World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


In Time

The screen is black as “In Time” by Mark Collie begins to play

“ I can hear what you're thinking,
All your doubts and fears,”

Shawn O’Reilly’s voice is heard:

O'Reilly: I’ve been a hero….
Clips of O’Reilly’s career as a face are shown.

“And if you look in my eyes, in time you'll find,
The reason I'm here.”

O'Reilly: And I’ve been a villain….
Clips of O’Reilly’s heel actions are shown.

“And in time all things shall pass away,
In time, you may come back someday....”

O'Reilly: I’ve done things I’m proud of…..
Clips of O’Reilly at charity events are shown

“To live once more, or die once more,
But in time, your time will be no more.”

O'Reilly: …and I’ve done things I’m ashamed of.
A clip of O’Reilly attacking Jon McDaniel is shown.

“You know your days are numbered,
Count them one by one,”

O'Reilly: I’ve lost….
Clips of O’Reilly laying bloody and unconscious on the mat are shown.

“Like notches in the handle of an outlaw's gun.”

O'Reilly: ….and I’ve won.
Clips of O’Reilly getting his hand raised in victory are shown.

“You can outrun the devil, if you try,
But you'll never outrun the hands of time.”

O'Reilly: My time in this sport is getting shorter, the wars have taken their toll…
Clips of a bloody and battered O’Reilly against Meghan Nash Strader, Tina Madison, and May Havoc are shown.

“In time there’ll surely come a day
In time all things shall pass away,”

O'Reilly: ….But there’s still a lot of fight left in this old dog….
Clips of O’Reilly dominating Sokolov, Madison, and Frusciante are shown.

“In time you may come back some say.”

O'Reilly: …and I’m comin back.

“To live once more….”

O'Reilly: Not as a hero to save the PWA…..

“or die once more,”

O'Reilly: …and not as a villain, to destroy the PWA…

“But in time, your time will be no more.”

O'Reilly: But as a man. A man with something to prove. A man who wants to finish his career…his life….
Standing tall.

A clip of a bloody Shawn O’Reilly standing over a defeated Tina Madison at Who’s The Man? Is shown.

The screen goes black.

“I can hear what you're thinking.”

The following graphic comes on the screen:


Marvin Wood vs Cody Bogard


Bogard kicked ass

Duff Côte d`Ivoire vs Bodie 'The Body' Vera Cruz


Jon McDaniel: Now it’s time for the match that has had a lot of, um, interesting back and forth banter between its contestants. On one side you have Bodie Vera Cruz….

Brian Rentfro: No, it’s Mithta Americana, if you weel.

Jon McDaniel: Ok. Mr. Americans versus…..

Brian: No, it’s Mithta Americana, if you

Jon McDaniel: I’m not saying it like that, Brian. Mr. Americana versus the PWA Intercontinental Champion, Duff Cote d’ Ivoire in a ….

Brian Rentfro: No, it’s Golduff, Jon. Don’t you even prepare for these…



“Fanfare for the Common Man” begins to play as the arena goes dark. At the 41 second mark of the song, the sound of a cowbell is heard as “The Common Man Boogie” begins to play indoor fireworks go off and red, white, and blue
spotlights criss cross the arena.

He's just a common working hard with his hands
He's just a common man working hard for the man
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm
(American Dream)
If you are black or white
Redneck funky that's alright
Blue eyed with a lot of soul
Common man has got his goal.
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm
(American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
(American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
A Dream , A Dream , A Dream
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)

Brian Rentfro: I love it! I always said if there was something the PWA needed more of, it was more cowbell!

Bodie Vera Cruz comes out to a thunderous ovation. He’s dressed in faded jeans with one side of the cuffs stuck into the top of his old beat up cowboy boots. Gone is the sleeveless denim shirt, replaced by a black pleather muscle shirt covered with big yellow polka dots. He’s wearing his beat up trucker’s cap, backwards, of course Bodie is juking and jiving his way to the ring, his prosthetic belly jiggling as he bounces around, high fivng the fans.

Jon McDaniel: I didn’t think anything would top “Bollywood” Bulk Bulgin.

Brian rentfro: I guess you were wrong again, huh.

John Jon McDaniel: Yes. I stand corrected.

A ring attendant hands him an American flag, which he takes into the ring with him. He climbs the middle rope, waving the flag to the ovation of the fans and more fireworks. He goes to each corner, repeating the flag waving. He then hands the flag back to the attendant, and returns to his juking and jiving.

Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
(American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
A Dream , A Dream , A Dream
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)
Hey He's Amerrrrrrrrrrriiccann Dreammm (American Dream)


Brian Rentfro: Can’t anybody get it right? It’s Mithta Americana, if you weel.

The house lights go down and we hear some bizarre music playing from the PA. The PWA-Tron fills with gold glitter and the opening credits from Duff... that is, Golduff's most recent promos.

== Grizzly Beer Presents ==

== A Revolutionary Production ==


The music hits a dramatic upbeat and Golduff emerges from the back to the cheers of the audience. He has his arms outstretched, he's wearing the same platinum wig, golden robe, and white feather boa as before. Eric Emerson reads the crib notes on his hand.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Hollywood, California... he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 285 lbs.... the PWA Intercontinental champion... this is GOOOOOOOOOOLDUFF!!!

Jon McDaniel: I don't think we've seen Duff like this since his Duff-Man phase.

Brian Rentfro: That was great. Each week, he'd find a new way to kill someone dressed like his opponent. And there was a GWAR cover band!

Golduff stops near the bottom of the ring and molests himself, breathing in deeply while rubbing his hands along his chest, before walking over to the ring steps. He walks up the stairs and climbs into the ring, disrobing and showing off his uncomfortably tight gold-and-black jumpsuit and the modded Intercontinental title that hangs around his waist. He jumps up to the top rope and runs his hands along his chest again, puckering up for the fans before shooting his hands out to either side as pyro rain down from the ceiling. He takes his belt off and hands it to the ring attendant, same for his wig.

Jon McDaniel: Mr. Americana…

Brian Rentfro clears his throat

Jon McDaniel: If you weel…

Brian Rentfro: Better…

Jon McDaniel: He has the mic.

Mr. Americana: Golduff, if you tho thure you gonna beat me down, why don’ you put yo money where yo mouf ith, and put up dat dere Intacontental belt.

Golduff replies and agrees.

Jon McDaniel: An impromptu PWA Intercontinental Title match tonight?

Brian Rentfro: Expect the unexpected

PWA referee Scott Swindell calls both men to the center of the ring. He holds the PWA IC title up, then shows the belt to both Golduff and Mr. Americana. The two wrestlers engage in a nose to nose straredown. Out of nowhere, Golduff kisses Mr. Americana on the mouth, eliciting groans and boos from the crowd. Mr. Americana fires back with an elbow to the top of the head that sends Golduff to the mat. Mr. Americana wipes his lips then begins to juke and jive as Golduff rolls out of the ring to collect himself.

Jon McDaniel: An…um…interesting first exchange between the champ and the challenger.

Brian Rentfro: Interesting? Interesting? I think I’m gonna barf!

Golduff rolls back into the ring and both competitors size each other up. They yell at each other for a moment, and suddenly Goooolllldddduuuuuuuuuuffffff tttaaaaaaaaakkkkeeeeeeesss aaaaa swwiiiiiiinnnnggg aaaaaaatttttt Miiiistttteeeerrrr Aaaammmmeeeeeeeerrriiiicccaaaaaaannnnaaaaaaaa. Aaaaammmeeeerrriiiicccaaaaannnnaaa duuuuucccccckkkksss.

Jon McDaniel: Ohhhhh, noooooo, Brrrriiiiiaaaaannn. Wwweeeee'rrrreeee ssssstttuuuuuuucckkk iiiiin ssssssllllooooooooooowwww-mmmmooooooooo!!!

Brian Rentfro: Grrreeeeeeaaaat. Juuuuuussssssttt gggrrrreeeeeaaaattt. Thhheee ooonnnnee mmmaaaattccchhh weeee gggeettt sssstuuuuuuucckk iiinnnn ssssllloooooowwwww mmooooottttiiiooon, aaaannnndd ttthhhheeee ooonnnnllllllyyyyyy boooooooobbbbsss toooo beeeeee sssseeeeeeeennn aaaaarrree Aaaammmmeeeerrrriiiiicccaaaaannnaaaa'sss!!

Mister Americana comes back to try a funky clothesline, and Golduff takes him down with a drop toe hold. Golduff with a slow elbow drop, which Americana rolls away from. Golduff grabs his elbow and Americana comes back with a couple of knife-edge chops, driving Golduff against the ropes. He attempts an Irish whip on Golduff, but Golduff spins around and catches him and tries for an arm drag. Mister Americana blocks, and goes for his own arm drag. Eventually, Golduff slips behind Americana and puts him down to the mat with a backslide. Even the referee is getting in on it, delivering a slow count.

Jon McDaniel: Baaaaacccckkkksliiiiiidddddeeee!! Pppppiiiiiiiinnnnn!!!



Kiiiiicccccckkkk ooooouuuuuutttt! Americana back up with a slap to Golduff's face, staggering the big man. Golduff slaps him back. Eventually, we have a full-on slow-motion slap fight going, until finally, Golduff lifts Americana and drives the wind out of him with an enormous spinebuster! The match comes back into real-time.

Jon McDaniel: What the hell was that?

Brian Rentfro: Did everything just taste purple for a minute?

Golduff goes to pick Mister Americana up, and gets a thumb to his eye for his troubles. Mr. Americana has Golduff dazed. He climbs to the top rope and attempts a cross body block. Golduff is knocked backwards into referee Swindell, who falls to the mat, seemingly unconscious.

Golduff is back to his feet and thumbs Americana in his eye. He then grabs Americana, picks him up, and drives him down to the mat with The Curtain Call.

Jon McDaniel: I’m told that that is one of Golduff’s signature moves, The Curtain Jerker.

Brian rentfro: From his interviews, curtains aren’t the only things he likes to


Golduff covers the dazed Mr. Americana, but there’s no referee to count the fall. Frustrated, he pulls Mr. Americana to his feet. He hits Americana with a right hand, but Americana fires back with a right of his own.

Golduff and Mr. Americana trade punches in the middle of the ring. Mr Americana begins to get the upper hand in the slugfest, and begins to dance around like Muhammed Ali, and lands a left, a right, a left, a right, starts to juke and jive, grabs his crotch, then hits a huge elbow smash that sends the Intercontinental Champion to the mat.


Jon McDaniel: Mr Americana backs into the corner and comes out with a giant elbow drop! And referee Dwayne Cross has come to the ring to take over! Cover!



Fireworks and pyro explode throughout the arena and red, white, and blue confetti fall from the ceiling as Mr. Americana celebrates his title victory. Various prelim wrestlers and wrestlers in training storm the ring. Referee Cross hands Mr. Americana the belt as the wrestlers lift him up on their shoulders. The crowd is absolutely electric as they shower cheers down on the victorious Mr. Americana. Golduff is back to his feet and stands in front of the group of no name wrestlers who are carrying Mr. Americana on their shoulders. Americana slides off their shoulders and walks up to Golduff. Once agin they are face to face.

Jon McDaniel: Another staredown. This may explode!

Brian Rentfro: As long as Golduff doesn’t try to kiss him again! BLECCHH! Anna and Meghan I can take, but not these two!

Jon McDaniel: Do you understand psychological warfare? Golduff has the mic!

Golduff: Well, Americana, you got me. You beat me, fair and square; but next time, it ain't gonna be so easy. Keep that belt warm... very... very... warm. Because we're going to be fighting over it again really soon!

Mr. Americana: Any time, any plathe, Golduffy. Any time, any plathe.

The two wrestlers shake hands, Golduff hands Americana the mic, and exits the ring.

Jon McDaniel: We’re about to hear from the new Intercontinental Champion.

An emotional Mr. Americana begins his victory soliloquy.

Mr. Americana: I jutht wanna thay that all y’all need to give Golduffy a big hand cauth he wath a fightin chapeun. Jutht like Mithta Americana gon be fo y’all. Thith ith the culminashun, if you weel, of a lifelong dweem. I neva gave up on my dweem. You don’ give up on yo dweem! Chathe yo dweem! Live fo yo dweem! Neva thtop goin after yo dweem! It can be done! Neva give up! Never Thtop! Neva thurrenda! Dweemth do come true, baby!

Senior referee Lance Weston comes to the ring. He walks over to Mr. Americana and takes the title out of his hands.

Referee Weston: Mr. Americana, I’m sorry, but I can’t allow referee Cross’s decision to stand. The original referee, Scott Swindell, was struck by Golduff and knocked to the mat. That should have resulted in an immediate disqualification, which I am ruling right now. Winner of the match by disqualification, Mr. Americana…still PWA Intercontinental Champion, Duff Cote d’ Ivoire!

Golduff comes back to the ring and is handed the belt amid the boos of the fans.

Jon McDaniel: A shocking turn of events here as Mr. Americana’s victory party is cut short by the Senior Official Lance Weston.

Brian Rentfro: Rules are rules, but I mean, confetti, they had confetti!

Golduff takes the belt and the mic from referee Weston.

Golduff: Hold on there, Lance. I don't want the match to end like this. The fans deserve way more than a muddy finish to one hell of a fight!

Referee Weston shrugs, and agrees, looking at his watch to make sure that there's time.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like the match will be restarted, this time with Sr. Referee Weston at the controls. It looks like Mr. Americana and Golduff are about to lock up for the restart.

Golduff and Americana start trading blows. Golduff has Americana backed up against the ropes, and whips him across the ring. Americana bounces back and Duff tries to slam him with yet another arm drag, but Americana catches and tries to counter. Suddenly, Golduff pulls something out of his boot.

Golduff: REWIND!

He presses the rewind button, and says everything that he just said backwards. The two men start to fight, in reverse. Golduff has the upper hand all the way, and when he gets to a part that he likes, he turns around.

Golduff: Play!

When he hits play, Golduff hits a series of strikes, whips Mister Americana into the ropes, jumps over him, and lands a huge butt bump to his opponent! He lifts Americana to his feet and begins to pummel him in the corner. Golduff poses for the crowd before running and hitting a huge corner splash, almost busting Americana's fake belly. Americana stumbles into the middle of the ring and Golduff hits him with a throat thrust. Americana is dazed, and Duff uses the remote control again to stop him dead in his tracks. Golduff drops the remote starts to pummel Mister Americana who just takes the blows while standing completely still. After a flurry of strikes, Golduff slams his palms into Americana's chest with a vicious Hadouken! Mister Americana's belly falls out, much to the shock of the crowd! When he finally hits 'play', Mister Americana looks down at his gut lying on the ground, then up to Golduff. Golduff looks down at the gut on the ground, than up at Americana. They both look down at the gut then back up at each other. Finally, Mr. Americana
grabs at his stomach,cries out in anguish, and flops to the ground, motionless. Golduff with the cover!





Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, the PWA Intercontinental champion, GOOOOOOOLDUUUUUFF!!

Golduff celebrates his victory as the paramedics attend to Mister Americana.

No more Funny Business

"No more funny business"

Duff is standing in the middle of the ring after his match with Mithta Americana If-You-Weel. He's still winded, and most of his facepaint has melted into bizarre camoflage, but he's got one more thing he has to say before making his exit for the night. He holsters the Intercontinental title on his shoulder.

"Two weeks ago," Duff started. "I almost killed Meghan Nash Strader. I dropped her on her head, and her neck cracked so audibly that if you watch the tape back, you can actually hear it over the sound of the crowd gasping. It's a miracle, to say the least, that she was up and walking last week on Rampage. I have to say, she won a little bit of my respect back that night. But where she gained respect, someone else lost my respect, and that person is Hunter Sullivan."

There's a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some of them are devout G.o.D followers, others are obviously more loyal to Duff.

"Hunter Sullivan is one hell of a wrestler, which is actually pretty surprising to me because he came out here last week and threw a temper tantrum in the middle of this ring because I had apparently robbed him of an opportunity to regain his manhood by beating up on a woman. I mean, really, nothing is stopping you from gaining your revenge, Hunter. She was lying in a hospital bed for most of the week with a couple of discs bulging, you can't get much more vulnerable than that. But, instead of taking care of business quietly, you decided to come out on national television and rattle my cage, effectively and ironically sticking *your* nose in someone else's business."

"But you're not impressed, right? You aren't impressed that I came out and beat down the woman that had tormented you for weeks, and almost ended her career before you could get your shot in. Well, cry me a river, Sully. I'm not here to impress you, or your little friend, Figgins. I'm here to entertain these people and make a name for myself in the meantime, and if that means going through you, then so be it. You can have a shot at the Intercontinental title at Summer Sizzler, Sullivan; but remember when your family asks just what the hell happened to cause you such an enormous hospital bill that even the Canadian government won't cover it, you tell them that Revolution is my name."

Duff drops the microphone and "Revolution is My Name" begins to play as the crowd goes wild. Golduff slides out of the ring and doles out high fives as he makes his way up the ramp.

Jacob Figgins vs Anna Mathews


The match gets off to an exciting start as both opponents have something to prove. Matthews wants to get the ball rolling again and Figgins wants to etablish his singles dominance once more. Figgins' power gives him the advantage early on and he imposes his will on Matthews. For five minutes or so, Anna's world consists of lariats, back body drops and a variety pack of suplexes.

Figgy starts getting cocky, which gives the insane Matthews a chance to turn the tables. Speed and agility are her friends. Speed, agility, and puppets. Matthews slips under another lariat and dropkicks the Pulse. This only makes the bigger opponent angry, which only makes the larger opponent charge her. A low roundhouse to the knee from Anna stops that pretty quickly. Figgins learns that being bigger doesn't mean much when you're flat on your back.

The match goes back and forth like this for quite a while. But, all matches must end and this is no exception. Both opponents beat up on eachother for a while and Anna whips Figgy. It looked like he almost fell out of the ring, but it was a ruse. He sprung back and hit the revolution lariat

Winner: Jacob Figgins 8:25

Asserting Authority

Returning from commercial, Linzi Martin stands in the center of the ring. The fans seem to be going berserk over the face that hasn't graced PWA since she served as play by play announcer for the Chaos brand.

Jon McDaniel: Linzi Martin joins us in the center of the ring, right before our scheduled main evet. I wonder what she is doing out here

Brian Rentfro: Who is Linzi? I see Tear Gutter in the ring.

Jon Mcdaniel: Linzi is Tear Gutter's real name

Linzi gave the crowd a moment to die down, and for the boys at the commentary table to finish their little banter before she raises the mic to her lips.

Linzi Martin: Greetings PWA, it has been such a long time since my voice had been heard by you adoring fans. But let's move on to business, shall we. I am here tonight to announce my my new position as Assistant to president Simon Kalis. He is an awfully busy man and needed some help in back stage, and on camera duties. The latter, I am afraid is why I come out here tonight. A lot of you talents in the locker room deem yourself above keeping PWA afloat. You thing you can just barge right into Simon's office and make your demands. That ends now. Any requests you wish to make will have to go through me.

Brian Rentfro: What is she talking about, I was too busy staring at her legs.

Jon McDaniel: She has power now, Brian. She can probably fire you if you stare too hard.

Linzi Martin: I do have the power to make matches and the like, but if it is over my head, I will send the request for an appointment to Mr.Kalis. If he deems it important, he will get to you. If he doesn't, then tough luck and try being more relevant. And don't think you can just barge into my office and try to bully what you want out of me. I will suspend you, instantly. But let me clear a few things up . Title shots will be determined soon. Jacob Figgins and Hunter Sullivan, you ARE NOT the contenders to the tag team titles until we say so. And by the way, Figgins, Simon says the hobo problem at the headquarters is more importance than your petty challenge.

Brian Rentfro: Wow , Tear Gutter is putting her foot down already.

Jon McDaniel: It's Linzi, Brian

Linzi Martin: And for tonights main event. Precious Momentum is not just a fancy name to put on the card. Momentum is the theme of this match, because of the special stipulation behind it. The winner of this main event gets the opportunity to keep momentum going in their favor. May Havoc, if you win this match, you will be granted a shot at the world title at any time. But there is a catch, you can only cash in this title shot, by also cashing in your Grizzly beer title. So if you lose your title before you cash in, you also lose your shot. And if Jethro wins, he gets to choose the stipulation for his match next week . Which, by the way, will be against Cody Bogard. And the world title WILL BE on the line. Eric Emerson...Announce the main event!

May Havoc vs Jethro Hayes


The two competitors lock up, with May catching Hayes in a headlock. Hayes grabs May 's leg and lifts her in a back suplex. May rolls out of the way of an elbow and both warriors are back on their feet and circling each other. May dives in for a spear, but Hayes counters with a DDT. Hayes climbs the corner and jumps backwards with an elbow drop, nailing May . Hayes starts to pull May up, but she blocks with a small package for 2. Hayes up fast and puts the boots to May . May grabs Haye's foot and executes a leg whip. May grabs a side hammerlock into a headlock. She holds the headlock for a few seconds before Hayes backs her into the ropes and sends her across the ring. May comes back and tries to slide between Hayes' legs, but Hayes drops to his knees above May 's chest and starts hammering her face. The ref warns him and when he looks May kicks him in the back and he falls off. May picks him up, whips him into ropes. May connects with a spinning neck breaker. May turns around and tries for a quick legdrop, but Hayes rolls and she lands hard. Hayes runs into the ropes, comes back and sit-out dropkicks May in the face and she falls back. Hayes hooks the leg. 1.. 2..kick.

While she's still down Hayes runs and climbs up to the second rope. He sets up for a back elbow drop but May jumps up and charges Hayes. She hits him in the back and Hayes falls on the ropes. May with a flying corkscrew back elbow and a pin 1... shoulder-up. May picks him up and sets him up for a powerbomb, but instead goes to leap up. Hayes instead, raises up then back-body drops May who, in turn, holds on and goes for a sunset flip. Hayes counters by dropping to his knees again for an axe-handle to May 's face but May hits him in the groin as he drop. Hayes' knees buckle and May pulls him into the sunset flip anyway. 1...2...shoulder! May stands and lifts Hayes up and whips him into the ropes but Hayes comes back and kicks her in the face. Hayes whips her into the ropes. As May comes back Hayes tries to gorilla press her but May kicks and comes down behind her but before her feet hit the mat Hayes grabs her head and brings her down in a front neckbreaker. He tries for the pin. 1...2...thr-KICK! May barely gets the kick. May starts to get up but Hayes pulls her up and DDTs her. Hayes goes to the top rope and legdrops May . He picks May up and whips her but May reverses it. Hayes comes back and May tries to press him up. Hayes kicks, comes down behind her and kicks her in the leg from behind. May bends over and Hayes grabs her and hits a Russian Legsweep. Both competitors are up again, May whips Hayes to the ropes. May goes for a figure four leglock, Hayes grabs her for a small package. 1...2..., reversed by May , 1...2..., reversed again by Hayes, 1...2...kick out.

May wobbles to her feet, ducks a clothesline from Hayes and tries for a back cracker, but Hayes hooks the ropes, and May lands on her back! Hayes then twists and picks May up looking to got for the planter, but May counters it into a rana. She climbs to the rops. DOGS OF WAR..Pin 1...2...3

Winner: May Havoc 15:45