World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


No Commercials, No Mercy!

"Parabola" by TOOL hits the sound system as William Mercy comes out to a chorus of boos. He waves off the crowd and walks down the rampway, getting into the ring.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Well, this is definitely going to be interesting. Jethro Hayes is not very pleased with this man right here.

Brian Rentfro: Why not, Jon? Mercy carried him to a win last week. Mercy is bringing back the old Jethro. He should be thanking him!

"Parabola" dies down as Mercy grabs ahold of a microphone.

William Mercy: Last week, Jethro Hayes had a rev --

Before Mercy can even get started, "Fuck All Y'all" by Saliva - Jethro's new entrance theme - hits the sound system as Jethro Hayes comes out on stage to a chorus of mostly cheers. He already has a microphone in his hand, but he takes a minute to soak up the reaction and try to pump up the crowd even more.

Brian Rentfro: Jesus, let the man speak Jethro! He clearly has more wisdom in his little finger than you do in your whole body.

Jon Jon McDaniel: I don't think you would be saying that if Jethro wasn't so far away.

Brian Rentfro: Probably not.

Jethro calms down the crowd as his entrance music dies down.

Jethro Hayes: Just shut up, Billy! We're all tired of it. Yeah you have been gettin' the best of me lately, and maybe I was a little complacent as so you eloquently put it, but you're nothin' but a coward.

Mercy doesn't like this one bit.

Jethro Hayes: Just a boy, caught up in a man's world, trying to rise up off the sweat and misery of others.

Mercy begins stirring in the ring.

Jethro Hayes: You ain't nothing but a leech, and tonight, you're done leeching off of --

William Mercy: Off of you? Am I right, Jethro? This the speech to end all speeches? You're telling me, right now, that this is your moment where you tell me to get lost. No, no, no!

Mercy is clearly upset. Hayes begins a slow walk down the rampway.

William Mercy: I'm not nearly done with you, and don't blame anyone but yourself. You have so much work to be done, so much sacrifice and pain ahead of you to realize true glory once more. You're heading in the right direction and last week was a nice moment for you, but don't give up on me now.

Jon Jon McDaniel: That sounded a little corny.

Brian Rentfro: But it's true, Jon. Jethro is already giving up on William when clearly he's the only one that's really helping him.

Hayes stops his slow walk.

Jethro Hayes: You're nothin' but a little bitch, Mercy. I'm done with ya.

Hayes starts to turn around, but he hears a microphone drop. It's William's, who's climbing out of the ring and storming towards Jethro's direction.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Oh crap here we go!

But Mercy stops right in front of Jethro and doesn't make a move to strike. He's yelling at Hayes, quite a bit, and Hayes is a little surprised and phased by it. It's almost as if he can't believe the words coming out of Mercy's mouth, which aren't audible at this point.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is he saying?!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Who knows, Brian, this is just a yellfest between two supposedly grown men.

Hayes tries to fire back, but Mercy walks by him, shoving his shoulder and moving Jethro off to the side a bit. Jethro looks confused as "Parabola" hits the sound system, Mercy disappearing backstage.

Jon Jon McDaniel: An interesting development - Mercy clearly isn't done with Jethro, who has had enough.

Brian Rentfro: I want to know what he said! Damn it!

Jon Jon McDaniel: The mic in Jethro's hand picked up a little bit - I think I even heard Matthew Engel's name thrown into the mix. What on Earth could he have meant by that?

Brian Rentfro: Considering Engel's closeness with Jethro and the fact that they were the most dominate tag team in PWA and AOWF history, well... I'm sure it's related somehow.

Tina Madison vs Bodie Vera Cruz

Singles Match

Jon Jon McDaniel: Let’s get ready for our first match!

The lights brighten in the arena, as spotlights of miscellaneous colors and patterns dance around the crowd. Tina Madison leaps out onto the stage as "What the Hell" by Avril Lavigne blares through the speakers. She walks down the ramp, high-fiving fans, followed closely by her body guard, Alex Jameson, and her manager, Clark Ford.
Brian Rentfro: I tell ya, Jon, Ford and Jameson are practically stuck to Tina Madison.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Well, do ya blame them, Brian? What with Shawn O’Reilly just waiting for another opportunity to launch an assault on this girl. All she wants is to come out and perform for the fans, who love her, by the way, no matter what O’Reilly says.

Brian Rentfro: Judging by the huge reaction that She’s gotten here tonight, I’m inclined to agree with you.

Jon Jon McDaniel: There’s hope for you yet, Rentfro.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen coming to the ring now, weighing in this morning at 118 pounds…from Sunny Los Angeles California…TIIINAAA MAAAADISONNNNNN!
Madison walks around the ringside area, making sure to high five and hug every fan who reaches out for her. The crowd is showering her with love.

Jon Jon McDaniel: In the short time she’s been here in the PWA, Tina Madison has garnered a huge fan following.

Brian Rentfro: Let’s see how that helps her here tonight against one of my new favorites Bodie “The Body” Vera Cruz.

Jon Jon McDaniel: It would figure that he would be one of your favorites. You both are so modest and humble.

Brian Rentfro: When you’re like us, McDaniel, there’s no need to be humble.

Tina Madison finishes meeting and greeting the fans at ringside and climbs in the ring.

Eric Emerson: And now ladies and gentlemen…..

The arena lights dim as the opening strains of “One of A Kind” by Breaking Point begin:
(Pyro explodes and Bodie Vera Cruz casually walks through the entrance tunnel)
The arena erupts in boos as the ex-bodybuilder walks down the aisle.

Brian Rentfro: Look at this guy! Now that’s a million dollar body right there!
on Jon McDaniel: And a ten cent….

Brian Rentfro: Stop it!


The crowd pops, not so much for love of Vera Cruz, but for the energy that is building in the PWA Dome.

Brian Rentfro: Listen at this crowd, McDaniel!

Vera Cruz looks into the ringside camera, a mischievous grin on his face.

“What can I say? They love me.”

He walks over to the announce position where Brian Rentfro stands and shakes his hand.

Brian Rentfro: How’s it goin, Body?

Vera Cruz: Not bad, Brad.

Brian Rentfro: It’s Brian, Body.

Vera Cruz: Whatever. Hey, bro hit me up later, I can show you some lifts that will build up your forearms. Make ya shake hands like a man.

Brian Rentfro: Uhh, sure. Thanks.

Jon McDaniel (rises to shake Vera Cruz’s hand): Mr. Vera Cruz.

Vera Cruz: What’s up, Joe?

Jon Jon McDaniel: It’s Jon.

Vera Cruz: Whatever.

Vera Cruz climbs into the ring and takes his position in the center as “One of a Kind” fades and the arena goes dark. "Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan begins to play and a spotlight from the ceiling centers on "The Body." Vera Cruz then proceeds to perform his bodybuilding posedown routine.

The male fans rain boos down, but a segment of the female fans are cheering.

Jon Jon McDaniel: And Bodie Vera Cruz hitting what he calls the “Great Eight,” The eight compul….

Brian Rentfro: Quiet! You don’t talk when a master is performing!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Someone should tell the fans that. The male population definitely aren’t enjoying this.

Brian Rentfro: But the females sure are! Hey look at Tina!

The camera focuses on Tina Madison. She’s got a big smile on her face as she talks last minute strategy over with Clark.

Brian Rentfro: I think she’s smitten, McDaniel!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Maybe she thinks it’s just funny, Brian.

The music fades and the arena lights come back up.
on Jon McDaniel: Finally, if the “master” is all finished maybe we can get this match started.


Madison and Vera Cruz circle around the ring. Vera Cruz acts as if he is about to lock up with Madison. But he stops short and hits a double biceps pose, much to the crowd’s disgust.

Vera Cruz: “Hey Hey, baby! Whaddaya think!”

Tina: “Meh.”

The fans erupt with a mixture of cheers and laughter. Vera Cruz looks pissed. He charges Madison, attempting a clothesline. Tina easily ducks the telegraphed move and counters with a superkick.

Vera Cruz is stunned and backs into a corner to collect his thoughts. Madison wastes no time and hits a running knee strike. “The Body” staggers out of the corner, and is met with another superkick. Vera Cruz falls to the mat.

Tina goes for the cover….

Vera Cruz kicks out with authority. So much so that it sends the much smaller Madison out of the ring between the middle and top ropes.

Jon Jon McDaniel: What a power display from Vera Cruz!

Bodie is back to his feet. He goes to the outside and grabs Tina. He gorilla presses the 118 pound fan favorite and sends her sailing over the top rope into the ring. Bodie climbs back in the ring, and grabs Madison by the hair. He picks he up and hits a clubbing forearm to Tina’s back, sending her face first back to the mat. Vera Cruz picks her up and pounds her down again.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Ok, this is just not fair. Madison’s outweighed by almost 135 pounds.

Brian Rentfro: She signed the contract, McDaniel. She’s a big girl. Let me rephrase that. She’s a grown up. She knew what she was getting into coming into this match. And she had to know that her little comments about “The Body’s” dreads weren’t gonna make things easier for her tonight.

Vera Cruz picks Madison up in the gorilla press position, then begins to count reps with her

Madison pushes herself out of Vera Cruz’s grip and lands feet first on the mat. She starts hitting him with inner and outer side leg kicks. After 5 kicks to each leg, Vera Cruz can barely stand. A hard kick right to the hinge point of the left knee takes Vera Cruz off his feet.

The crowd roars its approval. Tina repays them with a huge smile.

Madison hits Vera Cruz with 4 elbow drops in rapid fire succession, then runs to the corner. Tina scales the top rope and launches herself off with a diving elbow drop.

Tina goes for the cover…
Another kickout from Vera Cruz, but without the authority his first one had.
on Jon McDaniel: She’s wearing him down! I think she has a chance. It looks like she’s setting up for the shining wizard here she goes and….NO…Vera Cruz nails her with a lariat. And now he’s going for the cover…

3…NO… Madison got her shoulder up at the last second.

Vera Cruz looks at the referee


Ref: No, that was 2….bro.

Vera Cruz is on the attack now. He whips Madison into the ropes and nails her with a Yakuza Kick. Vera Cruz covers Madison…
At the very second the ref’s hand hits the mat for three he notices Tina Madison’s foot draped on the bottom rope.

Ref: Foot on the rope, Bodie. No pinfall.


Brian Rentfro: The ref better watch it. Vera Cruz eats meals bigger than this guy.

Vera Cruz picks Madison up and carries her to the corner. He sets her up and hits running powerslam in the middle of the ring.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Well, that should do it. Why isn’t he going for the pin?

Brian Rentfro: Cause he has other plans. Tina, you shouldn’t have messed with him about his hair!

Vera Cruz climbs to the top rope and launches himself off with a frog splash….that misses as Tina Madison rolls out of harm’s way. Clark Ford is ecstatic at ringside.


John Jon McDaniel: Clark Ford, shouting instructions in to Tina Madison…For God Sakes! What’s he doing out here?

Shawn O’Reilly walks down to ringside. He walks right by Ford and Jameson and stands by the ringsteps opposite where Tina Madison is. All smiles are gone from her face, replaced by a mix of anxiety and anger.


Tina doesn’t listen. She walks toward the corner that is adjacent to O’Reilly.


The momentary distraction is all Vera Cruz needs to recover. He comes up behind Tina, grabs her and picks her up for a gorilla press slam for reps.
Vera Cruz slams her to the mat.
Tina, showing that she has been paying attention to her Uncle Clark during strategy sessions, rolls to the opposite corner.

Brian Rentfro: Smart move to roll to the corner.

Vera Cruz turns his back to his opponent to jaw with O’Reilly.

Jon Jon McDaniel: A rivalry from the past threatens to explode here!

Vera Cruz challenges O’Reilly, ‘Come get some, bro!’

O’Reilly gets up on the apron. Meanwhile, Tina Madison takes advantage of her opponent’s distraction and hits a twisting sunset flip. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough leverage to pull Vera Cruz over. The ref leans in to admonish Tina to either finish or relinquish the move. Vera Cruz laughs as Madison is struggling. O’Reilly stops the laughter with a stiff right cross, then jumps to the floor. Vera Cruz, reeling, is easy prey for Madison to complete the sunset flip. She hooks her feet over “The Body’s” shoulders

Tina Madison wins by pinfall, via sunset flip at the 8:49 mark.

Jon Jon McDaniel: I can’t believe it! Tina Madison, outweighed by over 135 pounds, defeats the bigger, stronger Bodie Vera Cruz!

Brian Rentfro: Well, she did have a little help.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Oh God, O’Reilly’s in the ring now! For the love of God, Tina, just get out of there!

Vera Cruz rolls to the outside, and walks to the back, shaking his head over the defeat.

O’Reilly points over to Vera Cruz, then over to Clark Ford and Alex Jameson then to himself, all the while saying something to Tina Madison that the ringside mics can’t pick up. He opens his arms to her, as if to invite her for an embrace.

Jon Jon McDaniel: What the hell is this sick bastard doing?

Brian Rentfro: Your guess is as good as mine.

Madison responds with a spinning heel kick, that is blocked by O’Reilly. Incensed, O’Reilly grabs Madison and hooks in for the Bulldog Driver. As O’Reilly lifts Madison in the air, she somehow breaks the double underhook grip and counters with an armdrag that sends The Bulldog sliding under the bottom rope to the floor adjacent to the announce table.

The crowd roars its approval, as does Jon McDaniel.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Way to go, Tina! Armdrag that sonofabitch! Now get out there and beat his ass!

O’Reilly stands up, his face a mix of embarrassment, shock, and amusement. He looks at Madison with a smile on his face. He extends his arms again, as if asking her to embrace him. This time the camera mounted mic does pick up what he says.

O’Reilly: It’s ok, sweetheart. I forgive you.

Madison, showing fire in her eyes, lunges at O’Reilly but she is intercepted by Clark Ford and Alex Jameson, who carry her back to the dressing room. O’Reilly waves goodbye to her, still smiling.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like you have more confidence in the rookie than her management team has, McDaniel.

Jon Jon McDaniel: I tell you what. One day, and I hope it’s soon, she’s gonna get in the ring one on one with that sonofabitch. And when she does, I hope to God she kicks his ass and runs his ass out of the PWA! There’s no place for somebody like that here!

Brian Rentfro: Well, let’s reset and go backstage.

The Man We Call Fig

We open up to the backstage area, Figgy standing in front of the PWA logo with Eric Emerson at his side. Jacob stands adjusting his wrist wraps.

Eric Emerson: Greetings PWA Fans I am here with co-winner of Who's the Man 2009, Jacob Figgins. As a returning winner of the tournament what are your thoughts of this year's event?

Figgins takes the microphone from Emerson, raising it to his lips.

Jacob Figgins: Despite the controversies, despite the questions being the Winner of the Who's the Man tournament was a career defining moment. But looking at the bracket that lies before me, the one that lies before all of us, it is a deck stacked in no one's favor.Because any of these opponents could claim victory at the smallest misstep. Any of them can seize opportunity from a hairline opening. Any one who gets lost in the polls, in the statistics, can easily be overwhelmed in the odds that just keep racking up. One may ask, how do I even stand a chance?

Jacob Figgins: I don't look at odds, I ignore statistics. I shrug off the doubts that my opponents may try to cast at me. In this tournement there are legends, former champions, People whom I deem as brothers, long time rivals, and rising stars. But I shall stare down all these challenges in the face. People are chasing this event to make a name for themselves, to get their shot at the grandest title in PWA. I'm simply here for the competition, I'm here to improve myself. This year, there is no pantheon, there is no G.O.D. I have no affiliations. This year, I will not share. This tournament, is only the beginning of this year, only the first milestone. But as for now, I am going to look toward what is immediatly infront of me before I approach the unfathomed tower. I am Jacob Figgins, and I will be the man once more.

Mark McNasty vs Anthony Frusciante

Singles Match

The bell rings and both men immediately begin circling each other in the ring. Frusciante immediately connects with a dropkick that puts both men down to the canvas but just as fast McNasty and Frusciante get to their feet and this time they grapple. This favors Mark McNasty as he is the much stronger of the two men and Mark McNasty with a vertical suplex takes Anthony Frusciante down. McNasty bounces off the ropes and hits hard with an elbow to the chest of Anthony. He covers but only gets a two count. Frusciante is much faster and he connects with a quick jumping clothesline before coming down hard on McNasty with a standing moonsault. Frusciante covers now but only gets a 2 count for his own troubles as well. Frusciante follows his attack up with an Olympic slam on McNasty as both men get to their feet and again goes for another cover, but yet again finds himself only getting a 2 count on the former PWA World Champion.

Mark McNasty now with an inverted DDT takes Frusciante to the canvas and grounds the speedy man. Mark McNasty wraps Frusciante’s legs up and locks in a figure four leg lock. Anthony Frusciante holds his head as he writhes in pain and McNasty wrenches the hold and yells for Frusciante to tap out and give in. Anthony Frusciante desperately tries to reach the bottom ropes closest to him but to no avail as referee Dwayne Cross asks him once again if he’d like to quit. Frusciante in a last bit of desperation flips himself over onto his stomach and reverses the figure four leg lock, putting all the pressure now on Mark McNasty. McNasty writhes in pain himself now but refuses to give up. Referee Dwayne Cross asks Mark if he wishes to quit, and everyone in the arena can hear the resounding NO as Mark flips himself back the other way and reverses the reversal from Anthony Frusciante. However the hold is released and both men roll away from one another.

McNasty is on his feet first and Anthony Frusciante gets up but seems dazed, having suffered the hold longer. Mark McNasty charges him from behind with a forearm shot to the back of Anthony Frusciante’s head as he gets up! LIGHTS OUT! Mark McNasty covers! 1! 2!! 3!!! McNasty has his hand raised by Dwayne Cross to signify his triumphant victory.

Winner: Mark McNasty in 6:23

The Plot Thickens IV

We fade in backstage with Simon Kalis seated across from Fantastic Andy.

Simon Kalis: Sign it.

Fantastic Andy: I don’t know if I want to.

Simon Kalis: Why not? It’s just you know, to help me out.

Fantastic Andy: Yeaaaah but I know trusting you isn’t a good idea.

Simon Kalis: Pfft, come on Andy ol’ pal! That’s so 2010!

Fantastic Andy: But you pulled A GUN ON ME!

Simon twirls his moustache and nods.

Simon Kalis: True but you made me.

Fantastic Andy: I didn’t.

Simon Kalis: You did, and you’re about to make me again.

Simon slides some sheet of papers over to Andy.

Simon Kalis: You can trust me. It’s just to say that you agree to rent my arenas for PWA shows.

Fantastic Andy: Then why don’t you let me read it?

Simon Kalis: Andy, Andy, Andy..

Simon taps something on the side of his wheelchair.

Simon Kalis: Robinson will LOVE the fact I’m paying him directly as a bonus to have Rampage shows in my buildings. And I’ve got two buildings sitting empty right now, and before I can convince the NHL to put a hockey team in Vegas I’m sure we can let me host Rampage there right? If you don’t sign this, it’d probably make Robinson mad. Now we don’t want to make him mad do we?

Fantastic Andy: Well, no…

Simon taps the desk and Andy submits, pulling out a pen and going over the sheets.

Simon Kalis: Initial there, there and there. Oh and there. Then sign here, yes. Perfect!

Fantastic Andy: So this says that we hold next Rampage at the Underground Arena in Las Vegas, right? That’s it?

Simon quickly pulls the papers towards him and shrugs.

Simon Kalis: Eh, mostly. Don’t worry about it.

Simon spins himself around and begins wheeling himself out.

Fantastic Andy: But I will worry!

Simon cracks a grin as we fade to ringside.

Sunny Yamasaki vs Jacob Figgins

Singles Match

Figgins backs Sunny into the corner and Figgins with a clean break. Sunny returns the favor with a clean break of her own. Figgins with a clean break but Sunny with a punch. Figgins with punches and he misses a corner Splash. Sunny misses a splash and Figgins catches her. Sunny with the hip toss, Figgins back up and a Gorilla slam puts to the mat. Sunny gets p and is clotheslined over the top rope to the floor.

Sunny returns to the ring and Figgins gets a near fall. Figgins sends Sunny over the top rope to the floor again. Sunny returns to the ring and hits a reverse atomic drop and a flying forearm for a near fall. Sunny with a snap mare and elbow drops. Figgins puts Sunny in the Conspiracy Theory when Sunny misses a missile drop kick. Figgins adds some pressure and Sunny’s attempts to reach the ropes are over as she taps.

Winner: Jacob Figgins in 4:20

I'm Still The Man

The scene opens on Matt Stone sitting in front of a camera, the WTM logo is shown in the background. It’s a plain set, and Matt isn’t wearing any of his own merch, just a dress shirt is seen.

Matt: The Who's the Man tournament, it’s not meant to be easy. It’s meant to be a challenge each and every year and it’s no different this year. I’m not even the only returning winner of it. However, last year, in my win, it was the largest tournament in the history of the PWA, and I had to go through 31 other men. This year, the field has been cut in half, but that doesn't mean the star power has. First round I’m going up against Project-X, a man who hasn’t competed here in over a year. I’m sure people are saying I’m the favourite, but I’m not. There’s a fine line between thinking you can win and knowing it. I know I can win, but all I’m focused on is this match. I didn’t study all the brackets to see who I could face in future rounds, I know that if I don;t win this round, nothing else matters.

Matt: Winning the tournament this year would been a lot to me. It would mean that I would be the first person in history to win this tournament twice, and back to back at that. This is only the third time I’ve entered the tournament, I’m 50% right now and I’m looking for 66 this year. Last year I didn’t get the reward for winning this event, this year, I won’t let anything stop me. If you guys thought last year I pushed the limits, you haven’t seen anything yet.

We cut out of the mini-interview there.

Cody Bogard vs Hunter Sullivan vs Meghan Nash Strader

Triple Threat Match

Eric Emerson: The following match is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

The lights suddenly dim down as the opening intro to Naked Arms plays. Once the intro finishes and goes into the main theme, smoke emerges from near the entrance way.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from San Mateo, California… he is the King of Hearts…. CODY BOGARD!!!

A figure emerges from the smoke, standing while looking at the fans as he stands in the shadows. The figure is seen as strobe lights go off to reveal Cody Bogard posing at the entrance way. Cody makes his way to the ring.

All those dreams, all of my hope, all life come undone
In a world beaten and broken I can see a rising sun
Burning down, scorching the earth, nowhere left to hide
Try to stop all this destruction, find a way, turn the tide
Reveal the bond that's made
Between the light and the shade

Cody makes his way over to the ring, springing up to the ring apron, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms open in a pose.

Shining white and hot is a moon so unforgiving
The break of day will leave a scar
Nothing we belleve can protect us from tomorrow
Enjoy today from where we are

I will believe to the end
Even with my face pressed to the fire
I won't be shaken or moved
By the heat getting closer and higher

Sink or swim
Lose or win
Hold on with my naked arms

Cody jumps from the turnbuckle as he thrusts his arm into the air to a hail of cheers.

All those dreams, all of my hope, all life come undone
In a world beaten and broken I can see a rising sun
Burning down, scorching the earth, nowhere left to hide
Try to stop all this destruction, find a way, turn the tide
Reveal the bond that's made
Between the light and the shade

Cody takes his time to prepare for the match as the theme fades out.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent hailing from St. John Newfoundland, Canada he is THE VIPER HUNTER SULLIVAN!!!!!!!

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in a harsh chorus of Jeers.*

You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

Fuck your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why

*Sullivan walked calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Hunter's feet reacted with a clank, none of which could be heard over the music and jeers in unison. Soon Sullivan found himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacted quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards the turnbuckle that was closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looked around and reacted with a combined smirk-scoff.*

It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you
Broken down and paralyzed
He did it all for you
He did it all for you

*The music died off and Sullivan dropped back to the mat, looking around the ring, making a few last mental notes. His music finally cutting off and settling.

Eric Emerson: And their opponent…

"Unchanied” begins to play as the houselights slowly dim. At the twelve second mark lights begin to flicker as the beat and rhythm of the song begin to become louder.

You say, I cannot get there from here, baby
Then I don't care where I'm goin'~

Eric Emerson: Introducing to you next…

The ADCtron lights up with the chrome ‘S’ emblem and explodes into shots of MNS, smacking the taste out Shadow Starr’s mouth with a kick to the jaw, stepping on Ai Mei’s skull, pinning Corey Lazarus one two three and the last shot of her being her holding one half of the PWA Tag Team Titles. Her name flashes on the screen, and a small amounts of pyro’s shoot off as MNS steps out from behind the curtain followed by her sister and manager Tamika Nash Strader.

~Thought you'd never miss me till I got a fat city address
Non-stop talker, what a rocker
Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from London, Ontario Canada at a height of five foot ten and weighing in at one hundred and forty-five pounds…

~Change, nothin' stays the same
Unchained, and ya hit the ground runnin'
Change, ain't nothin' stays the same
Unchained, yeah ya hit the ground runnin'~

Meghan stops and waves at the crowd as she shifts her hips to the right side. She makes her way down to ringside followed by her baby sister Tamika Strader.

Eric Emerson: Meghan Nash STRADERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

~I know, I don't ask for permission
This is my chance to fly
Maybe enough ain't enough for you
But it's my turn at a try~

Meghan smacks the hands of a few fans.

~ Thought you'd never miss me till I got a fat city address
Non-stop talker, what a rocker
Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress ~

Meghan stops halfway down, looks side to side, raises up her arms and the entire stage explodes in gold and silver pyrotechnics as a wide grin comes across Meghan’s face.

~Change, nothin' stays the same
Unchained, and ya hit the ground runnin'
Change, ain't nothin' stays the same
Unchained, yeah ya hit the ground runnin'~

At that Meghan turns it into a stride and slides under the bottom rope into the ring and jumps up to the top turnbuckle as she raises her fist in the air. She steps down as Cody and Hunter enter the ring.

Ding Ding

Meghan swings out connecting with a solid fist right to Bogard's temple driving him down to the mat. Meghan continues charging, but Sullivan is there with a front kick that sends Meghan reeling backwards and Sullivan pounces on the move's success. Hunter launches himself into the air, mounting Lou Thesz press style on Meghan.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Sullivan starting off strong with the Thesz Press.

Brian Rentfro: See, Hunter is exciting.

Jon Jon McDaniel: So are Bogard and Strader, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Well if Meghan loses her top I’ll give you that.

Meghan shoves, rolling the irate Hunter off of her and getting up to her feet. Hunter with a right, Meghan with a right. Right, right, right, right, right, Meghan surprises Hunter with a left rocking him on his feet. Meghan pounds with another left then a right, and then is nailed from behind with a chop block that takes her knee out from under her. Meghan's left knee slams into the canvas as Sullivan smiles and levels Meghan with a clothesline.

Brian Rentfro: He damn near took her head off.

Bogard gets on his knees pounding his fists into the side of Meghan, from the side of her head all the way down to her waist. Meghan tries to protect herself but laced between the punches is stiff kicks from Sullivan to keep her unable to protect. Bogard continues with the punches to the ribs as Sullivan continues kicking away with a look of pure arrogance upon his face.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Meghan had a lot of strong words for her opponents and it looks like she may have pushed them to work together.

Brian Rentfro: Oh I’m sure at one point it’ll be the other way around for Hunter then Cody. Classic triple threat Jon. You should know this by know.

Sullivan tries telling Bogard to do something. The King of Hearts is no push over and doesn't take kindly to being told what to do. Bogard executes a stiff punch right into Sullivan's down turned face sending him vertical against the ropes. Sullivan holds at his chin, but all Cody Bogard is doing is smiling and shoving up to his feet. A right from Bogard rocks Sullivan into the ropes, Bogard uses the momentum to send him running across the ring.

Jon Jon McDaniel: What a nice back body drop from The Crisis Ace.

Brian Rentfro: Maybe Meghan was right, never under estimate.

Jon Jon McDaniel: I tend to agree.

Brian Rentfro: This could be a first Jon.

The American Puro Hero begins to place the boots to Sullivan's face and chest. Bogard picks Sullivan up, Irish whip into the turnbuckles. Bogard slams Sullivan's head back on his neck with a running clothesline. Sullivan bounces out of the corner, Bogard hits the ropes, swinging neckbreaker takes Sullivan onto his back, where Bogard makes a cover.



Kickout by Sullivan as he isn't ready to give it up just yet.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Hunter able to kick out there.

Brian Rentfro: Like Hunter said, Cody sucks. He can’t finish off ‘The Viper’.

Meghan does some major trash talking, grabbing the attention of both Hunter and Bogard. Both men look at each other and nod. Bogard and Sullivan walk over to Strader. She talks some trash before getting popped with a double punch from both wrestlers. They then execute a nice double suplex with great impact. The crowd roars, for the explosive move. Bogard covers, only to be pulled off by Sullivan at the count of one. Now Sullivan covers, and receives the same courtesy. Sullivan gets up and is in the face of Cody. They don't come to blows as Strader is up, nailing both men with a double clothesline. Strader picks up Bogard sending him into the near corner. She picks up Sullivan and sends him into the corner to Bogard. Bogard gets a boot up and nails Sullivan. Sullivan staggers toward Strader, who nails a vicious clothesline to the back of the head. Sullivan is hurt. Bogard takes the opportunity to get Strader from behind with a swinging neck breaker. He covers.


2 1/4

Not quite. Strader gets a shoulder up. Bogard lets Strader get to her feet. Sullivan is rising too. Bogard sees a spot, and attempts a double clothesline near the ropes. Strader and Sullivan back body drop Bogard over the top rope. Cody crashes to the floor. Strader hits a DDT on Hunter. Strader is pumping up the crowd as both of her opponents are down. Bogard is getting up; he is in front of the announcers. Strader sees him crawling onto the apron of the ring. Strader turns around and charges at Cody. Bogard. Superkick and Bogard right through the Announce table!

Crowd: MNS! MNS! MNS!

Bogard is out. The announcers scramble. Sullivan from behind with a roll up.



Kick out by Strader. Sullivan doesn't let up any. He gets Strader up for a Half Nelson Suplex. That leads to a Fujiwara arm-bar. Bogard isn't moving outside the ring. Strader refuses to tap. She gets the bottom rope and Sullivan releases. Hunter Sullivan with a boot to the shoulder of the downed Strader. Then some head butts... He is trying to knock Meghan out possibly. Strader gets a thumb up into the eye of The Viper. In one quick motion she latches onto his head runs up the turnubuckle and drops him with Vengeance. She hooks the leg



2 3/4

No.. whoa! Sullivan got out by a quarter of an inch. Strader is frustrated. Bogard is slowly moving. Sullivan trips Strader. He lays in with some elbow strikes to her cranium. Strader fights him off and gets up. Strader grabs Sullivan and sends him into the corner. No... IT'S REVERSED. Strader hits back first. She slumps down in the corner from the impact. Hunter Sullivan charges in with a running knee into the shoulder of Strader. Sullivan looks over at Bogard who is acting as though he has been down but is closer to the ring. Strader is trying to get up. Strader with a nut shot on Sullivan. Sullivan falls to the mat in agony. Strader with a reverse chin-lock. Sullivan is fading out. Strader feels Sullivan going limp. She lets go and picks him up. Strader sends him into the ropes, but Sullivan hangs on. Strader looks unhappy and charges with a clothesline, Sullivan charges simultaneously, hitting a clothesline too. Both superstars down. Unison clotheslines and the crowd is in shock. Not one superstar standing. Bogard stirring on the outside. Referee is counting both stars down.




Jon Jon McDaniel: Sullivan isn't moving.


Brian Rentfro: But Strader is.



Strader is sitting up.


Sullivan is trying to pull up. Bogard is near the ring.



Strader on her feet. She grabs Sullivan and it's time for some Second Hand Strader! But Bogard stops with a boot to Meghan's knee! Strader stumbles back. Strader gets hit with a hard impactful clothesline... and then Bogard lines her up for another one! That sends Strader over the top rope right onto the floor! Strader hits her head on the concrete! Two men in the ring now.

Brian Rentfro: Did her top pop off?

Jon Jon McDaniel: I’m more concerned she doesn’t have a concussion Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Oh, that too I guess.

Sullivan with a German Suplex on Bogard. It knocks the wind out of him. Sullivan is climbing the top... it's time for a big time move! Five Star Frog Splash from the top rope. Hunter Sullivan is hurting from that move too as he must’ve got 6 feet of rebound air off the mat. Sullivan finally gets over and covers.



Like a boss, The King of Hearts kicks out! Sullivan rolls off. He is dazed. Bogard sees Sullivan and he crawls over to him. He is going for a crossface chicken wing! He locks it in... Sullivan scrambles, they're not in the center of the ring. Sullivan gets near the ropes and his 6’2 frame allows him to reach the bottom rope with his foot. Bogard looks frustrated, but continues the course. He gets Sullivan up for a Northern Lights Suplex but it’s blocked! Hunter Sullivan falls behind. Release German Suplex. Hunter Sullivan is up but so is Bogard and puts The Viper on the ground with an inverted bulldog.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Inverted bulldog and now Bogard is putting Sullivan in a figure four!

Brian Rentfro: Look! Strader is up, and so is her top. Insert sad face emoticon, Jon.

Strader is on the ring apron. Strader goes through the ropes and Meghan with a big boot to Bogard's head sends him tumbling over and breaking the hold before Bogard is able to wear down Sullivan. Bogard & Strader tie it up. Strader catches Bogard with a big running powerslam off the ropes and goes for a quick surprise pin.




Nope, a kickout!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Meghan should have known better.

Brian Rentfro: But she nearly buried Cody.

Calf Toss attempt, Sullivan back up, slides behind. Three-quarter nelson into the front russian leg sweep. Sullivan covers for a surprise pin.




Bogard looking for a running clothesline, Strader hits a back body drop. Suplex
Time but Bogard blocks, countering with a DDT attempt, but Strader blocks that. She gets Bogard up, and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Meghan signals to the crowd, but fails to notice Hunter Sullivan rushing in with a clothesline to the back of the head. Bogard is on the outside, recovering after rolling out of the ring, as Meghan Nash Strader starts punching away on Hunter Sullivan. Irish whip sends Strader into the turnbuckle, Sullivan charging in with a clothesline, but Strader sidesteps! Sullivan staggers out, right into the waiting Strader' arms. Up for a quickly executed spine buster! Strader covers for



Jon Jon McDaniel: Bogard breaks up the pin attempt.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter got lucky me thinks!

Bogard schoolboys Strader. Lucky man.



Sullivan breaks up the pin attempt. Strader rolls outside.

Jon Jon McDaniel: This match seemingly like it can go either way.

Hunter Sullivan is getting fired up. He puts Bogard down with a DDT, covers.



Bogard is slow to get up, doubled over. Meghan sees the opportunity and hits the ropes for a running front kick --- Bogard stands up delivers a Clothesline From Hell! He immediately pulls Meghan up, standing headscissors take down and it connects! Bogard looks for the cover but Hunter Sullivan nails him from behind, sending him flying out of the ring. And... Sullivan covers the fallen Cowgirl.



Bogard pulls Sullivan off the pin as Meghan kicks out simultaneously. Meghan kips up to her feet as Bogard pushes Sullivan out of the way. All three competitors back up in the ring. We have a triple collar and elbow tie up in the center of the ring! Strader drives a knee into the gut of Bogard and rakes the eyes of Sullivan causing a break. Strader grabs Bogard and hurls him through the ring ropes to the floor and then turns her attention to Hunter. Sullivan takes a stiff right hand to the head that staggers him and Strader shoots him into the ropes. Sullivan ducks a clothesline and goes for a cross body off of the opposite ropes. Meghan catches Sullivan in mid air, and quickly lays out a powerslam! Strader is quickly back to her feet and never sees themissile dropkick from Bogard that almost takes her head off. Bogard springs off the second rope and drops a leg across the back of Meghan's head before shooting a half nelson on her and rolling her over for a pin attempt.



Brian Rentfro: Even I’m surprised Cody is keeping up!

Jon Jon McDaniel: This sure has been an entertaining tilt.

Sullivan is back to his feet. Sullivan grabs Bogard and tries to throw him over the top rope. Bogard hangs on, skins the cat and is back in the ring! Sullivan charges at Bogard but one backdrop later and the former Who’s The Man is sent crashing to the outside! Strader is now also back to her feet and closes in on Bogard but takes a dropkick that stuns her.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Cody has certainly been on the offensive!

Brian Rentfro: Surprising.

Bogard grabs Strader and Irish whips her into the ropes only to have Hunter Sullivan grab the legs of the Cowgirl and pull her to the outside. Hunter sends Meghan into the ringpost and climbs into the ring to confront Bogard. The two men lock up and Sullivan takes Bogard over with an arm drag. Bogard is back up and is chopped across the chest by a determined Hunter Sullivan! Sullivan backs Bogard against the ropes and shoots him off going for a clothesline. Bogard ducks under, hooks the arm of Sullivan and swings his legs around the other arm and pulls him down into a crucifix pinning combo.



Jon Jon McDaniel: Close call there.

Brian Rentfro: Will any of the women in the PWA lose their top?

Both men are quickly back to their feet. Sullivan goes for a kick but it's caught! Enziguri by Sullivan that sends Bogard slumping against the ropes! Again Bogard is shot off the ropes and Sullivan lowers his head for a back drop. Bogard leaps over Sullivan and pulls him into a sunset flip. Sullivan rolls through and hits a basement dropkick on Bogard! Bogard rolls to the outside as Sullivan gets blindsided by Meghan! Strader shoves Sullivan into a corner and drives a pair of knees into the ribs of the former Global Champ. Strader grabs an arm of Sullivan and pulls him out of the corner and into a short arm clothesline.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Hunter! Knock her top off!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Can you at least try to act professional out here Brian?

Sullivan is sent into the ropes and Strader drills him with a vicious powerslam! Bogard is back on the ring apron. He springs up to the top rope and takes flight at Strader. The Cowgirl spots him just in time and catches him with a missile drop kick! Hunter tackles Meghan knee’s from behind and covers Bogard.



Meghan pulls Sullivan up off Bogard. Bogard rolls to the outside. Strader is sent into the ropes and dropped by a flying lariat from Hunter. Without missing a beat Sullivan goes to the near turnbuckle, climbs to the top and takes to the sky with an elbow drop! Strader rolls at the last second and Sullivan hits the mat hard! From the edge of our screen Bogard flies into view and hammers Hunter Sullivan with a leg drop and covers!



Jon Jon McDaniel: It is anyone's match.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter said he would win, and he will.

A kick to the head from Strader breaks up the pin. Bogard is yanked to his feet by Meghan and sent into the ropes. Big boot to the face! Bogard is still standing, although on spaghetti legs. A Second Hand Strader nearly makes have to wear a helmet and ride the short bus, and she covers!



Sullivan makes the save!

Jon Jon McDaniel: One of these competitors will have to put someone out of commission if they hope to secure a pinfall.

Brian Rentfro: I'm still pulling for Hunter!

Back in the ring, Sullivan has pulled Strader to her feet and backed her into a corner. A trio of chops sends the crowd into a "Woooooooo" frenzy as Strader holds her chest in pain. Bogard is back to his feet and watching the brawl in the corner. Sullivan Irish whips Strader out of the corner but she manages to reverse it and sends the former Intercontinental Champ right into a hurricanrana from Bogard! Strader is quick to grab Bogard before he can do anything and punishes him with a flying knee to head! Sullivan is getting to his feet and Strader charges him only to take a dropkick to the knee that sends her head first into the middle turnbuckles! Strader rolls over and drops to a seated position in the corner just as Sullivan charges in with a running knee to the head! Bogard is slowly getting up and Sullivan quickly hooks him and nails a Northern Lights Suplex!



Bogard grabs the bottom rope calling for a break! Bogard is shoved out of the ring by Sullivan who then turns his attention back to Strader. Sullivan charges her in the corner but takes a back elbow to the face. Strader grabs a handful of hair and pulls Sullivan to the center of the ring where she hits a lightning quick snap suplex!

Brian Rentfro: Hunter! No!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Quick as a cat the Cowgirl from Hell is.

Strader falls back with authority and goes for the cover.



Sullivan kicks out! Strader looks pissed as she rolls Sullivan over onto his stomach and starts to rub his face back and forth across the mat! Bogard is back into the ring and Strader leaves a wounded Sullivan where he lies. A spinning heel kick staggers Strader and Bogard is quick to shoot her into the ropes. Strader reverses a hurricanrana attempt by turning it into a spinning powerbomb!



Bogard kicks out as the fans pop The Crisis Ace. Bogard is pulled to his feet and dumped over the top rope like a bag of trash. Sullivan is back to his feet and Strader charges him only to be brought down with a drop toe hold. Sullivan quickly locks in a STF on Strader and the crowd comes to their feet in anticipation of a tap out! Strader is to close to the ropes however and is able to pull herself over and get the hold broken. Sullivan goes to pull the former PWA Tag Team Champ up but Strader suddenly irish whips him and he goes stumbling through the middle rope! Strader pulls Sullivan to the center of the ring and starts to lock in a crossface Chicken wing on Sullivan's arm. Sullivan gets into the ropes, and the referee orders Meghan to break the hold. Meghan is in a rage as she synches the hold in further on Sullivan's arm. The referee begins his count.




Brian Rentfro: Meghan is cheating! Only way she can beat The Viper!

Jon Jon McDaniel: That isn’t like Meghan, but she looks very angry!

Meghan breaks the hold. She waits for Sullivan to get up and when he does Bogard comes out of nowhere and nails Sullivan with a front dropkick sending him out of the ring!

Jon Jon McDaniel: Bogard is alive!

Brian Rentfro: OH The Memory Remains! He’s down as quickly as he was up!

Strader covers Bogard.





Eric Emerson: and your winner via pinfall…. MEGHAN NASH STRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Chelsea Dagger’ hits the sound system. Meghan slides out of the ring, and requests the chair of the bell girl. She takes the chair and folds it up walking around the ring to where Hunter Sullivan is getting to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: What is Meghan doing with that chair?

Jon Jon McDaniel: Well I guess we know who she’s been eyeing on the roster.

The crowd is in shock as Meghan swings and connects the chair to Sullivan’s face. Sullivan falls hard. Meghan motions for the microphone from Eric. Her exit music dies down as she stands over top of Sullivan. She raises the microphone to her lips.

MNS: Hunter, Hunter, Hunter…. You stupid son of a bitch. You just had to go and question my actions and question why I hadn’t come out to make my mark and pick someone to go after. The fact is, I had already made my choice. My choice was… well…

A loud sound of feedback is heard as the Cowgirl nails The Viper in the skull with the microphone.

MNS: You wanted me to come out and make a statement, so here it is Hunter. I won’t be happy until I have exposed you for the hack you are, and give these fans a better class of superstar to cheer for. God forgives Hunter.

Crowd: I DON’T!

Another smack to forehead as ‘Chelsea Dagger’ hits the PA again. Meghan spits on the fallen Hunter as she heds backstage.

Jon Jon McDaniel: Seems like Meghan doesn’t really like Hunter Sullivan all that much.

Brian Rentfro: It’s hard to be loved when you are as good as him

Jon Jon McDaniel: That’s why he’s laid out right?

The Midnight Role Model

We go backstage where Bud Adams is ready for an interview.

Bud Adams: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time, PWA’s newest acquisition, the Midnight Role Model, Marxx!

The camera zooms out and here comes Marxx for the first time on a PWA program since 2011.

Bud Adams: Now Marxx, rumors have been going around that because of your actions a year and a half ago and the general panic that it caused, the company decided to put you under probation. Now…

Marxx: I’d like to make things clear right now: the consequences that I have to deal with are because of factors beyond my control, but I’m not going to play the blame game here. I stole the Intercontinental title in the first place, and then it was stolen from me, only to be sold on eBay by my own sister. And what was the first thing she did with the money? She bought a franchise of the Church of the Glowing Taco.

He takes a brief pause, and then continues.

Marxx: Don’t get me wrong, I know that nothing of that would have happened if I didn’t make such a risky business and career move, but I did what I thought was the right thing to do at the time. But as you said, it was a year and a half ago. Today, we are in 2013 and events from the past should stay where it is, in the past. However, I will only say this one time and one time only: if I knew that the championship would be retired a few months after I brought it back, trust me, I wouldn’t have gone into all the trouble I went through to bring it back home.

Bud Adams: Do you agree with these clauses to your contract?

Marxx: I’m not for it, but I’m not against it either. I completely assume what I did and from the start, I knew there would be consequences to what I did and I was ready to deal with them. In fact, this is why soon enough, this failing franchise that is the Church of the Glowing Taco will no longer be in the family. I bought it from my sister in what was probably the dumbest financial move I could do. Nothing to hurt my wallet, but still a stupid move. But a hundred grand later, I’m finally back. But as long as the transaction isn’t final, I’m considered on probation and any move I do can be sanctioned. I could even get fired for talking to you about the terms of my agreement with the company. But now that it’s all over the internet and sent to the media via press release, there’s no secret really.

Bud Adams: That probation, however, didn’t keep you from being included in the Who’s the Man tournament. Was it a factor in your decision to come back?

Marxx: Frankly, no. I didn’t come back because of the Who’s the Man tournament. But I’m glad to be in it and do you know why? Because winning the tournament and then becoming a 2-time World champion is the kind of statement that one can only dream of, but that Marxx can only achieve. Being in this tournament secures me one thing, and that thing is that the Midnight Role Model is back, and back right where he should’ve stayed: on top.

And he leaves, ending the interview.

William Mercy vs Jamie Lockheart

No DQ Match


After Jamie and Mercy's extravagent entrances, this match went from a short wrestling contest to an all-out hardcore extravaganza. Every single routine foreign object was used on someone - from the ring bell to barbed wire. Mercy even got blown up with a C4 charge, and Jamie was dropped from a 20 foot ladder outside the ring onto a GLASS TABLE inside the ring!

Mercy and Jamie really electrified and even disturbed the crowd at some points, putting on a disgusting, brutal hardcore showing that would have put Rebel Pro to shame. Inside joke. Well, almost. The match was down the middle for most of it, and both men were very bloodied about halfway through. Mercy drew first blood on Jamie with some wicked chairshots, and Jamie returned the favor by smashing Mercy's face into the steel rampway over and over.

Both men tried their damnedest to put the other away, but they were failing miserably. Neither man were even giving the slightest hint they wanted to give up. Jamie Lockheart nailed Mercy with his Blame Lockheart aerial move, but Mercy kicked out! Mercy had come back with his State of Mercy on Jamie out of reversing out of a german suplex, but even Lockheart kicked out of THAT! It seemed neither man would give up and it would go to a time limit draw, but that didn't end up being the case.

Mercy would up the ante on his finishing move, dropped Jamie Lockheart on a cinder block with the State of Mercy. Mercy would knock Jamie out and pin him in a pool of his own blood.

Winner: William Mercy in 13:56

O'Reilly Unchained

Jon Jon McDaniel: What a wild match we’ve just witnessed between William Mercy and Jamie Lockheart!

Brian Rentfro: Can we really call it a match, McDaniel? I’ve seen street fights in College Hill that were more technical than…Oh crap, look who’s comin!

Shawn O’Reilly walks out to the announce position. He walks right up to where Jon McDaniel is sitting.

O’Reilly: Ya like what Tina did to me earlier, huh, McDaniel?

Brian Rentfro: Calm down, Shawn. There doesn’t need to be any trouble out here.

O’Reilly: You shut up, Rentfro! Like I was sayin, you like that, McDaniel?

Jon McDaniel (stands up): Yes, as a matter of fact I did. And, quite frankly, I hope to hell she gets you in the ring face to face and kicks your ass!

O’Reilly slaps McDaniel’s headset off, then grabs him by the coat lapels and drags him from behind the announce table.

Brian Rentfro jumps up from his seat. “Dammit, Shawn stop this crap!”

O’Reilly pie faces him back into his seat, which then topples over. He then pushes McDaniel under the bottom rope into the ring. To his credit, Jon McDaniel stands his ground. O’Reilly has the mic.

O’Reilly: So, you got some enjoyment out of that? I heard you say somebody has to do something about me. Am I right?
on Jon McDaniel: Yeah, I said that. Somebody needs to do something about you! The way you attack an innocent rookie like Tina Madison, then claim you’re doing it because you care about her. You are one sick twisted sonofabitch, and yeah, somebody needs to do something about you!

O’Reilly: If that’s how you really feel….

O’Reilly kicks McDaniel in the gut, then hits the Bulldog Driver, leaving McDaniel face down in the ring.

O’Reilly belly slides backwards under the bottom rope, grabbing the mic on his way out.

O’Reilly: Yeah, I agree. Somebody needs to do something bout me.

O’Reilly drops the mic and walks away as the crowd hurls garbage at him.

Brian Rentfro: WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!!?? (rips his headset off and rolls into the ring. He motions for the trainers, who are already on their way to the ring.)

Cut backstage.

Bud Adams (looking offstage): What the hell do you want me to….

Producer: Bud, you’re live.

Bud (gathers himself): Ladies and gentlemen, there is chaos in the backstage area in the aftermath of the cowardly attack we’ve just seen. Shawn O’Reilly has been physically removed from the building by PWA officials and Security. Surely Mark Sommers and the PWA Board of Directors will have something to say about this. At the moment, we need to focus on the Four Corners Elimination Match that’s our main event tonight. We need to get someone out there to help Rentfro. Where’s Lean Bean?

(A large hand slaps Bud on the back, knocking him a step or two forward. It’s Bodie Vera Cruz)

Bodie: Never fear, Bob. The Body is here, in the flesh, baby! YEAH! (gives 2 thumbs up)

Bud Adams: For the last time, it’s B…. oh never mind. What are you doing out here?

Bodie: Being the company man that I am, I am going out there and I am gonna sit in for Mr. McDaniel. Get ready for a ratings jump. YEAH!

Vera Cruz walks out of the shot. Bud looks at the producer off camera

Bud Adams: Did you tell him to go out there?

Producer: No, but what the hell.

Bud Adams: Uhh......ok. Looks like we have a replacement for Jon McDaniel. Brian, back to you and good luck. (shakes his head as he’s walking off set, still on camera) You’ll need it. What a f***ing jackass!

Producer: We’re still on, Bud!

Bud Adams: Oh, shit!

(Cut to the announce position)

“One of a Kind” by Breaking Point is playing as Bodie “The Body” Vera Cruz comes walking out to the announce position to a mixed reaction.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell are you doin?

Bodie: Didn’t you get the word from the producer? He sent me out here to give you a hand. Let’s get to the main event. It looks like we’re gonna have some action packed action here tonight. YEAH!

Anna Mathews vs Vic Wagner vs Jethro Hayes vs Viktor Stone

Four Corners Elimination Match

With all four competitors in their respective corners, Anna Mathews does her best to ignore Bodie waving at her from ringside as he hand gestures for Anna to call him after the show.

Bodie Vera Cruz: She has gotta be the hottest chick in the sport today. Just uber sexy. She’s almost like the female ME!

Brian Rentfro: I’m sure she’s glad she isn’t.


Wagner and Stone lock it up and begin to grapple, leaving Anna to fend for herself from Jethro Hayes. Hayes stalks her in the ring as Stone puts Vic Wagner in a collar elbow tie up. Stone with an amazing inverted headlock backbreaker quickly puts Wagner down. Hayes grabs Anna by the throat and lifts her up and throws the much smaller World Champion into the corner turnbuckle before rushing her and hitting his shoulder hard into her head. Anna is dazed and stumbles forward and Hayes with an atomic drop puts Anna Mathews down. Viktor Stone lifts Vic Wagner up but Wagner slips out and lifts Stone up with a snap suplex.

Brian Rentfro: Lots of action already here in the opening minutes.

Bodie Vera Cruz: Look at those lats. Pathetic, man. How can he even pick anybody up?

Anna Mathews is lifted right back up by Jethro Hayes but she pushes herself from him. She hits a springboard spinning heel kick on Jethro Hayes that sends him into the corner. Before Viktor Stone can get up, Vic Wagner moves his attention to Anna Mathews and goes for a running knee lift. Anna avoids it and comes back at Wagner with a bakatare sliding kick. Viktor Stone gets to Hayes and manages to pull off a running knee to Hayes’ head with Hayes in the corner. Hayes stumbles forward himself now and Viktor Stone is full on Beast Mode as he hits Hayes with a series of knife edge chops.

Bodie Vera Cruz: I heard his entrance song. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck? Not with those little biceps.

Brian Rentfro: I miss McDaniel.

Viktor Stone attempts a neckbreaker on Hayes, perhaps trying to put his knee out to use that for extra force and damage but Hayes prevents this as he lays The Beast out with a scooping power slam. Anna Mathews with a kip up hurricanrana has cameras flashing all over the arena as she puts Wagner down and goes for the cover. But Hayes is there to break it up at the two count, though in all likelihood Wagner would’ve kicked out anyways. He shoves Anna aside and she goes barreling into Viktor Stone. Jethro Hayes lifts Wagner up off the canvas but puts him right back down with a single arm DDT.

Bodie Vera Cruz: Well, we know what happened to Jed, Granny, and Ellie Mae. Jethro ate ‘em!

Brian Rentfro: You know I’m trying to work here.

Viktor Stone manhandles Anna quickly now, lifting her up in a bearhug and crushing the wind out of our World Champion. Jethro Hayes grapples with Vic Wagner and a power struggle ensues between both men. Viktor Stone turns that bearhug into a spinebuster that lays Anna down hard. He goes for a quick cover now, hooking both legs. 1! 2!! KICK OUT! Anna kicks out and quickly rolls away as Vic Wagner out of nowhere cradle piledrivers Jethro Hayes to the astonishment of the crowd. Hayes gets covered by Viktor Stone though! 1! Wagner is back to his feet! 2!! Anna goes to the ropes! HAYES KICKS OUT FROM VIKTOR STONE! ANNA MATHEWS WITH THE BOOMERFLY KICK ON VIC WAGNER NEARLY CLEANS HIS CLOCK OFF! She covers!

Bodie Vera Cruz: What a great move. She’s just awesome. We’d make a great team. We’d make a great kid, too.

1! Viktor Stone moves to break up the count but Hayes grabs him and yanks him down.


Brian Rentfro: You know what…


ELIMINATED: Vic Wagner by Anna Mathews


Bodie (seems a little hurt): Alright, alright. I know when I’m not wanted.

Bodie gets up, removes his headset, and leaves the announce table. But, instead of walking to the back, he walks to the ringside area.

Bodie (Whistles loudly): HEY ANNA!

He tries talking to her (camera mounted mics can’t pick it up.) but she ignores him. He continues to talk her up, and she seems to be becoming a little distracted and irritated. Viktor Stone meanwhile kicks Hayes away and gets to his feet. Hayes is on his feet quickly following him and all three now circle the ring. Bodie “The Body” Vera Cruz does not want to let this go apparently as he hops up onto the ring apron. Jethro Hayes rushes forward, as does Viktor Stone- both of them going for Anna Mathews. Anna ducks the clothesline attempt from Jethro Hayes but Viktor Stone catches her with the Requiem for Sanity! Hayes ends up clotheslining Bodie Vera Cruz and both men go toppling over to the outside as The Beast hooks the legs again!


Brian Rentfro: That idiot just caused The PWA Champ to lose this match!


Hayes slides back into the ring seeking to break up the count but he’s too late.


ELIMINATED: Anna Mathews by Viktor Stone

Bodie backs away as Anna gets to her feet and has a few words for him, but he merely continues to make his way back up the entrance ramp and hand gestures for her to call him.

Brian Rentfro: This moron could be signing his own death warrant. And the PWA World Champion has just been eliminated… Oh God.

As Hayes and Stone circle the ring with each other William Mercy hops the barricade separating fans from the action. Mercy immediately hops up onto the ring apron and begins spewing his grievances with Jethro Hayes. Referee Dwayne Cross is trying to get Mercy to leave as Hayes focuses on him now, as does Viktor Stone. The crowd erupts into cheers as CODY BOGARD comes running down from the entrance ramp. Anna Mathews circles the ring as she is not taking her leave just quite yet, as Bogard slides into the ring and Viktor Stone immediately notices him. Stone rushes and goes for a clothesline but Bogard ducks, spins around and hits HERO TIME on Viktor Stone!!!

Brian Rentfro: Well that changes things, doesn’t it?

Hayes turns around and William Mercy climbs into the ring now to go after him but Cody Bogard lunges at William Mercy and takes him down to the canvas and begins pummeling him as Jethro Hayes quickly covers Viktor Stone. Despite Bogard and Mercy duking it out, Dwayne Cross drops to make the confusing count!




ELIMINATED: Viktor Stone by Jethro Hayes!

Brian Rentfro: This is insanity! It looks like we’ve got a Who’s The Man?! 2013 opening round preview between Cody Bogard and William Mercy in the ring!

Anna watches on as Bogard gets hit with a spinning neckbreaker from William Mercy but Jethro Hayes with THE PLOW on William Mercy!!! Viktor Stone is up and as Bogard gets up Viktor Stone seeks retribution and goes for Excalibur Slash! Bogard is down! Mercy is down! Hayes and Stone bump into each other as Anna carefully watches from outside of the ring with the PWA World Title over her shoulder, looking all nice and shiny.

Brian Rentfro: Pandemonium has broken out here on Rampage folks, and the fans are eating it up!

Anna Mathews finally slides into the ring as Viktor Stone and Jetro Hayes begin exchanging lefts and rights because WHY NOT at this point?! Viktor Stone however gets the feet taken out from beneath him by Cody Bogard at the same exact time William Mercy with an inverted headlock into a knee buster on Hayes takes him down. Bogard tries lifting Viktor Stone, Anna Mathews cracks Bogard over the head with the PWA World Title! William Mercy gets cracked over the head with the PWA World title!


Anna raises the PWA World Title high above herself with everyone else still coming to in the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Wait that’s an oxymoron isn’t it? Or is that irony? I don’t know.

Anna quickly hops over the top rope and slings the PWA World title over her shoulder before waving to the boys in the ring as she points to the Who’s The Man?! 2013 promotional section of the Rampage set and then to herself.

Brian Rentfro: Apparently Bodie "The Body" Vera Cruz wants to fight Anna? Or bang her! Bogard goes for revenge on Viktor Stone and screws him over! Mercy TRIES to screw Hayes over in this match but he didn't count on Cody motherfucking Bogard coming in! Then Mercy and Bogard go at each other because they know they’re facing off next week in the opening round of Who’s The Man?! But Anna Mathews reminds them all who really is the man in the PWA right now… AND IT ISN’T EVEN AN ACTUAL DUDE!

Hayes is the first one out and finally Dwayne Cross raises his arms in the air, as if we forgot Hayes won this match.

Brian Rentfro: Never has the question of Who’s The Man?! Been more in the air! For Jon McDaniel, this is Brian Rentfro! See you next week!

Anna waves to Hayes and Bogard as Bogard gets to his feet, with Mercy and Viktor Stone rising up behind them as we fade to the PWA logo.