World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Phoenix Rising

Viktor Stone vs Raizzor

PWA Intercontinental Title Match (Hell in the Cell)

After the PWA Logo flashes across the screen, we fade into the arena as the bell rings to signal the first match!


The cage for the Hell in the Cell is already put together, surrounding the ring and the camera pans down to the annoucer.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the PWA Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he weighs in at 285lbs and hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the Soul-Taker, RAIZZOR!

A single GONG echoes through out the arena, as smoke begins to rise up on the stage. Suddenly, multiple pyros shoot off, making a trail from the outside of the stage, then down the ramp and finishing as the four corners of the ring shoot pyro into the air! Once the smoke begins to settle, Raizzor appears in the center of the ring, shedding his leather duster and throwing it out of the ring, as he stares up the ramp, waiting for Viktor Stone.

Brian Rentfro: This one is going to get real ugly, real quick.

Eric Emerson: Now introducing the Champion... standing at 6'0" and weighting in at 237 pounds...

A pulsing beat hits the speakers as "Away" by Mercy Drive begins to play as a man steps out from the smoke rising up from the entrance ramp. The man is wearing Black boots and Black kneepads and Blue baggy jean shorts. He tops that off with a Grey "Controlled Violence" hoodie with the sleeves rolled up and the hood over his head. He also has his fists and forearms taped up.

"The lack thereof I can't define,
Is there another way?
I've had enough, I've paid the price,
to keep the beast at bay.

Feel the undertow of words unspoken,
hear the blunders of the masses broken.

You have my sympathy, now take it away."

Eric Emerson: He hails from Hartford, CT... he is the reigning IC Champion…VIKTOR "THE BEAST" STONE!!!!

Pyros spike up from the entrance all the way down the ramp. The man beings to make his way down the rampway as Red lights flicker throuhout the arena. On the screen behind him, you can see clips from Stone's various MMA and Pro-wrestling matches.

"Unleash the whores, unlock the doors,
and wash it off my skin.
Let's break the glass containing past,
and don't look back again.

Feel the undertow of words unspoken,
hear the blunders of the masses broken.

You have my sympathy,

Come on take it all away.
Come on take it all away now.
Come on take it all away.
Come on take it all away."

Stone makes it ringside and slides under the bottom rope. He hopes up and scans the crowd while taking off his hoodie, reveling his shirtless, Tattooed body. Stone starts to stretch against the ropes, looking calm. Raizzor looks enraged.

Jon McDaniel: This is going to be a bloody beginning to Phoenix Rising!

Brian Rentfro: I love it, let's get it on!


Raizzor attacks, but Stone ducks and runs to the other side of the ring. Raizzor twists and seeks out Stone again, who ducks and rolls, coming up away from The Soul-Taker.

Brian Rentfro: Stone ducking the clutches of the Soul-Taker, wisely, wanting to take his time.

Jon McDaniel: Or save his life one of the two reasons.

Raizzor glares at Stone and tries a third attack, this time though, Stone steps to the side and trips Raizzor up with a drop toe hold!

Brian Rentfro: A simple move, and Raizzor fell for it!

Jon McDaniel: Stone is wise enough to know how to handle himself in that ring. And he is gonna need those smarts cause Raizzor wants to kill him.

Raizzor growls in frustration and tries to kick Stone off, but Stone has already jumped to his feet, and is backing away.

Brian Rentfro: Stone is doing what he does best pissing off his foe until they make a mistake.

Jon McDaniel: But we all know eventually…Raizzor will get his hands on him!

Raizzor again tries to swipe at Stone, but this time, Stone just slides outside of the ring to the floor. Raizzor slides out after him and begins to chase Stone around the ring. Stone reaches the other side and quickly rolls into the ring, as Raizzor follows, Stone viciously attacks with a swift kick to Raizzor’s face, sending the Soul-Taker back to the floor in pain!

Brian Rentfro: Smart move by Stone!!

Jon McDaniel: Stone is controlling this match.. and Raizzor!!

Raizzor gains control of his senses, and climbs the steel stairs and onto the ring apron. Stone charges, attempting to knock Raizzor off, but the big man pulls the top rope down and Stone goes flying down to the floor, hitting the steel cage with his head!
Brian Rentfro: Oh man! That’s gonna turn the advantage big time!

Raizzor jumps down onto the floor, and grabs Stone by the hair. Pulling him to his wobbly feet, Raizzor whips Stone into the steel mesh, and with a resounding clang, Stone bounces painfully off and onto the floor. Raizzor then turns, and rips apart the steel steps.. taking the top half to smash onto Stone. However, Stone regains his balance and drop kicks the steel steps into Raizzor’s face.

Jon McDaniel: Ow! That's twice now that Stone’s damaged Raizzor’s face. It’s amazing he’s not bleeding!!

Brian Rentfro: Still early in the match!

Stone climbs over the steel steps and drives a knee into Raizzor’s groin! Raizzor rolls over in pain and Stone turns, grabs the steps, and throws them into Raizzor’s side!! Stone then jumps onto the mat, turns and comes flying down with an elbow to the same area! Raizzor gasps in terrible pain!

Jon McDaniel: Oh man! Stone’s really laying into Raizzor!!

Stone grins widely, and reaches under the ring, and pulls out a table! Stone pushes it into the ring, and climbs in after. Stone then pulls the table up, flips open the legs and sets it in the middle of the ring. Wiping his hands, and chuckling, Stone then slides out, pulls the injured Raizzor to his feet and throws him into the ring. Getting in himself, Stone drags Raizzor up, and whips him into the ropes, Raizzor however, manages to reverse the move.. and as Stone comes careening back, Raizzor back body drops Stone onto the table, which amazingly, does not break.. the legs just bend slightly out.

Brian Rentfro: Stone had plans for that table, and they just backfired!

Raizzor then turns, and limps to the corner, climbs the ropes to the top.. turns.. and sails through the air, coming down with the Guillotine Leg Drop! Stone’s eyes snap open, and he rolls amazingly quick out of the way, letting Raizzor crash through the table and missing his target!

Jon McDaniel: That high risk maneuver failed!! I don’t think Raizzor’s got much of a chance now!

Stone is grinning as Raizzor groans painfully from admits the debris. Stone tilts his head, as if just getting a new idea, jumps out of the ring, and drags out a ladder!!! Stone tosses it into the ring, and moves back inside. Stone then lifts the ladder up, holds it high, bounces off the ropes and drives the huge metal ladder right into Raizzor! Stone then begins punching at Raizzor through the steps, when suddenly, Raizzor’s hand shoots up through the grating and catches Stone by the throat! Stone gasps in shock and sudden lack of air, and Raizzor struggles to his feet, not letting go of his hold. Now standing, with the ladder stuck between the two men, Raizzor uses all his strength to Chokeslam Stone to the mat, with the ladder crashing down on top of him!!

Brian Rentfro (Almost jumping out of his chair): HOLY!!! Did you SEE THAT!!!??

Jon McDaniel: What a move!! What a comeback!! Raizzor’s up!!!

Raizzor throws the ladder to the side, and picks up the dazed Stone and sets him up.. and delivers a huge powerbomb, right into the table debris. Turning, Raizzor goes and sets the ladder into the corner, tilted, and then picks up Stone by the hair. Raizzor glares down at Stone, and whips him into the steel ladder.. Stone bounces back, holding his forehead and Raizzor catches him into a back suplex.

Brian Rentfro: For a moment, I didn’t think we’d see Raizzor with any advantage.

Jon McDaniel: Now that he does though, he’s gonna make Stone pay dearly!

Raizzor turns, lifts up Stone's legs and drives a knee into his groin. Stone cries out and tries to roll away, but Raizzor holds the legs up, steps on foot between to the side, wraps the legs around his, and turns him over into the Sharp Shooter.

Brian Rentfro: A submission move from Raizzor!?

Jon McDaniel: This is a weardown move.. and a painful one at that! Stone’s struggling to reach the ropes, but Raizzor has the move cinched in!

Stone squints his eyes, his rage building and with all his might, pushes with his legs… Raizzor stumbles, but doesn’t break the hold, but it’s enough for Stone to reach the ropes.. he grabs them, but knowing this is Hell In the Cell.. Stone grabs the second set, then pulls himself up to the third set, uses the balance and forces Raizzor away. Raizzor stumbles out of the move and turns, a small look of surprise on his face. Stone tries to lift himself up with the ropes, but Raizzor gives a swift kick, taking out Stone’s stand. Stone falls flat on his back, and Raizzor kicks him to the floor. Stone pushes himself to his feet, twists towards the ring and watches Raizzor come sailing out through the ropes!!!! Stone throws himself to the side and Raizzor hits face first into the steel cage!!

Brian Rentfro: Man, Stone’s quick!! Raizzor just hit his face for the third time!!

Jon McDaniel: And it’s the charm, Raizzor’s bleeding!!

Through blood stained eyes, Raizzor sees Stone crawl slowly, painfully back into the ring. Raizzor tries standing, but is groggy from the sudden loss of blood. The ref, which we’ve ignored up to this point, but does exist climbs out to check on Raizzor’ status. Stone meanwhile, sets up the Ladder next to the turnbuckle, and stands the legs apart. Stone turns and moves to intercept Raizzor, who is pulling himself into the ring with much difficulty. Stone hits a perfect drop kick onto Raizzor, who almost made it up, before being sent back down to the mat. Stone then jumps behind Raizzor, and grabs his legs.. pulling him around, and applying a Boston Crab!

Brian Rentfro: Both men now, are trying submissions!!

Raizzor, through the fog of the pain, snaps suddenly clear of his surroundings. Raizzor turns and sees the steel ladder in front of Stone. Raizzor grimaces, bites his lip, and strains.. and with the effort, sends Stone careening into the steel ladder! Stone strikes hard, and falls backwards, with the ladder tiltering on the edge of falling. Raizzor climbs to his feet, a new surge of energy and a need to finish this, he tips the ladder over onto Stone!

Jon McDaniel: OUCH!! Stone’s nearly out!!

Raizzor then pulls the ladder back up… sets it back into position.. and bends down confidently to collect Stone. Raizzor pulls him up to his feet, and attempts to turn him over. However, Stone too, has urgency to guide him.. and without thought, he jams an elbow into Raizzor’s stomach. Raizzor backs off, trying to regain his breath, and Stone gets behind Raizzor, wraps an arm around his neck and hits the Body-Bag-Bitches!

Brian Rentfro: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! Stone’s got the match won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ref scrambles over, as Stone covers Raizzor. The ref strikes the mat…..




The ref’s hand, inches from the mat, stops short as Raizzor miraculously rips free of Stone’s lock!

Jon McDaniel: What a show of strength right there!!!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t think Stone expected that to happen!!!

Stone is in shock!!! He sits back.. staring at The Soul-Taker, who, still gasping for pain, tries to sit up! Stone can’t believe it, and has trouble regaining his focus. Raizzor then sits up, snapping Stone out of his disbelief, and both men climb to their feet. Raizzor turns and stares a burning hole of defiance into Stone, who in turn, sneers back. The two lock up, and fight for control. Stone wraps Raizzor up into a headlock., but the Soul-Taker pushes Stone into the ropes and shoulder tackles him on the return. Raizzor then bounces off the ropes, Stone drops, Raizzor jumps over to the other side, Stone jumps to his feet, throws a clothesline that Raizzor ducks. Stone then bounces off the other side, and as the two meet in the middle.. both hit with clotheslines!!

Jon McDaniel: Both men are down!! Raizzor’s face is almost covered in red!! Stone now has a slight cut on his face as well!! They’re both gasping for breath, but not moving otherwise!

Stone struggles back up, and Raizzor follows suit. Raizzor attacks, but Stone knees him in the stomach, and as Raizzor bends over, Stone hooks him, and flips him over into a fisherman’s suplex. The ref makes the count………two.- kickout by Raizzor. Stone, getting frustrated, pulls Raizzor up and swings hard. Raizzor though, ducks, wraps his arms around Stone’s waist and pivots him over. Raizzor connects with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!

Brian Rentfro: NOW it’s over!!!

The ref slams the mat…




Jon McDaniel: I don’t…believe.. it!!

Raizzor stands back.. watching Stone try to get back up, and he shakes his head.. frustrated and angry, wanting this over now. Stone turns, gasping for breath, and looks Raizzor in the eye. Raizzor grabs Stone by the head and goes to throw him over the ropes to the floor, when Stone, at the last second, reaches back and grabs Raizzor’s leg and trips him up.

Jon McDaniel: That’s the quick thinking that has kept Stone one step ahead of people in that ring.

Stone quickly spins around and fires a knee to the forehead of Raizzor as he gets up. Stone pulls himself up against the ropes and looks at the ladder. Stone starts to walk over to the ladder, when he hears someone call his name.

Voice: Hey STONE!!!

Stone turns around to see Radio Rich holding the PWA IC Title. Stone’s eyes shoot open and he starts to yell some hurtful things at Rich. Rich just smiles as he taunts the current IC Champion.

Brian Rentfro: Hey what is he doing ringside…get him away from Stone’s title.

Jon McDaniel: Hey…maybe he just wants a closer look at the belt.

Stone turns around to tell the ref to get Rich away from the title. But as he does, he is greeted by vicious big boot from Raizzor, nearly bending him backwards on contact. Rich yells in excitement as Stone looks to be knocked out. Raizzor lifts Stone up and fires him into the empty turnbuckle and rushes in. Stone rebounds off the turnbuckle and goes for a crossbody! But Stone gets caught in the air by Raizzor. Raizzor lifts him in the air and forces him throat first across the top rope. Stone’s neck snaps back and Stone hits the mat hard.

Brian Rentfro: DAMN!!! Did you see the way Stone’s neck snapped back.

Jon McDaniel: If it wasn’t over before…its over now.

Raizzor then walks over to the turnbuckle with the ladder.. climbs the ropes.. then places his palms on the top of the ladder. Then, with all his strength he has left, Raizzor pushes himself up and over, and from nearly 10 feet in the air, Raizzor comes crashing down onto Stone with the Guillotine Leg Drop! Raizzor painfully rolls over and hooks Stone’s leg. The ref counts……




Jon McDaniel: It's over!! Raizzor wins!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and NEEEW PWA Intercontinental Champion, RAIZZOR!!!!

Brian Rentfro: That's not right! What the hell was Radio Rich doing out here? He distracted Stone!

Jon McDaniel: Retribution, perhaps, for what Stone did to Rich's house a while back!?

Brian Rentfro: What a cry baby! No matter, Raizzor gets his revenge for Stone's actions, and I guess for Raizzor, that's all that matters.

As the cell rises, Raizzor rolls out of the ring, title on his shoulder and looks back once at Stone, as if dismissing him and walks up the ramp with Radio Rich. In the ring, Stone sits there shaking his head and looking mighty pissed off.

A Word With Chamlion

We cut backstage to find Chamelion standing behind a podium, with a black backdrop behind him. He is attired in his wrestling gear, ready for his upcoming match with Ryan Ross, and he has the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship slung on his shoulder. He looks into the camera, a stern look on his face and he coughs once to clear his throat.

Chamelion: I am here before you tonight, to reveal some startling facts about Ryan Ross. I take no satisfaction in doing this, and I ask that you bear with me, as I trudge through this rather dire list.

Shuffling a couple sheets of paper, Chamelion coughs once more, shakes his head softly, and begins to read.

Chamelion: First, it is a fact, that Ryan Ross has the nick name of ‘Covered in Sauce’, giving him the full title of ‘Covered in Sauce’ Ryan Ross. The reason for this, of course, is because he is submissive to his partner, Mark Zout.

Chamelion: Second fact; because of this, no longer will the PWA or its affiliates, have fun at the expense of Hunter Sullivan for his Freudian slip about his friendship with Jacob Figgins.

A shrug, he continues.

Chamelion: Third fact; Ross wears Hello Kitty pajamas to bed, and sleeps with a stuffed Penguin he calls Pen-Pen.

Chamelion: Forth fact; Ross showers once every three days.

Chamelion: Fifth fact; Ross takes his name from the character off the show ‘Friends’, with his dour soulful act, and proving he can’t keep a woman for more then a season. Of course, he always goes back to Mark Zout, so he’s okay there.

Stopping, Chamelion stares at the rest of the list, clicking his tongue and looking as if he is taking pity on Ross. Then, a slow smile appears and he looks back up.

Chamelion: These are facts, because I declare them so. The very same way, that Ryan Ross declared it fact that I paid two young men to ask for my autograph and compliment me. See, Ross, it swings both ways, just like you do. You can claim that I would have to dish out some cash to have fans, but reality always wins over fantasy. I doubt any of the things I mentioned are true about you, but I could certainly live by them and think that of you. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Leaning forward on the podium, Chamelion shares with us his wicked Cheshire Grin.

Chamelion: Your problem, Ross, is that you see things in black and white; good and evil. You don’t understand that this is a world of grey. There are plenty of PWA fans out there that love to cheer for the ‘bad guy’, just as the majority stands behind the hero. And then there are those who walk the fine line between good and evil, or as the marks of the professional wrestling world like to call them; tweeners. They are the grays, and there are far more of them then any other set. Now as for myself? I don’t care for labels.. whenever I joined a federation and they asked me what I wanted to be; Heel, Face, Tweener.. I always told them the truth; I am, whatever I want to be, at any given moment. I’ll do what works best for me… and the fans know this. Sure, they boo me some days, cheer me the others, but that’s okay; I welcome whatever reaction I get… because I get a much larger reaction then you.

Walking around the podium to stand in front of it, much closer to the screen now, Chamelion chuckles, a thought crossing his mind.

Chamelion: It saddens me that you would latch onto something so lame for your comeback, but when your lacking any real talent, you have to take what you can get, right? You called me old? I’m in my mid 30’s that’s true, but even now I’m still fighting as strong as if I was 18. Age, it’s a number; but how we keep in shape is what proves our worth. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t take any drugs, and I train consistently. That’s what does the trick. If you wanna grasp onto a number to try to say you’re better then me, then go ahead. Another fact for you; I have gold, you do not.

Chamelion: And as I said before; you really need to brush up on researching your opponents. I’ve used ‘kiddo’ for damn near ten years, it’s just the way I talk. I also have to take a little offense to your accusation, but then I suppose you would stoop to such a low level since it’s all you’re good at.

Chamelion: What really made me chuckle, though, is that when you spoke of legends; you used COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS as a reference? OK, Achilles was a nice example, but the rest? You wanna talk about age there, Ross, you certainly were showing yours. And finally, about luck? After listening to you this last time, after seeing what kind of approach I can expect from you Sunday? I’m not the one who’s going to be needing the luck, kiddo; it’s you. GOT IT?

Grinning mischievously, Chamelion turns and walks out of the frame, and we cut back to ringside.

Isis vs Marxx

TV Title Contendership Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is for one fall and has a ten minute time limit. Introducing first, already in the ring to my left, Isis!

Then, dark purple lasers flashes everywhere in the dark as his theme song plays through the arena. Pyro explodes on the ramp, starting in the middle and ending to each sides. White and purple spots circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat and his right arm wrapped in his steel chain.

He runs to a side of the ramp, raising his chain, then goes to the other side, where he does the same thing. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he tilts to the left and does an X with his arms in front of his face. He stays in that position for a second before suddenly extending his arms to each sides as two spots in the air flashes on him, and 2 others on the ground flashes to the roof, creating two "X"s of light in front of the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring, from New-Brunswick, Canada, weighting in at 241 pounds: Marxx!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat and puts the chain around his neck. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before extending them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he drops his chain.

Jon McDaniel: What a great way to start off Phoenix Rising!

Brian Rentfro: You said it, Jon. We've got two new faces to the PWA setting out to prove themselves to the fans.

Marxx extends his hand to Isis, who shakes it. The two back up and the bell is rung. They lock up and Marxx slides into a headlock. Isis pushes him into the ropes, he breaks the hold and comes running back. Marxx ducks a clothesline, Isis leapfrogs over him on the rebound, then drops to the mat. Marxx hops over her, then comes off the ropes with a springboard moonsault. Marxx rolls to his feet and takes several steps behind Isis as she gets to her feet. Once she's up, he runs forward and goes for a bulldog, but she manages to shove him away. Isis drops on top of Marxx and puts him in a chinlock. Marxx gets to his feet, but Isis won't let go. She's hanging over his shoulders and he spins, adjusting her weight and allowing himself to grab her head with his right arm, then drops down with the Leaving Marxx!




Jon McDaniel: Not a long match, but an effective one to introduce the crowd to the newcomer, Marxx!

Alex Noble vs Mark Zout

Winner's Team Earns Tag-Title Shot!

Jon McDaniel: The next match is a pretty big deal, because the winner will get a tag team title shot for his team!

Eric Emerson: Representing Seattle, Washington; he stands at five feet, ten inches, and weighs in tonight at two hundred five pounds…

An awe-striking chorus wafts from the speakers hidden in the rafters, accompanied by spoken vocals, “I’m about to step into the ring and do what I have to do. This right here is a physical contest. You’re gonna give your heart and your soul. This is real. This is one on one. Yo! Here we go. It’s on. Are you ready? Can you withstand the pain? Well, let’s go!” At the end of these words emerged the nephew of The Powerhouse, receiving quite the positive reaction.

Eric Emerson: ‘The People’s Mark,’ Mark Zout!

Zout waved his hands in a downward motion, humbly attempting to quiet the cheers from his newly acquired Markz, and could do nothing to hide his smile upon getting such a positive reception. Tossing his jet black hair back and out of his face, he began his descent of the entrance ramp, toward the ring, receiving several pats on the back from Markz leaning over the barrier.

When he reached the ring he ascended the steel steps nearest himself and wiped his white DC Courts on the apron before stepping between the top and middle ropes. His silver shorts glimmered under the lights as he moved atop the second turnbuckle opposite his opponent, raising a hand to his ear. Dissatisfied with the volume of cheers he received, he waved his arms upward, pumping his Markz up, and yelled something inaudible, but unarguably positive, then nodded his head and hopped down.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, from Sin City... "The Messiah of Violent Innovation"... Alex Noble!

The lights go a dim red as smoke fills the arena. The opening guitar riff tears through the silence as pyros explode through the entrance way and down the rampway. As "Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter blares the lights start flashing red.

Brian Rentfro: Umm...Jon, where is Noble?

Jon McDaniel: That's a good question, Brian. He should be out here by now.

Mark Zout is standing in the middle of the ring, looking up toward the entrance, waiting for Noble to come out. Because of this, he misses Viktor Stone and Alex Noble come out of the crowd and enter the ring behind him. Noble taps him on the shoulder and Zout spins around and gets a double kick to the midsection and then a double DDT when he bends over. The referee tries to restore order, but Stone and Noble keep laying the boots to Zout. Ryan Ross comes running down the entrance ramp to save his partner, but stops just short of sliding into the ring for the waiting ambush. Noble and Stone laugh at Ross, then throw Zout over the top rope to him. Ross helps his partner back up the ramp as Controlled Violence stand in the ring, laughing.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match, as a result of disqualification... Mark Zout!

Jonathon Riker vs Project X

TV Title Match

The lights dim as the dull throb of a heart beat sounds. The sound gets fainter and fainter until it can barely be heard, and then
suddenly explodes into glorious noise as "Hysteria" by Muse hits the sound system. The lighting moves about in time with the music as Project X bursts
out from behind the curtain and wastes no time in getting to the ring with a purposeful walk.

Eric Emerson: From Parts Unknown.... Project X!

"This is the way the world will end..."

Riker's voice haunted the crowd as it echoed throughout the arena, the lights blacked out and left the arena in darkness, suddenly Slipknot's Opium Of
The People hit the PA, and just as the ripping guitar hit the PA, the lights returned, flashing to the beat of the music. Soon smoke began to pour out
from the backstage. Suddenly from the smoke a figure could bee seen. The shadow stepped out from the fog and into the dimmed flashing lights, to reveal
to the crowd it was the sinister, Johnathan Riker. Riker walked from the entrance way with a hunched back, his head tilted to the side staring into the
ring like a curious creature. After making his way down the ramp, Riker crawls into the ring, getting to his hand and feet and crawling to the far right
corner. Their Johnathan sat on the bottom turnbuckle, awaiting his opponent.

Eric Emerson: Also from Parts Unknown, he is your PWA Television Champion... Johnathan Riker!


John Jon McDaniel: Riker gets a chance for his third successful defense here.

Brian Rentfro: I wonder if these guys are neighbors in Parts Unknown?

Riker charges at Project X, knowing that he must get on the offense early and keep PX on the defense. PX drops to one knee scooping the charging Riker up into the air with a gorilla press, PX begins to bench the wriggling Riker before tossing him nearly out of the ring with a gorilla press slam.

Brian Rentfro: Look at the power of Project X there John.

PX plays to the crowd as Riker gets up to his feet and shoulder tackles the backs of PX's knees, taking him down to a kneeling position on the mat. Riker hits the ropes and nails PX in the back of his head with a running dropkick, PX does not go down. Riker hits the ropes again with an elevated knee to PX's face, the big man still refuses to go down in his return. Riker with a right forearm shot that sends PX reeling backwards and Riker bounces off the ropes connecting with a bulldog that sends PX down to the mat face first. Riker pulls PX over to the ropes and appears to be going for some top rope maneuver, but just as Riker is pulling PX up to his feet, PX connects with a right hand jab into his midsection. Riker nearly chokes from the force of the blow and PX nails another midsection jab and Riker's grip on the mask falters, giving PX the opening that he needed. PX stands up and bends Riker over the top rope with a blatent choke that referee Scott Swindell begins a five count on. PX turns to the counting Swindell and stares at him through his mask as he continues to choke Riker with all of his strength. Swindell is unphased by the big man's attention and gets up to four and a half before PX drops the choke and Riker falls back into the ring red faced and gasping for air.

John Jon McDaniel: A blatent choke from Project X there.

Brian Rentfro: A choke hold? All I seen was a front throat lock, perfectly legal.

Riker charges out of the corner hitting PX with a running forearm smash, PX stands there but slowly turns around to face Johnathan face first, the current TV champ doesn't back down as he throws a well placed haymaker, PX absorbs the blow and grabs Riker by the throat with his left hand. PX with a elbow smash to his face as PX still holds with his left hand. PX wraps his other hand around Riker's throat and lifts him into the air with a double handed choke lift before tossing him into the corner. PX follows up with repeated corner stomps on the downed red faced Riker until Scott Swindell is forced to make PX back off from the blows. Riker is gasping for breath as he pulls Riker up to his feet but is caught by a stiff uppercut to his jaw and he drops the now vertical Riker. Johnathan climbs to the second rope and dives with while throwing a right hand that connects with PX's temple and staggers him backwards. While PX is caught off guard, Riker whips him into the corner and climbs to the bottom rope where he begins to knife edge chop PX as the crowd Wooos in appreciation. Riker with a knife edge chop and a Woo from the crowd. Johnathan climbs through the ropes to the outside and up to the top turnbuckle and from there grabes PX in a side headlock position before diving to the canvas inside the ring and PX is down, as Riker is coming down, he places a knee into the lower back of PX and when they hit, it drives his knee into the lower back. PX grunts from the impact of meeting with the canvas and from Riker's knee in his lower back. . Riker stands up just to drop an elbow onto the back of PX's skull, he stands up and nails a second elbow drop. Riker hits the ropes with a baseball slide into the side of PX's face that rolls him over to his back. Riker climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives with a fist drop that connects with the middle of PX's forehead and Riker makes a cover while hooking the leg for added leverage.

One... Two... Th-- NO! PX rolls up a shoulder and Riker is not shocked at the least. He gets back to his feet and places a boot into PX's face, but the big man just catches his foot and stands as he holds onto the foot. Riker is shaken by this and kicks PX in the back of the head with a inseguri that sends PX stumbling towards him. Riker drops down to one knee as PX stumbles forward and scoops him up with a fireman's carry slam before planting him in the middle of the ring. PX is laying face up on the mat and Riker hits the ropes with a leg drop across the throat of PX and makes another cover.

One... Two... Th-- NO! Project X rolls up the shoulder again.

Brin Brian Rentfro: Project X isn't going to go down that easily.

John Jon McDaniel: It is true that Johnathan does have his work cut out for him with this third defense.

Riker gets back to his feet and is shocked that that move didn't put away the big man, but he goes back to work with a stomp to PX's head. Project X begins to try and get to his feet as Riker places boots into his ribs with determination. PX grabs the ropes and pulls himself up to a vertical position as Riker rains down punches and kicks. They all take their toll on Project X, but he is determined to show the world that he deserves respect. Riker with a right hand but PX with a kick to the groin, that Referee Scott Swindell does not see. Riker is bent over holding at his groin but before Swindell can say anything to PX, he scopp body slams Riker down to the mat and hooks the leg in a pin. Swindell is there and makes the count.

One... Two... T--NO! Riker kicks out with authority, this match is far from being over.

Brian Rentfro: Another slow count from Swindell, the Board needs to do something about him.

John Jon McDaniel: A good count from Scott Swindell that was neither fast nor slow.

Project X whips Riker into the ropes and catches him with a diving shoulder tackle that takes him back down to the mat in a hurry. PX pulls the TV champ up to his feet and nails him with a earringer and Johnathan holds at his head in obvious pain. Project X pulls Riker up to a straight vertical position and hooks Riker for a back suplex that slams Riker into the canvas with a resounding thunk as his back meets mat. Project X stands up and hooks the prone Riker in a claw hold, using the claw hold, pulls Riker back up to his feet where he squeezes in the submission type hold. Riker seems to be fading and Scott Swindell is there and looking for any sign of movement from Johnathan. Swindell raises his hand once, twice, and a thir, no! PX lifts Riker by the face and slams him down to the canvas with a claw hold type slam move. PX wants to inflict more damage and isn't ready for a pin just yet. Project X lifts the limp Riker back up to his feet with another clawhold. Riker with a boot to PX's midsection, wasting no time, Riker whips PX into the corner hard and falls to the mat on his hands and knees. Project X slams chest first into the turnbuckle padding and can be seen untying the padding there, possibly getting ready for a Skull Invasion. Riker shoves up to his feet running with a forearm smash into the back of PX's back. The padding falls from PX's hands but Riker nor Scott Swindell notice. Riker leaps to the middle rope, grabs PX's head in his hands, and leaps over the top rope driving PX's face into the exposed bolt of the top turnbuckle. Inside the mask, Project X's eyes can be seen rolling up into the back of his head and he begins to fall backwards. Riker climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives assisting the falling PX to the canvas with a leg drop across the throat. Riker hooks the leg for a cover and Scott Swindell is there in perfect position to make the count.

One... Two... Three!

The crowd explodes but Swindell is up to his feet quickly showing two fingers indicating that PX got his shoulders up just barely before the three.

John Jon McDaniel: So close for Riker there, that garanteed World Title oppurtunity was only a nano second away.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, even with a fast count, Project X shows his superior awareness in noticing it was an extremely fast count.

John Jon McDaniel: What are you talking about? That count is fair and honest.

Brian Rentfro: If you are a Riker fan, sure it is. But anyone with a brain could tell that it was fast. Even a blind man could hear how fast that count was.

Johnathan Riker stands up pulling PX with him and just as PX is bent over double, Riker sends him back down to the canvas with a reverse neckbreaker. Riker seeming to like the pain that the reverse neckbreaker caused PX pulls him back up to his feet and prepares for another one. PX with a thumb to Riker's eye and it stops his momentum cold. Project X bounces off the ropes with a boot to the top of Riker's skull but the current TV champ refuses to go down; he merely shakes his head in denial. Riker bounces off the ropes with a springboard bulldog but PX counters in mid air by spinning Riker further around. Riker, in turn, counters again with a tornado DDT that sends PX's head crashing into the canvas of the ring. Project X holds onto the bottom rope and pulls himself vertical, Johnathan uses the ropes and pulls himself up to his own vertical base. Project X has his back turned to Riker, who begins to charge at Project X, but PX turns just in the nick of time to nail Riker with an elevated faceslam to the middle of the ring. Project X makes a cover and hooks the leg.

One... Two... Thr--NO! Riker with a shoulder up.

John Jon McDaniel: Close call for Riker who was nearly unseated in his third defense.

Brian Rentfro: What are you talking about? He had all freaking day to kick out of that pinfall.

John Jon McDaniel: He had three seconds like every one else.

Brian Rentfro: That was so slow, my grandma could have baked me some cookies.

Project X is visibly upset with what he thinks was a slow count and gets into Referee Scott Swindell's face letting him know what he thinks. Behind Project X, Johnathan Riker has gotten back up to his feet again and walks up behind Project X. Back slap from Riker gets Project X's attention and he turns, as he does, Swindell gets out of the way. Riker with a chop to Project X's chest, one to his midsection, and another to his chest in rapid succession. Project X side slams Riker down to the canvas, but is determined that next time he makes a cover, it will be the final one of the evening. He pulls Riker up to his feet and dragging him over to the exposed bolt of the turnbuckle, powerbombs him so that the back of his head connects with the bolt; the Skull Invasion. Project X does not make a cover though, instead, he gorilla press slams Riker over the top rope to the guardrailing at ringside; he follows by stepping over the top rope. Riker is laying in a heap at ringside and Project X lines his sights and dives towards Riker with an elbow drop that slams into Riker's chest. Project X shoves a fan out of her chair, then looks at the middle aged married female fan, and shakes his head as he folds up the chair. There is a time for work and a time for play. Project X lines up for a golf shot and he swings towards the rising Johnathan Riker driving with all of his weight and the force of the blow splits the skin of Riker's lips and forehead and blood begins to flow freely. Project X is emotionless, well his mask is anyways, we have no idea what his real face's emotion is; but we assume pleasure at this turn of events. Project X drops the steel chair and lifts Riker for a front slam onto both the concrete and steel chair; the count is up to five now, but PX could care less or at least it seems so. PX nails the front slam and it is painfully obvious that Riker is hurting from the outside exchange of blows. Project X is lifting Riker ut, but something is wrong with Riker..., he's got the steel chair and PX has no idea.

John Jon McDaniel: I've got an idea, the tide is fixing to turn.

Brian Rentfro: That Riker is fixing to use an underhanded dirty tactic... again.

PX stands there as the count reaches eight and Riker slams the chair into PX's crotch and we can see the eyes of PX bulge out in pain as he drops Johnathan Riker and cups himself. As the count reaches nine, Riker falls to the apron and somehow manages to roll under the bottom rope just before the count of ten is finished, and he lays there in blood, pain, and exhaustion. He rolls back out of the ring, wanting to get a pinfall for his third defense and rolls the still crotch holding PX back into the ring. He pulls PX up to his feet and whips him hard into the corner where PX just slams back first and stands there, not moving at all but still holding his boys. Johnathan looks out to the crowd as he climbs the turnbuckle and he flips

***Johnathan Riker wins***

nailing the large PX with The Kataklysm. He makes the cover and Scott Swindell is there for the count.

John Jon McDaniel: The Kataklysm!

One... Two... Three.


Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and STIIIILLL Pioneer Wrestling Association Television Champion... Johnnnnnathannnnn Riiiiikerrr!

John Jon McDaniel: Hard fought match from both men here Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I'll give you that, it was a good hard fought match.

Emperor Ian vs Shadow Starr

Grudge Match

Imperial March" plays but this time there is no fancy lights or spectacular entrance. The Emperor simply marches quickly down the
aisle wearing a hooded robe. Chancellor Maxim and Lord Spalding walk in front of him, while General Jock walks behind. Maxim and Spalding hold the ropes
for him and the latter takes his robe.

The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. A few seconds pass before the
first line of Last Resort play, purple and red spotlights joining the first beam.


The ramp explodes as cascades of fireworks rain upon the backstage entrance, Shadow Starr stepping out to ecstatic fans. He looks to his right, pauses,
then looks to his left, taking in the adulation. He then focuses his sights on the ring, making his way down the entrance ramp.

No Breathing
Don't give a fuck if I cut my own breathing

This is my last resort

Shadow takes his time heading to the ring, shaking hands and giving high fives to the fans coming down. He slowly walks from one side of the ramp to
the other, trying not to miss too many people on his way down. He gets to the bottom of the ramp, turning back towards the top of the ramp.

Cut my life into pieces
I've reached my last resort
No breathing
Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm bleeding
Do you even care if I die bleeding
Would it be wrong
Would it be right
If I took my life tonight
Chances are dinomite
Mutilation outta sight
And I'm contemplating suicide

Shadow takes off his hat, throwing it into the crowd. He smiles as the cheers continue, making his way into the ring.

'Cause I'm losing my sight
Losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine
Losing my sight
Losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine

Shadow climbs the northeast turnbuckle, raising his arms skyward as he raises his index and middle fingers on each hand. He climbs down,ready for the
match to start.


John Jon McDaniel: These two superstars have had a history as of late, finally a one on one contest.

Brian Rentfro: This match should be a cake walk for Ian.

Shadow Star and Emperor Ian start off this match with the traditional collar and elbow tieup that is so common to wrestling matches. Shadow Star is gaining the advantage when Ian tries to put a thumb into Shadow Star's eyes, but he manages to avoid the prying thumb and force Ian back into a corner. Shadow with a right hand, following with a stiff forearm shot and a knee into the midsection of Emperor Ian puts the Emperor firmly into the corner. Shadow lifts Ian up onto the top turnbuckle and slams him down to the canvas with a front layout superplex that causes Ian to bounce on impact and Shadow Star is in firm control of this match. Shadow walks over to his former unwilling tag team partner, and bends down to pick Ian up to a vertical base. Ian with a face rake sends Shadow Star holding at his face and slows his momentum down quite a bit.

John Jon McDaniel: Illegal tactics from the Emperor.

Brian Rentfro: What are you talking about? I didn't see anything.

Ian gets up to his feet and stalks Shadow, who is still holding at his face, Ian jerks on the hair of Shadow star before Irish whipping him into the ropes. Star rebounds into a arm drag takedown into a crossface submission hold, but before it can ge locked in tight, Shadow Star rolls over. Shadow is up, but Ian is right there with a boot to the midsection and a even flow DDT. NO! Shadow Star pushes Ian backwards keeping him from planting him to the canvas with a DDt and Star charges at the Emperor. Ian leaps up with a standing dropkick that connects with the top of Shadow's head and that sends him down to the mat. Ian pulls Shadow up to his feet and Irish whips him violently into the corner where he follows with a running clothesline that nearly sends Shadow over the turnbuckle to the floor below. As Shadow falls back down into the ring, Ian connects with a chop that sends the crowds into a flurry of "Wooos". Ian seems to pay little attention as he chops Shadow Star again, leaving a red welp on his chest from the most recent blow. Ian whips Shadow Star across the ring, No reversal by Shadow Star, but another reversal sends Shadow Star into the corner anyways. Ian follows up with another massive clothesline that nearly decapitates Shadow Star. Ian climbs up the turnbuckle and begins to pound away at Shadow Star's temple. One... Two... Three... Four... Fi-- Shadow Star throws Ian off of him. The Emperor lands on his feet and charges back at Shadow Star, but Shadow lifts his feet just in time to catch Emperor Ian in the face, the force driving Ian backwards.

Brian Rentfro: Desperation move from Shadow Star there.

John Jon McDaniel: But for the moment, it gives him the advantage.

Shadow bursts out from the corner with a flurry of right and left handed blows that each find their mark on Ian's head. The referee warns Shadow Star about the closed fists and Sahdow acknowledges him with a lifted knee into Ian's face. Shadow bounces off the ropes with a front kick into Ian's bent over face, Ian is forced to stand vertically from the blow. Shadow Star hits the ropes and comes back with a running bulldog that sends them both down to the mat. The crowd is getting behind Shadow Star here and he is feeding off their energy. Shadow Star with a cover.

One... Two... Th-- NO! Ian manages to roll up his left shoulder just in time. Shadow seems to be a bit frustrated as he pulls Ian back up to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: Emperor Ian is to good to be pinned after a weak offense like that.

John Jon McDaniel: You never know, so you have to try at every oppurtunity.

Shadow goes for a right hand, but Emperor Ian ducks under and goes for a belly to belly suplex, but Shadow Star manages to put his full weight down and prevent Ian from lifting him up fully. Shadow comes down with a three quarter facelock on his shoulder that partially stuns Ian from the force of the blow. Shadow Star hits the ropes catching Ian and driving him down to the mat with a spinning neckbreaker. Shadow goes for a pin but Ian's ontarage distracts the referee from the count andShadow finally notices why the referee isn't counting the pin. Shadow hits the ropes, rebounds, and dives over the top rope with a cross body that sends all of Ian's council down to the floor in a single heap. But the lack of offense has allowed Ian to get up to his feet while Shadow is lying on the floor amongst the heap of bodies there. Ian smirks at the predicament and climbs to the top turnbuckle facing Shadow Star, who is beginning to rise with his back to Ian. The Emperor leaps from the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick that sends Shadow's face into the railing that surrounds the ring and protects the fans... sometimes. Referee Scott Swindell starts the count. Ian is up and demanding a chair from a fan at ringside and the fan obliges because they want blood and carnage. Ian folds the chair up and brings it down sickly on Shadow Star's head. The chair makes a wet thwacking sound and blood is seen on the part of the chair that connected with Star's skull. Ian tosses the chair to the side and Irish whips Star into the ringsteps, Star's connect with the steps sends them flying about six feet away and he lays there unmoving. Scott's count is up to four as Ian rolls in to break the count, he then rolls back out and mouths something about Shadow not being up to the talent of himself. Ian grabs the bloody steel chair and sets it up as if he was going to sit on it, but instead hip tosses Shadow onto the unforgiving steel, but this time, it does give and actually breaks on impact. Ian smiles as he looks at the carnage he has inflicted on Shadow Star and the ref's count is up to eight by this time and Ian breaks the count once again. Why does the ref even count, they usually make him start over anyways if they are determined to do damage.

Brian Rentfro: Ian with a big advantage now and it is only a matter of time.

John Jon McDaniel: With the use of weapons, henchmen, illegal tactics, hard to overcome those odds.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah it is John, but somehow Emperor Ian is managing to do just that.

Ian walks over to the side of the ring where Shadow Star is, but he isn't there, Ian looks around for his opponent. *WHAM!* Star connects with a stiff uppercut that knocks Ian backwards and nearly causes him to fall on his backside. Shadow Star runs with a leg lariat that sends Ian down to the mat outside the ring. Referee Scott Swindell's count is up to five as Shadow Star climbs onto the middle turnbuckle and dives with a double axehandle to Ian's midsection. Shadow whips Ian into the ring, but Ian reverses and sends Shadow running towards the ring. Shadow Star dives into the ring spins up to his feet and as Ian is coming into the ring, catches him with a baseball slide that sends Ian to the bottom of the entrance ramp. Shadow is back outside the ring and has ahold of Ian's hair pulling him towards the ring. Shadow slams Ian's face into the ring apron, once, twice, and Ian stops the third attempt with an elbow to Shadow's midsection. Shadow forearms Ian on the back of the neck and slams his head into the ring apron before rolling him into the ring; Shadow quickly follows his opponent into the ring just as Referee Scott Swindell's count reaches five. Ian is up to his feet and meets Shadow with a boot to the midsection and a single arm DDT that drives Shadow's head firmly into the canvas, Ian makes a cover.

One... Two... Thr--NO! Shadow manages to roll a shoulder up and stop the count.

Brian Rentfro: Slow count by Swindell there.

John Jon McDaniel: He counted at the same speed he has been counting.

Brian Rentfro: And that is slow.

Ian gets into Swindell's face and is letting him know what he thinks of the slow count by slapping his hands in a one two three gesture fast. Shadow Star is on his forearms and knees shaking the cobwebs out of his head. Ian kicks Shadow towards the corner where he begins a blatent boot choke on Shadow Star and Referee Scott Swindell is there administering a mandatory five count and Ian releases on the count of four looking around like he isn't blatently cheating to gain an advantage. Ian hurls Shadow Star over the top rope and these two are back to the outside in this match and Swindell is starting the count again. Ian climbs through the ropes and drops an elbow onto Shadow from the apron as Scott's count reaches two. As Ian makes it up to his feet, Scott reaches the count of three just as Ian slams Shadow's face into the concrete with a leg drop from the railing. Ian pulls Shadow up to his feet, but Shadow pulls on Ian's arm and executes a picture perfect short arm clothesline and follows it up with a vicious bulldog as the count reaches five. Shadow climbs to the ring apron and leaps driving a knee into Ian's skull that busts Ian open here. Shadow picks up the remains of the steel chair and brings it down on Ian's skull doing his best to open the wound up further. Having a big advantage now, Shadow Star rolls Ian into the ring and follows quickly with a boot stomp on Ian's busted open forehead. Grabbing ahold of Ian's wrist, Shadow Star whips him violently into the corner following up with an elevated knee into his chest. Shadow Star looks out at the crowd and slaps Ian across the chest palm first and follows with a knife edge chop that reddens Ian's chest further. Pulling Ian from the corner with a wristlock, Shadow Star pulls Ian towards him drops the wristlock and performs a perfect reverse neckbreaker that drops Ian down to the mat. Shadow Star gets back up to his feet and amazingly so does Emperor Ian, determination to prove his superiority driving him onward. Shadow Star with a headlock into a takedown into a crossface submission hold. The referee gets into position and asks Ian if he wants to submit; Emperor Ian shakes his head that he does not. Shadow releases the crossface and nails Ian with a knee drop before getting back to his feet once again and pulling Ian back up to his feet delivering a forearm shot to Ian that drives him towards the ropes.

***Shadow Star wins***

Shadow whips Ian into the corner and points to the roof.

Brain Brian Rentfro: Not this ridiculous move again.

John Jon McDaniel: Shadow Star going for The Grim Reaper and the win!

Shadow Star nails the clothesline and finishes The Grim Reaper and covers Ian in the middle of the ring. Referee Scott Swindell is there to make the count.

One... Two... Three.


Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Shadow Star!

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe he did it.

John Jon McDaniel: Others have doubted the powers of the shadows, but the shadow always knows.

Chamelion vs Ryan Ross

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match (2 out of 3 falls)

Eric Emerson climbs up the steel steps and ducks between the top and middle ropes, microphone in hand.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next bout is scheduled for two out of three falls and will be contended for the Grizzly Beer Championship!

There is an eruption of cheers from the fans in attendance, which only grows in volume with Emerson’s next words.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first: The challenger, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds; standing at six feet, two inches; from Seattle, Washington; “Red Hot” Ryan Ross!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! T-t-totally, dude! Yeah! T-t-totally, dude!
We got the whole world yellin’ now. T-totally, dude!
Everybody put your hands up. T-totally, dude!
And if you get into the money now. T-totally, dude!
Scream! T-totally, dude! Scream! T-totally, dude! Scream! T-totally, dude!
We got the whole world yellin’ now. T-t-totally, dude!

As ‘Totally Dude’ by the Shop Boyz hits the P.A. Ryan bursts through the curtain at the top of the stage, arms in the air. This action is mimicked by all the Saucers in the arena when the line in the song tells them to do so. Ryan then drops his hands to waist level, floating them around his hips in a semi-circle, indicating that he WILL be leaving the ring the new Grizzly Beer Champion. This action causes an eruption of cheers in the arena, which, in turn, allows a grin to grace the cheeks of Ross.

Jon McDaniel: We saw Ryan get a tough break two weeks ago when he was forced into competition with his little brother, Litimus Ross. Ryan and his brother put in their all, but came up short against Controlled Violence. Let’s not forget just how imposing Ryan is, though. He is a tough competitor, and I think he proved just last week when he prevailed over his tag team partner, Mark Zout in what was truly a grueling match.

Brian Rentfro: Grueling? They were moving in slow motion, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Slowing down, even with the pressure of a packed arena prevents mistakes, Brian, and is the true mark of a veteran.

Brian Rentfro: The match was fifteen seconds long.

Jon McDaniel: Yes, Brian, which should tell you exactly how impactful each maneuver was on both individuals.

As the contender descends the entrance ramp, a series of red and white lights flash all around him. He takes time out of his strut to slap a few hands as he passes fans before reaching the steel steps of the ring, where a bold red spotlight solos him out. With a great show of athletic ability, Ryan leaps, clearing the top rope, then jumps onto the second turnbuckle, where he showcases his abs for all to see. This causes many wolf whistles to sound through the crowd, which serves in widening his smile.

Satisfied with his reception, Ryan hops off the middle turnbuckle, spinning one hundred eighty degrees while doing so, and runs straight at the furthest set of ropes, bounding off of them as part of his traditional pre-match warm-up. As Ryan’s entrance lights fade with his music, Eric Emerson raises the microphone back to his lips and the lights dim, giving way to a strobe that pulses over the entrance stage and is accompanied by the music and lyrics of ‘Voices’ performed by Rev Theory.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me!

Eric Emerson: And his opponent: the defending champion. He stands at six feet, four inches and hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. Weighing in tonight at two hundred forty-five pounds; the self proclaimed ‘Most Devious S.O.B. in the business today’; Chamelion!

The introduction for the ringleader of the Pantheon is greeted by a majority of jeers from the fans. Most of the audience are marks, and haven’t had the money to upgrade to a color T.V. They see only in black and white, while a few stand to applaud the ‘legend’ for his accomplishments.

Brian Rentfro: You know, Jon, I think these fans need to pull their heads out. They’re looking at greatness right now!

Jon McDaniel: Brian, I think these people care more about just how well a contender performs. They care how the individual carries themselves, as well, and Chamelion sometimes doesn’t achieve his victories in the most ethical means possible.

Brian Rentfro: Doing whatever it takes to win, even with the pressure of a packed arena, prevents losses, Jon, and is the mark of a true veteran.

Jon McDaniel: I’m not sure I agree with you, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: I’m not sure I agree with your mother not opting for abortion, Jon.

Walking calmly and confidently onto the stage from behind the black curtain is Chamelion. Some may mistake his posture for arrogance. Let them think what they will. He stands like a figment of stone at the top of the entrance ramp, motionless and eyes floored before he suddenly and lively snaps his head upwards. The wet strands of hair whip back with the motion as he locks eyes with his opponent, Ryan Ross. His eyes flare - set with focus and determination. Slowly, purposefully, he begins his descent to the ring.

He ignores the jeers reigning down upon him, and continues down to the ring, undeterred. As he approaches the apron his death-stare with Ross only grows in intensity before he slides in head first, propping himself up on his arms, hands in fists. His eyes are locked with Ross’ for a long moment before he pushes himself upward, catching his feet under himself.

Jon McDaniel: My goodness, Brian. You could cut the tension between these two with a knife.

Brian Rentfro: Can’t you cut almost anything with a knife?

From here he shoots a wink at Ross, who blows a kiss back. Shaking his head, Chamelion walks to the nearest corner, launching himself like some sort of jungle cat onto the second turnbuckle, where he outstretches his arms, wiggling his fingers as if to call out anyone and everyone. As this is happening, his head lowers and his lips contort into a ghastly smile resembling that of the Cheshire Cat. He inhales deeply before hopping down from his perch and turning his front toward Ross. His body sways slowly and creepily left to right, and it seems he isn’t mentally present in the ring, so much as deep within himself in a mysterious trance, waiting.

As Chamelion’s music and lighting fades back to the norm, official Scott Swindell quickly makes sure both opponents understand the rules. With his eyes locked on Chamelion, Ryan nods impatiently, eager to get at the champion. Chamelion offers no response, but instead continues to rock in place, remaining in his trance. Swindell accepts his silence as understanding and signals for the bell.


Jon McDaniel: And here we go! Ryan is quick to charge, but it seems Chamelion is caught in his trance!

Ross explodes from his corner, a head full of steam, and in the short couple bounds it takes him to reach Chamelion; it looks as if he’s already got as much momentum as an entire stampede of bulls. He extends his arm, rolling it back before he slams it forward; ready to take Chamelion’s head clean off! Chamelion’s head snaps straight up as soon as the bell rings and his Cheshire smile is nowhere in sight. At the last moment, just before it seems he will be decapitated, the champion throws himself toward the mat, entangling the challenger in a drop toe hold! Ross, with so much momentum, can do nothing but widen his eyes as the turnbuckle quickly approaches his face. With maximum force, Ryan’s face slams into the bottom turnbuckle.
Guarding his face, Ross rolls over, positioning himself in a sitting position in the corner, and unconsciously checks his face for breaks. Before he can shake loose his cobwebs, Chamelion strikes like a viper, slamming a boot into his head. Cham holds the top rope, giving himself further momentum for his kicks as he slams another three heels into Ryan’s chest. Swindell squeezes in between the two contenders and pushes Chamelion backward, issuing him a warning not to exceed his five second count.

Ryan takes the opportunity to roll out of the ring under the bottom rope. He walks around the ring, shaking his head loose and regains his composure near the fan barrier, where several Saucers pat him on the back and yell encouraging words his way.

Jon McDaniel: Unbelievable! Chamelion responded within the time it would have taken a viper to strike! He is such a dangerous competitor.

Brian Rentfro: No arguing with that, Jon. You think any of those people in the front row are asking Ross how the turnbuckle tastes?

By the count of eight Ross heads toward the ring and slides in quickly under the bottom rope. As he stands Chamelion gives him a vicious toe kick, but no! Ross catches Chamelion’s foot and throws it back down toward the canvas and slams his right fist into the champion’s skull. Chamelion stumbles backward and Ryan pursues him, silencing the arena with a vengeful knife-edge chop. Unconsciously guarding his chest, Chamelion stumbles back again, rocked by another heavy fist. Ross again chops Chamelion with everything he has, and again Chamelion guards his chest. Ross, putting full momentum into his next punch, sends Chamelion against the ropes. With one last chop, Chamelion practically growls at him. The majority of the fans are going nuts with cheers!

Ryan takes Chamelion’s arm and whips him toward the opposite ropes, but no! Chamelion reverses the whip, instead sending Ryan toward the ropes. As Ross comes off the ropes Chamelion is already crouched and waiting, positioned perfectly for a hip toss. Ross finds his arm trapped, and himself leaving his feet in an arc, but he somehow lands on the other side of Chamelion and wrenches his arm, looking to use his own momentum to his advantage. Chamelion goes nowhere, and instead shoots a knee up into the abdomen of Ross. The challenger doubles over and Cham takes his chance to slip behind his opponent, wrenching his arm upward in a very clever modified key lock.

Ryan grimaces and arches backward, trapping himself in a bridge in an effort to alleviate some of the pain from the hold. Cham pushes Ryan down, pinning his shoulders against the mat and Swindell drops into position.

Jon McDaniel: A good show of technical ability from both men, and oh, this could be the first fall!


Ryan grunts, bringing a knee up into the skull of Chamelion, breaking the pin and the key lock. The crowd erupts in celebration! Quickly taking his chance to retaliate, he bridges himself back up and flips Chamelion over himself with a judo flip. Keeping hold of the champion’s arm, he drops a leg over it, jacking the shoulder of Chamelion against the mat. Then, quickly, he locks his ankles over the chest of the champion and arches backward, straining Chamelion’s arm in an MMA style arm bar. Cham yells out, slamming a fist against the mat before he tries to roll out of the hold. Ryan straightens his body stiff as a board, trapping Cham back down and keeping him in the hold. Cham again yells out and pulls with all his might, pulling Ryan up into a sitting position and slams a fist into the challenger’s face, causing Ross to break the hold and roll backward.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my goodness! A great pin escape from Ross and the tables have been turned now as Ross applies a punishing arm bar.

Brian Rentfro: Don’t speak too soon, Jon! Look at Cham do some punishing of his own… With his fists!

As both men stand Chamelion shakes his arm, rubbing his shoulder. Eyeing each other, they begin to circle, before clashing center ring in a lock-up the two competitors engage in a test of strength, which Ryan immediately takes an advantage in, bending Chamelion back so that his head touched the mat. Chamelion begins shaking and then with a superior show of core strength, he battles back against the leverage gained by Ross, slowly gaining a standing position. Ryan growls, slamming his chest against Cham’s and forces the champion backward again. Cham, with his head pressed against the mat, bridged, takes several labored breaths before exasperating a guttural cry, putting everything he had into bridging back up against Ross’ leverage and strength for the second time in a row! As he gains a standing position again, Cham slips a leg behind Ryan’s calf, and forces the challenger back now, pinning his shoulders against the mat. Again, Swindell is in position and begins a count.


Ross grunts, somehow bridging his neck with the rest of his back, forcing Swindell to break his count. Cham slams his chest against Ross’, but Ryan does not break. Cham then leaps into the air, slamming his knees into the thighs of Ross, but Ryan’s legs do not give. Cham pops himself up, his feet landing beside Ross, and then leaps for a second time, again slamming his knees into the thighs of Ross. Again, Ryan’s legs hold, although they shake slightly. Cham pops himself off, and leaps one last time, bring his knees down on Ross’ thighs for the third and final time, but no! Ryan abandoned his bridge, catching Cham in the gut with both boots, and kicked the champion backward, using the momentum to help himself kip up. He then jumped, placing his boots back against the stomach of Chamelion and rolled to his back, flinging Chamelion over himself in a monkey flip! The fans begin cheering wildly for both competitors, grateful for the show of talent.

Jon McDaniel: I cannot believe not only the core strength of Chamelion, that he was able to fight back to a neutral position not only once, but twice, but also the undeterred stamina of Ryan Ross to absorb so much punishment from the champion and continue to maintain his bridge!

Brian Rentfro: Well, Jon, unlike you they don’t sit around doing nothing all day. These guys train hard for that kind of physical perfection. You can’t earn it by dreaming it!

Ryan kips up and turns to find Chamelion finding his feet on one knee. Ryan takes the opportunity available, and nails the champion with That Japanese Move! He quickly covers Cham, and Swindell begins slapping the mat.

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD, it’s That Japanese Move! This could be the first fall in the bag!


It isn’t enough, and it’s too early! Chamelion rolls a shoulder up. The fanatic screams that had begun die down with Cham’s pin escape. Ryan abandons the pin, swinging himself behind Cham, and places the champion in a shoulder clutch. Chamelion yells out, beginning to feel the abuse being dished out to his arm and shoulder, and uses his free hand to drive a few punches into the head of the challenger, not quickly, but eventually fending off Ryan.

Brian Rentfro: That wasn’t even close to three, Jon. Settle down. You make kids with ADHD look calmer than Chris Benoit was today.

Jon McDaniel: Isn’t he dead?

Brian Rentfro: And again, my genius flies right over your head.

Chamelion finds his feet, and a charging Ryan Ross, and manages to sink in an arm drag at the last moment. Both men are up and Ryan comes running again. Another arm drag. The sequence continues in quick succession, until Ross has taken five arm drags, and is finally slower to his feet. At this point Chamelion runs at Ross, hooking his arm around the challenger’s head, and drives his head into the mat with a running DDT! Chamelion makes a quick cover. There are a great number of cheers. Even the people who do not like Chamelion acknowledge how quick and impactful he is.


Ross kicks out Chamelion immediately finds his feet and begins dropping heavy boots into the skull of Ross, who is on his hands and knees trying to stand. Cham then backs up and runs toward Ross, looking for a big Drive By Kick, but Ross evades, turning and reaching his feet. From one corner of the ring, he runs toward Chamelion, who’s back is turned. As soon as Cham turns to find his opponent, he is clobbered to the mat with a devastating Clothesline From Hell! The Saucers explode in elation!

Jon McDaniel: Ross nearly took the champion’s head off with that! But will it be enough to put him away?

Brian Rentfro: More importantly; does it matter? Do you really think Ross has what it takes to put Chamelion away twice? If he was THAT talented he would have been offered a position with the Pantheon.

Jon McDaniel: Not necessarily, Brian. Riona, Jethro, and Zout weren’t offered spots, either.

Brian Rentfro: So you’re comparing him to a ho-bag slut who hasn’t done anything of value since 2007, a country hick who probably eats out of the same trough as his pigs, and a kid who lives in his uncle’s shadow.

Guessing this probably isn’t enough to put Cham away for the first fall, he lifts his opponent up. Ross crosses both of Chamelion’s arms in a double cutthroat from behind and ducks his head under the legs of Chamelion, lifting him straight up for an Electric Chair Bridging Pin, but before he can fall back, Chamelion rolls forward, pinning Ross’ shoulders to the mat with a Victory Roll! Swindell is positioned to Cham’s back near Ross’ shoulders, and Cham hooks one leg and grabs a whole handful of Ryan’s pants!

Jon McDaniel: C’mon, Ref! He’s got him by the tights!


Ryan struggles to escape the pin, and indeed kicks Chamelion off of him, despite Chamelion’s best efforts to keep him there!


But it was too late; Swindell had already counted to three a fraction of a second before Ryan had gotten a shoulder up! Anyone under the age of twenty lets their opinion of the lack luster show of ethics that gained Cham the first fall.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, come on! That was an under-handed tactic, if I’ve ever seen one!
Brian Rentfro: Don’t get in a tizzy, Jon. Chamelion is only doing what any smart man would do.
Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the first fall is awarded to Chamelion! The match will continue until one competitor has earned two falls!

Ryan’s face turned white and he immediately began talking to Swindell, indicating his pants, and how Chamelion had grabbed them for the cheap victory. Swindell argued he hadn’t seen it, and issued Ross a warning for questioning his judgment, when Chamelion came up, whipping Ross toward the corner. Ryan rolled over the turnbuckle, landing on the apron on his feet! Chamelion charged at him with a clothesline, but Ross ducked, pulling the ropes down, and Chamelion tumbled to the outside, hitting the floor face first! Cheers.

Ryan dove off the apron, nailing Chamelion’s shoulder that he had been working all match with a knee drop, and sending Cham into convulsions trying to aid his arm. Swindell began his count.


Ryan stomps the shoulder, and Cham rolls away, guarding the arm. Ryan runs toward him, catching the champion in an irish whip, and Chamelion slams shoulder first into the steel steps, yelling out.


As Cham is reaching his feet, Ross hits him hard in the shoulder with an over-head punch, and then wraps the champion’s arm around the steel pole, throwing it as hard as he can.

Ryan grabs Chamelion’s arm, and drops backward, slamming the champ’s arm against the steel steps as he falls back to the ground. Ryan then gets up, stalking the obviously hurt champion, and throws him up onto the announce table.

Brian Rentfro: I don’t hear you complaining about any underhanded tactics now, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: After the cheap victory Chamelion just stole, he deserves every bit of this! Oh boy, we better get up before something happens to this table!

Climbing up after Chamelion, the champion has gained his feet, and the two exchange several punches, the crowd screaming “Boo!” With each blow from Chamelion, and “Yeah!” With every punch delivered by Ross.


With one of Ross’ punches, Cham stumbles back, more so than the two of them already were with each rocking punch and Ross sent a boot to his gut, tucked the champion’s head between his legs, and grabbed the back of Chamelion’s thighs, looking for the Dipped In Sauce Driver, but no! Chamelion forces R oss over in a backdrop, and Ryan lands on the second table at ringside, the time keeper’s table! However the table didn’t break!

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe the other table is still intact!


Chamelion looks at the table with disbelief as Ryan lays on top of it, and kicks it with his toe like once would when checking a tire, and jumps back as the table unexpectedly implodes, Ross left in the center of the carnage. The crowd begins a chant at the sight, screaming “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” The official Scot Swindell is even taken back enough to stop his count.
Brian Rentfro: They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Climbing into the ring only to quickly roll back out, Chamelion climbs over the carnage that was once the time keeper’s table, and mounts Ross, driving fist after fist into the challenger’s skull.
Get back in the ring! One!

After his last punch, Chamelion lifts Ryan up, and drags him away from the table. Ryan shoves Chamelion back, but Chamelion responds with an impromptu Sweet Sound of Success, which causes Ryan to hit the ground motionless, and rolls back into the ring, with Swindell continuing his count!

Jon McDaniel: Oh my! The Sweet Sound of Success will be ringing in Ross’ ears for the next week!


Jon McDaniel: We’d better see some movement out of Ross soon, or this thing is going to be over.

Ryan, who had been motionless up until this point, began stirring.


Ross rolled over to his knees, shaking his head and getting a bearing on where he was.


Brian Rentfro: Call it, ref. Match over.

Realizing the jeopardy he was in, Ryan leapt toward the ring –


Swindell waves the bell off, indicating Ryan had made it under the bottom rope by his final count! The fans go ape, jumping out of seats with applause! Please keep wrestling as long as possible seemed to be the dominant opinion. Chamelion cannot believe it, and his face shows this, but he wastes no time in pouncing onto his prey, stomping down onto the back of Ryan’s skull with a heavy boot before dropping to his knees in front of Ross, and driving right fist after right fist into the head of Ryan. The pummeling continues through Swindell’s five count when Chamelion then turns Ross over and pins him. Swindell counts.


Jon McDaniel: That was so close to being three we could have used a photo finish!

Ross rolls a shoulder up, and Chamelion shakes his head in disbelief. Again, the Saucers cheer, their hopes continuing to stay alive! Cham double checks the count with the official, but Swindell reassures him Ross did kick out in time. With a skeptical look, Cham lifts Ryan to his feet, making sure to slam a couple right fists into the challenger’s skull as he does so, and whips him into the turnbuckle.

Ryan’s back collides with the turnbuckle with enough force to shift the ring half an inch, and Chamelion, who had ran after Ryan, barreled into him with a massive clothesline! The force of the blow was great enough to give Ryan whiplash! The challenger stumbles out of the corner, and Cham wraps his arm around his opponent’s head, running toward center ring, and leaps into the air, driving the skull of Ryan Ross into the mat hard. Ryan rolls to his back where Cham stands at his head, taunting his downed foe with the set up for The Final Touch.

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion nearly decapitated Ryan Ross in the corner with that devastating clothesline!

Brian Rentfro: And you might as well send the check in the mail. This one is about to be over. Ross couldn’t even earn a single fall, Jon.

Chamelion races toward the ropes, bounds off of them, and races back across the ring with even greater momentum, skipping over the downed body of Ross with ease. He then jumps, springboarding off the second rope, and arches his back, falling into what is truly a picture-perfect moonsault!

But no! Ryan Ross kips upward, driving the soles of his shoes into the shoulder of Chamelion, who crashes and burns against the mat in a heap! Ross’ fans are going bananas!

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe what we just saw, Brian! Ryan Ross has been beaten, battered, and bruised, and still he refuses to stay down!

Brian Rentfro: He’s hacking, Jon! He has to be hacking… Can we get a new patch for this God Mode?

Ryan is up and again stalking the champion! Chamelion is trying to reach his feet as he baby’s his left shoulder, but Ryan drives his boot hard into the solar plexus of Cham, causing the champion to double over and allowing himself to put his opponent in a double underhook position. Ryan lifts Chamelion up vertically and walks to the center of the ring, where he leaps backward, placing his knees into the shoulders of Chamelion, and lands back first, his knees doing all the damage to Chamelion’s already injured shoulder! The general cheers continue to grow in volume.

Ryan quickly applies a hammer lock to the face down champion and then flips over his foe, trapping Chamelion in a Bridged Hammerlock! Before Swindell can even ask the question, Chamelion is slapping his free hand against the mat desperately, calling out, “Yes! Yes! God Yes, I submit!” The roof of the arena nearly blows off as so many people jump out of their seats, screaming more loudly than a rape victim!

Jon McDaniel: Now Cham is getting his just desserts! Another submission and this match will be over and we’ll have a new champion!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, The second fall is awarded to Ryan Ross! The match will continue through the third and final fall!

Ryan rolls off of Cham, whom quickly finds his feet and clutches his arm, swearing under his breath, and he backs himself into the turnbuckle. Swindell asks him if he is all right, and his reply comes, “No, I’m not alright, you simpleton! He broke my damn arm!”

Jon McDaniel: Oh, like anyone believes that! He’s got to be faking it!

Brian Rentfro: Have some compassion, Jon! The man’s arm is broken, for Christ’s sake! He said so himself.

Swindell begins to check the arm for any legitimate breaks when Ryan grabs the official, pulling him out of his way. Swindell yells not to touch him again, and Ryan is caught in the jaw with The Sweet Sound of Success for the second time!

Ross’ body goes stiff, and the challenger falls straight backward like an old timber that had just been cut down, crashing into the mat. Chamelion then gives a smirk, rotating his shoulder slowly and painfully to prove that yes, it is hurt, but no, it is not broken, and taps his head to show he is the dominant intellectual. Cham then pins Ryan and Swindell reluctantly begins to count.


Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the third fall and the match is awarded to Chamelion. He is the winner and still champion!

Jon McDaniel: Unbelievable! That man is a cheater, plain and simple!

Brian Rentfro: How did he cheat? He didn’t do one thing in that match that was against the rules.

Jon McDaniel: Well it wasn’t very ethical. Where is Ryan Ross going to go from here? And what about Chamelion and the Grizzly Beer title?

With a reign of boos (and yes, a few cheers as well), ‘Voices’ by Rev Theory begins playing overhead and the time keeper brings Chamelion his belt. Chamelion stands in the center of the ring and slings his title over his shoulder and pats it, a wild smirk on his lips. After a moment he drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring. As he makes his way backstage, the camera focuses on Ryan Ross, who barely begins to move before cutting to commercial.

The Phoenix vs Riona Langly vs Mark McNasty vs Jethro Hayes vs Hunter Sullivan vs Jacob Figgins

Elimination Chamber World Title Match

Segment 1: McNasty and Figgins began the match, fought a see-saw battle back and forth. McNasty got the upper hand as time expired and...

Segment 2: Hunter Sullivan joined the fray, giving Pantheon a 2 on 1 advantage, and they really took it to McNasty. McNasty fought back the best he could, but was nearly pinned on a couple of occasions. As time expired, Hunter had McNasty in a pinfall, but Riona Langly made the save.

Segment 3: Riona knew alone she would be hard pressed to face G.O.D. so she and McNasty struck an unspoken pact, and it became more or less a tornado tag team match. At one point, McNasty climbed up the fence, so he was actually over head and hit the Malicious Intent on Jacob Figgins! Hunter made the save, barely in time, and Riona put him into her submission move. It seemed McNasty and Riona had G.O.D. where they wanted them, when.

Segment 4: Phoenix entered the match, and threw Riona into the steel mesh, turned and with G.O.D. the three of them ganged up and eliminated Mark McNasty. As they celebrated, Riona snuck up behind and rolled Figgins up and scored the 1-2-3. Hunter and Phoenix then double teamed Riona, each of them hitting their finishing moves on her, but before they could score the pin.

Segment 5: Jethro blasted into the ring, and tore Phoenix off Riona and the two went toe to toe in the center of the ring. On the outside, Hunter back body dropped Riona, pulled her up and as she stood there dazed, hit the viper snap and pinned Riona 1-2-3. Hunter then climbed into the ring and Phoenix and Hunter together began to double team Jethro. Jethro came back strong, with a double clothesline, and then hit the Plow on Phoenix on the steel outside the ring, and got the 1-2-3, and the crowd went wild, seeing Phoenix was no longer champion, it would come down to the final two...

Segment 6: And what a battle it was; back and forth; Hunter vs Jethro and they took it to every part of the ring, inside it and out on the steel. The end came with Hunter Sullivan going for the Viper Snap, and Jethro ducking and Hunter got his leg trapped between the ropes. Quickly loosening himself, Hunter turned and got Plowed hard into the canvas, and Jethro got the 1-2-3 to become the new PWA World Heavyweight champion!

Winner: Jethro Hayes.