and starts punching him, Zout rolls and reverses it and mounts and starts punching Sean. The crowd goes wild.

Zout picks him up and whips him into the ropes and catches him for a hudge spine breaker. Sean doesn’t move as Zout goes to Ross and tags him in. Ross climbs up the ropes and hits a body splash on Sean. Ross picks up the big man, to whip him into the ropes, but Sean reverses and gives a big closeline to Ross. Ross falls down on his back and doesn’t move. Ross lays their as Sean gets up to tag in Seamus, Seamus gets in and knocks back down Ross, he goes to knock Zout but Zout catches him and throws Seamus to the outside.

We go to commercial.

Back and Seamus finally gets up but Ross slingshots over the top rope at nails Seamus. Sean gets in, and back drops Zout to the outside. He is gloating inside the ring by the ropes when Ross runs up behind him and dropkicks him to the outside. Sean gets up and Zout picks him up and slams his back into the ring post. Ross is looking at Zout and Sean, when Seamus runs up behind him and does a school boy. A two count and a kickout.

On the outside, Zout tosses Sean into the steps, knocking them out of place. Back inside the ring Seamus runs into the ropes, but Zout hits him in the back from the outside. Seamus stumbles forward where Ross hits a solid drop kick. Ross goes for the cover and only gets two. Zout tries to come in, but Seamus sweeps his leg out from under him and with Zout down, Seamus catches Ross in the back of the head as he comes to the ropes. Ross falls forward into Sean, and Seamus comes in and they connect with a quick Irish Car Bomb, with Sean covering for the three.

Winners, and new number one contenders: The O’Connor Boys in 6:30

After the match, all four men nod to each other, knowing they will meet again soon.

Backstage, we watch as Chamelion walks down the hall, with a split screen of Duff doing some crunches, as their match is next.

We go to commercial.

Duff Côte d`Ivoire vs Chamelion

Case Match

Jon and Brian talk about the night’s events. Brian thinks the O’Connor boys are not the right team to hold tag title belts. Jon is on Chamelion’s case for causing KK’s loss earlier, but Brian says that’s what it means to be Devious. They both talk about this being the final case match, and that it’s Duff’s return to the ring for the first time this year. A bit of talk over the Phoenix’s announcement earlier has them contemplating what it means for the PWA, and that after this match, four of next weeks matches will be in place; three case matches and Project X getting a TV title shot against Marxx. Both men then speculate how these six cases, and their potential title shots, will work into the fact that the O’Connor Boys and Marxx both have official contendership matches entitled to them. At this, Duff’s music hits and the fans erupt for his return.

As Duff enters the ring, ‘Voices’ by Rev Theory plays and Chamelion steps out, awash in the boos of the fans, sharing his Cheshire smile. Jon And Brian both comment that Chamelion has been interjecting himself into the Grizzly Beer situation, and feel a win here against Duff could certify his chance to reclaim that title, or for that matter, any other.


Collar and elbow tie up led to Duff pushing Chamelion off and escaping to the floor while the ref held Chamelion back. Back in the ring, Duff locked in a head lock and dropped to a rest hold. Both men rolled through counters until Duff locked in a rear chin lock. Chamelion stood him up and pushed him to the ropes. Chamelion lost the shoulder tackle challenge. Duff ran the ropes, Chamelion rolled under, then leap frogged over Duff and hit a drop kick. He clotheslined Duff to the floor and hit a drop kick between the two bottom ropes. Back in the ring, Chamelion continued to work on Duff. He hit the second rope for a springboard, but Duff pushed him over the top rope to the floor. Chamelion recovered into the break.

We go to commercial

Back and Duff had a rest hold locked in on Chamelion’s head/shoulders. Chamelion fought out, but Duff hit a knee on a running Chamelion and used the ropes to choke him. Chamelion flipped out of a suplex attempt and Chamelion worked quick offense with a kick to the face and a knee to a sitting Duff for two. Chamelion went for the S.O.S. and Duff ducked. Duff went for a springboard off the ropes but Chamelion moved and hit a reverse facebuster for two. Chamelion hit a corkscrew splash of the top rope and Duff got his foot on the rope. Duff reversed a suplex move and locked in a Boston Crab but Chamelion made the ropes.

Chamelion grabbed the ropes on a whip and hit a springboard kick to Duff’s face. Kumquat Kid’s music hit and Chamelion looked towards the ramp. KK appeared on the screen and said, "Hey Chamelion, I just wanted you to know that there’s no hard feelings, and that I’ve ordered you a case of Kumquats. Oh, by the way, sorry about the loss." Chamelion looked confused and turned around into The Echoes. Duff covered for the win and the final sixth case.

Winner: Duff Côte d`Ivoire in 11:52

Post match, Emperor Ian came out and stood at the top of the ramp waving the American Flag. Chamelion looked pissed in the ring to end the show.