World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Aeolus Wrath vs Jacob Collins

Last time we saw the Code of Energy he was attacked by Viktor Stone at the command of Eli Storm. But true to his nature and his history, Wrath comes back looking a little stronger and a little faster as he takes on the Sommers’ cousin, Jacob Collins. This was a great match showcasing the cruiserweight style of wrestling as both men match up nicely. A great way to start up Chaos, this match featured some amazing spots. At one point in the match we saw Collins go for a springboard crossbody, only to get greeted by a picture perfect dropkick from Wrath. This gave Aeolus the advantage in the match up until he miss timed a clothesline and was greeted by the educated feet of Jacob Collins. Both men jockeyed back and forth for control in the match but it was Wrath who nailed his finisher out of nowhere to get the win.


Shadow Starr vs Mike Anigma

The 6’3” 253 pound Shadow Starr came into this match angered at losing his TV title shot at the hands of Jacob Collins. But not losing focus on the man in front of him, Mike Anigma. Another match where both wrestlers match height wise. It was the heavier Shadow Star that was able to use the power game to push around a lighter Anigma. For most of the match we saw Starr use a variety of power based moves like Spinebusters and Suplexes to wear down Anigma. Anigma though, was able to stay in the match by utilizing his speed and kicks aimed at the legs of the heavier Shadow Starr. But in the end it was Shadow Starr who was able to capitalize of a mis-step to get the win.


Pohatu vs Emperor Ian

In a very interesting match up, we saw the biggest cruiserweight on the roster take on the smallest heavyweight on the roster as former TV Champion Pohatu takes on Emperor Ian. With both men coming off big loses at the PPV, each man needed this win to get back on the winning path of thing. Shockingly enough it was Emperor Ian that came out like a bat out of Hell, keeping the former TV Champion off his feet with a range of offensive move varying from a Russian leg sweep to a vicious looking cradle neck breaker. But Pohatu started fighting back, showing the offense and drive that made him a entertaining TV champion. It was when Pohatu nailed the Circuit Breaker, that it looked as if things were over for Ian. But the Emperor showed his ring awareness by being able to get his foot on the ropes to break the pin count. And the exciting match saw an exciting ending as Emperor Ian was able to nail his finisher after getting the upper hand in some old school chain wrestling.


The Office of the President

The camera cuts to Rob Robinson sitting behind his desk in the PWA Dome.

Rob Robinson: I'm going to get right to the point, people have been asking me a lot of questions this week, wondering what my answers are going to be. The first question is why I'm the only participant of the Dome of Destruction not to have a match this week on either Rampage or Chaos. Well, the only member absent except for the injured Matthew Engel. The answer is simple, I'm the champ, I'm the president, and the way I see it, I'm strictly pay per view. Oh, I know people want to see me, whether it is to cheer for me or to see me get my ass kicked, it doesn't matter. The only thing that really matters is that people will pay good money to see me, and since that's the case, you can damn well bet I'm going to make them pay that money for the priviledge. That's why I filmed this segment before the show, because the fans in the arena aren't worthy of seeing me in person.

Rob Robinson: The next question is about my status as president of the PWA. To be honest, and I'm always honest, I'm not sure. I fully expected to be out on my ass once I won the title, but it appears that the board of directors can't come to a decision, so for now I'm still in charge. Apparently my proven track record is balancing out any conflicts of interest.

Rob Robinson: And finally, what about my involvment with Alex Wilkie, the man behind the Talent is a Lie? That's real simple. Alex was not in a happy place after getting fired by Chamelion and he must have viewed the regime change as his ticket back. He contacted me and made his case and I believed he had a point. The PWA was a joke, the champions were jokes and Chamelion was certainly a joke. I knew all about Alex's plans and knew he had to have an inside man, so I graciously offered to help. I'm the one that gave him access to the web site and the production trucks. I'm the one that let him in the arenas to wreck havoc. And here's another thing, not all of those attacks where Wilkie. I mean, I had to get back into ring shape somehow, didn't I?

Rob Robinson: So there you have it, the state of the union, so to speak. Not that I felt you actually deserved an explanation on any of those topics, but it has been proven that the Phoenix equals ratings and I've got to keep the board on my side, now don't I?

Cut to static.

Jamie Flynn vs Viktor Stone

This was a highlight filled match the pit another former TV Champion against the current Tag Team Champion. A great match due to the similar fighting styles the men have. The fan were treated to a very stiff striking clinic which saw Flynn nearly decapitated when he took a running yakuza kick to the chin. But don’t think that Stone walked away with this one as Flynn took advantage of a Stone who isn’t anywhere near 100% and made Viktor worse by punishing The beast’s ribs with vicious shot after shot. But the end all of the match came when Flynn reverse an Irish whip right into a sick looking Pele kick that broke Stone’s nose and knocked him out for the match allowing Flynn to get the big win.