World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Welcome to Rampage

I'm waking up to ash and dust
The Rampage logo fades as “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons hits, and Matt Stone looking up with the PWA World Championship over his shoulder.
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
Justin Case smirks, the Aggression Championship around his waist and The Untouchables flanking his sides.
I'm breathing in the chemicals
May Havoc stands victorious, raising the Grizzly Beer Championship high into the air.

I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
The crowd around him boos and hurls insults, but “The Black Magic Bastard” Vic Wagner ignores them as he steps forward.
This is it, the apocalypse
At 6’8 and 290 pounds, David Alexander stands a monstrous behemoth as he flexes next to his tag team partner The Super-Kawaii Green-haired Gaijin of Gore' Spyke Gein who raises a “peace” sign with his index and middle fingers.
A burst on screen, and almost out of nowhere comes Jamie Lockheart and Syn Skyler standing back to back, arms crossed and all smiles.

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
Chamelion, arms crossed- and that patented Cheshire grin fades in through the smoke on our screen.
Enough to make my systems blow
The smoke now clears, and The Crisis Ace Cody Bogard steps up to the plate.
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
The screen shatters, and William Mercy is ready to make us remember his name.
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
The Phoenix stands before a grainy film footage of him hitting The Ashes, empty bottles of Yoohoo on the ground and irony abound.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm radioactive, radioactive
"The Viper" Hunter Sullivan embraces the cheers and adoration of the crowd for perhaps the first time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm radioactive, radioactive
Mr. Hardcore comes running through the fire the screen finds itself in, ready to prove himself yet again.

I raise my flags, don my clothes
The wheels spin on his truck, spewing dirt towards the camera before the rain washes it away as we pan up to see “The Southern Hero” Jethro Hayes
It's a revolution, I suppose
The Puppet Army, headed by PuppetLisa sounds the horns and marches forward as we pan up to Anna Mathews shrugging
We're painted red to fit right in
Scottie Snow shows us his Hall of Fame ring proudly

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
A dark hand grips the armrest of a chair
Enough to make my systems blow
Justin Case climbs the turnbuckles on each corner, raising his Aggression title
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Darkness, yet with a flash of brilliant light May Havoc stands with the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship around her waist.
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Quickly now, the images of a hundred fallen wrestlers quickly passes by before the spotlight shines brightest… With Matt Stone feigning tears, wiping them away sarcastically with the PWA World title in his other hand annnnnd


The pyros explode from the ceiling downward, as the arena lights turn on and the fans are going nuts all across the arena.

Jon McDaniel: I’m Jon McDaniel!

Brian Rentfro: And I’m better!

Jon McDaniel: WELCOME! To PWA Sunday Night Rampage!!!

The cameras pan the crowd, where we see fans holding up a vast array of signs. One reads “I STOLE THE AGGRESSION TITLE” from a fan in a ski mask and an Untouchables t-shirt. Another sign further up proclaims “MAY HAVOC-WILL U MARRY ME?!” from a fairly obese and hairy man. As “Radioactive” plays we catch a fan holding up a “MATT STONE: STFU” sign and the fan realizes she’s on camera and screams and shouts. A drunk fan waves a Confederate flag in a Jethro Hayes t-shirt while his friend holds a sign that says “It’s Not Hate, It’s Heritage: The Southern Hero!”

Jon McDaniel: What a show we’ve got tonight, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: There is a lot of stuff. People are going to come and hurt each other for our amusement.

Jon McDaniel: After the controversial ending to the Genesis XIII main event, there was such a huge uproar. In todays connected world, the Twitterverse and Facebook and other social media went ablaze with demands for Anna to receive a rematch.

Brian Rentfro: So Fantastic Andy gave in, because he was probably afraid someone would vandalize his 1993 Ford Escort.

Another sign says “CODY BOGARD 4 WORLD CHAMPION” and a huge contingent of Bogard fans cheer seeing themselves on the ADCTron.

Jon McDaniel: In addition, Marvin Wood takes on Justin Case for the REBEL Pro Aggression Championship.

Brian Rentfro: Why haven’t we pawned that to the Pawn Stars yet?

One eccentric female fan has a sign that says “JAMIE LOCKHEART STOLE MY VIRGINITY” while her male friend next to her has one reading “I STOLE SYN’S” and he’s amused.

Jon McDaniel: Cody Bogard and Jethro Hayes meet as well. Given their history and long list of accomplishments in the PWA, I can see that match having serious consequences for the greater PWA universe.

Brian Rentfro: You may be correct for once, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: It gets even better with the new number one contenders to the tag team titles, 2 Nicemen facing off against the debuting Jamie Lockheart and Syn Skyler. Big potential in reigniting the tag team division.

“ANNA MATHEWS WILL U MARRY ME?!” is held up by a female fan as we further pan the crowd, and she has mini puppets in a necklace around her neck. Kinda creepy though.

Jon McDaniel: Vic Wagner returns to action tonight as well, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: I actually like him. I know, me? Like someone? It happens, Jon.

Jon McDaniel: He’s taking on “The Show” Chad Kurtis who’s likely going to be looking for a comeback win after Genesis.

A fan who seems incredibly melancholy holds up a “CTHULU 2016: WHY CHOSE THE LESSER EVIL?” sign for all to see.

Brian Rentfro: But right now, we get to see one of these Untouchables step into the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Against William Mercy, who makes his debut here tonight!

Brian Rentfro: Wait a minute! That isn't Mercy's entrance music!

A Call To Arms

The commentary of McDaniel and Rentfro is cut off, quite abruptly by “Never Enough” by Five Finger Death Punch coming across the sound system.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your Grizzly Beer Champion...May Havoc!

There’s no brilliant burst of pyro to herald the appearance of the newly crowned Grizzly Beer Champion, no flashing strobe lights. No, not this time. She steps out from behind the curtain and pauses on the stage, casting a glance out across the crowd. There’s no smirk tonight, no expression of arrogance, only a slight nod to acknowledge the mixed reaction from the fans before she begins the walk down the ramp, climbing the steps to step between the ropes, reaching for a microphone as her new music fades.

May Havoc: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, which I know, has to be confusing for some of you, because some of you I think, have forgotten that there is such a thing. But I’ve been thinking about what it takes, for a company to be brought this low...look around yourselves. And I mean, really stop, and look. A year ago, there were four companies that comprised the Alliance of Wrestling Federations. And now? Two have gone bankrupt. One sold out and has been stripped bare by those remain the way vultures strip a corpse on the battlefield and we...we’re all that remains. A broken shell of what once was. We are no longer the standard of excellence. Any one of you, could have stopped this. Any one of you, could have realized the path to destruction that you walked...but you either didn’t have the time, or the care to notice and take action. And this...this is what we’ve been brought to. The brink of the end. In this realm we have neither heroes, nor villains. Just a bevy of egos of varying sizes grinding against each other. No one stands up to raise outcry against the misdeeds committed within the ring. No one cares. And it has been this way for entirely too long. We’ve been brought to the edge of ruin. But I don’t blame any of you, no matter that you could have halted this process when it began. It isn’t your fault. You don’t call the shots. You don’t make the decisions. No, if we’re going to point the finger of blame at anyone...then it has to be at a corrupt management doesn’t it?

The fact of the matter is, no one should be surprised that this is coming. From day one May has been trying to stir the masses, she’s been looking for a reaction, any reaction...and been disappointed. Now, it’s time to act, and there’s only one way to do that.

May Havoc: Strickland has brought this company to the edge of financial ruin. He’s taken what should have been a place of passion and glory and turned it into a place full of marionettes. Self centered, selfish, the only thing he cares about is lining his own pockets further, at any cost, which he’s proven in his unerring ability to use this company as a cheap publicity plug for his shoddy side projects. Look around yourselves! Surely at some point, some of you must have felt the passion. You must have known the dedication once. There must have been a time when you ate, slept, and breathed everything that this business is supposed to be. For whatever reason, you’ve lost the fire. You’ve abandoned your passion. When I walked into this company, ready to run you all into the ground someone should have stepped up. Someone should have put me in my place...because really? When you get right down to it? I’m nobody. Or at least...I was nobody then. I was just some rookie, who walked in off the street with a chip on her shoulder. I should never have risen this far, this fast. But you allowed it. You wouldn’t stop me. And now you can’t. This company is a sinking ship. It’s the Titanic, and we’ve already hit the iceberg and we’re taking in water fast. But there’s still hope. As long as this bitch is still floating, there’s hope. But since no one else seems to be capable of being bothered to stir themselves to man the lifeboats, I’ll assume that duty myself. Think about the history that this company has. Think about the prestige that it once enjoyed. I don’t know about any of you, but when I talk about where I work, I want to be able to say it with some measure of pride. I want being a champion to mean something...which is something that each and every god damned one of you should want.

By this point, the crowd, has grown hushed, poised, waiting for the hammer to fall, or maybe for the swerve. Because she’s supposed to be a cocky bitch right? She’s supposed to be standing before them, bragging and gloating...but she’s not. So she’s got to be planning something. This whole speech just has to be leading up to some carefully planned ‘screw you’...except maybe not. She falls silent, allowing her gaze to move slowly around the arena, taking in the confused, and expectant faces around her.

May Havoc: I won’t lie to you, this isn’t the role that I ever expected to have to fill. I never wanted to be the hero. I never wanted to save anything. But this business...this company has offered me a chance at my own salvation. Through this business I’ve learned that there’s more to life than simple survival. I’ve learned that without passion, dedication, and’re just a corpse waiting for the grave. I never wanted this, but I’ve come to accept it. Some people are born into greatness. Some achieve it. And others...others have it thrust upon them. The path ahead shines clear, and I think that maybe my eyes are truly opened for the first time since I set foot inside the ring. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards. For weeks I have been imploring you to take action. For weeks I have all but begged, all of you, to show me something in you that still speaks of the passion that must have once been. And for weeks, I have been left...disappointed. And so it comes to this. I am declaring war. I am making it my personal mission to restore this company to the glory it once held. And to every person, man or woman, who waits their chance to dance in the fires, I leave you, with this. You have but two choices. You can either be part of the solution...or part of the problem. And should you choose to make yourself part of problem, I will not rest, until I see you destroyed. You are the cancer eating at the soul this company. And like a cancer within the body, you must, and will be, cut out.

”Never Enough” begins to play once more as May drops the microphone, moving to climb out of the ring and stalk back up the ramp. There’s no doubting her determination, and from the look on her face. Well, she’s one hundred percent serious about every word to come from her lips.

Jon McDaniel: Wow. Strong words from the new Grizzly Beer Champion, but there’s something to be admired in in her passionate dedication to a company that she’s still very new in.

Brian Rentfro: Huh? Sorry, wasn’t paying attention. I was a little distracted. My God those legs. They just don’t stop. They go all the way up to-

Jon McDaniel: Nevermind. You might not have been paying attention, but I’m sure that people in the back were. Havoc’s putting the entire roster on notice, possibly even Strickland and Phoenix themselves. It’s something to think about. But right now. Right now we have our first match of the evening.

Brian Rentfro: Hey, do you think She Devil wears that mask because she’s a butterface? I mean, she’s got a smoking hot body, but that mask...she’s gotta have a real dog’s face right?

Jon McDaniel: I fail to see how that has any relevance in the upcoming match.

Brian Rentfro: Hey. I’m just trying to make conversation. It’s not my fault you’ve got a giant stick up your ass.

Jon McDaniel: Either way, NOW we come to the first match of the evening folks.

William Mercy vs She Devil

Singles Match

William Mercy stares across the ring at She-Devil, as if asking himself what he has gotten himself into. She-Devil went after William who quickly ducks behind her, driving her backwards across his knee with a backbreaker. She-Devil starts to get back to her feet, getting hit in the side of the head a few times by Mercy’s forearms. He backs her up, whipping her across the ring and catching her with a knee lift when she comes back. Mercy pulls her arms back and lifts her up in the air, driving her straight down to the mat. William grabs her legs, flipping her over and locking in the Boston Crab, pulling back on her lower back. The crowd doesn't really know who to cheer for, but go new guy seems to be the general consensus. She-Devil pulls herself as best as she can, trying to grab the bottom rope, but before she reaches it, William releases her. Mercy lifts She-Devil up, catching her again with a forearm before pulling her head in, driving her straight down with a Cradle Hammerlock DDT! He shoots the half, hooking her outside leg as the referee gets down for the 1 2 3

Winner: William Mercy at 5:12

The Challenge

Live via Satelite from Las Vegas, Chamelion sits in a large recliner, taped and bandaged up from his street fight with Jethro Hayes at Genesis. The fans react to his presence and he waits for them to settle down, before he begins.

Chamelion: Respect. True respect is earned through your actions and deeds, is it not? Well, we all know with me, respect has been earned, lost, given and taken away on multiple occasions. I have been blessed with the respect of my peers, done terrible deeds to have it ripped away and burned some bridges in my past. I’m no saint, angle or general ‘good guy’. I’m Chamelion and that’s it.

Chamelion: Thing is, despite all that, I bleed for this company every moment I am in it… I sometimes shoot from the hip or make rash decisions but it’s because I care. I fought Jethro Hayes at Genesis because of my love for the PWA, despite what he thought and in the end, I showed him truly which of us honestly supports the PWA to its fullest.

Chamelion: Yeah, I was gone a long time, but we know why now.. and anyone who judges me on my decisions can … use your imagination, kiddies. But Jethro.. about respect, it’s a very complex thing. I’m not competing this week because I can admit out loud you hurt me. I’m not cleared this week because of the excessive damages we did to each other… but you’ve proven your disrespect to me, by acting ‘just fine’ and as if nothing happened to you. You’re scheduled to compete and you’ll walk to that ring acting as if every bone in your body is already healed.

Chamelion: And it sucks since I offered you respect in the end, but that’s what makes us different.. that’s why I can stand here and say.. what my brother told you years ago remains true… you’re still not a true veteran… you’re an actor, Jethro, playing a part… giving up on the one part of you that made you a defining corner of the PWA… into just another cookie cutter bad guy that gets his comeuppance in the end. You, Jethro Hayes, are just a name.

Chamelion: Which is why I finally can move on; put you behind me. Our story is written, and the final chapter had my hand raised, despite admitting how much damage you caused. It’s time for a new story, a new direction and its time to make waves.

Chamelion: Let’s look at the facts! If we divide our roster by those who were here when I returned and those who arrived after me, I have literally cleaned house of all but two ‘senior’ talents in the past month; Jethro Hayes, Cody Bogard, Lucy Starr and Mr. Hardcore… who is left? Justin Case, who is parading around pretending to be a real champion… but listed as so.. it’s confusing… and; Matt Stone.

Chamelion: I could stand here and call out Justin Case… I could. But he doesn’t have what I want. He isn’t WHO I want. Matt Stone, I am putting you on notice. I am coming after you and your PWA World Heavyweight Championship. I am going to tie my brother and become a five time-five time-five… well, for the sake of copyrights I’ll let you all finish that… and at the same time, knock some much needed humility into you! Don't take this as I'm ignoring Anna's chances against you tonight, far from it, but my focus is on you.

Chamelion: Your actions at Genesis were deplorable, your behavior leading to Genesis was insulting and your manipulation and game playing is vying for my coveted “Most Devious SOB in the Business Today” moniker and I don’t like it.

Chamelion: And then there’s the simple personal matter of wanting to beat you in the ring, something I have not had a very good record of… so there’s a bit of retribution in it for me. I know, sounds like a broken record, Chamelion does… but it’s great motivation, don’t you agree?

Chamelion: They’re going to question if I deserve to make this challenge… and I’m going to tell them; who in that locker room can you look me in the face and say has a more rightful claim then I do, at this very moment? No one!

Chamelion: Matt Stone, your title reign just got an expiration date. GOT IT!?

Cheshire grin in place, Chamelion’s visage fades to black.

'The Black Magic Bastard' Vic Wagner vs 'The Show' Chad Kurtis

Singles Match

Vic Wagner and Chad Kurtis now stand across from each other in the ring, and the crowd is already well into it. Vic Wagner opens the offense with an eye rake, which forces Kurtis back momentarily holding his eyes in some pain. He bounces off the ropes and blindly comes back at Vic Wagner, who goes for a forearm smash but Kurtis instinctively ducks. Kurtis heads towards the opposite ropes but Wagner follows and Kurtis with a springboard dropkick that catches Wagner straight on the chin. Spit flies out of his mouth as he’s taken down hard to the canvas and Kurtis goes for the first pinfall attempt; however he only gets a 2 count. Kurtis lifts Wagner back up but Wagner with an elbow smash cracks Kurtis over the head hard. Kurtis stumbles back but Wagner graps hold of him and the two lock up in a grapple. A power struggle ensues, with both men trying to out muscle the other but while Wagner only has 1 inch on Kurtis, he packs the strength of about 23 more pounds and out powers Kurtis. He gets The Show set up and lands a vicious cobra clutch backbreaker that shakes the ring and has the crowd reeling back from its brutal impact. The Black Magic Bastard makes a cover attempt, but he too only gets a 2 count.

Vig Wagner lifts Chad Kurtis up off the canvas, and grapples him once more. However this time Kurtis slips himself behind Wagner and takes him down with a sudden belly-to-back suplex and Wagner lands hard on his shoulders and neck. Kurtis quickly climbs up to the top rope, crouched as he waits for Wagner to get back to his feet. Wagner wipes his face and shakes off the suplex, turning around only to be met with a missile dropkick that connects hard. With Wagner down, “THENNOWNEXT” sees his chance and hits the PRIME TIME SPLASH!!!! And what an amazing springboard 450 splash it is, as he hooks one leg. However just before the 3 count, Wagner puts his foot on the bottom rope! Chad Kurtis stands up and holds his head in disbelief, looking out to the crowd who cheer him on. Wagner however wasn’t entirely winded, and Wagner rises back to his feet. Vic spins Kurtis around, catching the multiple time former REBEL Pro World Champion off guard and begins laying in heavy back hand chops to him. Kurtis stumbles back, and then Vic Wagner grabs him and hits The Flayed Man on Chad Kurtis!!! 1! 2!! THR------NO!!!! NOW KURTIS PUTS HIS OWN FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE, INSTINCTIVELY SAVING HIMSELF THE MATCH!!!

Vic Wagner is livin, slamming his fist into the canvas. He gets up and scoffs at the booing crowd, who stand and mock The Black Magic Bastard. Chad Kurtis takes the time to recover himself, gingerly he rises to his feet and then strikes out at Vic. However Vic catches Kurtis out of pure gut instinct. Vic places Kurtis in a standing head scissors, and then grabs a hold of his Kurtis’ waist. Vic then lifts him straight up as if going for a Piledriver. Vic quickly hooks his right arm around Chad Kurtis’ left leg. Vic takes a small running start, and then jumps up into the air spinning as he goes. Vic goes for a full rotation before falling into a kneeling position driving his opponent head first into the mat. SUMMONG CIRCLE!!! Vic Wagner covers, hooking both legs!




“The Conjuring” by Megadeth hits as Dwayne Cross raises Vic Wagner’s arm in victory, the crowd boos and hates it but Wagner is victorious nevertheless.

Winner: Vic Wagner in 7:52

The Pioneers Spotlight 1

We fade in now, and with a PWA backdrop emblazoned with the words “The Pioneer’s Spotlight” under the PWA logo we find former PWA Wednesday Night Chaos announcer Tear Gutter, better known today as Linzi Martin sitting across from one of the most decorated stars in modern PWA History: Hunter Sullivan.

Linzi Martin: Welcome everyone to the first edition of The Pioneer’s Spotlight! Every month we will sit down with a PWA star and try to get to know him or her better than just from what we see in the ring or on the microphone. And the first editions guest is none other than the returning Hunter Sullivan himself.

“The Viper” graciously nods to recognize Linzi’s introduction of himself.

Linzi Martin: First of all, welcome back to the PWA Hunter. We all knew you’d be at Genesis to face Raizzor, but I think most everyone was shocked to see you walk out victorious. How did it feel to step back into a PWA ring and win such a momentous match?

Hunter Sullivan: If anyone was paying attention to what I had to say before the bout, you'll already know that the match meant a lot to me. People have a preconceived notion about me, and rightfully so. I have a spotted history that has led to a stern mistranslation to who I actually am. People didn't expect to see me win, and why would they? I hadn't proven myself successful at these types of matches. But that's the point isn't it? People are going to think I'm a make-over of the same guy. I expect a lot of suspicious comments from people that say I'm still what I used to be, Raizzor was one of those people. I think it was important for me to step back up into the spot light and show I'm not the man who immaturely floundered throughout this federation previously, I'm a new man. I'm a man who can if he so pleases, walk into an event like Genesis and still awe the crowd. I can Linzi, without a shadow of doubt, win when it matters. With that I think it was Raizzor's misunderstanding and complete ignorant obliviousness to this fact which leads me to victory at Genesis. That match is therefore my new beginning. I digress though, to answer your question, I felt absolutely free.

Linzi Martin: Well we’ve all clearly taken notice of you once again, Hunter. With that said, I know many PWA fans are wondering what have you been up to since you’d last left the PWA?

Hunter Sullivan: "I'm not going to lie, nor am I going to name drop but for the first little while I spun my wheels in other places, a change of scenery can really do a man good. I was successful at points, while other times I didn't go as high as I had hoped I would. Obviously that's only about one year of my many away from PWA, It's evident to anyone paying attention that I eventually fell off the wagon. I fell on very low times Linzi, dark times in fact. Now, I'm not going to sputter a fallacy that I should be pitied and sympathized no, I rather aptly deserved it. I burned a lot of bridges both in PWA and out, a lot of backs have been stabbed, I don't have a lot of friends anymore my dear. That's a fact I live with and have for the last few years. That's something I am however remedying.

Linzi Martin smiles and nods, Hunter leans back comfortably in his seat and offers a nod of his own back.

Linzi Martin: You’ve done a lot in your illustrious career here. From being a former PWA Tag, Grizzly Beer, Intercontinental and Global Champion. Yet you’ve never become the PWA World Champion. Is this something you’re looking to rectify? Or do you have other motives for returning to the PWA?

Hunter Sullivan: To say I have no intentions of winning the illusive PWA world title belt would be a lie, however, foremost and most importantly to my agenda is to showcase myself on an egotistical and megalomaniac level; After all, old habits die hard. There are a lot of critiques that have been handed towards me in my day, but the simple fact of the matter is I'm really fucking good. Irritatingly so for my opponents now that wins and losses no longer phase my direction. Raizzor suggested in his promotional video that to be better I'd have to win, his stupidity and misinterpretation irritated me because his view point is understandably a popular one. To elaborate, I'm here to be the best technical wrestler, that doesn't require insurmountable numbers force-fed into statistics, it's an action. I just need to outperform you, I have to embarrass you at your own craft, I just need to steal the show.

Linzi Martin: Well we’ve certainly all seen you publicly call out Vic Wagner, who’s also made his return to the PWA. Do you care to go into any further detail on why you’re taking aim at him?

Hunter Sullivan: Let me get the boring History lesson out of the way now so people don't have to hear Vic regurgitate in future promotional videos like a fucking twit. My debut year in wrestling was littered with bad ideas and the floundering of an identity crisis. One of those ideas was that I could make it on the indies, be noticed, and get further faster by being a hardcore wrestler. The Viper Snap as a quick fact, is a move that originated from a man I faced in those days, he was a hardcore wrestler named Raymond Kage. Vic Wagner in those days had the same idea, he went under the moniker 'Kid Chaos' and he was good at it. As such I eventually challenged him in a best of 3 hardcore extravaganzas, I wanted to make a name for myself off of his back. Look, I'm not going to twist facts, he beat me like a fucking child. Now before the chants of eureka start hitting everyone, that's not what this is about. I left that defeat behind me, I accepted it. I took that beating and grew from it. I mention it because it was there that I realized and went on the career path that lead to the birth of The Viper. I guess you can say he was a Catalyst of sorts.

Linzi Martin nods attentively.

Hunter Sullivan: Sadly the story doesn't end there because a few years later I see him here, I see him In PWA. Sure, it took him longer to realize hardcore wrestling didn't make him successful, it made him a niche' gimmick, but here he is none the less. The problem now is he's doing what I did several years earlier, copying me. It's like he's jealous, it's like he envies me and what I managed to become. He is early 09 Hunter Sullivan, he's stealing my shindig, he's doing exactly what I did to him years prior. If that isn't some karma I don't know what is. So now It lands on me and my confident proclamations of technical superiority to shut his lame fucking mouth and his lame fucking excuse for wrestling skills and shove them up his ass. I'm going to humble him, I'm going to teach him, I'm going to enlighten him. Simply put I'm going to be better than he is, at what he thinks he's good at.

Linzi Martin: Any final words, Hunter?

Hunter Sullivan: Yeah, in fact I do. Next week is my official return to PWA television in an actual match. I'm excited; I'm palpitating at the idea. The last thing I really wanna say is more or less a promise. I'm back. I'm back and motherfuckers, I'm better than ever.

Hunter nods.

Hunter Sullivan: Yeah, Oh shit.

Hunter rises and exits the set as Linzi Martin smiles back into the cameras.

Linzi Martin: There you have it folks. Hunter Sullivan is back, and judging not only from what he said but his impressive victory at Genesis- he really is better than ever. This is Linzi Martin, and we’ll see you next time on The Pioneer’s Spotlight.

We fade to ringside as...

Annoying Jabs and One Mean Right Hook

"Fuck All Ya'll" blares to life in the speakers, causing a mixed reaction, leaning heavily on the side of boos and jeers rather than yells and cheers. Jethro saunters down the ramp, limping a bit, but constantly moving forward, his eyes focused on the ring as he ignores the crowd entirely. Reaching the ring, he climbs up the steps and then through the ropes where he pulls out a microphone.

Jethro Hayes: "That's fine, jeer at me, boo at me, but your being here makes my paycheck possible."

He sneers at the crowd, still bandaged up and speaking in a very rough and gravely voice.

Jethro Hayes: "I don't mind them at all, they let me know truly how each and everyone of you feel, its your given right to do whatever to me, just like its my given right not to give a damn."

More booing from the crowd, they've gotten louder.

Jethro Hayes: "But now on to what I've come out here to say. Chamelion..."

The crowd cheers, Jethro makes no reaction.

Jethro Hayes: "You beat me in our street fight, congratulations, but you did not break me as you wanted. You got your revenge, but you did not break me."

His gaze moves all around the arena.

Jethro Hayes: "I told you that you would not break me. I have no more fear for you now than I did before, so now that that little bit is out of the way."

He smirks

Jethro Hayes: "A new little pissant wants to try to climb the ladder of success, while holding onto my coat tails. This little son of a bitch wants to try and confront me during a match that I was having on the most illustrious stage of them all... at Genesis."

He looks at the backstage curtain, knowing that William Mercy is back there.

Jethro Hayes: "He's nothing but a little fish in this big pond..."

"Parabola" by Tool hits the sound system as William Mercy comes out in his ring attire, holding a microphone. He doesn't quite get a big reaction, but he is getting some jeers from the diehard PWA fans and diehard Hayes fans. Mercy walks down to the ring as Jethro Hayes snarls, looking all pissed off and ready to pounce. Mercy climbs through the ropes as "Parabola" dies down.

William Mercy: "Look at you, man. You used to be somebody. You used to be a guy that would come out here, light up the fans, put people on notice in the back, and get the respect you deserved."

Hayes perks up a bit, toning down the menace and trying to listen.

William Mercy: "Now here you are, a Southern Prick. You don't give two shits about them, yourself, or anything to be honest. Yeah, you're here right now, fighting the good fight, but you're hollow. There's nothing there. And you?"

Mercy turns toward the crowd.

William Mercy: "You enjoy this? You like seeing a once great, proud fighter be reduced to a floppy penis that gets his ass kicked by Mark Sommers?"

The crowd starts to boo and Hayes steps forward.

Jethro Hayes: "You better watch your mouth, boy. You're liable to get my boot shoved in it."

William Mercy: "Hold on there, tough guy. Don't make me get Chamelion back out here."

Mercy lets out a laugh. Hayes isn't pleased, flexing a bit ready to attack.

William Mercy: "But listen, I honestly don't care. If you want to go through the rest of your career behaving like this and coming up short when it counts, then you go ahead and be my guest. However, I've chosen you for a reason. A reason you'll find out soon enough, but it's a pretty big reason nonetheless. It's time for you to step up your game, Jethro, and that starts tonight."

Hayes tells Mercy to bring it.

Jethro Hayes: "What are you waiting for then?"

William Mercy: "Because I'm not done with our introductions yet."

Jethro Hayes: "Oh God there's more? Listen buddy, I've got a bigger fish to fry tonight and his name is Cody Bogard."

Hayes enjoys a good laugh, so does some of the crowd. Mercy cracks a smile while reaching for something in his pocket that Hayes doesn't see.

William Mercy: "Fair enough, Jethro. But Cody Bogard can't bring you a war like I can."

And then from out of no where Mercy lays into Jethro with a huge right hook, decimating Hayes' jaw as he tumbles back into the ropes. Hayes slowly falls through the ropes and onto the apron, and Mercy reveals his brass knuckles to the crowd. They start booing.

William Mercy: "This is only the beginning. And you'll be thanking me when I allow this to be over."

Mercy drops the mic as "Parabola" hits the sound system. He climbs out of the ring and makes his way up the rampway, as Jethro Hayes tries to collect himself on the apron.

Brian Rentfro: "And William Mercy makes a loud statement here tonight against the Southern Hero, striking first in what is sure to be an exciting rivalry."

Jon McDaniel: "Jethro does not look excited one bit, he looks pissed off as all hell."

Jethro climbs off the apron and tries to pull himself together, while showing the crowd he is indeed very pissed off. Serious anger issues these days.

Jamie Lockheart/Syn Skyler vs 2Nicemen

Singles Match

With everyone settled into the ring, Spyke and Syn are in the ring with their partners taking their places at their respective corners. The bell rings and the battle begins, with Syn immediately going for a springboard bulldog but she misses and Spyke with a springboard moonsault connects. He covers quickly but only gets a 1 count. Spyke gets back to his feet but Syn rolls away from him and gets back to her feet. Back up quickly now, Spyke moves to attack with a springboard bulldog of his own but he too misses! Syn with a standing corkscrew senton now, and she hooks the leg looking for a quick pinfall victory but she only manages a 1 count before Spyke kicks out. Syn gets up and Lockheart stomps his foot on the apron and reaches out, hoping for a tag and Syn obliges him. As she tags in Jamie Lockheart, he climbs the top rope and as Spyke stands up he hits a missile dropkick… OR SO HE THOUGHT HE WOULD! Spyke dodges it and tags in David Alexander who steps up into the ring like a tank. Jamie gets to his feet and has to tilt his head back to look at the massive beast before him. David Alexander lifts Jamie up into the air and locks him into a bear hug, crushing and squeezing the life out of him. Jamie struggles, bringing his elbows down into the collar bone of David Alexander to no avail. David switches it up now and then lays Jamie down hard with a front powerslam. Alexander back to his feet, and the nicest man from Nebraska lifts Jamie back up to his feet with one hand by grabbing the back of his neck. Though this may not have been a good thing as Jamie immediately begins unleashing a series of forearm shots that begin to push David Alexander back into the ropes where Spyke quietly tags himself in, and the referee notices. As David bounces back towards him from the ropes, Jamie takes David Alexander down with a spinning wheel kick executed perfectly. That’s when Spyke Gein comes at him with a flying headbutt that catches Lockheart off guard, and sends both men down to the canvas. Spyke quickly back up as David Alexander rolls out of the ring then gets back to the apron. Lockheart is up now too as Spyke hops up onto the top rope quickly, he comes off and lands on Lockhearts shoulders and hurricanranas him into his own corner where Syn tags herself in and rushes at Spyke. With a headscissors takedown, Spyke is on the canvas. Both are back up and Syn goes for a clothesline, but Spyke ducks and hits a cross body on her and hooks both legs. He gets a 2 count, but Syn Skyler still has much fight left in her.

Skyler with an enziguri then a dropkick takes Spyke down. But as she goes for a sunset flip Spyke rolls out of the way, gets to his feet and leaps towards David Alexander to tag him in. Quickly with Spyke out, Alexander walks over to Syn and offers a hand to help her to her feet. What a nice guy. Syn gets up and David Alexander begins to squeeze her hand and then takes her down with a military press slam. He rises to his feet and lifts Syn up, whipping her into the corner and follows through to crush her between the turnbuckle and himself. But Syn is feisty, and she hits a corner backflip kick that surprises David Alexander. She climbs to the middle turnbuckle just so she can leap at David and hit a spinning neckbreaker that cements the surprise. But David Alexander is quick to rise up and Syn moves to tag in Jamie, David Alexander hits a running forearm smash on Syn as she makes the tag. Jamie Lockheart waltzes into the ring now and hits a step up enziguri. Lockheart going wild now, as he hits MAELSTROM on David Alexander. With Alexander on the canvas, Lockheart locks in a single leg Boston crab. He wrenches the hold, and Alexander tries to reach out to tag Spyke in or get to the ropes for a rope break.

David Alexander makes the tag but Syn leaps into the ring as well as Spyke. David Alexander is up but Syn Skyler throws herself at Spyke as Spyke hits a plancha Jamie. So Syn misses Spyke. But Alexander is up and he grabs Syn and goes for a snap scoop powerslam but both of them instead go tumbling out of the ring over the top rope. As Spyke turns to face Lockheart, Jamie with Take The Blame puts Spyke down out of nowhere! 1! 2!! David Alexander slides into the ring, BUT! 3!!! Jamie Lockheart gets out of the ring and joins Syn as they raise their arms, victorious.

Winners: Syn Skyler and Jamie Lockheart in 9:22

Public Outcry

Jon Mcdaniel: It's been brought to our attention that something is going on outside

Brian Rentfro: We're running out of Idea's for cutaway's aren't we?

It wasn't just a distraction, something WAS going on outside. A gathering of twenty or so fans stood outside of the arena waving signs and shouting slogans they try so hard to make catchy. The signs ranged from "Figgy IS Rampage" to "The Doom Doom train's a comin 4 Andy". Even those who did not seem to be an avid Figgins fan were present, but there to support the worker's right to perform. Of course, this type of thing never looked good for any kind of company.

Jon McDaniel: It looks like fans are not happy with management's current decision to ban Jacob Figgins from the ring

Brian Rentfro: I detect shenanigans. Figgy does not have fans

Fantastic Andy steps out of the arena entrance flanked by two security guards, and a megaphone in his right hand. He looked to be trying to have the situation calm down before things get too out of hand.

Fantastic Andy: As I have said earlier, we will not be bullied. And honestly, do you think a little group of twenty or so is going to make me change my mind? There are at least twenty THOUSAND in the arena right now. So not getting your money doesn't hurt a damn thing. I'll just not pay Jacob Collins again. So you all can stand out there with your signs and shout until you blue in the face. You will not change a damn thing, it is a hopeless cause, Just like Figgy. Why don't you all go home and actually do something productive? Like being the faceless, mindless consumers you are. You may not want to pay but as soon as the next pay per view runs around and your kid begs to watch, you'll be back. You always come back. And don't worry since you all love Figgins so much, I'll make sure some shirts of his wind up in a nearby dumpster, nit like he's making us any profit anyway

Fantastic Andy turns and motions his security to follow, ignoring the fact that he was now having pink, hello kitty elbow pads lobbed at him.

Jon McDaniel: I can't believe this

Brian Rentfro: I know, did you see the rack on that girl in the front?

Cody Bogard vs Jethro Hayes

Singles Match

Jethro starts off on the offensive, bullying Bogard into the corner. Something wild rests in Jetrho's eyes as he mericlessly drove his shoulder into Bogards midsection repeatedly. Finally he pulls Bogard from the corner and applies an abdominal stretch. Wanting to break his opponent as he violently wrenches back on the hold. Bogard musters the will to grab a rope, but Jethro would not let go. It takes until the count of four for the referee to finally pull Jethro off causeing the large southy to glare down at him. This gives Cody the oppertunityto fire in with a flurry of midsection kicks that drive Jethro back into the corner before Cody begins to deliver a set of Machine Gun slaps. Bogard leaps and Drives Jethro face first with a ddt.

The wild eyed Jethro still remains when he returns to his feet, halting the offense of Bogard with a Belly to belly suplex that throws him across the ring. Glaring down at Jethro stomps down on the elbow of Bogard trying to apply all his weight on the hold. He grabs the rope with both arms and continues to bounce on the arm, appearently showing bogard what he thinks of his broken arm story. After the count of four Jethro let off the hold , this letting Bogard will himself to his feet, while Jethro drops into a three point stance and hits THE PLOW. But a second glance would show that Bogard let it hit so he could apply a guillotine choke, using Jethro's own momentum to force him to the mat. Cody wrenched back on the hold.

Jethro willed himself out of the hold and hits with a massive knee to the the gut to stunn Bogard. He places his head between his thighs and lifts Bogard for a power bomb set up.But BOGARD REVERSED manageing to slip out while also manageing to hit the HERO Time on the way down Bogard hooks a leg


Winner: Bogard 7:45

He ties Cody up in the ropes then goes at him again with a steel chair, bloodying him, hitting so hard that blood sprays from the vicious hits onto Jethro's face

Jethro writes "William Mercy" on the chair in Cody's blood before showing it to the camera, smirking, then walking away.

Beast Mode

The bell has rung as Cody is resting against the ring ropes, wiping the blood off his face. Before he can push himself off the ropes, “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” blares through the arena. The crowd turns to the entrance ramp waiting to see if someone is going to come down as Cody has now pushed himself off and is ready for another fight. Cody is shouting for whoever it is to come down. Now as he is doing this, he doesn’t notice that someone has slipped into the ring behind. The hoodie wearing figure waits for Cody to turn around and wraps him up before flinging him into the corner with a brutal Exploder suplex. The figure hops up and now is stalking Cody as he is trying to get back to his fight. Cody is finally back to his feet and the figure kicks him in the midsection and hoist him up into a Gory Special. And the figure drops down into the Widow’s Peak.

Jon McDaniel: BODY BAG, BITCHES!!! No…no…it can’t be. He can’t be back.

Brian Rentfro: What bloodsport bar did they drag his ass out of!?!

The crowd explodes realizing where they have seen the finisher before. The figure pushes his hoodie back so that everyone can see his face. And that figure is none other the former PWA IC, Tag Team and TV Champion, Viktor “The Beast” Stone. Stone scans the crowd for a moment before calling for a mic.

“The Beast”: Well isn’t this a bitch. Heh, it seems people still know this old face of mine. And why wouldn’t they? I made the PWA change the rules of the TV title because they didn’t see any other way to get the strip off me. I sniffed out the light of the self proclaimed Hollywood Icon. I’ve cured the Virus…I’ve beat Razzior. Hell I’ve even beaten The Phoenix for that bullshit Global Championship. But all because of one choice…one choice made out of respect and everything else I’ve done with my career has been forgotten. Swept under the rug.

Stone paces the ring for a moment.

“The Beast”: And it didn’t really hit me until I was doing some Indie dates over in Japan. And I had a chance to watch some of the more recent PWA product. This isn’t the PWA that I was a part of…this PWA lacks direction. It lacks focus. It lacks a reason. And it starts with you, Cody. Its start with the reason why you are on the path you are on. It’s about guys like you who are only moving up because you are the best of the worst. And therefore you don’t try harder because this filth and crap you have been doing has been enough to get you by. Not anymore. You want to get to the top, than you better be ready to go to war with a Beast. Consider this your first warning.

Stone drops the mic and rolls out of the ring before disappearing back through the crowd.

Marvin Wood vs Justin Case(c)

RPW Aggression Championship

The match begins with Marvin Wood delivering a series of forearm smashes that eventually fell Justin Case to the canvas. Wood lifts Case up and whips him into the corner where he follows it up with a series of knife edge chops which leave Case’s chest looking red before Wood pulls him out of the corner and delivers a wonderful Full Nelson Suplex. Marvin Wood climbs up to the top rope and flies off, with an elbow drop that lands hard across the chest of The Chosen One. Marvin Wood covers, but Justin Case kicks out after a 2 count. Wood gets up and grabs Justin Case by the legs, quickly locking The Legendary Legacary into a Texas Cloverleaf. Justin Case winces, screams and writhes in absolute pain as Marvin Wood wrenches the hold and continues to do so with no concern for the Aggression Champion. Justin Case begins attempting to reach the bottom ropes and it seems as if Marvin Wood is humoring him by allowing him to get closer and closer, Wood back stepping to help Case to the ropes. But just as Case reaches for the bottom ropes Marvin Wood pushes forward and prevents Justin Case from reaching them.

However now as Case continues to refuse to tap out, and so the referee begins to count and force Marvin Wood to let go. Just before the 5 count Wood releases the hold and brushes himself off, calm, cool and collected in his utter and absolute dominance of the REBEL Pro Aggression Champion. Marvin Wood backs up and waits for Case to get to his feet, and then runs at him… IMPERFECT TENSE!!! Wood covers! 1! 2!! 3!!! Wood rolls off the utterly defeated Justin Case as referee Dwayne Cross raises his arms, and he is declared the new Aggression Champion.

Winner: Marvin Wood in 5:32

The Plot Thickens I

We fade backstage now, and the cameraman is pointing us at the new PWA Grizzly Beer Champion, May Havoc’s locker room door. There is a knock at the door, but as the cameraman pans around we can’t see anyone knocking. The door opens after another series of three quick knocks and May Havoc looks down immediately at the man in the wheelchair before her. He brushes back the hood over his face and looks up at her with a warm smile.

Simon Kalis: Congratulations, Ms. Havoc. I’m an admirer of your work.

May Havoc: Is that so?

She crosses her arms, an eyebrow cocked with suspicion.

Simon Kalis: It is. I also heard what you had to say earlier in this evening, and it touched me personally to see that there are still those in this locker room willing to stand up and fix what has become so wrong with this company. And that is what I’d like to talk to you about. I believe you and I have mutual goals in this regard.

This is, obviously, not exactly what the leggy blonde is expecting to hear out of anyone, and she regards Simon skeptically for a long moment before shrugging.

May Havoc: Well. It's not like I have anything else to take care of tonight. I came, I saw, I said my piece...but I'm smart enough to realize that this isn't a war I can wage and win alone. I guess you might as well come in then.

Skeptical, but apparently willing to trust Kalis...which, let's face it, probably isn't the smartest thing she's ever done. Havoc steps back to make way for Simon to wheel in, pushing the door closed firmly behind him.

Anna Matthews vs Matt Stone(c)

PWA World Title Match

Referee Some Dude finishes up checking Stone and Mathews for foreign objects and quickly signals to ring the bell. With the chime of the steel bell, they come out of their corners and half circle each other before shooting right in to the lockup. Stone backs Mathews into the corner, keeping his body angled to force leverage and gets Mathews against the ropes for but a brief moment before Mathews turns the momentum around and presses Straight Shooter to the ropes. Wisely, the champ pulls back slightly and uses the resistance of the ropes to push Mathews and himself towards the center of the ring to level the playing field again.

Stone breaks free of one side of Mathews's grip and goes behind with a waistlock. Without missing a beat, Mathews lowers her base and reaches back to grab Stone's leg and gets a waistlock of her own. Stone lowers his base but Mathews recognizes the reversal technique and shifts to the side, taking Stone to his stomach. Mathews floats over to a facelock but Stone quickly hooks his arm and twists out of it to get his own and goes to lock it in only for Mathews to use the same trick. Straight Shooter again twists out of it and gains a firm lock on the grounded front chancery. Frustrated, Mathews kicks her feet and pounds the mat once with her fist.

The crowd has yet to sit down and wouldn't be given a reason to, Mathews gets her knees under her and begins to rise up to her feet. Upon standing she manages to pick one of Stone's legs and sweep him backwards to gain the upper hand only to get kicked away. STRAIGHT SHOOTER gets up and catches Mathews with a swift arm drag, Mathews pops up and hits her own, Stone manages to get another and once again falls victim to Mathews who holds on to the arm and torques it enough to force Straight Shooter back to his feet and whip him to the ropes. Mathews gets a hip-toss -- no! Stone changes his direction in mid-fall and gets a modified arm drag. Both women gain their footing and go back to a lockup, STRAIGHT SHOOTER gains a headlock only for Mathews to push him out of it and to the ropes.

The forced momentum worked against her though as Stone plows her over with a stiff shoulder block. He goes to the ropes and goes to leap over but Mathews hooks his ankle and trips him to float over for a grounded headlock. Unfortunately for Stone, just rolling out of it wasn't an immediate option as he's flat on his stomach and in the center of the ring. Mathews cranks it on tight and keeps her weight down in an attempt to wear Stone down early in this World Title match up. The champ has other ideas though and forces the weight of Mathews upwards and gets to his knees, then to his feet before taking a hold of her wrist and working his way out into a top wristlock.

Straight Shooter wastes no time and sweeps Mathews to her back from the top wristlock but she kips back up and goes back to a waistlock, but Stone switches it on her and gains his own. Mathews quickly returns the counter only for Stone to swiftly duck behind to regain the lock, prompting Mathews to pull back and pop him with a sharp elbow before she snapmares over and rushes the ropes, and comes back with a knee strike attempt that Straight Shooter dodges and then surprises Anna with a school boy! One! Two! A swift kickout as Mathews rolls to the ropes and to the apron, taken off guard by the champion's flash pin attempt.

Stone paces back and forth with a grin on his face and makes a gesture as if to say "that close" before he backs off to the corner to let Mathews in. And so she hops back in and rolls her shoulders a bit as Stone approaches her. They shoot in for another lock-up and Mathews fires a knee into Stone's gut and quickly drives an elbow into the back of his neck. Then another and a stiff forearm smash to drop him to a single knee. Mathews tries to whip him to the ropes but Stone reverses it and sends her away, and on the rebound Stone leap frogs Mathews. But Mathews stops dead in her tracks and catches Stone in an inside cradle as he lands! One! Two!

Stone kicks out as Mathews rolls away and pops to her feet, returning the "that close" gesture at Stone before inviting him to get up. Straight Shooter stands up unamused and walks right to Mathews, and the two butt heads and exchange harsh insults. Mathews shoves Stone away and Straight Shooter retaliates with a heavy right hand that rocks Mathews to the ropes and leaves her in a blip of shock. Stone wastes no time and grabs the back of Mathews' head to pull her into another heavy right, and another to daze her long enough to slam her in the center of the ring via inverted sitout side slam! The Straight Shooter hooks the leg.


Mathews kicks out quickly, but Stone is far from finished. The Abominable Showman pauses to flip The Dodo Queen off while grinning a shit-eating grin and takes a few steps back to find his stride, but Mathews kips up and delivers a heavy kick to the gut of The STRAIGHT SHOOTER. The champ doubles over and takes a leaning seat on the second rope, but it's only for a brief second as Mathews whips him towards the far side only to hold on and twist with a vicious arm ringer that drops Stone to a knee for a moment. He begins to gain his footing again but Mathews steps on the back of his knee to keep the leverage to her advantage. With another firm twist, Mathews sets Abominable Showman's arm across her shoulder and clasps his hands together right behind the elbow of the out-reached and twisted arm.

No more than a short five seconds later, Stone forces himself to a front roll and lifts his feet to kick Mathews away from him. With just enough time to get up, Straight Shooter catches the rushing Mathews with a back elbow and heads to the ropes, rebounding with a leaping back elbow, taking Mathews off her feet long enough for Straight Shooter to gain the upper hand with a pair of smashing forearms and then shoot The Master of Time & Space to the ropes for a wild hiptoss. But Mathews’ agility comes into play as she does a full flip and lands on her feet--- only to get taken to the mat with a deep arm drag. Stone holds on and wrenches on the arm a bit, keeping the faster woman off her feet while wearing her down.

Mathews manages to ease herself away a bit to give herself room to kip up but as her torso rises Stone kicks at her heel and forces her to lose her balance, falling right back into the hold. Wisely, Straight Shooter moves his knee across Mathews's neck to prevent her from trying to pull the same stunt. Calmly, Straight Shooter turns the arm and keeps his position steady, but Mathews has had enough and manages to shift her body just enough to roll backwards and to a kneeling position and pops to her feet, though Straight Shooter still has a hold of her arm and wrist. Mathews gets to a firm balance on her feet and does a front roll, kips up and manages to get behind Stone with a hammerlock. Taking advantage of the position, she wraps an arm around STRAIGHT SHOOTER's neck and pulls his jaw to the side, applying a modified chickenwing. Not wasting time, Mathews releases the arm and spins Straight Shooter into a headlock takedown only for the champ to roll her over to his shoulders and bridge.



Mathews pops up, losing her temper and catches Stone with a knee to the side of the head as he attempted to get up. Obviously disgruntled at the near falls and reversals, Mathews lays in the stomps to Stone's chest and shoulder area in an aggressive manner and shoves the referee away as he tries to control Mathews' anger. Referee Some Dude quickly reminds Mathews that he's the official and can throw her ass out if need be, seemingly unphased, Mathews goes back to Stone.

With an aggressive tug, Mathews gets Stone to his feet and nails a pair of brutal headbutts and a European uppercut to daze the Straight Shooter. A strong whip to the ropes and Stone returns to receive a roaring elbow which connects square to the jaw! Mathews hooks his head and arm to gain a picture perfect snap suplex and holds on. She rolls over and forces the weight upwards pulling Stone up to hit another snap suplex and floats over to a pin.



Stone kicks out with plenty of energy left, not that Mathews seems to care too much as she pulls the Straight Shooter up and snapmares him to a seated position to land a trio of kicks that most definitely get on the nerves of the champ, prompting him to get to his feet with a huff and fires a forearm into Mathews' jaw! Then another! And another to setup for an Irish whip! Stone telegraphs a Samoan backdrop so Mathews lays in a kick and then rushes back in only to get taken for a ride via spinning side slam! The PWA World Champion pulls Anna up and fires her back to the ropes. Mathews puts the breaks on and slides underneath the bottom rope to catch a breather but Stone has no intentions of waiting so he nails a baseball slide, sending Mathews into the guard rail! Not wasting a second, STRAIGHT SHOOTER rolls Mathews back and quickly heaves her up for an Ura-nage, spinning 180° and falls backwards, bringing The Dodo Queen over him and slamming her back-first on the canvas! He hooks the leg...



Mathews kicks out, but only into Stone's grip as he takes two handfuls of hair and forces the Queen to rise. Stone pulls back with a balled fist and fires in a punch but Mathews manages to punch Stone in the nose so hard, Matt’s stun allows a swift heavy body kick to the chest and a high angle spinning crescent kick which instantly drops Stone-Stone upon contact. Sprawled along the canvas, The Abominable Showman appears badly dazed if not unconscious. Thousands of diehard fans in attendance applaud Anna’s sequence so merrily; this may be the hottest reaction ever for her. Almost in disbelief, The Dodo Queen looks over her very vulnerable adversary without emotion.

Anna Mathews: “Come on, Stoner. You can’t die this easily.”

Circling an unmoving Stone-Stone like a wary hunter, Anna notices Stone gradually come back to life.

Anna Mathews: “Challenge Accepted, Stone. Time to shut you up.”

Soon as Stone gets into a kneeling position, Anna springboards off a nearby set of ropes yet this momentum is awesomely turned against her because The PWA World Champion kicks off his knees for a superman punch which catches Anna midair and flattens her; the back of her head bouncing off the canvas as she crash-lands.

Matt Stone: “Really? REALLY?”

Despite how badass Stone’s unexpected comeback was, Anna gathers herself albeit at a slow pace, but Stone welcomes it. Even going so far to slap her twice, and then backhand her hard enough to send Anna staggering back into a turnbuckle. Charging into the corner for a Yakuza Kick, Stone misses due to Anna rolling underneath his attack out of the corner, however, Stone rebounds off the turnbuckle for an Enzuigiri that cracks Anna very well. Once again The Dodo Queen stumbles and so The Straight Shooter lunges for a Lariat, but the Dodo Queen backflips out of the way. When Stone rises his face is met with a buzzsaw kick which whips his head as if it broke. Collapsing onto Stone’s unconscious body, Anna Mathews cues referee Some Dude to make the count.






The crowd is on their feet and the cheers are deafening as Anna Mathews has her hand raised, and the PWA World title is draped over her shoulder. It's then that Anna looks out into the crowd, and we see The Cowgirls From Hell, Meghan and Tamika Nash Strader in the audience applauding Anna Mathews' victory as we fade to the PWA logo.