World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Emperor Ian vs Vitaly Petrov

Emperor Ian starts off the match with some heavy offense, much to the surprise of newcomer Petrov. Ian keeps up on the attack and doesn't stop until Petrov reaches the ropes and the referee pulls him off. Petrov is able to start holding his own after this, but he clearly shows Ian some respect during the fight. The two trade the advantage several times, with Petrov able to lock in an ankle lock for a submission victory.

Winner: Vitaly Petrov

Jacob Figgins vs Scottie Snow

A very even match from the beginning all the way to the point at the end when "The Final Countdown" starts playing and Snow starts looking around for the Phoenix. Figgins takes a quick advantage, superkicking Snow in the back of the head for a quick pinfall.

Winner: Jacob Figgins

Amber Rose Churchill vs Jacob Collins

Jacob Collins, who had been on a bit of a roll recently, faces Churchill in her PWA debut. Collins shows no qualms about fighting a woman, attacking right from the bell, trying to stop a losing streak before it starts. However, Churchill's quickness surprises everyone, including Collins, as she's seemingly in three places at once while she attacks. Collins' advantage quickly fades and he is soon put away with a split legged moonsault.

Winner: Amber Rose Churchill

Jethro Hayes vs Viktor Stone

PWA TV Title Contendership Match

The cranking of a tractor is heard throughout the arena and the video entrance of Jethro Hayes begins playing over the big screen. Cows moo, on the screen cows are shown in a green pasture. Pigs are oinking, on the screen pigs run around in mud within a fence. The scene on the screen goes to rolling hills, showing combines in the field harvesting crops, tractors harrowing the ground preparing for the new crop; semi trucks are hauling off the harvested crop. A man walks up the 3 steps and opens the door on the cab of his John Deere tractor, he is wearing a John Deere trucker hat, and is missing a few teeth, evident by the grinning face he turns to the camera, he waves at the camera; it is part of a family video. He climbs on into the cab of the tractor; along with the cranking of the tractor on the screen, the beginning of Thank God I'm a Country Boy by John Denver begins to play over the speaker system.

~Well life on the farm is kinda laid back
~Aint much an old country boy like me cant hack
~Its early to rise, early in the sack
~Thank God Im a country boy

The curtains are pulled back by two people and the front of a John Deere 4720 tractor is seen in the backstage area, smoke boiling up from the muffler.

~Well a simple kinda life never did me no harm
~A raisin me a family and workin on a farm
~My days are all filled with an easy country charm
~Thank God Im a country boy

When the words "kinda laid back" are heard, the tractor begins moving forward slowly down the ramp the tractor is moving at about 3 miles an hour.

Eric Emerson: "Introducing first…from Lean Ox, Ga; weighing 315 pounds and standing at 6' 7"... Jethro Hayes!"

With the mentioning of his name, Jethro toots the tractor's horn inside the cab and waves to the crowd, he revs the tractor's engine slightly in response to the crowd.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

The tractor arrives at the bottom of the ramp and Jethro stops the tractor, toots the horn while reving the tractor to full power; then he shuts the tractor off. Jethro climbs out of the tractor to a huge pop, he waves and climbs down. Jethro is wearing overalls with a yellow John Deere shirt underneath, brown Wolverine boots, and a John Deere hat.

~When the works all done and the suns settlin low
~I pull out my fiddle and I rosin up the bow
~The kids are asleep so I keep it kinda low
~Thank God Im a country boy
~Id play sally goodin all day if I could
~But the lord and my wife wouldnt take it very good
~So I fiddle when I could, work when I should
~Thank God Im a country boy

He touches a few fans hands on his way to the ring steps. He climbs up the steps and gets into the ring He walks to one corner and waves to those fans.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to another corner and waves to those fans, nodding along with the music.

~Well I wouldnt trade my life for diamonds and jewels
~I never was one of them money hungry fools
~Iid rather have my fiddle and my farmin tools
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to the third corner and waves to those fans with thumbs up in the air, still nodding along with the music; he mimics playing a fiddle.

~Yeah, city folk drivin in a black limousine
~A lotta sad people thinkin thats mighty keen
~Son, let me tell ya now exactly what I mean
~Thank God Im a country boy

Reaching the fourth corner, he takes off his hat and throws it into the crowd; shaking his head he prepares for the match.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

The song fades away slowly with the chorus repeating while it dwindles into silence. As it does this Eric announces the next wrestler.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent... standing at 6'0" and weighting in at 237 pounds...

A pulsing beat hits the speakers as "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Grinspoon begins to play as a man steps out from the smoke rising up from the entrance ramp. The man is wearing Black boots and Black kneepads and Blue baggy jean shorts. He tops that off with a Grey hoodie with the sleeves rolled up and the hood over his head. He also has his fists and forearms taped up.

"Nothing breeds more contempt for this world than the memories now formed...
Every moment a new seed is grown to no reason the trouble unfolds...
For the trials of today, I'm no jury,
Really don't care how you feel
The pleasant notion of miraculous change drifts into multiple jeers...
You want the good life
You break your back
You Snap Your Fingers, You Snap Your Neck

Eric Emerson: He hails from Hartford, CT... he is VIKTOR "THE BEAST" STONE!!!!

Pyros spike up from the entrance all the way down the ramp. The man beings to make his way down the rampway as Red lights flicker throuhout the arena. On the screen behind him, you can see clips from Stone's various MMA and Pro-wrestling matches.

Seconds drip through my hands, washed of moments unborn
All the spaces between bleed, a tribute to a sacrament never exposed...
A message to the forces I've no pity, don't know how thankful to feel...
Expectations of our daily bread gives me the hunger to steal...
You want the good life
You break your back
You Snap Your Fingers, You Snap Your Neck
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Stone makes it ringside and slides under the bottom rope. He hopes up and scans the crowd while taking off his hoodie, reveling his shirtless, Tattooed body. Stone starts to stretch against the ropes and then leans in the corner waiting for the match to start.

The timekeeper rings the bell as the action in the ring begins. Pacing towards Hayes, Stone snarls while Hayes backs away trying to formulate a game plan. Being the weaker of the two, locking up would be disastrous so instead Stone lunges forward, but, Hayes sidesteps and puts a waistlock on the former TV champion!

Bennett: Hayes is smart enough to not play into Stone’s game and it looks like he is going to use his power advantage!

Hayes lifts up and instead of nailing some form of suplex, Hayes uses his hand and forces Stone face first down to the mat with amazing impact! Viktor’s head snaps on contact as Hayes just looks down. He grins a little bit as he picks Stone up!

Bennett: Hayes with a vicious type of facebuster and Stone doesn’t look too good in the start of this match!

Rayne: Hayes just wanted to touch up Stone’s face a little bit!

Bennett: And you say that with such calmness.

Rayne: I know, I’s hard being this good…

Hayes fires Stone into the corner with a lot of force. Stone hits the corner and comes stumbling out. Hayes runs in with a big boot, but Stone wraps him up and nails a leg and arm capture suplex out of nowhere. Stone sits up and tries to catch his breathe. Viktor brings Hayes up to his knees and starts to pepper the big man with kicks to the chest. Stone yanks Jethro forward and locks him in a front facelock. Jethro sensing what is about to happen starts to power up, pushing Stone back towards the ropes. Hayes has Stone against the ropes and the ref forces Stone to let go for the headlock. As Stone lets go, Hayes fires a boot to Stone’s midsection! Hayes nails a vicious Over the Head Suplex that sends Stone high in the air before he crashes onto the mat!

Bennett: With the power Hayes possesses it'd be foolhardy for Stone to try and match him straight up! He is gonna need to do something different if he wants to get that TV Title shot!

Stone rolls to all fours and tries to get up. As he does that Hayes leaps in the air and drops a huge leg across Stone’s back and shoulders. Stone goes flat against the mat as once again gets up and goes to pick Viktor up. Hayes with a big knee to bend Stone over. Single arm DDT puts Stone back on the mat as the bigger Hayes starts to stomp on the mat, waiting for Stone to get up. Timing himself, Hayes comes off the ropes as Stone gets to one knee. Stone looks up and has his head nearly taken off with a well placed big boot from Jethro! Hayes picks up Stone and places him against the ropes and gives the signal for one more big boot. Hayes goes for one more big boot but Stone drops down while holding onto the ropes, causing Hayes to go right over and onto the ringside floor! Wobbling back and forth, Stone holds onto the rope before dropping down and rolling out of the ring. Stone stalks Hayes for a moment before punt kicking him right into the ribs! Stone lifts the big man up and rams him back first into the guard railing. Stone lifts Hayes up in a bearhug and spins him around and rams him back first into the ring apron this time.

Bennett: Holy hell! Look at the way Hayes’ back bends on impact!

Rayne: Stone needs to stop showing off and put this one away!

In one smooth motion, Stone steps back and nails a Yakuza kick to Hayes’ rib. Hayes bend over and Stone starts to fire knees into the rib area! Jethro uses his free hand to push back as he holds his ribs. Stone rushes back in and Hayes kicks him back trying to protect his ribs. Stone wary of the pushing and kicking, fakes a lunge which Hayes kicks his feet out. This time Stone sidesteps and nails a roundhouse kick that catches Hayes off guard. Stone grabs Hayes and whips him into the steel steps. Stone rolls into the ring and rolls out in order to break the count. Stone measures Hayes up, who is still laid up against the steel steps. Stone rushes in on the big man, but Hayes moves at the last second and Stone connects with empty steel. Stone turns around and is leveled from a brutal looking clothesline. Hayes rolls back in the ring holding his ribs, trying to get the air back in his lungs as Stone slowly starts to stir outside of the ring. Stone crawls back into the ring only to be met with boots from the big hick. Hayes pretty much stomps Stone back into the corner. Stone tries to cover up and Hayes just breaks through his guard with a knee to the face. As he winches in pain Hayes lifts Stone up against the turnbuckle!

Bennett: Stone did some damage to those ribs, Rayne! You can see it every time Jethro goes to move!

Rayne: Will maybe Stone should of did a better job because right now it looks like Hayes is about to introduce a little pain of his own.

Hayes fires a back elbow into the face of Stone before flinging him into the other corner. Stone slumps in the ring as Hayes rushes in with a full head of steam. BIG TIME SPLASH!!! Stone stumbles out of the corner and Hayes cocks back and nails Viktor with a huge right handed haymaker which takes Stone off his feet! Hayes grabs Stone and picks him up. Jethro lifts Stone up and brings him down with a picture perfect scoop slam. Hayes clutches his ribs…he has been able to out power “The Beast” but it’s hurting him to do so. Stone cradles up on his back as Hayes starts to approach him! Hayes goes to grab Stone’s leg, but Stone catches him in the ribs. As Hayes steps Stone hops up and quickly shoots for the legs, nailing a double leg takedown. Stone quickly works his way up until his is straddling Hayes’ stomache and stars to rain down lefts, rights, elbows and forearms at the big man!

Bennett: Stone is raining down blows like this is the UFC!

Rayne: Well, Stone had to do something because Hayes was on the verge of setting him up in a bed next to Aeolus Wrath!

Stone goes for a haymaker of his own and Hayes uses the swing to wrap his hand around Stone’s neck. Showing off his pure strengths, Hayes slowly makes his way to his knees while still holding on to Stone’s neck. Hayes makes it to his feet and starts to lift Stone off his. Hayes has Stone off his feet! Jethro is mumbling something to Stone as he is virtually choking the life out of him. The ref yells at Hayes to let go but Hayes brushes the ref aside! Jethro mouths the words ok. With vicious force plants Stone into the mat with a powerful chokeslam. But he doesn’t let go…he lifts Stone up again and drops him with another chokeslam! Hayes keeps his hands around Stone’s neck as he goes for the cover.




Hayes shakes his head as he lifts Stone once again off the mat for another chokeslam. He gets Stone as high as he can and goes for another chokeslam, but Stone kicks at his ribs and wraps his legs around Hayes’ arm and start to lean back in a hanging armbar. Hayes screams out in pain as Stone leans back and starts to fire kicks at Jethro’s ribs every chance he gets. The ref is checking in on Hayes, who eventually lets go of Stone’s neck. Hayes reaches down with his free arm and grabs Stone by the shoulders and lifts up. Hayes squares himself up and drops Stone with a modified powerbomb. You can see the air leaves Stone’s body but he still hold on. Hayes takes a deep breath and begins to pick Stone up again. This time he rams Stone’s body into the turnbuckle before powerbombing him down again. Stone still keeps hold of Hayes’ arm and starts to lean back and work the hold a little more.

Bennett: Stone really has that hold in there tight. He has focused on the arm and ribs and that should cut down the moves that Hayes should be able to do.

Rayne: I don’t know what you are watch, but Hayes was still able to pull of two massive powerbombs.

Hayes goes for one more lift up and Stone lets go and nails a brutal looking STO. Stone sits up and you can see that his is in pain from all the slams and bombs he has taken. Stone slowly gets up and reaches for Hayes. He picks him up and flings him into the corner. Hayes comes out of the corner and Stone goes for the belly to belly, but his back hurts too much for him to nail the move. Out of frustration, Stone kicks Hayes in the ribs again, bring the big man down to one knee. Stone comes off the ropes for a boot to the head, but Hayes pops lifts Stone up and drives him down with a spinebuster. You can see the pain from nailing the move on Hayes’ face, but he still has the wits about him to drape an arm over Stone’s body. The ref drops down and goes for the pin count.




Bennett: Stone was barely able to kick out on that one. Hayes sighs, wondering what else he could do to keep Stone down. Stone rolls to his knees as Stone slowly does the same thing. The two look at each other for a moment…

Rayne: I know where this one is about to head.

Stone puts his all strength behind him and throws the first punch. Hayes sways to one side and fires a shot back in response. The two begin to fire shots back and forth from their knees as the crowds


The two begin standing up as they trade shots, with the bigger Hayes starting to get the upper hand. Stone swings wild and Hayes catches it flush on the chin and goes down to one knee again. Stone hits the ropes one more time, not notice that Hayes went from one knee into a 3 point stance. As Stone comes off the ropes he is nearly folded in half as he was nailed with a powerful spear.

Bennett: THE PLOW!!!!

Stone rolls from the power of the impact. Hayes stays on him and yanks Stone’s head in between his legs. He lifts Viktor up….THE PLANTER!!!!! Hayes drops for the cover





Hayes rolls off of Stone breathing heavy and holding his ribs as his shoulder hangs. You can see the detail of pain on his face as he rolls out the ring and heads up the rampway.
Suddenly, a lone ‘Gong’ echoes through out the arena, and the fans as one rise to their feet, their voices shaking the arena with screams and cheers, knowing what’s coming. In the ring, Stone shakily gets to his feet, as the lights flicker and fade.

Bennett: Oh…. No.

Rayne: This doesn’t look good!

As the lights come up, Stone stares up the ramp, confused by the sudden pop of the crowd, before he turns slowly to find Raizzor standing tall behind him. Before Stone has time to react, Raizzor grabs him by the throat, pulls him close to Raizzor and Raizzor actually smiles, a dark angry smile.

Raizzor: Lazarus was a distraction, Stone, it’s your soul I want at Genesis!

With that, Raizzor pushes Stone away, and he stumbles. Raizzor just stands there, as the crowd roars at the announcement, with a few mixed boos he didn’t choke slam Stone right there and then. As Chaos fades to its logo, Stone and Raizzor stare darkly at one another, their Destiny at Genesis, a certainy.