World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Girl Look At This Body

Jon McDaniel: And now to start off Rampage we send it back to the locker room to Bud Adams, who has a special guest.

Bud Adams: Thanks, Jon. I'm here with PWA newcomer Bodie "The Body" Vera Cruz. Welcome.

Vera Cruz (admiring himself in a mirror): Thanks, Bob.

Bud Adams: It's Bud

BVC: Yeah, whatever. (Strikes a double bicep pose @ the mirror and grins, pleased with what he sees.)

Bud: Can we get on with this please?

BVC: Yeah, whatever, Buck.

Bud: It's Bud.

BVC: Whatever.

Bud (Clears his throat, and tries to stay professional): What are your goals here in the PWA, Bodie?

BVC: Seriously, bro? You gotta ask that question. Why am I here? I'm here to win the PWA World Heavyweight Title, The Grizzly Beer Title, all the titles. Now I thought it may take me awhile to work my way up the ladder, but seein as how the 2 top champs are chicks, and hot chicks at that, I think I could probably convince them to give me a title shot in another way. Nobody can resist the sheer force of nature that is Bodie "The Body" Vera Cruz. Specially not these hot chicks we have around here holdin the straps.

Bud: You're certainly confident in yourself.

BVC: Why shouldn't I be Brent? I mean...look at me. (hits a few different poses) I'm the fire of desire. I am the king of the sexy beasts. I live fast, lift heavy, love hard, and fight dirty. I am the mountai of molten lust. Those straps will be mine just lie that (snaps his fingers)

Bud: For the love of God...IT'S BUD!

BVC: Yeah, whatever, Bill. Are we done? I got an, um, appointment if ya know what I mean. (A hot blonde model-type walks into frame and wraps her arms around Vera Cruz.)

Bud: Sure. I see you have "important business" to attend to.

BVC: Thanks. See ya, Bob. (The blonde winks at the camera as they walk off)

Walks offscreen


BVC (in the distance): Yeah, whatever.

Camera cuts back to the PWA announce team. McDaniel is facepalming and shaking his head. Rentfro is laughing almost uncontrollably at Bud's plight.

McNasty/Madison vs Stone/Yo

Tag Team Match

Jon McDaniel: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Our compettiors are already in the ring for our next match! This should be a good display for the tag team division!

Brian Rentfro: Yo and Tina are new, and could be at a disadvantage with the veteran tag team partners of Mark McNasty and Viktor Stone. Good thing they aren’t facing them as a team!

Tina and Yo start out and they both lock up in the middle of the ring. Tina pushes Yo back into the corner and begins stomping away to the gut of Yo. Yo fights back with right hands, stunning Tina. Yo reverses Tina and puts her in the corner and begins to lay in chops to the chest of Tina. He then whips Tina into the other neutral corner and follows up with a stiff clothesline. Yo drags Tina into his corner and tags in Viktor. Viktor starts by winding up the arm of Tina with a standing wristlock...and then he tries to pull the shoulder out of the socket by pulling at the locked arm. Tina bounces off the ropes to try and escape, but Viktor pulls back and Tina winds up flat on her back.

Brian Rentfro: Viktor is really intent on showing his defeat last week was a fluke!

Jon McDaniel: Wow Brian, that was actually intellectual.

Viktor for no apparent reason releases the hold and then begins to drop knees across the face of Tina. Viktor picks up Tina and whips her into the ropes but Tina reverses...eventually nailing Viktor with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Tina collects herself and goes over to make the tag to McNasty. McNasty and Tina pick up Viktor and whips him into the corner, nailing him with a double flapjack when he comes back. Tina goes to the ring apron, and McNasty nails the fallen Viktor with a fist drop. He picks up Viktor and hooks him in a suplex position, then drops him with a snap suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Now the tables have turned and Viktor desperately needs to make a tag.

Brian Rentfro: I hope Tina loses her top by the end!

McNasty carries Viktor over to his corner and tags in Tina. Tina clobbers Viktor across the back and backs him into the ropes. She whips Viktor into the opposite rope and catches him with a knee as he returns. Tina then bounces off the ropes perpendicular to Viktor and then catches Viktor with a swinging neck breaker. She goes for the cover.



Shoulder up!

Tina slaps on a reverse chin lock designed to wear down Viktor, maybe even put him out.

Jon McDaniel: Tina is trying to prove she is more than a pretty face!

Brian Rentfro: I just hope no one wrecks it!

The ref checks to see if the hold is a choke and is assured it’s legal. Viktor seems to be out cold. The ref lifts Viktor’s hand once, and it slumps down. He lifts it a second time...and it again falls to the ground.

Brian Rentfro: One more and it’s all over for Viktor!

The ref lifts Viktor’s arm one last time, and it falls back down halfway. Viktor starts shaking his fist as a sign of his growing energy and he suddenly gets to his feet. He turns into the pressure of the reverse chin lock and picks up Tina, bringing her back down with a hard back suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Whoever can make the tag first has got a tremendous advantage.

Viktor stirs first, moving towards his corner. Tina gets up a second later and heads for her corner...making the tag to McNasty first. Mark hurries to stop Viktor from making the tag to Yo, but does not make it time. Yo jumps in and clotheslines McNasty down to the canvas. Tina rushes in to help his partner but she finds herself the recipient of another clothesline. McNasty gets back up and Yo drops him with a scoop slam. Tina gets back up and he nails Tina with a scoop slam. Tina rolls to the outside. Yo grabs McNasty and throws him into the ropes, catching him with a big power slam as he returns. He then tags in Viktor...who climbs to the top rope. Yo is pulled outside by Tina, and the two of them fight. The ref steps outside to break up the fight as Viktor sizes up the prone McNasty.

Brian Rentfro: What is Viktor going to do here!?

Jon McDaniel: Asai Moonsault!

Viktor goes for a the move, but McNasty rolls out of the way and Viktor crashes dead center of the ring! Stumbling to his feet, McNasty smirks, seeing his chance and connects with the Lights Out! Turning to make the cover, McNasty’s eyes go wide as Yo is there, and hits McNasty with a superkick! As Yo goes for the cover, Tina slides in and pulls Yo off of McNasty and applies the The 31st Tap Out!

Brian Rentfro: If she can make Yo tap, it’s all over!

Jon McDaniel: What a showcase of our old and new talent!

As she rears back, the crowd explodes as Viktor, back to his feet, has scurried to the top rope and comes down onto Tina with a huge top rope leg drop! He pulls Tina over and covers, hooking the leg!



3/Shoulder up!

Brian Rentfro: He got her!

Jon McDaniel: No, the ref is waving it off!

Viktor jumps up and points at the referee, screaming it was a slow count! As he does this he tags in Yo. Yo, wasting no time, jumps up to the top rope. Before he can leap off with his double rotation moonsault, unbeknost to Yo, Viktor tagged himself back in. For the second time tonight, McNasty produces a superkick of his own on the leaping Yo as he rushes in to save Tina. McNasty levels Viktor with another one. Viktor slowly gets up but Lights Out for The Beast. McNasty grabs Tina and throws her over Stone. The referee shrugs and makes the count!




Eric Emerson: And your winner by one NASTYYYYY pin fall, Tina Madison and Mark McNASTY!!!!!!!

Yo, who stayed down the whole time, pops right up like nothing ever happened, and goes over to over to check on Stone. Viktor gets up and pushes Yo away as he stares down McNasty the whole time as he heads back up the ramp. Yo then goes over to Madison and McNasty bows and shakes hands with them, leaves the ring and begins to walk to the back. Meanwhile the crowd is giving Madison a great ovation for her performance, and big win. McNasty leaves the ring to let Madison bask in the cheers, after all he’s down this lots of times. That's when O'Reilly, passing by Yo, hits the ring and takes Tina out again. Yo runs to the ring to try to save Madison. O'Reilly uses the charging Yo's momentum against him and throws him over the top rope. Yo hits the floor awkwardly on his let knee, which makes a sickening pop sound. O'Reilly leans in, give the uncoincious Tina a kiss on the cheek then whispers something in her ear.

McNasty, Alex Jameson, and Clark Ford chase O'Reilly from the ring. Jameson and Ford check on Madison, while McNasty is checking on Yo, who is screaming in agony. Trainers and EMT's are coming to ringside to assess the damage and to attend to Tina Madison and Yo.

O'Reilly walks back towards the dressing room. He is met by PWA referee crew, who are reading him the riot act. O'Reilly shoves Senior Referee Lance Weston to the floor. Dwayne Cross begins to berate O'Reilly for touching an official, and gets punched in the face for his troubles. A forearm shot sends Scott Swindell to the floor. Daniel Davis backs off, holding his hands up in a sign of non agression. Road agents and other PWA officials, alon with security grab O'Reilly and are dragging him to the back. O'Reilly is kicking at and trying to stomp on the downed referees. He looks back at the ring and at the carnage. Both Tina Madison and Yo are being loaded on gurnies. A slight grin crosses O'Reilly's face as he ios dragged through the curtain.

Brian Rentfro: I'm speechless. I mean what can I say?





Rentfro jerks his headphones off his head and throws them on the announce table, and gets up to leave. McDanie motions for him to come back and sit down.

Jon McDaniel: I'm sorry, Brian. Ladies and gentlemen at home, I apologize for my outburst. I just can't believe what we've seen tonight from this sick Shawn O'Reilly. He Bulldog Drivers Tina Madison AGAIN, and he injures the newcomer Yo. I mean his knee has to have sustained catastrophic damage.

Brian Rentfro: Did you hear that Sick sound his knee made when he landed. And the angle of his leg?

Jon shakes his head.

Jon McDaniel: Well, Tina Madison and Yo will be transported to a local medical facility and when we get some update on their conditions we will be sure to pass it along to you at home

Krymson Dragons vs SynHeart

Tag Team Match

Raizzor and Jamie Lockheart are in their respective corners as Syn Skyler and Chamelion are in the ring to start the match. The bell sounds and Syn and Chamelion move in towards each other. Chamelion opens the offensive volley with a collar elbow tie-up. He turns Syn but Syn reverses and then whips Chamelion to the ropes. As Chamelion comes back, Syn with a dropkick takes him down to the canvas quickly. Syn hurries and tags in Jamie Lockheart who rushes into the ring and clotheslines Chamelion down to the canvas as he gets up. But that man the world knows as the Most Devious S.O.B. in the business lives up to his name as he quickly rolls Lockheart up from the canvas with a sudden school boy and almost gets the 3 count, but Lockheart kicks out in time. Both men are up and Chamelion elbows Jamie across the face hard, then turns him inside out with a spinning neckbreaker! The crowds on their feet now as Chamelion tags in Raizzor. Raizzor steps in over the top rope, and immiedately lifts Jamie up by his throat off the canvas and into the air. Jamie slips out and goes with an arm drag on Raizzor. As both men circle each other again Jamie Lockheart manages to take Raizzor to his knees with a spinning heel kick. Jamie quickly tags in Syn now, who hops up onto the top turnbuckle and comes flying off as Raizzor gets to his feet. But Raizzor catches her by the throat midair, and whips his hair back before chokeslamming her hard into the canvas.

Raizzor covers, but only gets the 2 count. Raizzor is back up, and whips Syn into the ropes. As she comes back, she ducks the big boot intended for her face and comes back around at Raizzor with a headscissors takedown. Raizzor rolls out of the ring and Chamelion joins him. The Krymson Dragons begin walking up the entrance way to the shock and disliking of the fans. Syn seems ready to give chase but Jamie holds her back, and they watch as the Dragons leave and are counted out.

Winners: Syn Skyler & Jamie Lockheart in 4:22

Boston Strong

"The Boston Bulldog" walks through the curtain, carrying a chair. He's wearing a "617 Boston Strong" Boston Red Sox jersey. His normal walkout music "I'm Shipping up to Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys is not playing. He slides the chair into the ring, then steps through the ropes. Boston Strong chants ring out throughout the arena, as the PWA fans show their support for Boston. O'Reilly looks across the crowd, a little smile on his face. He takes the mic from Emerson.

Shawn O'Reilly: So I got a call from PWA CEO Mark Sommers today. He says that he has spoke with standards and practices at the network and they're in agreement that the song that you normally hear when I walk out is inappropriate for this time. "The climate is too sensitive for that song," was his exact words.

There are boos from the fans.

Shawn O'Reilly: Well, I've got a message for Mark Sommers and the network standards and practices executives: I don't need a song to show who I am.

Boston Strong chants break ut around the arena.

Shawn O'Reilly: My actions show who I am.

The video screen replays last week's events as O'Reilly hits the Bulldog Driver on Tina Madison. The Boston Strong chants are replaced with loud boos.

Shawn O'Reilly: Tina, ever since Sunday Night Rampage I’ve been asked one question. It’s the same question you’re no doubt asking yourself……..’Why?’ I see fans holding up ‘Why, Shawn, Why?’ signs. The dirtsheets and radio programs are theorizing on why I did what I did.

The videoscreen shows O’Reilly hitting the Bulldog Driver on Madison, covering her for the three count, and then giving her a kiss. The crowd rains boos down on O’Reilly.

Shawn O'Reilly: Why would I do something like that to such a sweet, gentle creature? Someone who only wants the fans to love her and cheer for her. Someone who only wants the fans to love her and cheer for her. You see, sweetheart, more than anyone in the locker room area. Hell, more than anyone in this sport, I know what it’s like to feel like you do.
I know what it’s like to need the love of the people as much as you need your next breath. I know the suffering that you are willing to put yourself through to live your life and work your entire career to achieve the love of these fans. Blood, sweat, and tears. You’re willing to give all this just for the cheers of these fans. I’m here to tell you, sweetheart, that they’re not worth it.


Shawn O'Reilly: Darlin, I’m 37 years old. I’ve been in this sport for 19 years, over 18 of those years I spent in the same company. For the first 8 ½ of those years, I was comic relief. I was the loveable Boston Irish lush, Paddy….(lowers and shakes his head) Paddy O’Furniture. (The crowd breaks into laughter, to which O’Reilly shoots them a hateful look.) I was loved by the fans because I was funny. I’d come staggering out, “drunk” (I never drank during that time.) and would somehow stumble my way to victory. I was an embarrassment to myself, my family, my heritage, and the sport. But, the fans loved me, and that was what I wanted. Well, after 8 ½ years, Paddy O’Furniture had more than run its course, so the powers that be said, ‘Let’s use your real name, make you a straight up super hero. We’ve got some monsters coming in to the company, some real heat-getters, and we need a white knight to slay these dragons. So you’re gonna be “The Boston Bulldog” Shawn O’Reilly.’ So, 1 week I’m Paddy, the next week I’m the real me. I thought if they loved Paddy the drunk, they’ll love Shawn the hero. So I became the Bulldog and I fought off all the monsters, all the dastardly villains, and all the foreign interlopers that wanted to ruin our country. The fans ate it up. I’d finally found the love that I’d been looking for. The love, not for a character, but for me, Shawn O’Reilly. The love that I was unable to find in my family. The love I never found in friendships and romantic relationships. I finally found it. But it came at a high cost.

Shawn O'Reilly: Buckets of blood. Weekly visits to the ER. Strange looks in shopping malls, airports, and anywhere else I ran into a non-wrestling fan. They didn't know me. They didn't realize that the scars, the stitches, the bandages, all the damage they saw before them was FOR them. Even if they weren’t followers of the sport, I wanted their acceptance and love. I’d put myself through hellish suffering just to garner the hearts and minds of the fans and even the non-fans. No other reason. Why would someone put themselves through that just to have people cheer for him? They looked at me, not with admiration and love. Hell, sweetheart, they didn’t even look at me with pity. They looked at me with disgust. I was asked to leave restaurants and bars because my appearance was off-putting.

Shawn O'Reilly: It didn’t matter that I just got done taking 10-15 chairshots to the head and got a grade 3 concussion just to have the fans chant my name or stand in line for my autograph.
For 10 years I was the champion of the people. And as champion of the people, I fought every villain that came along the pike. All for the love of the people. I allowed myself to be beaten, abused, and laid open for the cheers of the people. And the louder the cheers, the more I allowed myself to be put through. I bled more. I went through more tables. I flew into more barbed wire. I took more exacto knives to the forehead. DAMMIT I WAS SET ON FIRE FOR THE CHEERS OF THE FANS! It would have continued until I was just a worn out, scarred, burnt husk of a man, sitting crippled and punch drunk at a high school gym, signing autographs for $10 and taking Polaroids with fans for $20 a pop, just so people would remember me. Just so they would love me. Then I had an epiphany.

Shawn O'Reilly: It was Halloween night. I’d been feuding with the company’s top “bad guy,” an ex-bodybuilder by the name of Bodie Vera Cruz. I know he’s with the PWA now and I’ll get to him another time. We’d been feuding since December 2011. Going up and down the East Coast and all through the South. We worked every kind of gimmick match we could come up with. Cages, barbed wire, Tai-Pei Death matches, inferno matches. Yeah, the inferno matches were my ‘favorite.’ Nothing like the smell of burnt flesh. Come October 31, both of our contracts were expiring. So the brass thought it would be a great idea for a “Loser Leaves Town” match. Whoever lost didn’t get a contract renewal.

Shawn O'Reilly: Keep in mind I’m the hero. I’m the one who works for the fan’s love. It’s a great match. Back and forth. The crowd is 100%, and I mean 100% behind me. Not one cheer for Vera Cruz. I go for the Bulldog Driver, he blocks it and hits me with a snap swinging neckbreaker, of all things. 1…2…3! It’s over. That’s it. The bell rings, and 18 ½ years of being the hero for a generation of fans and a champion of the people…over. I’m laying there, tears streaming from my eyes, expecting to hear crying from the fans, and chants of ‘Please don’t go’ or ‘Thank you, Bulldog.’ What did I hear?

Shawn O'Reilly: ‘Vera Cruz! Vera Cruz! Vera Cruz! ‘VERA FREAKING CRUZ!’ 18 ½ years of my life. 18 ½ years of bloody sacrifice. 18 ½ years of missing birthdays, first steps, and first words of children who don’t want to know me now. 18 ½ years of missing anniversaries and Valentine’s Days with wives who are now nothing more than names on alimony checks.18 ½ years of missing the opportunities to reconcile with my parents and siblings who are now dead and gone.


He gets choked up, pauses, then continues.

Shawn O'Reilly: 18 ½ years for the fans. All for the fans to chant my name. For guys to want to buy me a beer. For women to say they loved me and desired me. For kids to beg their parents to buy my action figures. 18 ½ years of unimaginable personal sacrifice. 18 ½ years that I would never get back. How was I repaid for that? How was I repaid, as I lay there on the mat, mourning. Not mourning the personal cost I had paid for all those years. All the broken relationships with family and friends. No, no, no. I was mourning for the end of the 18 ½ year relationship I had had with the fans. How was I repaid? ‘Vera Cruz! Vera Cruz! Vera Cruz!’ I offered myself up as a living sacrifice to you wrestling fans for 18 ½ years! I offered up my soul to you all….AND YOU SHIT ON IT!
I got up, walked out of the arena, and drove back to my apartment. I took some of the Oxymorphone my doc had prescribed me and slept for 12 hours. Before I drifted into unconsciousness, the chants of the fans still rang in my ears. When I woke up, they were still there. Don’t be mistaken. I’m not bitter. Because you see, sweetheart, I can’t truthfully blame the fans for being the cold, heartless parasites that they are (LOUD BOOS) just like you can’t blame a leech for latching onto you and sucking your life’s blood from your body. They do what they do because they are what they are. I blame myself for believing the lie that in this sport, hell in this world, seeking the love and approval of others leads to anything other than abject sorrow and destruction.

The British Bulldog starts to choke up again. Pauses, then continues.

Shawn O'Reilly: Tina, sweetheart, this is the lie you are believing. This is where I come in, to one last time play the hero. This time, not for the fans, but for you, sweetheart.
See, Tina, you can consider me an object lesson in the uselessness of trying to please the fans. Consider me a public service announcement: Trying to gain the love of the PWA fans will be the end of your career. I see a lot of myself in you, Tina. The wide eyed exuberance of youth. You get a few cheers then you want to hear more and more and more. It turns into an addiction.
Speaking of addiction, why hasn’t your Uncle Clark told you about all this? He competed for a few years. He could’ve instructed you against trying to curry the love of the fans. Why didn’t he? It’s simple. He doesn’t really care about you, Tina. All he cares about is what’s in it for him. He’s like these fans… They don’t care about you…they don’t care about you…THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU… THEY WOULDN’T PISS ON YOU IF YOU WERE ON FIRE!!!!!!!! I know from experience.

Shawn O'Reilly: So back to the present, and back to the question at hand…Why? Why did I do what I did? Was it because I don’t like you? Or worse, is it because I hate you? No, sweetheart. Tina….. it’s because I care about you, Tina. I care very deeply about you. I care about you too much to allow you to make the same mistakes I made. Because maybe, just maybe, if I can help you to alter your course, if I can redeem your soul from the hell you are going to put yourself through, then maybe….maybe I can redeem my soul as well. So, Tina, if I have to continue to drop you on your head until you see the light…. If I have to continue to compress your spine…. If I have to break your neck to save your soul…then DAMMIT I WILL!

Shawn O'Reilly: Because I care about you, Tina. I care about you…..

O'Reilly drops the mic, and exits the ring to the boos of the fans.

Cowgirls from Hell vs Might & Magic

Tag Team Match

Eric Emerson: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!! Introducing first, at a combined weight of six hundred and fifty pounds, they are Might and Magic!”

As “Sober” by Tool plays throughout the arena, Might and Magic make their way down to the ring the crowd booing them and a section of fanboys cheering them. They get in the ring and warmed up as Eric took center stage to announce the next team.

"How Could I Just Kill a Man” begins to play as the houselights slowly dim. At the nine second mark lights begin to flicker as LaRocha’s voice fills the arena.

~ Hey don't miss out on what you're passing,
You're missing the hootah of the funky buddah,
Eluder of the fucked up style's that get wicked
So come on as I start to kick it, ~

Eric Emerson: Introducing to you next…

The ADCtron lights up with the chrome ‘cFh’ emblem and explodes into shots of MNS and TNS, smacking the taste out Shadow Starr’s mouth with a kick to the jaw, stepping on Ai Mei’s skull, pinning Corey Lazarus one two three , Tamika laying out Bubba J, slapping Matt Stone and the last shot of them holding their PWA Tag Team Titles high in the air. cFh flashes on the screen, and a small amounts of pyro’s shoot off as MNS a steps out from behind the curtain followed by her sister and partner Tamika Nash Strader.

~ Cause we're like outlaws sridding while suckers are hiding,
Jump behind the bush when you see me driving by'
Hanging out my window, and my magnum taking out some negros~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from London, Ontario Canada weighing at a combined weight of two hundred and eighty pounds….

~ Acting kind of loco I'm just another local
Kid from the street getting paid for my vocals.
Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man~

Meghan and Tamika stop and wave at the crowd as they shift their hips to the right side. They make their way down to ringside.

Eric Emerson: THE COWGIRLS FROM HELL!!!!!!!

~ Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man
Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man~

Meghan and Tamika smack the hands of a few fans.

Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man
Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man~

Meghan stops halfway down, looks side to side, raises up her arms and the entire stage explodes in gold and silver pyrotechnics as a wide grin comes across Meghan’s face as Tamika holds her hand up in the air.

~ I be doing all the dumb shit yo
Cause nothing is coming from it
I'm not gonna waste no time fucking around I got ya humming
Humming coming at ya! then you know I had to gat ya!~

At that Meghan and Tamika turn it into a stride and slide under the bottom rope into the ring and each jumps up to the top turnbuckles as they raise their fists in the air.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Tamika’s ‘Meghan’ is going up against Dragon’s ‘Moke’.

Jon McDaniel: This really should be something to watch!

With the sound of the bell going off, both Meghan and Moke step to the center of the ring and stare at each other, Moke looking down at Meghan with a grin on his face. Meghan takes a step back and swings a right hand at Moke, hitting him in the face and the big man just stares back at her. Meghan swings again, this time Moke blocks it and quickly dashes his forehead down and connects with Meghan’s skull, knocking her down on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: What a cranium shot!

Meghan gets back to her feet and Moke grabs the back of her head and tosses her into his own corner with the Dragon. Moke runs in and jumps, hitting Meghan with an Avalanche. Moke tags in the Dragon and grabs Meghan, locking his arms and backing up a bit, lifting her in the air with a double chicken wing while Dragon climbs the turnbuckle. Dragon leaps off the turnbuckle and hits Meghan with a double Axe Handle! Moke gets out of the ring and Dragon goes for a cover on Meghan



Kick out!

Meghan shoots the outside shoulder up and the match continues. Dragon, not looking to allow Meghan any momentum picks her up and knees her in the stomach, doubling her over and runs at the ropes, hitting Meghan in the side of the head with a dropkick! Dragon gets to his feet quickly and sees Meghan getting up as well. Dragon hits the ropes again and runs back at Meghan, who sees him coming and raises her right foot to connect with the skull of the Dragon!

Jon McDaniel: What a shot!

Meghan goes over and tags in Tamika Nash Strader, who is more than happy to get in the ring with a downed Dragon. Tamika lifts Dragon to a sitting position and locks in a reverse chin lock, grinding on Dragon’s neck. Tamika holds the hold on for a few seconds before the Dragon starts to fight to his feet. He elbow Tamika twice in the gut and goes for a third one, but Tamika beats him to the blow and raises her knee into the gut of the Dragon. Dragon coughs out and Tamika ducks behind him and with quick energy hits him with a german suplex. Tamika gets to her feet after delivering the move and starts to stomp on the Dragon.

Jon McDaniel: Tamika showing her skill against the last person she saw in the ring back over in Victory Wrestling!

Tamika turns back around to see The Dragon up and quickly leaping in the air, connecting with Tamika’s jaw with a spinning kick. Tamika gets knocked down, but gets up in time to see Dragon roll over and tag in Moke.

Brian Rentfro: This match is soon to be over!

Jon McDaniel:

Before Moke gets in the ring and Tamika instantly charges him, going for forearm shots to his back, kicks to the midsection, any offensive stroke she can connect with, but she’s shoved back by Moke with one hand. Tamika gets back on the attack and is shoved back a second time as Moke gets in the ring. Tamika charges a third time and is stopped short when Moke reaches out and grabs her throat. With one hand Moke lifts Tamika up in the air, takes two steps towards the center of the ring and drives her down to the canvas with a choke slam! Tamika writhes in pain on the mat as Moke raises his arm in the air to the displeasure of the crowd. Meghan starts slapping the corner, trying to get Tamika to come make the tag. Tamika stumbles to her feet and is grabbed again by Moke, who lifts her up and places her on his shoulder. Moke backs back up to his corner and charges forward a few steps and slams Tamika down to the mat with a powerful power slam! Moke stays ontop of Tamika for the cover.



Break up!

Brian Rentfro: Saved by big sister’s kick to the back of the head, that is unfair!

The crowd cheers as Meghan slips back through the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Seems like the crowd thinks it’s fair Brian.

Moke picks Tamika up by the back of the head and lifted her up on his shoulders for a second time. Tamika, feeling De Ja Vu reached down and raked the eyes of Moke and slid down his back. Tamika quickly fired a back elbow at the Dragon and knocked him off the apron, then gets on the middle rope. Moke turns around and Tamika grabs his head in a front chancery, leaping out of the corner and hitting Moke with a tornado DDT! Rather than go for a cover, Tamika crawled over and tagged in Meghan.

Jon McDaniel: Fresh Strader!

Brian Rentfro: So very lucky Jon!

Meghan comes in and Moke is getting to his feet holding his head. Meghan throws a few punches at Moke and rocks the big man, then hits the ropes and hits Moke with a flying clothesline, knocking him down on the mat! Meghan gets back to her feet a step faster than Moke and grabs his head, swinging from left to right and drops him on the mat with a swinging neck breaker! Moke is slower to start to get up while Meghan is standing once again. Meghan grabs the big mans arm, and with all her lands a rather large ring shaking Russian Leg Sweep.

Jon McDaniel: Wow, pretty impressive for the size difference!

Brian: You are kind of right this time Jon

Meghan gets up and tags Tamika back into the match. Tamika gets in and looks over at Meghan and nods. Meghan gets on the other side of Moke and they both look across at each other. The both stick their arms outward and jump to the top turnbuckles in opposite corners. They stop, raise their arms, and leap off the top, Meghan hitting a big elbow drop on his gut, Tamika with a leg drop. Tamika immediately goes for the cover and Meghan stands between The Dragon and the action, leaving him at bay.




Moke kicks out at the last second and the referee wastes no time in telling Meghan she has to get out of the ring, and while he’s doing that the Dragon gets in the ring and grabs her right arm in a hammerlock, bringing her backwards and over his head nailing her with the Dragonwing Suplex! Dragon rolls out of the ring as the referee ushers out Meghan and turns to see both competitors down on the mat. Moke is the fresher of the two and starts to get to his feet. Tamika is holding her back as she starts to get up, Moke comes over and wraps his large hand around the skull of the former PWA and BWF tag team champion, getting her in the Iron Claw! Tamika drops to one knee immediately as the pressure of Moke’s hand is crushing her skull. The referee walks around Moke’s large frame to get a better view and in the process Tamika brings her right arm up and gives Moke a low blow!

Brian Rentfro: HEY! SHE IS CHEATING!

Jon McDaniel: But its ok for them right? Hypocrite.

Moke releases the hold and fell to one knee. Tamika fell back and looked over at Meghan, knowing she needs to make a tag. Tamika lunges forward smacking the hand of her sister as Meghan hops into the ring. Before Moke can rise, Meghan has round house kicked the big man and he falls to the mat. Meghan signals for the top rope. The crowd erupts as she leaps to the top turnbuckle. Tamika runs interference on The Dragon as Meghan hits the Cemetery Gates on the big man as Tamika downs The Dragon with a quick snapmare. Meghan lays across Moke’s chest.




Eric Emerson: And your winners by pin fall, the COWGIRLS FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayes/Mercy vs Bogard/Mathews

Tag Team Match

Jon McDaniel: The referee is checking to make sure no one has any illegal objects with them in this match.

Brian Rentfro: Don’t see the point.

Jon McDaniel: Well it’s given us time to report that sadly Yo has suffered a complete tear of his patellar tendon earlier this evening. This means that the tendon was completely separated from the top of the tibia and also broke part of the bone off the kneecap.

Brian Rentfro: Ouch!

Jon McDaniel: He’ll be having surgery to repair these damages on Monday, but it seems we may’ve seen the last of him for at least 6 months. Shame, he seemed to have much promise.

Brian Rentfro: On that note though, seems this wonderful match is about to start!

Mathews and Mercy start off in the ring, with Jethro Hayes and Cody Bogard in their corners. A bakatare sliding kick immediately catches William Mercy off guard and puts him down to his knees. Hayes scoffs, highly unimpressed as Anna Mathews then follows it up with a Dragon Screw Leg whip. The PWA World Champion seems in control but Mercy is back to his feet however Jethro, with his long reach, slaps Mercy on the back and tags himself in. Anna Mathews backs away as Mercy shoves Jethro but Hayes pushes him aside and takes a run at Anna. Anna ducks a clothesline attempt from Hayes and Bogard from the apron gets up and hits a Jumbo Tsuruta style Jumping Knee that cracks Jethro in the face/throat, and the crowd cheers. Hayes stumbles back and Anna seeks to take advantage; however Jethro quickly grabs hold of her and with a crushing single arm DDT he breaks Anna’s face and neck over the canvas. He points to Mercy as he gets up, then to Anna as he picks her up like a ragdoll.

Jon McDaniel: Almost like he’s telling Mercy this is how it’s done.

Brian Rentfro: I’m sure Willy is really excited for lessons from Jethro.

An inverted atomic drop from Jethro lays the PWA Champion out hard. Cody Bogard anxiously reaches out for the tag and Jethro, feeling the confidence growing throws Anna to him. Anna catches herself and is on her own two feet. As she runs at the ropes towards her partner, Cody tags himself in but Anna with a handspring back elbow catches Hayes in the face. Anna goes to her corner as Bogard enters the ring, and The Main Event receives a good amount of cheers from the crowd. Jethro Hayes is unimpressed but Bogard immediately takes aim once again for Jethro’s still healing jaw, and hits a superkick that sends The Southern Hero stumbling back. William Mercy quickly tags himself in and gets into the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Glass jaw there Jethro.

Jon McDaniel: Mercy is real eager to show he can hang with the bigger stars in the PWA, maybe he wasn’t done with Bogard the first time.

Cody Bogard goes with a series of forearm smashes that put William Mercy into the corner, but William Mercy fights back and comes with a series of forearm smashes of his own. Before the momentum can totally swing into his favor, Cody Bogard hits a bionic elbow which stops Mercy in his tracks. Bogard follows it up with a vertical suplex and then goes for the cover!




Mercy kicks out and makes it look easy before getting back to his feet. Bogard and Mercy grapple but Mercy takes Bogard down with a double underhook slam. Mercy quickly locks in a Boston Crab on Cody Bogard and begins to wrench the move, and Bogard shakes his head no that he will not quit. Bogard reaches towards the ropes and Anna stares at him with a cocked eyebrow and smiles. Bogard seems almost ready to give up but he manages to reaches the ropes and hold on, the referee in this match forcing William Mercy to let go of the hold. Mercy complies but then grabs Bogard by the legs and pulls him away before he can tag Anna in, though Anna makes motions to the crowd as if Cody Bogard is an “anchor” and they cheer. Bogard is up now, at the behest of William Mercy who whips him into the ropes. Bogard comes back at Mercy with and takes him down with a running DDT! The crowd goes wild as Anna begins yelling at Bogard to tag her in. Bogard walks over to her and the two seem to be debating, meanwhile Hayes gets into the ring and tries to pull Mercy into the corner but Mercy fights him off. It’s almost as if Hayes wanted to force a tag on Mercy. Hayes goes back onto the apron and shrugs, as Mercy gives him a piece of his mind. But Hayes quickly slaps Mercy hard on the chest as Mercy gets close, and then grabs him from the apron and suplexes William Mercy over the top rope and to the outside, taking both men down!

Jon McDaniel: And now just as we all figured, one of these teams would devolve and attack each other.

Brian Rentfro: I guess I owe you $5.

Hayes slides back into the ring as Anna Mathews jumps off the apron and waves at Cody Bogard. Bogard looks at her in disbelief until she points for him to turn around. As he does, JETHRO HAYES WITH THE PLOW!!! Immediately, Hayes hooks a leg as he spins and takes Bogard down to complete the move.





Eric Emerson: The winners of this match, Jethro Hayes and William Mercy!!!

Anna ignores William Mercy as she grabs her shiny PWA World title and walks backstage, motioning to the fans how relieved she is to be rid of that anchor tied to her ass. Mercy however slides into the ring and hits State of Mercy on Jethro Hayes!!! William Mercy stands over Hayes as Bogard slides out of the ring holding his sides, and looks incredulous at Anna as she waves from the entrance ramp before disappearing.

En Francais, C'est ZE PULSE

John Mcdaniel: What a crazy tag team night this has been so far. And with the Who's the man tournament right around the corner, lines are being drawn

Brian Rentfro:We all know Stone lost the title on purpose to win the tournament again...what is this crap now?

The center of the ring seems to have undergone a makeover taking on a black and green color scheme. A set of three very comfortable looking leather chair sit in the ring while a flat screen television dangles above. Figgy seems quite comfortable in his chair, and trying hard to convince people that he is not Figgy, with a very bushy fake mustache. He raises a microphone to his lips.

Figgy: Bonjour, and welcome to Ze Pulse. Where we keep our fingers on ze pulse of PWA and it's goings ons. For our first edition, we at Ze pulse would like to go straight to Ze heart of ze matter. I would like to call upon a man who has been at ze center of controversy for many weeks now. I would like to call upon Monsior Fantassstic Andrew.

John Mcdaniel: That accent and mustache are terrible, he doesn't think he's fooling anyone does he?

Brian Rentfro: I'm drunk enough to believe anything! But get that french man off the stage, he's giving me a head ache

Fantastic Andy's music soon hits the PA system as he strides down the ramp with potted plant in hand as well as a squad of security guards at his flank. Obviously last week having him a little shaken. He enters the ring by way of the stairs cautiously eyeing Jacob, who was nestled quite contentedly in his seat.

Fantastic Andy: Take off the stupid mustache, Figgins, we all know it's you

Figgy leaps from his seat looking to quiver with rage. This causing Andy to fall back into one of his chairs, raising up the potted plant as a shield.

Figgy: You insult me monsior! My fazer , and my fazer's fazer have all grown glorious mustaches, they were the envy of Pari. And I do not know this FiiiGANS in which you speak of, If I was Fiigans why would have this outrageous accent?

Figgins sees that Andy was quite content to not move from his seat so he decides to move on with the purpose he brought Andy down for

Figgy: For a number of months your management style has been called to question. And now it seems the roster is quite determined to start a coupe de tete. My people know a sing or two of revolucion. What will you do to appease ze masses in order to quell zis rebellion?

Andy just stares up at Figgy, noticing that his glorious mustache was now dangling halfway off. Andy rips it off the rest of the way causing Figgins to shudder and stare at his fallen mustache with wide eyed terror

Figgy: Male pattern baldness! Always attacks where it hurts ze most!

Andy: Listen, I have your contract right here. We are ready to sign you back on to the Rampage roster. Can we stop this little game now?

The security pass up a clip board to Andy, which he presents to Figgins. Figgy grabs the clip board and a pen the happened to be in Andy's coat pocket. Figgins does a quick lookover of the document then a second. Before he smirks and puts his name along the dotted line. He promptly shoves the clipboard back to Andy, who rises to his feet and slowly backs to the ropes .

Andy: So I can leave now, right?

Figgy: Sure...but I believe I owe you one...

Figgy suddenly charges at Andy, going for what looked to be his Revolution lariat. But andy managed to retrat out of the ring before it could connect. Figgy relaxes against the top rope while watching Andy scurry off.

Figgy: That'll be two for flinching Andy!

Jacob rose back to his feet and pumped his fist in the air. Before he lowers his hand and places two fingers along the side of his neck

Figgy: There we have it, The Fig effect is back on Rampage, and you heard it here first. On the pulse!

John Jon McDaniel: After weeks of tension between fantastic Andy and the Figgified, Andy has finally Given into the demands. What doe this mean for Rampage?

Brian Rentfro: Where'd the french guy go?

2Nicemen vs Matt Stone & ???(c)

Tag Team Title Match

After David Alexander and Spyke Gein had made their way out to the ring, everyone was watching to see who would come down on behalf of the champions. They didn’t have to wait long as two figures came out from the back, but it was soon apparent that it was Stone alone for this match and he had Elizabeth Davis in his corner. She had both tag titles in her arms and Stone was making a dash towards the ring, sliding in and going right after Spyke. Matt connected with a few right hands before getting hammered by David. Stone fell backwards and rolled to his knees, getting caught in the head by a shining wizard by Spyke. The bell sounds, David gets on the apron and the match is officially underway. Spyke goes for a quick cover and nets a 2 count. Matt starts getting up and is met with a high kick by Spyke. Gein hits the ropes and comes back with a flipping senton across Stone’s chest. Another cover nets another 2 count. Picking up the Straight Shooter proves to be a mistake as Matt rolls through with an inside cradle, but Spyke kicks out at two. Both men are to their feet at the same time, Spyke going for another kick that Matt ducks and Stone hooks his head, dropping him down backwards across Stone’s back for the Stone Cutter.

Brian Rentfro: Matt connects with his Cutter, he’s making a comeback Jon!

Jon McDaniels: What’s he doing though Brian? He’s wasting time.

Stone was indeed jaw jacking with David, rather than capitalizing on his offensive move on Spyke and when he turns around to grab Gein he takes a knee to the chin and Spyke rolls past him to tag in his partner. David comes in and before Matt can swear he gets blown over by a hard clothesline. David lifts Stone up and drives him back down with a powerful sidewalk slam. A hook of the leg only nets a two count, however. David picks Stone up and lifts him high in the air, but Matt is able to slide down his back, spinning David around and catching him with a stiff kick straight to his knee, dropping David down as Stone swings for his head, yelling out “Kneel before Zod!” beforehand. Matt lifts David up with a front chancery, but quickly drops him backwards with a DDT. Matt shoots the half and gets a two count before being tossed off David with force. Staying on task, matt grabs the man’s head and lifts him up, but David powers out of the grasp and grabs Stone, lifting him up in the air before driving him straight down across his knee with a devastating backbreaker!

Jon McDaniels: Oh my god, I think David just broke the Matt!

Alexander looks down at Stone with a look of satisfaction, hitting the ropes and coming back, he lands on Stone with a big splash! David goes for a cover here and nearly gets a three before Matt is able to kick out. David glares down at Stone before picking him up and setting him up for his Olympic Bomb, raising Matt up, but Stone fires down right hand after right hand, dazing David and getting a safe landing on his feet. Stone goes for a clothesline, David ducks and Matt runs past, when he turns around David is charging and Matt sidesteps him as David shoulder tackles his partner by mistake, knocking him off the apron! David looks for a moment before turning back to Stone and getting caught out of nowhere with the C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Stone goes for the cover, hooking the outside leg for the 1 2 3!

Winner: Matt Stone @ 9:12

Matt rolls out of the ring as 'Whoa is Me' played throughout the arena, Liz rushing over and handing him the tag titles. They walk up the ramp, Stone supporting his back with Liz's help, leaving a now annoyed Spyke in the ring with his partner, David Alexander, exchanging some words.

The Plot Thickens III

As we fade from ringside we find ourselves high above from the evening’s action in a press box.

Simon Kalis: That was fun! Wasn’t it?!

Simon reaches out to pat Fantastic Andy from his wheelchair and smiles. He swirls a glass of bourbon before his nostrils before taking a long sip.

Simon Kalis: Don’t look so doom and gloom, Andy. You’ve been doing an excellent job.

Fantastic Andy: Is that why you’re scheming with May Havoc? Is that why Jacob Figgins had an army of people ready to kill me?

Simon Kalis: Don’t forget Anna and Hayes saying how subpar things have been.

Andy buries his face in his hands.

Fantastic Andy: I suppose that’s one way of putting it.

Simon rubs his fingers through Fantastic Andy Strickland’s hair and smiles even larger for him.

Simon Kalis: Now, now Sir Strickland. You’ve done an admirable job with this company.

Fantastic Andy: Really?!

Simon slaps him and forces Andy back in his seat.

Simon Kalis: No, not really Andy. The wrestlers backstage are ready to revolt, the fans are ready to give Muse another uprising to write about and you come off really, really putrid and weak for a General Manager.

Fantastic Andy: Then why don’t you just do what you’ve probably come to do and get it over with?

Simon takes a sip of his bourbon and grins.

Simon Kalis: But this way is much more fun, isn’t it?

He holds up the glass in cheers as we fade to the PWA logo.