World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Frosty vs Jacob Collins

A very slow start this week for Chaos as we saw Frosty take on Sommers’ family member, Jacob Collins. This match was cut short by the returning Aeolus Wrath. Collins wisely stepped out the ring, once he saw the pissed off Wrath. Frosty wasn’t that lucky and fall victim to a brutal beating and then was sent over the ropes. Wrath expressed a lot of anger for not being booked on the upcoming PPV and vowed that the PWA will learn to respect the returning star.



Backstage, Toshi Yang stands in front of the title graphic for Unsanctioned with microphone in hand. She smiles and raises it.

Toshi: “Ladies and Gentlemen, with me at this time, is the former President of the PWA, The Devious one; Chamelion.”

The camera pans back to reveal Chamelion standing there with a serious look on his face. Toshi turns and addresses him.

Toshi: “Chamelion, In one week’s time you are set to finally face Hunter Sullivan, in a Light of my Life match. What are your thoughts on this match finally taking place?”

Chamelion looks down at Toshi, a half grin appearing as one corner of his lip raises.

Chamelion: “My thoughts, Toshi? It’s simple. I mean to end Hunter Sullivan’s PWA Career at Unsanctioned. No complex words, no stories, no build up.. just a nice well placed Sweet Sound of Success and into the tubing he goes!”

Toshi: “People, Hunter included, are making comments about how you’re not competing tonight, while he has to face the incomparable Aeolus Wrath. Are you taking advantage of the situation with your status in the PWA?”

A full on grin appears, Cheshire in nature.

Chamelion: “If I am, then it just goes to show how Devious I am. If I’m not, no one’s going to believe me anyway. But I will tell you this; I don’t make the booking decisions currently, Toshi. If I’m not scheduled, it’s of no fault of my own. It’s like with Malicious; he has yet to defend his title against my nephew, Jacob.. but that’s not his fault either; the PWA sees fit to place us where they may… all I can say is this; they have given me my shot at Hunter at Unsanctioned, so I’m not about to protest this week off. It works to my advantage. However, anyone who feels I’m incapable of competing and taking the same risks as Hunter, obviously doesn’t know me.. or is just plain jealous.”

Toshi nods, and follows through.

Toshi: “So with tonight off, what are your plans!?”

Chamelion turns towards the camera, his grin ever so in place.

Chamelion: “Why Toshi… wouldn’t that be obvious!?”

With a wink, Chamelion moves out of the camera’s frame, leaving Toshi to wonder just what he means.

Kyle Stevenson vs Emperor Ian

This match showed one half of the reigning PWA Tag Team Champions in action. But tonight it was all Emperor Ian, who caught the Champion underestimating his foe. Even though Kyle was able to hit a few moves here and there, it came down to Ian trapping Kyle in The Imperial Conquest and getting the tap out win.


Wrath vs Hunter Sullivan

Wrath and Sullivan don’t waste much time as they quickly circle around the ring, keeping their hands extended slightly in front of them and their bodies low to the ground. The crowd is silent, waiting for the match to truly begin and keeping their eyes on the two men, as it looks to be a fairly fast paced match. The two men come together in the center of the ring, slowly offering their hands for a knuckle lock. They lock up and immediately start to push against each other. Hunter, being the slightly bigger man, starts to push Wrath back, causing him to lose some ground. Hunter uses his free foot to sweep Wrath’s leg out from under him and pin him to the mat. The Referee goes to make the count, but Wrath manages to swiftly avoid it by lifting his legs up to Hunter’s chest and propelling him overhead and onto his back in a monkey flip. The two still have their hands locked as they simultaneously roll onto their stomachs and start to raise themselves back up. Wrath, now convinced that no good can come of a test of strength, opts to play the submission game. He uses one foot to kick and break the hold on one of his arms and twists the other arm in a wrist lock. Hunter, while impressed, quickly reverses it into a wrist lock of his own. He keeps it applied tightly, while being sure to keep a safe distance from Wrath to avoid an easy counter. He torques Wrath’s wrist by leaning into the lock and lowering Wrath’s body. But The Code refuses to be taken to the mat again so easily. Sullivan is forced to play a less technically sound hand, and connects a kicks to the back of Wraths knee, causing him to buckle and kneel on the ground. Sullivan takes a hand off the wrist and lifts his arm high into the air before bringing it down with all his body weight knocking an elbow drop on the shoulder. Wrath is bluntly knocked belly-down on the mat.

John:” Hunter and Aeolus starting in a slow pace manner. A few mind games very Hunter like.”

Brian:” I’ve talked to Hunter about his constant Chain wrestling, He says he just enjoys chain wrestling… a lot.”

John:” Lets see how much Chain wrestling Wrath will be able to entertain him with.”

The Code of energy realizes that the mat is not a good place to be with The Viper and pushes himself up into a handstand before kipping up onto his feet again. Sullivan is taken by surprise by this show of athleticism, and has no defense ready when Wrath reverses the wrist lock right back in his favor. He grabs a fistful of The Vipers glossy black hair and pulls him backwards onto the mat with it. Wrath uses his leg near Hunter’s torso to grapevine the targeted arm by rapping it around his arm so that it is next to his neck. Hunter seems pleasantly surprised By the technical response. Actually enjoying the counter Hunter smirks catching Wrath off guard. Feeling mocked, Wrath stresses his hold on Sullivan, cutting the smile into a writhe. However impressed he isn’t about to be beaten , and shows it by rolling backwards over his head, causing his shoulder to push against Wraths leg and pulls him back to the mat. Hunter now stands over and in front of Wrath, the arm still held. With a strong tug, Hunter brings Wrath back up and shakes the trapped hand. The crowd gets a laugh out of this before Hunter twists it right back into a wrist lock. Finally, Wrath seems to have had enough of this nonsense. He takes off running, rebounds off the nearest second rope, and uses Hunter’s wrist lock to take him over in a flying arm drag that breaks the hold at last! Hunter lands hard on his side, but jets back up as if it were nothing. The two stare at each other as the crowd loudly applauds the display of chain wrestling. Their applauds appear to have fallen on deaf ears, though, as Wrath and Hunter are concerned with little more than each other.

John:” Did… Hunter just play the crowd?”

Brian:”Looks to me like Jethro might be a positive influence on the man.”
John:”Something tells me we wouldn’t be so lucky.”

Wrath bolts for Hunter, Sullivan does the same. Wrath dives down for a dropkick to The Viper’s knees, but Sullivan manages to leap over him at the last moment. Wrath stops not far behind Sullivan, on his back. He reaches up and grabs Hunter’s legs, pulling them out from underneath him. Sullivan hits the mat, managing to slightly protect his face with his hands. Wrath turns around and lunges forward, slapping on a side headlock. The code of energy tugs at the side of Sullivan’s head, buying him some time to think of what to do next. But he doesn’t keep the hold on as tightly as he should, as Sullivan manages to easily slip through the arms of Aeolus, and trap him in his own side headlock. Unlike Wrath, who used it as merely a transition hold, Hunter applies the headlock rigidly, using it as if it were any other submission. He gets to one foot and a knee, buying him some leverage. Wrath tries to heave his body up and get to a vertical base, but his first attempt is countered by Hunter applying weight down on Wrath. But he would not be beaten and he wrenched his body up once again, this time powering through Sullivan’s weight and both men stand in a vertical basis the headlock still wrenching at Aeolus’ neck area. Quickly, Wrath grabs one of Hunter’s legs, holding it up and turns to face Sullivan the headlock still in place. Within seconds The Code manages to counter into a suplex set up and fisherman suplexes The Viper over his head and lands in a pinfall situation. The Referee slid in for the count, but Hunter kicks out before he even gets to count. Both men quickly jump up to their feet and Wrath, the quicker of the two, goes straight in for a super kick to the jaw, but Hunter ducks and takes Wrath in a bear hug like maneuver, trapping Aeolus’ high leg up against his body squished between the two superstars. Suddenly, Hunters throws Wrath backwards onto his back in what can only be described as a fisherman belly-to-belly suplex!

Brian:”interesting mauever from Sullivan, innovative indeed.”

John:” yes I agree, this match is turning out very well this evening.”

Hunter slowly gets up, not needing to speed and walks over to a still down Wrath. Stomping on his ribs once, Sullivan pulls Wrath up and raises an arm in the air. He gets Wrath in a hammerlock, then turns till they’re back to back but when he tries to fall down in a neckbreaker, Wrath wraps a foot round Hunter’s stopping the move. Hunter angered by the failed attempt turns back around, grabs Wrath’s neck and pulls him back in a dragon sleeper and squeezes the lock on violently. Wrath thrashes about trying to remove the hold but to no avail. The crowd starts cheering in an innuendo, getting louder and louder trying to cheer Wrath on but it looks like he’s about to give and crowd sit down glumly. Not cheering for him to win but rather for the match to continue. Suddenly Wrath turns into a front facelock trying to counter, but Sullivan grins and falls backwards in a DDT. Wrath is lying back-first on the mat not moving, and Sullivan stands and get a roar of approval from his fans before turning his attention back to the stirring Wrath. As soon as Wrath is on his feet Sullivan kicks him in the mid-section and Wrath doubles over in pain keeling towards the mat, bit rolls through stands and mule kicks Sullivan, who was running at Wrath from behind. Sullivan goes flying back and Aeolus gets up and smirks.

John:” Wrath with the advantage as of right now.”

Brian.” I think Hunter is getting just what he asked for. And more.”

He quickly turns to see Sullivan running at him once again and Wrath backs up against the ropes. Sullivan doesn’t see this movement and still runs full sprint at Wrath. Cleverly devised Wrath slips below the bottom rope to the outside, and Sullivan can’t stop and runs into the ropes rolls over the top, smacks off the apron and crashes by Wrath’s feet. Wrath picks him straight back up as the referee starts the count out to 10. Wrath tries to Irish whip Hunter into the steel steps but it’s countered and again and again and Wrath crashes into the steep steps hitting the top half, smashing it off and landing at the other side. The ref is on the count of 6 and Hunter rolls back in the ring, but rolls back out on the side Wrath was laying on, forcing the ref to start again. This time, Hunter tries to pick Wrath up by the hair but Aeolus punches him in the gut and Hunter backs off from the blow. Sullivan focuses and runs at Wrath but he hits a missile dropkick on the outside! The move damaged both men and the ref was on the count of 4. Wrath managed to roll in the ring at 6, and just in time, Sullivan followed at 9. The two men started to exchange blows in the center of the ring, and just as Sullivan starts to take advantage Wrath ducks under the blow and grabs Sullivan in a full nelson, before executing a full nelson slam as crowd cheer ecstatically.

John:” Wrath Stealing a Hunter trademark hold and slamming him down with insult,”

Brian:”I wouldn’t exactly say Hunter owns the half nelson.”

John:” but he does seem to pull it out of no where, commonly.”

Wrath gets up quickly and kicks Sullivan in the ribs waiting a few seconds in between the three he did, being booed by The Vipers fans. Wrath slowly lifts Hunter up smiling to the ground and receives a quick pop. But Wrath wastes to long, and Sullivan gives him a quick stiff elbow to the gut, bending Wrath backwards (Metaphorically Speaking) and quickly grabbed his head. Sullivan lifts Wrath into the air, holding him there for a few seconds until he came down dropping him on his cranium area in a Crumblerr! The crowd bursts into cheers but Sullivan ignores them and gets on with the match. He lifts Wrath up by his hair, and grabs Wrath in an Irish whip into the corner. Hunter looks to be running at Wrath from the far side of the ring but when he got close he moves slightly to the side jumping onto the second rope, and his other slams into the side of Wrath’s head in a huge impact Springboard SHI- No! Wrath manages to roll away just in time, as Sullivan lands on the second rope. Hunter Sullivan stops momentarily before a chain attempt at a back elbow maneuver, pushing himself off the ropes, but Wrath sees him just in time to counter with a dropkick to his back! Hunter comes crashing down on the mat, holding his back.

John:” IMMMPACT! Crazy drop kick there from Wrath grounds Hunter violently!”

Brian:” I thought Hunter might have had a three count if he went for it after the crumbler, but he never.”

John:” I think Sullivan knows Wrath enough that, that wouldn’t put him away.”

Brian:” Maybe he was looking for more…. Fun?”

Wrath wastes little time in taking advantage of the floored Viper, rushing over to the ropes and springboarding off of them in a Lionsault! He stays on Hunter for the pin. 1...2..Sullivan quickly bench-presses Wrath off of him. Sullivan rolls onto his stomach and starts to get back up onto his knees, but Wrath manages to connect with a fierce dropkick that knocks Sullivan against the ropes. Wrath stands over him and lands several soccer kicks on Hunter’s chest. But Sullivan reaches forward, grabbing Wrath by the tights and pulling him through the ropes, and out onto the apron. Hunter crawls away from the side of the ring and stands up straight. Meanwhile Wrath also regains his composure. He hops onto the top rope and comes off in a Springboard Hurricanrana! Hunter’s back comes bouncing off the mat, and Wrath seems to have found new life. He stands tall, urging the crowd to boo him. Warmed by their jeers, Wrath comes off the ropes right for Sullivan, who is leaning against the turnbuckle, back exposed. Wrath comes from behind The Viper, leaps up, and lands two knees right onto his back, pushing Sullivan further into the turnbuckle. Wrath plants himself behind Sullivan and on the second set of ropes. He hops up, wrapping his legs around Hunter’s neck, and flips backwards in a REWIND HURRICANRANA!! Hunter’s head is spiked into the mat. He sits up, dazed, and shortly falls back over with glazed eyes. Wrath quickly rolls for over for a second pin attempt. 1...2...Sullivan gets his shoulder up, though not as quickly as before. Wrath doesn’t seem to worried about the failed pin. Instead, he rolls Sullivan onto his stomach, placing both knees on Hunter’s back and pulling at his head and legs in a Bow & Arrow Lock! Hunter’s back, which seems to be Wrath’s new target, is bent painfully against the Code of energies knees. Wrath further inflicts punishment by rolling onto his back, lifting Sullivan up into the air while pulling him down with his arms, yet keeping him up with his knees.

John:” Hunter is getting torn apart out there, after that drop kick he has lacked the ability to recover himself.”

Brian:” Wrath is proving he is indeed worth fearing.”

John:” it still amazes me how Sullivan can kick out, He seems to strive on putting on a clinic.”

Sullivan groans in pain, his back already having taken some punishment from the dropkick and double knee attacks. He tries to use his free arms to feel for a ring rope, but he’s not nearly close enough to pick up a rope break. Instead, he attempts to rock back and forth, slowly tipping Wrath further and further back with each sway. Finally, he rolls Wrath over onto his shoulders. The referee swoops in for a pin.
1...2...Wrath reluctantly releases the hold. Sullivan rolls away quickly, putting some distance between the two to allow him some time to gather is wits. He gets to his feet rather quickly, apparently quick enough to catch a glimpse of the charging Wrath. Hunter Sullivan ducks down and attempts to back body drop Wrath over the top rope, but Wrath catches the top rope and redirects himself onto the apron. He lands securely and connects a kick through the second rope that doubles Hunter Sullivan over. Wrath springs onto the top rope with Hunter bent down in front of him, and leaps off with a DOUBLE STOMP!! The high flyer catches Hunter Sullivan right on his injured back and pushes his throat into the ropes. Wrath rolls through his landing and pops back up safely on the other side of the ring. He turns around intently, the crowd fully behind him, and takes off with another running charge. He leaps right for Hunter, aiming for another Double Stomp, but Sullivan moves out of the way and Wrath slips right through the ropes, out to the floor! The fans leap to their feet with a Holy Shit chant. Wrath hits the floor hard and smacks his head against the crowd barrier. Hunter Sullivan kneels on the mat taking a brief rest, knowing that Wrath isn’t in any rush to get back up and continue after that vicious bump.

John:” Holy shit is right, Aeolus took a bump and seems to be taking it rather rough.”

Brian:” This is a damn straight perfect time for Sullivan to regain himself and get back into the match.”

John:” Sullivan looks to be doing EXACTLY that. “

Wrath starts to stir out on the floor. He leans on the guard rail as several fans pat him on the back, offering words of discrimination. Wrath starts to approach the ring to climb back in, but notices all too late that Hunter has a firm grasp on the top rope. With uncharacteristic agility, the Viper slingshots himself over the top rope, spinning into a TORNADO PLANCHA!! The crowd starts to stomp their feet, clap their hands, and create a general ruckus for the unexpected suicide dive. The Viper picks up his fallen opponent and casually rolls him back into the ring. Hunter drags Wrath into the center of the ring, and lowers himself to the mat. There, he goes behind. Hunter grabs an arm, wraps his legs around him in a deadly triangle hold. Wrath can’t move and tries to reach for any ropes but he’s too far away. He comes close to tapping once, but quickly puts his mind against it. Wrath manages to roll, but Hunter rolls with him and locks still in place. Wrath’s face is filled with pain but he manages to reach out and grab the now closer bottom rope. The Referee counts to four before Sullivan angrily releases the hold and stands up. He stalks behind Wrath as he gingerly stands up, as soon as he does, Hunter goes for the kill, kicking the back of Wrath’s knees, Aeolus then in turn falls loosely onto his knees. Hunter goes onto one knee and pulls Wrath head back into a dragon sleeper, and in this position Wrath’s knees are stuck underneath him. Wrath is immobilized and the pain is getting worse in his neck but he fakes a pass out from the submission choke. Because of this Sullivan lessens back on the neck and for the split second he does, Wrath frees his head and explodes upward, lifting hunter into a electric chair. Hunter nails a few punches and Aeolus starts to stagger backing into the turn buckle. Sullivan uses this as a drop off getting to the top rope. With a blunt kick Wrath is pushed forward and Sullivan leaps off grabbing Aeolus by the neck in mid air slamming down in a BRUTAL NECKBREAKER!

John:” What Innovation from both men, what a match, what a neck breaker!”

Brian:” Hunter turned it around there and got the dragon sleeper in only to be out smarted by Aeolus, and then to out smart him in return. The result, both men are out!”

Due to the amount of submission locked onto Hunter this match, both men took as long to get up from the neckbreaker. Wrath is the first to react and throws a sloppy punch but Sullivan blocks it with a slap turns 360 degrees on the spot and comes back with an elbow to Wrath’s head knocking him to the ground. Quickly, Hunter walks to Wrath’s legs and grabs them both holt, crossing before interlocking his hands between the gap in between and turning him over a pain crying Texas Cloverleaf! Wrath called out in pain instinctively reaching out from a rope but there wasn’t one. Two men in the crowd start a Sullivan chant, Wrath fans gets the same idea and Wrath’s name rings out through the arena. Fans battle between the names as Hunter looks down at a near crying Wrath and whispers scornfully “Fear you? Don’t make me laugh!” laughing afterwards. Wrath angered by Sullivan lets out a cry stretches forward lunges for the bottom rope, but misses by a few inches. He punches the mat in anger and pain, his face showing the pure pain he was in. The Wrath chant quiets downs, and Wrath feels a sudden emotion of failure run through his body, and he takes one look at the rope before leaping out, pulling so hard, a shocked Sullivan loses grip and falls face first and Wrath holds the bottom rope safe as the crowd cheer wildly for the match in front of them. Smirking through the pain Aeolus regained a degree of confidence.

Brian:” The fans are really into this bout John, I think we have ourselves a early contender for match of the year!”

John:” With all the effort Wrath put into getting out of that hold alone should be proof enough.”

Brian:”I don’t know who wins this, but I doubt it will put any sort of blemish on there career.”

Wrath hauls himself up via the rope holding his right leg in agony, as Sullivan gets up in the center of the ring and turns slowly to see a clothesline come and hit him from a limping Wrath. Hunter hits the mat and Wrath turns away still cringing in pain. Sullivan knows his chance and pulls Wrath off his feet and grabs the injured leg in a leg lock, lying down. Wrath literally screams at the top of his lungs and scrambles across the mat towards the far ropes and gets only a foot reach away before Sullivan manages to counter pull. Wrath gave his injured leg a quick spasm and it hit Hunter in the face making him lose concentration for a split second. In that time Wrath manages to reach and grab the bottom rope. The ref starts the slow five counts, and Wrath nearly taps at the count of four, the pain was that bad. Before he knew the hold was released and Hunter lay at the other side of the ring out of breath. Wrath got up a lot quicker using the ropes and stood there, catching his breath and trying to sort his leg out. He manages to get the pain to calm while wrestling but anymore leg locks and Wrath would be out of this one for good.

Brian:” That clover leaf has really put Wrath at a disadvantage here, he’s gotta get some sort or response on the go.’

John:” Hunter is smart, took out the leg and took out some of that flying arsenal Wrath had been using.”

Brian:” All and all, Aeolus is in danger.”

Wrath sees Hunter up and walking backward towards Wrath because he had no idea that Wrath would even be able to move and let alone right behind him. As soon as Hunter turns he sees Wrath run at him with a flying plancha and hooks a leg as soon as they hit the ground. Wrath only gets a one count but is straight back up and the crowd are cheering away as Hunter stands and Wrath powerslams him back down and runs over against the ropes. As Wrath comes flying back he jumps up and flips up landing in a STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! The sound of the crowd in the room suddenly escalates to full volume and the hall in suddenly full of life. Wrath pins straight away and the ref slides in for the pin. He gets one, two and so close the three but Hunter kicks out in 2 7/8ths. Wrath slaps the ground hard, and looks at the referee in a “count quicker next time eh?” look. Wrath stops for a second and holds his leg trying to stop the pain. Wrath quickly spins round but only to receive a huge rolling stiff elbow to the jaw and Wrath collapses to the ground. Hunter looks down at Wrath and purposely loud says “Fear you? Fear ME” Hunter leans over Wrath and uses a spitting motion.

John:”Aeolus is trying his all to stay on his game but the leg is holding him back.”

Brian:” for a man who is basicly wrestling on one leg he is doing a damn fine job.”

John:” Hunter doesn’t seem to think so, with such disrespect.”

Hunter Sullivan grabs Wrath’s leg and lifts it up. He takes careful aim and lets loose with a devastating kick to the inside of the leg. The Wrath fans cringe as Wrath lies howling on the mat. But these cries inspire no sympathy in Hunter Sullivan. He just hits another, harder kick that gives off a sickening smack upon impact. He sets Wrath’s leg back on the mat, placing his knee in the back on Wrath’s knee, and pulls back on Wrath’s ankle, stretching out the leg even further. He violently tugs at the wounded appendage, the bruises from the kicks becoming all the more noticeable. Aeolus turns back towards Sullivan, turns his body to the side, and throws his free leg up, connecting with an enziguri to the side of The Viper’s head! Hunter rolls off of Wrath’s leg, clutching the side of his head. And Wrath rolls towards the ropes, using them to pull himself up while minding his leg. Hunter Sullivan recovers shortly after, and now has an angered look in his eyes. He approaches Wrath with a menacing pace. Wrath, thinking quickly, springs onto the second rope and springboards off, twisting around and catching Hunter Sullivan in a TORNADO DDT! Hunter’s head is spiked on the mat and Wrath rolls off him, not too far away. He scrambles back towards the Viper for a pin fall. 1...2...Thr-NO! Sullivan still kicks out!

Brian:” I have no clue when this match will end, it might be another twenty minutes, or hell it could be another twenty seconds.”

John:” Both men are having such a brutal display of vitality, kick out after robe break after kick out. It’s near impossible to call a victor.”

Brian:”Is this safe for Hunter? I know he said he wouldn’t look passed Wrath, but to put this much strain on his body is surely a horrid idea with unsanctioned around the corner.”

Wrath’s mouth hangs open in shock, not believing that the win slipped through his hands again. But he carries on, rolling Sullivan onto his stomach and hooking both of his arms in a double-underhook. He slowly begins to lift the 220-pounder up to his feet. The struggling Hunter Sullivan almost proves too much for the wounded Wrath to handle, but Wrath releases one of the arms to deal a stiff elbow to the already injured back of Hunter Sullivan, and Wrath is finally able to lift Hunter up and hit a Butterfly Backbreaker! Hunter Sullivan, in too much pain to lay down, kneels on the ground with his back arched and his mouth wide-opened. Wrath stands up and lands a powerful knee strike to the back of Hunter Sullivan, causing the Viper to let out a yelp of pain. Wrath, holding onto the head of the Viper, hits another knee strike, and starts to pull back on Hunter’s chin, driving his knee further into his back. Sullivan puts his foot under him, trying to stand up and slip free of the surfboard maneuver. But Wrath reaches forward and captures Hunter’s head in a Dragon Sleeper! He stands up, getting the full effect of the hold. Sullivan flails his arms wildly, and Wrath only makes it worse by hitting Hunter’s suspended back with a quick kick.. But Sullivan, having put many people in this exact situation, knows exactly how to counter it. He slowly starts to tip himself, managing to turn himself back towards the ground in a regular facelock, then wraps his arms around Wrath’s waist and snaps backwards in a Northern Lights Suplex. Knowing that his back is too weak to follow up with a bridge, Sullivan rolls himself back over Wrath and picks him up again, hitting a second Northern Lights Suplex. He repeats the same roll, and lifts Wrath up, with his back right to the turnbuckle. He snaps back a final time for a Release Northern Lights Suplex INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!! Wrath hits the corner hard, managing to ensnare his feet on the top rope, placing himself in a Tree of Woe!

John:” oh dear this gotta be the final straw here, Aeolus is in the tree of woe and there is no easy escape”

Brian:” Hunter’s technical ability is evident as he was so flowing in his counter. However, this tree of woe won’t lead to anything… technical.”

Sullivan turns around to see the opportunity he has afforded himself. He stands tall in front of the prone Wrath,d lets loose with a flurry of stomps right into the chest of the code of energy! Wrath’s gut begins to turn red with each stomp, the fans for the most part are disturbed by the move combo, but certain Sullivan fans can’t help but be impressed. Hunter halts the assault when he sees that Wrath is already too beaten up to really do much of anything at this point. The young superstar dangles helplessly in the corner, panting furiously as he tries to get oxygen to his body while being held up by his bad leg. Sullivan decides to graciously end the match quickly, not wanting to see this young blood completely destroyed. He grabs Wrath by the hair and lifts him up to a sitting position on the top rope. Hunter climbs onto the second rope before placing Wrath in a half-nelson. The crowd is in shock, not expecting something this extreme necessary to finish a match that is almost one sided at this point. Sullivan rests his hand on Wrath’s neck, and gets ready to make the great leap into a AVALANCHE HAlF NE-NO! Wrath begins to fight back with several back-headbutts to Hunter Sullivan. Finally, Hunter releases Wrath’s arm, and the Code delivers a final headbutt that knocks Hunter off of the turnbuckle and onto the mat below, stomach-down after a slight roll. The fans breath a sigh of relief. Wrath slowly turns around, looking down on his rival, and his opponent. He stands straight up, ignoring the obvious pain of his leg, takes a deep breath, and flies through the air with a 720 SPLASH ONTO HUNTER’S INJURED BACK!!! Hunter Sullivan lets out an inhumane moan, hurt badly from the ariel assault. Wrath rests on top of him, unable to turn him over because of the vicious headbutts he hit earlier, and from the wind being knocked out of him from the INSANE flips.

John:” TO MANY FLIPS!! How many times did he rotate there?! Four, five times?”

Brian:” Two John, but none the less that was freaking awesome. 09 is surely starting off to one HELL of a bang. I’ll be surprised if either man can walk after this match.”

John:” It was no lie when Hunter said he puts on the best matches here in PWA with anyone.”

Brain:” I wouldn’t give all the credit to Sullivan there now, it takes two to have a match. Don’t forget this man also had an amazing battle with Jacob Figgins a while back. These two are making magic.”

The crowd is on their feet, the referee is eager to finish the emotional match with a final three count, and both opponents are ready to finish things, then back in the locker room to lick their wounds. But it is easier said than done. The fast-paced match has taken the toll on both bodies, and they are hard pressed to continue. Finally, Wrath rolls Hunter onto his back as the ref swoops down for the three count.

1....2.....Thre-NO! 2.99,

but the Viper yet again manages to save the match for himself! Wrath rolls off him in a state of disbelief. He lies on his back with his hands covering his face. Hunter starts to stir, dragging himself towards the ropes which he uses to pull himself back up, desperate to finish the match. He gets to his feet about the same time as Wrath. They slowly step forward to meet in the last chapter of this epic encounter. Hunter Sullivan is the first to strike with an elbow strike, and Wrath is quick to retaliate with a forearm. The two trade blows in the center of the ring until Wrath starts to gain the advantage. He peppers Hunter with elbow strikes until he forces him against the northern ropes. He hits a chop that has the crowd wooing after in, and whips The viper across the ring. He comes back off the ropes and Wrath drops down, forcing Hunter to leap over him. Hunter rebounds again and Wrath springs up, hitting him with a Hip Toss. Hunter’s back hits the mat and causes him to jet back up, which proves to be a costly mistake. Wrath rushes in and hits the dazed Viper with a STEP-UP ENZIGUIRI!! Sullivan hits the mat hard, but the adrenalin rush keeps him from staying down for too long. He pounds his fist on the mat and gets on his hands and knees. But Wrath is waiting for him and hits a STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS ONTO HIS BACK!!! He quickly rolls Hunter over for another pin. 1...2...Thre-Hunter STILL kicks out!

Wrath backs off, convinced that he had the match won. He lies patiently in wait as Hunter Sullivan slowly gets back to his feet. He makes it from hands and knees, to a foot and one knee, and Wrath makes his move. He springs forward, placing his foot on Hunter’s knee and hitting a second STEP-UP ENZIGUIRI-NO! Sullivan ducks the high-impact kick from Wrath and latches onto his other leg. Wrath crashes to the mat, and Hunter Sullivan takes full advantage. He crosses Wrath’s legs, GORRILLA CLUTCH!!!!!!

John:” Oh Crap, Aeolus can’t hold on anylonger he has to be out here, he’s done, finished, and I can’t claim he never fought a hard match.”

Brian:”You’re giving up? Fuck that! WRATH! WRATH! WRATH!”

Almost in unison with the Wrath comment the fans pick up in a “THIS IS AWESOME” Chant, mixed in with that is “PLEASE DON’T TAP!” Aeolus smashes thrashes and bashes himself around on the mat. The fans are un-wishing for the bout to end, Hunter on the other hand is ready to finish this here and now, wrenching forward viciously on the hold. Wrath doesn’t want to give in and starts crawling towards the ropes inch upon inch reaching the ropes. Sullivan leans forward more on the hold but with fear of a rope break pulls Aeolus back to center ring and applies the body scissors! The ropes start to blur in his vision, Wrath raises his hand and slams the matt several times.


Chamelion comes from out the crowd and the two brawl through the crowd to the backstage area.

El Rey vs Shadow Starr

GB Title Match

Well the Grizzly Beer Champion was in action tonight against Shadow Starr, who is looking to crave his nitch in the PWA. A Grizzly Beer Championship could go a long way to help out. The two men showed way the GB Title is one of the most sought after belts in the business. El Rey continues to show why it may only be a matter of time before he wins the big one by keeping Starr on the defensive by using that solid technical background of his. But Starr was able to use his MMA like arsenal and punish the ribs and back of Rey. Both men went back and forth within the match but it wasn’t until El Rey capitalized on a mistimed move from Shadow Starr to get the win.



The camera cuts to the backstage area and we see Chamelion and Sullivan still brawling amoung the semi trucks. Both men are bleeding and breathing heavily. Sullivan runs at Chamelion, but Chamelion hip tosses him into a supply closet. Chamelion stumbles to a knee, gets up, and heads to the closet. As he reaches the door, a fluorescent light tube is swung from inside the closet, cracking Chamelion across the head and knocking him to the ground, out cold. Sullivan comes out of the closet and stands over the prone Chamelion as the camera fades to black.