World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City,Mexico

The Announcement

The scene opens up to Eli Storm sitting at his desk. He has a sack of papers in front of him. Around him and his desk are men dressed in bear masks. Storm sighs and looks at the camera before speaking.

Storm: Before we get this show started there are some things that need to be addressed. One of those things are the reward that Johnny and Jacob earned by winning their tag match. For you two...regardless of what happens at Unsanctioned will both receive a World Title shot. So at the first Rampage after the PPV, get to go after the one title you haven't been able to grab. And Figgy...the following Rampage after get your shot.

You can hear the crowd explode with that announcement.

Storm: With that being said...for those who have access to the PWA have noticed that the Unsanctioned card has already been booked and post. But as with anything it is subject to change. And one of those match that are subject to change is the World Title match. As you have noticed there is an open spot in that match...a spot that has yet been filled. I'm going to be watching and seeing who is actually putting in the work and effort. And if I see that someone shows me the drive...that spot will be their reward.

One of the men in a bear mask whispers something in Storm's ear.

Storm: WHAT!?! Is Ceasar with him!?! You go find him now...and bring him to me. You...this little announcement is done...get your ass out of here!!!

The scene fades as Storm looks to be gettign ready to lose his mind.

Welcome to Rampage

Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City, Mexico

"I never knew that a kid like me
Could take his mic around the world and flash the big S.D.
And rock the masses, from Madrid to Calabassas
Tijuana, Mexico, bootleg demos in Tokyo..."

The scene opens to Eli Storm sitting behind his desk at Incredible Inc. On his desk sits the contracts of Matthew Engel, Simon Kalis...Storm pushes the camera away before it could see the last contract. The scene switches to Grizzly Beer Champion, Johnny Maverick, who is slowly shining his newly won gold.

“They know me though, 'cause I be puttin' in work
Commit my life to rebirth, well respected, 'cause that's my word
I'm sure you heard, about a new sound going around
She might have left my hood, but she was born in my town"

The scene then switches to PWA IC Champion, Teddy Alexander. The scene then switches to Hunter Sullivan who is waiting for Viktor Stone to turn around before nailing the Viper Snap. Hunter smiles as Stone hit the mat.

"You didn't know, thought we was new on the scene
Well, it's alright! It's alright!
I know you know, I see you smiling at me
Well, it's alright! It's alright!"

The scene switches to Shawn O'Reilly getting forcefully getting removed from a fan fest, shouting and screaming at anyone who will listen to him. The cameras come up on the PWA Tag Team Champions, Gunnar and Cody. Bodie Vera Cruz, is shown posing with the American flag. Sprinkles seem to be falling around him.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South"

Sykopath is seen in the gym, surrounded in a circle of watermelons. As a bell rings he grabs a handful of forks and flings them with amazing speed towards the mid regions (nutts and berries) of the watermelons. Luscious Starr is seen staring at a picture of the PWA Heavyweight Champion. Focused on getting it back.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
How you like me now?"

The scene now changes to a beautiful field full of daises. Spread out within the daisies ad plant pots in shape of dodos. Anna Matthews is seen with Pedro, playing dress up. While Bubba J poses with the PWA World Heavyweight Title. As the cameras zoom in.

"Is that all you got?
I'll take your best shot."

The scene now switched to the announcer table where McDaniel and Rentfro are ready to get started. Jon keeps looking over to the right of Brian. There stands an elderly Spanish lady in a maid outfit. Jon shakes it off and looks at the camera.

Jon McDaniel: We are live from Mexico City and we have action wall to wall. And keeping in tradition with Lucha Libra, every one that steps into the ring will be wearing masks. And I'm hoping that, that is why you are sitting next to me wearing that, Brian...

Brian Rentfro: Listen, why go out and buy a mask, when i can wear the one that came with my Vega's Official Bondage Starter kit!?!

Jon McDaniel: Vega's WHAT!?!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, a little Mexican kid sold it to me when we go off the plane. It even came with my own personal maid.

Jon McDaniel: And that who she is?

Maid: on one extra...

Brian smiles at Jon, then looks back at the Wench.

Brian Rentfro: Only if the first match is boring.

Jon just sighs as we go ringside.

Hank Serbia vs Karter Kash

Singles Match

Jon McDaniel: Our opening match here in Mexico City is a standard bout between two new PWA talents. Both have something to prove here tonight Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Absolutely Jon. When you look at this stacked Rampage card, you should feel fortunate to start off the night and help set the pace for the rest of the night.

Jon McDaniel: Stacked it is, Brian. And our competitors are in the ring ready to go. Hank Serbia is donning a red, white, and blue mask while Karter Kash represents his alma mater with a FSU mask.

Brian Rentfro: Interesting choices to say the least.

Serbia and Kash go at it fist for fist to start off the match, but Serbia gets the upper hand with a block and a knee to the gut of Kash. Serbia quickly puts Kash in an arm bar and then gives him a few kicks in the chest. Kash manages to get out of the arm bar and lay Serbia out with a nasty lariat. Kash brings Serbia to his feet and throws him into the corner, laying into him with chops and laser guided punches. Kash whips Serbia into the other corner - no, Serbia reverses it and then lays into Kash with a corner splash. Kash stumbles out of the corner and Serbia springboards off the top rope and takes him down with a headlock bulldog. Serbia goes the offensive for most of the rest of the match, showing that tonight he was a little more prepared for this match than Karter Kash was. Kash had managed to revese a few throws but Serbia stayed the course and waited for his opportunity to put Kash on his back. However, Kash managed to get a cheap shot in on Serbia which put him on his back. Kash went for Serbia's legs, looking to put him in the Kash Money but Serbia slammed his heel into Kash's face, and quickly hopped up and locked on the crossface for the win.

Winner: Hank Serbia by submission in 9:23

The Undisputed

Serbia slowly crawls to his knees after a grueling match and the fans give him polite applause as the referee raises his hand. But the cheers turn to confusion as the lights in the area are turned up white hot and "Welcome To The World" plays over the house PA...

"Ladies and Gentlemen recently I heard a little rumor..."

The crowd burts into boos as the UX Undisputed Champion, Micah Castille comes through the curtain and slowly pads his way down the ramp.

"They tell me that when I come to Pioneer and tell the truth like I do, that... it upsets people. Because I'm interrupting something sacred to the PWA audience and something sacred to the PWA stars."

"I mean, the last time I really hurt Bubba J's fee-fees because he was in the middle of some old fashioned PWA promo gold..."

Micah slowly turned to the camera and gave a huge, huge smile.

"And I ruined a great television moment. So, check it out everybody. It's been a couple of weeks. So let me make a little statement to the Gods of Wrestling, high above."

Castille climbs the apron, stretches his arms out to the sky, and shouts.

"Oh Gods of Wrestling, send your holy lightning from the sky AND STRIKE ME FUCKING DEAD, if a single person in this crowd or in that locker room remembers what Bubba J was talking about!"

The crowd boos loudly as Micah stands there with his arms stretched out. After a few seconds, he smiles and drops his arms.

"Don't worry wrestling gods, it's a PWA show and there's not much else going on tonight, take your time."

Micah stretches his arms out again, but of course, no lightning happening here. After a few seconds, he shrugs his shoulders and climbs down off the turnbuckle.

"Maybe the wrestling gods found out fuckin' Bubba J was your world champion and found better shit to do tonight. But it was something about a guy in a lucha mask, right? Something about a pickup truck?"

After all this talking, Hank Serbia slowly sat up, still catching his breath from the brutal nine minute marathon that had been placed in front of him. He gathers himself and takes a couple steps forward.

"Hey man, I think -" Before he can finish, Micah springs into action, dropping him with the Euphoria Cutter and. The crowd boos even louder as Castille rolls the big guy out of the ring.

"Hey man, I think if I wanted a bitch's opinion I'd get a fucking Tumblr account. Who the fuck are you, anyway? Now AS I WAS SAYING... when most of you touch a microphone, you do it to fill time. I do it to make history."

He smiles and shrugs his shoulders as Serbia struggles face down on the outside.

"And I do it to help others. As bad as things have gotten over here in PWA - and it's pretty fuckin terrible... I've had to take a little time and think about what's needed over here."

"Anyway, I sat backstage and I... watched. I watched Matthew Engel and SImon Kalis fighting over the scraps of what was once a big deal promotion, I watched Luscious Starr's hilarious COME GET ME BRO CHALLENGE and let me just say, you need to watch your fucking tone, because of Anna was here now she'd probably turn your face to pizza."

A laugh.

"And as I watched all of this, I didn't feel hatred, I just felt... pity. Because honestly, the problem isn't the lack of natural talent, balls, or charisma. Although, I mean that's pretty bad. The problem is... a fundamental lack of leadership.

What PWA needs... what each and every one of you NEED... more than anything... is guidance."

Micah gave a smug smile as the jeering continued. "Somebody you can look up to, in short... you need a real champion."

"Welcome to the World" plays again, and The Undisputed is off through the crowd.

Dream Evil

Jon McDaniel: Whoa!

Suddenly, all of the lights in the arena cut out completely leaving everyone in pitch dark. A number of fans begin raising lit lighters in the air to try and get a better look at what is happening, like that’ll do any good.

Brian Rentfro: What’s going on?!


The crowd immediately erupts into cheers!

Jon McDaniel: Oh boy I think we just got our answer Brian!


The bell tolls once more, and once more the crowd is raucous in their cheering.


“Vengeance” by Dream Evil hits as Raizzor’s image appears over the ADCTron and his video begins to play, instantly sending the crowd into frenzy. Finally there appears twelve men in hooded robes, six at either side of the entrance ramp. Two of them on each side carry a casket as the spotlight shines on them, a white mist rising about all over ringside.

Jon McDaniel: HE’S BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! And ONE PARTICULAR one eyed black man should be crapping himself right about now! The shenanigans are about to come to an end!

Brian remains silent, awe struck if anything as the men carry the large black casket to the ring. They even leave a trail of dirt as dirt slides off the top of the casket and its sides, as if the casket was only just recently dug up. The four men carrying the casket take it carefully up the steel steps as two others sit on the ropes while four are already inside the ring to receive the casket. The hand off is made between the middle and top ropes and then the casket is placed standing upright with the crowd cheering wildly.

Jon McDaniel: I’ve got goosebumps Brian. I’ve got goosebumps!

The last bit of dirt slides off the casket as its put up right in the center of the ring and suddenly the lights go back out!


The lights turn back on and all but one of the hooded men is gone. The one left remains, kneeling before the casket as it opens.

Jon McDaniel: Oh my God…

Out steps a man in a sleeveless leather vest, black leather pants and leather boots. He has fake long black hair that is seemingly attached to the Raizzor mask he is wearing, but his black skin and the tattooes on his forearms leave no doubt who this man actually is.


“Raizzor” raises his arms in the air, with his head lowered and then brings them down fast as pyros shoot up from each corner of the ring. He whips his head back so the long flowing and fake black hair can whip back with it as the music dies down. He places a hand down on the hooded man in the ring and brings his chin up. He pulls out…

Jon McDaniel: Dear Lord is that a chameleon Simon just pulled out of his pocket?

Brian Rentfro: You mean that RAIZZOR pulled out of his pocket!

“Raizzor” hands the chameleon to the hooded man who immediately stands up, spins around and rips off his cloak and then holds the tiny lizard in the air for all to see.

Jon McDaniel: Oh good. As if this wasn’t bad enough now we’ve got that damn dirty bum Vega from Underground X here.

Vega grabs the lizard and bites its head off to the shock, awe, gasps and absolute horror of the crowd. He seems to chew the head and throw the rest of the dead lizard into the crowd before jumping over the top rope and sliding over the announcers’ desk to join them.

Brian Rentfro: Welcome back Vega! This is brilliant!

Vega: I think this time I’ll go with blue. No… NO! AQUA!

Jon McDaniel: Lovely…

Jon plugs his nose as “Raizzor” is handed a microphone.



The crowd goes nuts!







Raizzor Kalis: I….

Yet before he can continue, “Goin’ out West” by Tom Waits hits and the crowd boos loudly.

Jon McDaniel: Oh thank goodness. Matthew Engel can at least stop this mummers farce before it can continue.

Brian Rentfro: Are you kidding me? This is the most entertaining Raizzor has been since 1992!

Vega: BATMAN!!!!!

Yet out from behind the curtain comes running a man who sort of looks like Matthew Engel… He is certainly as roided up looking as Engel, but he is probably about a 3’10 version of Matthew Engel and he sprints on his tiny little legs to the ring and now the crowd is laughing.


Raizzor Kalis stomps his feet down hard in the ring and Mini Engel stumbles around trying to keep his balance as the ring shake feels like an earthquake for him. He grabs onto the ropes and then climbs the top turnbuckle. Raizzor Kalis continues to roar and spit while he screams about souls and Mini Engel then proceeds to fly off with EUTHANASIA!!! The crowd goes nuts except Raizzor Kalis catches him by his right leg and begins spinning in the ring until he flings Mini Engel out of the ring and somewhere into the crowd.


Suddenly, “Alcohol” by Dropkick Murphy’s hits and the crowd is ecstatic with many of the drunk fans raising their Coronas to the air.

Jon McDaniel: I doubt Bubba J is actually coming out.

Vega: Alduin is the World Eater.

Brian Rentfro: I agree Vega, insightful input here tonight.

As expected it isn’t Bubba J who comes out…


Jon McDaniel: That is NOT Mark Sommers, Brian!

A mini midget version of The Chamelion steps out to the laughter of the crowd, he points to the backstage curtain as a disgruntled looking midget version of Bubba J comes out holding up a miniature PWA World title and is forced by The Chamelion to run to the ring.

Brian Rentfro: HAHAHAHA LOOK AT HIS LITTLE TITLE! It’s like a headband most people would wear.

Vega: Pie certainly is delicious, especially with the added flavor of spiced human DNA for a thicker, creamier and richer texture in your mouth.

Jon McDaniel sighs as Mini Bubba J is forced into the ring. He goes for Trailer Park Trash and kicks Raizzor Kalis just below the shin and gets DRIVEN TO HELL BY RAIZZOR KALIS!!! Mini Chamelion applauds as a midget referee runs to the ring, slips down the entrance ramp and rolls before getting up and sliding into the ring. Raizzor Kalis drops to his knees and puts a pinky on midget Bubba’s chest as mini referee makes the count!

Brian Rentfro: ONE!


Jon McDaniel: I am not going along with this.

Brian Rentfro: THREEEEEE!!!!!

Raizzor Kalis has his arm raised by the midget referee, but instead the midget referee hangs on for dear life as Raizzor Kalis lifts his arms high in the air. Raizzor Kalis puts the mini World title around his head since it’s just a headband with a cardboard cutout of a title plate glued to it.

Brian Rentfro: Just look, I forgot how massive Raizzor is compared to his opponents. He makes guys like Bubba and Engel look like little people in comparison.

Vega: I bet he’s got a big dick too. What can I say? I’m a proud connoisseur of cock.

Jon McDaniel: How is that the first sensible thing you’ve ever said on a PWA broadcast?


Yet before Raizzor Kalis can recite some poetry about drinking cows blood in the Nevada desert, “Master of Puppets” hits and out comes running a mini midget, eye patch wearing Simon Kalis! The crowd is loving it! Raizzor Kalis is freaking out in the ring. As Mini Kalis slides into the ring, Raizzor Kalis stomps his feet again and causes the midget to get really dizzy as he tries to keep balance. Raizzor Kalis grabs Mini Kalis and slams him hard against the canvas with a Tombstone Shoulder Breaker! Raizzor Kalis covers but only gets a 2 count! The crowd goes WILD! Raizzor Kalis lifts up Mini Kalis again and does another Tombstone Shoulder Breaker! AND THEN ANOTHER!!!


Jon McDaniel: Brian that is NOT Raizzor! That IS Simon Kalis and he’s fighting a midget version of himself!

Brian Rentfro: Midget is an offensive word, you should be ashamed of yourself Jon.

Vega: Yeah don’t you have any morals or respect for others?

Jon McDaniel: Vega? Don’t talk to me about morals you made a man tap out to a submission where all you did was gnaw his penis.

Mini Kalis just won’t quit and Raizzor Kalis screams at him.



The lights go out and everyone cheers wildly.

Raizzor Kalis: THIS! I PROMISE YOU!


When the lights turn back on, ringside is completely empty of anyone we just saw. Even Vega has disappeared from ringside.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell did we just watch, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: Raizzor is clearly making it known Simon Kalis is doomed, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: Why did I even ask you?

The Inmates Are Running Shit Now

Brian Rentfro: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to PWA Rampage on Spike TV! I'm Brian Rentfro...

Jon McDaniel: and I'm Jon McDaniel, and Brian, we're kicking the night off as only the PWA can!!

Brian Rentfro: Yes, indeed, Jonny! Last week, Lucious Starr made a HUGE announcement stating that he would start the night inside a steel cage.

Jon McDaniel: And he is in that cage as we speak!! Let's cut over and find out what's on Lucy's mind tonight!!

The camera pans over to the ring, where Lucious Starr stands in a cage, mic in hand. The crowd almost seems pleased at this sight, Lucious raising the mic to his lips.

Lucious Starr: Ever since my return to the squared circle, I've faced problems from all sides. Get a couple wins, take a few losses, no biggie. But just as things start getting better, the Management seems to throw an iron fist down to stop my momentum.

Brian Rentfro: The damn pity story again.

Jon McDaniel: He does kinda have a point, though...

Lucious Starr: Eli Storm put me against one of the greatest World Champions of our time and the best technical wrestler of our era in Marvin Wood. And to make the stakes even higher, he made it a Number One Contender's Match for the Intercontinental Championship. I'll give Woody this much; on any other night, he might have bested me. Hell, maybe things would have gone the other way had the stakes not been set so high. But on that night, for that one moment, my will to reclaim the title was stronger than his resolve, and I came out the victor. And yet, just when the world thought a contender had been named, Storm quickly showed his true colors.

Brian Rentfro: Here it comes...

Jon McDaniel: Hear him out, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Please...

Lucious Starr: What was supposed to be a contest to determine a viable contender soon became unraveled into a simple effort to reboot Marvin's ego... gone wrong. Indeed, once Marvin lost that match, it became Eli's sole purpose to keep me from getting my shot at the title. One by one, half the roster was given MY slot, and a chance at the championship. And yet, I was kept at bay.

Suddenly, a shimmer of hope. The match was set, on live television no less, for a triple threat match at Ground Zero. I would FINALLY get my opportunity to reclaim what SHOULD have been mine all along. But it was not to be, as the management saw fit to take my shot away once more and give it to Anna Mathews.

Brian Rentfro: Wake me when it's over!!

Lucious Starr: At Ground Zero, I made my presence felt. I made the management realize what a mistake they had made. And with one fell swoop, I made myself the Intercontinental Champion. Since then, Scotty Strap-on has been gritting his teeth, looking for anything he can to break me. But that's the beauty of being Lucious Starr- I'm unbreakable.

Jon McDaniel: The man bleeds like the victim in a Freddy movie, but he doesn't back away from a fight.

Brian Rentfro: He also doesn't give respect where it's due.

Jon McDaniel: He's been screwed over for months, Brian! What would you have do...

Brian Rentfro: There you go, buying into his pity conspiracies!! What a sheep...

Lucious Starr: I've been called many things since that night. Coward, fool, plague. Interesting how a never-was like Mark McNasty looks like a damn hero and gets awarded the damn thing for grabbing it for shits and giggles; yet the moment I do it for good reason, I'm public enemy number one. Well, if that's the way it's going to be, then it's time we settle this shit here and now.

Brian Rentfro: Yay! Start the handicap match!!

Jon McDaniel: I doubt that's what HE had in mind, but that's what management is looking to do...

Lucious Starr: Eli Storm!! I think we've already seen on MULTIPLE occasions that your little pet can't finish a job for you. So with him and your powers of GM having been stripped away, why don't you bring your worthless hide down here, step into the cage and hash out your homoerotic fixation of me in the ring??

Jon McDaniel: Uh, I don't...

Brian Rentfro: Okay, NOW I'm interested.

Lucious Starr: Hey, Aaron. Rather than being the pathetic weasel you are, why don't you call off the Order's army? How about leaving your hordes of sexual man-slaves backstage, and stop hiding behind the Virus? Hows about YOU grow a fucking pair, bring your has-been ass down to this ring, and face me like a damn man!!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, I love this!! Lucy's begging to get killed!!

Jon McDaniel: For once, I agree... this very well could be career suicide...

Lucious Starr: And speaking of washed-up nobodies who like to hide behind superficial walls... hey, Scotty!! You want to stop sending Bandidos after me for a minute?? Maybe step out from behind that desk of yours?? I'm thinking that, as proud as you are of yourself for mocking me through a camera lens, you gotta have some tiny fucking balls if you're doing it behind that desk and a small army. Why don't you pick up what's left of your millimeter peter, rattle them old, creaky bones and drag your happy ass down here, huh? How about you be a fucking man for the first time in your pathetic life and call me Shadow TO MY FUCKING FACE?!

Brian Rentfro: Screw career suicide, Lucy's got an honest-to-Kalis deathwish!!

Jon McDaniel: Honest to who?? I thought...

Brian Rentfro: Kalis is God, Jon. All hail.

Lucious Starr: Unlike you power-crazed sons of sluts, I'm not hiding behind any goddamn thing. I'm right here, motherfuckers. The target's on my back and I'm BEGGING y'all to shoot already!! That door's gonna be shut and locked in five minutes, and I'm going to have it out with anyone who drags themselves in here with me. I don't care if it's one person, I don't care if it's five people, I don't if eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevery damn person in that locker room wants to crowd in here and get some issues dealt with, I'm handing out some punishm...

"Goin Out West" hits the PA as Lucious is cut off, looking up the ramp to watch as Matthew Engel emerges. He grins, shaking his head but makes his way down the ramp.

Brian Rentfro: And whatever issue these two men have is about to escalate...

Jon McDaniel: Apparently, Engel just couldn't wait for their match to get his hands on the PWA's Most Wanted...

Engel jumps to the ropes near the door, entering. He slides in, coming nose-to-nose with Lucious. The two stare each other down as Engel's music fades, but their showdown is interrupted by the sound of engines running, "Five Minutes Alone" by Pantera hitting the PA. A group of bikers crowd the stage and half the entrance ramp as the music fades, Scott Nash Strader appearing on the PWAtron

SNS: Hey, Shadow. I had some business to handle stateside, so I couldn't be bothered to tell you how pathetic you are in person. But I had some friends who are less than happy with your actions last week. So I thought I'd at least be nice enough to let them take their aggression out.

With that, the Bandidos flood the ring, starting into the cage. Strader grins, waving as his image fizzles off screen.

As Lucious surveys the trouble he's in, he keeps his main focus on Engel. The two continue to stare down as the Bandidos surround them, clearly keeping the numbers game in mind. Suddenly, a masked man jumps the crowd barrier behind the announce desk, making his way up the cage.

Brian Rentfro: Wait, I didn't think fans were...

Jon McDaniel: I don't think that's a fan, Brian!! Look at that mask!!

The camera pans up, and we notice it is none other than a Malicious mask!! The crowd goes nuts as the masked man pops down beside Engel and Starr, pulling a mic out.

Mark McNasty: Hey, Starr-shine!! Got your message last week, thought I'd drop by to see ya!

Lucious eyes Engel, but turns to McNasty.

Lucious Starr: Y'know, I would have expected Hunter Sullivan, one of the Sommers Brothers, even Monkey McDee or PansyBitch to show up tonight... but you? Shit, I figured I'd kicked your ass to the curb for the last time. But if you still have beef...

Mark McNasty: No, no, no. You got me all wrong, Luce! I'm not here to FIGHT you! I'm here to help!!

Lucious steps back, shocked. Engel himself furrows his brow, the entire audience in shock. McNasty laughs, Lucious scratching his head.

Starr: You're saying what? I think I have crazy in my ear.

McNasty: Oh sorry, let me speak up. I WANT TO MANAGE YOU, AND, if need be, TEAM WITH YOU.

The crowd suddenly goes nuts, the idea that these long-time rivals could possibly work together makes NO sense. Lucious seems skeptical... as well, he probably should...

Starr: That's all good and well, except for the part where I hate you...

McNasty: Aw, I feel the same buddy.

Starr: Don't call me buddy, pal.

McNasty: Don't call me pal, friend.

Starr: Ok, we need to stop before we have a lawsuit on our hands.

McNasty: I know right. Look, even since I killed my last tag team partner, God rest his diabetic soul, I just feel like I know I can help someone. You look like some help might not hurt.

Starr: Are you saying I can't handle myself?

McNasty: Lucy, I'm saying if this many people have come out of the back at one time and all converge on you at once, you're fucked like a Kalis. You could use some backup...should the proper situation arise.

McNasty offers a hand, Lucious still unsure of what to say. Suddenly, the Bandidos start to attack. Lucious pushes McNasty aside, taking out a pair of the bikers with a double dropkick. McNasty spins around, nailing one with a clothesline himself. The two turn to see where Engel is... and the Virus is beating on the Bandidos!!

Brian Rentfro: WHAT?!

Jon McDaniel: Engel didn't come out here for Starr after all! He wanted a piece of the SNS crony action!!

Brian Rentfro: Well, this isn't going to end well...

Lucious and McNasty shrug, glad to have one more for the battle. They start laying into more Bandidos, but the number game starts to catch up.

Brian Rentfro: It's at LEAST 4-to-1 in there, even with Engel and McNasty...

Jon McDaniel: Lucious has bitten off more than he can chew, while Engel and McNasty have jumped into this self-inflicted trap of their own ridiculous accord!!

The Bandidos have seperated the three men to different corners, laying into them without remorse. Suddenly, McNasty somehow manages to plow right through a pair of bikers and into the center of the ring. He sets his sights on the corner with Engel, launching himself into the fray. With a few of the Bandidos distracted by McNasty, Engel shoots into one Bandido with an STO, flooring him. Another Bandido grabs his hair, but this proves fatal as Engel grabs his neck and drops him into a stunner!! The odds start to even out as McNasty and Engel work together against the remaining Bandidos from McNasty's prior corner, but it's what's happening in the last filled corner that has the crowd roaring.

Brian Rentfro: WHAT THE HELL?!

Jon McDaniel: How did Lucious sneak a bike chain in there?!?!

Bandidos start to fall left and right as Lucious uses his previously hidden bike chain to whip them one by one, tearing into the faces of various bikers. The men around him start to back off, regrouping mid-ring. The rest of the Bandidos join them, a few grunts and all attention is turned to Lucy and the chain. McNasty and Engel jump to Starr's side, posing for a fight. The Bandidos charge, Lucious giving his backup one simple order.

Lucious Starr: Duck.

Engel and McNasty look confused at first, but quickly hit the mat as Lucious uses the chain to turn himself into a man-sized weed-whacker. Bandidos are smacked left and right, the chain whipping around like a lose electrical wire. The bikers start to scurry out the still-open cage door, Lucious continuing to spin the chain around for a moment as the last one jumps. He grins, letting the chain's momentum slow as Engel and McNasty stand, heading for the cage wall nearest the entrance ramp. They shout out to the retreating bikers, nursing minor wounds. Lucious picks up a mic, garnering the attention of the crowd.

Lucious Starr: Hey, Scotty.

The crowd goes silent, waiting for Lucious' next words. Engel and McNasty turn, both interested as well.

Lucious Starr: Is that all you've got?

Lucious drops the mic, Naughty by Nature's "Here Comes The Money" hitting the PA. Engel slides out, throwing out a peace sign to the two men in the ring. McNasty pats Lucy on the back, Starr still unsure. The cage starts to raise, the two men sliding out and heading up the entrance ramp.

Jon McDaniel: A crazy, but BEAUTIFUL showing here by Lucious Starr, as well as Matthew Engel and Mark McNasty.

Lucious pushes McNasty a bit, still weary of his intentions. Suddenly, El Titiritero pops out from the crowd behind the announce table, a grin... we think. She points at Lucy, shaking her head, then grabs the Intercontinental Championship he forgot and slips it over her shoulder, disappearing back into the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is going on around here?! Who the hell is running this show?!

Jon McDaniel: If this little scene is any indication, Brian, it looks like the inmates are running the asylum now!!

Ashes To Ashes...

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, our special referee for this match, Ash Nukem!

A decent pop from the crowd as Nukem walks out wearing a Deadpool mask. He waves and slaps some hands on his way down the ramp.

Brian Rentfro: Who the hell is this?

Jon McDaniel:'s Ash Nukem. Former PWA Television, Grizzly Beer, and Tag Team champion.

Brian Rentfro: ...Nope...not ringing any bells. I think you're making this up.

Jon McDaniel: He had wins over Marxx, Cody Bogard, and even the Phoenix!

Brian Rentfro: ...Okay...Now I know you're making this up.

Jon signs heavily and shakes his head as Emerson announces the competitors.

Emperor Ian vs Kyle Stevenson

Mexican City Street Fight

Both Ian and Kyle are in the middle of the ring when the ref calls for the bell. Kyle tries to set things off with a roundhouse kick, but Ian ducks under and wraps his arms around Kyle's waist and lifts him up in the air...holding him before spinning him around and nailing a painful looking German suplex. Stevenson is nearly folded in half as he contacts with the mat. Ian adjust his mask and hams it up for the crowd for a moment before rolling Kyle to the outside of the ring. Ian slides out of the ring and sets up a chair by the guard railing. He sits Kyle in the chair and starts to fire fists into his face. Ian then grabs a sombrero from on of the fans and hops on the ring apron. Ian springboards off the ropes and squashes Kyle with a Moonsault. Ian picks himself up and throws Kyle over the guard railing. He tells a fan to hold his box of nachos in Kyle's face. As the fan does this, Ian superkicks the nachos into Kyle's face. Kyle flips over and is trying to get hot nacho cheese out of his face. Ian goes to grab Kyle again, but this time Kyle yanks down the sombrero and makes his way up the stairs and through a gateway to the merch area. Kyle hides behind the gateway and waits for Ian to walk through, not realizing that Ian has gone through the gateway a few steps up from him. Kyle does't notice Ian sneaking up behind him...but does notice when Ian drops him with a inverted DDT. As soon as Kyle hits the floor, Ian wastes no time wrapping him up with the Heretic's fork. Kyle is grasping at the leg of Ian, but Ian isn't going to let go that easy. The ref goes in to check as Kyle starts to tap as he feels the last bit of air leave him.

WINNER: Emperor Ian

2 Weeks and Counting...

Figure: "It won't be terribly difficult. I'll do my best from behind the scenes to smoothen the process."

Satire: "What's that mean?"

Figure : "That means, I'm pretty good at pulling strings and calling in favors. For example; here's the master key for the third floor, just for you."

Satire: "I guess I'll leave the how question for another time. But what about the elephant in the room, how is our little friend coming along? From what I can tell, he's not about to play ball. I'm not putting my neck on the line if you can't come through with the last piece."

Figure: "You leave him to me. You get that contract, and I'll make sure he plays the game. I guarantee it."

Satire: "Fine, you take care of him, and I WILL get that contract, you have my word."

Figure: "I'm glad to hear that. But, you'll excuse me for taking precautions."

Satire: "What's that?"

Figure: "A Walther PPQ pistol; from my own collection. Y'know, in case you fuck something up."

January 16th 2014

I got some time, but it's irrelevant. The tedium involved in searching for this classified contract is going to burn through my delicate timing. I place the key back into my pocket, quietly pressing the office door shut. Here's hoping that the ineptitude of a bunch of night time security won't be able to figure shit out for another few hours. I make myself familiar with the room; a terrible carpet, sturdy desk, several drawers, and to my serendipity a flask of Crown Royal. The contract is probably somewhere in the large and locked filing cabinets that line both sides of the walls, excluding a gap for what seems to be some sort of working desk in the corner, an assistant perhaps. I glance out the window for any activity and see nothing but the gleam of city lights and an abnormally large window ledge. Sighing, I get straight to work picking the lock on the top-most compartment of the first cabinet labeled 'legal papers.'

The first problem becomes more and more evident the longer it seems to take me to bust open compartment. The second problem comes from how monotonous it becomes skimming though this assholes poorly laid out filing system. Time passes from minutes to minutes as I fling my effort from compartment to compartment. The silence in the halls becomes unsettling and I find myself, again, up to my neck in nervousness. Time passes slowly but progressively over the next hour or so I manage to strip through half the room's files. A guttural slosh of discomfort and impatient desires brings me to a steady rush, flicking rapidly through more and more folders until a curious date crosses my eyes. 11 22 09. Ripping it from the confounds of the lower most compartment in the front of the room, I skim through all the contracts inside, scanning and being as diligent as I can possibly be.


I grip in my hand the contract. A silver slick smirk ruptures through the stress, I've got it! Relishing in my own accomplishments I take my eye off the ball. Perhaps the palpitating drummed out the clicking sound of the door, or maybe it was a nervous glitch, whatever it was lead me to turn to the door, now occupied by a wide eyed David. I had just practically screamed out my location in blind relief and I curse my lack of professional skill. Panic takes control as I dash my body at the door, thrashing the man's chest and arm against the door frame. Jarred, David stumbles out into the hallway giving me a chance to slam the door shut! Twirling around in loose posture I grasp the desk, heaving it up and onto its side. Putting my all into these next few moments I wedge the desk up against the door, cast firm into the carpet's friction.

That's when the alarms went off.

I don't know how David did it so fast, I didn't even hear him radio it in. Nevertheless, a harsh but dull siren rings through the building and I can only imagine the cops have been notified. Whipping around I quickly go back though the room. There are no vents big enough, no wall thin enough and no-fire escape. Staring out the window I curse the affirming sight of seeing sirens in the far distance, how are they so fast! The door behind me is essentially being kicked in by several guards now and I don't have much time to figure out what to do.

Grasping my mission specific phone I begin one ballsy escape attempt. I glare out the window at the surrounding areas. Dialing up his number, I hope he has my back as much as he says.

Figure: "What's that noise? What'd you do?!"

Barking through the phone comes the disappointed and irritated voice of my partner.

Satire: "Shut the fuck up and get me a get-away car at the Harley apartments east of PWA! I got the file and I'm on my way out of the building."

Standing firm with my tone is the only way to reassure him, reassure myself.

Figure: "....Fine, they're on the way. Don't fuck this up!"

I hang up, no time for idle chit-chat. I grasp the edge of the window, hoisting it open and punching the insect guard onto the pavement below. The fall takes a moment, a stomach wrenching reminder of how dangerous this is. The stinging sense of whisky draws my attention, liquid courage. I shoot enough liquor to quench the knot in my stomach turning my attention to pulling myself out of the 4th floor window. I've never gripped and focused so much in my life as I fight the wind upon the ledge. I can see the equivalent ledges from adjacent rooms as they litter the side of the building, but they aren't attached to each other. Thinking as quickly as possible I judge the distance and with the heel of my boot I throw myself towards the next room! My foot looses grasp of the ledge as I topple and grasp the ridges of the window. Pulling my foot back onto the platform I glare at the next window ledge, needing more room to escape the guards; perhaps unnoticed, I need to risk it. Eyeing the next destination I find my lip quivering in fear, a tremble in my mind and the attempted justifications of giving up. I jump. Cradling the concrete my legs dangle and search for solid ground that they will not find. I'm a wrestler, I can get myself out of this bullshit situation one way or another. Desperate, I haul myself up with haste onto the smallish platform, CRASH! I don't have the leverage advantage but a solid shot from the Walther shatters the glass in front of me.

Sirens and thrashing doors save my ass, slicing and dicing myself into the room of misplaced glass. I move as swiftly as possible, thrashing against the inside door, plowing it open and sprinting out into the hallway. The guards catch glimpse of me, and through confusion and protocol give chase. I look back to see the more fit guards making ground, but I'm faster. I fire through the door to the staircase, leaping bounds and bounds over stair and stair alike. As I gain ground, it seems like I might just make it. I reach my hand into my pocket, the slick folded over contract brings me reassurance as I turn the corner into a sight that drops my stomach to the floor. Blue and Red lights flashing and pulsating outside the main entrance with several men barking out orders to each other. I never thought they'd be here this fast. I turn my attention towards memory, trying to recall any other exits on this floor. The velocity of my movement squeaks across the floor as I turn corners, setting a B-line for the side exit before it becomes maggoty with badge wearing faggots.

In my way stands a taser toting idiot, David once more, trembling in his big boy security pants. I can't take this distraction, I don't have time for this!

David: "Stop where y-you are. Or else!"

He points his taser accusingly at me. He acts as if he's got what it takes to take me down, his quivering lip gives up his facade.

Satire: "Or else what?"

I lay bait, I want to see how he reacts.

David: "OR I'LL SHOOT!"
He steps forward and tightens his grip on the taser. I hide my gun behind my back, not ready to give away the ace up my sleave.

Satire: "I don't want to hurt you David, you should back down."

He will, he's afraid.

David: "No!"

I sling my arm back and strafe left with a roll, pulling out the gross steel. Instinctively I find myself hauling back the trigger puncturing the leg of my opposition. The sound of ripped flesh and ignited powder loom an intimidating air over the situation. Knowledge of a weapon's involvement is about to turn this police call into something much, much worse. The hole I find myself digging keeps getting bigger.

David: "Please, I have a family! Don't kill me."

I look down at his sobbing face and a strong taste of pity infects my senses. It's just too bad that his whimpering pleas of mercy classify him as 'coward.' My disgust tries to justify my action, I move ahead ignoring the frail carcass of a man. There is nothing between me and the door so I charge, bursting the door open with a blunt shoulder. I'm greeted with the crisp air of late night upon my naustrals, my eyes however, are blinded by the accusing lights of the country's finest officers. Gun in hand, contract in pocket, and a line of casualties behind me are all adding up to my doom.

A flash bang! Everyone including myself toss up shocked and searing eyes against the flash's sudden arrival. I feel myself grasped and hauled away, my ears ring and my logic fails me as another body seems to lift me up onto their back. I can hear bangs and chaos, I try to speak out over the noise but it falls on deaf ears. I feel movement and the grunts of some man running. I don't know whats going on, even as my sight starts to return. Sticks and branches lash me across the face, we seem to be half way through the small forest section separating PWA's HQ with a set of apartments. It dawns on me who exactly is saving me right now, leading me to a rather indebted smile.

Satire: "I can walk from here."

I groan out a discomforting direction, the enigmatic men follow my command. We keep moving and I finally get to size up my rescuing team of misfits. A large bulky man who had previously been carrying me, and a small slender fellow who proceeds to give direction to both me and the larger male. The Smaller man, who is also wearing a mask to conceal his identity seems like he is quite versed in the situation, leading us away from danger as best as possible. Soon we hit clearing and open air is the only thing between us and escape. As we make it to the vehicle our pursuers finally emerge from the bush, firing shots as they make eye contact. I finally get a look at the officers and something seems off. The larger man dives behind the car, hauling me along with him. He takes what seems to be a grenade out of his coat pocket, and suddenly the severity of this situation is escalating without any sense of remorse.

I'm swiftly thrusted violently into the back seat as the larger man heaves a sniper like throw! A third man of African descent sits in the front seat instructing me to get down as the grenade pops off and the squeal of wheels flusters its way into my ears. I hear guns popping off and sirens humming in the distance as these mysterious men bark code and sharp banter.

Larger man: "Who were they!"

I look up confused, "Who?"

He snarls back at me, "The ones trying to kill you! Idiot!"

His tone barks an anti-authoritive instinct within me, "The god damn cops, are you blind!"

The larger man shoves me down into the seat more-so, pointing a pistol in my face as he does, "You listen here faggot, last time I checked police officers don't look like that!"

It's in that moment that everything starts to circle around in my head. I hadn't ever truly gotten a good look at any of the men in front of me, but who else would it be? Come to think of it, I knew no police force would react that fast and send that many officers."

Larger man: "So, who were they?"

I glare down at the Walther in my hand..... This was planned.

Satire: "....Get us out of sight, I have an idea who might know. "

Anna Matthews vs Sykopath

Singles Match

The lights in the arena go dark.

The sound of fires burning and a bell gonging hail the beginning of 'Shepherd of Fire' by Avenged Sevenfold.

The guitar driven opening plays and fire shoots from the entranceway as Sykopath makes his way to the ring.

Lets take a moment and break the ice
So my intentions are known
See I pity in watching you suffer
I know the feeling of feeling of being damned
I have a storybook of my own

Don't you see I am your pride
Agent of will
Bearer of needs
And you know what's right
I am your war
Arming the strong
Aiding the weak
Know me by name
Shepherd of fire

He is dressed in a hooded black monk's robe, his head covered. When he gets to the ringsteps, he removes the robe. He is wearing a black bodysuit that is designed to look like a skeleton from head to toe. His mask is black, with a built on hood and skeletal features.

Well I can promise you paradise
No need to serve on your knees
And when you're lost in the darkest of hours
Take a moment and tell me who you see
Wont tell ya who not to be

Now you know I am your pride
Agent of wealth
Bearer of needs
And you know what's right
I am your war
Arming the strong
Aiding the weak
Know me by name
Shepherd of fire

He enters the ring, comes to the center of the ring and kneels in prayer.

Disciple of the cross and champion in the suffering
Immerse yourself into the kingdom of redemption
Pardon your mind through the chains of the divine
Make way for the shepherd of fire

Through the ages of time
I've been known for my hate
But I'm a dealer of simple choices
For me it's never too late


I am your pride
Agent of wealth
Bearer of needs (And you know it's right)
I am your war
Arming the strong
Aiding the weak

I am your wrath
I am your guilt
I am your lust (And you know it's right)
I am your law
I am your stall
I am your trust

Know me by name
Shepherd of fire

Sykopath thows his arms outward, making a cross like pose. He stands makes a gesture similar to the sign of the Cross, then goes to his corner.

Just as Eric Emerson is about to put the microphone to his lips, he is interrupted by a blast of...violins and trumpets! Well, yeah. That happened. Instantly, the Mexican crowd pops knowing full well who's underneath the mask. The house lights dim a bit as the ramp is illuminated by red, green, and white as Metalachi's version of Master of Puppets has only just begun to go into full swing. A figure repels from the rafters as if on stings, limp and unfeeling. It dances for a moment to and fro before looking up at the ring and giving a very silly grin. El Titiritero whirls off the strings and seems on have something shiny on her shoulder.

The...the Intercontinental title?!

Indeed. With an air of confidence, she stands on the ramp with one foot placed ahead of the other and holding the title as if it--gasp and shock!--belongs there. The masked vixen skips to the ring, occasionally taking a small amount of time to try and silence a few of the fans to no avail. She shrugs as she whirls her hands around the title making the belt disappear and climbs into the squared circle. But not before dragging a certain hometown boy out of the crowd and making him do the announcing.

Pedro Gonzales: Señoras y señores! Actualmente en el anillo de una esbelta y espectaculares ciento veinte libras de Mexicali, México, que es la sensación de la nación, la comidilla de la ciudad, y el mejor luchador en busca aquí! Ella es El Titiritero!

A minor chant of "BUENO! BUENO! BUENO!" begins as Pedro sits down and El Titiritero patiently lays on the top rope waiting for the bell to ring.


Eric Emerson: SU ÁRBITRO ... DANIEL DAVIS!!!


Sykopath stalks El Titiritero causing her to back into the corner. Sykopath lunges at her, but the IC Champ uses her speed advantage to duck out of the way. She evades Syko's charge, and kicks him in the back. She follows the kick up with a series of forearm smashes, that, while effective, do little real damage to Sykopath. Sykopath shoves her out of the corner, and mows her down with a clothesline. Titiritero is to her feet quickly, and ducks a follow-up clothesline. El Titiritero begins laying kicks to the legs of Sykopath, and alternates them with open hand strike to the face. She ends the flurry with a spinning heel kick that drives Sykopath into the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: El Titiritero has the early advantage here, using her speed.
Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but Syko just found the equalizer to her speed. It's called a fork!

Sykopath has pulled the fork from his boot. He is about to charge Her when the lights in the arena go out.

"Blue Glitch" by Philip Guyler hits:

" And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. "–Revelation 6:8

The arena lights come back up as Simon comes riding out on a pale, ashen colored horse while Vega follows him on foot with fireballs in his hand.

Jon McDaniel: Brian, do you see what I see?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah...dude's got fireballs on his hands. With the stink that is coming from him, I'm surprised he hasn't burst into flames.

El Titiritero and Syko have stopped fighting and now are just kind of standing next to each other, watching the spectacle that is unfolding before them. Simon stops the horse as it gets to the ringsteps. Vega stays on the ring floor as Simon walks up the steps. Kalis walks up onto the ring apron, mic in hand. He bows his head to Syko, who holds his arms outstretched. Simon nods to Titiritero. She hits the Boomerfly kick, stunning Syko. El Titiritero covers Syko for the pin.




Brian Rentfro: What the hell just happened?

El Titiritero rolls off Sykopath, who is still laying there, arms outstretched, motionless. A confused Daniel Davis raises Titiritero's hand in victory.

Simon steps through the ropes, mic in hand, and holds his hand out to Syko. Simon pulls him up to his feet and pulls him eye to eye.

Sykopath grabs the mic from Simon's hand and takes a step back.


Brian Rentfro: HERE WE GO!!!

Vega begins to enter the ring, but Simon barely raises a hand to him. Vega steps down off the ring steps. Sykopath raises the mic to speak.

Sykopath: My sheep know My voice, and I know them, and they follow me.....
...... For my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared in the presence of all peoples.…
......And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead....

Sykopath takes his mask off, revealing an Order of Chaos tattoo on his forehead. He then steps back from Simon and gives the OOC salute.

Sykopath: ALL HAIL!

Simon's face breaks into a huge grin as the two embrace tightly. Syko turns to El Titiritero, and the two hug also. She looks at Simon with a confused look in her eyes. She looks at Simon and gestures towards Sykopath as if to ask Simon, ' You recruited him?'
Simon grins and nods.


Brian Rentfro: ALL HAIL! ALL HAIL!


I'm Johnny Maverick World Heavyweight Champion

'Gotta Go' by Agnostic Front plays. Several Hoodie Ninjas emerge from the back and stand facing each other on either side of the ramp. They all salute and the arena goes dark.

'From the east coast to the west coast
Gotta gotta gotta go
Two sounds of a revolution
Gotta gotta gotta go
In our hearts in our souls
Gotta gotta gotta go
United we stand, divided we fall
Gotta gotta go'

The audience starts chanting 'Oi' along with the song as Johnny emerges from the back with a guest in tow, walking between the path of Hoodie Ninjas. He responds to the crowds energy with equal energy, pounding his chest and releasing his signature feral roar.

'Can’t keep touch with you or me
Gotta gotta go
Need sense of security
Gotta gotta go
Want to live my life for me
Gotta gotta go
Why can’t they just let me be
Gotta gotta go'

Johnny casually makes his way to the ring, stopping to occasionally high five or touch hands with the members of the 'Maverick Militia' in the audience. Cesar Salazar enters the ring.

'Say I’m crazy
Just brain dead
Planting thoughts
Within my head
Can’t believe
What I’ve said
What has become of me
What has become of me'

Johnny hops up on the apron, and takes a moment to look out into the crowd, smirking. He climbs into the ring through the second rope and goes to grab a microphone from a stagehand. Cesar stands beside him, his hands folded in front of him.

"Good evening, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbours, fellow vibrations in the mind of the one true God who's name is Love. My name is Johnny and it might be a sin, but I'll take this fed and you're gonna regret cuz I'm the best there's ever been." Johnny says. Cesar raises an eyebrow, not quite used to Johnnys particular brand of schizophrenic swagger.

"I'm gonna cut right to the chase. Cesar and I are standing in this ring right now not just for the significant ratings boost our very attractive visages will bring in the female 18-85 demographic. We are here to discuss a few current events in the PWA and who better to talk about when it comes to the PWA than it's almighty Champion: The Ragin Redneck Bubba J!" says Johnny, the audience pops for Bubba.

"When you talk about Bubba J you're talking about a guy who has been here as long as I have and finally got to the top. It's a heartwarming tale of triumph and overcoming adversity which makes me feel slightly bad about the fact that I'm about to shit all over it, but hear me out." says Johnny, there are dueling chants of 'Johnny' and 'Bubba' occuring.

"Let's talk about what Bubba has been up to lately. He's been gearing up for his two big important matches. One against Emperor Iahahaha...sorry....Emperor IaHAHAHAHAHAHA...Oh man... amazing caliber of opponent for Bubba there. Really really just amazing. And I see you also intend to get into a useless pissing contest with Micah Castille. Good, I'm sure your mommy will be very proud of you for sticking up for yourself. Who's next in line after that Bubba? Gunnar again? Maybe Mr. Americana is up for another go? Maybe you want Simon Kalis to shove something weird and explosive in your ass because he doesn't know what wrestling means." says Johnny, this line gets a good laugh.

"Bubba...every match the two of us have had after our last? Has just been a waste of both of our times. I get tossed to random competition and my heart isn't in it because I know where I deserve to be. You make all these distractions for yourself because though you won't admit it out loud the day that Johnny Maverick came back into your life and beat you on your own turf was one of the most embarassing defeats of your career but to me? It was just another monday. " Johnny says, a bold claim.

"Maybe you're ducking me. Maybe not, but I know you want that win back and if you want it half as much as I want what's around your waist then this is going to have to happen. Stop wasting my time Bubba, and for fucks sake stop wasting your own. In the meantime I'll be keeping contact with management and uh...while that has gone terribly wrong in the past, this time I have a little bit of help." Johnny says, gesturing to Cesar.

"Until then, I have a placeholder." says Johnny. Cesar removes a title belt from a bag and puts it around Johnny's waist, the return of the 'I'm Johnny Maverick World Heavyweight Title'. The crowd pops hard for this and Johnny's music plays again before we go to commercial...

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Simon Kalis & Matthew Engel vs Luscious Starr & Trey Willet

Lucha Libra Tag Rules

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for your main event!!

Brian Rentfro: In a change of pace, Lucious Starr's "Handicap World Tour" has been temporarily suspended as he teams up with Trey Willet tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Indeed, Brian, but could this still be considered a handicap match? Between Engel and Kalis, there are enough Starr ass whoopings for a century, and who knows whose side Trey is on...

Brian Rentfro: This is going to be an interesting match, no doubt.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match shall be contested under lucha libre rules, and it will be one fall to a finish!!

With that, The lights go out inside the arena as "Goin' Out West" by Tom Waits hits the sound system. Green and silver pyros shoot off as spotlights around the PWAtron move to the rhythm of the song.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

Matthew Engel steps out from behind the curtains as one of the moving spotlights shines down on him. He is in his usual dark green tuxedo. The crowd gets on their feet giving Virus a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers, but it's a very loud reaction. Engel begins to make his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He stands a little over six feet tall and weighs in tonight at 242 pounds...

Engel remains focused on the ring, and reaches the steel steps. He ascends onto the apron, and climbs into the ring between the top and middle ropes.

Eric Emerson: He is a four time PWA World Champion... MATTHEW "VIRUS" ENGEL!!!

Engel has removed his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, revealing his standard white undershirt. He begins to stretch in the ring and prepare himself for the match.

Brian Rentfro: Doesn't look like Engel is very happy about this match.

Jon McDaniel: How could he? He's being forced to team with Simon Kalis!!

Brian Rentfro: And that's why I'm so confused!!

Eric Emerson: And his partner!

{Kalis entrance}

Jon McDaniel: Look at the smile on Kalis' face.

Brian Rentfro: All hail!! Our lord and Master grins beneath his mask because he KNOWS he is loved!!

Jon McDaniel: How much of the punch have you had, Brian?

Eric Emerson: And their opponents! Introducing first...

As the opening drum and guitar riff blares over the PA speakers the lights in the area drop to complete darkness. As soon as the opening vocal hit a large flash of white eclipses the area and a shower of purple pyro curtains the entrance ramp.

Trey Willett emerges from behind the curtain like a rocket. He stops on the ramp, allowing the pyro to fall over his head. He gives a sly smirk to the fans at the head of the ramp before starting his walk down to the ring.

Once he gets to the ring he slides under the bottom rope and immediately fires up, leaning into the top rope, casually throwing a fist up.

The music begins to fade out as Trey slouches into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: And here comes Trey Willet, looking for some level of redemption after last week's heinous assault during his match with Engel.

Brian Rentfro: He should be happy that Kalis showed up! Lord Kalis only graces the ring when he feels generous!!

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, I know how YOU'RE calling this one...

Eric Emerson: And his partner...

"Here Comes The Money" hits the PA, fireworks raining from either side of the entrance ramp. Lucious steps out, flanked by...

Brian Rentfro: Wait, they were serious?!

Jon McDaniel: This... this has GOT to be a dream...

Eric Emerson: being accompanied by Mark McNasty, he is the current self-proclaimed Intercontinental Champion, Lucious Starr!!

Lucious and McNasty walk down the ramp, everyone in the arena is floored. Even Engel and Kalis seem taken by these two acting so chummy. Lucious slides into the ring, McNasty (or Malicious? Cause he's wearing the mask, bein in Mexico and all...) circling around to the announce table. Willet nods to his partner, but is ignored as Lucious walks straight over to Kalis and Engel's corner. A fierce three-way staredown is had, until McNasty yells up for Lucious to back up. Lucious starts back to his own corner, but doesn't bother to pass mid-ring.

Brian Rentfro: We... we're joined by Lucious Starr's new manager...

Mark McNasty: Apparently, Lucy prefers 'Business Associate'.

Jon McDaniel: His what, now?

Mark McNasty: He's a little less than trusting of me at the moment, but he's willing to take the help considering his situation.

Brian Rentfro: In any case, Kalis and Engel are set to destroy the opposition, so let's get this match started.

Mark McNasty: Dude. Pull your pants back up and untuck your junk. Neither of those two is going to fuck you in the fun way... at least, I don't think so...

The referee calls for the bell, Engel starting off for his team. He and Starr meet ring center, Engel shaking his head as he turns his head between Starr and McNasty. Starr points at Kalis, shaking his own head... and then slapping Engel across the face. This pulls a cheap laugh from Engel, who shoots back with a haymaker. Lucious stumbles back all of jalf a step, watching as Engel goes to his corner. He mouths 'you want him?' as he reaches out... but Kalis isn't there.

Mark McNasty: See? Neither of these pansies wants a piece of the crazy ass Lucy. They don't know what's going on anymore.

Brian Rentfro: It's pretty clear that Kalis sees Starr as beneath him- as is EVERYONE- and sees no reason to tangle with someone he's beaten a hundred times.

Mark McNasty: It's pretty clear that your mother and father shared the same birth parents.

Engel yells to Kalis, who scoffs and brushes his hands off. Engel shakes his head, turning as Lucious charges. Engel ducks, launching Starr over the ropes... which is what Lucious wanted!! Senton to an unsuspecting Simon Kalis!! Lucious is laying into the Cult Hero like there's no tomorrow!!

Jon McDaniel: Starr gets his hands on Kalis anyways!!

Brian Rentfro: GOD!!

Mark McNasty: Yes?

Engel laughs as Simon manages to shove Lucious off. Kalis glares at Engel, who brushes his hands off. He turns his back to Kalis... and takes a bicycle kick from a waiting Trey Willet! Willet goes into a quick cover, but Engel grabs the bottom rope at the count of one.

Mark McNasty: Hah. HPVirus forgot the lucha libre stip. Dumbass.

Brian Rentfro: I don't know how to feel... Engel deserved that after disrespecting Master Simon like that, but I can't stand the thought of my savior losing a match!!

Mark McNasty: Seriously. Stop that.

Simon manages to get away from Lucious as the latter is carried to his own corner by a group of somalian warriors.. until a group of masked men jump the barrier! Simon's boys are dropped as the masked intruders lay into them with a flurry of attacks!! Lucious charges back towards Kalis... but is stopped by one of the masked men. A few words spoken into the ears of PWA's Most Wanted, and Lucious calms just a bit, climbing to his corner. The masked army disappears back into the crowd, leaving as quickly as they came. Meanwhile, Trey has nabbed the upper hand against Matthew Engel, launching the Virus with an irish whip. Engel rebounds, hopping over Trey on the mat. Rebounds again, looks for a spear but Trey leaps over. Rebound, this time Engel springboards into a crossbody. Trey catches him, spinning Engel around; goes to drop Engel but the Virus grabs his neck, dropping Willet with a DDT. Engel rolls to a knee, holding his head for a split second to steady himself before setting Trey up, a huge punt to the side of the Willenium's head as he starts to a knee. Willet drops like a bag of bricks, Engel with the cover.



Save by Lucious Starr!

Lucious rolls away, sliding under the ropes. Engel looks, nodding as he looks to Lucy. Engel charges, rebounding... no, wait! Simon Kalis just pulled the ropes down on his own partner!! Engel is on the outside, Kalis jumping into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: A simple tag couldn't suffice??

Brian Rentfro: Don't question Kalis' tactics! The Lord works in mysterio.... hey!! Ow!!

McNasty puts Rentfro in a tight headlock, rubbing his fist on the top of Brian's head.

Mark McNasty: I said stop.

As the McNoogie continues, Kalis works on Trey's left leg, laying in with stomps and knee drops. Trey grabs his arm and rolls away, trying to get out of the ring. Starr senses this, getting anxious on the apron. Simon quickly jumps over Willet, hopping over the ring ropes and sliding back in, applying a baseball slide that knocks Trey back towards the center of the ring. Lucious starts over, attempting to grab Kalis before he gets out of arm's reach, but is too slow. Kalis starts kicking at any random limb of Willet, Trey balling up to resist the attacks. Simon reaches down to roll Trey back, lifting a boot. It is in that moment that Trey picks his spot, lunging out and grabbing Kalis' anchor foot and dropping the General to the mat into an ankle lock. Simon lets out a grunt, more in surprise than pain. He reaches out, but his attempt to isolate Trey has backfired on him. He inches little by little towards a set of ropes, looking to Engel. Matthew reluctantly reaches out... but the sight only serves to anger Trey, who vines his own legs around Kalis' and drops to the mat. Simon calls out with a 'sonuva bitch!' as he starts to feel the pain in his foot. Engel practically dangles off the top rope as he reaches in for a tag, Kalis' hand just inches away. Lucious jumps in, charging the ring and nailing a massive dropkick to Engel, who lands on the floor outside. The momentary distraction causes Trey to loosen his hold just slightly, but it's enough for Kalis to capitalize and lurch forward, grabbing a rope. Trey is ordered to break the hold... as Lucious springboards up, landing double-feet to hand to Kalis. Simon draws his hand back as Trey stands, cursing Lucious. Starr grabs Kalis by the patch, spitting in Simon's face.

Jon McDaniel: Now, I'm not partaking of the Kalis Kool-Aid, but that was just rude.

Mark McNasty: But it got a point across!!

Starr rolls out of the ring, starting for his own corner. He only gets a few steps as Engel reaches out, spinning the Fury of Hades around and hitting a sick enziguri. Lucious drops to a knee, grabbing his head. Engel jumps onto the crowd barrier, launching himself into a dropkick that floors Lucy. Meanwhile, Trey has Simon up, hitting a flurry of lefts and rights that send the Order's General into a neutral corner. Trey climbs to the second ropes, kissing his fist before laying into Kalis' face.









Kalis ducks out, quickly turning and kicking Trey in the back of the knee. Willet crumbles to the mat, landing funny on his shoulder. Kalis quickly grabs the injured arm, drags Willet to ring center and applies an armbar.

Mark McNasty: Nasty things, armbars. Fuck you up. Most guys need two arms to hit their finishers, so this move limits their ability to do so.

Jon McDaniel: So would it be safe to say that this is a smart move by Kalis?

Mark McNasty: I may not be playing Simon Says with the rest of the crowd, but I can appreciate a good strategy when I see one.

Brian Rentfro: Let me go already!!

Mark McNasty: You going to remove your tongue from Kalis' anal cavity?

Brian Rentfro: Okay, fine!!

McNasty releases Rentfro, but Kalis only torques his grip on Willet. Engel is pounding the corner turnbuckle furiously, getting the crowd in sync as they chant 'TAP! TAP! TAP!' Simon twists just slightly, putting that extra oomph into it... and Willet taps out!! Wait!!

Jon McDaniel: Starr saves the match!! Lucious is grabbing Trey's free hand and clutching it for dear life!!

Mark McNasty: Brilliant move by Starr!! His partner continues to suffer, sure, but if he can't tap, they can't lose!!

Kalis continues to tighten his grip, wondering aloud how Trey can stand the torture... until his gaze meets Lucious' evil glare, explaining the whole situation.

Simon Kalis: Let him do it, Starr! Let him do it or I'll break his arm!!

Lucious Starr: Do it! See if I give a fuck!!

Simon grits his teeth, twisting further... and a pop is heard.


Brian Rentfro: Trey is in pain... and Lucious is...

Mark McNasty: Grinning like a kid in a candy store.

Starr nods, almost approvingly, as Simon shouts at him once again to let go. Starr shakes his head, daring Kalis to finis the job. Simon glares, starting to twist again... but is stopped by... Engel??

Jon McDaniel: Thank god!!

Brian Rentfro: Kalis wasn't inv... FUCK!!

Mark McNasty: The hell did I say about that?!

McNasty now has Brian in a headlock again, laying in with a noogie. Back in the ring, Kalis is eyeing Engel like a traitor. The Virus mutters something about settling their issues man-to-man, Kalis to his feet. Engel shrugs, Kalis slugging him in the cheek. Engel rubs the spot, almost grinning as he turns back. He busts into a laugh as he starts to back away, Kalis unsure... until he turns right into a spear from Lucious!! Starr again with a flurry of fists, Kalis' lip and nose starting to gush blood. Starr stands, looking to Engel, who sweeps his hands in a cleaning motion. Starr turns back to Kalis, drawing a set of gold knuckles from his boot and sliding them onto his fist. He waits for Kalis to get to a knee, drawing his fist back, but it's stopped by Engel! Starr turns, Engel pointing to the knucks and waving his free index finger. Kalis sees his opening, lurching forward and knocking Starr into Engel. The two fall, Engel shoving Lucious away. Lucious turns, a straight punch sends him back to Engel. Matthew with a jab, then a haymaker that sends him back to Kalis. Simon attempts a clothesline, Lucious ducks. Rebound; Lucious now with a clothesline attempt, misses as Simon ducks under. Both men rebound, sharing the same idea as they duck, butting heads with matching spear attempts. They both hit the mat, Engel and Willet trying to rally the crowd in their own partner's favor.




Let's Go, Lucy!

Kalis, Hail!!

Let's Go, Lucy!

Kalis, Hail!!



Kalis stirs, Lucious lies motionless.



Kalis to a knee, Lucy still seems unconcious.



Simon lunges over, throwing an arm over Lucy's chest.





Jon McDaniel: It can't be!!

Mark McNasty: Yeah, buddy!! That was a beautiful setup!!

Brian Rentfro: Is the gogoplata even LEGAL??

Mark McNasty: We're in Mexico. Banging monkies is legal.

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure I want to know how you would even know that...

Mark McNasty: Have you MET Bubba J? Mexican Monkeymen. Only way something that ugly makes sense.

Kalis yells in shock and pain, but this only serves to make the situation worse. The ref slides in, asking Simon if he wants to submit. A breathy 'NO' is the response as Lucious begins to choke the life out of Kalis. Simon stays resilient, trying to get his bearings. He gets his legs under him, trying to lunge into a pin, but his injured leg gives out and he simply falls harder into the submission hold.

Mark McNasty: And this is where Lucy is dangerous. He's just played Simon Kalis like a fiddle, he's got that lock in and Kalis is too injured to rebound. If Engel doesn't help his partner, this one could be over soon.

Simon reaches out for something, anything to get him out of this predicament. Engel jumps in, looking to save the match... but Trey Willet cracks him with a boot to the chin!! The impact knocks both men over, unfortunately for Lucy, Trey falls backwards into his hold on Kalis. The momentary pressure of extra weight throws him off, and he loosens his grip on Kalis. Simon, in what could only be instinct at this point, rolls as much as he can out and away from the hold, sliding to the apron. Lucious gets to a knee, yelling at Trey. Trey shrugs, motioning towards Engel and trying to explain, but Lucious is too angry to care. He shoves Trey aside, rushing Kalis... who manages to finish sliding out of the ring just in time. Lucious tries to grab the arm of Simon, but Simon lashes out and pulls Lucy across the middle rope. Lucy falls back, grabbing his throat as Trey turns... Engel with a massive clothesline knocks Willet out of the ring!! The Virus turns his attention to Lucious, grabbing up the PWA's Most Wanted and lifting him to his feet. He waves his finger, throwing Lucy up and over his shoulder...


Engel makes the cover, Trey starting to stir on the outside.





Brian Rentfro: HOW THE HELL...

Mark McNasty: The resiliency of Lucious Starr, ladies and germs!! Just like Who's The Man? 2011, Lucy takes a Sons of Plunder and STILL keeps kicking!! It's gonna take a lot more from even Matty English to put him down!!

Matthew looks down, a bit shocked but unwavered. He nods, confirming the two, before standing. He grabs Lucy up, spinning him around.

Jon McDaniel: Lucy may not be able to get out of this one, Mark... that's the hold that made Engel the World Champion in 2011!!

Mark McNasty: But will it work THIS time?

As if on cue, Starr throws an elbow that loosens Engel's grip, ducking out and spinning behind the Virus. He jumps up, planting Matthew with the HADES' FLAME!!! But he's too worn down to capitalize!!

Brian Rentfro: Hah!! Lucious can't even hold his own now; he used everything to counter that move.

Mark McNasty: But did he lose?

Brian Rentfro: Of course! He doesn't...

Mark McNasty: Did the match just end with a submission?

Brian Rentfro: Well... no... but...
As if on cue, Starr throws an elbow that loosens Engel's grip, ducking out and spinning behind the Virus. He jumps up, planting Matthew with the HADES' FLAME!!! But he's too worn down to capitalize!!

Brian Rentfro: Hah!! Lucious can't even hold his own now; he used everything to counter that move.

Mark McNasty: But did he lose?

Brian Rentfro: Of course! He doesn't...

Mark McNasty: Did the match just end with a submission?

Brian Rentfro: Well... no... but...

Mark McNasty: I rest my case.

Engel moves his head ever so slightly, trying to regain his bearings. Lucious is immobile, save one hand reaching out for... who the hell knows. The ref starts to count, both men barely moving.





Engel starts crawling to his corner, Lucious rolls himself in whatever direction suits him.




Engel looks up, Kalis is ready for the tag. Just a few more inches...


Brian Rentfro: And the tag is made by The Virus, and in comes the Savior!!

Mark McNasty: Okay, that's it.

Simon charges the ring, grabbing up Lucy's hair as he starts sliding out of the ring. The Cult Hero pulls with all his might, trying to get the PWA's Most Wanted back in. He manages to get Lucy's feet on the apron, placing him in a side headlock. He goes to lift Starr... but Trey Willet grabs Lucy's ankles! Simon fumbles a bit, allowing Trey to pull his partner down and slide into the ring. The two men start laying into each other with rights and lefts, neither giving an inch until Trey's injured arm starts to feel sore. Kalis seizes the moment, grabbing the bad arm and dropping it into his knees. Trey quickly grabs his injured arm, rolling away as Kalis licks his lips, sensing the end.

Jon McDaniel: Trey Willet, trying to save this one for himself and Lucy, but the damage done to his arm might have been too much!!

No response as Mark McNasty has Brian Rentfro in a sleeper, the announcer all but passed out. Inside the ring, Kalis reaches down to grab for Willet's injured arm... but Trey lashes out with his good one, cradle on Simon Kalis!!





Jon McDaniel: Kalis kicks out there, but the look of shock on his face when he thought Willet had him!

Mark McNasty: Simon had the upper hand and some upstart almost surprised him enough to grab a win from nowhere. How did you think he would feel about it?

Kalis is to his feet as Trey rolls out of the ring, nursing his injured shoulder. Simon starts for the ropes, but is held back by the ref. Engel jumps into the ring, charging the ropes opposite Trey's position and rebounding, jumping right through the top and middle ropes into a plancha!! Trey goes down hard against the barrier outside!!

Jon McDaniel: The Virus going old school on Trey Willet!!

Mark McNasty: Hey, just because you put on a little muscle mass doesn't mean you COMPLETELY abandon your old ways. When you wrestle a certain style for so long, it tends to be difficult to break away from that style.

Engel is to his feet, grinning at the carnage wrought upon Trey. He turns back to Simon, giving him a nod... but soon turns to concern as he motions behind Kalis. Simon spins around... SPEEEAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!


Mark McNasty: And that's how lucha libre matches are done. Not even the ref knows who the hell the legal man is half the time, and you can get hit by anyone at anytime.

Kalis rolls out of the ring on momentum, Lucious rolls out on the perpendicular side. Engel goes to check on Kalis, who gasps for air. Lucious crawls to his own partner, Trey nodding but holding his arm like a child. Lucious turns around, Engel looking over with a mild grin. The two are on their feet, looking to each other, to the crowd, back to each other, to the ring, back to each other and back to the crowd.





Jon McDaniel: The storied past between these two men!! The Pantheon versus the resistance, the World Championship struggles, Who's the Man 2011... everything culminating to this, as Lucious and Engel share not only a dislike for each other, but a common want for Kalis' head on a silver platter!!

Mark McNasty: Indeed, but the fans want to see these two end each other tonight... and there they go!!

Engel and Starr charge into the ring, laying into each other as they come face-to-face. Jab from Engel, hook from Starr, left from Engel, right from Starr. The crowd is going fucking apeshit, neither of these men giving an inch. Engel ducks under a haymaker, charging the ropes. Lucious turns, ducking the clothesline attempt. Each man charges the opposite side of the ring, rebounding. Engel manages to leap up and avoid a spear from Lucious, rolling off his back and charging at the ropes, both men rebounding again. Both men with a clothesline attempt, double clothesline, the momentum swings them around 180 degrees before they simultaneously hit the mat. They roll over in opposite directions, surveying the ring. Starr keeps rolling until he hits the ropes, slowly pulling himself up as Engel crawls to a corner, sitting up and catching his breath. Starr pulls himself into the opposite corner, getting himself pumped up before he charges across the ring. He jumps... but nobody's home as Engel pulls himself along the ropes and out of harm's way!! Lucy splashes into the turnbuckle, coming off hard as Engel jumps to the second rope...

Jon McDaniel: HOLY HELL!! What a Superman Punch from Engel!! Lucious is in Lala Land!!

Mark McNasty: Gotta give Engel credit, the man isn't a four-time former World Champ for nothing...

Engel gets to a knee, Lucious is all but out as he stares at the ceiling, a blank expression. Kalis is on a knee outside, still favoring his ribs as Trey moves up to the apron in his corner, realizing how much trouble they're in. He starts in, but Engel motions to the ref, who stops Willet's interference. Engel looks down to Lucy, shrugging as he grins. He drops, the ref spinning around and dropping into the count.




NO!! Trey saves the match!!

Jon McDaniel: Engel almost had this thing in the bag, but luckily for Starr, he's got a partner for this one!!

Engel doesn't retaliate, instead opting to motion for Willet to dump his partner's limp body outside the ring to finish the match. Trey nods, rolling Lucious to the apron before slipping out himself, carefully lowering the PWA's Most Wanted to the floor. Willenium slides back into the ring, meeting Engel in the center. They lock up, Engel showing no sign of wear from his exchange with Lucious as he backs Willet into a corner. A clean break, Engel almost laughs as he starts to back away. This only serves to anger Willet, who charges out of the corner at the Virus... but Matthew has it scouted! Engel spins harmlessly out of the way, Trey stopping and spinning on a dime... european uppercut!! Trey stumbles back, Engel charging up into a Thesz Press! Trey throws his arms up to protect his face, but Engel is relentless as he hammers away. After a few moments, the ref pulls Engel off Willet, mumbling some rulebook mumbo-jumbo and turning back to the Willenium. Engel looks to the crowd, who have a single mindset on Trey.


clap-clap-clap clap clap


clap-clap-clap clap clap

Jon McDaniel: It seems Willet over-estimated his impact on his being in the main event tonight...

Mark McNasty: Kill the rookie! Kill the rookie!!

Jon McDaniel: Um, not to be a jerk, but isn't Trey on your side for this match?

Mark McNasty: Hey, I can't help that Lucy's been saddled with dead weight. 'Sides, IF Lucy's team loses, we all know it's his sorry-excuse-for-a-partner's fault.

Engel stalks Willet as he gets to his feet, spinning the Willenium around. The Virus throws his adversary over his shoulder, yelling out... but Trey flails over his shoulder! He's shaken himself loose!! Engel turns into a kick to the gut, Trey with the double underhook...

Jon McDaniel: STS!! STS!! Trey Willet just caught Engel!!

Mark McNasty: Well. He might not be COMPLETELY useless after all...

Trey makes the cover, Kalis starting in.



Simon breaks the count!!

Mark McNasty: See, the thing about Kalis is that he'd normally say fuck it, blame Engel and move on.

Jon McDaniel: I don't think...

Mark McNasty: To answer your question, Jon, I think he's simply concerned about having a loss to my buddy Lucy on his record.

Jon McDaniel: But I didn't...

Mark McNasty: Well, Jon, clearly it's because Kalis is a whiny little bitch.

Jon McDaniel: I give up.

Kalis starts to lay into Willet with a flurry of kicks, muttering about 'damn rookie' and 'dumb luck' and other things as he does so. He backs up, looking for a dropkick... but Trey ducks to the side, the General sliding right past him and under the bottom rope. He lands on his feet, yelling at Trey... but is blasted with a meathook clothesline by Lucious!! Willet turns back to the task at hand, Engel still a bit shocked by the STS. Trey looks to the crowd- who jeer him like he's AIDS or Genghis Khan or an Olsen twin- and back to Engel. He runs to the nearest turnbuckle, signaling for the end.

Jon McDaniel: Trey is going to try to put this match to bed, and if this move hits...

Engel pops up, running at the corner. He throws his arms around Trey's waist, throwing him across the ring with a high-angle belly-to-belly suplex!! Trey crumples into a heap on the opposite side of the ring as Engel catches his breath, the toll of the match hitting him all at once.

Mark McNasty: See, Engel is a resilient bastard, and no doubt one of the best in the business. But he forgets sometimes that no matter how good he is, he's still human like everyone else.

Jon McDaniel: You have a point there, Mark, but can he rally in time to put this to bed or is there still time for Willet and Lucy to recover?

Mark McNasty: Anything's possible, Jon. But more than likely, Lucious will pull something big out of his hat.

Engel starts crawling across the ring, Willet still in a motionless heap. Starr is on the apron, his attention shifting back and forth between Simon Kalis and the action in the ring. He smacks the turnbuckle, trying to will the crowd into a frenzy, but their support is slightly mislead.


Engel is but an arm's reach from Trey, pulling himself closer to the Willenium's body. A small motion signals that the rookie is, at the very least, still breathing, as Engle reaches out to push Willet onto his back. Willet turns, Engel's arm falling across the Willenium's chest.





Jon McDaniel: I don't know if that's good ring awareness, instinct or just dumb luck, but Trey Willet gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the count!!

Mark McNasty: Check out the look on Engel's face. He is tired as hell, wants to put this thing away but he just can't do it. Poor guy.

Engel pleads with the ref, who motions to Willet's foot and confirms a two. Engle slaps the mat, frustrated, and starts to his feet. Starr calls out to Trey, but is met with silence. Engel rushes over; a shoulder block puts Lucious on the floor. Engel starts over to Trey, lifting the Willenium to his feet. Engel throws Willet over his shoulder, nodding. It is at this point that Simon Kalis comes up, pulling Trey off Engel's shoulder. Engel turns, watching in confusion as Kalis nails the Tears of Redemption!! Engel grabs Kalis, getting in his face about the interruption, but quickly shoves him aside as Lucious starts in. Engel and Lucious start to go at it near the ropes, Kalis quickly charging up and knocking both men over and to the floor. He grins, quickly racing back to drop into a cover on Trey.




"Master of Puppets" hits the PA as Simon stands, saluting. He looks out to Engel, who is clearly pissed. Starr gets to a knee, Engel looking down... but he helps Lucy up??

As Engel helps Lucious to his feet, Starr stumbles back into the corner. Trey rubs his neck and rolls out of the ring. Willenium begins making his way to the back but Simon now stands on one end of the ring, with Starr breathing heavily in one corner and Engel in between both of them.

Jon McDaniel: You wanna talk about things about to explode? You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

Starr smiles as he looks at Engel before pushing himself forward. Simon rips off his Raizzor mask and throws it aside, stepping forward with his hands raised in a clenched fist. Yet Simon’s eye widens in shock as Lucious Starr pulls out his Desert Eagle and immediately takes aim, without hesitation firing a shot into Simon Kalis. Matthew Engel jumps back and stares at Lucious Starr with utter disbelief. The entire arena is un an uproar as Simon Kalis stumbles into a corner, holding his left side as blood begins to pour out of the fresh bullet wound.

Jon McDaniel: …cut the broadcast. Cut it. Cut it now.

Starr fires another shot, this one hitting Simon right below his left breast. Simon Kalis gasps as he stares up at the arena lights. Matthew Engel stares at Starr and shakes his head but Lucious Starr takes one more step forward, his weapon still aimed at Simon Kalis. Simon gasps for air but pushes himself forward. He stumbles forward and laughs as he spits blood out towards Engel and Starr before Starr fires a third shot into Simons chest. Simon gasps with a forced smile as he collapses to his knees, his arms drop to his sides as the blood comes out of the three bullet holes. He continues to force a smile, spitting out blood one more time as his eye closes and his smile disappears before collapsing in the ring in a pool of blood.

Brian Rentfro:


Starr approaches Simon Kalis’ motionless body with his gun lowered but suddenly there’s a blinding light and suddenly…