World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Say My Name

Outside the arena, a lone BMW X5 rolls up towards the front entrance. Security guards posted outside of the arena perk up as they take note of the vehicle. The driver steps out, wearing a black unzipped hooded sweater and black baggy Avirex jeans. The camera pans down and stays on his black wrestling boots, if only momentarily as the man takes a few steps forward and is met by security.

Security Guard: Do you have a ticket, sir?

The man keeps his head lowered, and it’s then we notice the shirt he’s wearing underneath the unzipped sweater shows a man in a hood with his arms held out and his hands palms up. The right hand is seemingly holding the Pioneer Wrestling Association logo whilst the left hand holds the Underground X logo.

Man: I don’t need one.

The Other Security Guard: I’m afraid Survival is sold out, so you’ll have to leave.

The man steps forward but the two security guard step in front of him.

Man: I don’t need a ticket.

Security Guard: Who do you think you are?

The man pulls the hood back, staring coldly at the two security guards with one eye while the other is covered by a black eye patch.

Simon Kalis: You know who I am.

The two guard step back without hesitation.

Simon Kalis: I’m the man who sits at the throne. I’m the one who’s brought war to this sport time and time again. I’m the devil.

Simon eyes both of them up and down for any hint of resistance.

Simon Kalis: Say my name.

The Other Security Guard: You’re Simon Kalis.

Simon Kalis: You’re God damn right.

The two security guards step aside nervously as Simon Kalis walks past them and into the arena as we fade to ringside. Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro both simultaneously gulp.

Jon McDaniel: Ideas?

Brian Rentfro: Duck and cover.

Jon McDaniel: Somehow I think that won’t be enough.


Show Intro

Static fills the screen as a voice is heard. The words are familer. You have heard them before...but they still keep the intensity and power as if you were hearing them for the first time.

"They wanted to say that we were dead...
They had already began digging the grave...
If allowed that would of closed the casket lid and set the coffin on fire...
But we aren't like the others..."

Clips from various PWA stars getting back up after taking different beatings are shown. Each time you think they are down...the slowly get back up.

"We don't die...we regroup...
We don't die...we dig deep and keep moving...
We don't die...


AS the lights slowly come back on and the ring is cleared. Smoke comes from the rampway. Pyros explode from the sides of the rampway as Eminem's "Survival" blares through the speakers.

"This is survival of the fittest
This is do or die
This is the winner takes it all
So take it all"

Pyros explode all over the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena as the the crowd explodes with excitement. The cameras quickly switch to the announcer table as Jon and Brian get their cue to begin.

Jon McDaniel: Well no more waiting, fans. The moment you have all been waiting for is here and trust me, this night is about to decide the direction this company's future is about to take.

Brian Rentfro: You bet your ass. Every title is on the line and Shawn O'Reilly is in for the fight for his life as he takes on Eli Storm's personal attack monster, Deacon Frost.

Jon McDaniel: A fight that Storm started. But what I know will have the crowd on their fight is Cody Bogard trying to regain the World Title from Anna Matthews who has seemed to pick one of the most insane matches that I have ever heard of. But let's not keep these folks waiting. time to start the show.

Lucious Starr & ??? (A partner of his choice) vs Emperor Ian & ??? (A partner of his choice)

PWA World Tag Team Championship Match

Brian Rentfro: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to PWA’s first Survival Pay-Per-View! And we’re kicking the night off right with a HUGE tag team match, with the PWA Tag Team Championships on the line!

Jon McDaniel: Indeed, Brian! Lucious Starr made a semi-triumphant return a few weeks ago, handing Jacob Figgins his Grizzly Beer Championship after a match against Ian. The following week, Ian interrupted a match involving Starr, decking the former World Champion in the process. Starr claims Ian was simply looking to steal his spotlight, while Ian says Starr has none.

Brian Rentfro: It’s all come down to tonight, as Ian picks up Billy Bob Hayes to take on Lucious Starr and an as-of-yet unnamed partner for the Tag Team Titles! Oh, this is gonna be crazy!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your opening match, and it is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall!! Introducing first!

The arena darkens as "Imperial March" by John Williams hits. A spotlight shines down on Ian and entourage as they walk to the ring. Funk Dogg holds the ropes open as Ian steps into the ring, then his ladies take off his robe as he poses for the crowd.

Eric Emerson: From San Diego California, this is Emperor Ian!!

Ian takes a moment to survey the crowd, watching the entrance ramp for the next competitor.

Eric Emerson: And introducing his partner!!

"She thinks my tractor's sexy" plays as Billy Bob runs down the ramp waving a mini-Confederate battle flag and slapping palms with fans. He enters the ring, hops on the nearest turnbuckle, and points up to the ceiling.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Clyattville, Georgia, he is Billy Bob Hayes!!

Ian and Hayes share a nod, turning their attention to the entrance ramp. Both seem interested, yet unafraid of the challenge before them.

Brian Rentfro: The moment of truth!!

Jon McDaniel: Who is Lucious’ partner??

Red and violet lights shine around the arena, falling at the center of the entrance ramp. Cee Lo Green’s Fuck You hits the arena, as white fireworks light the ramp. Lucious Starr emerges to a mix of cheers and boos, throwing up both hands- which are flicking off all in attendance. Lucious slowly makes his way down the ramp, playing to the fans as he almost dances his way down.

I see you driving 'round town
With the girl i love and i'm like,
Fuck you!
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough i'm like,
Fuck you!
And fuck her too!
If I was richer,
I'd still be with ya
Ha, now ain't that some shit? (ain't that some shit?)
And although there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a...
Fuck you!

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring, from Akron Ohio!

Lucious stops mid ramp, gyrating to the tune. He points to either side of the ramp, a few female fans cheering while a few are totally not buying it, Lucious blowing a kiss to a nearby female fan.

I'm sorry
I can't afford a ferrari,
But that don't mean I can't get you there.
I guess he's an Xbox
I'm more an Atari,
But the way you play your game ain't fair.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at two hundred and sixty-three pounds...

Lucious continues down the ramp, eyeing the ring as he descends.

I pity the fool that falls in love with you
(oh shit she's a gold digger)
(just thought you should know nigga)
I've got some news for you
Yeah go run and tell your little boyfriend

Eric Emerson: He is the Untamed Fury...

Lucious circles the ring, stopping by the announce table. He salutes the announce team, then turns to leap onto the ring apron. He waves to the crowd, taking in the mixed reaction as his intro continues.

I see you driving 'round town
With the girl i love and i'm like,
Fuck you!
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough i'm like,
Fuck you!
And fuck her too!
If I was richer,
I'd still be with ya
Ha, now ain't that some shit? (ain't that some shit?)
And although there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a...
Fuck you!

Lucious slides in between the top and middle ropes, climbing the nearest turnbuckle.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, he is Lucious Beta Starr!!

Now I know
That I had to borrow,
Beg and steal and lie and cheat.
Trying to keep ya
Trying to please ya.
'Cause being in love with your ass ain't cheap

Lucious again flips the bird, jumping to the mat below as he waits for the match to begin.

Brian Rentfro: So… where’s his partner??

Jon McDaniel: Is he… I think… he’s signaling for the match to start!

Indeed, Lucious nods his head to the ref as he points to the timekeeper, Ian and Billy Bob chuckling. The referee shakes his head in disapproval, but calls for the bell anyhow. Ian nods Hayes to the corner, deciding to start the match off by himself.

Brian Rentfro: An arrogant and risky move by Lucy, not having a partner on hand for this one…

Jon McDaniel: Hopefully Lucious knows something that we don’t…

Lucious and Ian pace around the ring a bit, Lucious with a large grin. Ian smiles as well, but seems to grow cautious as Lucious stops, stepping to mid ring. Starr holds his hands behind his back, stretching out his neck as he motions for Ian to get in a shot. Ian stares in disbelief, yelling at Lucious to get serious. Starr chuckles, still standing with his arms behind him. Billy Bob yells for Ian to just take the shot and put the match to bed easy, Ian’s pride holding him back. Ian finally steps up, hesitantly pulling back his right fist.

Brian Rentfro: What in the hell is Lucious doing?! Is he THROWING the match?!

Jon McDaniel: This isn’t right! He seriously came out here just to mock Ian, Billy Bob and the PWA Roster!!

Ian starts to throw a punch, but stops inches from Lucy’s nose. Starr laughs, not wincing for a second as he turns around and motions to the crowd. Ian shakes his head, peeved at falling into a trap as Starr begins the crowd in a “CHICKEN!” chant. Ian’s temper flares, as Starr turns around, again assuming a completely defenseless position. Ian throws caution to the wind, landing a stiff haymaker right to the bridge of Lucious’ nose, the Untamed Fury hobbling back a step or two. He rubs his nose, nodding at Ian’s reaction, and then…

Brian Rentfro: HE’S APPLAUDING?!

Jon McDaniel: I think he’s lost his damn mind…

Lucious nods and laughs as he applauds the shot by Ian, the Emperor becoming more and more frustrated. He lunges forward, looking for a clothesline, but Starr drops, spinning on his heel as Ian rebounds. Ian attempts a spear, but Lucious sidesteps as Ian bounds into the parallel ropes. He returns, this time Lucious bends at the knees, grabbing Ian around the waist and using his own momentum to throw him across the ring with a belly-to-belly! The crowd roars, Ian rolling to his feet and charging back at Lucious. Lucy rolls to his feet, ducking another clothesline attempt, but Ian turns on a dime and grabs Lucious around the waist. He attempts a german suplex, but Lucy has it scouted as he plants himself, grabbing a nearby rope. The ref tells Ian to break, but Lucy is quick to plant an elbow to Ian’s face, causing the Emperor to fall back a step. Lucy jumps onto the second rope, flying back with a body splash that knocks Ian to the mat. Lucious attempts a cover, but Ian easily kicks out before one. Lucious takes a moment to walk to his opponent’s corner, offering a hand to Billy Bob. Hayes is hesitant, unsure of Starr’s intentions, until a facial tick gives Lucy time to spin out of the way… and Ian clotheslines Hayes off the apron!! Ian looks down at Hayes, wide-eyed, as Lucious points to the duo and laughs. Starr rolls out of the ring as Ian stomps the mat, infuriated.

Brian Rentfro: The hell is Lucy… Hey! Aren’t you in the middle of a match??

Lucious Starr: I got a second. I mean, come on. It’s Ian and Hayes. We’re all of what, five minutes in and I’ve already got them above and beyond beat. I’ll give Ian his due, though, that was one hell of a shot.

Jon McDaniel: Yeah, looks like he almost busted your nose open.

Lucious Starr: I was talking about the clothesline on Hayes.

Lucious drops the headset as the ref hits seven, rolling into the ring. Ian quickly runs over, putting boots to Lucy’s head and torso before he can get to his feet. Billy Bob rolls in, charging up and helping Ian beat some respect into Starr. The ref grabs Billy Bob, ordering him back to his corner. Ian pulls Lucious to his feet, tying him into the ropes and delivering blow after blow to Starr’s chest. Lucious seems to be a little less happy now, trying to get out of the ropes but unable to help himself as Billy Bob distracts the referee. Ian seems happy as a peach, landing another shot to Lucious’ nose, this time busting it open. Ian simply seems more and more pleased as the blood rushes from Lucy’s nose, throwing more blows into Lucious’ gut. The referee has finally managed to get Billy Bob to his corner, turning to see the assault on Lucy and yelling at Ian. He pulls the Emperor away, Lucious slowly falling into a heap on the apron. He holds his nose and gut, breathing deeply. Ian charges past the referee, pulling Lucious to his feet and whipping him across the ring. Ian goes for a lariat on the rebound, but something in Lucious allows him to duck, jumping over the ropes as he blows past. He lands on the apron, Ian charging up… and Lucious drops! Ian topples over the ropes to the floor below, Lucious pulling himself up. He aims for a rising Ian, bending his knees to jump… but Billy Bob tackles him from behind, dropping Lucy to the floor!!

Brian Rentfro: And just as Lucy manages to get the upper hand again, the numbers game catches up!!

Jon McDaniel: Poor Lucious; if he had a partner, this might not be so bad…

Ian stands, looking up to Hayes. Billy Bob nods, Ian looking down at Starr with a sick grin. The ref starts to count, but Ian doesn’t care as he grabs Lucious up by his hair, whipping him into a crowd barrier. The immediate crowd lets out an “OOOO” as Lucious hits, crumbling into a heap. Ian stalks over, grabbing Lucious up and pulling him into a vertical suplex… back-first into the barrier!! Ian sits up, proud as Lucious slumps into the crowd. Billy Bob throws his arms up in early victory as Ian stands, shaking his head.

Emperor Ian: You shouldn’t have mocked me, Starr!!

Ian slides into the ring to break the count, then heads back out. He climbs the barricade, stalking Lucious as he crawls through the crowd. Billy Bob distracts the referee, giving Ian time to go after Lucious; the Emperor pulling Lucious up and spinning him around. This proves to be a fatal mistake, however, as Lucious splashes a cup of beer into Ian’s face! Ian is taken by surprise, Lucious falling back a step and tackling Ian with a spear!! Billy Bob is taken back as he sees this, pushing past the referee and starting into the crowd as well. Lucious stands, but is met with a haymaker from Billy Bob. Hayes throws Starr into the barricade, but Starr quickly jumps over it and rolls to his feet on the other side. Hayes charges up, starting over the barricade himself… until Lucious comes up with a picture-perfect dropkick!! Hayes is knocked back into the fans, Ian on his feet and starting over. Lucious gets up, hobbling towards the ring as the referee gets to a count of six. Ian hops over the barricade, now moving towards the ring to break the count. Lucy and Ian slide in simultaneously, Ian sliding back out as he doesn’t notice Starr. He does soon, however, as he scouts the arena to find Lucious pulling himself to his feet via the ring ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Lucious is looking worn here, and I doubt there’s much left in him after that two-on-one assault!

Jon McDaniel: We’ve seen Lucious in some tight spots before, and we all know he has the capacity to come back… but going into a tag match solo was not the smartest choice he’s ever made!

Ian slides in, charging at Lucious. He ducks, looking to take Starr out at the knees, but Lucious jumps. Ian slides under Lucious, who drops to a knee and springs up as Ian stands, taking him down with a Thesz Press. Starr rolls off, pulling himself up again with the ropes. Billy Bob is behind him, however, jumping onto the apron and pulling Lucy backwards into the ropes. He throws a flurry of fists into Starr’s chest, the referee busy checking on Ian. As he turns, however, Hayes releases Starr and drops to the floor, walking to his corner. Starr falls to the mat, grasping at his chest.

Brian Rentfro: If Ian can capitalize here, it’s all over for Lucy’s third run at a Tag Title.

Jon McDaniel: But if Starr can recover, he MIGHT have a chance!

Brian Rentfro: Really?

Jon McDaniel: A small one…

Ian slowly pulls himself across the ring, Billy Bob waving his hand. Ian is mere moments from his corner as Lucious shows some sign of life, grabbing at the bottom rope. Ian tags in his partner, Billy Bob lunging in at Starr, who clings to the bottom rope for dear life as Hayes tries to pull him away at his legs. The referee tries to break it all up, but Hayes refuses to let go. The ref starts to count, by three Ian is shouting to Hayes not to lose their titles on a technicality. Hayes nods, releasing Lucious just before five and backing away. Lucious pulls himself to a seated position, Hayes running up with a big boot through Starr’s face. Lucious slumps, Hayes making a cover.

3!! NO!!!

Brian Rentfro: My god, Lucious manages to stay alive!!

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know if it was desperation, instinct, ring awareness… whatever… but Lucious managed to grab that bottom rope and save himself…

Brian Rentfro: Although if he’s this worn, he’s probably just managed to extend his beating…

Hayes stares in disbelief, grabbing Lucious’ right leg and dragging him to the center of the ring. He drops into a pin again, raising one arm in victory.



Brian Rentfro: LUCY KICKS OUT!!!

Jon McDaniel: Holy hell, Lucious is barely clinging to life, and he’s still in this thing!! But how the hell is he going to get a win without a partner?!

Hayes stands, infuriated. He walks over to Ian, who starts barking orders. Hayes grabs up Lucy, whipping him into the corner. He tags in Ian, both men grabbing an arm. They whip Starr across the ring, prepping for the rebound. Starr comes back, both men looking for a clothesline…

Brian Rentfro: WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!

Jon McDaniel: I don’t know, but he… she… whoever… just saved Lucy’s ass!!

A hooded figure has popped out of the crowd, grabbing Lucy’s leg just a moment before the double clothesline. The figure pulls Lucious out of the ring, dragging him a bit as Hayes and Ian look on, stunned. The team roll out of the ring on opposite sides of Lucious and his savior, surrounding them. Ian yells at the hooded figure, who slowly drops Lucious by the crowd barricade. Ian and Hayes rush the fan, who jumps onto the barricade, flips backward onto the ring apron and then sails into an improvised moonsault on both foes! Ian and Hayes drop, the mystery person rolling to his feet. He grabs up Lucious, rolling him back into the ring. The figure rolls in himself, dragging Lucious to a corner… and tags himself in?!

Brian Rentfro: I think this hooded fan is making himself Lucy’s partner!!


The figure stands poised at the middle of the ring, watching his new opponents. He falls back as Ian and Hayes stand, rebounding and soaring over the parallel ropes… all three men crash into the barricade!! The figure stands, grabbing Ian up and throwing him into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: This guy is nuts!! He just took out both of his opponents, and Lucious is in his corner… smiling?!

Jon McDaniel: This was Lucy’s plan all along!! He was waiting for his partner to move in when Ian and Billy Bob least expected it!!

Lucious pulls himself up in his corner, slapping the corner turnbuckle pad. The crowd starts to chant “LUCY! LUCY! LUCY!” as the hooded figure goes to work on Ian, whipping him into a corner. He pulls Ian into a tree of woe, running to the opposite side of the ring. He turns, charging up and nailing a baseball slide that nearly takes the Emperor’s head off!! He stands, pumping his fists as the crowd goes nuts! The figure heads over to Ian, but hears something behind him. He turns to see what Lucy is fussing about, just barely able to duck a clothesline by Billy Bob! Starr jumps in as Hayes rebounds, the hooded figure flipping out of the way. Starr ducks under a clothesline attempt, getting behind Billy Bob and throwing him with a german suplex! Hayes lands, the hooded figure jumping off the nearest top turnbuckle into an amazing 360 degree flipping legdrop!! The crowd is going nuts!!

Brian Rentfro: Wait… I’ve seen that move before…

Ian starts to his feet, Lucious motioning to his partner. The hooded man is back to the top turnbuckle, Lucious stalking Ian. As Ian gets to his feet, Lucious comes up from behind and hoists him into position for an electric chair, turning to face his partner…

Jon McDaniel: A flying leg lariat!! It can’t be!!

Brian Rentfro: WHY THE HELL DO I KNOW THIS?!?!

The figure stands, Lucious grinning. He points to Billy Bob, the hooded figure nodding. Lucious picks up Ian, the hooded man hoisting Hayes to his feet. Lucious pulls Ian into a vertical suplex, then drapes him across his back into a torture rack as the hooded figure lifts Hayes with an electric chair. Hayes is dropped forward into a reverse sitout piledriver as Lucious drops Ian with a reverse FU, both men covering.

Brian Rentfro: NO FUCKING WAY!!


Jon McDaniel: HE DID IT!!


Brian Rentfro: IT CAN’T BE!!


“Fuck You” hits the PA as the crowd goes nuts, both men standing. Lucious stumbles a bit, dropping to a knee as his hooded partner makes his way over, picking up his new tag partner. They embrace, the hood dropping as Lucious pulls back…

Brian Rentfro: THAT LITTLE…

Jon McDaniel: IT’S DANIELSON!! Hell and High Water have reunited to take the PWA Tag Team Titles once again!!

Eric Emerson: Here are your winners and the NEW PWA Tag Team Champions, HELL AND HIGH WATER!!!!

Disturbed’s “Inside The Fire” soon replaces Lucious’ personal theme song, the two men celebrating their second Tag Title reign. They roll out of the ring, Danielson helping Starr up the ramp as Ian and Hayes start, looking shocked as they watch the new tag champs exiting the area with smiles.

Jon McDaniel: A beautiful plan executed perfectly by Lucious Starr!

Brian Rentfro: He cheated the fans of Danielson’s lame skills, made a mockery of the match, and still walked out as Tag Champion! How the hell was that perfect execution??

Jon McDaniel: It worked, didn’t it??

Marvin Wood vs Bubba J

Number One Contender's Match(1 RP Limit)

As the bell rings, the two PWA vets waste no time tearing into each other. Both men trading lefts and rights, not backing down an inch. Marvin fakes a right and doubles Bubba over with a kick to the midsection. From that point Marvin goes to work on Bubba's back with a slew of suplexed and powerslams. Marvin came close to wrapping this one up when a wheel barrow suplex into the corner nearly folded Bubba in half, earning him a 2 count. Not willing to allow himself to be denied, Woods continues to punish Bubba J, before taking a brief pause to throw him outside of the ring. Wood slides out the ring and goes to grab Bubba and Bubba drives a elbow into the thighs of Marvin, dropping him to one knee. Bubba sees his moment and starts to ram Marvin's face into the ringpost and then introduces him into a very nice guard railing. Woods stumbles backwards and Bubba spears him into the ring apron.

Bubba rolls Marvin into the ring and follows him. Bubba lifts Marvin up and starts to punish him with slams of his own. A few chest chops and Marvin's chest looks like hamburger meat. The crowd screams "whooooooo" with each chop and Bubba plays up to them. As Bubba goes for some more chops, but Marvin has had enough of that and starts to fire shots back Bubba. Marvin and Bubba are trying to tear each other apart. both men look to be tiring out as they toss hay makers at each other. Woods starts to get a second wind and is starting to work over Bubba. Wood goes for a irish whip but Bubba reverse it at the last minute...Trailer Park Trash!!! Bubba J for the pin.




The ref raises Bubba J's hand as the scene fades to a commercial.

The Beast

His feud with Razzior set the company ablaze...

His skill in the ring made him a guy to watch...

But one moment ended it all...

Jacob Figgins(c) vs Sykopath

Champion's Choice PWA Brizzly Beer Championship Match

Jon McDaniel: Next up is the Grizzly Beer Tite Match between the Champion, Jacob Figgins, and his opponent, the deranged Sykopath. They met on August 19th in a No-Rope Electrified Barbed Wire Double Hell, Barbwire Landmines Time Bomb Death Match, and that wasn’t even enough to settle the issue. Sykopath made his feelings known on the last edition of Rampage, when he shattered a Grizzly Beer Bottle in the face of the Champ. Figgins named the stipulation for this match as a hybrid of the first blood match with an I quit or submission match. The only way to win this match is to first make your opponent bleed, then make them submit. It lookslike we’re ready to go to the ring.

Brian Rentfro: This is gonna get messy…

The lights in the arena go dim.

Man lives
In a sun lit world
Of what he believes to be reality
There is unseen by most
An underworld that is just as real
But not as brightly lit....

Paint a Dark Picture by Tech N9ne begins to play and the arena lights come up as Sykopath makes his way to the ring.

I can write a verse and take the sun away...
Say good bye to light because it's gone today...
Ain't no smiling happiness is done away...
Watch me paint a pic that'll make you run away...

He dressed in black fatigues, a black wifebeater, and black combat boots His hair is in all cornrows. His arms are taped from elbow to knuckles. He carries a large black duffel bag with him.

I don't really give of fuck what you think of me I had it up to here. yep.
Follow me into another de-mention of insanity's right here. step...
I know your feelin it I'm lovein you when I'm kissin n fuckin you n in a minute I'm a veer
An by the pluck of the jugular see the blood of my lover and then I finish when your near
I'm sorry but I mean it cause when I got the tool on bitch I got bulimic up in her like a
gynecologist with a penis
And when they bled on me I was giddy and never squeamish.
Bad as a demon I cannot get rid of her I really rely on the feelin of the sex an the red of a
Can I take a bite of your cerebellum I think it'll really get me up if I could be suckin your
Id rather just die than inflict any pain on somebody who truly put trusted me.
Better yet I just make her the suffer who taught me mocked me n fucked with me.
Maybe get up in the club and shoot it up and makem panic at the disco... (backwards)
I can paint a dark picture.
You don't want me to start with, cha.
Don't want me commin with the heart, hit cha.
Chew you up and if you really tart, spit cha.
After the brain I put the lemon moraine in.
Blood of a dame is what I drain my fang's in.
Takein the spirit and the body it came in.
Away from the sun n forever you can remain in

He walks to the ring with purpose, pushing security and PWA officials out of his way. He taunts and gets in the faces of the fans, cursing and spitting on them. When he enters the ring he pushes Eric Emerson out of his way and climbs to the middle turnbuckle. Once there, he crosses his arms under his chin, giving the appearance of the skull and crossbones, while at the same time flipping off the audience. He steps down from the turnbuckle, shoves the ref out of the way on his way to the opposite turnbuckle to give the crowd on this side of the arena the same salute..

I'm your worst fear.
I'm your favorite.
I'm your acquired taste.
Will you savor it.
If it blood thirst will you run from it.
No need cause I'm inside of you.
When the sun is spit.
You cannot escape me I'm your last resort your.
When you have a evil you cannot report.
I'm your royal sunshine malicious and heartless.
If ever you need an alibi rely on me I am.


With that, Sycopath, raises his hands, igniting two fireballs, before, once again, flipping the crowd off.

Jon McDaniel: Well, the challenger looks ready…

"Man on the Silver Moutian" Blasts onto the P.A. system when Figgy appears from behind the entrance curtain. He looks left to right then fires his arms up into the air, pyros erupting.
Jumping onto a nearby barricade, he throws off his hood to reveal his features. Figgy proceeds to slap hands with nearby fans

Finally traveling toward the ring he takes the time to jump onto the other barricade and exchange with more fans. Before finally tossing off his hoody and casting it into the crowd.
Figgy hops off the barricade making a mad dash for the ring. Hopping onto the barricade, he hooks as arm about the top rope. His free arm pumping a fist into the air

Hooking both arms about the top rope, Figgy leans back far, flipping himself into the ring. Quickly hopping onto a turnbuckle to flail his head about.

Hopping off he lands in the center of the ring, boucing on his feet while awaiting the bell.

Brian Rentfro: The champ looks ready….

Figgins and Sykopath immediately tear into each other, trying to draw first blood. Both men pummel each other, but neither draws blood. A double clothesline sends both men to the mat. Syko is to his feet first, and levels Figgins with a bicycle kick. Syko rolls out of the ring and grabs his duffel bag. He sets it down and unzips it. He pulls out a bottle of Grizzly Beer. He drinks the beer down, then hits Figgins with it. It makes a sickening ‘bonk’ sound, but does not break. Figgins staggers backwards. Syko hits him with the bottle again. ‘Bonk,’ but no break. Figgins falls backwards on his ass, and immediately starts to get back to his feet. A big knot has formed on his forehead, but he is not bleeding. Syko . Syko smashes the bottle against his head one more time, this time shattering it. Figgins drops to the mat, but is still not bleeding. Figgins slowly gets to his feet. Syko reaches into the bag, and brings out another bottle. He drinks its contents then shatters it against the head of the Grizzly Beer champ.

Brian Rentfro: How’s that for product placement?

Figgins hits the mat, but starts pulling himself back up. He is still not bleeding.
Frustrated, Syko reaches into the bag and pulls out 2 bottles. When he turns, he is met with a kick to the gut by Figgins. Jacob grabs the bottles and shatters both of them on each side of Sykopath’s head. Sykopath falls to the mat, covered in beer and broken glass, but no blood. He slowly makes his way to his feet. Figgins charges in, but is backdropped over the top rope to the floor.
Syko zips up the bag and begins to stomp on it.

Jon McDaniel: You can hear the glass breaking inside that bag.
Brian Rentfro: Like I said this is about to get messy.

Sykopath unzips the bag and empties the contents on the mat. Part of the ring is now covered in broken glass.
Figgins rolls into the ring and is immediately attacked by Sykopath. Syko pulls Figgins up and powerbombs him onto the glass. He holds onto Figgins, picks him back up, and powerbombs him again onto the glass. Still holding on, he picks Figgins up again. The Grizzly Beer Champ’s back is covered in beer, glass, and blood.

Jon McDaniel: Triple powerbomb on the way.
Brian Rentfro: Figgins looks like he’s been in a barfight.

Figgins pushes himself off Sykopath’s shoulders, wraps his arm around his head and brings him down with a ddt onto the broken glass. Syko sits up. It’s obvious that the glass has cut a vein in Syko’s head as blood is spurting out in a stream from one of the many cuts on his head. Syko’s face is already covered in blood. Through the blood, a smile can be seen on his face.

Jon McDaniel: Is he smiling?!

Brian Rentfro: That guy is sick! But look at Figgins. He’s smiling , too! Both these guys are sick bastards.

Jon McDaniel: This is a blood bath, maybe worse than their first battle. But now that both men are bleeding, the first man to make the other submit will walk out of here the Grizzly Beer Champ.

Brian Rentfro: I don’t think either one of these guys will walk out of here, no matter who wins.

The two bloodied men lock up intstantly, but the pulse begins a nice little pulsing beat of his own. A volley of knee strikes to the midsection.Once Figgins staggers the big man back, he slips behind and wraps up SAITO SUPLEX. Figgins decides to apply a submission hold without wasting any time. A facial claw. Figgins applies the hold, digging his fingers into the wounds on Sykopath’s face, trying to rip them further open. Figgins drops the hold and locks up on Sykopath, initiating a gator roll

Jon Mcdaniel: I haven’t seen a gator roll in ages. Figgins busting out a rather unorthodox offense after busting open his opponent.

Brian Rentfro: Maybe he is hoping to wear down his opponent with this technique.

After several seconds of Figgins rolling himself and his opponent around the ring, he finally drops the hold, stalking the large haitian before he soccer kicks him square in the back. This makes Sykopath sit upright. Figgins traps an arm and begins raining down elbows onto the neck

Jon Mcdaniel: After the suplex, the gator roll and the elbows, I think it is safe to say that Figgins is softening the opponent’s neck.

Sykopath avoids an elbow and begins to fire back with his own until Figgins backs away.Sykopath shoots back to his feet with a flurry of punches to knock Figgins into the ropes. He tosses Figgins into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a power slam.

Figgins rises to his feet, in a daze as Sykopath swoops behind and locks in the Last carress. He swings the champion violently in the hold until no response is granted. The ref comes to check on him, but gets his answer when Figgins raises his foot up and Nails Sykopath square in the groin. The big Haitian drops the hold and falls to his knees. Figgy charges and looks to go for a shining wizard, but turns it into a triangle choke. Sykopath stuggles but eventually goes limp. The ref calls for the bell.

PWA Rampage '14 Deluxe Edition

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Duff Cote D'ivoire(c) vs James Porter vs Mr. Americana

PWA Intercontinental Championship Match

Jon McDaniel: Intercontinental Championship match time, and an interesting dichotomy here tonight. Two men who are close to becoming tag team partners, and a man who hasn't won a match since arriving here are vying for the title tonight, as The Champ, Duff Cote D'ivoire defends the title against the James Porter and Mr. Americana.

Brian Rentfro: I don't get it. Duff and Americana are about to become a tag team, and Porter hasn't won a damn match. Hell the only impact he's made before tonight was attacking Duff a few weeks ago. If attacking somebody automatically gets you to be matched up with them, then I'll be right back. I'm goin to attack Lacey Gloria.

Jon McDaniel: Sit down, Bryan. The match is about to start.

James Porter makes his entrance to the ring. He is followed by Mr. Americana. Finally, the Intercontinental Champ Makes his entrance to the ring.


Porter gets a smattering of applause.


The crowd erupts as Mr. Americana step out from his corner, waves to the fans, then goes back to his corner.


The crowd begins a 'DUFF! DUFF! DUFF!' chant as the three men step toward the center of the ring. Referee Scott Swindell holds the I-C belt up then calls for the bell.


Mr. Americana and Porter go to lock up, but at the last second Americana sidesteps Porter, then begins to juke and jive, and strut around the ring. Porter kicks the bottom rope as the crowd goes wild. They go to lock up again, and with the same result. Porter is beside himself. Mr. Americana begins to stomp the mat and clap his hands, and the fans begin to stomp and clap with him. They go to lock up again, but this time Porter sidesteps Americana, and begins to juke and jive and strut around the ring. However, the fans do not take kindly to this decision, and rain down boos upon Porter.

Bryan Brian Rentfro: What the hell?

Mr. Americana throws his hands up in the air and begins to yell "no, no, no!" He asks for and receives the ring mic.

Mr. Americana: NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! That ain't how ya do it, Jameth Porta! It'th like thith! Hit my muthic!

Mr. Americana's music begins to play, and he begins to juke and jive, much to the delight of the crowd. Porter steps to the center of the ring, and tries to juke and jive again, but looks so awkward, Mr. Americana just holds his nose and walks to the corner. The crowd boos their disapproval until Duff or 'Ice Cold' shoves him to the mat. He grabs the mic.

Ice Cold: Que?

The crowd responds, 'Que?'

Ice Cold: Que?

Crowd: Que?

Ice Cold: Ice Cold Duff Boston came here to stomp a mudtrail in somebodie's ass, and I get here and you guys want to dance...

Crowd: Que?

Ice Cold: You wanna cut a rug....

Crowd: Que?

Ice Cold: Bust a move...

Crowd: Que?

Ice Cold: Shake what your momma gave ya...

Crowd: Que?

Ice Cold: Get jiggy with it...

Crowd: Que?

Ice Cold: Well Ol' Ice Cold's ok with that. Go on and hit the music again, ol' Ice's Cold's gonna cut a rug.

Mr. Americana's music begins again, and Ice Cold begins to dance. He is almost as bad as Porter (almost), but the crowd cheers him on.

When he finishes, he grabs the mic again

Ice Cold: Now can we please get back to this match, cause I got a big ol' tin of whoop-ash to...

Ice cold is interrupted by his own repetitious guitar riff driven theme song as several wrestlers that are no longer, or have never been seen on TV come out to the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Wait a minute! That's "Black Tide" Kazuo Tanaka, and he's wearing a...what does that say...Team Duff T-shirt. And that's 'Sir' Nigel Percy, and he's being followed by Anthony Frusciante, Dante Mephisto, and Lacey Gloria, all wearing Team Duff T-shirts.

Brian Rentfro: Ummmm..Lacey.

The five, ahem, superstars stand behind Ice Cold. Porter slowly steps over beside Mr. Americana, who gives him an elbowsmash for his troubles. The crowd goes crazy as Porter rolls to the floor, holding his head. Mr. Americana has a look of concern on his face.Duff has a look of confusion on his face, as it becomes apparent that he has no idea why these guys have come out and why they appear to have his back. Mr. Americana gets ready for a fight when his theme song begins to play.

Brian Rentfro: Look, McDaniel, here comes Scottie Snow, and he's got on a Team Americana T-shirt. And look there, it's "The Black Spider" Vitaliy Sokolov, Alex Jameson, ooooh, Cindy Lou Jenkins, and...I'LL BE DAMNED....IT'S MOKE DOSHKY!!!! They're all comin out to have Mr. Americana's back.

Jon McDaniel: Well, the ring has surely filled with, uh, talent. It looks like we have the makings for a gang fight at Survival!

Out of nowhere, 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson begins to play. Mr. Americana Holds one arm out, as does Duff. Mr A and Duff begin to have a 'knife fight', like the two gang leaders in the iconic video.

Jon McDaniel: I have no words.

Brian Rentfro: Did they spray some kind of gas in the locker room before the show?

Porter jumps in between the two gang bangers, er, dancers, I mean wrestlers, and begins to dance like Michael Jackson. Duff and Mr. A grab Porter and throw him out of the ring.

Mr. A and Duff begin to resume their 'knife fight,' but before they can, 'Blurred Lines' by Robin Thicke begins to play. Cindy Lou and Lacey walk into the center of the ring, and begin twerking, much to the delight of the fans and the men in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Is it me, or did it just get very warm in here?

Brian Rentfro: is to say....uhhh....

Porter gets back in the ring, wearing a Team Porter T-shirt.

Jon McDaniel: I didn't know they even made those shirts.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, they went on clearance he day after they came out. You can pick them up on With cooler weather coming up, keep in mind these are made of a highly non-flame retardant material, so they'll be great to put on the fire to keep warm.

Porter breaks up the 'twerk fest.' Of course, this draws the ire of the capacity crowd. Cindy Lou and Lacey walk over to Mr. A and Duff, respectively.

Porter stands center ring, motioning for the wrestlers to give him space.

'Con los terroristas.'

The crowd boos the choice in music unmercifully.

Jon McDaniel:

Bria Brian Rentfro: Please, anything but this.

The Harlem Shake begins to play. Porter dances in the center of the ring as everyone else basically does nothing. Lacey looks at her nails, while Cindy Lou pats Mr. Americana's 'belly.'


Lacey gets behind Porter and low blows him with her forearm. He doubles over as the music continues. Porter tries to continue to dance. He turns around just in time for Cindy Lou to punt him right in the crotch. Lacey and Cindy Lou grab Porter and throw him out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Is the match still going on?

Brian Rentfro: Damn if I know, Jon. Damn if I know.

All the wrestlers exchange high fives and hugs before leaving the ring and going to the back. Mr. Americana and Duff begin to circle each other, trying to keep it together and re-start the match.

Mr. A and Duff lock up in the center of the ring. They begin to exchanging punches. Lefts and rights, back and forth. Duff gains the upper hand, and pummels Mr. Americana about the head, chest, and 'belly.' Duff takes three steps back the slams his palms in to Mr. Americana's chest with a vicious Hadouken!

The crowd pauses in hushed silence.

Jon: This is how Duff defeated Mr. Americana last time!

Brian Rentfro: Will the belly drop again?

Mr. Americana staggers backwards, then stands straight up, and waves his finger at Duff. Duff rushes in to attavk Mr. Americana, but gets nailed between the eyes with a massive elbow smash. Duff staggers backwards, then staggers towards Mr. Americana. Mr. A picks Duff up, and bodyslams him. Americana backs into the corner then comes running out with a thunderous elbowdrop.





James Porter breaks up the pin at the last minute. He pulls Mr. Americana to his feet and begins to pound away on The Hero of the Common Man. Mr. Americana is down to his knees, and Porter is beating the hell out of him.

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe this. James Porter has the advantage over Mr. Americana.

Brian Rentfro: He could win this damn thing!

Porter has Mr. A mounted and is raining down hammerfists down on his head. Duff pulls Porter off, but is met with a thumb to the eye. Porter then begins to attack Duff with lefts and rights. Duff begins to fire back. Porter shoves Duff into the corner and holds his hands up to say STOP! He motions for the mic.

Jon McDaniel: What now!

Brian Rentfro: What could he possibly have to say that anyone would want to hear?

James Porter: Everybody's had a chance to dance tonight...except me! I WANT MY CHANCE TO DANCE, DAMMIT! HIT THE MUSIC!

'Apache" by the Sugar Hill Gang begins to play as Duff and Porter meet in the center of the ring. They are nose to nose. Suddenly, both men put their hands on their hips and thrust their pelvises in various directions.

Tonto, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it...

Both Duff and Porter begin to dance around in a circle, each holding an index finger in the air. The stop , and face each other nose to nose, hands on hips. Again with the pelvic thrusts

Kemosabi, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it...
Duff and Porter begin to dance around in a circle again , each holding an index finger in the air. Again with the nose to nose, hands on hips, pelvic, well you get the idea.

Custer, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it...
Duff and Porter begin to dance around in a circle again , each holding an index finger in the air. This time when Porter faces Duff, The IC champ grabs him and plants him with the Master of Puppets 13.






Brian Rentfro: Thank God this is over!

Mr. Americana comes over and congratulates Duff on the win and rolls out of the ring, leaving Duff to soak in the cheers of the crowd. Duff demands a microphone from ring-side as Mr. Americana is heading up the ramp with Cindy Lou Jenkins. He takes it and holsters his belt on his shoulder before shouting Mr. Americana's name to get his attention.

Duff: Do you still need a tag team partner?

The crowd roars. Mr. Americana nods his head, his hunger for the PWA Tag Team titles evident in his eyes. Duff nods back, obviously confident in their abilities to take the division by force.

Shawn O'Reilly vs Deacon Frost

Grudge Match With A Future World Title Shot On The Line

Jon McDaniel: Now it's time for our co-main event. Since Summer Sizzler weekend, Shawn O'Reilly and PWA Owner Eli Storm have been at odds. At the August 26th Monday Night Rampage, it got physical.

Footage of O'Reilly superkicking Storm, and of Storm hitting the X Marks the Spot on O'Reilly are shown.

Jon McDaniel: On September 2nd, O'Reilly attacked with a vengeance.

Footage of O'Reilly's beatdown of Storm is shown.

Jon McDaniel: And on September 9th, a new player was added to the mix.

Footage of Deacon Frost's beating on O'Reilly are shown.

Jon McDaniel: Which brings us to tonight. Eli Storm is not medically cleared to compete tonight, so he has appointed Deacon Frost to be his substitute. O'Reilly has recently made comments casting doubt on Storm's medical status, but the fact remains that, if O'Reilly wants to get his hands on Storm, he'll have to do it at a later date.

Brian Rentfro: Are you doubting the trustworthiness of our leader?

Jon McDaniel: I didn't say anything, I just stated that O'Reilly....

Brian Rentfro: Mr. Storm, please remember that those comments do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of one Brian Rentfro.

Jon McDaniel: Are you done?

Brian Rentfro: Almost. Mr. Storm, I would like to take this time to reiterate how much I love working here, and if the need should arise, stand at the ready to become lead announcer on all PWA shows.

Jon McDaniel: Let's just get up to the ring.

The lights in the arena go dark.

'In Time' by Mark Collie begins to play. The fog machines go to work and the entrance lights go red, giving the fog a red hue.

I can hear what you're thinkin'
All your doubts and fear
And if you look in my eyes
In time you'll find the reason I'm here
And in time, all things shall pass away
In time, you may come back someday
To live once more or die once more
But in time, your time will be no more

As the vocals begin, Shawn O'Reilly walks through the curtain, wearing a dog collar and chain. He walks obliviously down the aisle, ignoring the fans. He walks up the ring steps, looks to his left and to his right, then jumps over the top rope into the ring. Some of the fans boo him, some cheer him. He's oblivious to both sides. He stands, emotionless in the middle of the ring.

You know your days are numbered
Count 'em one by one
Like notches in the handle of an outlaw's gun
You can outrun the Devil if you try
But you will never outrun the hands of time

In time there'll surely come a day
In time, all things shall pass away
In time, you may come back some say
Live once more or die once more
But in time, your time will be no more

O'Reilly backs into the corner and waits for his opponent.

The fans quiet down in the arena as the lights go purple. Smoke slowly rises from the entrance. A rain like mist floats through the arena as the opening guitar riff of Johnny Cash’s “God's Gonna Cut You Down” blares through the speakers.

“You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God'll cut you down
Sooner or later God'll cut you down”

“Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down”

Pyros explodes and out walks Deacon Frost. He is wearing a black leather duster. He has on black baggy jeans and black boots. Frost’s fist and forearms are covered in white tape. Frost stands in the middle of the pyros going off around him. He slowly makes his way down to the ring. Frost steps up onto the ring apron and over the top rope.

“Well my goodness gracious let me tell you the news
My head's been wet with the midnight dew
I've been down on bended knee talkin' to the man from Galilee
He spoke to me in the voice so sweet
I thought I heard the shuffle of the angel's feet
He called my name and my heart stood still
When he said, "John go do My will!"”






O'Reilly charges Frost and jumps on the bigger man, punching him with right hands. Frost easily throws him off. O'Reilly goes back on the attack with kicks to the legs of The Monster. Frost pie faces him to the mat.

O'Reilly quickly gets to his feet, but Frost bullies him into the corner. He lands a brutal right that sends O'Reilly to a knee. He pulls O'Reilly back up and hammers another right hand to the head that wobbles O'Reilly.

Jon McDaniel: The power of Deacon Frost is devastating.

Brian Rentfro: Think O'Reilly wishes he'd have fallen in line when he had the chance?

Frost whips O'Reilly into the corner and follows him in with a huge running lariat. O'Reilly crumples to the mat in a heap. Deacon pulls him up and powerbombs him into the turnbuckles. O’Reilly appears to be unconscious. Frost goes for the cover, but O’Reilly puts his foot on the ropes at the last moment.

Jon McDaniel: O’Reilly with a foot on the ropes, but he barely got it on there in time.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, not enough strength to kick out, and barely enough to get a foot on the ropes. He ain’t got long left.

O’Reilly pulls himself up with the help of the ropes, and fires off a hard chop that doesn’t faze Frost. Another chop is just as ineffective against the Monster.

A thumb to the eye of Frost is a little more effective. The Bulldog begins firing off legkicks at the side of Frost’s knee. After five kicks to the knee, Frost appears to be buckling. When O’Reilly goes for kick number six, however, Frost grabs him by the neck and throws him over the top rope to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: Frost’s power is incredible!

Brian Rentfro: Incredible is right! He threw O’Reilly out like the lightweight that he is.

Frost follows O’Reilly to the floor. Hr pulls O’Reilly up and rams him head first into the ringpost, cutting him open. Frost follow that up with a big boot to O’Reilly’s bloody face. He picks O’Reilly up in a gorilla press position, then simply drops him, face first, on the ring barricade.

He pulls an extremely bloody O’Reilly up and lays him on the ring apron. He climbs up on the apron and drops a big leg on the Bulldog, who falls back to the floor.

Jon McDaniel: O’Reilly is a mess!
Brian Rentfro: Serves him right! Get ‘em Frost!

Frost pulls O’Reilly to his feet and whips him into the steel ringsteps. Frost charges in, but O’Reilly has the presence of mind to dropkick Frost in the left knee, causing him to fall facefirst into the steps. When Frost stands, he is bleeding too.

Brian Rentfro: No! C’mon, Deacon! Kick his ass!

Jon McDaniel: Try to remain objective, will ya!

O’Reilly charges in with a dropkick that sends the back of Frost’s head into the post. Frost is staggered now. O’Reilly rolls him into the ring. Frost starts to get up, but O’Reilly keeps him down with a dropkick to the head. O’Reilly stomps on the head of Frost. He then begins to stomp the entire body of Frost, from left arm to left leg, to right leg, to right arm, then back to the head.

Jon McDaniel: Garvin Stomp by O’Reilly!

Brian Rentfro: Who’s Garvin?

Jon McDaniel: Ask Anna Mathews. O’Reilly goes for a cover!


O’Reilly drop kicks Frost in the head again. He then goes to the top rope. Before he has a chance to leap off the top, Frost is up and grabs O’Reilly by the throat. O’Reilly pulls one of Frost’s fingers back, and bites it! Deacon pulls his hand away from O’Reilly.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe that O’Reilly bit him!

Jon McDaniel: He is called ‘The Boston BULLDOG,” remember?

O’Reilly grabs Frost by the hair and unleashes his rapidfire headbutts. After 10 headbutts, O’Reilly grabs Frost’s arm. He leaps off the turnbuckles with a single arm ddt.

Jon McDaniel: O’Reilly has Frost hurt!

Brian Rentfro: Get up, Deacon! GET UP!!!

O’Reilly hooks both of Frost’s arms and bridges over into Cattle Mutilation!



O’Reilly has the hold in tight and it doesn’t look like Frost is going to be getting up. Shawn is screaming for the ref to check for the “I Give”. All of a sudden, Frost starts to make his way to his knees. In a incredible show of strength, Frost is able to get O’Reilly up in the air and spins around, forcing Shawn to either let go or get crushed under the big man. Shawn releases the hold and rolls out the way and Frost crashes back first onto the mat. Deacon rolls over and holds his upper back as O’Reilly starts to stalk him. Shawn sends a few punt kicks into Frost’s side, targeting the ribs. Shawn backs up and comes off the ropes and nails a dropkick into Frost’s ribs that cause the big man to roll over and outside of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Big time dropkick!!!

Jon McDaniel: Good way to not get destroyed by Frost…is not to let Frost get a hold of you.

Brian Rentfro: Wow…that was so insightful…blah.

Shawn grabs the ropes and waits for Frost to start getting to his feet. Lex O’Reilly launches himself over the ropes and goes for a crossbody, only to get caught midair. Frost lifts O’Reilly up on his shoulders before spinning around and nailing a Samoan Drop, which drives shawn back first into the ring apron. O’Reilly flops off the ring apron as Frost tries to stretch his back and get the blood flowing. Frost picks Shawn up and drapes him against the guard railing. Frost starts to fire clothesline after clothesline into Shawn’s chest, almost crushing him against the railing. Shawn slumps down, but Frost picks him right back up and fires more shots at him.

Jon McDaniel: And this is where you don’t want to be.

Brian Rentfro: Really!?! You sure you wouldn’t to have your face pounded by Frost…homo…

Jon shakes his head as the cameras switch back to Frost who rolls Shawn back into the ring. Now it is Frost’s turn to wait for a almost out of it, O’Reilly to pull himself up, using the ropes. As soon as Shawn is up and turns around, Frost quickly reaches out and grabs O’Reilly by the throat and lifts him up. CHOKESLAM!!! Frost goes for the cover.



And to the shock of Frost and the crowd, Shawn kicks out. Frost can't believe it and he grabs O’Reilly, standing up with him in his arms. He whips him into the ropes, intending for a big boot, but Shawn ducks under the leg and fires a kick into the back Deacon Frost's left leg. Frost falls to one knee, but does not go down fully. Shawn fires a few more kicks to Frost’s legs, ribs and thighs. But Frost stays on one knee, O’Reilly shrugs his shoulders and steps back.

Jon McDaniel: Frost isn’t going down. Shawn better come up with something quick, before Deacon gets back up.

Brian Rentfro: So you want Frost to go down on Shawn?

Shawn mouths the words “Fuck it!!” and nails a superkick to a kneeling Frost, nearly taking off the bigger man’s head. Frost’s neck snaps back as the big man hits the mat, back first. Shawn, not looking to wasting anytime, bounces off the ropes and leaps in the air and drives the point of both knees into Frost’s chest. Shawn rolls through with move and runs to the other ropes and springboards off nailing Frost with a variation of the Lionsault. O’Reilly hooks the legs.




Frost powers out of that pin, sending Shawn in the air. Frost sits up but O’Reilly isn’t done as he nails Frost with a rolling necksnap and quickly throws a kick to the side of Frost’s head. Shawn then bounces off the ropes one more time and drives the knee into the big man’s face. Shawn is now on top of Frost firing lefts and rights into his face as Frost tries to cover up as good as he can. O’Reilly tries to transition into a armbar, but Frost still has enough strength to block it. Shawn decides to let the hold go and starts to stomp on Frost’s arm. Shawn starts to drive knees into the shoulder socket in order to take away a main part of Frost’s arsenal. Shawn’s attention is taken away from Frost as he hears the crowd start to boo.

Brian Rentfro: Uh oh, here comes the boss man to make sure this match doesn’t go over the time limit.

Jon McDaniel: I highly doubt that!!!

Storm is slowly walking down to the ring with his neckbrace on. Shawn is yelling at Storm as Storm is yelling back. Frost is slowly getting back up and Shawn isn’t falling for the same trick twice and quickly nails a kneelift on Frost. As soon as O’Reilly’s back is turned, Storm slides in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: What the Hell…I thought Storm is hurt.

Brian Rentfro: I think he is trying to help the ref out.

Jon McDaniel: Is that right. Well it looks like O’Reilly isn’t having that and it trading punches with Storm.

Brian Rentfro: Hey!!! Hey!!! You get your hands off our boss!!!

Jon McDaniel: Sit down, Brian…I doubt you are about to get into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Hey…it’s the thought that counts.

O’Reilly is getting the upper hand on Storm and is backing him up into the corner. Shawn cocks back for a haymakers, but Storm drops down…LOW BLOW!!! O’Reilly stumbles back into the waiting arms of Deacon Frost, who lifts him up in a torture rack.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like he wants Shawn to subm…hold on, he just lifted him up and lets O’Reilly drop in front of him.

As Shawn drops Frost thrust his knee up, nailing O’Reilly right in the back of the head.

Brian Rentfro: The KTFO V.2!!!!

Frost drops down for the cover. Storm pushes the ref out of the way so he can make the count himself.




Storm walks over to Eric Emerson and whispers something in his ear.

Eric Emerson: I have been informed as of 3 seconds ago, Eli Storm has been cleared to wrestle.

Eli Storm: RING THE BELL!!!

Frost lifts Shawn and Storm wraps his arms around his waist and nails the “X Marks the Spot”. Storm wipes his forehead and drops down for the cover. Frost stands next to the ref forcing him to count.



Storm lifts Shawn’s head up and smiles. He rolls out of the ring and tells Frost to join him. Eli yells at the ref to count.











Storm calls for a mic. He giggles as he is handed one.

Eli Storm: Now that you got what you wanted, Shawn. You got to beat the boss of the company. And I am a man of my word and since you beat me, you will get a World title shot. Heh, have a good night.

Storm and Frost start to walk back to the backstage area as medics come down to check on O’Reilly.

Jon McDaniel: So this is the new PWA that Storm has promised us. He isn’t any better than the other monsters that ran this place. I hope that eventually O’Reilly gets his day and Storm will pay.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, uhm…that’s all you buddy. By the way, Eli…sir, my cousin has always wanted to be an announcer. Just wanted to put that out there.

Anna Matthews(c) vs Cody Bogard

Flight of the Dodos PWA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Cody vs Anna is one thing. You put them in a cage and it because a clinic in hatred. The match spends all of 5 minutes in the ring, which showcases Anna and Cody trading shots, trying to get the upper hand. Cody misses with a crossbody, giving Cody a chance to bolt for the cage door. But Anna isn't going to give up that easy and gives chase. Anna makes it to the door, but Cody slams it on her face with all his might. That is the point where this becomes a brawl outside of the ring and the cage. From into the cage to onto a few guard railing the two wrestles attempt to brutalize the other.Oh Shit moment number one comes when Anna jumps off the announce table to nail Cody with a huricanrana, only to be powerbombed into the cage wall. With Anna bloodied and seemingly out of it, Cody begins his climb.

Cody is finally at the top and starts to unhook the ladder to set it up. As he sets it up he sees Anna slowly starting to make her way up the cage. Bogard flips her off and begins his climb. Cody is at the top of the ladder and his his hands on the belt when he feels a tug against his leg. He looks down and sees Anna grabbing his leg. Cody is trying to steady himself as Anna is throwing punches at his thighs.Anna now has position herself right behind Cody on the ladder and Bogard is throwing elbows trying to get her off of him. LOW BLOW!!! Cody's arms go limp and he can't hold on. Anna wraps her arms around his waist and nails a wicked german suplex off the ladder on top of the cage ceiling. Cody clutches his back as Anna measures him up...Anna leaps in the air and drives her elbow into the back of his head driving him face first into the cage ceiling.

Anna begins her climb of the ladder. The crowd gets to their feet as she gets closer to the belt. As Anna reaches the top she feels the ladder starting to shake. It's Cody. The ladder is starting to tip away from the belt. Then suddenly, out of insanity or just being that damn sure of herself, Anna leaps off the falling ladder and grabs the belt. Anna is hanging above the cage holding onto the belt for dear life. Cody is trying to yank her down. Finally Anna comes down face first. Cody smiles knowing that he finally got her down, but then looks up in shock. The scene slowly fades as Cody drops to his knees. The last thing you see is Anna rolling over...with the World title resting in her arms.