World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Welcome to RAMPAGE!!!

The scene opens to tonight's show and the arena is a buzz. First regular show under new management following one of the most action packed PPVs in the company's history. Now all eyes are on PWA to see just how they will follow up such a great show. But the look on the staff says it all. No more time for guessing. Rampage's new theme P.O.D.'s "Boom" blares through the speakers letting everyone know it's showtime.

"I never knew that a kid like me
Could take his mic around the world and flash the big S.D.
And rock the masses, from Madrid to Calabassas
Tijuana, Mexico, bootleg demos in Tokyo..."

The scene opens to Eli Storm sitting behind his desk at Incredible Inc. On his desk sits the contracts of Jethro Hayes, Matt Stone, Corey Lazarus and...Storm pushes the camera away before it could see the last contract. The scene switches to Grizzly Beer Champion, "The Genuine Pulse" Jacob Figgins, who is slowly shining his newly won gold.

“They know me though, 'cause I be puttin' in work
Commit my life to rebirth, well respected, 'cause that's my word
I'm sure you heard, about a new sound going around
She might have left my hood, but she was born in my town"

The scene then switches to PWA IC Champion, Duff Côte d`Ivoire. Duff is spinning some poor soul around and nailing The Master of Puppets '13. The scene then switches to Hunter Sullivan who is waiting for Viktor Stone to turn around before nailing the Viper Snap. Hunter smiles as Stone hit the mat.

"You didn't know, thought we was new on the scene
Well, it's alright! It's alright!
I know you know, I see you smiling at me
Well, it's alright! It's alright!"

The scene switches to Shawn O'Reilly getting forcefully getting removed from a fan fest, shouting and screaming at anyone who will listen to him. The cameras come up on the PWA Tag Team Champion, Matt Stone, smiling at the camera while in front of him rest both titles. Bodie Vera Cruz, is shown posing with the American flag. Sprinkles seem to be falling around him.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South"

Sykopath is seen in the gym, surrounded in a circle of watermelons. As a bell rings he grabs a handful of forks and flings them with amazing speed towards the mid regions (nutts and berries) of the watermelons. Cody Bogard is seen staring at a picture of the PWA Heavyweight Champion. Focused on getting it back.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
How you like me now?"

The scene now changes to a beautiful field full of daises. Spread out within the daisies ad plant pots in shape of dodos. Anna Matthews is seen with Pedro, playing dress up with the PWA World Heavyweight Title. As the cameras zoom in, anna whispers something very softly...

Anna Mathews: Beware the puppets.

"Is that all you got?
I'll take your best shot."

The scene now switched to the announcer table where McDaniel and Rentfro are ready to get started.

Jon McDaniel: And welcome back to another action packed episode of RAMPAGE!!! And with the big announcement made by Eli Storm at the top of last week's show. The locker room is in a buzz.

Brian Rentfro: Thats right...Mr. Storm, being the ingenious leader he is, has set the ship on a course for greatness.

Jon McDaniel: Can you even spell ingenious?

Brian Rentfro: I-N-G-E-N-I-O-U-S....EIEIO?

Jon McDaniel: You have to be joking me...

Brian Rentfro: Hey, I'm a Old Henry McDonald Farm School Grad. BARNYARD U, BABY!!!!

Jon McDaniel shakes his head as the camera jumps down to the ring and the first match of the evening.

Cody Bogard vs Scottie Snow

Singles Match

In the first of two matches composed of former PWA World Champions, we see Cody vs. Scottie in a match that sees Bogard showing the PWA fans that he still has it. Though Snow wasn't going to be beaten without a fight. Giving the the most recent former PWA World Champion fits by targeting the lower back. A sound plan that would of worked, but as with all things, playing to the crowd gives Cody a good opening to begin some offense of his own! A few stiff strikes gets the match back in his favor as Bogard begins to soften Snow up. Scottie tries to mount a comeback but is stopped in his tracks by a stiff knee to the midsection followed by the Basara Bomb! Still feeling the affects of the bomb, Scottie staggers around, trying to regain focus. Cody, sensing the end is near, waits for Snow to stumble into him. from that point, it was all by the number as Cody wraps up Snow and nearly breaks Scottie's neck with a vicious Kikosho Driver!!! Cody for the pin.

WINNER: Cody Bogard

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Mark McNasty...Not Happy...

Bud Adams stands ready in the backstage area.

Adams: Hello ladies and gentlemen. Set to join me to promote his Intercontinental title match with Duff Côte d`Ivoire, Mark McNasty.

McNasty strolls onto screen. He's wearing his ring gear, and looks pumped. He's bouncing from side to side, pounding his taped fists together.

McNasty: Hey Bud! Long time no see! I'm ready to get out there, and show Duffy that I can take him.

Bud looks confused.

Adams: Mark, if I may ask, why are you in your gear? You heard your match was pushed back to next week, right?

McNasty stops mid bounce, and a look of surprise, quickly turning to frustration, takes over his face.

McNasty:...heh....say what?

Adams: Yes Mark; your match was postponed to the super show next week.

McNasty keeps a stoic look, and in a very dry tone, speaks.

McNasty: Bud, as a personal favor, may I borrow your phone?

Bud looks a little hesitant.

Adams: Well, as a personal favor, I suppose.

McNasty takes the phone. He casually asks,

McNasty: You have Eli Storm in here, right?

Adams: Yes. He's speed dial button 6.

McNasty pushes some buttons and turns from the camera. He slowly starts to walk as he talks, but Bud signals for the camera to follow.

McNasty:, it's not Bud Adams. What is this crap with my match being postponed?...Well no, I wouldn't have cared, if I was told before I flew out here for no damn reason!...No, no, it's not ok Eli. You aren't reimbursing me for shit. What you are going to do, is get me a match!...I don't care if there is no other talent here tonight than those already on the card. When you didn't tell me my match was moved, and got me out here, you darn well should have planned on me having an opponent. Now find me one. I'm heading to the ring in thirty whether there is an opponent, or whether I have to beat the crap out of the ring side staff.

With his back to the camera, McNasty slams the phone shut. He puts his hands on his hips, and quickly runs a hand through his hair. He turns around to see the camera, and Bud, and calmly holds Bud's phone out.

McNasty:...Thanks Bud.

McNasty walks off.

Adams: Oh my. Well folks, we may be in for a bonus match tonight. Stay toned to Rampage, where exciting news is always developing.

Final Warning

Lean Bean Miller here with Mr. Americana . Mr. Americana, you made your presence known to one Bubba J last week, causing his elimination from the main event match. Bubba has promised revenge if you ever get involved in his affairs again. What say you?

Mr. Americana: Well, Lean Bean Milla, Mithta Americana, if you weel, didn' mith out on yo cleva play on wordth right there. An affair ith exactly what Bubber wanth with my thpecial frien', the lovely Mith Thindy Lou Jenkinth.

Lean Bean Miller: Where is Cindy Lou,and how is she doing?

Mr. Americana: The'th doin ok, Lean Bean. The'th thtill thook up from that athhole gropin her. I tol' her to thtay in the drethin room jutht in cathe thangth got bad out here. Cauth ya jutht can't tell what that Bubber J gonna do. The thaid the wath goin to get uth a couple of ithe cold Coca Colath to drank while we enjoy the PW Actthion in the thecurity of our drethin room. But I digreth....

Lithen here, Bubber J, if you don' thtay away from Thindy Lou, I will get involved in wayth that you have no way of even imaginin'. It ain' gonna be pretty, Bubber. I will unleath thuch a thtorm of pain, blueth, an agonee that will come a'rainin down on yo head, that you won't neva eva recova!

Bubber J, thith here ith yo latht warnin. Thtay away, Bubber J.....THTAY AWAY FROM MY THWEET THINDY LOU!!!!!!

Lean Bean Miller: It looks like a storm warning, of sorts, has been issued by Mr. Americana. It'll be interesting to see if Bubba J heeds the warning. Jon, Brian...back to you.

Jon McDaniel: Thanks, Lean Bean. A camera crew had been dispatched to Bubba J's dressing room to get his reaction to the comments of Mr. Americana as they were being made. This is unedited footage, from Bubba J, so viewer discretion is advised.

Bubba J is sitting in his locker room, a lit cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth and an ice cold Coke in front of him.

"What in the fuck is this dude saying?"

He continues watching.

"Do you have an idea?"

He looks at the camera, then evidentally getting a "No", he shakes his head as well.

"I gotta piss and get ready for my match."

He puts out his cigarette and getting up heads to the door. Opening the door, he nearly knocks Cindy Lou over.

"Come to see me baby? "

She is immediately revolted, she nearly drops her Cokes.

"Thanks baby, I sure could use something to drink, though I already had one... your'n has to be better... sweeter..."

He drags her into his locker room, forceablly kissing her to muffle her screams."

Cindy Lou: "MR. AMERICANA!! HELP!!"

"We don't need that fat piece of Sylvester shit in here, he's a crowd all by himself."

Cindy is pressed up against a wall, Bubba J is kissing her like mad, literally thinking she is liking this. Cindy spins away.

"Oh, you wanna strip? Let me help! Screw fighting Jacob Figgins tonight!"

Bubba J grabs her shirt, it rips immediately, revealing a very thin and lacey bra; Cindy ducks under Bubba J's outstretched arm and out of the door, Bubba J licks his lips.

"Damn what a set on her, she must be getting ready for the after match party... Mmmmmm Mmmmmm... Good, just like Campbell's soup."

He licks his lips and walks out of the door, heading to position for his match against Jacob Figgins.

Marvin Wood vs Lucious Starr

1 Promo Stip IC Contendership Match

In the second match on the card we have the second pairing of former World Champions. This match is no holds barred as the two former champs try to tear into each other. Wood is the first on the attack, utilizing his impressive technical skill to twist Starr in any way that he can. Marvin puts on a clinic on can can wrestling as he smoothly moves from one hold to another keeping Starr off balance. But a mistimed roundhouse kick gives Starr the opening he needs to swing the match his way. Starr pushes the pace and forces Wood into the corner. Marvin is trying to cover up as Starr lights his chest. Starr cocks back and sends a nasty looking knee to the to Marvin's chin before nailing a one armed bulldog out the corner. Starr does his best to keep Marvin guessing on what the next move will be. One jumping arm breaker later and Starr looks like he is about the signal for the end. Starr goes to lift Marvin up for a suplex, but Marvin is able to slip out and lands behind Starr and looks to be hooking up up for a dragon suplex. but Starr is able to switch it around and drops Marvin with a sleeper hold drop. Starr goes for the pin.




Starr slams his fists on the mat and looks at Marvin. He tries for a pin.



shoulder up!!

Starr is getting pissed. He grabs Marvin and lifts him up. He whips Wood into the ropes and ducks for the back body drop, but Marvin puts on the breaks and plants Starr with a stiff DDT. Wood pops up and begins stomping on Starr with a look of disgust on his face. Marvin measures up and drives the elbow into the small of Starr's back. Marvin measure up and drops bout 3 more elbow drops, causing Starr to scream with each impact. Marvin picks Starr up and fire off a few kicks to the ribs, before picking up Starr for a bearhug. Starr starts throwing lefts and rights at Marvin's face. Marvin rams Starr back first into the turnbuckle, but Starr keeps firing. Marvin goes to ram him against the turnbuckle one more time, but Star throws is feet around Marvin's waist and sinks in a headlock. Wood drops to one knee as he can feel the air starting to leave his lungs with no refill. In a last ditch effect, Marvin tries to flip Starr over with a belly to belly suplex, but Starr is able to land on his feet. As soon as his feet touches the ground, he leaps back up and nails Marvin with a RKO style neckbreaker. HELL'S FLAME!!!!





Welcome to Spike

w/ Casey Patterson

The cameras pan to the backstage area where Spike representive Casey Patterson is standing with a young PWA fan wearing a "Rise of the Phoenix". the fan is excited as can hardly stand still as Casey begins speaking.

Patterson: name is Casey Patterson and I'm here on behalf of Spike to introduce to our super fan booker....JOSH!!!

Josh waves at the camera.

Patterson: Alright, Josh...tell us the card for the supershow.

Josh reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper.

Josh: Well, uhm...this is the card I came up with...including the match that Mr. Storm already announced.

A Welcome to PWA Match featuring new comer, Gunnar Kingsbury vs Sykopath

Emporer Ian vs Mr. Americana

A Hardcore Handicap Match with Bubba J vs Hardcore Snowfall

Lucious Starr vs Cody Bogard...


Into the camera view comes Eli Storm. Storm is smiling from ear to ear.

Storm: You know kid, I had a chance to run through the matches that you want to book. And I had to make a small change. You see there will be a PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match. But instead of Deacon Frost, Jacob Figgins will be defending against Marvin Wood. Now I'm topping the card with a double main event. The first main event is McNasty vs. Duff for the PWA IC Championship. And the second main event will be with this man...oh Deacon...

Deacon walks into the scene looking like he is grabbing something. As the camera pans down you see exactly what he is dragging. The bloody, handcuffed and beaten body of Shawn O'Reilly.

Storm: The second main event will be Shawn O'Reilly vs. Deacon Frost. And if Shawn wins...he gets five minutes alone in the ring with a handcuffed Eli Storm. How does that sound Shawn??

Storm looks down at O'Reilly who is no even conscious.

Storm: Exactly, I think it's time we talk about this match a little farther, don't you? Deacon...come along.

Deacon waves at the camera and walks by as the scene fades with Josh and Casey looking stunned.

How About ome Hardcore

A camera is behind Eli Storm. He is marching through the backstage area like a man possessed. He comes to a set of double doors, and stops. He straightens his tie, swings open the doors, and walks in. The camera moves infront of the doors, and above them we see a sign that reads: "Jones Residence". The camera follows Storm, and its now possible to tell this is the boiler room. There are curtains hung up around the room over certain machinery. Additionally, a bed is in the back corner, a table is in another, and a tv and couch are in the middle of the room.

Storm: Jones...JONES...HARDCORE!

Suddenly, from behind the actual boiler steps former 2 time Grizzly Beer Champion, Mr. Hardcore. He has on a sweater, pants, and a beanie. He also has a steaming cup of something in his hand.

Storm: Brother, what are you doing in all that? It's gotta be eighty something outside.

Hardcore: Maybe outside. But bossman Robinson hates paying the heating bill in here. So, the only real way to stay warm is to stay by the boiler.

Storm shakes his head.

Storm: Well my man, I have another plan for how you can stay warm. You've got a match!

Hardcore's eyes lit up.

Hardcore: A match??? No foolin'???

Storm: That's right. Get your ring gear on, and head to the ring.

Hardcore: Oh thanks Eli! You won't regret this!

Storm: Oh, I know I won't.

Hardcore quickly jumps behind one of the curtains as we see the winter gear fly in all directions. Storm walks out, sly smile on his face.

Bubba J vs Jacob Figgins

Singles Match

In a match featuring the current number one contender and the reigning GB champion the fan were in for a treat. Figgins came out a house on fire, throwing everything except the kitchen sink at Bubba J. But Bubba isn't about to be pushed back and starts to mount his own offense against Figgins. A powerslam here...nasty back breaker there, Bubba is starting to "PLOW" his way through Figgins! As Bubba backs Jacob into the corner, we hear commotion from the announcer's table.


Jon McDaniel: Wrestling fans, we're gonna go split screen for just a moment, as we send it to the back where Lean Bean Miller is following Mr. Americana as he is desperately searching for Cindy Lou.

Lean Bean Miller: I'm following Mr. Americana as he is feverishly searching for Miss Cindy Lou Jenkins.


Lean Bean Miller: Oh no! He's found Cindy Lou, and she looks like she's been attacked!

Cindy Lou is curled in a corner, shaking and crying uncontrollably. Her top is ripped nearly completely off. Mr. Americana is hugging her and crying.


Lean Bean Miller: Let's cut away from this.....Jon.....Brian....back to you.

Brian Rentfro: Oh. shit. That was hard to watch. This is gonna get violent... soon.

Jon McDaniel: I agree, Brian. This is not gonna be for the squeamish. Let's get back to calling the action.


Back in the ring Jacob was able to turn the tide when he reversed a suplex into a spinning neck breaker! But the mistake Jacob made was when he went to whip Bubba into the corner and Bubba reverses the it right into the Trailer Park Trash!!! BJ (hahahahahaha) for the pin.






Match Aftermath




Bubba J lights up his ever present Marlboro Menthol Lights and stares at Mr. Americana, his right eyebrow raised.

Bubba J: "What? Is there some sorta all you can eat buffet out here?"

He waits.

Bubba J: "I mean, All Normal People Can Eat buffet?"

He looks around, not noticing anything he turns back to Mr. Americana and the 7 people doing their best to hold him back.

Bubba J: "What, are you pissed because Cindy Lou wanted me to have hot rough animal love in my locker room while you blew hot air threats to try and show that you care?"

He laughs, tapping the ash on the ring's canvas.

Bubba J: "I mean, I don't really know what you are saying Sylvester, can we please get a translater out here... for all I know this guy may be proposing to me or releasingNational Security secrets."[/quote]

Mr. Americana: Tranthlate thith, thonofabitcth! Imma whoop yo thorry ath! Brang yo thorry lithard lookin ath out here and let'th do thith here thang, Bubber!

Mr. Americana begins throwing the security guards and officials off left and right, but more security guards and officials come out as Bubba J gets out of the ring and begins to make his way to the back. He stops and gets close to Mr. Americana.

Bubba J: Hey, Sylvester, do me a favor. Tell Cindy Lou that pink is really her color.

Bubba walks away laughing, as Mr. Americana struggles to get at him.

Jon McDaniel: This has quickly escalated into something far beyond an in-ring rivalry. There is bloodlust in Mr. Americana's eyes, and Bubba J just threw gasoline on the fires of hatred that's burning inside that man's heart!

Brian Rentfro: This thing's about to explode, and I LOVE IT!

The Rise and Fall o the AoWF

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The best of the best from the greatest federations in the sport.....

The Alliance of Wrestling Federations

Relive the greatest moments from this super-fed in...

The Rise and Fall o the AoWF

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Ana Matthews vs Billy Bob Hayes

Main Event Match

AS we come back to the ring we see Anna Matthews tumbling through the curtains and down the rampway. Right behind her is Billy Bob Hayes. BBH is throwing lefts and rights backing Anna down the rampway and to the ring. One wild Haymaker and now Anna takes her turn sending punches and kicks Hayes' way. Anna backs Hayes into the turnbuckle and unleashes a storm of attacks that dazed the country boy. Hayes slumps against the ringpost and Anna drives a knee into Billy Bob's chest, but Bob is able to hold on to the leg and lifts Anna up and drives her into the ring apron. The ref is yelling at both wrestlers to get into the ring. But niether wrestler is listening. Hayes lifts Anna back up to drive her back into the ring apron again and Anna is firing elbow shot after elbow shot into his face. The security guards now rush down to the ring and try to break the two up. But to no avail. Storm is seen at the top of the rampway sending wrestlers down to the ring in order to help keep the two apart. Finally the two are pulled apart and Hayes is screaming at Anna at the top of his lungs. Anna goes to rush at him, but stops as a familer face stands right in front of her. Bubba J stares at the woman that he will be facing for the world title. Bubba grins and Anna just nods and sarts to make her way up the rampway as Hayes is escorted through another exit.

Bonus Match

McDaniels: Poor Hardcore. I wonder if he even knows what he's in for tonight.

Brian Rentfro: I doubt he even knows who he's fighting Jon. Ignorance is bliss.

Jon McDaniels: But this is a smart move, especially with our main event imploding. Hardcore gets to main event with a virtual legend.

Hardcore stands in the ring. "Whatever you Became" begins to play over the speakers, and the fans are on their feet. It doesn't matter if they are cheering, or booing; every one of them wants this man to hear them. Out from the back comes Mark McNasty. The reality of it has hit Hardcore. He looks a little uneasy as he slowly backs into his corner.

McDaniels: As any long time PWA fan knows, McNasty is a former TV champ, two time IC champ, and PWA champ.

Renfro: Yeah...Hardcore has his hands full.

McDaniels: Don't count him out just yet Brian. Hardcore may have only held the Grizzly Beer title for a total of about five weeks in his two reigns, but he beat PWA Hall of Famer Chamelion for one of those reigns, and took the belt off the undefeated Benjamin Dyce for the second.

McNasty is now in the ring. He is twisting his wrists, looking straight at Hardcore with a focused look. The bell rings, and the two men charge each other. Hardcore swings his arm as hard as he can, looking for an early advantage with the "You got Bitched!" But, McNasty ducks, and when Hardcore turns, McNasty plants him with a face buster DDT. McNasty isn't playing tonight as he rolls Hardcore over, drags him to his feet, and throws him to the corner. McNasty lays into Hardcore, the ref in his face telling him to back off. McNasty does, and Hardcore catches him with a meat hook to the side of the face. McNasty shakes it off, and kicks Hardcore in the gut, sending him back to the corner. McNasty quickly goes on the apron, gets on the turnbuckle behind Hardocore, and locks in a full nelson.

Brian Rentfro: Better crank the amp up to 11 Jon.

McNasty pulls Hardcore up onto the turnbuckle, before jumping off for a sit down full nelson bomb.

McDaniels: Hardcore just felt the Spinal Tap.

McNasty lets go, and jumps right to his feet. He drags Hardcore closer to the middle of the ring, then runs to the opposet ropes. He bounces off, rolls, and leaps before falling on Hardcore.

Brian Rentfro: And straight into the "Ouch" maneuver.

McDaniels: I think McNasty wants to show Duff he can expect a fight from the legend; not from someone with ring rust.

McNasty holds his back, but gets to a knee. His eye catches the corner turnbuckle, and he looks out to the fans. McNasty stands, and points at the corner. A large group of the fans are now standing; cheering.

McDaniels: He wouldn't.

Brian Rentfro: He only pulls that out on special occasions.

McDaniels: It might be safe to say McNasty has a...malicious intent.

McNasty darts to the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle, holds out his arms, and jumps for the shooting star press!

Brian Rentfro: He did it! He connected the Malicious Intent!

McNasty hooks a leg.




"Whatever you Became" plays over the speakers again. The ref pulls McNasty to his knees, and holds his arm up.

Brian Rentfro: Duff better be on high alert next week. For all the fights he's had, he has a hell of a one coming at him.

McNasty is grins and gets ready to leave the ring, but stops as he sees a commotion in the crowd. "Revolution Is My Name" by Pantera begins and Mark looks back at the entrance way, only to be blindsided by Duff who jumps the guardrailing and flies into the ring. both men are trading shots in the middle of the ring, with neither man giving up or backing up an inch.

McDaniels: I'm sorry folks, as much as we want to keep showing this, but we have hit the time limit...we gotta go.

Brian Rentfro:'s just getting good. We......