World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

The O2 Arena - South East London, England

Welcome to RAMPAGE!!!

Live from The O2 Arena - South East London, England

"I never knew that a kid like me
Could take his mic around the world and flash the big S.D.
And rock the masses, from Madrid to Calabassas
Tijuana, Mexico, bootleg demos in Tokyo..."

The scene opens to Eli Storm sitting behind his desk at Incredible Inc. On his desk sits the contracts of Jethro Hayes, Matt Stone, Corey Lazarus and...Storm pushes the camera away before it could see the last contract. The scene switches to Grizzly Beer Champion, "The Genuine Pulse" Jacob Figgins, who is slowly shining his newly won gold.

“They know me though, 'cause I be puttin' in work
Commit my life to rebirth, well respected, 'cause that's my word
I'm sure you heard, about a new sound going around
She might have left my hood, but she was born in my town"

The scene then switches to PWA IC Champion, Duff Côte d`Ivoire. Duff is spinning some poor soul around and nailing The Master of Puppets '13. The scene then switches to Hunter Sullivan who is waiting for Viktor Stone to turn around before nailing the Viper Snap. Hunter smiles as Stone hit the mat.

"You didn't know, thought we was new on the scene
Well, it's alright! It's alright!
I know you know, I see you smiling at me
Well, it's alright! It's alright!"

The scene switches to Shawn O'Reilly getting forcefully getting removed from a fan fest, shouting and screaming at anyone who will listen to him. The cameras come up on the PWA Tag Team Champion, Matt Stone, smiling at the camera while in front of him rest both titles. Bodie Vera Cruz, is shown posing with the American flag. Sprinkles seem to be falling around him.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South"

Sykopath is seen in the gym, surrounded in a circle of watermelons. As a bell rings he grabs a handful of forks and flings them with amazing speed towards the mid regions (nutts and berries) of the watermelons. Cody Bogard is seen staring at a picture of the PWA Heavyweight Champion. Focused on getting it back.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
How you like me now?"

The scene now changes to a beautiful field full of daises. Spread out within the daisies ad plant pots in shape of dodos. Anna Matthews is seen with Pedro, playing dress up with the PWA World Heavyweight Title. As the cameras zoom in, anna whispers something very softly...

Anna Mathews: Beware the puppets.

"Is that all you got?
I'll take your best shot."

The scene now switched to the announcer table where McDaniel and Rentfro are ready to get started.

Jon McDaniel: This being our last show in England...and you bet your ass it is going to be a big one. We are coming live from the O2 Arena. And the rumors are buzzing around the backstage are. So let us address those right now. PWA's owner, Eli Storm is still a active wrestler for Underground X. During LN 20, Mr. Storm was kidnapped by what appears to be some Teddy Bears and one Whoopie Goldberg.

Brian Rentfro: We've lost our fearless leader to the old bag from the View!?!

Jon McDaniel: We don't know yet.

Brian Rentfro: I say we call a couple hard, pipe-hittin' niggers, who'll go to work on the bitches with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talkin', WHOOPI!?! Until we get Storm back, I ain't through with you by a damn sight. I'ma get medieval on your ass.

Jon McDaniel: Pulp fiction...really!?!

Brian Rentfro: Sounded badass right?! Chicks dig guys who are badass. Sweet Dick Willie is gettong some catnip tonight!!!

Jon McDaniel shakes his head as we cut to the first match.

Jacob Figgins vs Cody Bogard

Singles Match

A collar and elbow started this match off but Jacob quickly grabbed the advantage with authority early as he chained wrestled Cody to the ground and locked on one of his submission holds. Bogard was able to reach the ropes and use them to break the hold, but Jacob kept the advantage using his technical expertise to keep the advantage while facing off against Cody Bogard in this match. A hip toss, followed by a side headlock, then a wrenching armbar and Cody was once again grabbing the bottom ropes. Jacob was just simply out wrestling Cody here, looking to prove why he deserves a PWA World Title shot. However the resilient Cody would not be denied nor defeated that easily and continued perserveering through and countered a leg sweep and took Jacob down to the canvas after a flurry of speed kicks, jabs, and rounding it all off with a springboard kick to Figgins' temple. Jacob went down hard, but Cody didn't relent and instead pressed his advantage heavily. Cody delivered a few stinging blows, but also used his technical prowess to lock Jacob in a few submission holds so that it would wear him down, they caused Jacob to crawl to the ropes and use them for a break.

Cody continued the offensive onslaught and definitely had the match in hand because with his flurry of kicks, jabs, chops, and springboard moves it kept Jacob off balance as Cody mixed them expertly. Cody charged at Jacob, who flipped him over the top rope, but Cody caught himself on the apron and nailed a absolute picture perfect sunset flip for the first pin attempt, however he only got a count of two. Cody continued his offense by nailing Jacob with a few knees to the ribs and face, but went to the well once too often as Jacob managed to catch a leg and use his body to flip Cody into the corner. Neither man was in control here, but both gasping, however Jacob got up first and the two came back together. They exchanged a flurry of jabs, fists, and kicks, with Jacob getting a very slight advantage here. Jacob was able to force Cody into the corner, but Bogard would not be denied this win and forced himself out of the corner with tenacity of a rabid pit bull. The two locked up again in the ring and were going hold for hold all in the squared circle, neither man willing to give an inch, unless they could grab it and make you hurt with it. They were in the center of the ring, against the ropes, in the corner, and it looked like a rolling ball of flesh to the untrained eye. However Cody came out on top with a small package pin!

But Jacob reversed the pin!

Winner: Jacob Figgins 22:19

3 minutes

Security 1: Sir!! General Manager Storm isn't in his office...

Security 2: Halt! Or we'll have to...

A camera comes up from within Eli Storm's office, fading in on the office door. As the camera pans up, the door is kicked in by Lucious Starr, who is clearly upset. He marches in, not giving a damn.

Lucious Starr: Eli!! You yellow-bellied dog-fucking coward!! Where the hell are you hiding?! We have some business to take care of!

Security 1: Sir, I told you, he's not...

Lucious grabs up the guard by the collar, pulling him in close.

Lucious Starr: Then you'd better find his ass quick. Because he's about to be short an office.

Lucy throws the guard aside, turning towards the empty office. The guard gets up and runs out, the second guard taking his own stand.

Security 2: Lucious! You will leave this office or I will be forced to remove you from...

Lucious Starr: You and what fucking army?!

Security 2: Fine, then you leave me no choice...

The security guard grabs Lucy's shoulder, but this only serves to provoke the former World Champion. Lucy spins, popping the guard in the jaw. He grabs the falling guard by the collar, lifting him over his shoulders fireman carry style, then runs at and throws the guard into a wall. A large dent is formed by this move as Lucious turns, grabbing up a desk chair.

Lucious Starr: Give away my title shots? FINE! I'll take away YOUR shit!

Lucious proceeds to throw the chair across the room, hitting a glass frame with a picture of Eli and Co and shattering it. He turns to the desk, grabbing a corner and flipping it over. He kicks Eli's chair, which is actually pretty damn nice, and stubs his toe for a moment. He shakes it off, pulling a blade from his pocket and proceeds to cut up the chair. He takes a moment, surveying the damage, then slips the blade back into his pocket. However, he's not quite done as he goes to a file cabinet, pulling all the drawers out and scattering papers all over the place. He removes a bok of matches from his pocket, grinning as he lights one.

Lucious Starr: Here's a message for ya, Stormy. Call me back.

Lucious drops the match into the pile of papers, walking out as much of the room catches fire. A random janitor passes by as Lucious exits, turning to the guy.

Lucious Starr: In about 3 minutes, you'll wanna find a fire extinguisher and put that out. But not for at least three minutes, got me??

Lucious passes the janitor a crisp hundred, winking. The janitor smiles and nods, walking back in the direction from whence he came. Lucy walks off, the camera panning back to the flames before we fade out...

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Flashback PPV

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Second Chances Are Something...

The scene opens to Eli Storm's office. But...there is no Storm. Just a face that you've seen before, Kassie Canter. A Rep from Viacom/Spike TV. She smiles as the cameras zoom in for a closer look.

Canter: My name is Kassie Canter. I am the Executive Vice President, Communications for Viacom Entertainment Group. Which means, I'm Mr. Storm's leash yanker, so to speak. With Mr. Storm not here this evening, I'm taking charge of the show and there is one thing I would like to address that the board felt needed some attention. First thing being Emperor Ian. came in with a head full of steam and took the Tag Titles. But since losing have kinda stalled out on the tracks. BUT...being the great talent you are, I am superseding Mr. Storm and promising you a shot at the PWA IC Championship. Now while saying that...let me announce a match for the upcoming Christmas at Ground Zero PPV. You see on one side we will have the current IC Champion, Teddy Alexander. And on the other side...we will have one Luscious Starr. Who ever walks out the winner...defends against you at the next show. BUT...we aren't going to just give you that shot without wanting something in return. I need you to do something to make me and the board feel that you actually want this shot...impress us.

Kassie pauses and looks down at a list before moving on.

Canter: Next is one Cody Bogard. A Former World Champion...a current Tag team Champion. You are a former World Champion that should still be in the title hunt and you could be. But we need you to show us that you are ready to get back in the game. Show us that ruthless drive that made you the world champion in the first place and it just might be you wrestling for the World Title at the PPV. Now...back to your broadcast.

Gunnar Kingsbury(c) vs Teddy Alexander(c)

Non-titled Match - Spike Fight of the Night

The match starts off with Gunnar trying to get under Teddy's skin. A quick lock up with Gunner pushing Teddy back before smacking him in the face. But the bigger man and current IC Champion isn't going to be angered too easy as he smiles and claps his hands at Gunner's attempt. Another lock up and this time, Teddy is using his size to back Gunnar into the corner. Teddy steps back...but quickly steps in with a vicious looking open handed chop to the chest that echos through the arena. Gunnar stumbles out of the corner right into a big boot. Gunnar pops up and eats a clothesline. Gunnar pops up one more time and ducks the 2nd big boot attempt, Gunnar turns on the breaks and waits for Teddy to turn around exploder suplex up and over the top ropes onto the floor. Teddy hits the floor and rolls over to the guard railing as Gunnar springboards off the top rope and plants Teddy with a tornado DDT. Gunnar rolls up, holding his back from the impact of the move. He sits up and sees Teddy is still on dream street, so he hops up onto his feet then quickly nails a dropkick into Teddy's face.

After working the big man outside, Gunnar rolls him back into the ring. Gunnar smiles and starts to stomp on the mat, Teddy is up and here comes a superkick from Gunnar, Teddy catches the foot and spins him around...REVERSE LUNG BLOWER!!! Gunnar is rolling around on the mat in pain as Teddy pushes himself into the corner, trying to catch his breathe. Teddy pulls himself up with the ropes and starts to stalk Gunnar. Teddy is slowly walking around Gunnar, waiting for the right moment...Gunnar spins around...ANGERBASH!!!! A Teddy is energized and is calling for the end of the match. He kicks Gunnar in the midsection and gives a signal for the Ragkill Driver. Teddy goes to lift Gunnar up, but Gunnar is dead weight. Athena and Aphrodite jump on the ring apron and yells at Teddy to stop. Teddy lets Gunnar drop and walks right over to the ladies and winks. He quickly snatches Athena and gives her a big kiss. Aphrodite goes to grab him off Athena, but Teddy blocks the oncoming smack and gives Aphrodite a kiss of her own. He backs away from the two, laughing. but the laughing stops as Gunnar used the distraction to sneak up behind Teddy and lift him up in the air...BACKDROP DRIVER!!! Gunnar goes for the pin.




Gunnar sits up not believing what just happened. Teddy is slowly getting back up and Gunnar dropkicks him chest first into the corner. Teddy is against against the turnbuckle as Gunnar is trying to lift him up. Teddy goes to throw a elbow to get Gunnar off of him, but Gunnar ducks and the elbow nails the ref, knocking him out. The lights go out. When they come back on Emperor Ian is standing in the ring. Ian smiles as Gunnar turns around and gets right into his face. The two men are yelling at each other, not realizing that the IC Champion is slowly walking up to them. Ian quickly pushes Gunnar into a big boot from Teddy, before attacking the knees of the IC Champion. Ian starts to stomp on the right knee of Teddy and screaming at him.

Ian: You will respect me!!! You will all will respect ME!!! It doesn't matter if it is you and Starr...YOU WILL RESPCT ME!!!!

Ian looks down at Teddy and smiles as he rolls out of the ring. He slowly walks up the rampway as the ref starts to come through. The ref sees both men out on the mat and starts his count.








Teddy pulls himself up with the ring ropes, trying to steady himself and get the blood flowing back through the leg. Gunnar, himself is in a daze as he pulls himself up in the corner. He quickly rushes over to Teddy and starts to kick his legs. Teddy pushes Gunnar back and tries to walk it off. Gunnar rushes in and starts to throw punches. But once again Teddy pushes him back. This time Gunnar grabs Teddy's waist and goes to lift. Teddy is fighting it...Gunnar is firing elbows to Teddy's back...hoping to weaken him. But Teddy is firing elbows to counter. Gunnar lets go and dropkicks Teddy in the back of the injuried knee, before grabbing him and nailing another Backdrop Driver. Gunnar pounds his fist against the mat for getting the 3 count.

Winner: Gunnar Kingsbury

Revenge of…

The wind is whistling through this boneyard. Broken tombstones and dug up graves abound, flags torn and burning waver in the cool November wind.


The black boots are laced slowly, the weathered black hands of the man tying the laces can be seen.


There is one flag still yet waving, torn and burned and showing her age, the Pioneer Wrestling Association’s banners still fly high above the rest. The graves and their broken tombstones have names etched upon them that become much more clearer…


The camera rises up, from those black boots over the baggy black Avirex jeans with gold trim this man wears. He’s clasping his belt buckle in place, and the buckle itself shows a very familiar skull and three letters: OoC. The black hands come back, and tuck a golden gun into the man’s waist.


This particular tombstone is new, not as yet broken. The grave has been freshly dug, and we can clearly read the name upon the tombstone as Michael Sommers. Raizzor.


The camera pans up over his torso, he has no shirt and thus his familiar tattoos and numerous scars make it immediately known who the figure is, if it wasn’t quite apparent already. We catch a glimpse of his face, his head lowered, his left eye covered in a black eye patch. Simon Kalis smiles.


The grave beside this one is marked with his own name: Aaron Simon Kalis. The Last Superstar. We see Simon standing over his own freshly dug grave, holding a number of items at his side now as he surveys the surrounding area. Smoke fills the air and blows in the opposite direction from the fires lit. The flags in the distance seem to begin to sink away, we can hear voices echoing in the distances and fading away fast but they are most certainly recognizable as the voices of all the members of The Order of Chaos the PWA has known. Simon lifts up the first item, and it is the metal mask he once wore during the PWA’s tour of Mexico. He throws it into the grave, along with the armor he’d worn with it and the black robe.

Simon Kalis: No more pretending.

Simon lifts the next item up off the ground, and it is the dossier marked “War Plan Red”, the one he authored and followed in the year long war with the PWA roster.

Simon Kalis: No more schemes.

Simon throws the dossier into the open grave and reaches for his golden gun at his waist. He looks it over and admires the craftsmanship, even in the near darkness of these surroundings the weapon shines as a beacon.

Simon Kalis: No more guns.

Simon throws the weapon into the open grave and lifts up the final item. It is a large black flag with the red Order of Chaos skull insignia.

Simon Kalis: No more Order.

He throws the flag into the open grave, and finally removes his eye patch.

Simon Kalis: No more hiding.

He throws the eye patch into the open grave and turns to look at the camera, the sunken skin of his cut eye lid a horrifying sight even all these years later. Simon pours gasoline into the open grave marked with his name and then throws the canister in with it.

Simon Kalis: There’s only one thing left.

He pulls out a pack of cigarettes from his back pants pocket, pulls one out and lights it with a zippo. He doesn’t close the lighter, instead throwing it into the open grave. He steps back as the flames spit up, adding another plume of black smoke into the air here.

Simon Kalis: I’m coming for you Raizzor. And I will fucking end you.

Simon turns around to face the camera behind him, the flames rising up behind him. No Order of Chaos salute, no sarcastic mockery. Nothing but the dead eyed look of one man to another.

Simon Kalis: I don’t fight. I just win.


Everything goes black.


Simon Kalis is now seen standing inside of his own grave, within the flames but unflinching. Four men who resemble Raizzor surround the grave and the flames, and Simon looks up from the grave and offers nothing but an arrogant smile.


And with that, there is nothing but…



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Brian Rentfro: Yeah, especially the ice cream bars. I always wanted to eat Anna and now....

Jon McDaniel: You nasty son of a

** Technical difficulties....please stand by. **

Johnny Maverick & Anna Matthews vs Billy Bob Hayes & Luscious Starr

Tag Team Match

Johnny and Starr start the match for their teams. Johnny takes control early. Then Lucy fights back. Johnny makes the tag to Anna. Anna does shit to Starr. Starr fights back again. Anna and Johnny perform a double team move on Starr. Maverick does stuff to Lucy. Billy Bob tries to tag in, but Lucious refuses. Starr gets some offense in. Johnny regains control. Billy Bob reaches out and slaps Starr on the back, tagging himself in. Starr smacks him back to tag himself back in. The partners yell and get into a shoving match, and Johnny executes the magic bullet theory on Hayes, knocking him out. Anna keeps Starr from breaking up the pin. Afterward, Lucious attacks his fallen teammate.

Winner: Johnny Maverick & Anna Matthews

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The Incredible One

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Eli Storm

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Bubba J(c) vs Sgt. Americana

Killing House Match

Jon McDaniel: Now it’s time for the Killing House match between Sergeant Americana and The PWA World Heavyweight Champion, Bubba J. I can assure you fans that this match will be unlike ny other match you have seen.

Brian Rentfro: I agree, Jon. This match came fro the mind of “Sarge,” which means it will be one huge clusterfu…

Jon McDaniel: enough, Brian. Let’s go over the rules of the Killing House Match:

1.Each man will stand at an opposite end of the Killing House. Bubba will be at the west end of the house. Sgt. Americana will start at the east end.
2.When the match starts, the doors will spring open. Bubba and Sgt. Americana will have three seconds to enter the house. After those three seconds, the doors will spring closed and will auto lock.
3.There will be a ladder that leads from the first to second floor and from the second floor to the roof. Trapdoors will be the entrance to the second floor and the roof. To open the trap doors, the combatants will have to push the button that electronically opens the trap doors. Once opened, the door will remain open for thirty seconds. After that, the door will close automatically and will stay closed until the button is pushed again.
4.At random times during the match several booby traps will engage. These traps consist of:
a.Stun grenades
b.Tear gas
c.Capture nets
d.Shotguns loaded with non-lethal beanbag rounds & rubber bullets.
5.The winner is the first man to get to the roof of the killinghouse and free Cindy Lou Jenkins.

Brian Rentfro: This is gonna be a brutal, brutal fight. Imagine getting tear gassed, and still having to fight someone who is hell bent on destroying you. Imagine getting ready to beat youre opponent down, then a stun grenade goes off. or imagine climbing the ladder, then getting hit in the back by a rubber bullet or one of those bean bag rounds. That's like the ones they use in prison riots. They hurt like hell.

Jon McDaniel: And how do you know?

Brian Rentfro: Research man, research. MSNBC had a Lockup marathon on the other day.

Well, let's go to the Killing House and get this match started.

Brian Rentfro: Did you seriously just call this a match?

The feed switches to a aerial shot from a circling helicopter. From overhead, viewers can see Bubba J and Sgt. Americana at their respective entrances to the Killing House. And on top of the house, bound to a chair, with a gag on her mouth, is Cindy Lou.

An alarm goes off and the two doors swing open. Bubba and Sgt. A rush into the house and meet in the center of the first floor.

No wrestling holds are exchanged, just punches and kicks. Bubba thumbs Sarge in the left eye, then rams hiim headfirst into the bare plywood wall. Sarge staggers backwards, and is caught with a hard clothesline. Bubba begins stomping on Sgt. Americana's head.

Bubba walks over and pushes the button, springing the trap door to the second level. Bubba begins climbing the ladder, but is caught about halfway up. Sgt. A grabs him and hits a German suplex from the ladder to the floor. The trapdoor closes.

Sarge pulls Bubba up and begins repeatedly slamming Bubba's head into the wall. Bubba is busted open and is beginning to bleed profusely. The champ drops to his knees. Sarge gets behind him and pulls his head back. He then begins pummeling the cut with right hands. Americana's taped fist is dripping with blood from the gas on Bubba's forehead. Bubba falls to the floor facefirst.

Sarge takes the initiative, pushes the button and begins to climb the ladder. He gets about seven feet up the ladder when a stun grenade goes off., the concussive force knocking him off the ladder to the floor. He writhes on the floor, holding his ears. Bubba slowly gets to his feet. he grabs Sarge by the hair, pulls him up and rams his head through the window. Sarge's head shatters the glass and bonks off the security bars. Sarge flops backwards to the floor and now he is split wide open as well.

Brian Rentfro: DAMN! THIS IS BRUTAL!

Jon McDaniel: Indeed it is, Brian. And we're keeping the commentary to a minimum, because, well, how do you call this?

Brian Rentfro: You don't. You just sit back and enjoy it!

Bubba grabs a shard of the broken glass and begins carving the forehead of Americana with it. Blood is now pouring from both men. The PWA champ begins ripping the glass across the arm of Sarge. Blood begins to run down the arm of the challenger.

Bubba pulls Americana up and hits a vicious piledriver. Bubba goes over and pushes the button to release the trapdoor. As soon as the door opens a tear gas canister falls through the opening. The canister begins spraying tear gas, and Bubba starts to climb up the ladder. He goes through the trap door, and turns around to look back at Americana. To Bubba's surprise, Americana is pulling himself up using the ladder. The trap door slams shut. American pushes the button to open the trap door,but Just as the door starts to open, Bubba stomps down on the door? Sarge begins beating on the door, coughing and hacking from the tear gas. Just when it looks like Sarge is about to push through the door, Bubba sits on it . Sarge pounds on the door, but suddenly stops. The sound of Americana hitting the floor is heard, and Bubba begins to laugh. He reaches into the pocket of his fatigues, and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He lights one up, taking a long drag, then exhaling slowly.

Brian Rentfro: Time for a smoke break for the Champ!

Bubba takes another drag from the cigarette. Before he can exhale, he's hit in the chest by a beanbag round. Bubba rolls off the door, coughing and gasping for air. Americana bursts through the trap door, wearing a gasmask.

Brian Rentfro: WHAT THE HELL!?

Sarge whips Bubba hard into a wall. Bubba bounces off the wall and staggers toward Sarge. Just then, a capture net drops from the ceiling onto Bubba. The Champ is completely helpless now. Americana hits a huge DDT on Bubba.

Sarge pushes the button for the trap door to release the trap door to the roof. Bubba gets to his feet, and begins to climb the ladder. He slams a forearm into the back of Americana. Sarge rakes the eyes of Bubba, the bulldogs him off the ladder. Sarge fires himself up and climbs the ladder to the roof. Sarge pulls himself up the ladder and through the trap door. He stands to his feet and staggers over to Cindy Lou, a weak smile on his bloodied face. He kneels down and unites her feet. He leans over and begins untying her hands. Suddenly, she starts bucking and trying to say something. Sarge looks at here face, confused by the look of terror in her eyes. He removes the gag from her mouth. She screams "LOOK OUT!"

He turns around to find Bubba standing there holding one of the gimmick shotguns. Bubba fires off a couple of beanbag rounds at Sarge, hitting him in the chest and the groin, and dropping him to his knees. Sarge struggles to get to his feet, surprising Bubba. Bubba hits Trailer Park Trash. Sarge will not stay down, as he is trying to get up. Bubba pulls him up, grabs him by the hair and the fatigues, and throws him off the top of the killing house.

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!

Brian Rentfro: HOLY SHIT!

Sarge lands back first on the ground. He doesn't get up. In fact, he's not moving at all.

Cindy screams "NO!" And begins to cry uncontrollably. Bubba casually walks over and unties Cindy the rest of the way. He pulls her up out of the chair and drags her over to the edge of the roof. She sees Sgt. Americana unconscious on the ground, screams again, and passes out in Bubba's arms. He puts her over his shoulder and carries her over to the edge of the building. A scissorlift comes over to the edge of the building. Bubba steps onto the lift, and he and Cindy are lowered to the ground. Bubba walks over to Sgt. Americana, spits on him, and walks away, carrying Cindy over his shoulder.

Jon McDaniel: Bubba J has won this match in shocking and brutal fashion!

Brian Rentfro: Hey, Bubba, don't forget to send me a Thirty Days in Cindy Lou DVD!

Please Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Suddenly arena lights begin to burst, exploding from a sudden surge of power. The lights begin faltering all across the arena before most of them are immediately shut down before they too are destroyed. Even the ADCTron loses power, and the crowd is screaming both cheers and boos echoing through the pitch dark arena.

Jon McDaniel: Uhm, this isn’t good. Is it?

Brian Rentfro: I don’t think so.

"Storm" by Craig Armstrong and A.R. Rahman begins blasting over the speakers, and the ADCTron hums back to life. However the image is all static.

Voice: You’ve all clearly forgotten just who the FUCK I am.

The voice, terrifyingly familiar reverberates through the arena. With nothing but darkness save for the ADCTron, everyone is glued to the static it presents and the voice behind it.

Voice: The true power behind the curtains, who signs your pay checks and gives you your daily bread.

The static begins to clear up, and the image of the man speaking begins to confirm our greatest fears.

Simon Kalis: BUT! Don’t think I’m mad, PWA. This works out well for all of us really. Because you’ve all known I’ve never been too far gone from the Pioneer Wrestling Association. I’ve yet lingered in your thoughts, in the back of your minds and the cause for your cold sweats. And while you’ve all feared the looming return of The Order of Chaos in the PWA to once again burn the iniquitous state of the PWA again for a stronger form… You’ve all forgotten a man you should fear just as much as me. You’ve all forgotten the terror he wrought on you, the power he demonstrated over you and the sheer and utter dominance of his era in the Pioneer Wrestling Association. I didn’t forget.

The image disappears and the ADCtron goes black. The arena returns to a state of darkness.

Brian Rentfro: Damn it! Just when I thought we were out they pull us back in.

Jon McDaniel: I can't see a damn thing!

But the sound system comes to life.

"Please allow me to introduce myself...

I'm a man.. of wealth... and taste."

The immediate recognition of Guns 'N Roses playing "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones shocks the O2 Arena was the crowd erupts in a roar of cheers and boos.

Brian Rentfro: Whoa, hold the phone. Could it be?

Jon McDaniel: No.. I heard he was retired or dead..


But as soon as Matthew "Virus" Engel steps out onto the stage with the spotlight on him, "Sympathy for the Devil" disappears and is replaced by "Before I Forget" by Slipknot.

"I... am a world before I am a man...

I... was a creature before I could stand...

I will remember before I forget..."

And the Matthew Engel that we remember looks very different. The lights come back on and the crowd is going nuts for the former PWA World Champion.

Brian Rentfro: Jesus! That guy looks huge!

Jon McDaniel: Matthew Engel comes back to PWA Rampage.. under what condition and for how long we don't know, but the man looks like he added thirty pounds of pure muscle.

Brian Rentfro: Is this what these guys do in retirement? Lift weights all day?

Jon McDaniel: No, that's what you do when you go to prison. Just ask Scott Nash Strader.

Engel walks down to the ring in his trademark dark green tuxedo... heavily modified to fit his new physique. His jacket however is flung around his right shoulder. Engel climbs into the ring and stands in the middle as "Before I Forget" dies down. He lays his jacket over the top rope and grabs a mic.

Brian Rentfro: He's been gone.. well over a year now, I believe. What could he possibly have left to say? To prove?

Jon McDaniel: Nothing, Brian. Nothing at all, which makes it all the more interesting as to why he's here.

Brian Rentfro: And lest we forget, Simon Kalis of all people brought him back.

Jon McDaniel: My mind is officially blown.

Matthew Engel: Ha, ha. Well, that was entertaining, now wasn't it?

Engel pauses for a moment and takes to leaning back against the ropes.

Matthew Engel: It's nice of him, really, to check in on you all. See how things are doing. Making sure people are getting paid. I'm sure there's a Avoiding Micromangement for Dummies reference in here somewhere.

He lets out a small chuckle.

Matthew Engel: But who wants to hear a story? A little background on what the... 'true power'... has been doing?

Engel polls a few front row fans and of course they yell and scream at him, some nicely and some not so much.

Matthew Engel: Ya see, over a year ago I was in this ring doing what I do best. I was also in a Rebel Pro ring, doing what I do best. But all that, it didn't matter. It was a fucking lie, I tell you. Hell, I didn't even want to come back. My career was supposed to be over at Genesis Twelve.

Some confusion amongst the fans.

Brian Rentfro: Well luckily for us, it wasn't.

Jon McDaniel: I might have to agree with you there.

Matthew Engel: But, there's always a way. Always something to drag you back into this fucking place.

Engel takes the moment to spit on those unruly front row fans.

Matthew Engel: I have bled buckets in this ring for all of you to witness! I have broken bones, shattered my own dreams and the dreams of inferior opponents! I am a living fucking legend! I don't have anything left to prove to you fucking morons!

Engel scales back from the ropes and takes a few seconds to breathe.

Matthew Engel: Right now, Simon is either having a good laugh or postulating a backup plan. I was supposed to come out here, play the nice PWA legend that I could be and talk about competition. Raising it. Extending it. Ushering in a new era of dominance that a fucking nine year old could bring with the retards we've got fighting here. I'm supposed to be his employee, his puppet. A ratings boost. Fuck that.

Matthew Engel: You think you've got the upper hand, Simon? Prove it to me. I may have been dumb enough to allow myself to be coerced into signing a contract with you back in the summer of 2012, but I won't let it rule my life any longer. You thought you could threaten my family, but they're out of your fucking reach. Did you really think you could get away with this forever? You one-eyed ignorant piece of shit. I sold my soul years ago to be at the villainous level that I'm at right now.

Matthew Engel: I've played your game. I'm done with it and I'm calling you out and putting everything on the table. Bring your broken body down here to Rampage next week and watch me cut the strings, bitch.

Engel drops the mic as "Before I Forget" by Slipknot hits the sound system. Engel grabs his jacket and heads up the ramp, receiving a mixed crowd reaction - but a loud one.

Brian Rentfro: Jesus. So Engel has been working for Kalis since he came back in June 2012?

Jon McDaniel: It would appear so, Brian. Which explains why Kalis was able to force Engel to come back to the PWA. How Simon managed to do that.. well, I'm not sure I want to know.

Brian Rentfro: Me either, man. We will see next week if Simon Kalis makes an appearance to face Engel man to man or do something to keep him under his control. Engel looks like a ticking time bomb out there, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: I totally agree, Brian. We'll see you all next week on Monday Night Rampage!