World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Welcome to RAMPAGE!!!

The scene opens to tonight's show and the arena is a buzz. First regular show under new management following one of the most action packed PPVs in the company's history. Now all eyes are on PWA to see just how they will follow up such a great show. But the look on the staff says it all. No more time for guessing. Rampage's new theme P.O.D.'s "Boom" blares through the speakers letting everyone know it's showtime.

"I never knew that a kid like me
Could take his mic around the world and flash the big S.D.
And rock the masses, from Madrid to Calabassas
Tijuana, Mexico, bootleg demos in Tokyo..."

The scene opens to Eli Storm sitting behind his desk at Incredible Inc. On his desk sits the contracts of Jethro Hayes, Matt Stone, Corey Lazarus and...Storm pushes the camera away before it could see the last contract. The scene switches to Grizzly Beer Champion, "The Genuine Pulse" Jacob Figgins, who is slowly shining his newly won gold.

“They know me though, 'cause I be puttin' in work
Commit my life to rebirth, well respected, 'cause that's my word
I'm sure you heard, about a new sound going around
She might have left my hood, but she was born in my town"

The scene then switches to PWA IC Champion, Duff Côte d`Ivoire. Duff is spinning some poor soul around and nailing The Master of Puppets '13. The scene then switches to Hunter Sullivan who is waiting for Viktor Stone to turn around before nailing the Viper Snap. Hunter smiles as Stone hit the mat.

"You didn't know, thought we was new on the scene
Well, it's alright! It's alright!
I know you know, I see you smiling at me
Well, it's alright! It's alright!"

The scene switches to Shawn O'Reilly getting forcefully getting removed from a fan fest, shouting and screaming at anyone who will listen to him. The cameras come up on the PWA Tag Team Champion, Matt Stone, smiling at the camera while in front of him rest both titles. Bodie Vera Cruz, is shown posing with the American flag. Sprinkles seem to be falling around him.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South"

Sykopath is seen in the gym, surrounded in a circle of watermelons. As a bell rings he grabs a handful of forks and flings them with amazing speed towards the mid regions (nutts and berries) of the watermelons. Cody Bogard is seen staring at a picture of the PWA Heavyweight Champion. Focused on getting it back.

"Boom! Here comes the Boom!
How you like me now?"

The scene now changes to a beautiful field full of daises. Spread out within the daisies ad plant pots in shape of dodos. Anna Matthews is seen with Pedro, playing dress up with the PWA World Heavyweight Title. As the cameras zoom in, anna whispers something very softly...

Anna Mathews: Beware the puppets.

"Is that all you got?
I'll take your best shot."

The scene now switched to the announcer table where McDaniel and Rentfro are ready to get started.

Jon McDaniel: Welcome back to what looks like to be another action packed...

Brian Rentfro: OH MY GOD!!!

Jon turns towards Brian a little nervous.

Brian Rentfro: Did you know that there is a video of Miley Cyrus grinding on Beatlejuice!?!

Jon McDaniel: First off, I think the correct term is Twerking and that wasn't Beatlejuice that was Robin Thicke.

Brian Rentfro: Are you sur,e because I swear this was a Michael Keaton comeback stunt done by MTV...hold do you know what "Twerking" is?

Jon McDaniel: Well, if you must know, on the way to the arena I took a wrong left and got a flat in front of this lovely establishment called "Roscoe's Chicken, Waffles & Fat Asses". A lovely rotund woman kept me company while I waited for Triple A. She showed me her glittery cheeks!!

Brian just stares at Jon, as he wipes a bit of glitter off his nose and forehead, while smiling.

James Porter & Scottie Snow vs Shawn O'Reilly

Handicap Match

Jon McDaniel: Anyway, like I was going to say...Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Rampage!

The momentum is building towards Survival with an action packed-card here tonight. We’ve got an Intercontinental Title Match, as Duff Cote d’Ivoire defends the belt against ‘The Nomadic Sage’ Marvin Wood.

We also have the Grizzly Beer Champion, Jacob Figgins, looking to get a measure of revenge tonight in a non title match against Emperor Ian. Last week, Ian cost Figgins GoD partner, Hunter Sullivan, a shot at the World Title. You can believe that payback is on the mind of ‘The Genuine Pulse.’

In our main event we have The PWA World Heavyweight Champion, Anna Mathews teaming with ‘The Ragin’ Redneck,’ Bubba J to take on another makeshift team, that being Mathews’ challenger at Survival, ‘The Crisis Ace,’ Cody Bogard and the devious, the demented, Sykopath!

With me tonight, as always, is my broadcast partner, Brian Rentfro. Brian, this edition of Rampage promises to be one for the books.

Brian Rentfro: I think you forgot one.

Jon McDaniel: No, I didn’t. Our opening match tonight is about ready to start, let’s go up to Eric Emerson for the introductions.


The familiar intro of the Pink Panther theme starts to play as the arena lights dim slightly. Scottie ‘The Panther’ Snow runs out to the top of the entrance ramp, does a bad kung fu pose, then high tails it to the ring.


The lights fade to complete darkness. The crowd waits in anticipation. "Bad Company" by Bad Company starts to quietly play. The lights turn to a blue hue and the crowd reacts with both cheers and boo's. The jumbotron above the entrance ramp begins showing footage of hectic riots, a variety of protests and street fights flash quickly on the big screen.

Smoke begins to take over the top of the ramp until James Porter emerges. His hands clenched at his sides. Porter holds his head down, and his wet hair hangs down covering his face. The music begins to pick up and simultaneously with it reaching its peak; James raises his head and starts to run towards the ring. He makes no interaction with the fans and slides under the bottom rope.

He runs around the ring, bouncing off each of the ropes and adjusting the tape on his wrists. Porter climbs to the top of each turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air, he performs his signature taunt; extending his middle fingers outwards a la The Rattlesnake. He smirks, and lowers his arms before jumping backwards off the last turnbuckle, he hops around inside the ring as he waits for his opponent.


The lights in the arena go dark.

'In Time' by Mark Collie begins to play. The fog machines go to work and the entrance lights go red, giving the fog a red hue.

I can hear what you're thinkin'
All your doubts and fear
And if you look in my eyes
In time you'll find the reason I'm here
And in time, all things shall pass away
In time, you may come back someday
To live once more or die once more
But in time, your time will be no more

As the vocals begin, Shawn O'Reilly walks through the curtain, wearing a dog collar and chain. He walks obliviously down the aisle, ignoring the fans. He walks up the ring steps, looks to his left and to his right, then jumps over the top rope into the ring. Some of the fans boo him, some cheer him. He's oblivious to both sides. He stands, emotionless in the middle of the ring.

You know your days are numbered
Count 'em one by one
Like notches in the handle of an outlaw's gun
You can outrun the Devil if you try
But you will never outrun the hands of time

In time there'll surely come a day
In time, all things shall pass away
In time, you may come back some say
Live once more or die once more
But in time, your time will be no more



Jon McDaniel: Depending on your point of view, this could be another example of abuse of power by Eli Storm and his personal mission to ruin Shawn O’Reilly, or this could be O’Reilly’s comeuppance for disrespecting the boss.

Brian Rentfro: Fence-straddle much?


O’Reilly steps to the center of the ring and waits for either Snow or Porter to make the next move. Snow rushes out of the corner and attempts a double leg takedown, but O’Reilly stuffs it. He then begins pounding the back of ‘The Panther’ with forearm smashes. But he takes his eyes off Porter long enough for him to climb to the top rope and hit a missile dropkick. Porter goes for the cover, but O’Reilly kicks out at one.

O’Reilly is quickly to his feet and buries a boot in Porter’s midsection. He then grabs James by the hair and begins to his knee strike after knee strike to the head of Porter. Snow jumps on O’Reilly’s back, applying a sleeper. O’Reilly walks over to the corner and slams Scottie against the turnbuckles until the Panther releases the hold.

O’Reilly walks over to Porter and throws him into the corner across the ring from Snow. He walks back to the center of the ring. He then charges into Snow’s corner, burying him with a clothesline. He turns and sprints across the ring, smashing Porter with the very same clothesline. O’Reilly’s not finished. He sprints across the ring and hits a running dropkick on Snow. Across the ring he goes, repeating the move on Porter. Both Snow and Porter stagger out of their respective corners and collapse in the center of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: This is complete and utter domination by Shawn O’Reilly!

Brian Rentfro: I hope Eli Storm is paying attention.

O’Reilly pulls Snow to his feet. He grabs Scottie by the head and delivers 10 rapid fire headbutts to the side of the head of The Panther. A trickle of blood begins to run down O’Reilly’s face. He pulls Porter to his feet, and delivers 10 rapid fire headbutts to the crown of Porter’s head. The trickle of blood has gotten bigger. It runs down O’Reilly’s nose and into his mouth. He licks his lips, as if enjoying the taste of his own blood.

Brian Rentfro: Talk about intense. This guy’s ready for war!

Jon McDaniel: He’d better be ready at Survival, because Eli Storm will definitely bring the fight to him.

O’Reilly walks over to Snow, and pulls him up. He executes a crucifix takedown, and begins raining elbows to the side of the head of Scottie Snow. Snow is out cold. The ref is about to stop the match when James Porter drops an elbow on O’Reilly, causing him to break the crucifix hold. Porter begins kicking O’Reilly in the ribs. O’Reilly grabs Porter’s leg and twists into an ankle lock. Porter screams in pain, but somehow makes it to the ropes for the break.

O’Reilly grabs Porter, twists him around and drops him on his head.

Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe O’Reilly. He just hit Porter with the Cop Killer!

Brian Rentfro: It’s just a name, McDaniel!

O’Reilly drags Porter to the center of the ring. He grabs Snow and sits him on the top rope, facing the crowd. O’Reilly goes to the apron and climbs to the top rope. He sticks Snow’s head between his legs, picks him up, and superbombs him right on top of Porter!

The crowd chants ‘Holy Shit! Holy Shit!’

He then sits on Snow’s chest, covering both men for the pin.




Jon McDaniel: Just utter destruction of Scottie Snow and James Porter.

Brian Rentfro: Like I said before, I hope Eli’s paying attention.

Search for a Partner

Part 1

Jon McDaniel: Wrestling fans, let’s go back to Lean Bean Miller who is following Mr. Americana…

Brian Rentfro: If you wee…

Jon McDaniel: Mr. Americana…

Brian Rentfro: If you…


Brian Rentfro: IF YOU WEEL!!

Lean Bean Miller: Mr. Americana, Mr. Americana, you seem to be a man on a mission, trying to find a tag team partner.

Mr. Americana: Lean Bean Milla, when that no good, egg thuckin dog Empra Eeyun and hith band of jackbooted thugth, beat my ath, I wath ok with dat. But when they laid they thlimey handth on my thpecial friend, Mith Thindy Lou Jenkinth, they done went way too far! They declayred war on Mithta Americana, if you weel, and that’th ok. But Thindy Lou ith an innothent thoul. An’ you bopyth took her innothenth and thtomped it into the ground. Now Empra Eeyun done got rid of hith goofball friendth, and thided up with Billy Ray Hayth. They gone fight Poo-Poo fo the PWA Tag titleth. I done dithided to get me a pahtna, and we gone challenge whoeva winth the match, but firtht, we gonna thtomp a big ath mudhole in Eeyun and Billy Ray, But I gotta find a tag team pahtna firtht.

Lean Bean Miller: Have you had any luck so far?

Mr. Americana looks at him with a look of bewilderment on his face.

Mr. Americana: Have I had any luck tho far? I’m thtill lookin, ain’t I?

Mr. A walks up to a dressing room door. On the door is several names:

'Sir' Nigel Percy
Anthony Frusciante
"Black Tide" Kazuo Tanaka
Dante Mephisto
"The Black Spider" Vitaliy Sokolov

He knocks on the door, but there is no answer. He opens the door, which creaks from lack of use. Mr. Americana flips the lights switch. The lights come on with a crackle, revealing an empty room, with cobwebs everywhere. It’s obvious this dressing room has been uninhabited for quite some time. Mr. Americana shakes his head and closes the door.

Words From The Boss

The scene opens to Eli Storm leaning on the desk at his office. As usual, he is dress to the max and is looking very stylish. But the look on his face. It is a look of sadness. A look of hurt.

Storm: See you made a deal with guys who ran this place before me. Deals that honestly, I have nothing to do with. Two...instead of coming to me and seeing if there was anything that I could do to maybe honor those deals, you wanted to bully me. You wanted to try and pressure me. Talk down to me and try to ruin my matches. And then...then you Superkicked me on national TV. You actually put your hands on me and thought it would be thought that I would let it slide.

Storm stands up.

Storm: And that is exactly your problem, don't think. You just feel like everything should bend to your will. The problem is, the only thing bending to your will is whatever shower buddy you end up picking up from Chippendales. You know what your other problem think you're above a beating. You think that you are above an asskicking. While you get to have your stone cold reality check moment. You get to be in the ring with the Boss and tear into him. You get to do what alot of guys have tried but could do...and that is beat me in the ring.

Storm pauses.

Storm: And congrats for tonight. you over came the odds and where dominate. I want you to remember that. Keep that feeling in the back of your head. And trust me we are going to revisit that. now the reason why I put you in that match because I want the Shawn O'Reilly in that ring when we meet. I want you are your best and angriest, so there can be no excuse. Because at the Survival, you are stepping into the ring with a legend...a hall of famer. A man that wrestles at a level that you on your best day, in your fav. wrestling game, can't even touch after modding and hacking. Now let's go back to that feeling that I told you to hold on to. You see after the PPV, you won't have that you will have something worse. and it is going to eat at your gut. And what is going to make it you could of avoided all of this. Now...


PWA Rampage

Ultimate Jobber Edition

Do you want to see see scottie Snow once again become Championn!?!

Should Mr. Hardcore fight for the Grizzly Beer Championship!?!

Is Justin Case The best in the world!?!

Then go out and grab PWA RAMPAGE for the Xbox 360 and soon to be released Xbox One

Preorder now and get the special "Ultimate Jobber" Edition which features such Classics as The Scottie Snow title belt, Justin Case and the Untouchables, The PWA Global Championship and others.


Jethro and Nicole are sitting on the front porch, just enjoying the evening when Bud Adams and Ralph pull back up in their vehicle, looking for an interview. They get out of their car, camera immediately rolling(so to speak cause its really digital and all that fancy technology jazz).

Bud(with a bit of an attitude): "Jethro, I'm here to get an interview!"

Jethro looks at him with a bit of nonchalance.

Jethro: "Why didn't you ask for an interview before Bud?"

Bud's mouth dropped open.

Bud: "I did."

Jethro shakes his head.

Jethro: "You never said Jethro, can I have an interview?"

Bud shakes his head.

Bud: "Well, can I?"

Jethro looks at him.

Jethro: "Sure."

Bud grins, all of the hell he's been through and he's finally gonna get one.

Jethro: "But we'll have to do it while I feed my hogs over across the field."

Bud gulps.

Bud(shaky voice): "No Precious, Georgia, or bull-type animals?"

Jethro, Nicole, and Ralph laugh.

Jethro: "Of course not."

Bud: "No manure?"

Jethro once again shakes his head.

Bud: "No briars?"

Jethro shakes his head again.

Bud: "No horny bulls?"

Jethro shakes his head again, Bud gains confidence.

Bud: "Ok."

Jethro: "Then lets go. Nicole, you wanna ride?"

Nicole: "Sure, I'll get the mule."

Bud gulps.

Bud: "Mule?"

Jethro and all laugh.

Jethro: "You know, the atv thing?"

Bud smiles.

Bud: "Yeah, yeah, thought... oh... nevermind."

They get on the mule after Nicole brings it around, the back loaded with the feed for the hogs.

Nicole: "Its kinda full sweety."

Jethro looks at it.

Jethro: "Well, since Ralph has the camera he needs to ride. Its my mule, so I'm going to ride... Bud(he looks at him) you can either ride on the feed or walk behind."

Bud looks at the feed, there isn't really a way he can ride up there, but he tries to think of another alternative.

Bud: "I'll ride on the feed."

Jethro shrugs.

Jethro: "Ok."

They begin their ride to the pen.

Bud: "Jethro, what do you think of coming back?"

Jethro: "Nah, them bags ain't really heavy, a little ackward though."

Bud: "No, to wrestling!"

Jethro: "Nah, I don't really wrestle with them anymore, I've gotten used to them over the years."

Bud: "No, to the PWA!"

Jethro: "To what?"

Bud: "To the PWA!"

Jethro nods.

Jethro: "Yeah I got a few sows in the pen, they the female pigs ya know."

Bud shake shis head, giving up.

Jethro: "You came down here to ask me about my farm?"

Bud: "No!"

Jethro: "Well, it was mighty nice of ya, didn't think you had it in ya."

Bud is geting ticked and as he goes to put his recorder in his pocket, the mule hits a large pot hole and Bud goes flying off, landing in a mud puddle, the recorder getting soaked. The 3 of them continue riding on, having no idea that Bud has fallen off.

~scene cut for time constraint~

Ralph: There he is."

A drowned looking Bud comes limping up, covered in mud and water, his shirt torn and a bit of blood from a scratch or two.

Jethro: "What happened Bud? You shoulda said something."

Bud: "I couldn't..."

Jethro: "Don't move Bud, dont you fucking move!"

Jethro reaches over to the mule, pulling out a rifle.

Bud: "I'll damn well move if I want to."

Jethro: "Rattlesnake Bud, right beside your foot, and he's ready to strike."

Bud: "Is... is... is... that... the... ringing?"

Jethro nods.

Jethro: "Now, shut up and don't move."


Bud screams, pissing all over himself as the shot nails the snake. Bud faints and falls backwards.

Jethro: What a time to take a nap, guess we can do the interview next week, cause I gotta go."


Duff Côte d`Ivoire(c) vs Marvin Wood

PWA Intercontinental Title Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Intercontinental Championship...

'The Lonely Shepherd' by Gheorghe Zamfir begins to play from the PA system into the arena. After a few seconds, "The Consummate Professional" Marvin Wood appears from behind the curtain with a dour expression on his face. He walks to the middle of the stage area and stands there for a few seconds, to survey the audience. He then begins walking down the entrance-way. Many of the members of the audience boo, some catcall and a few cheer. He looks at no-one as he approaches the ring, but stretches his fingers a bit. He stretches three fingers on each hand, first, and then four fingers on each hand.

Marvin walks towards the ring steps, and walks up them and towards the middle of the apron, sliding his hand over the top rope as he does so. He pauses there for a few seconds, before entering the ring, right leg first and then left leg. He enters the ring with plenty of pomp and circumstance, as if he were a foot taller than he is. He then walks over to the opposite turnbuckle and waits.

The opening bars to Pantera's "Revolution Is My Name" blast from the house speakers. The crowd erupts as the lights go down, and a single spotlight shows down on the top of the ramp, where Duff Côte d'Ivoire emerges from behind the simple black curtain. He's wearing his signature Aviator sunglasses, a long black trench coat, and blue jeans. He marches down to the ring to the beat of the drums and doles out high-fives to screaming fans at ringside.

Eric Emerson: On his way to the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- standing at 6'7" and weighing in at 285 lbs -- this is Duff Côte d'Ivoire!!

Duff rolls into the ring and, shielding his eyes from the blinding spotlightsearches the stands for his followers from the comfort of the middle turnbuckle. He nods along with the music before jumping down from the turnbuckle, cracking his knuckles, and waiting for the bell to ring.

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow, Marvin with a wristlock into a hammerlock, Duff able to reverse, but Marvin with a kick to the midsection stops the reversal. Duff holds at his ribs before shouldering Marvin into the ropes. Duff grabs the wrist, sending Marvin into the ropes faster, ducking his head for a back body; Marvin kicks out at his face. Duff spins into the kick grabbing the right ankle and tripping Marvin up with a takedown.

Jon McDaniel: Smooth move there from Duff.

Brian Rentfro: Just like Ex-lax, he's shitty.

Jon McDaniel: He's the Intercontinental Champion.

Brian Rentfro: Just like a piece of corn in the crap.

Duff rolls through for a pin.



Marvin kicks out managing somehow to pull Duff into a sleeper hold from the pinning position; he rears back keeping his shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: Look at that excellence!

Jon McDaniel: He does have the art of chain wrestling and reversals down to a science.

Brian Rentfro: Band wagon fan.

Duff in the ropes, Marvin holds the sleeper on for the count of four before releasing Duff. The IC champ is on his knee, Marvin up to his as well, they stare at each other.

Brian Rentfro: Look at Duff's worried expression.

Jon McDaniel: I think you are projecting again.

Brian Rentfro: I haven't watched an adult film today.

Jon McDaniel: Nevermind, never... that's damn disgusting.

Back to the collar and elbow, another wristlock, this one by Duff quickly transitioned into a hammerlock, Marvin with a reversal whips Duff into the ropes. Marvin spins with a trip; Duff avoids and rebounds off the other ropes. Duff with a shoulderblock, Marvin leap frogs over Duff, coming down behind. Duff spins, Marvin with an elbow smash into his chest sends him towards the corner. Marvin with a knife edge chop stings the chest of Duff. Duff fires back with a chop of his own, Marvin with a chop, Duff with a chop, Marvin, Duff, Marvin, Duff, Marvin, Duff.

Brian Rentfro: Chop Suey!

Duff with a right fist sends Marvin stumbling back, Wood comes in with a punch of his own, arm drag takes him face first onto the top turnbuckle; Marvin's head bounces back, Duff with a German suplex takes Marvin onto the canvas. Duff holds on, a second, a thir... Marvin counters by tripping Duff's right foot causing him to release the hold and stumble. Wood grabs his wrist, single arm DDT onto the canvas. Marvin pulls him back up to his feet, smirking out to the crowd. Duff with a quick headlock, but Marvin shoves him into the ropes breaking the hold. Marvin comes back with a clothesline that Duff easily ducks under delivering a kick to the lower part of Marvin's back. Wood spins around, bringing up his foot but Duff catches it without thinking, but Marvin counters with an enzeguri sending Duff down to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Fast paced early on.

Brian Rentfro: Marvin Wood is the best!

Marvin leaps up, bringing down a knee, but Duff rolls out of the way quickly springing up to his feet catching Marvin off guard. Duff into the ropes bouncing off with a front kick, but Marvin ducks this time delivering a kick to Duff's back sending him into the ropes. Duff bounces back, Marvin with a back body. Duff flies over the top rope, catching and holding onto the top rope. Marvin spins around intending to dive over the top, but Duff is springing from the top rope having caught himself barely. Duff with a split legged leap catches Marvin's head and brings him down with a face smash onto the canvas. Duff gets up, running up the corner back flipping with a knee drop onto the back of Marvin's head.

Jon McDaniel: What action here.

Brian Rentfro: Look at the agility of Marvin Wood, is there anything this phenominal wrestler can't do?!

Jon McDaniel: And just totally forget Duff, right?

Brian Rentfro: I try Jon, you are getting the idea.

Marvin shoves up to his feet shoving Duff back into the corner. Duff runs back out and this time Marvin spears him back into the corner instead of going for a back body. Duff slams hard in the corner. Marvin leaps to the middle rope pounding down with the fists of precision onto his head.

Brian Rentfro: Look at Marvin dominate Duff here.

Jon McDaniel: Looks pretty even to me.

Brian Rentfro: Are you as blind as that guy Bean that trolls the PWA fan forums?

Marvin leaps onto the shoulders, flipping backwards and sending Duff sliding across the ring into the other corner. Marvin up fast and leaping to the top rope running along the side before corkscrewing himself in mid-air to come down with an elbow drop onto Duff's face. Marvin up and taunting to the crowd, they are booing him, no matter how good of a technical wrestler he is.

Jon McDaniel: Impressive move from Marvin there.

Brian Rentfro: As if there were any doubt.

Marvin pulls Duff up to his feet, shoving him backwards into the corner. A stinging chop to the chest and Duff winces with the impact, his chest reddening almost immediately. Marvin with a second stinging chop. Marvin with a thir... NO! Duff catches the wrist bringing up his right foot into Marvin's ribs causing Wood to try and protect his ribs. Duff with a second quick kick nails the arm hard and Marvin is on the defensive here. Duff with a knee into the midsection before planting Marvin with a DDT in the corner. Duff up onto the top turnbuckle diving off with an elbow drop to the back of Marvin's neck. Duff pulls Marvin back up to his feet quickly slamming Marvin back first into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Duff with a quick stinging chop of his own.

Brian Rentfro: Did you see that low blow from Stuffy Duffy?

Jon McDaniel: No, there was no low blow.

Brian Rentfro: What match are you watching? Are you Youtubing something over there?

Duff looks to the crowd before slamming Marvin in the cheek with a series of right and left palm strikes. Duff lifts his right hand aloft, spitting into the palm before slapping the taste right out of Marvin's mouth. Marvin stumbles forward, Duff off the rope with a bulldog sends Wood down on his face. Duff rolls him over before hitting the ropes coming off with a leg drop. Duff lifts Marvin back up, nailing him with several elbow smashes, palm strikes, stinging chops, and a forearm smash.

Jon McDaniel: The Deadline!

Brian Rentfro: And he misses!

Marvin falls back out of the way, Wood with a grab of the arm spins Duff around.

Brian Rentfro: Suplex Labyrinth!



Duff kicks out, but is still locked in.



Duff gets a shoulder up, but Wood still has it locked in.

Jon McDaniel: Wood forcing Duff to kick out and use up his energy.

Brian Rentfro: And they say that that other guy is the cerebrial assassin.

Jon McDaniel: What other guy?

Brian Rentfro: You know...

Marvin rolls again, Duff manages to somehow get in the ropes, the hold is broken. Marvin quickly up to his feet, Duff slower up to his. Marvin with a whip, Duff reverses into the corner; Marvin stumbles out.

Jon McDaniel: Dragonfly Suplex!



Foot on the ropes!

Duff can't believe it, he pounds the mat and pulls them both up to their feet determined to keep his head in this trying match. Duff whips Marvin into the ropes. Marvin off the ropes with a baseball slide right into the right ankle of Duff, sending him onto his right knee. Marvin off the ropes again with a lifted knee into Duff's head. Marvin gets down in the face of Duff smirking and slapping Duff now. Duff ducks under a swing from Wood spinning around to lock him in a full nelson and ride him down to the canvas. Marvin rolls over but Duff quickly releases the hold to prevent a pinning predicament by Marvin. Both men up on their feet into a collar and elbow lockup. Duff loses the battle allowing Marvin to get him into a front facelock. Duff lifts Marvin up.

Jon McDaniel: Redemption! This one is over!

Brian Rentfro: Never, Duff is cheating and should be disqualified!

Jon McDaniel: Duff would retain the belt.

Brian Rentfro: Stupid rule.




Duff doesn't even hesitate, he knows how tough Marvin can be, he soldiers on in this match for the Intercontinental Championship. Wood is up to his feet again, fury on his face. Marvin with a feint to the left but connecting with a solid right knee sends Duff into the ropes. Duff bounces back, right into ahurricanrana from Marvin that slides Duff right out of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Look at Marvin go!

Jon McDaniel: I'm pretty certain this has been a very back and forth contest so far.

Brian Rentfro: You are biast.

Jon McDaniel: I am the least biast of the two of us.

Duff gets up, his back to the ring as Marvin launches himself over the top rope. Marvin connects with the over the top rope diving shoulder block sending Duff's face right into the railing. Marvin gets up, spitting towards a fan with a Duff Will You Marry Me? poster. Marvin pulls Duff's head up by the hair asking if this looks like wedding material, but the fan has no idea what he is saying. Marvin slams Duff's face into the railing again before making him kiss the corner post as well. Marvin rolls him into the ring before climbing up to the top turnbuckle and preparing to leap. Marvin leaps catching the rising Duff with a missile dropkick that rolls Duff over into a seating position in the corner. Marvin with a running leap into the air coming down right on Duff's chest with a double knee.

Jon McDaniel: What an impact to Duff's chest!

Brian Rentfro: Marvin sets Duff up. Imperfect Tense!

Jon McDaniel: Duff with a counter!

Brian Rentfro: He of the multiple low blows!

Jon McDaniel: If you say so, I haven't seen the first one.

Brian Rentfro: Of course not.

Marvin is flat on his back, Duff falling down to a pin.



Marvin manages to just get his foot on the rope.

Brian Rentfro: Yes!

Marvin is up to his feet, Duff spins him around...

Jon McDaniel: Master of Puppets 13!




Brian Rentfro: Damn it!

Eric Emerson: Winner of the match and STIIIIIIIIIIILL Pioneer Wrestling Association Intercontinental Champion... Duff ôte d`Ivoire!

Search for a Partner

Part 2

Jon McDaniel: Let’s go back to Lean Bean Miller, who is following Mr. Americana…

Brian Rentfro: If you…


Brian Rentfro: C’mon, man.

Lean Bean Miller: I’m continuing to follow Mr. Americana in his search for a tag team partner. So far he has asked two cameramen, the make-up girls and PWA referees Scott Swindell and Daniel Davis. He even asked Bud Adams, whose response I can’t repeat on the air. He’s decided to go back to checking with the other PWA Superstars.
Mr. Americana knocks on Viktor Stone’s door,opens it, and sticks his head in.

Mr. Americana: Hey Vikta, can I athk you a quethtion?


Mr. Americana closes the door just in time to avoid getting hit with Stone’s wrestling boot. He opens the door again, an angry look on his face.

Mr. Americana: Here ya go ya grumpy bathtard!

He throws a soft pretzel at Stone, slams the door and runs down the hall. He comes to a door marked Sykopath. He opens the door, and nearly chokes as smoke rolls out the door way. Mr. A stumbles backwards as Sykopath steps out of his room.

Sykopath: Whatcha want man? I’m preparing for war!

Mr. Americana: Ooooohhhh. It’th allll ooooooookaaaaaaaayyy, man. Heh heh heh. Thyyyyykoooooopaaaaathhhhh.

Sykopath shakes his head and closes the door.

Mr. Americana looks into the camera. To things are obvious. He is experiencing a contact high, and he has a very low tolerance.

Mr. Americana: Lean Bean, I feeeel funny. HMMMMMRPH!

He walks a little further down the hall way opens Bubba J’s door and peaks in. He jumps back, terrified.


He runs from the dressing room area, straight to catering.

One Man Wrecking Tractor

Bubba J sits in his lockerroom, taping up his fists and staring at the process; a lit cigarette held in the corner of his mouth.

"Cody Bogard...."

He chuckles.


He shakes his head.

"Reminds me of someone, just can't quite place the name... Like someone who has all of the teenagers, girls, and women swooning after him..."

He lifts an eyebrow in concentration.

"Ron Tena? Kon Bena? John Cena?"

He shakes his head.

"Nah, can't think of the name. He runs his mouth off, no back up for anything, squeaks out victories and thinks he's hot shit."

He chuckles.


He laughs.

"Then there is Sykopath, he reminds me of someone too, but a bit different. Him and hs Papa Lego..."

He laughs as he tears the tape.

"I mean, Tyco? Papa Lego, coulda been a bit more original there than a child's play toy."

He looks up, the camera right there and he had no idea.

"Sykopath and Cody... I'm going in to this match, not jealous, not envious, not anything of that sort..."

A smirk.

"But I am going in with one thing that Syko said... to be an ass kicker. There will be blood, there will be beaten flesh, there will be pain."

He stomps out the cigarette.

"I'll receive plenty, I'll give more, and it don't matter if Anna participates, gets the pin, or whatever happens. Because see here, listen to this, you two will know that regardless of a year off or two years off, or whatever... I don't wrestle... I kick fucking ass."

Another smirk.

"And your two asses are next on the agenda...."

A laugh.

"See you in a little while, enjoy yourselves without pain... while you can."

Emperor Ian vs Jacob Figgins(c)

Non-Title Match

Ian and Figgins don’t even wait for the bell to ring before the two begin exchanging forearms to the face. Figgins suddenly changes up on Ian, unleashing a flurry of knife edge chops to Ian’s chest sending the man back Scott swindell kind of un-enthusiastically tries to break the two up so the match can actually start, but he knew it was kind of pointless. But he saw his break once Ian halts a charging Figgins with a kick to the gut. Wasting no time to get the first big impact of the match Ian executes a pumphandle suplex on Figgins.

Ding Ding Ding!

Jon Mcdaniel: Right out of the gate these two are on eachother. The animosity between these two tag teams has been brewing for weeks.

Brian Rentfro: And this match is only going to make it worse. It’s only going to build into the tag team match.

Ian notices that the match has now offically started, he attempts to hook a leg and try to steal a very early victory.

The suplex was of course not enough to actually put Figgins away this early. To vent his frustration a little, Ian begins to slap the face of Figgins until the Pulse rises to his feet.Trying to keep up the pressure Ian nails Figgins on the side of the head with a backfist. Figgins, however is quick to retaliate with a huge european uppercut that staggers Ian long enough for Figgins to land a snap back breaker along with a quick cover.

Jon Mcdaniel: Figgins is finally able to recover from the pre match flurry from Ian.

Brian Rentfro: Ian knows Figgy has tricks up his sleeve. He wants to keep figgy too busy to use them.

Figgins pulls Ian back to his feet and tries to whip him into the southern ropes, but Ian swats Figgins down on the rebound with a running clothesline.Figgins is quick to his feet ,but Ian is just as quick to the snapmare. The emperor locks in a rear chin lock while every once in a while driving a knee into the Genuine Pulse’s back. Ian lets loose of the hold to run against the ropes and nail Figgins with a hard elbow smash. Ian goes for another cover.

1!2! Kickout!

With a growl, Ian pulls Figgins up by the hair but Figgins elbows the Emperor with an elbow to the gut. Figgins is quick to follow up with another to the chest, and then another to the face. Figgins motions to the air and takes Ian down with a spinning double chop. Ian raises to a seated position only to be on the receiving end of a necksnap.Figgins pulls Ian up by the hair to knee level to take him back to the mat with a fireman’s carry.

Jacob Figgins: Why aren’t you striking back? Come on the Emperor strikes back doesn’t he?

In a fluid movement, Figgy hooks Ian’s head and pulls him up into a verticle suplex.

Jon Mcdaniel:Figgins, goading Emperor Ian to attack. But I think that series of attacks has him rattled.

Figgins grabs both of Ian’s legs and grape vines them, looking to be going for a texas cloverleaf. Instead he lifts the legs up and locks in a texas clover style stretchmuffler. Figgins slowly rises while bending Ian, putting pressure on his back. Ian manages to find a rope to grab onto. Figgins nearly gets disqualified trying to pull Ian off of it but drops the hold at the last millisecond.Ian rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, but Figgins is quick to follow.

Ian strikes Figgins with the back of his elbow, and creates a little more distance to compose himself.


Figgins stalks Ian attempting to nail a reverse neckbreaker, but Ian slips right out of the hold.Ian spins and wraps up on Figgins, throwing hims backfirst into the ring post with belly to belly throw.


Ian rolls back into the ring and lets the referee continue the count.


Figgins slowly manages to climb back onto the arpon and get a foot under the ropes to stop the count.Ian grabs Figgins by the head and pulls him through the ropes , driving him down with a bulldog. Out of pure spite, Ian executes a fist drop for good measure.


In a rage Ian puts Figgins into A forearm choke that nearly gets him disqualified. Figgins kicks Ian away from him for a moment before Ian smashes the rising Figgins back to the mat with a falling elbow. Ian keeps the paino on Figgins, driving a knee straight into that left arm and in a snappy fashion applies a arm grapevine.

Jon McDaniel: Figgins looks to be in a bad way here. And Ian is just picking him apart.

Figgy slips out of the hold and uses the momentum to roll to his feet. He nails Ian in the gut and uses a classic oddball move. An airplane spin, which he does until he slams ian to the mat with a samoan drop. With Ian down, Figgy dizzily stumbles to the turnbuckles and slowly ascends up. He sits at the top, shaking out the cob webs and taking to the air, landing atop Ian with a shooting star press.

1! 2! Thr-NO!!

Jon McDaniel: We almost had a winner with that high risk move.

Brian Rentfro: It’s not very often Figgins takes to the air, he’s pulling out all the stops and Ian is still kicking out

Figgins is in shock at Ian kicking out. In shock long enough for Ian to return to his feet and waffle Figgins with a forearm he keeps his assult of chop and forearm up to back Figgins into the ropes. Ian finishes with a dropkick that looks to take Figgins out of the ring. But Figgins manages to grab the top rope and avoid falling out. It also gives him the momentum to charge and nail a REVOLUTION LARIAT




Jon McDaniel: I think Figgins decapitated him with that lariat. But what a match that was

Brian Rentfro: If this says anything about the upcoming tag team match. Then we are in for a war. The tag division is back and it wants blood

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match, The Grizzly Beer Champion, Jacob Figgggginnnns!!!

The ref goes to grab the title by stops dead in his tracks as a hooded man hops over the railing and grabs the GB title. The man walks towards the ring as Figgins, readies himself for a fight. The man slides into the ring and walks over to Figgins and hands him the title. The man starts to walk away but stops for a moment and loos down at Ian before looking back at Figgins.As the man pulls back his hood, you see Ian and Figgins mouth the same name.

"Lucious Starr"

Search for a Partner

Part 3

Jon McDaniel: Let’s rejoin Lean Bean Miller as he continues to follow Mr. Americana…..

McDaniel pauses and looks at Rentfro.

Brian Rentfro: What?

Jon McDaniel: Go ahead…say it…

Brian Rentfro: Really?

Jon McDaniel: Yeah.

Rentfro smiles.

Brian Rentfro: If you….


Brian Rentfro: ASSHOLE!

Lean Bean Miller: Mr. Americana seems to have recovered from his interactions with Sykopath and Bubba J. But I guess four trips through the catering line with two plates each time would do that.

Mr. Americana walks up to the door of Shawn O’Reilly’s dressing room, starts to knock on it, but pauses. He shakes his head and walks away.

Mr. Americana: Even Mithta Americana, if you weel, hath thtandardth.

He walks up to a dressing room with the names Lacey Gloria and Akemi Hayashi on it. He opens the door, and we see Lacey just stepping out of the shower. The camera gets a quick shot of her before she screams, grabs a towel, and runs back into the shower. The camera pans over and finds Akemi in her underwear, scrambling to cover herself.



Mr. America slams the door shut. He then looks at Lean Bean and shows a slight grin. He then opens the door again.

Lacey Gloria: GET OUTTA HERE!

Mr. A closes the door.

Lean Bean Miller: What do you think Cindy Lou Jenkins will have to say about that?

Mr. Americana looks at him with the classic deer in the headlights look.

He moves on down the hallway before coming to another door. He opens the door and walks in. Lean Bean and the camera crew try to follow, but Mr. A. stops them.

Mr. Americana: No-no. Thith ith private.

He closes the door. The name on the door is:

Duff Côte d`Ivoire.

PWA Rampage

Queen of the Dodos Edition

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Are there two wrestlers you want to see go after the Tag Titles!!!

Would you like the chance to put your foot in Shawn O'Reilly's ass!!!

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Preorder now and get the special "Queen of the Dodos" Edition which features such Classic PWA wrestlers as The Kumquat Kid, The Ledge, Riona Langly, RAZZIOR, Chamelion and others.

Anna Matthews & Bubba J vs Cody Bogard & Sykopath

Main Event Tag Team Match

Jon McDaniel: Main Event time! This is definitely going to be a matchup of odd couples.
Brian Rentfro: Can you say gasoline and matches?

Sykopath makes his way to the ring, his duffel bag in tow. Cody Bogard makes his way to the ring . He eyes Sykopath as they stand in opposite corners.

Bubba J comes to the ring, but stays on the apron as Anna Mathews comes to the ring. Bubba holds the ropes open to allow Anna to enter first.





Bubba J and Sykopath start it out for their teams and immediately begin brawling. They trade punches and kicks back and forth. Sykopath finally gains the advantage and clotheslines Bubba over the top rope. Sykopath runs the ropes and hits Bubba with a suicide dive on the outside. Cody jumps in the ring and hits a tope con helo on the two superheavyweights. Anna climbs to the top rope and scores with a picture perfect shooting star press to Cody, Bubba, and Syko, taking them all out.

Jon McDaniel: No titles or title shots on the line tonight! This is all about building momentum going into Survival@
Brian Rentfro: And at this point, the champ has all the momentum!

The crowd breaks into an 'Anna Mathews' chant. Anna slides into the ring and curtsies in appreciation for the chant.
She then gets nailed with a missile dropkick from 'The Crisis Ace.' Syko and Bubba have made it to their respective corners, and amazingly this match begins to be fought under standard tag match rules.

Both teams display teamwork that surprises both the crowd in attendance and the announce team. Quick tags and effective double-teaming have taken the place of out of control brawling.

Cody slams Anna to the mat and hits a textbook standing moonsault splash. He then grabs Anna by the ankle and drags her over to his corner, where he tags in Sykopath. Sykopath walks around Anna in a circle several times, then stops and walks around her in the opposite direction. He picks Anna up and whips her in to HER own corner. Cody facepalms, bewildered at the actions of his partner.
Anna begins to charge after Sykopath when Bubba reaches out and tags himself in. Anna stops in mid-charge, spins around and gets in Bubba’s face.

Jon McDaniel: And this team is about to explode!

Brian Rentfro: And I thought that Sykopath and Bogard would be the team to lose it first.

Anna and Bubba begin to shove each other. Cody and Syko use this to their advantage with Cody charging his partner.

At the last second, Sykopath interlocks his hands using them as a booster for Cody who is launched over his partner’s head before crashing into his opponents.

Sykopath picks Bubba J up and hits a backbreaker. He holds Bubba as Cody climbs to the top rope and comes off with a legdrop across Bubba’s chest.

Jon McDaniel: Amazing teamwork from Sykopath and Bogard! Cover!

Anna breaks the pin attempt up by punting Cody in the crotch. Bogard curls up in a ball, groaning in pain. Anna helps Bubba up and they begin to stomp Bogard unmercifully. Sykopath looks on, almost enjoying the sight of his partner getting stomped into oblivion. Bubba looks over at Syko, flips him off and yells, ‘Go fuck yourself, asshole!’

Sykopath takes offense to this and charges the Ragin’ Redneck. Just as he’s about to crash into Bubba, Anna hits an enzuigiri, sending Sykopath crashing to the mat. Anna quickly hops out of the ring, slaps Bubba on the shoulder, and jumps back in the ring as the referee gets Bubba and Cody out of the ring.

Anna stalks Sykopath, waiting for him to get to his feet. When he does , Anna goes for a huricanrana. Syko catches her on his shoulders. He looks up at her, flickers his tongue at her, then powerbombs her hard to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: He’s gotta be the luckiest man in the world to have that thang right in his face!

Jon McDaniel: Need I remind you that ‘that thang’ is haunted?

Brian Rentfro: Oh, yeah.

Syko drags Anna to the middle of the ring. He then goes to the top rope to launch an aerial attack on the PWA Champ. Before he can leap, Cody slaps him in the foot, tagging himself in. Bogard runs to the opposite corner and climbs to the top rope to launch an attack of his own.

Brian Rentfro: That’s pretty selfish of Bogard to try to get the pin. Selfish and unwise to mess with Syko.

Jon McDaniel: It’s all about momentum, Brian. A pinfall win over the World Champ, even in a tag match is incredible momentum going into a title match.

Syko stays on the top rope as Cody steadies himself. At the last moment, syko hops off the turnbuckle and lands against the ropes, causing Cody to lose his balance and crotch himself on the top turnbuckle.

As Cody writhes around on the mat, Anna rolls over to her corner and makes the tag to a fresh Bubba J.

Bubba pulls Bogard up off the mart and throws him into the corner. He begins stomping Cody to the mat in the corner. He pulls him back up and begins punching him in the midsection. He then grabs Bogard around the head and bulldogs him to the mat. Cody flops onto his back, stunned.

Bubba has the perfect opportunity to pin Cody, but decides against it. Instead, he reaches his hand down the front of his pants, and begins to rub his hand around in there.

Jon McDaniel: Oh no.

Brian Rentfro: I’m gonna hurl.

Jon McDaniel: Bubba J is about to go for the….

Brian Rentfro: Go ahead and say it.

Jon McDaniel: The Nu…


Jon McDaniel: Considering I was about to talk about Bubba J’s nutsack, I’m ok with it. Carry on.

Brian Rentfro: ASSHOLE!

Jon McDaniel: Heh heh heh

Cody is slowly getting to his feet. Bubba takes three steps back and prepares to slap ‘The Crisis Ace.’

Jon McDaniel: This is disgusting!

Brian Rentfro: I swear I see vapors coming off his fingers! Gak!

Anna reaches out and slaps Bubba’s shoulder, tagging herself in . She enters the ring, preparing to finish Cody, but Bubba spins her around and gets in her face. Anna and Bubba argue. They are about to come to blows when Syko charges them going for a double clothesline. Anna ducks, and Bubba grabs Syko’s arms and whips him right into Cody!

Jon McDaniel: Miscommunication between Cody and Sykopath.

Brian Rentfro: And now these two are about to go at it.

Syko pushes Cody. Cody pushes back. Syko swings at Cody, but Cody ducks and goes for a spinning heel kick. Syko ducks and clotheslines Cody over the top rope.
Sykopath turns right into a boomerfly kick from Anna. Syko turns and staggers right into Bubba’s Trailer Park trash.





Anna and Bubba exit the ring and celebrate their victory on the ramp.

Cody re-enters the ring, climbs to the top rope and hits a frog splash on Sykopath. He exits the ring, walking past Anna and Bubba. Anna and Bubba look at each other and start laughing. Anna slaps Bubba on the back, laughing. Bubba returns the favor, just much harder. Anna stops laughing and slaps Bubba as hard as she can on the back. Bubba slaps her back so hard that she stumbles forwards a few steps. She hit Bubba with an open hand slap on the chest. Bubba punches her in the face, and PWA officials come out to separate them.

Watch Your Back

Storm rushes down with more security, hoping to break up this brawl between Anna and Bubba. Storm is so focused on trying to break the two up, he doesn't even notice that someone has gotten in the ring behind him. Or does he!?! The man goes to strike Storm from behind, but Storm blocks the punch and starts firing punches of his own. The man stumbles's Shawn O'Reilly. Storm is forcing him towards the ring ropes. Storm cocks back for the haymaker, but Shawn ducks behind him and wraps him up....

Bulldog Driver !!!

Storm is out on the mat as O'Reilly pops back up and looks at his "Boss". Shawn goes to walk out before security can turn around, but sees Storm stirring from the corner of his eye. Storm is slowly starting to pull himself up in the corner. Shawn smiles and bounces off the ropes and runs at Storm at full speed. Before Storm can react, Shawn drives his Knees into the side of Eli's head...crushing it into the second turnbuckle. Security finally grabs Shawn as Storm is slumped in the corner not moving.