World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Spike TV and the PWA Presents...RAMPAGE

Live from the SkyDome Arena

"I never knew that a kid like me
Could take his mic around the world and flash the big S.D.
And rock the masses, from Madrid to Calabassas
Tijuana, Mexico, bootleg demos in Tokyo..."

The scene opens to Eli Storm sitting behind his desk at Incredible Inc. On his desk sits the contracts of Jethro Hayes, Matt Stone, Corey Lazarus and...Storm pushes the camera away before it could see the last contract. The scene switches to Grizzly Beer Champion, "The Genuine Pulse" Jacob Figgins, who is slowly shining his newly won gold.

“They know me though, 'cause I be puttin' in work
Commit my life to rebirth, well respected, 'cause that's my word
I'm sure you heard, about a new sound going around
She might have left my hood, but she was born in my town"

The scene then switches to PWA IC Champion, Duff Côte d`Ivoire. Duff is spinning some poor soul around and nailing The Master of Puppets '13. The scene then switches to Hunter Sullivan who is waiting for Viktor Stone to turn around before nailing the Viper Snap. Hunter smiles as Stone hit the mat.

"You didn't know, thought we was new on the scene
Well, it's alright! It's alright!
I know you know, I see you smiling at me
Well, it's alright! It's alright!"

The scene switches to Shawn O'Reilly getting forcefully getting removed from a fan fest, shouting and screaming at anyone who will listen to him. The cameras come up on the PWA Tag Team Champion, Matt Stone, smiling at the camera while in front of him rest both titles. Bodie Vera Cruz, is shown posing with the American flag. Sprinkles seem to be falling around him.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South"

Sykopath is seen in the gym, surrounded in a circle of watermelons. As a bell rings he grabs a handful of forks and flings them with amazing speed towards the mid regions (nutts and berries) of the watermelons. Cody Bogard is seen staring at a picture of the PWA Heavyweight Champion. Focused on getting it back.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
How you like me now?"

The scene now changes to a beautiful field full of daises. Spread out within the daisies ad plant pots in shape of dodos. Anna Matthews is seen with Pedro, playing dress up with the PWA World Heavyweight Title. As the cameras zoom in, anna whispers something very softly...

Anna Mathews: Beware the puppets.

"Is that all you got?
I'll take your best shot."

The scene now switched to the announcer table where McDaniel and Rentfro are ready to get started.

Jon McDaniel: And welcome back to another action packed episode of RAMPAGE!!! We are live from the SkyDome Arena in Canada. Last week's show was one for the books and seeing as this is the last stop on the Canadian leg of our tour, I would say expect more of the same action this week.

Brian Rentfro: That's right we have the return of Ian in a match against former World Champion, Cody Bogard. Anna taking on Starr. Figgins vs. Storm's best friend, Deacon Frost and new comers Gunner and Teddy take on Bubba J.

Jon McDaniel: Where do you think we are going next on the tour?

Brian Rentfro: I hope some where hot. I hear the whores in Hawaii are beautiful this time of year.

Jon McDaniel: I'm going to assume that you meant to say the scenery.

Brian Rentfro: You can go on all you want about the lookie...I'm trying to get a little touchie touchie nookie.

Jon McDaniel shakes his head as the camera jumps down to the ring and the first match of the evening.

Bud & Lou

Bud Adams here in the dressing room area…a private, secure location….with my guest at this time, Miss Cindy Lou Jenkins. Cindy Lou, first off, I know the past week has been very traumatic for you and your friend, Mr. Americana, especially after the beatdown that Bubba J perpetrated on him at the last Rampage. Can you give the PWA fan base an update on Mr. Americana’s condition?

Cindy Lou: Well, Bud, first I want ya to know that I asked fer you to be the interviewer tonight, cause I know you and Mr. A haven’t gotten along very well in the past, before he found ‘his callin’ as Mr. Americana, if you will. But since Mr. Americana has come to the forefront, he ain’t had nothing but good stuff to say bout ya.

Bud: Well, thank you, Cindy Lou. Now, how is Mr. Americana doin?

Cindy Lou: (checks her phone and whispers) He was supposed to be here.
Well, Bud, he ain’t doin too good. He’s in constant pain where his belly welly used to be. But ya know, he’s hurtin more up here in the head, and here in the heart. When Bubba cut his belly off, Mr. Americana, if you will, nearly died. He’s gonna have to go through a lots of recovery and rehab to ….

Wait…stop just a second. I can’t do this….

Cindy Lou looks up at the ceiling. Tears well up in her eyes and begin rolling down her cheeks. Bud reaches into his coat pocket and hands her a handkerchief. She dabs the tears from her eyes and continues.

Cindy Lou: My name is not Cindy Lou Jenkins. *SIGH* My name is Cynthia…Vera Cruz. Mr. Americana….Bodie Vera Cruz is my husband. We’ve been married for 4 years now. We have a beautiful little 8 month old daughter, Mykalah.

Bud: Wait…you mean…

Cynthia: Yeah, I’m not some little redneck girl. I’m just a California girl just like Bodie is, deep inside Mr. Americana, a California boy. We grew up together in Venice. We dated in high school, in college, and all through his career. We got married and during the period between his time at the AAWA and here, we started a family. We kept this a secret from the world, because Bodie knew the PWA was the big time, and he didn’t want the spotlight to get shifted onto his family. He wanted us protected from that.
After Anna cut him up a few months back, something snapped in him. He didn’t come home for three days, and when he came home something was different. He was cold…distant…to me and Mykalah.

She stops to wipe away more tears.

Cynthia: One day he said he needed to get away and be alone for a while, so I gave him the key to my old apartment, you know the one you went to when he was the rapper and the intellectual and he and you…

Bud begins to get irritated at the mention of those embarrassing times, then realizes the pain she is going through, and his demeanor softens.

Bud: Yeah, I know…go on.

Cynthia: I called him everyday, two or three times a day to check on him. One day I called him and…and…he…..*sobs* he didn’t know who I was, and he didn’t know who Mykalah was. That was the last time I talked to him until after he ‘became’ Mr. Americana.

She breaks down, sobbing. Bud puts a hand on her shoulder. A stage hand brings her a bottled water.

Cynthia: Thanks. It was almost more than I could take. Raising a baby and gradually losing my husband. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I took Mykalah to my mom’s house, and began following Bodie from city to city. When he came into the Mr. Americana persona, I insinuated myself into his ‘life’ as his long lost girlfriend, Cindy Lou Jenkins. I was consciously lying to the love of my life, and he didn’t even realize it, because he had no clue who I really am, or who he really is. I enabled him to slip further away from reality, because that was the only way I could be with him. He doesn’t even realize that he’s got a baby daughter at home who needs her daddy.

She begins to break down again. She regains her composure and continues.

Cynthia: Things were going great between us. Yes, I was living a lie, but slowly, carefully, I was bringing him back. I was showing him pictures of family. Things were beginning to click. I had even had him talked into asking Eli for some personal time off. I had planned to bring him back to reality, if you will.

Then Bubba J came into our lives. I saw a side of Bodie that I had never seen before. A vicious, vindictive side. He hates Bubba J for what he did to me. He wanted to tear Bubba limb from limb. He wanted to ambush him in his locker room and try to cripple him, but something, deep down inside him, knew that that wasn’t the right way. So he ran over Bubba’s truck to send a message to him that he wasn’t dealing with the funny, happy go lucky Mr. Americana anymore. He thought maybe it would convince him to leave me, us alone.

I don’t think it worked. And then…then what happened last week…

I can’t explain this, and I know it makes no sense, but Bodie really thought that the prosthetic he wore was really a part of him. I mean he never took it off. Not when he trained, not when he ate. Not when he showeres. Not when we….. So when Bubba cut it off, to Bodie, he had actually cut a part of his body off him. The pain he’s going through, in his mind, is real….and it’s excruciating.

But it’s worse than that. It went much deeper.

When Bubba did what he did last week, Bodie began to realize that maybe he couldn't protect me like he thought he, Mr. Americana, he could.

He went back to being cold and distant. And it’s all because of Bubba J. I was this close to getting him, the real Bodie, back. Now…now I...I'm losing him again, and this time I don't know if I'll get him back.

She breaks down and begins to sob heavily. Her cel phone goes off. She checks the number, she bows her head and begins to cry even harder.

Cynthia: It''s him. I don't know how he....I can't....I can't....

She runs from the room, crying. Bud notices that she's left her phone. He checks the call ID. His eyes open wide in shock when he reads the name......


Get The Shirt

Available at

The shirt you'll go crazy for...

Rum and Dagga sold separately.

Where Is He!?!

Cynthia: Where is HE!

Producer: I don't know. He was scheduled and advertised to be here. Mr. Storm's not happy.

Cynthia: I don't give a DAMN if Mr. Storm's happy or not. I've got to find my husband.

The camera focuses on the concern and emotion on her face. She mutters to herself.

Cynthia: Baby, where are you? I need you. Please, God, don't let Bubba have done anything. Please, Mykalah needs her daddy! So do I.

She picks up her phone and dials a number. She starts speaking like Cindy Lou.

Cynthia: Honeypot, I been lookin all over the place for ya. Please call me back, Honeypot.
I love ya!

Tears begin rolling down her cheeks as she keeps searching for Mr. Americana. She gives up the search and goes to go into her dressing room. Bubba J steps from around a corner of the hallway, a huge grin crossing his face.

Hello Mr. Storm

The camera cuts backstage, focused in on the door of Eli Storm, a whisper comes from the side of the camera.

Lean Bean Miller: "I'm here, and that fat loser of a man known as Bud Adams is probably primping in front of the mirror. Either way, I am here to scoop that there is a very familiar voice coming out of the office of one Eli Storm, but I'm not ready to say exactly who it is, or what they've been saying.

He is silent, trying to listen.

LBM: "Let's see if we can make anything out by placing the mic ate the base of the door."

He leans forward, but the sound doesn't clarify much, though the muffled voice is louder. The voice of Eli is easily picked out, though his words aren't heard clearly. Then two familiar voices are heard, one is extremely familiar, but unfortunately the words are no more discernable.

LBM: "If I am not mistaken, that sounds like PWA Hall of Famer Jethro Hayes."

He looks back to the door, placing his ear on the door, in hopes of understanding the voices and hearing them better; but he shakes his head.

LBM: "But I can't be certain, though I think I heard the word contract."

He looks back at the door, then back to the camera.

LBM: "Its as though I can almost be certain, but the door is muffling it just enough to make me uncertain."

Laughter comes from the room before the door opens up and Nicole walks out, looking at LBM.

LBM: "Nicole, can you tell us what they are talking about in there?"

Nicole looks at LBM, the door is shut(almost).

Nicole: "Sure, no problem, but wait a minute... no, no I can't"

She leans forward, LBM accidentally looking down her shirt.

Nicole: "But I can crack the door just slightly enough so that you can hear what they are fixing to discuss."

LBM is excited, he can't contain himself.

LBM: "Thanks!"

But he says it a bit too loudly and Eli Storm walks to the door, opening it up and noticing all that is outside his office.

Eli: "What are you doing here Miller?"

LBM is a bit nervous.

Eli: "Get away from my office and if I notice you snooping again you'll be helping Raphael clean the toilets."

{fade to ringside}

The Real Thing

Roses, of every shape, size, and color domi nate the room though mostly it is dominated by red. Cindy, or the special friend formerly known as Cindy Lou Jenkins walks into the room, a gasp escaping her lips.

Cindy: "He does remember."

In the middle of the room, placed on a pedastil, decorated in numerous hearts that climb up from the floor and are actually made of little roses sits a velvet box. Cindy looks down at it, tears coming to her eyes. Also on the pedastil is a large stuffed and extremely soft looking brown bear; it is holding the box.

Cindy: "Awww, how sweet..."

She reaches out for the box, when her phone chimes that she has received a text.

Cindy(growling in a bit of anger): "What does that asshole want now?!"

She pulls out the phone, just as all women will do because of course the cell phone is more important than any special moment. Cindy looks down at it and frowns heavily, the name reads "Bubba".

Cindy: "What an ass!"

She ignores the text and walks over to the box, the happiness returning immediately to her face and overall body demeanor. Reaching out she touches the bear, being sure to rub it, feel it, and give it a gentle squeeze.

"Come on, give me a BIG hug!"

Cindy is startled for a moment, before giving that silly womanly giggle and squeezing the bear again.

"Woooooow, that is a great hug!"

She snuggles into the bear, causing it to speak again.

"I love you."

Cindy looks at the bear, tears in her eyes and obvious love coming from her every pore.

Cindy: "I love you too, I really really do."

She feels the box, having temporarily forgotten it. Cindy lifts it up and notes a brand on the box that she doesn't recognize. Unwrapping the foil, she immediately smells the lovely aroma of chocolate and closes her eyes at the heavenly scent; the box opens towards the camera.

Cindy: "I love that."

She takes another deep breath, the item in the box is a chocolate cast of Bubba J's dick, Cindy has no idea. She slowly, and lovingly, reaches into the box to grab a piece of chocolate, but a confused look comes across her face.

Cindy: "What the...?"

She looks down to see the chocolate dick in the box, complete with two chocolate balls and a note.

Cindy: "That..."

She opens the card attached to the chocolate dick and reads it aloud.

"To my special friend, this is a cast of my dick and the real thing can melt..."

She throws it down, gagging slightly as she turns.

Cindy: "That Bubba J! I! Hate! Him! He's! Such! A! Bastard!"

Back to ringside.

Cody Bogard vs Emperor Ian

Singles Match

The match between Cody and Emperor Ian started off with a lot of jawing back and forth, then Cody and Ian came together in a lockup; Ian not too impressed with Cody here. Somehow Cody maneuvered Ian into a backslide pin for a two count, which got Ian's attention. Ian hopped to his feet and came face to face with Cody, collar and elbow then a wristlock later Ian was in control. A rolly flipping move had Cody on the offensive with a behind the back wristlock of his own. Ian went to do the same thing, but stopped himself and somehow got a fireman's carry slam out of the move and a quick two count on Cody. The match went on for several minutes, with both men exchanging hold after hold and counter after counter. Neither really got an offensive streak until Cody grabbed a side headlock and Ian sent him into the ropes, but Cody was able to springboard back flip onto Ian and do a sort of backwards hurricanrana and roll up into the second pin of the night, but it only got two as well. Cody continued the offense whipping Ian into the corner and following in with a series of forearms and chops, that really reddened Ian's chest. Ian was able to reverse a DDT into a back drop suplex type of move and quickly follow it up with a knee drop onto Cody's chest. It was Ian's turn to pour on the offense, where he slammed Cody onto the canvas with a series of suplexes, seeming to end every one of them by dropping a knee onto Cody's chest or arm. Once again Cody got the advantage back by reversing a move, this one he countered a German suplex by nailing a stunner on Ian, but it was less effective than Cody had wanted, but it was enough. Cody managed a couple of offensive moves, but Ian was right there to counter and recounter and it turned back into a counter and reversal fest of moves. Cody really stepped up his game and proved that Ian was right about him being good, when he wanted to be and Ian was determined not to lose this match either, though it was taking a few more minutes than he claimed in his promo. They rolled back to their feet, after laying on the canvas after a big double counter that took them both out and almost ended the match in a draw, back into the collar and elbow.

Cody wins the match with a roll up!

Winner: Cody Bogard 18:57

Anti Segment 2: Electric Boogaloo

This is yet another one of those segments that nobody reads. Or watches. But this time, you see nothing. A black screen containing all the emptiness of the void. We all can still hear though. A cell phone rings happily. Once. Twice. Thrice. There's a chuckle. Then a beep.


A muffled talking through the telephone.

"Hm. Ja must bea alone. Utterwise, you'd tri ta do that 'good old southern gal' routine on mii."

More muffled screaming. It is frantic, angry.

"Nao kool yer jets, mi lady. I walked awai and let ja take control unda the pretense that you reality and my reality must never murge."


"Eye didn't breatch de agreement and niether did joo. Butta fuck up's a fuck up. Fanks to Eli, I cannot deny mi past. But because ov it waz broken from an outside source, aye can't xactly bust ya guise up either. So the weirdness ish kinda inevitable. Jah no the deal, wibbly-wobbly."


"Too bea honest? Hive dealt wif a lotta bullshit frum your company. Tons of it. An you expect me to feel sympathy? I'm supposed too sweep in an sav the day and repair et so that your illusion becomes real. And what do I git? I'm not gonna get a Hall of Fame spot 'cause you like to pretends peeps like me and those that came before don't exsist. You can't drag mii bak because I haz contract. Sew either wai, we're at a stalemate."

The warbling is forceful and the smell of false authority evades. On our side, the Dodo laughs.

"Den I'll just keep telling the troof."


Gunnar Kingsbury vs Bubba J vs Teddy Alexander

3 Way Dance


Teddy Alexander emerges from the back to "In the Air Tonight" by Nonpoint, wearing a neck brace around his neck. He puts one hand on the top of his head and one on his chin, then jolts it to the opposite direction of the hands on top of his head. He trades positions with the hands and jolts it the other way. He begins to make his way down the ramp slowly, smiling sadistically at the fans as he does. About half-way down he points to his own neck with both hands before bringing them together and mimicking snapping something between his hands. When he gets to the ring he rolls under the bottom rope and gets to his feet, climbing the ringpost and grabbing the brace from his neck raising it high into the air above his head then with his other hand running a cutthroat gesture across his throat.


The arena lights dim as 'Hail to the King' by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play. A solitary spotlight shines on the entranceway as Gunnar Kingsbury steps out, flanked by his 'Goddesses,' Athena and Aphrodite. The crowd greets Kingsbury with loud boos, to whit he replies with a sarcastic sneer. Athena and Aphrodite are treated to whistles and catcalls, which are met with rolling of eyes.

Athena and Aphrodite walk up the ring steps first. They hold the ropes open for Gunnar, who steps through. He walks to center ring, the spotlight resting on him as he awaits Eric Emerson's introduction


Kingsbury snatches the mic from Emerson's hand and pushes him away.







The crowd showers the smirking Kingsbury with boos for that comment.

Jon McDaniel: He may need to hire extra security after a remark like that,Brian!

Brian Rentfro: That's ok, Jon. He can afford it.

Entrance Description: The chorus of Saliva’s “Badass” hits up in the speakers and the PWA-tron stays pictureless.

As the first lyric begins to play from Saliva’s “Badass”, Bubba J walks from the back and stares out to the crowd, his fists wrapped in tape;no expression on his face.

He slowly begins to walk down the ramp, just staring into the ring, in his own “zone” he pays very little attention to anything surrounding him. No fireworks, nothing spectacular, nothing flashy; just music and him walking.


Bubba J steps up the ring steps before climbing through the ropes. Bubba J then steps over to his corner, facing his opponents and waiting on the damn match to begin.


Immediately, Bubba begins chasing Kingsbury around the ring. After the second lap around the ring, Teddy attempts a clothesline on Gunnar. Kings bury ducks the clothesline and jumps over the top rope to the floor.. He taunts Bubba from the floor. Bubba baseball slides out of the ring, and Gunnar slides back in at the same time. Gunnar taunts Bubba again, this time from the ring. What Kingsbury has forgotten is that there are 3 participants in this match. He tuns around and is clotheslined over the top rope by Teddy.

Kingsbury lands on his feet on the floor, and throws his hands in the air like a gymnast, finishing their routine.


Kingsbury turns around and is mowed down by a Bubba J clothesline. Gunnar hits the floor hard. Bubba picks him up and throws him into the ring. As soon as Kingsbury is in the ring, Alexander begins putting the boots to him. Bubba climbs in the ring, and pulls Teddy off Kingsbury. Bubba then begins stomping the proverbial mudhole in Gunnar. Teddy pulls Bubba off and shoves him.

Jon McDaniel: If Teddy is trying to intimidate Bubba, I don't think it's gonna work.

Brian Rentfro: Uh, no.

Bubba grins and shoves Teddy. Teddy hits a left hand on Bubba. Bubba fires back with a right. The two brawlers begin, well, brawling around the ring. Before long, both men are bleeding. The fight spills out of the ring, and now Bubba and Teddy are fighing on the floor.

Meanwhile, Gunnar is sitting on the top rope, just watching. He calls over to Athena, and says something that the ringside mics can't pick up. The message is soon clear, as Athena walks over to a ringside vendor, and brings Gunnar back a bucket of popcorn and a supersized soda. He sits on the top rope, eating his popcorn and driking his soda.

Jon McDaniel: What an arrogant punk.

Brian Rentfro: Aww c'mon. Jealous?

Bubba and Teddy stop fighting when they notice Gunnar's shenanigans. Both men enter the ring and begin walking toward Gunnar, who is now off the top rope and standing there with his soda and popcorn.

Jon McDaniel: Uh-oh!

Brian Rentfro: Run, Gunnar!

Gunnar holds up his bucket of popcorn to Teddy, offering him some. Alexander slaps the popcorn out of Kingsbury's hand.

Gunnar angrily yells at Teddy.

Gunnar Kingsbury: You no good, ungrateful son of a ...

Kingsbury throws the soda in Bubba's face, then pokes Teddy in the eye. While Alexander recovers from the eyepke, Kingsbury goes to work on Bubba. He kicks Bubba in the gut, then brings a knee to the side of Bubba's head, sending him to his knees. Kingsbury begins laying lefts and rights to the skull of Bubba, but the barrage is stopped with a punch to the groin.

Both Athena and Aphrodite scream at the sight of bubba punching their man in the goods. Bubba gets to his feet, but is taken down by an Alexander Lariat. Teddy grabs Gunnar and pulls him to his feet. He then wraps his arms aroung Kingsbury's ribcage, and locks in the bearhug.


Brian Rentfro: FIGHT, GUNNAR! FIGHT!

Kingsbury struggles to escape the bearhug, but begins to fade. Out of deparation, he claps his hands on Teddy's ears. The again...and again. Teddy's grip loosens a bit. Bubba comes up from behind Teddy and hits a German Suplex...ON BOTH MEN!!!

'HOLY SHIT!' chants break out across the arena, as the fans pay respect to Bubba for his feat of strength. Kingsbury and Alexander cracked heads on the impact, and Gunnar appears to be out.



Bubba goes for the pin on Kingsbury, but Alexander breaks up the pin attempt at two. Alexander then goes for the pin, but Bubba breaks it up at 2.

Bubba and Teddy are back at each other's throats, fighting in the ring. Kingsbury slowly makes it to his feet. He gets a running start and launches himself at Alexander. Alexander catches him in mid air. He then presses him above his head. Bubba comes in to attack, but Alexander kicks him in the face, while still holding Kingsbury above his head! Teddy then begins pressing Gunar above his head. he gets to three when Kingsbury rakes his eyes. Alexander drops Kingsbury to the mat. Teddy staggers toward Bubba, who downs him with a huge haymaker to the jaw. Bubba rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair.

Jon McDaniel: Bubba's about to take it up a notch.

Brian Rentfro: Gunnar, it's ok! I'll protect Athena and Aphrodite! Ladies..come over here!

Jon McDaniel: Get sedrious, Brian!

Bubb begins to wear Teddy out with the chair. Kingsbury comes charging over, but as soon a Bubba sings the chair towards Gunnar's face, Kingsbury drops to the mat and rolls to the outside, to the waiting arms of his Goddesses. He walks over and grabs the announce table, and slides it into the ring. Kingsbury picks up the table and beginwalking towards Bubba. Bubba swings the chair, but Kingsbury blocks it with the folded table. Bubba swings again, but again the shot is blocked. Bubba takes careful aim and hits Kingsbury's fingers where he is holding the table. Kingsbury drops the table, and grabs his hand. Bubba nails Kingsbury with a chairshot that sends him slumping into the corner.

Bubba grabs the table and throws it at Kingsbury. The table thuds off Gunnar's head and almost falls, before leaning back against Kingsbury. Bubba turns around and is hit by a lariat from Teddy. Alexander grabs Bubba, wraps him up, then picks him up an runs him through the table, and Kingsbury.

Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!!!

Brian Rentfro: HOLY SHIT!!!

Teddy grabs Gunnar by the ankle and drags him into the center of the ring. He pulls Kingsbury up to his feet and prepares him for his finisher.

Jon McDaniel: He's gonna hit the Ragekill Driver and win this thing!

Alexander picks up Gunnar, but Bubba comes in with a chairshot to the back of Da Spinal Bash Monger, causing him to drop Kingsbury. Bubba whips Teddy into the ropes, kicks him in the gut and goes for the Trailer Park Trash. Teddy pushes Bubba off and into the ropes. Teddy goes for the Angerbash bicycle kick. Bubba ducks under the kick, spins Teddy around, and hits Trailer Park Trash! Teddy bounces backwards off Bubba's shoulder, and is grabbed from behind by Gunnar, who hits the lungblower. Alexander flops face first on the mat. Bubba charges Gunnar, but Kingsnury ducks and back body drops Bubba over the top rope to the floor. Alexander struggles to his feet and is hit by another lungblower. Kings bury goes for the pin.




Kingsbury stumbles to his feet and falls out of the ring. Athena and Aphrodite help him to his feet. As the referee comes over to raise Gunnar's hand, he is shooed away by the Goddesses, who raise Kingsbury's hands, to the boos of the crowd.

Battle of Will or Will Not

Bud Adams is walking down the hallway, he is still quite furious about missing the Jethro Hayes interview, called "Fireside Chat" last week and that pissant Lean Bean Miller getting it instead.

"That son of a bitch, I can't believe that he got the interview. I walked through shit, piss, and who knows what all else to get that interview and all he does is show up!"

LBM, the man himself, walks out of a door and to the catering area, just as Bud walks in as well. Both men head directly to the chicken strip table, reaching out and LBM grabs the last chicken strip right before Bud can grab it forhimself.

Bud: "That was mine Miller."

LBM looks at the strip, at his plate, then flips the strip over and over again.

LBM: "I don't see your name on it."

Bud: "Listen here you young smart assed little punk, you need to show some respect."

LBM: "For the chicken strip?"

Bud sighs heavily.

Bud: "Not for the chicken strip, damn the chicken strip, I'm talking about for me."

LBM: "So..., you don't want the strip now?"

Bud sighs again.

Bud: "Will you forget about the strip?"

LBM shakes his head.

LBM: "No, cause I'm hungry, Jethro, Nicole, and I just..."

Bud growls deeply in his chest.

Bud: "What, did you get another interview? Did you kiss his ass some more?"

LBM: "Chill man."

Bud: "I will not chill, I went through hell to get that interview."

LBM: "What interview? I got the interview."

Bud: "That I was supposed to get, you stole it from me you son of a bitch! Just like you stole the chicken strip!"

LBM looks confused.

LBM: "I thought you didn't want the chicken strip?"

LBM takes a bite of it and hands it out towards Bud.

LBM: "Here, if you want it so bad, I'll eat a sandwich."

Bud looks disgusted.

Bud: "Giving me scraps are you Miller?!"

LBM: "Look, do you or do you not want the chicken strip? Make up your mind!"

Bud is right in his face, both having gravitated towards the drinks bin.

Bud: "Get out of my face, get out of my space, get out!"

LBM: "Alright man, but you need to back off! I'll just go interview Jethro again, its something that I'm good at."

Bud is furious, he goes to grab a drink and leave.

LBM: "Let me grab a Coke and I'll go."

Bud and LBM reach into the same bin, grabbing the same Coke and begin a game of tug of war over it.

Bud: "Its mine!"

LBM: "Its mine!"

They continue arguing like this for a minute or two, neither getting a hold on the slippery cold can of Coke

Bud: "Its mine!"

LBM: "I had it first!"

Bud: "Like my interview? I had it first!"

LBM: "No you didn't! You didn't have it at all!"

LBM's grip slips and the can smacks Bud right in the face, bloodying his lip a bit; he looks furious.

Bud: "I'll kick your ass!"

LBM: "I'll beat you there too!"

It was the last Coke and LBM is pissed now.

Bud: "You better be glad we can't fight out here or else I'd really kick your ass!"

Eli Storm walks into the area; he looks at both Bud Adams and at Lean Bean Miller.

Security rush in and seperate the two men before any thing can really happen.

Deacon Frost vs Jacob Figgins

Falls Count Anywhere Match

The bell rings and the two men start to tear into each other in the middle of the ring. Figgins is using his speed to keep Frost off his feet with alot of dodge and move attacks focusing on the big man's legs and knees. After a missed big boot attempt, Figgins is able to duck under the big leg and take Frost down with a chopblock to the leg. With Frost on the ground, Jacob starts to stomp and drop elbows on the targeted limb. Frost is able to trip Jacob up and roll out the ring. But Jacob will not be denied and runs with a head full of steam at the ropes and leaps over the top and takes Frost down with a Tope suicida. Frost crashes hard against the guard railing and Figgins is feeling the vibe.

Jacob is firing lefts and rights at a downed Frost as the crowd counts along. Suddenly Frost reaches up and grabs Jacob by the neck. Jacob not liking the position he is in is firing shot after shot, trying to get Frost to let go. Frost tightens his grip and starts to move Jacob towards the ringpost. Shot to the nuts and the hold is let go. Jacob drops down to his knees out of camera view, but as soon as he turns around, Frost has him by the throat again. Frost goes to lift Jacob up...Drink Spray!!!!! Once again Frost drops Figgins. Figgy reaches down and produces a pink Hello Kitty Elbow pad from his boots. After slipping it on, he taps the Hello Kitty and points towards Frost . Frost pulls himself up using the ring apron and Figgins runs to guard railing and flings himself backwards. As he does Frost turns right into a "loaded" back elbow to the face, dropping him like a bag of bricks. Figgins drops down for the 3 count.

Winner: Jacob Figgins

RSVP for the GB Championship

Figgins rolls off of Frost and grabs his championship belt. Jacob grins and begins to walk up the rampway when "In the Air Tonight" by Nonpoint blares through the speaker. Figgins pauses in the middle of the rampway and out walks Teddy Alexander. Teddy looks at Jacob and claps his hands as the reigning Grizzly Beer champ shakes his head and continues walking up the rampway. Figgins stops as he is standing side by side with Teddy.

Figgins: You will get your turn soon enough, kid.

Teddy smiles and pats Jacob on the shoulder.

Teddy: Sooner then you think...sooner then you think.

Jacob giggles and walks through the curtains as Teddy just stands there smiling.

London's Burning

The scene opens to Eli Storm sitting behind his desk when the phone rings.

Storm: Eli speaking...

What did I tell you...I know the ratings are through the roof.

What til you see what i have...


London's Burning...

Well I haven't figured on a match to put him in yet, but... polled the fans on what they wanted to see on your website.


Ok, hold on...i have to be able to...

Ok, let's think about this...

Yes, i want this deal to work. Yes I want to give the fans what they want. But...

Fine...I'll put the paperwork together.

Phone slams the phone down and is livid. He knocks all the papers off his desk and let's out a insane scream. He door flies open and his personal assistant, Maria rushes in. Before she can say anything, Storm speaks.

Storm: Maria, call my doctor and tell him that I need a full work up and clearance for the Board of directors and the board at Spike.

Maria: Yes, sir...anything else?

Storm: Yes, call the guys from maintence...we are going to need a Canadian Cage built for the PPV. Then I want you to call the lawyers and tell them I need a contract drawn for Eli Storm vs. Shawn O'Reilly in a Canadian Cage match at London's Burning.

Maria: But Sir...I thought you...

Storm: Just get it done!!!

Maria runs out of the office as Storm sinks back into his seat, shaking his head.

Lucious Starr vs Anna Matthews

Main Event Match

Lucious and Anna are introduced then 'Inside the Fire' by Disturbed begins to play as Joshua Danielson makes his way to the ring.

Anna hits a dropkick on Starr, then hits a kip up hurricanrana on Danielson, sending him out of the ring. Lucious, recovered from Anna's drop kick, attacks Anna from behind as the referee calls for the bell. Lucious begins to work over Anna in the corner. He whips Anna across the ring and follows her in. Anna runs up the turnbuckles and backflips over Starr, causing him to slam chest and face first into the corner. Starr staggers backwards out of the corner, as Anna springboards off the ropes and hits the Boomerfly Kick. Anna goes for the cover, but as the ref's count reaches 2 1/2, Danielson grabs Starr's leg and drapes it on the bottom rope.

Danielson gets on the ring apron, taunting the champion. Anna looks at.the crowd, grins, and shrugs. She then hits the Heart Kick on Danielson, sending him flying backwards into the guardrail. Mathews turns and is hit with a knee to the abdomen by Starr. Starr picks her up in a suplex position, then drops her into the torture rack. Starr applies more pressure on Mathews, but the PWA chap refuses to submit. Starr goes to slam Anna face first to the mat, but Anna floats over, landing on her feet. She drop kicks Lucious in the knee, sending him down to his knees. Anna runs in and hits the Bakatare kick. Anna covers and gets the three count.

Winner: Anna Matthews