World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Before Rampage

The cameras cut to the back, where Corey Lazarus and Thunderwolf are trading rights and lefts, shoving each other against the wall and various steel cases of ring equipment.

Brian Rentfro: And the shit has hit the proverbial fan!

Wolf lands a blind right haymaker and Laz falls down. Wolf immediately hops on top of him and begins going ballistic with rights and lefts, few landing due to Laz instinctively guarding up. Security rushes over, and pulls Wolf off of Corey, holding him back by the arms with one of their arms around his waist as the rage inside of him practically triples his natural strength.

Thunderwolf: Let me fucking go! Come on, Corey! You wanted to start more shit?! I'm fucking ready!

Corey gets up, checking the corner of his mouth for any blood. None shows up on the back of his hand, and Laz smirks at Dustin. He shakes his head, and then backs up.

Thunderwolf: You pussy! You fucking pussy!

Lazarus turns his back to Wolf, and then shrugs before turning around and charging. He leaps forward into Wolf, security's restraints turning into failed attempts to separate the two. Corey drives his fist into the side of Wolf's head, and then starts driving knee after knee into his midsection. Security finally manages to break the two apart, with three holding Wolf back, blood dripping from a busted lip, and three pushing Laz back, a small gash in his eyebrow slowly leaking the crimson down his face.

Jon McDaniel: Fans, as security gets control of these two out back, let's take it to the ring.

Hunter Sullivan vs Emperor Ian

Who's The Man!? Round One Match Up

Ian and his entourage consult each other in their corner in the beginning of the match, agreeing on something before Hunter and Ian lock up. They have a steady chain leading to Hunter being whipped into the ropes when he is tripped by Spalding. Sullivan gets a cheap shot taken on him with a flurry of stomps. Ian takes the advantage pushing Hunter to the corner with a few harsh strikes. Mounting a response Hunter delivers a few toe kicks before switching places and delivering elbows. Ian staggers out of the corner only for a well aimed kick to the back of the leg grounds Ian. Hunter rushes to the other side of the ring and returns base ball sliding Ian out of the ring. Spalding and Jock tend to him pulling him up and brushing him off. Ian shoves them off and returns to the ring.

Both men lock up again, leading to a small chain to which hunter is again sent into the ropes, Spalding tries to trip the viper once more. Instead, hunter stops and stomps on the fingers of the irritating Spalding, only to turn into a hard lariat that tosses hunter over the top rope. Spalding and jock stand back not wishing to risk DQ, and scorning from their boss. Ian leaves the ring and retrieves the wrestler himself, rolling him into the ring. Ian keeps the upper hand working over the arm of the former Grizzly beer champion, eventually, after about a minute of so of working the arm and shoulder, Ian locks in a fugiwara arm bar. Hunter fights it before rolling forward and back to his feet where he meets Ian at his feet with a drop kick. This is where Hunter manages to regain his advantage in the match, aiming in on the lower back with knees.

Bringing Ian to his feet Hunter vertical suplexes the fellow PWA star into the turnbuckle, getting a nice reaction from the crowd, but only a 2 count in a pin. It’s at this point that Spalding gets on the apron to distract the ref, Jock on the other side rolls into the ring, clubbing Sullivan with a harsh running boot. Jock rolls out of the ring after draping Ian atop the Viper, only to get a 2 count. Ian curses a loud looking out to his minions who are responding with a “we’re trying” look. Sullivan finds himself on the lower end of the match again as Ian works over the arm, bringing it to the ropes and wrapping around for the illegal 4 count. Ian works over the arm with an arm wringer and an arm bar follow up. Hunter manages a rope break. Ian brings Hunt back to his feet but gets a harsh few elbow shots for his effort. Hunt dodges for the ropes and returns, Ian goes for a clothesline but its countered as Hunter ducks under and keeps going, hitting the ropes and bouncing off with the signature shin kick.
Hunter gets the three count but the ref isn’t there to count it as he is being harassed by Spalding once again. Jock rolls into the ring and stalks Sullivan, only to get a clubbing blow in the back of the head. Jacob Figgins is in the ring sending a flurry of shots into the larger man, sending him to the outside of the ring. Jacob follows him out leaving the ring to both Hunter and Ian. People look confused to why Figgy is at ring side, however, pass it off as the Celtic fury tries to fend off Jock. Hunter is left with Ian as he brings him to his feet and the two go back and forth in strikes.

Hunter gains the upper hand pushing Ian back into the ropes plummeting him with chops before pushing Ian into the ropes, scooping him up and snake eyeing him on the ropes. Ian drops to the matt and holds his neck before slowly getting back to his feet, Sullivan see’s his advantage spurting to the far ropes and returns to nail a VIPER SNAP! Hunter hooks both legs for the cover ONE TWO THREE. Hunter rolls out of the ring and is joined by Figgy as they walk up the ramp.

Mark McNasty vs Shadow Starr

Who's The Man!? Round One Match Up

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit, and is a first round match in the 2009 PWA Who's The Man tournament!!!

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Weighting in at 255, and standing at 6 foot 3 inches,

Two blue Pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back.

Eric Emerson: He's "The Main Event."

After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience.

Eric Emerson: MARK MCNASTY!

He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and Pyros begin raining down behind him. As the Pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades. The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. A few seconds pass before the first line of Last Resort play, purple and red spotlights joining the first beam.


The ramp explodes as cascades of fireworks rain upon the backstage entrance, Shadow Starr stepping out to ecstatic fans. He looks to his right, pauses, then looks to his left, taking in the adulation. He then focuses his sights on the ring, making his way down the entrance ramp.

No Breathing
Don't give a fuck if I cut my own breathing

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 253 pounds...

This is my last resort

Shadow takes his time heading to the ring, shaking hands and giving high fives to the fans coming down. He slowly walks from one side of the ramp to the other, trying not to miss too many people on his way down. He gets to the bottom of the ramp, turning back towards the top of the ramp.

Eric Emerson: He stands at 6 feet, 3 inches tall, and hails from Cleveland, Ohio...

Cut my life into pieces
I've reached my last resort
No breathing
Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm bleeding
Do you even care if I die bleeding
Would it be wrong
Would it be right
If I took my life tonight
Chances are dinomite
Mutilation outta sight
And I'm contemplating suicide

Shadow takes off his hat, throwing it into the crowd. He smiles as the cheers continue, making his way into the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...SHADOW STARR!!!

'Cause I'm losing my sight
Losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine
Losing my sight
Losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine

Shadow climbs the northeast turnbuckle, raising his arms skyward as he raises his index and middle fingers on each hand. He climbs down, ready for the match to start. Emerson exits the ring as the ref pats McNasty down, and then the ref does the same to Starr as he adjusts the tape on his wrists.


Starr immediately rushes in with a diving shoulder tackle, surprising McNasty and taking him right down to the mat.

Jon McDaniel: A quick start as Starr just tackles McNasty right down.

Brian Rentfro: And just puts the boots right to him!

Shadow takes a break and brings Mark to his feet, whipping him into the ropes. Starr dives down to take out his legs, but McNasty leaps over him, and hits the opposite set of ropes. He ducks under a back elbow attempt, and rebounds again. This time, Starr goes for a back body drop, but Mark rolls over him, landing on his feet behind him. Immediately, Mark locks him in a rear waistlock, lifting him up for a German Suplex.

Brian Rentfro: Starr reverses the German attempt, and he's in the ropes!

McNasty rolls backwards and to his feet, just in time to get a dropkick to the face.

Jon McDaniel: Starr surprises the former World champion, and the cover!




McNasty shoves himself away from Starr, checking his nose for blood. Shadow jaws with the ref for a moment and then goes to bring McNasty back to his feet, but Mark surprises him with a stiff uppercut, rocking him back a few steps.

Jon McDaniel: McNasty back on the offensive here with a pair of rights, and he whips Starr into the corner. He follows him in...BIG CLOTHESLINE!!

Starr, landing chest-first against the turnbuckle pad, gets met with McNasty's arm across the back of his head. Mark wastes no time in following it up with placing Starr on the top, his back to the ring. McNasty climbs up top with him and locks on an inverted front facelock, raising a fist into the air as the fans cheer.

Brian Rentfro: Here it comes...M&M!!

Starr crashes to the mat on the back of his head, and McNasty makes the cover, hooking a leg.




McNasty doesn't react to Starr kicking out, and instead just brings him to his feet, laying a pair of forearms to his skull.

Jon McDaniel: And Starr surprises him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex!!

McNasty scurries to his feet and gets taken down with a massive lariat by Starr. Shadow makes the cover...




...and quickly brings McNasty to his feet, not hesitating at all. He doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, and then plants him with a DDT.

Brian Rentfro: Starr has regained control in this match, and he whips McNasty into the corner!

Starr points to the sky, and the fans begin to cheer as they can only guess what's coming next. He nods and then rushes in, nailing a brutal clothesline to McNasty's jaw that rocks him back and almost over the top rope. Starr turns McNasty around and lifts him up to the top, his back to the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Starr with complete control over the former Intercontinental champion...

Starr lowers McNasty and locks him a reverse cravat.

Brian Rentfro: Hangman's neck breaker...!

McNasty reaches back and nails a pair of rights to Shadow's forehead, breaking the hangman's neck breaker attempt. Starr stumbles forward and McNasty stands up on the top, turning around to face Starr.

Jon McDaniel: Here comes McNasty!!

Mark flies off of the top as Starr turns around with a double axe handle attempt, and Starr steps back. McNasty changes course and lands on his feet. Starr goes for a clothesline, but Mark blocks it, instead booting him in the midsection, lifting him up into a fall away slam position before consulting over, crashing down to the canvas.

Brian Rentfro: SAULT SLAM!! SAULT SLAM!!





McNasty gets to his feet and lets the ref raise his arm up in victory as he stares straight into the camera, pointing to himself and mouthing "I'm the man." "Whatever You Became" cues back up, and McNasty slides under the bottom rope.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and advancing to the semi-finals of the 2009 PWA Who's The Man tournament...MARK McNASTY!!!

The ref helps Shadow Starr out of the ring as McNasty celebrates one more time at the top of the ramp, smiling as he backs up behind the curtain.

Jacob Figgins vs El Rey de Corazones

Who's The Man!? Round One Match Up

The lights in the venue dim as a hand becomes visible throwing the entrance curtain open. And out comes the Celtic Fury receiving a mixed reaction from the audience as "Battle Song" blares into the speakers.

Hear the sound of swords fulfill the night
Feel the winds of death on your skin
See the arrows fly, flaming in the sky
Hear the screams of men, as they die

At the top of the entrance aisle, Figgins turns his back to the audience outstretching both of his arms and leaning back. Finally he spins on one foot and spits energy drink onto the aisle in front of him. Letting his arms fall back down to his side he began his trek towards the squared circle

We won this battle with might and fearless hearts
We came and we fulfilled our prophecy
So now we shall march back towards our kingdom
With heads up high and glimmering eyes
we returned with our glory

Eric Emerson: "Making his way to the ring... Weighing in at 267 pounds...He is the Celtic Fury...JACOB FIGGINS! "

Silence now falls upon this blood red field
Vultures feasting with the flesh of dead bodies
"This is a great moment for all of us
but now its time to head back home victorious"

The lights returned to normal and Figgins raised his head letting the audience's eyes grace him. Looking from left to right, a smirk crawled across the features of Figgins as he runs up the ring steps and walks along the apron taking a swig of his energy drink before putting the bottle down next to the southeast turnbuckle. He leaned against the ropes outstretching his arms once more and spraying a light mist onto the floor outside the ring.

We won this battle with might and fearless hearts
We came and we fulfilled our prophecy
So now we shall march back towards our kingdom
With heads up high and glimmering eyes
we returned with our glory

Finally entering the ring, via the top and middle ropes, Figgins turns on one foot and extends his arms for a final time acting as if it was a privilege to the audience to watch him perform in the squared circle and within the venue itself. Dropping his arms he takes off his ring jacket and throws it outside of the ring to get prepared for his upcoming bout.

As the Latin rhythms of "Baila Casanova" by Paulina Rubio begin to play El Rey de Corazones emerges from the entrance curtains in his ring gear along with a black sombrero and toreador jacket. Holding the curtain open for Montaña Rose (who is holding a large bouquet of flowers) El Rey then takes Rosa in his arms and they dance a brief Muñeiraon stage before El Rey begins dancing a Bolero down the ramp as Rosa follows tossing flowers out to the crowd.

Eric Emerson : From Villahermosa, Tobasco, Mexico; EL REY!”

When they reach the bottom of the ramp Rey turns and takes the bouquet (Which is all roses now) from Montaña and then proceeds to pass them out to the women in the front row. Then he removes his jacket and hat and hands them to Rosa before he climbs into the ring and waits for the starting bell.

Both man proceed to a corner , as they await the start of the match. Both men have a sour look upon their face. Well ,El Rey is wearing a mask so you can’t really tell, but damn it I am trying to paint a picture here. Yet it seems, very easily both men hide their injuries from Genesis. The referee who made his debut at Genesis, Paul London, looks over both men. It seemed they were as ready as they could be, so pointed to the time keeper to ring the bell.


The two hard clangs of the bell signal the beginning of the bout. Both men leave their respective corners. Figgins hunches down while advancing to the center. El Rey extends his hands trying to initiate a grapple. But Figgins shoots up, hooking the left arm of El Rey and tossing him to the mat with an arm drag! Figgins chains the move into an arm bar. El Rey kips up to his feet and rolls forward, countering into an arm bar of his own. Figgins wills himself back to his feet, and lands a LEFT HOOKAH! to El Rey’s sensitive ribs. It causes him to drop the hold and give Figgins an opening. Figgins shoots down and wraps up El Rey. Quickly he heaves El Rey over his shoulders and to the mat with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!! Figgins bridges after impact for a pin.

Jon McDaniel: Nice suplex from Figgins.

Brian Rentfro: People still use that move?

El Rey quickly slaps Figgins’ arms to collapse the bridge ands roll out from underneath. Figgins kips back up to his feet the same time El Rey rolls back to a vertical base. El Rey raises his hand, prompting for a knuckle tie up with Figgins. Figgins accepts rather cautiously , first slapping the lower hand of El Rey before hooking his knuckles with El Rey’s. The test of strength begins. Figgins, apparently able to use his full weight seems to prevail in the beginning of this test. Suddenly, drops to the mat bringing his feet to Figgins’ stomach and flips him over with a MONKEYFLIP! El Rey quickly hovers over for a pin

Jon McDaniel: So far this match looks to be yet another good technical bout. Of course with Figgins and El Rey it comes to no surprise.

Brian Rentfro: I seriously think that all this technical stuff that wrestling elitist brag about is simply filler. You can know ten thousand suplexes but none of them add up to the basic pile driver.

El Rey slowly gets back to his feet, yet Figgins remained on the mat. Figgins brings El Rey down with a drop toe hold. Figgins jumps to his feet and charges his left leg connecting with a PUNT TO THE RIBS. El Rey doubled over, he was still in pain from when his ribs collided with the barrier at Genesis , and Figgins is there agitating it. Figgins kneels down and scoops up Rey’s abdomen. Figgins quickly stretches El Rey’s back over his knee, leaving his ribs wide open. Figgins jerks on the hold amplifying the pain of the hold. Suddenly brings his elbow down upon El Rey’s ribs once, twice, thrice before he stops. Figgins drops the hold and lets El Rey fall to the mat. El Rey rolls out of the ring, favoring his ribs. He is very aware that a count out is possible, but all he needs is a few seconds for a breather. But its seems Figgins wouldn’t grant him that. Figgins comes a flyin’ over the ropes and straight into El Rey with a FOREARM SUICIDA~!!! El Rey is driven back first into the barrier so soon after Figgins’ makeshift submission hold.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like our neighborhood berserker is working brutally on El Rey’s back

Brian Rentfro: Neighborhood berserker? Is that a new moniker he picked up, or did you just give Figgins a pet name?

Figgins grabs the hand of El Rey, attempting to whip him hard into the apron. No such luck, El Rey reverses and Figgins is whipped into the ring apron chest first. El Rey smirks and rolls Figgins into the ring, soon to follow him. El Rey grins beneath the mask, remembering that Figgins has taken a few lumps himself at Genesis. Before Figgins could get wind back to his lungs El Rey sits upon his back and applies a CAMEL CLUTCH!!! The pain was ablaze, constantly shooting up and down his spine as the move is applied. Paul London kneels down, watching the hold. Sometimes wrestlers refuse to tap and just go unconscious , and Paul London will end the match if such a situation arises. Figgins fought hard against the submission, trying to push himself and El Rey off the mat. Paul London asks Figgins is he wishes to give up. Figgins answers with a middle finger in response. Figgins grabs at one of the arms of El Rey and loosens the hold. El Rey quickly gets off of Figgins, knowing a counter would come if he didn’t. Figgins gets to a vertical base, trying not to favor his back, trying to not show El Rey that he had found a chink in his defense. The ruse fails as El Rey grapples with Figgins. Quickly El Rey brings Figgins’ back across his knee hitting a BACKBREAKAH!! El Rey goes for a pin

Jon McDaniel: And a near pinfall after that vicious back breaker.

Brian Rentfro: Back to the basics, and they are very effective.

Figgins throws up a shoulder, breaking up the pin. Gingerly getting back to his feet, Figgins masks his face of agony with a face of anger. It seems Figgins has gotten a shorter temper since Genesis. Of course it’s hard to be fair tempered in the ring. El Rey creates some distance between them, then comes charging forth. However he his rudely interrupted by a JUMPING KNEE LIFT! from Figgins to the face. El Rey falls like fresh lumber to the mat. Instead of going for the pin, Figgins heads toward the turnbuckle and ascends it quickly. After playing to the crowd for a second, Figgins leaps off the ropes, flips forward 180 degrees landing back first on El Rey with the LEAP OF FIG~!!! Figgins simply drops back and hooks the leg for a pin

Jon McDaniel: And Figgins flies with the Leap of Fig!

Brian Rentfro: Leap of Fig? What the hell? The move’s name makes it sound like a cookie is falling on you

El Rey throws up a shoulder, despite the fact that over two hundred and sixty pounds landed on his sore ribs. Of course when Figgins gets off El Rey, he reveals that the move was a bit two sided, but it still got a pop from the audience. El Rey advances to Figgins, but is rudely interrupted once more, by a EUROCUT! El Rey staggers back from the impact of the hit. El Rey, seeing as Figgins likes brawling, nails Figgins in the forehead with a forearm. El Rey hooks his arm around Figgins’ neck and drops him to the mat head first with a DDT. El Rey follows up with a pin

Jon McDaniel: Ouch, Figgins is planted with a DDT.

El Rey shoots to his feet. Figgins kicked out, but is still very much out of it. El Rey holds his arms out , signifying the end. El Rey watches Figgins as he staggers back to his feet. Suddenly “Pet” by Tool hits the P.A. the music that signifies the entrance of the “Viper” Hunter Sullivan. El Rey wheels around his expression could not be seen, but it is easy to tell he is confused. Figgins gets to his feet , seemingly not fazed by the music playing. The music stops , El Rey shrugs his shoulders and turns back around. Much to his surprise, he finds as leaping Figgins. Figgins knee connects to the face of El Rey, upon impact, he wraps his arms around the neck of El Rey and drops to the mat back first. Crushing El Rey’s face with THE FIG EFFECT~!!
El Rey collapses to the ring and Figgins goes for a quick cover.

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner, JACOB FIGGINS!!!

Jon McDaniel: Ouch, what a devastating face crusher that Jacob calls the Fig Effect

Brian Rentfro: Yeah yeah, Figgins has a new finisher. But what in the hell just happened!?

The Bell rings signifying the end of the match. Paul London raises the arm of Figgins, naming him the winner. Music hits the PA. But instead of “Battle Song” By Ensiferum playing over the speakers a vastly different music comes on. “Colossus” By Borknagar hits the speakers, a song not used by anyone on the roster...yet. El Rey rolls out of the ring and vanishes up the ramp. And we take a quick message from our sponsors.

After a quick commercial of Chameleon ,the new GB champ, advertising the beverage the belt is named after, we return. Hunter rolls into the ring with a malevolent grin shinning out at the fans. Figgy is tired leaning in the corner and chuckles a little himself, a few ring side fans start booing towards the ring. Others are just a little confused on what they are witnessing. Sullivan moves over to the ropes and DEMANDS a microphone be given to him, and in comply he is given just that.

Hunter: “Just as Figgy said, tonight something big is going to happen, something that you all will remember. It began earlier when Figgy held Ian’s henchmen at bay, well, it actually began about a little over a year ago. See me and Fig, my nig, here come from the same place. We have confronted each other on several occasions, besting one another in contests of Technical warfare, and in that time a sense of respect as built. We, however were always kept on the lower card, always. We fought through hell fire and brimstone and we were always slapped across the face with meaningless card placements. We are the next generation of top performance wrestlers, and we are demanding our piece of the pie. We are demanding that all take notice of this day, take heed of our words. ”

Figgy moves in and takes his turn on the microphone.

Figgy: “See, it’s quite simple, it’s a very clear concept that even you yuppies can comprehend. Me, and Hunter, are better then you. We are the next generation, and we are bringing in this new age of wrestlers with a bang, a DESTRUCTIVE, bang. We are the Generation, Of, Destruction. We are G.O.D! and like I told you Rey, its all about who the gods smile upon, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, we will make you all conform. Yet , during our reign it is safe to assume that some unwashed heathens will try to dip their moldy fisticuffs into the golden chalice of immortality. But once they believe they have found it, when it is within their grasp they shall be stricken down. And their blood shall forever redden the canvas. To all future 'usurpers' may the venom of the viper and the cold fist of the Canvas tyrant smite thee’”

Hunter:” Take heed of our word and stay out of our way, all who oppose will be set ablaze by our infernal wrath. But all who seek salvation is welcome to bow at our feet, be aware, the anointed ones have arrived. So in the name of a wise prophet, I ask you all, when you are being broken down, when you have no where left to turn. When no mercy and no remorse is given, when you lay in a puddle of your own blood, ask yourself. Look up to the sky, and wonder,’ where is your G.O.D now?’”

Raizzor vs Jamie Flynn

Who's The Man!? Round One Match Up

Back from commercial, we find Jamie Flynn’s intro playing as he paces the ring, looking quite displeased with the situation of being in a tournament when he feels he should be the champion, watching this happen. Suddenly the arena lights fade and a single gong rings through the arena. Disinterested, Flynn just turns slowly around, expecting Raizzor to make one of his ‘surprise’ appearances in the ring. As the smoke rises around the ring, pyros explode on the stage and they race in and then down the ramp in succession until the four corner posts shoot pyro into the air!

As the smoke receeds, Flynn finds himself still alone in the ring, as the lights flicker back up. However, he looks down towards the announcers table and Raizzor is standing there, looking up at Flynn. Walking the steel steps, Raizzor enters the ring, a slim smile on his face, and the two men stare at each other as the bell rings.

They lock up to start, but neither man is willing to move, so they break the hold. They circle around a bit, then lock up again. This time, Raizzor powers Flynn into the corner and the ref orders them to break it off. They lock up again, and now Flynn powers Raizzor into the opposite corner. The ref tries to break them up, but Raizzor nails Flynn with a high knee. That's all the advantage he needs, as Raizzor hits a snap suplex on the Flynn. Raizzor drops an elbow, but no one is home. Flynn grabs Raizzor's arm as he is getting up and hits a single arm DDT. Raizzor is up quickly, but Flynn takes him down again with a leg sweep. Flynn grabs a leg and turns him over in a half crab. Flynn leans way back, pulling the leg. Raizzor finally reaches the ropes and hobbles to his feet. Flynn kicks him in the stomach and hits a DDT! He covers, but Raizzor is too close to the ropes and is able to put his foot on them. Flynn bends down to pull Raizzor up, but Raizzor grabs him by the throat. Raizzor gets to his feet and chokeslams Flynn. He goes to cover, one...two...kickout.

Pulling Flynn up, Raizzor throws him into the ropes, and goes for his flying clothesline, but Flynn smartly sidesteps it and locks Raizzor into the Mercy Killing. For a full minute, Raizzor struggles before grasping the ropes. With his balance impaired, Flynn chops at the injured leg, and Raizzor has to hobble even more. Flynn controls the match and scores a couple near falls, wearing down the larger man. Sensing a chance, Flynn climbs to the top turnbuckle and as Raizzor turns, stumbling, Flynn launches himself with the Suicide Devil’s Plancha, but crashes as Raizzor let’s his injured leg bring him to the canvas, narrowly avoiding the splash. As Flynn rolls around, pained from the impact, Raizzor rises and draws his thumb across his throat.

Dragging Flynn up, Raizzor grabs him by the throat and raises him up for the chokeslam, but Flynn breaks free. He lands, and goes to kick at Raizzor, but Raizzor punches him, grabs him and throws him against the ropes. As Flynn flies off, Raizzor goes for the big boot, but Flynn ducks and Raizzor accidently smacks the referee in the face! Looking down, miffed, Raizzor turns and Flynn comes off the top rope again with another plancha, but this time Raizzor gets his boot up again, and Flynn goes careening to the canvas. Nearly unconscious! Angry now, Raizzor scoops him up and goes for the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker when the crowd roars to life as Viktor Stone comes barreling down the ramp, steel chair in hand. A slide into the ring, and Stone jumps up and clobbers Raizzor in the back of the skull. Raizzor falls hard to the canvas, out cold, and Stone drapes Flynn over Raizzor and revives the ref.

As Stone stands outside the ring, the ref crawls over and administers a slow one…………two………..three.

Winner: Jamie Flynn

The Challenge

Jon McDaniel: What a hell of a match that was!

Brian Rentfro: You're telling me. Even after the massive shot to the ego Flynn received last week at Genesis, he still had enough fight in him to show Raizzor a thing or two.

Jon McDaniel: That he did. Next up, folks, we have the FORMER PWA Intercontinental champion, Riona Langly, going up against a newcomer to the PWA, Jonathan Riker...!

Jon and Brian are interrupted as Dope's "Now Or Never" cues up. The fans go crazy, and Thunderwolf emerges from behind the curtain. The blood has yet to be cleaned off of his face from his fat lip, and he pays no attention to the fans reaching over the guardrail to touch him, focusing on the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Well, never mind that next match, then.

Wolf slides under the rope and then stands up, quickly slicing his throat with his index finger a couple of times. "Now Or Never" dies down, and Wolf grabs the microphone out of Eric Emerson's hands. Emerson looks at him bewildered, and Wolf looks back at him. He taps the end of the mic to make sure it's working, and then brings it up to his face.

Thunderwolf: You can leave the ring now, thank you.

Emerson shrugs, and then hurries out of the ring. Wolf looks back out at the crowd, his face practically red with fury.

Thunderwolf: There are so few times that I've been in this ring with a mic in my hand and I haven't wanted to ramble on about whatever's on my mind, but this is definitely one of those times. You all know what happened at Genesis. You saw the aftermath. I spent the entire night in the fucking hospital, hooked up to every machine that the doctors could find, and when I woke up from it all I was told that I was lucky that I didn't have any internal injuries. All I have from Sunday night are 22 stitches in my head and a $5,000 hospital bill. And so right here, right now, I want to call out that son of a bitch who decided to blindside me with a baseball bat on my way back from taking a piss, so would Corey Lazarus get down to this fucking ring RIGHT...NOW...

The ADC-Tron comes to life as Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price appear, relaxing in their locker room. Lazarus, having had his eyebrow already looked at, is wearing a bandana to cover the bandage, and Price just stands there with a shit-eating grin on his face.

Price: Now, as Corey's agent, Dustin, I have to regret to inform you that due to prior engagements, Mr. Lazarus will NOT...

Fans: BOOO!!!

Price: able to have some impromptu physical encounter, especially with somebody not of sound mind such as yourself.

Lazarus: Now, Gregory, hold on a sec! Who's to say that we can't, I don't it out like men? Maybe, say, look forward to some major Pay-Per-View event that, you know, I've had some decent success at and, given the overall underwhelming level of talent in the tournament, maybe a main event worth these plebeians in the crowd and watching at home on TV forking over their hard-earned money...hmmm, what event could this be...

Thunderwolf: Cut the shit, Corey. I know what you're getting at.

Lazarus: Oh, do you?

Thunderwolf: Yes, I do. And if that's the only way I can get my hands on you? Fine. So fucking be it. You and me, for the first time EVER, at Who's The Man!!!

The fans go wild as Thunderwolf stares at the ADC-Tron, vicious thoughts circling behind his eyes.

Lazarus: Perfect.

Price: I agree. I'll have the contract drawn up immediately, and we can have it signed on Rampage next week.

"Now Or Never" cues back up, and Wolf looks around. He brings the mic back to his mouth...

Thunderwolf: Why is it that every time somebody comes down to the ring or takes off that the jackass in the Gorilla Position feels the need to play their music?

...and then drops it in the center of the ring as he slides out of the ring. Wolf marches back up to the back, and the ADC-Tron changes back to the live feed of Wolf marching up the ramp.

Jon McDaniel: This is monumental! Thunderwolf and Corey Lazarus, one-on-one for the first time ever at Who's The Man!!

Brian Rentfro: Now let's actually go on with the show as scheduled!

Riona Langly vs Johnathan Riker


The match is fast paced from the beginning. Riona sends Riker to the ropes with an irish whip. She goes for a clothesline but Riker side steps it, grabs Riona’s extended arm, and nails an arm drag. He goes for a drop down elbow, but Riona rolls to the side. Riona stands and quickly grabs Riker’s leg. Riker kicks Langly in the gut, she grunts, but holds on. Riker changes his game plan and uses his free leg to attempt to sweep Riona’s legs. Riona jumps, and still holding Riker’s leg, jumps towards his upper half. The crowd groans as they watch his knee almost hit his chest. Riona lets go, and continues working on Riker’s leg. Riker attempts a comeback. At one point when both are down, Riker sees Riona getting up. Instead of stumbling, he flat out nails the big boot he calls the Malicious Strike. But, he gloats to long. Riona gets back up, and starts wearing him down again. Riker, as a last ditch effort, goes for the Mark of the Dark spot. But Riona grabs his arm, puts a palm over his shoulder blade, and forces him to the mat. She then manipulates Riker into the Painkiller Overdose. It takes a few minutes, but Riker taps.

As Riker rolls out of the ring, Riona walks over to Eric Emerson and asks for his mic. The announcer hands it over without a second thought and Riona stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for the crowd to die down before she speaks.

Riona: "I told everyone earlier this week that when I finished taking care of that masked idiot, that I would have an announcement to make regarding Riona Langly and the PWA. So, I've had alot of time to think about what exactly I'm going to do now that I'm back in this nebulous state in between champion and challenger. I've got alot of ways I can go right now... I could, if I really wanted to, go and make an attempt to take back the title on Corey's waist before Thunderwolf gets his shot, but getting involved further in that situation is something I don't look forward to in the least. Too many bad memories on every side of that..."

Riona sighs as she walks up to the ropes and leans against them, facing the cameras on the hard side of the arena.

Riona: "By the way... If you really thought that I was going to retire, you've got another thing coming. I've done way too much and gone way too far in PWA to consider it for more than a second. Sorry folks, but Riona Langly... she's going to be in PWA for a very, very long time if I have my way. And even though that I need it, I'm not taking a break from the business either. I've almost gone an entire year without taking significant breaks, something that no person on this roster can lay claim to, and I'm not about to lose that edge."

"I guess, then... that I'm left with a couple of options. I could make a grab at the tag titles that Enika and Jamie have. Honestly though, I doubt there's anyone in the back that would even bother tagging with me these days. I haven't really endeared myself to most people back there. So, that takes out that option. I could go after Jethro and his TV Title, and get to the World Title that way... It's tempting. Really, it is. I owe Jethro a match and all. But, I want him to get to those 3 defenses. I want him to get his shot... And I hope that I'm there when he gets to the end of that journey."

"So, yeah, let's cut to the chase here... I know Phoenix is back there, and I know he's gonna laugh off the very thought of it... But, I might as well do it anyway. Rob Robinson, I'm coming for that title. I'm not gonna pull any stunts to get a shot like Jamie did, but what I am going to do is this... I will make your life hell until I get my shot. I've spent a whole year in PWA as of Who's The Man, and I've earned my one on one shot... I know you're laughing, because hey, you've beaten me twice, including that debacle at Unsanctioned. Well, this is not Unsanctioned, and you can't do what you did there again."

"So yeah... keep an eye over your shoulder Rob. You never know when I might pay you back..."

Riona tosses the mic aside and snaps off one of her crux poses before sliding out of the ring, heading up the ramp.

Corey Lazarus vs Vitaly Petrov


The lights in the arena die, and the ADC-Tron shows nothing but a black and white film countdown.


A trio of drumrolls cue up Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," and the guitars ring as the bass carries the main melody. Chug-chug-chug-chug goes both guitars before going into the main melody along with the bass, and, at the 27-second mark, Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price emerge from the entrance curtain, with Price chomping away on a stick of gum in his mouth and Corey sipping on a bottle of Aquafina. Corey's eyes, as usual, stay hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, and he hangs his arms at his sides after he runs his fingers over his moustache and goatee.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Baby!

Eric Emerson: Introducing at this time, accompanied by Gregory Price...

Lazarus steps further onto the stage, the lights reflecting off his recently shined PWA Intercontinental Title, turning around slowly to take a quick look at the ADC-Tron before stopping at the end of the stage, his back to the ramp and the ring before turning around. Price pats his client on the shoulder, and then looks at the ADC-Tron with him.

Don't you know that I love you?!

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds...

Lazarus jogs in place at the end of the stage, shaking out his limbs, and then begins walking solemnly down the ramp. Price points up at the ADC-Tron, focusing everybody's attention to images of Laz's glory: dropping Demise head-first into a casket via the Mercury Driver to claim the PWA World Heavyweight title at High Stakes '08; appearing in the ring behind Scott Nash Strader and Matthew Engel when the lights return to normal at Good Vs. Evil '08; and leaping up to grab Kyle Stevenson's neck, drilling his knees into his back with a Lungblower as Viktor Stone powerbombs him down from Unsanctioned '09.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey!

Eric Emerson: And standing at 6-foot-1...

Don't you know that I'll ALWAYS be true?!

Corey turns around to face the ring as they reach the bottom of the ramp, the guitars dueling before the chorus, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again. Price walks over to the ringsteps, scaling them with a cocky swagger as he walks onto the apron next to Laz.

Oh, won't you come with me
And take my hand?!

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. Price steps in afterwards, pointing the entire time to his client, applauding him. The music keeps pounding away as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

Oh, won't you come with me
And walk this land?!

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...

The guitars divebomb as Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, breathing heavier and heavier as he does so.


Corey leaps to his feet as the main riff returns at the end of the chorus, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!

"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" fades into silence as Corey backs up to his corner, removing his Ray Ban's and handing them off to Price. He adjusts the tape on his hands, and then stretches his legs out using the middle ropes. Gregory steps out onto the apron, and then walks down the steps, taking his place at ringside in Laz's corner.

You're going to get up and scream,
"I'm already dead, I'm already dead"
You're going to get up and burn an 'X' in your head

"Real Solution #9" by White Zombie hits the PA system as Vitaly Petrov walks out. Yellow pyros to his right sky rocket into the air, and red pyros to the left do the same. He begins his descent to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Samara, Russia...

Come on - come on the motherfucker's on fire
He cut through the bone, he cut through the wire!
Come on - come on the motherfucker's on fire
He cut through the bone, he cut through the wire!

Vitaly is dressed in crimson red trunks with a yellow snake-pattern down each side. He has on a dark blue fitted long sleeve shirt, showing his muscle definition in his abs, chest, and arms. He reaches the ring, not paying much attention to the fans.

Eric Emerson: He weighs two hundred and thirty nine pounds and stands six feet three inches...

Vitaly climbs into the ring and begins to warm up for his match.

Eric Emerson: He is.. VITALY PETROV!!!

Vitaly raises his right arm up, keeping his head down, and begins to jog in place, waiting for the match to begin.

Jon McDaniel: A much anticipated match, Brian. These two men had a lot to say on the airwaves and while Corey spent most of his time telling he would teach Vitaly a thing or two...

Brian Rentfro: Vitaly told Corey to show up ready or he'd lose!


The two men circle each other, waiting moments for the first to attack. Corey lunges in, but Vitaly reverses and puts him in a hammerlock. He twists Corey's arm vividly, but Corey breaks out with an elbow strike. Vitaly staggers back and then gets knocked into the ropes by a roundhouse kick from Corey. Corey goes in, but Vitaly hits a low kick and takes Corey down with snap suplex. He then wraps Corey's left arm up with his legs, grabbing Corey's left wrist with both arms and twisting it violently. Corey is struggling in pain.

Jon McDaniel: That looks PAINFUL!

Brian Rentfro: Corey doesn't look too lucky right now, but he's so close to that bottom rope!

Jon McDaniel: He got it!

Corey grabs ahold of the bottom rope for dear life and Vitaly is forced to let go. He gets Corey up to his feet, but Corey counters with some elbows to Vitaly's stomach. Corey backs up Vitaly a bit and then mows him down with a clothesline. Vitaly gets back up, and Corey takes him back down with another lariat. Vitaly is back up to his feet almost immediately and Corey telegraphs a dropkick, but the Vitaly holds back. Corey lands on the mat, and then Vitaly puts Corey's legs underneath his arms. He steps over to his right, putting Corey on his belly. Then Vitaly bends down at the knees and wrenches Corey's legs backwards, putting him a vicious Boston Crab.

Jon McDaniel: Oh man! The ref is down there to see if Corey wants to tap out...

Brian Rentfro: I don't think Corey knows the meaning...

Jon McDaniel: Every man has his limit.

Brian Rentfro: Corey is fighting for that bottom rope again, and he's so close.

Jon McDaniel: Wait! Vitaly is dragging Corey back to the middle of the ring!

Corey, however, manages to escape due to Vitaly letting up on the hold a bit. Corey turns on his back and gets one leg free. He smashes it into Vitaly's back, which sends him into the turnbuckle. Vitaly turns around, but is met by lefts and rights from Corey. Corey then slams his shoulder into the Vitaly's midsection. Vitaly doubles over a bit, and Corey puts Vitaly in a front facelock. He turns 180 degrees and suplexs Vitaly into the turnbuckle!

Jon McDaniel: Good God! Vitaly was almost broken in half!

Brian Rentfro: The RINGPOST almost broke in half!

Corey hooks the leg...



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Vitaly has still got a lot of fight in him, but that sure did leave a mark.

Brian Rentfro: Son of a!

Corey gets Vitaly up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Vitaly comes back and Corey tries for a flowing belly-to-belly suplex, but Vitaly puts his leg around the back of Corey's, then unleashes headbutt after headbutt on Corey. Vitaly wraps Corey up in a facelock and plants him into the mat with a DDT. Vitaly covers...



Shoulder up.

Jon McDaniel: Barely a two count there, I think Vitaly was going for the surprise pin.

Brian Rentfro: Corey DOES look surprised!

Vitaly gets Corey up to his feet and hits some knee strikes, and then tosses him into the corner. Vitaly goes into the opposite corner. He runs at Corey, leaping high into the hit, and hits a huge corner splash. Corey staggers out a bit, and Vitaly tries a belly-to-belly suplex of his own, but Corey blocks it and hits a head-and-arm suplex, smashing Vitaly into the corner!

Jon McDaniel: The turnbuckles AGAIN! Good God! Vitaly might be taken out of here in multiple boxes here tonight!

Brian Rentfro: That's just wrong...

Vitaly is up to his feet though, as Corey catches his breath for a moment. Corey lands a right punch and then follows up with a stiff kick to the side of Vitaly. Corey locks up with a facelock, putting Vitaly's arm over his head. He lifts Vitaly up vertically, but Vitaly quickly slips out of it and lands on his feet right behind Corey. Vitaly lays into Corey with big elbow strikes to the back of Corey's head, then hits Corey with a huge backdrop suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Corey crashes hard!

Brian Rentfro: Vitaly is on the top rope? WHAT is he doing?

Vitaly flies off the turnbuckle and lands perfectly for a top-rope legdrop. Vitaly covers quickly..



Kick out!

Vitaly getting a little frustrated, gets Corey to his feet. He sends him into the ropes and then hits a HUGE twisting spinebuster on Corey. He covers again.


2... Kick out! Barely a two count there.

Vitaly slams the mat and then mounts Corey, laying into him with rights and lefts. But, before Vitaly can get on a roll, Corey rakes Vitaly's left eye and Vitaly backs off. Corey rolls to the ropes and uses them to get up. Vitaly gets his vision back, but only to see Corey ascend to the top rope and hit Vitaly with a powerful missile drop kick. Corey covers...



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: Either man is willing to give up Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Vitaly is a little flustered himself.

Corey gets Vitaly up to his feet and slams his forearm into Vitaly's face. Vitaly gets tossed into the turnbuckle, then immediately put on the top. Then Corey climbs up onto the middle rope and then hooks Vitaly up in a facelock. He puts Vitaly's arm over his head and grabs Vitaly's tights. He lifts him up, over, and slams him down hard to the mat below.

Jon McDaniel: Superplex! That's gotta be it for Vitaly!

Corey hooks the leg...



Kick out!

Corey is flustered even more, and lays down a few stomps on Vitaly. He goes into the ropes and comes back with a springboard moonsault, landing perfectly. He covers...



Kick out!

Corey slams the mat in frustration, and then gets Vitaly to his feet. He sends him into the ropes and tries to connect with a roundhouse onto the oncoming Vitaly, but Vitaly ducks underneath and wraps up Corey's arms from behind and slams him to the mat with a full-nelson slam! Vitaly covers...



Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: Close call there!

Both men are obviously fatigued, as Vitaly gets Corey up to his feet. Vitaly nails a right hook and slams Corey face first into the turnbuckle. Vitaly lets out a little frustration by landing some kicks into Corey's midsection. Vitaly steps out for a bit, and makes a charge. Corey drops to his knees and rolls out of the ring. Vitaly halts at the turnbuckle and yells at Corey to come back in.

Brian Rentfro: Smart move by the Intercontinental Champion there. Take a breather and restrategize.

Jon McDaniel: Clearly what Corey has been doing won't keep the big Russian down!

Brian Rentfro: Oh come on, Jon. He's just been wearing him down the whole time!

Corey slides back into the ring and the ref keeps them separated for a moment. He tells them to go at it and Vitaly charges, his first mistake. Corey lands a vicious kick to Vitaly's left knee and then follows up with a devastating right hook to Vitaly's face. Vitaly falls to one knee and Corey goes for another punch, but Vitaly dodges it rolling to the side and getting to his feet. As this happens, Thunderwolf makes his way quickly to the ringside area.

Brian Rentfro: And Corey is attempting the END CREDITS!


Brian Rentfro: Vitaly is face to face with Corey now and tries for The Hammer!



Corey makes a quick cover...



3 -- NO!

Brian Rentfro: WHAT! THAT WAS A THREE!

Jon McDaniel: The ref didn't see it, but Thunderwolf pulled Vitaly's foot on the rope Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Cheater!!!

Corey gets into the referee's face and begins to argue. The ref doesn't back down and Corey gets even more frustrated. We can hear Price yelling at Corey to turn around, but it's too late. Vitaly has Corey wrapped up from behind and hits a massive release german suplex. Corey smashes into the mat.

Jon McDaniel: What elevation!

Brian Rentfro: Oh come on, it wasn't THAT special.

Jon McDaniel: Then why isn't Corey getting back up right now? Huh?

Brian Rentfro: He should have had this match won by now anyway!

Vitaly rises, shaking his head and looks down at T-Wolf who just shrugs. Vitaly then moves over to Corey and gets him to his feet. Petrov stands face-to-face with Corey, and then scoops Corey up onto his shoulder, as if to go for a running powerslam. He then slides Corey down so that they are locked in an inverted belly-to-belly position and reaches up, grabbing Corey's closer leg.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like Vitaly is bent on finishing this once and for all! He's setting up for The Hammer again!

Brian Rentfro: Corey is trying to get out of it! COME ON COR!

Vitaly brings Corey's leg in, hooking their farther leg in the process to cross them for leverage. Vitaly then drops to a seated position, pushing down on Corey's crossed legs to add momentum, and spikes Corey to the mat on the top of his head.

Jon McDaniel: Corey just got HAMMERED!

Brian Rentfro: Oh good God...

Vitaly covers Corey...





Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... VIIITTALLLY PEEETTRRROOOVVV!

Jon McDaniel: See? It's not that hard to pronounce.

Brian Rentfro: Oh, get over it! Thunderwolf may have been the deciding factor in this otherwise classic match!

Vitaly gets to his feet as the fans cheer him on. He raises his hands in the ring, celebrating a great victory. He slides out of the ring, and heads up the rampway, barely glancing at Thunderwolf. Price joins Corey in the ring, who is just getting to his knees. Lazarus glares at Thunderwolf, knowing he had something to do with this, and grabs his IC title, holding it high into the air. Thunderwolf just smiles before it fades to commercial.

Jethro's Challenge

Back from commercial break, "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" kicks up and the fans go wild as Jethro walks out onto the entrance stage. He carries a microphone in his hand and waits for the crowd to die down. He signals for the music to be cut off.

"You know something? I've been doing a whole lot of thinking this week and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. See, I've been thinking about what Jamie had to say about his wins over former PWA Heavyweight champions and the wins he has had over PWA Heavyweight contenders for that there belt you are wearing Mr. Phoenix. I don't mind waiting my turn usually, but these fans here."

He indicates the fans in the arena.

"And myself want to see Jethro Hayes with a shot at that there belt you are wearing Phoenix. I think least you could do is give me a shot at the title, a fair and honest shot at with none of your little buddies able to interfere. All I want is a match, a fair match. I know that with you that might be a first, but see, I want a simple old cage match with ya. No one can get in and no one can get out until one of us pins the other in the middle of that there ring."

The crowd erupts at the thoughts of the match, but a few are hesitant knowing Phoenix and his mind.

"See, if you can beat Jamie Flynn and he can beat me, then you should have no problem pinning my shoulders to the mat one. two. three. Look at it this way Phoenix, you shut me up by giving me my shot and I go back and fight my way up the ladder once again until I stand before the World Champion once again. You and that there Chamelion know I deserve it, you know I can do it, and that is the reason you are keeping it from me by not allowing me to defend my title. So, what do you say Phoenix? Are you willing to defend that title against me? Or are you gonna run away like a dog with your tail tucked between your legs?"

Crowd: "Do it Phoe-nix!(clap, clap, clap clap clap) Do it Phoe-nix!(clap, clap, clap clap clap)"

"You hear them, but we ain't hearing you too good. But before you answer, I got something else to say to you. See, I don't like what you did to Scottie Snow and what you tried to do with that steel chair I took from your hands. That just ain't right Phoenix and I ain't gonna stand for it no longer. I'm tired of you two trying to screw us good guys over and whether or not anyone stands beside me, I'm fighting for us that you are keeping down. I'll fight the both of you alone if I have too. You two aren't going to hold me down any longer, you aren't going to hold down these fans any longer, and more importantly if you give me a shot at the World Title, you won't hold it any longer. You two have done alot of amazing things in this business over your careers, but right now you two are stinking of bullshit and corruption. Frankly, I don't like it and will tolerate it no longer."

He stands waiting on Robinson's answer.

"Welcome Home" starts to play and the Phoenix wastes no time heading to the ring, World title belt around his waist. He walks towards Jethro and stands calmly in front of him, staring the big redneck in the eye for a moment before he begins to speak.

Phoenix: I just want to be sure I've got this straight. You, Jethro Hayes, you had the audacity to lay your hands on me, the World champion, at Genesis and now you're calling me out?

Jethro: Well, to be fair, Mr. Phoenix, you wasn't the champ at that exact time.

Phoenix: That was a mere hiccup, Hayes. But you don't deny having the balls to lay out a challenge for my title?

Jethro just stares him down.

Phoenix: Let me explain something to you, you inbred piece of garbage, I've got just one word to say to you. No. If you want a World title shot, your ticket is around your waist, so take advantage of it, cause that's the only chance you're getting. Last week I beat the man that's supposed to be the best in the business, so fighting you this week would be like going from lobster to hot dogs. So work on those three title defenses and come talk to me then.

Phoenix turns to leave the ring, but stops at the ring ropes.

Phoenix: You know what? Getting tossed over the ropes by you bothers me more than I thought. So I'll tell you what, Hayes, next week on Rampage, I'm still not gonna give you a title shot, but I will kick your ass anyway. You and me in the main event, Hayes, and you're going to learn what happens to people that stick their noses in my business.

Robinson turns and leaves, and Jethro nods in agreement, and gets ready for his match against Enika Engel.

Jethro Hayes vs Enika Engel


Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit, introducing first...Already int he ring....From Lean Ox, Ga; weighing 315 pounds and standing at 6' 7" He is your Pioneer Wrestling Association Television champion... Jethro Hayes!

The crowd cheers for Jethro, as the opening guitar riff to "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin cuts in, which cues a few swirling pink lights from the stage - no pyro's, no bullshit.

At the eleven-second break mark, Enika Engel steps out from behind the curtain to something of a positive reaction; with her fiancé Dustin "Thunderwolf"
Kelser following in suite; which brings in even more fanfare. Her attire consists of a pink zip-up hoodie - left unzipped, with the hood up over her head
- overtop of a white ribbed belly shirt with a black "Exit Music" insignia in the middle, rotated 35 degrees; along with a pair of white booty shorts with
the name "Firefly across the back of them, black fingerless mesh gloves, and lastly a pair of pink, w/ white fur, ankle boots. She looks out to the crowd,
quite excited on this eve - a smile drawn from ear to ear - as she takes a few seconds to let it all sink in.

### You my friend, you're a lot like them...###
### But I caught your lie, and you know I did... ###

As soon as the opening verse kicks in, she makes her way down the entrance ramp - Thunderwolf following in suite ...

### Now I'm lost in you... ###
### Like I always do... ###

She keeps going until she reaches the bottom, her eyes now taken away from the fans, and aimed down towards the ring, she pauses for a moment....

### And I'll die to win... ###
### Because I'm born to lose!###

As soon as the chorus gets ready to kick in, large pink blasts of pyro begin firing behind her, her budget a little more substantial since the last time
she was around for this song and dance...

### Firefly! ###

She throws her head back (thus removing the hood from her head and in turn revealing a white skull cap underneath) and sways her shoulders before throwing
a balled fist into the air, cueing a few more blasts of pink from behind her. The ring announcer drowns out the lyrics...

Eric Emerson: "Hailing from Charleston, West Virginia - she is The FIREFLY.... ENIKAAA... ENGGGELLLL!!!!"

She quickly makes her way from the bottom of the ramp, to the ring apron itself...
### Could you shine your light?###
### Now I learn your ways, 'cause they're just like mine. ###

Dustin and Enika share a quick, yet well-versed and passionate kiss...

### Now I'm justified, ###
### As I Fall In Line ###

Which leads to her non-chalantly lifting herself up and rolling under the bottom rope, before springing back to her feet via kip-up.

### And it's hard to try ###
### When they're open wide! ###

She goes to the bottom set of ropes, and leans over, pointing to a few of her friends in the front row - giving them and the camera man a bright, white,
gorgeous smile. She soon retreats to her corner and discusses her match plans with Thunderwolf.


Enika and Jethro go for a lockup, Enika ducks under the collar and elbow attempt nailing Jethro with a stiff kick to the back of his head. Jethro stumbles forward, Enika springboards from the middle rope with a bulldog but Jethro counters with a sidewalk slam and both are on the mat. Jethro rolls up quickly as Enika kips up to her feet, a shocked look on her face.

Brian Rentfro: Lucky counter by Jethro there.

John Jon McDaniel: Jethro appears to have been training a bit and is no longer just a power move wrestler.

Enika charges at Jethro determined to keep the match fast paced, playing away from Jethro's strength. She goes for another lockup, but delivers a kick out to Jethhro's knee, he dodges the blow. Enika goes for a toe kick to Jethro's ribcage, Jethro catches the foot. Standing inseguri catches Jethro in the temple, but he doesn't go down. He releases the hold on her foot and staggers to the right. Enika with a dropkick pushes Jethro into the corner, but he doesn't go down. Enika with a running leap into a dropkick slams Jethro's head down onto the turnbuckle. He comes out of the corner where Enika catches him with a springboard tornado DDT. Jethro is on the mat and we have our first pin attempt of the match.

ONE... TWO...--Shoulder up from Jethro.

John Jon McDaniel: Enika seems to be moving quick to keep Jethro off balance here.

Brian Rentfro: The big goof can't keep up with that pace.

Enika, knowing she can't lift Jethro to his feet, waits back and lets him get up to his own feet. Right hand from Enika, left from Enika. Jethro is rocked back again. Irish whip from Enika and a reversal sends Enika speeding across the ring. She rebounds and Jethro lifts her up and down with a spine buster in the middle of the ring. He rolls on through to pull Enika up to her feet. Tucking her head under his arm, he lifts her up and plants her with a vertical suplex right in the center of the ring. Jethro pulls Enika back up to her feet, Irish whipping her into the ropes. On the rebound, she ducks under the clothesline attempt and is coming back a second time. Jethro lifts her up and down with a Samoan drop, the impact causing the ring to shake violently. He hooks a leg and we have a cover.

ONE... TWO... TH--Enika kicks out at two and three quarters.

Brian Rentfro: That big goof could have broken her in half.

John Jon McDaniel: They both know what they are doing in that ring Brian.

Jethro pulls Enika back to her feet and Irish whips her once again into the ropes. Enika springs from the middle rope with the Ante Up, but Jethro manages to duck under and catches her on his shoulders. Noticing her position, Enika begins to rain down punches onto Jethro's thick skull. He hoists her and the Firefly begins to pepper him with more vigor. Jethro slams her down to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: The Planter!

John Jon McDaniel: He countered the Ante Up!



Eric Emerson: Winner of the match... Jethro Hayes!

The Phoenix & Chamelion vs Scottie Snow & Jacob Collins

Main Event

The main event never really began. All four combatants were introduced, but even before the bell rang, Riona Langly appeared and walloped the Phoenix with a steel chair, payback for a few weeks ago. Chamelion confronted Riona, but Mr. Hardcore stopped his involvement, by flying off the top rope and splashing Chamelion. Snow actually tried to stop Riona, but she kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine, and then proceeded to pull Phoenix up and did the exact same thing to him! However, before she could do more damage, Jethro Hayes ran down and got between Riona and Phoenix, keeping the two apart. Phoenix, however, showed his appreciation by imitating Riona with a low blow to Hayes before sliding from the ring. He walked backwards up the ramp, smirking, while Chamelion and Mr. Hardcore went at it near the announcers table. As Phoenix reached the top of the stage, he found himself blasted in the back of the head by a steel chair from Mark McNasty! The show faded off the air with Jethro and Riona glaring at each other, Chamelion and Mr. Hardcore ignoring everyone, and McNasty standing over a fallen Phoenix, chair in hand, raised above his head.

What does this means for Who’s The Man!?