World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Opening Segment

Rentfro "Welcome boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen and anyone else, to one of the premier PWA PPVs around! Time will tell if this will live up to the hype and expectations of previous battle, but that's what we're here to find out right?"

McDaniel "Right you are, which is a bit of a surprise. All five belts are on the line and you never know what could happen."

Rentfro "You mean like that?"

McDaniel "Why yes."

Up on the ADCtron we see …

[The scene opens within Nina Daemon Macabre's backstage dressing room. The room is quite comfortable, with large plush couches aganist the walls. All the luxuries one would expect in a home living room are here...And yet, it is empty. Empty except for one figure, who sits alone in a more uncomfortable corner of the locker room. This figure is Chihiro. Chihiro sits in silence, mulling over the

strategies his opponents will be imploring...Delving into the depths of his own mind in an effort to become ready for his match. And the scene remains like this for many moments.]

[The door to the locker room opens suddenly, and Nina enters into the room, a grin upon her devilish lips and she breaks the silence of the locker room.]


[Chihiro stands from his corner, alert and ready, looking towards the woman.]


[His tone is questioning, wondering why the woman would disturb him just moments before his match.]

"I have big news for you tonight Chihiro-san..."

[He simply looks to her, waiting.]

"Tonight you will not be competing in the elimination match ...I feel it is an un-neccesary act that will only serve to endanger you..."

[If Chihiro was suprised, he did not let on. Instead, he asked one simple question.]

"Endanger me?"

"Hai...The men who will be your opponents...They all share one nationality...American. They are afraid of you...Look how Dalton has spoken of you, as though you were nothing...It only served to mask his fear. I know they fear you...And they will join together to make sure that you not only lose the match...But that you are not able to threaten them at anytime in the near future...Do you understand now?"

[Chihiro nods...Still disbelieving, but before he can utter another word, Nina smiles and speaks once more.]

"Good... But don't worry, I will give you something for your time tonight. Trust me.."

[And with that, Nina exits, leaving Chihiro alone once more with his thoughts.]

[The ADC tron returns to normal.]

Bloodlust vs. Lazarus vs. Prophet vs. Spider

PWA World and IC Contendership Shots

[The Final Countdown by "Europe" begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron
lights up with a picture of a giant spider. The picture of the spider fades out and white pyros flare of the ring. The Spider the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.]

[All of the lights in the arena dim as strobelights blink on and off around the entrance set. Myst pours from the entrance curtain, and 2 white police-lights turn on around the curtain. The opening strains of "Coma America" by Amen plays as the fans erupt with applause and cheers. Casey Chaos yells out "CUT OFF!" in the song, to introduce the main riff, and then out from behind the curtain walks Corey Lazarus. His long, brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and his wrestling singlet is already on. With hands taped up, and kneepads on correctly, Corey rolls into the ring, and then jumps to his feet in the center, spinning around with his fists in the air so the fans can see him from all angles. Flashbulbs go off all around the arena to get a picture of Corey. "Coma America" is then slowly cut off as Corey awaits the bell to ring.]

["No Leaf Clover" By Mettalica Hits the speakers. Prophet comes out alone wearing a black leather trenchcoat, and a black fishnet shirt, his black hair hangs in front of his face, and stands at the entrance

way. Soon Fyre, wearing only a silver thong, with silver strips body paint in the pattern of a tiger, with a black cat tail, and black cat ears steps out and swoons over Prophet. They make their way to the ring, as Prophet hops into the ring, he then smiles wickedly baring his filed pointed teeth.]

[The arena lights dim and turn a crimson red, and a single red spotlight focuses in on the PWA ramp. No music, no pyros.. nothing but the silence as Bloodlust steps onto the stage. Dressed in a Dark Red jump suit, and sporting a pure black mask with painted blood-red tears dripping from the eyes.. Bloodlust walks slowly to the ring.]

***** static fills the viewers screen. People all over at least two countries are calling their cable provider wondering what's going on. After a lengthy wait the feed cuts back in.*****

McDaniel "Wow. Did you see all of that action? That was amazing."

Rentfro "People will be talking about that one around the water cooler tomorrow for sure."

Fab 2 vs. High Tenacity

["Bling Bling" begins to play over the loud speakers as the Fab 2 appear at the top of the enterance ramp. Cash Money is wearing a suit and hat, as well as Blaze and Electra on both arms. Booya Kid and Cash Money slide into the ring strutting, as Cash Money begins littering hundred dollar bills on the


Brian Rentfro: "You know, I like these guys..."

Jon McDaniel: "That doesn't surprise me...."

[Just then "Blackout" by DMX begins to blare over the speakers as The Notch and Thunderwolf come out and stand atop the stage. On Notch's side orange pyros shoot out, on Thunder-Wolfs side red pyros scream into the air and from behind them gold sparkles shoot into the air. Notch starts doing a little breakdancing for the fans and Thunder-Wolf has his hands high in the air and is giving huge hand claps to the audience. The fans scream and clap back in appreciation. They look at each other, smile and run down to the ring hi-fiving as many people as they can in their path. They slide into the ring, hop up to their feet and are ready and rearing to go.]

Jon McDaniel: "Well, it looks like business has just picked up!"

Brian Rentfro: "I don't balme the Fab 2 for wanting nothing to do with this match."

Jon McDaniel: "It doesn't look like they are going to have a choice. Thunderwolf heads outside the ring and chases down the Booya Kid. Both men begin trading blows. Thunderwolf slides Booya into the ring, and there's the bell!"

Brian Rentfro: "Cash Money is still having the ladies take his suit off outside the ring....I like his style."

Jon McDaniel: "Booya Kid goes to throw Thunder into the ropes, but there is a reversal. Booya Kid comes back off the ropes and gets nailed with a knee to the gut. Thunder gets on top of the Kid and pummels him with rights and lefts!"

Brian Rentfro: "Get up you idiot!"

Jon McDaniel: "Thunderwolf grabs Booya by the head and pulls him over to his corner. He tags in The Notch, and both members of High Tenacity begin stomping away at Booya in the corner!"

Brian Rentfro: "The Booya Kid needs to get out of this mess. Get Thunderwolf out of there ref!"

Jon McDaniel: "Finally Thunderwolf gets out of the ring as the Notch goes to work on Booya. The Notch sets Booya up and hits a huge neckbreaker. He needs to go for the cover!"

Brian Rentfro: "Look at this moron! The Notch is now break dancing for the crowd. This is horrible!"

Jon McDaniel: "The Booya Kid begins to get up as he rolls up Notch from behind....."



Thr...... ]

Jon McDaniel: "KICK OUT!"

Brian Rentfro: "The Notch almost lost the match for High Tenacity, this is great!"

Jon McDaniel: "Booya Kid dives over to the corner and tags in Cash Money. Money runs in and begins beating on The Notch. Money sends Notch into the ropes and hits him with a super kick. Thunderwolf races in and gets taken down by a clothesline from Cash Money...."

Brian Rentfro: "Cash Money is clearing house!"

Jon McDaniel: "Cash Money heads outside the ring after Thunderwolf. He has the steel steps in his hands!"

Brian Rentfro: "Cash Money pulls back and levels Thunderwolf with the steel ring steps! Thunderwolf is out cold, look at him!"

Jon McDaniel: "Watch out from behind! The Notch just dropkicked Cash Money to the ground. The steps just landed on Money's head!"

Brian Rentfro: "The Notch needs to get Cash Money into the ring and make a cover."

Jon McDaniel: "And it looks like he is doing just that. Notch rolls him into the ring and hooks a leg."



Thre..... ]

Jon McDaniel: "He kicked out!"

Brian Rentfro: "The referee just left the ring to check on Thunderwolf. He is still out cold outside the ring!"

Jon McDaniel: "Booya Kid has a chair and he is headed into the ring. The Notch turns around, ducks Booya's chair shot.....and it hit Cash Money! The Notch tosses Booya over the top rope!"

Brian Rentfro: "Booya Kid just hit his own partner! The referee is headed back into the ring."

McDaniel "Thunderwolf is up! My god, how is he doing that?"

Rentfro "Not only that, but he's going to the top rope."

Notch holds Booya Kid up in an Electric Chair Drop, Thunderwolf jumps off the top rope for a Face Buster/Electric Chair drop combo.

Rentfro "Booya Kid has reached the Crossroads and doesn't know which direction to go."



3....!!! ]

Jon McDaniel: "High Tenacity has won the match....thanks to Booya Kid!"

Brian Rentfro: "This makes me sick.... Say, do you think Notch will break dance some more for us?"

Raizzor vs. Nightstryker

PWA Hardcore Championship Match - Armaggedon Stule

[The sound of thunder is heard throughout the arena. The lights slowly dim, but before they completely go out, a flash of lightning hits the ADCtron as white fountain pyro's go off next to the entrance. Blue smoke eminates from the back as Nightstryker walks casually through the smoke to the ring. ]

[The lights go out, and an eerie 'Undertaker' like theme echoes over the loudspeaker. Raizzor enters the staging area, his dark cloak surrounding him.. encasing him in it's folds. He stares silently at the ring, before moving slowly down to the ring , One he reaches the ring, he climbs up the side and steps over the top rope. The lights slowly come back up as he enters the ring. Once in, Raizzor shrugs off his cloak, and turns towards his opponent, waiting. ]

[The bell rings and the two men circle each other, cautious about making the first move. Raizzor and Nightstryker then hook up in a classic collar and elbow tie up, but before Raizzor can take advantage, Stryker drives his knee into Raizzor’s gut and then hip tosses him to the canvas. Stryker reaches down, but Raizzor jabs him in the throat with his fingers. As Nightstryker backs up, clutching his throat, Raizzor stands and goes for a clothesline. Stryker ducks, and drop toe holds Raizzor down. Stryker then drives an elbow into Raizzor’s back, and pulls him up by the hair. Raizzor lifts his arms between Stryker’s and breaks his hold.. then Raizzor hits three hard punches and scoop slams Stryker down.]

Brian Rentfro: A technical start by both men, you would almost think this was a normal match.

[Raizzor then picks up Stryker and whips him into the corner. Raizzor moves in, but Stryker kicks at Raizzor, causing him to back up. Stryker then lunges forward and hits a clothesline on Raizzor, sending him hard to the mat. Turning, Stryker grabs Raizzor’s legs and tosses him over in a sunset flip. Raizzor collides with the ropes, springing him backwards. Nightstryker rolls out of the ring and flips up the apron and starts pulling out all kinds of weapons; garbage cans, lids, a stop sign, fire extinguisher.. and more. He slides back in, lifting up a trash can to smash onto Raizzor. Sensing trouble, Raizzor rolls quickly out to the other side of the ring. Stryker follows, but Raizzor reaches in and pulls his feet out from under him. Stryker falls hard, the trash can nearly missing his head.]

Jon McDaniel: Well, now it’s gonna get violent.!!

[Raizzor reaches down and pulls out his own set up weapons. Eyeing Stryker as he crawls to his feet, Raizzor lifts up a kendo stick, and swipes it fast under the ropes and knocks Stryker back down. Raizzor then jumps on the apron, ready to get back in when Stryker nips up, and superkicks Raizzor off the edge of the ring. Raizzor tumbles, rolling onto the steel ramp leading up to the stage. Nightstryker jumps out of the ring, carrying the stop sign and slams it against Raizzor’s head. He goes for another shot, but Raizzor drop kicks Nightstryker back against the ring. Raizzor then grabs Stryker and pulls him over to the steel steps, and slams his face down onto them. In pain, Stryker stumbles backwards and Raizzor hits a strong knife edge chop. Eyes wide in pain, Stryker tries to deflect Raizzor’s next assault, but the Soul-Taker is on a roll. Raizzor delivers another hard shot, and as Stryker reels, Raizzor grabs a trash can lid and hits him over the head.]

Brian Rentfro: Now this is getting good!!

[Raizzor grabs Stryker by the hair and pulls him close, hooking his arm over Stryker, Raizzor tries to lift him up to suplex him onto the steel ramp. Stryker, however, reverses the hold and delivers a devastating suplex on Raizzor. Right against the ring. Raizzor’s back collides with the edge of the ring and he falls to the matted concrete floor hard.]

Jon McDaniel: OUCH! That move could cost Raizzor the whole match! He looks terrible!

[Nightstryker grabs Raizzor and tosses his limp form back into the ring. Nightstryker then climbs quickly to the top turn buckle and jumps, coming down onto Raizzor with a huge elbow. Nightstryker scrambles over Raizzor for the cover…




Brian Rentfro: Almost had our first fall that quick!!

[Stryker stands, pulling Raizzor up. Stryker hooks Raizzor and lifts him for another suplex, but Raizzor wiggles out and lands on his feet behind Nightstryker. Raizzor grabs him by the head and slams him to the mat with a reverse neck breaker! Raizzor then grabs another trash can and slams it hard down into Stryker’s stomach. Gasping, Stryker tries to roll away, but Raizzor repeatedly smashes the can over Stryker, following him to the ropes. Stryker grabs the ropes and uses them for leverage and kicks Raizzor in the gut, pushing him back. With only a moments chance to recupe, Stryker pulls himself to his feet, turns and as Raizzor rushes in, he pulls the ropes down and Raizzor tumbles outside.]

Jon McDaniel: A smart move by Stryker, this will give him a chance to rest.

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor doesn’t look so good on the outside.

[Indeed, Raizzor is grasping his knee, wincing in pain. Nightstryker sees this, and with a grin, jumps outside to do more damage. As he lands on the floor, Raizzor suddenly stands, his leg fine and punches Stryker hard, sending him backwards. Raizzor moves in, ready to do more damage, but Nightstryker is ready. Nightstryker lifts Raizzor up and tries to bash his face on the guard rail but Raizzor grabs the rail, then bahes Nightstryker's face into it. As he staggers back Raizzor kicks Nightstryker in the stomach and he buckles over. Raizzor suplexes Stryker onto the guardrail. Nightstryker's back arches and he falls onto his shoulders in the ringside. Raizzor grabs Stryker and tosses him into the ring. Raizzor moves in and picks him up and he whips him into the ropes and, on the way back, catches him in a belly-to-belly suplex. Raizzor goes for the pin.




Brian Rentfro: Close! Raizzor is getting more and more aggressive!

[Raizzor picks him up but Nightstryker elbows him in the stomach. As Raizzor buckles over Nightstryker lifts him up and sidewalk slams him. He holds his leg and locks him in an ankle hold. Raizzor flails his arms around trying to get a rope but he can't. He kicks Nightstryker in the face, suddenly, dropping him to the mat. Raizzor picks him up and sets him up for a Russian legsweep. Nightstryker elbows him in the side, turns around and takes Raizzor down with a reverse Russian legsweep. Raizzor is up on his knees in a flash holding his face. Nightstryker gets in front of Raizzor and starts hammering his face Raizzor falls onto his back. Nightstryker runs into the corner and climbs up top. He does a frog splash, but Raizzor gets his knees up and Nightstryker bounces off him, holding him stomach.]

Jon McDaniel: That high risk maneuver failed!! This could be costly!

Raizzor gets up and picks Nightstryker up. He whips Nightstryker into the corner. Raizzor runs up in front of him and sets him up on top. Raizzor heaves him down for a massive superplex. Raizzor rolls over and makes the cover.




Brian Rentfro: That was costly!! Raizzor gets the pinfall, but will it be enough??

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the first fall goes to Raizzor.. Nightstryker has a count of ten to resume the match!!

Jon McDaniel: The ref has started the ten count. Raizzor is crouched in the corner, watching like a hawk. Stryker is sitting up, shaking himself!

Brian Rentfro: The ref’s at 6. He has to be on his feet for this match to go on!

[As the ref reaches nine, Stryker gets his balance. The ref orders the match to resume, and Stryker turns just in time to get a hard spear from Raizzor, who covers Stryker!




Jon McDaniel: He got him again!!!!

Brian Rentfro: NO! The ref is calling it off, Stryker JUST made it out!!!

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor doesn’t look pleased, but he’s not holding back!

[Raizzor pulls Stryker up, but Stryker grabs Raizzor and pulls him over into a small package pinfall!




Brian Rentfro: What presence of mind!! Stryker nearly got him there!

[Raizzor gets himself upright as Stryker stands and the two collide in a heated war in the center of the ring. Nightstryker tries to arm bar Raizzor. Raizzor reverses the move and pulls Nightstryker's arm up behind his back. Nightstryker tries to break free, but Raizzor just keeps applying pressure. Finally, Nightstryker drops to his knees, forcing Raizzor to drop with him. Nightstryker turns his body outward and is able to take some pressure off the arm. Raizzor, however, grabs Nightstryker by the throat and pulls him back to his feet. Raizzor then knees Nightstryker in the gut, and then swiftly delivers a leg drop to the back of Nightstryker's head; dropping him to the mat. Raizzor then picks up Nightstryker and scoops him up into a powerslam, but Stryker slides down Raizzor's back and kicks him in the back of the leg. Raizzor stumbles forward, and Nightstryker runs past him, using the ropes he comes back but gets met with a boot to the face! Raizzor angrily grabs Nightstryker by the hair, and pulls him back to his feet. Stryker however, kicks again, hitting Raizzor in the shin. Raizzor stumbles back-wards and Nightstryker hits a nice drop kick, and sends the Soul-Taker into the ropes.]

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor dominated there, but Stryker’s coming back!!

Nightstryker presses the attack, by hitting some hard knife-edge chops to Raizzor's chest. Stryker then whips Raizzor across the ring, but it's reversed and it's Nightstryker that hits the ropes. He bounces off, and comes back only to get caught by Raizzor and slammed to the mat with a vicious Choke-Slam.]

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor is giving it his all, he is going insane on Nightstryker!!

[Raizzor pulls Stryker up, But Stryker knees Raizzor, causing him to kneel over. Nightstryker then violently pounds Raizzor with double axehandles to the back, trying to pound the big man into the mat. Raizzor goes down to a knee so Stryker pulls back and tries a field goal kick, snapping Raizzor's head back. Raizzor is whipped into the ropes and Stryker catches him in a sleeper hold. Despite his best efforts, Raizzor can't seem to make the ropes. Stryker squeezes, applying harsh pressure under the chin.. effectively choking Raizzor.]

Jon McDaniel: Hey! That’s a choke hold!!

Brian Rentfro: Very legal in this match.

[Stryker let’s his body drop, and it pulls Raizzor down. Stryker pulls and squeezes, and his face is contorted in rage as he tries to put Raizzor out. The ref checks his arm..


Stryker pulls back harder


Raizzor shivers in his grasp!


Jon McDaniel: Stryker just choked out Raizzor!!!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this fall, Nightstryker!! Raizzor now has a ten count to resume the match!

[The ref orders Nightstryker to the corner, and he jumps on the ropes to play to the booing crowd, but he doesn’t care.]

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor is unmoving!

Jon McDaniel: The ref is up to six!!!

Brian Rentfro: This could be it!! The match looks to be over.

Jon McDaniel: 8!! The ref just counted 8!

Brian Rentfro: Hey!! He’s moving!!!

[Raizzor turns over, propping himself on his hands and knees as the ref counts nine. Raizzor tries to stand, his knees wobbly.. and the ref raises his arm to count the ten, which would end the match.. when suddenly Stryker is there and slams his foot into Raizzor’s gut!]

Jon McDaniel: Was that smart??? Stryker may have had the win there!!

Brian Rentfro: A calculated risk.. he now has the upper hand on Raizzor for sure.

[Indeed, Stryker continues to blast Raizzor in the kidney’s with his foot.. driving the Soul-Taker into the corner. Stryker pulls Raizzor up, and pushes his arms over the ropes. Stryker then jabs at Raizzor a few times, keeping him disoriented. Stryker then turns, grabs the kendo stick in the ring and as Raizzor stumbles out, he cracks it over his head. Raizzor wobbles, and Stryker drop kicks Raizzor hard, sending him out over the top rope to the floor. Stryker jumps out of the ring, reaches under it and grabs a baseball bat. He turns, measures Raizzor who is trying to stand, and swings hard. Raizzor tho, ducks and Stryker whirls.. Raizzor then rushes forward and spears Nightstryker right against the ringside. Stryker gasps in pain, dropping the bat. Raizzor picks the bat up and takes aim, slamming the hard wooden bat into Stryker’s stomach. As Stryker doubles over, Raizzor jumps and delivers a scissor kick on Stryker.]

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know how much more these two men can take!

[Raizzor climbs onto the ring apron and then pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle, he turns, measures Nightstryker and jumps! Stryker looks up as Raizzor comes down and catches Raizzor in the midsection with a closed fist. Raizzor falls flat on his face and Stryker angrily turns, reaches into the fans, pushing one out of his chair. He scoops the chair up and turns back towards Raizzor, who is pushing himself up. Stryker pulls back and swings, and the chair connects to the back of Raizzor’s head.]

Brian Rentfro: That’s’ got to be it!

Jon McDaniel: Raizzor’s bleeding! He’s been cut open.

[Blood begins to trickle down the back of Raizzor’s neck, and Stryker circles him, looking for another attack. Raizzor again tries to stand, and Nightstryker delivers another hard blow to Raizzor, and he reels backwards into the steel pole. Stryker swings again, but Raizzor ducks and Stryker slams into the pole with the chair.. and the buzz rings through his arms. Stryker then rushes Raizzor, who sidesteps him and pushes him into the steel steps. Nightstryker slams his knees into the steel and flips over to land roughly on his back. Raizzor steps to the top of the stairs and drives a knee into Stryker. Raizzor then picks up Stryker and tosses him over the guard rails and into the fans. Raizzor follows and the two begin to battle it out among the fans. The ref follows and the three fight up the concrete stairs to the entrances of the arena. Nightstryker kicks Raizzor in the gut and goes for a DDT on the steps, but Raizzor plants his feet and shoves Stryker against the frame of the entrance way. ]

Brian Rentfro: I wondered when this was gonna go back stage!

Jon McDaniel: Our cameras are picking up the action back there.

[We move back stage as Nightstyker throws Raizzor into a stack of wooden crates. Stryker reaches up and pulls and they come tumbling down on Raizzor. Stryker kicks some of the crates away, and Raizzor struggles to free himself. Stryker kicks Raizzor in the face, and drives an elbow down on him. Stryker covers him among the mess.




Brian Rentfro: Stryker pulls out another pin!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this fall, Nightstryker! Raizzor now has a ten count to resume the match!

[Stryker pulls the crates down again, effectively burying Raizzor.]

Jon McDaniel: He’ll never get out of there in time!!!

[Stryker laughs, as he backs up to watch the ref count. At that moment, The Spider, Showtime and the Killas all rush out and gang up on Nightstryker.. the Renegades grab him and they throw him into the concrete wall. Spider DDT’s Stryker. The other members circle him as Spider runs over and pushes the crates off of Raizzor. Showtime runs over and helps the Spider to get Raizzor back on his feet.]

Brian Rentfro: What the hell are the Renegades doing there???

Jon McDaniel: If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Raizzor is a part of the MoA Renegades!!!!!

Brian Rentfro : Business is picking up! Here comes Ridel, Gabrielle and The Brutal, Cruel Intentions are trailing behind. Do the Renegades see them?

[The Spider and Showtime back away, and Raizzor straightens himself, beating the ten count by a mere fraction. He shakes his head, clearing the cobwebs.. and points to a forklift near by. Showtime nods and jumps in, driving it over as Raizzor grabs Stryker and scoops him over his shoulder. Gabrielle rushes the forklift and pulls out Showtime to the floor and starts stomping on him, Showtime is trying to get his footing. This effectively stops the forklift. Cruel Intentions are battling with the Cereal Killers and are heading down the hall. Ridel runs and tackles the Spider down on the hard concrete. The two men are tearing at each other. Spider is starting to get the upper hand on Ridel.

Raizzor, ignoring what's going on around him and concentrating on the fight carries Stryker over to a table and drops him unceremoniously on it. Raizzor throws a few punches in Nightstrkers face to keep him down. Raizzor climbs onto the top of the forklift, smiles wickedly before jumping and connecting with the guillotine leg drop onto Stryker, and they crash heavily to the floor!]

Brian Rentfro: HOLY !!! What a suicidal move!

[The Spider has broken free from Ridel and pushes Raizzor on top of Nightstryker. The Spider then returns his focus back to Ridel as the ref counts.




Jon McDaniel: That’s got to be it!!

Brian Rentfro: Hey look! It's Sirus. I guess he didn't want any part of the attack, but now that it's a free for all I guess he doesn't mind.

Ring Announcer: The winner of this fall, Raizzor! Nightstryker now has a ten count to resume the match.

[Raizzor crawls painfully against the wall, breathing hard, wiping blood and sweat from his face. The ref starts the count… 1……2…….3……4…..5…..6…..7….

nightstryker starts to move…


He pushes himself to his knees..


But he falls over, unable to move anymore!


Brian Rentfro: It’s over!! Raizzor wins!

Jon McDaniel: There was so much going on, you'd hardly tell that the match was over.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match, and NEW PWA Hardcore Champion, RAIZZOR!!!!

[The MoA head over to Nightstryker to check on him. They keep their eyes on the Renegades. Sirus stands between the two groups and looks at Stryker. Neither team looks like they want to get into any more of this tonight. The MoA leave and the Renegades check up on Raizzor.]

Brian Rentfro: Amazing match between those two!! Or 10 or who many there were.

Jon McDaniel: but IS Raizzor really a new member of the Renegades?? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

PaNZaDiSe and Syck & Twyzted vs. Jimmy Utlros and Perfect Execution

[We open in the backstage area where KWB, Ashe, and Panzadise wearing a Cinergy robe, are all standing in a huddle. Bud Adams tries to get in For a couple words]

Adams: [nudging through the pile] "Can I get a word with you guys?"

KWB: "Sure Bud, do we really have a choice?"

Adams: "Well, I guess not. I'm just curious how your team is coming together. You guys look to be getting along pretty well....."

[Ashe goes to answer, but Dise holds him back....]

Dise: "Adams, look at us. We are three guys who are ready to make history. Tonight is our night, and Ultros Enterprises is not going to take it away from us. We are a well oiled machine, and we will stay together through it all."

[Ashe shakes his head, liking the answer Dise gave. The three men then walk away continuing to talk strategy. Dise puts his arms around his partners, looks back at the camera, and smiles]

[-We cut back to the ring and announcers-]

Rentfro "We've heard from one side, now let's get ready for a pest of a match."

McDaniel "Pest?"

Rentfro "Yeah sure. Perfect Execution .. P.E. Syck and Twyzted .. S.T.


[Before McDaniel could respond "Epic" by Faith No More begins to play as Jimmy Ultros walks out onto the PWA entranceway. Multicolored lights go up and down the aisle as gold ones swirl over the audience. He's dressed in an elaborate robe with jewels spelling out the word "Ultros" on the back. He stops on the ramp awaiting his partners. Red and blue pyros fire at the same time PWA-tron shows pictures of Executioner and Convict. They enter with the judge following them. The four men look around the arena and determine that it is time to go to the ring. As they enter the ring, the Convict and the Executioner run to the turnbuckles and jump up on them. Simultaneously, more red and blue pyros fire. They settle down, turns and wait for their opponents.]

["Fade to Black" by Metallica blares over the p.a. as PaNZaDiSe, KWB & Ashe come out. Syck and Twyzted stand in the entranceway holding their arms high with hands in heavy metal symbol. PaNZaDiSe is behind them both playing air guitar. He slaps them both on the back and all three run down to the ring slapping fans' hands along the way before sliding in the ring and going to separate corners and once again holding their hands up with hands in heavy metal symbols while PaNZaDiSe is just waving to people. They get off the turnbuckles and converse before the match trying to determine whom starts. PaNZaDiSe is mapping out the ring on his palm and discusses strategy with the other two.]

[Tony Danza makes his way to the announcer's table with little fanfare.]

McDaniel "Well, I guess PaNZaDiSe won't be starting. He's already on the other side of the ropes in his corner."

Danza "Hey, if I know him, and I do, he has a plan already in motion. Besides, he can see the energy in these other two."

Rentfro "Showing true teamwork and not getting caught up in it all. He knows he'll get his chance, he just doesn't want to be greedy."

Say, I wonder where Akina is and if I'll .. we'll get a chance to look at her.

See her. Convict didn’t hear me did he?"

Danza "Well worth the price of admission" (Danza is currently looking at PaNZaDiSe)

[The Executioner and the Convict are both going under the ropes to let Ultros start. Jimmy grabs hold of Convict's shoulder stopping him from going under. He says a little something to him and points to the middle of the ring. The Convict shrugs his shoulders and gets ready to start the match.]

Rentfro "That's right. Send out the hired guns, why hurt yourself?"

McDaniel "Oh, I don't know. Pride?"

Rentfro "What's that?"

McDaniel "Never mind."

Danza "Boy, the way you two bicker. How close of friends are you?"

McDaniel "What?"

Syck and Twyzted decide to have KWB start the match.

McDaniel "The 6'2'' against the 6'9" man. this could be interesting."

[Krazy Whyte Boy comes out of his corner with feet a blazin'. A kick to the Convict's knee is followed by one in the ribs and finishes with one to the side of the head. KWB runs and uses the ropes for speed and flies at Convict with a fist but the Convict catches him in mid air, spins and slams him down to the mat. The Convict goes for a pin.


Kick out.]

McDaniel "Way to early. Not that much wind got knocked out of him."

Rentfro "Hey, who are we to knock someone to try?"

Danza "Hey, if that was Dise, it wouldn't have even been a one count."

McDaniel "You know, you make Rentfro look pretty damn good."

Rentfro "Hey, thanks Danza." (Rentfro pats Danza on the back and Danza smiles and blushes."

[KWB gets up a little quicker than the Convict and goes for a quick spear.]

McDaniel "Not enough running power, the Convict was able to cushion the blow and now has a hold on him."

[The Convict is holding KWB in a headlock with on arm and is slamming his other forearm down on the back of KWB. With each hit, KWB slumps a little closer to the ground. The Convict seems to be setting up for something but is surprised to find himself rising up off of the ground. KWB brings the Convicts feet back to the mat in the form of an atomic drop. KWB makes a hot tag to his partner Ashe and he rushes at the Convict.]

Rentfro "This is where the experience of Dise is coming in handy."

Danza "Oh, I agree. His tactical sense is overpowering. You can't help but be better when you're breathing in his air."

McDaniel "What?"

Rentfro "He's being the field general out there and is letting the other two gain valuable ring experience."

Convict drop toe holds Ashe and makes a tag to Ultros.

McDaniel "It looked almost as if Ultros didn't think the Convict was done out there yet."

Rentfro "He wasn't. The match isn't over yet."

[Ultros steps in and waits for Ashe to make a move. Ashe takes a swing at Ultros who ducks and waits for Ashe's own momentum to turn him around, then puts on a full nelson and performs a modified sit-down power-bomb. Ultros rolls back to his feet as Ashe tries to get up, one hand on his tailbone. Ultros walks over Ashe and puts him in a lock for a DDT. Ashe pushes him back to the ropes, shoves him off and whips him across the mat. Ultros runs back, Ashe drops to the mat and gets back up. Ultros charges with the shoulder but somehow Ashe is able to get off a snap supplex that leaves both of them down on the ground. The two men stir and crawl to their corner. Ashe extends his hand to PaNZaDiSe who looks like he's trying to tag in.]

McDaniel "Oh come on. I could stretch that far. What's he doing?"

Rentfro "Are you doubting a former PWA world champion? Shame on you McDaniel, shame, shame, shame."

McDaniel "Yes, shame on me. Right."

[PaNZaDiSe is straining to get the tag with Ashe. He is leaning over the ropes, his midsection pushing the tope rope down to get a better angle. His left foot is pushing off of the ring post as if he could move closer to Ashe. You can see the veins in his neck start to come out. His fingers are stretching so much that they are starting to tremble. The tag is about to be made. Dise stretches with all he's got trying to make the tag, when he suddenly stops. He stands up straight and waves bye to the beaten Ashe. Panzadise pushes KWB out of the way as he leaves through the crowd. Dise looks back and stares down Ultros as he leaves site.]

McDaniel "What?"

Rentfro "Well, I guess PaNZaDiSe's lesson is over for the day. He's going home. He'll settle up with Ultros another day."

Danza: "How do you blame him? Look at the talent in the ring. This is like a Grizzly Bear contender royal rumble"

Rentfro "Hey, 'Al' did something like that once."

McDaniel "Oh great comparison."

Danza "I think Dise would like it."

Danza takes off the headset, joins his friend and waves to the crowd, smiling all the way.

[Ashe shakes his head and then tries for Krazy Whyte Boy and gets the tag. Ultros is almost at his corner but KWB will get to him before he makes the tag. The Executioner comes at him and takes him down with a clothesline sending KWB down hard. The ref is making the Executioner to get back to his corner. After the ref makes sure he's back his attention is refocused on Ultros who makes a tag to the Executioner. Utlros gets behind the ropes and starts talking to the Convict and makes a tagging motion with his hands. Then he points to the ring and the Executioner. The Convict bows his head a bit.]

McDaniel "Well, at least knowing Syck & Twyzted, I know they're not just going to give up and quit. They'll fight until last call."

[Back in the ring KWB and the Executioner are trading blows. KWB rolls out of the hold that the Executioner had on him against the ropes and tags in Ashe. The Executioner slowly walks over and tags in the Convict]

Rentfro "There are certain things one has to learn in life first hand."

McDaniel "Sure. And leaving your partner to ----"

Rentfro "Quiet! Here comes Akina! And she has on her leather too."

[The screeching of eagles can be heard through out the arena as Akina makes her way down to the ring and what's left of Damage Inc.]

McDaniel "Wait a minute, where is she going?"

Rentfro "She's just going to the side of the ring to get a better view, that's all. It works for me."

McDaniel "Now what is she doing?"

Rentfro "Well, she seems to be cheering on .. the Convict?"

[Akina is at ringside slapping a hand down on the canvas and trying to get the Convict fired up. KWB really notices Akina for the first time and realizes what she's doing. He also sees that Ultros has hopped off of the ring and is walking towards Akina. KWB goes to meet them both at the side of the ring. KWB and Ultros both start to yell at Akina but don't really seem all that concerned about each other. Akina is shrinking back a bit between the two men.]

McDaniel "What the hell is going on?"

Rentfro "The Convict just gave Ashe a huge sidewalk slam.

Oh, you mean over at ringside. Well, I can read lips, so let me see here. KWB seems to yelling at her about how she left him and asks what she sees in the Convict. And Ultros is yelling at her because he says she's trying to break up Ultros Enterprises with her feminine hypnotism on the Convict."

[The Convict himself has stopped wrestling when he noticed the two men surrounding Akina. He walks over to the ropes and wonders what is going on. The two men then start arguing with each other on either side of Akina. Ultros wanting to get into KWB's face pushes Akina out of the way. The Convict hopes down to the floor and pushes Ultros away from Akina. The Executioner gets in with it now by separating the two men as KWB heads back to his corner while his partner is still laid out on the mat. The Convict goes back into the ring and the Executioner gets back up on the ring apron. Ultros on the other hand heads over to the timekeeper, shoves him off of the chair and grabs it for himself to use. By this time Ashe is up, but barely. He has just enough energy to whip the Convict to the ropes and set up for a move. When the Convict hits the ropes we see Ultros take a swing with the chair and hit the Convict in the square of the back. The Convict drops down on all fours to the mat. Ashe looks at this in wonder and falls down to his knees for a chance to catch his breath. The Convict turns and looks for a tag from the Executioner. The Executioner turns to look at Ultros who shakes his head 'no', then hops down to join Ultros. The Convict is now leaning up against the ropes and is looking down in confusion as the Executioner, Ultros and the Judge leave the ring area.]

[The Convict turns around to see Ashe looking at him with a cocked eyebrow. He grabs hold of his arm and whips him to the ropes. As the Convict comes back at Ashe, he lifts him up for a flapjack onto their stomach on top of the ropes, then grabs his opponent for a reverse power-bomb, spins 180 degrees and KWB runs and finishes it with a 3/4 nelson neck-breaker, as Ashe slams him down.]

Rentfro "The Convict has faded to black!"

McDaniel "More than one way tonight I think."

[Syck & Twyzted celebrate in the ring before they head off down the ramp. Akina slides into the ring to see if the Convict is alright. After a few words and testing out to see if he's ok, she helps over to the rings, under the ropes and up the ramp.]

Rentfro "Maybe it hasn't been a complete loss for the Convict yet."

McDaniel "That's what I like about you, you're always consistent."

[**The PWAcam flickers to life on the ADCtron. We find Lazarus back in his locker being 'consoled' by Emma. There's a knock on the door. Lazarus opens it up to find Mack Moran.]

Mack "Here, the commish wanted me to give this to you."

[Mack hands Lazarus a letter, turns and leaves without another word.]

Emma "What is it?"

Lazarus "Give me a second. (Lazarus opens up the envelope and reads the letter to himself) It say that .. the commissioner liked what he say earlier on considering the circumstances and he's adding me in the match with Spider and whoever is holding the World title belt after tonight.

I still get a shot."

Emma "Well champ, come on over here and get you heroes reward."

[The screen cuts to black."**]

McDaniel "The guaranteed shot is still guaranteed, but it just got bigger now."

Beauty & the Brutal vs. Cereal Killers vs. Psycho Sandra & Chamelion

PWA Tag-Team Title Match

The video feed inexplicably switches over to home footage of thew Brothers Grimm and 'Al' on a camping trip. Not much really goes on. They arrive, set up camp, build a fire, talk to some nice grizzlies, have a few Grizzlies. The they go to sleep under the stars.

And sleep

And sleep

And sleep

That's the rest of the video.

Styx vs. Ridel

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match

Jon McDaniel: And now I guess we move on to our next match.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen it this match is scheduled for one fall. It is for the GRIZZLY BEER CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

[The fans give a cheer in approval of the announcement.]

Ring Announcer: Also, it is for the control of the MoA….

[For a time the crowd becomes solemn…..Then "Hate Me" by Tantric hits the P.A., and the audience is a bit surprised by the new music. Blue strobe lights flicker as Darren Ridel appears at the entranceway. He

stands with the Hurt Styk over his shoulder, and the Navy Blue Oakleys blocking his eyes. No one stands beside him, as he casually walks to the ring.]

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen entering the ring first, he stands at 6 feet 2 inches. He weighs 230 pounds. Hailing from LA California, The new leader of the MoA, DARREN RIDELLLLLLL!!!!

Jon McDaniel: I have mixed feelings about saying this, but the MoA hasn’t missed a beat since Abunai at a Fall From Grace 5.

Brian Rentfro: Ya know, no one really talked about the guy with so much respect before he did himself in. Now here we are and he’s a great fighter and what not. Overrated. That’s all there is to it.

Jon McDaniel: Let’s not be rude.

Ring Announcer Coming to the ring next from Santa Claire, San Francisco

[The lights dim suddenly and Dream On by Depech Mode hits the arena PA system]

Ring Announcer...Standing at six-feet six-inches, and weighing in at 260-pounds! He is a second-generation wrestler. He is the PWA GRIZZLY BEER CHAMPION! I GIVE YOU MARCUS COLLINS!!!!"

[A spiraling array of lights erupt from behind the curtain. As this happens so too does Marcus move out to stand atop the rampway, but not another moment passes before a waterfall of sparklers descend upon him,

bathing his body in a sulfuric fury...]

[Another moment passes as he stands inside the sulfuric storm. A prayer is's unknown and goes unanswered as finally he emerges from beneath the waterfall...]

[Marcus, dressed in a pair of gray tights, black elbow and knee pads, and a white t-shirt looks out to the crowd and smiles. He holds his Grizzly Beer Championship in the air. He takes a another moment to look

to the fans, grins wider, and finally takes off for ringside.]

[Marcus finally takes off to ringside at a jog. He hits ringside, jumps to the apron, and starts a one handed vault over the top rope, but as he reaches the peak of his vault he stills his body into a perfect one armed

hand stand. He remains this way for only a second then he finally drops into the ring landing on his feet. The fans boom around him as he leaps to a turnbuckle and acknowledges them once again. Marcus’ music

dies down, and he hops down off the apron. He moves to the center of the ring where Ridel waits for him.]

Brian Rentfro: Marcus is an idiot.

Jon McDaniel: Why do you say that?

Brian Rentfro: He’s putting himself on the line against the MoA. What does he have in store that will help him against 6 or more people?

Jon McDaniel: Well, yes the odds are against him at that. The two are just dogging each other as the ref checks them over. Marcus hands the ref the belt and up it goes! The two lock up now neither one getting much of anything. Moves over to the corner the ref is right thereto break it up. Ridel capitalizes with a stiff right.

Brian Rentfro: Well that doesn’t look like it did very much. Marcus kinda shakes it off and makes a move for Ridel. They lock upagain. Marcus uses Ridel’s weight against him, Monkey flip right to the other side of the ring. But really, why the skip up afterwards?

Jon McDaniel: Because how he’s up before Ridel. Ridel on the way, Marcus comes in with a series of kicks. High, Low, High, Low again. His legs move so quickly.

Brian Rentfro: Leave it to you to admire a man’s legs.

Jon McDaniel: Shut up!

Brian Rentfro: Hey, I’m just pointing out facts.

Jon McDaniel: Well watch the match already! Collins not wanting to give Ridel any air moves in, RIDEL with a nice leg sweep takedown. He switches things up to an arm bar trying to wear down Collins. Marcus

quickly gains his feet. Rolls, flips, handstand, stops THRUST KICK STRAIGHT IN THE JAW! He moved around to loosen Ridel’s grip, and then lands a great shot in on Ridel. Ridel fell to the mat on that one. Marcus moves to the ropes, Front Flip leg drop, RIDEL ROLLED AWAY!

Brian Rentfro: See, you have to be ready for this kind of thing. Ridel’s already to his feet. Moving in for the kill here. Picks Marcus up, BIG Atomic Drop. Marcus feeling that all the way up his spine. Ridel moves in, BIG SPINEBUSTER! Here’s his cover…


2…NO! Hmm, would we call Marcus, ‘the slave’ after he loses?

Jon McDaniel: You want him to lose?

Brian Rentfro: I don’t even care about the guy I’m just wondering? Umm, Ridel moving in on the slave. Yeah that sounds pretty pathetic ya know..

Jon McDaniel: Would you call the match!?! Ridel has Marcus in a sleeper. Marcus has yet to really establish an advantage in this match.

Brian Rentfro: What do you expect? How can you kick a guy in the head when your butt is asleep on the mat. I think he’s fading…

Jon McDaniel: You may be right. The fans are really cheering here trying to wake Collins up. The ref is checking him. He’s gonna lift the arm….


The reff holding up a finger. He moves again, MARCUS PUSHES HIMSELF INTO RIDEL!! Ridel just got caught! Marcus is on top of RIDEL!!



NO!!! almost surprised Ridel there for a second.

Brian Rentfro: He almost surprised me!

Jon McDaniel: Ridel up quickly moves after Collins, Collins ducks under a clothesline and hits the ropes himself. Collins tries a clothesline of his own, Ridel ducks under. Collins stops, goes for a back body

drop, a leap frog by Ridel, Collins turns, follows ridel in, SPINNING HEEL KICK RIGHT OUT OF THE RING!!

Brian Rentfro: Hey! Who’s that coming from the back?

Jon McDaniel: Wha? I’m not sure. The ref moves Marcus to the turnbuckle and begins to make the count…

Brian Rentfro: Doesn’t he look kinda like Ridel? You don’t think tha…

Jon McDaniel: Not Ridel. He hates interference..

Brian Rentfro: Well Collins doesn’t see him…OHHH WOW!!! DUDE that guy just clobbered Collins with a white bat. Collins just tumbled out!! DID YOU HEAR THAT? WOW!!

Jon McDaniel: Ridel is up! I can’t believe how this is going down! Ridel is still shaking the cob webs. THE MAN WITH THE BAT IS JUST ATTACKING MARCUS!! Wait, he’s backed off now… Ridel’s in the ring. No….no not like this not a count out…"

Brian Rentfro: The ref’s counting Jon. Marcus is out…..4, 5,

Jon McDaniel: But to become a slave based on this!

Brian Rentfro: Well, he signed the contract. Look, he’s starting to get up….7….8…

Jon McDaniel: Get in the ring Marcus! Get in the ring!.. SHAKE IT OFF ALREADY!

Brian Rentfro: 10! That’s it, RIDEL DID IT! RIDEL JUST MADE MARCUS A SLAVE!!!

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe this. The man with the white bat has taken the Grizzly Beer Title. OHH HE JUST LEVELED MARCUS WITH IT!!! He dropped it on him.

Brian Rentfro: Hey look, Ridel has a mic…

Jon McDaniel: I don’t wanna hear anything that man has to say!

Brian Rentfro: But look, that one guy is going to join him.

[Indeed the man with the white bat moves to Ridel’s side.]

Ridel: "See Marcus... here you thought I was taking a gamble. You thought I had no concept of strategy. Do you really think I would gamble away my leadership so quickly? did you really take me to be that much of a fool? No, Marcus, you were the fool. Now, we own you. I own you.

[Marcus seems to be shaking off the cob webs as he begins to understand just what has happened. He glares at Ridel in the ring with hatred sparking in his blue eyes.]

But, you were right about one thing Marcus. I guess I can't preach fairness and be a Master of Armageddon at the same time now can I? Consider it my one occasion of hypocrasy. Thank you Marcus... you've

allowed me to kick off my leadership with quite an achievement."

Jon McDaniel: This is wrong. This is COMPLETELY WRONG!

[Ridel begins to make his way out of the ring. The man with the white belt produces a paper and hands it to Ridel. Ridel smiles and looks down at Marcus, who apparently is still trying to come to terms with

what’s just happened. Ridel tosses the paper at Marcus. The Contract stating that he’s officially a slave to the MoA.]

Jon McDaniel: I just don’t want to see this anymore. Cut to an interview, cut to the back, something. This is injustice!

Brian Anderson vs. Rage

Ladder Match for the rights to the name 'Rage'

Jon McDaniel: Coming up, we've got a match that's been building for over a year! To recap, it was just over a year ago that "The Rage" Brian Andersen decided to take a short leave of absence from the PWA to compete elsewhere. President Robinson took offense to that and to spite his former employee, he gloated about legally owning the name and likeness of the Rage character. Robinson gave the name to the wrestler formerly known as the Dragon. The new Rage went on to defeat Panzadise for the World Title, but paranoia set in, and he decided he needed a bodyguard. This took the form of his former tag team partner, Moke Doshky who is now known as Fear. Doshky was masked to hide his identity. At last year's Who's the Man, this masked bodyguard, known as Messiah, was unmasked and revealed as Brian Andersen! Rage and Andersen fought, but were seperated. Shortly afterwards, Andersen left wrestling totally. But while he was gone, a hatred developed towards both Robinson and the fake Rage. In the weeks leading up to Danger Zone, Rage made his return, posing as the voice in the dark. He stated that his mission was to come back and destroy Brian Andersen. However, it appeared that Andersen was retired for good. Rage started a feud with PWA Champion, Sirus Moran, winning the World Title before the decision was reversed. It was at that time that Sirus befriended a homeless man. At High Stakes, the homeless man came out, revealed to be none other than Brian Andersen. Tonight, these two men will finally settle the score to determine who is the real Rage!

["When World's Collide" comes across the speakers as Rage heads to the ring. Brian Anderson doesn't waste any time or thought on an entrance, he's come to get what he wants.]

Jon McDaniel: Rage and Andersen circle each other, their eyes locked. Rage goes for a lock up, but Andersen slaps him aside. They finally lock up, but neither man will give an inch. Rage breaks the hold and circles again. They lock up again and this time, Andersen gains the advantage, powering Rage into the corner. Senior referee Lance Weston calls for the break, which Andersen provides, but he quickly slaps Rage across the face. Rage shoves Weston aside and lunges at Andersen, taking him down with a spear.

Brian Rentfro: I knew this match would degenerate into a brawl. These two guys hate each other so much, there's nothing else that it could have been.

Jon McDaniel: The two men roll on the mat, trading punches. Andersen winds up on top and starts pounding Rage's face with rights and lefts. Rage uses a judo throw to free himself, then rolls out of the ring. Rage paces at ringside, trying to shake the cobwebs. But Rage is having none of it! He comes at Rage with a baseball slide, knocking the imposter into the security railing. Rage tries to scurry away on his hands and knees, but Andersen grabs an ankle, lifts it in the air and drops Rage hard on his knee. Rage is clutching his knee and rolling on the ground. Andersen points to the steel ring steps and the crowd roars its approval. He picks them up and lifts them high over his head, then turns to face Rage. Rage was faking and jumps up, then dropkicks Andersen in the stomach. Andersen hits the ground and the steps fall down on his chest and head!

Brian Rentfro: That was a smart move by Rage! Andersen thought Rage was so beat up that he could showboat and it ended up costing him!

Jon McDaniel: Rage picks up the steps and rams them into the leg of Andersen! Rage bashes his opponent in the head with the steps, then pulls a ladder out from underneath the ring. He puts Andersen's legs inbetween the legs of the ladder. Andersen is starting to get up, so Rage kicks him in the head and then climbs on top of the guard rail. Moonsault on the ladder right on top of Andersen's legs!

Brian Rentfro: That probably wasn't the smartest thing Rage could have done. Taking a moonsault on the ladder hurt him nearly as much as it did Brian Andersen. But the strategy he's using is good in general. If he can take the legs out of Andersen, then he won't be able to climb the ladder to grab ahold of the trenchcoat that's hanging above the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Rage slides the ladder into the ring, then pulls Andersen up and slides him in, near the ringpost. Rage stays outside the ring, grabs on to Andersen's ankles and crotches him on the ringpost! Now Rage locks on a ringpost figure four leg lock! Andersen is sitting up and screaming in agony! Brain Andersen is looking for any way at all to break the hold, but there isn't anything. He finally grabs on to the ropes and tries pulling himself up. This is a tremendous show of upperbody strength as Brian Andersen is pulling not only his own weight, but also the weight of Rage! Rage let's go of the hold, but when Andersen tries standing, his leg buckles and he collapses to the mat. Rage rolls into the ring, Andersen is on his hands and knees, trying to stand. Rage sends him crashing back to the mat with a double axe handle to the back, then kicks Andersen to roll him over. Rage climbs up top and comes down with a Shooting Star Press, but Andersen gets his knees up in the nick of time! Rage rolls on the mat, clutching his stomach.

Brian Rentfro: That was pure desperation, and maybe not the smartest move. True, it worked over the midsection of Rage, which already got hurt from a moonsault on the ladder. But Rage has just spent the better part of ten minutes working over Andersen's knees and now he just gave them more damage.

Jon McDaniel: Rage is up on his feet again, but he's holding his stomach. He grabs the ladder and leans it up in the corner opposite Andersen. Now Rage pulls Andersen up to his feet. He's none too steady, but Rage props him up before whipping him across the ring, face first into the ladder! Andersen is busted open. He staggers back, Rage tries for a dropkick, but Andersen sidesteps. As Rage is getting up, Andersen grabs a front face lock...he snap suplexes Rage into the ladder. Rage is stuck upside down on the ladder, his legs tangled in the rungs. Andersen gets to his feet, holding the rope to steady himself while the blood flows freely, beginning to cover his face. Rage tries to free himself, but Andersen kicks at his hands and puts the boots to him. Andersen rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, where the original ladder is still set up. He collapses it and slides it into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Rage is still struggling to free his leg, but it looks like it is caught between the ladder and the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Andersen picks up the ladder and runs toward Rage holding the other ladder as a battering ram. Rage tries to move, but is too late! Rage's chest is bright red and purple where the ladder just hit. He's not moving, either. I'm not sure if the wind was just knocked out of him or if he's out cold. Andersen steps back and has another run with the battering ram. Rage must be out cold, his arms are dangling under his head, fingertips brushing the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Now's the time for Andersen to set the ladder up and win the match! What is he doing?

Jon McDaniel: Andersen drops the other ladder under Rage, then climbs out to the ring apron and heads up to the top turnbuckle. Andersen jumps to the top of the ladder and rides it all the way down, sandwiching Rage between them! Andersen pulls the top ladder off Rage and kicks him out of the ring. Rage is laying on the ground at ringside, while in the ring, Andersen sets up the ladder beneath the trench coat. He begins the long climb up the ladder, slowly, his legs still weak. Rage has climbed back on the ring apron, but Andersen is most of the way up the ladder! I don't think he can get in there in time to stop Andersen! Rage sees how close Andersen is to winning and springboards to the top rope, then knocks the ladder over with a shoulderblock! Rage is clutching his shoulder on the mat, but Andersen got crotched on the top rope, then falls back into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: That was close! Rage pulled that move out of nowhere, but was the cost too high?

Jon McDaniel: Rage crawls over to Andersen and applies an ankle lock submission. He's right back to his plan of working the legs and feet of Brian Andersen to prevent him from climbing the ladder. And it just might work. Andersen is in obvious pain, struggling for the ropes to try and get some leverage to pull himself either up or right out of the ring. Rage tries to get to his feet and falls backwards, dragging Andersen back to the middle of the ring, but he didn't drop the hold.

Brian Rentfro: I'm here to tell you, that move hurts like nobody's business. Andersen's ankle is probably very close to snapping and if it does, he might as well kiss the name "Rage" goodbye!

Jon McDaniel: Rage finally releases the hold and goes to set up the ladder. Rage is having problems standing on his own, and he's favoring his left shoulder, but he manages to get the ladder up. He starts the climb up, but he's taking a long time, this match has clearly taken its toll on him. He's halfway up, and Andersen is on his feet. Or foot, I should say. He can't seem to put any pressure on the ankle Rage was attacking, but he's trying to climb the other side of the ladder anyway. Rage is nearly to the top, but he slips and falls down. He starts the climb again with Andersen halfway up. Its a race to the top!

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe either man is able to even think about climbing that thing!

Jon McDaniel: Andersen is at the top, trying to climb just a bit higher to get that trench coat. Rage is up now, and the two men start trading punches. They're both on the rung next to the top on opposite sides of the ladder. If either of them falls, this match is over. Rage is staggered, but won't go down. Rage grabs him around the head. What's he up to?

Brian Rentfro: Oh dear lord...

Jon McDaniel: Andersen tries lifting Rage up, but can't quite do it. He tries again and is able to lift Rage straight up! I don't believe it! Andersen hits Rage with the Breakdown brainbuster off the top of the ladder! Both men are motionless on the mat. I'm not sure who that move hurt the most! Rage hasn't moved, but Andersen is on his knees, reaching for the ladder. He slowly starts climbing and the crowd is just deafening in here. He's very slowly making his way up, now to the halfway mark. Rage is on his knees and trying to climb the ladder now. Andersen is near the top, but can't quite reach the trench coat. Rage is halfway up, but he slips and falls off. Andersen climbs one more rung and grabs the coat! He pulls it down and is collapsed over the top of the ladder! Brian Andersen has won the match! The Rage is back!

Brian Rentfro: But at what cost, Jon? The Dragon is hurt badly and EMTs are rushing down to tend to him, but Andersen or Rage or whatever the hell he's called hasn't moved since getting the coat. This is certainly a case of the cure being worse than the disease!

Jon McDaniel: You may be right about that, Brian. Battle Dome is an event known for brutal matches, but I dare say that this match will stand out in the history books as one of the most brutal!

Sirus vs. Showtime vs. Silverback

Battledome PWA World Title Match

Jon McDaniel: And this is what is all comes down to, folks. This is the third Battle Dome stipulation match in the history of the PWA, and they just keep getting more brutal and deadly. The premise is that the mat is suspended 20 feet in the air, with a cage surrounding it. Inside the ring are various weapons, including lead pipes, ball bats, chairs, chain, and brass knuckles. The opponents are lowered from a harness above the ring and chaos reigns until the loser is thrown from the cage to the hard, cold concrete below. In the past, Sirus Moran and Panzadise had a classic match at last year's Battle Dome. Then just a few short months ago, Jay and MVP had one of the most vicious matches in recent history in a Battle Dome match. This year, the stakes have been upped with three contestants in the ring and even more weapons. This is a match that will end careers, no doubt about it.

[Destroying Angel" by HT blasts over speakers, as green and white spotlights scan the arena. Silverback appears on the entryway in a silver mesh tank top and black-wrestling tights, the letter "S" inscribed on his right hip. Strolling down the ramp, he flashes his crooked grin to the crowd while his emerald green eyes glow mischievously. He crouches, teeth bared, waiting for Showtime and Sirus to appear.]

[The lights go out, and "What If" by Creed hits. Maroon fireworks shoot up from the entrance way for about thirty seconds. Then as the vocals start in "What If" Showtime comes out with Sarah by his side. He wears a sleevless shirt witht the sides cut on it so it is like a pancho. The shirt is black and has the Showtime dragon on the front of it. He wears black trunks with maroon and white barbwire going everywhere on the trunks. Sarah is wearing a maroon tight t-shirt and leather mini skirt. As they walk down the ramp fireworks go off by the side of each of them. Sarah heads back and Showtime keeps an eye on Silverback.]

['More Human Than Human' playing over the speakers. On the screen above him is a clip of Sirus standing in a hallway holding onto 'Al' and waving to all of the nice people. He comes out onto the stage and smiles while being genuinely happy to be here and his aura proves it. He runs and jumps up and down the aisle. He brings 'Al' along with him to the ring, waving him in the air and greeting and high fiving as many fans as possible. He stops, shakes Showtime's hand and tries to do the same with silverback, but he will have none of that. ]

[The three men get fitted in the harnesses, lifted up and are set to go.]

Rentfro "Hey look, it's Anderson .. I mean Rage! Here to check out the competition?"

McDaniel "Well, he and Sirus have become friends. Who knows at this pint in the game?

[Silverback hits the ring first in a roll. He scoops up a bat as soon as he hits the mat and takes a home run swing at Showtime just as he hits the mat! The air is knocked right out of the former champ. Sirus turns his attention to Silverback but meets a swing from the bat as well. While his opponents are down, sets up a chair in the middle of the ring. Showtime is up first and rushes Silverback, but gets a drop toe hold to the chair! Showtime is busted open. Sirus is behind Silverback and puts him in a full nelson. Showtime climbs up to the top turnbuckle as Sirus takes Silverback down with a full nelson slam. Showtime hits the Walk of Fame, but Silverback gets his knees up.]

Brian Rentfro: This is pretty smart strategy. Showtime and Sirus are working on Silverback as a team. Its a much better idea to try and eliminate the third man, then worry about only one other opponent instead of worrying about two guys that want to send you out 20 feet down to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus pulls Silverback up and hits a nice snap suplex. Silverback is back up quickly, but the champ whips him into the ropes and hits a DVD on the rebound. Showtime yells something to Sirus, who pulls Silverback up to his knees, then catches him in a waistlock. Sirus lifts him up for a powerbomb, but Showtime gets under him and hits a neckbreaker as he's coming down.

Brian Rentfro: That's a great move, and again, great strategy, but how long until Showtime realizes that Sirus hasn't taken any real damage? Working together is good for a while, but you don't want to take all the risks and have another guy be totally fresh to eliminate you.

Jon McDaniel: Good point. Sirus locks a Sharpshooter on Silverback and is leaning waaaay back on it. Showtime grabs the chain off the mat and wraps it around his fist. He clocks Sirus in the back of the head with it!

Brian Rentfro: That's what I was talking about right there! This match is for the World title and that means every man for himself.

Jon McDaniel: Showtime unravels the chain and hooks it around the throat of Silverback. He pulls back on it and hooks Silverback in a surfboard submission, using the chain around his throat. Silverback is turning blue! Sirus is back up, but he looks groggy. He kicks Silverback, knocking him over and pulls Showtime up. Showtime gets whipped into the ropes and taken down with a powerslam. Sirus is up and drops a quick legdrop. Silverback is up and nails Sirus with a ball bat! Sirus turns around to get another bat to the stomach. He's doubled over and Silverback finishes the job with a double underhook DDT. Silverback turns his attention to Showtime, who is just getting up. Silverback kicks him in the stomach, then powerbombs him on top of the fallen Moran!

Brian Rentfro: That's one way to wear out two opponents!

Jon McDaniel: Showtime gets pulled up and Silverback grabs his head and grinds his face across the cage, cutting him open a couple more times. The blood is flowing freely right now and collecting on the mat! Sirus is on his feet and waits for Silverback to turn around. Silverback does, but he ducks a superkick from Sirus. The champ is off balance and Silverback uses the opportunity to apply an iron claw! Sirus goes down to the mat, squirming in pain!

Brian Rentfro: Now there's a move I haven't seen in ages!

Jon McDaniel: Showtime stomps on Silverback, who lets go of Sirus and turns around. Showtime leans into the ropes and comes back with a spinning wheel kick, taking down Silverback. Sirus grabs Showtime from behind and goes for an Irish whip, but Showtime reverses it. Spin kick for the champ! Showtime grabs Sirus' legs and slingshots him into the cage! Silverback is up now and he and Showtime each grab one of Sirus' legs. Wishbone!

Brian Rentfro: That'll ruin your day.

Jon McDaniel: It sure will. Sirus is writhing in pain. Showtime turns to face Silverback, but eats a lariat! Silverback pulls Sirus up and pulls him towards the cage door. He throws the champ at the door, which swings open, but Sirus grabs a hold of it. The door starts to swing shut, but Silverback sees Sirus coming and picks up a lead pipe. Sirus grabs the side of the cage and starts to climb up, but Silverback swings the pipe, smashing the champ's fingers! Sirus lets go of the cage and falls!

Brian Rentfro: Luckily for him, he managed to grab the very bottom of the cage! Neither Silverback or Showtime can see him hanging there, but Sirus is still in this match!

Jon McDaniel: Silverback and Showtime start trading punches, oblivious to the fact that Sirus is slowly pulling his way up the side of the cage. Silverback rolls backwards and grabs a bat. Showtime reaches down and gets a pipe. They circle each other, and Silverback swings first. He hits Showtime solidly on the side, but he doesn't drop the pipe. Showtime swings and connects with Silverback's leg. Silverback screams, then thrusts the end of the bat into the midsection of Showtime, doubling him over. Silverback scoops up Showtime in a waistlock for a powerbomb, but Showtime slips over his shoulders and lifts him in a waistlock of his own. Showtime hits the End Product on Silverback!

[A giant O flashes on the PWA-tron. The one at a time we see the letters appear on the screen. B - O - O - Y - A! Over the speaker we hear BOOYA! MVP is standing on top of the PWAtron.]

McDaniel "What is he doing here?"

Rentfro "He appears to be coming at the cage on a rope. He's just flying down on that harness."

Brian Rentfro: Showtime is starting to pull Silverback up to his feet to throw him out, but he doesn't see Sirus at the top of the cage!

Jon McDaniel: Sirus comes sailing down on top of Showtime with a flying cross body block! Showtime hits the mat hard! Sirus looks exhausted after his ordeal outside the cage! Silverback comes up behind Sirus with a pair of brass knuckles and hits a low blow on the champ! Sirus falls down to the mat, doubled over in agony.

Brian Rentfro: Again, that'll ruin your day! But here's MVP at the cage right at the door now. He opens up the door and enters. He walks right by Silverback and heads to Showtime who's struggling to get to his feet. And look at Silverback, he's just shrugging his shoudlers and lets him walk by. MVP lays into Showtime, picks him up and .. MOST VALUABLE MOVE! Showtime has got to be out of it now. Silverback is having a good laugh about that. MVP is talking to the prone body of Showtime, whipes his hands over him and heads to the door. Silverback slaps him on the back as he passes. MVP hops out and heads up the ramp.

Jon McDaniel: Silverback grabs the length of chain from the mat and wraps it around Showtime's neck. He uses the chain to pull Showtime to the door and kicks him out of the cage! Silverback is hanging Showtime with the chain! Now he's tying it to the door. Sirus comes up behind Silverback and nails him with an inverted DDT! Sirus grabs the chain and tries to pull Showtime back in!

Brian Rentfro: That's a mistake. I know Sirus is supposed to be a nice guy and all, but he can't try to help out an opponent in this match.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus finally got the chain free of the cage door and has grabbed Showtime's hand and started to pull him in. But Silverback is back on his feet. He drops kicks Sirus and the champ falls out of the cage, along with Showtime! They both hit the ground! Silverback is the new PWA World Champ! Amazing!

Brian Rentfro: That match was back and forth, but in the end, Sirus' own compassion is what won Silverback that title. If he hadn't been so concerned with Showtime, Silverback never could have eliminated them both at one time. Jon McDaniel: That's true, but in the end it doesn't matter. All that matters is that Silverback gets the strap!

[The Rage rushes into the cage. He blows by Silverback and starts to check on Sirus.]

Rentfro "Hey, see? Rage was here to cheer on Sirus. Now I wonder .. WHAT?"

McDaniel "Rage pushed Sirus back down to the mat and starts to stomp him down!"

[After a few good kicks, Rage is satisfied and produces a mic.]

Rage: "Just when you thought it was safe to get in the ring again..."

[Andersen turns the mic towards the wild eyed Silverback...]

Silverback: "For every one...there are two-more waiting in the wings. Remember? We said that six-months ago..."

["After the Flesh" by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult erupts across the arena PA-system...the M.o.A's music...and so from behind the dark curtain emerges the M.o.A...Ridel, and the new arrival with the white bat, Gabrielle, The Brutal, Nightstryker, Prophet, Alix, WolfsBane, Fyre, and the last through the curtain...Marcus Collins rubbing at his head...anger burning in his eyes at Ridel and his friend with he bat...]

McDaniel "I can't believe it. After all that Sirus did for him when he was homeless. How could he have turned on the ex-champ?"

Rentfro "Better question. When will Sirus learn to pick friends that won't turn on him?"

[Silverback and Rage both exit the ring, and move up the rampway to stand with the other masters ...Handshakes are exchanged, and then they all slip back behind the curtain...]

McDaniel "Well, there you have it folks. I'm going home to try to process all that happened here tonight. I'll see you later."

Rentfro "And I am going for a few stiff drinks.