World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Hunting For A Grizzly Beer

Lacey: I’ll be out here if you need me.

Hunter: And what would you d-….

Hunter shakes his head in slight disgust as he looks forward at the office of Rob Robinson. Knocking a few times he awaits some sort of reply. A slight pause follows, a slight rumbling inside before a voice echoes out for the unknown to enter. Sullivan looks at Lacey who whispers good luck before entering the office. Sullivan looks at Rob who retorts a smirk as he kicks something under the desk. Hunter cocks an eyebrow but chooses to ignore it.

Hunter: Mr. Robinson sir, been meaning to talk to you tonight about something.

Rob: uhh, yeah sure take a seat or something.

Sullivan response and takes a seat directly in front of the desk a tad nervous, worrying about coming off on the right foot about what he needs to discuss.

Rob: So what is you want? Not a pay raise I hope.

Hunter: no, no not at all, actually it was more about my match tonight. See, its against the Grizzly beer champion, I was wondering if I could… you know-

Rob cuts Sullivan off standing up and moving over to his World championship that was set down to a table off to the side on it’s only little mount as to be so perfectly showed off.

Rob: A title shot eh? Well I tell you what Hunter, you’ve been good to me, caused no issues. You’ve won a few matches, and some nice, very nice matches as of late. And I've really enjoyed how you've been messing up Chamelion. I'm sure you had a good time bashing his head with those light tubes.

Hunter chuckles for a moment before responding.

Hunter: oh yes, it was great. Bitch deserved everything he got!

Rob: He does indeed. See I love what you’ve been doing with Mark these past few months, really stuck it to him. And I’d like to see nothing better then if you got a title shot for your efforts. In fact, if you won, the Grizzly beer title will be a great addition to your Genesis match… yes .. yes indeed, I like it a lot. Glad I thought of it.

Hunter brightens up his face and standing to his feet quickly.

Hunter: soo.. uh, I got it?

Rob: oh yes sure you got yourself a title tonight, I’ll send someone to get the match type from El Rey right away.

Hunter bellows a cheer inside his head but on the outside alternative he extends his hand to Robinson who shakes it in response. Hunter nodding and smiling leaves the office feeling upbeat and proud of himself. On the way out Lacey looks at Sullivan, kinda surprised at the happy-go-lucky tune to his step.

Lacey: ….. it… actually worked?

Jacob Figgins vs Vitaly Petrov

The first match of the evening started off with a bang as Figgins tried to use his weight to push and punish the lighter Petrov. The more technical Jacob used a variety of suplexes to keep the brawler off balance. but it was a mis-judged corner splash that gave the brawler from Russia a chance to get back into this match. Vitaly unloaded various strikes and kicks to the base of Figgins, also utilizing some backbreakers to wear down Jacob. The crowd nearly came out of their seats when Petrov nailed a snap suplex off the ring apron onto the floor. But minutes later it was the Gutwrench suplex off the top ropes that brought everything back to even ground. but in the end it was a sneaky roll up by Petrov that got the win.

WINNER: Vitaly Petrov

A Little R & K

Recorded Earlier In The Week

We fade in on the front entrance to The Sacred Lady of the Lake Hospital. People enter and exit through the big glass double doors. After a little bit the doors swing open and we see a wheel chair being pushed out toward the patient pickup area. As we zoom in we see that the patient is El Rey de Corazones.

Nurse: "Here we go Mr. Corazones."
(In Spanish w/ English Subtitles.)

El Rey: "Thank you Nurse ... Kosar?"

Rey looks up at her nametag. K. Kosar. As a Doctor walks out behind them.

Nurse: "Karen if you like. Karen Bernice Kosar.

Doctor: "Or as we like to call her 'Our Little Bernie'."

El Rey grins as he looks from one to the other.

El Rey: "Bernie Kosar? Like from the Cleveland Browns, the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins?"

The Doctor nods and the nurse looks confused for a moment, then she brightens up.

Nurse: "Wait! Dallas Cowboys? Was she a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader? That would certainly explain all of the football themed stuff you guys got me for my birthday at the end of last November."

The Doctor laughs as Nurse Kosar sashays back into the hospital.

Doctor: "I just love watching that backside in motion. Anyway, Mr. Corazones. As much as we love it when you stop by to see all of the kids in the Pediatric ward we would prefer that not to see you again in the Emergency Room. So let's try and be more carefull from now on. You should be fine to wrestle again in a couple of weeks but I would strongly suggest that you stay away from the ring or even strenuous workouts for the next few days. That young fellow you were fighting at Unsanctioned did quite a number on your back and we would not want the damage to become more severe."

El Rey: "Of course Doctor. I will endeavor to be more cautious in the future. Well, it looks like my ride is here. Again, thank you, Doctor, for all that you have done."

A Hummer 3 pulls up to the curb and Montaña Rose gets out of the driver's side to come around.

Doctor: "Just doing my job Mr. Corazones. No thanks are necessary ... as long as your check clears. Ha ha ha."

Rosa helps Rey into the passanger side and then gets in herself to drive off. As they are pulling out of the parking lot she looks at Rey with concern.

Montaña: "So, what did the Doctor say? Did he clear you to wrestle?"

Rey pauses for half a moment before smiling and giving her the thumbs up.

El Rey: "He said I should be good to wrestle again. Now if you can manage to time the lights right we should be able to make it to the arena for Chaos with enough time for me to change into my wrestling cloths."

As the vehicle drives off down the street we fade back to the arena.

El Rey de Corazones vs Hunter Sullivan

Before the bell rings, ‘Voices’ by Rev Theory hits the speakers, and Chamelion comes sauntering out, best he can limping anyway from Unsanction's match, with a Cheshire Grin on his face. Hunter immediately tenses up, glaring up the ramp as Chamelion raises the mic.

Chamelion: Hunter, hey there, how ya doing kiddo!?

The fans are loud, and Hunter glares harder at Chamelion.

Chamelion: I heard that Rob’s granted you a Grizzly Beer title match tonight, and something occurred to me. How the hell did you earn this? I mean, you didn’t win at Unsanctioned. I didn’t either, and I got no offer of a title shot… but you? Hmmm, I don’t much like it.

The crowd cheers, waiting to hear Chamelion’s next words.

Chamelion: So, since I’m co-president, and I think it’s unfair to grant you this shot, I’m taking it away.

Hunter gets pissed, grabbing at the ropes like he’s about to slide out and come after Chamelion.

Chamelion: However! I’m not a totally unfair guy here. Sure, I don’t like you… but ya know, I’m willing to concede you COULD earn the shot… so, if you beat El Rey tonight, fairly and without a DQ or count out, then you can have a rematch next week.. one on one… and then it’ll be for the Grizzly Beer Championship. Good luck!

Chamelion gives a mock bow, and turns on his heels and walks backstage. Hunter screams at him, but to no avail, and he turns, pissed off more, to face an amused El Rey. And with that the bell ring to start the match. El Rey from the start used Hunter's anger to keep him off balance for the start of the match. But all that ended when Hunter caught Rey coming off of the ropes with a nasty clothesline that flipped Rey inside out. Hunter then unleashed some brutal looking suplexes. Not being one that uses German Suplexes, Hunter started working on Rey's back using a variety of Back Breakers that looked to weaken the masked Champion. But Rey is able to get himself some wiggle room by using his speed and well placed kicks. Everything looked to be going back and forth up until Sullivan was able to hit his finisher out of nowhere for the surprise pinfall.

WINNER: Hunter Sullivan

All Unbooked Roster Members

Survival Battle Royal

An insane mass cluster fuck of action that saw things come down to the O'Connor Boys and new comer, Amber Rose Churchill. Amber used her speed to try and keep both of the Boys at bay. But eventually she tripped up and became a victim of some brutal double teaming. It was Amber that saw the chance to dump Seamus over the ropes. Thus leaving Amber and Sean a chance to amaze the crowd with some amazing back and forth action. But it was Sean who got caught too close to the ropes, allowing Amber to hit a well placed drop kick, tossing Sean over the ropes and thus Amber scored her debut victory.

WINNER: Amber Rose Churchill

Malicious vs Jacob Collins

TV Title Match

This match showed once again why the TV is one of the hottest belts in PWA as the Champion defended against Sommer's family member, Jacob Collins. Malicious tried to end the match as quickly as possible and save strength for his match on Rampage. Malicious threw everything and whatever else he could find in order to win the match, but Collins was able to take some tough shots and still keep going. Malicious looked to have the upper hand when Collins took a serious spill off the top turnbuckle onto the guardrailing. At the end of the match it was Malicious who was able to get the win with his finisher.

WINNER: Malicious