World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Spyke Gein vs Lilith

Singles Match

The hero returns
Experience on his side
Lilith defeated

Winner: Spyke Gein

Lucy Starr vs Chamelion

Singles Match

We all would like to see Lucy Starr pick up an upset victory over the most devious S.O.B. Lucy Starr would love to have that same upset victory. And much to Lucy's suprise he found the Sweet Taste of Sucess. But it wasn't all that sweet, in fact it tasted like shoe leather. Because that's the name of Chameleon's finisher. He hit it as soon as the bell rang Lucy fell like a bag of bricks. The three count was purely academic. Sucks for you, Lucy.

Winner: Chamelion

Cody Bogard vs Josh Taylor

Singles Match

Debut match is always a stressful event. Millions of people watching you, judging you. Josh Taylor was feeling those butterflies tonight. Despite his massive physique he found himself out maneuvered by the smaller and more experienced Bogard. Taylor was able to mount somewhat of an offense, but bogard was quick to shut him down each time. Taylor was unable to GET DOWN in time to dodge an Excalibur Slash followed by a Hero Time which got Bogard the pinfall. Better luck next time Taylor.

Winner: Cody Bogard

It's Not Me

No music, no lyrics, no pyros, but the boos fill the arena as Jethro makes his way through the curtains leading to the back. The boos really reign down on Jethro, but there are a fair amount of cheers from them as well, for the Georgia native.

Jon McDaniel: What does he want?

Brian Rentfro: Who knows, but I love this new attitude from Jethro.

Jethro slowly walks down the ramp, dressed in a black PWA golf shirt, black jeans, black boots, and a black John Deere hat. He isn't strutting, nor is he really walking slow, its more of an ambling gate. Hisses, boos, and insults are thrown his way as he reaches the bottom of the ramp. Climbing the steps he looks around at the crowd before finally climbing through the ropes and to receive the microphone from the unknown tech at ringside.

"Come on, fill the arena with your hatred. Go on tell the whole world of your hate. Not too long ago the majority of you were cheering, clapping, reaching your hands over the railing looking for a hand slap."

He nods as he slowly walks around the inside of the ring.

"The majority of you are a bunch of filthy hypocrits. Give it time, you'll be cheering again... because the majority of you are stupid ignorant hypocrits."

The boos say that they won't be cheering anytime soon.

Jon McDaniel: I don't think they'll be cheering soon.

Brian Rentfro: He does have a point though.

Jethro just nods, taking it all in.

"You cheer Mark Sommers one time when he's here. He leaves then you boo him on his return. Before long you imbasils cheer him again, only to turn on him and shower him with boos before he leaves... once again."

A shake of the head.

"Which is it? Are you too ignorant to decide what you want to do? Are you so intellectually challenged to pick one way and stick with it?"

More booing as Jethro quirks his eyebrow.

"Or is it that you are so mentally retarded as to remember what you are supposed to do?"

He laughs, he went there.

"I mean really... this shit has gotten old. Not only do you get people that cut the same cookie cutter promo as they've done since the beginning of the PWA... back when it meant something... but you idiots seem to enjoy watching it. Do you like to see the tits on women?"

The guys cheer.

"Do you like to see their asses and that is why you watch?"

More male cheering.

"Or do you women sit in front of the television staring at the crotch of the men and wonder if their package is bigger than your boyfriend or husband's?"

The women cheer as many guys look to see what their female companion is doing.

"Its made me sick, because this has turned into nothing more than sick shit! Where has the actual wrestling gone? Where has the competition flown off to?"

He shakes his head.

"This is for real, this is our livelihoods, this is our jobs! This isn't some sick shit where you can watch us bleed for your enjoyment!"

He's breathing a bit heavier as he gets angrier.

"We bleed because we've been cut, we bleed because we are fighting, we bleed because this is real!"

He can't believe it.

"You all cheered when Mark came back and kicked me right in the chin..."

He rubs his chin thoughtfully as he remembers it, the crowd mostly cheers this.

"Getting payback for the second time... as he was the masked man that attacked me in the match with Emily Corlen in the bullshit fed that was the Bullshit Wrestling Federation."

He chuckles darkly.

"He's no different than most of you... he can't remember what he has done from this time to the next, from one return to another. He thinks that he can just waltz up in here, get pay back a second time, and think all is hunky fucking dorey."

A shake of the head.

"He comes out there all alone, first time masked and the second time not masked... and kicks me right in the chin with his Sweet Sound of Success."

He remembers it, not so fondly.

"He challenges me to a match, a street brawl at Genesis..."

A smirk.

"And when I come back and Plant him, giving him his answer..."

He shakes with laughter.

"He has to them bring his big brother out and watch his back... looks like someone is scared of reprocushons... and if I were in his boots... I would be too."

A smirk.

"But then again, if I were him then I'd leave, come back, leave, come back, leave, come back, and pretty much do the whole Kyle Stevens stick. Every time the water gets hot... jump right out of the pot."

A shake of the head, he is disgusted.

"But Mark will definitely get his, but what gets me is that you all cheer him... is that for now? Or is that for good? While, I, have only left when medically forced to leave and given my all for you!"

He points to the crowd.

"For this business!"

He points to the PWA on his shirt.

"For this life!"

He points to the ring.

"And you all boo that... and continue to do so."

He laughs openly.

"Because you all are nothing more than sheep that are willing to be led to the slaughter. Continue to cheer your hero of the moment, because come Genesis..."

He smirks.

"That blood that you all love to see us shed... will be all over him, running down from the wounds on his body, from the torn flesh... and you will all eat it up."

He laughs again.

"And you all want to boo The Phoenix, you all want to boo me... when all along, it isn't him or me that is destroying this business. Its not us that has destroyed this federation. It isn't us that is burning this place to the ground so that it can rise up to be reborn..."

He shakes his head.

"Nope, there is only one person to blame individually, ladies... pull out your compaqs, guys look in your neighbors, kids see if you can get a glimpse too. Hell, pull out your phone, take a picture of yourself... cause that person looking back at you... that is the reason this place is going to get torched! That person is the reason that this place needs to be reborn! In other words, cause some of you are slower than going backwards... you all are the reason that what needs to be done needs to be done."

He is disgusted still.

"You can all blame yourselves for this place going to shit. So continue your booing, continue your hissing, continue trashing me on twitter, facebook, and any social media site... because every tweet, every status update, every time you do... you are blaming yourselves. I'm not to blame for your fuck up, I'm the one that is hell bent on saving this company from utter ruination."

He drops the mic and steps out of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Strong words from Jethro Hayes.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, he has even more points in that speech.

Marvin Wood vs Justin Case

Non-Title Match

Wood ignores the rules
He chokes, kicks, stomps and punches
Wood disqualified

Winner: Justin Case via DQ

Dagger vs Matt Stone

Non-Title Match

Both champions square off, Dagger taking the initiative with an uncharacteristic side headlock to the world champion. Despite Matt being unprepared for such a maneuver, expecting her normal fast paced offence, he was quick to counter it into a headlock of his own. Yet Dagger was quick to run to the northern ropes and roll out of the hold. Stone gave her no time to do anything else when he slipped behind her and pulled her into a waist lock. Stone looked like he was about to transition the hold, but Dagger used the opening to slip behind and apply a waistlock of her own. Dagger used her position to sweep the leg and plant Stone face first with a forward russian leg sweep.

Of course, such a move was not going to keep the world champion down for any considerable length of time. When Dagger moved in for another exchange, Stone was quick to attack with a kick square in the ribs. Dager backed off for only a second, but that was enough for Stone to swoop in and apply an abdominal stretch.

The pain of the hold only seemed to motivate Dagger, when she willed herself to toss the heavier man over with a judo hip throw. Stone, playing possum managed to snare Dagger right into drop toe hold. Stone gave her no time to get up when he floated over to place his opponent into a boston crab. He wrenched back violently on the hold, hoping to exploit any injuries Dagger may have sustained thanks to that power bomb onto the concrete last week.

For the second submission hold in a row, Dagger managed to will herself out. But the malicious champion gave his opinion of that with a nice soccerkick to the small of the back. Dagger rolled toward the ropes on instinct. Stone had zeroed in, not once wanting to let up upon his target. Dagger, however was quick to show that she knew how to play possum as well. Her legs shot up and wrapped about the head of the world champion and lurched him forword making him land upon the second rope with his head and shoulders hanging upon the outside. Dagger got to her feet and bolted toward the near ropes,with a leap she springboards off the second rope and drives herself into Stone's exposed back with a senton. As soon as Stone slumped off the ropes Dagger goes for the pin.



Right has the referee's hand hits the mat for two Stone raises his left shoulder to break the count. Dagger stayed stoic about the result, knowing it wouldn't help her to throw a fit about it. She pulled Stone back to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. On the rebound Dagger dropped to the matt causeing Stone to hop over and then rebound off the other set of ropes before he is pulled into an arm drag. Still keeping a hold of the world champions' arm she wrenched it back into a chickenwing.

Stone was getting frustrated at this display of technical prowess that Dagger seemed to be hiding all these months. He suddenly rolled making Dagger lose grip of the hold, he was getting tired of playing her game and rose to his feet the same time as she herself did. Stone lunged forth landing three successful european uppercuts in a row, causing Dagger to fall back against the ropes. Stone grabbed a hand full of hair and foced's Dagger's head down into the top rope, and grinded away before he let go. As Dagger staggered away holding her face, Stoned slipped behind and stretched Dagger across his back with a STONE CUTTAH!!!~ Yeah, the tilde means it looks more painful than usual.



Of course no silly signature move was going to keep the Grizzly Beer champ down. Stone's frustration wa clearly etched onto his face while he tried to keep the pressure on Dagger's injured back when he dashed to the rope and hit a baseball slide that connected to the small of her back. The force caused her to roll below the bottom rope and to the floor. Matt slid out behind her, and pulled Dagger back to her feet. Dagger struck first, driving the heels of both hand's into Matt's gut. She hopped to the top of the steel steps, she vaulted back, colliding into Stone with a moonsault splash.



Dagger slipped back into the ring. Like a possessed woman she pounded on the mat while flailing her head. Pumping the crowd up.



Mat finally collected himself enough to pull himself to his feet and re-enter the ring. Dagger bolted to the ropes attempt a springboard maneuver once more. But Matt ducked at the last minute, Dagger adjusted her landing to land upon her feet, but not gracefully. As soon as she landeed her right ankle gave way beneath her, causing her to drop to her knees. Stone was quick to dash toward the kneeling Dagger and plant her face first with a DDT!




Matt slammed his fist against the canvas in frustration, but a malicious grin crossed his features. He intstantly took Daggers leg and flipped her over for a grapevine ankle lock. Stone made sure to wrench on the hold as furiously as possible to further weaken that tweaked ankle. When the ref asked if Dagger was going to give up, he got a nice ear full of Dagger yelling something in Japanese. We can't really translate, but there are a few Japanese speaking family's probably covering their child's ears right now. Dagger reached out and grabbed a rope.





Stone begrudgingly dropped the hold before the full five count. Dagger hobbled back to her feet to only get caught in a flurry of Stone fists. She replied with her own flurry of chops in return. Giving the crowd a nice moment to do that whole “oh!-OH” thing. But Dagger prevailed with a Mongolian chop. She took the moment to hook Stone around the neck and run toward the turnbuckle hitting the HOODIE HERITIGE

With a limps Dagger dashed toward the turnbuckle and hopped onto the second rope. She made a slashing motion across the face to signal her finishing maneuver. As soon as Stone rose to his feet Dagger launched off the second rope, hitting the YOUR BEAUTY NO MORE ON THE REFEREE. Another timely duck saved Stone from Daggers attack. He quickly rolled out of the ring and began to dig around under the ring. Dagger wanted to keep the pressure on Stone so she vaulted out of the ring. Timing once more on Stone's side when he raised a steel chair for her to fly head first into. He stalked around Dagger for a few seconds before he wedged open the steel chair and slid Dagger 's foot inside it. He took to the steel steps climbing to the top before jumping off and stomping on the chair, closing the steel chair around her ankle with force!

Stone picked up his opponent and rolled her back into the ring, taking the steel chair back into his hands and wedging it into the bottom turnbuckle. He grabbed Dagger by the head and drug her to the turnbuckle until she slumed her head against the chair. Stone backed up a few steps before charging forth and craking Dagger across the skull with I BEQUEATH A BOOT TO THE MOTHERFUCKING HEAD!!!!TILDEBANGS~~~~

Stoned tossed the demolished chair out of the ring, taking his sweet time to allow the ref to gather himself before going for the pin.




Stone took his title from the time keeper and looked down to the fallen form of Dagger. A snort of laughter esacped as he grabbed the Grizzly Beer title as well be he headed out of the ring and up the ramp. Medical team rushed to the ring to pull Dagger onto a stretcher and roll her out of the arena. The audience erupting into a storm of boos at the vicious acts from the world champion.

Just A Bit More

After the main event, the ring clears.

Jon McDaniel: That was one hell of a main event, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: "One hell of a main event"? The fuck, Jon? Dagger got the shit beat out of her! Her career may be over!

Jon McDaniel: Yes, that was really something.

Brian Rentfro: Are you... are you drunk?

The PA system kicks to life.

"Ali said I am the greatest"

Kid Rock's "Cocky" starts to play pyros explode then a spotlight finds a shadow of man in the rafters. The lights kick back on "The Show" Chad Kurtis uses a ripcord to repel to the ring and he just stands there saying nothing as the program ends