World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Sir Nigel Percy vs Sunny Yamasaki

Singles Match

The bell rings and the new comer Sir Nigel takes it to the corner focusing on wearing the cross dresser down. Sunny fights back and hits a missile dropkick from the top. Sunny hits a series of right hands. He ends up on the apron and uses the ropes on Sir Nigel ' neck. Sunny hits the back elbow off the top. He mounts Sir Nigel with a series of rights. Sir Nigel fights him off but runs into a kick to the gut. Sunny comes off the top again but Sir Nigel catches him in mid-air. They go back and forth until Sir Nigel clotheslines Sunny to the corner. Sunny moves from the corner but Sir Nigel catches him in a Double Arm DDT. Later, Sunny attempts a school boy, but Sir Nigel lays him out on his stomach and applies Slay The Dragon.

Winner: Sir Nigel Percy via submission 5:14

Kazuo Tanaka vs Scottie Snow

Singles Match

No one hyped this match
Scottie doesn't win here, right?
Kazuo victorious

Jon Jon McDaniel: And The Black Tide gets his PWA career off on the right foot with a convincing win over Scottie ‘The Panther’ Snow, who’s still in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Tanaka looked pretty impressive here tonight, knocking off a former PWA World Champion so…What’s goin on?)

The arena goes dark. A projector above the ring displays the Gokudo logo on the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Uh-oh.

Jon Jon McDaniel: I think Scottie Snow should get out of the ring…now.

“The Power of Japan” by LTP begins to play as the Gokudo, led by Kondo Hamaguchi, walk to the ring. They are wearing traditional black kimonos with the Gokudo Logo on the back.

Jon Jon McDaniel: This, ladies and gentlemen, is trouble. These guys are here to take over the PWA, and it looks like they plan to start with the former PWA Champion.

All three members of the Gokudo enter the ring and begin the attack on “The Panther,” who doesn’t stand a chance.
They quickly send Snow to his knees. The Gokudo then take turns with roundhouse kicks to the head of Snow.. Takeshi Takahashi pulls Snow up to a standing position. Tatsuo Takahashi comes over , and the Brothers perform a double green mist Dragon’s Spit to his face.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Two on one Doragon Tsuba!

Brian Rentfro : Snow is in bad shape!

Kenzo Hamaguchi throws Snow out of the ring to the floor. The Takahashi Brothers set up a table on the floor and lay ‘The Panther’ on it.
on Jon McDaniel: This does not bode well for Scottie Snow.

Brian Rentfro: Hamaguchi goin up top!
Hamaguchi hits the 450 splash from the top rope to the outside, driving Snow through the table.


Brian Rentfro: And they’re still not done!

The Takahashi Brothers roll Snow back into the ring. Tatsuo Picks Snow up in the powerbomb position , and as he goes to slam him down, Takeshi also delivers the lungblower.


Jon Jon McDaniel: Scottie Snow is in bad, bad shape, and it looks like he is coughing up blood. He definitely has some internal injuries. We need to get some help out here for ‘The Panther!’

The Brothers lay Snow in the middle of the ring, as Hamaguchi climbs to the top. He hits a moonsault and over-rotates into a senton.


Brian Rentfro: The old man is getting in the ring. He’s pulling out his wallet. What’s he doing?

Jon Jon McDaniel: It looks like he’s giving Snow his “calling card.”

Kondo Hamaguchi presses his business card on Snow’s head. The Takahshi Brothers roll Snow on his stomach. Each brother grabs an arm and pulls Snow back. The Elder Hamaguchi then curbstomps Snow.

USA chants are rocking the building as the three Gokudo members bow to the Komichu. The crowd throws garbage at the Gokudo as they make their way to the back, leaving Snow a bloody mess in the ring.

Anthony Frusciante vs Duff Cote d'Ivoire

Welcome Back Match

The bell rings and here we go. Coat Diver shoves Anthony to the mat first. Back and forth until Anthony comes off the top. Coat Diver catches him and hits a fall-away slam. Coat Diver clotheslines Anthony over the top rope and a tad bit later Coat Diver has Anthony on the mat. Anthony fights back and kicks Coat Diver in the head. Anthony runs into a shoulder and it knocks Coat Diver down also. Coat Diver ends up dumped over the top and to the floor. Anthony springboards off the second turnbuckle and over the rope to the floor onto the hard concrete as Coat Diver slips out of the way. Coat Diver pulls Anthony's shoulder into the ring post and slams him back into the crowd barrier. Coat Diver brings it back in the ring and continues working on the arm before eventually hitting him with the Coat Diver 50% OFF BOGO Sale Special.

Winner: Duff Coat Diver in 5:25

Shawn O'Reilly vs Vitaliy Sokolov vs Tina Madison

PWA GB Title Contenders Match

Eric Emerson: The following triple threat match is a Number One Contenders match for THE PWA GRIZZLY BEER CHAMIONSHIP!

The lights in the arena go dark.

'Gone Sovereign' by Stone Sour begins to play. The fog machines go to work and the entrance lights go red, giving the fog a red hue.

No one's laughing now, no one's laughing now
I'm sullen and sated and you can't put a price on me
I won't share this disarray, I won't pull these hands away
I need to be chosen and my God don't pray for me

As the vocals begin, Shawn O'Reilly walks through the curtain, wearing a dog collar and chain. He walks obliviously down the aisle, ignoring the fans. He walks up the ring steps, looks to his left and to his right, then jumps over the top rope into the ring. Some of the fans boo him, some cheer him. He's oblivious to both sides. He stands, emotionless in the middle of the ring.

So scatter all my ashes when I'm dead
And shatter every legend in my head
If only the committed will survive
Is anybody here still left alive?

This is mine


The dramatic, high tempo "Spetsnaz Theme" by Hans Zimmer hits the speakers and straight away the crowd react like shit is about to go down. Beam lights scan the crowd like the gulag watchtower spotlights looking for an escaped prisoner. Within seconds, Vitaliy Sokolov steps out of the curtain with a proud taped fist held high and the Russian Federation flag clutched in his other paw. Despite Sokolov being a patriotic Russian, his arrival provokes a thunderous ovation for one of the hardest working men in professional wrestling.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, from Sakhalin, Russia, weighing in at 220lbs... He is S-3... VITALIY SOKOLOOOOOOOOVVVVVV!

The mere mention of the Siberian Submission Specialists name sends the crowd into absolute rapture. Cheering and screaming make the perfect symphony for Sokolov's full sprint to the ring, the proud flag waving behind him in the wind. He slams on the breaks at ringside and makes a slow walk up the ring steps before planting his flagpole in the gap between it and and the ring post.

Sokolov climbs through the middle rope and crosses the ring to camera side where he stands on the second rope, leans over the top and screams "BOLSHOI POBYEDAAAAAAA!" at the top of his voice, once again to a massive reception from the crowd. Sokolov sits in the corner awaiting his adversary, amped up and ready to deliver another masterclass clinic in purist submission fighting.

Eric Emerson: And their opponent, hailing from the City of Angels weighing in at 118 lbs…. TINA MADISON!!!!!!!!!!

The lights brighten in the arena, as spotlights of miscellaneous colours and patterns dance around the crowd. Tina Madison leaps out onto the stage as "What The Hell" by Avril Lavigne blares through the speakers. She walks down the ramp, high-fiving fans, followed closely by one of her managers, a body guard called Alex Jameson, in his signature dark shades, and not far behind him is Tina's other manager, Clark Ford, in an Armani suit. The two managers stand at the ring post of Tina's corner, as she climbs onto the apron, walks along it and steps onto the second turnbuckle, then placing one foot onto the tope rope, and blowing a kiss before jumping over the ropes into the ring, and giving a light-hearted bow, to a cheap pop from the fans.

Just as the match starts, we at home lose the television feed, and are greeted with the image of Simon Kalis, rolling back in forth in his wheel chair to “Hustlin” by Rick Ross with the words Technical Difficulties on the screen as well. Eventually the ridiculousness that is a wheelchair dancing Simon Kalis we come to the ringside action.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Wow that was strange, sorry about that folks at home, it seems we had some technical difficulties but lucky for you the triple threat is still going!

Brian Rentfro: I blame Fantastic Andy, he probably signed a power cancellation bill without reading it through. It’s been mostly between Madison and O’Reilly with Sokolov choosing a new side to help once in a while.

Shawn and Madison are going right at it, and Madison nails Shawn with a forearm to the head. Madison puts Shawn on his back with a scoop slam to surprise of many. Sokolov gets involved by taking Madison down with a back body drop. Sokolov goes against the ropes and nails Shawn with a kneedrop to the head. Madison gets up to her feet and takes out Sokolov at the knees. Madison gives Sokolov a kick to the chest and he falls to the mat. O’Reilly is back up and takes Madison down with a reverse DDT. O’Reilly covers.


Kick out!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Not even a two for the Artist formerly known as Paddy O’Furniture.

Brian Rentfro: HEY! O’Reilly is gonna earn his GB title shot and at WTM bring Salvation to Tina! Hopefully we get a boob to pop out!

O’Reilly pulls Madison up to her feet, but he's interrupted by a big forearm to the back from Sokolov. Madison gives Sokolov a kick to the gut and tries for a DDT, but Sokolov slips out and puts Madison in a hammerlock and then slams Madison face-first to the mat. O’Reilly is back at it as he gives Sokolov a kick to the jaw he'll never forget. O’Reilly tries to chop down the Russian Cosmonaut with punches and kicks. He presses Sokolov up against the turnbuckles. O’Reilly sprints back to the opposite side and then charges at Sokolov. He leaps for a corner splash, but he's taken out with a spear by Tina Madison!

Brian Rentfro: What the *beep*?!

Jon Jon McDaniel: What’s wrong Brian, never seen a lady spear someone before?

Sokolov grabs Madison by the head, but Madison nails Sokolov with an elbow to the gut and then a jawbreaker! Madison is cleaning house as she stomps on O’Reilly and Sokolov. She covers O’Reilly.



Kick out!

Jon Jon McDaniel: And that was a smart move on Tina's part, but it didn't pay off as O’Reilly shows his resilience.

Brian Rentfro: The Force is strong in him.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Did you just say The Force?

Brian Rentfro: Say that, I did.

Madison gets O’Reilly up to his feet as Sokolov uses the ropes to get up. Madison whips O’Reilly into the ropes and O’Reilly bounces back and takes Madison down with a flying forearm smash! O’Reilly pops back up to his feet, but his celebration to the crowd is cut short by a deadly clothesline from Sokolov. Sokolov gets O’Reilly back up to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. Sokolov charges and smashes O’Reilly into the turnbuckle. Sokolov pummels O’Reilly in the corner with knees and elbows, and then hip tosses O’Reilly back to the middle of the ring. Madison is back to her feet and gives Sokolov a punch to the jaw, Sokolov returns the favor and knocks Madison back a few steps.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Good God! Vitaliy Sokolov just leveled Tina Madison with the Shunt! His version of a shoulder breaker.

Brian Rentfro: Madison looks messed up!

The Black Spider goes for the cover as Shawn O’Reilly is up to his feet.


O’Reilly springboards off the top turnbuckle...


Broken up by O’Reilly with an elbow drop to the back of Sokolov's head!

Brian Rentfro: That’s right Shawn! She’s yours to bring to salvation!

Jon Jon McDaniel: And O’Reilly is covering Tina Madison!



Kick out

Jon Jon McDaniel: Oh man! I thought O’Reilly had it!

Brian Rentfro: So does he!

O’Reilly argues with the ref for a moment, but that allows Sokolov to recover. Sokolov puts O’Reilly in a rear waistlock and takes him down with a german suplex. Madison begins to the stir and tries to use the ropes to get back up to her feet. Sokolov goes after O’Reilly and gives him a kick to the ribs and then a quick elbow drop to the chest. Sokolov gets O’Reilly up to his feet but O’Reilly fights back with punches to Sokolov's stomach. Sokolov ends O’Reilly's counter with a big time headbutt.

Brian Rentfro: Ouch!

O’Reilly falls to the mat, and Madison attacks Sokolov from behind with a dropkick to the back! Sokolov goes flying over the top rope and crashes to the floor below. O’Reilly manages to make it up to his feet, but not before Tina Madison nails him with a kick to the gut. Madison grabs him by the arm and whips him into the ropes. O’Reilly bounces back and ducks underneath an attempted clothesline. O’Reilly nails Madison with The Thunderkiss ‘65!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Thunderkiss ‘65 from O’Reilly!

Brian Rentfro: And Vitaliy Sokolov is still on the outside! COVER HER!!!!

Shawn makes the cover as Sokolov gets to his feet.



Sokolov slides in, but it's too late.



Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... and new number one contender to the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship…Shawn... O’REILLY!!!!

Ready Or Not

"William Mercy!"

The voice rings out from the speakers as Jethro Hayes steps from the back, receiving more cheers than he's been accustomed to over the past months; he pays little attention, saving all of that for William Mercy.

Jethro Hayes: "Where you at Willy boy?"

Jethro is up the steps and into the ring, never breaking stride as he moves to the center of the ring, he looks around for an ambush.

Jethro Hayes: "You want to come out here last week and say that you are going to destroy me in our match at Who's The Man?"

Jethro laughs.

Jethro Hayes: "Seems that you are getting exactly what you want son."

He shakes his head as the crowd is a bit shocked at this.

Jethro Hayes:"I'm getting better, I'm getting smarter, and your little ploy with the Engel mask wearing henchmen... well, I don't think it worked so well."

He paces a little bit.

Jethro Hayes: "And it seems that you can't be found right now, or we all know you'd be out here flappin' them gums like ass cheeks after a long and juicy fart."

The crowd laughs and Jon McDaniel snorts in laughter.

Brian Rentfro: How unprofessional Jon, and it wasn't even that funny.

Jethro Hayes: "You want me to get better... well come on out here and let me show you first hand what I've learned!"

The crowd roars in anticipation!

William Mercy: Yeah, you've gotten a little better, Hayes. I'll give you that.

Mercy comes to life on the PWA-tron, not showing up face to face with Jethro Hayes. The crowd boos this notion.

William Mercy: But honestly, you're still a failure in a lot of people's eyes. You can't even put a winning streak together. Last week, you couldn't even top Marvin Wood or Marxx.

Jethro Hayes: Blah blah blah... I don't have to explain that to you. It was a damn good match. Yeah Wood got the best of me, but I've beaten him. I also did it with a World Title on the line. You're gonna find out Willy that everyone beats everyone at some point in time in this business.

William Mercy: So with that logic, after I crush you at Who's The Man, you'll eventually find a way to beat me?

Hayes laughs.

Jethro Hayes: Only thing you'll be crushing is a bunch of a pain killers into a glass of whiskey just to get your mind off the pain after I'm done with ya.

William Mercy: I don't drink whiskey.

Jethro Hayes: You don't? Damn shame. Real men do.

Mercy scoffs and lets out a grin.

Jethro Hayes: I also wanted to let you know something, Mercy.

Mercy waits with eagerness.

Jethro Hayes: I'm happily going to accept your match stipulation.

William Mercy: Well, thank God, because I made the PWA order all the necessary equipment for it. But it wouldn't be the first time you've cost them thousands of dollars by being a gutless moron.

Hayes goes from playful banter mode to pissed off mode.

Jethro Hayes: I'm going to break you in the battledome, Mercy, and it's going to be so sweet when your lifeless body drops to the bottom.

Mercy chuckles.

William Mercy: We'll see about, won't we? Well well, look at the time. I must be goin'. (Mockingly) Later y'all!

The feed cuts and the crowd is cheering at the news.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Big news Brian! Jethro and Mercy WILL duke it out inside Battledome at Who's The Man?!

Brian Rentfro: It's going to be epic!

Hayes drops the mic, but someone hops the barricade from behind!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Oh crap! It's another Matthew Engel masked man!

Brian Rentfro: And he's got a chair!


Hayes turns around just in time to get busted open with the steel chair. The man wearing a Matthew Engel mask stands above him as Jethro's forehead starts to bleed. He takes off the mask and it's none other than William Mercy!

Jon Jon McDaniel: How the hell did he do that? He was just on the big screen seconds ago.

Brian Rentfro: It was magic, Jon!

Mercy shakes his head and then takes some of Jethro's blood and writes "NOT READY" on the steel chair, showing it to the camera and then tossing at down at Jethro's body.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Mercy still believes Jethro isn't ready, Brian, but I think Mercy will have bitten off more than he thinks he can chew once he realizes he can't pull this crap on Jethro inside Battledome.

Brian Rentfro: Mind games, Jon. Mercy knows them well. Whoever educated Mercy to begin with did a good job and now he's trying to pass that along.

Matt Stone vs May Havoc

WTM 2013 Semifinals Match

The Who’s the Man Semifinal match between May Havok and Matt Stone stole the show tonight. Why? Because I said it did and that should be good enough for you. But I suspect it won’t be. May was already heading into this match worse for wear with her ribs and right ankle being in poor shape, and while Matt was entering with a broken nose, his injury was less recent and that gave him the edge. Matt doubles May over with a knee lift upon their first lock up and immediately follows up with a gutwrench suplex. The pain on May’s face shows that she hasn’t healed from her attack last week. Matt takes full advantage of that with various suplexes, back breakers and well placed kicks. Stone would then lock in a bearhug to wear down the Grizzly Beer champion and drain all the life out of her, which would have would have worked if it weren’t for her meddling forehead colliding with his face! The headbutt rattles Stone and he loosens his grip enough for May to slip away and catch Matt with a dropkick, knocking him down on the mat!

May takes control now, nursing her ribs in the process. She connects with a DDT, attacking Stone’s face. As Matt is getting up, he’s taken over with a head scissor takedown, landing flat on his back. May knew she had to end the match quickly and climbed up to the top ropes, calling for the Shooter to get up, and when he did he was taken straight down with a flying neckbreaker! May makes a cover, but only gets a 2 count. Havok lifts Stone up off the mat and knock him straight back down with a spinning heel kick, followed up by a Standing Corkscrew Senton. Another cover nets another two count. Havok calls for Stone to get up once more, and when he does, he charges at her only to be caught with a drop toe hold, landing on the middle rope! May runs to the opposite side of the ring, a little gingerly on her right ankle, but nevertheless connects with her Loose the Dogs (619)! The crowd cheers as Stone falls flat on his back, May wincing in pain from the contact. She leaps to the top rope, springboarding into her Dogs of War (Springboard 630 Splash) but Stone gets his knees up! May connects with him, doubling over as the pain shoots through her ribs. Stone scrambles up and as May is still doubled over, Matt dashes forward, grabbing her head and pulling her down with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Matt shoots the half, hooking the outside leg for the 1 2 3!

Winner: Matt Stone at 8:12

Seconds after Stone cleanly defeats the Grizzly Beer Champion, over the barricade and into the ring with quickness came Jake Norton. Stone notices Jake’s arrival, but Jake bows at the ‘Who’s the Man?’ finalist and then switches focus onto May, who gently rocks back and forth holding her ribs with a look of hurt. Relentlessly, the Cancerous One kicks and stomps May’s sides all the while hooting like a madman. Opting not to help May, Stone leaves the ring with hands raised and a smirk smeared across his face. Unlike Stone, arena security storms ringside just as Jake lifted and planted May with a brainbuster on the top rope, resulting in May spilling to the outside in an awkward mess. Fans either mark out or gasp in shock of Norton’s foul act. We head to commercial just as security tackles a laughing Norton.

William Mercy vs Meghan Nash Strader

Special Twist Match

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, our special guest commentator for the evening...

Brian Rentfro: Did I do something wrong last week? Are they trying to punish me?

Jon Jon McDaniel: I don't think this has anything to do with you.

No fireworks, no pyros, nothing flashy at all. "Fuck All Ya'll" hits up in the speakers and from the back walks Jethro Hayes, listening to the booing of the crowd; though some cheers are thrown in.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Ga... a PWA Hall of Famer and former Three Time World Champion... Jethro Hayes!

Jethro walks around the ring and joins Rentfro and McDaniel at the commentator's table. They're just so thrilled to have him.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Welcome back to the table, Jethro.

Jethro Hayes: Thanks, Jon. Mind your fucking P's and Q's tonight, Brian. I'm in no mood.

Brian Rentfro: I... yes, sir.

"Parabola" by Tool hits the sound system as William Mercy comes out from backstage. He doesn't receive a positive reaction from the crowd.

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 194 pounds and hailing from the Windy City...

William Mercy walks down to the ring, dressed in black and gold tights with black boots. The sound picks up even more as Mercy hits the ring, sliding in.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, WILLIAM MERCY!

Mercy chooses a corner and begins to warm up, getting ready for his match. Keeping his focus 100 percent in the ring, he waits for the match to start.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

"Unchanied” begins to play as the houselights slowly dim. At the twelve second mark lights begin to flicker as the beat and rhythm of the song begin to become louder.

You say, I cannot get there from here, baby
Then I don't care where I'm goin'~

The ADCtron lights up with the chrome ‘S’ emblem and explodes into shots of MNS, smacking the taste out Shadow Starr’s mouth with a kick to the jaw, stepping on Ai Mei’s skull, pinning Corey Lazarus one two three and the last shot of her being her holding one half of the PWA Tag Team Titles. Her name flashes on the screen, and a small amounts of pyro’s shoot off as MNS steps out from behind the curtain followed by her sister and manager Tamika Nash Strader.

~Thought you'd never miss me till I got a fat city address
Non-stop talker, what a rocker
Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from London, Ontario Canada at a height of five foot ten and weighing in at one hundred and forty-five pounds…

~Change, nothin' stays the same
Unchained, and ya hit the ground runnin'
Change, ain't nothin' stays the same
Unchained, yeah ya hit the ground runnin'~

Meghan stops and waves at the crowd as she shifts her hips to the right side. She makes her way down to ringside followed by her baby sister Tamika Strader.

Eric Emerson: Meghan Nash STRADERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

~I know, I don't ask for permission
This is my chance to fly
Maybe enough ain't enough for you
But it's my turn at a try~

Meghan smacks the hands of a few fans.

~ Thought you'd never miss me till I got a fat city address
Non-stop talker, what a rocker
Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress ~

Meghan stops halfway down, looks side to side, raises up her arms and the entire stage explodes in gold and silver pyrotechnics as a wide grin comes across Meghan’s face.

~Change, nothin' stays the same
Unchained, and ya hit the ground runnin'
Change, ain't nothin' stays the same
Unchained, yeah ya hit the ground runnin'~

At that Meghan turns it into a stride and slides under the bottom rope into the ring and jumps up to the top turnbuckle as she raises her fist in the air. She steps down and gets ready for the match.

Jon Jon McDaniel: This ought to be a great match. Are you anxious to see if Mercy can pull off the upset, Hayes?

Jethro Hayes: In a sense. I'm just here to be educated, Jon, according to my opponent for Who's The Man. And my head still hurts from earlier. I got the medicine for it, though.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Doesn't sound too promising for Mercy.


The match started off with MNS and Mercy going hold for hold, blow for blow. They were amazing the crowd with some pretty high risk maneuvers and tons of brutal striking. The momentum would shift hands constantly, as neither one was willing to give up their advantage and when they did, they fought like hell to get it back. MNS had Mercy down with her Second-Hand Strader double-arm DDT and managed to cover, but Mercy kicked out right after the two.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Some great back and forth so far.

Jethro Hayes: Well that's to be expected. I don't doubt these two competitors at all.

Brian Rentfro: Well I should hope not, considering --

Jethro Hayes: Considering what, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: Considering and... considering and... considering and...

Jethro Hayes: Moron.

Mercy would turn the tides however after MNS would attempt a swanton bomb only to miss. Mercy would go on the offensive with some devastating slams and keeping MNS isolated in the one of the corners. Mercy would perform a series of punches making it to the infamous 10 count. Mercy followed it up with a huge hip toss out of the corner, holding onto her left arm after the slam and slapping on a cross armbar!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Nice sequence there by Mercy and he's got MNS dead in the middle of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: That's my boy right there, total awareness and slick moves.

Jethro Hayes: So how was the wedding, Brian?

Brian Rentfro: What wedding?

Jethro Hayes: The one between you and your man-crush Billy Mercy. Must have been a hell of a reception. Or was it just a two-man show?

Jon Jon McDaniel: Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Brian Rentfro: What?! There's plenty wrong with --

Jon Jon McDaniel: And MNS makes it to the bottom rope!

The hold was broken and the two stars would go at it again, momentum shifting to each side repeatedly. Mercy would strike MNS down with a roaring elbow after MNS drove his head nearly through the mat with her Fatality knee drop off the top rope. After Mercy reversed an irish whip, he clotheslined the shit out of her and tried for a cover, but only got a two count. Mercy would go for a top rope elbow drop, but MNS would roll out of the way just in time. Mercy would crash hard as both warriors attempted to make it to their feet, fighting with every inch they have to finish the other.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Meghan on her feet, she tries for a roundhouse.. no! Mercy ducks!

Brian Rentfro: And he hits the State of Mercy! DAMN! He turned her lights out! Are you watching closely, Jethro?

Jethro Hayes: I will beat your face in with your own foot, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: How... I don't even want to know.

Mercy makes the cover.





Winner: William Mercy in 13:14

Jethro Hayes: Well boys, time to graduate.

Jethro's headset hits the table and Jon and Brian don't even attempt to stop or say anything. Hayes gets inside the ring as MNS is rolling out and heading backstage. Mercy turns around, breathing heavily, and smiling.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Looks like we're about to get a little preview right here Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Oh sure, attack the man after he went almost 15 minutes in the ring with a PWA veteran!

Jon Jon McDaniel: He hasn't done anything yet.

Mercy tries for a superkick on Jethro, who easily dodges it, and Mercy ducks a big right hand from Jethro and drops to the mat, rolling out of the ring. The crowd is booing Mercy heavily as he points to his temple.

Brian Rentfro: Smart move, Jon. Mercy needs to keep the upperhand and fighting Jethro right now in his state would only hurt his cause.

Jon Jon McDaniel: You really love him, don't you?

Brian Rentfro: Oh God would you just shut the front door already? That's ridiculous!

Hunter Sullivan vs Jacob Figgins

WTM 2013 Semifinals Match

Soaring across the ring both men meet with a clash of flesh and bone! Flying fists and soaring shots echo throughout the entire arena as fans immediately start cheering! Jacob gets the upper hand, pushing Hunter off of him and whipping the Viper across the ring in an Irish whip. Returning from the rebound Sullivan ducks the vicious lariat awaiting his return. Not stopping Sullivan hits the ropes on his second rebound, returning with a vicious clotheline of his own that's immediately ducked under. Both men turn around, Hunter connecting with a sharp arm drag! Figgy's back up and back down with a second, finally a third arm drag in rapid succession leads the Genuine pulse to back up. A smile, a real smile comes up over both their faces as they walk in, extending their hands. Jacob and Hunter shake each other's hands, pure respect.

Jon: " As much at these two showed each other some tough love this week, the bottom line is they respect each other. We can see that right here."

A back up and strafe to the left leads to both men locking up in a more traditional fashion. Sullivan struggles back and forth with his lifetime rival, finally ending with Jacob rolling backward, kicking out an arm of Sullivan's, rolling backward and back to his feet. Hunter rolls forward, back to his feet, and twirls once more, arm wringering Jacob onto his back. Jacob Kips up, cartwheels forward and kicks Hunter's legs out from under him, arm still locked. Sullivan goes to Kip up, but when he does Jacob sweeps him back to the mat. Sullivan goes to Kip back up, but bounces back onto his hands, causing Figgins to stagger a second, confused. Again, Hunter half kips up, bouncing back and forth between his kipping arms and flexing legs, back and forth in a confusing manner until finally he snaps to his feet and twirls Jacob onto his back with another wringer. Sullivan drops to his knee and presses his free knee against the pulse's face. Jacob chuckles at the insane distraction as he rolls himself to the side, working back to a vertical. Neither man is backing down as Jacob delivers a stinging chop against Sullivan's exposed chest, another, another, another, finally a roll through, back to his feet and delivers a slap across the chest! Hunter's arms is contorted as he grabs the nearby ropes, runs up them, and bounces off the top, landing on his feet, summersaulting again with the rope aid, similar to his match with Meghan, twisting up into a hammer lock! Jacob taps at his shoulder before countering, twisting in and around, hammer locking Sullivan instead. Snapmare! Jacob's on his rear and finally the arms are free, only for Hunter to lock in a chin lock. Jacob struggles in the hold, swaying side to side before freeing himself from the knee being drove into his back. Rising back up Jacob throws elbows into Hunter's abdomen, breaking free of his clutch, following up with a vicious enzuguri!

Brian: "Amazing ground work, absolutely textbook. I've got faith Hunter will be making it to the finals here tonight, and it's these exchanges that will get him there."
jon: "Don't forget that If anyone on this entire planet can bring Hunter's momentum to a screeching halt it could very well be Jacob. These two men know each other inside and out. Jacob has a real good chance tonight, a damned good one. "
Hunter holds his face, leaning against the ropes, this time it's his turn to smile as Jacob claps for his opposition. Rolling his jaw Hunter moves his way along the ropes, ready to begin again. Test of strength and both men pound their chests together with a inhumane struggle! A swift knee to the gut has Sullivan performing a standing switch, firm grasp of a reverse waist lock. Jacob widens his base, trying to pry Hunter's fingers apart. Suddenly the Viper lets go, reaching up and under the wide gap between Jacob's legs, grabbing his two wrists and flipping him forward, catching his legs under his arms, securing a wicked pin! Figgy rolls through with a victory roll like maneuver! Hunter kicks out immediately, spurting to his feet, taking Jacob out with a double legged takedown, flipping with a jack knife pin! Figgy grasps around Hunter's body, pushing up with amazing body strength, twirling on his feet, spinning and hooking in a back slide pin! Hunter pushes out of it, twirling on a dime, clasping Jacob's arm and hooking it between his legs and he dives over is frame, taking him with him for an Oklahoma roll! Kick out! Jacob and Sullivan to their feet, The Pulse snaps a small package rollup! 2 count! Hunter rolls it though! 2 count! Both men to their feet, Figgins hit's the ropes and returns for a high velocity knee, The Viper dives over it, hooks the leg and pulls Jacob into a school boy roll up! 2 count! Both me roll away from each other, simply glaring down their opposition!
chants fill the arena already as the match has only just begun!
Jon: "Good god almighty, I could barely follow that last exchange, not a lick given, not even an inch. Both of these men are fired up here tonight, prepared for it all, and they're gonna need it."
Figgins is the first to wander to the center of the ring after that last exchange, keeping his body low. Hunter follows suit, standing up, in a more confidant stance. Both men finally meet in the center and test each other with a collar elbow tie up. Figgins quickly maneuvers himself out of it and grabs a hold of Hunter’s left arm, working it with an arm wrench. Hunter rolls forward to get out of the hold and tries to take Figgins to the matt with an arm wrench of his own. However, on the way down, Figgins rolls forward, doing a slight head stand before landing on his feet and reapplying his original arm wrench. Figgins slips behind Hunter, turning the arm wrench into a hammerlock. Hunter struggles for a second to get out of the hold, before he finally drops down and hits a drop toe hold on Figgins, taking him to the mat. Hunter hovers over the body of Figgins and attempts to lock in a grounded headlock, but Figgins rolls to the side. He grabs a hold of Hunter’s left arm and rolls yet again, wrenching Hunter’s arm and making him collapse to the mat. Figgins applies another hammerlock on the grounded Hunter, he then raises his left knee high and brings it down upon Hunter’s arm. Quickly, Figgins brings down yet another knee. The Pulse leans down, applying more pressure on the hold, but Hunter eases the pressure by raising himself on his knees. Figgins gets to his feet , letting Hunter get to a vertical base, only to bring him back down with a headlock takeover. Hunter quickly applies a head scissors as a counter, Figgins rolls out of it back to his feet, and Hunter soon after. Hunter applies a headlock take down, taking Figgins to the mat. This time Figgins counters by applying a head scissors. Hunter kips up to get out of the hold before both men get back to their feet.

Jon Jon McDaniel: ” This is looking like a game of horse, both men are trying to one up each other here with chain wrestling, and it seems to me like Sullivan might have the upperhand."

Brian Rentfro: “ Obviously, This is Hunter's bread and butter, continuously people try to play his game, wrestle his style, and no matter how well they fair, they come up short."

Both men catch their breaths as the crowd cheers the wrestling clinic. Soon a double chant starts to echo throughout the arena. “Let’s go Hunter, Let’s go Figgy” Both men take time to pander to the crowd to try and get a louder following than the other. The results are dead even as both men begin to orbit each other before meeting once more in a collar elbow tie up. Hunter slips behind Figgins and applies a waist lock. Figgins hands shoot down to the left wrist of Hunter as he tries to loosen the hold. In which he succeeds, taking a hold of Hunter’s arm and slips behind him applying another hammerlock. Hunter raises his free arm and wraps it around Figgins’ neck. Hunter jumps up causes them both to hit the mat rolling. Figgins bounces off the southern ropes and charges toward Hunter, who drops to the mat. Figgins rebounds off the opposite ropes only to have Hunter jump over him. Hunter charges to Figgins, who also jumps right over him. Hunter wheels around and kicks Figgins in the gut and then whips him into the southwest turnbuckle. But before Figgins could collide with the corner, he grabs top rope and floats right over the charging Hunter. The Viper twists around to try and get back on the offensive , but meets the left knee of Figgins directly into his abdomen. Hunter doubles over and gets struck by an elbow to the face. Hunter staggers and uses the ropes to support himself. Figgins whips Hunter into the opposite ropes and on the rebound, lifts him up for a sidewalk slam. Hunter however, uses Figgins arm as a bar to flip out of it landing back upon his feet. Figgins wheels around hitting a DISCUS LARIA-HUNTER DUCKS! Figgins nearly lost balance from missing his target, but catches himself on the ropes. Hunter smirks and nails Figgins with a LARIATOOOooOOoO SENDING HIM OVER THE ROPES~!

Jon Jon McDaniel:’ nice lariat! Stealing Jacob's signature move Sullivan send Figgins packing over the ropes in a crash.”

Brian Rentfro:” Hunter should be able to grab the advantage from here after such a shot.”

Figgins lays dazed on the floor as Paul London stands at the end of the ring, starting the count. Hunter shuffled across the ring in a cocky fashion, feeling pretty good about himself.




Figgins finally manages to get his bearings back together and pulls himself back to his feet. At the count of Four, Figgins slides in under the bottom rope, only to back out of the ring to avoid a stomp from Hunter. Figgins tapped the side of his temple, telling Hunter he telegraphed that. Hunter backs up to the center of the Ring, as Paul London restarts the count.

Jon Jon McDaniel: ” Hunter misses out of the stomp, as Fig out smarts the Viper here in the early goings.”


Figgins finally slides back into the ring and jumps to his feet. Figgins raises his right arm, trying to initiate a knuckle tie up with Hunter. The Viper, however, has a different idea , landing a kick to Figgins’ gut before whipping him into the western ropes. Upon the rebound, Hunter catches Figgins in an arm drag, taking him to the mat. Hunter follows through the arm drag, applying an arm bar. Figgins attempts to kip up and roll through, but Hunter managed to shift his weight to make Figgins roll right back into the arm bar. Figgins attempts another roll through, yet meets the same result as last time. Figgins tries for a third time and this time rolls Hunter’s shoulders onto the mat


Brian Rentfro: ” I think this is a sign of what’s to come, hunter and Fig know each other well, lots of counters are already hid away in plot.”

Hunter goes into a head stand to break the pin. Figgins cringes at this, the arm bar still applied, Figgins raises his trapped arm. His free arm clutches the right arm of Hunter and Figgins manages to heave Hunter onto his shoulder. Figgins drops back and nails a BAAAACK SUPLEX~!! on Hunter. Both men hit the mat with a sickening thud, Figgins rolls onto his stomach, favoring his arm. Paul London begins to count the knockout and at the count of three, Figgins returns to his feet. Jacob pulls Hunter back to his feet, then throws him into the northern ropes. Upon the rebound, Figgins strikes with a back elbow, knocking Hunter down. Figgins goes for the cover.



Kick out!

Jon Jon McDaniel: “Nice back suplex by the Pulse as he plants both men harshly on their backs.”

Fig pulls Hunter back to his feet roughly and by his hair, delivering a euro upper cut and pushes the Viper into the turnbuckle. The Celtic fury starts snapping in chops repeatedly reddening the chest of his former tag team partner. In form of a receipt Hunter switches up the positions, snapping in his own few chops. Not sticking around with that tactic very long Hunter knees high at Jacob's chest pulling him out and snapping back in suplex. Sullivan backs off letting Jacob get to his feet, stalking him over a tad as he rises. At a vertical Hunter snaps in with a quick lock up, not letting Figgy respond he whips up and behind. Holding in a waist lock Fig wakes up a little from his daze and plants a sturdy base. LAUNCH! German Suplex Bridge!



TH- Kick out and roll through!

Jon Jon McDaniel: ”look at Figgins face, he almost got caught with that move!"

Hunter pulls Figgy back to his feet where he threatens another launch, a shocked Figgy manages to widen his base, in desperation Figgy launches back a few elbow shot until he is able to break the clasp on his waist. In doing so Fig continues to work the arm, taking it and twirling it in an arm wrench, Sullivan quickly counters with an arm wringer sending Figgy slightly across the ring. Boosting back to their feet they share a look of half impression, and half entertainment. Hunter and Fig move light on their feet, skillfully moving in and grabbing each other in a collar lock up. Sullivan attempts a break away, however, is held in by Figgy, pushing Sullivan to the ground upon his attempt. Figgy gains the first advantage, dropping down and hooking under Sullivan’s arm and head. The front face lock like maneuver Is countered as Hunter, with skill, rolls the two men, causing Figgy to be on his back. From there Hunter breaks the interlocked fingers, pushing out of the hold, and grabbing Figgy in an arm bar. Jacob wastes no time as he moves to his feet, bringing Hunter with him, still in the submission hold. Figgy stands behind Sullivan as they become vertical, because of the way the hold is placed. This positioning also supplies a counter as Figgy pulls his arm back, and sweeps Hunters legs. As Sullivan falls however, he switches up his grip, pulling Figgy overhead with an arm wringer. Fig hits the mat with a roll, returning to his feet with intentions of following up. Sullivan made it to his feet as well turning in time to counter a clothesline attempt, hooking up behind Figgy with a half nelson! Hunter is unable to make the launch as Figgy switched up, grabbing Sullivan in his own reverse waist lock. Sullivan widens his base attempting to break the hold, but is merely lifted off the ground and dropped back down to the side with a take down. Figgy moves around attempting to get a good lock on the arm, but a speedy Hunter rolls and twists, getting away and back to his feet. Fig and Hunter stood now back to their feet separated, the fans interested in the further exchanges.

Jon Jon McDaniel: “It is really hard to call this action, they are too fast to respond to.”

Brian Rentfro: ”Indeed, but Figs making a slight aim at the arm, while Hunter really hasn’t made any body part an intentional focus.”

Finally both men circle to the middle, Figgins with both of his hands balled up into fist lower to his waist while Hunter is in more of a defensive stance. To test the waters a tad, Hunter shoots towards Figgins. In which the former ‘Next Conspiracy’ side steps easily. They both close in once more, Figgins slapping the hands of Hunter feigning a lock up. Finally they lock up again in a collar tie up. Hunter is the first on the offensive as he forces the left arm into a wrist lock. Hunter twists Figgins’ arm to put more torque on the lock. Figgy with his free hand tries to poke Hunter in the eyes, however, The Viper manages to glace it off by moving his head with each attempt. Figgins rolls on the mat as a secondary tactic, but seemingly it goes in vain, Sullivan has the hold in tight. Hunter twirls bringing back the lock, following up he forces Figgins’ arm back, bringing his back to the mat. The Viper goes down to one knee keeping the wrist lock locked in. Paul London goes down on all fours to see if Figgins’s shoulders were on the ground by sliding his hand under his shoulders. Figgy suddenly kips up, now trying to pry Hunters hands off his wrist while intertwining his leg with his. Finally Figgins lets go and decides to use brute force to get out, elbowing Sullivan right in the face. One elbow, two elbow, rocking the former Global Champion. Hunter lets up and lets go, Jacob with his leg still firmly and strategically placed between the leg, quickly rolls forward making Hunter land on his face while Figgins applies a leg bar on his foe. Hunter scrambles around in desperation until he finally get a hold of the bottom rope, forcing a break on the hold.

Jon Jon McDaniel: “Clever tactic by Figgy, managing a nice break away from the wrist lock.”

Brian Rentfro: “No one in this match seems to be maintaining any sort of upper hand, just back and forth action.”

Figgins gets to his feet while Hunter sits against the ropes, trying to whack some life back to his leg, the ref, Paul London, is between them to make sure Figgins doesn’t try a sneak attack. Jacob backs toward the corner as London goes to check on The Viper. The next conspiracy begins to shake his left arm to get the blood flowing back to it properly. Soon Jacob gets back to his stance, waiting for Hunter to get to his feet. Once Sullivan is confident in his leg, he stands back to his feet looking across the ring, leaning against the turnbuckle. London is still between both men sticking his hand out in front of Figgins as he paces along the eastern side of the ring. Hunter finally leaves the corner and starts to pace around his opponent. Jacob feigns a shoot to the knee causing Hunter to back away, Jacob grows a smirk. Once again the men go into a tie up and Hunter is quick to turn it into a side headlock. Hunter goes down to one knee and changes it up into a European headlock. Figgins manages to find the strength to get himself back to a vertical base. Jacob sends in some punches’ to Hunter’s ribs giving himself the advantage to push Sullivan off. Hunter bounces off the ropes and attempts a shoulder thrust but it has no effect on the Celtic fury as he remains standing. The shot causes Jacob to taunt telling Hunter to try it again. The enormous ego of the Viper takes up the challenge, bouncing off the ropes and shooting towards Figgy. Hunter seems to have an aim on the leg, however, Figgins simply lifts up causing the attacker to baseball slide behind him. Jacob laughs harshly at his opponent who tries to outsmart him. Figgins turns around right into a dragon screw from Hunter! Jacob is quick to his feet after the shot, but, is brought to the mat once more by a single leg take down. Hunter is showing a quiet obvious aim for the knee. The Viper grabs Figgins’ right leg and begins to torque it until finally Hunter drops an elbow across the knee. Sullivan quickly places Figgins’s leg into a leg lock which causes Figgy to sit up. Jacob attempts to get Hunter off his leg and begins to grind his elbow into Hunters face. The pulse places his arms around The Viper’s neck applying a choke hold while attempting to scissor his legs around Hunter’s midsection. Figgy seemed to be going for possibly a rear naked Choke. Hunter, however, managed to torque Figgins’ leg causing him to lay back.


Figgins quickly sits up, not wanting to be pinned by a submission hold. The Celtic fury raises his arm trying to apply a dragon sleeper but Hunter torques Figgins’ leg causing him to let off. The Viper gets to his feet and begins to drag Figgins to the middle of the ring by his worked over leg.

Brian Rentfro: “Hunter returns to his famous working over of the leg as Fig get dragged center stage.”

Jon Jon McDaniel: “Fig knows Hunters strategy as good as anyone, but it really is not all that preventable.”

Hunter leaps up and lands a leg drop across the knee causing Figgins to writhe! Hunter crosses Jacob's legs and holds them together with his knee. Figgy sits up and lands a forearm across the temple causing Hunter to lean back slightly. Figgins goes to land another but Hunter blocks it and lands a forearm of his own. Jacob lays down looking dazed and hurt, Hunter smirks but it is quickly wiped off his face as Figgins sits up once more and lands an elbow across the forehead of his opponent. Hunter regains his senses good enough to land another forearm across Figgin's nose, causing him to fall back. Looking like Hunter has finally done Figgins in, he goes to stomp on Figgins’ arm. To his misfortune Figgins gets his arm out of the way and grabs Hunter’s free leg, flipping the hold into an octopus stretch hold on Hunter’s legs! Hunter scrambles to the ropes managing to get a hold of it again forcing Figgins to break the hold. Paul London makes Figgy back off as he goes to check on Hunter once more. Both men easily regain themselves, standing back to a vertical. Both men are up now and they both advance toward each other with a slight limp. Hunter shoots down once more with a single leg trip. Once Figgins back is on the mat Hunter holds Jacob's leg straight up and torques it. Which causes Figgy to raise his back slightly in pain. This in turn makes Hunter kick the small of his back. Figgins lays his back flat on his mat once more mastering his will to sit up, however the leg torque causes him to put his shoulders to the mat.



Figgins sits up quickly to break the pin, but Hunter continues to work like a surgeon on the leg forcing him back down. With a burst of energy Figgins shoots his free leg up landing a stiff kick to the jaw, causing the audience to “ooo” at the impact. That wasn’t enough for Hunter to break his iron grip though, commited. Figgins has to break out of the hold so using his free leg he shoots up again, kicking Hunter in the jaw once more. Still not enough! Figgins shoots a leg up one last time, it lands cleanly on the back of Hunter’s head. The hard shot causes him to slump over and loosen the hold. Hunter realizes the slack in the hold and locks it back in, however, Figgins flips to his stomach. Hunter grabs Figgy’s other leg, at that moment Figgins rolls forward wheel barreling Hunter into a victory roll.
Hunter kicked out, both men rolling to their feet. Hunter shoots for Figgins legs again and applies another leg lock. However, not falling for it yet again, Figgins sits up and applies a head lock on Hunter. London keeps his eye on both submissions. Hunter looks to be fading away, he has to get out of this predicament. Sullivan decides to torque on Figgins’ leg once more causing him to loosen the head lock out of pain. Hunter flips Figgins onto his stomach looking to attempt a Mexican surfboard. However, as Hunter tried to grab his arms, Figgins sat up overpowering Hunter and putting him into a pin.

Jon Jon McDaniel: “I don’t think I ever seen Hunter or Figgy fight someone so fluently, yet Struggle to do so in his PWA career.”

Brian Rentfro: “ Hunter and Figgy are the type men who fight each other in their spare time for a spar, if there are people who know each other as well as these two in the ring, I’d like to meet them.”



Hunter pushes out of the pin causing both men to separate and move back to their feet once again. Hunter and Figgy starts to circle each other, Sullivan avoids going for a take down, it would be clearly scouted. A lock up soon ensued, Figgy quickly breaks away from one arm and sends the Viper in an Irish whip. Sullivan hit off the ropes and returned to a leap frog, continuing his journey. Hunter rebounds off the ropes once again returning to an attempted kitchen sink. Sullivan counters diving over the knee and pulling Fig down in a school boy roll up, shades of early match. Figgy quickly squirmed, however, Hunter never went for the fatal pin, instead, switch’s up in an attempted single legged Boston crab. The attempt doesn't go far as Figgy pushes the PWA Messiah back with kicks to the stomach. Hunter staggers back allowing Figgy to return to his feet, back into the ropes, and speed forward with a lariat attempt. The shot misses as Hunter ducks under, grabbing a waist lock in retort, a situation Figgy had studied for Hunter. Before any damage could be done Figgy rolls forward grabbing Sullivan’s feet, hooking his own under Hunter’s arms. The victory roll force’s the ref to dive out of the ring and pound a count on the apron, 1...2..Th- no! Hunter pushs out of the roll upward, the men getting back to their feet with speed. Hunter goes to capitalize but is caught with a hard European uppercut for his troubles, knocking him to the mat. Figgy quickly drops a knee on the throat! The shot connected perfectly as Figgy heads for the ropes, returning with a second knee to the throat! Fig moves in attempting one of his classic moves the Figgenese (figgin-KNEES, get it?). The neck is being damaged further as the neck gets painted a bull’s-eye! Figgy quickly goes for the ropes for the last knee, but stops himself half way as Hunter rolls to the apron to dodge the oncoming brutal and final blow. Jacob returns to the mat and goes back to the target. Hunter is pulled from the apron and brought back to his feet on staggering knees. Fig soon locks Hunter in a cravat wrenching at the neck. Sullivan feels the pain growing and knows he is not getting the best of this situations, he need’s to turn it around in his favor. Hunter soon wraps his close leg to the worked upon leg, similar to a Russian leg sweep. A few elbows push Fig’s grip off a bit enough to roll forward, tripping Figgy, and placing himself in a position for a knee bar. Sullivan pulls back and stress’s the knee working on his focus point.

Jon Jon McDaniel: “if you haven’t noticed, Hunters neck is being the source of Figs targeting now.”

Jacob squirms around, attempting to turn himself and land in some kicks but is unsuccessful. Hunters Knee bar was a solid way to take out the knee. Jacob was forced back to his crawling strategy as his knee is pressured. Figgy soon found himself a way out as his shifted somewhat to a vertical, using his free leg for a boost, and his arms for balance. The challenger pulls Hunter and push’s himself close enough to grab the second rope. Sullivan was, with reluctance was forced to relinquish the hold, soon getting to his feet and backing up away from Figgy. Jacob held his knee as he rolled along the ropes to face his opponent. Hunter started to circle in an almost vulture-like way, stalking the wounded. Jacob decided that he would fight back as he pushed off the ropes into a lock up. Fig breaks away from one arm and applies a wrist lock on Hunter’s left arm. Sullivan quickly rolls forward and sprouts to his feet hooking Figgy in a Northing lights suplex. Jacob is knocked down with the suplex, however, soon recovers to his feet. The Viper capitalizes, sending in a stiff high knee, catching his foe in the lower rib cage. The shot cause’s Figgins to double over and to soon be placed in a textbook front face lock. Both the G.O.D members fight back and forth with the move until Figgins’s manages a counter. The technician unhooks Hunters wrists and twirls out of the hold and moves up into a Hammerlock. Sullivan is hooked into the arm based submission, but last’s there for a short time before mounting his own counter. Sullivan steps a bit to the attacked arm’s side, ducking and shifting back into a counter. The Viper pulls up into his own hammer lock turning the tables on the Irishmen. This table, however, is turned once again. Figgy reaches back with his free arm, managing to get a hold of Sullivan’s hair. With the gelled hair in hand, Fig pulls it forward over his shoulder and drops to his rear, pulling the Viper down into a jawbreaker. Hunter whip lashed back to a vertical, dazed and slightly confused. The Viper is jarred as he catch’s his footing. Jacob is to his feet at this time and takes advantage leaping for a picture perfect dropkick. Figgy lands perfectly as Sullivan staggers back and falls through the second and third ropes to the apron. Hunter starts to pull himself up using the colored ropes. Once fully to his feet, Sullivan is in danger as Figgy charges forward with intended harm. Hunter, however, drops down grabbing the top rope and lets Figgy topple over to the outside matting. Fig is quick to his feet from the drop in time to be hit with a SPRING BOARD SHIN KICK!

Brian Rentfro: “brutal kick followed by a brutal crash as both men topple into the barricade at ring-side.”

Jon Jon McDaniel: “it is not often Hunter dives with that move, but these guys are just pushing ever more proof that they are willing to do what they normally wouldn’t to win.”

Sullivan starts to move himself to his feet shaking off his pain, trying to fight back his fatigue. Hunter returns to Figgy, grabbing him by the hair and pulling him to his feet, soon rolling him onto the apron. Sullivan push’s him in, following him as he does. Jacob starts staggering to his feet, and Hunter makes sure to keep the man grounded as he spurts forward with a knee clip to the aimed knee. Fig collapse’s backwards to his back with a thump, Sullivan happy with his work. Hunter moves to his feet and looks down at a wounded Figgy, a smirk flows up his cheek as he leans forward retrieving both legs. Hunter quickly placed the strong leg behind the weak one, interlocking his hands between the gap made. Sullivan pulls up on Figgy before making the turn over. Texas Clover Leaf!! Figgy starts shifting around in pain as Hunter keeps a somewhat vertical base, a Walls of Jericho like Clover leaf. Figgy starts clawing and crawling at the mat keeping the bottom rope a small distance in front of him in mind, trying to ignore the pain. Sullivan keeps constant pressure making sure to pull hard on the weakened leg. Jacob push’s himself up, in a push up fashion, applying more pain to himself slightly before, rolling himself through Sullivan’s legs!! Sullivan is flung to the ropes where he catches himself. Jacob pulls himself up with the ropes staggering slightly on his injury. Hunter moves back to his feet and quickly returns to going after Figgy. Jacob wasn’t able to get away from the stalking Viper whom quickly grabbed his bad leg, pulling him away from the ropes. Jacob hopped on his one good leg as he watched Hunter smirk and raise up his elbow, ENZUGURI!!

Jon Jon McDaniel: “I think Fig might be in the clear, he countered right out of the submission rather quickly, might have saved him from furthering the leg damage.”

Brian Rentfro: “that and Hunter goes down rough with a nice enziguri shot.”

Hunter is knocked hard to the matting as Figgy tries and regain himself. Jacob proceeds to limp around on his leg. It’s now that he needs to focus on Hunters neck and get him out of the match before his knee can be capitalized. Sullivan rolls over on the matt and slowly starts staggering to his feet with a daze, tripping forward into the ropes once to his feet. Jacob follows up on the kick and attacks Hunter from behind, still on his limp. Forearm, forearm, turning him around to lay in more strike’s, left, right, euro, forearm, chop, chop, knee. Figgy quickly takes advantage of his opponent’s dazed and confused state to send him hard into the parallel ropes. Figgy heads off the ropes, bending and awaiting Hunter return. Fig meets his opponent with a stiff Calf kick! Knocking Hunter hard onto his back, holding his face in pain. Sullivan shifts to a seated pose holding his face, Jacob quickly shifts down applying a cravat. Figgy manages to get a good grip on the neck and is now wrenching it hard, he has to weaken Sullivan more. Hunter is in pain as he starts to regain his sense of where the hell he is. Sullivan shifts himself to his knees, pushing himself to a vertical position. Once Hunter is to his feet, Fig lets go and heads to, and bounces off the ropes. The Irishman returns straight to Hunter attempting to crush his throat with a LARIAT-NO. Sullivan ducked underneath Figgins forearm and slips behind him and wraps his arms around Figgins’ waist and neck, pulling up and drives him to the mat with a HAL NELSON SUPLEX. Hunter gets back to his feet taking a breather while Figgins uses the ropes to get back to his feet. Seeing Hunter still resting and his eye off the game, he makes his move! Figgins bounced off the ropes, and by the time Hunter manages to turned around and take notice! Fig NAILS a CRAVAT CUTTAH. Sullivan was sprawled out onto the ground, holding his neck while Figgins knelt down applying a pin.




Jon Jon McDaniel: ” Nice cutter by Fig as he drives the Viper into the mat shaking up that neck of his opponent.”

Brian Rentfro: “ sadly enough for him, Hunter is able to kick out and prevent the pin.”

Figgins grumbled and got to his feet dragging along with him, Hunter. For his troubles, Figgins hits Hunter in the chin with a EUROCUTTAH, Hunter retaliates with a chop, and so it began! Hunter bellows out a battle cry as he whips in rabid and rapid chops! Fig takes them all in strive manning up to return a vicious EUROCUTTAH! Hunter stays standing but staggers back!
Hunter: “I’m better than you!”
EUROCUT, CHOP, EUROCUT, CHOP-EURO-CHOP, EUROCUT!! EUROCUT!! EUROCUT!!!! Hunter has frankly stopped defending himself as the cuts shatter through his defense. Figgins was now bludgeoning Sullivan with consecutive eurocuts until he bounces off the ropes and attempted a grand Finale!
Jacob:" No you aren't!" with a RUNNING-EUROCU-NO! Hunter sidesteps, but fails to see that Figgins stopped dead in his tracks after the dodge! Hunter turns around he was met with a mule kick to the gut. Figgins turns and grabbed Hunter into a gut wrench chancery and lifts him up, planting him with the Conspiracy Lies Behind The Gates of Valhalla!!!!




Jon Jon McDaniel: “Bloody hell, Hunter kicks out of that disastrous maneuver with a kick out, how much longer can he last like this.”

Brian Rentfro:” This shows us just how tough both Hunter and Figgy are, and how much they are willing to put into the victory.”

Figgins angry with the result of the pin and rises to his feet and waits patiently for Hunter to return to his feet. Hunter is slow, very slow, but he raises to one knee before finally pulling himself to his feet with a stagger. Hunter bolts towards Figgins, but Figgins grabs Hunter’s arms putting it between his knees and leaping into the air. Upon landing Hunter is planted face first into the ground as Figgins finally gripped his arms under Hunter’s nose and pulls back. Hunter’s neck is in intense pain as Figgins applies the Spectral Fig Effect!! Hunter is surely soon to fade away! Hunter, with his free arm reaches for the ropes but Figgins pushes it away with his foot. Sullivan fights it trying to avoid submission here on this grand stage. Hunter shifts around madly before tucking himself in tight to Figgins and rolling placing his assaulter in a cradle pin,



Fig rolls back in place but it’s too late as Hunter takes a hold of the ropes and the break is called for. Fig curses as he lets out of the submission and moves to his feet backing away and letting Hunter regain himself at his feet. Hunter holds his neck as he glares at his opponent backing to his corner. The ref Paul London moves back as Hunter and Figgy move out of there turnbuckles ready to lock up at any moment. Sullivan and Jacob don’t make any attempts to lock up though, not truly trusting each other enough to move in and start it. Hunter makes a movement forward and Figgy will back up and vice versa. Figgy finally puts his arm out to signal a test of strength lock up. Hunter moves in and accepts the lock, interlocking his figures with Figgy. Jacob and Hunter smash together there chests trying to push each other back. Hunter seems to have a slight advantage but soon Figgy sends up a strong knee nailing Hunter in the abdomen causing him to double over. Figgy tugs on Hunter arm sending him into the ropes, coming back after meeting the ropes in a rebound. Figgy has his elbow cocked back and goes for a strong shot but Hunter ducks under it as he keeps going to the other side of the ring. Figgy turns and goes to knock Hunter down this time with a big boot. The Viper counters again sliding under the move as he drops to the mat. Figgy turns again into a flurry of left knuckle shots rocking Figgy back slightly. Hunter has a bit of the upper hand here so far as Hunter sees Figgy dazed and runs back to the ropes rebounding off and coming in with a shoulder block. The move nails Figgy but he doesn’t go down yet again. Hunter looks at him and seems a little fed up before he makes a challenge holding out his shoulder. The next Conspiracy accepts and runs to the ropes coming off and hitting Hunter with a shoulder block, Hunter to, not leaving his feet. Figgy glares at his former tag team partner and sends in a stiff chop, Hunter feeling pain doesn’t show it as he returns the chop. Figgy not to be bested show’s no pain as well. The Celtic fury sends in an elbow rocking Hunter back. Hunter comes back with one of his own rocking Figgy back. Jacob grabs Hunter by the head and sends in a high knee making the Viper bend over and stagger back. Hunter and Figgy seem to be in the middle of an “I’m better then you” contest as Hunter regains himself and sends in his own high knee. Figgy recovers and hits a nice toe kick. Hunter returns with one of his own. Figgy cocks back and hits a nice right hand staggering Hunter. The Viper smirks as he returns with a nice left shot, clearly having more impact then Figgy’s punch as it staggers him back into the ropes. Figgy grunts and quickly comes up to Hunter grabbing him by his head and sends in a skull shattering Headbutt knocking Hunter from his feet.

Jon Jon McDaniel: “ and they are right back into the game as Fig Knocks Hunter Clear off his feet with that HARSH head butt.”

Brian Rentfro: ”Figgy surely killed a few brain cells with that one, winning that little strike exchange there.”

Hunter scatters away from Figgy grabbing the ropes and getting to his feet in the corner. Jacob smirks as he taunts Hunter scratching his head on impact point. Hunter starts to shift around a little more circling Figgy ready for a lock up. Figgy feeling he can out do Hunter in technical wrestling as he has just done with the brawling. The Celtic fury smiles locking up with the Viper, they push each other around a little. Figgy quickly shifts into a side headlock grinding at Hunters head. Sullivan knows full well how to get out of the hold and unlocks Figgy’s hands and pulls back into a hammerlock. Jacob as well knows his way fully around the hammerlock pushing himself back, in and under Sullivan unhooking the arm and pulling back into his own hammerlock. Hunter drops to his knees with a grip on Figgy’s head and snap mares him over head to the mat in front of him. Figgy doesn’t stay down long as he boosts back to his feet and delivers an arm drag onto Hunter nailing him flat to the mat. Hunter in cliché’ technical fashion gets to his feet and knocks Figgy down with his own Arm drag. Jacob rolls through the arm drag and gets back to his feet, Hunter at this time has left for the ropes coming back to deliver a..headlock! Figgy counters Hunters attempt at a move and locks him into a headlock. The Celtic Fury makes a twirl spinning Hunter and cutting of his running momentum. Hunter smirks as he pulls Figgy up for a backbreaker- no. Hunter lifted Figgy up, but the man use’s his momentum to roll it through and land a headlock takedown. Hunter pushes Figgy’s head back in order to counter, The Viper pulls his legs up and wraps in a successful head scissors. Figgy shifts around inside the straining move, soon moving himself into the correct position to counter the head scissors with a hand stand. Figgy goes up in the handstand but is caught off guard as Hunter unwraps his legs and place’s a kick to the back of Jacob’s head. Figgy drops to his shoulders, Hunter making a quick cover.



Figgy kicks himself out of the pin getting himself to his feet being met by Hunter there. Jacob quickly nails an arm drag on Hunter as he attempted to hit a weak left knuckle punch. Figgy locks in an arm bar as he hits the drag quickly shifting into a cross arm bar! Hunter smirks as he shifts around managing to get to a standing position. Sullivan quickly hooks Figgy’s leg in under Fig’s other leg and hooking that leg under his own arm. Figgy quickly knows what is going on, letting out of the arm bar and sending in quick shots and squirming himself to the ropes holding them desperately.

Jon Jon McDaniel:” a unique Clover Leaf attempt by Hunter there, scouted and counter then after by Figgy.”

Brian Rentfro: “this match has really avoided high impact moves, they are keeping it grounded and technical, wonder why.”

Jon Jon McDaniel: “well there styles are not really high impact styles, they are much more submission based then that.”

Hunter laughs as he lets out and back away from Fig telling him he was so close to being locked in. The fans clap as Jacob gets to his feet and grunts getting ready to redeem himself from that last exchange. Jacob moves off the ropes circling around requesting Hunter to try it again. Sullivan smirks as he moves in locking up with Figgy once again. Figgy quickly breaks Hunters left arm away and push’s Hunter to the mat with a fujiwara arm bar. Jacob goes to hook the arm between his knee’s clearly attempting the Spectral Fig Effect! Hunter rolls himself getting away from Figgy’s grasp and getting to his feet. Figgy gets to his feet, the attempt clearly a message about the Texas clover attempt 'I can do that to.' Jacob isn’t at his feet very long as Hunter leaps nailing a dropkick planting Figgy back to the mat. Jacob is mildly dazed as he staggers himself to his feet quickly. Hunter with a knee clip knock’s Figgy right back to the mat, Jacob not liking the fact his knee has been hit. Sullivan quickly takes a hold of Fig’s leg pulling it under his arm. Sullivan seems ready for maybe a single legged Boston crab, however, Jacob wants nothing of it as he kicks Hunter off. Figgy quickly gets back to his feet, trying to go after Hunter with a grapple. Hunter backs up fast getting away, Figgy keeps after him as the Viper keeps moving backward out of his reach. Hunter starts panicking, not wanting Figgy to get a hold of him, looking to back into the ropes and cause separation. The Viper gets to them as Fig grabs his leg and tries to pull him off. The ref gets in-between backing Figgy up off Hunter for the rope break. Jacob not making the impact that he wanted to that round. The Celtic fury grunts and backs up, knowing that he may have made a small psychological impact. The Viper starts to move around the ring, staying close to the ropes to stop any quick assault from Fig. Figgy smirks noticing, however, the idea is a good one. Figgy stands in the middle of the ring waiting for Hunter to come and lock up with him instead.

Jon Jon McDaniel: “Hunter pulling the cowards method and keeps close to the ropes for breaks.”

Brian Rentfro: “ Yeah but Fig notices, and he’s calling him center ring, lets see what he’ll do here.”

Hunter watch’s Figgy’s movement as he moves in and locks up. Figgy push’s up against Hunter hard, the Viper being pushed quickly into the turnbuckle. Figgy ignores Paul London’s warnings as he sends in a hard knee. Jacob starts to brawl in the corner with chops and elbows rabidly, sending Sullivan for a loop. Figgy backs up taunting Hunter before the dazed man lets out a toe kick! Sullivan comes out of the turnbuckle and switch’s places with Figgy starting to send in mud-hole stomps and pushing the man to the bottom of the turnbuckle. Hunter moves on as he starts pouring in Mud-hole punch’s rapidly. The ref finally pushes Hunter away threatening a DQ. The Viper pushes him away to go back to Figgy, getting an eye poke for his troubles! Hunter turns around and holds his eyes as Figgy pulls himself up to his feet, holding his face as he pulls himself to the second rope. Hunter makes a turn to Figgy wiping his eye, things still too blurry to see anything coming. Figgy smirks as he cock’s back his forearm and jumps and nailing a leaping EUROCUTTAH! Hunter is knocked hard to the mat. Figgy rolls Hunter onto his back, quickly pulling down his knee pad as he jumps up and lands a harsh knee on the neck. Hunter reacts holding his neck kicking at the mat as Figgy smirked getting to his feet. Fig steps back and bounces into the ropes coming back and landing another knee to Hunters neck again this time. Figginese is working it’s part well once again as Hunter is being bomb barded with the knees. Figgy smirks as he grabs Hunter and pulls him closer to the ropes for part three. Figgy turns around and starts climbing, getting to the top and turning himself around in time to see Hunter hit the ropes, knocking away his balance and causing him to fall upon his nads! The Viper avoids the fatal knee once again and needs to put an end to Figgy’s advantage. Sullivan soon sends in a weak left shot before grabbing Jacob by his pant helm and neck, tossing him from the top rope onto his back with a thump.

Jon Jon McDaniel: “Jacob good with those knees as he threatens to collapse the wind pipe with a top rope knee.”

Brian Rentfro: “and instead Fig gets dropped on his pride and joy before tossed to the mat like a rag doll.”

Jacob moves to a seated position holding his lower back in pain as The Viper charge’s adding more pain with a soccer kick. Figgy shows that pain as Hunter push’s him to the mat hard and makes a cover, hooking the leg.



kick out.

Figgy pushes his shoulder up as he holds his back and makes a roll to all fours. Sullivan pulls Fig to his feet delivering a chop staggering Jacob back. The Viper delivers another chop as Fig staggers back into the ropes holding his chest. Hunter quickly grabs the Celtic fury by the arm and proceeds to whip the man across the ring in an Irish whip, moving forward waiting for the rebound. The former Next Conspiracy makes that rebound and returns into a stiff back elbow knocking him back to the mat. Hunter makes a decision to go madly after the back after making a nice shot to it with the top rope toss. Sullivan takes Figgy by his legs and turns him locking in a Boston crab. Figgy quickly looks for the ropes, finding them not that far off. Hunter pulls back making sure that both the thighs and the back are being hurt. Figgy makes a groan of pain as he starts to crawl along the matting getting a hold of the bottom rope. Fig ends the submission sooner then Hunter would have liked it to have lasted. Hunter lets out of the hold and gets to his feet, grabbing Figgy by his head and pulling Jacob to his feet along with him. Sullivan grabs Figgy by his wrist and goes to whips him to the other side of the ring. The Viper moves to the center of the ring readying himself to launch Figgy with a hip toss! No, Fig stops himself from being tossed. The Celtic fury quickly sends in a knee, doubling over Hunter and hooking him in a double under hook, or butterfly lock! Hunter quickly drops down, slipping his left arm out and back up, Clothesline! No, Figgy ducks under it turning around and at the same time Hunter does, delivering a Toe kick to the Viper. Fig quickly locks in another double under hook! BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!!! Figgy quickly scurries to the cover,



Thr, no

Hunter toss’s his shoulder into the air breaking the count.

Jon Jon McDaniel: “Nice suplex my Fig who almost secures a cover and one step closer to making himself the franchise.”

Brian Rentfro: “Not to mention a title shot.”

Jacob is disappointed in not being able to put Hunter away with the Suplex. Jacob grabs Hunters hair and starts pulling him to his feet pushing him into the turnbuckle. Jacob starts laying in well aimed elbow shots connecting hard on the jaw of the Viper. Fig lets up for a moment laying in a signature Head butt before backing up a tad and taunting to the man. Sullivan pants in the corner as Jacob lands in a insult slap, seemingly waking Hunter up from his date with Figgy’s elbows. The Celtic fury grabs Hunters arm and whips him across the ring following him as they head towards the turnbuckle. Hunter meets the turnbuckle with a counter attempt as he makes a small handstand on the ropes. Figgy hits the turnbuckle a little after. Hunter push’s himself overhead to the mat in a wobbly landing. Figgy staggers back into a reverse waistlock, quickly making his own standing switch into a reverse waistlock. Hunter sends back hard elbows allowing himself to switch it up once again. Hunter’s leg is a little behind the gap in Figgy’s two legs. Figgy tries the grab the leg and trip Hunter. Sullivan sees it coming and grabs the wrists of both arms letting out of the waistlock and pulling on them. Figgy is flipped to his back as Hunter grabs the legs as they where swept off the mat. Hunter holds Figgy in a pin as the ref moves in for the count.



-roll through!

Figgy roll’s through the pin having Hunter down for the count this time.



th- No

Hunter push’s out of it, storming to his feet meeting Figgy there. Sullivan takes Figgy down quick with an arm drag, Fig returns to his feet and delivers his own arm drag. Both men get quickly back to their feet, Sullivan sends Figgy quick into the ropes. Hunter Readies himself for a back body drop, Fig rebounds off the ropes and jumps over the Viper in a sunset flip! Hunter roll’s through taking quick hold of the ankles of Figgy and pulling him up, crossing one leg behind the other. TEXAS- No!! Figgy grabs Hunter in a front face lock and rolls him back into a roll up!!




-NO Hunter lets go of Figgy’s legs and gets out of the pin attempt!

Jon Jon McDaniel: “was that it? I think that is it!.”

Brian Rentfro: “no, the ref is signaling a two count! That calls got to have some people throwing fits.”

Fans cheer for the men as they both get to their feet, a “This is awesome.” chant starting up. The scientific wrestling impressing the fans. Nice Indy wrestling, just what they expect from the likes of Hunter Sullivan and Jacob Figgins. Hunter and Figgy back up glaring at each other, both making an impact and sending a message with that last exchange. Hunter showing yet again, you need merely blink and he’ll lock the Texas clover in. Figgy on the other hand, shows that even though Hunter can lock the move in a variety of ways, he can counter it. The fans settle down a bit from the clapping and chanting. Hunter starts to shift around circling around Figgy before extending his hand in a handshake. Jacob grows a smirk as he accepts the handshake, much to the dismay of some fans. Sullivan smirks feeling he has got Figgy in his trap as he launch’s for a clothesline! No, Figgy ducks under, now behind Hunter. Fig grabs The Viper in a reverse waistlock sending him overhead with a German suplex! Hunter being shown up, rolls out of the ring trying to regain himself. Fig has no intention of letting Hunter get out of his grasp and follows the man out of the ring. Jacob sends in a hard upper back forearm staggering Hunter into the apron. Figgy follows up, grabbing Hunter by the head and sending him face first into the apron. Hunter staggers back holding his face as Figgy grabs his hand and pulls hard in an Irish whip sending him harder still into the barricade! Figgy taunts at Hunter as he slowly comes up on him pulling him to his feet by his hair. Jacob pulls Sullivan to the steel turnbuckle poll and cock’s back Hunters arm smashing the limb to the metal! Hunter pulls away, holding his arm as Jacob grabs the limb again and pulls it back making another swing! Sullivan holds his arm in pain as Figgy takes a hold of Hunter’s pant helm and hair, rolling him into the ring following after. The count comes to an end as Fig enters the ring. Hunter gets to his feet still holding his arm as Figgy grabs the hurt limb and twirls into a wristlock. Jacob starts sending in hard elbows to Hunters elbow. Figgy follows up knocking Hunter back to the mat with an arm drag, keeping the arm for an arm bar. Hunter kicks at the mat as his elbow is being torn at and pressured in directions it does not go. Sullivan starts to push himself to his feet, quickly looking to counter. Fig on the other hand sees a counter in the mists and quickly acts first, whipping Hunter into the ropes waiting for his return. Hunter hits the ropes and returns in a rebound, Fig is waiting as he grabs Hunters arm upon meeting FUGIWAR- No Hunter has planted his feet not letting Figgy take him to the mat. Jacob send in forearms to Hunter shoulders only for the man to return with strong punch’s knocking Figgy away and into the corner in a stagger.

Jon Jon McDaniel: ” Hunter saves himself there as he keeps a sturdy base on the mat.”

Brian Rentfro: ” Fig could have made Hunter tap out pretty fast with a move like that.”

Hunter goes after Jacob with his good arm hitting a running forearm, knocking him against the turnbuckle pads. Sullivan hooks Figgy into a suplex pulling him away from the turnbuckle a bit turning his back to the ropes, looking to suplex to the outside. Hunter lifts the man up only to be nailed with a knee on a near vertical. Hunter drops Figgy back to the mat, The Celtic fury lifts Hunter up staggering forward a bit stalling with the move. Hunter making a counter, shifts his momentum and falls back down! This time Hunter’s feet plant themselves on the apron, one man in the ring and one out. Sullivan tries to pull Figgy over but the man hooks the ropes in counter, Hunter being fed up with the suplex attempts pulls way and sends In a hard elbow shot. Fig staggers away holding his face, Hunter leaps to the Top rope as Figgy makes the turn, Hunter Springboards hitting the SPRING BOOARD SPI- Miss. The Viper goes right over Figgy’s head as the man drops to the mat. Hunter tumbles with the landing rolling to his feet turning around to Figgy........SPECTRAL FIG EFFFEECCT!!! Hunter is smashes to the mat, the move locked in perfectly. Hunter is moving around, squirming like a rat in a trap. Figgy worries not as the move is locked in perfect. Sullivan’s head is pulled back, his arm in the arm bar. Is there any escape? The ropes... The ropes are half an arms length away, Hunter blindly tries to grab them getting nothing but air and the annoying voice of the ref. “Do you wish to tap out, do you submit?” Hunter screams a ‘No’ as he rolls Figgy to his back, his shoulders to the mat!



THR- No,

Figgy puts himself back in position the move still locked in!

Jon Jon McDaniel: “Hunters fighting it, but how much longer can he last in this position!”

Brian Rentfro: “ if Hunter taps he give up far more then just this match, and I think that choice weights heavy on his mind right now.”

Hunter makes the roll one more time, this time however, he makes a full roll through back into the cross face closer to the ropes! Hunter reach’s out hooking his arm on the bottom rope. The ref Paul London moves in demanding Fig let out of the hold. Jacob makes a tug back before letting out glaring at the Viper as he rolls himself from the ring staggering blindly into the barricade. Jacob looks at Hunter with a smirk as the Viper backs up and holds his arm in pain. Jacob quickly sped towards the ropes hitting a rebound and speeds back to the starting ropes. SUICIDA DIVVE- NO!! Hunter turns and ducks seeing the man dive out, Figgy comes a tad bit short of the barricade! Fig hits his lower back off the top of the rubber as he crashes to a heap on the mat!

Brian Rentfro: “Jacob crashes and burns with a rough shot to his back.”

Jon Jon McDaniel: “if he Is not careful, Hunter can very easily take advantage of the back wound.”

The Viper gets to his feet looking around in a daze, he glances back to see Figgy holding his back in pain kicking at the matting. Sullivan sees his opportunity as he moves to Figgy holding his arm slightly before pulling Jacob to his feet. Hunter quickly rams Fig forward to the apron forcing his lower back off it. Hunter quickly hoists Figgy up to his shoulder moving towards the steel turnbuckle poll, ramming the back into it causing more damage. Hunter lowers Fig to the mat and switches to a scoop. Sullivan moves to the steel steps ending with a slam onto the structure making a clear attack on the back. Soon after doing so Hunter retrieves Figgy, rolling him onto the apron and pushes him into the ring following him. Hunter makes a quick cover hooking Figgy’s leg hoping the damage done outside was enough.



kick out.

With a scoff Hunter moves to his feet pulling Figgy with him hoping to add the finishing touch’s to the back. Hunter nails in a European upper cut, causing Figgy to hold his chin turn around a bit, and stagger towards the ropes. Hunter follows him, pushing him to the ropes as he starts sending in rapid forearm shots! Figgy groans in pain as his back is attacked. Hunter quickly grabs Figgy’s arm and whips him across the ring readying himself for his return. TILTA WHIRL BACK B-Figgy slides off the back and lands behind Hunter. Jacob quickly drops Hunter in a neck breaker! Figgy rolls to all fours and starts to his feet, his back paining him as he staggers into the turnbuckle. Sullivan holds his neck slightly as he works to his feet eyeing Figgy. Hunter makes it fully to his feet, grunting as he charges Jacob with a forearm! However, The Viper meets only turnbuckle as Fig dodged out of the way. Jacob slipping up behind Hunter grabbing him in a reverse waist lock. German suplex! Figgy holds it through! A second GERMAN! Figgy works himself back to his feet, THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX. Hunter is laid out on the mat parallel to the ropes. Figgy staggers to his feet staggering to the ropes as he holds his back in pain. The Celtic fury starts to climb to turnbuckle facing towards Hunter as he tossed is arms out in a Jesus Christ pose... DIVING HEAD BUT!!!! Hunter is knocked hard in the skull, sending him in to a small twitch fest ending with Hunter kicking at the mat holding his head in pain. The skull shattering head butt taking its toll on both men as Figgy is unable to make a cover.

Jon Jon McDaniel: “Fantastic head butt takes both men to town with a brutal impact.”

Brian Rentfro: “Figgy needs to grab the cover, if he can’t he is tossing away the opportunity he just gave himself.”

Jacob holds his skull as he drags himself to the cover.




Hunter kicks out!

Figgy was unable to make the cover in time, and Hunter was able to get himself to recover enough to kick out at the last moment. Figgy pounds the ground in anger and frustration as he gets to his feet with help from the ropes. Jacob wants to end this, and end it now as he taunts to the fans, pointing to Hunter. Pulling up the dead weight, Fig takes hold of Hunter in a front cancery, Gates Of Val- Hunter rolls off the back! Fuggy turns! Hunter bounce’s off the ropes!! VIPPERR SNA- No! Figgy dodges! Hunter catches air as he gets back to his feet into a LARIT- No, Hunter turns it into a Roll up!!



No Figgy roll’s it through!!



Kick out!

Hunter and Figgy rush back to their feet, heading to opposite sides of the ring in a mad dash, rebounding and heading back to meet each other. Hunter sends out his arm attempting a Lariat But Fig ducks under and turns around grasping hunter from behind with a DANNNGERROUUUS BACK SUPLEXXX!!! Figgy bridges!



Jon Jon McDaniel: “Fig’s shoulders are down as well!"


Hunter's kicks out and saves the match from another draw! Fans spurt to their feet in utter shock as Jacob pounds the mat in frustration, not fully realizing what he almost did. Deep breaths and irritation raise up as Jacob grabs hold of Hunter's nearly limp body, dragging him to a vertical. Sullivan pushes him off only to stagger defenseless into the corner, swinging blind shots. Jacob backs away and shakes his head in pity. Jacob grabs his elbow pad and throws it to the outside as he backs up into the corner, eyeing Sullivan as he slowly staggers out of the corner with a glazed look in his eye. LARRIIITTOOOOO~! No! Sullivan plays possum, grabbing the oncoming wrestler by the arm, swinging behind him, hooking his neck and arm. TIGER SUPLEX 85', BRIDGE!





Jacob thrashes out of the pin with what looks to be the last bit of effort he can muster.

Jon: "This is it folks, this is why these two men will go down in history as the best wrestlers to ever come across this ring. Everything is being left in that ring, everything. "

Hunter isn't exactly in a better position than his opponent, but he does manage to find his feet first, going limp against the ropes. The Viper shakes his head in bewilderment as he leans against the turnbuckle, yelling across the ring at his downed opponent to rise up, rubbing his leg for the finally. Jacob slowly starts to stir, pushing himself up with great issue.


They don't know what their willing him to do however, as he takes the fans ray of encouragement to get himself finally to his feet! VIPER SNA- Jacob Side steps the move! Hunter stumbles and turns as jacob dives in for a soaring shinning wizard! Hunter ducks and hoists Figgy into an electric chair, shades of last week against Meghan Nash Strader! Jacob rolls through just as she does, not thinking for a moment as Hunter twirls the legs and locks in the Guerrilla clutch! The wounded leg is being ripped to shreds as Sullivan contorts the inverted Texas cloverleaf! Jacob rolls forward, hooking Hunter's legs, but he is still interlocked into the clutch!



Brian: "It's a TIE! again! another tie! I can't believe it! What are we supposed to do? how are we supposed to proceed from here?"
Jacob and Hunter are bewildered at what just happened, eyeing each other as the ref looks back and forth between them, not sure how to go on.

Andy:"I said there would be no ties this time, I promised that no matter what, there would be a winner, and a loser. There will only be one man going to the finals at WTM, and we're about to find out who. Hit the replay!"
the fans roar in appreciation as Andy stands center stage, not impressed with how things just went down. With that, the jumbo-tron scrambles to life, a shot by shot of Hunter and Figgy's last exchange playing slowly in front of everyone. The footage slowly plays back as eyes are peeled, glaring at both Jacob's hand, and the refs, unsure who hit the mat first. But with that, comes our answer.



The crowd roars as Jacob raises his hand in the air, disbelief pouring out of his emotions as the ref grabs his arm, raising it up! Going on to the finals is Jacob Figgins, the black horse in this entire thing just might pull it off, he's got it, he's going to the end, proving he is the true better of the two wrestlers, finally.

Jon: "I can't beleive it, he won, he made it past Hunter Sullivan, he silenced every critique here tonight, he might just prove that, without a doubt, Jacob Figgins is on the way to the top, he's on the way to glory! And Hunter, he'-"

Brian: "is about to knock Figgy's head off!"

With that jacob turns around to a seething Sullivan who gets up in his face, the crowd unsure how to react!

Brian: "Do it!"

Hunter: "Take it through to the end Jacob, Take it to the top."

With that, Sullivan grabs hold of Figgy's hand, shaking it.

Hunter: "Don't you dare let me down. Don't you fucking dare."

Jon: "What a show of respect! Hunter Swallows his pride, shaking Jacob's hand and wishing him luck in the finals."

Brian: "What, I can't believe this, how!"

With that, Jacob nods and backs away as the Viper rolls out of the ring, making his way back to the locker room, leaving Figgy to his celebration.

Mathews, Marxx & Bogard vs Stone, Wood & Hayes

6 Man Tag Team Match

No one expected this to be a five star wrestling classic, and that’s certainly not what we got. It starts out clean enough with Wood and Bogard exchanging holds, Marvin getting the slight upper hand in that department until Cody is able to catch marvin with a back elbow that bloodies the lip of the Crown Jewel. Wood tags in Hayes and he charges in knocking down Cody. The two of them fight back and forth for a bit, Hayes using his power to ground Bogard for the most part before he can tag in Marxx. The Canadian Predator makes his entrance in the match to the underside of Hayes’ boot, knocking him down pretty quickly. Jethro works over Marxx for a bit, making sure to keep the pressure up. Hayes tags in Stone and Viktor comes in looking to continue the team dominance. Stone and Marxx actually go back and forth with Marxx getting enough time to make the hot tag to the PWA World Champion, Anna Mathews!

Anna comes in and immediately levels Viktor with the Boomerfly kick. She can’t make the cover though as Wood and Hayes both come into the ring and the real fight starts here. Back and forth the brawling goes, but with the 3-2 advantage the Champion’s team is looking more dominate, at least until Hayes PLOWs right through Marxx! Marxx is sent flying out of the ring, and thats when Anna dashes over and hits Jethro with a crossbody block, knocking both of them over the top rope! Marvin, who was getting the worse treatment out of his team since Stone went out, finds himself alone in the ring with Cody Bogard, who is looking far more aggressive tonight than the PWA audience has seen him. Wood maneuvers his way behind him to set up his Labyrinth, body Bogard is having none of it, dropping to his knees and flipping Marvin over his back. Wood scrambles to his feet and takes a wild swing that Cody ducks and as Wood finds his balance, Cody kicks him in the midsection before hooking his head and dropping down for a Stunner! Cody hits Hero Time and makes the cover for the 1 2 3!

Winner: Cody Bogard, Anna Mathews and Marxx at 9:51