World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Hi PWA fans!

I just got back from checking out Rampage that was live in my own hometown of Norman, Oklahoma at the awesome Lloyd Noble Center! I can’t pretend to tell you how great it is to be at a live event and see all these amazing performers in action!

The show did kind of start out slow, admittedly, with Isis supposed to make her debut, but we were told Nuke Fusion missed his flight, so all we got to see was Isis come to the ring and say hi to us all. She’s gorgeous, for sure, and the guys in attendance made sure she knew that.

They finally did get under way with a tremendous tag team match between The O’Connor Boys and the new Controlled Violence of Viktor Stone and Alex Noble. Now, I gotta say, personally, I’m not a fan of Viktor Stone. Any man who would blatantly hit a woman deserves what’s coming to him, and I can not wait for Phoenix Rising for that Hell in the Cell match! Still, like it or not, Stone is a powerful man in that ring and between him and Noble, they took it to the O’Connor boys for a good 15 minutes. Those good ol boys did come back and there was probably a dozen near falls and false finishers, but the crowd just exploded when the ref got bumped and with Stone just a hair from winning the match, Raizzor appeared and booted Noble to the outside! Stone and Raizzor brawled before Raizzor choke slammed Stone and then went and brought in a steel chair! The O’Connor boys did manage to reason with Raizzor, who left the ring and the O’Connor’s took the advantage and pinned Stone as the ref revived.

After the match, was when the fun really started! As the O’Connor boys left, high fiving the fans. Stone was still reeling in the ring when the Hell in the Cell cage that was rigged up began to drop! We wondered why it was there, speculating Raizzor would cut a fantastic promo for the PPV, but as the Cage dropped, Raizzor returned and stepped inside… and once the cage had fallen, it was just Raizzor and Stone.. mano e mano!

Man, you had to be live to hear how loud the place was. Raizzor and Viktor fought like it was for the title, with Stone coming back and taking it to The Soul-Taker in a brawl that lasted a full 7 minutes, with spots.. before security and the refs were able to get the cage to rise… With the two behemoths on the outside of the ring, Raizzor whipped Stone into the cage as it rose, and the man basically crashed onto his back with a large gash in his forehead. Security had to drag Raizzor away, for fear he would obliterate Stone. This got the crowd really hyped for the rest of the night!

As the tech crew got the cage up and wiped up the ring, Eric Emerson came back to the ring to announce that the next match would be for the PWA Television Championship. Now, I personally am not too big of a fan for either the champion Riker or that Emperor Ian dude, but we all knew what was at stake here. Ian had already scored a victory over The Champion, Phoenix and would be pushing for a title match, and Riker just had to best Ian to put his name in the hat. What we got, was nothing short of jaw dropping. For these two mid-carders, with what was at stake they fought like it was a PPV Main event!

Ian took control early, striking with a DDT that stung Riker and from there Ian really went to work on the champions neck and arms. By mid match, even with Riker coming back offensively time and again, the neck seemed to get worse and he was favoring it, giving Ian more confidence to keep on it. With a consistency of a focused man, Ian hit moves like a Neck Snap, Shoulder Arm Breaker, a swinging bull dog and various other arms bars to wear Riker down. However, Riker would answer with some strong mat based moves, keeping himself out of Ian’s reach whenever possible. As the match came near the end, Ian scored a Cradle Neck Breaker and Imperial-Plex, the same as he did to Phoenix and it seemed Ian had the match won.

Unfortunately, the match was ruined with Shadow Starr running down and attacking Emperor Ian, and the referee had to call for the bell, disqualifying Ian! The fans booed Shadow Starr for ruining what could have been match of the night, and while Ian won the bout by a DQ, Riker was still PWA Television Champion!

While the ring was cleared, I had to ask my buddy next to me what that meant for Riker? I mean, he technically had not successfully defended the title a full three times, and my buddy told me he figured that Riker would have to win the match at Phoenix Rising to get his third and final defense. So, Ian wins but no belt, but still can claim a win over Phoenix and Riker can still try to get three wins! It was so messed up!

Before the next match started, we watched on the ADCtron, a backstage segment with one Jethro Hayes!

Backstage at the Lloyd Noble Center, we find Jethro Hayes' locker room. The camera is focused in on the door and we notice the handle start to turn. As the door cracks open, we find Jethro Hayes smiling at us. The beautiful Toshi Yang is in front of the camera quickly and Jethro is flustered, he didn't see this impromptu to interview in his schedule. He looks down at the beautiful Asian girl and nods for her to start.

Toshi: "Jethro."

Jethro: "Toshi."

They both sort of chuckle at each other and Jethro puts his arm around Toshi's shoulders; she becomes flustered immediately.

Jethro: "Toshi, I know I ain't the most handsome guy, but how about we go out after the show and grab something to eat?"

Toshi blushes at the invitation and shyly nods that she will go out and grab some dinner with Jethro.

Jethro: "I know you aren't here to just stare at my awesomely handsome body, my stuttering good looks, so what will it be?"

Toshi places a hand to her mouth and laughs into it, unprofessionally, but she can't help herself. Toshi knows Jethro is just having some fun and she can't help but laugh at his antics.

Jethro: "Come on Toshi, you know I'm kidding, but you got some questions right?"

Toshi indeed does as she nods.

Toshi: "Jethro, you are going into this match teaming with Riona Langly, a woman who has a history of being hard to work with."

Jethro: "You know Toshi, whether or not Riona has been difficult to work with in the past is irrelevant here right now."

Jethro points toward the inside where the crowd and ring is.

Jethro: "Fact is this, out there in that ring, Riona can get the job done. Riona is one hell of a worker and I have no doubt that she will have my back like I will have hers."

Toshi goes to speak.

Jethro: "Hold on a second honey. Out there, we are on a team, over all we are on a team to bring down The Pantheon, and I have no doubt she will work with us to obtain the ultimate goal. But inside that Elimination Chamber at Phoenix Rising, we will be enemies. But I hope that Riona and maybe McNasty will team up with me and at least make sure that Phoenix is eliminated and can no longer be the champion. I don't mind one of them two winning, but as long as The Pantheon lose the belt, that is all I care about."

Toshi: "Are you saying that you will lay down for them if they help you eliminate The Pantheon?"

Jethro shakes his head.

Jethro: "Honey, I am not saying that at all. Jethro will not do something like that, he will not deny the fans of what they deserve and that is a good match. These fans, they don't really like The Pantheon. But they do buy tickets in hopes of someone taking them down. My hope is that Riona, Mark Zout, Ryan Ross, and myself can do just that. Yeah, we'd love to have more step up to the plate because with a poison that concentrated, you need all the fighting antibiotics that you can get."

Toshi: "What are your thoughts on the Elimination Chamber match?"

Jethro looks at her with his eyebrows raised.

Jethro: "Well, I was thinking you'd ask about the match tonight first, but alright."

Toshi blushes, Jethro just smiles down at her.

Jethro: "Tell ya what, I'll tell you about the Elimination Chamber match, from my point of view."

He turns to the camera.

Jethro: "Rob, it was damn smart for you to get Jacob and Hunter to have a double pin at Who's the Man. See, I know you got them to do that because you wanted some back up in the Elimination Chamber match, somehow you got information about it and I think we all know who that worm was. But no matter the case, you've got the back up that you need and it is set in stone. But you also have two others, besides myself in there, that are as hungry for your blood as I am. In fact, one of them gets their hands on you tonight in an Ambulance Match, good luck, cause with that guy, you are definitely going to need it. I haven't forgotten the others either."

Toshi leans in further.

Jethro: "Riona, we are partners tonight, respect is there, but a fight is also in the background. I know it, you know it, in fact everyone in this building and sitting at home knows it. There will be blood shed in that match, meat will likely be torn from bones, but the respect will never leave. I wish you the best in that match Riona, you are going to need it."

Toshi: "What about Mark McNasty?"

Jethro: "If you look at it, I've beaten everyone in this match, except for one. That one is Jacob Figgins of The Pantheon. But just because I've beaten them, doesn't mean I will beat them a second or third time. It means that they will be gunning to defeat me to bring the odds to being even. Mark, I know you are from Georgia and are one damn fine fighter. I wish you luck in the Ambulance Match tonight. I want you to know that I look forward to stepping into the Elimination Chamber match with you at Phoenix Rising. Will you help us in taking down Phoenix? In The Pantheon? Or will you look just to gain the World Title, giving no care to anyone else?"

Jethro: "Jacob Figgins, I've never faced you, until tonight. I know what you are capable of, I know what you can do. I've said my piece about you not fitting in with The Pantheon. Will you change your ways at Phoenix Rising? Or will you stay with the poison that is The Pantheon?"

A chuckle from Jethro.

Jethro: "And Hunter Sullivan. Where do I begin? Was you expecting Jethro the technical terror? Well, maybe that is too proud of a statement to make here. But were you expecting me to be as technical as I was? No you wasn't. That just goes to show you that an old dog can learn new tricks. But Hunter, don't expect that every time, don't expect me to play your game, son. See, I like the power moves, I like to show off that hard won muscle from the farm work. And Hunter, I enjoyed slamming through your gut with The Plow. I thoroughly enjoyed planting you on the mat and giving you a complimentary three second tan. I'm not being mean, but I do so enjoy putting braggers in their place and I got that opportunity last week."

Toshi: "What about the match tonight?"

Jethro: "It will be fun and finally we get our hands on the self-proclaimed Gods of PWA. Or at least one half of them anyways. Will they fall to Riona and myself? I don't know. With a week to go before Phoenix Rising, will the Pantheon come out to destroy Riona and myself so that we aren't 100% at Phoenix Rising? I don't know. Hell Toshi, will there even be enough of Mark and Rob for the pay per view? Again, I just don't know. But one thing I do know is this, and pay attention Jacob and Hunter. Riona and Jethro, are going to give 100% and more tonight in our match. Are you enough of a God to take that kind of punishment? Well.... are you?"

Jethro goes to walk down the hallway, but Toshi grabs his arm quickly.

Toshi: "Jethro, it has been said on PWA Radio that you have... um... relations with your sister, is this true?"

Jethro barks out laughter as he turns back.

Jethro: "I can answer that question easily. I cannot have sex with my sister, because I have no sister. How can one have sex with someone who doesn't exist? I'm not like Hunter who has fun pleasuring himself with the thoughts of Jacob, or Rob pleasuring himself thinking of his wife who is in the arms of Project X. I am not like that, and never will be. Those people on PWA Radio can say what they want, to who they want, it doesn't really bother me. See, I am Jethro Hayes, and I know the life of Jethro Hayes, the ins and outs of my life. They don't and let them have their fun, while they are making fun of me, they are leaving someone else alone."

Toshi looks taken aback.

Jethro: "Toshi, I've got to go and wrestle, unlike Radio Rich and Mr. Hardcore. But maybe I can get to the studio and we can see if they can make jokes about me then, to my face."

Jethro walks down the hallway and climbs up into his tractor.

Jethro always makes me laugh! Now, The next match was Mark Zout vs. Ryan Ross; the two members of Renegade Souljahs pitted against each other by President Mark Sommers! I tell you, that Sommers has one hell of a mind! He figured the chance to fight for the Grizzly Beer Championship would put a wedge between these two men, but as you’re about to find out, that’s not how it went down!

I’m a Soulja hits the P.A system and Eric Emerson, standing inside the ring, let’s his voice echo through the rafters, via the microphone in his hand.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen. Our next match is for ONE FALL. The winner of this match will be declared the number one contender for the Grizzly Beer Championship!

From behind the curtain, both Mark Zout and Ryan Ross emerge from the backstage area. Ryan is wearing red camouflage cargo pants, and Mark is wearing snow white camouflage cargo shorts. They look now more than ever like the Renegade Souljahz. The fans give a crazy reaction, but are holding back – obviously – confused by why the two were coming out together. Their care fled as the two men made their way down the entrance ramp slapping hands and kissing cheeks.

Eric Emerson: Uh.. Uhm, do not be fooled, ladies and gentlemen, this match is STILL a singles match.

Introducing first, on the left… Standing at six feet, three inches, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds. He is one half of the Renegade Souljahz, Ryan Ross! And his opponent, to the right… Standing at five feet, ten inches, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds. He is the other half of the Renegade Souljahz, Mark Zout!

Mark and Ryan rolled into the ring, their chests glistening with the moisture of the shower each had taken just before suiting up, and Mark nodded toward Emerson, his hand out for the microphone. Emerson shot him a quizzical look, but Mark just lowered his head, focusing his eyes more thoroughly on Emerson. Reluctantly, the ring announcer handed the microphone to Zout.

Zout: Ladies and Gentlemen! Is it great to be back here in the good ol’ O.K., or what, Ryan?

Ryan gave a nod.

Zout: Y’know… I almost feel at home, what with our basketball team here and all. That’s okay, the Rosser and I can let that slide. There’s something else we just can’t let slide, though. Isn’t there, Ryan?

Mark passes the microphone to Ryan.

Ross: That’s right, Marky Mark. And it has everything to do with you people!

Mixed reaction.

Ross: You see, people… There is an injustice going on tonight, and it isn’t Mark’s fault… It isn’t MY fault, and it certainly isn’t YOUR fault. What am I talking about, Mark?

Mark had, while Ryan was last speaking, retrieved a microphone from one of the tech crew along ringside.

Zout: I think I know, buddy…. Are you talking about the 21-53 season final?

Ross: Exactl—What? No! You know what I mean.

Zout: Oh, you mean the way Chamelion LIED to all these marvelous people out here.

Ross: That is EXACTLY what I mean, Mark. Seriously. Are you people expecting the match of the night right here?


Ross: Do you people want to see a show of athletics that’ll leave you breath-taken?


Ross: Well, that’s just not going to happen tonight.

Zout: Now, now, now… You people may just want to hear us out before you start in on all that commotion. On any other night we would LOVE to wrestle each other in the middle of the ring in front of all you marvelous fans. On any other night we would like nothing better than to give it our all and leave nothing behind.

Ross: It’s true.

Zout: Unfortunately, next week the winner of THIS MATCH is against Chamelion. Now, I don’t know how much attention you’ve all been paying lately to the Pantheon’s antics, but there seems to be a pattern to us.

Ross: First, you get two good guys in an epic match that the fans all go nutzo over.


Ross: Right, but then the next week the broken down good guys, who put in their all the week before, get squashed by Chamelion and beat down by the REST of the Pantheon after the match. Is any of this beginning to sound familiar?

Zout: Right, so it doesn’t matter that we WANT to wrestle for you people. It doesn’t matter that we WANT to give you the match of your lives. The facts are, MarkZ and MarketteZ, that The Renegade Souljahz aren’t STUPID enough – aren’t mentally DEPRIVED enough – aren’t CRAZY enough to put in our all this week to be devastated NEXT week.

Mixed reactions.

Ross: I know, you are all let down, but don’t take it out on us, Sausers. There is one faction to blame here: The Pantheon. By a show of voices, how many of you here tonight LIKE the Pantheon?

Chorus of boos, mixed with some cheers. I mean, some people do like the bad guys!

Ross: How many of you here tonight LIKE what the Pantheon has been doing the past several weeks? How many of you want to see us DESTROY the Pantheon?


Ross: Exactly. And next week, one of the two of us will be taking on Chamelion one on one. One of us next week will be given the opportunity to strip that over-bearing, power-abusing, monkey look-a-like of his Grizzly Beer title, and one of us will have the opportunity to use that title to start making some of our own rules around here. One of us will have the opportunity to give some of the power back to you people! Now isn’t that something you’d like to see?


Zout: Chamelion, you’ve done these MarkZ an injustice. You’ve desecrated our profession and spat on our fans, and we’ve had it. We’ve seen too many friends leave too many arenas on stretchers. We’ve watched too many good people fall due to your antics, and we aren’t about to be next on the list.


Zout: You want us to beat each other down this week so we aren’t ready for you next week, Chamelion? You want to tear our team – our faction – apart with childish singles matches? You think you’re two steps ahead? Sorry to burst your bubble, Cham, but it ain’t going down like that. The Renegade Souljahz do not break ranks. We do not desert our troops. Most importantly, we do not lie down for terrorists!


Ross: That’s right, buddy, and if I’ve ever seen a band of terrorist, it’s you, Pantheon. You bend stipulations to match your own selfish will. You hurt the good people who try to stand in your way. Worst yet – you try to convince the people that you are the future. Well, as long as the Souljahz have the strength to stand – as long as we have breath in our lungs – As long as there’s still someone to fight for – WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN.

Deafening roar.

Ross: You want a war, Chamelion? Oh, you’ll get one! But it won’t be on your terms, oh no! You’ll get your match tonight, Chamelion, and we’ll get ours next week where I’ll strip you of your beloved title in front of all these people! There will be nothing you can do, and no where you can hide your shame! Ready, Mark?

Zout: Send in the referee!


Ryan and Zout circled the ring with quick paced intentions. The two men stopped abruptly and slowly moved towards each other at a snail’s pace. The two met dead center in the ring with a loose and slow lock up. Ryan slowly moved his arm up and over Zout’s head and cumbersomely pulled down pulling Zout into a head lock.

Zout slowly raised his hand and grabbed Ryans hands pulled them apart slowly pulling his arm back behind his back and into a hammer lock. Ryans slowly stomped his feet up and down up and down, until he stomped on Zout’s right foot Zout slowly let go and Ryan Sluggishly walked half way to the ropes he turned quickly and slowly started to walk back. Zout Slowly reached out his arm and hooked Ryans pulling him slowly over into an arm drag Ryan grabbed his back in pain and slowly got to his feet. Zout reached out a again slowly as Ryan walked into it and tumbled over with a second arm drag. Ryan softly hit the mat and screamed in pain.

Zout slowly got to his feet and walked over to the downed Ross who slowly reached up and tucked Zout’s head under his arm pulling him into a small package Zout slowly rolled to the mat with both shoulders down the ref confused counted.


Ryan released the hold and got to his feet slowly as Zout also reached his feet in a slow untimely manner the two men shook hands and I’m a Souljah hit the PA system.

Eric Emerson: AND the winner of the match is Ryan Rossssss.

The two men celebrate in the ring when ‘Voices’ by Rev Theory hits the arena and Chamelion walks out, attired in his wrestling gear and begins walking down towards the ring, with a mic in hand.

Chamelion: Bravo! Bravo! I gotta say, you two did exactly what I expected you to do! Just goes to show that you boys are just Sooooooo Predictable!

Zout and Ross glare at Chamelion as he reaches the ring and walks up the steps.

Chamelion: I’m not even that disappointed you didn’t give the fans here a match worthy of you, but hey, if that’s all you’re good for; then what can I do, huh?

Slipping between the ropes, Chamelion walks right to the middle of the ring where the Souljahs stand.

Chamelion: Now, before you two get any ideas, remember, I’m still the boss. One finger on me by either of you and I’ll can your asses like I did Mark McNasty last year. I got a real match coming up in a few moments and can’t be bothered to worry about you two getting in the way.

Zout and Ross look at each other, but they understand that Chamelion would have no qualms to back up his claims, so they back off a little, showing Chamelion they understand.

Chamelion: Very good. Now, Ross, since it seems you won your grueling match, it’s going to be you and I next week at Phoenix Rising for my PWA Grizzly Beer Championship. I look forward to it, and normally I would wait to announce the stipulation, so you’re left wondering to the last moment what it could be… but I’m in a giving mood.

Chamelion grins.

Chamelion: Sadly, with a Hell in the Cell and an Elimination Chamber already scheduled, I don’t think it would be a good idea to book us in a cage match. We could do a hardcore match, a falls count anywhere match… hell, to be fair, 99% of all matches that are not straight up matches are without rules.. so they all are basically the same, right?

He pauses, the crowd is mixed with Chamelion right now.

Chamelion: So, right here and now, Ryan Ross, I’m letting you know that our match, for the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship… will be … a 2 out of 3 falls match!

The crowd roars at the announcement, liking it very much. Ross grins, liking it too. Chamelion’s Cheshire Smile greets that grin.

Chamelion: I figured you’d like it… I do too… what better way to prove Pantheon’s dominance, then to pin you to the canvas.. twice!

Ross’s smile fades, and he takes a step forward but Zout stops him. The two men exit the ring, giving Chamelion a dark look but he just grins and waves them off.

Ok, I’m back with my report. I gotta say, the announcement of a two out of three falls match at Phoenix Rising really got the crowd pumping. Like him or hate him, Chamelion did come up with something fun without falling into the habit of a ruleless match, which he’s right; most gimmick matches are without many rules.

So, with Chamelion in the ring, we all stayed glued to our seats, because Eric Emerson announced his opponent; his brother; Raizzor!

It doesn’t seem very impressive when I check out PWA.COM and read about Raizzor’s entrance, but it person it fucking rocks! The way those pyros seem to race down to the ring and the explosions, and all that mist. When Raizzor appears in the ring seemingly out of no where, it can cause shivers! Chamelion, of course, being family, knows how Raizzor’s entrance works, so he was out of the ring and out of the way when Raizzor appeared.

When the bell rang, the brothers were very cautious with each other, knowing each other inside and out, they didn’t rush into anything. They spent the first five minutes feeling each other out and testing each other’s strength. Whips to the ropes, body slams, elbows, your basic beginners guide to wrestling is how the two went at it for the first part of the match.

It seems to me, that even with their disagreements, the brothers were putting aside the Pantheon/Anti-Pantheon war and fighting a strong, solid, mat based contest.

Well, we thought so until Chamelion hit a low blow and proceeded to go all heel on his brother. Now that it turned into a brawl, both men really took it to each other, and I think Chamelion was trying to get out his brother’s shadow again, even though over the last few years everyone knows he’s already done so. Raizzor came back, and began to dominate the match ten fold.. and when Raizzor scored the huge choke slam on Chamelion, we all felt it was over… but as seems to be the running gag of a Rampage before a PPV, Viktor Stone returned, with added bandage wrapped around his forehead and attacked Raizzor with a steel chair, and yes, we got another DQ for the night! Oh, I hate that; I wish matches would end with a 1-2-3 and then a beat down, but Stone was having none of that waiting bit. Stone wound back and pelted Raizzor along the back and forehead three or four times, and the Soul-Taker was busted open.

This is what really surprised me, and everyone else I think was when Chamelion got back to his feet, he speared Viktor Stone out of the ring! Chamelion saved his brother, and the crowd was ecstatic! Chamelion then ordered security down to the ring and they dragged a kicking and growling Stone from the ringside area. Chamelion then ordered medics to attend Raizzor before he walked up the ramp and disappeared back stage.

I have to tell you, I had read of the many encounters these two brothers have had in the past, and despite the flawed ending, this match lived up to all of those! I hope they get a chance to fight again someday, and I hope to be there to see it.

Next up, well, I’ve listened to a lot of PWA Radio and this is where the coined ‘bathroom break’ came in handy. I made a quick run and grabbed a tall frosty one before coming back to catch Marxx getting his hand raised. Apparently Emperor Ian got involved during the ref’s distraction and tripped up Shadow Starr, allowing Marxx to score the victory.

If anything, the grudge match between Emperor Ian and Shadow Starr at the PPV will be a good one; they got a lot of reasons to tear each other to pieces! My buddy also told me that Marxx was impressive this week, so maybe I should have stuck around. Ah well, I’m sure I can down load the bit torrent of this if someone is secretly filming it. Not that I approve of such things, but.

Oh, and here’s the funny thing. Eric Emerson just announced a ten minute break before the double main event, so I missed a match for nothing! Oh well. My buddy and I sat back and started discussing our picks for who would win at Phoenix Rising!

First, we were treated to the announcement that Jonathon Riker would be defending his PWA TV title against the returning Project X! Oh, we marked out big time for that announcement! I know I’d heard the rumors, but this was the proof we needed!

So, immediately we dived into our predictions! For one, we also found out that Isis will finally debut in the ring against Marxx for a shot at the Television championship. My buddy says Marxx, but I have to think Isis, who looks a lot like Fire, may upset Marxx and go on to get a chance at the TV title. But at that point, we both shook our heads, because no matter who wins… we both pick Project X to score the victory over Riker, and we then went so far as to say that PX would hold that title way into the future and earn not only a world title shot, but be back in the main event by early summer! Its sad too, cause Riker was growing on me!

As for Alex Noble and Mark Zout!? Well, these two are one half of two of the dominate tag teams in the PWA and it seems that the winner will earn their respective team a shot at G.O.D.’s Tag-Team titles in the near future! Ya know, it’s cool that the PWA can turn what appears to be nothing more then a match for bragging rights into something special! Long live the PWA!

Both my buddy and I agree that Emperor Ian is on a hell of a roll, and will roll over Shadow Starr and continue on his path to main event status!

But we disagree on the two out of three falls match. My buddy says Chamelion is going to score two in a row and be done with Ross, but I have a feeling that Ryan Ross, covered in sauce or not, is going to take hold of the PWA Grizzly Beer title and score the first major upset against the Pantheon!

The hell in the cell match we agree on, however, as we both want Raizzor to decimate Stone; simply for the fact of what he did to scrumptious Jasmine Lee! Shit, we hope Requiem will show herself and castrate Stone before the night is out! Raizzor as IC champion? Hell yeah baby!

And oh man, did we have a go at it about who’s walking out of Phoenix Rising as the PWA World Champion! We both agree Phoenix has what it takes, as he won the title in a somewhat similar concept, against five others; but we also wonder if what got him there, is what takes him out! We couldn’t agree that Riona would be the best champion, but it would be funny to see a woman survive an Elimination Chamber. We withheld judgment on Mark McNasty; for he hasn’t really been the man he used to be since his return. Jethro? Oh we both love the guy but wonder if he has a hell of a chance, considering that three members of Pantheon are in this match! Hunter and Figgins together backing up Phoenix? Well, after much debate, and seeing Eric Emerson coming back down the ramp, we decided with a quick decision to call Phoenix the retaining champion.

So, we settled in because the first of the two main events featured four of the people we just discussed. The team of Jethro Hayes and Riona Langly got introduced first and they came to the ring together, talking out strategy I suppose. Then the crowd got nasty as Generation of Destruction members Hunter Sullivan and Jacob Figgins came out. My buddy pointed out a funny sign that read “G.O.D. damned The PWA!” I wonder why that didn’t get taken away!?

What we got here was definitely a match worth talking about! We got a technical battle that went more then twenty minutes. G.O.D. did the typical heel tactics, double teaming, pointing out to the ref when Jethro or Riona tried to come in and then would come in themselves with double suplexes or other devious maneuvers. At about the fifteen minute mark, Hunter and Figgins had Riona cut off to their side of the ring and they just went to town on her! It was brutal the way the two worked over Riona’s leg, as if taking orders from Phoenix to wear her down, just as he tried to do a month ago. We really did feel this was the end of it, but Riona somehow escaped a double clothesline attempt and made the hot tag to Jethro and the arena was on their feet! Jethro plowed through Hunter and Figgins and yes, that was a pun! He had the crowd behind him fully as he went for the Planter, but Figgins stopped it with a low blow that the ref missed, who had been trying to get Riona out of the ring. That there may have been what caused Ross and Zout to come racing down to the ring, but Chamelion and Phoenix stopped them with security in toe! With Zout and Ross prevented from getting to ringside, and the owner and boss basically ordering them out of the arena, Hunter and Figgins had control and didn’t give it up! With Riona sidelined, G.O.D. got in three major double team moves and then Figgins did a slide drop kick to Riona while Hunter dropped and hooked Jethro’s leg and got the 1-2-3! The arena was awash in boos and hisses, as G.O.D. celebrated in the ring and Chamelion and Phoenix joined them!

Yes, folks, Pantheon did it again, scoring another major mark in the W column, and we wondered if anyone would ever truly could stop their rampage! Um, didn’t mean to pun that time!

We watched then as Chamelion ordered everyone to clear the ring and up the ramp, citing over the microphone he would fine, suspend or fire anyone who got into another brawl. I guess once Pantheon got what they wanted, they could stop any retribution! I love power, I tell you, but his abuse of it sickens me!

So, Phoenix walked up the ramp with Chamelion and the two consulted over something while Emerson entered the ring and announced our main event of the evening!

It’s the Ambulance match, and we knew it was going to get downright bloody between Phoenix and McNasty! That they wanted this match just one week shy of the huge Elimination Chamber, is beyond me, but hey, we get to see a fight to end all fights live, so why would we complain!?

I’m going to let my buddy take over and tell you about this match. I’m tired of writing!

Hi everyone! Ok, so, as you know, everyone cleared the ring and Robinson appararently went backstage to get a proper introduction. Well, as Robinson was coming out, everyone was caught off guard when the ambulance, which was parked by the ramp, suddenly backed up, attempting to run him over. Robinson barely dodged it, and out popped McNasty from the drivers seat to everyone’s excitement.

The match kind of became typical then for a few minutes until this one point when McNasty took Robinson on the outside and sandwiched his head between the two sections of metal stairs. I swear I thought Robinson's head would pop when McNasty jumped off the top turnbuckle down onto the top stairs. Robinson recovered incredibly quickly, and even from the nosebleeds you could see how pissed he was. He took a chair to McNasty, and crazy McNasty acted like he actually liked it. I actually think that made Robinson angrier because he smashed McNasty in the knee caps, then when McNasty was on his knees, in the back of the head. I could see the chair seat break off, so I think McNasty felt that last one.

They slowly made their ways up the ramp, and Robinson started gaining some control. The next crazy reaction came when McNasty threw Robinson off the stage through a table. McNasty played up the crowd a little, then hit the Malicious Intent, getting a massive pop! Both men looked hurt though, and when they got up, they again fought up the ramp.

Robinson got the upper hand, got McNasty up on the ambulance, and then nailed the Flame off the top of the ambulance, down to the cement floor. I swear, the place went dead. But then again, I think everyone thought they were dead. It was a weird scene, McNasty was bleeding from the head, and Robinson looked like it was extremely difficult for him to stand.

Hunter and Figgins came out and Hunter helped Rob up the ramp while Figgins carried McNasty up the ramp. Figgins laid McNasty in the back of the ambulance, and Hunter helped Rob balance while he closed the door to the ambulance. Hunter and Figgins held Robinson's arms up while the ambulance drove off, but I mean, his eyes were completely glazed over. I don't think Rob even knew where he was. As for McNasty, I don't even want to know how bad he was hurt.

The arena was stunned by the ending, slowly realizing that Phoenix not only won, but finally beat McNasty, possibly for good. I know my friend and I talked about not being sure how McNasty would fair in the Elimination Chamber match, but now we wondered if he was even going to show! As for Phoenix, had it not been for Hunter and Figgins, he wouldn’t be standing at all!

That was Rampage and considering the way the matches went down, it truly was a rampage of sorts! Phoenix Rising is set in stone now, and I wish I could attend it live, but I plan to be at one of the Blast Area bars, throwing back some cold frosty Grizzly Beer and catching what is sure to be an amazing pay-per-view experience!