World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Who's The Man Now?

Patting his elbow pads into his opposite palm Jacob Figgins sits on a bench deep in trance. His match is next and it's do or die time against Viktor stone. Standing to his feet the Pulse stretches out his arms, bouncing back and forth from foot to foot. It's time. With that the returning wrestler leaves his locker room where he stops, eyes locked with a man he knows very well.

Hunter Sullivan.

Neither of them speak up, eyes locked in an intense fire, a passion oozing from both men. They just stand there, glaring at each other just waiting. The history of these two men bellow an enormous cheer from the fans. Both members of G.O.D breath silently into the moment before Hunter finally speaks up.

Hunter: "See you in the Semis."

Figgy nods, not breaking eye contact.

Figgy: "Good luck."

The tension is palpitating as Jacob finally walks away, the music for his match hitting up over the sound system.

Viktor Stone, I Have A Package For You!

The crowd erupts at the sight Tamika Nash Strader as she carries a package. Looks like maybe a painting is in it, meaning the package is kind of flat. Tamika knocks on the dressing room the door. The Beast himself answers, and glares at Tamika.

Viktor Stone: What the fuck do you want?

Tamika just frowns.

TNS: Now, now Viktor I’m just here to wish you good luck on your match in the WTM tournament tonight!

Viktor Stone: Oh? Then what is that you’re holding onto?

TNS: Oh, this?

Tamika smiles as she holds up the package.

TNS: This isn’t from me, but it is for you! Good luck tonight Viktor! I hear Figgy is a bit crazy!

Tamika skips off down the hallway, as Stone rips open the package. It’s a steel chair, and a note attached. The camera zooms in.

“Dear Viktor,
Just incase you actually win this tournament; here is the chair you sat on when you sat out on our match at London’s Burning. I figure you’ll sit out on your next shot as well, and I’m a tad nostalgic.

Sincerely, Scott Nash Strader”

Stone throws the chair against the wall in the hallway and slams his door.

Vitaliy Sokolov vs Johnny Maverick

First Blood Match

With both men in the ring, the referee motions for the bell and it rings. Johnny Maverick immediately begins going for a number of elbow and knee strikes, but Vitaliy follows his every move carefully and swats away a number of the strikes or simply expertly moves out of their way completely. Vitaliy with a side headlock takedown puts Johnny to the canvas and immediately locks in a single leg crab. He wrenches the move, steadily applying more and more pressure on The Sadistic Sex Symbol despite the fact this is a first blood match. The blood thirsty crowd here in Durham gets restless. Vitaliy lets go of the hold and picks Johnny up off the canvas immediately. Johnny with an elbow strike catches Vitaliy hard across the face and he stumbles back holding his nose. The referee makes him remove his hand to see if he’s bleeding from the strike while Johnny slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from ringside. Johnny slides back in with the chair in hand. Vitaliy shoves the official out of the way and turns around, dropping to one knee to protect himself as Johnny swings the chair and connects with Sokolov’s back.

Sokolov’s back up and he crosses his arms over his face as Johnny swings the chair again, and follows it up with a lifting front waistlock tackle that shakes the canvas. Sokolov gets up and kicks the chair out of the ring. Maverick is back up and hits a roundhouse kick that sends Sokolov stumbling back. Johnny climbs the to the top rope and comes off as he attempts a hurricanrana but Sokolov catches him instead and hits a stunning spinning fishermans neckbreaker, what The Black Spider calls LAUNCH CODE! The Black Spider locks in a guillotine choke and Johnny refuses to tap out. However with no disqualifications and no rope breaks, Vitaliy Sokolov maintains the choke for almost five entire minutes with Johnny struggling to keep breathing even. The crowd are all on their feet, many here in Durham upset that Sokolov has chosen not to attack Johnny with any weapons however as The Sadistic Sex Symbol begins to cough blood from the guillotine choke the referee calls for the bell. The bell rings and Vitaliy after a few more moments lets go of Johnny Maverick. His arm is raised in victory as “Spetsnaz Theme(MW2)” by Hans Zimmer begins to play and the blood thirsty crowd here in Durham is thoroughly impressed.

Winner: Vitaliy Sokolov in 11:54

I Found Ze Mustache!

Tamika is on a mission it would seem tonight. She is always in search of someone. This someone we think is Jacob Figgins. Ok, it is Jacob Figgins, but sometimes a little mystery doesn’t hurt, alright?! Anyways, Tamika is looking for the Fig-O-Rama. She turns a corner and bumps into the FigNewton himself, The Conspiracy Theory, Jacob H Figgins. We don’t know if his middle name starts with an H or not, it just sounds right.

TNS: Jacob! Just the man I’ve been looking for!

Jacob Figgins: Why is that Tamika?

Tamika pulls out the very mustache that fell off Figgy’s face due to male pattern baldness.

TNS: I found this a few weeks back Jacob, and figured you’d want it back!

Figgins takes it and looks at it, then up at Tamika.

TNS: Also, I just wanted to say good luck against the Beast tonight in the tournament! My dad says not to worry, he’ll probably sit out anyways. Oh speaking of my dad, here ya go!

Tamika hands Figgy a letter and heads off down the hallway, presumably to find the next competitor in the tournament. Figgy puts on the mustache and chuckles. He opens up the letter.

“Dear Jacob,

Remember the time I switched the powder inside the caplets of your medication with cocaine? Heh, well enjoy.

Seriously, I did it again. Have fun!

Scott Nash Strader”

Figgy’s eyes go white and his pupils dilate. He twirls his fake mustache.

Jacob Figgins: Oh no, ze cocaine!

Jacob Figgins vs Viktor Stone

WTM 2013 Quarterfinals Match

It doesn’t take long for the crowd to get into this quarterfinals match as Jacob Figgins and Viktor Stone end up meeting each in the crowd here in Durham, North Carolina! The old guard REBEL Pro fans are going nuts as Viktor Stone has Jacob Figgins in a bear hug and then quickly puts him down with a spinebuster on top of a couple of fans. The fans though are drunk and having a great time as they pour beer on both competitors. Figgins with a quick elbow strike to Viktor’s head from the ground before he rolls to his feet and follows it up with a running knee strike in the crowd. The fans shove Stone back into Figgins. Both men end up smashing each other across the face with beer bottles and steel chairs as they make their way through the frenzied crowd and to ringside. Viktor Stone flips a bloodied Figgins over the guard rail and to the ringside before climbing up over to join him. On the outside of the ring now, Stone lifts Figgins up but Jacob Figgins grabs onto Viktor Stone and hits ANOTHER NEW CRISIS! The crowd goes wild as Figgins covers Viktor Stone on the outside! BUT HE ONLY GETS A 2 COUNT! No one can believe it! Viktor Stone is far from done as he throws Figgins off of him. Both men on their feet and Figgins rushes Viktor but Viktor catches Figgins and hits an Exploder suplex into the corner post!!! Stone covers Figgins now but now HE only gets a 2 count!!!

Viktor throws Figgins into the ring and then slides in behind him quickly. But Figgins, even though he’s groggy gets to his feet and hits a spinning neckbreaker on Viktor Stone! He covers! 1! 2!! NO!!! KICK OUT!!! Viktor Stone has life again, throwing Figgins off of him and into the corner. He takes Figgins to the top rope… THE WTF!!! AND THE WHOLE CROWD IS GOING W-T-F!!! A devastating top rope brainbuster HAS to have Figgins done! The Beast covers! 1! 2!! 3!!! NOOOO FIGGINS KICKS OUT!!! Viktor Stone can’t believe it. Despite it he lifts Figgins back up but gets caught off guard with a lariat! Then Figgins grabs onto Viktor Stone with the last bit of his strength and hits Conspiracy Lies Behind The Gates of Valhalla!!! Both men, bloodied and bruised lay in a mess on the canvas but Figgins drapes his arm over Viktor Stone for the 1! 2!! 3!!!

Winner: Jacob Figgins in 15:27

Sisterly Love

Tamika has found her way back to her own locker room. She has it filled with rainbow colored roses, and a big banner that says ‘Good Luck’ hanging off the wall. The crowd as Tamika jumps up and down clapping excitedly.

TNS: Oh Meghan will just love this!

Jon Jon McDaniel: It’s nice to see sisters who actually like each other.

Brian Rentfro: Jezebel.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Remember who her husband is Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Oh right… What a sweetheart of a girl!

All of a sudden rice and confetti fall down, and Tamika turns to see Meghan has walked into the room. She is covered in the aforementioned as well. Meghan shakes her head, smiling. Tamika shrugs.

TNS: Good luck?

MNS: Thanks Meeka. You are a sweet heart.

Tamika is all smiles as she gives her big sister a hug. Meghan looks around the room.

MNS: Where are you getting all the time to do this? I’ve seen you on the televisions talking to other competitors in the Whos the Man.

TNS: I have this book by Roberta Sparrow. I’m not sure you would understand.

MNS: Uh-huh, righttttttt.

All she can do is smile and laugh at her little sister. She gives her another hug as she looks about at all the beautiful roses.

Jon Jon McDaniel: I can’t wait for that match tonight Brian. Strader vs. Sullivan. Should be pretty epic!

Brian Rentfro: Two out of three falls, and I’m betting it comes down to a single fall between those two. Plus, maybe we will see some Strader boob finally!

What About Bob?

We're backstage at the Aggression Arena with William Mercy and long-time PWA interviewer Bud Adams! There is a PWA backdrop and Mercy is already in his ring gear, amped up for tonight's event.

Bud Adams: Mr. Mercy, you have an extremely important quarterfinals match tonight against May Havoc, who you had it out with over the airwaves this week. Any final words for her?

Mercy pauses for a moment.

William Mercy: I've said everything I've needed to say to her and she, just like Cody Bogard, lives in a world painted only black and white. She wants to condemn me, call me a throwback to a dying era... well, that's fine. I respect her opinion, but I do my business the best way I know how and I've gotten results. It'll all be cleared up tonight, so what else do you have?

Bud Adams: Very well, I wanted to move on to Jethro Hayes. Is it true you wanted to propose a stipulation to your match with him tonight on Rampage?

Mercy takes a drink of his water and retorts.

William Mercy: Yes that's correct. Jethro Hayes and I could fight in a normal environment, keep all the rules in play and really test our mettle as wrestlers and fighters. Or, Bud, or...

I could challenge him to a match that would favor his brute strength and hatred of me, and then best him in said match all the while cementing his downward spiral so he can rise better than he ever was in his entire career!

Mercy pauses to think about that. Bud is left wondering what it would be.

Bud Adams: And that would be?

William Mercy: I don't know Bud. I'm trying to rack my brain here, but I just can't think of any match that he would actually have an advantage against me in.

Bud shakes his head.

Bud Adams: What about a Last Man Standing match?

William Mercy: Oh come on, Bud. His lazy ass wouldn't be able to get up after I knocked him around for awhile.

Bud Adams: Hell in a Cell?

William Mercy: Nooope. Just wait until you see what I do to May tonight and you'll see that locking me in a cage is a bad idea.

Bud Adams: But she's a woman?

William Mercy: But NOTHING! She's still a fighter! Next!

Bud Adams: Oh I don't know... A Boiler Room Brawl?

William Mercy: With my speed and endurance? He'd pass out in like five minutes. You really are terrible at this, aren't you?

Bud shakes his head again.

Bud Adams: Well at least you're not calling me by the wrong name.

William Mercy: I'm calling you by the wrong name? What is it then, Bob?

Bud throws his arms up in the air and starts yelling gibberish, only then to walk away. Mercy looks stunned and then looks at the camera man.

William Mercy: What did I say?

Mercy shrugs.

William Mercy: Don't worry, folks, I will figure out the perfect match to defeat Jethro Hayes in!

Mercy walks down the hallway as we fade to the ring.

Marxx vs Marvin Wood vs Jethro Hayes

I Quit Match

After all three opponents have made their way to the ring and the bell has sounded, the three each circle each other with weary glances to one another. After a few moments of circling, Jethro Hayes and Marxx nod to one another and charge Marvin Wood. Marvin tries to fight the two off, but the speed of Marxx and strength of Hayes quickly overwhelm him. The two force Wood out of the ring with a barrage of kicks and stomps, and then square off against one another.

Marxx takes control early with an onslaught of strikes Jethro Hayes can’t seem to counter, striking quickly and with no hesitation. He works Jethro into a corner where he nails him with a quick series of punches, kicks, chops, and finally a step up knee to the head!

Jethro collapses and rolls out of the ring. Marxx raises his arms up, and the crowd erupts in a roar of cheers. Surprised, he signals for more noise, and the crowd gets louder. With a smile he turns and is nailed by Wood, delivering a near-decapitating clothesline! Marvin works Marxx over with a variety slams and suplexes, working the crowd into a larger frenzy with each slam. Marvin finally works Marxx into the Imperfect Science, Marxx’s hand hovering just inches above the canvas getting ready to quit.

Wood adds more torque to the move, but before Marxx has the opportunity to quit, Jethro flies into the ring with a steel chair, swinging it right into the back of Wood! The crowd pops as we get more dangerous, Hayes dropped the chair on the mat and grabbing Woof by the hair, throwing him over the top ropes. It's then that we see William Mercy appear from backstage, walking down towards the ring. Marvin Wood looks over at Mercy, but Mercy motions to him not to worry. Jethro Hayes notices William Mercy outside the ring but Mercy merely applauds Jethro before turning around to walk back up the entrance ramp. Jethro scoffs at Mercy's attempt to get into his head and goes back to Marxx, picking him up, already weak from Wood’s hold, Hayes is able to lift him up and drive him straight down to the mat with the Planter! Hayes asks the referee to ask Marxx if he quits, but hearing a noise, Jethro turns around and is driven straight down onto the steel chair with Wood’s Imperfect Tense! Marvin rolls Marxx under the bottom rope and to the floor and grabs Hayes, pulling his head back under Wood’s arm, once again applying his Imperfect Science. As Marvin is pulling back, the crowd tries to get behind Hayes, to fuel him to power out, but too much has been taken out of him, with his shoulder tearing out of its socket Hayes has no choice but to quit the match for his own health.

Winner: Marvin Wood

Like A Fucking Ninja!

Hunter Sullivan sits in his dressing room getting ready for his match. There is a knock at the door so he gets up to answer it. It’s a PWA employee of some sort, and she is carrying a dozen black roses. She hands them to Hunter.

Hunter Sullivan: I think you got the wrong room.

PWA Employee: Nope, I was told these were for Hunter Sullivan, to wish him good luck on his match tonight.

Hunter doesn’t buy the good will, and he shouldn’t as the crowd erupts in cheers as Tamika Nash Strader slips down from the vent in the ceiling like a fucking Ninja. Hunter takes his roses and closes the door. As he turns around he’s bet with a superkick that sends him crashing into the door, and the vase breaking in his hands. Black roses scattered everywhere.

Brian Rentfro: She thinks she’s a hoodie ninja?!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Maybe Hunter shouldn’t have messed with the other Cowgirl!

Tamika smiles at the fallen Hunter who is in a daze. Tamika walks up to him, grabbing him by his collar and pulling his face to hers.

TNS: I don’t know where you get off blind siding me when your issue is with Meghan. What you have done, was a very big mistake. I’m watching you now, Cunter.

Tamika sneers her family’s trademark.

TNS: You thought you declared war before? The Cowgirls declare war on you, asshole.

Tamika pushes him to the side and opens up the door to leave. Before she does, she stops and turns around to look at Hunter one last time.

TNS: Oh, and by the way Cunter, if I hear you slandering our name with the word heroin again, when there is no legal proof of this, I will not only sue your ass for slander, but I’ll make sure you never walk again.

Tamika looks into the camera and smiles out at the crowd.

TNS: And you thought Meghan was vindictive.

She winks as the crowd cheers loudly.

Meghan Nash Strader vs Hunter Sullivan

WTM 2013 Quarterfinals Match

Jon Jon McDaniel: If you are just tuning, you are just in time for our 2 out of 3 falls match in the quarter finals of the Whos The Man Tournament! First fall is normal PWA rules, but after ladies and gentlemen, expect it to get a little violent!

Brian Rentfro: Yep that is right Jon, and our competitors are already to go!

The Viper and MNS glare at each other from across the ring, a deep hatred riling between them. The Ref Paul London gives them both a glance before giving the universal signal to begin! With that…. They both stay where they are, scouting their opposition. Sullivan smiles as he slowly begins strafing to his left. Meghan mimics the occasion, trying to keep lower to the ground for the leverage advantage that she’ll need. Sullivan inches closer and fakes a leg shoot that brings MNS to drop a knee in defense, garnering a chuckle from her opponent. A test of the water shows Meghan is truly paying attention, she’s gonna need to. Sullivan jerks forward again, meeting up with Meghan in a elbow collar tie up. Meghan being the weaker of the two presses on forward oddly. It leads to a bad result as Sullivan begins to push her back, that’s merely part of the plan as she suddenly drops down and trips the Viper. A quick follow up has the former tag champion Strader trying to lock in a fujiwara, but doesn’t get far when Sullivan rolls through and to his feet, arm wringring his opponent onto her back.

Jon McDanel: Hunter with his classic chain wrestling.

Brian Rentfro: Exactly why he’ll meet the Phoenix in the finals!

The arm is still locked in as Meghan leans back and kips back up to her feet. Sullivan maintains an advantage chopping viciously against her chest once she’s to a vertical, arm still locked. A trip and Meghan is back to the canvas on her back! Hunter lands a stiff kick to the elbow before placing his foot against MNS’s face, dropping down into a straight seated position hyper extending the arm! The arm is finally free as the Strader gets back to her feet, trying not to bring any attention to it. She shakes it off as Hunter circles back in for another lock up. Meghan tries to adapt, going for the lock up but twirling in with a go-behind, locking the thigh and forcing Sullivan to the ground. Olympic style wrestling comes into play as Meghan works her way up the body and clasps in a side headlock. Hunter fights the hold for a moment before grasping the smaller wrestler and rolling to the side, bringing her into a pin! 1 count before Meghan rolls back into a controlled headlock. Hunter repeats the process! 1 count again!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Meghan holding her own in his style of wrestling!

Brian Rentfro: Still won’t be enough to win.

Sullivan’s face grows red as Meghan regains herself once more, spreading her base and avoiding a roll. The Viper isn’t done yet though as he presses himself up, attempting to get to his feet, dragging the lighter wrestler up with him! Belly to back suplex! Hunter is free, but Meghan doesn’t let it go down that easy, spurting for a follow up, Hunter counters with an arm drag, back to their feet and Meghan hits the arm drag this time around. Back to their feet a third time and Meghan goes high for a surprise roundhouse, Sullivan ducks for a sweep! Meghan jumps it! The fans explode in cheers as both wrestlers back off for a moment, looking each other up and down. Sullivan rolls his shoulder a tad as he offers almost a sarcastic test of strength. Meghan only smirks, accepting, locking in the left hand. Tension is high as the right hands move closer into being locked up, and for good reason as Meghan twirls, countering up with an arm wrench up into a Hammerlock. Hunter writhes in pain for a moment before dropping to one knee and snapmaring the female over and in front of him for a Sleeper hold!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Hunter is really working the neck of the Cowgirl from Hell!

Meghan immediately struggles as Sullivan clenches the hold in viciously like a vicegrip. The oxygen is cut immediately as Meghan makes a mild panic, thrashing to the side, trying to get a vertical, but failing. Calming down she tries to think clearly. Sullivan thrashes her side to side, trying to tire her out faster, but being a Strader she refused to give in so easily, every fall counts. EYE GOUGE! Hunter flails off holding his left eye as it waters up! The referee gets in and berates Meghan for the cheating! he gives her a strict warning, but she survives disqualification. Grasping for breath she tries to bring attention to the choke, but it's too late as the one eye'd Viper takes advantage of the moment with a flurry of elbow shots! Meghan staggers back, into the ropes and the corner where the ref initiates a rope break. It doesn't matter because Hunter hits the ropes and returns for a flying European! Meghan ricochets out of the corner onto the canvas, rolling out of the ring for a moment, catching her breath! Sullivan keeps his momentum, hitting the ropes, TOPE SUICIDA! Meghan side steps and thrusts him into the barricade!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Hunter has to be hurting from that one!

Brian Rentfro: I’m sure Meghan doesn’t feel any better!

A tremendous cheer erupts out of the audience as MNS smirks, looking down at Sullivan who cradles his shoulder that was smashed into the steel. Meghan takes a breath before grabbing Sullivan's hair, dragging him to his feet and slamming his forehead atop the apron. Meghan looks to the fans as they start counting.






7 shots!

Sullivan staggers into the steel turnbuckle and rests against it as Meghan backs up and soars with a flying forearm, the fans 'ooooo'n ' along with the build up, whacking the former global champion into the metal! Fans are solidly behind the eldest Strader daughter as she rolls the Viper back into the ring, following in behind him. Dragging the dazed wrestler to his feet Meghan showers in the fans that call for the Misery! A swift kick to the stomach results however in the Viper grasping the foot, capturing it, and launching with a capture suplex! Hunter doesn't move fast, he's still dazed and rocked from the assault outside the ring. MNS is dazed and confused, but with a few words from her sister outside the ring, she manages to bring herself up to her feet.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Some inspiring words from Tamika to help her sister!

Hunter and MNS meet their feet at the same time, shaking their heads clear for a moment, before realizing the equilibrium presented. The Viper rubs the back of his head, keeping a firm eye on his opponent who moves in closer. A lock up and Hunter isn't joking around anymore. Quickly, almost without effort, Sullivan twirls the formerly attacked arm once again, driving an elbow down on the shoulder with a sickening thud. MNS rolls forward and back to her feet but Sullivan repeats the process, rolling forward himself, wringering Meghan to the canvas where he nails a firm kick to the back of the twisted arm! She cringes but doesn't give up, rolling backwards on the ground and cartwheeling forward once on her feet, bringing Hunter this time to the arm wrench. MNS is making a mistake though as she's playing a game Hunter has perfected. Grabbing a nearby top rope the Viper uses an assisted summersault to reverse the lock once again! This time however he deems it necessary to sprint, arm still locked, the short distance to the adjacent ropes, diving out onto the outside matting! Meghan's arm snaps roughly against the second rope in a brutal arm breaker. Kicking and writhing Meghan's left arm is cradled to her side!

Jon Jon McDaniel: The Viper is looking for blood, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: and I don’t blame him.

Tamika looks concerned as the ref gets involved, checking on any possible injuries. The Viper doesn't get his name from nowhere as he rolls back into the ring, capitalizing, stomping repeatedly, over and over again, into the injured arm. She holds onto her dignity, refusing to yelp or show the immense pain her arm is in, but it's only a cover. Hunter smells as much as he forcefully jerks her upright, grabbing her hair and arm to help. Flung into the steel turnbuckle goes her shoulder! A loud "ooooo" can be heard as Meghan trashes herself out of the corner holding her arm, leaning on the ropes! Hunter smells blood in the water, grabbing the arm, wrapping it illegally over the top rope and arm baring it back! Meghan's stoic expression crumbles as the pain delves deep into her arm. The ref immediately tries to break the hold! Hunter doesn't care a whole lot as he releases, strutting away with a sense of superiority.

Brian Rentfro: That’s right, you are better than her!

Meghan seethes in irritation and pain as Hunter gives her a small window to recover, arrogantly. MNS snarls at the cocksucking asshole, bringing herself to a vertical, trying to no sell the obviously pained arm. The Viper smirks as he paces the ring, enjoying the heart the Strader has put into covering up her weakness. With a nod and an appeasing gesture, Hunter offers another lock up. The cocky technician goats her forward where her hatred and perhaps pride, will her to accept. Another lock up brings Hunter to viciously headbut Meghan in the nose! it doesn't break, but it's startling none the less as Hunter capitalizes, hooking a northern lights suplex! bridging it up!




Sullivan rolls it through, holding onto his opponent with a firm grasp. Back to his feet he delivers another suplex!



th- Kickout!

Hunter's relentless in his assault! Another rolls through and Sullivan brings the two back to their feet, another su- No Meghan returns the favor with her own headbut! Closing by return Sullivan staggers back into the ropes! Meghan charges with a clothes line but the sneaky Viper drops the top rope! Skin the cat! MNS is on the apron. Hunter's to his feet, hurricanranna out of the ring! Meghan's crafty nature manages to take advantage of her scenario! Sullivan's hurt but not out as he gets to his feet. Now sturdy on the apron the elegant Strader leaps off for a second hurricanranna! CAUGHT! Sullivan swings her viciously into the barricade! A chorus of jeers fall down into the ring as Sullivan staggers away point to his head, out smarting his opponent.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Pure arrogance.

Brian Rentfro: More like intelligence.

Tamika scurries in to check on her sister who is resting alongside the barricade, checking on her health. Meghan nods her head that she's okay, a small trickle of blood plopping out of her nose from the earlier headbut. Wiping it away Tamika offers a hand in helping her to her to her fe- VIPER SNAP! Tamika's head bounces like a rubber ball off the barricade as fans stand at attention! A deep guttural groan of jeers fall down upon the Viper as he gloats about what he's just done! For the second time now The Viper has taken advantage of a distracted Tamika. She's out cold as Meghan tries to bring some life back into her.
Meghan's eyes are ablaze with righteous anger as she launches herself out of the corner! Right hands connect with such furry that Hunter can't retort to it! What was once boos are now cheers as the fans are dead set behind Meghan as she nearly rips Hunter's face off with unending fists!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Meghan on fire with the fists!

The Viper can hardly respond as he basically retreats around the corner of the ring. It doesn't work however as Meghan chases, using the steel steps as a launching point for a lu thez press! More fists and snarling anger cripple Hunter's lead in the match! The ref Is tending to Tamika on the other side of the ring with a few stage hands, a few drops of blood reemerging from the same cut Sullivan had given her. This proves to be more detrimental for Sullivan than he had realized because marching in tow now is a chair wielding Strader! CRACK! vengeance feels good as Meghan hands the chair back to a ecstatic ring side fan. With the evidence missing Meghan rolls the Viper into the ring. A delayed count as the ref snaps back into the match.




Meghan slams the mat in frustration! She's not done yet though as she face washes the brow of her opponent, instigating his revival. Keeping an eye on her opponent Meghan waits till he's nearly to his feet before spurting, springboarding, and connecting with a VICIOUS blockbuster! The neckbreaker hits firmly as a follow up pin comes to seal the deal.


thrr- kick out!

Sullivan's not done, and neither is MNS who blatantly starts to choke Hunter out there and then! The ref pushes her off but it doesn't matter, the relentless assault isn't about to end there. She points to the top rope, marching to her destination with purpose and deathly intent. Sullivan brings himself to life slowly, gasping for breaths as he slowly pushes himself up into a kneeling position. FATALITY! Hunter's face smashes against the canvas as Meghan's knee pummels into his skull! Meghan goes for the cover but can't manage to hook the leg with her gimping arm.




No, rope break!

The ref is calling it, his leg was on the bottom rope!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Meghan looks irritated!

Brian Rentfro: happens when you aren’t as smart as your opponent.

It's starting to dawn on Meghan that there is a sense of life in this man that she might not have seen before. His cockroach ability to stay alive is rubbing her last nerves as she finally has enough. Mounting the wounded wrestler Meghan clasps her hands around Hunter's mouth! The God That Fa- Hunter hoists Meghan up into the air with an electric chair! MNS rolls forward with a victory roll!



Hunter rolls forward again!




Hunter is an almost broken man as he gets back to his feet! Meghan goes for another kick tot he stomach! The GOD- Hunter grasps the back of her legs and trips her forward! TEXAS CLO- Meghan rolls the Viper up in a school boy!


2 count!

Both are back to their feet, Meghan nails an arm drag with her wounded arm and learns to regret it. Sullivan rolls to his feet and delivers the same arm drag! Hunter clasps the wounded arm of his opponent and arm drags his opponent to her back, wrapping an armbar into the follow up, Sullivan floats it into a Hammerlock, pressing Meghan onto her stomach. The velocity and speed of the maneuver leaves confusion as Sullivan twirls on his knee, slipping his leg in as a replacement, hammer locking the arm. With that the master of the Texas Clover proves his name sake, grasping his opposition's legs and wrapping up in an arm trap Texas cloverleaf! The wounded left arm wrenches back with the added pain of the Texas clover! Meghan glares at the ropes but their too far away! Struggling to even budge herself towards them it's becoming clear she's stuck! Nowhere to go the clarity that there the matches isn't over just yet cleanses her consciousness as he hits the mat with her free hand! She submits!

Brian Rentfro: Two weeks in a row she taps, but this time she gets the right call made!

The crowd boos an unrelenting stream of displeasure! Sullivan smirks as he lets out of the hold, falling to the mat in deep breaths. His body gives out for a moment as his shit eating grin rests firmly on his face. The fans are near rioting levels of hate right now as Eric speaks up with an announcement.

Eric Emmerson: "The winner of the first fall as a result of submission, HUNTER SULLIVAN!"

Eric looks around as a few trinkets of trash land in the ring.

Eric Emmerson: "However, as per order of the board, the second matchup in this best of three series will now be a Rebel Pro Rules match. Please allow the competitors sixty seconds to collect themselves"

The reaction of the fans completely ignore the one on Sullivan's face as Meghan in her seated position on the opposite side of the ring light up with glee. The Viper looks worried as the fans in the arena are back on track. Tamika is even alive at this point, feeding into the crowd's reaction. Revenge is coming.


This is going to hurt.

Before the bell even rings Meghan tries to gain the upper hand, sprinting in trying to catch Sullivan with a Jumping Arm Beaker! Sullivan spryly dodges, leaving MNS to crash into the turnbuckle.

Ding Ding Ding!

In the corner, Sullivan unleashes a flurry of knees into Meghan's stomach, trying to capitalize on her flub. A Roaring Elbow follows up, almost crushing Meghan in the corner! Trying to gain a quick second pin fall Sullivan quickly hoists Meghan up and goes for a Running Ligerbomb!

Brian Rentfro: Capatilize on your first fall Hunter! You can get her again!

The earth shattering crash echos and bounces the mat!




Meghan's not going to let this match go that soon. A spit and grunt is followed up with Hunter lifting Meghan up by her hair, firing her back into the corner. Sullivan with a head of steam follows, flying into the corner! CRASH! Tamika yanks Meghan out of the way and Hunter topples into the turnbuckle hard, shoulder first. Shades of early match. Sullivan staggers out of the corner, holding his shoulder. Strader pauses for a moment before connecting with a dropkick to Hunter’s shoulder, trying to capitalize on the counter.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Sisterly is strong with these two.

Brian Rentfro: Ever wonder if it’s inappropriate?

Jon Jon McDaniel: Um, no.

Brian Rentfro: Right, me neither.

Meghan flips Sullivan over with a Snap mare before coming off the ropes and planting a hard kick to the shoulder, staying focused. Hunter grabs at his shoulder in pain while Strader flings herself into the ropes, scoring with a brutal elbow drop to the shoulder joint upon her return. Strader gets a few steps back as Tamika slams her fist on the mat for support. Meghan goes for another running kick, but Sullivan gets up and plants his knee in Meghan’s face! Meghan drops to her knees and nails the Don’t F%^$ With Me! Sullivan peaks an enraged yelp of pain as he drops to the mat, clasping his John Thomas. The fans cheer wildly as the Viper slams the mat in pain.

Jon Jon McDaniel: It was a more of a true wrestling match before the first fall in Hunter’s favor, but I think we’ll see that go out the window.

Brian Rentfro: No shit Jon, you heard Eric, it’s no rules now!

Meghan grasps the pained wrestler by the hair, dragging him to his feet, trying to hook his arms! It didn't work earlier but a second try for the Misery results in Hunter quickly reversing again! A back body drop saves his life but the guttural pain of being hit in the nuts causes him to stumble forward and fall to his knee.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Good reversal by Hunter.

Meghan is quickly up and tries to maintain her advantage. The Strader moves in and tries to wrap Sullivan up in a reverse waist lock, but Sullivan snaps back a few elbows, breaking away and spinning with a forearm to the head. Hunter shoves Meghan into the corner and then dropkicks her for a follow up. Meghan leans back in the corner from the impact as Sullivan tries regain an upper hand with a corner splash, but Meghan moves out of the way just in time. Sullivan flounders as his chest crashes. Distracted, Hunter misses Tamika slapping the mat for Meghan’s attention. The crowd gets behind what they see as Meghan retrieves an object. Hunter is still reeling from his crash and the brutal match up to date as Meghan waits for Sullivan to rise up. It doesn't take long before the Viper gets his feet back under him and turns around. KNUCKLE SHOT WITH A PAIR OF BRASS KNUCKLES! Hunter does a complete 360 and turns into a solid DDT! Meghan rolls over for a surefire cover...



Kick out!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Meghan with a near fall in her favor!

Brian Rentfro: Whatever, Hunter is going to win Jon.

Meghan loses the knuckles and gets Sullivan to his feet once again. Her frustration fuels the fire as she nails him with an elbow. MNS sends Hunter with an Irish whip, preparing for a back body return, but a desperate Viper soars over her body with a Sunset Flip!



Brian Rentfro: NO! He had the 3!!!!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Close but no cigar for Sullivan.

Meghan back up on her feet and begins to trade left and rights with Hunter Sullivan. Hunter throws what looks a like a devastating right hand as Meghan falls to one knee.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Hunter is removing the top turnbuckle pad!

Hunter picks up Meghan and tosses her into the exposed turnbuckle. Meghan hits hard, and Hunter is right on her, bashing her head off the exposed turnbuckle. Blood is pouring profusely down her face from her hair line as she is cut wide open. Hunter lets Meghan fall to the mat.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Oh my god, he could kill her!

Brian Rentfro: He’s been blindsided by both sisters, it’s only fair! Especially if she loses her top!

Hunter Sullivan goes and whips Meghan into the ropes and Sullivan tries for a dropkick, but Meghan stops on a dime and barely dodges him. Hunter crashes to the mat but tries to get up immediately as the fans are rioting for Meghan bouncing back.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Jesus, Brian. She must be running on pure adrenaline!

Meghan swarms in and nails Sullivan with a right punch. Meghan goes left to right, hitting Sullivan with all the power she has. She throws in some knee strikes to Hunter's stomach. Meghan hip tosses Sullivan to the mat. Meghan goes into the ropes and moonsaults off the second rope. She connects and covers.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Sullivan kicks out right after two, and that’s all she’ll ever get.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Who’s The Man this year seems extra violent, doesn’t it?

Meghan gets Sullivan to his feet and slams him into the exposed turnbuckle turnbuckle. Sullivan bounces backwards and Meghan takes him down with a roundhouse kick. Meghan goes to pump up the crowd, but Hunter is back to his feet very quickly and takes down Meghan with a Half Nelson Slam. Hunter puts Strader in a camel clutch!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Hunter Sullivan locks in a camel clutch looking for the submission!

Brian Rentfro: Get her Hunter! Make her lose her top!

Jon Jon McDaniel: What is it with you and her top?

Brian Rentfro: Fairly obvious Jon, I want to see her breasts.

Strader looks to be passing out, and the referee picks up her arm. Fall.


Hunter is trying to tighten the hold, and the referee picks up Strader's arm again.


Hunter looks to be beaming.

Jon Jon McDaniel: One more time and Hunter could win!

Brian Rentfro: GO HUNTER!!

The referee picks up Strader's arm again, and it stays up!

The fans in the arena start cheering loudly as energy starts to soar throughout her body. She manages to grab the ropes near her sister. Tamika slides in and kicks Hunter in the back of the neck with her right heel breaking the hold since rope breaks don’t matter. Hunter goes to kick Tamika in the midsection when he recovers, but Tamika Nash Strader grabs his leg and twists it hard to the right, sending Hunter Sullivan to the mat.

Crowd: T-N-S! M-N-S! T-N-S! M-N-S!

Brian Rentfro: Shut up you cornfed inbreds!

Hunter Sullivan gets up to her feet and runs at Meghan. Meghan meets Sullivan near the corner as Meghan hooks Hunters neck with her hands and runs up the turnbuckle and lands –

Jon Jon McDaniel: a bit of Vengeance for Meghan Nash Strader!

Meghan gets up, and makes a cutthroat motion as she leaps up to the top ropes. She pumps her fist in the air and yells ‘Hell Yeah’ before leaping off the turnbuckle with a 630 degree senton and corkscrew.

Brian Rentfro: CEMETERY GATES! She covers!!!!




The crowd is up in arms. Meghan is in disbelief!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Oh my God! He just kicked out of one of Meghan’s finishers!

Brian Rentfro: See, I told you.

Jon Jon McDaniel: And Hunter rolls to the outside, but Tamika is watching him closely.

Brian Rentfro: She’s probably still dizzy from the Viper Snap!

Meghan keeps waving him in, and Hunter fakes a right hand, prompting Meghan to move to block it. Hunter quickly sweeps Meghan's legs out from underneath her pulling her out of the ring, mounting her and dropping down rights and lefts. Meghan manages to break Hunter's advantage, turning over the position, and then starts raining down with her own rights and lefts. Hunter nails a surprise headbutt that sends Meghan up to her feet, staggering back, and Sullivan rises up, charging in with a big right hand that sends Meghan falling into the guardrail. A pair of rights to Meghan's head, and then Hunter backs up, charging forward before drilling his left knee into Meghan's jaw.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Meghan's going to be so sore tomorrow after that big left knee!

Brian Rentfro: I think her top is slipping…

He brings Meghan to her feet and whips her towards the ring, but Meghan turns around mid-whip, stopping dead in her tracks to face The Viper, and then rolls forward, keeping her hold on Hunter's wrist as she connects with the heel of her boot to the crown of Hunter's head. Sullivan falls back and rolls up against the guardrail, holding his head as he grits his teeth.

Brian Rentfro: NO! There should be rules against this!

Jon Jon McDaniel: You heard what Meghan said like the rest of us, this is the playoffs, and a win is a win.

Meghan sits up, rubbing her jaw and knee, and looks over at Hunter, using the guardrail to pull herself to her feet. Strader stands up, bending and straightening her leg a few times, and then stalks up behind The Viper, nailing him in the back of the head with a pair of forearms. Sullivan falls forward, and Meghan pushes down on the back of his neck, choking him over the top of the guardrail.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Strader with the Irish-Whip!

A loud smack is heard as Sullivan's back connects with the steel guardrail, and the fans move away, getting up out of their seats. Meghan rushes Hunter, looking for a lariat.

Jon Jon McDaniel: And Meghan is visiting with the fans!

Brian Rentfro: Smart Back body drop from former Who’s The Man!

Meghan lands across a few of the set-up chairs, sliding right off of their padded seats and landing on the concrete floor below. She sits right back up, holding her lower back, and Hunter shakes the cobwebs out, walking to the opposite guardrail and leaning on it to gather his bearings. Meghan pulls herself to her feet using the chairs around her, and turns around just in time to find Hunter flying over the guardrail, tackling her down with a diving lariat. Both competitors fall into the chairs, with Meghan's leg getting caught between the backrest and seat of one while Hunter's impact folds in half… backwards.

Brian Rentfro: That has to hurt!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Well some fan is gonna be standing!

Hunter rises to a knee as there are some Hunter fans around him cheer and clap, and the rest flip him off being in Strader’s camp. Hunter nails a big pair of rights to Meghan's face, and then shoves her back up against the guardrail. Sullivan back up, grabs a chair, and then tosses it at Meghan, the unpadded back of it connecting with her as she just barely manages the get her arms up to block it. Strader drops to a knee but somehow manages to push herself up. Her knee looks messed up thanks to Hunter.

Brian Rentfro: This is a tad insane!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Hunter is up and running at Meghan!

Meghan takes a step forward, and then launches Hunter over the guardrail and onto the floor with a back body drop. Strader drops back down to a knee, and then leans against the guardrail, pulling herself to her feet. Hunter, on the floor, crawls on all four's towards the entrance ramp before rising to his feet, shaking his head. The Viper drops down to a knee, and grabs the back of his neck.

Brian Rentfro: That’s it regroup Hunter! You’ll get your win, and I’ll get my breasts!

Meghan steps over the guardrail, and then walks with a slight limp to Hunter, booting him in the side of the head. Sullivan falls down to the floor, and then grabs the guardrail, pulling himself to his feet. Meghan points back at the ring and then grabs a handful of Hunter's hair, looking to drag him back down the ramp to the ring. They walk a few steps, and The Viper nails Meghan in the back of the hurt knee with a swift kick, sending the Cowgirl From Hell down to one. Hunter drives a few quick knees into the side of Meghan's head, and then brings her up to her feet, stepping a leg behind her and then connecting with an elbow to her chest as he simultaneously sweeps out her legs from beneath her.

Jon Jon McDaniel: What a Russian Leg Sweep with a little extra umph!

Sullivan drops to a knee himself, still clutching his neck, and then rises to his feet, breathing heavy, and his eyes wide. The Viper turns around slowly, looking at each section of the crowd as Meghan crawls over the guardrail, using it to pull herself to her feet. At ringside, Tamika is shouting for Meghan to get to her feet her head probably still ringing from the earlier Viper Snap. Hunter reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair, not some padded shit.

Jon Jon McDaniel: He might try and kill her!

Meghan stalks up behind him, looking to surprise him with a double axehandle, but Hunter catches her off guard with a single mule kick behind him to Meghan's gut, sending her down to all four's. Hunter folds the chair up, and then turns around, holding the chair at his side. He glares down at Meghan, he raises the chair high up above his head, bringing it down across Meghan's back.

Brian Rentfro: Now he’s gonna move her into the ring for the finish, after a few more shots of course!
The Viper delivers another pair of chair shots to Meghan's back, and then hits her with a stomp to her hurt knee. Meghan sits up, clutching at her knee, and The Viper nails her with a steel chair right in the forehead. Meghan rolls over, clutching her head, and we see blood begin to pool on the floor beneath her, releasing the clotting from the earlier turnbuckle assault.

Brian Rentfro: Strader gash is even bigger now thanks to da man Sulli-Van!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Just come up with that?

Brian Rentfro: Yes, actually.

Hunter brings Meghan up to her knees and then pounds away on the wound with jab after jab, forcing more blood out of it. The Viper picks up the chair, but then looks at it, shaking his head. He throws the chair against the guardrail, and boots Meghan in the face, sending the Meghan back down to the floor. The Viper takes a quick breather, dropping down to a knee as he clutches the back of his neck again. Meghan, her face almost completely covered with blood, crawls over to the guardrail, pulling herself up to a seated position. Sullivan rises back to his feet, and then looks over at the ring, taking a few steps forward.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Maybe no rules, but this still has to be finished inside that ring.

Meghan pulls herself to her feet, and then stumbles forward, falling over and rolling to a knee. Hunter reaches the ring, pulling himself up onto the apron. He goes to take a step between the ropes, but then stops himself, looking over at Strader, who is barely standing on her own, using the guardrail and Tamika to hold herself up. He looks out at the crowd and raises his arms. Meghan pushes Tamika off gently.

MNS: I’m fine Meek. Let me go get him.

Tamika nods and backs off as Meghan slides into the ring. Meghan picks up the chair Hunter brought with him, the same one used to beat the shit out of her, and raises it back like baseball bat. Hunter turns and is met in the face with the chair. Spit and blood fly across the ring. Hunter falls to his knees.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Looks like Meghan could play Major League Baseball.

Brian Rentfro: As long as she remembers there is no crying in baseball.

Meghan signals to the crowd it’s her pinfall now. She drops the chair onto the mat, covered in both hers and his blood. She places his head between her legs, hooks his arms, jumps up and pulls…


Brian Rentfro: LOOK HER BOOB POPPED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

It is true, her boob is out, but she quickly pulls up her top as she turns him over and hooks his leg.




Eric Emerson: And the second pinfall is awarded to MEGHAN NASH STRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus allow the competitors 60 seconds to collect themselves.

Brian Rentfro: I miss the boob. That was the best part of this match so far, wouldn’t you agree Jon?

Jon Jon McDaniel: No, no I wouldn’t agree. I’d say the fact these two competitors have given their all for a second round match in this tournament just goes to show how valuable a win is in Who’s The Man.

Meghan stirs, with Tamika on the outside banging on the canvas and cheering her on. Meghan lifts herself up using the ropes as Hunter Sullivan rolls in the ring towards the opposite ropes. He wipes his face and begins pulling himself to his feet very gingerly but he’s been too weakened and collapses back to the canvas onto his back, breathing heavily. Meghan sees her chance and begins to climb up to the top rope.

Brian Rentfro: Hopefully a breeze comes in to rip her shirt off.

Jon Jon McDaniel: She’s clearly going for the kill move now with Hunter down and out.

Meghan crouches on the top turnbuckle and then rises up to stand tall over the ring. Cameras flashing as she jumps off the top rope with a 630 degree Senton and Corkscrew from the top rope!!! CEMETARY GATES!!! MEGHAN WITH THE CEMETARY GATES ONCE AGAIN!!!


EXCEPT HUNTER SULLIVAN ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND!!!! Tamika grabs her hair in despair as Hunter pulls himself back to his feet and steps back from Meghan Nash Strader. As Meghan clutches her sides and gets on all four, Hunter runs towards her! He leaps forward! VIPER SNAP!!! VIPER SNAP ON MEGHAN NASH STRADER!!! Hunter covers Meghan Nash Strader, hooking both legs!




NO!!! TAMIKA PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING AND STOPS THE COUNT!!! Hunter looks up and can’t believe it. Referee Scott Swindell has had enough and demands Tamika exit ringside and Tamika realizes it’s futile, but she’s won her sister some time. As Tamika heads up the entrance ramp Hunter doesn’t wait for Meghan to catch her breath as he immediately locks her into his epic version of the Texas Clover Leaf. Tamika stops at the entrance ramp as Simon Kalis rolls out in his wheelchair, and she takes a seat on his lap as they both watch on. Hunter screams and yells as he wrenches the Clover Leaf, he tares and wrenches more and more and applies astounding pressure on Meghan Nash Strader.

Brian Rentfro: I have a feeling Hunter is about to get shot.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Simply and utterly amazing. Meghan Nash Strader REFUSES to give in! REFUSES to tap out!

After a few moments, and realizing Meghan is still thrashing about and refusing to give up Hunter lets go of the Texas Clover Leaf. Hunter drops to his knees and goes for the pin, pressing hard against her.




Hunter doesn’t stop to argue or ask why, he instead choses not to relent as he lifts Meghan up to her feet. Meghan cracks him across the face with an elbow, then knees him in the gut and takes him down with a double armed DDT- SECOND HAND STRADER!!! Both Meghan and Hunter are down on the canvas now, and referee Scott Swindell begins a count.


Jon Jon McDaniel: I think that may’ve taken every last bit of strength out of themselves!


Brian Rentfro: Swindell is just going to count them both out then? What the hell does that solve? We can’t have two people-


Brian Rentfro: Advance into the next round. Can we?


Jon Jon McDaniel: Well we had two people win it in 2009, and Hunter-


Jon Jon McDaniel: Was one of them!

Simon holds Tamika close to him from the entrance ramp, whispering patience to her ear.


Meghan stirs and throws her arm over Hunter beginning a different kind of count!







As Meghan rolls off of Hunter, in fact no her tit did not slip out again.

Brian Rentfro: Aw damn.

After a few seconds Meghan begins forcing herself back up, as does Hunter Sullivan. The exchanges in this match have left both of them utterly brutalized by each other. Meghan is up first but Hunter isn’t far behind. Meghan kicks Hunter in the gut and he keels forward, and she begins setting him up for a second My Friend of Misery but Hunter powers out and throws her over his back. Hunter lifts Meghan up into a piledriver position but stalls, and then hooks her leg as if he’s about to go for another Texas Clover Leaf… SHATTERING MADUSA!!!! SHATERRING MADUSA!!! SHATTERING MADUSA!!! He covers!!!





Eric Emerson: The winner of the third and final fall, and advancing to the semifinals of Who’s The Man!? 2013… “THE VIPER” HUNTER SULLIVAN!!!

And on cue Simon whistles from backstage and a plethora of security guards rush from backstage. Hunter has no time to celebrate as the private security grabs Hunter from the ring and slams him against the ring apron on the outside. Tamika leaves Simon and rushes to check on Meghan as the private security grabs Hunter and drags him up the entrance ramp. Simon gives him the finger but Hunter just smiles knowing his victory is assured.

Jon Jon McDaniel: I’d say it’s safe to say Simon isn’t too happy with Hunter these days.

Brian Rentfro: I’m sure he’s being removed for his own safety.

Meghan and Tamika begin walking up the entrance ramp, the crowd giving them a standing ovation.

Employee of the Month!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Tamika has been all over the arena tonight wishing people good luck!

Brian Rentfro: Something smells fishy tho!

The ADCtron lights up and the fans cheer at the sight of Tamika Nash Strader. She seems to be holding onto a plaque, although we can’t quite see what it is for, or even who. Tamika stops at a door and knocks. PWA newcomer William Mercy answers. He’s not sure what to make of the presence of the Cowgirl from Hell.

TNS: Hi William! I’m Tamika!

William Mercy: I know who you are, what do you want?

Tamika smiles.

TNS: Well I don’t know if you have noticed, but I’m just wishing everyone good luck that is in the tournament tonight.

William Mercy: I don’t need any.

TNS: No, I’m sure you don’t. I’m not sure if you are aware, but Simon Kalis is my husband, and I suggested to him we should we do not only wrestler of the month, but Employee of the month.

William Mercy: What’s the difference?

TNS: I’m glad you asked! You see, you are much more than just a wrestler, you are an inspiration! Just look at what you have you done for Jethro Hayes! That is more than a wrestler that is an employee who cares.

William just looks at her, not showing any real emotion. She hands him the plaque.

TNS: So this for you! Good luck tonight, William!

Tamika saunters off and Mercy looks at the Plaque. PWA Employee of the Month, William Mercy. Mercy shakes his head as he closes his door.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Employee of the Month?

Brian Rentfro: Sounded like she was mocking him.

Cody Bogard vs Jamie Lockheart

Singles Match

The bell rings and The Main Event Cody Bogard circles the ring with The Baron of Blame Jamie Lockheart. Lockheart bounces off the ropes and goes for a dropkick which connects and puts Bogard to the canvas, but both men are back to their feet very quickly. Lockheart attempts a standing neckbreaker but Bogard pushes him away and they grapple. A short power struggle ensues until Bogard surprises Lockheart and hits a snap suplex that shakes the ring. Bogard lifts Lockheart up and whips him into the ropes. As Jamie comes back, Bogard grapples onto him quickly and follows through with a power slam. Bogard goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count as Jamie Lockheart kicks out. Bogard lifts Lockheart up and whips him into the ropes again however this time Lockheart hits a spinning wheel kick on Cody as he comes back to him. Bogard hits the canvas and Lockheart quickly follows it up with a moonsault before covering. He hooks the leg but only gets a 1 count as The Crisis Ace kicks out with power.

With Bogard up Jamie goes for a clothesline but Bogard ducks. Bogard with a back brain kick sends Jamie Lockheart into the corner. Bogard runs and hits a diving forearm smash which sees Lockheart stumble from out of the corner. Bogard follows it up with Shotei! A stunning palm thrust that has Lockheart keeled over. However as Bogard goes to grapple Jamie, Jamie pulls off that standing neckbreaker he attempted earlier. Bogard goes down to the canvas and Jamie lifts him back up to his feet. HERO TIME!!! Out of nowhere Cody Bogard hits Hero Time and Lockheart is down, Bogard covers and hooks the leg! 1! 2!! 3!!! Referee Dwayne Cross raises Bogard’s hand in victory.

Winner: Cody Bogard in 6:22

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

The scene is backstage in the staff catering area. We see Tamika Nash Strader looking around for someone. We figure it out quite quickly as May Havoc walks by her. Tamika runs and catches up with her.

TNS: May, wait!

Havoc stops, turns around to see Tamika. She too, like most tonight, is looking at her like she has lost her marbles.

May Havoc: What is it that you want?

TNS: Well, I just wanted to wish you good luck tonight against that William Mercy fellow, hope he doesn’t unleash the Engel Clones on you!

May Havoc: They were men in masks.

Tamika shrugs.

TNS: Sure, whatever you say. Anyways, good luck, and here this is for you!

May cautiously takes the package. She opens it up and it’s full of speciality dark chocolate from Belgium. Havoc doesn’t even need to ask why as Tamika answers before she can.

TNS: Well, I just noticed you are pretty cranky all the time, and I know when I get cranky chocolate always makes me feel better! I think it’s a chemical thing in us women! Anyways, enjoy your chocolate, and may the sun bring a smile to your face! Good luck tonight!

Before May can say anything Tamika is gone.

May Havoc vs William Mercy

WTM 2013 Quarterfinals Match

Brian Rentfro: Alright Jon, we are about to start our second to last quarterfinals match here tonight.

Jon Jon McDaniel: That is correct, after these two matches we will have the whole semifinals fleshed out. In the other bracket, next week Jacob Figgins will be facing Hunter Sullivan in what should be a very exciting match. A rematch of Who's The Man!? 2009 and a settling of disputes to be certain, very thrilling stuff.

Brian Rentfro: And whoever wins this match faces the legendary Matt Stone or... the legendary Phoenix. I like my boy Mercy, but it's not looking good for him or May.


"Parabola" by Tool hits the sound system as William Mercy comes out from backstage. He doesn't receive a positive reaction from the crowd.

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 194 pounds and hailing from the Windy City...

William Mercy walks down to the ring, dressed in black and gold tights with black boots. The sound picks up even more as Mercy hits the ring, climbing through the door into the barbed wire steel cage.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, WILLIAM MERCY!

Mercy chooses a corner and begins to warm up, getting ready for his match. Keeping his focus 100 percent in the ring and trying not to be awed by the cage, he waits for the match to start.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

As the arena lights fade down, the bass and guitar intro of 'Meet the Monster' begins. When the drums cue in there's a brilliant burst of sky blue pyro down the length of the stage. When the sparks fall, the blonde haired May stands there at the top of the stage that perpetual smirk etched across her lips. A minute glance from left to right before beginning her saunter down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: She is the PWA Grizzly Beer Champion...

May reaches the steel cage and takes a moment to examine it. Mercy keeps her eyes on her as she steps through the door. She relieves her trench coat to a referee who takes it out of the cage.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, MAY HAVOC!!!

A roaring crowd applauds their Grizzly Beer Champion as she gets ready for battle.


The match started off very explosive, as both competitors tried their best to gain the advantage but kept arriving at a stalemate. May would try her best to take Mercy down with several kicks and aerial moves, using the steel cage to her advantage whenever she could, but she found Mercy to be a lot quicker than she anticipated who kept dodging a lot of her moves. Mercy was finding it very hard to ground the quick and limber May Havoc, which is his strength inside the ring. This went on for about five minutes as the two were testing the waters against each other. Finally May Havoc would break the stalemate and take Mercy down with a headscissors, following it up with a top rope springboard moonsault. She would then start using the cage to wear Mercy down, grinding and smashing his face into it. Mercy of course received first blood and was busted wide open as a result of it, but it didn't tarnish his will as he caught May on a springboard bulldog and dropped her hard on her back with a back body slam.

Mercy would then take over the match, pounding May to the mat with thunderous slams and returning the favor by smashing her face into an uncovered turnbuckle and the steel cage. May's gorgeous face would be bloodied up as the crowd was roaring for more. Once more we went into a stalemate where both were finding it hard to get the long-term upper hand. May would come back with kicks and fists of fury, while Mercy would try to keep her grounded and down. May would get the advantage again after a springboard heel kick to the face of Mercy. She would attempt to climb the cage, but Mercy would climb up right after her. Of course, this is where the barbed wire was, and May was leading Mercy right to it. They got near the top where the barbed wire was and were duking it out, but May slammed Mercy's face hard into the barbed wire with her foot! It wouldn't shake Mercy off the side of the cage though.

Brian Rentfro: Unbelievable Jon! Mercy just got slammed face-first into the barbed wire and is still clinging on!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Guy's got balls, Brian, I'll give him that.

May would try another kick but Mercy managed to duck this time. Unfortunately for May she would get her foot caught in the barbed wire as it tore through her boots. Mercy would take advantage of this and give stiff kicks to May's ribs repeatedly. She had been knocked off the side of the steel cage but was dangling by her foot!

Jon Jon McDaniel: This is not going to end well for her, I don't think.

Brian Rentfro: She's basically helpless and upside down at this point, so I'd have to agree with you.

But wait! May manages to get her ankle free and back flip right off the side of the steel cage to the ring below! She lands awkwardly though due to her ankle being torn up by the barbed wire and Mercy doesn't let up. Flying clothesline off the side of the steel cage connects on May, and he follows it up with the first pinfall of the match! Mercy only gets a two count though as the crowd roars on.

Brian Rentfro: Close one there.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Not close enough for Mercy, he thought he had her.

Mercy and May would continue to battle on, as Mercy would lose his momentum after May would nail Mercy with a running enziguri. May would erupt in power and adrenaline and just attempt to murder Mercy as best as she could, with countless strikes to the head and ribs. Mercy was definitely dazed pretty hard from all of it and could barely stand. May would whip him hard into the steel cage, sending Mercy face first into the cold steel. Mercy would bounce off and Havoc would timely connect with a superkick right to the jaw!

May would go for the pinfall, but only get a two count as Mercy showed off his will to win.

Brian Rentfro: Mercy is hanging in there tough with May, Jon.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Going into this match, May seemed to be the slight favorite, but right now I honestly can't tell you. It seems neither one are going down any time soon.

The momentum May had would slowly die as Mercy would try to fight back with lefts and rights. Mercy went to the classic knife-edge chops on May, eliciting the classic "WOOOO!" from the crowd. May would fight back however with a couple of kicks to Mercy's ribs. Back and forth, back and forth! The crowd was teetering on the edge of their seats as neither competitor was willing to give in, to accept any kind of defeat.

The match moved back to the sides of the steel cage, both competitors trying to climb up to either escape or do battle again amongst the barbed wire. They both got to the top and it was a good old fashioned barbed wire bash! May and Mercy were beating each other relentlessly with it, soaking each other in blood and metal fragments. It got to the point where the mat below was being spray painted with their blood, which the crowd was fucking loving because let's face it, it's #RememberREBEL night!

Mercy would slam May's hand again and again into the barbed wire, as she was barely struggling to hang on. Mercy would attempt to rip out some of the barbed wire to possible use as a battering ram or to cover his own arm in it and beat her more. However, May took the opportunity to kick Mercy right in the testicles and then slam him as hard as she could against the barbed wire he was trying to rip out. This would cause Mercy to fall to the mat.

And it would case Havoc to connect with the Dogs of War!





Eric Emerson: And your winner... heading to the semifinals of the Who's The Man?! tournament... MAY HAVOC!!!!

May would crawl off of Mercy, barely able to move much let alone stand up and have her hand raised.

Brian Rentfro: My God! What a f'n match! Yeah it sucks Mercy lost, but damn! That was amazing!

Jon Jon McDaniel: And the crowd here is loving it too, Brian. What a hard fought match. I can't tell you who wanted it more here tonight, but May emerges victorious and moves to the next round!

Remember Him?

As the steel cage ascends back to the rafters and a bloodied May Havoc limps up the ramp, over the barricade comes a fan whose dropkick forces May sideways against the opposite barricade, hard. Dropped to a knee in pain, May’s backside is then treated to a dozen hammer-like punches that keep her low and weak.

Jon Jon McDaniel: It can’t be! It can’t be him! He’s supposed to be in Sin Wrestling!

Brian Rentfro: Then why is he here, Jon?? Why is Jake Norton attacking May Havoc??

Jon Jon McDaniel: Right now all I want to know is where the hell our security is?!

In the midst of the commentator’s confusion, by the nape of May’s neck, Norton rams her headfirst against the opposite barricade, and then gives her a German suplex onto the steel, cold ramp! The landing had May’s neck bent in such an unusual way, it’s no wonder paramedics arrived alongside arena security! Colorful hoots spill out of Norton’s mouth as three security guards shove him against the barricade to handcuff him.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Can someone with a brain take us to commercial?? Don’t give any airtime to this schmuck!

Brian Rentfro: Hell no! Let the world know Jake Norton is here!

Jon Jon McDaniel: You would be a supporter of his..

We cut to a quick commercial.

This Bulldog's Got Bite

Jon Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re gonna send it up to the ring where Eric Emerson has a special guest.

Brian Rentfro: This should be interesting

Eric Emerson: Wrestling fans, my guest at this time needs no introduction to most of you. He’s well known in the Carolinas as well as other mid-Atlantic areas. He is the competitor who, with Meghan Nash Strader put on the match of the week on last week’s Rampage….coming to the ring now…..THE BOSTON BULLDOG SHAWN O’REIIIIIIILLLLLY!

“Gone Sovereign” by Stone Sour plays as Shawn O’Reilly makes his way to the ring. He’s wearing a Who’s the Man? 2013 t-shirts. A little more than half of the crowd is actually cheering him.

Brian Rentfro: Can you believe the reception this guy’s getting here tonight, McDaniel?

Jon Jon McDaniel: Well, he did compete in this area for most of his career. And as bad as I hate to say it, put on a hell of a match last week. I’m just glad he came out on the losing end.

Brian Rentfro: Thanks to Tina Madison

Eric Emerson: Welcome, Bulldog. What do you think about this reaction you’re getting here in Durham?

Shawn O’Reilly: I’d like to say that it’s good to be back….right here….in Durham, North Carolina!

Brian Rentfro: Cheap pop! I can’t believe he went for the cheap pop!

O’Reilly: I’d like to….but since this is Mother’s Day, and my mom taught me not to lie, I’m gonna tell the truth and say that I just can’t wait to get this interview over with so I can leave this shit hole arena, get out of this shit hole town, cross the state line, and get out of the anus of the United States… North Carolina!
(Any positive reaction O’Reilly got is gone, replaced by jeers, boos, and cursing.)

Jon Jon McDaniel: I cannot believe this guy.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe this surprises you! I love it! A little honesty instead of just glad-handing the people.

Eric Emerson: Can you please be a little more gracious to our hosts?

O’Reilly: Listen, Emerson, These people shit all over me the last time I was in this area. I don’t forget, and I sure don’t forgive.

Eric Emerson: Well, speaking of people who do not forgive, what are your thoughts on your opponent last week, Meghan Nash Strader.

O’Reilly: I wanna tell Meghan Nash Strader a few things. First off, I wanna tell her thanks. Thanks for givin me the fight of my life. I’ve fought bigger, and I’ve fought stronger opponents than you, Meghan, but I can honestly say that I’ve never fought a tougher opponent than you. Second, knowing how tough you are firsthand, I’m gonna say that you’re my pick to win this tournament. Everybody else in the tournament is tough, but I don’t think that they can hang with you. Good luck in the rest of the tournament. But I want you to know this. When you win the tournament, and you go on and you beat Anna Mathews for the PWA World Title, be ready. Cause this old bulldog’s gonna be sniffin round your door, wantin a title shot. You say the next time we meet, you won’t be the one tappin. I agree. Cause next time we meet, I’m droppin you on your head.

Eric Emerson: Thank you very…

O’Reilly: Wait a minute! I’m not done yet! Meghan I wanna wish you a belated Happy Birthday.(Some of the crowd goes “AWWW!”) SHUDDUP! I hope you enjoyed the present Tina Madison gave you.
Now, That brings me to you…TINA! Yeah, you gave Strader a great present, but did you know that you gave me a gift, too. That kick in the balls and that chairshot to the head gave me the gift of clarity. It scrambled my circuits, but it opened my eyes to a fact that they had been closed to for so long. That fact is that some people just don’t wanna be saved. They don’t want to be independent thinkers. They’d rather be one of the thousands of sheep that just go where their led, just like all these people here.


You people hate me cause you don’t like to be told the truth. You don’t want to be saved. So you deny me. You freed me from my quest to save you with that chairshot. I don’t have to worry about you anymore. My conscience is clean.
Like I was sayin, Tina, you gave me a gift. And I thank you for it. But, proper etiquette dictates that I return the favor. So Tina, I’m going to give you a gift: the gift of opportunity. The opportunity to play the hero. The opportunity to play Saint George and slay this dragon. I’m givin you the opportunity to beat me down. To take me out. To end this little “affair” once and for all.

That opportunity is yours. But it comes at a price. That price is blood. That price is torn flesh. That price is soul searing pain. And that price is the chance of permanent injury.

You see, Tina, I thought about all the different types of matches I could get you in and have a little fun with ya. But, being the sometimes indecisive man that I am, I couldn’t decide. I narrowed it down to four choices. Then the thought occurred to me: why not let the fans choose. I mean, they love her, she loves them, and they all hate me, so why not? So I talked to the honchos at the PWA and they ok’d it. The fans get the vote. You fans get to choose which type of match Tina and I get to put this thing to rest in. You people wanna know your choices? (Some cheers, still mainly boos.) OK, here goes:

Choice #1- Battledome (cheers)

Choice #2- Double Glory (cheers)

Choice #3-Exploding Dumpster (more cheers)

And Choice #4…..
(The crowd goes wild)

Well looks like we got a winner. WAIT A MINUTE! You people didn’t think I was gonna let you be the ones to make that decision did you? I’m not leaving anything in the hands of you bunch of inbred, trailer park trash motherf*****s! (BOOS) The fans go online starting Monday Morning and vote for the match they want to see Tina and I compete in.

Hope you like your gift, Tina.

O’Reilly drops the mic and walks out of the ring.

Jon Jon McDaniel: O’Reilly has lost his mind…again. Any of these matches give him carte blanche to try to permanently injure Tina Madison. He even said as much.

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know if you noticed or not, McDaniel. Remember how he always called Tina ‘Sweetheart?’ He didn’t call her that one time tonight. I think he’;s givin up completely on trying to ‘save’ her. Now he wants to end her.

Jon Jon McDaniel: It has just been confirmed to me by PWA officials that you, the fans, have the opportunity to vote on the special stipulations for an upcoming match at the May 26th Who’s the Man Tournament finals. Voting starts Monday, May 13th.

Have You Seen The Phoenix, Mr. Rob-Rob?

The crowd erupts in cheers as they say Tamika Nash Strader walking through the back halls as she carries a case of YooHoo.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Ahh the lovely Tamika! Wonder what she is doing with a case of YooHoo?

Brian Rentfro: Probably stole it from Rob!

Tamika stops and it’s Rob Robinson office. She knocks and pushes her way through. The crowd boos when they see Rob Robinson behind his desk.

Robinson: Can I help you?

Tamika closes the door with her butt, walks over and places the YooHoo on the desk. She smiles sweetly, her lovely gash on her forehead healing fairly well.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Looks like she is gonna bribe him.

Brian Rentfro: With his own YooHoo!

TNS: I was just wondering if you had seen The Phoenix, Mr. Rob-Rob?

Robinson: It’s Mr. Robinson, and I believe he’s preparing for his match tonight.

Tamika puts on a silly frown, but it quickly turns back into a smile.

TNS: Oh, well I’m just wishing everyone in the tournament good luck tonight, and was hoping if you saw him you could give him something for me?

Robinson looks at the Strader in front of him and at the case of YooHoo.

Robinson: The YooHoo?

TNS: No, silly! The YooHoo is for you! For being supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

The crowd laughs as does Jon McDaniel. Robinson is all ears; he’s a whore for compliments.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Oh Tamika is up to something!

Brian Rentfro: Don’t trust her Rob!

Robinson: Then what is for the Phoenix?

We can’t see from where as we face her back but Tamika pulls out a Phoenix mask ,identical to one he has now. Robinson slightly wide eyed responds.

Robinson: He already has a mask, Tamika.

TNS: Yes, but not made from the finest cottons in the world! I know it can get hot under those masks, my husband has some interesting bedroom tendencies, and I know it would be so much nicer if your head can breathe!

Jon Jon McDaniel: See Brian, Tamika is just being nice!

Brian Rentfro: Sure sure.

Tamika just waves goodbye as she heads out the door. Robinson picks up the mask and looks at it. Tamika pops her back in to the delight of the crowd.

TNS: Enjoy the YooHoo, Mr. Rob-Rob!

And with that we fade to ringside...

Anna Mathews vs Bodie Vera Cruz

Non Title Match

“One of a Kind” begins to play as Bodie Vera Cruz walks through the entrance way and down the aisle. A small, but noticeable percentage of fans are cheering “The Body.”

Jon Jon McDaniel: Some of these fans remember “The Body” from a small time organization in the Raleigh/Durham area. They’re showing him some love here tonight.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, but this isn’t the minor leagues. This is the PWA, and we’re in the home of Rebel Pro, The Aggression Arena. He will not be getting any love from the PWA Champ tonight, figuratively OR literally.

Vera Cruz gets into the ring as “One of a Kind” fades and “Clubbed to Death” begins as “The Body” begins to hit the “Great Eight.” Out of nowhere his music stops as the lights in the arena go dim.

“Who can turn the world on with a smile?
Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?”


Streamers and balloons and fifty dollar bills are raining from the sky, leaving the crowd with no alternative but to blow the roof of the building.

“Well, it’s you, girl and you should know it
Peach fuzz in every little movement”


Heavy duty fireworks go boom. And Anna grins, squeals, barely even looking at the ring.


“You show that love is all around
No need to fake it
You can have the town
Why don’t you take it
You’re gonna make it after all”

She bounces and twirls down the ramp, nearly falling down a few times from getting too dizzy.

“How will you make it on your own?
This world is awfully big
And girl, this time, you’re all alone”

A speedy pre-victory hand-slapping lap around the ring. Followed by a baseball slide inside the ropes.

“Well, it’s time you started livin’
It’s time you let someone else do some givin’”

The Queen of the Dodos pops up, arms outstreched, blowing kisses

“Love is all around
No need to fake it
You can have the town
Why don’t you take it
You’re gonna make it after all”


The hat is thrown up in the air. And thus ends perhaps the shortest full song entrance known at a flat minute..

Jon Jon McDaniel: This Aggression Arena Crowd is going absolutely nuts.for the former Rebel Pro triple Crown winner and current PWA Champion, Anna Mathews.

Brian Rentfro: Don’t forget that tonight she also wears the executioner’s hood for this moron Bodie Vera Cruz.

The camera pans around ringside at some of the signs the fans are holding:



Brian Rentfro: Look, Vera Cruz has one fan!

Jon Jon McDaniel: I have a feeling that Vera Cruz is going to need alot more than that one fan here tonight. He’s going to be in a fight for his life, literally.

The fans begin to chant:

Bodie laughs the chants off, even going as far as to “conduct” the chant like an orchestra conductor.

Referee Dwayne Cross goes over to check Vera Cruz over, searching for foreign objects.

Bodie Vera Cruz: These people are hilarious, bro.

Referee Cross: They’re not jokin, Bodie. She’s probably gonna kill you tonight.

The smile fades from Bodie’s face and he slides under the bottom rope.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Referee Cross admonishing Vera cruz to get back in the ring.

Referee Cross: Get back in here or I’ll count you out, Vera Cruz!

Bodie: Count me out, bro! You yourself said she’s gonna kill me. No way in hell am I getting back in there, Bro!
The referee steps back and begins the count:


Anna steps over to the referee

Anna: C’mon, Bodie. They’re jus funning ya. Get on in here and let’s have some fun!

Jon Mcdaniel: Said the spider to the fly.

Brian Rentfro: And look at this moron. He’s got that goofy-assed grin on his face. Tell me he’s not buyin this! Bodie get outta there and live to fight another day!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Well, “The Body” is back in the ring and the ref calls for the bell.


Anna and Bodi circle each other. The move to lock up,

Anna: STOP!

Bodie (puts on the brakes): WHAT?

Anna (grins slyly): Show me those big biceps, Bodie.

Jon Jon McDaniel: What the Hell?! Did she just ask him for a biceps shot?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, she did, and this dumbass is doin it, and ya know, why not!?

Bodie does a textbook double biceps pose. Anna seems interested.

Anna: Can I touch them, Bodie?

Jon Jon McDaniel: You’ve got to be kidding me!

Brian Rentfro: I smell shenanigans, McDaniel.

Anna takes her time, touching and caressing Bodie’s left bicep. Then in a flash, Anna uses her free hand to grab Bodie’s wrist and twist his arm into a hammerlock, to which the crowd shows their appreciation.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Hammerlock applied by the champ.

Brian Rentfro: What a freaking moron!
on Jon McDaniel: And a boot to the back of Vera Cruz’s knee sends him to the mat.

Bodie works his way to his feet, and reverses the hammerlock. Annaquickly reverses that and floats over into a headlock.
Vera Cruz backs Anna into the ropes and whips her across the rings. On the rebound, Mathews collides with Bodie, and hits the mat.

Jon McDaniel; And Anna goes down hard.

Rentfro starts to laugh.

Jon Jon McDaniel: You knw what I mean., Rentfro. How about a little professionalism. Bodie hits the ropes, Anna hits the mat…Bodie jumps over her….Mathews back up….leapfrog..and now she’s hitting the opposite ropes…

Brian Rentfro: Old school criss-cross!

The two competitors criss-cross three times, then Anna comes to an abrupt stop in the center of the ring.

Anna; STOP!

Bodie (stops):WHAT?

Anna (points up): What’s that?

Bodie looks up, and Anna slaps him hard across the side of the head, spinning him around to one knee.

The crowd erupts in laughter.

Jon Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe he fell for it!

Brian Rentfro: I can’t believe you can’t believe he fell for it!

Bodie grabs a headlock on the PWA champ. Anna hits a pair of hard forearm shots to the kidneys, forcing Bodie to slightly loosen his grip. Anna backs him into the ropes and fires him across the ring. Bodie easily knocks her down with a shoulder block. He picks her up and flings her into the ropes.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Leapfrog from Vera Cruz. Now Bodie initiates the criss-cross.

After criss crossing 3 more times, Annie stops in the center again.

Anna: STOP!

Bodie: NOW WHAT?

Anna (points down): WHAT’S THAT?

Bodie looks down, and again eats a hard slap to the head. Bodie Slides out of the ring, frustrated.

Bodie(kicks the ringsteps):DAMMIT!!

Referee Cross begins the count and Bodie slides back into the ring. He invites Anna to the center of the ring. He tells her to criss-cross again. So they begin.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Again?

Brian Rentfro: You’d think he would have learned by now.

After criss-crossing three times, Bodie Stops in center ring

Bodie: STOP!

Anna: WHAT?

Bodie (points up): WHAT’S THAT?

Anna(not looking up): I DON”T SEE ANYTHING!

Bodie (looks up); RIGHT UP THERE, IT’S…

Anna nails him with another slap to the head.

Bodie slides back out of the ring, enraged. He picks up the ringsteps and hurls them into the ring.

Brian Renrfro: LOOK OUT! ROID RAGE!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Stop it!

Bodie slides back into the ring, ready to fight. The ref orders him to return the steps to the outside. Bodie complies. He picks up the steps and drops them over the top rope to the floor. As soon as he releases the steps, Anna sneaks up behind him and rolls him up.


Kickout by the Body

Bodie is quick to his feet, and he is pissed.


Anna interrupts the tirade with an enzuigiri that drops Vera Cruz to his knees. A roundhouse finishes the job, sending Bodie to his back. Anna with the cover.


Bodie gets to his knees. Anna comes over and gives a hard punch to the face. No effect. Bodie has a wild look on his face. He gets to his feet, shaking violently. Anna with another punch. Nothing. Vera Cruz starts stomping around the ring. Anna follows him raining down punches and forearms, none of which have any effect on the Body.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Is he doing what I think he’s doing?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, I think he’s Hulkin…

Jon Jon McDaniel: You can’t say that on PWA TV

Brian Rentfro: Oh yeah, sorry.

Anna continues raining punches on Bodie. Then Bodie turns around and points his finger in a menacing fashion in Anna’s face and yells, “YOU!”

Anna ends this with the heart kick, sending Bodie crashing to the mat.

Brian Rentfro: Well, so much for that comeback.

Anna picks up Vera Cruz. Vera Cruz pushes her back, hits the ropes and scores with the yakuza kick.








The fan with the Meathead Militia group is shown celebrating. He is immediately accosted by the fans and his sign torn to shreds.

Bodie (jumping up and down and pumping his fists in the air): SHYEEEAAAHHH! SHYEEEAAAHHH!

Bodie is going crazy celebrating his win as Anna sits on the mat, a shocked look on her face. Bodie goes over to her.


Bodie climbs to the top rope to continue the celebration. Anna quickly gets to her feet, runs over, and knocks Bodie’s feet from under him, causing him to crotch himself on the top turnbuckle. The crowd (at least the males) groan loudly.

A huge grin crosses Anna’s face as she begins to scale the turnbuckles.



Jon Jon McDaniel: SPLATASTROPHE!!!




Jon McDaniel (trying to calm down): I think that Splatastrophe may be what it takes to teach Bodie a lesson.

Brian Rentfro; I don’t think the lesson’s over yet, McDaniel.

Referee Dwayne Cross tries to get Anna to leave the ring, but she shoves him to the mat.

Anna grabs Vera Cruz and drags him, by his dreadlocks, over to the ropes.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Anna struggling with Vera Cruz

Brian Rentfro: 255 pounds of dead weight, figuratively speaking, that is.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Maybe literally. Did you see how he landed on his head? Brutal.

Brian Rentfro: That’s how the Splatastrophe is designed to work.

Jon Jon McDaniel: She’s finally gotten him vertical and against the ropes. What’s she got in mind?

Brian Rentfro: She’s tying him to the top rope, BY HIS FREAKIN’ DREADS!

Jon Jon McDaniel: And this crowd is loving it.The crowd’s chant of “ANNA’ S GONNA KILL YOU!” is getting louder and louder, Brian!This crowd is about to explode!!.

Ana slides out of the ring, goes over to the announce position and gets two bottles of water. She slides back into the ring, and pours both bottles over Vera Cruz’s head. Bodie slowly starts to revive. Anna takes a step back. Bodie tries to get off the ropes, but realizes he’s tied to them by his hair. Bodie begins to struggle. Anna walks over to him and gets face to face with him. She caresses his cheek.

Anna: Aahh, Bodie. You said that beating me was fun. Well, the fun has just begun…BABE!

Anna takes two steps back, and takes a knee.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Anna goin into her boot. What’s she got?

Brian Rentfro: Holy shit, McDaniel! She’s got a straight razor!

Bodie’s eyes wide, and he begins to struggle harder. Anna’s smile grows wider. The crowd chants louder.

Anna holds the straight razor out in front of her, letting the blade reflect the arena lights into Bodie’s face.

Brian Rentfro: This guy’s scared shitless, McDaniel!

Jon Jon McDaniel: I’m sure this crowd’s not helping any!


Bodie’s pleading with the champ.


Anna lays a finger on Bodies lips, stopping him mid-sentence.

“Bodie, struggling only makes it worse…babe.”

She takes the blade and slowly slides it across Bodie’s forehead, slicing him open. She then slices each cheek..

The crowd pops. Bodie screams, loudly and very high pitched.

Jon Jon McDaniel: OH MY GOD!

he fans behind Rentfro hear his comment, and start a “Bitch” chant.

Bodie’s struggling hard to free himself. Anna gets in close to him.

Anna: Bodie…I just love your pecs…BABE!

Anns slashes him across his chest. The blood is flowing freely now.

Anna takes a step back, then eyes Bodies abdominal area. She the repeats part of her promo for her match.

She slashes a huge “X” across his abs.

Bodie’s screams have turned to sobs now.



Anna now looks at Bodies “lower abdominal area”

Anna: I know there’s one mucle you’ve really been wanting to show me, Bodie, so let’s have a look….


Bodie kicks Anna away and tries to escape the ring by climbing, well more like just rolling over the top rope. But he loses his balance and now he’s hanging off the ropes by his dreads.



Anna reaches over the top rope and pulls Bodie up. She cradles her hand under Bodie’s chin and pulls his head back. She lays the blade on his throat.


Bodie starts flailing his arms around, fighting for his life. Somehow, a midst all the flailing, he wraps his right arm around the back of Anna’s head and brings her neck first across the top rope. When this happens, Anna brings her hand with the blade up, inadvertently cutting some of Bodie’s dreadlocks. This effectively frees Bodie, who runs screaming back to the dressing room area.

Anna stand in the ring, arms raised, a straight razor in one hand and a handful of dreadlocks in the other. The crowd chants:


The PWA champ drinks in the cheers, a huge smile on her face.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Only in the Aggression Arena, would the fans cheer torture and attempted murder!

Brian Rentfro: I know, right. Isn’t this great? She had that razor with her from the jump. She was gonna do this win or lose.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Our cameras are trying to follow Bodie Vera Cruz in the dressing room. Let’s go back there right now.


Bodie starts throwing medical personnel, trainers, agents, and staff around til he can finally run out of the dressing room area to the parking lot. The cameras get to the parking lot in time to see Bodie screaming out of the parking lot.



The Kiss Of...

Once again we see the bubbly and smiling Tamika walking through the back halls. No present this time, although who knows considering we didn’t see where the Phoenix mask came from earlier. Nonetheless we continue to follow her until she reaches the dressing room of one Matt Stone. The fans boo as Tamika knocks on the door.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Ok, so she already has given The Phoenix a mask made out of the ‘finest cottons’, I wonder what she has for Matt Stone?

Brian Rentfro: Probably a slap, I don’t trust that Jezebel.

Stone answers and there is a look of surprise on his face. He smirks, crosses his arms and cocks his head to the side.

Matt Stone: What do you want? Looking for another kiss?

Tamika laughs and puts her hand on his shoulder. He looks at it and shrugs it off.

TNS: Actually Matt, I just came by to wish you good luck in the WTM tournament! And to give you this!

Tamika leans in and kisses Matt on the cheek. The crowd gasps as do the announcers.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Ok, maybe she is up to something.

Brian Rentfro: Jezebel!

Stone looks very confused as Tamika smiles at him, turns around and walks away. Matt checks her out until she turns the corner as the camera faces Stone again.

Matt Stone: Really?

Matt Stone vs The Phoenix

WTM 2013 Quarterfinals Match

With two former World Heavyweight Champions in the ring, and each man desperate to advance in this tournament, the real battle was on the way. The bell sounds as Lance Weston backs up and the two men lock up, Stone getting the early advantage with a go-behind followed by a quick take down. Matt floats over and locks in a side headlock, Phoenix fighting to his feet and shoving Stone off at the ropes, Matt coming back and connecting with a shoulder tackle. Rob drops to the mat and Stone hits the ropes again, Phoenix rolling over as Stone jumps over him, Rob getting right back to his feet and catching Stone on the rebound with a heavy power slam. A quick cover by Rob garnishes a two count. Stone rolls over to his feet as Phoenix grabs him, lifting him up all the way and sending him across the ring into the turnbuckle. Rob charges in and connects with a shoulder thrust in the stomach of the former PWA World Champion. Rob lifts Matt up in the second turnbuckle, catching him with a hard uppercut to daze him. Phoenix gets up on the turnbuckle and hooks Stone’s head, lifting him up in the air and driving him backwards with a superplex! Rob hooks Matt’s outside leg, but only gets a two count.

After the kick out, Stone rolls out of the ring to try and catch his breath, but it’s more of the same for him as he’s caught off guard by Rob connecting with a running baseball slide, knocking Stone on his ass. Rob rolled out and grabbed Stone, ramming his head off the guard rail. Weston has already reached a seven count as Rob whipped Stone into the apron, hitting his lower back hard against the frame of the ring. Phoenix approached Stone, however he was cut off by a finger in the eye. Matt followed that up by ramming Rob’s head into the nearby steps before tossing Phoenix back in the ring, following him back in. starts getting up, holding his head but he doesn’t see Stone’s right leg swinging into his knee, dropping Rob down. Stone takes another kick, hitting the Kneel before Zod. Matt raises his hands in the air, getting the crowd behind him, at least in his own mind. Phoenix is getting up as Stone dashes over and connects with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Matt shoots the half and rolls Rob over for the 1 2 3.

No! Phoenix got the shoulder up at the 2 and ¾ point. The crowd erupts as someone kicks out of Stone’s finish. Matt can’t believe it, getting right up and getting into Weston’s face, shouting about how it was a three count. Weston holds up two fingers and stands his ground, all the while Rob is recovering on the ground. Stone rolls his eyes and turns to Phoenix, only to get rolled up! 1 2 kick out! Matt scrambled to his feet quickly as does Phoenix, but Matt hits Rob with a super kick, the Go Go Gadget Foot! Or does he? Phoenix catches Stone’s foot and spins him around, kicks Stone on the midsection and hooks his head between his own legs, lifting Matt up in the air and dropping back with his Flame cradle piledriver! Rob shoots the half to pick up the win...

No! Stone is able to roll his shoulder up off the mat at the last second. The crowd is really getting into the match as it’s Rob who has a few choice words for Weston at this point. Rob turns around, picking Stone up by the back of the head to go for a second Flame, the crowd chanting for blood.

As Phoenix is pulling Stone up, Matt reaches up and grab’s Phoenix’s mask, spinning it a bit so that Rob’s eyes are covered by the fabric. Phoenix tries to fix his mask, but he’s brought down with a second C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Matt rolls him over, hooking the leg and getting the 1 2 3!

Winner: Matt Stone

The Plot Thickens VI

Flanked by two large and very muscular private security guards, Simon is outside of the Aggression Arena now and smashes a champagne bottle over it as Fantastic Andy stands back and sifts through the paper work.

Simon Kalis: In this moment, I hereby rename the Aggression Arena to the Rob Robinson Arena! A venue sure to be cherished by the PWA from this day through all days!

The crowd gathered outside cheers wildly as Simon wheels himself back towards Fantastic Andy.

Fantastic Andy: Wait, wait. Why did I have to sign this for you to rename your own arena for Mr. Robinson? I mean if you own Aggression Arena, and you chose to rename it why do I have to sign this? And why is it over three hundred pages?!

Simon rolls up to Andy, the back of his wheelchair comically stating: “They See Me Rollin’, They Hatin’” as he lights a celebratory cigarette.

Simon Kalis: Oh well you should have read it then. Who signs things before reading them?

Fantastic Andy: WHAT?! I DO! BECAUSE YOU DON’T GIVE ME ANY TIME TO LOOK AT THINGS! You-you point guns at me!

Simon Kalis: Hey, just because you’re slow and don’t know how to properly manage your time doesn’t mean you blame me.

Fantastic Andy: I can when you threaten me with bodily harm!

Simon reaches into his waist and pulls out a black pistol.

Simon Kalis: What? This?

Simon aims and fires at Fantastic Andy who drops to his knees and covers his head with the contract. Simon makes sure not to hit the contract but a brown liquid hits Fantastic Andy in the leg, joining the yellow one. He looks up nervously as Simon smiles wide, before Simon aims the gun into his mouth and pulls the trigger.

Simon Kalis: It’s just a neat way for me to keep my bourbon on me. I got tired of flasks, too cliché wouldn’t you say? I mean, wait… You thought I was threatening to KILL you?!

Simon looks at the fake gun, then back at Andy. He even pulls back his eye patch and pops out his own fake eyeball to turn it so he can look at himself with shock and wide eyes!

Simon Kalis: Jeez, a guy wants you to read some documents and shows off his liquor gun when he sees your nervous. Only to offer you a god damn drink out of the kindness of his heart because he sees how nervous you are! And you think he wants to shoot you?!

Fantastic Andy: I… I… It’s a liquor gun?

Simon squirts some into Andy’s gaping mouth, but Fantastic Andy finds the taste of Simon’s brown stuff too harsh and gags.

Simon Kalis: YEAH SILLY! Jeez!

Simon holsters the liquor gun and throws his fake eye into the air, and it rolls and rolls and rolls until it falls back into his eye socket.

Simon Kalis: It’s cause I’m black, isn’t it? Tsk, tsk. I expected better from you Andy.

He slides his eye patch back down over and turns the wheelchair around.

Fantastic Andy: Wait, why do you wear the eye patch if you’ve got a glass eye in the socket anyways?

Simon Kalis: Because fuck you, that’s why.

Simon who seems visibly upset begins rolling himself back into the newly christened Rob Robinson Arena. Fantastic Andy stands up and lowers his head, not too proud of himself before realizing he has that 300 page contract in his hand.

Fantastic Andy: WAIT! You never told me why I had to sign this?!

Simon’s already back inside, and the crowd has dispersed. Fantastic Andy looks back down at the contract and shivers.

Fantastic Andy: Oh crap.

With that, we fade to the Pioneer Wrestling Association emblem...