World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


El Rey de Corazones vs John Riker

TV Title Contendership

The match opens on the ramp with El Rey and Riker brawling. Riker shoves El Rey, who doubles over backwards, rolling down the ramp. El Rey gets up Riker tackles him lifts him up and rams him into the ring. Riker whips him but El Rey reverses it and Riker hits the guardrail. He gets up and El Rey clotheslines him into the audience. El Rey runs and slides into the ring as the ref's count is up to 8. Riker gets up, leaps over the guard rail and slides into the ring just before 10. El Rey runs at him for a spear but Riker ducks and El Rey goes over him and through the ropes, again to the outside. Riker runs across the ring, goes into the ropes, comes back and baseball slides him from under the ropes. El Rey staggers back and Riker slingshot body blocks him over the ropes to the outside. The ref restarts the count. Riker lifts El Rey up and tries to bash his face on the guard rail but El Rey grabs the rail, then bashes Riker's face into it. As he staggers back El Rey kicks Riker in the stomach and he buckles over. El Rey suplexes him onto the guardrail. Riker's back arches and he falls onto his shoulders in the ringside. El Rey slides into the ring. Riker slowly recovers and gets into the ring, again just beating the mandatory 10 count. El Rey runs up and picks him up and he whips him into the ropes and, on the way back, catches him in a belly-to-belly suplex. El Rey goes for the pin. 1...2... kick. El Rey picks him up but Riker elbows him in the stomach. As El Rey buckles over Riker lifts him up and sidewalk slams him. He holds his leg and locks him in an ankle hold. El Rey flails his arms around trying to get a rope but he can't. He kicks Riker in the face, suddenly, dropping him to the mat. El Rey picks him up and sets him up for a Russian leg sweep. Riker elbows him in the side, turns around and takes El Rey down with a reverse Russian leg sweep. El Rey is up on his knees in a flash holding his face. Riker gets in front of El Rey and starts hammering his face until the ref warns him to stop. El Rey falls onto his back. Riker runs into the corner and climbs up top. He does a frog splash, but El Rey gets his knees up and Riker bounces off him, holding his stomach. El Rey gets up and picks Riker up. He whips Riker into the corner, where the ref gets trapped and as Riker bounces off the ref, knocking him down, he stumbles forward, Ely Rey kicks him in the gut then sets him up on top. As El Rey climbs the turnbuckle, someone jumps the protective barrier and jumps on the apron and slams a pair of brass knuckles into El Rey’s forehead. El Rey falls backwards and Riker shakes off the cobwebs and hits a huge leg drop and covers. The ref slowly crawls over and slaps the mat 1-2-3!

Winner: Johnathon Riker

After the match, the mystery man enters and McDaniel and Rentfro are shocked that it’s Rebel Pro’s own Bubba J! Bubba begins kicking the fallen El Rey before security races out and drags Bubba J away! Meanwhile, Riker walks backwards up the ramp, eyeing the carnage and realizing he lucked out on his #1 contendership for the TV title, and must make the best use of this chance.

G.O.D vs Shadow Starr & Jacob Collins

Tag Title Contendership

Shadow Starr and Jacob Collins are introduced first, and converse over strategy as Jacob Figgins and Hunter Sullivan are next intro’d. Rentfro points out that they come out separately, even though they are considered a tag-team, likely due to their upcoming battle at Who’s the Man? In the finals. Hunter and Figgins argue over who gets to start, and finally Collins has enough and runs and drop kicks Figgins into Hunter, who is thrown to the outside by the impact.

Collins and Starr then proceed to dominate Figgins for a few, before Figgins reverses an Irish Whip and he and Collins hit a double clothesline, taking each other down. As Collins struggles to crawl over to Starr, Figgins does the same and reaches for the tag, but Hunter pulls his hand away and as Figgins jumps up to yell at him, Starr drop kicks Figgins again towards Hunter. However, Figgins hits the corner and Hunter slaps him on the back, jumps in and hits a roundhouse kick on Starr.

Hunter then double hooks Starr and brings him crashing down on his knees! Hunter dominates Starr for a few, before Starr breaks a hold and tags in Collins. Collins and Hunter fight violently, and Collins takes Hunter down with a jackknife power bomb, and tries for a cover. He only gets two, as Figgins breaks it up. Figgins yells at Hunter for being taken for a fool by Collins and the two get into a pushing contest. Collins and Starr see the chance and rush in, but at the last second, both GOD members turn and hit a double drop kick on their opponents. Starr and Figgins roll out of the ring and Hunter scoops up Collins, throws him to the ropes and quickly hits the Viper Snap. He drops and covers for the 3!

Winners and #1 Contenders: G.O.D.

Post match, Figgins and Hunter glare at each other, with Hunter making absolutely sure that Figgins knows who scored the pin, and who is the leader of the team. Figgins just flips him off and walks up the ramp by himself.

Jethro Hayes vs Emperor Ian

TV Title Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. It is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association's Television Champion ship.

"Imperial March" plays but this time there is no fancy lights or spectacular entrance. The Emperor simply marches quickly down the
aisle wearing a hooded robe. Chancellor Maxim and Lord Spalding walk in front of him, while General Jock walks behind. Maxim and Spalding hold the ropes
for him and the latter takes his robe.

The cranking of a tractor is heard throughout the arena and the video entrance of Jethro Hayes begins playing over the big screen.
Cows moo, on the screen cows are shown in a green pasture. Pigs are oinking, on the screen pigs run around in mud within a fence. The scene on the screen
goes to rolling hills, showing combines in the field harvesting crops, tractors harrowing the ground preparing for the new crop; semi trucks are hauling
off the harvested crop. A man walks up the 3 steps and opens the door on the cab of his Jon Deere tractor, he is wearing a Jon Deere trucker hat, and
is missing a few teeth, evident by the grinning face he turns to the camera, he waves at the camera; it is part of a family video. He climbs on into the
cab of the tractor; along with the cranking of the tractor on the screen, the beginning of Thank God I'm a Country Boy by Jon Denver begins to play over
the speaker system.

~Well life on the farm is kinda laid back
~Aint much an old country boy like me cant hack
~Its early to rise, early in the sack
~Thank God Im a country boy

The curtains are pulled back by two people and the front of a Jon Deere 4720 tractor is seen in the backstage area, smoke boiling up from the muffler.

~Well a simple kinda life never did me no harm
~A raisin me a family and workin on a farm
~My days are all filled with an easy country charm
~Thank God Im a country boy

When the words "kinda laid back" are heard, the tractor begins moving forward slowly down the ramp the tractor is moving at about 3 miles an hour.

Eric Emerson: "From Lean Ox, Ga; weighing 315 pounds and standing at 6' 7"... Jethro Hayes!"

With the mentioning of his name, Jethro toots the tractor's horn inside the cab and waves to the crowd, he revs the tractor's engine slightly in response
to the crowd.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

The tractor arrives at the bottom of the ramp and Jethro stops the tractor, toots the horn while reving the tractor to full power; then he shuts the tractor
off. Jethro climbs out of the tractor to a huge pop, he waves and climbs down. Jethro is wearing overalls with a yellow Jon Deere shirt underneath, brown
Wolverine boots, and a Jon Deere hat.

~When the works all done and the suns settlin low
~I pull out my fiddle and I rosin up the bow
~The kids are asleep so I keep it kinda low
~Thank God Im a country boy
~Id play sally goodin all day if I could
~But the lord and my wife wouldnt take it very good
~So I fiddle when I could, work when I should
~Thank God Im a country boy

He touches a few fans hands on his way to the ring steps. He climbs up the steps and gets into the ring He walks to one corner and waves to those fans.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to another corner and waves to those fans, nodding along with the music.

~Well I wouldnt trade my life for diamonds and jewels
~I never was one of them money hungry fools
~Iid rather have my fiddle and my farmin tools
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to the third corner and waves to those fans with thumbs up in the air, still nodding along with the music; he mimics playing a fiddle.

~Yeah, city folk drivin in a black limousine
~A lotta sad people thinkin thats mighty keen
~Son, let me tell ya now exactly what I mean
~Thank God Im a country boy

Reaching the fourth corner, he takes off his hat and throws it into the crowd; shaking his head he prepares for the match.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy
The song fades away slowly with the chorus repeating while it dwindles into silence.


Ian and Jethro lock up and Jethro is quickly on the advantage due to his power and weight advantage. Forearm shot from Jethro sends Ian towards the corner and he follows up with another one. Ian with a thumb to the eyes halts Jethro's progress. He spins around holding at his eyes and Ian climbs to the middle turnbuckle diving with a flying bulldog that takes Jethro to the mat. Ian up with a spinning boot scrape, following it up with a stomp to Jethro's head.

Brian Rentfro: He is going to be even uglier after this match with Ian.

Jon McDaniel: Emperor Ian with dirty tricks gets the advantage.

Grabbing a fist full of hair, he pulls Jethro's face into view and slaps him across the face, leaving a reddening mark on his face. Ian with a closed fist to Jethro and a face rake for good measure. Ian places first one foot on Jethro's shoulder, then his other as he falls back adding enormous pressure to the pull of Jethro's hair. The referee is over quickly as Ian is still holding onto the hair.

One... Two... Three... Four... Fi-- Ian releases the hair and smirks at the crowd who is beginning to boo him heavily. Ian leans over Jethro, taunting him, and pulls Jethro up. Jethro with a right hand into Ian's gut, another rapid fired right hand. Ian is winded, doubling over trying to catch his breath. Jethro gets up to his feet Irish whipping Ian into the ropes. He follows on the trail of Ian delivering a massive clothesline that takes the Emperor down to the mat. Jethro picks him back up placing him in a bear hug.

Brian Rentfro: Those fists are loaded.

Jon McDaniel: Jethro is choosing a body part. There is no love lost between these two.

Jethro begins to shake Ian around like a rag doll, paying special attention to the lower part of Ian's back. Ian with a desperation bell clap loosens Jethro's bear hug. Ian with another and it is loosened further. Ian with a thumb to the eyes again, this time the hold is broken completely. A high knee into Jethro's face sends him backwards, Ian with a running clothesline that does little. Springboard clothesline from the middle rope Jethro with a spinning spine buster that counters. Both lay on the mat, Jethro's face red from the eye gouging and face raking and Ian holding his lower back. Jethro rolls over to his hands and knees as Ian does the same, both men still moving pretty fast. Ian with a kick out to the side of Jethro's face, it connects and he is sent rolling towards the outside. Ian hits the ropes running back with a baseball slide that sends Jethro outside of the ring. Ian smiles as he motions for General Jock to take care of Jethro. Ian distracts the referee as General Jock walks over, looking dumb, but definitely mean.

Jon McDaniel: Awh, come on, this isn't necessary.

Brian Rentfro: What are you talking about? I don't see anything wrong.

General Jock pulls Jethro up to his feet delivering a stiff right hand to the redneck, following with a boot to the gut and an even flow DDT to the hard concrete floor. The crowd begins to boo these antics as General Jock pulls Jethro back up to his feet Irish whipping him into the metal guard railing at ringside. General Jock with a Lou Thesz press and he begins to pound away at Jethro while the referee is being distracted by Ian. General Jock looks at his handiwork and to Lord Spalding for approval. Not seeing a sign to stop, General Jock pulls Jethro up, boots him in the midsection, and is back body dropped over the guard railing. Maxim runs over quickly trying to earn his paycheck and is met with a right hand from Jethro. The crowd is behind Hayes as him and Maxim go at it with right and left hands. Ian and Lord Spalding are distracting the referee, hoping that Maxim can hold his own and take Jethro out of this match. Maxim with a sweeping right handed haymaker, Jethro ducks under, hooking him in a full nelson then slamming him down on the concrete with a full nelson slam.

Brian Rentfro: Jethro attacking those defenseless men.

Jon McDaniel: Do what? He was attacked first.

Jethro rolls into the ring as Ian begins to back up away from Hayes. Lockup, Ian with a stomp on Jethro's ankle gets him the advantage with a wristlock. Ian yanks down on the arm, lifts Jethro's elbow at a ninety degree angle and yanks it back down again. Ian with a boot to Jethro's exposed ribs, another, and a third. Lord Spalding gets up on the apron, distracting the referee once again. Releasing the wristlock, Ian begins to blatantly choke Jethro with his two hands. Taking his face in his hands, Ian drags Jethro's face across the ropes giving him a big time rope burn; not really painful but degrading. Ian is untying the turnbuckle padding on the nearest turnbuckle and he tosses it at the Chancellor's feet. Ian slams Jethro's face down on the exposed bolt, once, twi--NO! Jethro blocks it with his massive country arms. Ian's face into the exposed bolt, twice, three times, and a fourth. The crowd is behind Jethro now, having changed from booing Ian to cheering Jethro in the blink of an eye. Irish whip from Jethro sends Ian into the opposite corner. Jethro follows up with a big time country splash that nearly flattens Ian into a pancake. Jethro sits Ian up on the turnbuckle and follows him up. Top rope superplex drives Ian down to the mat so violently that the ring shakes from the impact. But the effort costs Jethro as well as he lays there to catch his breath, he goes to get up, but his foot is being held by Lord Spalding and a grinning Chancellor Maxim. Ian is back up to his feet. The referee comes over to make the two let Jethro go, but they have done what they wanted to do in buying Ian some time; he is up to his feet behind Jethro. Jethro stands up, looking down at the two men with distaste.

Brian Rentfro: What is Jethro's problem with the Emperor's friends?

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe you Brian.
Ian leaps to the ropes spring boarding back with a dropkick that sends Jethro back to the outside, but the referee is not buying Ian's sell to gain his attention; he watches the two on the outside closely. Ian runs leaping over the top rope with a plancha, Jethro catches him driving him back first into the corner ring post before gorilla press slamming Ian back over the top rope and into the ring. Jethro takes a quick look to check out for General Jock and sees him running for a clothesline. Jethro ducks under the clothesline and General Jock takes out Lord Spalding and Chancellor Maxim in one thunderous charge. He turns around receiving a clothesline from Jethro. The redneck gets back into the ring and is there waiting on Ian to get back up to his feet. He lifts him up to his feet.

Jethro whips Ian into the ropes, but hits the ropes himself. The Plow takes Ian down to the mat and he stands up, a look of joy in his eyes.

Jethro: Suuuuuuueeeeeeyyyyy!

The crowd knows what is coming now, they are on their feet. Ian gets up, dazed and grabbing at his midsection where Jethro's shoulder caught him. The Planter!

Brian Rentfro: No.. damn it!

One... Two... Three!

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and stiiillll PWA Television Champion... JETHRO HAYES!

Jethro stands there as the referee hands him the title, he looks down at it.

Jon McDaniel: Two more defenses for Jethro and he will finally earn his shot.

Emperor Ian stands up gasping for breath and holding his lower back. Jethro puts a hand out to him and Ian spits in his face. Jethro stands there shocked as Ian rolls out of the ring.

Enika Engel & Jamie Flynn vs Ryan Ross & Mark Zout

Tag Team Title Match

Ryan Ross and Mark Zout are introduced first, and McDaniel notes that this is a match of many firsts; Zout’s first PWA Match, the Renegade’s first tag match in PWA, and as their first match, getting a tag title shot against the champions. Next, Enika is introduced, and she comes out solo, not even Thunderwolf accompanies her. She gets on the mic and makes a quick quip that the PWA Offered her a partner but she turned them down, for even alone, she can best these two no bodies!

The bell rings with Enika and Ross starting off, and Enika is quick to show Ross how much she appreciated his comments over the week. The solo champion dominates Ross the first few minutes, and it’s after a missed lariat from the champ that Ross rolls to his corner and tags in a fresh Mark Zout.

Zout, after watching Enika’s actions for the first few minutes, grapples with her in a more fair, balanced contest, and even gets a couple near falls. Enika comes back, getting the advantage and Zout is quick to tag in Ross, and the two take advantage of the five count to dish out some double team moves, constantly tagging each other in, to continue the dominance.

At the end, as both Zout and Ross try for a combo leg trip-clothesline, Enika shocks them with a back flip over Ross’s legs and kicks Zout in the face. Zout back peddles to the ropes, catching them to keep from falling out, and as Ross dashes at Enika, she hits him in the gut and connects with Thoughts of a Dying Atheist. Before she can cover, however, Mark Zout spins her around and plants her with the MarkOut and covers for the 1-2-3!

Winners and new Tag-Team Champions: Renegade Souljahs

Post match, Zout and Ross celebrate with their new Tag-Titles, and Enika is greeted by Thunderwolf at the top of the ramp. They speak quietly for a few moments, and give the new champs a look that leaves them questioning what may happen in the future.

Corey Lazarus vs Raizzor

After both men are introduced, and enter the ring, Raizzor and Corey Lazarus walk to the very center and come nose to nose with each other, or as close as they can with Raizzor’s 7 inch advantage. Words are exchanged, quietly, but one can guess it reflects the previous comments both had for each other over the week. Grim reminders of last year sprinkle the terse conversation, when Lazarus offers his hand to the Soul-Taker; suggesting respect over rules recent actions.

Raizzor’s eyes lower to the preferred hand, only for Lazarus to raise his other and strike the Soul-Taker across the face. Raizzor slowly turns his head back to face Lazarus, who doesn’t back down from his glare. McDaniel and Rentfro are left to ponder if this was a smart move on Corey’s part. Both men back up and begin to circle each other, looking for an opening.

They lock up, Lazarus starts it off with a side hammerlock. He turns it into a regular hammerlock then into a headlock. He holds the headlock for a few seconds before Raizzor backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring. Lazarus comes back and tries to slide between Raizzor's legs, but Raizzor drops to his knees above Lazarus's chest and delivers a solid slap, returning the favor!

Raizzor stands and drags Lazarus up and takes him back down with a body slam. Now, Raizzor drops back down and begins dealing out vicious lefts and rights, that forces the ref to warn him and when he glares up to the ref, Lazarus kicks him in the back and he falls off. Lazarus picks him up, whips him into ropes and bends over and sends Raizzor over with a back body drop. Lazarus turns around and tries for a quick leg drop, but Raizzor rolls and he lands hard. Raizzor runs into the ropes, comes back and sit-out dropkicks Lazarus in the face and he falls back. Raizzor hooks the leg. 1.. 2..kick.

While he's still down Raizzor to the corner and climbs up to the second rope. He measures Lazarus but Lazarus jumps up and charges Raizzor, driving his shoulder into Raizzor’s gut. Lazarus then jumps up to the second rope with the Soul-Taker and goes for a belly to belly suplex, but Raizzor elbows him and as Lazarus falls, Raizzor follows with a leg drop, and tries for another cover. 1…2…Kick out.

Pulling Lazarus back up, Raizzor goes to lock him into another move, but Lazarus strikes and dazes Raizzor and then floats behind him, locks him up and hits a belly-to-back type suplex. Lazarus goes for a pin. 1... shoulder-up.

Lazarus picks him up and sets him up for a power bomb. He tries for the power bomb but only gets him half way up. Raizzor kicks and comes back down, the back-body drops Lazarus who, in turn, holds on and goes for a sunset flip. Raizzor counters by dropping to his knees again for an axe-handle to Lazarus's face but Lazarus hits him in the groin as he drop. Raizzor's knees buckle and Lazarus pulls him into the sunset flip anyway. 1...2...shoulder!

Lazarus stands and lifts Raizzor up and whips him into the ropes. Lazarus bends over for the back-body drop but the Raizzor comes back and kicks him in the face. Raizzor whips him into the ropes. As Lazarus comes back Raizzor tries to gorilla press him but Lazarus kicks and comes down behind him but before his feet hit the mat Raizzor grabs his head and brings him down in a front neck breaker. He tries for the pin. 1...2...thr-KICK! Lazarus barely gets the kick. Lazarus starts to get up but Raizzor pulls him up and DDTs him. Raizzor dashes into the ropes and hits another leg drop on Lazarus. He picks Lazarus up and whips him but Lazarus reverses it. Raizzor comes back and Lazarus goes for a clothesline, but Raizzor ducks it, bounces off the opposite corner and hits the Flying Clothesline on Lazarus!

Glaring down at Corey, Raizzor signals it’s over, and scoops Lazarus up. Turning Lazarus over, Raizzor puts him into position for the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker, but Lazarus swings and with his momentum, actually bends back over behind Raizzor, falling behind him, where he scoops Raizzor up into a Torture Rack position, and the fans roar as they know the Mercury Driver is coming. However, Raizzor’s left arm snakes around Lazarus’s neck and he flips his legs viciously, breaking free and as Raizzor throws his legs down behind Lazarus, landing on the canvas, he keeps his arm tight around Corey’s neck and then Raizzor drops his body down, bringing Corey’s body crashing back first the canvas!

Wasting no time, Raizzor scoops Lazarus up again, but the ref is too close and Lazarus’ leg swings and clips the ref in the jaw. The ref spins and drops to his knees, facing away from the action, rubbing his chin. And as Raizzor scoops him up into place for the TBS, he stumbles back towards the ropes. As he locks in the hold, Viktor Stone races down the ramp, with a bat in hand, jumps on the apron and slams the bat into the back of Raizzor’s skull!

The impact causes Raizzor to drop Lazarus and fall to his knees, and Stone slips into the ring and takes aim at Raizzor’s face. Just then, Thunderwolf comes barreling down the ramp, and he slides in behind Stone and as Stone starts to swing, T-Wolf rips the bat out of his hands. Stone turns, shocked, and T-Wolf swings the bat, barley missing Viktor Stone. As this occurs, the ref turns and sees the two illegal men in the ring and calls for the bell.

Winner: Double Disqualification

Lazarus, back to his feet, gets between Stone and T-Wolf, and since T-Wolf can not attack Stone, it saves Viktor from another attack. However, that doesn’t prevent Raizzor from returning and he grabs Stone by the throat for a choke slam, but Lazarus intervenes and slams into Raizzor from the side. Dropping Stone, Raizzor spins and stalks Lazarus, while Stone turns and gets batted in the gut by Thunderwolf!

Raizzor follows Lazarus up the ramp, as Thunderwolf throws the bat out of the ring and screams at the ref to start the new match.

Thunderwolf vs Viktor Stone

Singles Match

Even before the bell could ring, the T-Wolf attacked Stone from behind and starting wailing away on him. The ref ordered the bell to ring, and T-Wolf grabbed Stone by the hair and pounded his face into the turnbuckle over and over. Finally, Stone managed to elbow T-Wolf and back him off enough to turn around. T-Wolf then came rushing in and Stone dropped and tripped T-Wolf into the second turnbuckle. In pain, and holding his face, T-Wolf tried to stand, and Stone delivered a back body drop. Stone then climbed to the top and hit a perfect flying elbow. Stone then grabbed T-Wolf by the hair, but he responded by raking Stone’s eyes. T-Wolf then scoop slammed Stone to the canvas and then went to the top rope. T-Wolf jumped to hit a leg drop, but Stone rolled and T-Wolf hit the canvas hard. Stone, sensing a chance, looked for and found the bat. Grabbing it, and ignoring the referee, Stone stalked in to blast T-Wolf with it, but the roar of the crowd got his attention. Spinning, Stone saw Raizzor coming back down and slid out of the ring to go meet him!

Swinging the bat, Stone goes to knock Raizzor’s head off, but Raizzor ducks and knocks the bat away and the two men begin to brawl ferociously outside the ring. In the ring, T-Wolf stands, shaking his head, sees what’s going on and dashes out to join the fray. In the meantime, the ref counts to ten and declares the match a double count out.

As T-Wolf approaches, Stone breaks away and rushes up the ramp, leaving Raizzor and Thunderwolf standing on the ramp. The two men glare at each other, then look up as they see Lazarus and Stone come back together, and without a word, they begin to race up the ramp, to continue the war.

Winner: Double Count-Out.

Chamelion vs Mr. Hardcore

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match

Jon McDaniel: Well Brian, we have quite the interesting match ahead of us.

Brian Rentfro: No kidding John. After a months long feud with G.O.D. member Hunter Sullevan and PWA Owner Chamelion cumulated in an Ironman match, the outcome of which saw Chamelion crowned Grizzly Beer champion, the most unlikely of competition came forward.

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know if you could call PWA radio intern Mr. Hardcore the MOST unlikely. I mean, The Mask Lard is still unaccounted for after his appearance at Unsanctioned a few months ago.

Brian Rentfro: Regardless, Chamelion is a seasoned vet. And while “MH” isn’t as green as some people, his time in the PWA ring hasn’t amounted to anything really.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is for one fall, and is for the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship. Introducing first, standing at 6 foot, weighing in at 230, and hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he is…

We hear "MR. HARDCORE!" yelled over the speakers before "Fight Music" by D-12 starts to play. As "Artist with a bomb, strapped to my stomach screaming, ""LETS GET IT ON""" is heard, four red pyro blasts shoot straight up from the ramp three different times. As the last one goes off, the fans begin to cheer as Mr. Hardcore walks out. He is wearing black jeans, a black hoodie, and his wrists are taped. He raises his arms in the air and two more huge explosions go off behind him. Mr. Hardcore then walks down the ramp towards the ring, taking off his hoodie to reveal a white wife beater. He gets to the ring and rolls in before walking to the middle of the ring. He looks out to the crowd, then leans his head back, as he holds his arms out. Mr. Hardcore thrives off the chorus of cheers. Mr. Hardcore then stares up the ramp, jumping in place.

Brian Rentfro: You just gotta wonder what type of match Chamelion ended up choosing.

Jon McDaniel: Indeed. Did Chamelion go with a more straight forward match type? Or did he choose a match more suited to Hardcore’s abilities.

“Voices” by Rev Theory begins to play over the loud speakers.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, he is the Grizzly Beer Champion. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 245lbs…CHAMELION!

The fans are on their feet in anticipation of Chamelion walking out. And as soon as he does, the endless boos begin. Chamelion is, of course, un-phased. He looks at his hand, which has a mic in it, and flips his wrist; letting the mic do one flip in the air before he catches it, and brings it up to his lips.

Chamelion: Now now, the longer you keep that up, the longer it will be until this match gets started. And, we are only given so much time. I’d hate to have to cancel the match due to losing too much time.

Some laughs from Rentfro as majority of the fans calm down.

Chamelion: Good. Now, I know you all must be eager to see what type of match I chose.

Chamelion begins to slightly pace.

Chamelion: It was a hard choice. I took some time to think of what match would give the most enjoyment, while also proving a challenge for Mr. Naïve down there in the ring.

We flash to MH who is leaning in a corner, twisting his wrist as if to say “Hurry it up.”

Chamelion: And while I gave thought to tugging on Hardcore’s strings by doing a mma style match, I’m not a guy who likes to be showed up. That being said, I wanted to…not prove, but remind everyone that I can be hardcore too when I need to be. That being said, this match, will be a “Four Corner’s Match.”

Chamelion drops the mic and waves to the back. A few men come running out with sensors for the corners, while one man runs out with a rope to give to Chamelion.

Jon McDaniel: And there you go folks. You heard it here, this will be a four-corners match.

As Chamelion makes his way down to the ring, he slides his hand into the one end of the rope, and tightens the loop to make sure his hand won’t fall out. Chamelion takes a second to watch on the outside, waiting till all four sensors are set up. Once they are, Cham rolls into the ring. He throws the other end of the rope to Hardcore and tells him to put it on.


Hardcore slides the rope on, and barely has time to put it on as Chamelion yanks hard on the rope. This causes Hardcore to be pulled towards Cham. Hardcore stumbles over his own feet, caught off guard. And, just like that, Cham nails the SOS.

Brian Rentfro: HOLY SHIT!

Jon McDaniel: Just like that…oh my god folks. Just like that it’s over.

The fans are booing like there is no tomorrow. The grin on Chamelion’s face shows exactly how proud he is of himself. He calmly strolls to the first turnbuckle, puts his hand over it, and extends his pointer finger. He smiles out to the crowd, then pushes down. A red light glows.

Brian Rentfro: He’s the most devious man in the business for a reason.

Chamelion takes his time to walk to the second turnbuckle, and once again pushes the button. Yet another ref light. At this point, Hardcore stirs. Hardcore looks up and sees two red lights already on, and realizes he has to catch up. Chamelion goes for the third sensor, but stumbles backwards slightly.

Jon McDaniel: Wow, Brian look. Hardcore has propped himself horizontally on the outside against the ring apron and is pulling on the rope so Chamelion can’t touch the corner.

Brian Rentfro: It’s like he’s hanging in mid air over the ground.

Chamelion sees Hardcore, and a devious smirk comes to his face.

Brian Rentfro: I tell you now that’s bad for MH no question.

Chamelion simply runs toward Hardcore. Since all the force that was holding him against the ring was Chamelion being far away, he simply falls * hard * to the ground. A slight groan from the audience as the red lights turn off.

Brian Rentfro: Told ya.

Chamelion looks happy with himself. But, he looks like he has another idea. He eagerly looks over the top rope, waiting on Hardcore. As soon as Hardcore is on his knees, Chamelion runs for the opposite corner. This pulls Hardcore’s face hard into the side of the ring. A HUGE groan from the audience this time as Hardcore’s face goes flying backwards, his arm tugged under the bottom rope.

Jon McDaniel: JESUS, this is not going to be a long match if Hardcore doesn’t get it together.

Brian Rentfro: Eventually it gets to the point where you can’t even call it ring rust anymore, and you have to call it stupidity.

Chamelion doesn’t waste time. He goes and tags the two corners nearest Hardcore, the sensors turning red. As he walks for the third, he again is stopped. He looks back and doesn’t see Hardcore’s arm anymore.

Jon McDaniel: Hardcore may be out cold after that number Chamelion did on his head. Lucky for him he’s two-hundred and thirty pounds of dead weight right now.

The lights again turn off as the frustrated Chamelion walks towards Hardcore. Chamelion rolls himself out under the bottom rope. Just like something out of a horror movie, we see the bloodied face of Mr. Hardcore rise up behind Chamelion; and just as Chamelion turns, he gets LEVELED with a huge clothesline from MH.


The fans are going nuts as the camera changes to show Mr. Hardcore and Chamelion both on the floor, Hardcore’s arm and a good portion of the rope laying on top of Chamelion. As both men lay on the ground, we go to the Snicker’s replay of the night, showing the monster clothesline on Chamelion. Chamelion’s legs actually fly in the air as his head and neck are driven down. After a moment, Mr. Hardcore is shown pushing himself up. Blood is dripping down onto the shirt of Chamelion, and Cham puts a hand up and shoves Hardcore off. Both men push up to their feet, and then roll into the ring. Chamelion throws a punch, but Hardcore ducks under Cham’s arm; Cham quickly goes for a mule quick. Hardcore dodges, and uses the rope to tie up Cham’s foot while it’s in the air. Hardcore pulls straight up and makes Chamelion do a flip, landing on his back. Hardcore lines Chamelion up, and drops an elbow. Chamelion grunts as Hardcore lands; but, ever the devious one, Chamelion takes advantage and attempts to tie the rope around Hardcore’s neck. Hardcore fights, but Chamelion gets the rope in a circle around MH’s neck. Chamelion pulls down on the rope, holding Hardcore down. Hardcore’s legs flail as he tries to wrestle the rope off his neck.

Jon McDaniel: Hardcore looks to be fading.

Hardcore fights back though. After a couple back elbows to Chamelion’s face, he loosens his grip enough for Hardcore to get his neck out. Hardcore gets to a knee, blood dripping down his face to the mat. Chamelion is up. He picks up the rope and forms a loop that hangs out of his hand. He walks up behind Hardcore, and whips him with the section of rope. A groan from the audience as Hardcore cringes. Chamelion wastes no time as he repeats this. Hardcore looks mad. He turns his neck and sees Chamelion wind up again. As Chamelion swings this time though, Hardcore catches the section of rope, and swings it into the side of Chamelion’s face. Spit flies as Chamelion stumbles to the side. Hardcore lets out a scream as he rushes Chamelion, and tackles him backwards into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: And both men have a corner, even if its inadvertently.

Hardcore goes for a clothesline, but Chamelion ducks. He then grabs Hardcore, and whips him to the opposite corner. Chamelion runs after. Hardcore’s the first to hit, and Chamelion follows with a huge splash. The lights in this corner also come on. Chamelion throws a punch, but Hardcore ducks. He moves sideways out of the corner, and keeps ducking the punches from Cham as they move along the ropes towards the adjacent corner. Hardcore finally ducks a right hook, and goes behind Cham. Hardcore shoves Chamelion into the corner, and grabs the back of his head. Hardcore attempts to slam Cham’s face into the turnbuckle, but Chamelion gets an elbow up to block.

Brian Rentfro: Yeash, I don’t think these guys even know that they each have three corners.

Chamelion grabs Hardcore and goes to throw him to the opposite corner, the final unlit one. As he throws Hardcore, he finally notices all the other lights.

Jon McDaniel: Mr. Hardcore is about to win this one.

Brian Rentfro: NO!

Hardcore has an eager look on his face as he reaches out for the corner. But, its not meant to be. Chamelion plants his feet and puts all his force into holding the rope. Hardcore’s arm snaps in place, and the other half of his body swings in desperation. We see his fingertips reaching as he comes within inches of the corner. Hardcore is pulled backwards, and all the lights on the corners shut off. Chamelion approaches Hardcore and grabs his hair, but Hardcore lands a punch to Cham’s mid section. Chamelion attempts to shake it off, but Hardcore nails another. Hardcore stands, and quickly begins nailing hit after hit to the gut of Chamelion.

Jon McDaniel: Old school Mr. Hardcore. He used to call this barrage the “B.B. Gun.”

Hardcore pulls back one last time, and nails a fist to the stomach of Chamelion. The wind is knocked out of Chamelion as he takes a few steps back and lands on a knee. Hardcore runs at Chamelion and nails a stiff boot to the side of his face. Another huge groan from the audience.

Jon McDaniel: And my how the tide has turned.

Mr. Hardcore, while winded, begins walking towards a corner. He slaps it, and a green light comes on. Hardcore goes for another corner, but he stops short. Chamelion is all wound up in the rope as he lays in a pile towards one side of the ring. Hardcore walks towards Chamelion, and bends over to grab him. Chamelion springs to life though, and has Hardcore set for the Rupture!

Brian Rentfro: This is the end!

Hardcore won’t quit. He elbows Chamelion in the side of the head; nothing. So Hardcore does it again, harder. Chamelion lets go. Hardcore swings for a clothesline, but Chamelion ducks. When Hardcore turns, Chamelion goes for another SOS! BUT, Hardcore somehow catches his foot. Hardcore throws Cham’s foot, and Chamelion spins. When he’s facing Hardcore again, Hardcore sets him up for the “Reality Bites” Vertebreaker. As Chamelion’s legs dangle over Hardcore’s shoulder’s, Hardcore looks like he has an idea. He somehow holds Chamelion in place, while lifting the rope. He begins wrapping the rope around Chamelion’s legs and hands.

Jon McDaniel: Is Hardcore doing what I think he is?

Brian Rentfro: Do you think he’s hog tying Chamelion onto his back?

Jon McDaniel: Yep.

Brian Rentfro: Then no, you’re blind.

Hardcore smiles as Chamelion begins wiggling and shaking on Hardcore’s back, trying to get loose. But, Hardcore walks to the middle of the ring, and drops down, slamming Chamelion’s head into the mat. With 250 on his back, its harder to get up, but Hardcore does. MH starts making his way around from corner to corner.

Jon McDaniel: He could actually do this.

One corner after another, Hardcore struggles with the weight on his back, moving around the ring. He reaches the last one, holds an arm up to the crowd, and slams his hand down towards the turnbuckle, but Chamelion struggles and Mr. Hardcore falls two steps back. MH growls and plants his feet and pushes forward, slamming his hand on the last turnbuckle.


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, and NEW PWA Grizzly Beer Champion, MR. HARDCORE!

“ Fight Music” begins to play as the ref runs in with the GB title. Hardcore unties Chamelion, who falls to the mat. With blood dripping down his face, Mr. Hardcore still has a huge smile on his face as the ref places the GB title in his hand, and raises his arm.

Jon McDaniel: And the impossible has happened once again. The intern at PWA radio has beat our companies owner for the Grizzly Beer belt.

Brian Rentfro: All I know is I would not want to be in studio for the next PWA radio.

Hardcore stops at the top of the ramp, and holds up the GB title one more time as the crowd cheers. In the ring, the ref goes to help Chamelion up, but Cham shoves him away. Taking the mic from Emerson, Chamelion looks up the ramp at Mr. Hardcore.

Chamelion: Well, congrats kiddo, you did it. But, as I granted you the match, I am making use of my re-match clause.. effective at Who’s The Man!? So, enjoy it while you can, cause it ain’t going to last!

Chamelion drops the mic and gives Mr. Hardcore his Cheshire Grin and Mr. Hardcore just nods and accepts the challenge.

Riona Langly & Mark McNasty vs The Phoenix & Vitaly Petrov

Main Event

Eric Emerson: The following contest is our main event, and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Mark McNasty and Riona Langly.

Each enters to their own entrances, McNasty first and Riona second.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents, Vitaly Petrov and the PWA World Champion, The Phoenix.

Vitaly comes down first, waiting at the edge of the ring, and then the Phoenix appears, walking confidently down the ramp. He comes next to Vitaly, and speaks to him, telling him he will start the match. Both men go to their corner, and Vitaly enters the ring. On the other side, after much debate, Riona starts it for her team.

Jon McDaniel: This should be a good match up between these two.

Brian Rentfro: Vitaly is new, and could be at a disadvantage with the veteran, Riona, who is intent on extracting a measure of revenge here tonight, and get back on track going into the PPV!

Riona and Vitaly start out and they both lock up in the middle of the ring. Riona pushes Vitaly back into the corner and begins stomping away to the gut of Vitaly Vitaly fights back with right hands, stunning Riona. Vitaly reverse Riona and puts her in the corner and begins to lay in chops to the chest of Riona. Rentfro of course, comments about Vitaly’s inappropriate touching! He then whips Riona into the other neutral corner and follows up with a stiff clothesline. Vitaly drags Riona into his corner and tags in Phoenix. Phoenix starts by winding up the arm of Riona with a standing wristlock...and then he tries to pull the shoulder out of the socket by pulling at the locked arm. Riona bounces off the ropes to try and escape, but Phoenix pulls back and Riona winds up flat on her back.

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix is really intent on showing Riona he can best her again!.

Jon McDaniel: And Riona knows she has to turn the advantage around, fast.

Phoenix for no apparent reason release the hold and then begins to drop knees across the face of Riona. Phoenix picks up Riona and whips her into the ropes but Riona reverses...eventually nailing Phoenix with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Riona collects herself and goes over to make the tag to McNasty. In an unexpected show of team work, McNasty and Riona pick up Phoenix and whips him into the corner, nailing him with a double flapjack when he comes back. Riona goes to the ring apron, and McNasty nails the fallen Phoenix with a fist drop. He picks up Phoenix and hooks him in a suplex position, then drops him with a snap suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Now the tables have turned and Phoenix desperately needs to make a tag.

Brian Rentfro: The feud between McNasty and Phoenix may never end!

McNasty carries Phoenix over to his corner and tags in Riona. Riona clobbers Phoenix across the back and backs him into the ropes. She whips Phoenix into the opposite rope and catches him with a knee as he returns. Riona then bounces off the ropes perpendicular to Phoenix and then catches Phoenix with a swinging neck breaker. She goes for the cover.

Ref: 1-2-Shoulder Up.

Riona slaps on a reverse chin lock designed to wear down Phoenix, maybe even put him out.

Jon McDaniel: Riona with a strong come back, determined to send Phoenix a message, going into Who’s The Man!?.

Brian Rentfro: I think any message being sent has already been. Phoenix has dominated Riona in all their confrontations, this won’t be any different.

The ref checks to see if the hold is a choke and is assured it’s legal. Phoenix seems to be out cold. The ref lifts Phoenix’s hand once, and it slumps down. He lifts it a second time...and it again falls to the ground.

Brian Rentfro: One more and it’s all over for Phoenix!

The ref lifts Phoenix’s arm one last time, and it falls back down halfway. Phoenix starts shaking his fist as a sign of his growing energy and he suddenly gets to his feet. He turns into the pressure of the reverse chin lock and picks up Riona, bringing her back down with a hard back suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Whoever can make the tag first has got the tremendous advantage.

Phoenix stirs first, moving towards his corner. Riona gets up a second later and heads for her corner...making the tag to McNasty first. Mark hurries to stop Phoenix from making the tag to Vitaly, but does not make it time. Vitaly jumps in and clotheslines McNasty down to the canvas. Riona rushes in to help his partner but she finds herself the recipient of another clothesline. McNasty gets back up and Vitaly drops him with a scoop slam. Riona gets back up and he nails Riona with a scoop slam. Riona rolls to the outside. Vitaly grabs McNasty and throws him into the ropes, catching him with a big power slam as he returns. He then tags in Phoenix...who climbs to the top rope. Vitaly is pulled outside by Riona, and the two of them fight. The ref steps outside to break up the fight as Phoenix sizes up the prone McNasty.

Brian Rentfro: What is Phoenix going to do here!?


Phoenix indeed goes for a spectacular move, but McNasty rolls out of the way and Phoenix crashes dead center of the ring! Stumbling to his feet, McNasty smirks, seeing his chance and connects with the Lights Out! Turning to make the cover, McNasty’s eyes go wide as Vitaly is there, and hits McNasty with The Hammer! As Vitaly goes for the cover, Riona slides in and pulls Vitaly off of McNasty and applies the Painkiller Overdose!

Brian Rentfro: If she can make Vitaly tap, it’s all over!

Jon McDaniel: And her momentum into Who’s The Man! Will be huge!

As she rears back, the crowd explodes as Phoenix, back to his feet, has scurried to the top rope and comes down onto Riona with The Ashes! He pulls Riona over and covers, hooking the leg!



3/Shoulder up!

Brian Rentfro: He got her!

Jon McDaniel: No, the ref is waving it off!

Phoenix jumps up and gets into the refs face, screaming it was a slow count! As he does, Riona, dazed, grabs Phoenix’s trunks and pulls him back and rolls him into a small package. Shocked, Phoenix doesn’t respond fast enough, and the ref counts the 1-2-3!

Brian Rentfro: Riona wins! Riona finally pinned Phoenix!

Jon McDaniel: She got lucky! Phoenix was too focused on blaming the referee, and it cost him!

Riona rolls out of the ring, a bit surprised herself. She stumbles back up the ramp, a slow smile creeping over her face, realizing she’s finally done it. In the ring, Phoenix is up, staring Riona down, when McNasty returns and hits the Lights Out again on Phoenix from behind and Phoenix falls out of the ring! Laughing, McNasty doesn’t heed the roar of the crowd, as Vitaly spins him around and again, hits The Hammer, leveling McNasty out in the middle of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: And Vitaly sends a message to McNasty, to not forget what he has to deal with in the coming week!

Jon McDaniel: Vitaly may be sending a message to Phoenix too, for he may very well have a title shot coming, quite soon, at Phoenix’s expense!

Brian Rentfro: Oh man, Who’s The Man!? Is going to have so many questions to answer!

Jon McDaniel: That it will, and it’s only one week away! We’ll see you all then! Goodnight!

The scene fades with Vitaly Petrov standing over a dazed Mark McNasty, as the crowd roars.