World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


A Warning

A pulsing beat hits the speakers as "Away" by Mercy Drive begins to play as a man steps out from the smoke rising up from the entrance ramp. The man is wearing Black shoes and Black suit pants. He tops that off with a Grey button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The PWA IC Championship resting over his right shoulder.

"The lack thereof I can't define,
Is there another way?
I've had enough, I've paid the price,
to keep the beast at bay.

Feel the undertow of words unspoken,
hear the blunders of the masses broken.

You have my sympathy, now take it away."

Jon McDaniel: Well here he comes, the newly crowned IC Champion and the crowd is not happy about that.

Brian Rentfro: That’s because they don’t understand why he did what he did. That’s why they are in their seats and he is the one wearing 20 pounds of gold on his shoulder.

Pyros spike up from the entrance all the way down the ramp. The man begins to make his way down the ramp way as Red lights flicker throughout the arena. On the screen behind him, you can see clips from Stone's various MMA and Pro-wrestling matches.

"Unleash the whores, unlock the doors,
and wash it off my skin.
Let's break the glass containing past,
and don't look back again.

Feel the undertow of words unspoken,
hear the blunders of the masses broken.

You have my sympathy,

Come on take it all away.
Come on take it all away now.
Come on take it all away.
Come on take it all away."

Stone makes it ringside and stops at the steel steps for a moment before walking up them. He hopes up on the turnbuckle and rises the title in the air. He looks out into the crowd with a little bit of disgust before hopping off the turnbuckle. He hops off the turnbuckle and puts the title on his shoulder before calling for a mic. He waits for a moment before speaking.

Viktor Stone: For those who still do not know…that do not understand. I am Viktor “The Beast” Stone. I am one half of Controlled Violence. And more then that…rather you like it or not, I am YOUR PWA Intercontinental Champion. I am a man that has defeated many. From upstarts to monsters. From Soul takers to legends and Hall of Famers. I was the most dominate PWA TV Champion that the company has ever seen. Whether the boys on the radio show or the smarks on the internet want to admit it…you are looking at greatness. And I’ll let you know what I am focused on. And that is walking into “Phoenix Rising” IC Champion and walking out IC Champion. You see Michael at “Who’s The Man!?!”, I answered the question in your own style of match. I walked out of there “The Man”.

Stone pauses and grins…soaking in the boos from the crowd.

Viktor Stone: And now the shoe is on the other foot and now you are doing the chasing. Now you are the one that can’t let the result of the match stand. One Body Bag, Michael…that is what it will take to put you down again. But I don’t want to face you as you are right now. As you are right now, Michael is not good enough for me. For Christ’s sake, I’m the IC Champion…I deserve more…I expect better. So tonight I am going to make sure that I get the most out of you. I’m going to make sure of that. I’m going to make sure when we meet at that Hell in the Cell, that I have your total focus. So as a warning to everyone in the arena and everyone watching on TV…trust me…you do not want to miss this.

Stone drops the mic and leaves the ring, leaving the crowd and everyone wondering what he has planned. He walks up the ramp way, not paying any attention to the crowd throwing things and booing.

Shadow Starr vs. Raw Mike vs. Chris Rage

Triple Threat Match

Before the match begins, Eric Emerson announces that the match has been changed to an elimination style match.

The match opens with Shadow Starr and Chris Rage in a grapple while Raw Mike rests. Shadow Starr locks him in a headlock. Chris Rage tries to escape but, after no success, lifts him into a back drop. Shadow Starr rolls back and Chris Rage tries to spear him. Shadow Starr jumps up over him and Chris Rage hits the corner face first. When he lands he's met by a clothesline from Raw Mike. He starts stomping Shadow Starr and so does Chris Rage after he recovers.

Raw Mike picks Shadow Starr up and whips him into the ropes. Raw Mike bends over for a back drop but Chris Rage runs and springs off his back. He hits a spinning wheel kick into Shadow Starr's face. He goes for the pin. 1... kick out.

Shadow Starr gets up and hammers Chris Rage's head. Raw Mike runs up behind him and grabs Shadow Starr in a Russian Leg sweep. Chris Rage gets up and runs in for the pin, but collides with Raw Mike, who was also going for the pin. Shadow Starr gets up, kicks Raw Mike in the face, picks up Chris Rage and DDT's him. Shadow Starr goes for the pin, 1...2...

Raw Mike runs up behind Shadow Starr and gets him in a half-nelson. He pulls Shadow Starr off Chris Rage, who stands up and kicks him in the ribs. Raw Mike lets go of Shadow Starr and he falls to the mat. Chris Rage says something to Raw Mike, who nods, then picks up Shadow Starr and sets him up on his shoulders. Raw Mike walks toward the turnbuckle and starts to climb. As he does, Shadow Starr lurches forward and down, rolling Chris Rage into a small package. 1-2-3

Chris Rage is eliminated!

Chris Rage rolls out of the ring after Shadow Starr gets up. Raw Mike jumps from the turnbuckle and tries to tackle Shadow Starr, but Shadow Starr catches his shoulders and monkey-flips him. Shadow Starr flips back and sits on Raw Mike’s chest and starts punching him. Shadow Starr grabs one of Raw Mike's hands and turns it into an arm bar. Raw Mike inches over to and grabs the ropes. Raw Mike gets up and kicks Shadow Starr, then hits him with a hard right hand to the jaw. He tries again but Shadow Starr grabs his hand and counters with a hammerlock. Chris Rage runs back into the ring and kicks Raw Mike in the ribs. The ref gets in Chris Rages face until he gets out of the ring again. While the ref's back is turned Raw Mike gouges Shadow Starr's eyes. He staggers back, holding his eyes. Raw Mike runs up and grabs him, snap suplex, he keeps the hold, snap suplex, keeps on holding, lifts him up, another, Shadow Starr counters, knees him in the side and lifts him up, Brainbuster. He goes for the pin. 1... 2... kick!

Shadow Starr picks Raw Mike up and locks him in a headlock. Raw Mike counters the hammerlock and goes into a headlock. Shadow Starr elbows him in the stomach and whips him into the ropes. He tries to jump over Shadow Starr, but he catches Raw Mike in mid-air and hits him with a sit-out powerbomb. 1... 2... shoulder up!

Shadow Starr sets up his legs and gives him a slingshot. Raw Mike flies up and into the turnbuckle. Shadow Starr comes up behind him and lifts him up top, facing out to the audience. Shadow Starr steps onto the second rope, back to back with Raw Mike. He sets up and delivers a massive reverse neckbreaker. As Shadow Starr recovers, Raw Mike is slumped, neck on the mat and feet in the air, in the corner. Shadow Starr takes Raw Mike's hands and pulls him away from the ropes and goes for the pin. 1... 2... 3!!!

Winner: Shadow Starr

My Violent Heart

Hunter stands in front of a PWA camera, his match has yet to take place and he seems a little irritated.

Hunter sighs

“Jethro, you look at The Pantheon too stereotypically, like we are a cliché faction, you and Riona both. You look on as if, as if we are bad guys, you assume, you make like you understand our methods. You understand the message? The way your acting, what you are saying, you got no clue. You don’t, you see what we are doing at face value, we cause a little havoc, we push people around a bit, we must be the bad guys, right? No, I am one of these men, and I am one of these men for a reason, I’m here to fulfill the claim of being PWA’s messiah, it’s anointed one, the savior, and no Riona, I’m no Steve “Motherfucking” Twist, I’m better. As I was saying I’m with Pantheon to fulfill a promise, to make sure PWA keeps going, not defile it like you think Langly, to the common folk, to the common and untrained eye, it may seem like we are doing just the opposite. It might look like we are holding talent down, might look like we are breaking their hopes and dreams.”

“We are motivating them.”

“Yeah, we motivate them. You act as if attacking you, taking you out with steel chairs was the reverse Jethro, that taking out our seemingly in your words, only opposition , was hypocritical. We are not hypocrites, you just don’t understand, you don’t see the bigger picture Jethro, OPEN your eyes to the truth, ‘cause it’s a well known fact Jethro, the truth will set you free. When the PWA roster sees what’s happened to it’s ’ONLY’ willing defenses you and Riona, what do you think will happen? Do you think these men will stay back and whimper? No, if these people are TRUE MEN, they will finally find it in them selves to rise. We are not trying to de-motivate them by example, we are trying to motivate them by showing them what is happening, what is destined to happen more and more if they don’t step up. Ever hear about the rat that will fight back when backed into a corner? Use that as an example Jethro, use that to help you understand what’s going on here. We are pushing, and shoving and backing PWA into a corner until it finally LASHES out at us, we will continue to beat down, four on one assaults, until someone actually stops us. We won’t simply let them stop us either, that’s why we will beat down any attempted up risers, we won’t make this easy for you people, we won’t be happy with an up rising, you need to beat us, break down the elite, break down the wall! What’s the point of briefly motivating you people if we can’t improve you while we are at it? And that is exactly what needs to happen for you people, the PWA roster to stop us. We are the elite, we are top talent, so when you people get together and finally step up, you’ll know it’s just not enough, not as you are now. You think it’s contradictory to strike down the men we ask to rise up, but it isn’t, we are doing exactly as we said. I want to know when I strike down that man, be it you, be it Raizzor, be it Riona, that two more are looking me in the face, I want to know you’ll stand back up and strike me back. ”

“So Jethro, gather them all together for us, gather them into a retort, Jethro, be the bishop . Bring all the sheep together and take arms in hand, and face off against the Gods that threaten your land and home. Rally the troops, and tell them to fight for themselves, fight to win. Tell them never take defeat and to strive on, that’s what we want you to do. Jethro, you’re playing your part ever so valiantly. But, the problem is, that you are the only one who has constantly stood up to us. That’s one down, and the rest of the roster to go. But like I said, you haven’t fulfilled your second half of the contract, that’s to improve to the point that can be considered PWA elite. YES, you’ve improved, YES, you have gotten better, but its not that hard to improve passed what you were when you started. See you are a lot better than before, but you are not good ENOUGH, you have one more step to go. I already told you what that was, I already exclaimed what you need. Yeah everyone loses, and yes Riker was better then you on that night, But should he have been? NO, you should have beaten him, you let your talent, your motivation, your skills fluctuate. You can’t do that any more Jethro, you can’t give your all when you are facing Rob, beat him, showing us all what you COULD be, then lose to Riker. What I’m saying to you makes sense, if you listen, I’m not trying to tare you down Jethro, I’m not the bad guy, I’m trying to help you, everything I do here, I’m trying to help you. I’m giving you advice, if you had been on top of your game, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, Riker could beat you. He was better that night, because you let him be.”

“If I gotta do it, if I have to be the one who forces the roster in the corner, and if it takes beating you in a match, if it takes another beat down, I’ll do it.”

“But all and all, you need remember one thing Jethro, Riona, you need to know, you can send us into fire, you can win one night, maybe even walk out of the chamber with a successful win, but from the fire we will return. It’s all about what I’ve told everyone I’ve faced for months, you’ve become slack, you need to step it up, you can consider us a consequence for how much you guy’s have left to learn. You all have set something in motion, much greater then you have ever known, you can’t understand how idiotic you look to us. blabbering like dumb buffoons, ranting and raving about shooting down gods, over throwing the elite, standing around in your grand naivety, well tonight Jethro, you will reap what this roster has sown.”

“I’ll make a martyr out of you.”

Hunter walks away from the screen as we fade to the next match.

Controlled Violence vs. Ryan & Litumus Ross

Tag-Team Match

Eric Emerson: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit.

"Gimme Back My Bullets" by Lynard Skynard hits throughout the arena, and with the lights already dimmed, smoke starts to resonate from the entryway. After a few moments, the Innovators walk out through the smoke, with their hoods over their heads as the Dynasty's many haters began heckling them, and booing them.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 471 pounds... Ryan & Litumus Ross... THE INNOVATORRRS!!

They walk down to the ring, not acknowledging any of the fans as they enter the ring focused, and awaiting their opponents.

Jon McDaniel: Well we finally get a chance to see the Innovators in action!

Brian Rentfro: Are you kidding me Jon? This is gonna be a tag team clinic. Ryan and Litumus are no team and Controlled Violence are gonna prove it.

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown begins rolling, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.


Searchlights scan the arena as strobes go off all around the entrance curtain, and mist pours from behind curtain. Suddenly you can hear Heath Ledger's voice creep through the speakers


Pyros explode as "Find The Real" by Alter Bridge fills the arena via the PA system, and random still-frames of Alex Noble and Viktor Stone in action throughout their career cover the ADC-TRON. The Controlled Violence logo flashes on the Tron as red pyro shoots from the stage. Alex Noble and Viktor Stone walk out from behind the entrance curtain wearing matching Controlled Violence shirts as the song begins, and Eli Storm follows behind, chomping away on a stick of gum. Noble takes some sips from his Aquafina as Stone cracks his knuckles, and then they begin walking down the entrance ramp.

Stuck in the middle
I burrow inside
Back to the cradle
Away from the burdens
Of all my crimes
Before it's fatal

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, at a combined weight of 477 pounds...

The past has found me
The truth come out
Always remember
With no place to fall
But straight down
I must surrender

Eric Emerson: ...they are the team of the reigning PWA Intercontinental Champion, Viktor "The Beast" Stone...

They reach the ramp, and Noble rolls under the bottom rope as Stone pulls himself onto the apron. Viktor steps between the ropes and hops onto the middle turnbuckle, raising the IC Title in the air as Alex kips up to his feet, outstretching his arms to his sides with his hands open, smirking as he turns around to look at all of the audience.

Eric Emerson: ...and "The Messiah of Violent Innovation" Alex Noble...

Well it seems I've finally
Thought of everything
I want to love
I want to feel
Find peace
Find the real

Viktor takes his Controlled Violence shirt off and tosses it to a ringside attendant and gives the IC title to Storm on the outside, and Noble takes a few more sips from his Aquafina before closing the bottle and tossing it into the crowd.

Eric Emerson: They are...

Stone stretches out over the top ropes while Alex slides the Controlled Violence shirt off, tossing it to Storm on the outside, and Stone does the "Cut Throat" signal for his new finisher, Body Bag, Bitches.

There's a face I put on
All my life
The face of an angel
I look in the mirror
Only to find
The face of a stranger

Eric Emerson: ...CONTROLLED VIOLENCE!!!!

And all that I've
I hunger for more
Cause I'm selfish
And all I'm left with
Is a crown of thorns
And I'm helpless

Noble walks past Stone into the corner, and reclines over on top ropes as "Find The Real" dies down.

Brian Rentfro: We saw a version of this match up the other week with Ryan walking out with the lucky win.

Jon McDaniel: Ryan Ross refused to believe in the talk coming from our newly crowned IC Champion. If he does the same this week, he’ll get the same results.

Brian Rentfro: That’s if Noble and Stone don’t break him first.

Litumus and Viktor Stone start off the match together. The two lock up and it's VS who gets a knee to the gut of Litumus. He repeats the move, backing Litumus back into the ropes. He whips Litumus across the ring, but upon his return, he ducks a wild clothesline. Litumus comes back and takes VS down with a shoulder charge that sends VS flying backwards. He gets back up, only to be hit with a series of rights from Litumus. Litumus whips VS to the ropes but puts his head down to early. VS is able to stop right in front of him and snap his head back with a vicious knee lift. Ryan screams and pounds the turnbuckle trying to rally his brother.

Jon McDaniel: The one thing you don’t want to do with Stone is give him an opening. You give him an opening and he locks in.

Brian Rentfro: That is what real champions do.

Litumus is being pulled up by VS but suddenly shoves VS back into his corner where Noble tags himself in. VS comes charging out only to be back body tossed into the air and back down to the ground with impact. Noble springboards himself in the air with a clothesline but Litumus counters with a dropkick to the gut. Litumus seems to have everything in control as he hooks Noble up and holds him in the air with a vertical suplex. The hanging suplex takes long enough for VS to get up and dropkick Litumus down to the mat. The ref tries to get VS out of the ring as Litumus gets back up to his feet and tags Ryan in.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Ryan and Litumus are working better than you thought.

Brian Rentfro: That match just started Jon... give em' time...

Ryan goes after Noble who is at his feet and delivers a hard right to Ryan. Ryan returns the favor and a slugfest is underway until Noble breaks the pattern with an quick eye rake. The fans boo, but Noble has the advantage, dragging Ryan over to the corner and bangs his head against the top turnbuckle. He places Ryan in the corner and starts delivering hard stomps to his midsection leaving Ryan nowhere to go. Noble pulls Ryan out of the corner and leans him against the ropes where he gives him a few knife-edge chops that are heard across the arena. He Irish whips Ryan across the ring, but by surprise, Ryan comes flying back with his patented clothesline from hell, flipping Noble. The fans all cheer as Ryan gets up and finds that VS has entered the ring. He quickly ducks and pulls the top rope down giving him a quick exit. Alex charges as well and gets a back body toss over the top rope and onto his own tag team partner! The crowd is loving the action!

Jon McDaniel: The brothers are clicking on all ports now.

Brian Rentfro: You’re a sheep, Jon…I hope you know that.

Controlled Violence pace around on the outside of the ring while Ryan Ross awaits them on the inside. Alex Noble enters the ring and puts his hand up for a test of strength. Ryan looks to the crowd for their approval and it seems nobody in the crowd agrees. Instead Ryan with a hard kick to the gut of Noble that gets a loud pop from the crowd. Another kick and another backs Noble up for Ryan Ross to size him up. He lunges forwards with a superkick, but Noble ducks it. Viktor Stone is seen running down the ring apron and sticks his arm out, clothes lining Ryan down unexpectingly. The fans boo heavily as Noble is now on the offense.

Brian Rentfro: Get him Noble!

Noble picks Ryan back up to his feet and puts him in an arm bar, he reaches to tag Viktor Stone who was more than ready to tag in. VS tags in and delivers a hard elbow to the ribs of Ryan. He kicks Ryan in the gut, but Ryan is able to catch the foot. Ryan spins VS around to where his back is turned to him before delivering a T-Bone suplex. The fans roar with excitement and Ryan gets back up to his feet. He looks over to Litumus who sticks his hand out, and tags him back into the match.

Jon McDaniel: Both teams are doing very well in the ring tonight.

Brian Rentfro: I must agree.

Litumus enters the ring and VS sees him coming. He gets to his feet and throws a right that is blocked Litumus. Litumus gives him a right that almost knocks VS out of his boots. Litumus charges for a clothesline but VS ducks. Litumus bounces off the ropes and receives a knee to the back by Noble. Litumus quickly turns to Noble and knocks him off the ring apron with a devastating right hand. Stone waits for the perfect moment, and when Litumus turns around, he is lifted up and spun around in the air before being planted by a Arn Anderson style spinebuster. The crowd winces as they watch the impact from the move. Litumus slowly rolls up in order to get back to his feet as Stone starts to stalk him. Lit gets to his feet, finally and turns around to be greeted by a kick to the thighs and to the back of the knees, forcing him to drop down to his knees. As he does that Stone tags in Noble who quickly hops over the ropes and wraps Lit up. Alex quickly snaps back driving Lit’s head into the mat.

Jon McDaniel: And Controlled Violence has finally caught up with the Rosses.

Brian Rentfro: And now you are about to see what a real tag team can do in the ring.

Alex lifts Litumus up and drives his elbow right into the forehead. Lit drops to one knee as Noble begins drilling the same spot with elbow after elbow. Lit looks a little woozy as Noble spins around and nails him with a Roaring Elbow, taking the younger Ross off his feet. Noble stumbles back and tag in Stone, who steps through the ropes with a wicked grin on his face. Lit, who is now busted open, is slowly trying to get to his feet as Viktor circles him. Stone waits until Lit turns around and lifts him up in the air, flap jacking him neck first onto the top rope. Stone just sits up and looks at Ryan who is screaming for his brother to get up. Viktor stands up as Lit gets to all fours, with his free hand holding his neck. Viktor lifts Lit up and tries for a Brainbuster, but somehow Lit is able to wiggle himself and Stone into a roll up.



Stone is able to kick out and as Lit gets to his feet, Stone nearly takes his head off with a vicious clothesline. Stone turns around and starts to stomp on the shoulders, neck and head of Litumus. Stone quickly tags in Noble, Stone Drop toe holds Lit and Noble nails a leaping knee drop to the back of the Lit's head. Stone quickly steps out to his corner as Noble watches Lit spasm on the mat. Noble hits the ropes and comes off full of steam before stopping at a laid out Lit and making the international “Smoking Weed” signal, before dropping a leg to the back of Lit’s neck. Noble lifts up a bloody Lit and throws him into the corner where Ryan is waiting. But before Ryan can tag himself in, Noble nails him with a dropkick. Noble drags Lit back to the middle of the ring as Ryan rushes through the ropes, but is stopped by the ref. While the ref has his back turned, trying to get Ryan out of the ring, Stone slides in. Nobles locks Lit in the Camel Clutch and Stone nails a brutal buzz saw kick to the Lit's face.

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!!! Did you hear that impact of that kick!!

The crowd screams as the watch Stone try to kick Lit’s face in. Ryan quickly gets back outside of the ring, seeing that he is making things worse for his little brother. Stone quickly hops out of the ring as Noble keeps lit in the Camel Clutch. The ref checks on Lit, who looks to be slowly fading as the ref checks his arm. Right as his hand is about to drop for the third time, a surge of energy rushes through Lit and he stops his hand from dropping. Noble is shock and tries to put him back down trying to leap down on Lit’s back, but the younger Ross is able to get to his knees and throws himself backwards, thus crushing noble between his back and the mat. You can see the air leave Noble as Alex holds his stomach. Lit wipes the blood from his face and starts to crawl towards his corner. Stone is screaming at Noble to get up. Alex rolls over and grabs Lit by his ankle and yanks him back. Noble is on top of Lit and is lifting him up by his hair. But Lit out of last ditch thinking, throws an elbow back that nails Noble in the groin.

Brian Rentfro: HEY!!! Come on Ref, you gotta call that!!!

Jon McDaniel: I guess the ref didn’t see it, but he sees Lit leaping and tagging in Ryan Ross who is ready to go!!

Ryan hops on the ropes and nails Noble with a Springboard DDT. Stone tries to step through the ropes but Ryan rushes him with a Superkick sending the IC Champion out to the floor. Ryan Ross with a Double Underhook, he lifts up and jumps causing Noble to land back of the shoulders onto Ryan’s knees. Ross quickly goes for the cover…



Ryan slaps the mat not thinking that Noble was gonna kick out. Ryan hooks noble up for a suplex, but instead of falling back, drives Nobles head into the mat with a Brainbuster. Ryan kips up and is waiting for Noble to get to his feet. Noble gets to his knees and Ryan decides not to wait and nearly breaks Alex’s jaw with a stiff spinning Kick to the face. Noble still on his knees leans to the side before Ryan grabs him and nails a lung blower while Alex is still on his knees. Ryan gets up and turns around and is met with a Spear from Stone that sends both men through the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: And now this match has broken down to pure chaos

Brian Rentfro: Thank you, Captain Obvious!!!

Noble holds his chest and rolls around in the ring. Outside, Stone is firing shots at Ryan’s face, but is stopped by Lit who nails “The Beast” with a clothesline. Stone rolls off of Ryan and lands against the guard railing, Lit rushes in smashing his knee against Stone’s head and guardrail. Ryan is slowly pulling himself up with the ring apron. He starts to walk over to join his brother, but doesn’t see Alex noble leaping over the top rope and nailing a cross body on the older Ross Brother. Noble picks Lit up and flings him into the ring post. Alex turns around to check on Stone and is greet by a stiff right shot from Ryan Ross.

Jon McDaniel: Whoa, Ryan with a stiff shot to the face of Noble…and he is firing with both hands. He is Flinging Noble to the guard railing. Lit is waiting…BACK BODY DROP OVER THE GUARDRAILING!!!

Brian Rentfro: Alex is gonna be pissed when he gets up.

Jon McDaniel: I highly doubt that, the way he crashed into those chairs. And now it is Stone vs. The Ross Brothers.

Stone is picked up by Ryan who rolls him back into the ring, before the ref reaches a 10 count. Ryan fires Stone into the corner face first.

Brian Rentfro: Come on, Stone…you can’t let this sauce drinking loser get another win off of you.

Stone bounces out of the corner and is greeted by a dropkick to the back of the head. And here comes Lit sliding into the ring. Lit hooks Stone up for a suplex as Ryan climbs the turnbuckle. Eli Storm hops on the ring apron and yells at the ref.

Jon McDaniel: Hey…get him down off of there!!!!

The ref walks over to Storm and tells him to get off the ring apron. Ryan hops off the turnbuckle and starts to yell at Stone as well. All three men are yelling at each other and Lit lets go of Stone to see what is going on. Stone quickly drops to one knee and nails a low blow on Lit. Lit drops to his knees as Viktor lines him up for a roundhouse kick. Stone miss and Lit drives him into the turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: I think I see Noble moving.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Alex.

Ryan is too busy yelling at Storm to notice the other legal man sliding into the ring. Ryan turns around, remembering that his brother is in the ring with Stone, only to be met by Noble, who yanks him up and over the top rope. Alex starts firing shots at Ryan and turns around to go help his partner.

Brian Rentfro: LOOK OUT!!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Oh this is classic.

Lit sends Stone full speed at Noble, but at the last minute Noble counters, sending Stone back at Lit. Stone tackles Lit but before anything can happen, the ref clears the ring. Now it’s just Ryan and Noble in the ring. Noble and Ryan lock up. Noble starts to get the upper hand and backs Ryan into the corner. Too bad it’s the Ross corner and Lit tag himself in, before jumping over his brother and dropkicking Noble right in the face.

Crowd: OHHH!

Jon McDaniel: WOW, I bet you Noble didn’t see that coming

Brian Rentfro: Lit is gonna pay for that.

Noble stumbles back as Lit stays on the rush, pushing Noble into the ropes. Lit tries to capitalize but doesn’t see the Roaring Elbow courtesy of Viktor Stone from the outside of the ring. Lit stumbles backwards. Ryan tries to hop in but is cut off by Noble. Noble grabs Ryan and tosses him out of the ring. Lit tries to stop Noble, but is grabbed by Stone. Alex rushes as Stone rams a elbow into Lit’s face. Stone then executes a spinning leg sweep to the back of the opponent's legs as Noble executes a spinning heel-kick towards Lit’s face simultaneously, nearly turning the younger Ross inside out before Noble goes for the pin.

Jon McDaniel: LAST STOP!!! LAST STOP!!!!!




The fans boo loudly as Noble hops up smiling at the crowd. Some of their contempt has to be reserved for Stone who has grabbed Lit and has wrapped him up in a Dragon Sleeper.

Jon McDaniel: Come on…this is uncalled for, they won the match, let the kid go!!!!

Brian Rentfro: They told them all weak that Lit will become a message, Ryan should of listened and not brought his little brother to this match.

All of the sudden Make Zout comes rushing down the ring with a chair. As he hits the ring, Ryan rolls in with a chair of his own. Stone quickly lets go of Lit as he and Noble roll out of the ring. Stone grabs his IC Title and he and Alex make their way up the ramp way while Mark and Ryan check on the bloody Litumus.

Who Isis?

The camera turns on and to everyone’s amazement we see a familiar face staring into it.

Woman: Hum, I think it’s on.

She takes a few steps back and smiles to the camera.

Woman: I think many of you here are confused about just who I am. It caught my attention when I watched Who’s The Man. Your announcer Toshi Yang got me confused with a previous PWA star Fire. I know I may look a lot like her, but I am not her. I am related to her, and we will leave it at that. So, you may all call me Isis.

The figure walks back up to the camera as her piercing eyes gaze deep into the camera lens as she shuts it off making the screen turn black once more.


"Thank God I'm A Country Boy" blares and the crowd explodes in cheers as Jethro Hayes walks from the back, a live microphone in his hand.

"Whoa whoa wait a minute. Cut the music Mr. Music Personality, this big guy has got something to say."

The crowd is still cheering, this is their home state guy.


He lets the crowd chant as he is walking down the ramp way. The fans who stick out their hands get them slapped in return as he finishes up at the ring.
Jethro rolls under the bottom rope and is up to his feet to a big time ovation as he stands there. No music plays, but he plays to the crowd there in Atlanta.


Big pop for the mention of their city, but Jethro didn't need the cheap pop; he was getting one all by himself. He waits as they quiet down.

"Last week..."

Boos from the crowd at the actions of The Pantheon.

"Yeah I know but you see, it proved something to me. It proved that no one is willing to step up alongside of Jethro Hayes and vaccinate the disease before
it has a chance to root itself permanently to the foundation of the PWA."

He walks around the ring, trying to think of the words that he wants or needs to say.

"The foundation that people like Sirus Moran built!"

The crowd pops big time again.

"The foundation that Monkey McDee built!"

Cheering stays the same. Jethro nods while the crowd cheers.

"Nightstryker! The Brothers Grimm! and... Raizzor!"

Every fan is standing on their feet now screaming at the top of their lungs.

"All the hard work of the legends of the PWA that built this place up and these four men... oh no, they don't want to tear it down. The exact opposite
in fact. They claim to want to build up the talent. They claim that they want to make the others raise their own bar of excellence and step up to the challenge!"

Murmurings of disbelief run through the crowd.

"They say those words, they preach their message, but yet when someone does step up, they beat him down to send a message."

Boos fill the arena at this mention and the image of the beat down on the big screen at the top of the ramp.

"Yeah, they preach that message then totally contradict the message by beating me down. The one man who stood up to their message. The one man, who stood
in front of their wrecking ball of lies. They say that it is to see if I have the character and the will power to step back up in front of them."


Yeah, I do and I am here in this ring right now Jacob, Hunter, Chamelion, and Phoenix. I am here right now if you want to try and do something to me again.
Why don't you do something before I am exhausted after a match? Huh?! Why don't you attack me why I am fresh?! The reason is simple, you four are scared
of the lone soldier, Jethro Hayes. Oh yeah you are running scared of this train, the Jethro Express. See, Hunter said that he wanted to have someone to
fear on the roster. Well, if you four didn't fear me, then why did you attack after I was exhausted? Huh?! Exactly and you know why, because you are scared."


"But I also noticed something else last week. I want to thank The Pantheon for opening my eyes to something."

The crowd begins to boo this.

"Hold on, this is important. You four opened my eyes to the fact that no one back there wants to step up to the challenge that The Pantheon has set forth.
Your four proved that fact by no one coming down to do anything when it happened, no one. Why? Not concerned? You in the back think this doesn't concern
your well being? They just as much called you chickens and talent less chickens at that. I know you back there in the back aren't chickens and are surely
not talent less. But where were you when the chips were down? Running scared? These are four human beings; they are not GODS as they claim to be but mere
mortal human beings that can be beaten on any given night. Will anyone step up to my challenge of standing alongside me in this fight? Or will Jethro have
to do it alone?"


"I may have to fight this battle alone, which means I may have to do things I normally wouldn't do."

Crowd: "DO THEM JETHRO!(clap, clap, clap clap clap) DO THEM JETHRO!(clap, clap, clap clap clap)"

Jethro smiles at their enthusiasm and appreciation for himself.

"Will I be alone?!"

Nothing as the crowd waits. Jethro looks on waiting on some sort of answer or reply from the back. He merely shakes his head.

"I'm a soulja by ghetto comission" hits the speakers and Ryan Ross and Mark Zout walk out onto the stage.

“Jethro you know what man, I’m tired of all this bullshit myself, back jumping people after matches like cowards, like spineless thugs, so I think it’s
time to go to war. It’s time we kicked off this war real proper like and you know what you can’t have a war without some Souljahz.”

The Georgians POP huge at the remark Ryan made, seeing some up and coming guys take a stand against the so called Gods of PWA.

“That’s right Ryan this ring is our battle field and lately these pantheon members have been acting like they think it’s international waters, I’m sorry
pantheon but in that ring it’s not anything goes, what happens in that ring is under the discretion of the Markz, and they the people have said they are
sick of seeing the pantheon run all around the PWA flapping there gums, about being the best, when all they ever do is play the numbers and play it safe.
My uncle and Ryan made their careers off making it a point off not to play it safe, they did whatever it took in the ring, to give these Markz what they
deserve to see what they wanted to see. Week in and week out, you come out here and you don’t give the markz what they want to see you don’t give them
what they paid to be here for you talk about being wrestling gods but any real god would take care of their people. The only things you’ve takin care of
are your pocket books and your belt loops. “

The fans couldn’t help but jump in excitement when they were declared Markz by Zout.

“Jethro like you, the Renegade Souljahz are sick of standing idly by week after week, while you single handedly attempt to take them apart. We are going
to forget about last week you were the better man despite the outcome of your match with Chamelion because, you gave the people what they wanted to see,
you put your whole heart into the match, and we respect you for it.”

“And just to make it clear Jethro that means we are in brother, and we are FIRED UP BABY WE ARE FIRED UP TO FIGHT THOS LOW LIFE SCUM SUCKERS WOOOOOOO!
They may have started this battle but I’m absolutely sure we will end this war once and for all and I’m sure the only once left standing in the battle
field will be some SOULJAHZ.”

I’ma Souljah hits the P.A. system as the Souljahz turn and walk backstage leaving Jethro in the ring grinning his big Georgian grin.

Jethro: "Well... let's get this party started!"

"Thank God I'm a Country Boy" queues up as Jethro makes his way backstage to the delight of the fans. It is time for a war. The Pantheon wanted the talent to step up, well they have.

Jonathon Riker vs. Marxx

PWA TV Title Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the PWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, MARXX!

Dark purple lasers flashes everywhere in the dark as his theme song plays through the arena. Pyro explodes on the ramp, starting in the middle and ending to each sides. White and purple spots circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat and his right arm wrapped in his steel chain.

He runs to a side of the ramp, raising his chain, then goes to the other side, where he does the same thing. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he tilts to the left and does an X with his arms in front of his face. He stays in that position for a second before suddenly extending his arms to each sides as two spots in the air flashes on him, and 2 others on the ground flashes to the roof, creating two "X"s of light in front of the ramp.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, he is the PWA Television Champion... JONATHON RIKER!!

"This is the way the world will end..."

Riker's voice haunted the crowd as it echoed throughout the arena, the lights blacked out and left the arena in darkness, suddenly Slipknot's Opium Of The People hit the PA, and just as the ripping guitar hit the PA, the lights returned, flashing to the beat of the music. Soon smoke began to pour out from the backstage. Suddenly from the smoke a figure could bee seen. The shadow stepped out from the fog and into the dimmed flashing lights, to reveal to the crowd it was the sinister, Jonathan Riker. Riker walked from the entrance way with a hunched back, his head tilted to the side staring into the ring like a curious creature. After making his way down the ramp, Riker crawls into the ring, getting to his hand and feet and crawling to the center of the ring. There, he stands and looks as Marxx moves to join him in the center, and they just stare are each other.

Jon McDaniel: From what I gather, these two men have history.

Brian Rentfro: They certainly do know of each other. I’d like to hear more about that sometime!

Foreheads touching, the two men stare at each other... Riker is saying something, and Marxx says nothing. Marxx backs up a step and offers his hand to Riker. Riker quirks his head, and looks left to the cheering fans, then to the right. He shrugs, nods his head and shakes hands with Marxx. Then they back off and begin circling each other.

Jon McDaniel: Compared to what they’ve said all week, the two are showing some respect to each other.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah yeah, no cheap shots then, you mean.

Jon McDaniel: Your impossible, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Thanks.

Both men lock up and Marxx puts Riker into a headlock. Tightening the hold, Marxx tries pushing Riker back to the ropes, but Riker pushes hard and sends Marxx to the other side. Bouncing off the ropes, the challenger comes back and Riker leap frogs Marxx. Off the other side, Marxx comes back and Riker hip tosses him. However, a full 360 and Marxx lands on his feet. Riker spins and gets a clothesline. Riker jumps back up to another clothesline. the Third time though, Riker manages to duck, spins behind Marxx and grabs him around the chin and hits a reverse neck breaker. With Marxx down, Riker bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow.

Jon McDaniel: Riker has the advantage early here.

Riker pulls Marxx up, but Marxx wraps an arm around his neck and rolls him over into a small package..



kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Riker better be more careful, he was one count away from losing his precious title.

Riker rolls up to his feet and gets a hard punch to the cheek, he staggers back and Marxx whips him to the ropes and drop kicks him to the mat. Marxx goes for a figure four, but Riker kicks him backwards. Marxx comes back and Riker catches him with a drop toe hold. Riker wraps his arms around Marxx's head, trying to cut off the air in a classic sleeper hold. Marxx pushes himself to his feet and Riker jumps on his back. He applies more pressure to Marxx, who drops backwards, crushing Riker under him. Marxx rolls off, rubbing his throat before getting up. Riker tries to get up, and Marxx hits him with a scissors kick. Marxx then pulls up the wobbly Riker, pulls him forward and power bombs the TV Champion to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Marxx's holding nothing back here!

Marxx grabs Riker's legs, then flips over into a pinning combination....



kick out!

Riker pushes Marxx off and climbs sorely to his feet. Marxx is back up already and grabs Riker, whipping him to the ropes. Riker reverses the move and sends Marxx in and catches him with a huge drop kick. Riker wastes no time, picks up Marxx by the hair and DDT's him back down. Riker smirks, rubbing his hands together!

Brian Rentfro: It's the end now, for ol Marxx.

Riker hits the ropes and pushes off into a back flip, but Marxx rolls away and Riker hits the canvas hard. Marxx stumbles to his feet and sees Riker laying there on his back, nearly out. Marxx climbs to the top and raises his arms.

Jon McDaniel: Oh man, here it comes!!!

Marxx flies with a frog splash!! Riker rolls just in the nick of time and Marxx hits the canvas hard.

Brian Rentfro: He missed!!! Marxx missed a sure win!!

Riker crawls to his feet, shaking the cobwebs from his head, and as Marxx rights himself, Riker spins him around, catches him and applies the blackout! Marxx struggles, fading but shoots his hand out and manages to grab the bottom rope. Riker pulls him up and goes for a reverse neckbreaker, but Marxx spins around and clotheslines Riker down. Marxx shakes his head to clear the cobwebs then pulls Riker up and lifts him up into the Leaving Marxx! Riker shifts, however, and lands in front of Marxx and jabs him in the throat with the Mark of the Dark Spot! As Marxx grabs his throat, coughing, Riker follows up with a quick Malicious Striker! He covers, hooking the leg.





Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and still PWA Television Champion; Jonathon Riker!

Jon McDaniel: A solid match between two men who know each other quite well!

Brian Rentfro: In this case, Riker’s desire to hold onto the TV title was just barely enough!

Jon McDaniel: He did have to resort to an underhanded tactic to do it, however.

Brian Rentfro: Whatever, it got the job done!

Riker leaves the ring, holding his TV title high in the air, and Marxx just stares intently at Riker, his eyes promising retribution in the future.

A Moment with Jethro

Jethro is backstage at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia and standing beside him is one Lean Bean Miller. Miller has a microphone in hand and as usual, is ready for a report from one of the biggest men in PWA, Jethro Hayes.

LBM: "Jethro, what makes you think you can take out The Pantheon?"

Jethro looks surprised.

Jethro: "What, no hello Jethro. No how are you doing after the horrific beat down?"

LBM looks back at Jethro wanting him to just answer the question.

Jethro: "I'm fine Miller. I was down, but as you can tell, I'm not out by any definition of the word."

LBM: "How do you feel about The Pantheon?"

Jethro: "Miller, you should know the answer to that question. You've been a reporter and have watched the results of the past few weeks. So, you tell me how I feel about them. Better yet, I'll answer your question because no one can tell exactly how I feel."

Rage in Jethro's eyes.

Jethro: "You four beat down a single man. Four on one odds and you claim to be the best PWA hast to offer. Well if you were the best, why did it take four of you to take me down? Four chickens with titles is what you are. Four boys that don't know what to do with the power they have in their hands. The two of you that have been around are corrupting the minds of Jacob Figgins and Hunter Sullivan."

Deep breath.

Jethro: "And that isn't ok. Hunter wants to go and play like he is some sort of God, go right ahead. That is not a religion I like. I am not going to be a member of that kind of church that does things the way you do. Yeah different religions have wars that is a fact of life because no one person, no one human being in is perfect."

LBM goes to interrupt with a question, Jethro holds up a hand.

Jethro: "No, I am going to say my peace and get out of here. Like I said no one is perfect, and tonight, I prove that Hunter Sullivan, self-proclaimed Wrestling God, self-proclaimed Wrestling Apostle, isn't perfect. The Jethro Express was derailed last week by Chamelion, but this week, it gets back on track."

LBM reaches out and grabs Jethro's arm, Jethro turns back.

LBM: "Jethro, this attitude is unlike you."

Jethro: "These are different times Lean Bean, different times call for different actions."

Jethro walks into his locker room and the door shuts onto a stunned Lean Bean Miller's face.

Mark Zout vs. Riona Langly

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Representing Seattle, Washington; he stands at five feet, ten inches, and weighs in tonight at two hundred five pounds…

An awe-striking chorus wafts from the speakers hidden in the rafters, accompanied by spoken vocals, “I’m about to step into the ring and do what I have
to do. This right here is a physical contest. You’re gonna give your heart and your soul. This is real. This is one on one. Yo! Here we go. It’s on. Are
you ready? Can you withstand the pain? Well, let’s go!” At the end of these words emerged the nephew of The Powerhouse, receiving quite the positive reaction.

Eric Emerson: ‘The People’s Mark,’ Mark Zout!

Zout waved his hands in a downward motion, humbly attempting to quiet the cheers from his newly acquired Markz, and could do nothing to hide his smile
upon getting such a positive reception. Tossing his jet black hair back and out of his face, he began his descent of the entrance ramp, toward the ring,
receiving several pats on the back from Markz leaning over the barrier.

When he reached the ring he ascended the steel steps nearest himself and wiped his white DC Courts on the apron before stepping between the top and middle
ropes. His silver shorts glimmered under the lights as he moved atop the second turnbuckle opposite his opponent, raising a hand to his ear. Dissatisfied
with the volume of cheers he received, he waved his arms upward, pumping his Markz up, and yelled something inaudible, but unarguably positive, then nodded
his head and hopped down.

A soft pinging noise fills the speakers, the lights flickering along with it. As the pinging comes to a stop, the lights in the arena shut off completely,
and orchestral intro to "Planet Hell" by Nightwish begins. The crowd claps along with the music as images of angels and death flash across the screen,
superimposed with flashes of ring action. The lights begin to flicker along with the beat of the drums. And without a warning, the music stops and a massive
explosion of pyro goes off as the metal part of the intro begins, the lights coming back on with a fury. Blue lasers fly about the arena as Marco Hietala
begins singing.

### Denying the lying ###
### A million children fighting ###
### For lives in strife ###
### For hope beyond the horizon ###

The lasers switch to a reddish hue as Tajra begins to sing....

### A dead world ###
### A dark path ###
### Not even crossroads to choose from ###
### All the blood red carpets before me ###
### Behold this fair creation of God ###

As Tajra's pace and the music calm down considerably, a spotlight bursts out from in front of the curtain as a figure slowly makes its way out in front
of it, head tilted down. The figure stops just in front of the light, head tilted down. Her long, black hair flows over her shoulders, the red bangs at
the front hiding her face as she silhouettes herself on the light.

### My only wish to leave behind ###
### All the days of the earth ###
### An everyday hell of my kingdom come ###

The woman slowly lifts her head up, hair hanging down over her face and obscuring most of it. Finally, as the second of the song begins, she throws her
arms out to the side in a crucifix pose and flicks her head back, her hair flying back over her shoulders and revealing her face. A huge pop occurs as
a stream of silver sparks fall from the screen above her, the light behind her blacking out. She ignores any sort of minor pain that the sparks would
be causing her as three silver fireworks shoot off from the top of the ADCtron to fly off and hit sets above the ring, causing minor explosions and the lasers
to switch back to blue.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first/next... coming to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She weighed in this morning at 140 pounds, and stands at five foot
nine inches!!!!

### The first rock thrown again ###
### Welcome to hell, little Saint ###
### Mother Gaia in slaughter ###
### Welcome to paradise soldier ###

Riona snaps off a crux pose, pacing across the entrance ramp as the lasers turn back to red with Tajra's voice returning.

### My first cry never-ending ###
### All life is to fear for life ###
### You fool, you wanderer ###
### You challenged the gods and lost ###

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is.... RIOOONNNNAAAA LANNGGGLLLLYYYY!!!

Riona lowers her arm and begins to make her way down the ramp as silver sparks suddenly fly up from either side of the entrance ramp to shower down over
her, creating a tunnel of sorts due to the arching shape. Riona's typical neutral gaze not showing much of her thoughts towards the crowd. The arching
shape keeps her from specifically reaching out for high fives, but she doesn't bother to stop the few pats on the back she gets through the tunnel of sparks.
Riona stops at the bottom of the ramp as the sparks finally dissipate, looking up into the ring for a few moments before walking over to and up the stairs.
She quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle and snaps off a crucifix pose as silver pyro shoots
up from the other three turnbuckles with a loud pop as soon as the chorus begins.

### Save yourself a penny for the ferryman ###
### Save yourself and let them suffer ###
### In hope ###
### In love ###
### This world ain't ready for The Ark ###

She holds the pose there while the chorus goes on, the lasers finally ending. Finally, Riona lowers her arms and hops down into to her corner, doing some
last minute stretches and getting ready for the match as the lights return to normal.

Jon McDaniel: This promises to be a good match.

Brian Rentfro: But that idiot Mark Zout requested this match... against Riona Langly?!


Riona and Zout stare across the ring from each other, Riona showing a very little effect from the attack after the World Title match from Who's The Man. Zout stares back with respect and determination on his face. Lockup and Riona forces Zout back into the corner, referee Scott Swindell administers a count of four before Riona breaks the hold. She stares into Zout's face as she backs up and motions for him to step forward and lock up again. In the middle of the ring, another lockup and Riona forces Zout back into the corner where Scott again administers a four count and Riona breaks the hold.

Jon McDaniel: Riona proving something here.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, she has big breas...

Jon McDaniel: Brian!

A third lockup and Mark with a go behind into a rear waistlock into a side headlock, that he turns and delivers a DDT down to the mat. Mark up quickly dropping a forearm across the back of Riona's neck. He quickly pulls her up to her feet and whips Riona into the ropes, he springboards from the middle rope with a flying clothesline. Riona with a duck, twist and an arm bar takedown to the mat on Zout. She quickly turns the arm bar into a cloverleaf arm lock and applies pressure especially to the shoulder area of Mark Zout. Mark yelps out in pain and surprise and begins to crawl for the ropes. Riona tries to prevent the crawl to safety, but Mark reaches out with his foot and the hold is broken. Riona allows mark up to his hands and knees before she delivers a vicious kick to his face which flips him through the ropes and onto the ring apron. Riona hits the ropes and comes back with a baseball slide that misses Mark as he sits up. Mark is quick to roll back through the ropes before Riona can grab a hold of him and put him through damage in her playground.

Brian Rentfro: Zout with a smart move there getting back into the ring while Riona is outside of it.

Jon McDaniel: Riona can do alot of damage inside the ring, but outside the ring is her world.

Riona hops to the apron but Zout is there with a right hand, Riona ducks it delivering a shoulder into Zout's midsection. Riona uses the top rope to springboard herself up and over Zout with a sunset flip over powerbomb onto the mat.

One... Two... Th--Mark Zout rolls a shoulder up to stop the count. Riona is unphased by this, because she can show Zout some true competition. Zout is up to his knees as Riona stands behind him. She hooks him up in a full nelson, lifting him up to his feet. Zout goes left, goes right, and keeps doing this until the hold is broken by his movements. Zout spins around catching the back of Riona's leg with a spinning toe strike that folds her down to her knees. Zout hits the former Intercontinental champion with a dropkick to the back of her head and she slams face first into the mat. Mark with a springboard moonsault onto Riona's back. He rolls her over for a count.

One... Tw-- Riona able to kick out quickly.

Brian Rentfro: No way Mark is going to pin Riona this early in the match.

Jon McDaniel: True, but he may have gotten a surprise pinfall for a win.

Zout pulls Riona back up to her feet and whips her into the ropes, she rebounds with a lifted knee to the face, Zout ducks under grabbing and slamming her down to the mat with a sit-out spinebuster. He makes another pin but Riona manages to roll up a shoulder before the first slap of the mat. Zout grabs Riona's ankle and twists it into a ankle lock and leglock combination. Riona kicks out connecting with Zout's face and the hold is broken before much damage is done. Riona is up to her feet as Zout makes it up to his. Lockup and Zout forces Riona into the ropes where the referee makes him break the lockup. Riona comes out and an arm drag takedown sends Riona back to the mat. Her foot in the ropes makes the Zout break the hold. Both are back up and Riona is staring at Zout with fury burning in her eyes and Zout appears to not notice or not care about it. She charges at Zout, he ducks under and nails Sleepless in Seattle that sends Riona into the ropes at a tilting run, but she manages to rebound off the ropes properly and comes flying back with a cross body that rolls them both out of the ring and to the outside. Zout clutches at his back which took most of the impact of the fall as he gets up to his feet, Riona holds at her ankle that was under Zout's back as they rolled out. Mark turns to look as Riona charges at him with a clothesline, Zout ducks under with a another Sleepless in Seattle, Riona falls and the SIS misses. Zout lands hard on his side from the missed dropkick and Riona is standing over him as the referee's count reaches four.

Jon McDaniel: Riona is out in her element here, Zout has got to get this back in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Last time Riona was outside the ring in a match, she won the match, but lost the big prize.

Riona whips Zout into the ring apron back first, whips him into the railing back first, and she is targeting the back. As Zout rebounds from the guard railing, Riona is there with a drop toe hold that slams Zout's face into the thin padding at ringside. The referee's count is up to eight now and Riona notices as she rolls into the ring breaking the count. She stands ther catching her breath as Zout climbs up to the apron, she is over quickly delivering a stiff forearm strike to his face that makes him wish he had an aspirin. She spins Zout around and locks in an Anaconda Vice trying to wear him down, the move is legal until the five count, which referee Scott Swindell begins to administer. At the count of four, Riona releases the hold, hooks Zout in a reverse facelock, and lifts him vertically into the air and spins slamming him back first onto the mat. Riona walks over and begins to drop repeated knees to the forehead of Mark Zout, who begins to try and roll away from the attack, but is unable to as Riona stalks him. She lifts him up to a vertical base and locks in a chicken wing suplex down to the mat. She pulls him back to his feet and whips him back first into the corner, with a running leap she flies landing a body splash into the corner. As Mark stumbles out Riona springboards from the middle rope with a tornado DDT, but Mark throws her off somehow and they both land on the mat hard. Scott Swindell begins a count and gets to eight before Mark begins to stir, but unfortunately for him, Riona begins to stir as well. She pulls herself up by the top rope, Mark Zout does the same.

Mark dives at Riona and she lifts a boot out to catch him on the top of the head. Mark falls to the mat, but Riona manages to catch him just before he falls and she places him in the middle of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Whiplash from Riona!

Riona goes around to the side of her opponent...

Brian Rentfro: Tourniquet!

Riona makes the cover and Scott Swindell is there with the count.

One... Two... Three.


Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Riona Langly!

Jon McDaniel: Mark Zout fought hard here Brian, but Riona was just a bit better this night.

Brian Rentfro: Zout proved to be a worthy opponent though, but he just didn’t have enough in him to get it done.

Back in the ring, Mark Zout stands, shaking his head as he gets his bearings. Riona stands there, a small smile on her face from the match, and she extends her hand. Zout eagerly takes the hand to the delight of the crowd, who rarely gets to see the Code of Honor at this level.

Jon McDaniel: A rare show of respect between the two!

Brian Rentfro: They realize they need to stick together, considering the power of the Pantheon.

Jacob Figgins vs. Raizzor

Singles Match

The match starts off with a series of headlocks and reversals, before Figgins ducks a huge clothesline and Raizzor falls out of the ring. Figgins follows, but Raizzor connects with a left, knocking Figgins down. Figgins gets up Raizzor tackles him lifts him up and rams him into the ring. Raizzor whips Figgins but Figgins reverses it and Raizzor hits the guardrail. Raizzor gets up and Figgins clotheslines him into the audience. Figgins runs and slides into the ring as the ref's count is up to 8. Raizzor gets up, leaps over the guard rail and slides into the ring just before 10. Figgins runs at him for a spear but Raizzor ducks and Figgins goes over him and through the ropes, again to the outside. Raizzor runs across the ring, goes into the ropes, comes back and baseball slides him from under the ropes. Figgins staggers back and Raizzor slingshot body blocks him over the ropes to the outside, surprising Figgins with such a move. The ref restarts the count. Raizzor lifts Figgins up and tries to bash his face on the guard rail but Figgins grabs the rail, then bashes Raizzor’s face into it. As he staggers back Figgins kicks Raizzor in the stomach and he buckles over. Figgins suplexes him onto the guardrail. Raizzor’s back arches and he falls onto his shoulders in the ringside. Figgins slides into the ring. Raizzor slowly recovers and gets into the ring, again just beating the mandatory 10 count. Figgins runs up and picks him up and he whips him into the ropes and, on the way back, catches him in a belly-to-belly suplex. Figgins goes for the pin. 1...2... kick. Figgins picks him up but Raizzor elbows him in the stomach. As Figgins buckles over Raizzor lifts him up and sidewalk slams him. He holds his leg and locks him in an ankle hold. Figgins flails his arms around trying to get a rope but he can't. He kicks Raizzor in the face, suddenly, dropping him to the mat. Figgins picks him up and sets him up for a Russian legsweep. Raizzor elbows him in the side, turns around and takes Figgins down with a reverse Russian legsweep. Figgins is up on his knees in a flash holding his face. Raizzor gets in front of Figgins and starts hammering his face until the ref warns him to stop. Figgins falls onto his back. Raizzor runs into the corner and climbs up top. He goes for the Guillotine Leg Drop, but Figgins gets his knees up and Raizzor bounces off him, holding his left leg. Figgins gets up and picks Raizzor up. He whips Raizzor into the corner. Figgins runs up in front of him and sets him up on top. Figgins heaves him down for a massive superplex. Both men are slow to get up. Raizzor is up first and whips Figgins into the ropes. Figgins ducks a clothesline, but Raizzor is waiting for him on the rebound with a back body drop. As Figgins crashes hard, Raizzor turns and looks in all four directions, seeing none of The Pantheon. He pulls Figgins up, and hits The Tombstone Shoulder Breaker. 1-2-3.

After the match, Raizzor again looks around in all four directions, anticipating an attack. When none comes, he looks down at Figgins and pulls him back to his feet. As Figgins staggers, dazed, Raizzor pats Figgins on the shoulder, giving him due respect. At this point, Jasmine Lee runs down to the ring and slides in to celebrate with her husband, and Figgins walks solemnly up the ramp. As the couple basks in the cheers, they turn to boos as Viktor Stone appears from the crowd, diving into the ring to attack Raizzor.

Jasmine scurries out of the way as the two behemoths begin to slug it out. Moments later, Noble comes down the ramp to help his friend and partner, but Raizzor is able to slam a boot into Noble and knock him from the ring. As he does this, Stone grabs his PWA IC title he dropped on the floor and brings it in. He goes to clock Raizzor, but the Soul-Taker senses trouble and spins! Stone backpeddles right into Jasmine and spins, slamming the IC title right across Jasmine’s forehead! Shocked at what he did, Stone escapes the ring and runs up the ramp, as Raizzor drops to cradle his wife in his arms, glaring murderously up the ramp at Viktor Stone.

Hunter Sullivan vs. Jethro Hayes

Singles Match

Eric stands center ring, watching around waiting for his signal to start. With thumbs up from a stage hand listening through a headset, Eric begins his announcement.

Eric Emerson: The following matchup is scheduled for one fall, This match has a 60 minute time limit, and will end only with a count out, Disqualification, a three count, or Submission. Entering first from Corner brook Newfoundland Canada, he is the Viper, HUNTERRR SULLIVVAAAAN

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in a harsh chorus of Jeers.*

Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window
Go back to sleep

Lay your head down child
I won't let the boogeyman come

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Pay no mind to the rabble
Pay no mind to the rabble

Head down, go to sleep
To the rhythm of the war drums

*Sullivan walked calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Hunter's feet reacted with a clank, none of which could be heard over the music and jeers in unison. Soon Sullivan found himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacted quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards the turnbuckle that was closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looked around and reacted with a combined smirk-scoff.*

Pay no mind what other voices say
They don't care about you, like I do, like I do
Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
See, they don't give a fuck about you, like I do.

*The music died off and Sullivan dropped back to the mat, looking around the ring, making a few last mental notes.
The cranking of a tractor is heard throughout the arena and the video entrance of Jethro Hayes begins playing over the big screen. Cows moo, on the screen cows are shown in a green pasture. Pigs are oinking, on the screen pigs run around in mud within a fence. The scene on the screen goes to rolling hills, showing combines in the field harvesting crops, tractors harrowing the ground preparing for the new crop; semi trucks are hauling off the harvested crop. A man walks up the 3 steps and opens the door on the cab of his John Deere tractor, he is wearing a John Deere trucker hat, and is missing a few teeth, evident by the grinning face he turns to the camera, he waves at the camera; it is part of a family video. He climbs on into the cab of the tractor; along with the cranking of the tractor on the screen, the beginning of Thank God I'm a Country Boy by John Denver begins to play over the speaker system.

~Well life on the farm is kinda laid back
~Aint much an old country boy like me cant hack
~Its early to rise, early in the sack
~Thank God Im a country boy

The curtains are pulled back by two people and the front of a John Deere 4720 tractor is seen in the backstage area, smoke boiling up from the muffler.

~Well a simple kinda life never did me no harm
~A raisin me a family and workin on a farm
~My days are all filled with an easy country charm
~Thank God Im a country boy

When the words kinda laid back are heard, the tractor begins moving forward slowly down the ramp the tractor is moving at about 3 miles an hour.

Eric Emerson: From Lean Ox, Ga; weighing 315 pounds and standing at 6' 7... Jethro Hayes!

With the mentioning of his name, Jethro toots the tractor's horn inside the cab and waves to the crowd, he revs the tractor's engine slightly in response to the crowd.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

The tractor arrives at the bottom of the ramp and Jethro stops the tractor, toots the horn while reving the tractor to full power; then he shuts the tractor off. Jethro climbs out of the tractor to a huge pop, he waves and climbs down. Jethro is wearing overalls with a yellow John Deere shirt underneath, brown Wolverine boots, and a John Deere hat.

~When the works all done and the suns settlin low
~I pull out my fiddle and I rosin up the bow
~The kids are asleep so I keep it kinda low
~Thank God Im a country boy
~Id play sally goodin all day if I could
~But the lord and my wife wouldnt take it very good
~So I fiddle when I could, work when I should
~Thank God Im a country boy

He touches a few fans hands on his way to the ring steps. He climbs up the steps and gets into the ring He walks to one corner and waves to those fans.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to another corner and waves to those fans, nodding along with the music.

~Well I wouldnt trade my life for diamonds and jewels
~I never was one of them money hungry fools
~Iid rather have my fiddle and my farmin tools
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to the third corner and waves to those fans with thumbs up in the air, still nodding along with the music; he mimics playing a fiddle.

~Yeah, city folk drivin in a black limousine
~A lotta sad people thinkin that’s mighty keen
~Son, let me tell ya now exactly what I mean
~Thank God Im a country boy

Reaching the fourth corner, he takes off his hat and throws it into the crowd; shaking his head he prepares for the match.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy
The song fades away slowly with the chorus repeating while it dwindles into silence.

Hunter and Jethro stand in the middle of the ring staring at each other, former partners, now on different sides of the coin. Jethro bursts forward with a Collar and elbow tie-up. The obvious strength advantage doesn’t even come into effect as Jethro floats behind Hunter with a half-nelson into a hammerlock and Hunter seems surprised. Jethro grabs Hunter by the wrist turning it into a normal wristlock, chaining it more into a figure four wristlock, The brute applies more and more pressure on the near shocked Viper. In retort Hunter runs to the ropes attempting a counter, but Jethro brings him back to the center of the ring, sweeping the legs out from under the ‘technical icon’ with a leg sweep and Hunter is slammed face first into the mat. Jethro releases the hold rolling down to the ankles of Hunter where he hooks Hunter’s leg, not getting much attempt at anything before Sullivan crawls quickly for the ropes, Jethro hauls him backwards. Hunter kicks out with his free foot, but Jethro avoids the kick by dodging to the left. Hunter reaches out for the ropes and grabs the bottom rope barely, Jethro lets the ankle go. Hunter gets up to his feet looking at Jethro cautiously, Jethro just nods at Hunter and smiles. Lock up and Jethro whips Hunter into the ropes, Hunter rebounds with a lariat, but Jethro ducks under the outstretched arm and pushes up bringing hunter off his feet, smirking he applies a bear hug and squeezes with all his might. He begins to shake Hunter from side to side and The Viper is not liking the way this match is going so far.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro knows some technical moves? I didn’t think He’d go for this strategy.

Brian Rentfro: I can't believe it, the hick can learn.

Releasing the bear hug, after a few elbow and ear pops, Jethro leaps into the air slamming down in a spine buster. Hunter gasps for breath before being pulled into a seated position and wraps Hunter in a body scissor where Jethro squeezes the ribs of Hunter to the breaking point. Hunter retorts with a back elbow that loosens the body scissors, another, and a third finally breaks the hold. Jethro rolls to his hands and knees where Hunter locks in a half-nelson that he turns into a chicken wing submission hold. Jethro begins to power out of the submission, Hunter tries to keep him down with a cross face variation, Jethro powers up to his knees. Noticing that his opponent is much stronger in the arms than himself, Hunter begins to attack the legs of Jethro, if he can't stand, he can't hit his power moves. Hunter lets off the move and backs up, getting to his feet allowing Jethro to do the same. Hunter quickly responds to a rising Southern hero moves in and nails a leg strike to the calf of Jethro's left leg, Hunter spins around moving low and sweeps taking Jethro to the mat with a leg strike and Jethro falls with the trip. Hunter quickly locks in a knee bar, making sure to hyperextend the knee as much as possible to immobilize Jethro as much as possible. Jethro grunts in pain, but gives no other sign the knee bar hurts him. Hunter turns the ankle in his hand, which further turns the knee causing even more pain to the big powerhouse. Jethro rolls over with the move but Hunter is prepared and lifts the leg at an angle that causes pain to Jethro as he turns. Once again, Jethro rolls over and is in the ropes. Referee Paul London is there and administering a five count and Hunter finally breaks the count at four allowing Jethro to pull himself to a vertical base, sweat covering his forehead. Jethro keeps his eyes on his opponent as he backs away letting letting things move center ring. Jethro bursts forward with another lock up attempt, but learning quick, Hunter counters with an arm drag takedown as Jethro's back plants firmly into the mat. Hunter keeps a hold on the thick arm and tugs Jethro over onto his back, hammer locking the captured arm with his foot in a leg trap. Glancing down to Jethro's feet he hooks one leg under his arm, and arches Jethro back with a one legged arm trap Boston crab. Jethro grunts almost inaudibly as he crawls for the far ropes in a very disabled and crippled looking manner. Hunter, unable to stop him is forced to shift backwards for a bit. Jethro makes the ropes to the side and once again the hold is broken.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter is showing Jethro how a true ring worker does it.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro has got to regain control of this match and keep Hunter off the offensive. He can do it, I’m sure, we have seen that already.

Hunter pulls the hurting wrestler to his feet an whips him into the ropes. Hunter follows, diving as he hits the ropes himself, connecting with a running dropkick to Jethro's left knee and the big man falls down to the mat clutching at his left knee. Hunter merely grins as he moves back to his feet and over the downed Jethro and pulls him up to his feet, Jethro visibly favoring his left leg. Hunter grabs the left leg and smiles at Jethro as he goes to pound an elbow into the kneecap. Jethro retorts quickly with an Enzuguri that connects with Hunter's temple and he is out cold as the tree trunk leg makes contact. Jethro falls down to the mat as well, still clutching at his weakened left leg. Hunter isn't moving as Jethro crawls over to make a pin.

Brian Rentfro: was that… a Enziguri, wow, Jethro is pulling what ever he can out of the bag against hunter tonight.

One... Two... Hunter rolls a shoulder up and Jethro winces knowing the match will continue and he must go on with his leg aching. Jethro pulls Hunter up to his feet and boots him in the gut with his left boot, winces, and lifts Hunter up in a vertical suplex, Hunter comes back down to the mat hard as Jethro's leg buckles under the weight of them both. The blotched suplex looks almost like a brain buster but more contact was made on the back then neck.

John Jon McDaniel: Hayes back to something he knows well, power.

Brian Rentfro: I knew it wouldn't last. Jethro can't hang with Hunter in the technical department.

Jon McDaniel: He never claimed that he could.

Brian Rentfro: D*bleep*n right he didn't and better not.

Jethro gets back up to his feet and limps down to Hunter's feet, he grabs the left leg of Hunter and places it on his shoulder, locking his hands on the knee, locking in a standing knee bar making sure to put most of his weight on the kneecap and cause as much damage as he can. Hunter groans in pain from the monster pressure and Jethro adds more pressure on top of that as he stares into the face of his former tag team partner. Hunter tries to roll left, no good, he tries to roll right, no good. He kicks up with his free leg and catches Jethro's hand that is gripping his knee, the hold is released. Jethro attempts to regain his move, clasping for a wandering ankle and manages to grab the leg of the viper again, twist the ankle, place a knee into the back of Hunter's knee, and slam it down into the mat all in one fluid motion and he locks in the hold good. Hunter begins to crawl for the ropes, Jethro is having none of it as he plants his free foot, Hunter isn't moving. Jethro lifts the leg and pounds it into the mat once more and Hunter has an opportunity to push towards the ropes and a hopeful rope break. Hunter crawls, the hold still locked in, and makes the ropes, the hold is broken immediately. Hunter pulls himself up to the top rope slowly and turns to Jethro. Clothesline from Jethro sends Hunter over the top rope and to the floor below. Jethro hits the parallel ropes as Hunter gets up to his feet, Returning the former tag partner goes under the bottom with a baseball slide that hunter skillfully dodges. Jethro is pulled out onto the floor and gets a chop for his effort. In retort however, Hunter gets a boot from Jethro followed slap on the back, smoothly he chains with Hunter’s head under his arm and Hunter is down to the mat with a DDT on the concrete. Paul London is up to three on his count and Jethro rolls Hunter back into the ring. Jethro whips Hunter into the ropes, Hayes follows with a running clothesline that flips Hunter over face first on the mat. Jethro places Hunter's ankle between his thighs and applies a cross face on one half of the PWA Tag Team Champions.

Jon McDaniel: STF from Jethro!

Brian Rentfro: Hunter can get out of it, Jethro is no match for The Viper.

Hunter is in the middle of the ring and begins to inch his way towards the ropes, the crowd is chanting Jethro over and over again. Paul London gets down and asks Hunter if he wants to submit, The Viper shakes his head no. Hunter proceeds to inch his way towards the ropes and is almost there when Jethro yanks him back, but the release of the hold is all Hunter needed as he turn plants a toe kick into Jethro's ribs. Jethro bounces back as once again, Hunter pulls himself up to his feet, noticeably keeping as much weight as he can off of his left leg. The two look at each other and lock up, Hunter with a go behind into a rear waistlock and he spins Jethro around. Bulldog from Hunter sends Jethro down to the mat chin first. Hunter quickly goes down and hooks Jethro in an STF of his own and the big man tries to use his upper body strength to break the hold. Hunter is fighting to keep it locked in as the referee drops to check on Jethro. Jethro, shakes his head that he isn't going to submit, especially in front of his home state fans, and powers one more time. This time the hold loosens a bit, but Hunter is quick to tighten up the hold once more. Jethro moves into a push up position and pushes himself forward on arm strength alone, fans start stomping and clapping as Jethro touches base with the bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter lets of the STF, and we have a rather interesting match out of Jethro.

Brian Rentfro: I’ll admit its surprising, and he is okay, but the kids better at the power, Sullivan has got this technical act seen through now, lets see how well he does now.

Hunter moves to his corner and watches as Jethro moves back to his feet moving around his leg and rolling his neck. Once Jethro is ready he moves off the ropes and eyes his opponent who also works out his leg a bit. Viper moves in center ring and Jethro raises his arm for a test of strength. Hunter smirks knowing his clear disadvantage, but raises his arm and looks out to the crowd for a cheer reaction. Jethro moves in to interlock fingers, but Hunter switches up hands. Jethro cocks an eyebrow and switches hands only for Hunter to switch back. Jethro follows and it becomes a mocking game of cat and mouse before Jethro gives up and stops, only for Hunter to boot him straight in the gut and wrap around into a reverse waist lock. Sullivan chuckles as Jethro knows he was clearly being mocked, in retort and slight anger he grabs Hunters interlocked arms and pulls them apart, butt bopping The technical icon to his rear. Hunter moves to his feet and finds himself in the corner, and, well, cornered as a stalking giant moves in. Jethro goes for a clubbing right blow but Hunter ducks under and moves out behind slapping in elbows that seemingly are having no effect. Jethro revenges, as he yawns, making a fool of Hunter this time round. Hunter grunts Slapping Jethro across the face harshly staggering him back. Jethro smirks retorting in a frying pan like slap. YOU GOT BITCH SLAPPED! Echos the arena as Hunter staggers back center ring angered a bit as Jethro comes back in to meet him.

Jon McDaniel: These two are playing games with each other now.

Brian Rentfro: It’s actually rather entertaining seeing Jethro act a fool.

Jethro moves out to a verbal response from Hunter.

Hunter: You want to play a Technical game boy? Want to try and match the technical Icon in his own game, well common try me.

Hunter calls Jethro in and they both lock up, Jethro shifts into a headlock, but is quickly countered up into a hammer lock. The Viper paint brushes his opponent in taunt before driving a harsh boot into the back of the left knee. The larger man starts to descend to the mat on one leg as hunter mumbles about not being able to beat him on the mat. As if the words motivated him Jethro hooks a snapmare bringing Hunter over head into a seated position. Before Jethro and do as much as go for a sleeper, Hunter leans back and kicks Jethro square in the skull. The Southern hero staggers back to his feet, bringing himself back to the game as Hunter moves back to his feet. Hunter quickly rushes in and shoulder takes the dazed wrestler, but he doesn’t budge. Jethro pounds his chest and Hunter accepts the challenge heading to the ropes and returning, another shoulder, Jethro stands tall. Hunter doesn’t give, hits the ropes, another shoulder. Jethro staggers a bit, Sullivan retorts sharp shin kicks connecting to the calf. Hunter rushes the ropes returning with a chop block, Jethro drops to a knee but pushes himself back up! He just will NOT fall.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro is like a brick wall, he won’t go down.

Brian Rentfro: You beat at something long enough, it’ll crumble.
Jon McDaniel: is that what happened to you?

Brian Rentfro: what?

Jon: nothing..
Hunter is determined, rushing the ropes as another shoulder fails, Jethro is getting dazed from the barrage but is just as determined to stand. Hunter rushes the ropes and returns with a high velocity Lariat!!! Jethro merely staggers backwards! Hunter grunts and returns to perform another one! Jethro looks woozy, he might be on his last legs, Hunter spurts to the ropes behind Jethro and returns literally LEAPING into a shoulder thrust as if trying to break down a door! Jethro tumbles forward onto his two knees, he is still not down completely and Sullivan isn’t satisfied as he makes his final run at the ropes and breaks Jethro down with a S.A.F!!! Jethro collapses onto the canvas and Hunter falls down to greet him, beat out from all the effort he put forward. Hunter finally brings himself to roll over the larger man and hook a pin.

Kick out

Jon McDaniel: After all that work, Hunter is unable to take the southern hero out.
Brian Rentfro: We’ll see how long this lasts, Hunter at the least grabbed the advantage.

And on that note Hunter moves to another idea grabbing the ankle and lifting it up and planting stomps into the thigh, Hunter finishes off with a spinning toe hold, chained into a leg drop on the leg. Jethro takes grasp of his knee before Hunter retorts grabbing the wounded man and dragging him to the ropes where he lays the leg on the bottom rope. A jump and knee connects on the leg as the ref Paul London tries to prevent it. Arguing with the ref Hunter stands on the leg bringing Jethro to more pain. stop what? This? Sure. Sullivan jumps off the leg and lands in a seated position connecting with the leg before walking away with a smirk. London checks on Jethro who starts getting back to his feet, limping he refuses to stay down looking across the ring at Hunter who is taunting out the crowd as he keeps a slight glance at his opponent.

Jon McDaniel: brutal shots at Jethro’s knee might place him at a disadvantage here tonight.

Hunter starts to circle around ready for a lock up once again, Jethro follows suit both men move in and grab violently. Hayes gets the advantage grabbing up into a headlock, wrenching harshly. Hunter retorts pulling back into the ropes and whipping Jethro across the ring. Hayes returns into a heptoses attempt, but counters up attempting his own. Hunter does the same this time not going for a hip toss but sending in a knee, causing his opponent to double over. Sullivan lays his knee on the back of Jethro’s neck flipping back and pushing his head under Hayes’ shoulder, lifting and dropping with a harsh back drop driver. Jethro holds his neck slightly as he is dragged back to his feet, and pushed into a turnbuckle. Sullivan quickly rubs his hands together slapping the chest with a chop. Hayes writhes in pain cradling his chest slightly before his arms are pulled away and another chop repeats. Not wasting much more time with chops, Hunter climbs the ropes standing on the second rope, beginning a few punches, 1,2,3,4,5,6. Upon the sixth punch Jethro brings a cheer to the audience as he grabs his assaulter. The southern star moves away from the ropes, holding Hunter on his shoulders ready for a powerbomb seemingly. In slight panic Hunter continues the punches finishing up with an attempt to hurricarrana backwards. The attempt fails as he is held in place, dangling around Jethro’s knees. Hunter keeps trying to escape, but is tugged up with great strength and overhead in an aaalllyoooop! Sullivan slams into the top rope whip lashing himself to the matting. Holding his neck, Hunter rolls from the ring coughing, the shot sending him for a loop.

Brian Rentfro: oh dear, hunter goes down hard with that shot.

Jon McDaniel: still think he’ll win?

With the sense of self hype Jethro rolls from the ring, pursuing his opponent. Hunter is grabbed from behind and turned, finding himself hit with a harsh uppercut. The shot knocks him to the ground, the Allyoop still showing its effects as Hunter tries to crawl away from damage. Hayes grabs Sullivan and pulls him to his feet, pushing him against the steel turnbuckle poll and chops him a few times over. After returning the favor of moments ago, Jethro pulls Sullivan to the apron smashing his head down. Hunter staggers back out of Hayes’s grasp and falls into the steel barricade using it to keep up. With a charge Jethro clotheslines Hunter over the barricade and onto of a few fans. The security backs people away as Hayes rolls in and out of the ring before going after his opponent. Both men are now outside the barricade, however, the time it took for Jethro to get out gave Sullivan recovery time. With it he was able to mount back a slight defense, firing off a few shots as the man came near. Hayes staggers back as Hunter starts fighting back with left and rights pushing his opponent against the steal.
Jon McDaniel: Hunter and Jethro have taken this match into the crowd, this could prove interesting.
Brian Rentfro: common hunt, nail him with a chair!

Moving back and kicking a few chairs out of the way The Viper takes aim, sprinting forward only to be caught and lifted up into a flap jack. Sullivan lands stomach first onto the barricade, yelping in pain as he falls forward onto the matting. Jethro follows him stepping over the barricade and to the matting as well. Sullivan is lifted to his feet on the matting and pushed into the apron. Jethro pulls up on Hunters skull bringing it dow-no. Sullivan delivers a sloppy elbow ceasing the attack. Hayes attempts again for another elbow, Hunter sends in a few repeat staggering his attacker. Still hurt Sullivan is unable to make a fast follow up opting for a slight recovery stagger. Jethro takes advantage attempting to thrust forward with a clothesline attempt, dodge! Hayes stops in front of the steel preventing conta- Drop kick! Jethro meets face first into the steel poll staggering back in pain. The Viper rolls into the ring and heads for the ropes. Once standing on the second and third Hunter launches himself out. SEATED SENTO-CAUGHT!! Hayes catches the attempt, swinging brutally around with Hunter in grasp… INTO THE STEEL POST!

Jon McDaniel: holy cow, Jethro must have snapped hunter right in two with that one!

Brian Rentfro: oh… oh dear.

Jon McDaniel: what’s wrong, losing faith in the gods of PWA?

Jethro grinned as he rolled back into the ring to break the ten count as The Viper struggled to regain his bearings. Jethro, however, is on the ropes, laying back and waiting for Sullivan to get back into the ring, even going as far as to call for Sullivan to get back into the ring. Eventually, The Viper finds his way back into the ring. Jethro wastes no time and charges right at Sullivan! Jethro unloads his anger by running at Sullivan, forcing him into a corner, giving him no room to even fight back. The Southern hero unleashes a fury of hard chops to the chest of Sullivan. Sullivan lunges his hand at Jethro’s throat and starts to choke him. The referee steps in and grabs the arm Sullivan is choking Jethro with, Sullivan shoves London off with his free hand. Paul starts the 5 count. 1,2,3,4 Sullivan lets go of Hayes. Jethro gags and gasps for air as stands in the middle of the ring, his back towards Sullivan. The referee start to yell at Sullivan for disobeying him, Sullivan shoves him out of the way as he walks to Jethro who is still catching is breath. Hunter grabs Hayes by the hair and pulls him up. Sullivan slaps Jethro right across the face and throws him face first into the mat. Sullivan puts his back to Jethro. Sullivan taunts the crowd and smirks, Hayes is slowly making his way back to his feet. Hunter bursts towards the ropes rebounding off and returns to hit a VIPER….. PLOW!!!! Jethro cuts him off at the impasse with a deadly hard spear! Hunter goes down hard and clutches his ribs. Hayes doesn’t cover well aware of how durable his opponent is and drags him back to his feet. The larger man goes to finish the game hoisting the Viper up onto his shoulders! PLANTER!!!!! Hunter is solidly planted on the canvas and looks like he is in a word of hurt!




Eric Emerson: The winner of the match; JETHRO HAYES!

Brian Rentfro: Well, what do you know!?

Jon McDaniel: Jethro with a much needed win, but not without its price!

Jethro, against the ropes, breaths heavily, and his eyes dart everywhere but no other members of Pantheon come down. He nods, knowing what this means.

Brian Rentfro: So, for the second match in a row, Pantheon let’s their members fight their own battles and it doesn’t turn out well for them!

Jon McDaniel: Will the trend continue? Chamelion’s up next, and has to defend his title against Nuke Fusion!

Chamelion vs. Nuke Fusion

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match

The lights dim, and strobe lights begin to flash around the entrance stage when the following lyrics explode over the arena speakers.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me!


Eric Emerson: Introducing first, From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 245lbs…He is the PWA Grizzly Beer Champion: CHAMELION!

Walking confidently out onto the stage, Chamelion, attired in dark green wrestling tights and a black fishnet shirt, looks around the arena, aware of everything.

You got your rules and your religion
All designed to keep you safe
But when rules start getting broken
You start questioning your faith

He stands there, silently for a few moments as the music swells around him. His eyes lowered to the ring.

I have a voice that is my savior
Hates to love and loves to hate
I have a voice that has the knowledge
And the power to rule your fate

At that point, Chamelion whips his head up, his hair flying back and he has the look of a hunter about him, as he moves towards the ring with focused determination.

I hear voices crying
I see heroes dying
I taste blood that's drying
I feel tension rising

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They Talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the chorus fades into the second verse, Chamelion arrives at the ring apron, a slow smile creeps across his features. Sliding into the ring on his belly, his hands propping his chest and head up, he stares intently at Emerson.

All the lawyers are defenseless
All the doctors are disease
And the preachers all are sinners
And the police just take the grease
All you judges you are guilty
All the bosses I will fire
All you bankers will have losses
Politicians are all liars

Jumping to his feet, he offers a wink and turns and moves towards the corner turnbuckle.

I see darkness falling
I hear voices calling
I feel justice crawling
I see faith has fallen

Launching himself onto the second turnbuckle, Chamelion stretches his arms out, his fingers wiggling in a come get me motion as his head lowers and his Cheshire smile appears.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the music fades, Chamelion drops down and turns, but his smile doesn’t leave his face, and his head remains lowered as he sways a little from left to right, as if in a trance, ready to face the obstacle in front of him.

Brian Rentfro: I wonder what sort of stipulation Chamelion has in mind tonight?

Jon McDaniel: Knowing him, it’ll be devious!

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

Trumpets blared around the arena, as the crowd gives a good sized pop for the returning Fusion!

Something's tearing me down and down
And I can't but feel it's coming from you
She's a gunshot bride, With a trigger cries
I just wonder what we've gotten our selves into...

The arena is then plunged into darkness and green spotlights turn on throughout the arena, randomly turning, seemingly looking for something or someone. Strobe lighting flickers around the arena..

In a trail of fire I know we will be free again
In the end we will be one
In a trail of fire I burn before you bury me
Set your sights for the sun

The lights start to flicker around the arena, the green spotlights still 'looking' around.

Eric Emerson: From London, UK...The Prodigy...NUKE! FUSION!

Nuke Fusion rises from the floor, his arms crossed and eyes closed. As he opens his eyes, he throws his arms up as Green Pyro's shot off in a ring around him.
He then starts to walk down the ramp, towards the ring, looking around the Arena.

Mind is willing, Soul remains
This woman cannot be saved
From the drawn into the fire
Mind is willing, Soul remains
This woman cannot be saved
From the drawn into the fire
Anything to bring it on home
Bring it on home
Bring it on home
Bring it on home

Sliding in to the ring, he takes a leap and lands on top of a turnbuckle, raising his fist in the air. The crowd turns on Nuke quickly, jeering Nuke quite serverely, but that doesn’t bother him one bit. Jumping down, Nuke Fusion turns and...


A perfectly placed Sweet Sound of Success sends Fusion tumbling to the outside, splattering to the floor outside.

Brian Rentfro: WHAT!?

Chamelion then turns and says something to both the ref and Eric Emerson, Emerson nods as the red turns and calls for the bell.


Eric Emerson: I have just been informed, that this match is a ‘Falls Count Anywhere” match!

Chamelion then slides out of the ring, the ref following close behind and Chamelion drops and covers Nuke Fusion, hooking the leg.





The ref raises Chamelion’s hand and hands him his Grizzly Beer Championship, as Emerson sighs and makes the announcement.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and still PWA Grizzly Beer Champion: CHAMELION!

Jon McDaniel: Now that really wasn’t fair!

Brian Rentfro: Fair? Screw fair! That was brilliant!

Chamelion grins down at Nuke Fusion, points to the side of his head, signifying how clever he was and turns and makes his way up the ramp.

Jon McDaniel: He may have gotten away easy this week, but Chamelion can’t expect that kind of success every week!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, come off it, Jon! Chamelion just used every advantage he had, and Nuke learned a valuable lesson… never take your eyes off your opponent!

Jon McDaniel: Whatever, let’s move on!

The Phoenix vs. Emperor Ian

Main Event

The main event begins with Emerson announcing the challenger, Emperor Ian, and "Imperial March" plays but this time there is no fancy lights or spectacular entrance. The Emperor simply marches quickly down the aisle wearing a hooded robe. Chancellor Maxim and Lord Spalding walk in front of him, while General Jock walks behind. Maxim and Spalding hold the ropes for him and the latter takes his robe.

Jon comments that Ian looks pale, and a bit nervous. Brian mocks Ian for not showing more backbone, and should show honor to The Phoenix for even having this chance, title or not.

The Phoenix is then introduced, and he walks down the ramp to boos and hisses, but he smiles, having just returned from Rebel Pro with a victory over their champion, Dextro. Stepping into the ring, he passes his world title off to the referee and waves mockingly to Ian. The ref then calls for the bell.

The match starts off and the two lock up. Phoenix starts it off with a side hammerlock. He turns it into a regular hammerlock then into a headlock. He holds the headlock for a few seconds before Ian backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring. Phoenix comes back and tries to slide between Ian's legs, but Ian drops to his knees above Phoenix's chest and starts hammering his face. The ref warns him and when he looks Phoenix kicks him in the back and he falls off. Phoenix picks him up, whips him into ropes. Phoenix bends over and hits a back body drop. Phoenix turns around and tries for a quick legdrop, but Ian rolls and he lands hard. Ian runs into the ropes, comes back and sit-out dropkicks Phoenix in the face and he falls back. Ian hooks the leg. 1.. 2..kick.

Jon comments that the apparent nervousness has passed, and that Ian is showing remarkable skill against the reigning world champion. Brian is quick to argue that Phoenix just came in with too much confidence, and when he gets serious, Ian’s hopes will be dashed.

While he's still down Ian runs to and climbs up to the second rope. He sets up for a back elbow drop but Phoenix jumps up and charges Ian. He hits him in the back and Ian falls on the ropes. Phoenix gets Ian up on his shoulders and falls back for a belly-to-back type suplex. Phoenix goes for a pin. 1... 2 shoulder-up.

Phoenix picks him up and sets him up for a powerbomb. He tries for the powerbomb but only gets him half way up. Ian kicks and comes back down, the back-body drops Phoenix who, in turn, holds on and goes for a sunset flip. Ian counters by dropping to his knees again for an axe-handle to Phoenix's face but Phoenix hits him in the groin as he drops. Ian's knees buckle and Phoenix pulls him into the sunset flip anyway. 1...2...shoulder!

Phoenix stands and lifts Ian up and whips him into the ropes. Phoenix bends over for the back-body drop but the Ian comes back and kicks him in the face. Ian whips him into the ropes. As Phoenix comes back Ian tries to gorrilla press him but Phoenix kicks and comes down behind him but before his feet hit the mat Ian grabs his head and brings him down in a cradle neckbreaker. Ian then drags Phoenix up and hits the Imperial-Plex! He covers, but only gets 2!

Phoenix barely gets the kick. Jon and Brian are both shocked that Ian is showing so much potential Phoenix starts to get up but Ian pulls him up and DDT’s him. Ian goes out onto the apron. He springs off the second, over the top, and legdrops Phoenix. He picks Phoenix up and whips him but Phoenix reverses it. Ian bounces off the ropes, staggers back and gets caught by Phoenix, who hits The Flame! Angry, Phoenix pulls Ian up and for a second time, impacts the man into the canvas with the Flame. As Phoenix goes to cover, the crowd roars as Mark McNasty runs down to the ring, shocking everyone since he was not supposed to be at the arena. Phoenix jumps up, pissed and gets to the apron before McNasty can interfere. Phoenix shouts down at McNasty, who just grins and waves. Phoenix, pissed, waves for The Pantheon to get their asses down to ringside and keep McNasty at bay. The ref runs over, trying to prevent any interference, ordering McNasty to leave!

As McNasty turns, waiting on The Pantheon, showing no care, Phoenix turns and grabs Ian, intending to plant him a third time. As he pulls Ian up, Ian sprays the champ in the face with blue mist, causing Phoenix grab his eyes, yelling and cussing. Ian then performs a Tilt-a-Whirl piledriver, and covers. McNasty points, yelling for the ref to turn. He does, drops and counts the 1-2-3!

The entire arena explodes to their feet, and the place seems to shake from the noise as Ian falls back against the ropes, shocked to hell. The Pantheon races down, enraged, and Hunter and Figgins team up on McNasty, and Chamelion slides into the ring and as Ian stands, Chamelion hits the Sweet Sound of Success, sending the Emperor barreling over the top rope to the floor.

Chamelion then drops to check on Phoenix, but the crowd roars more, as Jethro, Riona and the Renegade Souljahs all come down. McNasty and G.O.D. fall into the ring as the rest make their way to the apron. Chamelion turns, eyes wide as he gets speared by Mark Zout! The two brawl as Ross, Jethro and Riona all pull Phoenix up. Phoenix swings, his eyes still burning from the blue mist, but misses widely. Jethro hits The Plow, and then Riona follows up with The Painkiller Overdose! Ross joins his partner Zout to attack Chamelion, but Hunter and Figgins see the commotion and leaves McNasty on the floor to save Phoenix.

G.O.D. dives in and attacks Jethro and Riona, and the four fall out of the ring, brawling. Chamelion dives over the ring barrier, as Ross and Zout follow, eager to deal more damage. In the ring, Phoenix pulls himself up, wiping his eyes and trying to see… when McNasty crawls in, blood on his face, and seeing Phoenix distracted, jumps up and hits the Lights Out!

With Phoenix on his back, McNasty stands proudly over him, a wicked, crazed look on his face, while the brawl on the outside continues almost forgotten, and we see Chamelion racing up the steps to disappear through one of the entrance ways with the Souljahs in hot pursuit!

The scene fades with McNasty grabbing the PWA World Title and hoisting it over his head.